Passing Of A Legend

With the death of Earl Weaver last night, I figured this is a good time to honor one of the greats with this video.

Granted he wasn’t actually the manager of the 1983 Orioles, but he did basically build one of the few Championship teams of my lifetime.

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  1. Scott says:

    Hey BayernFan–have you purchased your A-15 semi-automatic yet? Make sure you purchase a 30 bullet magazine with it!

  2. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Algerian hostages all dead, says DRUDGE.

    I can find nothing to be optimistic and positive about in my personal life or nation and international events.

    Sad and hopeless feeling.

  3. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – 4th grade softball starts in Mid-March. That keeps me going.

  4. Bayernfan says:

    Why would I need that, Scott, other than to kill people with it?

    But you go ahead.

  5. Tim says:

    Earl Weaver was a great one.

  6. Marv says:

    Obama falls in Gallup:


  7. SoHope (the one percenter) says:


    i guess I missed the part where our rights are limited to just the things that we “need”

  8. jason says:

    Hey Marv, long time no see.

  9. jason says:

    ” Algerian hostages all dead, says DRUDGE”

    Al-Qaida terrorists hold hundreds of hostages, plan to blow up large all facility, kills dozens of foreigners.

    Maybe someone should ask Rand Paul if these are the type of terrorists that pose a threat to us or are they the other kind.

  10. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    News reports calll the terrorists “miltants”.

    Militants? As in militant blacks of the 1960’s in the U.S. who rightfully wnated equal treatment under the law?


    No. they are fricking nut job terrorists who should not be a part of the human race.

  11. jason says:

    I guess its not PC to call a terrorist a terrorist.

    Soon it will be “empathy challenged”.

  12. jason says:

    Large all facility? Make that oil.

  13. ??? says:


  14. Bitterlaw says:

    Bunu will be along shortly. He ia devastated that terrorists died today. The hostages? He can’t stop laughing.

  15. Bitterlaw says:

    I think in the late 1980s there was a computer game called Earl Weaver Fantasy Baseball. I think it was pretty cool for the time.

  16. jason says:

    ” PolitiFact: Yes, more people murdered with knives, body parts and blunt objects than rifles in 2011″

    Bitter will soon be here to say that while he supports the right to bear knives, he personally does not own any.

  17. jason says:

    He will have trouble saying he has no body parts, however.

  18. Spirit of Bunu says:

    The hostages were digging for oil away from our borders.

    They were invaders and deserved to be killed.

  19. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t need a gun. Jason obviously is compensating for something.

  20. jason says:

    Our independent media. If this guy was a Republican, you would it see it 5 times in this same space.

    “NEW ORLEANS – Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor and the public face of the battered city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, has been indicted by a grand jury on 21 federal corruption charges.

    The indictment, released Friday, alleges Nagin awarded lucrative city contracts to

    contractors in exchange for more than $200,000 in kickbacks and first-class trips to Hawaii, Jamaica and Las Vegas.

    Nagin, 56, served two four-year terms as mayor, from 2002 to 2010, and currently lives in Frisco, Tex., outside Dallas. If convicted on all charges, he faces more than 15 years in prison. Nagin becomes the first mayor in the city’s 295-year history to be indicted under federal corruption charges.”

  21. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Purdue doubling WVU in blowout.

    WVU storming back after being down 32 to 68.

    Now only benhind 70 to 41.

    Burning up the cords at a 26% FG success rate.

  22. jason says:

    ” I don’t need a gun.”

    Makes for a fine epitaph… I rank it up there with:

    “I have the right of way”

    “It isn’t loaded”

    “I can make it across, it’s shallow”

    “I can dive off, it’s deep”

    “Bears stay away from trails”

    “Water is too warm for sharks”

    “Pitbulls like me”

  23. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Subway Response To ‘Footlong’ Controversy: Name ‘Not Intended To Be A Measurement Of Length’
    Many men say same about size claims they make to women about their individual “organ of female ecstacy”.

  24. Tulipomania says:

    Mark Willis for RNC chairman

    This dude is fired up all the time

  25. Bitterlaw says:

    I hope jason has a firetruck and a fully-staffed Emergency Room on his proerty. He might need those, too.

  26. jason says:

    “fully-staffed Emergency Room”

    For wimps.

    Out here we just have a hacksaw for amputations and a mallet for anesthesia. And whiskey for the recovery.

  27. jason says:


    No Paulbot will be elected RNC Chairman.

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    Ron Paul has won as many Tour de France Championships as Lance Armstrong has won Presidential Primaries and Caucuses.

  29. Emerica says:

    Jason makes a good sidekick for bitter law

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    Stormfront makes a good sidekick for Ron Paul.

  31. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Moneyball basically was developed by Earl Weaver. Beane just computerized it. Weaver wanted guys who got on base a lot, he waited for the 3 run HR, didn’t sacrifice, rarely bunted and keep stats on how his hitters hit pitchers. All on blue cards. He was also the first to believe in a platoon system.


    I also read here, a time or thousand, that Bitter doesn’t own any guns.

  32. Bitterlaw says:

    That’s true, MD. I also read that you were right about some predictions.

  33. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m still pissed that Lurie didn’t have the foresight of the Bears and hire a CFL coach. Lurie should have at least looked at the Arena League.

  34. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Wonder if the CFL coach owns guns? We know Bitter doesn’t. Oh, and I am sorry your predictions sucked Bitter.

  35. Bitterlaw says:

    That’s ok, NostraMDomus. I’m glad that you have a valuable skill to fall back on when you get pushed out of your job. Maybe you can start a blog where you sell your predictions.

  36. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    My family is already in the on-line business making a fortune of off the insulin challenged, thank you very much.

  37. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Did I read that you don’t own a gun?

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    I prefer the term pancreas-impaired.

  39. Bitterlaw says:

    37. I refuse to own anything Jul owns. That is also why I have a house and a family.

  40. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Was going to run a 5K today. Didn’t happen. Got sick yesterday. Pissed me off. I was training hard. I was thinking I could have had a sub 22 minute time or at least got close. Oh well.

  41. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Jul own’s a high school diploma, underwear, shirts, socks, shoes and on and on and so do you.

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    I just can’t get over the fact that Jul cleared a background check. I guess they don’t check HHR posts.

  43. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Many places don’t even follow up on the checks Bitter.

  44. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe you should enter the Broad Street Run. My wife ran it 2 years ago. She will probably do it again this year. It’s 10 miles but flat.

  45. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I have no desire to run 10 miles. A 10K would be my max.

  46. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not sure what do about Bunu. Ignoring him does nothing. Telling him to F off does nothing. Challenging him on his lies does nothing.

  47. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I basically just skip by his posts. He in mentally ill.

  48. Bitterlaw says:

    It’s a quality of life issue. Bunu is like the homeless guy pissing on the sidewalk. Even though he isn’t pissing on you, it just irritates you.

  49. Tulipomania says:

    If anyone should be banned it’s Bitter for promoting suicide and for race mongering on every occasion possible.

  50. Bitterlaw says:

    I never promoted suicide but if that is what Bunu hears…

  51. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    Promoting suicide? Are you tempted, bunu?

  52. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    This is for you, Bunu

    dim the light relax and just let go….

  53. jason says:

    “Jason makes a good sidekick for bitter law”


    That’s why I accepted his invitation to run for Lt. Gov.

    Also we fill in for each other’s weaknesses. He doesn’t own a gun and I don’t have a law degree.

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason is being modest. He has guns. He speaks Spanish, Portugese, and 3 languages of Amazon tribes.

  55. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    I think law degrees have potentially done more harm to society in general than guns.

  56. jason says:

    So Bunu is worried that someone told him he should kill himself?

    Well we know that here at HHR we don’t exploit perceived weaknesses.

    Btw, how is Author doing with his chores today?

  57. jason says:

    “and 3 languages of Amazon tribes.”

    True, and it was how Bitter and I locked down the Yanomami vote.

  58. jason says:

    Here is a picture of me when I was two, taken in Venezuela. (top left)

  59. jason says:

    ” I think law degrees have potentially done more harm to society in general than guns.”

    No comment.

  60. Bitterlaw says:

    HHR is all about support. When MD gave up hard drinking, Tim stepped right in.

  61. Tulipomania says:

    “That’s why I accepted his invitation to run for Lt. Gov.”

    Ah he calls you his Lt. Gov too?

  62. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    Bunu, what pet name do you give Ron Paul?

  63. Bunu's Ron Paul Doll says:

    He calls me darling.

  64. SusyQue says:

    PEGGY Noonan: His Terms Are Always Hostile Ones

    No one has good faith but Obama. Doesn’t this get boring, even to him?
    Presidential inaugurations are rare and notable events, coming only once every four years since April 30, 1789, when George Washington raised his right hand and took the oath on the second-floor balcony of New York’s Federal Hall.

    It’s a big day with all its pomp and ceremony, and among its purposes is this: to encourage all who watch to let go, for a moment, of the ups and downs of the political day-to-day and think, for a moment, about the longer arc of our history. A president’s inaugural address is a chance to go big and be big—to be thematic and not programmatic, to declare the meaning, as he sees it, of his leadership, to speak of where America is and ought to be. The whole day, from breakfasts to balls, is meant to be, insofar as possible within the confines of human nature, one of democratic fellowship and good feeling.

    A president approaching that day will necessarily be, in his spirit, benign, embracing—unifying.

    So here is what is utterly remarkable: President Obama has been using the days and weeks leading up to his inauguration to show the depth of his disdain for the leaders of the other major party and, by inference, that party’s voters, which is to say more or less half the country. He has been spending his time alienating instead of summoning. It has left the political air more sour and estranged.

    As a presidential style this is something strange and new. That has to be said again: It is new, and does not augur well.

    What was remarkable about the president’s news conference Monday is that he didn’t seem to think he had to mask his partisan rancor or be large-spirited. He bristled with unashamed hostility for Republicans on the Hill. They are holding the economy “ransom,” they are using the threat of “crashing the American economy” as “leverage,” some are “absolutist” while others are “consumed with partisan brinkmanship.” They are holding “a gun at the head of the American people.” And what is “motivating and propelling” them is not a desire for debt reduction, as they claim. They are “suspicious about government’s commitment . . . to make sure that seniors have decent health care as they get older. They have suspicions about Social Security. They have suspicions about whether government should make sure that kids in poverty are getting enough to eat, or whether we should be spending money on medical research.”

    President Obama at the White House event on gun control, Jan. 16.
    And yet, “when I’m over here at the congressional picnic and folks are coming up and taking pictures with their family, I promise you, Michelle and I are very nice to them.”

    You’re nice to them? To people who’d take food from the mouths of babes?

    Then, grimly: “But it doesn’t prevent them from going onto the floor of the House and blasting me for being a big-spending socialist.” Conservative media outlets “demonize” the president, he complained, and so Republican legislators fear standing near him.

    If Richard Nixon talked like that, they’d have called him paranoid and self-pitying. Oh wait . . .

    Throughout the press conference the president demanded—they’d “better choose quickly”—that Republicans extend the debt ceiling. Pressed by reporters on whether he would negotiate with them to win this outcome, he made it clear he would not. He would have “a conversation.” Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman asked: “So you technically will negotiate?”

    “No, Julianna,” he answered. “Either Congress pays its bills or it doesn’t.”

    There was a logical inconsistency to his argument. A government shutdown would be so disastrous to the economy that he won’t negotiate with Republicans if that’s what it takes to avert it.

    This, he said, is what will happen if the debt ceiling is not extended: “Social Security checks and veteran’s benefits will be delayed. We might not be able to pay our troops, or honor our contracts with small businesses. Food inspectors, air-traffic controllers, specialists who track down loose nuclear material wouldn’t get their paychecks.”

    Why talk to Republicans when the stakes are so high? They must be the kind of people who like to see planes crash and bombs go off.

    Two days later, unveiling his gun-control plan at a White House event, it wasn’t only Republicans in Congress who lie: “There will be pundits and politicians and special-interest lobbyists publicly warning of a tyrannical all-out assault on liberty, not because that’s true but because they want to gin up fear or higher ratings or revenue for themselves. And behind the scenes, they’ll do everything they can to block any common-sense reform and make sure nothing changes whatsoever.”

    No one has good faith but him. No one is sincere but him. Doesn’t this get boring, even to him?

    The president was criticized for surrounding himself with children during the event, but politicians use props and the props are usually people. Was it out of bounds that he used kids? No. Was it classy? No. But classiness doesn’t seem to be much on his mind. Perhaps his staffers were thinking less about gun control than warming up his image—”Julia, I will try very hard”—and trying to get people to think of him, after four years, and with his graying hair, as Papa Obama, instead of Irritating Older Brother Who Got 750 On His SATs And Thinks He’s Einstein Obama. Which is sort of how half the country sees him.

    His gun-control recommendations themselves seemed, on balance, reasonable and moderate. I don’t remember that the Second Amendment died when Bill Clinton banned assault rifles; it seemed to thrive, and good, too. That ban shouldn’t have been allowed to expire in 2004.

    What was offensive about the president’s recommendations is what they excluded. He had nothing to say about America’s culture of violence—its movies, TV shows and videogames. Excuse me, there will be a study of videogames; they are going to do “research” on whether seeing 10,000 heads explode on video screens every day might lead unstable young men to think about making heads explode. You’ll need a real genius to figure that out.

    The president at one point asked congressmen in traditionally gun-supporting districts to take a chance, do the right thing and support some limits. But when it comes to challenging Hollywood—where he traditionally gets support, and from which he has taken great amounts of money for past campaigns and no doubt will for future libraries—he doesn’t seem to think he has to do the right thing. He doesn’t even have to talk about it. It wouldn’t be good to have Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino running around shouting “First Amendment, slippery slope!” or have various powerful and admired actors worrying their brows, to the extent their brows can be worried.

    On cultural issues, this Democratic president could have done a Nixon to China—the bold move that only he could make without inspiring fierce dissent, the move that could break through.
    Instead he did a Nixon to the Orange County GOP.
    Maybe the president doesn’t operate with as much good faith as he thinks, and maybe the other side isn’t as bad as he pretends. As I watched his news conference and his gun-control remarks, I thought, for the first time in a while, that the Republicans are finally getting a break.
    He is overplaying his hand.
    He does that. He’s doing it again.

  65. Bitterlaw says:

    Bunu, what pet name do you give Ron Paul?

    It’s tough to understand with Ron Paul in his mouth.

  66. jason says:

    The MSM will swoon over Obama’s speech.

    You read it here first.

  67. jason says:

    SusyQue can cut and paste.

    Who knew?

  68. Bitterlaw says:

    SusyQue can cut and paste.

    Well, there’s not much cutting going on.

  69. Dr. Phil says:

    Suicide is a strong word.

    I would call it euthanasia or mercy killing.

  70. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t want Bunu dead. Years of suffering? Sure. I just really want him to leave.

  71. jason says:

    Gun grabbers are surprised more people are buying guns….

    ” Minnesotans Buying Guns In Record Numbers. “Across the country, firearms industry analysts point to soaring numbers — including first-time gun buyers now making up a quarter of all sales and nearly 75 percent of gun retailers reporting sales boosts over last year. Minnesotans are riding that same wave, prompting more than 25,000 law enforcement queries tied to permit applications since Dec. 18. . . Those burgeoning numbers worry gun control advocates, who are puzzled that the reaction to the Newtown tragedy has been this massive firearms buildup.”

  72. jason says:

    ” who are puzzled that the reaction to the Newtown tragedy has been this massive firearms buildup.”


    Let’s see, was it the Newton tragedy or the liberal’s reaction to the Newton tragedy?

  73. SusyQue says:

    Sorry for the long’s just that Peggy N. expressed what many are feeling about ooo. Several men on Huck’s show talked about
    rising up and stopping ooo from dissing the constitution and bypassing Congress. Pride goes before the fall….and may it happen soon.

  74. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    59.Here is a picture of me when I was two, taken in Venezuela. (top left)


    Your aunt in the picture toward the center of the photo reminds me a little of Kate Upton.

  75. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:



    Mod-style wig wins raves…”

    Moochele could come out with a shaved head and a bone in her nose and the media would give here props and “raves”.

    She is about as much the ideal first lady as…Bunu.

  76. jason says:

    ” Your aunt in the picture toward the center of the photo reminds me a little of Kate Upton.”

    I am sure Bitter will see the resemblance also.

    That’s aunt Dances with Jaguars.

  77. Bitterlaw says:

    I think that we sometimes forget just how lucky we are to live in a country with bras.

  78. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – The Deadenders (none of whom live in New York) will reject him because he is also Pro-choice and favors gay marriage They will do this because, as we all know, the biggest problems facing New York are issues that that the Mayor does not control in any way.

  79. hellbelly says:

    ….Earl Weaver was a great manager, but in the context of baseball history, the news of the passing of Stan Musial is overwhelming….the single most underrated superstar in baseball history….3630 hits (1815 at home; 1815 on road)……1951 rbi’s (fifth on all-time list WITHOUT steroids)…..475 homeruns……just a great, great ball player and from everything I hear a great human being.

  80. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    79.I think that we sometimes forget just how lucky we are to live in a country with bras.
    Did you mean bras or bars?

  81. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Did Stan Musial pass away today?

  82. hellbelly says:

    re: 84

    yes, he did….very sad

  83. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Hockey is back and the Bolts are 1-0! 😀

  84. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    btw has anyone notice the last week of O’s appv sinking? he might go into inauguration w/ below 50% approval in Gallup

  85. Bitterlaw says:

    Author is one of 8 people in Florida who know hockey is back.

  86. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    What are the biggest 5 reasons why Middle Eastern Muslim countries do not have ice hockey teams?

    1. They are too preoccupied with creating and inventing all sorts of things that benefit mankindwith such than to fool with such friviolity.

    2. All the hard body checking on the ice detonates the suicide vests under their jerseys.

    3. (your turn)

  87. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    yeah Bitter, just 8 people:

  88. Tulipomania says:

    Joseph Farah, the founder of WorldNetDaily, changed his tune on Ron Paul this year naming him man of the decade last month.
    Now he’s endorsing Rand Paul for president.

    Jason- when are you going to start seeing things my way?

  89. Bitterlaw says:

    Author – If you want to believe that hockey is wildly popular in FLorida, I can’t stop you. I think you are making the mistake that most people make. They assume that because they like something that everybody elso likes it, too. By your logic, I guess that Radnor 4th grade softball has millions of fans, too.

  90. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:



    You cannot post anything else unless you first come up with one of the top 5 reasons why M.E. Muslim countries do not field ice hockey teams.

    That is not an executive order, but it is a HHR senatorial legislative order.

  91. Tulipomnia says:

    Kennedy’s don’t want to be punished for their substance abuse, but love to punish others.
    Patrick Kennedy’s tirade against legalized marijuana with his project SAM

  92. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Bitter im pretty sure Hockey takes a backseat to a couple sports like Football down here. However its more popular here then you northerners give it credit for being. It regularly sells out here which makes it in better shape here then in other “hockey cities”

  93. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    3. Taking ice skates off in order do their barefoot kneeling prayers was
    too DAMN hard.

    4. Too hard to skate and use a hockey stick in one hand while holding an assault rifle with the other–plus leaves no hand to hold defenseless hostages with nor with which to beat their defenseless women.

    5. The cold air on the ice rink sweeps up under their robes and shrinks their willies.

  94. Bitterlaw says:

    Paulbots love pot. Which came first – the drugs or the support of the anti-Semitic coward who loves Iran’s nukes more than American security?

  95. Tulipomania says:

    Pick up Hockey is really fun, but organized hockey kinda bores me.

  96. Bitterlaw says:

    Author – It probably sells out to the same fans game after game. Hockey fans are very loyal.

  97. Bitterlaw says:

    Pick up Hockey is really fun, but organized hockey kinda bores me.

    That’s probably because professional hockey has rules (which Paulbots hate).

  98. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I never liked ‘hockey’ (ice or field).

    Where I come from, ‘hockey’ was a word that commonly interchanged for ‘poop’ or the ‘s’ word (as in: “that is a bunch of bull hockey”).

    In my world, when someone says “wanna go play hockey?” that brings strange looks and has a whole different connotation.
    Same way with the increasingly popular bean bag toss game named
    c o r n h o l e
    So, NO–I do not want to be on your
    c o r n h o l e team and partiipate in your c o r n h o l e tournament.

    I would be happy to join in your bean bag toss game, though.

  99. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    I do not like to pick up hockey.

    I have only done it by mistake.

  100. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:




    Virus will now affect your computer in 5…4….3…

  101. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    6th reason why M.E. Muslim countries do not field ice hockey teams:

    6. ice hockey is not violent enough–no jews, Americans or other civilized people die.

  102. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Michigan Supreme Court justice charged with fraud

    in paragragh #12 of the 14 paragraph AP article, it was disclosed (sorta) that she is a Democrat

  103. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    My shift was over at 11 p.m.

    I refuse to stay here alone tending the site until lisab or other tardy slackers on the late night shift show up.

    Good night and sleep tight.
    Let’s be careful out there.
    Say what you mean and mean what you say.

  104. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Made it onto the thread!

  105. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Walt, I m not considered part of late shift am I?

  106. W. PA Observer says:

    88- I’ve been hearing a lot of grumbling from otherwise not overly political people about the 2% payroll hike and the disgusted, “well he said more taxes only for the rich… BULL**it!” over the last week or so – that might be taking a bit of a toll. That and the gun rollout with the kids might have come off as grating and over the line even to some people that in theory support some of those suggested provisions.

  107. Tina says:

    Tim, may the better team win today and go on to prevail in the SB. The Falcons will be tough and imo they beat one of the best teams in the NFC in the Seahawks.

  108. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Jan 19 Politics1com: KENTUCKY: Bldg contractor & ’10 US Rep nom Ed Marksberry is first Dem to announce run vs US Sen Mitch McConnell (R).

    Jan 19 Politics1com: SC CD-1: St Rep Peter McCoy & ex-Charleston Co Councilman Curtis Bostic are latest GOPers to enter crowded special election Cong race.

    Jan 19 Politics1com: SC CD-1: St Sen Larry Grooms, St Rep Andy Patrick, ex-Dorchester Co Sheriff Ray Nash, ex-St Sen John Kuhn latest Republicans to enter race.

    Jan 19 Politics1com: SC CD-1: Businessman Martin Skelly & businesswoman/’12 nom Bobbie Rose enter special election Dem primary for Cong Scott’s open seat.

    Jan 19 Politics1com: CALIFORNIA: Tea Party St Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) enters race vs Gov Jerry Brown (D) –

    Jan 19 Politics1com: SC CD-1: Univ exec Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (D) – sister of TV humorist Stephen Colbert – enters special election for Cong Scott vacant seat.

  109. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina returns! Unfortunately for her, I hate thr Falcons more than the 49ers. Under the Bitterlaw rule, that means the Falcons will win.

  110. Waingro says:

    Ted Cruz on Meet the Depressed today. This should be awesome.

  111. W. PA Observer says:

    114- Ted Cruz seems like one of the most intellectually intimidating people this side of William F. Buckley.

  112. Brandon says:

    I thought I read on HHR that “true conservatives” don’t go on the MSM shows. I guess Ted Cruz is now a RINO.

  113. bio mom says:

    So today we get Tom Brady versus Ray Lewis, at least that is how it is being advertised on the TV blurbs. Best of luck Joe. This one will be really hard.

  114. Waingro says:

    Ted Cruz was great today. He made Schummer look like an idiot and did it in a reasonable, not-over-the-top confrontational way.

  115. Bayernfan says:

    Sad day for America today.

  116. Truther says:

    Great day at HHR. In 4 years, Hillary will take office.

  117. Chuck Schumer fan says:

    Waingro – What show were you watching? Chuck was great and Cruz looked and sounded like an idiot.

  118. Bitterlaw says:

    It’s going to be fine. I reviewed the HHR and DailyKOS archives all the way back to when they were posted on parchment:

    1801 – This country will never survive Jefferson

    1829 – This country will never survive Jackson

    1857 – This country will never survive Buchanan

    1861 – This country will never survive Lincoln.

    1913 – This country will never survive Wilson

    1933 – This country will never survive FDR

    1965 – This country will never survive LBJ

    1969 – This country will never survive Nixon

    1977 – This country will never survive Carter

    1993 – This country will never survive Clinton

    2009 – This country will never survive Oama’s term

  119. Tim says:

    Bitterlaw, you forgot to mention that both Bush ’43 and Obama were destined to be dictators-for-life. We got that amazing scoop, straight from HHR.

  120. Tim says:

    You seriously compared Ted Cruz to William F. Buckley? That’s like comparing Cal Ripken to Bucky Dent.

  121. SusyQue says:

    Distinguished Politician of the Week
    Jennifer Rubin

    There were lots of people last week hitting above their weight, the defining qualification for being a distinguished pol. The hardscrabble anti-Hagel forces have made big strides in surfacing concerns about Chuck Hagel and keeping his confirmation as defense secretary in doubt. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) showed that he is looking to establish himself as a policy heavyweight,attracting more praise for his immigration plan and putting on staff a respected national security expert, named Jamie Fly.


  122. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    2012 and 2013

    Bitter mentions 196 times that he owns no guns and/or does not plan to move from Pennsylvania.

  123. W. PA Observer says:

    124- Why not? Cruz founded the Latino law review at Harvard Law, was one of the Harvard Law review’s editors along with a public policy journal – was a debating prodigy that competed at the national level and won. Clerked for Chief Justice Rehnquist. Went back to Texas, has argued nine times before the US Supreme Court and filed 80 briefs there.

    He also demolished the sitting Lt. Governor in a brawl of a primary in his first electoral race. He’s formidably intellectual and in a non-pushy way. There’s not going to be another Buckley, but Cruz can communicate conservatism on multiple levels both viscerally and philosophically.

  124. Bitterlaw says:

    2013 – after pouting like a little girl, MD returns to demand that he be crowned King of Predictions. He then provides almost daily updates on his transformation from short, pudgy drunk to less besotted exercise freak.

  125. Bitterlaw says:

    Latino Law Review at Harvard? The Deadenders will roast him as an elitist member of La Raza.

  126. Tim says:

    So then, I assume you accept his views on that Agenda 21 conspiracy nonsense? George Soros is in charge of that? You accept that Sharia Law is “an enormous problem in this Country”? You accept that the EPA is involved in a plot to destroy business and jobs, in order to protect lizards?

    This guy apparently is smart. So is Newt Gingrich. But, many of his views are out there in Teabaggerland, among the tin foil hats. His undoing, if he is not careful, will be what he says. Being smart does not make you an intellectual. William F. Buckley was one of the top two political writers in this Country’s modern history. He was an intellectual.

    That being said, he did well, this morning. He is just entering the Senate. I shall reserve final judgement on the man, until he has a bigger legislative body of work, in that place. But Buckley, he is not.

  127. W. PA Observer says:

    130- Judging from actions in California- government EPA entities largely are more interested in disproportionate enforcement than political development. Attacking the UN never hurts in Texas. Using the term “Teabaggerland” is offensive– in short, piss off.

  128. jason says:

    Chuckie Schumer has a fan?

    Who knew?

  129. jason says:

    Bunu, Joseph Farrah is a moron.

    The fact he is a Paulbot does not surprise me.

    WND has yet to prove ONE of their silly conspiracy theories.

  130. W. PA Observer says:

    In the meantime, Dave- how about the Israeli elections about to come up in two days? If for no other reason than to annoy Bunu– looks like Bibi and friends are heading for a blowout win.

  131. jason says:


    Hey Tim, GFY.

  132. Bitterlaw says:

    Bunu doesn’t hate all Jews. He loves dead ones.

  133. jason says:

    ” You accept that the EPA is involved in a plot to destroy business and jobs, in order to protect lizards? ”

    Don’t you???

    Remember the snail darter and the spotted owl crowd?

    I wouldn’t call it a plot exactly, but that the EPA causes a lot of job losses due to overzealous and unnecessarily burdensome regulations is a fact.

  134. Bitterlaw says:

    It is odd that a Democrat (the party that supports gay maariage) would use “teabagger” as a pejorative.

  135. jason says:

    Bunu is for pushing the Jews into the sea because he thinks if it beneficial for everyone to learn how to swim.

  136. jason says:

    I can understand Tim’s hatred for the Tea Party. They are for fiscal responsibility and that what the nanny staters fear the most.

  137. jason says:

    There should be an “is” there.

  138. jason says:

    The cup runneth half full.

    Today, contrary to what Phil thinks, the Obama Presidency is half over.


  139. Phil says:

    It’s only when when he says decides it’s over.

  140. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    128 – I am sorry you seem to think you can’t exercise. Of course, you are using excuses so I will accept the attack as a way of you deflecting attention off of your own inadequacies.

    I did mention my predictions and I thank you for the reinforcement. I was better than most here. You bringing it up again helps cement that so thank you again. I had let that go a couple of weeks ago.

    Do you own any guns?

  141. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    Odder still that gay people seem to have no issue with it. The typical double standard.

  142. janz says:

    Well it seems at least for one liberal journalist, the bloom is off Obama’s ‘rose,’ and, he is now looked at more as the President of show with little glow or go!

    Dana Milbank: Obama’s Second Inauguration and the Slog Ahead

    Four years ago, hundreds of thousands of people flooded the capital, sleeping on floors and lining the streets so that they could be part of history: the inauguration of the first black president, who had the promise of being a transformational figure that could bring hope and change to a broken political system.

    That messiah never came, and a sluggish economic recovery overshadowed his term.

    Another observation by Milbank, which is seen in many (my own included) post mortem reflections of the 2012 election is this: “Obama was reelected less because he inspired the nation than because he discredited his opponent.”

    It’s sad that, at such a pivotal point in this country’s history, such a man could be reelected under the thin guise of simply having better political strategy and deceitful audacity to stay alive and win than his opponent.

  143. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    Stranger still…the stance Obama had on gay marriage 6months ago was fine then but is an outrage now

  144. janz says:

    #130 “So then, I assume you accept his views on that Agenda 21 conspiracy nonsense?”


    It may sound like nonsense to you. But, when you read some of the goals established in this agenda, it’s amazing how many of them are being manifested in local, state and federal policy.


  145. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Who told you Scott Brown would lose a year and a half before the election?

    Yea, now that you brought it up, I think we need to re-examine the whole thing again.

    Wrong on the POTUS because I trusted Steve from Ohio. Turns out my concern about that state was correct. My original thoughts, much derided by some, on the POTUS election were correct. My fault for giving into some here.

    1/2 right on Ryan. If we had gone with Rubio, we take FL and it looks like a very close race. Still, I don’t think we would have won anymore states. So, can’t get full credit. I was impressed with Ryan.

    PA? Yea, I might know what I am talking about. 2008, 10 and 12. 1 incorrect House pick in 10 with CD 10.

    Bitter – I really do appreciate you bringing this up.

    Future predictions:

    Christie will not sniff the nomination.

    The 2014 mid-terms will not even be close to the 10 mid-terms. The House will stay R (but any increase will be minor) and the Senate will stay D with a smaller margin than today but not by much.

    The retarded wing will begin telling everyone that Rubio and Ryan are liberals. Once again, they will push Santorum or a Santorum like clone.

    Bunu will still worship the Pauls and will still hate Jews.

    Bitter WILL get serious about diet and exercise or….

    Megyn Kelly will still be on Fox and will still be annoying.

    Not sure yet about the PA gov race in 14 (some of it depends on who the D’s run) but it will be a much closer election than in 10 no matter who they run.

    A Dem will win in 16 for POTUS in a photo finish. The party is due for a more than 2 term run.

    Toomey, a solid Senator, will lose re-election in 16. There. Now, this can be saved and I can be crushed later when they all turn out to be wrong. Or, if they mostly turn out to be correct, then everyone will forget this post.

  146. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    So Hope – We are not to question the double standard. He was basically buying turnout. He ran the exact campaign I thought he would run (and predicted – h/t: Bitter) and the only campaign strategy that would have resulted in a victory.

  147. janz says:


    You’re not real encouraging in your predictions. I’m not disagreeing with them, as you were more right than wrong regarding 2012. However, somehow I hope the R’s will have a political epiphany, between now and 2014/2016, wake up, becoming a more functional, rather than dysfunctional, opposition party to the left.

  148. Bitterlaw says:

    MD thinks that not exercising is an inadequacy. Typical self-promotion. Maybe he can lecture us on how being tall is being inadequate and shortness is a virtue.

  149. W. PA Observer says:

    150- You had Rothfus beating Critz this past fall in the new CD 12? Well done if so, it seemed a close run thing until the last week or two- but once Romney obliterated O in the district, it became a much harder climb. Keith really helped himself with some good ads as well.

  150. Big Ben 4 liberty says:

    It is odd that a Democrat (the party that supports gay maariage) would use “teabagger” as a pejorative.

    Comment by Bitterlaw — January 20, 2013 @ 12:18 pm

    Wow, I never thought I see the day that Bitterlaw would make a comment I could actually agree with.

  151. Phil says:

    “Toomey a solid senator will lose in 2016”


    Pennsylvania, another presidential blue wall state will be Toomey’s undoing.

    Presidential year turnout dooms him. He’d win with an off year election turnout.

    Nationally, Republicans will be competitive only in non presidential years.

    Embrace the horror.

  152. Bayernfan says:

    It’s Santorum’s turn in 2016, if he runs.

  153. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Janz – go read We are a long way from being a functional family.

  154. W. PA Observer says:

    156- Are you done yet?

  155. bio mom says:


    I disagree. I think Santorum cannot get nominated and never could win the presidency. Not in the country as it exists today.

  156. Bitterlaw says:

    WPA – I don’t know what Phil is going to do when Obama leaves office on January 20, 2017.

  157. Phil says:

    For now.

    I’ll be back from time to time, however to try and keep the board grounded in some sense of reality.

  158. Tulipomania says:

    British troops face fresh charges of Iraq war torture and killings

    Allegations to be unveiled in high court of ‘systemic’ policy of abuse from 2003 to 2008

  159. Bitterlaw says:

    Poor Flacco. The Patriots are #3 on my NFL Hate List. The Ravens are #5. That means the Patriots win.

  160. W. PA Observer says:

    163- Which is what, exactly? Just roll over and die because all is in vain?

  161. janz says:


    MD — I don’t go there anymore, probably for the very reason you suggest going there. Yes, bjg is a reality check site, depicting the in-house obstacles facing the R’s in developing a palatable, successful political formula in which to engage and attract a larger swathe of the voting public.

  162. Bitterlaw says:

    Good luck to you and your wife, Phil. Your farewell pst gets a 0 on the Maxwell Scale.

  163. Phil says:

    Obama will walk away from power?

    Must be a different Obama than the one (no pun intended)that I’ve been watching for the last four years.

  164. Phil says:

    What, I’m leaving?

    News to me.

  165. Bitterlaw says:

    WPA – I don’t know what we will do without being warned how blacks and Hispanics are ruining the country.

  166. Bitterlaw says:

    Sorry about the paperwork error, Phil. We will mark you “on leave.”

  167. W. PA Observer says:

    171- Quite- it’s not like the former’s share of population is roughly stagnant relative to the overall rate and that we didn’t get 40% of the latter’s votes two years ago, and 44% in 2004…hopeless I tell you.

  168. bio mom says:

    Bitterlaw, Have you ever calculated your accuracy percentage over the years using your formula to predict who will win? Just curious.

  169. Phil says:

    Not on leave either. Having too much fun engaging the sunshine pumpers.

    BTW, not “ruining the country”. Just running it. See election results.

  170. Bitterlaw says:

    bio mom – I never added up the losses. I can tell you that this year that every team I hated more has advance. In the 2 Giants-Patriots Super Bowls, it was the closest test. The Giants are #2 and the Patriots are #3. Both close games were won by the more hated team. The current bottom 3 (Kansas City, Jacksonville and Oakland) have no chance.

  171. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Good afternoon

  172. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    If any of you here are noticing I am cutting back on HHR time so I can rid HHR of myself. I have decided this is the only way to get back to the real world for a couple of weeks.

  173. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Bitter’s dream fantasy…

    If you read the article, it cites other instances of women using their breasts as smother weapons.

    Death by boob.

  174. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    107. I refuse to stay here alone tending the site until lisab or other tardy slackers on the late night shift show up.

    109.Walt, I m not considered part of late shift am I?

    Comment by Michael

    Yes, Michael. I consider you to be one of the slackers.

  175. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Bunu GFY and your holocaust denying, jewish hating, anti American, terrorist loving ass

  176. Bitterlaw says:

    Since Ron Paul is a loser and Bunu is bitter about it, he probably does not have any favorites. For the normal people, list your Favorite 5. For me:

    J. Adams
    T. Roosevelt

  177. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    More than 140 nations adopt treaty to cut mercury

    Obama Phone girl says: “It was such a small planet, nobody will miss it.”

    With Pluto previously being voted out, solar system is indeed shrinking.

    Gore blames global warming for Mercury being voted out.

  178. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m still angry at the disrespect of Pluto. Arrogant gasbags like Saturn and Jupiter get to stay but a hardworking rocks toiling away at the edge of the solar system gets axed? It’s wrong.

  179. Tulipomania says:


    STFU sicko

  180. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I for one am not complaining about SS withholding going back up to where it was before it was cut. Suck it American workers.

    Cutting SS withholding was a stupid and short sighted way to try to “fix” the broken economy and our broken SS system.

    There. Someone had to say it.

  181. jason says:


    Rand Paul’s secret foreign policy calls for appeasement with Iran.

    Spokesman will deny it shortly.

  182. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Freight train of criticism and vitriolic accusations of RINOism leaves HHR Station and heads for West Virginia.

  183. jason says:

    Bunu, the “How to deal with the Jewish problem” workshop is starting over at Stormfront.

    They don’t like you to be late.

  184. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Who would that be?

  185. jason says:

    ” I have decided this is the only way to get back to the real world for a couple of weeks.”

    Michael, for some of us this IS the real world.

  186. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    A Rubio advisor talked about war with Iran…..hmmmm…..

    what about this:

  187. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder how Rand Paul keeps track of his positions. he has to keep the Paulbots quiet enough so they think he is as crazy as his father. He also has to act like he is not as crazy as his father.

  188. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Not this kid’s first day on the job!

    One reason why Chinese products cost less…

  189. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael, for some of us this IS the real world.

    Comment by jason

    Damn. When you see it in print, the truth really hurts.

  190. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    First they came for Pluto, and I said nothing.

    Next they came for Mercury, and I said nothing.

    How long will it be before the come after Nepture, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.

  191. SoHope (the one percenter) says:

    #196….holy crap!

  192. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder if Bunu would step up and condemn anti-Semitism. I know the answer but I’m curious what he will say.

  193. Bitterlaw says:

    196 – I knew MD was tall enough to drive construction equipment.

  194. jason says:

    ” he has to keep the Paulbots quiet enough so they think he is as crazy as his father. He also has to act like he is not as crazy as his father.”

    It’s tough, but he is giving it a shot.

    Cutting off aid to Israel pleases the Paulbots.

    Saying that is “good for Israel” supposedly makes it more palatable to sane people.

    But as far as I know, NYC is the only one who swallowed that whopper.

  195. SoHope (the one percenter) says:

    Bunu feels the need to crow about how an “advisor” of Rubio’s talked about a possible future war with Iran but he is zzzzzzzzzzzzz about Ron Paul’s many connections with neo-nazis.

    Any comment, bunu?

  196. jason says:

    Bunu and Ron Paul think anti-semitism is good for Jews, keeps them vigilant and on their toes so to speak.

  197. jason says:

    ” How long will it be before the come after Nepture, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.”

    I think they come after Youranus next.

  198. Bitterlaw says:

    Bunu is worried about an advisor to Rubio and wat with Iran? Maybe if Ron Paul would STFU and stop blowing Iran to develop nukes, war might be less likely.

  199. JulStol says:

    List your Favorite 5:


  200. jason says:

    Rubio advisor makes realistic assessment of Iran.

    Huge problem.

    Ron Paul says “there is no proof Iran is building a nuclear weapon”.

    No problem.

    “A recent IAEA report said that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear technology over several years could be consistent with the building of a bomb. And Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta gave Iran “about a year, perhaps a little less” before it could have a nuclear weapon”

  201. jason says:


  202. SoHope (the one percenter) says:

    I was talked into watching The Miserable movie on a date last night…it was horrible!

    The 2 dudes that sang were so bad. They should have casted professional singers instead of actors. I guess they had to pick big name actors in order to trick people into thinking it was worth watching.

  203. jason says:

    I agree with 2/5 with Jul? I guess I can live with it.

    If I agree with 1/5 with Bunu I will enter therapy.

  204. Em Eph Gee says:

    Favorite Presidents:

    Jefferson Davis
    James Buchanan
    Franklin Pierce
    John Tyler

  205. Bubu says:

    Tough one…Here’s my top 5:

    Ron Paul
    L. Ron Paul
    Dr. Paul
    Rand Paul
    Aqua Buddah

  206. BooNoo says:

    Favorite Leaders (No person is wothy of the title except Ron Paul):

    The Revolutionary Council of Iran
    David Duke
    Robert Byrd
    Alex Jones

  207. JulStol says:

    Now my 5 LEAST Favourite?

    F. Roosevelt
    T. Roosevelt

  208. jason says:

    I feel the same way as Rick Reilly. I defended Lance here many times. I too could not believe you could pass 500 drug tests and not be clean.

  209. jason says:

    Least favorite:


  210. JulStol says:

    Teapot Dome aside, Harding is a fairly under rated President

  211. jason says:

    If Tim is not around I will fill in for him:

    Franklyn Roosevelt
    Franklyn Delano Roosevelt
    Big Daddy

  212. Bitterlaw says:

    Least Favorite?

    Buchanan 4th year in office
    Buchanan 3rd year in office
    Buchanan 2d year in office
    Buchanan 1st year in office

  213. jason says:

    Harding was a weak nincompoop.

  214. Kory 101% says:

    Hugo Chavez
    Fidel Castro
    Dear Leader

  215. JulStol says:

    If you’ve not yet watched this video (it’s 4 minutes) on Gun Control, do so.

    Good to hear it from a young black man rather than the borderline psychotic heads of the NRA or GOA (I respect both organizations…their respective heads are doing more harm than good)

  216. Kory 101% says:

    I prefer Penn & Teller on guns

  217. W. PA Observer says:

    5 tops:

    U.S Grant

    Top 5 most disliked:

    Franklin Pierce
    James Buchanan
    Woodrow Wilson
    Lyndon Johnson
    Obama/ Carter (ask me again in 10 years)

  218. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @politico: David Axelrod’s mustache is gone and it’s not coming back — per wife Susan’s orders:

    Susan hated it

  219. Cory says:


    1. Lincoln
    2. Jefferson
    3. Obama
    4. LBJ
    5. FDR
    6. Clinton
    7. Washington
    8. T. Roosevelt
    9. Reagan
    10. Truman

    Least Favourite:

    1. Nixon
    2. GWB
    3. Buchanan
    4. Hoover
    5. Harding

    I have more favourites than un-favourites. I’m just a positive guy.

  220. W. PA Observer says:

    227- You know who is an excellent leader? Stephen Harper. I’m sure he’ll make the high end of the Canadian lists, isn’t that great?

  221. W. PA Observer says:

    229- Wait a few more years.

    Also, I usually don’t have much use for “official” rankings as they tend to reflect the biases of the list-makers and their own paradigms of success- (ie- legislation they agree with tend to be elevated over peace, prosperity, and effective governance)

  222. Bitterlaw says:

    Best Racks:

    Mrs. Bitterlaw
    Kate Upton
    Megan Fox
    Senator Ayotte

  223. Bitterlaw says:

    WPA – It is almost impossible to have objective lists. If Obama cures cancer and leaves office with a $50 Triilion surplus, everybody but Tim will say he sucked. On the other hand, Tim will say he is great even if he is the disaster we think he is.

  224. Jim B. says:

    I went by the movie theater yesterday & they had “Less Miserables” on the Marquee. Shouldn’t it be “fewer” miserables, not “less” miserables?

  225. Marv Bryant says:

    George Washington
    Ronald Reagan
    Sam Houston
    Harry Truman (he had cajones)
    Dwight Eisenhower (nostalgia)

  226. Marv Bryant says:

    Least Favorite

    Pol Pot

  227. Bitterlaw says:

    Bigger dirtbag- jefferson or JFK? I say Jefferson. At least 4 childrem with his slave, Sally Hemmings. I don’t think JFK had any other children (but you never know).

  228. Bitterlaw says:

    49ers got away with a HUGE non-call for pass interference.

  229. JulStol says:

    Top 10?
    J. Adams
    Quincy Adams

    Top 10 Least Favourite
    F. Roosevelt
    T. Roosevelt
    Van Buren
    Lincoln (yeah, I know)

  230. Bitterlaw says:

    49ers advance despite me hating the Falcons more. That’s why I don’t bet on sports.

  231. JulStol says:

    Oh, good. The 49ers going to the Superbowl means I’ll almost have a team that I’m sort of invested in seeing win.

    Normally I’d hate the Cheatriots more than the Ravens but, as this is the playoffs and the Ravens are the top rival of a PA team, Go Cheaters!

  232. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    You screw up a 20 pt lead last week and a 17 pt lead next week; no Falcons you don’t deserve to go to the SB. Now to root against the Cheatriots, go Ray Ray

  233. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe my hatred of the San Francisco Giants was added to the 49ers to push them over the edge.

  234. jason says:

    Harry Truman (he had cajones)

    Actually, not so much.

    He and FDR and fellow moron Eisenhower sold out Eastern Europe and in effect were greatly responsible for the Cold War, as domination of the Iron Curtain countries allowed the Russians to have troops on the borders of Western Europe and to pillage Eastern Europe for decades to support their system.

    That is why I rank Truman in my top 5 worst and would put Ike in my top 10.

  235. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    USA Pentagon admits: Navy’s newest warship can’t survive combat

  236. jason says:

    The Ravens cheated (actually they didn’t, they played a good game and it was the officials that gave them the win, ok sue me) so I have to root for the Cheatriots too.

  237. Bitterlaw says:

    I can’t imagine any reason to like another team. One team per sport is the rule.

  238. JulStol says:

    “One team per sport is the rule.”

    From a man who takes “rules” about sports more seriously than rules from his Church.


  239. Bitterlaw says:

    I spend more time watching sports than attending Mass. Priorities.

  240. Cory says:

    Jefferson was in his early fourties when he made a promise to his wife, on her deathbed, that he would never marry again.

    It was only years after this that he started his ‘relationship’ with Hemmings. He’s a bit of a dirtbag… but I don’t think that compares to JFK f**king everything that moved while he was supposed to be happily married.

  241. W. PA Observer says:

    236- I don’t know- bedding 19 year old secretaries/interns in the bed he shared with his wife, in the White House, while she was pregnant, has to be near the top. At least Jefferson’s wife was deceased – and the woman in question was her strikingly resembling half-sister makes it slightly less repulsive, considering the repulsive slavery issues of the time.

    243- Every time someone mentions Ike “selling out Eastern Europe” has yet to give me a reason why (in his place) they would have thrown away tens of thousands, possibly a hundred thousand U.S soldiers lives to take German territory that was already agreed to be in the Soviet zone, and to risk the uneasy alliance with the Russians breaking into a shooting conflict, with the Japanese still to deal with in the Pacific?

  242. JulStol says:

    “I spend more time watching sports than attending Mass. Priorities.”

    …And this is why America is so f**ked.

    “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”
    ? Napoleon Bonaparte

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    – John Adams

    They’re not wrong.

  243. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    PPP poll on Super Bowl:
    52% San Francisco
    48% Baltimore

    55% San Fran
    45% New England

    33% San Fran
    31% Either Balto. or New England
    36% Obama

  244. Bitterlaw says:

    Did you go to church today, Jul?

  245. Bitterlaw says:

    WPA – After 400k+ dead in the war, the American public would have burned DC if Truman tried to force a war with Stalin. I know Patton said they would have to fight them some day but the public would not have supported it.

  246. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Church attendance for 1/20/13




  247. JulStol says:


    I’ve not been to a regular church service in the better part of a decade.

    I pray every day and ask for guidance from God and I believe He is listening and is there for me.

    I stopped attending Church when the Presbyterian Church began boycotting Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    I have not felt a calling to another Church yet and I believe my relationship with God is going as well as any imperfect soul can hope for.

  248. Bitterlaw says:

    Translation – Once again,Jul criticizes me and then fails to live up to his own standards. Since I watch sports, I can’t be moral or religious and I am the downfall of the Constitution.

  249. Bitterlaw says:

    I know atheists I would trust with my life and religious people I wouldn’t trust to water my plants. I trust individuals and not categories.

  250. W. PA Observer says:

    254- Exactly- policy makers ( I think) grasped pretty well that the average American had not wanted full participation in World War II until push came to shove- after being attacked or declared war upon by those powers. Even after entering and settling on a course of total victory- any means to force unconditional surrender of the Axis that brought the boys home as expediently as possible was the right course to them. If it meant letting the Russians take Berlin and dropping the A-bombs on the Japanese, then so be it- that was what was to be done.

  251. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I will support whichever superbowl team has the fewest tatoos.

  252. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    SusyQue will support whichever team in the superbowl has the most Christians.

  253. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t support any team winning. I don’t care if their planes crash.

  254. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Tim will support whichever super bowl team is the most oppressed and down trodden.

    Bunu? team having the most registered terrorists.

    Cory? team who has most players who claim to have ever visited Canada.

    Michael? team who have the largest number of players wanting to close the U.S. air base in Greenland.

  255. Tulipomania says:

    1) Jefferson

    Not sure about the other ones..

  256. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Crap. Looks like the AFC will give us the same old crap AGAIN. ugh. Ill probably boycott the Super Bowl this year (boycotted most of it last year). Getting sick of the same old crap being sold to me as an NFL fan from the AFC.

  257. Tim says:

    I’m an NFC fan. So, I’ll pull for the 49ers.

    And, I am proud of the Falcons. They had a great season, and left it all on the field.

  258. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    the guy who thinks IA is Ron Paul country called me a sicko? LOL

    anyways, my 5 most fav (no particular order):


    my 5 least fav (no particular order):


  259. Bitterlaw says:

    Sold to you? The Patriots are a machine. I hate them but they win.

  260. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    Here’s a question.

    If you had a time machine and a sniper rifle, would you shoot Hitler’s mom?

  261. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @269 wasnt there a Twilight Zone episode on that? im sure Bunu would not

  262. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Bitter it goes beyond the Cheatriots. Its also the same old same old of the same old 3 teams representing the AFC the last decade plus. Its getting boring. Im bored w/ the NFL’s Super Bowl matchups. I would have missed all of last year’s game if my bro hadn’t called me and told me about the game winning drive the Giants were on.

  263. Bitterlaw says:

    269 no? Stalin would have been completely unchecked. The USSR would extend from Ireland to include Japan.

  264. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    264.1) Jefferson
    Comment by Tulipomania

    Flower maniac,
    You mean George Jefferson of “Moving On Up” fame?

    Weezie would probably agree.

  265. Cory says:

    Well, the Ravens haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 13 years, so I wouldn’t tune out just yet, Author.

  266. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Waltmwne to service none in 2013 don’t plan on going while I am in college unless I need a priest in the hospital

  267. SoHope (the one precenter) says:

    Bunu would give her a copy of Anne Frank’s book

  268. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Who would be the better president:

    Ben Cartwright

    J.J. Walker

    Ed Sullivan?

  269. bio mom says:


    Isn’t it about whomever wins their games? The teams you prefer need to improve. So far we do not redistribute the wealth in sports as Obama wants to do for the country.

  270. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    hmm…, 28-13

  271. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @271 yes but the results are just not to my liking. the matchups have bored me in the way that seeing certain movie plotlines have. they can win and be dominant, but it wont interest me in tuning in

  272. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    In this series of short video clips you see Bitter’s cat, MD driving a car in his rec room, jul riding a motorcycle, and that is me riding the bicycle.

    Can you recognize any others?

  273. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I do not know who is the parent of the door jamb climbing girl or the bubble popping dog.

  274. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    sorry biomom, there goes your wish for a boring SB matchup

    Brandon bombed his SB Champion pick from last week

    THANK GOD I spoke too son, i’ll have a SB to watch where I can be happy w/ whoever wins and Ray Lewis has a chance to go out on top. suck it Cheatriots fans!

    oh and how ironic that Brady chokes this game hours after Boomer “one hit wonder” Eiason claimed Brady was the greatest QB evah oh and how ironic that Brady chokes this game hours after Boomer “one hit wonder” Eiason claimed Brady was the greatest QB evah (yeah I would too if I cheated various times)

  275. jason says:

    I think God wants the Ravens to win, they seem to get a lot of breaks.

    I thought maybe its because God likes birds, but the Falcons lost so that can’t be it.

  276. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Yes! I spoke too soon! Cheatriots lose! Cheatriots lose! Cheatriots lose! Ray Ray plays on, suck it Ray Lewis haters!

    Finally a SB where I can watch happily w/o worrying who wins or loses.

    oh and how ironic that Brady chokes this game hours after Boomer “one hit wonder” Eiason claimed Brady was the greatest QB evah (yeah have no clue what he was smokin either)

  277. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    2nd time was the edited version

  278. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Which of these do I NOT have in my garage right now?

    A. fosillized dinasaur poop

    B. Petrified wood

    C. an angle measuring device formerly owned by Chuck Yeager

  279. jason says:

    I don’t attend church unless it’s an Amish wedding. They are a lot of fun.

    “This is a major day in the life of the church because all the couples who plan to marry are “published.” At the end of the service, the deacon announces the names of the girls and who they plan to marry. The fathers then announce the date and time of the wedding and invite the members to attend. The betrothed couple does not attend the church service on the Sunday they are published. Instead, the young woman prepares a meal for her fiance and they enjoy dinner alone at her home. When the girl’s family returns from church, the daughter formally introduces her fiance to her parents.

    A typical Amish wedding day begins at 4 o’clock in the morning. After all, the cows must still be milked and all the other daily farm chores need to be done. There are also many last minute preparations to take care of before the wedding guests arrive. Helpers begin to arrive by 6:30 a.m. to take care of last minute details. By 7:00 a.m., the people in the wedding party have usually eaten breakfast, changed into their wedding clothes, and are waiting in the kitchen to greet the guests. Some 200 to 400 relatives, friends and church members are invited to the ceremony, which is held in the bride’s home.

    The Forgeher, or ushers, (usually four married couples), will make sure each guest has a place on one of the long wooden benches in the meeting or church room of the home. At 8:30 a.m., the three-hour long service begins. The congregation will sing hymns, (without instrumental accompaniment), while the minister counsels the bride and groom in another part of the house. After the minister and the young couple return to the church room, a prayer, Scripture reading and sermon takes place. Typically, the sermon is a very long one.”

  280. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Bommer Eiason, will he cry or just walk off the set since his precious Patriots lost? discuss

  281. jason says:

    I usually skip the 4 AM milking but never miss the 6 AM breakfast.

  282. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    the happiest days in my NFL fan life (next to my Bucs winning it all) is anytime the Pats lose. so happy right now I could cry

  283. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    Cars Damaged In Drive-By Fruit Throwing Attack In NYC Suburb…
    Bloomberg issues fruit ban in NYC.

    American Fruit Growers Association responds with a press release titled:

    “Fruit doesn’t kill people, people kill people”

  284. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:




  285. bio mom says:



  286. Bitterlaw says:

    Ray Lewis has a chance to go out on top. suck it Cheatriots fans!

    I thought Ray Lewis went out on top when he bought his way out of a murder trial, destroyed evidence, lied to the police and paid of his victims’ families.

    Yeah, Tom Brady is such a choker. He only has 3 Super Bowl rings and not 6. He only won 5 AFC Championships and not 6/ Loser.*

    *I say this to be objective since I can not stand Tom Brady.

  287. jason says:

    Bunu’s favorite leaders:

    1. Hitler
    2. Goering
    3. Himmler
    4. Goebbels
    4. Ahmadinejad