McConnell Unpopular in KY, Corbett Unpopular in PA

We seem to be getting a small uptick in the amount of state polling as we hit the end of the first month of 2013. At least things will start to get a little busier around here.

Maybe Mitch McConnell is not the most popular guy in the state of Kentucky, but I am not taking this new poll from Survey USA as seriously as apparently the Louisville Courier-Journal seems to take it. Here are the results on how voters in Kentucky view Mitch McConnell.

For Mitch McConnell, no matter who he runs against 17%
Against Mitch McConnell, no matter who runs against him 34%
Depends on who is running against him 44%

This poll was done January 24-27 among 609 registered voters. I still think if McConnell is the Republican nominee, he wins this rather easily. The real question is, do self-proclaimed conservatives decide they would rather “send a message” in a primary and thereby throw yet another US Senate seat into the waiting arms of Democrats with an unelectable candidate. Democrats are planning to help as much as they can.

Republicans will likely want to hang onto this seat in Kentucky since Republican voters might end up throwing away a winnable seat in Iowa….

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, we have new job approval numbers for Republican Governor Tom Corbett from Quinnipiac University showing he is back underwater in his job approval.

Approve 36%
Disapprove 42%

This poll was done January 22-27 among 1221 registered voters. According to Public Policy Polling’s twitter feed, we should start seeing some new polling numbers from Texas at some point today.

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51 Responses to “McConnell Unpopular in KY, Corbett Unpopular in PA”

  1. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:


  2. MD says:

    If the Dems can find a solid candidate, then Corbett could be vulnerable. There are a bunch of Jull like crazies who want to send a message by staying home because he wouldn’t go full bore on RTW. In PA. that would have been big trouble. Someday it will be possible but not yet.

    Remember, jul supported ( yes he did) Kane and now Kane is going after him .

  3. Phil says:

    HELP! I’m on my iPad laying in bed and my wife has the Today Show on. They are interviewing Al Gore and he is droning on!!! Blaming everything on climate change. I want to puke!

  4. Jul's Ex-Fiancee says:

    “Remember, jul supported ( yes he did) Kane and now Kane is going after him .”

    for my honor!

  5. Tiger Woods says:

    Ah, the taste of victory still is amazing the morning after.

  6. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Governor Bitterlaw, I move that me, Walt, and SoHope vote on the ratification of a bill to honor “been waiting” from the last thread for his thorough takedown of the condemnable troll Bunu. Reading that gave me great pleasure.

  7. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    whoever the Tiger Woods fan is apparently has no life, I mean who’s a Golf fan?

  8. Phil says:

    Obama opposes the border enforcement portion of the comprehensive immigration plan.


    What a surprise.

    Enjoy the new America. Embrace the horror.

  9. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    the Hispanics are coming! the Hispanics are coming!

  10. Scott Brown - now married to MD says:

    Steve King (Iowa) is a RINO

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    Senator – I support that resolution. Been waiting has truly brightened HHR through his or her service.

  12. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I welcome with open arms ALL legal immigrants who want to come here and become Americans.

    As a FLOOR, I agree with what RedState says in it’s article concerning any immigration reform:

    “•we are not saddled with 12 million new consumers of the welfare state;
    •we don’t have 12 million new Democrat voters;
    •those receiving the amnesty will not have the ability to spawn chain migration;
    •before any amnesty is implemented, there is a complete establishment of visa tracking, border control, and mandatory E-verify to ensure that this won’t create another ‘Charlie Brown with the football’ scenario of more waves of illegal immigration;
    •our legal immigration system move towards a merit-based process that favors high-skill immigrants instead of the current “Kennedy” system that is random and tendentious towards low-skilled immigrants.”

  13. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    Tim says:
    January 29, 2013 at 6:24 am
    And, you wonder why you lost your re-election bid?

    -Is Tim ok with illegals getting a free education, instead of children of tax-paying citizens?

  14. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    Again, I ask, why has Rubio laid down with Schumer and Durbin, and McCain and Graham?
    I don’t get why he would do this with THOSE SENATORS?

  15. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    And, you wonder why you lost your re-election bid?

    Comment by Tim

    I do not think my amendment to require cities ensure that they hire only legal residents (NOT illegal immigrants) as parking garage attendants (that affects fewer than 10 positions in the entire state) was the reason I lost me reelection bid. It got no press at all.

    99.99% of people in WV support that amendment. Same with my successful amendment to NOT give taxpayer scholarships to ILLEGAL immigrants.

    If your comment is about my losing my election by 320 votes due to my opposition to illegal immigration, I think you are very wrong. The people of WV are opposed to ILLEGAL immigration. Period.

    Illegal immigrations was in no way a campaign issue in my race, or in any race in WV.
    My opponent ran a more effective campaign than did I and the local D GOTV effort was stellar. I did not go negative on him and I did not respond to his barrage of false attacks that were ludicrous to those who pay attention and spent 20 seconds thinking about what his direct mailers tried to say. But if you say something often enough and loud enough…I felt focusing on 10 years of accomplishemnts and current big issues should win the day.

    That was a big mistake, as enough low info, every 4 year voters apparently believed (incorrectly) that I was a imbecile who was not fighting for and serving the interests of this district and somehow stripping money fropm local taxpayers and inn some unspoken way enriching myself at the taxpayers expense.

    In this district, the Ds were able to still turn out 1300 straight D voters instead of the 1400 from 2008 and 600 in 2010 where I defeated the same opponent by 560 votes.

    Fact is that many every 4 year voters (R as well as D) have no clue.

  16. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    You know the sad thing about the illegal immigration issue is that there are indeed millions of illegals here who are much better citizens and who contribute tons more to the American society than other millions of U.S. citizens who were born U.S. citizens.

    Shame we could not work out a trade where we would accept these illegals and jetison those natural born U.S. citizens who don’t deserve the privileges of living here.

  17. jason says:

    NYC was upset because “we wouldn’t keep an open mind about Rand Paul”, yet in the previous thread he says “Rubio not fit to be President”.

    Yeah, let’s keep an open mind about a guy a huge chunk of even Republicans would not vote for and let’s say the guy that could unite the party and is a Latino to boot is not fit to be President.

    I just love the hypocrisy.

  18. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @18 what jason said

  19. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    I hope we see a return from “been waiting…”. He should come on every time Bunu posts his useless links.

  20. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Ugh. I hate when the immigration and amnesty debate comes up. It’s the only time I feel like my party wants me out of the country and i’m not even Mexican, just Latino. I know it’s not what the MSM makes it out to be, but with the tone Republicans set it is uncomfortable when I hear them go off about the subject.

  21. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Having headaches and stomach aches. Possibly could have that new stomach bug

  22. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    @21 only the crazies author. You have nothing to worry about it.

  23. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Michelle Malkin is gonna be having a hoot with this. *sighs* The woman always comes out like a “deport Jose!” type.

  24. JulStol says:

    If you’re here illegally, you should be deported, they should build a fence, and they should post the army along the border (both borders btw).

    Almost none of that will happen.

    I’m still ok with Rubio for POTUS. Not my candidate, but I’m cool with it if he wins.

  25. Michael (Christie for Governor) says:

    Jul I am sorry but the tsa is bad enough

  26. Bitterlaw says:

    In a shocking development, I am not going to jump into the immigration debate until I see the proposals. Other than securing the border and e-verify, I don’t know what to do. I would trade my neighbor – a public school teacher with an Obama sticker on her Prius- for 5 Mexican landscapers.

  27. Brandon says:

    I wish mnw was here….

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    I agree. mnw always contributed to a positive dialogue on immigration issues.

  29. jason says:

    “know it’s not what the MSM makes it out to be, but with the tone Republicans set it is uncomfortable when I hear them go off about the subject.”

    I am foreign born and English was a second language. I am not uncomfortable with those who want our immigration laws enforced, and while some may be anti-Hispanic or whatever, I think most feel the same way about any illegal, whether they come from Mexico, Kenya, or Norway.

    I think the MSM has gone to great lengths to tie those who believe we enforce our laws with racism. To the point where everyone is defensive about it.

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    I thought that jason’s second language was an 18th century dialect of German.

  31. jason says:

    Secure the borders. Deport anyone caught crossing illegally, no BS. Deport all illegals that commit felonies, immediately.

    Register all existing illegals. Start issuing work permits according to our needs, not theirs. Do NOT allow for “family reintegration and all that BS”.

    Offer a path to citizenship to the “dreamers” based on a Dream Act with teeth. You actually graduate from college, not attend classes. Issue a list of acceptable majors, no basket weaving. Or you actually volunteer for 3 years in the military and get honorably discharged.

    I could support something like that. The Dems will never go for it.

  32. jason says:

    31. Fourth.

  33. Bitterlaw says:

    jason can also say, “Me love you long time” in 7 languages, including Urdu and 2 Incan tribes.

  34. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    “I think most feel the same way about any illegal, whether they come from Mexico, Kenya, or Norway. ”

    of course but I always end up w/ their unnerving feeling that its all about the latinos then it is about all illegal immigration. as MD has pointed out, the tone has to change. if we continue to sound like the “deport Jose!” party we’ll get nowhere w/ a demographic we have to start getting better with. Messaging to me is the #1 problem Republicans have on this issue.

  35. Know Nothing Party says:

    Suck it, Patron. Right after we drive those Papist Irish out, you are next.

  36. jan says:

    The Republicans have nobody but themselves to blame. Instead of focusing on Terry Shiavo and catering to the Todd Akin crowd they could have handled the immigration issues 100% on their own terms.

  37. Bitterlaw says:

    Author – You are in an interesting position. Your background is based in Puerto Rico so you and your family are citizens. Does that community view illegal aliens from Mexico with sympathy or as invadeers of the country. Maybe it is an unfair question to assume that you can speak for a group or about other groups. However, HHR is supposed to be a place to discuss issues with greater depth than, “deport them all.”

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    jan- What if the GOP plan was to do nothing because they did not want to embrace illegal immigration? Do you have a proposal to resolve the issue?

  39. JulStol says:

    Just to throw a little gasoline on the fire, I oppose E-Verify. Too much room for abuse by Big Brother.

  40. jason says:

    “they could have handled the immigration issues 100% on their own terms.”


  41. Bitterlaw says:

    We certainly would not want Big Brother to know if people hire illegals. Big Brother? Jul must be drinking more of the Paul Juice.

    I bet Jul doesn’t have EZ-Pass because “they” might be tracking his driving. Whenever I drive past a 10 minute line at the toll booths I embrace “tehm” as I zip by with my government tracking device.

  42. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @38 as a Puerto Rican what i’ve seen from “my community” is that they oppose illegal immigration but feel uncomfortable w/ talk on deporting families away w/ each other such. it’s a complicated issue. I don’t think amnesty/open borders is the solution and I also don’t think just deporting everyone you can get your hands on is either. There are many illegals who just want to be in a better position for themselves in a better country. However the drug cartels and terrorist groups can use the illegal immigrants in evil ways. Plus, I don’t feel it’s right to pay for students of illegal immigrants just because of their circumstances while citizens have to bust their ass to get into good schools.

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    So, jan, what should those terms have been?

  44. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Jan the 2007 bill was horrible. It was basically an open borders bill that addressed none of the immigration issues w/ any real solutions and ignored the open borders problem. It was a joke bill.

  45. Bitterlaw says:

    If jan has some proposals, I would like to hear them

  46. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    Perry is going down on the ………N/T!

  47. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    I should also note Obama refusing to talk on how to help security in the border is a dick move. Rubio has said time and time again that if an immigration bill doesn’t address that he won’t back it. Once again O is destroying any chance of bi-partisanship on an issue.

  48. jan says:

    Well if the plan was to do nothing ( Bush had a plan) then they can’t be upset when the Democrats do have a plan.

  49. JulStol says:


    Yeah, I’m sure E-Verify will only track illegals…

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out…”

    We’re headed towards an all powerful police state supported by the vast underclass who just want their welfare checks and freedom to fornicate and get high. No other freedom required.

    When George Orwell said “if there is hope, it must lie in the proles”, he was severely deluded. Only those with a stake in the future have a reason to preserve it.

    The founding fathers were right when they only granted the ability to vote to land owners (they were wrong about the men and white people only bit).

    “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”

    …And the meek useful quislings like Bitterlaw will fully support when Republicans like Mike Castle, Scott Brown, Arlen Specter, and Dick Lugar lend their support to Big Government initiatives. Hey, at least they’re “electable”

  50. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Despite my hard core views on illegal immigrants, I KNOW we HAVE to come up with SOME type of gradual” amnesty” for many of those 11-14 million who are already here illefgally.

    That is an uncomfortable reality.

    If we require registration of illegal immigrants, then after some date certain if an illegal immigrant is found who did NOT register, they they get removed from the USA. Gone. If they got a husband/wife and kids (U.S citizens)–we pay for their exit too if they want to go.

    Criminal record that involves any felony? Gone.

    Too many other non-felony criminal acts? Gone.

    Pay a fine?–yes. Fine depends on how many government services they have been partaking in since illegal entry. Fine needs to be WAY more than $5000.

    Have they been part of the scam claiming and getting billions of tax refunds to send home to ficticious “child dependants”? Gone.

    Registered illegally to vote and then voted? Should be a felony. Gone. Or at least lose right to vote for 30 years.

    Have they been brought to U.S. and made to work as prostitutes or plant and tend large marijuana plots in national and state forests in WI, MN and other states? Gone–unless they turn states evidence against those criminals who are running these types of operations from the top leading to the top people being tried and convicted and going to the slammer for a long time and the assets of these top folks that were secured by criminal activity confiscated by the government.

    Expand foreign work permits. Sure. Skilled workers–definitely. Unskilled workers as well. But have to track so they keep their noses clean and they do not “disappear” and become undocumented illegals.

    If they DO, then there must be a very big hammer come down on them and a certainty that they WILL be caught. Expel them and if they put one foot back inside the U.S. border they go directly to prison for X years.

    They should not gain special status that can stay just because they fathered some anchor baby some where. We got more than enough fatherless babies already running around from native born U.S. idiots.

    Serve honorable in the U.S. armed forces? (I am stunned they could even get in without proving citizenship)–fine, that should earn them big brownie points before the review board.

    Been here 20 years and still cannot speak English? Gone.