Markey Leads Lynch By 7% in MA, Both Lead Winslow Big

The good news, the asteroid has safely passed by earth. There is a new poll out for the US Senate race in Massachusetts from MassINC and WBUR and it shows Ed Markey with a much smaller lead over Stephen Lynch in the Democratic primary than I would have expected.

Ed Markey 38%
Stephen Lynch 31%

Meanwhile, either candidate would start with a huge lead over the Republican candidate.

Ed Markey (D) 43%
Dan Winslow (R) 24%

Stephen Lynch (D) 44%
Dan Winslow (R) 20%

This poll was done February 11-13 among 498 registered voters. This race is not going to be nearly as exciting as it might have been if Scott Brown had jumped into the race.

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  1. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


  2. michael corleone says:

    Hey Karl Rove you fat loser.

    Why don’t you start using your power and money to start installing GOPers in high levels at networks like the Dems do:

    Rove fiddles while ROme burns.

  3. Walt's Book says:

    192.Walt didn’t mention some other chapters:

    “Easy girls and hard time”
    “You want me to do what?”
    “Life was cleaner before they invented dirt.”

  4. Who the eff is Dan Winslow? What happened to Mexican who was supposed to be running? Sean Bielat needs to get polled too.

  5. Dan Winslow says:

    I’m important enough to be in a poll. Who are you?

  6. MD says:

    So when do we shut off the hall of shame vote? Right now MC and AZ Guy (watch and learn). Are way out in front.

  7. Bitterlaw says:

    We have to give the West Coast a chance to vote. I say 9:00 pm (EST). I think the real battle will be between Ohio Joe and MC. Azguy can’t be caught at this point.

  8. BooNoo says:

    There’s an election? The HHR Hall of Shame is Ron Paul country!

  9. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I thought about a chapter titled:

    “Best Lays”
    “What, this chapter is about lobbyists and not flavors of potato chips?”

  10. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I am anxious to see what Michael’s reaction is to the U.S. testing that neat ‘asteroid’ bomb over his mother Russia.

  11. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    “Easy girls and hard times”

    In the town where I grew up it was more like “hard girls and easy times”

  12. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    I am anxious to see what Michael’s reaction is to the U.S. testing that neat ‘asteroid’ bomb over his mother Russia.

    -He was thrilled that the comet didn’t take out any air bases!

  13. DW says:

    So Obama says his “problem is that he is not the emperor of the United States.”

    Just one word missing from his comments: YET


    Harper Polling

    GA-Senate GOP

    Price 17%
    Broun 19%
    Gingrey 18%
    Tolleson 2%
    Kingston 13%
    Loeffler <1%

    Broun leads by 1% in a bottled up primary

  15. Feb 15 Politics1com: NEW JERSEY: Cong Rush Holt (D) says he is considering run for US Sen Lautenberg’s open seat.

    Feb 15 Politics1com: MASSACHUSETTS: Ex-US Sen Scott Brown (R) takes job with FOX News, likely signaling he will not be candidate for any office in 2014.

    Did Brown just give up a governor or senate seat bid for FOXNEWS?????? Come on!!!!

  16. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Polling of the American Public

    38% right direction
    55% wrong track
    YoMama rating:

    54% approve
    45% Disapprove

    So 16 of every 63 people who say we are on the wrong track or have no opinion also say YoMama is leading us just fine and give YoMama a thumbs up.

    Who the h3ll do they think is leading us in the wrong direction then?

    On, yeah, that’s right…I forgot it’s
    American public…HERE’S YOUR SIGN!!!

  17. jason says:

    MC and AZ are good for me.

  18. jason says:

    MC is for Rubio?

    It worries me when deadenders endorse my candidate.

    Makes me want to check their record to see what I missed.


  19. michael corleone says:

    My ideal ticket – Rubio-Walker

  20. michael corleone says:

    Although I wouldn’t mind going in all on the latino vote with Rubio-Martinez

  21. @21 no that’s too obvious.

    Rubio-Ayotte or Christie-Martinez

  22. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – I am also worried about it. If Ohio Joe likes Rubio, then I am done with him.

  23. @23 oh dear,

    He did vote against the Violence against Women act….. When most republicans voted for it

  24. michael corleone says:

    No Christie. He took up sides against the family.

  25. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    mc & MD against Christie

    Did anyone see that coming?

  26. michael corleone says:

    Why do we need a Violence Against Women Act, when the pentagon tells me they are equal to men.

  27. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    He took up sides against the family.

    -Not really. It was more the case that nobody else could fit in the room.

  28. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    michael corleone says:
    February 15, 2013 at 4:40 pm
    Why do we need a Violence Against Women Act, when the pentagon tells me they are equal to men.

    -Little Mikey is chewing his fingernails off at home, because Rubio voted against that sham of a law. Typical moderate squish.

  29. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    Little Mikey is the 17 year old, not the lawyer who doesn’t have sex with the judge’s secretary

  30. @29 shut up, at least I am thinking logically of ways for the next presidential candidate to chip away at the woman vote in 2016

  31. NYCmike (Bronxie) says:

    Little Mikey logic:

    I believe Obamacare is actually called the Affordable Care Act. Women are for affordable health care. Republicans voted against Obamacare.

    Oh, woe is me!!! We need Susan Collins to run for every office. We must clone her!

  32. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    My Vacuuming and dusting are all done!

    (How about you Author?)

  33. Rudy says:

    “He took up sides against the family.”

    That was me, me, me…

  34. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    I am sorry if my attempted humor about the asteroid offended you.

    I will have my press secretary issue a letter of apology tomorrow. She has alredy left the office today.

  35. michael corleone says:

    If you want to chip away at the female vote, we need to get more females married. There is no gender gap, but there is a marriage gap.

  36. Bitterlaw says:

    I am thinking logically of ways for the next presidential candidate to chip away at the woman vote in 2016

    OR you could think about getting under some girl’s shirt (strictly consensual and age-appropriate, of course.)

  37. Hon. Senator Author says:

    33. She wants the blinds done one by one. It’s going to be a long evening.

  38. @36 great now MC wants to force marriage

  39. Bitterlaw says:

    The first candidate who says that he or she will keep Thule AFB open and expand it gets my vote.

  40. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Supporters of porn argue that it is a good outlet that prevents sexual assault.

    Will supporters of video violence argue that it is an outlet that prevents actual violence?


  41. michael corleone says:

    My dad: I hope you don’t mind the way I keep going over this Barzini business.

    Me: No, not at all.

    My dad: It’s an old habit. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.

  42. John Jerkoff says:

    “Supporters of porn argue that it is a good outlet that prevents sexual assault.:

    Here, here.

  43. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Wife called and is not feeling well.

    Plans we made for going out for dinner this evening and then to a play are scratched.

    I hope she does not expect me to cook again. I am exhausdted from all the housework today, and I was so looking forward to going out.

  44. Sioux C. Q. says:

    43 was not me!

  45. jason says:

    The Italian Mafia has gone soft. In the Amish Mafia if you ignore your duties to screw around on the Internet you have to shovel out the barn with a wooden spoon.

  46. Dominoes says:

    44. We are not delivering anything 40 miles out in the boondocks. Last time our delivery boy could not find “About 4 miles yonder from the dead oak tree”.

  47. Waingro says:

    #4, former District Court judge and current state rep. He’s from the same town and is great friends with Scott Brown.

    His chances aren’t good, but he would be great in any televised debate. He’s very fiery and intelligent.

    That being said, if former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan gets in, I think he’ll win the GOP nomination.

    I like and have supported Sean Bielet, but it’s time for him to move on from politics. The 2 time (BIG) loser stamp will not help him.

  48. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    48 – how about zero for his chances? Less than zero.

  49. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    lisab is gone because she is pissed that I was right about Brown losing and she was wrong. MNW feels shame because he went to the wall on the Indian thing being the end of Warren.

    MFG has found another home where he can make horrible predictions and can do so without the horrific track record here following him – yet.

    Chek is making love to Satan.

    Rdel is an an alternate universe where the R’s have 88 Senators, 400 House Members and Romney as POTUS.

    AZ Guy is presumably somewhere watching someone learning something.

    Dinglewood just got her new helmet and the counselor’s don’t have to watch her day and night.

    Jul is busy supporting hard core “Constitutional” Conservatives like Donald Trump and Kathleen Kane.

  50. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    In fairness to Rdel, it was his tax situation that caused him to make those predictions.

  51. Satan says:

    WTF- i wouldn’t **** Chekote with your ####!

  52. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul’s Constitutional Conservative hero Kane is fighting hard to take gun licensrs and protect state union jobs with the lottery.

  53. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Memory of chimps ‘far better than human’…

    [Months after the fact, they could remember all the details concerning the ‘accident’ and which deer they convinced to do suicidal attack on WV delegate…]

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m concerned about lisab. I know she hd health issues. Did she say she had MS?

  55. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    54 – well, that explains Ohio Joe, kind of….

  56. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Well Bitter, we don’t have any info on her so no way to know.

  57. Bitterlaw says:

    Thank God we jave Walt to monitor he primate conspiracy. I especially worry about lemurs. There is no way they ate that cute without a dark side.

  58. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe she went to Iwo Jima to research whether it really needed to be taken.

  59. Jul’s constituional conservative AG Kane, will soon be fighting to keep the labor unions happy with a fight against privatizing liquor stores

  60. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Yea, good old Jul has principals baby!

  61. George Soros says:

    One million 600 and 42 thousand
    One million 600 and 43 thousand
    One million 600 and 44 thousand…


    The SEC accuses “unknown traders” of having advance word of the deal and buying options a day ahead of the news to make “risky bets” that Heinz’s stock price would rise. Both the size and the timing of the trades raised suspicions at the SEC.

    According to the government, the traders made more than $1.7 million when Heinz’s stock soared almost 20 percent after the merger was announced publicly.”
    Why is everyone looking at ME?

  62. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul’s conservative Kane auditioned to be the spokesperson for NARAL in her primary debate.

  63. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul hates the establishment but wants to be elected to a government post. Send abmessage!

  64. Bitterlaw says:

    Why does my cat sit on my suit jacket when he sees it? Walt?

  65. Tim V says:

    The celebration of Lent has no basis in Scripture

  66. This came from election projection

    Ideas I’m tossing around for Election Projection
    Six weeks, two posts – yes, I know that’s pretty slack of The Blogging Caesar. In case you’re wondering, I do intend on blogging more often very soon. In the meantime, I wanted to let you in on some possible new features for Election Projection.
    Forum – A way for readers of EP to voice their opinions and observations.
    Categorized Content – Separate “blogs” for such things as “Election News and Projections,” “Conservative Commentary,” “Expressions of Faith,” etc.
    Broader Poll Coverage – More polls and more information on them, a la RealClearPolitics.
    Interactive Projection Contests – A chance for you to match expertise against The Blogging Caesar and other readers.
    Also, I will begin coverage of several odd-year election races soon as well. I appreciate your patience as these things develop and hope you’ll stick around during this less-than-franctic period in the never-ending American election cycle.

  67. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V – Christmas trees aren’t in there, either. Don’t be a downer. How are you feeling?

  68. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    None of the Catholic rituals are in there except for a couple.

  69. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Election Integrity Project

    Do you think your vote counted in the November election?
    The Sacramento County Elections office reported Thursday that a member of its warehouse crew found 407 uncounted ballots cast in the Nov. 6 election sitting unopened in a sealed bag on a shelf.

    Jill LaVine, registrar of voters for Sacramento County, said that 92 precincts were associated with the newly discovered ballots. The ballots were found Feb. 7 as workers were going through red supply bags in preparation for the next election.

    Read more here:

  70. @UberFacts: A woman named Norma Stitz holds the record for largest natural breasts. Her bra size is 102ZZZ and each boob weighs about 56 pounds.

  71. Bitterlaw says:

    69 i’m fine with that. Believe what you want. I wish Tim V nothing but the brst in how he chooses to believe.

  72. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    “The 407 uncounted ballots are to remain sealed and will be stored for 22 months, as required by law, before they are shredded, LaVine said.”

    Read more here:

  73. Tim V says:

    maybe my posp will bring lisa back

  74. Tim V says:

    christmas trees are pagan, bitter

  75. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Bitter – I mention it in passing. I really don’t give a chit either way.

  76. W. PA Observer says:

    I still think Brown could do the contributor thing for a year or so and then run for Governor of Massachusetts in a year or so – he’s got time and the fundraising network.

  77. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Going to be very tough for Brown to win statewide again. He needed the perfect storm to win before.

  78. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I do recall warmly the meltdown that Olby had the day after Brown’s victory. That was priceless.

  79. W. PA Observer says:

    78- Mass has a recent history of electing GOP governors, and with Brown’s favor-ability ratings, I think he could do quite well in that type of race, a Federal race requires a perfect storm, but state-wide, not as much.

  80. Bitterlaw says:

    It must be really fun at Tim V.’s on Christmas when they open their presents around the empty space on the floor.

  81. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    80 – yea, I heard for a year and a half how my instincts were all wrong on Brown and that he would win and it wouldn’t be a nail biter. I’ll stick with my instincts. Brown’s days of winning a statewide race in Mass are done. Someday, it could be a more favorable place but I think that is a ways away.

  82. Dominoes says:

    You guys are missing the Celebrity NBA Game?

  83. jason says:

    I am watching!

  84. jason says:

    ” He needed the perfect storm to win before.”

    Maybe Coakley will strike twice.

  85. jason says:

    Celebrity All Stars….

    Usain Bolt can dunk, that was the highlight of the first half.

  86. jason says:

    Brown should move to NH and run there.

  87. Bitterlaw says:

    Scott Brown is a good man. I hope he does what HE wants to do. He owes us nothing.

  88. jason says:

    Vilsack not running in IA.

  89. W. PA Observer says:

    82- A valid point, no race in Mass is easy for a Republican and it requires the GOP field a clearly superior candidate. But three out of the last four Gov’s of Mass were Republicans, while Brown’s Senate win was the first since the 1960s I believe. I think there’s a greater willingness for a lot of voters to vote “personality” over party ID in a state race rather than a Federal one. Hence William Weld getting 75% of the vote for governor (his reelection) in 1994 and then losing 52-46 for Senate against John Kerry two years later. The bi-partisan self-made man from Wrenthem image helps more for governor- Patrick only got 49% in his own reelection. It just seems a lot more doable based on recent history and Brown’s strength as a candidate- sort of how WVA and Kentucky tend to prefer gold-ole’ boy Democrats for governor and vote GOP at the Federal level (unless Joe Manchin is involved).

  90. jason says:

    ” christmas trees are pagan, bitter”

    Funny, I see them as a religious symbol.

    I am not religious, but I always have one.

  91. jason says:

    Weld got almost 71%, still astounding. He beat Mark Roosevelt (right, who?) who was actually a relative of Weld’s wife, Susan Roosevelt Weld.

  92. Bitterlaw says:

    No Bobcats on the All Star team? Outrage!

  93. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    WV has had only two GOP governors since the 1950s. The only reason they won was due to the fact that the Dems had bruising and ugly primaries that split the D vote enough in the GE for the GOP to win.

    National GOP candidate at the top of the ticket also helped–Eisenhower and Reagan for one of Cecil Underwood’s wins and one of Arch Moore’s.

  94. W. PA Observer says:

    93- When Weld was called out on his inherited wealth (his family goes back to the Puritans) he said, “Well when my family came to Massachusetts, they landed with nothing but the clothes on their backs…and two thousand pounds of gold!” – He knew how to pull off the aristocrat thing..also having Dukakis hand off a catastrophe of a state budget/economy helped him as well.

  95. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    65.Why does my cat sit on my suit jacket when he sees it? Walt?

    1. because you have not trained your cat right


    2. it is a frigging cat and everyone knows cats cannot be trained.


    3. MD taught your cat to do that when he ws over visiting at your house when you were not there. (if you know what I mean…)

  96. Waingro says:

    #49, hey, it’s at least 1 in a million:

  97. Waingro says:

    Brown could easily win the governor’s race in ’14.

    -It’s a mid-term. Many Brain Dead Pull the Lever for all Dems in POTUS year voters will be gone.

    -The Dems will not have a great candidate. (Murray isn’t running. Coakley isn’t running. Ortiz is done after the Swartz fiasco.) Steve Grossman is about it.

    -And Brown is still extremely popular.

  98. Waingro says:

    That being said–I actually don;t think he runs

  99. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    My town (pop. 17250) has 45 police officers. That is one office for every 380 city residents.

    9 of these officers are funded through a city police levy that adds @ $120 a year onto my property tax.

    Would you vote FOR or AGAINST the renewal of the police levy?

  100. W. PA Observer says:

    101- What is your property tax per annum, if I may ask?

  101. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    about $1200/yr. for our house and lot.

  102. RED ALERT!!!!

    Sabato’s Crystal Ball has getting the ball rolling on 2014 senate ratings!

    Already it could be at the very least

  103. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Former West Virginia University football star and NFL veteran Walter Easley is dead. He was 55.

    Found dead tody in his Charleston, VS apartment.

    Easley was undrafted in the 1981 NFL Draft but made the San Francisco 49ers and played on the Super Bowl winning team in 1981. He had a second season with San Francisco before finishing his pro career with the Chicago Blitz and Pittsburgh Maulers of the USFL.

  104. W. PA Observer says:

    103- So ten percent of your total prop tax goes to about 15 percent of the area police force – meh, might be worth keeping if you’re having problems with meth-heads in the area. Also, God Bless West Virginia/ Western PA and our low property tax rates.

  105. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – i would vote to pay for he cops. I’m sure your town can blow $120 on something you don’t even know about.

  106. Bitter, MKG and Kemba Walker are both there right now

  107. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    City just spent about a million dollars to tear up the asphalt at the square and put in bricks.

    City officials said not to worry about the cost because 80% or 90% was federal money.

    They just doubled my fire fee and garbage fee.

    City put $750K of their “cash reserves” 4 years ago in the pot to help buy a $4M property in the city to prevent it from being developed and instead place it in farmland preservation. The property was sold a few months ago for $1.2 and City will lose @ $500K on this deal.

    Still think I should vote for the police levy?

  108. W. PA Observer says:

    Alright then- so unrelated to elections Seriously- general HHR survey – who is your favorite politician, presently in office, in this country?

  109. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael – I only care about starters in the All Star Game. There are no Bobcats on that roster.

  110. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    Oh wait…you said currently in office.

    Would have to be some R.

    I can give you a long list of Rs who are NOT on my list. But I have not hitched my star to anyone’s wagon.

    Or is it the other way around?

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    110 Chris Christie. Sorry, bio mom.

  112. W. PA Observer says:

    to 110-

    I say, Pat Toomey – the Junior Senator of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    Good guy, smart guy, principled guy, self-made and a really nice guy in person.

  113. JulStol says:

    Mike Lee

  114. Tim says:

    I’ve been drinking, tonight. So, I don’t think I’m allowed to vote.

  115. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    IL Lt. Gov. will NOT seek reelection

    Democrat Sheila Simon found out what so many before her have experienced: There’s just not much for Illinois’ lieutenant governor to do. So on Wednesday she announced she won’t seek re-election and will run for another office that will allow her to have a “greater impact.”

    The move leaves Gov. Pat Quinn without a running mate for the 2014 election and could lead to a game of political musical chairs as would-be candidates for statewide office wait to see which positions open up depending on who else decides to run for governor.

    Simon, daughter of the late U.S. Sen. Paul Simon, would not say which office she is eyeing, but she has had ambitions to serve as the state’s attorney general should incumbent Lisa Madigan decide to challenge Quinn

  116. Jool says:

    Kathleen Kane – she is the most constitionally conservative pro-union, pro- choice, anti-fracking, anti-gun politician in America!

  117. Waingro says:

    #110, Scott Walker.

  118. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Johnson in Wisconsin.

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    I also like Ayotte. Hall of Shame inductee MC to flip out in 3…2…1…

  120. Bitterlaw says:

    I assume MC won. Did he beat Ohio Joe?

  121. W. PA Observer says:

    116- Feel free, the loyal opposition has a right to its opinion.

  122. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    MC and AZ Guy will be inducted into the HHR Hall of Shame! The Glory! The Grandeur!

    Can’t wait for MC’s induction speech. We have to ask him to give it on his next trip here. A classic to be certain.

  123. Stef says:

    Jesse Jackson Jr. indictment: used campaign money to buy (among other things) celebrity memorabilia including Van Halen guitar, Michael Jackson Fedora.

  124. Bitterlaw says:

    I hope MC thanks me in his speech. I think his arrogant dismissal of me as a lawyer pushed him across the finish lane. I’m sure it locked up MD’s vote.

  125. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Van Halen’s only black fan identified.

  126. Bitterlaw says:

    That would explain his odd resignation statement, ” i might as well jump. Jump.”

  127. Bitterlaw says:

    I feel sorry for those of you who were not young in the 1980s. It was an awesome decade.

  128. JulStol says:

    Wonder if Bunu is at the SFL conference in DC trying to pick up dates.

    A friend of mine who’s there “I do not understand how so many people can be so cute, politically awake, and socially inept. That’s like everyone here…I want to be everyone’s BFF and then I talk to then for 5 minutes and decide I’m creeped out by them.”

    Yep, that’s why I declined the invite.

  129. Bitterlaw says:

    Don’t even say it, Tim. The 60s sucked and there was too much polyester in the 70s.

  130. 110
    Rep. Kathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA)

  131. Bitterlaw says:

    SFL? What isvthat?

  132. JulStol says:

    Students for Liberty.
    Subgroup of Ronulanism.

    Ayn Rand had it right. Libertarians are a bunch of pot smoking idiots.

  133. Bitterlaw says:

    Students for Librrty? It’s the weekend. Students should be for beer and hooking up. Wake up. You will be 45 and married before you know it and you can’t go back.

  134. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    VA Congressman Randy Forbes, maybe.

  135. Tim V says:

    bitter, we use christmas trees

  136. JulStol says:


    I’m sick in bed with a bad case of Bronchitis.
    2 days at my new job and 3 days of job training at my other new job.

    Exploring the possibility of a relationship with a somewhat older (30) but not remotely unattractive lady. We’ll see how things go.

  137. JulStol says:

    Oh, and I’m (seriously) working with a friend on a children’s book for Conservative parents (a response to the “Progressive” “A is for Activism”)

  138. Bitterlaw says:

    There’s nothing wrong with 30.

  139. W. PA Observer says:

    139- Jul- she can’t be that much older.

  140. Tim V says:

    i guess i’m a hypocrite

  141. Bitterlaw says:

    35 is pretty good. Hell. My nice neighbor looks good at 52.

  142. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    140 – Is Kathleen Kane going to Co-Author with you?

  143. JulStol says:

    W. Pa Obv,

    I’m 25. She has no issue with it so there’s no reason that I should either.

  144. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V – You are not a hypocrite. You are human. Blame God for that.

  145. JulStol says:


    Stop acting like I single handedly got KK elected. She won by the biggest margin of any statewide candidate in 2012.

    Clearly I wasn’t the only one.

  146. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Does anyone know Toni Preckwinkle?

    Last October, Cook County, Ill., Board President Toni Preckwinkle asked the county council to tax ammunition — a nickel a bullet. The idea wasn’t exactly laughed out of legislative corridors — it was projected to raise $400,000 a year after all — but Preckwinkle ultimately withdrew her bullet tax. She also pushed for a $25-per-gun tax on firearms sales. In February, that tax became law, with projections that it would raise $600,000 this year alone.

    Preckwinkle’s motivation for both the gun and the ammunition taxes was to provide more money to help the county address the costly fallout from such crime. It costs the county’s health system $52,000 per patient to care for victims of gun violence — and last year there were 670 victims needing county care.

  147. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Stop calling yourself a conservative. You are not one.

  148. Tim V says:

    bitter, i went from 285 in jan to 200 today (5 10). 30 lbs was from dieting the rest from cancer treatment (mostly chemo). i still deal with fatigue plus a few other side effects. my appetite is starting to come back and i feel moderately better.sleep way too much and watch way too much tv.

  149. Bitterlaw says:

    Kathleen Kane’s book for true conservatives:

    A is for abortion without restrictions.

    B is for booze in state-run stores

    C is concealed carry permits that I will restrict

    D is for …

  150. JulStol says:

    One of us is a registered Republican, an elected official, and a member of his county Republican party. One of us is not.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  151. Bitterlaw says:

    Keep fighting, Tim V. You are one of the good guys here. You have a great family, too.

  152. JulStol says:

    For someone that likes to challenge my math skills, someone somehow thinks a 10 point margin of victory statewide is somehow attributable to my vote.

    The heads of several major “deadender” groups statewide voted for her too.

    She’s giving Corbett fits, and that was sort of the poing.

    Btw, closing the Florida loophole makes no nevermind to me.

    I’ve passed both the Pennsylvania and Federal firearms background checks and have licenses from both.

  153. JulStol says:


  154. Bitterlaw says:

    One of us admitted he uses the GOP label to win, votes for Democrats, incites intraparty primary chaos and claims to have core values. One the other hand, he’s banging a semi-cougar.

  155. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Being Conservative and being a Republican are not the same thing as you prove over and over again. Nice job supporting Kane. As an elected R official who claims to be conservative, you should be ashamed of yourself. When you run in a primary, I will make certain your opponent gets this information.

  156. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe that’s why deadenders have so much free time – they are liars and have no values. You voted for a lib because your felon got busted and it hurt. On the other hand, there i the semi-cougar.

  157. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Jul’s idea of being a conservative:

    “My GF should be allowed to commit fraud if someone else is allowed to get away with it”.

  158. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – what happens at HHR should stay at HHR. The Lehigh Valley deserves Jul and his tax-raising, pro-state union views. I’m sure he opposes privatizing the lottery and state stores. Kane does.

  159. Bitterlaw says:

    Kane won by big margins so it was ok to vote for her? If i made that up nobody would believe me.

  160. JulStol says:

    “I will make certain your opponent gets this information.”

    That’s fine. My response “After Kathleen Kane’s endorsement of the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008, I had every reason to believe she would be a principled, independent, Attorney General who would hold the good ole boy Corbett administration accountable. Unfortunatly, like millions of my fellow citizens accross the commonwealth, I was lied to. Ms. Kane has proven herself to be a Progressive ideologue in the same vein as Barack Obama and I look forward to joining my party in an effort to see her held accountable to the people of our great state in the 2016 election.”

  161. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul probably rants about voter ID but its ok to “kitchen table” petitions as long as the GOP does it.

  162. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    163 – Good luck with that.

  163. Bitterlaw says:

    Nice ty, Jul. kane rane s. lib. Her campaign issues were clear. She nailed all the lib talking points in her debates. You have burned and backstabbed too many people to play virgin reformer.

  164. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    163 – shows that you are easily duped and controlled. Yea, that’s what we need in a leader!!

  165. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – i posted her debate with Murphy earlier. She sounded like the head of NARAl, Planned Parenthood and Matt Damon on fracking. If she was “indpendent,” a real lib would be terrifying.

  166. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Tim V.,

    Hope every day for you keeps getting better than the day before.

  167. Bitterlaw says:

    Why can’t Jul just say,”i voted for Kane because Corbett prosecuted my fiance?” Stop the “principled conservative” crap.

  168. JulStol says:

    The Unions and every Progressive special interest group wanted Murphy in the primary.

  169. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Jul is full of crap and is a danger to the conservative movement.

  170. JulStol says:


    By that logic, I’d have voted straight D for every row office.

    I didn’t. I voted for Maher and Irey-Vaughn (and Smith and Romney)

  171. Bitterlaw says:

    And you wanted Kane in he General. The unions and libs wanted her right along with you then.

  172. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Seems there are lots of campaigns to ban things that offend some group of people of another.

    Why is it that there is no grounds well to ban any of the things that offend me?

  173. JulStol says:


    I commit the cardinal sin of politics. I never say anything that I don’t believe and as an elected official, I never cast a vote for political expediency.

    I’m known as a fighter and have plenty who hate me but enough who love me.

    Phuk electability. When you’re given an office, use it to do what you believe is right. If you lose re election, you can still sleep at night.

  174. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – you voted for more Dems in one day than I have in a lifetime. Stop with he idiotic ” i would rather have honest Dems in office than RINOs” foolishness. That does not advance what you claim to believe. It harms it.

  175. JulStol says:

    Voting for Republicans who vote like Democrats when the rubber meets the road does nothing to advance the Conservative agenda either.

    Conservatives need to show the GOP that “electability” doesn’t matter if you don’t govern as limited Government Conservatives. If that causes the death of the party, so be it.

  176. Bitterlaw says:

    Voting against somebody for enforcing election laws is doing what’s right.!

  177. JulStol says:

    “you voted for more Dems in one day than I have in a lifetime.”

    Fine. Continue being a good lever pulling robot. Forget principles. Let the GOP say one thing and do another when they get elected.

  178. JulStol says:

    Yeah, Corbett did a real bang up job of enforcing election laws with the Orie clan. Oh, wait…

  179. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    If you say it fast enough and slur it it sorta sound like “see the castration.”

    Perhaps they should have added a clause that includes not just sequestration, but castration of every male member of Congress and the YoMama administration.

    Have not figured out yet what to do with the females in those groups.

  180. Bitterlaw says:

    Let’s explore Jul’s thesis. There are not enough conservatives to elect conservatives so the best way to advance conservatism is to let Democrats win. Ok.

  181. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    Jul is here on a defensive rant of the indefensible.

    I would rather have lisab.

  182. JulStol says:

    If Democrats win because Conservatives refuse to back moderate GOP nominees the party will either shape up or go the way of the whigs.

    I’m comfortable with that.

  183. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – your fiance got off esy. She should have served time. As for pulling the big R lever, i’m glad I did it because there has never been a Democrat more conservative than the Republican in a single election I ever voted in. Not one.

  184. W. PA Observer says:

    185- *facepalm*

  185. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Jul is comfortable with supporting liberals.

    The 21st Century Conservative.

  186. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Why do people on Facebook feel compelled to post all these pictures of cats and dogs?

  187. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    187 – what?

  188. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Walt – the best is when a female types, “home alone tonight and so sleepy”. I mean, is that an invitation for every bad guy in the world or what?

  189. Bitterlaw says:

    Again, there re not enough conservatives to fix the GOP but there will suddenly be enough conservatives to win General Elections? Seriously? Since Jul just admitted he is fine with total victory by Democrats, i guess that proves he is th true conservative.

  190. JulStol says:

    “there has never been a Democrat more conservative than the Republican in a single election I ever voted in.”

    Maybe in your area that’s true. Locally, I’ve voted for a few Conservative Dems (1 for mayor and 1 for council) who were both to the right of their opponents.

    One is now an active Republican.

  191. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Russian nuclear bombers circle Guam…


    It looks like the Rooshins are about to retaliate for the U.S. “asteroid” attack on them earlier today.

  192. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I think I might be ADHD.

  193. Bitterlaw says:

    I.wonder if Jul knows he just got bitch-slapped by Walt.

  194. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    NARAL loves Kane and Jul loves Kane.


  195. Bitterlaw says:

    My peeve about facebook? People who have to post that they are drinking tonight. After you are 21 is it really news?

  196. JulStol says:

    Alright, one final word, then I’m done arguing with GOP Establishment central.

    You guys can keep voting for candidates who “believe in federal financial aide” and who say “medicare is very important to me”. I’ll keep opposing them and hoping that my party shapes up. If it doesn’t, it deserves to die and be replaced.

  197. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    How about those on FB who share pics of them while away on vacation and saying “we will be here at the resort for another week.”

    Might as well put a “Burgle Me Now” sign on the front door of their house.

  198. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    201 – I know Walt. People are amazingly stupid. Makes me want to take a career in crime. Easy money. However, I am conservative so I can’t do it. It can be Jul’s next career when this one flames out.

  199. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    People on FB post stuff thast is WAY too personal.

    “here is my plate of food I fixed tonight”, etc.

    How long will it be before we see smart phone shots of the toilet to show what a good BM they had tonight?

  200. Bitterlaw says:

    Replaced with what, Jul? A smaller party that wins no elections? You truly are a deadender. As for “the establishment,” you sre the one at all the meetings and try to suck off the taxpayers by getting a goverment job as a constable, District Justice or state rep. I’m just a voter working in he private sector.

  201. W. PA Observer says:

    200- Again, I repeat.

    If you’d like to have a rump of 10-15% of the population, go ahead. But I prefer being able to fight winnable battles and move the window of policy options gradually right-ward over time. Washington didn’t attack New York in 1776 with 2500 men, he attacked Trenton- and Princeton choose your battles and build a victory.

  202. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Jul has no idea what he is. Most dead enders vote for people who are at least R’s. He doesn’t even do that half the time. The dead enders wouldn’t even want him.

  203. JulStol says:

    Step too far phucknut! I was eligible to collect unemployment after I resigned my last job (where I made our annual luncheon a profitable venture for the only 2 years in the 27 year history of the organization) but instead I worked Retail and any other damn job I could find instead of sitting on my @$$ at home like an inner city welfare queen Obamaphone voter and waiting for a check to come in the mail.

  204. Bitterlaw says:

    I have one friend who posted that he hadn’t worked out on 3 days and felt fat. She makes Karen Carpenter look like Jabba the Hutt. Of course, sh just wanted the ” you look great” posts.

  205. JulStol says:

    “try to suck off the taxpayers by getting a goverment job as a constable, District Justice or state rep.”

    School Board director. $0 salary

    Constables in my area generally don’t make a living off it outside of the big cities. I got the sitting constable elected to block one of my political opponents. If he runs again, I will not (and I likely won’t anyway).

    State Rep? If I run and win, I won’t take a pension, health care, or a pay increase. Ever.

    DJ is just something I’m toying with. Not likely to run.

  206. Bitterlaw says:

    You are the one wants to be a lazy government worker, Jul. not me. Am i supposed to bow because for a living? Good. You should.

  207. JulStol says:

    Not you, bitter. MD for implying that I was 1.) a failure and 2.) Only suited to a life of crime.

    He has serious mental issues. No wonder he drank. Self medication.

  208. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Jul’s lack of principals? Priceless.

  209. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    See Bitter? I still got it!

  210. W. PA Observer says:

    My favorite quote to use on that type of purity above all-so I feel good- deadender thinking (in terms of Jul) is George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones’ series…

    “He lost the battle, he lost the war, he lost the kingdom, and he lost his life. His blood swirled downriver with the rubies from his breastplate, and Robert the Usurper rode over his corpse to steal the Iron Throne. Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.”

  211. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    1. Where did I say you were a failure

    2. OK, you got me there. I actually do think that.

  212. JulStol says:

    Principles* MD. Christ, one of us graduated from College, one of us can spell.

    You’re only good an manipulating and bullying people out of money. Perhaps yoy should have considered a career in politics…or the mafia.

  213. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – i am serious when i say our fights should stay here. I think people have a right to be free to speak here. However, i swear as an officer of the Court (a position every lawyer holds) that there is no way I will not try to stop you if you attempt to become a District Justice. Good luck in any other campaign for any other office. Become Governor if you can. Do not corrupt the system I serve.

  214. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Well, at least I can spell “you”.

  215. Bitterlaw says:

    MD can’t be made in the mafia. He’s only half-italian. Doesn’t anybody watch Goodfellas?

  216. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Jul said he was leaving 5 posts ago. No follow through. Typical.

  217. JulStol says:

    W. PA Obv,

    My favourite (similar) quote
    From “the Highwayman”
    Back, he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky
    With the white road smoking behind him and his rapier brandished high!
    Blood-red were the spurs in the golden noon; wine-red was his velvet coat,
    When they shot him down on the highway,
    Down like a dog on the highway,
    And he lay in his blood on the highway, with the bunch of lace at his throat.

  218. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I can be an associate though like Deniro was.

  219. Bitterlaw says:

    I give Jul credit for working hatd and getting past a tough home life. I also think he i a doofus but they ate not mutually exclusive.

  220. JulStol says:

    I hold no oath to a worthless piece of $hit like you, MD who will accuse someone of being a criminal with no grounds or reason.

    Too bad dueling has gone out of fashion or I’d happily meet you on a hill, at dawn, with a pair of pistols of your choosing.

    Then again, I doubt your faithless soul would be worth the powder.

  221. Bitterlaw says:

    Run home and get your shinebox, Mzd.

  222. Bitterlaw says:

    I hate typing on an IPad.

  223. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – you do realize that MD is crazy, right? Not mentally ill crazy but kick your ass crazy. Just sayin’

  224. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t think Jul would be. Criminal. That’s what his chicks are for. Zing!

  225. JulStol says:


    He comes to my house, I’m well armed, he actually accepts a challenge to a duel, I fire my shot in the air, he shoots me dead, I die the better man.

    I have absolutely no fear of death. No wish for it, but no fear of it.

  226. Bayernfan says:

    Will Dr. Ben Carson run for President? Could he be another Wendell Willkie?

  227. JulStol says:

    “That’s what his chicks are for. Zing!”

    The lady I mentioned earlier actually is someone. As in, if I mentioned her name here, at least 2-3 of our regulars would have heard of her so, easy there.

    I’ve given up seeing anyone else til I/we figure this out. Yeah, I’m a little smitten.

  228. JulStol says:

    Heh, Ben Carson runs and I drop my support for Rand Paul real fast.

  229. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – why don’t you meat at the Allentown rest stop and give each other wedgies. There will not be ny duels while I am governor. As for fearing death, I don’t either but I’m not encouraging MD to shoot me, eithr.

  230. Bitterlaw says:

    You’re dating Kathleen Kane?

  231. Bitterlaw says:

    Stupid auto-correct.

  232. W. PA Observer says:

    229- A man comfortable with pistols, has no need to brag about using pistols.

  233. JulStol says:


    For being the uh…outspoken/opionated SOB that I am, I’ve never, ever gotten in a physical confrontation. I’m sure there’s more than a few people who would have liked to kick my a$$ over the years but no one ever has.

    Just as well. If I ever had to defend myself, I would not use less-than-lethal force. If they are stronger than I am good for them. If not, well, that would be for a jury of 12 to decide.

    As you’ve pointed out, I’m a big dude. 6’1 and 230. I’m not violent by nature. I don’t believe in fighting unless it’s a matter of life and death (or a woman’s honour).

  234. JulStol says:

    “You’re dating Kathleen Kane”

    No, but I’d absolutely hit that. I’m sorry, she’s hot for an older woman.

    Anyway, it’s no one you’ve heard of, Bitter.

  235. david says:

    Too bad Weld or Brown arent’ running…another wasted opportunity. Just a few weeks ago, i thought we had a chance to “pickup” two seats in 2013. Brown or Weld in MA and perhaps, a resignation in NJ. I guess not

  236. Bitterlaw says:

    Jul – i hate to disappoint you but people don’t duel anymore. You are being a bit dramatic. I never had to fight anybody but that was die to being an awesome person.

  237. JulStol says:

    Anyone going to bring up Weld running for Governor of New York as a Libertarian candidate back in 2006? No? I’m the only one who remembers that?

    Mmmmk then.

  238. JulStol says:


    The little man with the Napoleon Complex (I hate to use this reference as General Bonaparte is one of my idols but it makes my point) called me only suited for a life of crime with no base or grounds and then insulted me further by repeating the offending comment.

    Sad that the days of dueling for honour are gone. As I said before though, not worth the powder.

  239. W. PA Observer says:

    242- You’ve got to be kidding me…

  240. JulStol says:

    It’s probably at this point where I should mention that I’ve never had a drop of alcohol in my life nor ever taken any mind altering substances.

    I really am this much of a freak…and I fly that flag proudly.

  241. Bitterlaw says:

    Honor? Are we knights? Time for bed.

  242. Bitterlaw says:

    I reviewed the local stations. I did not see any reports of dueling on the Main Line or in the Lehigh Valley. I think the crisis has passed.

  243. Did Jul also forget to mention that instead of voting for a republican for congress he voted for a liberal democrat?

  244. Bitterlaw, what was that entire rant mainly about. I read part of it where it was jul ranting that he voted for Kane yet he is conservative, but there has t be more to that right?

    I admitted I am a GOP moderate, I will not vote for dems in my first election in May and. Will try to get moderate republicans elected, if that doesn’t work I will vote for a more conservative candidate over a democrat any at.

    There that is how i will vote, simple enough. Jul’s way of voting requires 15 computers to process the information.

  245. Bitterlaw says:

    MD called him a hypocrite with possible criminal tendencies. He didn’t like that. It really took off around post 160. I was not the main troublemaker for once.

  246. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Did I mention anything about violence? Did I bring that up? Jul, you are unhinged. Wait until I feed a future opponent gets hold of this thread. It is saved now.

    For the record, I have no intention of committing violence of any nature. The boy is ill obviously. Your future leader wannabe. Read this thread. You all should be very afraid.

  247. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    244 – I will bet that is a flat out lie.

  248. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    See Bitter? Even the more subtle, goose free MD, still has it in him to drive someone over the edge.

    I actually do not dislike him personally. I find him to be wildly inconsistent and then have to laugh when he talks about being a conservative.

  249. Tim V says:

    Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:
    February 15, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Tim V.,

    Hope every day for you keeps getting better than the day before.

    that will never happen walt. i have always been a 2 steps forward, one backward kind of guy, being bi-polar and all but i appreciate the thought

  250. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Dueling? What is this, 1804? Great stuff last night! Dueling. LOL!

  251. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Great to see you posting TimV.

  252. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Should I alert the authorities Bitter? Not for me but for my kids? This dude is making threats. Do you think he is nuts enough to follow through?

  253. MD are you seriously thinking about using info from the blog against jul?

    Also, hello everyone

  254. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Also, if I am pointing out the inconsistencies in Jul’s positions, a primary opponent will as well. I hope he can handle it a little better than he handled it last night. I have a feeling challenging his opponent to a duel will not play well – even in the Lehigh Valley.

  255. @249 thanks bitter, just finished skimming through. Next there will be a sword fight to claim the right of the throne (governor’s mansion)

  256. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    No Michael. Just rattling Jul’s cage. For a politician wannabe, he has thin skin. I was serious though about his inconsistencies. That is true. He needs to toughen up.

  257. Emerica says:

    Politicians and criminals are nearly synonymous concepts.

  258. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I spent 10 days in anti-biotics bitter and I still am not feeling well! I will NEVER get a flu shot again. EVER.

  259. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    STFU Bunu.

  260. @260 absolutely, he even acts like a child when. I argue with him about his many inconsistencies and then he makes threats to me stating that “he will alert the people of Centre County who I really am.” If I were ever to run for elected office.

    Too bad for jul, he won’t be getting the chance this year. I just sent in an email to the centre county GOP stating my intentions, that I will not run for school board at this time.

  261. Emerica says:

    Smokers get sick a lot.

  262. SoHope says:

    Conservatives need to show the GOP that “electability” doesn’t matter if you don’t govern as limited Government Conservatives. If that causes the death of the party, so be it.
    Comment by JulStol — February 15, 2013 @ 11:04 pm

    I though this was a parody post….dang, you are one bug dummy, jul

  263. SoHope says:

    Stfu bunu

  264. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Don’t smoke moron.

    Uh Hope – be prepared to get the flintlock out of your storage. Jul will challenge you to a duel!

  265. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    The “limited gov conservative” favors central control of the public school system. Yea. Sorry, Jul, these inconsistencies are accurate.

  266. SoHope says:

    Jul,give us a list of every GOP senator and representative that doesn’t fill your criteria of being small government conservative enough not to be replaced by someone more small government conservative and oftentimes more unelectable.

  267. Jul even supports third party candidates rather than the actual republican

  268. SoHope says:

    Why doesnt he challenge me to a sword fight….I bet he has a cheap ninja sword hanging on is mantle, just like most single loser 20 somethings….he can read up on sword welding technique from his extensive comic book collection.

  269. SoHope says:

    Senator Jul and 99 dems

  270. @274 he won’t challenge you to a sword fight, you don’t have the damsel in distress. Pa partly Corbett does

  271. Tim V says:

    255- thanks md

  272. W. PA Observer says:

    Wow. Those posts actually happened.

  273. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Yea, Jul is the Aaron Burr of HHR.

  274. Brandon says:

    Went to the funeral Thursday of my girlfriends grandfather. 89 year old WWII vet with a Purple Heart. If no one has been to a military funeral, it is really an amazing and touching experience.

  275. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    The presentation of the flag alone is moving.

  276. Scott says:

    I know that most of you do not give a hoot about polling at this time,but I find it interesting that both Ras and Gallup have not only showed no spike for Obama since the SOTU Address, but the President’s approval ratings have declined a few points in the past couple of days.

  277. Oh look here!

    Every house member
    able except two voted for condemning North Korea’s latest nuclear attacks. Guess who voted no.

    Massie of Kentucky and Amash of Michigan

  278. Tim V says:

    Ten signs that indicate that our America President is under demonic control

    1. Promoting the killing of life in the womb here and all over the world.

    2. Promoting homosexuality, sexual immorality and the destruction of marriage

    3. Seeing that the Christian God and His Son are removed from the public arena

    4. Rebellion against the laws of this nation (unconstitutional actions)

    5. Self aggrandizement – narcissism – tyrannical – thinking that he defines the law

    6. Receiving praise, worship and financial support from the known reprobates of society

    7. Compelling woman to fight in the military

    8. Compulsive lying – obsessively secretive about personal life

    9. Covetousness – wealth confiscation by taxes – Robin Hood syndrome – Communist ideals

    10. Promotes hate by denigrating and belittling and setting whole classes and races of people against each other.

  279. Bitterlaw says:

    I spent 10 days in anti-biotics bitter and I still am not feeling well! I will NEVER get a flu shot again. EVER.

    I never get flu shots and I never get the ful. My doctor actually told me not to get it because I am a diabetic.. He said the slight risk of getting the flu for me would be devastating if it came to pass. I have been lucky and so has my family. Maybe all those years of putting the children in daycare starting at 3 months old paid off. They were exposed to just about everuthing except malaria.

  280. Bitterlaw says:

    Compelling woman to fight in the military

    It’s an all-volunteer military, Tim V. Besides, SusyQue told us that God would not let Obama be re-elected. We can only conclude that he is a Democrat. I can’t be mad at him, though. He did create Kate Upton.

  281. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Is Jul’s new name JulBurr or DuelStol?

  282. Tim V says:

    i didnt get a flu shot

  283. Tim V says:

    ok so he messed up w the woman in thw military

  284. Tim V says:

    replace that with- arrogant,pridefull

  285. Tim V says:

    does juls have any allies here ?

  286. Rockefeller Republican says:

    If no viable GOP candidate emerges, moderate conservatives should support Lynch for the Mass. senate seat. Althougj personally I’d like too see former Reps. Paul Cronin, Margaret Heckler or Peter Blute get in the race…Former Gov. Francis Sargent would also be a good moderate conservative GOP nominee.

  287. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Bunu is his ally, TimV

  288. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    WV Metro News

    A second cast member of the popular MTV show “Buckwild” is arrested in a week’s time.

    Michael Douglas Burford was arrested Thursday night on a charge of aggravated DUI. He’s free on bond after he was booked at the South Central Regional Jail.

    Burford, known on the show as “Bluefoot” is the second member of the cast to be arrested this week.

  289. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    If I get out of my car and all of a sudden am hit by a sniper’s bullet, will someone here send this thread to the police?

  290. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – try to get shot on a state highway or park. That would let Kane prosecute him. Sweet.

  291. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t think Jul is a bad guy. He’s just Jul.

  292. Bitterlaw says:


  293. Tulipomania says:

    ..and Jul is not my “ally” btw.

  294. Tulipomania says:

    Jeb wants to start a draft like LBJ, and send Americans for the ground war in Iran-Iraq version #3 as his plan no doubt.

    Follow in the family’s foot steps.

  295. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Dave W. has now ended the “let me shoot MD” thread.

    New thread is up.

  296. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Dang! I was so enjoying this.

  297. david says:

    Wow, I wish Brown was running…perhaps, a pickup.