Broun, Cleland Leads GA Primaries, Cleland Leads GOP Candidates By Double Digits

Yesterday, we received a new poll from Harper Polling for the state of Georgia that shows Paul Broun with a single-digit lead over the Republican field while Max Cleland holds a larger lead over the Democratic field in the bid to replace Saxby Chambliss in the US Senate.

Paul Broun 19%
Phil Gingrey 18%
Tom Price 17%
Jack Kingston 13%
Ross Tolleson 2%
Kelly Loeffler 0%

Max Cleland 20%
Cathy Cox 13%
Sanford Bishop 11%
John Barrow 9%
Thurbert Baker 8%

The General Election numbers from this poll are almost pointless with the amount of undecideds in the poll.


Tom Price (R) 23%
John Barrow (D) 18%

Jack Kingston (R) 19%
John Barrow (D) 17%

John Barrow (D) 19%
Paul Broun (R) 17%

Max Cleland (D) 41%
Tom Price (R) 27%

Max Cleland (D) 39%
Jack Kingston (R) 26%

Max Cleland (D) 40%
Paul Broun (R) 24%

This poll was done February 11-12 among 939 registered voters.

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  1. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    One potato…

  2. Bitterlaw says:

    Anything new on the monkey front, Walt?

  3. Tulipomania says:

    Go Broun!

  4. Tulipomania says:

    ‘Bush Crime Family Alert

    Jeb Bush says he wants to be like LBJ once he’s president. Jeb wants to start a draft like LBJ, and send Americans for the ground war in Iran-Iraq version #3 as his plan no doubt.

    Follow in the family’s foot steps.

  5. Phil says:

    Not fake war hero Max Cleland.

    He’s been whining about his 2002 loss for over a decade. The guy who voted with Tom Daschle 100% of the time and then tried to tell everyone he was a moderate.

    The ultimate fraud.

    If this lefty wins a senate seat in Georgia, the GOP might as well disband.

  6. Tulipomania says:

    Rubio is a prime example of a so called “moderate.”

    Letting them get their foot in the door not only wastes a seat but then encourages them to run for president (aka McCain model.)

  7. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – A man loses 2 legs and part of an arm in a combat zone and you say he’s a fake? That’s just wrong. I would never vote for him if given the opportunity but you go too far with that comment. I respect those who served. I don’t know if you were in the military.

  8. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks for letting me know that Broun is a Paulbot. The Paulbots are usually so obscure and useless that you forget they are in office until Bunu out them.

  9. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Broun would lose by high single digits to Cleland. I will not impugn the man’s service and sacrifice. However, he is a pure Reid clone in every way.

    The GA race could be interesting. After what we have seen in the Senate in the last 2 cycles, I would not say a Dem win is impossible. Likely with Broun as the candidate, unlikely with anyone else.

  10. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    BTW – Walt was nice enough to tell me that the shoot MD thread was finished.

    I like DuelStol.

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    Read the comments on that link. Duel has aligned himself with some real Dems. However, true conservatives are opposed to privatizing services.

  12. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    So Bitter, he went off on me when all I did was point out what he had typed previously. He can’t handle the truth.

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    It was pretty intense last night.

  14. Bitterlaw says:

    I think that Jul is like most people but won’t admit one harsh truth. Wanting something doesn’t mean you get it. He wants to believe that everybody is like him or they are evil. If there are not enough people like him, he wants to punish the people on his side for not being more numerous. That is why he would rather see a world run by the people he claims to despise rather than compromise enough to beat them. Victory is actually failure to him.

  15. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    It wasn’t intense for me at all. It was bizarre. I pointed out inconsistencies that Jul, based on his own words here, has in regards to being a “Constitutional” Conservative. He then chose to go over the edge and begin ranting about duels and being OK with dying. It honestly felt like a cry for help.

  16. @16 and 17
    This is why I try not to get into actual fights around here. Afterwards when I am not around I get talked about. Like I am some lunatic, but I am fine with everyone doing it to jul

  17. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Bitter – what was the line again about me taking money from people? That was the beginning of DuelStol’s epic meltdown last night. It was one for the annals.

  18. Okay MD so long as you and I don’t argue then we will be fine, I would hate to argue with you. Otherwise you would point out every flaw of mine.

  19. Bitterlaw says:

    I just realized that I was a summer law clerk with Kathleen Kane! She went by her maiden name Granahan at the time. I never realized it until I listened to her speak. We were clerks at a firm in Philadelphia in 1992. She was a major bitch then. I must have some kind of distinction to have worked with the future Attorney General of Pennsylvania and written an article with the Attorney General of New Hampshire and now Senator Ayotte.

    I truly have achieved very little.

  20. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    You know she has her eye on the Gov race in 18. Who you know who support her?

  21. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Who should be Will.

  22. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    What happened to Dr. Jay? Did he leave as well? Did I start a trend?

  23. Bitterlaw says:

    He has serious mental issues. No wonder he drank. Self medication.

    Comment by JulStol

    You’re only good an manipulating and bullying people out of money. Perhaps yoy should have considered a career in politics…or the mafia.

    Comment by JulStol

    I didn’t understand the money part.

  24. Bitterlaw says:

    I am really shocked that she went from being a summer clerk at a Plaintiff’s firm to the AG. She graduated from Temple Law School. Fight Fight Fight for the Cherry and the White!

  25. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I don’t get the money part either. Probably had a point with the drinking but we have taken care of that.

    Stone sober, Jul is nuts. I point to the last thread as evidence. Maybe a few drinks would help him.

  26. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    When people start referring to the drinking, I know I am under their skin. MFG was the perfect example. Also, said he had a 100 things of mine to post from my days at RP. He left us 85 short of completion. I enjoyed reading some of that stuff again. Even when history proved me wrong, the writing developed into a clean, to the point, style that seemed to engage people.

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    I do have to give Jul credit. He stepped up and went toe to toe with us. He got nasty and he went with personal attacks. I was proud to see it.

  28. Michael (Snyder for Governor) says:

    @219 proud? He was being delusional

  29. Bitterlaw says:

    Sure he was delusional. He also fought like a crazed Viking. He challenged MD to a duel! This is not a normal place, Michael.

  30. Michael (Snyder for Governor) says:

    Bitter, Jul is not normal. It is as normal as Nycmike hanging out with your wife. Everyone knows MD hangs with her. Except Jul…

  31. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    2.Anything new on the monkey front, Walt?
    You mean the ones in Washington, DC?

    Or do you mean the ones that are starting their guerilla war on humans?

    monkeys…guerilla war…ironic.

  32. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    Do you think I should title one of the chapters in my book about the legislature to be:

    “Times That Legislators Want To Tell Constituents to STFU”

  33. Michael (Snyder for Governor) says:

    Planet of the apes!!!!

  34. Bitterlaw says:

    The furry momkeys, Walt.

    As for he book, why not “when words fail – STFU.

  35. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    How to Survive A Monkey Attack

    (for goodness sake, do NOT disguise yourself as a banana)

  36. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Never show your teeth. To a monkey, a big toothy grin means a challenge. He will definitely attack you.

    Avoid eye contact as this is a threat as well. Try to focus on their hands or something other than the face.

    Monkeys like to fling feces. It is best to wear goggles when monkeys appear.

    Never heckle a monkey. Especially no heckling that starts with “Your mother is so ugly…”

  37. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    The Buckwild producers called me.

    Due to a shortage of cast members who are currently in jail, they want to know if I will make a cameo appearance in an episode they are planning called “Due to GPS Failure, Former Delegate Unexpectedly Winds up in Buckwild Land ”

    I just don’t know…

  38. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    40 – what a shock. A year has passed and still some claim they cannot get ID’s. Total horsecrap.

  39. Bitter, Layfette did gret against Bucknell. Just like Penn State. They can get a few quality wins here and there.

  40. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    When does Bucknell play Buckwild?

  41. W. PA Observer says:

    For having served as a statewide Senator, you’d think more people would have name recognition for Cleland- his numbers don’t seem overly strong – he’s over 70 now, I wonder how likely it is he’d consider going into that race. Otherwise, this gives me a pretty good vibe from Harper – they must not push much, and genuinely, in a state like Georgia with that many CD’s, how many people will really know a Congressman that is no their own? Of course there’ll be low recognition.

  42. jason says:

    I respect Max Cleland’s military service and sacrifice.

    However, he is flaming liberal who tried to pass himself off as a moderate, so “fraud” is fine to describe his political career.

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – My objection to Phil calling him a “fake war hero.”

  44. W. PA Observer says:

    45- Same with Tammy Duckworth in Illinois, lost three limbs and I respect her service and sacrifice. That said, I believe the policies she supports are harmful to the country and citizens she served, and so no can do on the voting for her. When libs talk about, “Well don’t you conservatives support veterans/soldiers/her-dur freedom!?” – I’d rebut with, “So I guess you voted for McCain, who spent 5 1/2 years in the Hanoi Hilton in your name, in election 2008 then? I know I did.”

    That usually ends that discussion

  45. jason says:

    I would not be too impressed by Cleland’s 40%. He is well known and any Dem will get that.

  46. jason says:

    46. Right. I don’t agree with fake war hero, anyone with his service and wounds is real to me.

    George McGovern was a bomber pilot in WWII but I still didn’t want him for President.

    Jack Murtha was a decorated soldier whom I had zero respect for as a politician.

  47. jason says:

    Jul challenged MD to a duel?

    Well, MD can choose his weapons.

    I suggest “party loyalty”.

  48. jason says:

    A third party chosen by the parties will name 10 elections.

    Whomever voted for the most Republicans wins.

  49. Democrats created Independent expenditures to fund the Libertarian candidate for Seante in 2012

    And no one said ANYTHING?????????

    This just proves that the Libertarian party is a bunch of liberals or leaders because they take this money for his reason. If they had any sense they wouldn’t have run a candidate there at all and Tester would have lost

  50. Let’s re-elect Scott Walker and…..


  51. @USSenateUpdate: Loebsack endorses Braley for US Senate

    Loesback endorsed Braley for Senate. That makes him a no for senate

  52. jason says:

    52. Duel terms.

  53. jason says:

    Elections have consequences

    “Ray’s Hell-Burger, where the likes of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and the Russian president have gone for a juicy burger, has been shut down after failing to pay its rent.

    Arlington County General District Court on Feb. 8 served an eviction notice to the restaurant, located in the Colonial Village Shopping Center along Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, for unpaid rent and ordered owner Michael Landrum to pay more than $39,000 in overdue rent and damages.”

  54. Bubu says:

    Darth Ronulas is about to initate Order 66.

  55. Emerica says:

    Looks like the torture movie “zero dark thirty” is getting shot down big time.

    …as if that movie ever had a chance in the first place.

  56. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    FU fagg+t terrorist, sympathizer, paul coc+ sucke+/

  57. Tim says:

    I know that man. How could you call him a “fake war hero”? You may not agree with him, politically. But, he deserves respect for what he gave for this Country. He earned it.

  58. Tim says:

    That’s one of the top films of the year. What are you talking about?

  59. Emerica says:

    No way Hollywood is giving the torture movie a reward for that garbage.

  60. Tim says:

    Well, to be fair, it has some top notch competition. “Lincoln” and “Argo” are both fine films.

    If it doesn’t win Best Picture, that doesn’t mean it got shot down. The Oscars are a popularity contest, anyway. Lots of great films never won Best Picture.

  61. Emerica says:

    Sony should be ashamed of allowing this film to e released.

    Academy member calls for Oscars boycott of Zero Dark Thirty
    David Clennon has urged others to snub Kathryn Bigelow film at awards for ‘promoting acceptance of the crime of torture’

  62. Emerica says:

    I didn’t see Lincoln but just read about it.

    “Surprise: Spielberg’s “Lincoln” Screenwriter is an Angry, Blabbering, Left-Wing Nut
    Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo on February 16, 2013 06:45 AM
    Steven Spielberg’s screenwriter, Tony Kushner, declares that Obama is “Lincolnian” and has made “amazing progress” in the fight against “psychotic individualism” (a.k.a. respect for the individual) and “all this trickle down nonsense” (a.k.a. freedom) and has happily “rejected the frightening Reagan era ideology.” Well said, Comrade Kushner.”

    Haven’t seen Argo but it sounded boring.

    I think Django should best picture.

  63. Phil says:

    Cleland’s heroism came AFTER the war – making a productive life for himself. I’ll give him that. He also served honorably as did hundreds of thousands of other Americans in Vietnam.

    WAR HERO? No.

    I don’t agree with George McGovern on politics either. Was he a war hero? Absolutely. Enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor. Dozens of combat missions over Germany and guess what? Never talked about it or used it in any of his senatorial campaigns.

    Politics is a separate issue.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Max’s political carreer ended when he became a clone of Tom Daschle.

    That’s why he lost and it’s the ONLY reason he lost. I got tired of hearing the revisionist history that the “war hero” Max Cleland lost because the mean ol Republicans smeared his patriotism. Utter BS.

    What I wasn’t going to do was sit back and let Bitter lecture me on respect for the military. Tired of his spin.

  64. Phil says:

    BTW, Cleland actually bought into the smear crap Democrats were shoveling. He became the point man in 2004 for Democrats claiming Bush had been some sort of coward during Vietnam.

    Max had become a very, very bitter man.

  65. Boo New says:

    “Lincoln” should be boycotted by the Academy, just like “Zero Dark Thirty.” That man had no business using the Federal government to tell states that they could not keep sub-humans in chains. He was a war criminal, pure and simple.

    Same goes for “Hyde Park on the Hudson;” FDR deserves no respect for sending our boys extra-Constitutionally to Europe to save those Jews. They should have fended for themselves and stopped bugging us for help.

  66. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Argo a movie?

    I thought Argo was a brand of starch.

    We need Mr. Vito to chime in on this. He knows a lot about starch.

  67. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    58.Elections have consequences

    “Ray’s Hell-Burger, where the likes of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and the Russian president have gone for a juicy burger, has been shut down after failing to pay its rent.

    Uusually it saddens me when a business has to close. Not so much this time.

    Karma, baby….Karma.

  68. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – i hope you served. Otherwise, you sound like a petty,nagry jerk. I do not respect the man’s voting record. I respect his service and sacrifice. One of my biggest regrets is that I was rejected 3 times when I tried to enlist because of diabetes.

  69. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Bunu – you are an utter pos.

    Jessica Chastain could win best Actress. Zero Dark Thirty may not win the Oscar but being nominated is a great achievement and the class of movies is strong this year.

    Argo must really get under your skin Bunu, eh?

  70. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Phil – I agree that Cleland was a complete jerk in 04 regarding the over the top, obvious, phony docs on Bush. However, he did serve and clearly sacrificed.

  71. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Christopher Orr, THE ATLANTIC

  72. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    The glowing reviews are endless:

  73. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    SEAL Team 6 shooter calls Jessica Chastain’s ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ performance ‘awesome’

  74. Emerica says:

    Zero Dark Thirty is likely to win biggest propaganda film. Also best torture film.

  75. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I love torturing you animals. I only wish we weren’t so PC in this country. I would place a tong up your nose and rip your eyeballs out backwards. Then I would get nasty.

  76. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Oh, and I would enjoy it. I would do the first and let the vermin suffer and have a LONG TIME to think about the second. Even AFTER the vermin finally stops with the lies and tells the truth, I would remove the 2nd eye.

  77. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    “A Masterpiece:

    Erik Kohn – Indie Review

  78. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    85 – No, I am not.

  79. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Terrorists deserve to be treated in a manner that is less favorable than the dirt on the sole of my shoe.

  80. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    “The Best Picture of the Year”

    David Edelstein – Time Magazine

  81. 88 I thought you were talking about normal people

  82. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Also, with great regret, I have heard that some of the torture stuff in the film wasn’t true. Too bad. I was actually hoping that the stuff in the movie was the sanitized version and that we are really doing harsher things to the vermin.


    This guy is running for President 2016 on the democratic ticket? Lol

  84. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    No, I am talking about the vermin Bunu and Ron Paul support.

  85. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Another goodie is to stick a small splint under their fingernail and light it on fire. 9 to go! Enjoy!

  86. This one is claiming to be independent but I thin she will run as a republican as last time

  87. Emerica says:

    From Christian Science Monitor:

    CIA says movie inaccurate

    The CIA says scenes of torture in the new film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ are not an accurate portrayal of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. This follows similar criticism from three senior US senators who say the film is ‘grossly inaccurate and misleading’.

  88. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Hey Bunu – all the Jews seem to love the movie. Shhh….let’s keep that our little secret, OK?

  89. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    97 – True. As I stated, I was hoping we did a lot MORE. Turns out, we didn’t do all the things that were in the movie. Too bad. Great movie though and universally applauded except by the extreme left and the terrorists.

  90. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Bunu – I would love to…..

    fill in the blank.

    I mean, we could spend such quality time together. Wonder if I should look up some of my “old” friends from the Company who can triangulate your IP address? We could have a grand time!

  91. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Anyway, the Flyers really suck on the road this year. I had such high hopes.

    The Phillies have already sold 2.5 million tickets this year. Unreal.

  92. @101 really? The Hurricanes are doing great this year, so far, they have started out 7-4-1.

    Including a win at New Jersey

  93. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    I do not believe that Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal’s mesmerizing, operatic and profoundly troubling “Zero Dark Thirty” offers any apology or justification for torture, and certainly does not “glorify” it, to use Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald’s term. But it’s important to recognize that the people who think it does are responding to the moral ambiguity of the movie, which pervades not just the question of torture as an instrument of American policy but its entire portrayal of the CIA’s obsessive and insanely expensive hunt for Osama bin Laden. Here’s the sense in which they’re not wrong: What “Zero Dark Thirty” has to say about torture and many other things is not entirely clear, and what you see in it depends on what you bring with you. That moral ambiguity will drive some viewers nuts, but in my view it is also the quality that makes “Zero Dark Thirty” something close to a masterpiece.

  94. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    So, what 103 tells us is that Bunu brings in the perspective of the terrorist.

    I am clear where I stand – I am for chopping all of their heads off but only after an extreme period of brutal suffering.

  95. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Did you guys know that certain gov agencies can get into programs like this and track people?

    I am NOT for that but if it is available, you know…..

  96. MD, must we post this? We get the picture

  97. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    I mention all of this in passing only. Right? You believe that, right?

  98. Yes, I must go. Got to start my day

  99. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    What I do know with 100% certainty Michael is the the gov can track ANYONE now from any source. Even if you have IP changing software, that won’t hide you anymore. They have developed the technology to beat that quite easily. There is a reason we haven’t been hit since 9/11. I can’t say how I know that.

  100. @109 MD, my moderate instincts tell me that I should not be worried about that aspect of government. If I don’t do anything wrong and that aspect of the government is just doing its job than I have nothing to fear

  101. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Very true Michael and that is using your head! However, if you are a terrorist sympathizer and very obvious about it on your internet postings, there could be a world of trouble in your future.

    You know, after thinking about it, I am not interested in ever meeting vermin like Bunu. Others may have an interest though. THAT would be interesting indeed.

    Have to go. Need to send a few emails out.

  102. @111 I think I can only take the Bunu through the Internet. Alright see you later MD

  103. Emerica says:

    I object to the movie because it glorifies the Bush era torture programs not because I sympathize with the “terrorists.”

  104. ????????? says:


  105. Bitterlaw says:

    I will always thank Obama for continuing Bush’s anti-terrorist policies.

  106. Emerica says:

    Actually Obama banned waterboarding torture

    “On January 22, 2009 President Obama signed an executive order requiring the CIA to use only the 19 interrogation methods outlined in the United States Army Field Manual on interrogations “unless the Attorney General with appropriate consultation provides further guidance.”[146]”

  107. Bitterlaw says:

    I would have wrapped bin Ladin”s body in American and Israeli flags and buried him with pigs. Hey. That’s just my view.

  108. @Politics1com: IL CD-2: St Sen Toi Hutchinson (D) quits special election race, endorses ex-St Rep Robin Kelly, just 9 days before primary.

  109. @Politics1com: GA CD-12: Congressional aide & ’08 nominee John Stone (R) announced he will seek a rematch vs Cong John Barrow (D) in 2014.

  110. Emerica says:

    Ron Paul is not attending CPAC. If Ron tried to win, he has been able to pretty easily in the past.

    Rand Paul is attending.

    Will be interesting to see how much enthusiasm there is for this guy. I’m sure a lot of Ron Paul people favor him, but are they willing to follow him like Ron?

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    After decades of following loser Ron why not Rand?

  112. @124 because it will keep Bunu’s losing streak away from real candidates!!!

  113. Tim says:

    Barrow will always get a top tier opponent. In his position, he is a prime target.

  114. Tim says:

    I think they did the right thing in disposing of the body as they did. That way, there would never be a chance for his followers to have a shrine.

  115. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Tim – I agree on that point. However, I absolutely disagreed about making the whole op so public. That has put people’s lives at risk. I am not sure who made the call on that but the buck stops at the POTUS desk.

    Interesting emails this morning……

  116. W. PA Observer says:

    126- Barrow’s basically turned into a bizarro-world Jim Gerlach (before the new PA map that gives him a better district)- holding an unfriendly political district in close election after close election after close election.

  117. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    130 – in that CD he has no option. If he were the deciding vote for Obama on a piece of legislation, he would vote for it though. Blue frauds are an almost extinct species in the House, but people would do well to remember that.

  118. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    Ever heard of a black bag op?

  119. W. PA Observer says:

    I hope Zero Dark Thirty wins best picture, just to spite Bunu.

  120. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    The room has special padding. Padding that cannot be ripped or chewed. No toilet. Just a whole in the ground. No toilet paper lest a terrorist try to choke on it. Live in your own shi+. Naked. No clothes. Again, nothing to choke on. Chances are you are not even in the United States anymore. You will be alive but will pray for death.

  121. Bitterlaw says:

    I saw Lincoln, Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook. Of the 3, I like Lincoln the most. I would like Silver linings Playbook to win just because it is very diferent. Jennifer Lawrence is also hot in a subdued way. However, if it pushes Bunu to have a srtoke, I hope Zero Dark 30 wins (I’m not interested in seeing it).

  122. Bitterlaw says:

    If MD finally got Bunu in a room:

  123. MD says:

    Sure, they start out with a clever mixture of lies and truth. Within 48 to 72 hours, it all comes out.

  124. MD says:

    The good stuff happens with our “subcontractors”.

  125. MD says:

    Of course. It is sad that for every 100 “cases”, there are probably 1 or 2 cases where the person is innocent. They go through it all anyway. A necessary trade off. Wonder if anyone worries about being that “1 or 2”?

  126. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    BTW – they are much, much more likely to scoop up those in the U.S. who are NOT actual citizens.

    Just saying.

  127. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    of the best picture nominees i’ve seen 7 of the 9 (didn’t see Amour or the Southern Beasts one). I still say Lincoln wins but Argo has been sweeping the awards. My personal fave to watch of the 9 was Silver Linnings

  128. @Politics1com: GA CD-10: Ex-Columbia Co GOP Chair Brian Slowinski (R) enters race for Cong Broun’s open seat.

  129. david says:

    I wish Zell Miller would come out of retirement and run against Cleland as a Republican.

  130. david says:

    Back before November, I would say this was a safe seat even with a Saxby retirement, but after what happened in ND and MT, Cleland could win this. The possibility of the GA seat hurts to think about our recent wasted opportunities.

  131. W. PA Observer says:

    Do they actually expect Cleland to enter that race?

  132. jason says:

    Cleland will be 72 in 2014, he might pass.

  133. Brandon says:

    #135. Agree about Jennifer Lawrence in that film.

  134. Bitterlaw says:

    Brandon – She can act. She can dance. She can shoot an arrow into he chest of an attacker. Jennifer Lawrence has it all.

  135. Bitterlaw says:

    There is a show on History about the private lives of Presidents. Wilson was a cheater, too. JFK was the ultimate scumbag. Sorry, Tim. It’s true.

  136. ????????? says:


  137. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Well, I gotta give FDR a pass. I mean, Eleanor? Woof.

  138. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Wasn’t she also a Lesbian?

  139. Tim V says:

    bitter, you and md drove juls away

  140. Darn it!!! PSU had an 8 point lead @ #4 Michigan and they blew it. They lost:


    Oh well. Wait….. PSU plays them on the 27th and it will be in Happy Valley. I hope PSU will be coming for blood.

  141. W. PA Observer says:

    152- There’s definitely an argument in favor of that theory. Those two more or less had an “open marriage” after 1915 or so when FDR got caught schtuping a secretary. They were largely a political pact between the two wings of the Roosevelt family. The Hyde Park set were the Democrats – the Long Island set (TR and family) were GOP oriented, and Eleanor was Teddy’s favorite niece – daughter of his drunkard brother.

  142. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Tim V

    I didn’t drive him away. He had a meltdown. I read the thread again. I have it saved as a classic.

  143. W. PA Observer says:

    156- It was epic.

  144. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Henceforth, Jul shall be known as DuelStol. Bitter gets the credit for the name.

  145. Tim V, I like it when jul isn’t here.

  146. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    When Duelstol reappears, and he will, I will stick to the facts like I did in that thread. The Kane stuff is endless.

  147. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    Who is in charge of seating at the HHR annual prom?

    For God’s sake do not put MD and Bubu at the same table.
    Church services today again did not lift my spirits. Maybe the Lenten service this Wed. will.

  148. Another reason for me not to vote for a democrat, MD will never let me here the end of it

  149. Bitterlaw says:

    The sad thing about Jul is that there are things I respect about him – he made the best of a difficult home life. He supports himself. He is very confident (maybe too much). However, he pretends that his stated beliefs are consistent and conservative.

  150. Tim V says:

    so, not as an exit but as thread content does will there be a juls scale as there is a maxwell scale ?

  151. @163 that last sentence kinda makes me not care about the first part of the post

  152. Bitterlaw says:

    Bunu returns every invitation to the prom with a note:

    “I refuse to attend this dance until the HHR Prom Committee is controlled by Ron Paul supporters.”

  153. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    He supported Kane and was on this board talking her up like she was some 1970’s Southern Conservative Democrat. Jul isn’t a dead ender. They don’t vote for Democrats in general elections. One of 3 things happens:

    1. They nominate someone who is not electable. DuelStol’s choices never make it.

    2. They vote for Republicans in the general.

    3. They chose to sit out the general.

    They do NOT vote for Democrats.

    Thus, DuelStol is in a category all of his own.

  154. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim V. – A Rant Scale. A Meltdown Scale.

    Hmmmmmm. 10 Pistols for a full rant. 5 for the usual back and forth.

  155. MD I see your point, but there is are two variables you forgot.

    Jul votes for third parties and not only votes for them, he “supports” them. And he also voted for a democrat for the US House this year against a Republican incumbant

  156. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I give that a 9.2 on the pistol scale. Since I was the target, my vote should carry more weight.

    The guy felt the need to tell me he isn’t afraid to die. Well, uh…OK. What is in his mind?

  157. jason says:

    “If Ron tried to win, he has been able to pretty easily in the past.”

    I always wondered why Ron Paul was 0-150.

    Now I know.

    He wasn’t trying.

  158. Bitterlaw says:

    I have to admit that when he called MD a “phukwad” who takes people’s money I stood up and chaired. I didn’t understand it but I still cheered.

  159. HHR AG says:

    “unless the Attorney General with appropriate consultation provides further guidance.”

    Hey Bunu, waterboarding is OK.

  160. Bitterlaw says:

    So Ron Paul ran with no intention of winning? I wonder if that was explained in his fundraising money bombs?

  161. W. PA Observer says:

    169- Because Charlie Dent has clearly done something to offend him.

  162. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    You “chaired”? Using an Iphone, eh?

    What did that mean? How do I take people’s money again? I was so lost on what he was saying. I wonder if he committed himself after that?

    DuelStol was truly unhinged. Yea, he overcame tough circumstances.

    1. That remains to be seen.

    2. So what? So do most people. Does he want a cookie?

  163. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    172 – Well, I haven’t committed election fraud so whatever I did probably wasn’t as serious as that.

  164. Bitterlaw says:

    WPA – The anti-Jul posts on Lehigh Valley websites claim that Dent fired him from some position. Jul denied it as lies from his enemies. I don’t know what is true. By the way, did anybody else have enemies at 25? I didn’t.

  165. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Demint not happy with Capito.

    Oh, boy….

  166. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    DuelStol probably feels as though Dent isn’t a “Consistent Conservative”. Dent votes for Republicans.

  167. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, I haven’t committed election fraud

    That’s why he doesn’t think you are hot.

  168. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    LOL Walt!!! The WV seat is thought of by many in the R party as an easy gain. Not by me though. When was the last time the R’s had a Senator from WV? Gotta be at least 3 decades if not much longer.

  169. jason says:

    I feel inferior.

    Tim has asked me to go a few rounds before.

    However I never actually got challenged to a duel.

    MD has now managed to get GM to leave with an epic rant (yes, Bitter gets half credit) and now got Jul to challenge him to a duel.

    I mean, you gotta give the guy his due.

  170. W. PA Observer says:

    179- politico stirring up trouble, I think Capito’s name recognition and pedigree is enough to overcome any outside issues or pushes..

  171. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    OK, you are entering creepyville now. DuelStol does have some hot chicks as FB friends though. That cannot be denied.

  172. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    Senator Castle agrees 100%.

  173. W. PA Observer says:

    182- The 1950s.

  174. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    187 – really? That is even longer than I thought.

  175. jason says:

    I am sure PPP-Dkos will soon have a poll out showing some “true conservative” polling well against Capito.

  176. Bitterlaw says:

    The ladies love DuelStol. It must be the excitement of banging a Schoo Board Director. Power, baby. Power!

  177. jason says:

    PPP-DKos will be pushing King in IA and Broun in GA non-stop too.

  178. I don’t think DeMint will be able to find a conservative challenger with enough name recognition, devotion, or guts to take on Capito in a primary.

  179. Bitterlaw says:

    That is even longer than I thought.

    Comment by MD

    Do nominations for gayest post of the day have to be considered in contect?

  180. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    jason – this is nothing. I have had death threats from years back. I was in my prime in those days. Still not sure how people got my email. That is when I changed my handle.

  181. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    In “contect”?

    If you are going to try and be funny, at least edit. Dear God man!

  182. jason says:

    Jul has yet to give a convincing answer on how voting for Onorato and Kane advances conservatism.

    To me it all comes down to that.

  183. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    jason – that is my basic point. Onorato never, ever had a chance. He was an awful candidate.

  184. Bitterlaw says:

    jason – When all offices are held by Democrats, conservatism will be an unstoppable force. Why can’t you see that?

  185. jason says:

    That’s brilliant, Bitter, but I am waiting for Jul’s convincing answer.

  186. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    By the way, DuelStol talking about taking other peoples money is pretty funny since he missed some filings on campaign contributions.

    I am willing to overlook all of this with an apology for the meltdown. A sincere apology.

  187. W. PA Observer says:

    197- The fact that Onorato, the sitting county executive of Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), lost Allegheny County in a statewide election to a Republican. Is AMAZING(granted Corbett is from Pittsburgh, but still).

  188. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    WPA – he was just sooooo bad. Plus, every factor was working against him. Even if it had not been a wave, I still think Corbett would have won by 3 or 4.

  189. Nate Silverhack says:

    I just ran some linear regressions, Bernoulli’s Inequalities, de Morgan’s Laws, and Heteroscedasticity Plots, regarding Ron Paul.

    I calculated that IF Ron Paul HAD BEEN TRYING TO WIN, he would have been 2-150. With the margin of error, that could mean a range of 0-150 to 4-150.

  190. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Corbett outperformed the RCP average by a full point. Interesting, Toomey underperformed by 2.5 points. 16 is going to be a very hard election for him and I really like him.

  191. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Santorum underperformed his RCP average by 6 points in 06. That is hard to do.

  192. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    60 years, MD.

    Not since the 1950’s has WV had an R in the Senate.
    There are some people in my church who seriously tell me they wnt me to run for congress for WV CD 2.

    So far I have been polite in thanking them for the support and encouragement and tell them I have no interest.

    I bite my tongue and do not tell them it would take $1 1/2 M to be a serious contender, and I am about $1.492 M short (not counting what Michael might kick in). It would also be an insurmountable task for me even if I had won reelection to the House of Delegates seat.

    They have no clue what is required, and I really have no fire in the belly for such a campaign from here to almost the Ohio River 300 miles away. Especially now.

  193. W. PA Observer says:

    202- Yeah, Corbett cleared the primary field, led from beginning to end- the 4-way Democrat primary had almost no energy and the Sestak- Specter race sucked the attention away from it. Onorato was terrible- and that weird 8 year party switch trend we have worked its magic. The only counties Onorato won were Philly, Lacawanna (Scranton), Delaware 52-47, and Montgomery County 51-48. Corbett destroyed him in every swing county, won Bucks by 11-12, who knows in Chester? Wrecked him in the Lehigh Valley and Poconos. Even took Erie and Allegheny.

  194. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – You owe them nothing. You did your duty. Don’t take your focus off monitoring the monkeys and their hit squad – the deer.

  195. Bitterlaw says:

    Now on History 2 – Sherman’s March. Make Georgi howl, Billy!

  196. W. PA Observer says:

    204- I know a couple guys that worked for Toomey as staff, and guys from that campaign. Remember Sestak’s last ditch, “Toomey worked on Wall-Street! Derivatives in China, he should be Senator from CHINA!” ads? Yep- those had an effect in the last week or two, according to their internals it closed it from a 4-5 point win to a two point win.

  197. W. PA Observer says:

    That said, Toomey does have a history of over-performing expectations considering how conservative he is and his general lack of glad-handing skills in favor of being a policy wonk. He locked down that Lehigh Valley seat in Congress when it was just Lehigh and Northampton counties and ran ahead of the state and Federal tickets – ran 6-7 points ahead of Bush in 2000 in his district. Won a brawl of a Senate election against Sestak and absorbed a hell of a lot of funding from the Democrats’ Senate campaign organization- they threw millions at him.

  198. I see Jul as a fake, he sits in a county party that doesn’t seem to care about the party as a whole if they encourage their people to “support” constituion party candidates

  199. Bitterlaw says:

    Toomey also switched primary focus from social issues to fiscal issues before 2010. Maybe he should be sent out to teach GOP Senate candidates how to answer questions.

  200. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    WPA – I know, from numerous sources, that Sestak’s campaign apparatus was a train wreck. They went ultra negative and almost took it. In a general, with 150 to 200K more Philly voters, Toomey is going to have a rough ride. The Dems are going to go after it in a hardcore way. I had it as a 2 to 4 point win over Sestak but would have leaned more towards 4. Had Corbett 7 to 9.

    Corbett won Chester County by 13.

  201. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Toomey won Chester County by 8.

  202. W. PA Observer says:

    214- To a certain degree, Toomey’s chances will be pegged to the national ticket. With the benefits of incumbency and the fact that he’s shown an ability to win decisively on purple turf, I can see him running a few points ahead of the Presidential ticket. If it does well and wins, and is either close (Bush 2004 level) in PA or takes the state, Toomey will win. Otherwise it’ll be tough.

  203. MD remember, Toomey isn’t conservative enough for Jul. To advance the conservative movement we must vote for democrat and stop Toomey!

  204. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I just saw that Joe Corrigan ran as a write-in the 157th district in PA in 10. I have spoken to him. A completely deluded dead ender.

  205. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    WPA – The POTUS candidate is going to have to be very strong. The turnout issue in Philly alone makes is chancy even with all the factors you mentioned. He won by 2 in a wave election and underperformed all other R’s who unseated U.S. House members (and Corbett) by a minimum of 7 points. Take away the mid-term and add the general and I have to think we are looking at a minimum of a 4 point swing for him.

  206. W. PA Observer says:

    214- I’ve heard Sestak is a bastard to work for, the fact that he was relieved of command in the Navy for a “poor command climate”, means it doesn’t surprise me the organizations he creates are dysfunctional. Strikes me as a martinet of a guy. Though that mess of a campaign, which was largely divorced from the larger state Dem campaign did better than the state counterpart- the PA GOP took the lumber to the Dems up and down the tickets.

  207. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    That is 100% a correct description of Sestak. To know him is to despise him even if you agree with him on the politics.

    I just feel it with Toomey. I really like him but I see a very tough election ahead. 3.5 years to worry about it though.

  208. Rand Paul admits that he is a libertarian on politico.

  209. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    It was very strange that the D’s allowed such weak candidates in 6, 7 and 8 in 12. Badley was beyond the pale awful. Trevdi has become a joke in his own party and Boockvar tried the Murphy strategy from 06.

  210. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Sorry – Trivedi

  211. Bitterlaw says:

    I heard the sun admitted that it is hot on

  212. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    BTW – Joe Corrigan came to my door in the primary for the 157th in 2012 and told me he was going to win because 2 people took down their Milne signs after talking to him.

  213. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I just heard that rice (the food) admitted to being the color white.

  214. @225 up here, Dumas made the county democrats look like idiots. However, Congressman Thompson is ripe for a primary battle. Because he hasn’t done much of anything for the district in the house. Could very well recieve a primary from a state rep or someone.

  215. W. PA Observer says:

    222- A “Courtney Massengale” type of an officer. He just strikes me as the type of admiral (when he had a carrier command) in an actual naval war that would sacrifice a squadron of pilots/aircrew to make a statement.

  216. @227 HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That is hilarious, deadender thinking he’s all that!

  217. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Badey had to run because he couldn’t get anybody else who wanted to do it. Other than a few signs, I didn’t see him spending any money.

  218. Tim says:

    I can’t speak for Iowa. I can, with some authority, speak on what’s going on in Georgia.

    There is no way that Tom Jensen is going to promote the candidacy of Rep. Broun. And, that even includes whether or not he thinks Broun would be easier to beat in a GE.
    I think that, and I’m not promoting Broun. Most of the Democrats here think that, and they’re not promoting Broun, either.
    The GOP Establishment here, thinks that, and they’re trying to find somone to take Broun out.

    Why? Because, he’s a Libertarian. And, he’s on the fringe, if anyone ever was.

  219. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    George Will is not a big fan of Democrat Hagel.

  220. Tim says:

    Gosh, what a shock……..

  221. @233 you mean the GOP in a primary fight?

  222. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Tim – that is exactly WHY Tommy will push him? Don’t you recall the infamous Akin poll that was clearly designed to keep him in the race.

    Sometimes trying to reason with any Democrat is like trying to eat soup with a fork.

  223. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Tim knows more about politics than any of us. He just chooses to hide it and tell us we’re crazy.

  224. Tulipomania says:

    Wow interview with Max Blumenthal on antiwar.

    He was the guy who got the police scanners on recorded for this Dorner story.

    Guy is baller.

  225. Tim, I would never support Broun and his ludicrous talking points

  226. W. PA Observer says:

    239- Screw off.

  227. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Don’t think we will make the exact same mistakes in the 16 primary that we made in 12?–abc-news-politics.html

  228. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Black bag Bunu.

  229. Bitterlaw says:

    I just want to remind people I did not tell Bunu to commit suicide. Of course, I can’t tell other people what to do.

  230. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    The U.S. gov can track you even if you have IP changing software. They also LOVE to pick up non-citizens.

  231. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    MNW loved him so Tarkanian. Turns out he wasn’t such a great candidate after all.

  232. @246 SUSA polling was bad enough, it was believable

  233. Tim says:

    #237 and #238:
    Bear’s ass. LOL

  234. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    WTF are you talking about? I know you want to kiss Tommy’s butt so he will continue to come on your show but facts are facts. He agenda polled the Akin race to keep him in. That is a fact. LOL

  235. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – I fail to see what the Democratic Party has to offer to somebody like me who asks nothing from the government in terms of financial support. You obviously feel differently.

  236. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Gotta love the unions!

    Fresh fears of violence at nonunion building sites – Quaker Meetinghouse attacked

    Jeff Gammage, Inga Saffron, and Miriam Hill, Inquirer Staff Writers

    Posted: Sunday, January 13, 2013, 3:01 AM It took four days to repair most of the $500,000 in damage done by vandals at the

    Quaker meetinghouse being built in Chestnut Hill.

    Still on site is the dead hulk of a crane, its cab burned in what authorities said was arson.

    “Do I think it was the unions?” said Robert Reeves, president of the nonunion Abington builder working at the site. “I don’t think it was a group of 10-year-old boys.”

    Labor-related violence has declined in Philadelphia during the last 40 years, according to John Breese, an assistant regional director with the National Labor Relations Board.

    But the Goldtex construction site at 12th and Wood Streets endured months of sometimes-violent confrontation before two people were arrested in July. And the circumstances of the Chestnut Hill incident – against a Quaker meetinghouse four days before Christmas – has brought fresh attention to the issue.

    “This doesn’t happen in other places,” said Mary Tebeau, who came here after two decades in Ohio and is CEO of the Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of Associated Builders & Contractors Inc., which supports nonunion contractors. “It seems there’s been a culture of that happening here over the years. It’s been accepted for some reason, or expected.”

    Her group is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the vandals.

    Philadelphia police said the meetinghouse vandalism was “absolutely” union-related.

    “We take this very seriously,” said Michael Resnick, the city director of public safety. The case was assigned to a police official trained in investigating crimes involving incendiary devices.

    No federal agencies are involved in the inquiry, he said.

    Union members “have a First Amendment right to stand out with their signs and say what they want to say,” Resnick said, “but they do not have a right to destroy property or hurt people.”

    Carl Primavera, a Philadelphia lawyer who represents many of the city’s developers, said he considers the two recent incidents an aberration. And union officials say their members are being unfairly blamed.

    “Getting asked these type of questions is like being asked, ‘When did you stop beating your wife?’ ” said Pat Gillespie, business manager for the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council.


    Charges of sabotage at construction sites can be notoriously difficult to prove, often occurring at night with no witnesses.

    In September, nighttime vandals rampaged across a locked construction site in Tacony, where a portion of I-95 is being rebuilt by Walsh Construction Co. They destroyed a crane, excavator, bulldozer, and pile hammer and pushed a large compressor into the Delaware.
    Damage was estimated at more than $2 million.

    But Walsh was employing only union workers. Today, months later, police have no leads, said Lt. Mike Gormley of the Northeast Detectives.

    Builders say the incidents at Goldtex and in Chestnut Hill evoke memories of the 1972 attack on J. Leon Altemose’s Valley Forge Plaza. Upset by the contractor’s plan to hire 30 percent nonunion labor to build the hotel and retail complex, more than a thousand angry union workers stormed the construction site, armed with firebombs and grenades.

    They set fire to seven trucks and to Altemose’s construction trailer, causing damage estimated at $7 million. Two months later, Altemose was surrounded and beaten by a mob of two dozen union supporters at 15th and Chestnut Streets, an incident that focused national attention on Philadelphia’s unions.

    Part of the mid-1980s investigation into the roofers union, then a political power, dealt with allegations that members resorted to violence to persuade contractors not to hire nonunion labor.

    Union feuds propelled Philadelphia into the news in 2004 when the producers of MTV’s The Real World decided to abandon a shoot after a confrontation. Filming proceeded only after public demonstrations against the unions.

    The July assault arrests at the Goldtex site followed a months-long siege where workers were beaten, car tires slashed, and delivery trucks blocked after developers tried to hire a

    mix of union and nonunion workers.

    Incidents old and new make it harder for Philadelphia to market itself as a welcoming place to do business, said Alan Greenberger, deputy mayor for commerce.

    “It’s not a good thing for the city’s reputation,” he said.

    Mix of subcontractors

    Jerry Gorski, president of Collegeville-based Gorski Construction & Engineering, said his firm never experienced the sort of attack that occurred in Chestnut Hill, even though he uses a mix of union and nonunion subcontractors.

    Union representatives often show up at his job sites to seek work for their members – just as they did on Mermaid Lane in the days before the meetinghouse arson.

    But Gorski said the exchanges have been “very professional, and even friendly.”
    Like many nonunion contractors, Gorski has faced lesser wars. Having union and nonunion workers on a construction site can be volatile.

    In Chestnut Hill, workers found disarray when they arrived the morning of Dec. 21. The crane cab was wrecked. Vandals struck at night, using an acetylene torch, which requires a skilled operator wearing a special mask and gloves, to shear the steel bolts from nearly a dozen columns.

    Police said the damage was “absolutely” the result of a dispute between members of a construction union and the project’s suburban contractor, E. Allen Reeves Inc.

    The Quakers, known for their commitment to social justice, selected Reeves after conducting a blind review of bids. Reeves’ price was 23 percent lower than the nearest union bidder, the group said. Even then, the decision was not easy, Meg Mitchell, clerk of the meeting, said earlier.

    The new meetinghouse is on a long, rising hill in a residential area, with homes across the street and businesses down the block. It’s believed to be the first new Quaker meetinghouse in Philadelphia in more than half a century.

    Days before the fire, Reeves said, representatives of several construction unions appeared at the site to discuss having their members hired. They were rebuffed, and afterward an ironworkers representative “basically said to the superintendent that ‘he would do what he had to do,’ ” according to Reeves.

    Efforts to reach Ed Sweeney, business manager for the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers, were unsuccessful.

    The day after the fire, Sweeney told the Philadelphia Daily News that he was unaware of the arson but knew the work site. “I was up there last week and said hello to the guy, and asked if he wanted to hire any ironworkers, and he didn’t even talk to me,” Sweeney said.

    On Friday, four workers stood on the steel skeleton of the emerging structure, the sound of drills and hammers echoing across the neighborhood. Reeves is the third generation, after his father and grandfather, to own and run the company, founded in 1918.

    In recent decades, he said, his workers have been harassed, and job sites damaged, more times than he can count. Some workers have been followed. Or found tacks in their driveways. Vandals once pulled out the framing for a concrete floor at a building site.

    “It’s bullying,” he said. “It’s using fear and emotional terror to encourage people to do what you want them to do.”

    Society doesn’t tolerate bullies in grade-school playgrounds, he said, so “why do the politicians and the institutions and business community remain silent and reward unions for what is a long history of bullying?”

    Sociology professor Rick Eckstein, who studies labor issues at Villanova University, said the aggressiveness of Philadelphia construction unions has been overemphasized in the same way that city sports fans can never seem to shake their goonish reputation. What’s occurred in Philadelphia is nothing compared with the violence that plagued turn-of-the-century disputes in the coal and steel industries, he said.

    “As long as there are fewer jobs than there are people, there’s going to be this tension about, ‘How can you maximize your economic benefits as a worker?’ ” he said. Part of that tension arises because, traditionally, union workers who risked their jobs for better wages and conditions saw those hard-won benefits handed to nonunion laborers. “People in unions feel there’s some ‘free-ridership’ going on.”

    Gillespie, the trades-council business manager, said nonunion workers and companies were “destroying our wages and benefits.”

    It’s no surprise that those people “are not treated hospitably, but we’re not violent,” he said. “The easy villain is always the organized labor people, because we demand fair wages.”
    Click this link if you are buying anything from
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    Picking on Quakers.
    How low can they go? Jeeeeeeze.
    You…asked for him, you got him, Obama!
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    Originally Posted by Pineygirl
    Picking on Quakers.
    How low can they go? Jeeeeeeze.
    Thats what i thought too and how can you blame them for going with the non-union workers??

    The Quakers, known for their commitment to social justice, selected Reeves after conducting a blind review of bids. Reeves’ price was 23 percent lower than the nearest union bidder, the group said. Even then, the decision was not easy, Meg Mitchell, clerk of the meeting, said earlier.

  237. Tim I don’t like that Jensen is an admitted democratic pollset. That much I know, and if that is true I can certainly bet he is terrible at GOP primary polls. Which he showed in 2012 the WI, PA, and MO were wrong. I know there were others, I just forgot.

  238. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Seeing info that YoMama will render firearms useless as his goal is to buy up manufactured ammo.

    U.S. govt. big buys of ammo is also intended to drive ammo prices higher due to lower supply in the non-gov’t market. Apparently Biden has spoken about this?

    Some things I read say George Soros has significant ownership in arms and ammo companies. Does he? (serious question)

  239. W. PA Observer says:

    Problem is Federal law/ court precedent prevents the Unions from being prosecuted for racketeering, even though it’s pretty clear there’s organized criminal activity being directed there. The goons don’t just go out there on their own initiative.

  240. SoHope says:

    Wow….thing have been going great with the cute redhead I’ve been dating. Great I tell you!

    She is smart, beautiful, and total into me…I’ll have to question the smart part b/c of that last one….

    oh and STFU Bunu!

  241. SoHope says:

    We went out for our 2nd date on Feb 13 to avoid the pressure of Valentines day….we were together till 2:30am…that is all the detail I will give.

  242. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    From article just recently posted on DRUDGE.

    (I think DRUDGE must be monitoring my HHR comments)

    “…An approximation of how many rounds of ammunition the DHS has now secured over the last 10 months stands at around 1.625 billion. In March 2012, ATK announced that they had agreed to provide the DHS with a maximum of 450 million bullets over four years, a story that prompted questions about why the feds were buying ammunition in such large quantities. In September last year, the federal agency purchased a further 200 million bullets.

    To put that in perspective, during the height of active battle operations in Iraq, US soldiers used 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month. Extrapolating the figures, the DHS has purchased enough bullets over the last 10 months to wage a full scale war for almost 30 years.

    Such massive quantities of ammo purchases have stoked fears that the agency is preparing for some kind of domestic unrest. In 2011, Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano directed Immigration and Customs Enforcement to prepare for a mass influx of immigrants into the United States, calling for the plan to deal with the “shelter” and “processing” of large numbers of people. …”

  243. Sioux C.Q. says:

    You will burn in Hell, Man-Whore!

  244. W. PA Observer says:

    259- This has been largely debunked- the agencies buy rounds for training every so many years and buy in bulk. Training will use up a tremendous amount of ammunition even compared to use in the field.

  245. Sew hope says:

    “…we were together till 2:30am…that is all the detail I will give.

    Comment by SoHope”

    OK here are some more details…

    Then she managed to somehow work one hand loose from the binding and call 911 and I bolted about 2:30 a.m. when I hear the sirens.

    I should have moved her cell phone farther away from the chair I had her tied to.

  246. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    W PA,

    I don’t know all the ins and out.

    Just seem strange that federal DHS is buying up over 1.6 billion rounds of ammo.

    Anybody seen any ten year chart of rounds purchased/yr. by feds? Chart on cost of ammo over last 10 years?

    Wonder where they store all these extra rounds. Any extra cost of storage of such a large number of rounds?

  247. Ameister says:

    Not only did the president get a lessom from butch harmon today , tiger woods joined him for a quick round. Michael jordan must have been busy

  248. Bitterlaw says:

    Penn State students raised $12.3 million for charity this weekend. Add to call them all child-raping scumbags in 3…2..,1…

  249. Bitterlaw says:

    I know that I sometimes give MD crap for updating us on his exercise routine and diet. However, I really give him credit for his new workouts. It is a real crowd-pleaser:

  250. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    6.7 miles on the treadmill today. Burned 941 calories.

  251. Bitterlaw says:

    Good show on National Geographic about John Wikes Booth. It is narrated by Tom Hanks so some will boycott it. It repeats at 10:00

  252. Bitterlaw says:

    Running and the dance routine? Wow.

  253. Go PSU I knew they could get the job done!

    Too bad the men’s team didn’t beat Michigan in Ann Arbor today. The gave the wolverines one HECK OF A SCARE.

    Led them for most of the first half, ended in a 32-32 tie. Michigan ended up winning 79-71 in the shoot out

  254. Bitterlaw says:

    Even whacked out Rick is a zombie-killing machine.

  255. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Does the U.S. plan to launch any more “asteroid” attacks on Russia this week?

  256. No Walt, it was a test. Their true target is to the south of Russia

  257. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – the asteroid from Thule AFB.

  258. Bitterlaw says:

    Was launched

  259. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Bitter – taping the Lincoln thing. I think it is based on O’Reilly’s book. Anyway, saw the first 5 minutes and my wife wants to watch it but is tired. Looks very good just from the beginning with Hank’s narration.

  260. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    #275. Oh now I get it.

    If you want to wack subject “I(ran)” you first test your “asteroid” bomb out on subject “R(ussia)” so when subject “I(ran)” gets wacked it will look more random and less obvious.

  261. Tim says:

    It was terrific.

  262. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    CO legislature considering anti-gun and ammo bill.

    CO companies that manufacture ammo in CO considering moving out of CO.

  263. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Wilkes was considered to be a God by many for his acting skills. Easy to forget that now. Anyway, I will watch it tomorrow night. Good night.

  264. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Oh and RIP to Mindy McGready. Shot herself today. 37 and leaves behind 2 kids.

  265. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Is this headline from DRUDGE:


    In any way connected to this headline on AOL:

    “One-Eyed Pitcher Bids to Make Big Leagues”
    And I guess you are going to tell me the major league team will be the Cardinals?

  266. jason says:

    Walt if you run for Congress I will kick in $100.

  267. jason says:

    ” There is no way that Tom Jensen is going to promote the candidacy of Rep. Broun.”


    Good one, Tim.

  268. jason says:

    Tim can pretend he believes PPP is legitimate and we can pretend we believe him.

  269. Bitterlaw says:

    Killing Lincoln was great. Looking back, the lack of security was unbelievable. It was a very different time.

  270. SusyQue says:

    President Obama has set in motion forces that he can’t handle. (and we can’t handle)
    Neil Snyder

  271. HHR Polling Report says:

    Another Monday morning, another National Opinion Polls update…

    – Conducted among 2,000 National Adults; Polled From 02.11.13 To 02.17.13

    1. President Obama (D) Job Approval

    Part 1 – W/ No Opinion Included
    Approve 50%
    Disapprove 44%
    No Opinion 6%

    Part 2 – W/ No Opinion NOT Included
    Approve 52%
    Disapprove 48%

    2. 113th Congress Job Approval

    Part 1 – W/ No Opinion Included
    Approve 16%
    Disapprove 79%
    No Opinion 5%

    Part 2 – W/ No Opinion NOT Included
    Approve 17%
    Disapprove 73%

    3. Direction Of The Country

    Part 1 – W/ No Opinion Included
    Right Track 37%
    Wrong Track 56%
    No Opinion 7%

    Part 2 – W/ No Opinion NOT Included
    Right Track 40%
    Wrong Track 60%

    Analysis: The President has reached a low of 50% when all adults are included in the poll. Just a Month back he peaked at 54% with all adults. When those w/o an opinion are ignored he only registers 52%, that’s another low for the President in that part of the poll. It is clear that in the last Month the President has seen a drop in support from his small post-election bump. Not even his first 2nd term SOTU seems to have helped him stop the bleeding.

  272. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    O’s 2nd term honeymoon seems to already be over. He avg 54% in approval a Month ago, now that’s down to 50%, where he was on election day. Buyer’s remorse?*

    *Though it is depressing 50% still say this guy is doing a good job

  273. Michael (Snyder for Governor) says:

    Got to the doctors during school. Bad news, had to get blood drawn.

  274. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Mike I could’ve drawn your blood. Back in 2010 I was so desperate for work I did a course on being a Medical Assistant and ended up certified to be able to draw blood. I’m good going in, but I have trouble making it painless when I pull the needle out.*

    *and I just set myself up…

  275. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    As of now, I no longer have full first amendment rights. I am limited to $150.00 but will kick that in if you run.

  276. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    it’s 47 degrees here in Central FL, screw cold weather

  277. Author's Girlfriend says:

    It doesn’t hurt when Author pulls it out. It’s so quick I barely notice when it’s in.

  278. Bitterlaw says:

    Author complains about 47 degrees? Up here we call that the month of March.

  279. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    47 degrees is put on layers of clothing time down here

  280. Michael (Snyder for Governor) says:

    Bitter he doesn’t have to deal with 20 degree highs

  281. Bitterlaw says:


  282. Bitterlaw says:

    Sleeping late, GF?

  283. Bitterlaw says:

    Good thing Alec Baldwin is a lib. Racial slurs would be a big deal coming from a conservative.

  284. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    “WHO urges vigilance over SARS-like virus…”

    I give up. Tell me who it was.

  285. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt, its the same guy who let the dogs out.

  286. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I have nothing to report from Western Virginia.

    All guiet along the Allegheny front.
    No meteor, asteroid, or drone sightings.

    I was awakened by an owl hooting in the tree just outside my bedroom window. I think it was some sort of omen, but I have not figured it out yet.

    Today I will be doing 4 loads of laundry and delivering soup, sandwiches and cookies to people.

    I sense that Dave W. will have a new thread up soon.

  287. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    “288.Killing Lincoln was great”

    Bitter, Your comment is now in the federal government database. The things working in your favor is that

    1. Lincoln was a Reublican and

    2. you do not own a g u n.

    Otherwise you would be on the terorist no fly list, instead on just on the “watch” list.

  288. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt – Lincoln is still around. Didn’t you see Abraham Lincoln -Vampire Killer? They made him a vampire after he was shot.

  289. Tulipomania says:

    “Todd Kincannon ?@ToddKincannon

    If 2016 comes down to Rand Paul vs. Marco Rubio, I’ll probably be for Paul. But I like our odds with either guy.”

    Kincannon is the former Executive Director for the SC GOP

  290. Tulipomania says:

    Rand is getting the SC GOP in line.

  291. Bitterlaw says:

    Paulbots never propose getting more voters to vote for their candidate. Hmmmm. I wonder why that is never their syrategy instead of trying to seize committee posts.

  292. Tulipomania says:

    Because that’s not how you win primaries bitter.

  293. Michael (Snyder for Governor) says:

    STFU Bunu

  294. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Bitter – you just gave away the ending to that book. Since I read it 2 weeks, I don’t care.

    Bunu – black bag – non-citizen. Something to mull over.

  295. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Sorry. The movie was out last Fall.

    Bunu – what would a Paulbot know about winning primaries since they don’t win them?

  296. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    0 for 150!!!!

  297. Bitterlaw says:

    How could a brilliant strategist like Ron Paul never win anything? Not even 1 primary or caucus? Wait. I think it is becuase he received less votes from voters.

  298. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Reader Survey (Charleston WV Gazette)

    Do you agree with Obama’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour?

    52% yes

    48% no

    this is readers of liberal Gazette, so among normal people, I would assume most oppose increasing minimium way to $9/hr.
    That is all I got.
    Told it was slow here.

  299. Michael (Snyder for Governor) says:

    @315 why not count the general Paul lost as a libertarian?

  300. Emerica says:

    If politics is just about poll testing stuff with focus groups then let Frank Luntz run the country.

    But it’s not. You have to build a movement and get your people in state leadership.

  301. MD says:

    Turns out software changing ip is very easy to trace!

  302. Bitterlaw says:

    You have to build a movement and get your people in state leadership.

    At this rate, 2236 is Ron Paul IX country!

  303. Michael (Snyder for Governor) says:

    Bunu doesn’t matter if we maneuver around you idiots

  304. SoHope says:

    Ron Paul suck!

    STFU, Bunu

  305. Bob (black Ops) says:

    MD – if you have the address, I have the …. Tools … Um… Referense library.

  306. Bubu says:

    Hey guys, I’m going to post a lot of links of Ron Paul supporters saying something they like about Rand Paul….how does that sound?

  307. Bob (black ops) says:

    My real name is not Bob.

  308. Bob (black ops) says:

    Rand Paul links? I will bring 2 bags.

  309. SoHope says:

    Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns to retire

  310. SusyQue says:

    Your Browser Influences What You Pay Online

    Should you pay more when you’re shopping online simply because of the browser you’re using? Some popular online retailers think so!
    The New York Times reports shoppers are getting widely different prices based on whether they use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Here are just two examples:

    • For the same Samsung TV on, a Chrome user was offered a price of $997. Meanwhile, the price was $1,399 when using Firefox or Internet Explorer.
    • Another Samsung television model at was offered for $199 on Firefox and $168 on Chrome and Internet Explorer.
    Meanwhile, Mac users could be paying a higher rate for hotel rooms on Orbitz.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, Orbitz has been experimenting with a 30% premium on Mac users when they search for select hotel rooms versus PC users. That effectively works out to be around $20 to $30 more than a PC user.

    When asked for explanation, Orbitz basically stated that Mac users make more money and are interested in fancier hotels. (There were no happy campers in the Apple world based on those comments!)

    The best way for you to stay one step ahead of online retailers who are manipulating price is to use technology to fight back.

    If you want an easy way to see if a quoted price is a deal or not, you can compare prices on websites like or, or use a browser bookmarklet such as Hukkster.

    Another alternative would be to install a browser plug-in like Invisible Hand that automatically pops up an alert while you’re shopping if a better price is available on another website.

    Finally, Amazon customers can typically get a better deal if they put something in their cart and then abandon it before the final purchase. That usually signals to Amazon that you’re willling to walk away and triggers a lower price the next time you put it in your cart to checkout. Give it a try!

  311. SoHope says:

    wow…that was actually a good post SSQ

  312. Tim says:

    You have the nerve to give me advice on polls? After some of the nonsense you and other posters talked on here, last year?

    Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

  313. Wesss says:

    “Killing Lincoln was great[!]”

    Comment by Bitterlaw — February 18, 2013 @ 6:58 am

    I couldn’t agree more; that b@st@rd had it coming for what he did while abusing the poers of his office.

  314. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Finally slavery has ended!

    After Congress voted for the 13th Amendment in January 1864, the measure went to the states for ratification.

    On Dec. 6, 1864, the amendment received the two-thirds’ vote it needed when Georgia became the 27th state to ratify it. States that rejected the measure included Delaware, Kentucky, New Jersey and Mississippi.

    In the months and years that followed, states continued to ratify the amendment, including those that had initially rejected it. New Jersey ratified the amendment in 1866, Delaware in 1901 and Kentucky in 1976.

    But there was an asterisk beside Mississippi. A note read: “Mississippi ratified the amendment in 1995, but because the state never officially notified the US Archivist, the ratification is not official.”

    Due to a procedural glitch the last time around, the Mississippi government this month formally ratified the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.

    It comes a bit late. The amendment was adopted by the U.S. in 1865.

    But, like several other states whose delegations opposed the measure at the time — New Jersey and Kentucky included — Mississippi subsequently voted to ratify the amendment. That vote happened in 1995.

    But, as reported in The Clarion-Ledger, a key step was never taken and the ratification was not made official.

    The newspaper reported how Dr. Ranjan Batra, an associate professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, looked into the issue after watching the Steven Spielberg movie “Lincoln.” He, along with another UMC colleague, discovered that the state did not officially notify the U.S. archivist in 1995 as required.

    Batra’s colleague, according to the newspaper, then called the Mississippi secretary of state, who at last sent the needed paperwork to the National Archives.

    According to The Clarion-Ledger, the Federal Register wrote back on Feb. 7 to confirm that “with this action, the State of Mississippi has ratified the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

  315. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    “After some of the nonsense you and other posters talked on here, last year?”

    ok, I’ll bite. I correctly predicted an Obama win, the Dems keeping the Senate, the GOP keeping the House, and the GOP gaining in Governors offices. I do think PPP polling before the final weeks of an election is push polling.

  316. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    after what PPP pulled w/ Akin you can’t tell me they aren’t willing to push weak GOP candidates to help their side

  317. EM EPH GEE says:

    Damn. Mississippi screwed us again.

  318. Cory says:

    You seem to be trying to make those look real, so I would suggest dropping the “W/ No Opinion NOT Included” part.
    None of that makes any mathematical sense.

  319. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    It is beyond the pale obvious that Tommy pushed Akin. Any Dem who denies that has zero credit-ability.

  320. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Akin was incredibly popular and PPP pickepmup on…I can’t even pretend. Sorry, Tim

  321. Bitterlaw says:

    This is why I still use a blackberry. I can’t type on a screen.

  322. Waingro says:

    #339, he’s also been pushing Steve King both in primary and even showing he’d be within striking distance in a general. Agenda polling at its finest.

  323. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Cory talking mathematical sense? LOL

  324. Brandumb says:

    What about Republicans that believe it?

  325. Bitterlaw says:

    You caught me. Zzzzzzzzzz

  326. Tim says:

    You guys say that Jensen purposely pushed Akin? You say he purposely skewed his polling to pursue this agenda?

    Prove it.

  327. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    “You guys say that Jensen purposely pushed Akin?”

    well considering he was the only pollster who had Akin ahead in the initial polls post his gaffe

  328. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    oh and he used a ridiculous over-sample of Republicans to get the lead

  329. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    For Lisab and MFG. This will draw them out. These pics were probably taken in MFG’s hometown:

  330. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    347 – Tim

    He was the only one to have Akin with a LEAD and he changed HIS OWN party ID. Go check. It is a matter of public record.

    Every Democrat, as this thread proves, is stupid and in denial.

  331. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    A Democrat polling operation, Public Policy Polling, is giving away the Democrats’ desire to have Todd Akin stay in the Missouri Senate race. In so doing, it also reveals how polls are manipulated to produce the desired PsyOps effect. It is simply a matter of adjusting the sample, that is, poll more Democrats if you want one result, and poll more Republicans if you want another. In this case, PPP has suddenly adjusted its sample to produce a poll indicating Akin has a chance to defeat Claire McCaskill.
    Jim Geraghy of NRO’s Campaign Spot spots the game being played in a blog titled, “PPP’s Sample in Missouri Suddenly Becomes More Heavily GOP”:
    This morning, Public Policy Polling races to tell us that “Missouri voters strongly disagree with the comments Todd Akin made about abortion over the weekend, but it hasn’t moved the numbers a whole lot in the Senate race. Akin leads Claire McCaskill by a single point, 44-43. That’s basically identical to our last poll of the contest in late May, which found Akin ahead by a 45-44 spread.” [snip]
    Let’s take a look at that sample…
    Democrat ……………………………………………….. 30%
    Republican……………………………………………… 39%
    Independent/Other…………………………………… 32%
    Wow, R+9? Well, Missouri has been trending red lately, so maybe that’s not that abnormal… Let’s take a look at PPP’s survey in this state in late May, when they found Obama leading Romney in Missouri by a point:
    Democrat ……………………………………………….. 35%
    Republican……………………………………………… 33%
    Independent/Other…………………………………… 33%
    Wait, the sample went from D+2 to R+9? Gee, does anyone think that a heavily-Republican sample might be why Akin isn’t trailing yet?
    Rep. Akin should take note that Democrats consider him a goner, and their polling lackeys are willing to expose their sample game in order to con him into staying on the ballot. If he stays in the race, he will hand a seat and possible Senate control to the Democrats. His name will be mud among conservatives for the rest of his life. I urge him to consider very carefully whether the ego thrill is worth it.
    Richard Baehr adds:
    Now why would PPP be out with such a poll today? Could it be that Todd Akin needs to decide by 5 PM today whether he should stay in the race, and this may help him decide to do just that? Akin remaining in the race means that every GOP candidate across the county can expect to be reminded of his inane words, and be driven off message.
    Of course, the PPP poll appears to be nonsense and nothing more than a politically manufactured result. The 1 point lead for Akin comes from a sample that is 39% Republican, and 30% Democratic. In PPP’s last poll in Missouri, the sample favored Democrats by 2%. In fact, PPP has oversampled Democrats consistently across the country this year. If PPP had a sample with the same GOP-Democratic split as its last poll, McCaskill might have had a 10 point lead.
    Democrats wanted Akin as the GOP candidate during the GOP primary contest. They spent millions in ad money to help achieve that result. Sadly, many Republicans fell for the message- Akin is the most conservative, so voted for him (similar to what happened in Delaware in 2010).
    Even before the latest blunder, Akin had provided a wealth of ammunition to the McCaskill side.
    First Read from NBC News today has it right, I think: “…but make no mistake: This race is NOT WINNABLE for Akin anymore, period. All Claire McCaskill has to do is run ads featuring every quote uttered yesterday by every prominent Republican in the country denouncing Akin as unfit to run.”
    The Republican Senate Campaign Committee will not back Akin at this point. He is too toxic for all the other candidates running. Neither will CrossRoads Super Pac. If Todd Akin cares about his party, his country, Senate control,and the ability of Romney and Ryan to talk about the issues they want to discuss, rather than Todd akin, he should withdraw . If he sticks in at this point, he may be delusional. Of course, that was the point of the PPP poll, to feed that delusion.
    Akin claims to be a strong pro life candidate. If he stays in the race, it will do great damage to the cause. Rather than circle the wagons and back Akin right through a defeat in November, the Susan B Anthony List, the Family Research Council, and Mike Huckabee should be advising Akin to pack it in, and allow a pro life candidate who can win to replace him.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  332. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    There proven. Now, the next time you have him on your show, maybe you will show a little balls and actually ask a tough question.

  333. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Let me guess your response:

    “You guys are great. Give as good as you get. Gotta run. LOL!”

  334. Bitterlaw says:

    MD – Didn’t PPP polls suddenly have Akin tank just after it was too late for him to drop out and be replaced? Pure coincidence.

  335. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Yes Bitter. These fuc”ing Democrats ignoring facts (not opinions) is mind boggling.

  336. Brandumb says:

    You’re wrong. PPP is a good pollster.

  337. Diogenes says:

    Can’t do anything about it. PPP became “the most accurate pollster” of 2012 because it tweaked everything days before the election.

    Let’s not forget +D polls provide fantastic cover for voter fraud as well since it won’t defy conventional wisdom when democrats suddenly win close states.

  338. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim confuses the fact that PPP can be accurate when it wants to be with the idea that it is always accurate even when it is pushing a strategy to help Democrats.

  339. Phil says:

    The R+9 sample used to get Akin +1 during the small window Akin had to pull out is all the proof you need, Tim. Non of the rest of his samples in the race ever were more than R+2.

    Incredibly unprofessional and even crooked.

    As far as Jensen’s other samples throughout the fall campaign, he turned out to be correct. I was wrong about his numbers being skewed in the swing states. He was right about the electorate. A lot of us were wrong and I was one of them.

    Missouri, however, unbelievably fraudulant, to influence an election decision (whether Akin should pull out). As it was, Akin would have been too stupid to pull out regardless.

  340. Todd Akin says:

    God told me to stay in and you can’t argue with the big guy(God, not Chris Christie).

  341. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    I’m watching 2000 election coverage on YouTube while doing some work, Lesley Stahl of CBS looked like she was gonna cry when she said the GOP would keep the House

  342. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    UNETHICAL. Big time. Tommy is a complete fraud. Not because he doesn’t have the ability to poll well but because he chooses to agenda poll. It is NOT an opinion. It is a FACT.

  343. Bitterlaw says:

    Look out. MD is starting to go ALL CAPS.

  344. Brandon says:

    The last time I remember the all caps was….

    NO DEAL!

  345. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:


    Ask him why he dramatically changed his R sample population after Akin put his foot in his mouth? Do you even have a shred of integrity?

  346. Brandon says:

    I won’t start really worrying though until he goes with the bold like Maxwell.

  347. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    365 – That is what you said when Tommy said he didn’t want you to swallow.

  348. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Jensen truly can poll well when he wants to, it’s a shame he taints himself w/ early agenda polling. His behavior on twitter is completely unprofessional as well.

  349. DW says:

    DRUDGE link:

    Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence Slowly Declining…

    All the evidence for this that was needed was what most people did in voting booths last November.

  350. Unlike most I will not argue with Tim and his knowledge of democratic arena. If he says PPP is not helping Broun then fine, he can say it and I won’t dispute it. But I will still have my opinions

  351. Brandon says:

    Go away troll.

  352. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    371 – can u fuc+ing read yet?

  353. @369 yeah the chunky cheese lunch? Seriously!?

  354. @373 yes I can MD, I do fine with most English tests, but when typing on an IPad I don’t care about grammar or punctuation.

  355. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Lindsey’s leg looks awful. Tiger ain’t getting any for a while:

  356. Feb 18 Politics1com: NY CD-11: NYC Councilman Domenic Recchia (D) announced he will run vs Cong Mike Grimm (R) next year.

    Feb 18 Politics1com: NEBRASKA: In a surprise, US Sen Mike Johanns (R) announced he will not seek reelection to second term and will retire from politics in 2014.

  357. @mngop: Today, the DFL introduced legislation requiring vehicle headlights to be used at all times while driving. #mnleg

  358. W. PA Observer says:

    380- Yeah, his term is up in 2014, he’s popular- think John Hoeven in ND, and he’s made no secret of being interested in a move to the U.S Senate.

    Also- 362- yeah, 2000 was a strange election in that there was very little idea of which states would be competitive and which would not – hence why Bush was campaigning in Illinois and California, and the Gore campaign was shocked when WV and Arkansas went for Bush.

  359. Diogenes says:

    “DRUDGE link:

    Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence Slowly Declining… ”

    Of course. When the least educated people have the most kids, what do you think happens?

  360. Rep. Fortenberry also looking at NE senate run

  361. @381 shocked? Global warming and liberal ideals? Shocked is a bit of an overstatement I think.

  362. W. PA Observer says:

    384- You don’t remember the 2000 campaign. This was Gore before Gore became a parody of the South Park parody of himself. Clinton had won both states easily in 1996, WV was considered a safe Dem state that since 1960 had only gone R for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan in 1972 and 1984.

  363. Phil says:

    As part of a proposed anti assault weapon ban proposed bill by Washington state Democrats, a provision of the bill allows for sheriff department authorities to “no more than once a year, search homes for illegal guns and rifles”.

    Oops! When discovered in the bill and reported by the media, sponsors of the legislation claimed this portion of the bill was just a “mistake” in the language. and they hadn’t meant for that to be in there.

    I love it when the mask of lefty “gun safety” advocates drops off just a little bit.

    Mistake? LOL Yeah, that provision just got inserted by some sort of clerical error. Yeah, that’s it.

    Gun control advocates in the state are backtracking furiously. Fun to watch lefties overreach and then have to cover up their real goals.

    Great job libs. Very smart move. These people are about as politically connected as were the Akin people on the right.

  364. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Gore was headed down the loony road by that point but hadn’t made it to the end of the road yet. He is there now. What a complete phony. Sells out his network for huge money to an entity that receives all of their funding from oil countries.

  365. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    um Mike the coalitions of both parties were different then. In 2000 Bush winning WV was as shocking as when O carried IN & NC in 08. Same thing for him being able to win AR & TN. Of course things changed as these 3 states voted for McCain and especially Romney by WIDE margins

  366. Waingro says:

    #388, it seems like the population and demographic shifts since circa 2000 have greatly changed the POTUS electoral map for the foreseeable future.

    There really are only a handful of purplish “swing” states right now, and even they all lean blue.

  367. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Waingro while I agree the Dems currently enjoy the electoral vote advantage (just look at our last election where O got 332 EVs w/ just 51% of the vote); I think the Mid-west is ripe for change as that is where O saw a lot of support bleed and that was with a heavy D electorate

  368. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    If Gore wins TN (his home state which Clinton carried with an assist from Perot), then FL does not matter. Some on the left were pining for McCain to run as an independent.

    As for FL, people now forget that Gore ignored Clinton because the Cuban community was enraged by the Clinton Justice dept returning the Hernandez kid to Cuba. Gore feared that could cost him FL and he was right about that although statistically it was tied. I have heard estimates from 5k to 20K in votes that Clinton cost Gore with that action. Again, history could have easily been much different.

  369. W. PA Observer says:

    390- When the dam finally breaks, I can imagine the entire upper Midwest (sans Illinois) flipping GOP at once.

  370. W. PA Observer says:

    391- Wasn’t the strategy behind picking Lieberman as VP to hold the line with the Jewish voters in Florida?

  371. Waingro says:

    #390, meh. Those gains were fairly negligible though–except for maybe Wisconsin where the total raw vote greatly exceeded ’08.

    I give credit for Ryan being on the ticket for that though. Still wasn’t close to being enough.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong: I hope you are right!

  372. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    389 – the map is solid as of now because the msm has really blunted the movement towards the R’s with all of the “War on (pick your group)” nonsense that is used to drive up the vote from certain segments. Remember, McCain was every Dems and (the msm’s) favorite R in 2000 and then was for slavery in 08. Yea.

    The map isn’t going to change much for a while. I see 3 more cycles at least with the exact same swing states. Our challenge is that many of the swing states greatly favor the other side now. CO, NV, IA, OH and PA clearly favor the Dems. VA could come back into the fold but that is no guarantee. I have hope for FL but also know that NC is not a slam dunk.

    I see a lot of people stating that things will be better for the GOP in 16 because “Obama won’t be on the ticket”. Yet, many of these same people told us how weak Obama was going to be in 12. So, which is it exactly? The macro issue is that the map doesn’t look good for the GOP, no matter who the candidates are on either side, for the foreseeable future. Any GOP win will be very close. The divide in this country is basically the urban cities/first ring burbs versus everywhere else.

    Geographically, the “everywhere” else is larger hence our success in the House. Unfortunately, for general elections, the turnout increases with groups that are far more likely to be from the urban areas and first ring burbs than anywhere else.

    PA illustrates this perfectly. 13 to 5 with House members R to D (geographically a R state) yet, cannot win a POTUS election for the last 6 cycles. It is a microcosm of what the GOP faces nationwide.

  373. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    People mis-read the Walker recall special. Same way the Brown special was mis-read.

  374. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Then, of course, we have the retards in our party who are intent on seeing us lose big. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. They meet that standard. Look at my handle and remember IP’s posts. Over and over again.

  375. Waingro says:

    #395, at least with a Rubio on the ticket, Florida would seem secure. But you’d still need VA, OH and one more.

    Ideally, that would be Colorado, but that state is looking more and more gone to the Blue Side for good.

    They control every level of state government and have two state Dem Senators. And now it sounds like they are gonna ram through some pretty big gun control legislation.

    CO may be a lost cause.

  376. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    CO and NV Wain for general elections. Some of that is the immigration rhetoric.

  377. GF says:

    Good afternoon, HHR.

    Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend, lots of thread catch-up starting now….

  378. W. PA Observer says:

    398- Though that gun control could/should result in a significant backlash. I wouldn’t say Ohio leans towards the Dems since it voted more GOP than the nation as a whole this election and in 2008, along with GOP control of its elected government.

  379. Waingro says:

    #399, at least NV has some Repubs winning statewide though. I really REALLY hope Sandoval tries to take out Dingy Harry in ’16.

  380. Waingro says:

    #402, you’d think, but I’m not so sure. Even Udall is saying he supports an assault weapon ban of some sort now. And he’s up for re-election in ’14.

    He obviously knows he’s safe even with these positions.

  381. W. PA Observer says:

    403- More likely that Harry retires at that point, particularly if the Dems lose the Senate in 2014 or suffer significant losses.

  382. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    The suburban women vote has killed us. If we would tie with that segment in the swing states, we would shift at least 4 or 5 of them our way. Yet, we talk about spanking and not being able to get pregnant with legitimate rape. Unreal.

  383. @rollcallpols: MT @RollCallAbby: Fortenberry stmt: “Given this turn of events, I feel compelled to say I will consider a run for” #NESEN

  384. Waingro says:

    #405, hey, I’ll take it!

  385. W. PA Observer says:

    Then again, he may want to ride it out no matter what happens- in that case a Sandoval-Reid race in a Presidential year would be a brawl.

  386. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    402 – no offense but the difference between OH and the rest of the country was 1%. I would take no comfort in that.

    405 – Harry isn’t retiring in 16 and he won’t be taken out. Also, I can see the R’s picking up a couple to a few net seats in the Senate (although we could screw that up – see 2010 and 2012) but I can’t see getting to 6.

  387. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    409 – Sandoval would not take on Reid in a POTUS year.

  388. Waingro says:

    Well, at least your a keeping my expectations WAY down, MD! LOL.

  389. GF says:

    362- Author, you have a link for that? I’d love to see Stahl on the verge of breakdown…

  390. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Wain – I don’t want to be like Rdel and act like the NJ Senate seat is in play because Laut is retiring when it is crystal clear that Booker is going to win big. We need outstanding candidates to pull off the upsets necessary to win the Senate in 14. If 12 hadn’t been such a fustercluck then we would only be a seat or 2 away. That isn’t the case. It also makes zero sense to me why someone would think Sandoval would challenge Reid in a POTUS year. FWIW – I think Reid will be done by 22 one way or another (most likely retirement) but he could go on. We have endless examples. Maybe if Sandoval is still active and Reid runs again in 22, that would be possible.

  391. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    The civil war in our party must be fought first. This could lead to a far right candidate in 16 (well using that term liberally because oftentimes the candidate isn’t really that conservative – Santorum’s economic philosophy as proof) which would be awful for us. A part of me wants that too happen so we can get back to Reagan’s philosophy.

  392. @411 send the Lt. governor on a run, roll the dice, we might get lucky..

  393. Waingro says:

    #414, I’m thinking + 3 to 4 pickups tops in the Senate. But those gains could be all washed away in ’16 with a few vulnerable Repubs up for re-election.

  394. Waingro says:

    #415, I’m actually not too worried about that. I mean we sent up Romney and McCain the last two cycles.

    Plus, we have a very good, deep bench of electable conservatives to choose from come ’16.

  395. @415 I would agree, I think 2014 will be the opening skirmishes in the senate, house, and governor races. We need to beat those deadenders now. 2013 is the warmup year, time to save money and prevent wackos like jul from using local offices as spinoffs for higher office. Then use the money saved for a fundraising blitz and donate to the best candidates possible in 2014

  396. @418 just don’t include Bachmann in those numbers

  397. Waingro says:

    #420, oh good God no.

  398. @421 I actually went to one of her first events a year ago. I was on vacation from PA, I was in Rock Hill, SC. Great speech, I had her autograph one of my campaign signs! She was the second congressional member I had ever see.

    I am up to 5 now.

    Rep. Bachmann, Sen. Graham (back in 2009), Rep. Thompson, Rep. Duncan (R-SC) and Rep. Myrick (retired R-NC).

    Also have met with PA Secretary of State Aichel and PA Lt. Governor Jim Cawley.

  399. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    I was of the belief 2014 would be a Senate bloodbath for Dems but after seeing Dems survive in ND & MT while those states voted for Romney by landslides i’m thinking a more modest 3-4 seat gain which could set us up to MAYBE take back the Senate in 2016 IF (and it’s a big if) we have a candidate that wins and has long coattails. Of course we are still too far to know what theory will become fact and all that. It’s clear that as horrible as the Dems are at getting the economy back on track they are infinitely better then us at winning elections.

    GF, I can’t remember the link now. It was on YouTube. It was part something of 2000 election coverage on CBS. I swear she was a couple sentences away from sobbing as she reported the Dems were gonna come up short of taking the House.

  400. W. PA Observer says:

    422- My best was having a drink with Lou Barletta and some of his staffers during his 2010 campaign, “Will this be the year, Mayor?” I ask him, “You think you’ve got him (Kanjorski)?” – “We got him.”

    On the federal level- I’ve met Pat Toomey and Keith Rothfus as well. Keith’s a really down-to-earth guy and very capable. He has a bit of a lisp, but has certainly overcome that and is very good in person and in speaking to crowds.

  401. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    The only Politician I met was St Pete Mayor Bill Foster who was doing a photo-op at work. It took everything in me not to give him the one finger salute.

  402. W. PA Observer says:

    Lou beat Kanjorski 55-45 in a district Obama got 58% of the vote in. (It’s now been made significantly more Republican)

  403. @424 neat, amazing how us citizens know these facts.

    Author, I think 5 is the best bet.

    AK, WV, SD, LA, MT

    Count on it, I don’t think Bacaus will survive on an off year

  404. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    as much as I can’t stand Foster though I’d rather have him around then a Dem as long as I live here

  405. Corey says:

    I have met/shaken hands with/been at the same event as many politicians. I probably am at the point where I would not be able to recall every one of them who ever served in Congress, but nothing has been a greater honor than to correspond here online with the person who gave Chakah Fattah the scare of his political life.

  406. @426 and this in in PA????? Which district?

  407. @429 please, Bitter would be scaring Fattah if he got over 20%

  408. W. PA Observer says:

    430- PA-11. The old PA 11 included Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, which makes Lou’s win that much more impressive. He was mayor of Hazleton at the time and got 48% of the vote in 2008 when O took 58% in the district. The new 11th excludes Scranton and part of Luzerne County, and extends farther west, so O got quite a bit less. Lou won reelection this past year with 58% of the vote. Tim Holden’s old district was made more Democratic- about D + 7 or so, and he was primaried out by a left-wing attorney from Scranton.

  409. @432 I remember the last part. Holden was the only other important primary race in PA, besides Critz and Altimire. The senate race wasn’t as important

  410. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    ” The senate race wasn’t as important”

    in Smith’s defense he put quite a scare in Casey during that race

  411. @434 sure, but I am talking the primary. I may have wanted a different candidate but it wouldn’t have mattered, Smith had that race in the bag

  412. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    15 Minutes until BBQ Chicken!!!

  413. Corey says:

    One regret about not meeting a politician is that several years back, I could have gone to a GOP Womens’ event and met Congresswoman Katherine Harris, but I decided to keep a dental appointment instead.

    Rand Paul is headlining our local Lincoln Day Dinner next month, but I am going to skip it.

  414. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Cory is Canadian Mike, Corey is a GOPer exiled in IL

  415. W. PA Observer says:

    439- at least he got Kirk in in 2010- wasn’t he your Congressman at the time?

  416. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @442 who? Corey can vote, he is a US Citizen. Cory is Canadian and can’t vote in US elections. Thus why I never take him serious.

  417. Corey says:

    442. Early and often.

  418. @443 you mean he can vote he just votes in a way that you don’t like?

  419. W. PA Observer says:

    444- And when you are dead, you can have yourself buried in Cook County and keep voting, though I suppose you won’t particularly like how you’ll be voting.

  420. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @445 wait, what? Corey votes Republican last I checked. Cory I don’t take serious because he wants to talk about the politics of a country he is not a citizen of.

  421. @447 but I thought you said he was a US citizen. Who lives in IL, and votes in US elections for the GOP? Then how is he a Canadian citizen

  422. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    @448 ugh. I give up. somebody else give it a crack.

  423. W. PA Observer says:

    448- Michael.

    Corey and Cory (note the spelling difference) are two different people.

    Corey is a GOP voter from Illinois. Cory is a godless Canadian left-winger who posts snide comments and pontificates on US politics- I like to remind him he has Stephen Harper for Prime Minister.

  424. Author give me all the info at once. I may be a regular but I need this information if I am ever to deliver serious arguments against these people

  425. @450 okay I see the difference. So what’s up with Corey? A moderate? Conservative? Deadender?

  426. W. PA Observer says:

    452- He is, as he wills himself, to be.

  427. @453 what the fu$&?! No consistency?

  428. Corey says:

    Michael, go take a couple months away to study the HHR roster and then perhaps you can return to us.

  429. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Mike I got an idea. Take a rest from HHR, when the Bobcats win 25 games in a season you should take that as a sign to return

  430. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Holy Crap, Jerry Buss died. The Lakers season just got even worse.

  431. Corey says:

    The Jerry Buss news came out this morning. Who was keeping it from you?

  432. Brandon says:

    Michael is just a moron. No amount of studying could help him.

  433. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Corey I just found out now via Didn’t hear about it from anywhere else

  434. Author's Girlfriend says:

    Author is not allowed to watch the news until after he cooks our rice and beans for dinner, washes the dishes, and hangs our laundry out to dry.

  435. Corey says:

    Since yesterday was Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday and it is seemingly being covered wall to wall, I wonder if anyone else here ever saw him play live.

    I did once in 1990.

  436. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    rice and beans? ugh. that’s boring. we’re having BBQ Chicken for Dinner

  437. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    Didn’t see him play live Corey but I remember being in Elementary School when I saw him win his final title. My uncle was rooting for the Jazz and I for the Bulls

  438. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Did anyone hear of a new substance that was recently discovered?

    It is very dense and is called Michaelentium.

  439. Why take a break from HHR?

    What kind of break are you guys talking about?

  440. Brandon says:

    Best individual performance I’ve seen was the game Iverson put up 60 against the Magic.

  441. Corey says:

    Best individual sports performance I have seen in person was probably Jay Cutler throwing 4 TD in a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

  442. Okay I am taking a vote. Of anyone that is here.

    How long should Michael leave HHR without posting?
    A 1 day
    B 1 week
    C 1 month (keep in mind next month is my birthday and if i’m gone no one will be able to be mean to me on my Bday)
    D 1 year
    E Governor’s decision.

    Vote now

  443. I vote for E the governors decision. I am keeping tally.

  444. @473 thanks Corey for voting. What time do you think I should close voting? I was thinking 9 since most people will be here by then

  445. Corey says:

    Close it right now and start your sabbatical. The earlier it starts, the earlier you can come back (if you will still want to… maybe you will find something else to do…)

  446. @475 I can’t it’s a tie between C, D, and E and we can’t change votes, you should have voted for the year. It would have saved yourself, me, and HHR a whole lot of time

  447. Corey says:

    Mr. Speaker, I wish to change my vote to 1 year..

  448. @477 the clerk will check to see if the vote change is legal.

  449. Request accepted Corey, which would you like to change your vote to do. A, B, D, or E?

  450. I am not going to leave tonight until Corey changes the vote or someone picks one of the choices to break the tie.

  451. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I would vote to ban Michael for 10 years, but unfortunately that is not a choice.

    So I guess it is D (one year)

    I do not trust Bitter to be a hard liner, and fear he will just give michael a pardon and a slap on the wrist.

  452. Walt with your vote, I am now forced to push voting to 9. Why did you have to vote now!

  453. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:


  454. Author thank you for voting. Well at least voters are starting to pour in

  455. @482 Walt I doubt that, Bitter would jump at the chance for me to leave forever.

  456. Joey Bagodonuts says:

    Actually I say give Lil Mikey cement boots…yaknowwhatImean…

    But that ain’t no choice, so I gotta goes with the one year thing.

    I give a D.

  457. @487 whatever, thank you for voting

  458. Cory says:

    I vote D.

    Wait, can you vote, if you’re a hermaphrodite Casablancan, exiled from the GBR, living in Indonesia?

  459. Nearly half an hour left to vote b!tches! Make up your damn minds already!

  460. @489 fine, just promise stay low and shut up

  461. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate 0 says:


    Can I also vote absentee?

  462. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate 0 says:


    Can you give a running tally of where the vote stands right now?

  463. @492 no, not unless you were that Odd man that beat that woman in where was it?

  464. @493 no it could influence the votes of others. 9

  465. Bitterlaw says:

    I think Michael should take a break until the Bobcats win 20 games. See you in 2014, Michael.

  466. Big Ugly Woman who was beaten by the Odd man says:

    You mean the Big Ugly woman?

    I vote D

  467. Man from Odd says:

    I’d give Michael a D…
    and a beating.

  468. GF says:


    That also doubles as my vote. 🙂

  469. breaking news, voting will end at 8:45 now

  470. Bitterlaw says:

    Politicians I know:

    Senator Ayotte
    PA AG Kane (summer law clerks at same firm)

    Politicians I have met/spoken with:

    Pat Meehan
    Chaka Fattah
    Ed Rendell (attended wedding ehere he officiated and had private tour of his City Hall office)
    Arlen Specter (also had same dentist)
    Local judges and DAs nobody cares about

    Supreme Court justices i have met:


  471. Bitterlaw says:

    I abstain since i might have to declare the time period.

  472. 1 C, 9 D, 1 E

    Here are the results.

    I will create my farewell speech

  473. @506 scratch that to 1 C, 8 D, 1 E

    *sorry bitter. Thought you were in the D’s

  474. HHR, the vote has been made. It is official, HHR truly doesn’t want me. I want to I sure that no one takes my handle, is that understood? Unlike in other situations they don’t me around anymore, this time will attempt to adhere to the voters and not come back until Feb 18, 2014. The other times I left and comeback I made the decision to leave and come back…

    What the heck? I despise all of you little b!tches for voting for me to leave you no good MOTHER F$&@ing @$$holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GFY’s!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Bye HHR,
    watch out Feb 18 of 2014 I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!! Until then I will be lurking nearby….

  475. HHR Senator AuthorLMendez, El Patron says:

    let’s take a vote on my taking a break:

    A 1 Milli-Second
    A 1 Second
    B 1 Minute
    D 1 Hour

    Polls close when I declare they close

  476. GF says:

    508- seems to be a 3 on the Maxwell Scale. A firm attempt, but GM would roll his eyes at the screed and tell the boy to “just watch, just watch!”

    Mikey, I motion that you be allowed to return in the run-up to the off-year election, say, mid-October, on a probationary status.

  477. Cory says:

    How about a poll on how long we think Mikey will actually stay away from HHR?

    A) 1 hour
    B) 1 day
    C) 1 month
    D) Forever, because he will completely forget all about this place in about 2 weeks.

  478. Corey says:

    He’ll be back within the hour.

  479. GF says:

    511- He might come back just to tell you to shove it and go home to Chicago, Cory. What with his mastery of the HHR roster.

  480. Bitterlaw says:

    508 gets a very generous 2 on the Maxwell Scale. I like the profanity but an exit speech where you announce the date of your return is weak.

  481. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    I found all of this to be very odd.

    Michael did not even throw out the votes from obvious parody posters.

    All the more reason we need voter ID in America.
    Of course Micheal will lurk. WE know how addictive HHR is.

    And he could come back here in 10 seconds as Michael II; or Michael, Reborn; The revenge of Michael; or some such.

  482. PSU Mike says:

    Hello. I just found this website. I like to discuss politics and sports. Does anybody like the Charlotte Bobcats?

  483. Jimmy Swaggart says:

    516- Praise Be! HE is risen!

  484. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:



  485. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael is still gone? Wow. He really is determined.

  486. jason says:

    Darn, I missed the vote.

    I hate being left out of something that exciting.

  487. jason says:

    I drove through Walt country today, WV on I-81.

    I made it through without killing any deer, bears, coyotes or varmints of any kind.

    I guess that says something, I don’t know what though.

  488. jason says:

    I give Michael’s goodbye a 2. If he actually stays away, I will revise it to a 3 later.

  489. Mikael says:

    Whoops, I had to come back for my cell phone. Bye.

  490. PSU Mike says:

    There was a guy named Michael? I bet he was really cool. Did he have any views on closing Air Force bases? I have some ideas on that.

  491. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    You were within 1/2 mile or so of my house as you zipped up I-81. Glad you made it through the road construction and aniumals gave you a pass.

    Don’t know why you managed to escape without hitting any animals. There are lots of skunk caracasses about since it is their mating season (no kidding).

    Maybe the cold weather had all the rest of the animals hunkered down. Or perhaps there was an animal meeting or convention somewhere when you happened to come through.

  492. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael should be off grabbing 17 year old’s …. Um … Anything attached to a 17 year old girl.

  493. jason says:

    “I despise all of you little b!tches for voting for me to leave you no good MOTHER F$&@ing @$$holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would have voted A.

    Oh well. Too late now.

  494. jason says:

    Walt I go that way often. Sometime if you invite me I will drop by and help you shovel some llama dung or something.

  495. Bitterlaw says:

    I could pardon Michael or reduce his sentence. Or not.

  496. jason says:

    “There are lots of skunk caracasses about since it is their mating season (no kidding).”

    Skunks mate on the pavement?

    Who knew?

  497. Bitterlaw says:

    I tried to organize a meeting with MD and hellbelly when hellbelly was 2 miles from my house. It didn’t happen.

  498. jason says:

    529. Usually pardons are issued when leaving office.

    This could set up a dangerous precedent.

  499. Bitterlaw says:

    Fine. No pardons.*

    *Pain in the ass. Wet blanket.

  500. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    No, city slicker.

    Skunks get hit while crossing the roads.

    Why did the skunk cross the road?

    Skunks get all hot and bothered and pick up the scent of some female skank skunk who happens to be across the road.

    They start to cross. Car comes.

    “Dead skunk in the middle of the road, stinking to high heaven….”

  501. jason says:

    Luckily you have a Lt. Governor watching out for you.

  502. LisaBee says:

    Oh pardon him. Let all the criminals go free. Give him Ice Cream

  503. jason says:

    Walt knows more about skunk mating habits than anyone I know.

  504. Bitterlaw says:

    I appreciate it, jason. However, i think that the camera in my bedroom is a bit unnecessary… And creepy.

  505. jason says:

    “534.No, city slicker.”

    That hurts.

    After years living among the Amish and over 40 barns to my credit that really hurts.

  506. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:


    Do your frequent trips on I-81 have anything to do with running truckloads of low tax cigrarettes from VA to PA, NJ, and NY?

  507. jason says:

    538. Kept under strict confidentiality I assure you. Nobody has seen the tapes.

    Besides, nothing ever happens.

  508. jason says:

    540. No, I don’t smoke.

  509. michael corleone says:

    Politicans I know:


    Politicians I have personally met/spoken with:

    GW Bush
    Sen Marco Rubio
    Sen Mike Lee
    Don Rumsfeld
    Sen Jeff Sessions
    Rep Frelinghuysen
    Gov Rick Scott
    Sen Ted Cruz
    Rudy Giuliani
    Condi Rice

    Supreme Court Justices I have met:

    Scalia (he gave me a “gold star” for answering a question correctly in a special con law lecture he gave)

    I have also met a number of lower court judges.

    Most important people I have met:

    Scores of medal of honor recipients and POWs who were in attendance at Admiral Stockdale’s memorial service

  510. jason says:

    Presidents I have shaken hands with:

    Gerald Ford
    GHW Bush
    GW Bush

    Bitterlaw (virtually)


  511. Bubu says:

    Presidents I have shaken hands with:

    Ron Paul…

  512. SoHope says:

    Kleefisch for Lt. Governor campaign took a major hit today…

  513. Bayernfan says:


  514. Bayernfan says:

    Ted Kennedy
    Jesse Helms
    Orrin Hatch
    Paul Laxalt
    Richard Lugar
    Dan Quayle
    Claiborne Pell

  515. Walt, HHR Senator, formerly known as Delegate says:

    Presidents I have shaken my fist at:

    GHW Bush
    GW Bush

    Many of these I also gave the finger to when they were speaking on TV.

  516. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Michael is gone, eh? Bitter, I know you fancy Prime Minister or Mayor or something but no pardons for the kid. A 2.5 on the Maxwell scale. Better than the incomplete that puss+ MFG took. I’ll say that much for the kid.

    Politicians I have met:

    Rick Santorum
    Arlen Specter
    Richard Schweiker
    Frank Rizzo
    Franny Rizzo
    William (Bill) Greene (Mayor of Philly)
    John Heinz
    Bob Edgar
    Curt Weldon
    Jon Fox
    Patrick Meehan
    Wilson Goode
    Dick Thornburgh
    R. Bud Dwyer (yes, that Bud Dwyer – my Dad knew him)
    Tom Ridge
    Phil English
    Joe Sestak
    David Price (NC)
    Margie Marloglis something or other whose son is now married to Chelsea Clinton

    A bunch of others but none recently. A ton of appointees in PA and the city of Philadelphia over the last 20 years

  517. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I forgot that I shook Gerald Ford’s hand at Montclair Country Club in 1996.

  518. W. PA Observer says:

    How was Senator Heinz in person? Damn shame what happened to him.

  519. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    Actually had dinner with him when I was 16 years old. My Uncle knew him pretty well. Nice guy. I absolutely have no memory of Teresa though and if she was there or not. It was a social thing.

  520. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    WPA – I take it that I am older than you by a substantial margin.

  521. W. PA Observer says:

    554- Quite. My first election was 2004.

  522. W. PA Observer says:

    But yeah, dying in a damn mid-air collision and then having your widow inherit the entire family swag, marry John Kerry, and having him spend from it to run for president.. yeesh.

  523. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    There you go.

  524. Tim says:

    40 and rain. Oh, joy.

  525. Tim says:

    I read the list of some of the politicians you people have met. Rather impressive….

  526. Tim says:

    Micahel left? I didn’t even know. That’s what I get for having a life, and not being on here, last night. I’ll sure try not to let that happen, again.

  527. Tim says:

    oops. Michael

  528. ????? says:


  529. SoHope says:

    Presidents I have met:
    Charlton Heston

  530. MD (IP - Akin and Mourdock Will Win!) says:

    I miss the kid. Who else in going to tell me that the county commissioner in Saginaw Michigan is declining to run for an 8th term?

  531. Bitterlaw says:

    ????? is truly a mystery. More questions than answers from him or her.

  532. Bitterlaw says:

    I would rather read that than Bunu’s update on how the Paulbots are taking over the Sewer Commission of Oakland, New Jersey.

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