Christie/Booker Dominate in NJ, Markey Up By 7% in MA (Plus New CO Poll)

Well I completely missed this yesterday from Scott Rasmussen. He released a new poll for the US Senate race in New Jersey and it shows Cory Booker with a 17% lead over Steve Lonegan.

Cory Booker (D) 50%
Steve Lonegan (R) 33%

Last Friday, he also released a poll on the gubernatorial race that shows Christie with a 30% lead.

Chris Christie (R-inc) 58%
Barbara Buono (D) 28%

Both polls were done June 12-13 among 1000 likely voters. Rasmussen had become so infrequent with actual useful electoral polling data that I had basically stopped going to his website. Plus, for some reason, his email started going into my spam folder, which is why I missed the polls. Meanwhile in Massachusetts, Gabriel Gomez released a new poll done by OnMessage Inc that claims he is only trailing by 7% against Ed Markey.

Ed Markey (D) 47%
Gabriel Gomez (R) 40%

This poll was done June 16-17 among 600 likely voters. I don’t think it takes a lot of political knowledge to know if you are a candidate releasing results of a poll showing yourself down 7% a week before an election, you are probably not expecting to win. One more internal poll for today that somewhat confirms the Quinnipiac University poll earlier that surprised me showing sitting Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper in trouble. It comes from Republican Scott Gessler, who claims he is within a single percentage point of Hickenlooper in a poll done by Magellan Strategies. (Thanks Michael for the tip)

John Hickenlooper (D-inc) 44%
Scott gessler (R) 43%

This poll was done June 4-5 among 500 likely voters. Quinnipiac University is showing on their website that they will be releasing polls for Connecticut and more results for Florida tomorrow morning at 6:30am.

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  1. Corey says:

    Somebody has to be first.

  2. Michael says:

    6 democrats voted for the new abortion restrictions:
    Rep. Colin Peterson (MN)
    Rep. Jim Matheson (UT)
    Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC)
    Rep. Rick Rahall (WV)
    Rep. Daniel Lipinski (IL)
    Rep. Henry Cueller (TX)

    6 Republicans voted No:

    Rep. Mike Hanna (NY)
    Rep. Paul Broun (GA)
    Rep. Rob Woodall (GA)
    Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ)
    Rep. Jon Runyan (NJ)
    Rep. Charlie Dent (PA)

  3. Michael says:

    Dave, I live to serve the wizard in all ways possible.

  4. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    not a big miracle … the fish was better

  5. Corey says:

    Michael got a shout-out from Dave in his post…

    I’ll probably never get one, but more importantly, how is Brandon going to take this development?

  6. Michael says:

    @5 he must be on suicide watch.

  7. Michael says:

    Bets on CT tomorrow?

    I think Foley will be shown either tied or beating Gov. Malloy. After democrats rammed through the tax increase the people are NOT pleased. After that a special election came up and the GOP won a special election for a democrat leaning state house seat. So knows what will happen now. If Foley does not lead or tie then it will be close.

  8. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    My hands are shaking; my adrenaline is surging.

    No, it’s not from the latte I just inhaled or because this is the first time in two years I’ve been in a Starbucks since declaring a boycott on its open-carry gun policy….

    Yes, I bought a handgun and will carry it everywhere I go over the next 30 days. I have four rules: Carry it with me at all times, follow the laws of my state, only do what is minimally required for permits, licensing, purchasing and carrying, and finally be prepared to use it for protecting myself at home or in public.

  9. AuthorLMendez says:

    heh, Mike got a shout-out. Bitter waited Years for one.

  10. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    Getting the permit to carry a concealed weapon was simple. I filled out a form, had my fingerprints taken for a background check and paid $56.50. No training required. It took far longer to get my dog a license.

    I started my 30-day gun trial with a little window-shopping. I visited a gun show and two gun dealers. I ended up buying a Glock 9mm handgun from Tony, a gun dealer four miles from my house. I settled on this model because it was a smallish gun and because Tony recommended it for my stated purposes of protecting myself and my home.

    It was obvious from the way I handled the gun that I knew nothing about firearms. Tony sold it to me anyway. The whole thing took 7 minutes. As a gratified consumer, I thought, “Well, that was easy.” Then the terrifying reality hit me, “Holy hell, that was EASY.” Too easy. I still knew nothing about firearms.

    Tony told me a Glock doesn’t have an external safety feature, so when I got home and opened the box and saw the magazine in the gun I freaked. I was too scared to try and eject it as thoughts flooded my mind of me accidentally shooting the gun and a bullet hitting my son in the house or rupturing the gas tank of my car, followed by an earth-shaking explosion. This was the first time my hands shook from the adrenaline surge and the first time I questioned the wisdom of this 30-day experiment.

    I needed help. I drove to where a police officer had pulled over another driver. Now, writing this, I realize that rolling up on an on-duty cop with a handgun in tow might not have been fully thought through.

    I told him I just bought a gun, had no clue how to use it. I asked him to make sure there were no bullets in the magazine or chamber. He took the magazine out and cleared the chamber. He assured me it was empty and showed me how to look. Then he told me how great the gun was and how he had one just like it.

  11. AuthorLMendez says:

    I seriously wonder how this team won 66 games w/ this sloppy play. Particularly the stupid passes. Was the East that week?

  12. AuthorLMendez says:


  13. Michael says:

    @9 should we put him on suicide alert too? With two on alert Author we might be able to get into the Philly A-Holes club, however through lack of membership…

  14. Corey says:

    I said that there were 4 or 5 times in the West this season that were better than the second best team in the East.

    jason thought San Antonio would be much easier to beat than Indiana.

  15. AuthorLMendez says:

    “jason thought San Antonio would be much easier to beat than Indiana.”

    Yeah and I have no idea what he was smoking when he said that. I’ve said all year the Spurs are the measuring stick in the NBA and the only team that could stop the repeat. They’re on their way to proving me right. The Vegas oddsmakers have flunk picking Finals after Finals. I’ve nailed every Finals in the last couple years w/ the exception of the Miami-Dallas series in 2011. I guess I should make some bets?

  16. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    So here I sit at Starbucks, and the irony couldn’t be thicker. On March 12, 2010, I was surrounded by big hairy men with guns on their hips, yelling at me as I led a protest against Starbuck’s gun policy. Today, I’m surrounded by five-year-old boys sitting with their moms at the next table. Now I’m the one with a gun on her hip. The gun makes me more fearful than I could have imagined.

    In some way, I feel a certain vindication. I was right to protest Starbucks policy. Today, they have a woman with absolutely no firearms training and a Glock on her hip sitting within arm’s reach of small children, her hands shaking and adrenaline surging.

    My Month With a Gun: Week One
    June 12, 2013 by Heidi Yewman

  17. W. PA Observer says:

    Well 4 of the Rs make sense- though Dent I believe is genuine in his views- I don’t see being pro-life as being overly controversial in the Lehigh Valley. The two Georgians I presume felt it did not go far enough.

    The six Dems are in red Districts, except for Cueller (I think). But Cueller is in a swing/light blue Texas Hispanic district and a lot of Texas Hispanics vote Republican- so social conservative stands make sense.

  18. AuthorLMendez says:

    on the MA race –

    FPP is polling that race all week and 2 days in I can tell you that it’s looking like a clear Markey win to us too. Gomez’s best polling from us was after his primary win. I hope Paladin does a competing poll to release Monday.

  19. Bitterlaw says:

    Does NJ Liberty have a hot daughter?

  20. AuthorLMendez says:

    BTW I think I know who SusyQue is but i’ll keep quiet about it for awhile. It’s been right under our noses.

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    (Thanks Michael for the tip)

    WTF! I waited 9 years (1/2 of Michael’s life) to get mentioned. This is a joke, Wissing.

  22. Michael says:

    Okay author, in the Heat’s division their competition includes.

    The Bobcats (21-61)
    The Magic (20-62)
    The Wizards (29-53)
    The Hawks (44-38)*

    *only other real teams the division.

    I can’t talk about the bobcats (in two seasons they will be the Hornets again!!)

  23. Bitterlaw says:

    SusyQue is probably lisab.

  24. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “Does NJ Liberty have a hot daughter?”

    a tan one

  25. AuthorLMendez says:

    “WTF! I waited 9 years (1/2 of Michael’s life) to get mentioned. This is a joke, Wissing.”

    Has MD been mentioned yet? If not, you still have something to hold over his head. Of course granted MD tried to start his own blog and kinda called out Dave…

  26. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “is probably lisab.”

    lol … nope

    i don’t like fake handles, the mrs. ikea notwithstanding

  27. Michael says:

    @18 no matter what moderate polling will be doing a poll on that race on Monday as well. Should we negotiate set a release time?

  28. Michael says:

    @25 really when? Where? Is it still active?

  29. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    remember when she wished me merry christmas and i wished her a happy winter solstice? 🙂

  30. AuthorLMendez says:

    “i don’t like fake handles”

    that’s what Tim said…

  31. AuthorLMendez says:

    “Should we negotiate set a release time?”


  32. Corey says:

    Dave Wissing is probably grooming Michael to take over this blog when he retires.

  33. AuthorLMendez says:

    “Dave Wissing is probably grooming Michael to take over this blog when he retires.”

    I just heard a gunshot coming from a NJ Union Home…

  34. Tulipomania says:

    Bosh= garbage time

  35. AuthorLMendez says:

    Bunu STFU. You’re one of the reasons the Heat are losing.

  36. Michael says:

    Very well, if you don’t mind I have my press release on the poll work as well.

    So far moderate polling has had two days of polling going on so far. The first day we had a huge +16 Markey lead, but then a good day for Gomez came today with +8 for him. 4 more days to poll. With this rolling day poll we might catch something showing Gomez climbing.

  37. Michael says:

    @33 do you want to take his spot in the Philly a-holes or should I?

  38. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “that’s what Tim said…”


    besides, ssq obviously is a protestant from what she says … heathen that she is 🙂

  39. AuthorLMendez says:


    and I don’t take your word serious

  40. Tulipomania says:

    Heat aren’t losing.

  41. AuthorLMendez says:

    “Heat aren’t losing.”

    kiss of freaking death

  42. MD says:

    25 – I was mentioned years ago.

  43. Michael says:

    @43 when and where is your blog?

  44. AuthorLMendez says:

    “25 – I was mentioned years ago.”

    nevermind, Bitter can commence to crying himself to sleep…

  45. Tulipomania says:

    Heat are in the bonus early.

  46. Michael says:

    @45 while that is happening, police and ambulances are arriving at a NJ household.

  47. MD says:

    44 – defunct.

  48. Michael says:

    @46 you know only help the Bobcats when you say this right?

  49. Michael says:

    @48 really. Why?

  50. MD says:

    Because I didn’t feel like it and it was a pain.

  51. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “and I don’t take your word serious”

    and i think you are a moron

    but you can always have dave check ssq’s ip

  52. Michael says:

    @51 okay, sounds like a good answer to me.

  53. AuthorLMendez says:

    What i’m about to say is NOT the reason the Spurs are poised to win, it’s just a small part of it:

    The refs are bias towards the Spurs. For w/e reason they think they can defend their rim but the Heat can’t. It’s frustrating.

    But again this is not why Miami is in trouble, it’s mostly their sloppy ball play – ie: those damn stupid circus-like passes

  54. MD says:

    The bottom line is that this place needs me. I am the straw that stirs the drink. Bitter thinks he’s the straw but he can only stir it bad.

  55. AuthorLMendez says:

    “and i think you are a moron”

    Good, I consider that a badge of honor that you think that way of me. The feeling is mutual.

  56. AuthorLMendez says:

    Yeah I tried doing my own blog, i’d rather comment

  57. MD says:


    James is coming off very small in this game. I haven’t seen much of it. Just got home a bit ago after a long travel day but 3 for 10?

  58. MD says:

    How many points does Duncan have? Did I hear that right?

  59. Corey says:

    55. I thought Michael was the Straw.

  60. AuthorLMendez says:

    “James is coming off very small in this game.”

    Yeah, i’m not surprised. He’s a great player and a future HOFer but the comparisons to MJ have always puzzled me. I’m not even ready to compare him to Kobe at his prime. Lebron has a History of disappearing in these type of elimination games when they aren’t Game 7.

  61. MD says:

    61 – Physically, Lebron is a step above anyone and really could be compared to Wilt although there are obvious differences. However, both MJ and Kobe won a lot of rings. James has a long ways to go. Sometimes, fate just isn’t with you.

  62. Corey says:

    “We didn’t come here to win one championship, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…”

  63. Bitterlaw says:

    MD is the little umbrella in the drink.

    Michael- Enough with moderate polling. Having a fake poll when you advertise it as fake AFTER other posters came up with their own fake polls more than a year ago is beyond sad.

  64. AuthorLMendez says:

    @63 Lebron has more rings then Cutler. If you want to be a prick about it i’ll make sure to appear when the Blackhawks lose to Boston.

  65. Corey says:

    When did Cutler ever guarantee multiple championships, especially before ever playing a game with a team?

    He’ll probably get one before LeBron gets another one though.

    If the Blackhawks wind up losing to Boston, I really won’t be thinking about you (nothing personal), so you don’t have to worry about it.

  66. Corey says:

    We can say though that Jay Cutler married his baby mama before LeBron has.

    And he also voted for Mitt Romney.

  67. AuthorLMendez says:

    “He’ll probably get one before LeBron gets another one though.”

    Cutler WONT win a Super Bowl. I guarantee it.

  68. AuthorLMendez says:

    Cutler will be lucky if he even makes a Super Bowl. If he does, he’ll probably sit out like a b*tch like he did during the NFC conference title game

  69. D. Rose says:

    I think I might be ready to practice soon. Did the playoffs start yet?

  70. AuthorLMendez says:

    “If the Blackhawks wind up losing to Boston, I really won’t be thinking about you (nothing personal),”

    Of course not, you’ll be too busy crying yourself to sleep

  71. Michael says:

    @64 what s sad is that you have been here many more years than I have yet I already have been mentioned in one of his posts and you practically begged for yours.

  72. Corey says:

    He was clearly injured in that NFC Championship game. That is not debatable. His coach did not want him unable to perform and hurting his team. Why is LeBron unable to perform when it matters most? Is he hurt?

    Of course, tonight’s game is not over. Sorry that this is so painful for you at the moment.

  73. AuthorLMendez says:

    “Sorry that this is so painful for you at the moment.”

    Don’t worry asswipe, your time will come. I don’t forget.

  74. AuthorLMendez says:

    “but that reminds me of the time that Erik Spoelstra said there were players crying in the locker room after the Bulls beat LeBron and the Heat in a regular season game .”

    and then the Heat beat those thugs in 5 games after a fluke loss in Game 1. tell us again about how honorable those Bulls players are?

  75. Corey says:

    I don’t get why ALM takes criticism of LeBron so personally against himself. He has been bashing LeBron himself.

    And he lost all rights as a sports fan to have others feel sorry for him when he clearly stated that he wanted Miami to lose tonight, in order to put him out of his misery.

  76. AuthorLMendez says:

    “And he lost all rights as a sports fan to have others feel sorry for him”

    who made you the rule maker asswipe? don’t worry, like I said, your time is coming. HHR hasn’t seen my vengeful side yet.

  77. Corey says:

    The Bulls aren’t thugs. They have a hard-ass coach though who demands they play defense.

    They are going to be a strong contender to come out of the East next season.

    The Big Three of Miami is probably going to be broken up I assume if they can’t get this done.

  78. Corey says:

    This is getting Maxwellian.

  79. AuthorLMendez says:

    “This is getting Maxwellian.”

    as I heard it, Maxwell didn’t have the balls to show up when the Rangers lost. nice try though.

  80. Corey says:

    No, but he kept promising to have vengeance rain down upon all who got in his way, etc.

    Just wait! Just wait!

    It’s only a game. It’s not something important like an election. Calm down and see if “rasslin'” is on or something if this is that tough to deal with.

  81. Tulipomania says:

    James is on fire.

  82. AuthorLMendez says:

    Just wait, just wait. Make all the jokes you want.

  83. NYCmike says:

    AuthorLMendez says:
    June 18, 2013 at 9:11 pm
    BTW Van Gundy is a HORRIBLE color commentator. The Finals deserves better.

    Hubie Brooks on ESPN radio is great, and so is the guy doing play by play.

  84. Tulipomania says:

    Crowd is getting fired up in Miami.

    Lebron has taken off the headband.

  85. Tulipomania says:

    Bosh garbage time is out. James one man wrecking crew of the 4th.

  86. Corey says:

    There are a ton of Jews in that Miami crowd. A ton.

  87. SusyQue says:

    Tim Tebow’s ‘Spirituality’ No Small Factor For Patriots Owner Robert Kraft

  88. NYCmike says:

    AuthorLMendez says:
    June 18, 2013 at 11:20 pm
    Just wait, just wait. Make all the jokes you want.

    -Are you really getting pissed at someone BEFORE the end of the game?? Are you for REAL? Have some confidence in your team!

  89. D. Rose says:

    The playoffs started? I knew I should not have listened to Cutler when he told me to rest.

  90. Corey says:

    Why did he take the headband off?

    Is he trying to finally embrace his developing baldness to make him play more like MJ?

    I think there is going to be a Game 7, and he will shave his head.

  91. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “No, but he kept promising to have vengeance rain down upon all who got in his way, etc.

    Just wait! Just wait!”


    i don’t mean to pry, but you don’t by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?

  92. NYCmike says:

    Refs are making questionable calls.

  93. NYCmike says:

    My name is Diego Montoya……

  94. Corey says:

    I don’t know what that means lisa.

  95. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “There are a ton of Jews in that Miami crowd. A ton.”

    not according to bunu

  96. Corey says:

    Never saw that movie.

  97. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “I don’t know what that means lisa.”

    lol … google it

  98. David Stern says:

    I called the refs. Game 7, baby!

  99. MD says:

    Nice comeback by the Heat.

  100. Tulipomania says:

    Questionable line up by the heat.

  101. Tulipomania says:

    That looked like over and back…

  102. Tulipomania says:

    …..holy sh$% Tony Parker.

  103. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “Refs are making questionable calls.”

    not that i am saying anyone is cheating, but the nba has a huge incentive to see 7 games

  104. MD says:

    Wow. Parker is money.

  105. Corey says:

    Tony Parker is French.

    Losing to him would be like losing to John Kerry.

  106. NYCmike says:

    They were making the calls AGAINST the Heat, imho.

  107. NYCmike says:

    Tony Parker is French money? I thought the government was confiscating everything over there?

  108. Corey says:

    NBA and ABC certainly wants a Game 7.

  109. MD says:

    108 – Kind of like a certain candidate losing to a community organizer from your city.

  110. True or False says:

    The French government is confiscating Tony Parker.

  111. True or False says:

    Lebron pulled a “Karl Malone”.

  112. MD says:

    James came up small in the end. Who knows. Still enough time for 2 possessions – maybe.

  113. Corey says:

    This is fun.

  114. MD says:

    It’s over.

    A horrible shot by James. He wasn’t fouled.

  115. MD says:

    Yea, kind of like watching Rose….oh wait.

  116. Tulipomania says:

    Putting Wade in messed up that units chemistry.

  117. Corey says:

    You will enjoy watching D-Rose next season.

  118. jason says:

    I should have given up on the Heat when Bunu picked them.

    Kiss of death.

  119. jason says:

    They didn’t do what I told them to do. Stop Tony Parker.

  120. NYCmike says:

    I do not like Lebron’s body language!

  121. Bitterlaw says:

    The Corey-Author battle is about to go nuclear.

  122. lisa valdiz ikea says:

    “They were making the calls AGAINST the Heat, imho.”

    well, the nba definitely does not have incentive to do that

    the refs probably lose money too — although maybe they are paid a set amount regardless of the number of games played

  123. MD says:

    Well, let’s hope he plays. You know for $19m or whatever, it is the least he can do.

  124. Corey says:

    It’s not a battle. I feel sorta bad for him. I know it’s an emotional time. But calling me “asswipe”, not once but twice is great Beavis and Butthead nostalgia, so I enjoyed that.

  125. NYCmike says:

    Nice shot, Lebron!

  126. MD says:

    Corey is definitely agitating. I like it.

  127. jason says:

    Wow, huge miss.

  128. MD says:

    “asswipe”? Are we sure Author isn’t our age Bitter?

    Smacked As+ was one of my Dad’s favorite expressions. Ah, sweet nostalgia!

  129. jason says:


  130. MD says:

    Holy Chit! What a game!!!!!!

  131. Tulipomania says:

    holy asd;lkfasdfjsadkl;fadkls;fkls;ak;

    Ray Allen

    behind the line?

  132. Michael says:

    Good night

  133. Corey says:

    Needed Ray Allen to bail his ass out.

  134. MD says:

    They can NOT stop the game at that moment can they?

  135. jason says:

    That’s 3 pts

  136. MD says:

    Spurs still can end this.

  137. Tulipomania says:

    Ray Allen cans it!

    Allen made two quick fouls when the heat were falling apart. First on Ginobli and one on i forget. Amazing veteran play from him.

  138. MD says:


  139. W. PA Observer says:


  140. Bitterlaw says:


  141. jason says:

    136. How much more could he do this quarter? You really do have LeBron derangement syndrome.

  142. Michael says:

    Bunu, shut up.

    Come on Heat. Somebody needs to make the Bobcats division look better.

  143. Corey says:

    What more could he have done?

    Made some more shots, not missed any Free Throws and not turned the ball over.

  144. NYCmike says:

    What is the reasoning behind taking Duncan out on the defensive end?

  145. Corey says:


    This is going to Game 7. No way the NBA does not want that to happen and no way that LeBron can fail in this situation, unless….

  146. jason says:

    I would say the Spurs have to be a little disappointed but NYC will say that’s impossible, these guys are pros.

    On the other hand, they did not fall apart when the Heat came back from 13 down and passed them in the 4th quarter.

  147. AuthorLMendez says:


  148. NYCmike says:

    I predict the Spurs will hit 5 3-pointers in OT.

  149. Bitterlaw says:

    My favorite putdown will always be d-bag.

  150. W. PA Observer says:

    150 – Fiancee have to pick you up off the floor?

  151. jason says:

    “No way the NBA does not want that to happen ”

    I thought most of the calls went against the Heat.

  152. MD says:

    Author might not make it to his wedding.

    1. A nervous breakdown

    2. He will kill Corey and be in prison.

  153. NYCmike says:

    Big offensive rebound

  154. Corey says:

    A Puerto Rican killing a Jew might rip the Democrat Party apart.

  155. MD says:

    This Corey/Author thing has the making of a long-term blood feud. We really haven’t had one of those in a while.

  156. Tulipomania says:

    This line up ain’t working for Miami. That shooter line up with Lebron in was.

  157. NYCmike says:


    The timing of that joke was beautifully brutal!

  158. jason says:

    “What more could he have done?

    Made some more shots, not missed any Free Throws and not turned the ball over.”

    So the fact he pretty much singlehandedly brought the Heat back into the game wasn’t enough.

    Oh well.

  159. MD says:

    The Corey/Add feud was fun but way, way too quick. Basically, Corey chased Add off of HHR.

  160. Corey says:

    I don’t have one ounce of anger towards Author. I just think he needs to learn how to be a better fan.

  161. MD says:

    Good D by James.

  162. MD says:

    163 – You had a few ounces towards poor Add though. Just think how sad he is now.

  163. jason says:

    Can’t get any closer than this.

  164. NYCmike says:

    Is that Mike Breen on play by play? To believe he started on the Imus show over 20 years ago.

  165. Corey says:

    165. No, I felt sorry for him. He obviously had some issues.

  166. Bitterlaw says:

    I miss fighting with Add and MFG. They were warriors.

  167. jason says:

    ” I just think he needs to learn how to be a better fan.”

    I have to agree with that.

    To pick the underdog team against your own team IS weird.

  168. NYCmike says:

    “I would say the Spurs have to be a little disappointed but NYC will say that’s impossible, these guys are pros.”

    -Let’s see who wins before I decide.

  169. jason says:

    LeBron should have made that. He was his shot.

  170. jason says:

    171. Win or lose, they don’t seem rattled.

  171. NYCmike says:

    That Leonard kid is really young!

  172. MD says:

    Corey – did he have issues related to multiple DUI’s?

  173. Corey says:

    I have no idea.

  174. NYCmike says:


    I knew you’d come around. (:

  175. MD says:

    MFG feels great shame.

  176. Corey says:

    My hunch is that Miami will win this game tonight, but LeBron’s body language is so….

  177. NYCmike says:

    That is a great defensive play!

  178. MD says:

    How many unbelievably bad predictions can 1 person make?

  179. Michael says:

    where is mnw?

  180. jason says:

    Add just ran out of things to talk about.

    Obama’s economy still sucks.

    Joe Paterno died, Sandusky is serving life.

    The case against Zimmerman is still weak.

  181. Corey says:

    mnw is probably feeling bad that the Cardinals lost to the Cubs tonight.

  182. NYCmike says:

    Ok, now time for Green to hit a 3!

  183. jason says:

    I thought is was a foul. But it wasn’t.

  184. Bitterlaw says:

    Add’s issue was the guy banging his wife.

  185. MD says:

    Was MNW back?

  186. W. PA Observer says:

    178- At what, Add?

  187. Michael says:

    Yes!!!! Glad the Heat have possession.

  188. Corey says:

    Did MNW stand for “Mexicans No Want?”

  189. jason says:

    Miami has had its chances, they can’t complain. Should have scored both times.

  190. Ghost of mnw says:

    I will never come back

  191. jason says:

    I just did a simulation. Parker’s ball was going in.

  192. NYCmike says:

    Wow, Bosh with a dee play!

  193. Michael says:

    MD, no. I was wondering if he did.

  194. Michael says:

    Oh no!!!!

  195. jason says:

    Wow, Ginobili needed to put that up, this is not football

  196. Corey says:

    Of course that was a foul. #Game7

  197. MD says:

    Corey threatened to expose some stuff with Add. Add left shortly thereafter. Corey took away what little joy Add had in life – posting at hhr.

  198. Michael says:

    Yes! Never mind!

  199. jason says:

    Ginobili looked like a running back on that play.

  200. Bitterlaw says:

    No travel on that? He looked like a running back.

  201. NYCmike says:

    Bosh has come up big in the OT.

  202. Michael says:

    Corey, what a terrible person. When was this fight, I think I was here to witness it.

  203. MD says:

    I also wish Barrett would come back.

  204. W. PA Observer says:

    200- Heh, how’d he dredge up info on him?

  205. Corey says:

    I didn’t threaten to expose anything. I was just puzzled why he would go after me in such an unprovoked and ridiculous manner when I had access to information about him. I was too nice of a person to really go digging, but who knows what some of his other “enemies” would have done.

  206. jason says:

    Dont foul the 3 pt shooter

  207. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason and I agree.

  208. AuthorLMendez says:


  209. MD says:

    Was that a foul? Hard to tell unless another angle is shown.

  210. NYCmike says:

    That suc ks.

  211. Tulipomania says:

    That was one of the best NBA games I’ve seen in a long time.

  212. W. PA Observer says:

    208- That’s interesting, how’d you have access to information on him?

  213. jason says:

    One HECK of a comeback.

    Even I didn’t believe it at the end of the 4th quarter.

  214. jason says:

    211. Hehehe, now Author comes out of his burrow.

  215. Michael says:

    @208 I never liked add for the 1 3/4 I have been here. He hated me because I was a PSU fan. It’s not like I am actually Joe Paterno.

  216. MD says:

    208 – you threatened to post the information here if he didn’t back off. Now, he is probably institutionalized as a result.

    Hey, we all have to live with our things.

    Poor, poor Add. Internet tears flowing.

  217. jason says:

    No foul. All ball.

    Ginobili I thought was a foul, but it looked to me like he walked too.

  218. NYCmike says:

    Yea, jason, the Spurs will be disappointed, until they get back to their hotel room, and then they get ready for Game 7.

  219. AuthorLMendez says:

    Win or lose Thursday this is a night I will always remember as a Heat fan, I am utterly stunned the Spurs choked this game

  220. Corey says:

    I know his full name and where he works. He used to email me. It’s pretty easy to find out some other basic stuff with that info. I did not exert the time or money to find whatever “dirt” might exist. It seemed like enough people really disliked him enough on here to want to cause him problems if they knew his real name, employer. Wasn’t something I was going to do though.

  221. MD says:

    218 – well, that is just it – he probably thought you WERE Joe Paterno.

    Add also called the Eagles chickenshi+ because they didn’t schedule a game against the Bears. He was batshi+ crazy and illogical. Fun though. You could always tell when he was drinking.

  222. jason says:

    Add hates the concepts of presumption of innocence, rule of law, and due process.

  223. NYCmike says:

    The Heat played really frantic defense in the 4th qtr. Spurs will have to do a better job Thursday.

  224. Bitterlaw says:

    Author the Heat Fan finally showed up after pissing himself for 6 games? A little weak.

  225. MD says:

    The last play was a foul, clearly.

  226. MD says:

    Bosh should not have contested it that closely. He is lucky they let him get away with it. I don’t buy the conspiracy theory though.

  227. W. PA Observer says:

    224- From what I could tell from reading, he had some issues with the booze and I guess his marriage had gone to hell.

  228. Corey says:

    So, I guess I will have to watch Game 7 now. The NBA and ABC/ESPN have to be quite pleased. Still, no team has won two in a row in this series.

    Which team is going to be more emotionally drained from this Game 6 experience?

    I’m not sure how many points LeBron got in OT, but he will have a great chance to build on his legacy on Thursday.

    If Ray Allen does not make that 3 at the end of the Fourth, the game is over and all anyone would be talking about for the entire offseason and maybe for decades is how LeBron put up a brick in that situation right before.

  229. NYCmike says:

    If he starts chirping too much now, then he is weak.
    If he keeps it whiny, then he is consistent.

  230. Tulipomania says:

    The Heat iced the shooters in the first half at a cost of Duncan going for 25.

    That kind of pays off in the second half though.

  231. jason says:

    ” I am utterly stunned the Spurs choked this game”

    They didn’t choke although Leonard and Parker missed clutch free throws at the end.

    More like they got LeBroned.

  232. Corey says:

    Add has posted on here within the past couple of months. He just uses different names.

  233. MD says:

    OK – a long travel day and I have a stupid training session at 8:30 am.

  234. NYCmike says:

    looking at highlights, Spurs blew it.

  235. Addisonst says:

    I will always be here.

  236. MD says:

    Good night.

  237. Michael says:

    Well at least we know that the 2012-13 NBA season is finally about to draw to a close.

  238. jason says:

    ” how LeBron put up a brick in that situation right before.”

    He scored 32 pts and got them back into the game allowing Allen to be a hero.

    If it wasn’t for LeBron’s stellar effort Allen would never be in that position.

    You should give credit where its due. LeBron won this game for the Heat.

  239. jason says:

    Hey Add, how did you like the game?

  240. The Ficus says:

    I am always here too.

  241. Michael says:

    Well good night everyone. That better be a parody.

    Also, notice that Brandn hasn’t been on the thread. I hope he didn’t have to go to the hospital.

  242. Tulipomania says:

    “If Ray Allen does not make that 3 at the end of the Fourth, the game is over and all anyone would be talking about for the entire offseason and maybe for decades is how LeBron put up a brick in that situation right before.”

    Paxton for three game six NBA finals last second


    Steve Kerr last second shot 1997 game 6 NBA finals

  243. Bitterlaw says:

    And the Bobcats and 76ers will still suck in 2013-2014. Rose might finally play for the Bulls by March.

  244. jason says:

    Looking at the stats.

    4th quarter

    LeBron 16
    Spurs 20

    Yep, LeBron got beat. What a loser.

  245. Corey says:

    All people remember is the last shot. And the way the way he looks like a whiner when things do not go his way. (I know, I know, Cutler has poor body language too.) How many times is he down on the floor incredulous that the refs did not give him a call, instead of getting up and trying to play defense on the other end.

    He is one of the most gifted players to ever play the game, but I still question his heart. Big time.

    He and his team may win Game 7. Home teams usually do, but he did promise to win at least 8 championships in Miami before he ever played a game there,and said that anything less would be unacceptable.

    Suffice to say, that is not going to happen.

  246. Tulipomania says:

    Jordan bailed out by Paxton 1993 and Kerr 1997 both game six NBA finals last second shots.

  247. Michael says:

    @246 I don’t now bitter, the Bobcats are getting “better.” They also did get a win over the 76ers last season. Charlotte I think will get to 25 wins next season. Hopefully.

  248. Corey says:

    John Paxson and Steve Kerr certainly made big shots at the end of games where the Bulls clinched titles, but those were all designed plays for them. They were not rebounds off a missed shot by Michael Jordan or anyone else.

    Michael Jordan did of course hit a similar shot to win the 1998 Championship.

  249. Corey says:

    And I never click on bunu’s links, but those two are pretty good!

  250. Bitterlaw says:

    I never understood the LeBron haters who claim he is not a great player.

  251. Tulipomania says:

    They were actually in the process of wheeling the Larry O’Brien to the court when Allen hit that three.

    Willbon and magic saw it going past them.

  252. Corey says:

    Also, the Bulls were not in a position to be eliminated on those nights when those shots were made.

    MJ never needed to go to a Game 7 in the Finals. He would get it done in 6. The Spurs could have used him.

  253. AuthorLMendez says:

    Corey has Lebron Derangement Syndrome. I think he’s a little overrated and have been upset with him sometimes in this series but God can he take over a game.

    I will not be posting here Thursday night. I don’t do well posting here during a game. Either the Heat prove me wrong Thursday or the Spurs win as I expected them too. Obviously you know which team I want to see win. Win or lose I’ll post the next morning if anything. The Spurs are a great organization and beating them would be awesome for Lebron’s legacy. The Heat have done much better then I expected this series. MUCH BETTER.

    I WILL be here when the Bruins hoist the cup again. Only Corey could make me root for the Bruins.

  254. jason says:

    Popovich is an arrogant ass.

    Good coach. Arrogant ass.

    The press is just doing its job. If you don’t want to answer questions dont do the interview.

  255. Tulipmania says:

    Actually Kerr was the third option. Jordan drove and had nothing. Pippen drove and had nothing and then passed to Kerr.

    And I didn’t watch that video I posted. I remember the play.

    …about to click it to see if I remember that right.

  256. Michael says:

    Anyone now where Walt is either? His shift is about to start.

  257. Bitterlaw says:

    Heart? From a guy who cheerleads for Who needs to finish a playoff game Cutler and My doctors cleared me but I will see you next year Rose?

  258. jason says:

    ” The Heat have done much better then I expected this series. MUCH BETTER.”


    Every oddsmaker in Vegas picks the Heat to win, but you think they did better than expected?


  259. Tulipomania says:

    nm I’m thinking of the Paxton shot.

  260. Corey says:

    256. I don’t know my own power. What can I say. I assure you I would be rooting against Miami even if it were not for LeBron James or AuthorLMendez.

    But I have a lot of other things on my mind these days (including the Stanley Cup Final) besides whether or not LeBron wins a championship.

    If it makes you feel good Author if I wind up disappointed about a hockey game, that’s up to you. As a Chicago sports fan and a Republican I have been through a lot worse, and I will always be loyal. If you really care about your teams, I hope you can one day find a way to be the same way. In the meantime, I wish you much contentment in your life, whether your Heat team wins or loses.

  261. Fact Checker says:

    How many titles did Jordan win before Pippin showed up?

  262. jason says:

    ” I never understood the LeBron haters who claim he is not a great player.”

    LeBron is the best player I have seen in my lifetime outside of MJ.

    Its too bad he played so long for a crappy team like Cleveland.

  263. Tulipomania says:

    Magic just said that was the best game he’s seen in 30 years.

  264. Corey says:

    Nobody has tried to compare Jay Cutler to LeBron James in terms of talent in their respective sport. It is not a serious point of contention to even try to say he was not injured in that game. He was simply unable to play.

    Derrick Rose has a lot of time ahead of him to show what he is made of in terms of his heart. There certainly was a lot of confusion and disappointment among Bulls fans regarding this season when so many believed he could have played. It is also true that none of us ever had ACL surgery.

    (There’s a Marian Hossa controversy going on in Chicago right now too as to why he did not play last night. It never ends.)

  265. Tulipmania says:

    Ray Allen played over 40 minutes at age 37 in that game.

  266. Bitterlaw says:

    LeBron carried 11 stiffs to the Finals with Cleveland but Corey questions his heart.

  267. Corey says:

    Jordan was in the league for about 3 or 4 seasons before Scottie Pippen was drafted. MJ at this age, and at this point in his career certainly had won more titles than LeBron.

    Derrick Rose is a good deal younger than both MJ and LeBron were before winning a title.

  268. Tulipomania says:

    Good thing the Heat don’t have a Marco Rubio type player on their roster.

    He’d be intentionally turning the ball over at in the final minutes.

  269. Corey says:

    I don’t remember that Cavs team being filled with “11 stiffs” but of course, he got swept in the Finals that year.

    He never won a championship until he went to Dwayne Wade’s team, along with what was once considered another Top 10 player with Chris Bosh.

    He won a championship last year (strike shortened), good for him. He may get one more or he may only just have the one, unless perhaps he decides he needs to come to Chicago and play second fiddle to Derrick Rose in a couple years.

  270. jason says:

    Cleveland was a dog. Even LeBron couldn’t save them.

    If LeBron had played for a real team he might have several more rings by now too.

  271. Corey says:

    Physically-talent wise, LeBron is one of the best, if not the best player in our lifetimes.

    All things considered though, I wouldn’t even have him in the Top 10 of jason’s lifetime.

  272. jason says:

    Derrick Rose will have to be a star for about 10 seasons to even be compared to LeBron James.

    Let’s get real.

  273. Tulipomania says:

    Wade isn’t giving the Heat much this series honestly with exception of game 4. Bosh is helping at times.

    Of course in Cleveland he got help in zero games.

    I would love to see James paired with Irving though plus that big dude from Kentucky could add some size.

  274. Bitterlaw says:

    I want to see Corey’s list of the 10 players better than LeBron since…1980

  275. jason says:

    It’s funny how Corey touts a mediocre player like Jay Cutler and refuses to see the greatness of LeBron.

    Too much emotion, not enough reason.

  276. jason says:

    278. Really. Get ready to laugh.

  277. Corey says:

    I expect Derrick Rose to be a star for at least 10 more seasons. Of course, he and LeBron play different positions, and require different skill sets.

    It was a shame he tore his ACL in the first playoff game last season. He might have already won a ring at age 23.

  278. jason says:

    Bitter, thanks for the “1980”.


  279. jason says:

    ” I expect Derrick Rose to be a star for at least 10 more seasons.”

    He could be.

    But before you compare him to LeBron, let’s wait.

  280. Tulipomania says:

    Chris Paul was never the same Chris Paul after his knee injury. Wade has never been 2007 Wade again.

    Other than Adrian Peterson, I am a bit pessimistic that players can return 100% from most of these more severe injuries.

  281. Corey says:

    Since 1980? ( I know jason is a good deal older than that, but ok….)

    In no particular order, except for # 1

    1. Michael Jeffrey Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Magic Johnson
    4. Larry Bird
    5. Julius Erving
    6. Kareem Abdul-Jabar
    7. Shaquille O’Neal
    8. Hakeem Olujuwon
    9. David Robinson
    10. Tim Duncan

  282. Bitterlaw says:

    I was born in 1968. You can go back to the Age of Aquarius and LeBron still makes the Top 10.

  283. Corey says:

    I might even say Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Reggie Miller.

  284. Corey says:

    Now, I would like to see a list of Chicago Bears Quarterbacks since 1940 who were more talented than Jay Cutler.

  285. Walt, HHR Senator formerly known as Delegate says:


    Walt is here, you little whippersnapper.

    I had company come this evening and they are spending the night. That is why I had so much house cleaning to do today.

    Everyone is in bed now, ‘cept me. But I am about to call it a night, too.

    Long day.

  286. Tulipomania says:

    Kobe Bryant as #2?

    I’d take Wade over him in his 08-09 form or 06-07.

    Either of those seasons put Kobe to shame. I’d even take Chris Paul over him.

    And Shaq over him without a doubt. That’s not even close.

  287. Walt, HHR Senator formerly known as Delegate says:

    John Hickenlooper (D-inc) 44%
    Scott gessler (R) 43%

    If gessler would only capitalize his last name he would get another 1 or 2 points and then tie or lead.

  288. Corey says:

    I said except for Jordan, “no particular order.”

    No particular order. Just like your psyche.

  289. Tulipomania says:

    Magic over Kareem?

    huh? Is that a joke?

  290. Tulipomania says:

    I would throw Bird, Magic, and Kobe out of that list for sure.

  291. jason says:

    Well the filter eats my long comment.

    I think Corey is nuts.

    Kobe, Bird and Magic you could make a case for. I would still pick LeBron for my team though.

    Olajuwon, O’Neal, Jabar.. big scorers but not overall players. Let’s get real.

  292. Walt, HHR Senator formerly known as Delegate says:

    Oscar Wilde once wrote: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”
    I am sure that when he penned the last part of that statement he was thinking of Bubu.

  293. jason says:

    I mean if tall center is the criteria, why not Manute Bol?

  294. Corey says:

    I’m factoring in “intangibles” of course.

  295. Walt, HHR Senator formerly known as Delegate says:

    GF’s ‘C app’ is causing his cell phone to start to quiver…..

  296. Corey says:

    Manute Bol would probably have eaten LeBron’s heart for lunch.

  297. Corey says:

    Of course it’s impossible to judge these sort of hypothetical situations, but my sense is that if you put LeBron up against any of the 10 players I listed (in or close to their prime… Duncan is a bit past at this point), their teams all beat LeBron in a 7 game playoff series.

  298. Tulipomania says:

    I just made a list and I put them in a list. People aren’t going to like it.

    #1 Jordan
    #1\#2 Lebron (either behind him at #2 or tied for first. I haven’t decided yet let’s watch the rest of Lebron’s career first)
    #3 Kareem
    #4 Shaq (annoying egomaniac but always showed up when he needed to)
    #5 Hakeem Olajuwon (he’s hard to place because he played better in playoffs than regular season at times)
    #6 Wilt
    #7 Chris Paul (best point guard ever)
    #8 Dwayne Wade (best shooting guard pre-knee injury if you count Lebron as a small forward)
    #9 Duncan
    Tie #10 Dirk Novitski and #10\#11 David Robinson. (would give edge to Dirk if I had to choose.

  299. Tulipomania says:

    Errr second best shooting guard I should say behind Jordan, but at his best Wade was very close to Lebron\Jordan level if not at their level.

    Just only for a couple years.

  300. Lebron James says:

    Corey can eat my ass. Cutler? That pansy hasn’t taken his team to the championship game. I’ve done it 4 times and have a shot at my 2nd ring. And let me tell you something, i’ll be back in the Finals again after this year win or lose.

    And somebody tell Author I got this.

  301. Tulipomania says:

    By the time it’s over, Kyrie Irving might be in the top 3 or 4…..

    If he continue to improve at the rate he has.

  302. Corey says:

    “Lebron” is awesome. He should run for Congress!

    Oh wait…


  303. Tulipomania says:

    btw with regard to Ray Allen bailing Lebron out.


    But the play right before Allen hitting a three was Lebron hitting a three.

    Just saying.

  304. Tulipomania says:

    2K14 has Lebron on the front with headband.

    But the cheat they are adding is Lebron no headband beast mode.

  305. Tim says:

    I’ve been watching the NBA for over 50 years. now. Michael Jordan is the best player I’ve ever seen.

  306. Tim says:

    Boy, a lot of you people stay up late. Do you not work?

  307. Bitterlaw says:

    Most intense hatred:

    Bitterlaw and the Confederacy

    Bitterlaw and drunk drivers

    NJ Conservative and Chris Christie

    lisab and Christians

    mnw and illegals

    Corey and LeBron James

    Bunu and reality


  308. Tim says:

    Sorry, Bitterlaw. But I just can’t seem to fit bunu and reality into the same sentence.

  309. Tim says:

    You forgot to put me and Party Switchers on your list, btw.