Marist College Polls For IA, NH and SC

Marist College has put out a trio of polls for the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and they have Trump leading all three states on teh GOP side and Clinton leading IA and SC on the Democratic side.

Clinton 48%
Sanders 45%
O’Malley 3%

Sanders 57%
Clinton 38%
O’Malley 2%

Clinton 64%
Sanders 27%
O’Malley 2%

Trump 32%
Cruz 25%
Rubio 18%
Carson 8%
Bush 4%
Christie 2%
Fiorina 2%
Huckabee 2%
Kasich 2%
Paul 2%

Trump 31%
Cruz 12%
Rubio 11%
Kasich 11%
Bush 8%
Christie 7%
Carson 5%
Fiorina 4%
Paul 4%
Huckabee 1%

Trump 36%
Cruz 20%
Rubio 14%
Bush 9%
Carson 8%
Christie 2%
Huckabee 2%
Kasich 1%
Fiorina 1%
Paul 1%

The NH and SC polls were done January 17-23 among likely voters. The IA poll was done January 24-26 among likely caucus goers.

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  1. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – I called Ailes and Murdoch. They apologized and said that Megyn Kelly will return your lunch money.

  2. Tina says:

    Bl, I don’t care about mayhem Kelly. She is not responsible. The quote is not from me, but another media host.

    The financial consequences cannot be denied.

  3. Big Joe says:

    Looks like Rubio is pulling from Cruz which is exactly what I thought he had to do to be competitive. Things are getting interesting in Iowa.

    Big Joe

  4. Alberthodges says:

    LOL at FOX News.

    I watch Fox News from 6pm until 11pm. Anyone who watches these shows regularly are quite aware that Kelly is obsessed with Trump and books guests on her show just to attack him. she is very good on coverage regarding Benghazi and the email scandal.

    Fox News PRESS RELEASE has been condemned by MOST conservative or liberal commentators as childish, unprofessional and totally unbecoming of a news corporation.

    additionally, two guest debate questioners were added to attack Trump: a Muslim immigrant and a grown anchor baby. Notice there was no addition of any Canadians, anyone with information about Rubio’s personal use of the GOP party credit cards when he was in Florida or a doctor to examine Mr. Low Energy.

    Trump has taken more tough questions on 5OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO million, zillion news shows and participated and won in 6 debates already. While I wish he was debating tonight, not only do i respect his decision NOT to attend (Like Reagan, W. and Rand Paul have done in their past) but this will only buttress his image as someone who doesnt take crap off fools.

    I would think that people supporting the others like Rubio, Bush, etc. would RELISH this opportunity to get more attention and air time. Since Rubio is my second choice, I hope everyone takes Cruz to the woodshed for his repeated lies and snarkiness.

    Going to love to see them gang up on the Canadian. I can hear Becks wailing and weeping already.

    Lets Make. America. Great. Again!!!!!

  5. EML says:

    Five straight hours of TV every single night? Might want to find something a little more productive with your life.

  6. Tina says:

    I stopped watching Fox News in 2012. Actually, all cable news in general.a. Not worth the time.

  7. EML says:

    Donald Trump is a thin-skinned tyrant.

  8. Alberthodges says:

    Conflict of Interest much?

    5 hours of recorded tv become about 1 hour of tv once you skip through commercials, spin from candidates and just watch the news stories on the economy, political analysts and the Donald!

  9. EML says:

    Is Donald Trump the sharia of American politics? I’m having trouble finding much daylight between Islamic law’s repressive blasphemy standards and the mogul’s thin-skinned sense of privilege.

    None of us wants to be insulted or smeared. But sharia forbids not only ridicule or slander against Islam; it bans any examination that casts Islam in an unflattering light. Worse, truth is not a defense: Even if one’s questions are based on undeniable past actions or verbatim quotes from scripture, tough questioning is considered blasphemous. Retribution, moreover, is often completely out of proportion to the scale of the perceived “offense.”

    How is Trump different?–thin-skinned-tyrant

  10. EML says:

    Donald Trump is no better than the Mooslims

  11. Tina says:

    Albert, if you want to waste time watching that stuff, more power to you.

  12. EML says:

    Albert the Foul Mouthed Hypocritical “Chrsitian” has returned. Hopefully I can pick up some more points.

  13. Tina says:

    They also asked a sanders supporter to be one of the you tube questioners.

  14. EML says:

    Irrational, mercurial, draconian, solipsist — all wrapped up in a neat little persecution complex. I wouldn’t put him in the Oval Office, but he has the makings of a fine Saudi sheikh.

  15. Tina says:

    Trump wants to cut off heads of the invaders too.

    Stupid argument

  16. Tina says:


  17. Tina says:

    So, tonight, we get the attack Cruz.

    I think Rubio can get stoned in Iowa.

    Too bad that fox added rand to the debate. We need less on stage.

  18. Tina says:


    Stupid autocorrect.

  19. DW says:

    Any Christians who supports Trump should be ashamed of themselves. Period.

    As far as Trump goes, he will..

    Make. Christians. Pagans. Again!!

  20. Bitterlaw says:

    Al has that annoying Rockefeller Republican habit of ending every post the same way. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

  21. Tina says:

    Albert, you really watch 5 hours of it? I could not watch 15 seconds of bor mentioning milkshakes..

    What garbage.

  22. Tina says:

    And pawn hannity has to be among the worst interviewers

  23. EML says:

    TV in general rots the brain. Get out and do something more productive with your life. 5 hours of TV every night? Yeesh.

  24. Tina says:

    Ms. Noor is the you tube questioner, who is for sanders.

    Lol, somebody’s headache tonight.

  25. Alberthodges says:


    I do get the highlights during election season. like most here, i am a political junkie. i am sure that my interest will wane once Donald gets the nomination until the convention starts. I get most of my news off the internet, i would wager.

    to everyone:

    I will address this once since my conscience compels me to do so.

    I do want to apologize for losing my temper and for stooping to the childish level that some of you keep the discussions at at HHR.

    Such behavior is expected of fools; for Christians, it is inconsistent with our Christian walk.

    Anyway, my daddy raised me to not get into stinking contests with skunks. He was certainly right: he was certainly cant win and you only end up stinking!

  26. Tina says:

    So, they really invited 3 you tube questioners uh plants to the r debate that will be hostile to one or more candidates?

  27. Tina says:

    I suppose it would be fair if 3 plants were allowed to question the drat candidates and be hostile to them, but you know that is too much to ask.

  28. Soccer guru says:

    Rubio’s 3-4-3 strategy is right on track.

  29. dblaikie says:

    These polls are all over the map. Like I have said earlier, I don’t trust these polls. Not because the pollsters are up to no good, but because they don’t have any idea who is going to vote. If this hypothesis is correct, we will have lots of surprises in the next two months. Here is my gut prediction for Iowa:

    1. Cruz because of his organization
    2. Rubio my big surprise
    3. Trump pays the price with Iowa voters for not showing up at the debate.

  30. Wes says:

    This is what the formerly solemn process of selecting a President has come to:

    A glorified reality show highlighted by a megalomaniacal, solipsistic would-be autocrat of mercurial termperment and fluid political positions.

    It really is a sad thing to behold.

  31. Soccer guru says:

    I guess his highly paid consultants couldn’t figure out that the secret of winning is to fricking win.

  32. DW says:

    27 – as long as your conscience is at work, how about you rooting for a guy who has had four bankruptcies, three wives, two messy divorces, and three different political parties, and most of all, someone who has supported abortions all his life? A flim-flam man who has tapped into your inner anger and gotten your support even though he offers no solutions to the country’s ills.

  33. Tina says:

    Very ugly us durables number today


  34. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – I want planted, nasty questions. Any candidate afraid of tough questions should walk off the stage and drop out immediately.

  35. dblaikie says:

    DW, well said! Short, succinct, and to the point!

  36. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – That was the old Trump. The current Trump is totally different. Just ask Al.

  37. Tina says:

    Yes, you were happy with Gwen awful and candy Crowley?

  38. Wes says:

    DW, Trump is a triumph of style over substance. He has nothing to say really but packages it in loud, brash rhetoric much as a professional wrestler or UFC fighter trying to get a reaction from fans would do.

    He’s effectively adopted the Bush/Obama strategy of alienating a huge chunk of the population while stoking the passions of a targeted group in hopes of winning. It worked narrowly for Bush in ’04 and Obama in ’12. I’m hopeful it won’t work for Trump in ’16.

  39. Tina says:

    Dow futures are now down thanks to that do number.

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    Al to give 500 word excuse with discussion of redemption and change of heart on abortion in 3…2…1…

  41. Tina says:

    100 percent chance that the media declares a recession the day after the election, or th day that the r no one takes office.

  42. Dee Double Yoo says:

    Look at my healthy man, Marco Rubio, rising at the right moment. You see, this exactly what I predicted. I am great.

    You see, its very important to be a healthy man. No one will vote for anyone who is unhealthy, obese, or ugly.

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    39 I had no problem with them other than the candidate not blasting them. I have said repeatedly that I want Maddow, Matthews and Sharpton to moderate all debates. Take the fight to them.

  44. Tina says:


  45. Deeee Douuuuble Yooooo says:

    44 – oops, I forgot to add ‘my lads, chang ching!’

  46. Rubio/Kasich says:

    Rubio is surging in Iowa and Cruz is fading!

  47. Wes says:

    Richard Burr has $5.3 million in his campaign warchest. The Dems hoping to challenge him average $500,000. I’m still uncertain as to exactly how the DSCC thinks Burr is in any vulnerable:–Senate-North-Carolina-Burr

    Then again, I guess Dems desperately want to be relevant in NC politics again after Tillis beat Hagan and so are desperately hoping something–anything–breaks their way in this uphill race.

  48. Waingro says:

    Fox is saying there may be up to 40% caucus goers who are undecided. That doesn’t seem right.

  49. DW says:

    Updated numbers with new polls:

    Numbers shown are IA / NH / SC:

    R.I.P. Club:

    Perry (d. 9/11/15) – Endorsed Cruz
    Walker (d. 9/21/15)
    Jindal (d. 11/17/15)
    Graham (d. 12/21/15) – Endorsed Bush
    Pataki (d. 12/29/15) – Endorsed Rubio

    0-3% Awaiting Autopsy Club:

    Santorum 0.9 / 0.1 / 0.3
    Huckabee 2.3 / 0.8 / 2.0

    4-7% On Life-Support Club:

    Fiorina 1.5 / 3.9 / 1.7
    Paul 3.5 / 3.6 / 2.0
    Christie 2.8 / 6.9 / 2.3

    8-10% Critical Condition Club:

    Kasich 2.0 / 11.8 / 2.0
    Carson 7.6 / 3.5 / 8.7
    Bush 3.8 / 9.3 / 10.0

    Contenders Club:

    Rubio 13.3 / 10.4 / 12.7
    Cruz 26.6 / 12.5 / 19.7
    Trump 32.6 / 33.0 / 36.0

  50. Tina says:

    Chelsea clintune likes jeb!

  51. dblaikie says:

    50. Proves my point. We don’t know who is going to vote or how they will vote. Remember a poll is only as good as its voter turnout model.

  52. Waingro says:

    Great new ad showing Trump is a fraud on immigration:

  53. DW says:

    PA primary – Franklin and Marshall

    Trump 24
    Cruz 14
    Rubio 11
    Carson 5
    Bush 5
    Christie 5
    Huckabee 2
    Fiorina 2
    Paul 2
    Kasich 1
    Santorum 1

    A worthless poll of a bunch of selections that will never happen. But I posted it anyway just to point out that Santorum got just 1% in his home state.

  54. EML says:

    as long as your conscience is at work, how about you rooting for a guy who has had four bankruptcies, three wives, two messy divorces, and three different political parties, and most of all, someone who has supported abortions all his life?
    Don’t forget the strip clubs. Nothing says you’re a Christian like supporting strip clubs.

    The War on Women attack ads will write themselves.

  55. Walt says:

    Megan Kelley’s new hair style is awful. Unattractive and not sexy/.

    Makes her look butch. Like a metro unise.xual.

    I do believe it is because of her ugly hair style that Trump refused to come to the debate.

  56. DW says:

    56 – thanks…how could I have forgotten that!

  57. Frank says:

    PA poll has 26% undecided !!!!!!


  58. DW says:

    It is clear Santorum has no friends. I mean if he had true friends, they never would have allowed him to run again for POTUS and suffer this sort of embarrassment.

  59. Cory (Clinton 347 / Trump 191) says:

    Megyn Kelly’s new hair cut is freaking HOT, just like the rest of her.

  60. Wes says:

    More and more, Megyn Kelly looks emaciated. When she debuted, she was slender but decently rounded. Now she looks gaunt. I wish she’d start eating again.

  61. PresidentPaul! says:

    Malkin agrees that the GOP and Trump need to ditch for Fox channel

    Michelle Malkin: When Open-Borders Media Are in Charge of Debates, Voters Lose

    Via his immigration lobbying firm, Murdoch has endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’s 2013 amnesty bill, as well as Rubio’s 2015 immigration expansion bill know as the Immigration Innovation Act. Murdoch has also articulated his support for Rubio’s desire to give citizenship—and, by extension, voting rights and welfare access–to illegal immigrants.
    Malkin points out that while someone who entered the country illegally will be represented in the Fox News debate, American citizens harmed by the nation’s open borders immigration policies are unlikely to be represented.
    “Illegal alien & Muslim activist get key roles at FoxNewsGOP debate. Victims of illegal alien crime & jihad shut out,” Malkin tweeted.


    On Youtube, Dulce Candy—who will join Fox’s Megyn Kelly in submitting a question for GOP candidates tomorrow night— tells viewers how she and her family climbed fences, waded across a river, and hid from “la migra” in order to sneak across the nation’s border.
    Candy described illegally entering the country as an “incredible experience” that she is glad she will be able to tell her child about one day:

  62. Robbie says:

    Marist might be the best public pollster at the state level. They certainly proved their worth in 2012 and 2014. So if this where they show the race in IA, NH, and SC, then it’s a good bet that’s where the race stands.

    Rubio has to be heartened by these numbers. He’s in position to earn a much stronger third than most had previously expected. And since he is either tied or slightly leading Bush in NH and SC, he can probably use the momentum to put an end to Jeb by SC.

    I thought Rubio spending the last eight days in IA was either going to be the smartest move ever or the dumbest move ever by his campaign. Right now, it certainly looks more like the former.

  63. EML says:

    Someone stole Robbie’s user name.

  64. Wes says:

    Who would have thought actually campaigning and persuading voters to one’s cause could be a solid campaign strategy?

    To quote the scientist in The Thing from Another World:

    “The mind boggles!”

  65. Robbie says:

    65.Someone stole Robbie’s user name.

    Comment by EML — January 28, 2016 @ 9:50 am

    No. It’s the real me. Just because I support Jeb doesn’t mean I can’t read a poll and these are good polls for Rubio, especially IA.

  66. Robbie says:

    66.Who would have thought actually campaigning and persuading voters to one’s cause could be a solid campaign strategy?

    To quote the scientist in The Thing from Another World:

    “The mind boggles!”

    Comment by Wes — January 28, 2016 @ 9:52 am

    Well, there were the previous nine months where his campaigning didn’t really seem to make a difference.

  67. DW says:

    At least we can expect that one week from now we will be down to 8 or 9 candidates instead of the 11 we have now.

    I expect Huckabee and Santorum will hang it up the day after IA.

    Carson might if he has a particularly poor IA showing, because he gets nothing in NH, and his small share in SC would evaporate by then.

    Fiorina also could drop after IA, but NH was her stronger play, if 3.9% can be considered strong.

    Paul also might decide to drop, but I expect some of his supporters who have been supporting Trump will come home and give him 8% total in IA, so he will want to press on to NH. I mean how can a Paulbot look at a ballot with ‘Paul’ on it and not vote for him?

  68. Wes says:

    Campaigns are a marathon, not a sprint, Robbie. The idea is to consolidate voters over the long haul and have them show up to support the candidate when it matters most–i e, when votes are cast.

    That’s what Rubio did in 2010 even though Crist led him for much of the year. It appears to be his strategy now. It’s much preferable to winning pills well removed from actual voting.

  69. Robbie says:

    30.Rubio’s 3-4-3 strategy is right on track.

    Comment by Soccer guru — January 28, 2016 @ 8:41 am

    I tend to agree with you. I think Rubio’s publicly leaked 3-2-1 strategy is spin and nothing more. However, it’s all he and the other establishment players have.

    Because Trump has such sizable leads in the first three states, the establishment candidates have decided their last, best path is to be the last man standing by March 1 and hope the party regulars come riding in as the cavalry.

    Since Trump isn’t getting 50% yet, they can sell their donors that there’s still enough of the party opposed to Trump to stop him.

    Risky and probably wrong if Trump goes 3-3 or 4-4.

  70. PresidentPaul! says:

    I’m skeptical of this shady poll showing Marco at 18%

    If he manages to even defeat Rand that will be someone impressive but he’s not going to defeat Cruz.

    3% undecided in it with all landline poll. Maybe it was a nursing home poll if Rubio was doing that well.

  71. Wes says:

    If Trump takes IA and NH, it’s over. If not, then Rubio or another candidate has a realistic shot at winning and probably will defeat him.

  72. PresidentPaul! says:

    No age break downs in the fake Rubio poll.

    Seems like the same thing they did to Santorum trying to get Iowans to support someone else at last minute.

  73. Wes says:

    It couldn’t be more clear whom Paulbots fear most in the presidential selection process when Bunu posts.

  74. Tina says:

    Rubio is a commie, right bubu?

  75. Wes says:

    Hey, Bunu.

    You might not want to make that comparison because Santorum won Iowa in 2012.

  76. Robbie says:

    Campaigns are a marathon? I never knew that.

    Just because I think this set of polls is good Rubio doesn’t change my overall views about his candidacy. I think it’s still extremely unlikely he will be the nominee.

    Finishing third in IA and second in NH aren’t going to produce a first in SC or NV. Not if Trump has won IA and NH. And that even more true with Bush still fighting in SC.

    And let’s not forget Trump has never truly aimed his fire at Rubio in the way he has Bush and Cruz. My goodness, Trump took a nothing issue (Cruz born in Canada) and turned it into something.

  77. DW says:

    73 – I wouldn’t say its over, though Trump winning IA and NH would make defeating him tough to do. However, in that Trump is not liked by a large number of Republicans, he could still be defeated IF all the has-beens dropped out and the other contenders dropped out except one, and they all endorsed and rallied around that one challenger to Trump. For that to happen, some egos would have to be deflated…and…well, no you are right, Trump wins IA and NH, and its over.

  78. Wes says:

    Robbie finally reveals his true colors as a JEB! supporter angry at knowing the latest scion of the Bush dynasty to seek the presidency is soon to be a question on Jeopardy.

  79. PresidentPaul! says:

    Trump is holding his anti-debate rally at Drake university.

    Drake University had a mock caucus today, and the favorite (by reporting) is….

  80. Wes says:

    Right, DW.

    Unlike Corey, I don’t create unrealistic scenarios where a candidate wins not initial contests but loses the nomination. If Trump and/or Sanders takes both, then say hello to your new nominee. It won’t be official, but realistically that’s checkmate.

  81. PresidentPaul! says:

    Western Iowa was Paul’s weakest area in 2012. If not for that area, he would have won the popular caucus vote in addition to winning the caucus itself.

  82. PresidentPaul! says:

    Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Is The Biggest Political Uprising In Decades

    Whether you like it or not, Trump’s campaign is the strongest political upheaval in America since Ronald Reagan swept to power in 1980. I’ve attended two of Trump’s Iowa rallies so far, one in Pella on the 23rd and another in Iowa City on Tuesday, and it’s absolutely astounding how nakedly the media is lying about him. Leftist shills in the MSM and their cuckservative allies have been pushing a narrative about Trump and his supporters that borders on libelous.
    While we still have a long way to go before the general election, it’s clear based on what I’ve seen that the only things that can stop Trump are a rigged nomination or an assassin’s bullet. Trump’s message resonates with a shockingly wide swath of the American public, and he’s inspired a populist uprising that won’t be going away even if he doesn’t make it to the White House.

  83. Wes says:

    No. Paul finished several points behind Romney and Santorum. He hit his ceiling and had no room to grow. That’s why the Paulbots then running the IAGOP (before Terry Branstad purged them by beating them at their own game) rigged the process to get Paul delegates he wasn’t entitled to.

  84. PresidentPaul! says:

    Des Moines Register Verified account ?@DMRegister
    NEW: The final @dmregister/@bpolitics #IowaPoll before the #IAcaucus will be released at 5:45 pm CT Saturday

  85. Robbie says:

    80.Robbie finally reveals his true colors as a JEB! supporter angry at knowing the latest scion of the Bush dynasty to seek the presidency is soon to be a question on Jeopardy.

    Comment by Wes — January 28, 2016 @ 10:08 am

    You’ve got Bush Derangement Syndrome. Seek help.

  86. Robbie says:

    One note of caution about the Monmouth and Marist polls. Both were taken right after the DMR endorsed Rubio. They could both reflect a post endorsement bump, or not.

  87. PresidentPaul! says:

    Caucus night election elects the delegate voters and it’s not by popular vote wes. It works more like electorial political with each state having so many electorial votes in Iowa.

    It’s correlated to popular vote but not dependent on it.

    That’s why Ron Paul won. He was more organized.

  88. Wes says:

    Ah, I see. So Paulbots defied the will of the voters to give a guy who won just over 20% of the vote 80% of the delegates.

    Sounds fair.

    Or not.

    By the way, the rules are different this time, so good luck trying those same shenanigans again.

  89. Wes says:

    Robbie says:
    January 28, 2016 at 10:22 am
    80.Robbie finally reveals his true colors as a JEB! supporter angry at knowing the latest scion of the Bush dynasty to seek the presidency is soon to be a question on Jeopardy.
    Comment by Wes — January 28, 2016 @ 10:08 am

    You’ve got Bush Derangement Syndrome. Seek help.

    You have Bush Worship Syndrome, Robbie. Seek help.

  90. Cory (Clinton 347 / Trump 191) says:

    The Pauls have no respect for Democracy. It’s not enough to say that they would try to cheat their way to the Whitehouse if they could; because they have already tried to do it and continue to try to do it.

    It’s a good thing they are so universally dismissed that even when they cheat they still get schlonged.

  91. DW says:

    IA RCP averages summarized:

    Also-rans: 24.4

    Rubio 13.3
    Cruz 26.6
    Trump 32.6

    In the end, I don’t believe the also-rans are going to get the 24.4% that currently shows up in the polls. People will want a say in which of the top three contenders does the best…especially so with the toxic Trump in the mix. So they will herd toward the frontrunners.

  92. Robbie says:

    You have Bush Worship Syndrome, Robbie. Seek help.

    Comment by Wes — January 28, 2016 @ 10:29 am

    I’m strongly FOR a candidate until he’s not a candidate. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

  93. Waingro says:

    RIP, Buddy Cianci.

  94. DW says:

    4 days out from IA in 2012, and Santorum’s move was finally being picked up in the polls. The RCP average, four days out was as follows:

    Romney 21.6 [finished 24.5]
    Paul 21.2 [finished 21.4]
    Gingrich 14 [finished 13.3]
    Santorum 14 [finished 24.6]
    Perry 11.8 [finished 10.3]
    Bachmann 8.6

    And the top four in 2012 gobbled up 83.8% total share of the vote on caucus night, compared with 70.8% share in the RCP average four days out, indicating some herding, particularly Perry and Bachmann dropping on caucus night as voters wanted a say in the top contenders. How much more so in 2016 when someone odious is leading the polls.

  95. SoHope says:

    Good polls for Rubio…he is clearly on the up swing

    I love seeing Bunu badmouth Rubio

  96. Big Joe says:

    Yes DW, those on the downward trajectory and dropouts will see their support migrate to the candidates who have upward momentum. That candidate was Santorum in 12, he had major mo.

    Rubio and Trump have upward momentum this time around, so they would be in best position to pick up support.

    Big Joe

  97. DW says:

    99 – except Trump has a favorability ceiling.

  98. John Falco says:

    A lot of wishful thinking on this website concerning the outcome of the Iowa primary. Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble but Trump is going to win Iowa and the remaining 49 states. This election is becoming a historical landslide. Corey, DW, Wes, Waingro, EML, dblaikie, and fellow hedgehogers, get on the Trump train before you are left at the station.

  99. wraith says:

    Tuck frump

  100. VictrC says:

    Question, why would someone, or anyone, be left at the “station” just because they didn’t vote for Trump in a primary/caucus. Is he going to hold a grudge and alienate everyone who doesn’t vote for him, just as he alienates and attacks anyone with a legitimate criticism of his policies, statements, past, etc.

    You can only bully so many people before they fight back. If he truly wants to win the White House, he (and his backers) need to realize that they will need voters who voted from someone other than he in the primaries/caucuses. He, and supporters like yourself, can not “leave people at the station” or else it will be a very lonely ride, one which will never reach the White House.

  101. Mr.Vito says:

    Long time no see, wraith.

  102. Tina says:

    Monmouth poll has Hillary ahead in Iowa by 6 or so, but it scrawled quickly,

    Is this new?

  103. Mr.Vito says:

    Are you for Cruz, wraith?

  104. DW says:

    102 – the Trump train has but ONE destination….President Hillary.

    He is totally unelectable. He is only liked by 1/3 of Republicans, people whose anger is clouding their judgment. You are being fooled by a life-long liberal who is tapping into your anger and getting your support.

    But if you nominate him, watch the media turn this thing into a 60/40 blowout for Hillary. The only drama on election night will be whether or not the Democrats get enough seats to also flip the House.

  105. Joe J says:

    with Trump, the battleground states are NC, SC, GA, AZ, IN, MO

    with Rubio, they’re PA, MI, MN, NH, NM, WI

    Do we want to play defense to get to maybe 200 EVs or offense for 350? hmmm..

  106. Mr.Vito says:

    Veterans group attacking Trump and Cruz for using vets as a political stunt…

  107. DW says:

    John, I don’t know if you claim to be a Christian or not, but if you do claim to be, which Trump train car are you riding in? His ca-sino car? His st-rip club car? His car full of aborted babies? Or maybe his car stuffed with more cash that he will donate to Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin?

  108. Mr.Vito says:

    Time to attack some more vets.

  109. Mr.Vito says:

    MD said Falco is Eph… Apparently he made a mistake that gave him away.

  110. Soccer guru says:

    DW, you have been so 180 degree wrong this cycle, it has affected your mental being.

    You need to see a shrink before you lose all touch with reality.

  111. Soccer guru says:

    Same goes for Larry and grey, of course.

  112. DW says:

    114 – so says the guy who wants me, a born-again Christian, to vote for a guy who owns ca-sinos, strip clubs, has a life-time’s support of abortion, has been close friends with the Clintons, and has donated money to all sorts of liberal causes?….yeah, and I am the one who needs to see a shrink?

  113. Soccer guru says:

    Where did I say I wanted you to vote for anyone?

    Really dude, I don’t care.

  114. Waingro says:

    Honestly, aside from coming here to troll Rubio supporters, I have zero clue what SG’s stances are on anything.

    I do recall him being a fellow Pats fan though. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

  115. DW says:

    Beating Nick here…grabbed this from RRH:

    Iowa registrations last month:
    GOP ’08 +1,206
    DEM ’08 +3,262
    GOP ’12 +1,392
    GOP ’16 +2,582
    DEM ’16 +1,328
    (2016 data from 12/28 to 1/27)

  116. Waingro says:

    #119, is there any past data/records on same day voter registration?

  117. Nickelodeon says:

    Two things…

    The level of frustration with politicians in Iowa for many on this blog may be underestimated. Especially after the disappointment of Obama the past 7 years with R and more importantly I’s.

    Conversations about Trump skipping debate suggest this may not hurt Trump at all. Because of first point and views media part of the problem.

  118. Soccer guru says:

    More precisely, wain, I am more of a Belichick fan, he was a neighbor in his Cleveland days.

    I admire the pats organization of the last 15-20 years, but I don’t follow the team much, not that interested in pro football.

    The only reason I was vocal past summer was the railroading of Brady by the goon squad of goodell and Ted wells, all on the behest of losers like colts and Ravens. More of a Free Brady stance.

  119. Nickelodeon says:

    119. DW. This data is within my forecast projections.

  120. Alberthodges says:

    Hope for the Rubio folks:

    tonight’s debate will not have an impact on Trump but if everyone tears into Mr. Canada and Rubio comes across in a positive but strong manner, Rubio can make a big move by Monday.

    Handled right tonight, Rubio could actually come in second in Iowa.

  121. Soccer guru says:

    And lastly, wain, a Brady nfl jersey and and a comprehensive Swiss Army knife were the only two things on my Christmas list this year!!!

  122. Waingro says:

    #125, nice.

  123. Tina says:

    Monmouth, Hillary plus 5


    Come on cccp.

  124. SoHope says:

    The pre-NH GOP debate will probably only have 6 on stage.

    It will include top 3 in Iowa and the top 6 in NH polls…. Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Christie, and Kasich are the likely debators.

    …and no undercard

  125. SoHope says:

    No Paul, Fiorina, Carson

  126. marc says:

    I’m looking forward to this Trumpless debate, finally we will have people who can understand and talk about public policy.

  127. marc says:

    129. Hopefully Trump skips that one to.

  128. Waingro says:

    #129, I don’t see how Carson stays in the race if that becomes the case. His endorsement could actually give a nice little boost to someone. Likely Cruz I think.

  129. Alberthodges says:

    RCP Average 1/18 – 1/26 — 33.2 26.7 13.8 7.3 3.8 3.3 2.8 2.0 1.8 1.3 0.8 Trump +6.5
    NBC/WSJ/Marist 1/24 – 1/26 450 LV 32 25 18 8 2 4 2 2 2 2 0 Trump +7
    Monmouth 1/23 – 1/26 500 LV 30 23 16 10 3 4 2 3 3 2 1 Trump +7
    ARG 1/21 – 1/24 400 LV 33 26 11 7 4 3 4 3 2 1 1 Trump +7
    Quinnipiac 1/18 – 1/24 651 LV 31 29 13 7 5 4 3 1 2 1 0 Trump +2
    FOX News 1/18 – 1/21 378 LV 34 23 12 7 6 4 4 2 2 1 2 Trump +11
    CBS News/YouGov 1/18 – 1/21 492 LV 39 34 13 5 3 1 2 1 0 1 1 Trump +5

  130. Nickelodeon says:

    Ref: 119 voter registration.

    These voter registration trends as of today suggest I’s are trending about R+15.

    Obviously, things can change, but that would put Iowa about +7.5R based past data I voting trends.

    More evidence of what I have saying, this is 2008 in reverse and possibly on steroids.

  131. Mr.Vito says:

    Carson’s campaign slogan is Heal, Inspire, Revive.

    Not exactly Cruz or Trump material…

  132. Alberthodges says:

    i think Carson’s vote goes to Rubio.

  133. Wes says:

    Ayotte 45
    Hassan 40

    Meanwhile, at the HHR chapter of the Hassan for Senate campaign, Bitterlaw is lamenting the fact that the NHGOP isn’t automatically conceding Kelly Ayotte’s seat to Maggie Hassan.

  134. Michael says:


  135. Tina says:

    I can’t see why karate chop, rube Paul, and flub are on the debate.

  136. Waingro says:

    “i think Carson’s vote goes to Rubio.”

    I think so too, but a Carson endorsement to Cruz could change that a bit. He certainly won’t be endorsing Trump after the nasty things the guy said about him.

  137. Nickelodeon says:

    One of the things that may be helping Marco Rubio in Iowa was a question posed about spirituality versus atheism.

    Heard about the day after, it now haas well over 400K views on Youtube.

    Watch it if your interested about Rubio and the audience response.

    Powerful and eloquent my impression.

  138. DW says:

    Suffolk NH

    Trump 27
    Kasich 12
    Cruz 12
    Bush 11
    Rubio 10
    Christie 6
    Carson 5
    Fiorina 4
    Paul 2

  139. Larry says:

    But wait…
    Corey & Robbie were teeling every Rubio Supporter that the DMR Endo and Ernst campaigning for him was just BOGUS.

  140. Waingro says:

    #145, worst top line NH # for Trump I’ve seen in weeks. Although what a mess right below him.

  141. DW says:

    So clearly, out of these…

    Kasich 12
    Cruz 12
    Bush 11
    Rubio 10

    …whoever comes out the best in IA will have a leg up on being the anti-Trump in NH.

  142. Corey says:

    Say what Larry?

    I know this is a tough day for you with Roger Federer losing and everything but you can’t just make things up.

  143. Greymarch says:

    Either nominate Rubio, or Hillary gets to pick the next 3 or 4 Supreme Court justices:

  144. Larry says:

    You said that the DMR Endo wasn’t important for Robbie time and time again here as did Robbie.

  145. Corey says:

    I never said that. I said Rubio is probably locked into a position in Iowa, that should allow him to declare victory no matter what.

    You seem to not grasp that I am basically and continuously saying that everything is quite groovy for Rubio in Iowa. I am trying to keep your youth in mind in overlooking that.

  146. Mr.Vito says:

    “…everything is quite groovy”

    Far out, man.

  147. MikeKS says:

    My Rubio 20+ prediction is shaping up to be right.

  148. Tina says:

    Huckabee at the trump debate tonight.

  149. Larry says:

    You and Robbie are now on my filter List on this Blog.

  150. dblaikie says:
    How in the world would anyone want to make this guy their first choice for President. To keep Hillary and another socialist out I will hold my nose if I have too, but I will feel dirty leaving the voting both!

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