Another Open Thread

I haven’t forgot about this site, I swear….

Really am waiting to see a pick up in electoral polling data, which has been nearly non-existent….

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  1. Big Joe says:


  2. Bitterlaw says:

    The Wizard lives!

  3. SanDiegoCitizen says:


    Its time for an east coast/west coast rumble.

    Those dinky things you call mountains are just hills. Go to the Rockies and Sierra Nevada for real mountains.

    Saying that, agree your Moutaineers are on a roll this year.

  4. ??? says:

    ???(?)???? 2017-3-12

  5. Tina says:

    Any new russian trump connections discovered?

    Remember, he should not tweet.

  6. Phil says:

    Of course there are, Tina. NYT breathlessly reports that a part time advisor to Trump sent a couple of messages to a Russian connection. Oh, the horror! The NYT headline reads like a so koi girl gun until you actually read the article and discover it wasn’t a damned thing.

    They will never stop, Tina.

  7. Phil says:

    Some kind of smoking gun

  8. NYCmike says:

    “NYT breathlessly reports”

    -Robbie should be here soon!

  9. Tina says:

    Notice how the jebots did not want any investigation of the illegal wiretap.

  10. Bitterlaw says:

    I do not believe that Russia had anything to do with Trump winning.

    I do not believe that Trump Tower was wiretapped.

    Both can be true.

  11. jason says:

    The slowdown in Wobbie’s posts and the lack of any new evidence in the Trump-Russia stories is of course merely a coincidence.

  12. jason says:

    I think Russia could have had something with Trump winning IF they really did hack Podesta. There is no doubt the emails were an unwelcome distraction to the campaign and that they confirmed the Hillary campaign and the MSM were colluding against Trump. I don’t think they did because it was a very unsophisticated hack.

    But in any case, it proves nothing against Trump.

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    How HHR has changed:

    MD was supposed to remain and be relentless. He left.

    The New York Times, Washington Pot, and Huffington Post were never to relied upon by HHR posters. Now, some rely upon them.

    Corey was going to serve as the conscience of HHR. He is now gone. Sort of like Cutler in Chicago.

  14. Wes says:

    After spending the 2014 cycle declaring Democrats would inevitably win because “the past is not prologue,” MD took a major hit on predictive credibility. Then when Trump won despite the fact that MD declared Hillary was a lock to win by 8-11 and rout Trump, MD couldn’t take the second assault on his faulty election analysis in two cycles and took the eternal celestial dirtnap from HHR to escape inevitable reminders of his incredibly off base analysis of recent elections.

    I guess he was a relentless pussy incapable of owning up to failure.

  15. Walt says:

    WVU bassetball team lost in the big 12 champeenship game last night.

    So I guess yesterday was not a good day to be a Mounntaineer….

  16. Trump says:

    MD’s issue was not that he turned out to be spectacularly wrong,

    He tried to parlay his rabid never trumpism into some kind of moral superiority, but turning out to be nothing more than a garden variety internet bully pimping his wife for Hillary.

    Of course, the election also proved that he knew less than nothing about everything.

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt- Are you and Mrs. Walt coming to Philadelphia this week?

  18. Wes says:

    Todd Rokita is “strongly considering” challenging Joe Donnelly. Rokita would be the strongest candidate for this seat and would immediately make the race a tossup in increasingly GOP-friendly Indiana.

    No word yet on whether or not Rokita plans to run on the platform that God intends pregnancy to result from rape, though if he did win, Indiana would be the first state since Hawaii in 2012 to have two Senators with the same first name.

  19. jason says:

    Actually MD was using his wife as an example of his longstanding theory that the GOP was bleeding suburban women because of its stand on social issues, and that Trump would continue that trend.

    In that he wasn’t completely wrong, Hillary actually did better than Obama in Montgomery county, winning by over 20 while Romney only lost by 14. So Trump did lose some GOP votes in the Philly burbs, probably women.

    But MD greatly underestimated how well Trump would do in the rest of PA, especially in the blue collar areas and small counties, of which there are a lot of in PA.

    I think what got to MD was being wrong on PA, on which he regarded himself an expert. And in fact he had been right about PA elections many times before.

    I hope he comes back.

  20. Tina says:

    CNN Lies & Is Hitler? @NolteNC

    How, in just 2 weeks, did we go from “RussiaGate is Watergate” to it not even being highlighted on the Sunday shows?

    And, we can ot have an investigation into the wiretaps.

  21. jason says:

    Corey, on the other hand, never took well to being wrong. He was so sure Trump would lose he took a sucker bet at 100-1 that it would happen. Even Nate Silver gave Trump a 25-30% of winning, so 100-1 was not a smart bet.

    He is also not very flexible, as shown with his diehard support of Jeb, refusing ever to concede on how bad a candidate he was and fighting against all the evidence Jeb was going nowhere.

    So being 100% invested in being anti-Trump, he has no Plan B for Trump being President, even to acknowledge there might be things Trump can do for the country that Corey could support. So he is left with the “Trump is a horrible person” narrative that has now been superseded by events.

  22. Wes says:

    Corey also declared himself the moral compass of HHR.

    A creepy, cyberstalking automaton blindly worshipping the Bushes, denigrating all who disagreed with him, and routinely invoking Godwin’s Law to justify his unrelenting hatred of Trump was HHR’s moral compass.


    On the other hand, while Corey has exactly no redeeming qualities, MD could engage in productive analysis when not blinded by his desire for a certain outcome and had, I’m sure, a remarkable singing voice.

    I too hope MD comes back.

  23. Walt says:

    “Bitterlaw says:
    March 12, 2017 at 2:04 pm
    Walt- Are you and Mrs. Walt coming to Philadelphia this week?”

    Mr. Bitter,


    We are leaving WV on Wednesday, stopping in Harrisburg area to have lunch with my sister and slogging on the Philly to be there Wed. evening.

    We will be bringing lots of snow with us, but leaving Cash Cow TM behind in WV to take care of the cat.

    Are you still available to have lunch with us somewhere on Friday before we skedaddle?

    Mrs. Walt is not here right now, but she said there is a sports bar close to the Philly Flower Show venue as well as Reading Station, and other places to eat as well.

    Hope the anticipated snow will not cause you to be unable to have our lunch soiree.

  24. CashCow TM says:


    Do you think DJT would have won PA’s ECVs even without Russian interference?

  25. Wes says:

    I know you directed that question at Jason, Walt, but I’ll take a stab at it:

    Hillary hit all of her targets in PA, so there seems to be no indication E-mailgate depressed her vote. However, Trump ran roughshod over her in exurban and rural areas, more than negating her advantage in the big cities, aided most likely by Hillary’s own public denigration of people in the area.

    As such, I think while E-mailgate had a minimal effect on the Keystone State vote, Trump probably would have won the state regardless given what we know of the performances of the candidates in their target areas. I would ascribe Hillary’s PA more to her failure to recognize danger there early and her open dismissal of Trump supporters in disparaging terms than to her e-mails.

  26. CashCow TM says:


    Why don’t you se if you can fly to Philly to join Walt and Bitter for lunch.

    Walt can broker a détente between you and Bitter.

    Perhaps we can even get Dave Wissing to drive up from MD and join us…

    I am sure with all the extra bucks from Walt’s temporary part time job, he can pick up the lunch tab for everyone.
    (But Walt said keep your Lothario hands and eyes off Mrs. Walt.)

  27. CashCow TM says:



    Guess the ChiComs are racists…

  28. CashCow TM says:

    Is there any REAL data out there as to how many Middle Eastern refugees have been taking in by various countries of the world in the last 5 years, including fellow M.E. Muslim majority nations?

  29. CashCow TM says:

    “…Germany is home to 1.4 million people eligible to vote in Turkey — the fourth-largest electoral base after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.”

    “…The Netherlands is home to some 400,000 people of Turkish origin, and Ankara is keen to harness votes of the diaspora in Europe ahead of the April 16 constitutional referendum on creating an executive presidency.”

  30. lisab says:

    (CNN)The nation’s newest aircraft carrier, the William Jefferson Clinton, at $13-billion dollars, is already two years behind schedule, and the U.S. Navy’s newest aircraft carrier is facing more delays after the Pentagon’s top weapons tester concluded the ship is still not ready for combat despite expectations it would be delivered to the fleet this September.

  31. jason says:

    Walt, I agree with wes that Trump would probably have won anyway, I think it was the first Comey letter that seemed to stop what seemed to be a Hillary surge, and by that time the Podesta leaks had pretty much all come out.

    But we will never know, the margins in WI, MI and PA were so small that anything could have swung that many votes one way or another. Trump held huge rallies in PA as the campaign ended, that could have been the key to victory.

  32. Mr.Vito says:

    “As such, I think while E-mailgate had a minimal effect on the Keystone State vote…”

    In the exits, voters in PA said this about when they decided to vote:

    Last few days: Trump +16
    Within the last week: Trump +17
    Before the last week: Trump +2
    In the last month: Trump +6
    Before the last month: Trump +4
    In September: Trump +14
    Before September: Trump +3

    The only exception
    In October: Clinton +14

  33. CashCow TM says:

    Cow is still astounded at the results vs. poling in WI, MI and PA and how it seems the national late trending was opposite of what was happening in other states like NY,CA, CO, FL, VA.. as to HRC and DJT over and under performing.

  34. Mr.Vito says:

    In the end if you take Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery:





  35. Mr.Vito says:

    Total vote from those:



  36. Mr.Vito says:

    To sum up,

    if you take those five in the end, you get a sore A-hole.

  37. Mr.Vito says:

    Taken another way (less painful),

    Clinton only netted about 50000 more votes from the city and true suburbs, and about 20000 in Alleghany.

    Trump made up 380000 votes in the rest of the state.

  38. lisab says:

    trump contacted me during the election

    and since i am russian, … well i think impeachment is probable

  39. Wes says:

    Just a random thought of mine:

    Does anyone know how long the networks took to say Todd Young had defeated Evan Bayh for Senate?

    That was really the race that clinched the Senate for the GOP because once Bayh went down, Democrats had an increasingly narrow path to the necessary seats for the Senate to flip.

    In any event, I imagine it was a quick call, but I’m not sure about how soon after polls closed Young clinched the race.

  40. lisab says:

    frank luntz called the election at 6:43pm for hillary

  41. Mr.Vito says:

    Fox called it just before 8:30PM.

  42. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Gallup now has Trump at 45% approval, versus 49% disapproval. Only a four point difference. Trump has gained 7 points since his 38% approval rating not that long ago. The trolls have clearly failed; maybe they got fired.

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    Villanova is the #1 overall seed. Madness, baby!

  44. blobbie says:

    gallup is not a good polling outfit

    the nytimes/dnc poll has trump at 0%

  45. lisab says:

    snl’s complicit skit about ivanka pretty much sum’s up the dem’s attitude about trump

  46. Mr.Vito says:

    It’s because Trump hasn’t tweeted since yesterday.

  47. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m calling it. WVU is getting taken out by Bucknell.

  48. PresidentPaul! says:

    We should do car insurance like Obamacare. People with preexisting conditions or preexisting car crashes can’t be denied insurance by the car insurance companies.

    Same with fires, hurricane, life insurance etc.

    Aka the Paul Ryan plan.

    It’s all a scam. Kill the bill. They should have been focusing on tax cuts not the dog and pony show.

  49. PresidentPaul! says:

    Paul explains how Trump got wire tapped.

  50. PresidentPaul! says:


    “” Senator Rand Paul Retweeted
    Face The Nation?Verified account @FaceTheNation 8h8 hours ago
    .@RandPaul says under the Ryan healthcare plan, the individual market will get worse. More and more sick people will be in the pool.””

  51. InbredThinking says:

    Trump’s wiretapping claim is 100% real as evidenced by the fact that 100% of Republicans not named Trump, Bannon, or Miller deny it 100% of the time.

    Does that not make sense? You must be a liberal or RINO.

    The real conservatives like LisaB believe everything alt-right sources tell them like good like lapdogs.

  52. Michael says:

    Hey guys what’s the password for the HHR bracket challenge?

  53. NYCmike says:

    Password is “relentless”.

  54. Walt says:

    “I’m calling it. WVU is getting taken out by Bucknell.”
    As a WVU fan, I hope you are wrong.

    But WVU has played crappy in the last bunch of games, including the last two. So you could be spot on.

    WVU was lucky to have squeaked a win out over Kansas 51-50 and played very poorly last night when Iowa State beat them. I think Iowa State was comfortably ahead the whole game.

    They looked crappy the last 2 times I saw them play in Morgantown at home. Much different than the first 3 times I saw them play at home.

    They have a lot of inconsistancy. No consistent dominant big name player, young team, sometimes can’t hit foul shots, the full court press,despite working well 1st half of season, not as effective lately.

    And their 3 point shooting has really been subpar in last several weeks. Against WVU;s 1-3-1 teams find that they can drive the lane and score or dish. And it was scary to see how open it was for opposing teams to do lob passes along the base line near the basket.

    But they are scappy…and if they are hot with the 3 pointers…and if the press works….

  55. lisab says:

    Does that not make sense? You must be a liberal or RINO.

    The real conservatives like LisaB believe everything alt-right sources tell them like good like lapdogs.

    i win 🙂

  56. Michael says:

    What is the link to it @NYC? I can’t find the group still

  57. jason says:

    I am glad Morgan is finally kicking ass.

  58. Bitterlaw says:

    I agree. Smart to kill the moron first. Hides the plan from the Saviors.

  59. PresidentPaul! says:

    -why does Paul Ryan always act like he’s advancing some amazingly thought out freedom agenda.

    Why is he always lying?

  60. jason says:

    Bunu, you are not a conservative.

    Once you realize that you will be a lot happier.

  61. Bitterlaw says:

    Remember when conservatives liked Paul Ryan? It was 2016

    Bunu – Ryan is a politicician. No different than Rand Paul.. well, except for being anti-police and an isolationist like Rand.

  62. Mr.Vito says:

    Lisab is a conservative now.

    Trump be praised.

  63. Bitterlaw says:

    Snow prediction for Philadelphia is 8 inches to death of all residents. Subject to revision.

  64. Wes says:

    A federal court panel in Texas invalidated three districts because of “disproportionate negative effect on minorities.” I’m beginning to wonder when these panels are just going to say Democrat gerrymanders are fine while Republican ones are illegal.

  65. Wes says:

    An Ohio State Rep was arrested for DUI over the weekend.

    To ensure Bitterlaw will give him an unqualified endorsement for President, the State Rep now needs to change his name to George W. Bush and promise to create a false pretense to invade a country already defeated by us in war.

  66. jason says:

    Zzzzzz…. wes needs new material…

  67. jason says:

    Did I tell you guys Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat?

  68. jason says:

    I’m beginning to wonder when these panels are just going to say Democrat gerrymanders are fine while Republican ones are illegal.”

    When? They have been saying that for years.

  69. jason says:

    Of course, Dems have a new tack now.

    They favor “independent commissions” to decide on redistricting.

    However, the “independent” commissions are always composed of Democrats.

  70. NYCmike says:

    “They favor “independent commissions” to decide on redistricting.”

    -They then get 1 or 2 McCain/Graham/Corker-type “Republicans” to agree with them, which leads to these “independent” commissions.

  71. NYCmike says:

    “Zzzzzz…. wes needs new material…”

    -More like “I (jason) am finally awake, and have just realized Wes repeats himself over and over, despite NYCmike saying so for the last 3 years.”

  72. NYCmike says:

    -One more thing I said about Trump is shown to be true – his real estate dealings in NYC and elsewhere were a good indicator of what type of President he would be.

    Thanks for acknowledging, jason and scooterboy. Please tell me again how Trump is a “liberal Democrat”.

  73. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzz…. wes needs new material…

    I second the Zzzzzzzzzzz. Wes diminished slavery as just “wrong” rather than evil. Words have meaning. That is all I will ever need to know when weighing Wes’ condemnation.

  74. Wes says:

    The slavery canard comes from the guy who thinks slavery was evil–just not in KY, MO. DE. MD, TN, and WV, where Lincoln officially sanctioned it in the Emancipation Proclamation.

    Hypocrisy is Bitter’s MO in all political discussions.

  75. jason says:

    The slavery “canard”.

    Note to wes… its not a “canard”, it was real and evil and you should stop making excuses for it. Of any kind, type, shape or form.

    There are no “if, ands or buts” when it comes to slavery.

    None. Nada. Zilch.

    “Canard” my ass. You should really be ashamed of yourself.

  76. Wes says:

    Before you launch into your ahistorical rant, Bitter, Lincoln officially ignored the 13th Amendment during the 1864 campaign because he considered it politically toxic while Republicans in the House and Senate were debating it and lobbying to get northern Democrats to muster the necessary 2/3 margins.

    Lincoln did sign the amendment in a pro forma show of solidarity, but the Johnson Administration ultimately did the necessary heavy lifting to get it passed by the legislatures after Booth committed the appalling crime of assassinating Lincoln.

    Someone like you who doesn’t actually know a single goddamn thing about American history or politics should probably not reveal his incredible ignorance by attacking other people’s statements on history.


  77. NYCmike says:


    Make sure to make your daily denunciation of modern-day slavery, or else Wes will say you actually support that practice.*

    *Please note: So far today, Wes has not professed being an opponent of modern-day slavery.

  78. jason says:

    Please tell me again how Trump is a “liberal Democrat”.

    I don’t have to tell you. I will let Trump tell you himself. Enjoy.

  79. jason says:

    Jeb Bush

    Then: In Trump’s 2000 book “The America We Deserve,” he called Bush “a good man,” “bright, tough and principled,” and “exactly the kind of political leader this country needs now and will very much need in the future.”

    I actually agree with him. Jeb Bush was a great governor of FL and was a staunch conservative.

    I guess both Bush and Trump changed since then.

  80. Wes says:

    Well, Mike, all slavery is wrong not just antebellum southern slavery used by a certain sanctimonious, bigoted, uninformed HHR poster to bash a region of the country he’d like to see be on the receiving end of an H-bomb.

  81. Robbie says:

    I haven’t posted any comments the last few days because I haven’t wanted to post any comments. That said, I do have a comment or two to make today.

    1. Other than Trump’s stupid series of tweets on wiretapping, he’s had a very good three weeks or so. He’s stayed on message, he’s tweeted far less, and he’s transitioned to governing. Not surprisingly, the polls have reflected stronger numbers for him. When Trump held his press conference, his was polling in the high 30’s in Gallup. Today, he’s at 45%. The other polls also suggests an uptick.

    2. Four years ago today, Jorge Bergoglio was elected pope and it’s been darkness ever since. A series of stories appeared in the last ten days suggesting Cardinals supportive of Francis want him to resign because even they fear he’s pushing the Church towards a schism. Here’s just one of the stories.

  82. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes still won’t take the chance to say that slavery was “evil” rather than wrong.

    As for Lincoln and the 13th Amendment, Mr. History apparently overlooked the small fact that it was Lincoln’s successful prosecution of the war that brought the possibility of the end of slavery to fruition. Mr. History would probably have preferred a few more decades of slavery in his beloved South since it was only “wrong.” Lincoln was initially willing to allow the Confederate states to keep slavery in order to preserve the Union. Fortunately, the Confederates were morons and Lincoln ultimately made the right decision.

  83. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, Mike, all slavery is wrong not just antebellum southern slavery used by a certain sanctimonious, bigoted, uninformed HHR poster to bash a region of the country he’d like to see be on the receiving end of an H-bomb.

    Damn. Still just uses the word “wrong.”

  84. Bitterlaw says:

    It’s long but if you want to cut to the chase, Look at 10:51 when Maddow embraces her nightmare.

  85. Robbie says:

    jason says:
    March 12, 2017 at 12:51 pm
    The slowdown in Wobbie’s posts and the lack of any new evidence in the Trump-Russia stories is of course merely a coincidence.

    – The ease with which you lie is really something to behold. I have repeatedly written I think the stories about collusion between Trump and Russia are bunk. I haven’t posted anything the last few days because I haven’t wanted to post anything and Trump has, thankfully, stopped tripping over his own two feet lately.

    Oh and by the way, Rubio sucks. He’s a soulless opportunist who wakes up every morning and figures out which way the wind is blowing before he decides what he thinks. I really enjoyed him using his one shot to derail Trump by talking about Trump’s dick size too. Brilliant! He’s definitely a once in a generation candidate.

  86. Bitterlaw says:

    Damn. I didn’t realize how badly Rubio damaged JEB! Robbie confirmed it.

  87. Wes says:

    I notice the guy who launches into Area 51-style conspiracy theories to explain why Saddam had no WMDs couldn’t actually refute any of my historical points about the end of slavery but had to result to vapid attempts at character assassination.

    Lacking a little substance in your uninformed posts there, Baghdad Bitter?

  88. Mr.Vito says:

    Bush stole the WMDS and used them to blow up the World Trade Center… he didn’t realize he had used the last ones.

  89. Barrett says:

    Oh come on Vito, we know 9/11 was a joint conspiracy between Nibiru and the Illuminati

  90. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzzz. Wes still refuses to answer why Israel, Germany, England, France and other nations thought that Saddam had WMDs Were they all overwhelmed by Bush’s evil scheme?

  91. Bitterlaw says:

    Hey, Wes. I’m coming to your house in exactly 127 days to steal your car. Is your car going to be there now that you have 127 days notice?

    When you explain why all those intelligence services came to the same conclusion about WMDs let me know.

  92. Wes says:

    Were there WMDs, Bitter?

    You may find it realistic to say Saddam was Criss Angel and could make his mythological WMDs disappear into thin air under the watchful eye of US intelligence and satellites, but that’s about as realistic as saying the Loch Ness Monster just happens to be wherever people aren’t looking for it in the lake.

    Since Saddam made his WMDs disappear into the ether, Bitter, where are the Roswell alien bodies?

    Clearly the lack of evidence of their existence simply means we’ve had them hidden away since 1947.

  93. Wes says:

    Is your tinfoil hat on a little too tight today, Bitter?

  94. NYCmike says:

    “Clearly the lack of evidence of their existence simply means we’ve had them hidden away since 1947.”

    -What are you talking about?

    Have you visited The Villages in Florida? They are all there!

  95. NYCmike says:

    Or am I thinking about Epcot?

  96. Barrett says:

    i’m not taking sides, and i know this sounds absolutely insane, but I think Saddam moved his weapons to Syria, where they are currently being used on rebel forces.

  97. Bitterlaw says:

    4 theories for Delicate Flower:

    1. The US, Israel, Germany, UK, France and other nations believed that there were WMDs in Iraq but were wrong. Not a lie but wrong.

    2. There were WMDs in Iraq but they were moved or destroyed when the US gave a warning of months that Iraq would be attacked.

    3. Saddam had used WMDs in the past so it was credible that he would use them in the future even if he did not have stockpiles in place. His henchmen knew how to make them so he remained the most significant WMD of all.

    4. GWB was an evil mastermind who convinced the world of something that they knew was untrue so they could do his bidding.

    Choose, Wes.

  98. Wes says:

    I find it interesting how Bitterlaw knows more about Saddam’s mythological WMDs than an Army Ranger I work with who told me unequivocally there were none. The Ranger is a big Bush supporter by the way but is honest enough to admit Bush was lying in 2003. He justifies the war by saying it stimulated the local economy.

  99. NYCmike says:


    -Whenever I see this word, I think of Cruela Deville and those 101 Dalmatioans!

    Eat your heart out, Mendez!

  100. NYCmike says:


    The 4 choices are there for you to pick. Are you going with #4, since you keep repeating the “but is honest enough to admit Bush was lying in 2003.”?

  101. Bitterlaw says:

    I find it amazing that Wes thinks that a single Army Ranger has all the answers. I had no idea that Wes’s contact had access to intelligence in more than 5 countries as well as being in every single part of Iraq. That is a very special, very busy Army Ranger.

    Pretty interesting that I also work with an Army Ranger who thinks killing Saddam was great and justifiable.

  102. Barrett says:

    I honestly don’t think it was our war to fight. I know I’ll get pushback for saying that, but look how the situation has repeated escalated.

    Was it a lie on Bush’s behalf? I don’t know and I don’t care. I could give you plenty of instances where Democrats lied on an equal scale, so it’s moot.

  103. Bitterlaw says:

    Barrett – Unlike Wes, I believe that you have made a fair and honest assessment. Just as “wrong” vs “evil” have different meanings, “lie” has a specific definition that Wes cannot back up with anything but his DailyKos talking points. One can be “incorrect” or even “incompetent” without being a “liar.” Being wrong is actually the opposite of lying. Lying requires knowing the truth but saying the opposite. Being wrong has no impure motive behind it.

  104. Wes says:

    So Bitterlaw sticks with the conspiracy theory.

    Maybe you should move to Oregon and start seeking Sasquatch since hunting fictional things is your area of interest, Bitter.

  105. Barrett says:


    I just don’t think “evil” is the correct assessment. Yes, incompetent decisions were made, and if I were in GWB’s shoes, I would not have gone to war (though hindsight is 20/20).

    I never served in the military, so perhaps someone with experience in combat can tell me what special type of hell it is.

  106. Bitterlaw says:

    So Bitterlaw sticks with the conspiracy theory.

    When Wes proves his conspiracy theory that the US, Israel, Germany, France and UK all lied in order to attack Iraq, I will listen to him.

    I wonder if Wes’ Army Ranger friend thinks that slavery was “wrong” or “evil.”

  107. Wes says:

    I haven’t asked him, Bitter, but I’m willing to bet if I did, he would say KY, MD, WV, DE, MO, and TN shouldn’t have been exempt from a ban on such an evil institution.

  108. Wes says:

    In contrast, Bitterlaw actually endorses how Lincoln worded the Emancipation Proclamation.

    So much for the evil of slavery.

  109. Barrett says:

    FiveThirtyEight Average:
    Approve: 44.8%
    Disapporve 48.8%

    Top 4 most recent polls:
    Approve: 47.3%
    Disapprove: 49.5%

  110. lisab says:

    texas just solved its budget crisis

    state Rep. Jessica Farrar … the Houston Democrat on Friday filed House Bill 4260, which would fine men $100 for … ummm … “engaging in safe sex”

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    Mr. History does not know that if Lincoln had forced the border states out of the Union by applying the Emancipation Proclamation to them, that the war would have been lost and no slaves would have been freed? Damn. I expected more from Mr. History.

  112. Wes says:

    I’m confused, Bitter. Slavery was unequivocally evil, yet Lincoln had to compromise with evil to defeat evil.

    All right…

  113. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw wonders why I call him a hypocrite.

    His protean stances on literally everything once GWB and Lincoln violates his so-called principles are why.

  114. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m confused, Bitter. Slavery was unequivocally evil, yet Lincoln had to compromise with evil to defeat evil.

    Why are you confused, Wes? That is the exact point I was making. Good job. Try to catch up sooner next time.

  115. Wes says:

    In other words, Bitter, slavery is evil but good enough to compromise with. Good to know you’re every bit the goddamn hypocrite I’ve called you for years.

  116. Barrett says:

    Lincoln took some drastic measures, but our nation was still young, and he certainly needed to.

    I suppose I could make an argument against Lincolns decision to suspend trade, but at this point it’s irrelevant.

  117. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes, how many more times are you going to pass up the chance to finally state that YOU believe that slavery is evil rather than just “wrong?”

  118. lisab says:

    LGBT activist ‘kidnapped and raped by man angry at Donald Trump being mocked’

    The man, who is a prominent member of the LGBT rights movement in France says his alleged attacker was an American man who told him ‘You people, you hate Trump’

  119. lisab says:

    Little brother denied hugging his sister after her big state championship win

  120. Wes says:

    Why would I say I think it’s evil, Bitter, when I get to laugh at pissing you off because I don’t say it? I would cede my ability to infuriate you if I ever called slavery evil.

  121. Wes says:

    If I’d served in the 38th Congress, I certainly would have voted for the 13th Amendment. It would have been the right thing to do. Unlike Bitter, I can read though and know Lincoln was only an indirect part of the process that and ended it and refuse to canonize the 16th President into godhood for actions others had at least as great a role as he had in effecting.

  122. Bitterlaw says:

    I would cede my ability to infuriate you if I ever called slavery evil.

    It would be the right thing to say, Wes. Not very complicated except for the amoral apologist for the Confederacy.

  123. Bitterlaw says:

    Before Wes says it, the Northerners involved in the slave trade were evil, too.

  124. NYCmike says:

    Wes is getting like Author, “CG”, and Robbie.

    Who here gets “pissed off” because another person says something that they “don’t like”?

    Who is that immature?

    If there are many people like that, one more reason why Trump was elected. NYC people are NOT as sensitive as the rest of the country, I guess.

  125. NYCmike says:

    Sill no denunciations about modern-day slavery from Wes or Bitterlaw. 🙂

  126. Barrett says:

    I’ve had my moments, but I try not to make a regular habit of it.

    I’m actually annoyed that we can’t talk about politics in the work place. People are so out of practice, it’s no wonder everyone is so easily offended.

    It shouldn’t be a bad thing to talk about the issues that our country, states, or local areas face.

  127. Wes says:

    I think you misread my post, Mike. I’m not at all upset at what Bitter says. He gets pissed at what I say.

  128. jason says:

    Oh and by the way, Rubio sucks”

    Poor Wobbie….

    Still looking for Jeb’s “real killer”.

  129. jason says:

    Rubio sucked but he kicked Jeb’s ass in what, 8 straight debates?

    He might have sucked, but he didn’t spend 200 million to get 4 delegates.

    Wobbie still can’t forgive Rubio for running for President after Wobbie declared he would not run if the “heavy weight”, “clear the field”, “suck up all the money” trainwreck ran.

  130. jason says:

    I think the Iraq invasion was the right thing to do.

    One of GWB’s best moments was when he said “trusting in the sanity of Saddam Hussein is not an option”.

    He made the best decision with the facts at hand. The rest is Monday morning quarterbacking.

  131. NYCmike says:

    “The rest is Monday morning quarterbacking.”

    -Wes used to massage the Monday Morning QB.

  132. NYCmike says:


    Do you get pissed?

    If you do, go and put on some panties, A-Hole.

  133. NYCmike says:

    -Mr. Vito,

    Piece from Glenn Reynolds on Preet Bharara.

    I only know Bharara from the tabloids, due to his prosecutions, where he has gone after both Dems and Republicans, so I was OK with him. Reynolds brings up a case dealing with Reason magazine, of which I did not know about, and casts him in a different light.

    I won’t lose any sleep over his firing.

    Plus, I have also found out that he worked for Schumer, which makes me want to take a good look at him if he ever surfaces again.

  134. lisab says:

    Immigrant charged in crash was deported 5 times

    Los Angeles police say Estuardo Alvarado, the man who allegedly caused the collision, was speeding down Sepulveda Boulevard as he tried to flee the scene of another crash and slammed into a car being driven by Duran, who died at the scene.

    Alvarado was arrested moments after the crash.

    The 45-year-old Lakeview Terrace resident is an undocumented immigrant with a lengthy criminal record who was deported five times before the collision, according to federal authorities and court records.

    He has been charged with five felony counts in connection with the Feb. 19 collision, including murder and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

  135. ??? says:





  136. PresidentPaul! says:

    Join the Free Kekistan movement.

  137. PresidentPaul! says:

    History of Kekistan: The First Great Meme War

    And the prophet of pepe

  138. PresidentPaul! says:

    History of Kekistan 2: The Second Great Meme War

  139. jason says:

    Tebow gets his first hit in the majors.

  140. jason says:

    Plus, I have also found out that he worked for Schumer, which makes me want to take a good look at him if he ever surfaces again.”

    NYC didn’t have a problem with Trump funding Schumer for decades.

    He has a problem with “shaking hands with Schumer” and “working for Schumer”.

  141. jason says:

    Immigrant charged in crash was deported 5 times”

    He is not an “immigrant”.

  142. Proud Obamacon says:

    Taking health insurance away from 24 million Americans . Making America Great Again!


  143. jason says:

    Does anyone ever click on any of Bunu’s links?

    I wouldn’t want a record of any sites Bunu hangs out in recorded on my computer, just saying…

  144. jason says:

    Biggest loosah ever is here?

    How is that prediction of Hillary’s landslide win working out for you, moron?

  145. PresidentPaul! says:

    Yep Paul Ryan is a known liar.

  146. jason says:

    Worst President ever has already left office.

    Maybe you can follow him on social media.

  147. Proud Obamacon says:

    TRUMP.Care – Making America Great Again! Taking health insurance away from 24 million one poor soul at a time!


  148. jason says:

    So, Bunu, disappointed with Trump yet?

    It’s obvious he doesn’t give a sh-t about Paulbots.

  149. PresidentPaul! says:

    I still like Trump overall.

    Paul Ryan irritates me though.

  150. jason says:

    Obamacare… worst fake/fraud HC plan in history.

    But the biggest loosah is still pining away for it.

  151. jason says:

    Good for Paul Ryan.

    Anything that irritates Paulbots is great in my book.

  152. Proud Obamacon says:

    CBO is the enemy of the American People – jail them all!!

  153. Proud Obamacon says:

    Welcome to Pyongyang!

  154. Walt says:

    Reports say we are to get somewhere between 0 and 60 inches of snow in my part of WV.

    Snow blower is primed and ready to roll.

  155. Proud Obamacon says:

    0 to 60 inches of snow?? Thanks Obama

  156. PresidentPaul! says:

    Greenwald: Rand Paul’s right- NSA routinely monitors Americans without warrants

  157. Robbie says:

    As I suspected, writing mean things about St. Marcus Rubotious provoked another Jason rant. Pavlov’s dog.

  158. PresidentPaul! says:

    #BasedStickman is a Ron Paul Supporting Libertarian

    “I would say he’s very libertarian. Sort of mainstream libertarian, but old libertarian, you know, less ‘socially liberal’ and left leaning. He’s a big fan of Ron Paul.”

  159. Cash Cow TM says:

    If, due to the snow storm Stella, the federal government says that only essential personnel report to work in D.C.–how many federl employees will have to show up?


  160. Robbie says:

    It’s really surprising to me that Paul Ryan managed to put forward a health care plan that garnered no support from his allies in at the conservative think tanks. Avik Roy’s summation of the plan was quite devastating.

    I think it was a tactical mistake to go with repeal and replace before tax reform and it reminds me of GWB’s 2005 decision to go with Social Security reform before tax reform. That got his second term off to a terrible start and things really never got better.

    I think Tom Cotton has the right idea. Ryan needs to pull his plan back and reconfigure it with the input from the conservative think tanks and other top health care experts. There’s no need to rush. Better to take their time and get it right.

    If they screw this up, this health care bill could be as deadly to the Republican majority as Obamacare was to the Democrats in 2010, 2014, and 2016.

  161. Proud Obamacon says:

    White House now predicts 26 Million will lose health coverage, worse than what CBO predicts.. WTFFFF LOL WORST ADMINISTRATION EVAHHHHHHH

  162. PresidentPaul! says:

    Paul Ryan needs to stop lying before considering any bills.

    You can’t offer flood insurance, fire insurance, car insurance, etc to people with preexisting flooded houses, burnt down houses that need paid for, and smashed up cars unless he wants everyone to pay astronomical ridiculous premiums.

    Start by telling the truth that this is all designed to destroy the insurance industry so the left can claim victory.

  163. Tina says:

    Paul ryano is sounding more like piglosi

    Ryancare sounds awful.

  164. PresidentPaul! says:

    Passing a bill is a joke. How about telling the truth to the camera. Even once?

    Start by telling the fake news that the GOP bill is a joke.

  165. Tina says:

    The rs shoukd have repealed obumblercare. I knew they did not have the you know what to do it. Blue rino loves it as done so called r senators.

    You have more leverage after the repeal.

    Things like hsas, sllowing for purchase between the states, capping malpractice awards, etc.

    All market based.

  166. Tina says:

    Tweet bahgone failed to take a call from trump, usi g the ex cuse of bei g investigated. He is an obama plant and got a job donating large sums of money to him..

  167. PresidentPaul! says:

    Rand takes aim at John McCain

    Gabbard’s Stop Arming Terrorists Act Introduced in Senate (by Rand)

  168. Robbie says:

    The other option for the Republican healthcare bill is for the House to pass its plan and then have the Senate pass its own plan. After that, the two bills would go to a conference committee where the differences would hopefully be ironed out. And to be honest, that would be a return to the normal process of legislation we haven’t seen since the late 1990’s.

    I certainly haven’t read the healthcare bill and have no intention to do so, but the people whose opinions matter to me are, generally, suspect of the House bill. For that reason, I think Republicans should take a deep breath and be open to revisions and alterations. Get it right is a lot better than getting it fast.

  169. PresidentPaul! says:

    I was hoping for quit lying approach.

    Stop scheming and tell the truth.

  170. Tina says:

    Leave it to ryano,to ohuq things up in the house and the ky blue rino to screw up in the senate.

    The onky thing missing is for,mitchie to phuq up the sc pick.

  171. PresidentPaul! says:

    I really don’t think a full repeal could pass, but I do think it could be used against the RINOs to try to get rid of them, and when everything blows up any discerning person would know it was Obama who did it and not the republicans.

    Paul Ryan is trying to do the opposite by targeting freedom caucus members saying his way is the only way to get rid of Obamcare.

  172. Michael says:

    South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs has announced she will run for the SD-AL seat being vacated by Rep. Noem.

  173. Cash Cow TM says:

    Weekly polls
    Right Track—Wrong Track

    Right Track – Wrong Track =
    2009: -20s, -30s, -40s (gap between RT and WT)
    2010: -30s to -40s numbers
    2011: -40s to -50s
    January, mostly -40ish
    Rest of Yr. mostly -20s and -30s gap
    7 week after election was -11 to -18 range
    2013: -30ish
    2014: -30s to -40s
    2015: -40ish gap
    2016: mostly @ -33 to -35
    week before election -33
    week of
    Jan 15: 38% 54% (-16)
    Jan 22: 47% 47% TIE
    Jan 29: 46% 49% (-3)
    Feb 05: 45% 50% (-5)
    Feb 12: 46% 48% (-2)
    Feb 19: 45% 51% (-6)
    Feb 26: 45% 49% (-4)
    Mar 5: 42% 53% (-11)
    Not a bad average for 2017 since Jan. 22.

    DJT style moving the needle?

    Why is the RT/WT number so drastically different from the 8 years of BHO as compared to last 8 weeks?

    Maybe the 20-30% of the country are racists who after VOTING for BHO, realized he was not white and did not like the direction of the country under his administration simply because BHO was 1/2 black?

    Only explanation I got…

  174. Cash Cow TM says:

    “An Arlington woman was arrested this week and charged with four counts of welfare fraud for collecting over $100,000 in benefits – all while her husband was a high-earning attorney in D.C., police say.

    Police say a six-month investigation into Helen Agbapuruonwu, 41, found that the mother of four had collected benefits like food stamps and Medicaid assistance for the past six years.

    While Helen was collecting benefits, her husband, Fidelis Agbapuruonwu, was earning $1.5 million per year as a lawyer, according to court documents obtained by News4.

    In 2001, Fidelis received the prestigious Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship which helped pay his way through law school.

    Fidelis’ LinkedIn page claims he works for the D.C. firm of Mayer Brown, but today the firm said he no longer works there. Court officials believe Fidelis, a Nigerian immigrant, has “fled the country and is somewhere in Africa.”

    Source: Virginia Woman Charged With Welfare Fraud For Collecting Benefits While Husband Earned Millions | NBC4 Washington

  175. ??? says:





  176. Wes says:

    NYCMike wants Orrin Hatch to leave the Senate.

    At the same time, Mike has never once expressed any desire for Chuck Schumer–who’s been in Congress since Carter was preparing to vacate the presidency–to depart the world’s greatest deliberative body. One might almost think Mike is a fan of his sleazy, solipsistic senior Senator given his call for Hatch to step down and lack of interest in seeing Schumer follow suit.

  177. NYCmike says:

    #181 makes about as much sense as the same person’s unwillingness to call slavery EVIL.

  178. NYCmike says:

    Daily reminder:

    Modern day slavery is evil.
    Chuck Schumer should step down.


  179. Bitterlaw says:

    There is no evidence that NYC supports Schumer in any way. There is ample evidence that he opposes him. NYC’s main criticism of Rubio was that he worked with Schumer on immigration. The reasonable conclusion is that NYC dislikes Republicans who he feels are not conservative enough AND opposes Democrats for not being conservative in any way. Both can be true.

  180. NYCmike says:

    Wes needs Bitterlaw to state the obvious.

    It must have snowed really heavily in North Carolina…..for the last 30 or so years, because Wes seems to be unable to see what is right in front of his face.

  181. NYCmike says:

    As for Hatch, do we really need any man or woman to spend more than a 1/4 of their lives in any legislative office? (Hatch is close to 1/2 his life, he’ll be 83 in a week, and has been in office for 40 years).

    Yes, he should leave, and help another younger, just-as-conservative, free-market, liberty-loving individual take his place.

  182. Bitterlaw says:

    This storm sucks near Philadelphia. A few inches of snow covered with sleet and ice. #NotMyBlizzard.

  183. jason says:

    about 15 inches here and counting…


  184. jason says:

    Yes, he should leave, and help another younger, just-as-conservative, free-market, liberty-loving individual take his place.”

    Translation: maybe we can get a liberal Democrat in Utah, that will show those RINOS something.

  185. Senators Reid, Coons, Donnely, McCaskill, and Benett says:

    We never get tired of thanking NYC!

    If not for people like him, the GOP would have close to 60 votes in the Senate, but they would be those traitorous RINOS.

    Thank God for deadenders!

  186. Senator Miller says:

    I didn’t make it, but I want to thank NYC for his support too.

    I also want to thank NYC for attacking everyone that suggested I might run as a third party candidate.

    I would never do that.

    Oh wait…

  187. jason says:

    There is no evidence that NYC supports Schumer in any way.”

    Huh, not really.

    He never had any problem with Trump funding Schumer for decades, that was ok because “Trump wanted to build in Manhattan”.

    So he might not support Schumer, he is just ok with “Republicans” giving him money.

  188. NYCmike says:

    I am DEFINITELY OK with “liberal Democrats”, LIKE TRUMP, giving 46% of their political donations to Republicans.

    I can’t wait to see those checks from Soros, Streisand, Zuckerberg, DiCaprio, etc. just about matching the funds they gave to Democrats.

    The unions may start doing it as well!!

  189. Bitterlaw says:

    GFY, Jason. I’m still mad that I don’t have 12″ in my backyard.

    Wait. I better not send that. It might be misinterpreted.

  190. NYCmike says:



  191. jason says:

    It’s normal for some A-holes.

  192. jason says:

    Just saw a Nat Geo special on McCain’s 7 years+ in the North Vietnam hell hole.

    Anyone who sacrificed even 10% of what he did for his country feel free to mock him and disrespect him because you don’t agree with some of his political positions.

    The rest GFYs.

  193. jason says:

    giving 46% of their political donations to Republicans.”

    Breaking. The Republican candidate for President gave 46% of his contributions to Republicans.

    He gave 54% to the “opposing party”.

    According to NYC, this is incredibly momentous!

  194. jason says:

    Let’s review NYC’s positions so they are perfectly clear.

    Funding Schumer for decades – no problem

    Shaking Schumer’s hand – traitorous RINO

    “Working in the past for Schumer” – approach with caution

  195. Wes says:

    I didn’t vote for McCain in 2008, but I was incensed when Democrats and Obama supporters made fun of him for his war injuries than the great majority of Americans and deserved respect even in his losing effort for the presidency.

    When in January the next year, Obama snarkily rubbed his victory in by saying, “I won,” I really wanted a Marine detailed to guard the then-President to land a haymaker on that solipsistic asswipe’s chin.

  196. Wes says:

    Somehow part of my previous post was cut out. It should say “McCain sacrificed more for his country than the great majority of Americans…”

  197. jason says:

    My wife is out shoveling snow.

    I would help her but someone has to stay here and point out NYC’s astounding hypocrisies.

  198. jason says:

    Approaching 18″ now….

    Bitter better hope he doesn’t get that in his “backyard”

  199. jason says:

    Mike has never once expressed any desire for Chuck Schumer–who’s been in Congress since Carter was preparing to vacate the presidency–to depart the world’s greatest deliberative body.”

    I will give him a pass on this.

    He doesn’t want to see Trump’s money wasted.

    I can’t condemn such altruism.

  200. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw would definitely be a sore A-hole if he got 18″ in his backyard.

  201. Mr.Vito says:

    So, Ryan’s bill shaves 337 billion off the deficit.

    The 14 million figure is an estimate of people electing not to have insurance because the mandate is gone.

    What’s the issue?

  202. Cash Cow TM says:



    Make mine apple, please.

  203. Cash Cow TM says:

    7 inches here.

    Walt took care of it quickly with the snow blower.

    Remember to feed the birds.

  204. Robbie says:

    Did Rasmussen adjust its methodology and not tell anyone?

  205. jason says:

    Wobbie is now excited about Rasmussen because it has Trump at 46%.

    It will be the gold standard until it creeps back up.

    And Wobbie wonders why he is a joke here.

  206. Michael says: @Politics1com
    SOUTH CAROLINA: St Rep & Afghan War vet James Smith (D) “preparing for a run” vs Gov Henry McMaster (R), per @postandcourier

  207. Robbie says:

    The move over the last two days in Gallup reinforces my view “live by the tracking poll, die by the tracking poll”. There’s no possible way Trump has gone from 45% on Sunday to 39% today. Gallup ran into problems in 2011 and 2012 and may not have figured out how to smooth out their results.

  208. Robbie says:

    I see Jason woke up in his typically foul mood. He must have read that Rubio gave an interview to TMZ about Snoop Dogg.

  209. jason says:

    Wobbie still trashing Rubio as he looks for the real Jeb killer….

    And this guy passes a psychological evaluation for commercial pilot?

  210. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael is back!

  211. Bitterlaw says:

    It would have been easier to deal with 12 inches of light snow than the 5 inches of snow, ice, and possibly cement I had to deal with. I can only blow so much at a time.


  212. Wes says:

    One can but wonder if Bitterlaw isn’t following Michael’s path.

  213. Bitterlaw says:

    No chance. I could never give up breasts.

  214. lisab says:

    “Did Rasmussen adjust its methodology and not tell anyone?”

    i think it is probably the timid obamacare deal

    trump supporters wanted it gone

  215. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    Gallup does regional polling. They divide the Country into four(4) regions–East West,Midwest and South. So each night, they poll a region and last night was the East(NY etc).
    They show a three(3) day roll so one region is omitted each day. When the East is polled, the Midwest is omitted. When the Midwest is polled, the South is omitted. When the South is polled, the West is omitted and when the West is polled,, the East is omitted.
    Gallup weighs the four(4) regions equally,which is inaccurate.
    So what we have today at 39% approval is:
    East- 36%
    South- 48%
    West- 35%
    Tomorrow, the South will be omitted and replaced by the today’s Midwest sampling. Unless today’s Midwest sample is 48% or higher, Trump’s approval tomorrow will slide again,but will recover later in the week.

    As for Rasmussen who knows?!

    Today, Reuters/Ipsos shows Trump with a small positive net approval rating among Adults and Registered voters. Yeh!

  216. jason says:

    I can only blow so much at a time.”

    Gayest post of the day.

  217. jason says:

    What’s the issue?”

    Seems like a good plan.

    That is the issue, the MSM can’t live with that.

  218. EML says:

    30 inches of snow here in Apalachin.
    My wife says I’m obsessed with measuring my inches.

  219. jason says:

    I feel inadequate now… only 18 inches here and slowing down.

  220. jason says:

    EML and Michael are back… could MD be in the works?

  221. Phil says:

    Number of sanctuary cities nears 500.

    More every day.

    Once the genie is out of the bottle regarding borders, (and don’t kid yourself, that is what this is) you have no nation state. The left is intent on one goal and one goal only – turning America into as much of a third world sh#t hole as possible regardless of the rule of law. Load it up with as many economically poor illegals from Mexico, Central America, Middle Eastern “refugees” etc and put them on the public dole – Presto! You have Democratic Party Rule forever. Turn the country into the large version of Marxist California. California – the perfect leftist one party rule model. Might take a little while nationally because the anchor babies have to turn 18 to get full voting rights as citizens but they’ll get there. More turn 18 every day, and they want their benefits and will vote accordingly. (See California)

    Don’t worry, however. We natural born Americans won’t be completely shut down. They need our tax dollars to support all the welfare goodies used as a magnet for even more gate crashers and to sustain the Marxist state. For that reason we “privileged” whites get to hang around – that is, as long as we shut our mouths and remain politically correct and try and close down the borders. Obviously, persons like myself won’t fit in with their new. lefty utopia , but who cares? My side won’t have the numbers which means we won’t have the votes – to do a damned thing about it.


  222. jason says:

    Number of sanctuary cities nears 500.

    More every day.”

    Shhhhh…NYC thinks we are winning.

  223. NYCmike says:

    “Number of sanctuary cities nears 500.”

    -Easy way to start cutting federal expenditures…….sanctuary ciies get NADA DINERO$$$$$.

  224. Cash Cow TM says:

    “Snoop Dogg”

    pogo dongs
    Pogo’s dong

  225. Phil says:

    sanctuary cities get no dinero??

    Typical white privileged poster remark.


  226. Conservative Populist says:

    McCain’s war heroics do not make him untouchable politically. He deserves scorn for readily attacking fellow GOPers on any given issue just to hog the spotlight. He and Graham are two sides of a bad coin for conservatives. Their act is tiresome and they need to go.

  227. Bitterlaw says:

    I predict that I will win the HHR Bracket challenge since I am the only one who has completed a bracket.

    Come in, Wizard.

  228. Bitterlaw says:

    Come on, Wizard.

  229. Cash Cow TM says:

    In the NCAA brackets:

    I say Gonzagger and Villanova will get through their brackets in the west and the east.

    I would not bet on Kansas to win their bracket.

    Not so sure NC makes it through in the south.

    I say Gonzagger takes it all.
    No money or pints of cream bet on it though.

  230. Cash Cow TM says:

    In the Green Mountains there is a lot of white snow and black ice. But they have no purple rain.

  231. Cash Cow TM says:

    Speaking of rain….rainy day….rainy day funds…

    Four states now have zero dollars in their rainy day fund. (That is up from 2 with no RFDs last year).

    Name the 4 states:_____________________

  232. lisab says:

    should the south have gone to the supreme court of the usa and argued that secession was legal

    as opposed to attacking the north

  233. PresidentPaul! says:

    Drudge Tweets: ‘Republicans Lied About Wanting Tax Cuts’

  234. PresidentPaul! says:

    What The News Won’t Tell You About Kekistan

  235. jason says:

    Whats the link to the HHR bracket?

  236. jason says:

    Their act is tiresome and they need to go.”

    Looks like their constituents want them to stay.

  237. jason says:

    Rachel Madcow claims to have Trump’s tax returns…

  238. PresidentPaul! says:

    We need a house speaker that targets the moderates and RINOs with tough votes rather than one who only targets the freedom caucus.

  239. NYCmike says:

    “Name the 4 states:_____________________”

    -NY / CA / NJ / IL


  240. PresidentPaul! says:

    Dems are already eyeing Dean Heller’s Nevada seat for 2018 midterms.

  241. Tina says:

    I am so excited about trumps tax returns. We finally got him


  242. Bitterlaw says:

    The password is Gonova or gonova.

    The Wizard is really mailing it in now.

  243. jason says:

    Evidently its only the 2005 tax return.. when he was a registered Dem.

    Maybe will show a lot of contributions to Schumer.

  244. jason says:

    Where is the 2017 link?

  245. PresidentPaul! says:

    More leakers turning over Trump’s tax returns turned over to the Maddow show tonight.

    More proof the IRS doesn’t guard anyone’s privacy and should be destroyed.

  246. PresidentPaul! says:

    Maybe they will release President’s private health care records as well.

    What a garbage network MSNBC is.

    Network should be shut down.

  247. jason says:

    “Network should be shut down”.

    Paulbots would “shut down” anyone who is not a Paulbot.

  248. jason says:

    That’s why Paulbots hate elections… voters are the only thing that keeps them from power.

  249. Cash Cow TM says:

    “NYCmike says:
    March 14, 2017 at 8:14 pm
    “Name the 4 states:_____________________”

    -NY / CA / NJ / IL

    Correct answers:

  250. Tina says:

    Fire the irs commissioner and start charging them wi felonies, per statutue.

  251. Tina says:


    So he sold a hime in 2005 to a russian and had a 60 million gain.

    Oh , he knew he would be president in 2005 when the same sheot network said he would not be president in 2016.

  252. jason says:

    Looks like the 2005 tax returns are a non-story, paid 38 million on 150 million income.

  253. Tina says:

    Oh he paid 38 million on income of $150 million

    Madcow backfires she just farted and she blew a large hole through rockefellr center.

  254. Tina says:

    Can they arrest madcow on air?

  255. Tina says:

    Jebot failure

    What Maddow and the fine folks over at MSNBC actually managed to do was get part of a copy of Trump’s 2005 tax return. Which were already 12 years old. And which the White House had already released.

    And which the Wall Street Journal had already reported on – a year ago.

  256. NYCmike says:

    Wow! NY has a RDF!

    Is that before or after they make the pension payment?

  257. Robbie says:

    So it looks like Maddow just had her own Geraldo/Al Capone moment. Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005 and this is supposed to be a scandal? Ha! If anything, it totally undermines the stupid stories Trump didn’t pay taxes for as many as 18 years in row.

  258. Tina says:

    Trump 2005 tax rate: 25%
    Romney 2011 tax rate: 14.1%
    Sanders 2014 tax rate: 13.5%


    Big time jebot failure.

  259. Tina says:

    The never trumpers, jebots, and drat circus clowns must be realky dumb.

  260. Tina says:

    Whoops, trump paid more tax and at a higher tax rate than mslsd compact and the obumbler

  261. Tina says:

    There is no requirement for a president to release his returns.

    Or candidate

    I just do not care.

  262. Tina says:

    White house scoops

    I bet they planted the story to madcow.

    This has bannon al over it.

  263. Tina says:

    I want to thank @maddow for making my night so much more enjoyable. I’m still not tired of winning.
    6:32 PM – 14 Mar 2017

    Laura loomer

    No,clue who,she is, but it is so true.

  264. Tina says:

    Thank you bannon formsetting up the fake media again.

    They will be more unhinged and media is dead.

  265. Tina says:

    Her thighness and harry blackeye reid said that he paid no taxes.

    Harry Reid said he knew.

  266. PresidentPaul! says:

    Liberals want to turn Obamacare into national healthcare after all the insurance companies go bankrupt. This gives them the ability to leak conservatives’ “private” health care records much like the IRS leaks Trump’s “private” tax records.

  267. Proud Obamacon says:

    Ohhhh so this whole debate about healthcare that goes back decades and decades has always been about leaking health records of conservatives. Ok got it… idiot.

  268. PresidentPaul! says:

    Obama IRS was extremely corrupt spending the entire 8 years targeting conservatives and is now targeting the conservative president. That’s the same reason why liberals want to control everyone’s heath care records.

  269. Proud Obamacon says:

    OK.. hey everyone, McCain has herpes! lol Whatever.. you’re a moron.

    Maybe we want single payer health care so that people can actually have insurance and be able to be healthy!!! Loooooosah

  270. Proud Obamacon says:

    OK.. hey everyone, McCain has herpes! lol Whatever.. you’re a moron.

    Maybe we want single payer health care so that people can actually have insurance and be able to be healthy!!! Loooooosah

  271. PresidentPaul! says:

    Obamacon- Do you support the free Kekistan movement?

  272. Phil says:

    This just in….Arizona and Georgia have been called for Hillary Clinton……Texas still too close to call.

  273. Proud Obamacon says:

    This just in.. 26million losing health insurance, Russia and China getting stronger and stronger.. And American is somehow great again? Huh? ? ? ?

  274. Tina says:

    Yes, we are great because we have great job numbers and illegals are being rounded up.

  275. Tina says:

    Thank you rachael madcow.

    Way to go.

    Oh by the way, what is your tax rate?

  276. Tina says:

    Madcow-mn loon

    2020 for president.

  277. Proud Obamacon says:

    “Yes, we are great because we have great job numbers”

    LOLLLLLL. Now the job numbers are great. What were they the last 8 years? ? ? You do realize this is still the Obama economy right?

  278. Proud Obamacon says:

    “illegals are being rounded up”

    You do realize that President Obama deported more illegals than any other president right?

    LOL .. another moron.

  279. Tina says:

    Nope, fake news and fake numbers with the obumbler.

  280. jason says:

    Maybe we want single payer health care so that people can actually have insurance”

    No, you want single payer because your little Marxist brain thinks the government should run everything.

    Let’s get real here….

    Democrats don’t give a damm about health care, they just care about controlling the bureaucracy.

  281. jason says:

    Russia and China getting stronger and stronger.”


    Obama was there for 8 years. What did he ever do about keeping Russian or China from getting stronger. Or Iran? Or North Korea?

    The Chinese and Russians walked all over Obama.

  282. Proud Obamacon says:

    No, you want single payer because your little Marxist brain thinks the government should run everything.

    Wrong! If your precious free market system was so perfect, why did 50 million people not have health insurance? ? ? Well?

    Fact is, market based systems aren’t meant to cover 100% of the people. I’d rather see all Americans have health insurance so that they can live their lives with peace of mind, you’d rather have 50 million go w/o insurance because you don’t care about them. Those are facts

  283. PresidentPaul! says:

    Some of us don’t want to be controlled by you or your prison planet ideology.

  284. Proud Obamacon says:

    “Some of us don’t want to be controlled by you or your prison planet ideology.”

    Whatever.. you do know that Obamacare is actually the plan put forward by the Heritage Foundation. IDIOT.. You just can’t stand it that it was the Dems that were making progress and doing the people’s work.

  285. jason says:

    Over at DKos, some are saying Madcow got played…

    “Yep. Rachel got ratfu-ked, right when she was riding high. It’s on her though. Didn’t she know it was nothing before sending out those tweets?

    Mar 14 · 10:24:56 PM

    Except anyone with half a brain could see this was a ratf-ckung from a mile away. But yet she went ahead with it. Pretty stupid , on her part.”

  286. PresidentPaul! says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m not a member of that.

  287. jason says:

    ou do know that Obamacare is actually the plan put forward by the Heritage Foundation”

    LOL, this is the same canard as “Obamacare was invented by Romneycare”.

    Obamacare didn’t get ONE Republican vote. Obama’s attitude was “I won, I will shove this down the country’s throat”. In reality Obamacare WAS a compromise, but between Democrats. Most wanted single payer and the “public option” but it didn’t pass not because of Republicans, but because of a few Dems like Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson.

    It was a 100% partisan power grab of 1/6th of the nation’s economy.

    Heritage Foundation my ass.

  288. PresidentPaul! says:

    btw for everyone’s information Rand Paul’s plan allows a 2 year grace period for preexisting conditions to enter the insurance markets so his plan would be more of a long term thing before it would bring down prices significantly, but the Democrats would not doubt blow the world up before anything was achieved anyways most likely.

    Rand Paul just introduced his Obamacare Replacement Act (from January)

  289. jason says:

    Fact is, market based systems aren’t meant to cover 100% of the people.”

    No, market based systems are meant to cover those who want to have health insurance.

    If the goal was just to provide INSURANCE to the 15% of people who didn’t have or didn’t want insurance, there was no need to destroy the system 85% of Americans were happy with.

    But of course, Dems love to dumb things down. They have done the same with education and housing too.

    Work for the people? LOL

  290. jason says:

    I would keep Obamacare if the choice was between Obamacare and Paulbotcare.

  291. Proud Obamacon says:

    “Obamacare didn’t get ONE Republican vote. ”

    Because Republicans played politics refused to even discuss healthcare. They wanted nothing to do with the bill. They took their ball and went home, the adults did the responsible thing and passed a bill that has resulted in 20 million people now able to have health insurance with many of them in red states!

  292. PresidentPaul! says:

    “I would keep Obamacare if the choice was between Obamacare and Paulbotcare.”

    Well that’s the direction we’re going.

    Paul supports a vote on full repeal first since we have the votes for that (if Paul Ryan would resign). Then do replacement bills thereafter.

  293. Phil says:


    You wouldn’t know “facts” if they hit you in the face. Obamacare is collapsing just like we said it would. Little detail there….then there are those darned premium and copayment hikes. Forget about those? Also, like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Sound familiar?

    BTW, enjoy your new Supreme Court. Better keep Ruth healthy. Otherwise, the high court is going to be even more enjoyable. Please filibuster so we can nuke it and ram through Ruthie’s replacement.

  294. jason says:

    I bet Proud Obamacon lies awake at night pining for the old days of the Soviet Union.

  295. jason says:

    Bunu, nobody cares what Rand Paul thinks or does. He is not a conservative or a Republican.

  296. jason says:

    If your precious free market system”

    This is what it’s all about. Hatred of free markets, free enterprise, personal responsibility, individual liberties.

    That is what the Proud Obamacons cannot live with.

  297. Proud Obamacon says:

    #288 Please… premiums are rising at the lowest rate in years. Withouth Obamacare, they would be skyrocketing.

    And as for the filibuster, please please pleeeeeease nuke it! PLEEEEEEEASE I am begging you!!!!!

  298. Proud Obamacon says:

    #302 Wrong, Free market systems are fine but when they don’t work, then you got a choice. Do nothing and let 50 million people suffer or step in and help the people. I choose to help, you choose to let them suffer. Those are the facts!

  299. Phil says:


    Without Obamacare premiums would be skyrocketing?

    Boy, you really pulled that one out of your ass. The policy holders in thirty eight states must not have gotten that memo. Oh, I forgot. It was called the Affordable Care Act. Must be true then.

  300. PresidentPaul! says:

    Ted Cruz calls rising premiums ‘most troubling aspect’ of scathing CBO health care report

    “WASHINGTON — Sen. Ted Cruz is weighing in on the Congressional Budget Office’s damning assessment of the GOP’s health care bill, telling reporters that the “most troubling aspect” of the report is a forecast for rising insurance premiums.
    “This is not the mandate that we were elected to fulfill,” he said Tuesday, a day after the CBO report was released. “The test of success will be a year from now, two years from now, three years from now: Is health care more affordable?”
    The Texan who made his name opposing Obamacare is now openly calling for changes to the American Health Care Act unveiled by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican leaders last week. “

  301. PresidentPaul! says:

    People like Obamacon is why western democracies are now failing globally whereas the old systems of monarchies are making a comeback in terms of efficiency.

  302. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Maybe we want single payer health care so that people can actually have insurance and be able to be healthy!!!”

    Actually, do not see single payer as a good system; England has serious issues with the quality of its medical care — including long waits for surgery and other forms of treatment.
    The most efficient medical systems are in countries like Germany, Japan and Switzerland, with a mix of private and public insurance.

    There are serious issues with Obamacare, including rising costs that make it increasingly unaffordable. It is going to have to be reformed, or it will go under. Obama was intent on passing a medical insurance bill for the sake of passing a bill. What was proposed was continually changing. Once passed, Obama rapidly moved on to other issues, and left Obamacare adrift.

    It is good the issues with Obamacare are now being addressed, and by a president who has a business background. However in the current partisan atmosphere, do not see too much possibility of good bill. What might be the best approach would be to set up a special task force of medical professionals, business leaders and other technical experts to come up with a suitable replacement.

  303. wraith says:

    Proud Obamacon says:

    March 15, 2017 at 12:32 am

    #302 Wrong, Free market systems are fine but when they don’t work, then you got a choice. Do nothing and let 50 million people suffer or step in and help the people. I choose to help, you choose to let them suffer. Those are the facts!

    Like all good little collectivists, you are willing to “help” with other people’s money.
    Next time you need health care, go to cuba,venezuela etc. or any of the other crap holes of the world. If socialism is so beneficial, why must it be enforced with rifle butts and bayonets, comrade.

  304. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    297. “the adults did the responsible thing and passed a bill that has resulted in 20 million people now able to have health insurance with many of them in red states!”

    Yes, and those red state voters turned out in huge numbers to vote for Trump, a candidate who promised to get rid of Obamacare.

  305. PresidentPaul! says:

    Most of the Democrat politicians are laughing their way to the bank as they use people like Obamacon to get filthy rich anyway.

    Our political system has become a racket operation as well.

  306. wraith says:

    ““the adults did the responsible thing and passed a bill that has resulted in 20 million people now able to have health insurance with many of them in red states!””~~obamacommie

    In the rob peter to pay paul socialist systems
    there will always be the pauls who think it’s a good deal to live at others expense. That golden goose can only last for so long until paul says enough is enough. They said that last november.

  307. wraith says:

    Obamacommie~~~~useful idiot.

  308. Tim says:

    I post rarely, now. But, I did want to make one observation this morning…………wraith, you’re a dick.

  309. Wes says:

    Ironically a sycophant for Ron Paul–the epitome of a politician who gamed the system to make a fortune–decries modern-day politics as a racket.

  310. Tina says:

    288 Please… premiums are rising at the lowest rate in years. Withouth Obamacare, they would be skyrocketing.

    Lol, comedy hour is early this am.

  311. Tina says:

    Jebots, alert!!!

    Comedy, the fbi head, will be speaking today about trumps russian connections.

    Please go to kos so that you can parrot the kos remarks here later.

  312. Tina says:

    Van Jones: If All We Got Tonight Is That Trump Paid $38M in Taxes, It’s a Good Night for Trump…

    You also got madcow.

  313. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – It is always good to see you here. Are you finally ok after the Falcons completed the biggest choke in Super Bowl history?

    How are the Braves looking this season? The best the Phillies can hope for is a .500 season and I doubt they even do that well.

  314. Wes says:

    Rabid anti-choicer Shantel Krebs is seeking the nomination to replace the lovely and gracious Kristi Noem.

    I hope Dusty Johnson defeats her in the primary and goes on represent SD-AL.

  315. NYCmike says:

    jason says:
    March 15, 2017 at 12:13 am

    I would keep Obamacare if the choice was between Obamacare and Paulbotcare.

    -Always good to see jason come out with more of his very well reasoned opposition to a certain policy proposal.

  316. NYCmike says:

    “I post rarely, now. But, I did want to make one observation this morning…………wraith, you’re a dick.”


    You are now officially eligible for the HHR Hall Of Fame. There is no better accomplishment than to have Tim think badly of you, since he has been consistently wrong since the 1930’s.

  317. Barrett says:

    I second the notion for Wraiths induction to the HHR Hall of Fame

  318. Barrett says:

    #321 – I would keep neither. A healthcare recipient’s bill of rights and a healthcare providers bill of rights would be shorter, simpler, and more cost effective.

    But if I was forced to choose between Obamacare and AHCA, AHCA would win, simply because insurers are leaving Obamacare.

  319. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    322 & 323
    Make it three.
    Also, Tim is a jerk!

  320. Tom Cotton/Rubio 2024 says:

    Paul Ryan should step down. He’s a loser. The Republican Party is a populist political party. We don’t cut funding for seniors and disabled people. Ryan doesn’t understand this. Thank God for Senator Tom Cotton. He had the courage to tell the truth.

  321. Rubio/Kasich says:

    Paul Ryan should step down. He’s a loser. The Republican Party is a populist political party. We don’t cut funding for seniors and disabled people. Ryan doesn’t understand this. Thank God for Senator Tom Cotton. He had the courage to tell the truth.

  322. Tina says:

    Breaking news

    Madcow recwived the teump tax return from pooty poot.

  323. Tina says:

    I am not there yet on paul ryano. He is a disappointment.

    The bigger problem is the ky blue rino. I have been oroven correct on this.

  324. Tom Cotton/Rubio says:

    Ok I can now it’s Tom Cotton/Rubio!

  325. Tina says:

    You gir to love it

    Cnbc hates mslsd

    Mike scarfarce is melting down

    More fake news from nbc

  326. Tina says:

    Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!

    Look who is tweering.

  327. Bitterlaw says:

    Great job by the Pennsylvania state troopers and National Guard. Good luck to the child.

  328. Tina says:

    Cuomo and scarfarce are fighting via twitter

    It is glorious.

    Cuomo asks mika scarfarce if he has oroof that teump leaked his return.

    Thank you bannon.

  329. Wes says:

    McCconnell is a RINO somehow. He kept Obama from replacing Scalia and has worked to implement Trump’s agenda.

    Complete RINO though.


  330. Tina says:

    Mika scarfarce has gone full conspiracy.

    Conspiracy is back in vogue.

  331. Tina says:

    I think that madcow is a trump plant.

    See scarfarce lets play conspiracy. Games.

  332. Tina says:

    I do not think that cccp sanders paid his fair share.

  333. NYCmike says:


    Nice catch with the child and the PA police.

    On the flip side, did you see how kids got involved in this story?

    The baby walker is the best! And the Mom flying into the room! Hilarious!

  334. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – I saw the story a few days ago. When it was originally posted in the Daily Mail, many comments wanted the “nanny” fired. The only problem was that she is actually the mother of the children. Really? Is it still shocking that people of different ethnicities get married and have children?

  335. Barrett says:

    Rachel Maddow’s attempt to smear Trump was an absolute embarrassing failure as far as journalism goes.

    Her terrible bias continues to show. She’s actually angered Democrats because she took the wind out of their sails in their attempt to review ALL of Trumps taxes. AND she was wrong. Trump paid 24% in taxes in 2006, the same rate as I do.

    Fail fail fail

  336. NYCmike says:

    “When it was originally posted in the Daily Mail, many comments wanted the “nanny” fired.”

    -That is SAD! Those people need to get out of their own bubble.

  337. NYCmike says:

    “Whatever. Good luck.”

    -I saw that story.

    The bigger issue is that the father/husband will remain married with the transgendered mom/wife—>dad/wife?husband?…does that make the non-transgendered father/husband a homosexual?


  338. wraith says:


    “You are now officially eligible for the HHR Hall Of Fame. There is no better accomplishment than to have Tim think badly of you, since he has been consistently wrong since the 1930’s.”

    You don’t know you’re on target unless receiving flak.