Trump Trails Gaggle Of Democrats in 2020

Public Policy Polling has a new poll out and in it, we get some 2020 General Election matchups.

Bernie Sanders (D) 51%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 38%

Joe Biden (D) 51%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 39%

Elizabeth Warren (D) 45%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 40%

Mark Cuban (D) 42%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 38%

Cory Booker (D) 42%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 39%

Richard Blumenthal (D) 42%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 39%

John Delaney (D) 38%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 38%

Kamala Harris (D) 39%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 39%

This poll was done August 18-21 among 887 registered voters. I guess if you a re a Trump fan and want the positive headline, you could state Trump tied with only declared Democratic candidate”, although being tied with a candidate that I would

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  1. Waingro says:

    Josh Kraushaar?Verified account @HotlineJosh

    Civitas polled election do-over in North Carolina: Trump 43%, Clinton 39%, Johnson 9%. Trump won by 4 in 2016. “Leading” by 4 now.

  2. Bitterlaw says:

    The Wizard is picking up steam with new threads.

  3. Bitterlaw says:

    DRUDGE had article up about earth being warmer in middle ages.
    Walt said he could have told them that.

    Damn. Cash Cow is sticking it to Walt now.

  4. Cash Cow TM says:

    I wanna know how Trump would do against
    Oprah, Caligula, Tom Jefferson,
    Captain Kirk, Captain Kangaroo, Captain Morgan.

  5. Cash Cow TM says:

    Am in Hatch, AZ…headed to Bryce Canyon.

  6. Cash Cow TM says:

    Happy tear in my eye.
    Seeing small herds of cows…

  7. NYCmike says:

    Glad to see all of these candidates with good polling against Trump. That will keep more of them in the primary. That will make them move more and more to the fringes.

  8. Waingro says:

    It’s all but ovah.

    DDHQ / Opinion Savvy Poll of #ALSen Runoff: Moore 50.3% Strange 32.2%

  9. NYCmike says:


    Has McConnell spent the million$$ that he is able to raise now that they added language to some bill that was passed?

    And YES, I do have a problem with giving incumbents even more power than challengers to raise $$ for political campaigns.

  10. Waingro says:

    #9, I don’t know, but I have a feeling McConnell may be hurting more than helping Strange.

  11. Cash Cow TM says:

    Brochures here all have BLM stamped on them.

    Black Lives Matter has taken over the natonal parks.

  12. Tina says:

    So, hilkarys soace was violated? Lol, that did not occur. Trump specifically said he would not go near her. Sour hrapes by the jebot candidate.

  13. Tina says:

    Dang, moore is pulling ahead. Mitchiemshould have stayed neutral. He is toxic.

  14. Tina says:

    The stalking claim invokves the 2nd presidential debate, one of the greatest shows evah.

  15. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m only putting it here because it is interesting. I am not trying to start a fight.

  16. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Oh yes, and Public Policy Polling polls were so accurate before the election in 2016:

    1. Michigan, Nov 4, 2016: Clinton 46%-Trump 41%; Clinton leading in early voting 57%-36%;

    2. North Carolina. Oct 24, 2016: Clinton leads in early voting 63%-37%; Clinton ahead 47% – Trump 44%;

    3. Florida, October 14, 2016; “Clinton’s Lead in South Florida Continues to Grow”, Clinton 46%- Trump 42%;

    4. Ohio, October 5, 2016; “Tight Race for President in Ohio”

    Does Tinkerbell and Toto live in the PPP polling fantasy world?

  17. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    16. Meant “Clinton’s Lead in Florida Continues to Grow” Take out “South”.

  18. Jonesy says:

    PPP is awful, and do we have their usual over weighted Dem Sample.

    Sanders and Biden in their 80’s yet? ZZZZZZZZZZZ…

  19. brucefdb says:

    I upvote all these comments so far. Awesome group.

  20. Jonesy says:

    RRH says internals show Moore leading the Dem by 20% in Bama.

    Strange, unfairly, is being hurt by his closeness to former Gov Bentley.

  21. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    5. “Cash Cow TM says: Am in Hatch, AZ…headed to Bryce Canyon.”

    Wonder if on the way back if you will enter Zions National Park from the east through the famed tunnel. Your tour bus could be too big, so they may enter from the West off 1-15.

  22. NYCmike says:

    “Strange, unfairly, is being hurt by his closeness to former Gov Bentley.”

    -Or by closeness to THE ESTABLISHMENT!

  23. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Hillary Clinton: “Skin Crawled” When Trump Stood Behind Me, I Should Have Called Him A “Creep””

    This is coming from a person married to Bill Clinton, and whose close aide is married to Anthony Weiner, on whose laptop she stored sensitive government information.

    Sure the feeling was mutual.

  24. Tina says:

    Strange is being hurt by little mitchie, jonesy.

    Toxic. 18 percent approval in Kentucky.

  25. jason says:

    Those numbers are pretty good for Trump actually.

    It’s not likely either Sanders or Biden will run.

    They will be 78 in 2020.

    And he is competitive against the rest of the “gaggle”.

  26. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    As am sure everyone is aware, why you backwards people in the 49 other states continue your evil, climate destroying ways — we in California are marching into the green future. Buying a massive amount of Teslas, electric vehicles, and small cars that get great mileage, to save the planet,. . . Ah oh.. Californians are now buying more light trucks than cars.

    “For the first time in recent memory, vehicles under the heading “light truck” outperformed car sales, according to the latest quarterly report from the California New Car Dealers Association.

    Slightly more than 50 percent of the market share in the first six months of 2017 was made up of light trucks — a category that includes pickup trucks and SUVs — which have become more popular as the price of gasoline has stayed relatively low for going on two years now.

    Registrations for light trucks came to 514,255 through June in California while cars accounted for 512,627. That marked an increase in market share of 8.8 percent for light trucks and a decrease of 10.8 percent for cars.”

  27. Tina says:

    11 days with no muh russian story, per mark levin.

  28. CashCow TM says:


    Found out BLM in national parks brochures stands for Bureau of Land Management.

    Not Black Lives Matter.

  29. CashCow TM says:


    There have been large amounts of Russians* everywhere we have gone in our vacation out west.
    *Russians means everyone who speaks an unknown foreign language and who is not clearly Japanese or Chinese looking.

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    who is not clearly Japanese or Chinese looking

    You better explain that. Are Koreans “Russian?” How about Cambodians, Vietnamese and Hmong?

  31. NYCmike says:

    -The publishers of this magazine are VERY BRAVE.

    They should be supported, and helped, as much as possible.

  32. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    34. Brings back the time that Obama did not attend the march with other world leaders in Paris in January 2015.

    He deeply humiliated the United States by cowardly not showing up. Don’t think people realize how much Europeans loss any respect for him after that.

  33. NYCmike says:

    I have seen some of their cartoon work – they are real b*st*rds – but compared to the Muslims that do violence, I will stand up for them.

  34. Tom says:

    I can’t stand Trump. I like what he is doing but wish he would just shut the f**k up and do it. If the election were held today, I would still vote for him over Hillary or any of the other liberal stooges listed above.

  35. Cash Cow TM says:

    DJT gives red meat, speech where he trolls and baits antifa left wing idiots, then calls for national unity.

    Either DJT is so smart he is stupid…
    or vice versa.

  36. jason says:

    I never liked him. I opposed him during the primaries with every argument I could muster. I didn’t vote for him. But I abhor the MSM’s dishonesty. Their double standard is just sickening. They gave Obama a free pass for 8 years but just can’t give Trump an ounce of legitimacy.

    There is a bigger principle here that has to be fought for. We cannot allow the MSM to decide who they think is acceptable, fit, or sane for the Presidency.

  37. Phil says:

    There is a bigger principle here that has to be fought for. We cannot allow the MSM to decide who they think is acceptable, fit, or sane for the Presidency.

    You nailed it, Jason.

  38. wvally says:


  39. NYCmike says:


  40. JC says:

    Trump’s greatest political ally is the left’s insanity.

  41. janz says:

    Unfortunately the MSM has filtered the news according to it’s own ideological specifications for a long time. Trump now is vociferously challenging that news model, and it’s causing mayhem in their media bubble.

    Nonetheless, their antidote to Trump is making him and those who listen to him appear and/or feel like s**t, essentially unworthy American peons. Whether or not they can get people back in line, with this tactic, depends on how strong the spine of the people really is.

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    Didn’t Jason say that Trump was unfit for the Presidency? However, I agree with his post. The media’s unrelenting assault on Trump leads me to support a person I hate.

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    To be fair, he said morally unfit. He said he same of Hillary.

  44. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    44. “Trump’s greatest political ally is the left’s insanity.”

    Unfortunately Trump’s biggest liability was the extreme right insanity of some of his far right supporters. They are turning on him since Bannon was pushed out. Some ugly anti-antisemitism and hate is now being directed at him and the Kushners: Here is a brief excerpt:

    “The fact remains that all of us, myself included, may have grossly underestimated the impact of the Jews inhabiting Trump’s inner circle. . .a bona fide Court Jew and his race-traitor wife slid their way into the halls of the White House and corrupted everything that we found so appealing about the rise of The Don.”

    Trump needs to decisively move away from and denounce these type of people.

  45. Bitterlaw says:

    SDC – I think Trump has no core so he needed to find one. Bannon gave him one. Unfortunately, it sucks. I do not believe that Trump is a racist. Because he is not a racist, I do not think he knows how to react to the charge so he fumbles around.

  46. JC says:


    And who the heck said that? Some random guy on the net?

    No one of any importance.

    Trump does not need to continually ‘distance’ or ‘denounce’ himself from something he never neared in the first place. I’m so damn sick of this BS. We’re talking about a guy who has a Jewish son-in-law and daughter, and who has been a strong supporter of Israel since before he even entered politics.

    The guy routinely has the Israeli farking flag at his campaign events for christ sake.

    Sorry to break it to you, but Trump is not nearly as stupid as the feckless establishment Republicans you seem to hold in such high regard. He is not going to own something that is not his.

    Do you understand that? The right is no longer playing along with this PC bullsh*t anymore – a rule-set that only seems to apply to one side. We’re done.

    And Bannon is none of those nasty things the left loves to smear onto their enemies. He’s a former vet who has a profound understanding of the nature of the deep state and the msm.

  47. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Bitter, I agree. His fumbling caused so much criticism, that maybe for the first time he realized he had to push the crazies out of his administration.

  48. JC says:

    Of course, you can always follow the lead of Rubio and McCain, who just love open borders and want to grant amnesty to 10-20 million foreign citizens, thus destroying the Republican party.

    And who, by intense blind ignorance, not only refuses to condemn a domestic terrorist group that beats up their own voters, but actually labels them as ‘peaceful protesters fighting hate’. Because that’s what the media told them they should say.

    No, I’m done with them. You can follow these people to the abyss if you like.

    It’s amazing. The establishment still doesn’t understand why Trump won. And they probably never will.

  49. JC says:

    His fumbling caused so much criticism, that maybe for the first time he realized he had to push the crazies out of his administration.

    He didn’t ‘fumble’. He accurately condemned both violent groups. I know you accept Marco’s definition of labeling these Soros funded thugs as ‘peaceful protesters’, but in reality land, they are a violent hate group.

    The media, and I know this still must be some grand shock to you, but they would have twisted his words no matter what he said. And you would be here proclaiming that he should have handled it better to avoid media criticism.

    And what ‘crazies’ are you talking about? And why are they ‘crazy’?

    And speaking of crazy, that’s the new coup attempt. Gaming the electoral college failed. Hacked votes failed. Russian collusion failed. Now its ‘Trump is crazy. Impeach!’

    Watch you boy Marco et-al remain silent.

  50. JC says:

    WSJ Editor Admonishes Reporters Over Trump Coverage…”

    Some staff members expressed similar concerns on Wednesday after Mr. Baker, in a series of blunt late-night emails, criticized his staff over their coverage of Mr. Trump’s Tuesday rally in Phoenix, describing their reporting as overly opinionated.

    “Sorry. This is commentary dressed up as news reporting,” Mr. Baker wrote at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday morning to a group of Journal reporters and editors, in response to a draft of the rally article that was intended for the newspaper’s final edition.

    He added in a follow-up, “Could we please just stick to reporting what he said rather than packaging it in exegesis and selective criticism?”

  51. JC says:

    This is very interesting:

    Rick Santorum Crafting Different Obamacare Repeal Plan with Lawmakers: ‘It Will Pass Through the House and the Senate’

    Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Monday that he is working with a broad coalition of Republicans in both the House and Senate, along with several governors, to develop a new effort to repeal Obamacare.

    The effort, which comes after serious tumult with prior legislation in both the House and the Senate, would devolve power over healthcare away from the federal government and back to the states. It would allow each of the 50 states to individually craft their own plans, and would mirror the effort led by Santorum in the mid-1990s which saw the only successful entitlement reform in the nation’s history.

  52. Phil says:

    NYC’s hard left mayor has ordered a 90 day review of the city’s Columbus statue which no doubt means it to is gone.

    Insanity. It’s 1984 and what is happening now ought to scare the hell out of anyone. What’s next? Book burning? There does not seem to be any limits to this political correctness insanity. None.

  53. Jonesy says:

    Mike, there a a lot of Conservatives who live in American Cities, and help fund this insanity by paying high property taxes.

    These cities would fall apart, without Center Right people generating its economic engines

  54. Jonesy says:

    Phil, it looks like Trump has won the Statue war, and Russia was a hoax. Mueller is a farce.

    When Senate comes back on 9/6, needs to hammer in a ton of Judges

  55. jason says:

    Didn’t Jason say that Trump was unfit for the Presidency?”

    Yeah, I did. It’s why I didn’t vote for him. I also said Hillary was unfit for the Presidency. But I didn’t mean that he was crazy. I don’t think he is crazy.

    I think he is thin skinned, petty and narcissistic. But there is a bigger picture here than his personality.

    The MSM and useful idiots like Wobbie make it all about his personality. It’s not.

    Unfortunately, only the Democrats are going to benefit from a divided GOP.

  56. Wes says:

    in the classic Twilight Zone series, the legendary Burgess Meredith portrayed in one episode a man oppressed and ultinately executed by a totalitarian government for the unforgivable crime of independent thought. The episode ended ironically with the man who had ordered Meredith’s character’s execution himself torn apart by the very government he supported for showing weakness at a critical moment and therefore being a detriment tothe tyrannous collective.

    The Left is trying to make the United States such an oppressive regime dominated by groupthink and the sublimation of individualism and personal identity to the wants and desires of the faceless collective bureaucracy.

    Wells (The Shape of Things to Come), Burroughs (The Moon Maid), Zamiatin (My/We), Orwell (1984), Huxley (Brave New World), and Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451) all warned of futures like what the Left is currently trying to make in this country.

    Unfortunately the warnings in fiction have gone unheeded, and now our heritage is being destroyed for the “greater good.”

    It began with something that seemed reasonable–the removal of Confederate monuments–but quickly went beyond that. As is always the xase with radicals, the Left overreached in its demands and became the Jacobins of our time.

  57. McCain says:

    Nero (D) 42%
    Donald Trump (R-inc) 39%

    We’ll soon get tired of hearing Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire” at all the campaign rallys.

  58. Phil says:


    Nail on head. People need to understand how dangerous this is.

  59. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw, SDC,

    Looking at what happens day to day, JC hit it out of the park.

  60. Phil says:


    Ghengis Khan (D) 44%
    D Trump (R) 36%

  61. McCain says:

    Trump is just setting the groundwork for when the Antifa can be blamed for setting fire to the Reichstag.

  62. NYCmike says:

    And in regards to that Santorum link, good for him.

    Keep working at it!

  63. NYCmike says:

    Listening to the debate from last night, I wonder if Sal Albanese can defeat DeBlasio in the primary.

    I should have switched my registration to vote for him in the primary.

  64. NYCmike says:

    The person who will probably win the Republican primary, Nicole Malliotakis, is NOT a favorite of mine, and will definitely lose.

    DeBlasio needs to be defeated in the primary. Small chance.

  65. Phil says:

    George Foreman rips Kaepernick.

    BLM to claim George Foreman isn’t black enough in 3…2…1…

  66. Wes says:

    I guess Malliotakis must not be enough of a Dick Mourdock doppelganger for Mike.

  67. NYCmike says:

    In the sense that she has NOT shown she can win state-wide office, like Mourdock did, then NO, she is not enough of a doppelganger.

  68. Cash Cow TM says:

    Heading to Zion NP.

    Will go thru Mt. Carmel tunnel.

    Tonight stay in Las Vegas.

  69. Cash Cow TM says:

    WV MetroNews has a story about someone in WV
    who contacted DJT campaign about Russians/Hillary…

    Could it be Walt or Wvally?

  70. NYCmike says:


    Very jealous of your pilgrimage!

    The WEST is so different than back East!


  71. jason says:

    The Dems don’t let opportunities get by.

    One moron runs over some protesters, they take the opportunity to destroy the country’s heritage.

    It’s the Rahm Doctrine.

  72. jason says:

    Nicole Malliotakis, is NOT a favorite of mine”

    Let me guess, she is not a deadender?

  73. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC- You, JC and those like you are not enough to win elections. You’re stuck with me.

  74. NYCmike says:


    That is true.

    Let’s stick together then.

    Pressure your incumbents to do their job and present good, conservative legislation to the President. Stop fiddling around the edges!

    OUR voters will respond by keeping all of them in office.

  75. NYCmike says:

    “Let me guess, she is not a deadender?”

    -Actually, my bias against her is more of a personal nature. She has shown some signs of being what you might call a “deadender”.

    She is ill-prepared, often late, is NOT very friendly, carries a Paris Hilton-type dog around with her…I’ll vote for her against the Dem, but she does not stand a chance.

    The best chance to get rid of DeBlasio will be in the primary. Hopefully Albanese can get lucky.

  76. Jonesy says:

    65. Well said. Very good insight

  77. jason says:

    OUR voters will respond by keeping all of them in office.”


    Go ahead, don’t vote for them, don’t do us any favors.

    Elect liberal Dems instead, aren’t they all the same?

    Let’s see what the Dems will do for conservative causes.

  78. jason says:

    NYC- You, JC and those like you are not enough to win elections. You’re stuck with me.”

    Why do you think they want to win elections? Don’t give them that much credit.


  79. jason says:

    They are not stuck with me. I am not longer a registered Republican.

    I have voted for a lot of people I don’t agree with. I would have voted for Ted Cruz if I had still lived in Texas for the sake of party unity. No more.

    Let’s see the deadenders win elections on their own.

  80. NYCmike says:

    What is jason yapping about?

    “OUR” meant myself, JC, and Bitterlaw, and jason, and Wes, etc.

    What an a-hole!

  81. NYCmike says:


    By your blatherings, I assume “good, conservative legislation” is NOT what you want.

  82. NYCmike says:

    Flake has an 18% approval rating in his home state because he is acting like a Democrat, not like a conservative Republican.

    McConnell has a low approval rating in Kentucky because he is fiddling around the edges, instead of REPEALING OBAMACARE.

    Govern as you CAMPAIGNED!

    What is so hard about this?!?

    Murk, Collins, McCain ALL said they would Repeal Obamacare.

  83. Trump says:

    “NYC- You, JC and those like you are not enough to win elections. You’re stuck with me.”

    Those like JC and NYC are enough to win elections, idiot.

    Already proven.

    Those like you, jason, Wes, MD, McCaon, Kasich, Ayotte, Portman, Flake and Romney are not enough to prevent winning.

  84. NYCmike says:


    What are your issues with the Cotton/Perdue bill?

    If we start there, couldn’t we then make some compromises to get Dems aboard, so that we could pass reform?

    OR, do you want to SEND A MESSAGE instead?

  85. NYCmike says:


    I would like a little cushion, to be honest. It might be good to get some of those to vote along with me.

  86. Trump says:

    I am guessing 80-90% of the idiot’s here did not vote for Trump (based on the virtue-signalling).

    Yet he won.

    He will cruise to reelection even if 100% here don’t vote for him.

  87. Trump says:

    “NYC- You, JC and those like you are not enough to win elections. You’re stuck with me.”

    The idiot voted for someone else in the primaries, didn’t he?

    Who is stuck with who?

  88. Trump says:


    “Both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell now have the worst numbers we’ve ever seen for them. Only 16
    % of voters approve of the job Ryan is doing to 62% who disapprove. A big part of that is even among Trump voters he has only a 30% approval rating with 52% disapproving of him. Ryan comes out looking popular in comparison to McConnell
    though. His approval rating is just 9%, with 61% of voters disapproving of him. Among Trump voters he receives just a 15% approval rating to 59% disa
    pproving of him.”

  89. Trump says:

    “Trump slams McConnell, Ryan, Clapper, the ‘Fake News’ in series of tweets”

    This is how you whip a dog into line.

    “Mitch McConnell disputes Trump feud claim: ‘We are working together'”

  90. NYCmike says:

    Just to clarify:

    Here we have a “liberal Democrat” like Trump wanting to sign into law any legislation that Congress gives him, and people like jason are still yapping about “deadenders”.

  91. Jonesy says:

    92. I voted for him, and will again

  92. Trump says:

    Regarding the destruction of statues and monuments by the fascist/BLM crowd.

    Next will be Jefferson, Washington, Lincon.

    Followed by Jesus and Mary.

    They reall hate you. ” ‘All Republicans are racist scum,’ Clemson professor declares.”

  93. Trump says:

    But Romney says “apologize”. So there’s that. They are “peaceful”.

  94. JulStol says:


  95. Phil says:

    I voted for Trump. Like what he has done so far regardless of his style. However, very much doubt he runs for a second term. He’s going to give us a whole bunch of great judges before he leaves, however.

  96. Wes says:

    Mike, as I recall, Mourdock proved he knew how to lose statewide. I forget the circumstances of his loss. Can you enlighten me?

  97. wvally says:

    Cash Cow TM says:
    August 24, 2017 at 10:37 am
    WV MetroNews has a story about someone in WV
    who contacted DJT campaign about Russians/Hillary…

    Could it be Walt or Wvally?


    Don’t blow my cover !

  98. NYCmike says:


    I don’t get your point.

    He made a speaking error. He is not the first politician to do so, and he won’t be the last. It cost him the election, and the Republicans a safe seat in the Senate.

    Before that error, he had won a statewide election to be Treasurer, and then he beat an incumbent with over 60% of the vote, before making his aforementioned error.

    Can you please acknowledge those little tidbits as facts?

  99. NYCmike says:


    I don’t understand why you think he would give this up.

    The only way I see him getting out is if his properties are being harmed long-term.

  100. Wes says:

    Mikey, when did outing oneself as a misogynist become a “speaking error”?

  101. Wes says:

    For the record, Mikey refers to the following as a “speaking error”:

    I believe even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something God intended to happen.

    In more succinct words, Mourdock believes God intends pregnancy to result from rape.

    That absolutely appalling statement is something Mikey refers to as a mere “speaking error.”

  102. NYCmike says:


    I’ll pray for you, and the women you have taken advantage of.

  103. NYCmike says:

    Is the wedding any time soon?

  104. Wes says:

    But not the women God intends to become pregnant by rape, I suppose, Mikey. After all, since God intends it, what’s the point in praying for them?

  105. NYCmike says:

    If that is how someone would believe, Wes, the prayers would be for the LIFE OF THE CHILD, and for the mother to find GOOD where there had been ONLY EVIL.

  106. NYCmike says:

    I do believe Mr. Vito spoke more eloquently about this situation.

    I would suggest you go back and read what he wrote.

    You obviously still have issues with those that think differently than you do.

  107. Wes says:

    VITO ALSO SAID WHAT mourdock said was noncontroverial because Donnelly didn’t immediately call him out on it, Mikey. That’s about as far off the mark as you can get since Donnelly did the politically smart thing by not saying anything and letting Mourdock hang himself. Donnelly went to town on Mourdock right after the debate. Meanwhile Mourdock tried to attck others for “misinterpreting” (read: correctly realizing) what he’d said.

    I have problem with people like you who try to defend that misogynist scumbag’s remarks. He said what he said ANyone with abasic knowledge of the English language can interpret what he said only one way.

    Your “find good where there was only evil” statement is about as callous as when Sharron ANgle told women ipregnated by rapists to “make lemonade out of lemons..” People wonder why I’m not a Christian when I read inane statements like yours from believers.

  108. NYCmike says:

    And, you still refuse to acknowledge that he had won statewide before, and had spanked an incumbent-but-out-of-touch Senator with 60% of the primary vote.

  109. NYCmike says:


    Your wonderful, caring, empathetic internet character is a sight to behold!

    GOD shines brightly thru your wonderful WORDS of caring, which does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL for real life victims!

    Spare me the drama, Queen Wes.

    Go get married.

  110. NYCmike says:

    “VITO ALSO SAID WHAT mourdock said was noncontroverial ”

    -Hmmm, I don’t remember him seeing that at all.

    Maybe I’ll try to look it up myself.

  111. NYCmike says:

    “I have problem with people like you who try to defend that misogynist scumbag’s remarks.”

    -Heh……and Bill Clinton is a hero to this guy.

    If only Mourdock had won, Republicans would have another Senator, and Wes would have another hero.

  112. NYCmike says:

    -One of the comments:

    “Just tell them that you are taking a knee to protest the national anthem and they’ll leave you alone.”

  113. Wes says:

    Mourdock deserved to lose, Mikey. I was not opposed to his nominatoon till he outed himself as a misogynist bastard.

    When asked “Are you pro life?” Dick the Misogynist Bastard Mourdock had only to say yes to avoid controversy. Instead, he went off on some bizarre misogynist rant about how God intends pregnancy from rape.

    He brought it on himself, and I’m glad he lost.

    Your sick determination that raped women should be forced to carry their attackers’ babies to term is nothing short of disgusting. Then again, you’ve obviously never dealt with this up close, or you probably wouldn’t have such a condescending attitude about such a serious issue.

    I want the woman to have the choice to determine to end an unanted pregnancy forced on her by rape. If she elects to complete the pregnancy, she should have that right. If she does not, she should have that right too.

    You and Mourdock want her forced by the government to continue a pregnancy brought on by a vile act.

    Even the voters of Mississippi and South Dakota said that was unacceptable in referenda. No wonder socons tend to get their asses handed to them on Election Day.

  114. NYCmike says:

    Queen Wes,

    Please stop hyperventilating.

    I don’t think a woman should be forced to keep the baby, and I don’t know what Mourdock thinks. He may NOT want to give a rape exception, but I am not sure.

    That said, I would counsel any person thinking about getting an abortion to consider alternatives.

    I understand why some people think that abortion is NOT the correct answer, a position which you can’t seem to grasp.

    I also understand why a woman would get an abortion.

    Again, I would counsel against it.

    Now go count to 10 and have a cookie.

  115. NYCmike says:

    And NO, thankfully I have not had to deal with this situation in real life.

    I am sure it would not be very pleasant, since the theoretical conversations I have had with my family on this topic have been bad enough.

  116. Wes says:

    Let me let you in on something, Mikey:

    You’ve never been raped. You’ve never been impregnated by rape. The latter can’t happen to you.

    Ergo, no one gives a good goddamn what you think.

    I say only the woman should have the CHOICE in such a situation. It’s her body and her decision. Who are you to pass judgment on something you can never experience?

    As I said above, if a raped woman elects to keep a child conceived in rape, that’s her right. If she does not, that is equally her right.

    It’s reprehensible to try to forcibly keep her from either option.

    Equally reprehensible is Mourdock’s assertion, endorsed by you, that God intends pregnancy to result from rape. If that’s how your God thinks, then I’m rven more glad I am no Christian.

  117. NYCmike says:


    Just so you know: your internet words do NOTHING.

    Go out and help victims. Stop bringing it up on HHR, go DO SOMETHING, if this inspires you so!

    Go and help a person, instead of helping yourself feel better by being so righteous on the internet.


  118. NYCmike says:

    And, when was the wedding?

    Are we NOT invited?

  119. NYCmike says:

    I just read about a couple here in NYC, they met on a bus, got engaged on the same bus, then had their wedding on the same crosstown bus.

    Very nice.

  120. wvally says:

    Looks like tcga missed the boat.