Moore Leads Strange By 8% in AL

Gravis Marketing has come out with a new poll and it shows Roy Moore with an 8% lead over Donald Trump’s preferred candidate, Luther Strange.

Roy Moore 48%
Luther Strange (inc) 40%

This poll was done September 21-22 among 559 likely voters.

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  1. Bitterlaw says:


  2. Wes says:

    Hey, Joy, I’m no Christian, but their religion teaches penitence and considers kneeling as an act of self-abasement to their God. Of course they’ll be kneeling, you idiot! They will kneel as a sign of obeisance to their deity, not as an act of defiance against their country of birth.

    Stupid bitch.

  3. Wes says:

    I can’t believe Alabama Republicans are poised to vote for that theocratic embarassment.

  4. wvally says:

    Slow morning. Are we NFL’d out? Found this oddity on twitter. School textbook illustrators slipping a bit of adult humor into their work. Mind you this is the U.K.; I don’t think this would slip by in the US.

    “Somewhat dubious scenes spotted in the background of a friend’s 4yo’s school book”

  5. NYCmike says:

    “Trump is an idiot. Played right into the hands of the left. I guess he can’t help himself. Way to go, Donald. Moron.”

    -Disagree with Phil, agree with Tgca on most of this.

    Didn’t the NFL deny both Trump and Limbaugh ownership slots in the past? Looks like Trump holds a grudge (surprise, surprise!).

  6. NYCmike says:

    Link to that Outlander scene? 🙂

  7. Cash Cow TM says:

    More than 24
    SEPTEMBER 22, 2017
    Illinois state lawmakers who have either resigned this year or said they won’t seek re-election, which is about 15 percent of the General Assembly and an unusually large exodus. Many have cited the state’s political gridlock and increasingly angry citizenry as reasons for moving on.
    Source: AP/The Southern Illinoisan

    SEPTEMBER 21, 2017
    States that would face federal funding cuts in 2026 if the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal Obamacare becomes law. Almost all of them expanded Medicaid. Meanwhile, most of the states that didn’t expand Medicaid would see an increase in federal funding.
    Source: The New York Times

    SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
    Democratic governors and state attorneys general who are women, which accounts for 20 percent representation. The Democratic Attorneys General Association hopes to increase that number and recently launched “the 1881 Initiative” — named for the first year that a woman ran, unsuccessfully, for state AG — to help.
    Source: The New York Times

    Oct. 15
    SEPTEMBER 19, 2017
    Day that Baltimore’s bike-share service will reopen. It shut down this weekend because so many bikes were stolen that the company is installing additional locking devices.
    Source: The Baltimore Sun

    SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
    Drop in Louisiana’s median income from 2015 to 2016. The only other states where it declined were North Dakota and Wyoming.
    Source: Governing

    SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
    Uninsured rate in Texas last year, which was the highest in the country and double the national average. The high number of people without health insurance can be blamed on the fact that the state did not expand Medicaid, has a large immigrant population and has a lower-than-average rate of employers who offer health coverage.
    Source: Governing

    SEPTEMBER 14, 2017
    Portion of men’s drop in the labor force that a new study suggests can be blamed on the opioid epidemic.
    Source: Bloomberg

    SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
    Municipal finance officers who said they are better able to meet the financial needs of their communities — down from at least 80 percent in each of the last three years.
    Source: Governing

    7.3 million
    SEPTEMBER 12, 2017
    Homes and businesses — most of which are in Florida — that lost power due to Hurricane Irma, as of Monday afternoon. “We’ve never had that many outages, and I don’t think any utility in the country ever has,” said the chief executive of Florida’s biggest electric company. Utilities said it could be weeks before power is fully restored.
    Source: Reuters

    SEPTEMBER 11, 2017
    Price of lunch for students in New York City public schools. Starting this year, every student will qualify for free meals in an attempt to reduce the stigma associated with poverty.
    Source: Tribune News Service

    SEPTEMBER 8, 2017
    States suing President Trump over his decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which offered deportation protection to immigrants brought to this country illegally as children.
    Source: Tribune News Service

    Less than half
    SEPTEMBER 7, 2017
    Households with incomes under $20,000 that have internet access.
    Source: Governing

    More than 1 million pounds
    SEPTEMBER 6, 2017
    Toxic pollutants released into the air by oil refineries and chemical plants in the week after Harvey hit Texas. Several of the chemicals are known to cause cancer.
    Source: The Washington Post

    SEPTEMBER 5, 2017
    Reduction in federal funding for navigators, trained representatives who help people understand health insurance options and purchase a plan through the Affordable Care Act. The Trump administration announced the cut on Thursday.
    Source: Tribune News Service

  8. NYCmike says:

    Pointed out somewhere else – NFL is organized as a non-profit…….something tells me that should change.

  9. Tina says:

    Gubment should stop advertising on. Nfl. Take their ad revenue away.

  10. biomom says:

    Loved the Ravens and Flacco. Not after this. Do not disrespect your country and president on foreign soil. Glad they lost badly and wish both teams could have lost. And Pittsburg is just going to skip the anthem completely. What a profile of courage! No more NFL for me.

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    At the Eagles-Giants game, the National Anthem was sung by a black sailor. It was one of the best renditions that I have ever heard. Protest tally-

    2 kneeling Giants.
    1 Eagle with a raised fist

  12. Bitterlaw says:

    I will continue to watch. I respect those who will not watch. Both can be true.

  13. lisab says:

    I can’t believe Alabama Republicans are poised to vote for that theocratic embarassment.

    people in alabama are more deplorable than the average gop establishment candidate

  14. Bitterlaw says:

    I am offended that the Eagles’ secondary sucks. However, I will not protest.

  15. lisab says:

    what about the eagle’s primary?

  16. lisab says:

    i am boycotting the nfl today

    of course i boycott pretty much every day

    but this time i have reasons

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    The Eagle who raised his fist just knocked the Giants out of field goal range. Booooooooo on the protest. Yessssssss on the tackle. Life is complex.

  18. Bitterlaw says:

    16 is why lisab’ trash talk about the Patriots is Zzzzzzzzz.

  19. lisab says:

    well it is not like i am on the team or anything, so i really cannot take credit for them being the best franchise in nfl history

  20. Mr.Vito says:

    Maybe the problem is that most of the Eagles players barely made it through primary and secondary school.

  21. Mr.Vito says:


  22. jason says:

    Since the NFL players can’t respect the flag I am watching golf today.

  23. Mr.Vito says:

    As usual, the left overreacts… kneeling for the symbol of the US revolution that freed us from the monarchy that they then stood to honor.

    Joy apparently forgot that they complained when Tebow kneeled on the field and told him to keep it in church.

  24. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Trump spikes up in Gallup today to 40% approval. Robbie is sad.

  25. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    A profile in courage! Invite him to January’s State of the Union Address. Also, Cubs’ Manager Joe Madden sounds off against players politicking in sports.

  26. NYCmike says:

    “Invite him to January’s State of the Union Address.”

    -Disagree with this. He should not be invited because he stood for the anthem. If Trump did invite him, I bet he would decline, since it is NOT for Trump that he stood, but for the flag and country.

  27. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    I was being light-hearted. I agree with you.

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    Broncos take 10-7 lead over Bills. Don’t tell Jason. He is boycotting.

  29. Bitterlaw says:

    Of course, boycotting is easier when the Broncos game is not on tv in Jason’s area.

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    Really dumb call. Eagles go for it on 4th and 8 at the Giants 45. Sack. Giants get ball at Eagles 49.

  31. Jonesy says:

    Did Big Penitentiary boycott also for Steelers?

    Guy was a few steps from a rape Convinction

  32. lisab says:

    as robbie would tell you,

    you cannot trust gallup polling

    only the msnbc/the view poll of jimmy kimmel’s audience matters

  33. Jonesy says:

    Wow. Far Right Parties surge in Germany. Frau Merkel is severely weakened

  34. lisab says:


    look how merkel treats the german flag

  35. NYCmike says:

    Far Right Parties in Germany?

    We need new names, because in Germany, that is something to fear.

    I would also point out Nazis should be considered Far Left, since they are technically socialist fascists.

  36. lisab says:

    the 75 million euro, eu fine against poland for not taking refugees was dropped

    after poland asked for 1 trillion euros in reparations from germany for ww2

  37. Jonesy says:

    38. Good one Lisa. Germans are the world’s biggest hypocrites

  38. NYCmike says:

    Poland dont play!

  39. Jonesy says:

    A weakened Merkel really hurts the EU. She now cannot threaten Britain on Brexit

  40. NYCmike says:

    -Strip the exemption for all of these organizations.

  41. Bitterlaw says:

    Where is Wes? When was the last time an American President called for Americans to boycott an American company?

  42. lisab says:

    president obama and peabody energy?

    (the biggest usa coal producer)

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    I know the NFL is not a company so you can all F off.

  44. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe Trump can demand a boycott of the American League until it ends the Designated Hitter.

  45. NYCmike says:

    Kaep is wrong.
    Trump statement is silly.
    Strip the exemption.
    Players play, actors act, I ignore.

  46. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    San Diego’s NFL team moved to Los Angeles. Not many people cared. They now have dismal attendance in Los Angeles, and there is even talk of them trying to come back. The latest controversy will nix any possibility of that — this city has a lot of military and retired military. At this point, I no longer watch or want an NFL team.

  47. Cash Cow TM says:


    Cow has a comment in moderation…

    try again..

    Not watching feetsball.

    Was flipping through channels and lingered on a feetsball game that was just before half someone has blocked a FG and the moron ChiBears defender who scooped it up and ran for like 80 yards slowed down to walk over goal line and put on a show.

    Someone from kicking team caught up with the overpaid and probably lowly educated idiot and knocked ball loose at the one and another guy knocked it out of end zone.


    Not sure if the idiot bonehead was a kneeler or an arm linker.

    A$$ holes like that player should be fired because he is an idiot who puts showboating ahead of his team and the game.

    Fricking idiot…

  48. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Most NFL teams play in stadiums built in part through public subsidies, if there players are no longer willing to respect the flag, there are more important priorities for municipal monies.

  49. Bitterlaw says:

    Cash Cow – Tell Walt that Rasoul Douglass (rookie from West Virginia) is playing very well for the Eagles at cornerback.

  50. Bitterlaw says:

    Uh oh. Do I have to boycott giving money for hurricane relief for groups that had ads by NFL players.

  51. Cash Cow TM says:

    Here is a solution to the fricking idiot feetsball players who want (I assume) to voice displeasure about injustice, not living in a perfect word, Trump, global warming, other overpaid and over glorified football players who beat the crap out of their wives or girlfriends, ingrown toenails, wild animals in the forest not wearing clothes or whatever the heck they are protesting by feeling the need to kneel during the national anthem and thereby pretty much spit in the face of everyone who believes their kneeling shows unacceptable disrespect to the nation and to the majority of Americans who actually understand that honoring and respecting your country and those (and the families) who sacrificed and bled and died to uphold the unparalleled principles for which this country was founded and for which we strive, should not include kneeling while NA is being sung.

    At the beginning of each game have the distraught players sign a petition of whatever is the flavor of the protest of the day that has their underwear tied in a knot and have that petition shown on TV and read the names of the underwear wadded players.

    So they get their angst out, without figuratively hocking big lugies in the face of tens of millions of Americans.

    frigging idiots….

  52. Cash Cow TM says:


    Walt says he does not give a “flying flipping fig” (direct quote) about pro feetsball–even if they are products of WVU.

    As for Cash Cow, I am glad a former WVU guy is helping out the Eagles as they struggle along.

  53. Bitterlaw says:

    So Cash Cow supports the right of NFL players to protest during games. He just does not the protest during the anthem.

  54. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    55. Most people would face termination if they carried on a political protest while they were at work. Agree with the Treasury Secretary:

    “Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Sunday that NFL owners should decide on a rule on how to handle players who kneel in protest during the national anthem.

    “The owners should meet and decide on this rule the way they decide on any other rule,” Mnuchin said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
    “The NFL has all different types of rules,” he said. “You can’t have stickers on your helmet. You have to have your uniforms tucked in. What the President is saying is, and I think, the owners should meet and they should vote on a rule.””

    Am not paying money for stadium tickets or otherwise supporting the NFL to watch the flag and national anthem disrespected at a game.

  55. NYCmike says:

    They should have followed the NBA’s example from the late 1990’s.

  56. Phil says:

    The golf tournament is pretty good. Spieth holed a wedge for an eagle a few holes ago and is making a charge. Just dropped a stroke, however. We are enjoying our Sunday just fine without watching the Social Justice League (SJL) formally known as the NFL.

  57. Bitterlaw says:

    This is a serious crisis. A Texan is watching golf instead of football.

  58. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Attendance is falling badly at NFL games:

    “But the game also served as a reminder of one of the NFL’s recent woes: poor attendance.
    Shots of the stadium, like the one above, made clear that attendance was dismal for the primetime game. Despite claims that attendance was over 70,000, anyone with eyes could see that the stadium was largely empty, with even some of the best seats in the lower bowl left untaken.
    As SFGate noted, tickets were available on secondary markets for just $14 — about the price of a beer and hot dog inside the stadium. And still, few people found the time to support the Niners in person.
    People on the internet took notice, inspiring headlines including “The 49ers and Rams Played a Great Game in Front of an Empty Stadium” at The Big Lead and “It Appears Not Many People are Physically at the Rams-49ers Thursday Night Game” from Sports Illustrated.”

  59. NYCmike says:

    Jets win, Bills beat Denver……..but Patriots just went ahead with 23 seconds left.

  60. Phil says:

    I hadn’t thought of it that way, Bitter.

    This obviously must be serious.

  61. Phil says:

    Texans almost beat the Patriots? Not a bad showing. Too bad I cannot watch them any longer.

    What do you bet JJ didn’t take a knee?

  62. Bitterlaw says:

    IT’S GOOOOOOOOOOOD! Eagles win on 61 yard field goal as time expires.

  63. Phil says:

    Immaterial. What matters is did the FG kicker take a knee and show his outrage at, uh, injustice or whatever.

  64. Tgca says:

    Markel says: …she would listen to the “concerns, worries and anxieties” of voters of the anti-immigration, anti-Islam Alternative for Germany (AfD) in order to win them back.

    I love how politicians disrespect their voters before elections but then claim they respect their judgment and now willing to listen. Idiotic, arrogance. Now she’s lost folks to the fringe party.

    It’s like the spouse who gets caught cheating and is now sooooo sorry. Clearly, these people only regret the consequences and not their choices.

  65. Mr.Vito says:

    I’d rather hear updates on curling.

  66. Mr.Vito says:

    My 8-year-old daughter just swore off NFL football this afternoon… she read a book about 9/11 instead…

    Good choice.

  67. Tgca says:

    Drudge says Hitler’s underwear sold for $6,700. I bet I could get a good price for mine here st HHR. It’ll be a bidding war between Author, MD, and Chicon. The biding will start at $50. Do I hear $50…

  68. Mr.Vito says:

    Washed or unwashed?

  69. Phil says:

    Anyone ever notice on each thread Robbie and poster Trump either are both absent together or both always show up together.

    Got to be the same person. Never see one without the other.

  70. NYCmike says:

    Heh….a Sock asking that question….

  71. NYCmike says:

    No bad news today……waiting on Robbie to find some.

  72. Phil says:

    It’s still early.

  73. Tgca says:

    Sally Jenkins thinks the nation respects and loves football too much, and will rally around the players and leagues as they continue to oppose Trump. Another clueless person that needs to get outside the MSM and get in touch with the real world.

    It’s a job. They have an employer. Do your job and save your politics for your personal time. The vast majority of Americans would not be allowed to bring unwanted controversy and scrutiny to their employers but these bums think they are above the rules.

  74. Mr.Vito says:

    I blame CTE.

  75. Tgca says:

    NY Jets owner calls it an honor or privilege to stand with players.

    I think the headline should read: NY Jets owner calls it an honor and privilege to stand against law enforcement.

  76. JulStol says:

    So…we’re not discussing the Sudanese immigrant who shot up a church in Tennessee today? Okay. Carry on…

  77. Tgca says:

    I think Trump should invite major law enforcement groups to WH in place of rescinding and declining requests of the sports teams. Let’s see how the owners like when the Trump gives a voice to law enforcement who do a hell of lot more for society than these players at a mere fraction of the pay and without the adoring fan base and MSM to approve of every self-promoting charity work they do.

  78. Tgca says:

    Well, it’s Sunday and Sunday is an excellent time to discuss ABORTION. Any takers?

  79. Paul says:

    If only Trump had been aborted.

  80. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    On the ground report from the Patriots’ game:
    “Whole bunch of Patriots players are kneeling. There are some boos in the crowd.”

  81. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Very diplomatic quote from a football team owner;

    “Los Angeles Chargers owner Dean Spanos made an enigmatic remark: “The NFL and its players, more than anything, have been a force for good.””

  82. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Pittsburgh Steelers Stay Off Field During Anthem, Crowd Boos Them When They Return.”

    Surprised this would be a headline in Yahoo.

    Almost no Democratic politicians appear to be speaking up in favor of the players, they know this would be a toxic issue

  83. Tgca says:

    Good for what? Driving up prices of tickets so most average workers can’t afford it? Beating your wives and girlfriends? Killing animals? Wreckless partying? Inciting violence against law enforcement? Then I might agree that many players have been good at these.

  84. lisab says:

    Sally Jenkins thinks the nation respects and loves football too much, and will rally around the players and leagues as they continue to oppose Trump.

    how many snowflakes watch football?

  85. lisab says:

    NY Jets owner calls it an honor or privilege to stand with players.

    it would be an honour to STAND with the players …

    well … maybe not the jets …

  86. lisab says:

    sooooooo … i went for some groceries …

    i am unloading the car and going in when i see my disabled (300+ pound) neighbor drive in from church … they have some kind of social thing on sunday afternoons. she has a walker and normally takes a good 10 minutes to get out of her car so i am about to run in … because i don’t want to talk about her church.

    her front wheel is ON FIRE … it has actual flames

    sooooooooo … i tell her and tell her she needs to get out of her car quickly … as i call the fire department … all i can think is that if the fire spreads to her engine, i will have to drag her out of the car

    fortunately, it did not come to that … but … eeeeeeeek

  87. Bitterlaw says:

    I saw a story that said about 100 NFL players protested today. That means about 1200 did not protest. I am not giving up football for 1/13 of the players being anti-American.

  88. lisab says:

    I am not giving up football for 1/13 of the players being anti-American.
    why do you hate america bitterlaw?

  89. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m not playing your silly game, lisab.

  90. lisab says:

    I’m not playing your silly game

    you are watching it

  91. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    88. “Sally Jenkins thinks the nation respects and loves football too much, and will rally around the players and leagues as they continue to oppose Trump. ————— how many snowflakes watch football?”

    Will have to make it into a non-gender form of powder-puff football. Team names will be changed to reflect the new approach: New York Snowflakes, Los Angeles Kaleeaters, etc. Over masculine males need not apply; they violate the new “safe space” rules of football. Instead of making “plays” the players will make “permitted microaggressions.”

  92. Bitterlaw says:

    This story will be off the news in less than 24 hours. I just wanted you all to have the details before the story is buried.

  93. lisab says:

    10-04-2012, 11:27 PM
    The New York Giants … become … the New York Very Tall People.

    The Washington Redskins … become … the Washington Native Americans.

    The Dallas Cowboys … become … the Dallas Western Style Laborers.

    The L.A. Raiders … become … the L.A. Uninvited Guests.

    The Minnesota Vikings … become … the Minnesota Plundering Norsemen.

    The Green Bay Packers … become … the Green Bay Meat Industry Workers.

    The New Orleans Saints … become … the New Orleans Pretty Good People.

    The Seattle Seahawks … become … the Seattle Birds of Prey.

    The Denver Broncos … become … the Denver Untamed Beast of Burden.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers … become … the West Indies Freebooters.

    The Detroit Tigers … become … the Detroit Large Carnivorous Cats.

    The Chicago Bears … become … the Chicago Securities Traders In A Declining Market.

    The Indianapolis Colts … become … the Chicago Young Male Horses.

    The New England Patriots … become … the New England Zealous Lovers of Country.

  94. lisab says:

    Sudanese bodybuilder gunman bursts into Tennessee church and opens fire killing one woman and wounding six others before being taken down by hero armed usher

    i wonder what the motive was?

  95. wvally says:

    ‘Fraud’: Mainstream polls use 29% more Democrats than Republicans

    “In every poll, Democrat respondents outnumbered Republicans by significant amounts. The Economist poll was the worst. Only 24 percent of respondents (360) were Republicans compared to 38 percent (570) Democrats – which means that 58 percent more Democrats were polled than Republicans, as shown in the %D/R column. On average, in these seven widely recognized national polls, only 29 percent (409 people) of the total 1,383 polled were Republicans, while 37 percent (518) were Democrats.

  96. Wes says:

    Hm. Sudanese.

    Good possibility Mohammed might have been someone revered by him.

  97. wvally says:

    These are the Trump job approval polls

  98. wvally says:

    Oh my, terrible story : (

  99. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    And the point is what?

  100. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are NO votes on the Cassidy/Graham legislation unless certain Amendments are adopted.

  101. Bitterlaw says:

    Steeple – It’s only a story with MSM appeal if the shooter and victims switch races..

  102. Bitterlaw says:

    Vicious condemnation of Cruz and Lee to start in 3…2…Never.

  103. Phil says:



  104. Bitterlaw says:

    I am very consistent. The white scumbag who murdered those black chargers in SC should be executed.

    This scumbag should be executed.

  105. Phil says:

    Can someone please explain to me this injustice this kneeling is supposed to be protesting in the first place?

    What exactly is the beef these “oppressed” blacks have these days? What’s their problem exactly? Nobody ever spells it out. All we hear about are generalities like “social injustice”. What is that exactly? Discrimination? Where exactly? Affirmitive action anyone? Seriously, I’m sick of hearing about how racist white society is. Want to meet some real racists? Talk to some of our black friends out there.

    Just tired of the bullsh*t.

  106. Phil says:

    Hell, yeah. Execute this black SOB right after they execute the white SOB from SC.

  107. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is my kind of NFL team owner: Meet Clark Hunt of the KC Chiefs–

    “Mr. Hunt called a meeting with all of his coaches, players and field staff and firmly told them, “You are all simply paid performers on a stage and that field is my stage! You will stand, with your hand over your heart and with respect, when our country’s national anthem is being played or you will no longer be a Kansas City Chief, a coach for the Kansas City Chiefs or have any association with the Chiefs organization! I will immediately fire you, no matter who you are!
    You can make your political statements off the field, but when you’re employed by me and I’m signing your check, I demand that you make our fans proud and not embarrass them.”

  108. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – The main protest is that white police are killing black men in incidents where they would not shoot if the suspect was white.

    That is their stated reason. I do not agree. On their hand, it is impossible for me to see the issue the way a black person sees it because I am not black.

  109. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Great retweet by Alani Fua, a former Arizona Cardinal football player. It shows his former college teammate, New England Patriot Kyle Van Noy, remaining standing besides all the players kneeling. The retweet:

    1.Russell Nam Pham? @russellnampham 3h3 hours ago
    KVN #DareToStandAlone

  110. Mr.Vito says:

    “…it is impossible for me to see the issue the way a black person sees it because I am not black.”

    Unless they are southern…

  111. Tina says:

    So, he stood alone while the other pittsburg teammates stayed inside?

    I have been out all day.

  112. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    100. “Hm. Sudanese. Good possibility Mohammed might have been someone revered by him.”

    If he was from the south, he might have been animist or Christian. They say he was from Khartoum, which is in the north.

  113. lisab says:

    The main protest is that white police are killing black men in incidents where they would not shoot if the suspect was white.

    well, and social inequality in general

  114. Tina says:

    That statement is bs. Hands up dont shoot was a lie.

    If a white child attacked a police officer and tried to steal the officers weapon, the yute would have been shot.

  115. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I don’t pretend to know what it is like to be from the South. I just know I don’t want to live in the South. The good news is that my brother is moving back to NJ from North Carolina and my sister-in-law and her husband are moving from Virginia and moving to California. I no longer have any reason to go to a Southern state. I also will not visit California.

  116. Bitterlaw says:

    Bless your heart, Mr. Vito.

  117. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    YoungSteve? @YoungSteve_8 5h5 hours ago
    “The problem is nobody sees multi-millionaire, top 99.9% people protesting and feels that they’re sincere.”

  118. Phil says:

    What “social inequality” exactly? Is there a black who can’t get a job because of his race? Can a black student not get into college because of his or hers race? Colleges go All out to let black students in. Often, their color gives them a leg up in fact. Can a black be denied a mortgage loan? Seems we went through a period a decade ago when they like others of any race could get one even if they were not qualified.

    Blacks are NOT victims of anything. They can be anything they want. Nobody is holding them back. Nobody.

    What is this “social inequality” and how is whitey holding them back? Splain it to me, Lucy.

  119. lisab says:

    “The problem is nobody sees multi-millionaire, top 99.9% people protesting and feels that they’re sincere.”

    to play devil’s avocate … they are a few of the only black people in the usa who have a white audience.

  120. Phil says:

    My guess is this twitter fight between Trump and Kim is going to have much more serious ramifications than the cat fight between Trump and the Social Justice League. Kim has nukes and he’s bat sh*t crazy.

  121. Tina says:

    Nk is a menance, but no good solution. I just read the wiki account ofmthe nk incidents post korean war.

    Lots of incidents innthe 1960s. None in the 1980s.

    Lots in 70s and 90s.

  122. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    120. “I also will not visit California.”

    Seriously Bitter? For all its problems, California is am amazingly beautiful state — Yosemite, Redwoods, Big Sur, Sequoias, Channel Islands, Anza Borrego — I could go on-and-on.

    Remember too California produces 2/3 of the nation’s winter vegetables, and the majority of its lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, almonds & several other types of nuts. 20% of its dairy. And throw in fourth largest oil production in the nation as well.

    For all its craziness, it is worth a visit.

  123. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    125. “to play devil’s avocate … they are a few of the only black people in the usa who have a white audience.”

    Yes, so they are the ones who should not be doing something stupid. Why not a press conference or demonstration prior or after the game. Appearing disrespectful of the flag and national anthem trivialized their cause.

  124. Mr.Vito says:

    “I don’t pretend to know what it is like to be from the South.”

    Good to hear.

    “…they are a few of the only black people in the usa who have a white audience.”

    Probably more than the number of white people who have a black audience, though…

  125. Tina says:

    I will cist pa. I heard they have amazing cheesesteaks in philly and amish somewhere else, plus the industrial areas.

    I will vist dlorida again, next time miami,

    I like sf best. No disrespect to others here. It is a beautiful ciry in a beautiful state.

  126. Bitterlaw says:

    San Diego -My brother-in-law is retiring after more than 30 years in the Army. He will settle in San Diego. I wish him luck but I have no interest in visiting.

    If I am going to spend the same amount of time traveling to London or California, I will head to London.

  127. NYCmike says:

    Cruz and Lee deserve to be heard about which amendments they want, as they voted YAY in July.

    McCain, Murk and Collins deserve nothing.

  128. NYCmike says:


    Maybe try listening to their reasons before making a judgment.

  129. lisab says:

    Yes, so they are the ones who should not be doing something stupid. Why not a press conference or demonstration prior or after the game. Appearing disrespectful of the flag and national anthem trivialized their cause.

    well, i would agree with you that this pisses off many white people (and many blacks too actually)

    but i think they would say you would ignore any pre-game press conference

    and you probably would

  130. lisab says:

    Probably more than the number of white people who have a black audience, though…

    part of the problem

  131. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – I don’t care about their reasons. I am not judging them. I hope they are happy there. I have no interest in ever going there. I will spend my time and money going somewhere I want to go.

  132. Bitterlaw says:

    My wife visited SD when her nephew graduated. I passed on the opportunity because my daughter still had school and I will never allow her to miss a day.

  133. lisab says:

    african americans have never had a archie bunker character to show both the prejudices of the black community, how absurd they can be, and how they came about — using a sympathetic character like archie.

    they have had a few strong male “father knows best” type leads in shows, but relatively few and the most famous, cosby, is now tainted.

  134. Tina says:

    Bl needs to visit sf. I can give you several restaurant recommendations.

  135. jason says:

    So there are 130 scumbags in the NFL… not a surprise.

    “Here’s a breakdown at each game, as observed by AP reporters:

    – Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts: About 24.

    – New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles: At least three (and three other players raising their fists).

    – Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills: About 35, including Bills RB LeSean McCoy and about half of the Broncos’ roster.

    – Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings: At least two, including Bucs WRs Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson.

    – Houston Texans at New England Patriots: About 16.

    – Miami Dolphins at New York Jets: At least four, including Dolphins WR Kenny Stills and OT Laremy Tunsil.

    – New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers: About 12, including Saints RB Adrian Peterson.

    – Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions: About 10, including Lions RB Ameer Abdullah.

    – Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears: The Steelers stayed in the tunnel, although Army veteran Alejandro Villanueva stood outside the tunnel with his hand over his heart.

    – Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars in London: About 24, including Ravens LB Terrell Suggs and Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette.

    Total: 130”

  136. Bitterlaw says:

    I also do not believe in sick days. If you are sick, go to school or work. Better to be sent home than to be absent.

  137. jason says:

    Cruz will never miss an opportunity to make sure everyone knows he is a deadender.

    He was feeling unloved and out of the news.

  138. Bitterlaw says:

    Cool. 90% of NFL players are not protesting. You can all return to the games now.

  139. jason says:

    I am glad Denver and Pittsburgh, who seemed to have the most players involved in this, lost.

  140. Bitterlaw says:

    Sorry, Tina. No interest in San Francisco. My wife can go with my daughter.

  141. jason says:

    Congrats on the Eagles, I hear they won with a 61 yd FG.

  142. Bitterlaw says:

    I hate to admit that I did miss one day each for 3 surgeries but I was able to schedule the operations on Friday.

    I had 2 operations to remove wisdom teeth but I was back in my office an hour later and worked the rest of the day.

  143. lisab says:

    there are way to many homeless people who bother you in san francisco.

    when walking down a street i used to time getting to a crosswalk only when the light was green so i could immediately cross, because otherwise you will be acosted by a homeless person for money who may spit at you or worse if you don’t give them money

  144. jason says:

    I enjoyed watching the Tour Championship and the Fedex Cup Championship play out, great tournament.

    Tomlin said he didn’t want the Steelers to “participate in the National Anthem”.

    I chose not to participate in the NFL as a spectator.

  145. jason says:

    Cool. 90% of NFL players are not protesting. You can all return to the games now.”

    Did you see overtime has been cut to 10 minutes “for safety reasons”?

    I guess if you cut the who game down to 30 minutes it will reduce injuries further.

  146. Bitterlaw says:

    It was awesome, Jason. Unfortunately for the Broncos, your self-proclaimed “dumbest coach” is 3-0.

  147. jason says:

    Whole game.

  148. jason says:

    your self-proclaimed “dumbest coach” is 3-0.”

    Zzzzz…they beat the 0-3 Chargers, wow.

    Don’t worry, the fat moron will do something really stupid when it counts.

  149. Bitterlaw says:

    NFL protesters will change nothing. Fans not watching games will change nothing. Only 10% of the NFL is protesting. I doubt 10% of fans will stop watching or going to games.*

    *LA teams don’t count in the totals. They are not real fans.

  150. Bitterlaw says:

    The Broncos lost to the Bills. Maybe there is another “dumbest coach.”

  151. Tina says:

    Is fat moron christie or kim jong jujubean?

    I am confused by all of the nicknames around here.

  152. lisab says:

    During the past month the overall stock market is up more than 2% but shares of companies that broadcast NFL games–Comcast, Walt Disney, Fox, CBS–are all down between 1% to 8%

  153. jason says:

    The Broncos lost to the Bills. Maybe there is another “dumbest coach.”

    Yes, I hear the Denver coach went for a fake punt in his own side of the field that failed, really dumb.

    But it will be years of stupid decisions before he gets to “dumbest”

  154. SusyQue says:

    I love the Dallas Cowboys. May God Bless Mr. Jeremy Jones!

  155. SusyQue says:

    Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys called a meeting with all of his Coaches, Players and field staff and firmly told them, “You are all simply paid performers on a stage and that field is my stage! You will stand, with your hand over your heart and with respect, when our Country’s National Anthem is being played or you will no longer be a Dallas Cowboy, a Coach for the Dallas Cowboys or have any association with the Dallas Cowboy Organization! I will immediately fire you, no matter who you are!”

  156. jason says:

    Only 10% of the NFL is protesting. I doubt 10% of fans will stop watching or going to games.*”

    Don’t be so sure.

    Been reading the comments on a lot of the stories, and a lot of fans seemed really pissed off.

    I hope they do get hit where it hurts. I have a feeling the TV ratings and attendance are going to take more than a 10% hit. And that means less concession revenue, fewer apparel sales, etc.

    I am not a not a big boycott fan, usually I oppose them. In this case, I hope the NFL, the owners and players all suffer some consequences.

  157. jason says:

    Hey ssq, has Jerry Jones been sued for plagiarizing the KC Chiefs owner?

  158. SusyQue says:

    What do you mean Jason?

  159. jason says:

    “Remember too California produces 2/3 of the nation’s winter vegetables,”

    I don’t think Bitter eats vegetables.

    I do eat vegetables, indirectly of course, as some farm and game animals eat them.

  160. jason says:

    SusyQue says:
    September 24, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    What do you mean Jason?”

    See post 111.

    I think you are being taken for a ride.

  161. jason says:

    Are the Raiders losing?

    I need some good news.

  162. Phil says:

    Jerry Jones!


    A backbone!

  163. jason says:

    Is fat moron christie or kim jong jujubean?

    Christie is a fat traitor.

    Jujubean is a fat psychopath.

  164. jason says:

    Did Hunt and Jones really make these statements?

  165. jason says:

    –Comcast, Walt Disney, Fox, CBS–are all down between 1% to 8%”

    They already lost some money from me, normally I would have paid to live stream the Broncos game.

  166. jason says:

    Los Angeles Chargers owner Dean Spanos made an enigmatic remark: “The NFL and its players, more than anything, have been a force for good.”

    I thought that was the Navy.

  167. lisab says:

    Did Hunt and Jones really make these statements?

    no, it is a made up story

  168. Bitterlaw says:

    Christie a traitor? By what definition?

    As for reading comments to determine how all fans feel is pretty flawed. Most of the people reading about the alleged decline of the NFL are people who want it to decline.

    I thought Jason might have known this after reading HHR last year. Based upon the comments, Hillary was going to win and very few Republicans were going to vote for Trump.

  169. lisab says:

    They already lost some money from me, normally I would have paid to live stream the Broncos game.

    why would you pay?

    the only even i have had to pay for was the last summer olympics, because they locked that down. i had to stream from canada.

    but the nfl can be streamed for free

  170. lisab says:

    Most of the people reading about the alleged decline of the NFL are people who want it to decline.

    i think that many people who watch football normally are patriotic. if i had to guess many of the people who live in rural ny are football fans. they are pretty much trump fans.

    now, would they actually stop watching the bills play? i don’t know. even on a good year it must be pretty fruitless.

  171. lisab says:

    i would say my hubby and i have not paid for any tv service in almost 5 years.

    except for these past summer olympic games.

    everything else is completly free, we don’t even have netflix

  172. Bitterlaw says:

    I pay for movie channels I never watch. Why? Because I can. I have to do something with the money I don’t spend on booze.

  173. Phil says:

    Get my football on Saturdays. It’s pretty good.

    The National Social Justice League will just have to get on without me on Sundays. I am interested in being entertained without having to watch a bunch of black lives matter dudes in shoulder pads throw a tantrum during the national antham or at any other time on the field. If I wanted to watch leftist garbage I would just tune in to Kimmel or Colbert any night of the week.

    The “league” has made it clear I and people like me are no longer valued (if I ever was). I don’t need them either. Screw em.

    Good riddence.

  174. Cash Cow TM says:

    We have problems in this country.
    DJT is an idiot.
    Pro feetsball players refusing to stand respectfully for the singing of the national anthem are idiots.

    All can be true.
    What is next?

    Went to the 7-11 to make a quick purchase, but was delayed when the clerk–instead of taking my money for my item–took a knee because they have some bee in their bonnet over some perceived social horror (like not enough money being spent on Alzheimers research)

    Went to the hospital ER but no staff came with a wheelchair to help me in because they were taking a knee over some TV show that got cancelled.

    TV repairman came to fix the TV, but had to take a knee to protest the harm being done to the snail darter somewhere out west.


    Rich a$$hat pro ball players are no different that rich a$$hat music performers or rich a$$hat Hollywood movie stars who GET PAID TO PERFORM, not to harrang their captive audience with their political opinion bilge.

    They need to STFU.

  175. Cash Cow TM says:



  176. jason says:

    Merkel wins 4th term.

    Bunu hardest hit.

  177. Tina says:

    Villanuevas jersey sales are skyrocketing., he defied dumb dumb thomlis of the pittsburgh kneelers.

  178. jason says:



    I likes it.

  179. jason says:

    but the nfl can be streamed for free”


  180. lisab says:

    well there are a few places. there is stream2watch and streamfare and a few online tv streams

    but the easiest way is to go to “reddit nfl streams” on sunday and they post the different live streams

  181. lisab says:

    fair warning, you are often watching the game on an international channel. since we speak english we usually choose uk streams

  182. lisab says:

    i would guess many of those who knelt have seen their jersey prices rise

  183. jason says:

    Yeah, some of the DKos crowd who don’t watch football will buy their jerseys.

  184. jason says:

    Thanks, I will look for the Quechua livestream…..

  185. lisab says:

    Yeah, some of the DKos crowd who don’t watch football will buy their jerseys.

    i would guess dkos is almost all white snowflakes and sjw-types who never have touched a football in their lives.

    the jerseys will be bought by young black males.

    the shameful part is the message they are getting is that they cannot get a fair break, from men who through very hard work, have gotten a very big break

  186. lisab says:

    it is ironic that men who live in a world completely ruled by being judged only by merit …

    where men who can run the 40 yard dash 0.1 seconds faster than other men get drafted to the nfl while the slower man is off to canada

    tell young black men that the country only sees the colour of their skin.

  187. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Although commentators are saying Merkel won the election in Germany. Her party’s total fell to 34.5%. The right wing parties were the real winners. The “far right” got 13.8% and the Free Democrats got 11.3%. Neither had gotten more than 5% before, and they did not have seats.

    All together, the three parties, who represent the more “conservative” parties got about 60% of the vote.

  188. Wes says:

    Lots of incidents innthe 1960s. None in the 1980s.

    Not coincidentally, Ronald Reagan was President from 1981 to 1989. He was easily the greatest President of my lifetime and maybe ever.

  189. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Listen up young snowflakes:


    “A MAN who extended his life span by avoiding processed meats bitterly regrets having done so, it has emerged.

    103-year-old Roy Hobbs never ate sausages, bacon or black pudding apart from a one-off fried breakfast which he admits was mind-bendingly delicious.

    He said: “I am over a century old, partly because I’ve exercised extreme self-control when it comes to my base desire for meat.

    “Many times I’ve been tempted. One time in Birmingham train station I actually bought a burger and raised it to my salivating mouth, but never took a bite.

    “Only once, while staying in a corporate hotel for work, did I succumb to a frantic bout of pleasure with a full breakfast buffet. I had fourteen sausages. Afterwards I lay on my bed for two and a half hours, sweaty but elated.”

    Hobbs admitted that, despite living to an impressive age, he still thinks about meat with a sense of regret: “I am old now, and frankly it is s***. But it’s too late to eat a steak because I have no teeth.

    “If I could I would appear to my younger self as an apparition and say ‘eat burgers, and meat pies too’. But in a deep ghost-y voice so that it sounded convincing.”

  190. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    There were four(4) polls released over the weekend relating to tomorrow’s Senate GOP primary run-off in Alabama. They all showed Roy Moore ahead of Luther Strange by high single digits.
    Unfortunately, Moore will win. Will he prevail in the General Election Special?

  191. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    To all you Eagles’ fans, hoo-yah!

  192. Tina says:

    Denver br lb marshall loses sponspor for kneeling. Air force credit union.

  193. Tina says:

    Yes wes, was going to point that out. The incidents resumed in the 1990s and 2000s- bush 1, clintune, bush 2, and obumbler.

  194. NYCmike says:

    After thinking about it all night, I guess I now know what the NFL was protesting… their opinion…..

    The President of the United States is NOT allowed to practice free speech.

  195. Phil says:

    Trump chose to go to war with the NFL. Result? instead of a relatively small handful of malcontents taking a knee we had 130 and we will have to watch that garbage from the same 130 or more the remainder of the season and until Trump is gone. I also assume Goodell will now give us what Michael Bennett and the radicals wanted – November being sponsored by the NFL as national social justice month or whatever the hell these black lives matter in pads are demanding. More garbage shoved down our throat by the National Social Justice League.

  196. Mr.Vito says:

    “… we will have to watch that garbage from the same 130 or more the remainder of the season…”

    No, you do not have to watch.

  197. Phil says:


    Pretty much….but then the left owns the airways from Hollywood to the NFL – from facebook and throughout the MSM – late night every night talkshow hosts and on and on and on.

  198. Mr.Vito says:

    Mike, it’s the usual double standard.

    The President’s free speech is inappropriate, divisive, and brings shame on himself and his institution because we say so.

    The NFL’s free speech is appropriate, unifying, and brings honor to the institution because we say so.

  199. Phil says:


    I was talking in general. I made it clear over and over yesterday I personally will not be watching.

  200. Phil says:



  201. Mr.Vito says:

    The Steelers voted today on whether to burn Trump in effigy at midfield or burn the flag.

    Whatever they decide, Tomlin expects 100% participation as a team.

  202. Mr.Vito says:



    (raised fist)

  203. Tina says:

    I wonder if dumb dumb is going to kick villanueva off the team,

    Dumb dumb was a major hikkary backer.

  204. Tina says:

    44 percent in ras a tick up over the weekend.

    Jebots concerned

  205. JC says:

    Phil says:
    September 25, 2017 at 9:11 am

    Trump chose to go to war with the NFL. Result? instead of a relatively small handful of malcontents taking a knee we had 130 and we will have to watch that garbage from the same 130 or more the remainder of the season and until Trump is gone.

    Oh cry me a river.

    Trump has every damn right to stand up against these privileged a$$holes. If he doesn’t, then who the hell will?

    Phil, with all due respect, if you’re not willing to stand up for your beliefs then shut the h*ll up. You have no right to criticize anyone. You’ve capitulated. You’ve already declared the leftists as winners. You’ve decided to be a coward.

    You’ve decided that it’s simply easier to surrender rather than stand up and fight back. You’ve decided it’s better to be silent and let them win the culture war rather than face their wrath for your beliefs.

    If we follow the advice of conservative inc., which is basically per-surrender because omg the left will say bad things about us and standing up against that storm is hard, then this behavior will become acceptable. And after that, they’ll eventually try to remove the anthem all together, because of how ‘divisive’ it is (which they caused). And they’ll succeed, because again, conservative inc. will say do not rock the boat. Then after that they’ll move to other sports. Then to other entertainment activities. Then to schools, businesses, and even churches.

    And then?

    And then they’ll start winning elections again. Because politics is downstream of culture. And they will own the culture because conservatives refused to stand up for their beliefs. They refused to even utter them in the media for fear of backlash. And because they were cowards, the new generations will have grown up only ever hearing the leftist point of view. Because no one ever stood up and offered them a different idea.

    So you have two choices. Either you hunker down and fight or you capitulate and surrender. We are in a culture war for the soul of our nation. One side offers individual freedom and merit based success. The other offers marxism wrapped up in identity politics/group think. If you want to win, you’re going to have to fight for it, and stand your ground even when the fighting gets tough.
    Politics is downstream of culture, as Andrew Breitbart famously said. So called “True Conservatives™” are going to say that Trump shouldn’t be commenting on this. Because they don’t know how to fight the culture war. They are wrong. And they are scared. They not only don’t know winning. It’s been so long since these folks have won that they are afraid of the notion of winning. They are afraid to fight. THEY ARE AFRAID TO STAND…

    …Americans love to stand. They love to stand against an enemy. They love to stand for what they believe in. Taking a stand is fight, and Americans love a fight. Embrace it. And that fight — it is already here. And it looks to be a category 5 cultural storm. There will be all kinds of advice on how Trump or those who want this win this fight should avoid it from high paid political hacks and the punditry class. Back away from this, they will say! “Oh, statemanship!” They will say. “How Divisive!” they will scream.

    But to win a political war, we know the cultural war must be won, and when that storm arrives on the doorstep, the choice is limited. There is only one way to actually win, and two ways to lose. Option 1: Run, don’t fight the cultural battle — and then lose the political battle. Option 2: Lose by fighting. Or win. But to win, one has to fight. So when that storm comes to the doorstep, run, and lose. Or fight, and lose. Or fight smart, and win. The storm is here. Lean into it.

  206. Cash Cow TM says:



    (raised fist)”
    Sock has a FIST?

    Mr. Vito continues to hit HHR home runs and exude rational thought.

    (Cash Cow is available as a VP pick…hint, hint.)

  207. Cash Cow TM says:

    Another one of Walt’s now defunct slow pitch softball team has passed.

    Walt is getting ready to leave for the funeral.
    He left me with Mrs. Walt’s chore list

  208. Phil says:

    Officially, 200 took a knee.

    32 teams in all – 53 man rosters

    That would be roughly 1600 total players if my math is correct.

    So around thirteen percent.

    Let’s see if that number grows in the coming weeks.

    Prediction: If the numbers of kneelers remain the same or grow beginning the next weekend the NFL will begin losing their “moral high ground” with the public. A number of fans will say enough already. They are at their peak public support as of right now.

  209. Mr.Vito says:

    Hillary Clinton: Women Who Support Trump Are ‘Publicly Disrespecting Themselves’

    “When I see women doing that, I think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? Why are they opening the door to have someone say that about them in their workplace? In a community setting? Do they not see the connection there?”


    When they supported Slick Willie, they were patriots.

  210. DW says:

    I have not been following the NFL prostests against Trump. So is Bitterlaw upset that these players are mixing sports with politics?

  211. Phil says:

    Actually it is more like one seventh. I forgot to subtract the two teams that had off this weekend plus the two teams from the Thursday night game (before Trump opened his mouth) as well as the Monday night teams tonight.

    More like 200 out of 1300, not 200 out of 1600.

  212. NYCmike says:

    Part of me thinks Trump should NOT have said anything, but then the other part of me asks why the heck can’t he say what he said.

    All he did was say that the flag, the anthem, and our country should be shown the proper respect, in his own special way, of course.

  213. Phil says:


    He is not sympathetic to it but says he will continue to support the NFL is what I took from his posts. Sort of in the middle I think.

  214. DW says:

    NFL like other sports is simply a business. They can run their business how they want, and people who purchase their products (buy tickets, gear, food, booze, etc) are free to continue purchasing or stop purchasing, based on whatever criteria they want–including dissatisfaction with the way the business is run.

    NASCAR is same way–most of the races now are run in front of large empty grandstands–and much of it is because of the business decisions the owners have made. Blaming the customer is silly and completely misguided. Give them a product they want at a price they can afford, and the seats would be full.

  215. JC says:

    All he did was say that the flag, the anthem, and our country should be shown the proper respect, in his own special way, of course.

    He stated the unstated opinions of millions of Americans who have no voice in the media.

    As for a political issue, this is a gold mine for Trump. He created a situation where respecting the flag is synonymous with supporting him and where his opponents are associated with dissing it. This is a win-win for Trump no matter how you look at it.

  216. Tina says:

    Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
    Trump’s NFL comments were very divisive. They divided the pampered privileged babies of the NFL from hard working American patriots.

  217. Phil says:

    He stated the unstated opinions of millions of Americans WHO HAVE NO VOICE IN THE MEDIA.


  218. NYCmike says:

    “This is a win-win for Trump no matter how you look at it.”

    -I will need an opinion from “CG”, Robbie, MD, and Author before agreeing with this!


  219. Phil says:

    I can give you their opinion already.

    They are Outraged!!!

  220. Tina says:

    I would think somebody could or would explain why trumps comments were divisive? A media reporter needs to ask. I missed most of the latest muh nfl matter.

  221. DW says:

    The Breitbart article makes a good point. The NFL stands ready to fine players for behavioral outrages like wearing slogans calling for cancer cures, but players are free to diss the country.

  222. Tina says:

    We have a. Muh russian update, sort of.

    Wsj, a failed murdoch paper, is making noise about jared usinf personal email to conduct business.

    That is not illegal, there is nothing classified there

    Buried in the story is the fact that jared received those personal emails. Per federal law, specifically the federal records act, one must forward those emails to the gubment email account.

    Thus, the forwarding of those personal emails are properky recorded. Everything he did complies with Federal law.

  223. Tina says:

    What he did is not in comparison tomthe jebots’ hillary.

  224. NYCmike says:

    I will say this: The conversation at the local diner I went to this morning was definitely more confrontational than usual.

    We had 2 men, both veterans, calling each other a “nobody”. It was pretty intense until the veteran who was anti-Trump started blaming Trump for No Korea and the impending nuke war, at which point a laugh slipped out from my mouth.

    He glared at me, so I politely told him that I would respectfully listen to his opinion regarding the flag situation, but in regards to North Korea/Iran it is absolutely ridiculous to blame Trump for situations that go back decades in the making. Others started yelling/laughing at him for that as well, at which point he said “If I owned a restaurant, there would be a sign on the wall which said “No Politics Allowed”.

    Of course, then the veteran who opposed him from the start said “Every day I would come in, I would tape up a TRUMP sign over your sign!”.

    Pretty fun morning!

  225. NYCmike says:

    -Odd happenstance: I laughed at a joke from Al Franken.

    The joke, while funny, also showed me that I am correct in my opinion of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, etc being more favorable than my opinion of men like Corker, Alexander, McCain, McConnell, etc.

  226. NYCmike says:

    “I will campaign for Al Franken if he runs now”

    -This is what Author said in response to the Al Franken link.

  227. NYCmike says:

    “Yesterday’s protests weren’t about the flag, as much as it was about unity from a brotherhood after a callous remark by a divisive President.”

    -Author also said this, while speaking about decorating his apartment…….for Halloween.

    🙂 I miss Author.

  228. Phil says:

    Campaign for Franken?

    No surprise. The open borders Puerto Rican moron embarrasses himself again. Hey, Author, still waiting for the Broward County vote to come in? Next election you’ll need to bring in the rest of your family from the island and all their friends to turn the state.

  229. Mr.Vito says:

    “If I owned a restaurant, there would be a sign on the wall which said “No Politics Allowed”

    That’s the guy who defended the NFL players?

  230. Trump says:

    The whole NFL thing is a big contribution to the Trump re-election campaign.

    Who thinks that Trump just woke up Saturday and decided to tweet NFL abuse?

    It is battle prep for 2020. BLM thugs vs American flag and national anthem.

    Guess who wins.

    “Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Down Again On Day Of Player Protests” – DeadLine

  231. NYCmike says:

    “That’s the guy who defended the NFL players?”


  232. NYCmike says:

    Ironic, right?

  233. michael corleone says:

    NYC Mike – I don’t understand this national anthem thing. Bitterlaw assures me that DJT is not a culture warrior.

  234. Trump says:

    By now, you all should be recognizing Trump modus operandi.

    This is how he used the immigration debate to demolish the GOP field in the primaries.

    Trump says what you are afraid to say.

  235. Tina says:

    Wow ratimgs hurt.

    People booing the players.

    Owners look inept.

    Commish is an idiot, apparently ignoring his own rules, per drudge

  236. Phil says:

    North Korea foreign minister says Trump’s latest tweet is a declaration of war against them.

    Says they now have a right to shoot down American bombers.

    Hmmm, ok pal, that would be a really bad idea.

    The guy must think Obama is still president.

  237. Phil says:

    The NFL has obviously decided which side of the culture wars they have chosen to be on.

    Now they can live with the consequences.

  238. Trump says:

    “‘Goodbye Pittsburgh Steelers, Burn In Hell’: Angry Fans Burn Gear Over National Anthem Protest

    – CBS Pittsburgh

    NFL does not gain any fans with this cra%, only loses pissed-off fans.

  239. Mr.Vito says:

    “Ironic, right?”


    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>: 100%

  240. Trump says:

    BLM thugs will make up for the lost support, I guess.

  241. Phil says:


    Yeah, they aren’t going to gain any fans from the snow flake crown. They don’t like football anyway and won’t watch regardless.

    Their hard core fans are on the right and this doesn’t play well. Net loss for their ratings.

  242. Tina says:

    They have shot down things before. Wiki has a list of tensions since the cease fire.

  243. Jonesy says:

    For all the Sons and Daughters who went to NFL games with their late Fathers or Mothers, Sunday was a sad day.

    Another American Tradition out the Window. Goodbye NFL

  244. Mr.Vito says:

    “NFL does not gain any fans with this cra%, only loses pissed-off fans.”

    They will gain a few liberals until they remember they hate the NFL because it is a bunch of white people paying to watch black people beat each other silly.

  245. Phil says:

    First of all, it would be shooting down our bombers in international air space or over South Korea. Bad mistake.

    Doubt they could pull it off anyway.

  246. Jonesy says:

    Advertisers do not care about Attendance, they want not only ratings, but the right consumer demographics.

  247. Jonesy says:

    Hopefully Baseball will not go down this road

  248. Phil says:

    I’m sure the “ladies” on the View are wetting their pants this morning.

  249. Phil says:


    If they are smart they won’t start down it.

    Once they do, it is too late for them. Owners have to be smart enough to see that.

    NBA? It will be a sh*t show with all the blacks. You can bet on that.

  250. Bitterlaw says:

    People discussing the NFL protesters are doing what the protestors wanted. Ignore them and the protests would stop.

    I heard on the radio that 60 years ago today, there were real heroes protesting real injustice.

  251. Tina says:

    Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
    Trump’s NFL comments were very divisive. They divided the pampered privileged babies of the NFL from hard working American patriots.


  252. Tina says:

    Harry @Harry1T6
    Replying to @realDonaldTrump
    Democrats aren’t used to seeing a president defend America instead of going overseas to trash it.


  253. Phil says:

    No they won’t, Bitter.

  254. Tina says:

    They even trotted out obama oprah?

    The freak ahow is out.

    I actually liked oprah at one point.

  255. NYCmike says:

    “Bannon is a master storyteller and creator of narratives, skills he honed making political documentaries and sharpened in more lurid form at Breitbart.”

    -Will Democrats listen?

  256. Jonesy says:

    Owners are in a no win situation. Their franchises are all worth over a Billion dollars these days, due to TV contracts. But their employees are 80% Black.

  257. Mr.Vito says:

    “Ignore them and the protests would stop.”

    If we ignore you, will you stop trying so hard to convince everyone this is no biggie?

  258. Phil says:

    North Korean foreign minister clarifies. US bombers can be shot down even if they are not flying over North Korean territory.

    What a fool.

  259. Tina says:

    Even if he were, though, that doesn’t justify or suggest that the president was wiretapped improperly by Barack Obama, so there’s no truth to that.

    Schiff for brains.

  260. NYCmike says:

    “People discussing the NFL protesters are doing what the protestors wanted. Ignore them and the protests would stop.”


    They (mainly Kaepernick) were ignored, the media kept it alive, because they agree with Kaepernick.

    NOW, the President waded in, in support of the flag, the anthem, the country, the military, and patriotism.

    The NFL is AGAINST those things……..or they agree with President Trump.

    Narratives…TELL A STORY.

    Let the Democrats run with the NFL in 2018, or in Virginia (?) this year.

  261. Tina says:

    Schiff for brains

    Facebook ads cost thighnesss the election.

  262. Tina says:

    Schiff for brains peddles the discredited dossiee.
    As far as the wiretapping, he ahoukd have just affirmately said no wiretapping period.

    Not, if obumbler did it, it was proper.

  263. NYCmike says:


    Have you heard of him now?

    Or are you still ignoring opinions which conflict with your own?

  264. Jonesy says:

    The protest will not stop. This really is a revolt by the players , because Trump won the Presidency.

    Goodell, and the elites at the NFL hope the unwashed will forgive and forget for the Super Bowl.

    Not me

  265. Tina says:

    100,000 in ad buys is barely even chump change so poor Schiff is stuck with claiming proxies could have also made Facebook ad buys for Russia. Okay, double the original amount and you still have a laughably small amount spent in chump change which would do little to change many minds. The fact that Schiff is presenting these ad buys and the “Golden Showers” dossier as something significant means that he probably has nothing in terms of any real evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

    $100000 in fb ads.


  266. Mr.Vito says:

    In regard to that Gutfeld piece, bowling alleys should start playing up the Sunday afternoon alternative… they can call it

    Super Bowling Sunday

  267. Mr.Vito says:

    “$100000 in fb ads.”

    If Hillary spent 1.2 billion, and was done in by 100G, she really is the worst candidate ever.

  268. Tina says:

    I never even saw a fb ad. News to me that they had such ads.

  269. Mr.Vito says:

    Weiner sentenced to 21 months.

  270. Tina says:

    Was the weiner cut or uncut?

  271. Mr.Vito says:

    This time the Weiner did not get off.

  272. Mr.Vito says:

    Hard time for the Weiner.

  273. Mr.Vito says:

    Is the Weiner appealing?

  274. NYCmike says:

    Weiner better watch out for his buns.

  275. Mr.Vito says:

    He can share a six-inch double meat with Jared Fogle.

  276. Bitterlaw says:

    If we ignore you, will you stop trying so hard to convince everyone this is no biggie?

    No. I will express my opinion. You will express yours. GFY.

  277. Tgca says:

    The backlash begins against the NFL and those that support the players.

    Today I saw 2 stories. 1st, the rules of the flag and anthem are specific in the NFL. The 2nd about other enforced prohibitions by the NFL. Why is Goodell not enforcing the rules on the flag and anthem yet he enforced numerous other rules recently? Simple. Because the NFL is afraid of identity politics. Well guess what, Trump just duped them into this and the more kneeling, the better for the GOP.

  278. SirCarmine says:

    “No. I will express my opinion. You will express yours. GFY.”

    Then I doubt it will work with the NFL players…

  279. Tgca says:

    Supposedly from the NFL rule book pages 62-63.

    The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.
    During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.

  280. Mr.Vito says:

    “No. I will express my opinion. You will express yours. GFY.”

    Then I doubt it will work with the NFL players…

  281. Mr.Vito says:

    Thanks, bro.

  282. Mr.Vito says:

    “Supposedly from the NFL rule book pages 62-63.”

    It is from the NFL Game Operations Manual.

    “The league’s Game Operations Department uses the manual to govern the conduct of home clubs, to ensure they protect players and provide the conditions for a fair and fan-friendly contest,” reads the NFL’s website. “Clubs face warnings and other penalties for noncompliance.”

  283. DW says:

    Baseball playoffs forthcoming, and in the Spirit of the NFL, mixing sports and politics, here are the teams I am rooting for based on their locations:

    1) Arizona Diamondbacks – Pockets of Phoenix contain conservatives and Republicans, and the state overall still red.

    2) Cleveland Indians – Very liberal city in what has now become a red state.

    3) Houston Astros – Very liberal city in a strong red state. No doubt many Republicans around eastern Texas root for them.

    4) Colorado Rockies – Conservative areas in the purple state, but Denver a cesspool of liberalism and weed.

    5) Minnesota Twins – Only upper Midwest state to not go for Trump over Clinton. So hopefully no trophy for them.

    6) Los Angeles Dodgers – Deep blue city in a deep blue state, though there are at least more conservative area outside the big city.

    7) Boston Red Sox – Deep blue city in a deep blue state. Hope they go down in flames early.

    8) New York Yankees – Home of the Clintons, although there are a few areas in the metropolis where the GOP wins once in a while.

    9) Chicago Cubs – Obama’s liberal utopia where dozens are gunned down each week–nothing but deep blue districts here.

    10) Washington Nationals – Needless to say DC comes in last.

    So the best world-series matchup is the Diamondbacks vs. Indians.

    Worst: Yankees vs Nationals

  284. Tgca says:

    Per Breitbart article, recent fines by NFL for exercising personal rights.

    1. NFL Threatens Fines Against Players Who Wanted to Commemorate 9/11
    In September 2016, three NFL players planned to wear cleats in honor of the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on America. The NFL put a stop to it with threats of fines.

    2. NFL Fines Player over Headband
    In 1986, an NFL player was fined $5,000 for wearing a headband with a company logo on it.

    3. NFL Fines Player over Breast Cancer Advocacy
    In 2015, the NFL fined a player $5,757 for wearing eye black that read “Find the Cure” in support of breast cancer awareness.

    4. NFL Orders Players Not to Honor Fallen Police Officers
    In July 2016, in honor of five police officer murdered in cold blood by a Black Lives Matter activist, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to honor the slain officers with a small helmet decal. The NFL out a stop to it.

    5. NFL Fines Player for “Thrusting”
    Just last year, NFL player Antonio Brown was fined $23,309 for expressing himself on the field by “thrusting.”

    6. NFL Fines Player for “Hopping”
    Just last year, NFL player Trai Turner was fined $9,115 for expressing himself on the field by hopping.

    7. NFL Players Fined for Mimicking the Taking of a Photograph
    Just last year, NFL players Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham were each fined $12,145 for expressing themselves on the field by mimicking the taking of a photograph.

    8. NFL Fines Player for Marching in Place
    Just last year, NFL player Terrelle Pryor was fined $9,115 for expressing himself on the field by marching in place.

    9. NFL Fines Player Over Raising Awareness for Domestic Violence
    In 2015, NFL player William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats meant to raise awareness for domestic abuse.

  285. Bitterlaw says:

    Well, she clearly knows how to use a knife. Why not let her be a surgeon?

  286. Bitterlaw says:

    Sir Carmine and Mr. Vito sometimes seem like the same person.

  287. Walt says:

    Goodbye, Steve.

    See you sometime on the other side.

  288. Tina says:

    We need tye jebots to chime in, i agree with nyc on that.

    However, loon rottie is away again for 3 weeks this time.

    He will report back soon.

  289. Tina says:

    We’re at the point where an employer can openly criticize an Army vet for standing for the National Anthem. #Villanueva
    6:41 AM · Sep 25, 2017

    This disgusts me. War hero a vet, 3 tours in afghanistan.

    Phuq you coach of the neelers.

  290. Waingro says:

    Ooph. This is gonna be a total squash for Moore.

    56.74% Roy Moore
    40.69% Luther Strange
    2.57% Undecided

  291. NYCmike says:

    -It seems to me that a LOT of highly paid individuals did NOT think through their reaction to Trump before they acted on it.

    I look forward to a person like…… about Tim Tebow…..wearing a symbol against the killing of children in the womb.

    How will the respective players, owners, and coaches react then?

  292. Tgca says:

    Tina 305

    We must be hanging in the same places these days. 🙂

    I totally agree with your sentiment on the coach. He was hoping for 100% participation to support and be respectful of the team, he says.

    So I guess having a different viewpoint makes you not respectful to the team? Is that implying AV is not a team player now? What a butt wipe for the coach to imply when they just broke the league rules, and all now eligible for fines if the rules are truly applied consistently. But they won’t be because the owners, coaches, and managers are fearful of identity politics.

  293. Mr.Vito says:

    Everyone knows the NFL has been aggressively against players and teams taking stands on issues at games… no one is going to fall for this idea that they are being picked on for standing up for what they believe.

    Especially when Tomlin then singles out the one guy who really stood up for what he believed.

  294. Tgca says:

    Here’s what AV had to say last year. He gets it! Take it off the field. Most of America agrees with this and I think these players and owners will rue the day when it bites them in the butt.

    I don’t know if the most effective way is to sit down during the national anthem with a country that’s providing you freedom, providing you $16 million a year … when there are black minorities that are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for less than $20,000 a year,” Villanueva told ESPN last year, when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first started kneeling.

  295. Tgca says:

    Yo Vito

    Me agrees. They just don’t get it! Fines for silly things like hopping or thrusting, or supporting a charity but ok to advocate false claims against police by blatantly violating the written rules.

    I consider these actions by the players, in the manner being done, as anti-law enforcement that helps I cite more angst against law enforcement.

    Take it off the field if you feel that strongly like everyone else has to do with their pet cause.

  296. DW says:

    The optics for the NFL are terrible. Much worse that Major League Baseball back in 1994 when these players making millions of dollars walked out saying it wasn’t enough, and then years later the steroid scandal.

    A lot of fans walked away from MLB never to return.

    NFL is much dumber with what they are doing now.

    Any corporation that takes their customers for granted has taken the first dangerous step toward destruction.

  297. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    312. “The optics for the NFL are terrible”

    You can tell how bad they are by the fact almost no Congressional Democratic has said a word about the issue. They may view it as a trap by Trump to get them to take the wrong side on an unpopular issue.

  298. janz says:

    Here’s a radical article suggesting a radical idea —>It’s Time for Racial Equality in Pro Sports.

    Bottom line of this article is that, “If our sports are to be politicized, then it is time we make merit and talent secondary and impose racial quotas first and foremost. Sports should reflect America’s proportion of races.”

    Of course this won’t happen, because it’s politically incorrect. However, if the proportion of ethnicities were reversed, one can only imagine BLM’s outrage at the “disparate impact,” regarding the current huge racial disparities seen in professional sports.

  299. Waingro says:

    Alex Seitz-Wald?Verified account @aseitzwald 2h

    Three new polls in #ALSen all have Moore up big over Strange.

    – @cygnal: Moore +11
    – @trafalgar_group: Moore +16
    – @Be0ptimus: Moore +11
    2 replies 24 retweets 16 likes

  300. Tgca says:

    Yep. They are acting emotionally and trying to make this a free speech issue. Free speech does not generally apply during work time. What annoys me is how the owners and coaches are arguing this is free speech when they damn well know it’s not the issue. If that’s the case, then people have the freedom to exercise their religious free speech, and clearly the NFL does not allow that.

    This is all about identity politics because it will look bad if a bunch of white rich guys tell mainly a bunch of rich black guys how to behave. They don’t want to have to deal with the flack.

    Again, Trump out-smarted these nitwits and the more they protest, the more support he gets from the American people. Most people who would go against Trump on this are already against him so it’s a win-win for him and a gift for the GOP if it gets out of hand.

  301. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Disgraced former U.S. congressman Anthony Weiner, whose exchange of illicit messages with a teen wound up playing a critical role in the 2016 presidential election, was sentenced Monday to 21 months in prison, authorities said.
    * * *
    Weiner’s defense attorneys argued for a penalty that did not include jail time. They cast the former congressman as a man with an addiction problem and asserted that the teen had reached out to him hoping to generate material for a book deal and to influence the presidential election.”

    Maybe he should have blamed the Russians. Mueller should be investigating the teenage victim.

    Has Hillary ever explained how confidential government E-mails got on this perv’s laptop?
    Talk about a potential for blackmail . . .

  302. janz says:

    I’m not a football fan. So, proclaiming a mutiny from this sport has no impact. However, as a bystander to this kerfuffle I am struck by the pettiness of the NFL. In lieu of the many mandated NFL rules tgca listed, the fact that the NFL hierarchy finds the long standing tradition of standing for our flag not worthy of reprimand is troubling to me.

    Furthermore, it seems that the increasing dismissal of this country’s heritage, values, even it’s factual history, only augments our downward slide into the abyss of having no national meaning or identity.

    Basically, who and what do we, as a nation, really stand for anymore?

  303. Phil says:


    Good observation by San Diego. Either the polling is not good for lefties or they are still waiting polling results before they jump in.

    Silence by Democrats through tomorrow means it isn’t such a good issue for Dems.

  304. Tina says:

    Phuq, trafalgar is a great polling firm.

    Could sense strange in trouble.

  305. Tina says:

    Never trumper, Rich lowry, now claims that trump is smart politically.

  306. Tina says:

    Maybe, i think dan riehl had it. I like that tweet.

    I also like that cillanuevas jersey is now top selling.

  307. Tgca says:

    I bet we’ll have a “teachable moment” soon to resolve this. Simple idea here. The owners agree to enforce rules and the players do some kind of pre-game or event to express their frustration, and Trump commends them for their Good Samaritan-like efforts. Maybe even a WH invite for some key players. Invite Obama, because he can unite us all.

    Everything goes back to normal. Most folks forgive, the owners are happy, advertisers are happy, players are not that happy but at least not ridiculed.

    Then Trump and owners can go back to their bromance. Screw the coaches though.

  308. janz says:

    #316 Hugh Hewitt described the disgruntled NFL fans as the “Budweiser” crowd. These are the normies, people not associated with coastal ideology and wealth, who are turning their backs on those who cavalierly call those who don’t join the social progressive parade racists and worse. This growing segment of the U.S. population no longer identifies with parties, but instead are responsive to sentiments of those who support their values. Trump has tapped into their concerns, listens to them and is pugnacious and “courageous” enough to bluntly express their POV.

    Furthermore, Trump makes people uncomfortable, by hitting national and international nerves. However, even though no one really knows the outcome of his disruptive dialogues, they still seem to feel it’s time someone was not afraid to take the heat from those who don’t like their comfort zones disturbed.

  309. Phil says:

    No teachable moment is going to resolve this IMO.

    Players and spineless owners took the bait….they can now take the consequences.

  310. Tina says:

    Ok, i think th leftists are surrendering for the moment, ok they never surrender.

    Theynare now attacking trump for not tweeting about the puero rico recovery.

  311. Tina says:

    Fwiw, jerry jones said the same thing trump says, ok maybe without the sob added in..

    Also, trumps statement began with

    Wouldnt it be wonderful if the owners….

    He never said, to fire them literally.

  312. Tina says:

    Oh no, a new travel ban?

    Did Bannon draft this one, like he did the other ones?

  313. Tina says:

    Fwiw, i was supporting strange over moore. I have a problem with moore since he ignored two judicial opinions.

    I think strange should have been allowed to serve out the remainig year and no se contest shoukd have occured.

  314. Tgca says:

    325 Phil

    Don’t be such a doubting Tomas or sour Suzy to be more gender inclusive.

    I think the owners would love a way out of this mess…and who better to assist than Obama. He can use his great powers of persuasion to unite us all into an acceptable remedy.

    Trump needs to call him; BHO is eagerly waiting to assist and support Trump where he can.

  315. Tina says:

    Google “CNN,175,Sue” @NolteNC

    I’m a multi-millionaire who only works 16 days a year.

    And I’m pissing all over the flag.

    Why you mad?

  316. janz says:

    The simplicity of Mike Rowe’s words makes sense.

    “In my view, this controversy really isn’t about patriotism, social justice, racial inequality, or free speech. It’s not even about the flag or the national anthem. It’s really only about one thing – what we will tolerate, and what we won’t.”

  317. Walt says:

    I do not have a travel Ban.

    I do have a roll on underarm Secret deoderant.

  318. janz says:

    #330 That was tasty sarcasm!

  319. Tina says:

    We need Beer Summit 2.0.

  320. janz says:

    Texas Lawmaker Spent $51K on Online Psychic.

    Interesting observation is that no where in the article is her party affiliation mentioned. Why? Because she is a dem. I guess the dems are so void of ideas they are forced to consult with a psychic for direction!

  321. NYCmike says:

    ““But here’s the thing, Rob,” Rowe concludes. “The fans of professional football are not powerless – we’re just not yet offended enough to turn the channel. Should that ever change in a meaningful way – if for instance, a percentage of football fans relative to those players who chose to kneel during today’s games, chose to watch something else next Sunday – I can assure you…the matter would be resolved by Monday. Mike””

    -I will be one of those 10-20% who will NOT WATCH and see if there are any changes. I hope the %’s grow to 50% or more, to really sock it to them.

  322. Tina says:

    Statement from big ben of the steelers

  323. Wes says:

    Villanueva was an Army Ranger and did more for this country than Mike Tomlin ever will. That a privileged brat such as Tomlin feels the need to criticize a man who actually put his life on the line for this country for showing patriotism speaks volumes.

    Tomlin is an antipatriotic sonofabitch, and I hope the Steelers fire his overrated ass.

  324. janz says:

    A dangerous assumption by the NFL is that American people’s ire will eventually subside, and most will return to the NFL fold.

    However, patterns of behavior can be quickly dismantled once another one takes hold. And, in the case of football, once a once loyal fan has his attention drawn to something else that may be equally, or even more, satisfying, they will continue to stay away — less from spite, than from a cultivated disinterest.

    …be concerned NFL….

  325. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Very mealy-mouth!

  326. NYCmike says:

    Whoa, Wes has his internet muscles on today!

  327. NYCmike says:

    -Please note: I disagree with Kaepernick, and agree with the statement Villanueva put out last year about the protest (I believe someone posted it earlier.). I also think Tomlin was wrong to say anything about Villanueva, although I would think that Villanueva would have told him BEFORE the anthem that he would stand outside for it.

    BUT, that statement by Wes is such overly-emotional claptrap that I find it hilarious. There are many people who DID SERVE who agree with Kaepernick……..what would Wes say to them?

    Am I NOT ALLOWED TO DISAGREE with those veterans because I did NOT serve?

  328. NYCmike says:

    -Again, I think the opinions of these veterans is WRONG.

    The NFL CAN, and SHOULD HAVE, stopped these protests from Day 1.

    BUT, they capitulated to the LOUDEST group.

  329. Wes says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mikey.

    Everyone has a right to agree or disagree regardless of service. Tomlin went over the line though, and I honestly feel Tomlin deserves to be fired for personally attacking a man who works for him for taking a patriotic stance.

    Aside from that, your post is the typical idiotic rant you spew on here.

  330. Mr.Vito says:

    I didn’t see Wes refer to anyone but Tomlin.

  331. Mr.Vito says:

    And Tomlin criticized Villanueva for standing… Are there veterans criticizing him for that?

  332. Tina says:

    I did not catch all of hushs remarks on Tomlin, but it seemed like he was giving to lin the benefit of the doubt about staying in the lockerroom.

    Tomlins remakrs about the need to protect grown men is hoerible.

    His remarks about villanueva are even worse. The man did 3 tours of duty.

  333. Tina says:

    Tomlin is an obamabot.

  334. Tina says:

    Big Ben has regrets. He should have led his team out there.

  335. Tina says:

    They did not need the safe space of a lockeroom to protect themselves.

  336. DW says:

    Villanueva for PA Governor!

  337. Phil says:

    I said yesterday morning that Trump should not have stirred the pot.

    I have totally changed my mind. Trump is crazy alright. Crazy like a fox.

    The left took the bait and as usual couldn’t help themselves.

  338. Waingro says:

    Big Ben comes out saying he now regrets staying in locker room for national anthem. Backlash continues….

  339. Waingro says:

    #350, oops, Tina already beat me to it.

  340. DW says:


    A villa n’ vue
    Vue Vanilla
    Al, u live van
    A Viva en null

  341. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The U.S. homicide rate spiked 8% in the U.S. in 2016. The rise was much higher in urban areas.

    Despite the “hope and change” rhetoric, the Obama presidency was divisive for the country, and crime and public safety concerns increased. One reason I believe things are so unsettled now is a lot of people cannot reconcile the lofty rhetoric from the worsening reality. They are beginning to realize that the Obama dream world did not exist.

    What Trump is doing, by emphasizing law and order, patriotism, respecting the flag, limiting illegal immigration, and economic reform, is too much of a needed reality check for those who happily reside in the Obama fake fantasy world to comprehend.

  342. Mr.Vito says:

    Alien Vulva

  343. DW says:

    “those who happily reside in the Obama fake fantasy world to comprehend.”

    But it worked so well on the university classroom blackboard!!

  344. Bitterlaw says:

    Fwiw, jerry jones said the same thing trump says, ok maybe without the sob added in..

    Unless Jones made a statement today, the widely reported “statements” by him and the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs were fake.

  345. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    It is important to point out that football owners are corporate welfare queens. Like all such people, they have no problem trashing the flag or national anthem to kept the money coming:

    “The NFL is the most profitable pro sports league in the U.S., raking in an estimated $1 billion in profits on $10.5 billion in revenue last season, figures that are sure to increase this year.
    Those massive profits are made possible in part by the billions of taxpayer dollars that local governments spend on teams, coupled with tax breaks worth hundreds of millions for the teams, the league, their sponsors and fans.
    “I’ve been studying this for 15 years, and I still can not believe cities and states are lined up begging to give money to these very profitable [teams],” said Villanova professor Rick Eckstein, an expert on stadium finance.
    Here’s a rundown:
    Stadium construction: Twenty new NFL stadiums have opened since 1997 with the help of $4.7 billion in taxpayer funds, according to an analysis by the advisory firm Conventions, Sports and Leisure. Local governments pony up to build these venues to attract or keep teams in their towns.
    Two more stadiums now under construction in Minneapolis and Atlanta are being built with $700 million in government funds.
    Taxpayers paid for most of the University of Phoenix Stadium, which opened in 2006 and is home to this Sunday’s Super Bowl — to the tune of about $300 million.
    Teams even get tax breaks on the money they actually do spend on construction. Most of that spending is financed with tax free municipal bonds, which were originally created by Congress to help fund roads and schools.”

    This is a classic example of biting the hand that feeds you.

  346. Mr.Vito says:

    Jones made his feelings known before the season…

    “I just feel so strongly that the act of recognizing the flag is a salute to our country and all of the people that have sacrificed so that we can have the liberties we have,” Jones said. “I feel very strongly that everyone should save that moment for the recognition of the flag in a positive way, so I like the way the Cowboys do it.” Jones produced a similar sentiment Sunday on Fox Business’s ‘Mornings with Maria.’ “I do not think the place to express yourself in society is as we recognize the American flag and all the people that have made this great country—the very opportunity for us to be there in front of the nation,” Jones said. “So that’s not the place to do anything but honor the flag and everybody that’s given up a little for it.”

  347. lisab says:

    I’m a multi-millionaire who only works 16 days a year.

    And I’m pissing all over the flag.

    Why you mad?

    16 days a year? must be a member of the eagles, obviously not a patriot

  348. Tina says:

    Not fake bl, you are not informed.

  349. CG says:

    What exactly is Tomlin alleged to have said about Villanueva?

  350. Waingro says:


    “Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin appeared to take a swipe at the Bronze Star recipient’s decision in a post-game press conference. Tomlin told the media that, prior to kickoff Sunday, the Steelers held a team meeting and decided, though not unanimously, to not come out of the locker room for the national anthem.

    “Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team,” Tomlin said when asked about Villanueva ignoring the order and coming out for the anthem.”

  351. Tina says:

    Von miller loses sponsorahip.

    The federal gubment needs to cut spending on ads.

  352. CG says:

    That sounds ambiguous to me. Since Villanueva was not on the sidelines, as usual, for the anthem, he might have been including him as part of the 100 percent.

    If he singles him out by name or says anything else in the future, it would be more clear, but I think people are just searching high and low for something to be offended at.

    Tomlin should have been shellshocked by losing to the Bears.

  353. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    362. One of the reasons the Chargers football team left San Diego was the city refused to build them a new stadium. A ballot measure to do so in 2016 failed by a vote of 43%-57%.

    The Chargers moved to Los Angeles, and frankly believe the vast majority of San Diego could care less. We got tired of their constant demand for more taxpayer money, and questions their back room activities.

  354. lisab says:

    the players that kneel are pissing people off because they want others, particularly white americans, to be angry the same way they are angry over the inequalities blacks face on a daily basis.

    except that the people they are pissing off are in general NOT the ones who are oppressing black people. they are, as was mentioned above, the “budweiser crowd”.

    they are pissing off people who work for a living, NOT the people who decided to outsource all the factory jobs in Detroit. people who work for a living are not that sympathetic to millionaires disrespecting the country.

    how many of the teams in the nfl, nba, mlb and nhl are minority owned?

    the players should be challenging the owners not the audience

  355. Tina says:

    From a branding perspective, this could be the biggest phuq up by the nfl since new coke.

  356. Phil says:

    Von Miller is an Aggie and an alum of my school.

    Don’t care. He’s dead to me.

  357. Tina says:

    More companies need to pull ads and boycott this sheot.

  358. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    367. “Like I said, I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.”

    So in the name of protecting football player free speech, he wanted to prevent a football player from exercising his free speech. He was also upset that the football player was following NFL policy of what to do when the national anthem was played.

    This is all going to blow up in the face of the NFL.

  359. CG says:

    It does not seem like Tomlin was clearly saying that. If he wants to say it that way people are interpreting it, he might in the future.

    The Steelers (and Titans and Seahawks) looked bad for their tactic. Villanueva looked good (and good for him), the quote attributed online to the owners of the Chiefs and Cowboys have been shown to be made up (the specific quote)and if people are done with the NFL, then be done with it. It’s sure getting a lot of discussion today.

  360. Tina says:

    I quit watching a few years ago,.

    They started with the lie -hands up dont shoot, then full blm, then take a knee.

    Of course having a sorry team and sorrier owners, the tork terriers, did not help. They fired a competent coach and replaced him with an idiot. They leave sf.

    They built a stadium that is so hot on half the stadium, fan leaves

  361. CG says:

    It does not appear that anything is being done as “punishment” to Villanueva or that he has received anything but support from his teammates.

    Tomlin’s quote, when he was clearly just trying to change the subject, after being humiliated by the lowly Bears, was ambiguous as best. We will see what the Steelers do in their next game. I bet they will be out there on the sidelines, standing, with their arms locked.

  362. Tina says:

    Dumb dumb ahould have praised his ot., not worry about keeping all of his players in a safe space. Enough sjw.

  363. Tina says:

    Check out 363 bl, on my screen.

  364. CG says:

    The Broncos played an “F Donald Trump” rap song in the locker room as motivation before the game.

    They lost though. I suppose that was the reason.

  365. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    361. “Unless Jones made a statement today, the widely reported “statements” by him and the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs were fake.”

    Actually believe it would be correct to say that if Jones did not actually make the “statements”, then they are false. Whether he makes a statement today does not prove anything.

  366. CG says:

    There will be Cowboys and Cardinals players who will “protest” tonight and nobody will be getting fired by Jerry Jones for doing so.

    I hope they do the right thing and protest Trump while standing up and showing respect to the country. Even he says, the arm in arm thing is good.

  367. Tina says:

    It is because the cowboys players stand, bl. See their rbs comments. Theynstand willingly that his comments, or non comments, are accepted.

    That may change tonight, if reports from espn are true.

  368. CG says:

    The whole “the field is my stage and you will be fired” urban legend, attributed to both Mark Hunt and Jerry Jones is completely false.

    Even Bob Kraft and the Patriots turned on Trump over this. It’s already decided.

  369. NYCmike says:

    Once again, “CG” supports a Trump position that the flag and the anthem should be honored.

  370. Tina says:

    Seems like the kneelers may have a muting going on with the qb expressing regretta, coach dumb dumbs poor comments, etc.

  371. Tina says:

    Maybe they stand up and protest hillary for being a loser.

  372. DW says:

    Sports corporations make all kinds of mistakes that drive the customers away. I walked away from NASCAR cold turkey and will never return when they believed they could make more money by putting an unqualified driver into a car who happened to be a woman, forcing a better driver to have to sit home and watch.

    Had she been qualified and earned the seat in the car by her skills, I would have had no problem with it. Her sponsorship finally dried up this year and so will her ride. But after five years (and there are a whopping 36 races per year), she has ZERO wins, ZERO top-five finishes, and only 7 top ten finishes. An epic failure.

  373. NYCmike says:

    Trump is in the right – the anthem and the flag should be honored.

    The NFL, the owners and the players, will come around to his position.

    “CG” agrees as well. Maybe he will admit it.

  374. NYCmike says:

    DW, was she the worst driver over that span?

    Were any other drivers around long enough to be compared to her?

  375. CG says:

    The flag and anthem should be honored (I consider it primarily a matter of respect for the ticket paying spectators in any given country who want to hear their anthem and I was completely anti-Kaepernick on the matter)

    That being said, Donald J. Trump sucks, did this on purpose to divide the country, and free speech gives anyone the right to protest him.

    I wish he was more upset about violent Nazis than what “sons of a bitch” athletes do.


  376. Tina says:

    Maybe, it is wise that the nfl stay out of politics.

    Do not allow sjws to lie about ferguson and have their hands up in the air like stooges.

    Require, as their apparent handbook requires, the sjw to stand and respect the flag and athem.

    Quit fining a olaywr for wearing sneakers in support of breast cancer, etc.

    Quit with the virtual signaling.

  377. NYCmike says:

    I biked over 50 miles this weekend. I will not do as much next weekend, but I will work on bettering my times over certain segments (5mi, 10 mi, 15mi).

    The NFL will NOT be on in my house.

  378. Tina says:

    I hav gone nfl free this season. I passed up free tickets to the santa clara i posters.

  379. NYCmike says:

    “That being said, Donald J. Trump sucks, did this on purpose to divide the country, and free speech gives anyone the right to protest him.”

    -Got it.

    You agree with his stance, but he did not say it in Obama’s tone, and that is the more important part, so Trump is bad.

  380. NYCmike says:

    “I wish he was more upset about violent Nazis than what “sons of a bitch” athletes do.”

    -You also wish Trump had lost to Hillary.

  381. Tina says:

    They will protest tonight, looking foolish, on national first responders day.

    They protested yesterday, the day honoring Gold Stat moms. .

    Really nice, sjws.

  382. DW says:

    394 – Yes. It is a little complicated if you don’t know much about NASCAR. There are the premium race teams that have all the best equipment and talented engineers and so forth. And then there are ma and pa shop teams that have little money, no engineering to speak of, and they literally live hand-to-mouth to keep fielding cars. Those teams and drivers never get anywhere close to winning races.

    This failed female driver was on one of the premium teams. Her teammates won regularly. She didn’t. No failed driver over a five year span did worse than her, given the robust cars she was driving.

  383. Tina says:

    What is the difference in jebot land between a nazi and a violet nazi?

  384. Trump says:

    Why should Trump not criticize the BLM thugs?

    It’s a win-win for him.

    BLM thugs vs American flag / national anthem.

    Cruising to re-election.

  385. NYCmike says:

    I posted a link earlier, about Bannon.

    “CG”‘s ridiculous statements about Trump and Nazis keep reinforcing how/why we got Trump.

  386. NYCmike says:


    Understood. I do not follow it like I did when I lived in California back in the 90’s, during Jeff Gordon’s heyday.

  387. Trump says:

    Maybe the morons will realize some day that Trump is a master at branding and salesmanship.

    “Make America Great Again”, “Low-Energy Jeb” and “Crooked Hillary” did not just happen by accident.

  388. NYCmike says:

    “CG” is offended by “fire the sons of b*tches”.

  389. Tina says:

    Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
    Paul Ryan is pushing for doing away with the real estate interest tax deduction to destroy the economy.

    If true, paul Antifa Ryano is dumber than I thought.

  390. Mr.Vito says:

    “DW, was she the worst driver over that span?

    Were any other drivers around long enough to be compared to her?”

    Quite a few indy car drivers moved over to Nascar and were mostly busts as well.

  391. Tina says:

    I did not realize that nfl commissionee wannabe is also a muh russian loon. Article is dated a few months.

    Thank goodness he will never be president, or anybody from his family.

  392. Tina says:

    Deadender, maine chixklet is a no on hc.

    It is time for trump to use his oen and phuq the runos.

  393. Tina says:

    Violanueva apologizes tomteam, coach.

    They shamed him,

  394. Tina says:

    Chris Adamski @C_AdamskiTrib
    Villenueva:”I made coach Tomlin look bad, and that is my fault and my fault only. I made my teammates look bad, and that is my fault…only”
    2:15 PM · Sep 25, 2017

    Disgusting pittsburgh kneelers.

  395. Tina says:

    Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
    The frightening thing is that for the past 8 months, our Senate could have come to work 1 day and achieved as much.

    So, not ready to lead, mitchie and antifa ryano.

  396. Mr.Vito says:

    Coach Tomlin made himself look bad.

  397. Mr.Vito says:

    Coach Tomlin made himself and his team look bad.

  398. Tina says:

    Coach Commie.

  399. JC says:

    Tina says:
    September 25, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    Chris Adamski @C_AdamskiTrib
    Villenueva:”I made coach Tomlin look bad, and that is my fault and my fault only. I made my teammates look bad, and that is my fault…only”
    2:15 PM · Sep 25, 2017

    Disgusting pittsburgh kneelers.

    They do what they always do. Threatened his job.

    “You better say this or you will be suspended.”

    We see this a lot in hollywood when an actor makes a common sense statement, then suddenly “backtracks” and “apologizes”.

    It’s liberal fascism.

  400. Tina says:

    Vile and disgusting, jc.

  401. Tina says:

    And there is more

    Chris Adamski @C_AdamskiTrib
    Replying to @C_AdamskiTrib
    Alejandro Villaneuva: “Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself, I feel embarrassed.”

  402. Mr.Vito says:

    He probably does feel like he made his teammates look bad at this point, just because he stood out. I’m sure there were others like Ben who stand for the anthem… but they chose to stand up for the team instead of the flag.

  403. Mr.Vito says:

    “Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself, I feel embarrassed.”

    Alejandro… we are also embarrassed that you were the only one standing up for our flag.

  404. Mr.Vito says:

    Tweet that.

  405. Tina says:

    Leftist statement

    Some team hires krapperdeck and this can end.

  406. NYCmike says:

    Mr.Vito says:
    September 25, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Coach Tomlin made himself and his team look bad.

    -I agree with this, as opposed to the Wes statement earlier.

    NOW, in regards to Villaneuva saying he is “embarrassed”, I predict this will make the backlash on the NFL even worse. Somehow, a man who served can stand for the anthem and it is an issue, but a man like Kaepernick NOT STANDING can’t be criticized, or else there will be protests.

  407. NYCmike says:

    Mr. Vito,

    Write it like this:

    “Alejandro… we are also embarrassed……..that you were the only one standing up for our flag.”

  408. Mr.Vito says:

    429 I don’t have a twitter account, or I would.

  409. Tina says:

    Mr Vito, i do not tweet either. Just read the twitter feeds, where i can.

    Dan riehl

    Bill Mitchekl

    John Cardillo

    Larry Schweikart


    Thise are most of them, at least.

  410. Tina says:

    His apology makes it all worse for the kneelers and the nfl.

  411. Tina says:

    I can see whynhe apologized.

    He is a soldier and was instructed or forced perhaps to do something that he did not follow through.

    Coach was pissed and he probably took some heat.

  412. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump’s Tweets
    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    Tremendous backlash against the NFL and its players for disrespect of our Country.




    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    General John Kelly totally agrees w/ my stance on NFL players and the fact that they should not be disrespecting our FLAG or GREAT COUNTRY!




    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    .@CNN is #FakeNews. Just reported COS (John Kelly) was opposed to my stance on NFL players disrespecting FLAG, ANTHEM, COUNTRY. Total lie!

  413. Tina says:

    Trump tweet fest.

    Cnn publishes a fake story, what else is new?

  414. Mr.Vito says:

    I only read the tweets I find embedded in the news all over the net. I listen to Ben Shapiro’s podcast, but I am not a subscriber. I get almost all my news and commentary from the net.

  415. Tina says:

    Jeff Zeleny ? @jeffzeleny
    White House chief of staff John Kelly tells me: “I believe every American, when the National Anthem is played, should cover their hearts …
    3:15 PM – Sep 25, 2017

  416. Tina says:

    I am thinking that the cowboys will be respectiful to ite, but I am not watching to find out.

  417. Mr.Vito says:

    Some players cover their hearts and kneel.

  418. Tina says:

    Guy Benson ? @guypbenson
    First player to apologize over the anthem stuff is the Army Ranger hero who was too ostentatiously pro-America. I feel sick.
    3:59 PM – Sep 25, 2017
    20 20 Replies 53 53 Retweets 110 110 likes

  419. JC says:

    NYCmike says:
    September 25, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    NOW, in regards to Villaneuva saying he is “embarrassed”, I predict this will make the backlash on the NFL even worse.

    Cold Anger:

    There’s a level of anger far deeper and more consequential than expressed rage or visible behavior. Cold Anger does not need to go to violence. For those who carry it, no conversation is needed. You cannot poll or measure it; and even those who carry it avoid discussion. And that decision has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of correctness.

    Cold Anger is not hatred, it is far more purposeful.

    Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently, often prudently.

    We’ve watched the shooting of cops, and the parades which follow, absorbing. Cold Anger takes notice of the liars, even from a great distance – seemingly invisible to the mob. Cold Anger will still hold open the door for the parade goer. Mannerly.

    Cold Anger evidenced is more severe because it is more strategic.

    Cold Anger does not gloat; it absorbs consistent vilification and ridicule as fuel. This sensibility does not want to exist, it is forced to exist in otherwise unwilling hosts – who also refuse to be destabilized by it.

    Deliberate intent and prudence will insure avoiding failure. The course, is thoughtful vigilance; a strategy devoid of emotion.

    Foolishness and betrayal of our nation have served to reveal dangers within our present condition. Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise.

    Cold Anger is not driven to act in spite of itself; it drives a reckoning.

    When the well attired lady leaves the checkout line carrying steaks and shrimp using an EBT card, the door is still held open for her; yet notations necessarily embed.

    When the U.S. flag lay gleefully undefended, they do not lay unnoticed.

  420. JC says:

    Phil says:
    September 25, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    I said yesterday morning that Trump should not have stirred the pot.

    I have totally changed my mind. Trump is crazy alright. Crazy like a fox.

    The left took the bait and as usual couldn’t help themselves.

    There is only one way to win the cultural (and political) war. You have to fight for it.

    If you remain silent you will always lose.

  421. Tgca says:

    CG 395

    So you’re upset that Trump made the players look like idiots and unpatriotic which is what they look like when protesting the same American flag and anthem that by symbolic nature allows them to prosper to the stature they have achieved?

    Again, folks are not against them taking a stand and exercising free speech but rather against the symbol and time and place of the protest.

    These are clueless privileged, ignorant men that have no regard for law enforcement because the MSM invites them with major exaggerated instances that are NOT the norm no matter how much they protest it is. Clearly, this was not well though through and now the heat is on them.

  422. NYCmike says:


    “CG” realized that he is, once again, on the same side of an issue with Trump, which he simply can’t handle psychologically.

    It is beautiful to watch!

  423. NYCmike says:


    Airline pilot seen desperately trying to take American flag decal off side of his 737…..details at 11!

  424. NYCmike says:

    (just kidding about the 737)

  425. Tina says:

    Now the mn governor, a drat, says that they,should not protest the athem, but he disagrees with trump for forcing them.

  426. lisab says:

    the lack of outrage by pelosi and schumer on the nfl show that they are getting really bad polling on this

    many dems were in the military and/or have a family member in the military, incluing many black families

    they already have the snowflake vote, they cannot afford to lose all the working class

  427. Tina says:

    Bill Mitchell
    Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
    Paul Ryan’s plan for first year expensing on real estate depreciation is madness and will usher in the next great banking collapse.

    Ryanos plan is utterly stupid.

  428. Tina says:

    Villanueva, an Army Ranger who was deployed in Afghanistan, said he asked quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of the team’s leaders to amend their original idea, agreed upon after a Saturday night team meeting, which was to stand in the locker room during the anthem in an attempted show of unity. Part of the reason Villanueva pushed for change: he’d received texts from wounded veterans asking him to stand for the anthem.

    Villanueva’s suggestion, he said, was to stand with Roethlisberger and the team’s other captains at the front of the tunnel. That didn’t work out due to, as Roethlisberger said, pregame “chaos” in a small area, and Villanueva was left to stand alone with his teammates about 20 feet behind him.

    I find villanuevas statement convincing.

  429. lisab says:

    if the dems are not careful,

    and i would say they are currently being very careful

    they will become the blm party

  430. JC says:

    lisab says:
    September 25, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    the lack of outrage by pelosi and schumer on the nfl show that they are getting really bad polling on this

    Yep. This is disastrous for them and they know it.

    Now if only we had a political party to take advantage of this…

  431. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    449. What a PR snow job nightmare.

    Villanueva was not at fault for standing alone. The plan was the whole team would be standing with him, including the captains. It was just a big boo boo.

    According to Villanueva:

    ““They’re getting negative feedback because they didn’t stand up for the national anthem when in reality, they would’ve done it. They were fighting to stand up for the national anthem.”

    “When everybody sees an image of me standing by myself, everybody thinks that the team and Steelers are not behind me, and that’s absolutely wrong. It’s quite the opposite. Actually, the entire team would’ve been out there with me, even the ones that wanted to take a knee.”

    Its nice Villanueva agreed to take one for the team, but no one is going to believe it.

  432. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    454. If the team had agreed to stand with Villanueva, then why was his coach angry he had gone rogue by doing it? He should be blaming who was responsible for the screw up.

  433. Tina says:

    It is a pr disaster, sdc. I think much like the new coke disaster of the 1980s.

  434. Bitterlaw says:

    I will boycott the NFL tonight. Until 10:00. From 8:00 until 10:00, I will watch The Vietnam War. I hope the Cardinals are beating the Cowboys when I switch over.

  435. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    This is vintage Trump from the presidential primaries. His well-aimed tweets have created chaos for the Democrats. He did not go to Alabama and just spontaneously babble this out, it was planned.

    The leftist press does not understand the importance of the national anthem and flag to the American people, and so once again become dutiful fool tools of Trump.

  436. Tgca says:


    Maybe I’m a bit cynical but I don’t buy this revisionist history in total. Here’s why:

    1. Big Ben already came out and said he lost sleep and feels bad about what happened. Why not just say from the start it was a total misunderstanding and explain their agreed upon strategy that got botched?

    2. The coach clearly took a pot shot at AV for being out there. Why not just say from the start it was a complete misunderstanding and explain the agreed upon strategy got botched?

    3. AV was not just at the edge of the tunnel; he was quite a distance from it so that seems odd that he got pushed out that far and others got pushed that far inside the tunnel and it was too late.

    4. AV now seems to support Colin’s position but not last year when felt it was misplaced. Look at what he us reportedly saying now and then.

    Seems like he is feeling embarrassed that he made them look like idiots by his respectful actions. I get you don’t want to embarrass your team but the flag and anthem deserve so much more respect then their oversized egos.

  437. Mr.Vito says:

    “They’re getting negative feedback because they didn’t stand up for the national anthem when in reality, they would’ve done it.”

    The antecedent for “they” here is “…somebody who really wants to go out there and stand for the national anthem…” not the entire team.

    “The plan was the whole team would be standing with him…”

    That was not the plan… “standing with him” here means “standing up for him”… not literally standing.

    “…everybody thinks that the team and Steelers are not behind me…”

    “behind me” means supporting him here… not literally standing behind him… only the captains were with him literally in the tunnel according to his story

  438. JC says:

    “When everybody sees an image of me standing by myself, everybody thinks that the team and Steelers are not behind me, and that’s absolutely wrong. It’s quite the opposite. Actually, the entire team would’ve been out there with me, even the ones that wanted to take a knee.”

    Umm… the why weren’t they?

    The war veteran is being forced to capitulate.

  439. Mr.Vito says:

    Ben was the first to come out and say something… did he allude to any of this?

  440. Tgca says:

    Bitter 457

    This is an outrage! You’re unAmerican to give even the NFL a moment of your time.

    I don’t want to sound extreme or anything but you should have your law license revoked, be deported, and made to have intimate relations with Rosie O’Donnell. That would be compensating justice for your traitorous behavior.

  441. Mr.Vito says:

    I have to agree with tgca here… sounds like a clean up attempt.

  442. Mr.Vito says:,184,1951,1400/20170924pdSteelers26.jpg

    In this picture I see Steelers actually in the tunnel, and no one blocked from reaching Villanueva.

  443. Mr.Vito says:

    Are those the captains?

  444. Tina says:

    Oh no doubt, that coach dumb dumb, pressured Villanueva.

    But if Villanueva is lying about it, then somebody will ask themother players, ifmtrue or not.

    Anyway, the apology or whatever still looks bad.

  445. Tina says:

    The simple reason why,

    Coach dumb dumb had them in a safe space.

    Stupid plan.

  446. Mr.Vito says:

    Tina, look at the picture in 465.

  447. Tina says:

    I just find more truth in villanueva than coach dumb dumb or roth.

  448. Mr.Vito says:

    Whoever #56 is actually has his hand over his heart.

  449. Tgca says:

    Yo Vito

    This is Ben’s reported statement per Drudge article link.

    “I personally don’t believe the Anthem is ever the time to make any type of protest,” the Super Bowl-winning QB says.
    Ben Roethlisberger on Monday afternoon released a statement saying he regretted his Pittsburgh Steelers boycotting the national anthem on Sunday.

    The NFL team was the first of three to not come out for the pregame ritual.

    “I was unable to sleep last night and want to share my thoughts and feelings on our team’s decision to remain in the tunnel for the National Anthem yesterday,” the Super Bowl-winning QB said in a statement. “The idea was to be unified as a team when so much attention is paid to things dividing our country, but I wish we approached it differently. We did not want to appear divided on the sideline with some standing and some kneeling or sitting.

    He continued, “As a team, it was not a protest of the flag or the Anthem. I personally don’t believe the Anthem is ever the time to make any type of protest. For me, and many others on my team and around the league, it is a tribute to those who commit to serve and protect our country, current and past, especially the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice.”

  450. Tina says:

    And no,doubt cya going on too.

  451. Tina says:

    And anither controversy.

    I guess when it rains it pous.

    The cheateiots charged 4.50 for a glass of tap water, after theynran out of bottled water.

  452. Bitterlaw says:

    Tgca- Nobody deserves Rosie O’Donnell as punishment.

  453. Mr.Vito says:

    “I was unable to sleep last night and want to share my thoughts and feelings on our team’s decision to remain in the tunnel for the National Anthem yesterday,…”

    You can clearly see them in the tunnel… Ben’s statement makes more sense.

  454. Tgca says:

    Does not appear from Big Bens statement that it was the mix-up they’re spinning now. He says to be unified as a team to stay in the tunnel.

    So what you’re saying is you would be embarrassed to stand in front of a crowd to salute the US flag and participate in the US anthem so as to not hurt anyone’s feelings but you personally believe using the flag and anthem to make a statement is wrong. Ok. which is it? Team unity over patriotism or patriotism over team unity?

  455. Tina says:

    We need an special prosecutor, maybe mueller to investigate this,

    He actually cleared the nfl,commissioner once already.

  456. Tgca says:

    Pun intended but I think this is simply Monday morning quarterbacking.

    They are playing on words.

    So Big Ben stands with his teammates regardless of their views on law enforcement which are grossly inaccurate and incites hate against police. I got it Ben! Law enforcement is bad so it’s ok to take it out on the flag and anthem but otherwise, no one should ever use it as a tool to express their feelings. It’s just ok with rich, spoiled, sportsdudes.

  457. Mr.Vito says:

    I see they are sporting the patch of Obama supporter Dan Rooney while skipping out on the anthem.

  458. Tgca says:

    Bitter 475

    Exactly. Make the punishment so heinous and the treasonous act will be avoided.

    …and just to make it very clear, I’m talking very intimate, complete tongue body cleansing. Your choice buddy!

  459. Tina says:

    Fans booed loudly in arizona against cowboys.

  460. Phil says:

    So Jerry Jones kneels.


  461. Mr.Vito says:

    Wouldn’t know… I’m watching baseball.

  462. Tina says:

    Kneeled before anthem, az crowd and cowboy fans boo loudly, then rises and stands and lock arms formanthem

  463. Phil says:

    Jones kneels?

    Did he or didn’t he?

  464. Phil says:

    What the hell is that supposed to be?

  465. Tgca says:

    Ok. Time for the MSM to change the story as the backlash is getting too much attention.

    Quick. Any other scandals out there. Did Melania show how out of touch she was by wearing her hair down flowing and bouncing with each stride she takes while visiting a children’s cancer ward where all the kids are bald?

    I’m sure that great constitutional scholar Maxine Waters would agree it’s a Trump impeachable offense because impeachment is whatever Congress says it is.

  466. Tgca says:

    Phil 486

    “Did he or didn’t he?”

    No, to both:
    1. Clinton did not inhale
    2. Clinton did not have sexual relationships with that woman.

  467. Bitterlaw says:

    The Eagles are in first place. I will not boycott the games. Bring on Rosie.

  468. Tina says:

    I dunno, phil, this per twitter. Saw a clip of the loud booing.

    I amm ot watching.

    Pawn Hannity claims to have some breaking news with the circa reporter

  469. janz says:

    In #465 picture posted by Mr. Vito, the football team standing behind Villanueva look like little scared whimps. They are the ones who should be embarrassed!

  470. janz says:

    Tina, Circa News is a good, reliable news service.

  471. janz says:

    ” Any other scandals out there. Did Melania show how out of touch she was by wearing her hair down..”

    The press has scrutinized Melania’s handshake with Harry, deducing there was a symbolic devil’s horns seen in that physical exchange. How about that for a diversion!

  472. Tgca says:

    Bitter 490

    There’s your girl. Go for it!!

  473. SanDiegoCitizen says:


    “In this picture I see Steelers actually in the tunnel, and no one blocked from reaching Villanueva.”

    I am even more angry after watching this picture. The team is cowardly-like hiding away in the tunnel. This deprived the players who am sure would have liked to stand and respect the flag and anthem the right to do so.

    Do not for a minute believe there was any mix up, everyone seems sure of their places. Villanueva probably stepped forward in the open to respect the flag and anthem of the country he fought for. His picture was taken. Now he is being forced to tell stories. This totally repulsive.

  474. wvally says:

    Jones and entire Dallas team linked arms and knelt prior to the anthem. Crowd booed them wildly. Then they stood up for the anthem.

  475. Tgca says:

    500! Please

  476. Tina says:

    Larry Schweikart @LarrySchweikart
    The mighty Pittsburgh Steelers cower in a tunnell.

    America’s team kneels then stands, trying to have it both ways.

    No heroes here.

  477. Tgca says:

    Pretty please. 500

  478. Tgca says:

    I hate you Tina. Thief! That was my 500!

  479. Tgca says:

    Cowboys kneel, then stand?

    I did not know this was a Catholic mass. Did they take communion too? Did anyone refuse communion?

  480. Mr.Vito says:

    “America’s team kneels then stands, trying to have it both ways.”

    Sounds like they that will please nobody.

  481. Tgca says:

    This looks so stupid and politically correct.

    So now that everyone is doing it, does this mean someone should sign Colin K. now?

    This really can’t get much better. Who is advising these folks? Are these the same folks that told Al Gore to wear earth tone colors?

    Do they really think people are this stupid?

  482. CG says:

    It should please everyone. They stood and showed respect for the anthem, as they should.

    Their brief demonstration, including the owner, took place first. Since it did not interrupt or distract from the anthem in any way, it seems like a non-issue, unless this anthem thing is just being used as a cover, by those who do not want to see any anti-Trump sentiment expressed.

    I bet a variation of what the Cowboys did will spread to every team.

    And I suppose Jerry Jones has a lot of people to fire! Including himself.

  483. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The Republican governor of Illinois is a part owner of the Steelers. He is trying to politically posture, and at this point it ain’t gong to work.

    “Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says he “strongly disagrees” with NFL players protesting during the national anthem.
    The Republican, a former businessman, is part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. During Sunday’s game in Chicago, all but one of the Steelers stayed in the locker room during the anthem in protest of President Donald Trump’s criticism of NFL players.
    Rauner says in a Monday statement that the protesters are “disrespecting” the country’s foundations and veterans. He says he “cannot and will not condone such behavior.” He adds that players have the freedom of expression and can “choose to be disrespectful.””

  484. CG says:

    What did Rauner say to be disagreed with?

    Needless to say his Democrat opponents, and the Left are all over him, comparing him to Trump, etc.

  485. Tina says:

    Lepage slams the maine chicklet.

  486. Tina says:

    Yeah dumb move by americas team.

    The boos were loud and commented upon by an announcer, broadcaster, not sure whom since it is a clip.

    At least with the athem the booing can be silenced a bit.

  487. Tina says:

    In a year, the Dallas Cowboys have gone from wanting to wear helmet stickers for honoring slain police officers to protesting against cops.
    6:16 PM · Sep 25, 2017

  488. Mr.Vito says:

    It will please no one. One side does not want the anthem time to become some cheesy gimmick. The other wants to see kneeling during the anthem. Others don’t care. The remaining few will blame everything wrong with everything on the most recent POTUS they didn’t vote for.

  489. CG says:

    I don’t think it is unusual that the Cowboys would get booed at a road game.

    The Cardinals also linked arms during the anthem, with the owner among them.

  490. Tina says:

    Jerry looked smug as he kneeled, then there is a look of concern as there are loud boos.

  491. CG says:

    It pleased me, but I hope the Cardinals win tonight. (AZ , not StL)

  492. CG says:

    Jerry Jones looks smug every hour of every day of his life. Nothing new.

  493. Tina says:

    Ok, baghdad bob.

  494. Phil says:

    So what was the knee for? Oh yeah, injustice. What injustice exactly? You know, just injustice.

    Right on, man.

  495. Tina says:

    This just completes the implosion.

    Try to have it both ways, everybody hates tou more.

    Marketing 100

  496. Mr.Vito says:

    “It pleased me”

    Well, you are no one, so…

  497. CG says:

    Chris Christie would have kneeled with his beloved Cowboys. How he would have gotten back up….

  498. Mr.Vito says:


  499. Tina says:

    Nobody knows phil. Smug jerry kneels with team, then loud boos,

    Smug jerry sheots in his depends and nervously looks around.

  500. Tina says:

    It pleased me…

    Save that for tour SO, milenial.

  501. Tina says:

    I posted the link in 518, phil.

  502. Tina says:

    Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec
    Roger Stone stmnt: “I will systematically go through the exact words of every committee member and I will shove them down their throats”

    Is this hearing televised. This guy will destroy the muh russian committee,

  503. CG says:

    Yeah, Jerry Jones is in fear of his life now. Sure. He knew exactly what he was doing, whether he was being sincere or not.

    Every NFL player and every NFL owner has taken a step to distance themselves or show disapproval of Trump’s recent comment. Even Tom Brady and even Jay Cutler, who bragged after the election that he was a Trump supporter for a “long time.” With all that NFL unity, they could probably get a new collective bargaining agreement done.

  504. CG says:

    And that imbecile Kaepernick, will probably be on an NFL roster within 3 weeks now, solely because of Trump.

  505. Phil says:

    So where has all this political stuff from the NFL gotten us?

    Oh yeah. I know. It will now be a competition to see how creative teams can be each Sunday to devise ways to straddle the middle and say nothing either way. Well, I guess that’s one way to try and get out of the mess the NFL has created for itself.

    Real productive. Teams can now hire choreographers to put together the best waste of time pc routines before each game.

    You couldn’t make this sh*t up if you tried.

  506. CG says:

    Finally, I believe the Steelers will regret their method of protest and how it backfired.

    I strongly believe that if only they had a better, more patriotic, team massage therapist, they would have been convinced to take the field and show respect.

  507. Tina says:

    Remember, hands up,dont shoot are true jn nfl land.

  508. CG says:

    Thousands of Muslims celebrated 9/11 on a New Jersey rooftop is true in djt land.

  509. Tina says:

    We need the house hearing to orrow to be televised. I want to see roger stone destroy the committee incestigating a piece of fiction.

  510. Tina says:

    A cop murdered fefgusons brown in jebot land aka drat in dragville

  511. Phil says:

    Yeah, Tina. That’s the hell of it. Left sparks a “movement” with a discredited event and the owners heel right on cue. Loved Kaepernick’s socks, BTW. Protesting cops shooting down the “gentle giant” who was trying to surrender with his hands up.

  512. Proud Obamacon says:

    LOL all you dumbfuqqs posting how you love Jerry Jones and his fake quote. Even someone posted it above. I saw all my Republican friends posting it on their Facebook pages LOLLLLL

  513. Phil says:

    Then there were the Palestinians celebrating on 9-11. Loved Arafat scrambling once the footage made it to the cable networks. At least that part of it was amusing to me – not so much the celebration part.

  514. Phil says:

    How’s that Hillary landslide coming along? Have the results started pouring in from Broward County yet?

  515. Tina says:

    He called cops pigs.

    And did not want police to protect him.

    Also, and more importantly, his last few years, he wws terrible, phil. He cannot throw a short pass, his game was figured out.

  516. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Jamilah King?@jamilahking
    Jerry Jones is worth $5 billion. His team, the Dallas Cowboys: $4 billion. He’s not kneeling in unity. He’s protecting an investment.

    Larry Schweikart? @LarrySchweikart 7h7 hours ago

    Just spoke to a guy whose family OWNED an NFL team. He is boycotting.

    Donald Aper? @donald_aper 9h9 hours ago
    The difference between Alejandro Vellenuava supporting his teammates, and Tom Brady supporting his, many of Vellenuava’s didn’t come home.

    Angelo Ray GomezAngeloRayGomez
    Usain Bolt, who isn’t even from the US, stops live interview to pay respects to our National Anthem. Kneeling athletes disrespect America.

  517. Tina says:

    Evidently, dan fraudfwe deleted this tweet.

    He got sacaged.

  518. Phil says:

    Owner blackballing is all that is keeping him out of the NFL Hall of Fame. Such injustice!

  519. Proud Obamacon says:

    LOL still talking about Hillary. Got nothing to say about your Orange hero’s 30% approval rating and daily mental breakdowns, don’t blame ya !

  520. Tina says:

    All the hill bots are trying to defend her about her false claims about pr, hillary tweeted things donald needs to be doing on pr. However, those were done a week ago.

    So, the defenders of hillary are embarrassed.

  521. lisab says:

    ur law license revoked, be deported, and made to have intimate relations with Rosie O’Donnell.

    no, we must abide by the geneva conventions, even if he does hate america

  522. Bitterlaw says:

    Damn. Cowboys ard Cardinals are tied at 7.

  523. NYCmike says:

    “And that imbecile Kaepernick, will probably be on an NFL roster within 3 weeks now, solely because of Trump.”

    -Not really sure what “CG” is rambling about here…..Trump said you should honor the anthem and the flag, majority, including “CG” agree, and the NFL and its players, owners, coaches will be agreeing within a couple of days/weeks, or their product will not rebound.

    Trump will be proven to be correct again.

    Anything else that occurs regarding Kaepernick or any other player will be a business decision, as it should be.

    If it is NOT based on business, who cares, as it is someone else’s money and they can do what they want with it.

  524. DW says:

    I wish both NFL teams could lose each game.

  525. Tina says:

    And the vooing was done in. Az, with a healthy cowboy following.

  526. Tina says:

    There is no booing.

    Hands up dont whoot was real.

    Muh russian is true.


  527. Tina says:

    I am co fused, tru p is responsible for krapper not being on a team and he will be responsible for a team hiring him.


  528. lisab says:

    The cheateiots charged 4.50 for a glass of tap water, after theynran out of bottled water.

    that is a bald faced lie!

    the patriots don’t ever sell bottled water

  529. Bitterlaw says:

    Now the Cowboys lead 14-7.

  530. Tina says:

    Jebot 2 is funnier than jebot 1.

    Both reciew the same drat talking points though.

  531. CG says:

    There was no group of Muslim-Americans publicly celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey or anywhere else. That was a complete slander on the entire country.

  532. Tina says:

    Can you kindly not report any nfl scoring updates,

    Save it for an espn blog.

  533. Tina says:

    Most of the driver licensed issued to the florida 9/11 highjackers were issued under the gubment of jev, an open borders idiot.

  534. Tina says:

    Dan pfeifer should have known that trump called for pr to vecome a state during the campaign.

    Of course, it is from the same crowd that declared russian interfered innthe election and the iran decision prevented them feommgetting nuke lu yah missiles.

  535. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – I will post what I want. You post what you want to post. You know how it works here.

  536. Tina says:

    Phony as his face.

    Harsh, he looks like he passed something.

  537. Tina says:

    I said olease bl, i was being nice.

  538. Tina says:

    I may form my own blog then, bl. I am dure to have more viewers that jebot politics or whaterver the site is,called.

  539. Tina says:

    If krapper signs, we are assured of a teuce by leftists.

  540. Bitterlaw says:

    I will only post the winner. I need the Cowboys to lose.

  541. Phil says:

    Krapper was poison three weeks ago.

    He’s really poison now. No one will touch him….except for Tomlin. He’d love him, would be a great fit – in the name of team unity, of course, which Tomlin is suddenly so fond of.

    Do it coach!

  542. lisab says:

    LOL still talking about Hillary.

    in fairness

    that was an EPIC FAIL by you dems

    100 years from now they will still be saying,

    al gore lost in a heartbreaker …

    but hillary supporters got PNWED!!!!!!!!

  543. lisab says:

    and by pnwed i mean sodomized …

  544. Phil says:


    They’ve been that for months now, Tina.

    Nothing new.

  545. Tina says:

    We nee to orrows hearing with roger stone telegised.

    This is he mother of all hearings.

  546. Tina says:

    I know phil, drdge ust realized it tonite.

  547. lisab says:

    Tina – I will post what I want. You post what you want to post. You know how it works here.

    that is good in theory bitterlaw, but you never want to go full michael

  548. Tina says:

    All we need is for comedy to be arrested or indicted,

    It will make my week.

  549. lisab says:

    at 9:05 pm when chris wallace said,

    “i’ve come to the conclusion that donald trump might be the next president of the united states” (megyn kelly ha ha ha)

    bill buckner yelled, “YES!!!!! FINALLY I AM REDEEEMED!!!!!!”

    that is how badly the dems lost in 2016

  550. Tina says:

    Theynare worried about $100 million in muh russian fb ads, but not worried about the medias open campaign for hillary. How much was that worth? .

  551. lisab says:

    archaeologists thousands of years from now will be translating hhr and writing

    “well at least napoleon did better at waterloo than proud obamacon did at predicting the 2016 election. i mean, i thought the romans screwed up at adrianople … but at least they did not think hillary would win.”

  552. lisab says:

    in the entire history of this country, there may not be another election where predictions are as bad as proud obamacon’s, cg’s, robbie’s and md’s

    it literally could be decades before that happens again

  553. NYCmike says:

    Is “CG” still mentioning “celebrating 9/11”?

    How thin is the air up on the moral high ground?

  554. Paul says:

    I don’t think McCain gives a rats ass about being Trump’s target. I’d assume he enjoys it.

  555. NYCmike says:

    Oh man…..Yahoo is going back to old Stern/Trump tapes….these people have gone FULL “CG”.

  556. Tina says:

    Notice how one jebot posts, then another posts…

    Just notice.

  557. NYCmike says:

    -This will get him more votes with college kids, at least the males anyway.

  558. Proud Obamacon says:

    I salute Alejandro Villanueva. Repuglicans tried to weaponize what he did to pit him against those who believe in taking a knee, but here’s the thing – Alejandro has openly said he supports Colin Kaepernick and other protestors.

    Yall need a different hero apparently LOL

  559. NYCmike says:


    They did come back at the same time last week or so…….just sayin’.

    That was a double dose of sanctimony!

  560. NYCmike says:

    ” Alejandro has openly said he supports Colin Kaepernick and other protestors”

    -Actually, last year he said something different than NOW, but that is his decision.

    If he truly feels that way now, I think he is wrong on that score.

  561. Tina says:

    Same poster….

  562. lisab says:

    never go full cg

  563. NYCmike says:

    Good night!

    “CG”, phone home.

  564. Cash Cow TM says:

    I hear that next week, the feetsball players are going to take a knee protesting the big decades long killing of black people by other black people.

    I am not sure if DJT is to blame for that or GWB.

    Or maybe coal fired power plants…

    {fykin idiots}

  565. Tina says:

    Eoger stones opening statemwnt. He is head hunting schiff for brains and hwr thighness

  566. Tina says:

    Larry Schweikart
    Larry Schweikart @LarrySchweikart
    About 2 years from now Roger Goodell will write a book:

    “What Happened?”

    And he won’t have any more clue than Cankles did

  567. Paul says:

    Dangerous lies.

  568. Tina says:

    Muh Russia is wrapping up. It will be over and dun in July.

  569. Wes says:

    The NFL is full of idiots, but I won my pool for the week. I thank them for that. I won the tiebreaker by picking tonight’s score exactly.

  570. Wes says:

    I feel good…

  571. Wes says:

    I knew that I would now.

  572. Wes says:

    So good. So good.

  573. Paul says:

    Somebody shat on my lawn.

  574. Tina says:

    I shat the sheriff.

  575. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    People can say anything they want, but Jerry Jones handled the situation effectively in Dallas. His goal:

    “The objectives as much as anything else,” he said, “were to somehow, some way demonstrate unity and demonstrate equality and do so without involving, in any way, the national anthem.”

    Jerry Jones took the lead on doing it, being with his team and taking the booing.

    “A day after most of the N.F.L. engaged in at least some form of demonstration during the national anthem, the Dallas Cowboys, along with the team’s owner, Jerry Jones, linked arms on the University of Phoenix Stadium field Monday night and collectively took a knee before the anthem was played.
    The Arizona Cardinals, the Cowboys’ opponent, linked arms in the end zone with some military personnel, and by the time the pop star Jordin Sparks had begun singing the anthem, Mr. Jones and his team’s players had moved to the sideline and were standing with linked arms. The crowd, which had booed as the Cowboys were kneeling, let out some loud cheers at various points during the song.”

    “Mr. Jones addressed the news media after the game, saying he had never been more proud of his organization. He said he believed the demonstration was not a departure from his previous comments in which he had said he would not tolerate players protesting during the anthem, and that the team was unified in that regard.
    “It was real easy for everyone in our organization to see that the message of unity or equality was being pushed aside or diminished by the controversy,” he said.
    Mr. Jones declined to comment directly on President Trump’s recent comments about the N.F.L., saying, “I made my mind up on this issue that I wasn’t going to comment other than I’m very proud of the fact that the Dallas Cowboys and our players have always stood for the flag and the recognition for the flag always.”

    Compare this with the Pirates debacle, where they attempted to hide the team until after the national anthem was played, and ended up humiliating a team member who was a veteran and indirectly the whole team.

    All the owners in Pirates owners should be held responsible for this, including the clown governor of Illinois — lets see some leadership from him on the issue. Saying he “strongly disagrees” with the anthem protests is not enough.

  576. JC says:

    The bastards are now trying to sue for peace.

    F**k them. They don’t get to wave the peace flag and ask for “unity” now that they are losing badly. They sure as hell never stop after we give in to yet another one of their rediculous causes.

    They started this war. Not us. They were more than happy to launch their never ending political arpatheid againt us back when we followed ‘Conservative Inc’ advice and remained silent.

    They went after our jobs when we stated opinions they didn’t like. They shamed us in public for daring to go against their group think. They blocked us from speaking with threats of violence. They weaseled their way into our entertainment and pushed their unwanted agenda on us when we were just trying to escape. They infiltrated our government and educational institutions and turned them against us.

    Well, we are no longer playing the feckless “above the fray” opponents while they spit on us and strip away our rights and treat us like second class citizens. And now that we are fighting back, and throwing their own tactics back in their faces, they start crying and raging about how unfair life is.

    F**k them. They asked for this. We’re not going to pull our punches anymore. Or as our FLOTUS said of Trump; You hit us, we hit back 10 times harder.

  577. Mr.Vito says:

    Headlines everywhere are that Dallas took a knee… I really don’t think a lot of people will care much about the intricacies… They see the NFL coddling or even honoring cop-haters like Kaepernick, and supporting those that do kneel during the anthem.

    Sounds like Arizona played it smarter if they linked arms with law enforcement like I thought I read.

  578. Bitterlaw says:

    If anybody wants to give me Philadelpgia Eagles tickets, let me know. I will stand for the anthem and ignore the protesters.

  579. Tina says:

    I like free tickets, bl.

  580. Tina says:

    Maxine dirty ters wants to impeach trump for his nfl comments.

    So, no free speech right.

  581. Phil says:

    If I had any, Bitter, you would be welcome to them. I remember you giving me some free and very helpful legal advice once. It would be the least I could do.

  582. Phil says:

    Maxine continues to be dumb as a rock.

  583. Tina says:

    She still belives innhands up dont shoot, mike brown.

  584. jason says:

    According to Reuters poll 73% of Americans think NFL players should stand for anthem.

    We are in big trouble as a nation is 27% think its ok to disrespect the flag and the anthem.


  585. jason says:

    Count me on the side who think Jerry Jones’ antics were disgraceful and a cop out.

    The kneeling spectacle was revolting, I am glad the crowd booed the sh-t out of them.

    When it comes to the flag and the anthem, I am with Boars Head: compromise elsewhere.

    The owners are going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  586. Phil says:

    Yeah, imagine the generation during WW II. I would wager big the number would be about five percent.

  587. jason says:

    The Broncos played an “F Donald Trump” rap song in the locker room as motivation before the game.

    They lost though. I suppose that was the reason.”


  588. Phil says:

    ….and yes, what Jerry Jones pulled was an absolute crap out. Couldn’t agree more.

  589. Trump says:

    What was Jerry idiot Jones kneeling for? What was he protesting?

  590. NYCmike says:


    I don’t know……but anything that makes these fools look uncomfortable and more stupid than they already are is good in my book.

    President Trump may not act “Presidential”, but boy oh boy is he hitting the right notes in his performance.

  591. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Moore- 52, Jones- 30
    Strange- 49, Jones- 36
    Emerson (9/21-23)

    Both AL GOP candidates have comfortable leads in the General Election against Dem. Doug Jones.

  592. Trump says:


    I am enjoying the spectacle more than is legally permissible.

    Part of the enjoyment is mocking the clueless idiots who don’t realize how they are contributing to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

    75% of people side with Trump’s position. These cretins just can’t help themselves.

    BLM vs National Anthem.

    You couldn’t frame it better.

  593. Tina says:

    Seeing jerry jones reminded of the circus being in town.

  594. NYCmike says:

    No desire to watch the game last night……they can “protest” all they want as they make their minimum salary of over half a million, with the more established stars making multiple millions.

    Meanwhile, no protests on the 3 dead, 38 wounded in Chicago this past weekend.

  595. jason says:

    “The flag and anthem should be honored …..

    That being said, Donald J. Trump sucks, did this on purpose to divide the country”


    So Corey thinks the flag and anthem should be honored, except if Trump says it.

    Got it.

  596. Tina says:

    I am sure russian loon will say that the al race will be close.

  597. Tina says:

    Jebot 2 went full never trump.

    Also, claimed that hands up dont shoot was true.

  598. Trump says:

    when these morons talk about “unity”, the only thing comes to my mind is:

    what are the “uniting” for? disrespecting the US and its flag/anthem?

  599. Tina says:

    Comgresswoman kneels on house floor.
    Theyndid hands up,dont shoot years ago.

    Lying congrssional critters trying to score cheap political points

  600. NYCmike says:

    “Both AL GOP candidates have comfortable leads in the General Election against Dem. Doug Jones.”

    -One has a larger lead…….must be Strange……a really SMART guy on HHR said so……..

  601. jason says:

    What was Jerry idiot Jones kneeling for? What was he protesting?”

    Scared to death he might lose a few million, so trying to have it both ways.

    Worse scumbag than the kneeling players, at least they are standing, huh, kneeling, for their hate America convictions.

  602. Trump says:

    As I have maintained, none of these antics impress Trump voters in Scranton, Youngstown, Macomb, and Door.

  603. Tina says:

    I respected that coach and the spurs, but no more.

    He kept losing to the warriors in the semis and kept talking about trump. Just shut up and play.

  604. jason says:

    Both AL GOP candidates have comfortable leads in the General Election against Dem. Doug Jones.”

    Moore is a deadender scumbag who has no respect for the rule of law who should be kicked out of the GOP if there was any standard of decency and NYC should be ashamed of himself to think this creep should be in the US Senate.

  605. Waingro says:

    #634, unfortunately, it looks like he’s going to win in a landslide.

  606. MichiganGuy says:

    Senator Roy Moore sounds pretty good!

  607. JC says:

    *Ray Moore

  608. MichiganGuy says:

    Laughing at the haters.:)

  609. MichiganGuy says:

    JC it’s Roy

  610. jason says:

    Moore is a loathsome scumbag.

  611. jason says:

    As I have maintained, none of these antics impress Trump voters in Scranton,”

    Or in Intercourse, Bird-in-Hand or Ronks.

  612. jason says:

    I asked Amos Stoltzfuss about black players kneeling for the national anthem.

    He said “the English are crazy”.

  613. Phil says:

    Not a fan of Moore for sure. The guy will be an embarrassment throughout his term every time he opens his mouth. Count on it. The only silver lining is that he will vote right. Low bar I know.

    The GE should be entertaining. Moore saying stupid things and the Democrat Jones lying about how moderately conservative he will be if the people of Alabama will just send him to Washington. We all know that once in he’ll do Schumer’s bidding. At least Alabama voters are not that stupid.

  614. MichiganGuy says:

    and Luther is a saint? Do you know why the governor appointed him?

  615. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    If you lived in Alabama, for whom would you vote, the Dem. Obamabot Jones or Scumbag Roy Moore?
    On his campaign page, Jones cloaks his live for the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

  616. Sheeple, Jr. says:


  617. Phil says:

    Black Congresswoman kneels on House floor.

    Stupid political move….

    Boy, when Democrats write off the white vote they really write off the white vote. They live in their own little bubble.

    Keep it up dumbasses.

  618. MichiganGuy says:

    @644 Phil you say a lot of stupid things too. 🙂

  619. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is the most important economic issue for Doug Jones:
    A Living Wage

    People in Alabama should not have to work two or three jobs just to provide food, housing and other necessities for their families, often foregoing healthcare and other needs. I strongly support ensuring working Alabamians receive a living wage for their hard work. It is past time. They are then less reliant on the government and those dollars help lift the economy.

    Equal Pay for Equal Work
    Today’s champion for equal pay is Lilly Ledbetter and her battle for equality in Gadsden, Alabama. In the Senate, I will work to extend the spirit of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to make it mandatory that two people, doing the same job with the same qualifications, are paid equally – regardless of their gender.

  620. DW says:

    648 – that one must have slipped through. Up to now the Dem leadership had been holding them together to stay out of it.

  621. DW says:

    “Black Congresswoman kneels on House floor.”

    And I don’t even have to look up the name and district to know this must be someone from a 91% Dem voting district.

  622. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Doug Jones on ObamaCare:
    I believe:

    Health care is a right, not a privilege limited to the wealthy and those with jobs that provide coverage.
    Coverage must meet basic standards that protect individuals. Nobody should have to sell their house because a family member has cancer. A “cheap” plan that won’t cover preventative care, serious illness, pharmaceutical coverage, mental health, maternity care, birth control or other care for women is a sham. So is a policy that nobody can afford.
    No woman should be denied coverage of services based on the religious beliefs of her employer.
    We must ensure that quality health care is available not only in our cities, but in rural areas as well. As pointed out recently by U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, “Alabama’s rural hospitals have been struggling for years, largely due to inadequate reimbursements, low volume and high operating costs.” Since 2010, five rural hospitals have closed in Alabama, leaving residents without local care. As Rep. Sewell notes, “We need more robust Medicaid funding in Alabama if our rural hospitals are to survive.”

  623. Cash Cow TM says:

    Walt is off playing bridge today.

    Cow gets the remote and recliner all day!

  624. NYCmike says:

    -There were a lot of people on HHR who thought a brain surgeon was not qualified to run HUD.

    A man with common sense can fill many different government positions…..another good choice by President Trump.

  625. MichiganGuy says:

    @656 Amen

  626. NYCmike says:

    I have only read about Roy Moore in the newspapers, so I am not up to speed on his transgressions through the years.

    And living in NY, I had no say in this Alabama election, and I have already stated I had no preference, as long as a Republican won.

    That being said, there were some on HHR that were just about guaranteeing that Moore would lose the general election. Polls are saying otherwise.

    I hope these polls are correct.

  627. MichiganGuy says:

    Roy Moore, has received endorsements from many of the most important figures in America’s populist movement.

    Stephen Bannon – Former chief strategist to the President and Executive Chairman of Breitbart News

    Bannon will campaign in Alabama on Monday evening in support of Judge Roy Moore, Axios first reported.

    A source close to Bannon told the outlet: “Steve is coming to Alabama to support President Trump against the Washington establishment and Mitch McConnell. Steve views Judge Moore as a fierce advocate of Trump and the values he campaigned on.”

    Mo Brooks – Primary candidate and Representative for Alabama’s 5th congressional district

    Despite receiving a string of endorsements from members of the populist movement, Brooks finished in third place during the Republican primary. After his defeat, he endorsed Roy Moore.

    “The Senate race comes down to this: We are in an epic battle between the people of Alabama who put America first and the Washington swamp that hopes to buy Alabama’s Senate seat and put America second,” Brooks said. “All of America is watching Alabama to see who wins. I can’t speak for anyone else, but, as for me, I stand with America. I have voted for Roy Moore because Roy Moore not only stands with America, he will fight for America. I urge you to join that fight.”

    Rep. Mark Meadows – U.S. Congressman from North Carolina, Chairman of House Freedom Caucus

    “I am proud to endorse Judge Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate. The people of Alabama are seeing millions of dollars in false advertising flow into their state,” Meadows told Politico. “From what I know about the people of Alabama, their vote is NOT for sale. They want a strong man — a principled conservative — to send a clear message to Washington, D.C.”

    Rep. Jim Jordan – U.S. Congressman from Ohio and Co-Founder of House Freedom Caucus

    “Roy Moore will be a much-needed conservative voice in the Senate,” Jordan said in a press release. “I know the voters of Alabama can count on him to adhere to the Constitution and always stand for the values and principles that made this nation great, and I am proud to give him my endorsement and support.”

    Rep. Thomas Massie – U.S. Congressman from Kentucky

    “Roy Moore has more political spine than anyone I know,” Massie said in a press release. “He has twice chosen to lose his job rather than compromise his principles. He is a man willing to stand up to the out of control courts and help us return to the limited government outlined in our Constitution. I give him my full support and look forward to having him as a stalwart colleague in the Senate.”

    Rep. Steve King – U.S Congressman from Iowa

    “Whether it’s defending the Ten Commandments, preserving the sanctity of traditional marriage, or fighting against entrenched political corruption in Montgomery and Washington, Roy Moore can be counted on to fight to advance our shared conservative values,” King wrote in a statement.”There is no stronger, more principled Constitutional Christian conservative than Judge Moore. I endorse Roy Moore for the United States Senate, and I look forward to working with him to advance pro-life and pro-second amendment causes.”

    Rep. Louie Gohmert – U.S. Congressman from Texas and former judge

    “This is an incredibly important election,” told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview. “This is going to be the decision as to whether Alabama is represented or Mitch McConnell is represented… but what we know is that Roy Moore has shown over and over that you may disagree with him but he does what he says.”

    Rep. Jody Hice – U.S. Congressman from Georgia

    “I am proud to support Judge Roy Moore for US Senate,” Hice said in a press release. “My fellow members of the House Freedom Caucus and I need allies in the Senate. Judge Moore would be such an ally. Judge Moore has shown he has the strength to stand for principle, regardless of personal cost. Men like that are rare, and much needed in Washington.”

    Dr. Ben Carson – United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    “Judge Moore is a fine man of proven character and integrity, who I have come to respect over the years,” Carson wrote in a statement. “I was delighted to hear he is running for the US Senate. He is truly someone who reflects the Judeo-Christian values that were so important to the establishment of our country. It is these values that we must return to in order to make America great again. I wish him well and hope everyone will make sure they vote on Tuesday.”

    Tom Coburn – Former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma

    “Men with a backbone of steel are hard to find these days, and even harder to find in the U.S. Senate,” Coburn wrote in a statement. “I proudly endorse Judge Moore because we need him to be a conservative voice in the Senate. He is a man who can’t be bought, who won’t fall in line with the Washington establishment and who will stand up for what he believes in.”

    Jim DeMint – Former U.S. Senator from South Carolina

    “Judge Moore has proven he has the courage and the commitment to stand up to the Washington establishment and help President Trump implement a positive agenda,” DeMint wrote. “That’s why the Kings of the Washington Swamp are working so hard to keep Judge Moore from becoming the next U.S. Senator from Alabama, and why conservatives are supporting him.”

    Sarah Palin – Former Governor of Alaska and 2008 GOP Vice Presidential Nominee

    “Glad he’s running and am honored to endorse Judge Roy Moore for the US Senate,” Palin said in her endorsement statement. “Judge Moore has shown he has what it takes to stand up to the out-of-touch political establishment. The Judge has proven he’s not afraid of a fight for what is right, and he’s ready to take on DC’s swamp monsters and help make America great again. We need more bold leaders like Judge Moore who will fight for all of us in the US Senate.”

    Mike Huckabee – Former Governor of Arkansas

    “My support of Roy Moore has nothing to do with specific displeasure with the appointed Senator Luther Strange, but because if the “power brokers” in DC are as desperate as they seem to be to keep Judge Moore from joining them, then they must fear that he can’t be counted on to “join the club,” Huckabee wrote on his website.

    “And that is a good reason to support Judge Moore and hope that it sends a message to the do-nothing Congress that ought to be standing with our President to reform healthcare, taxes, infrastructure, national security, and job-killing regulation,” he continued.” Imagine the progress we’d have if members of Congress were as dedicated to helping the President’s plans for the economy as they are in going on TV to complain about a tweet he sent out,” Huckabee wrote on his website.

    Fob James – Former Governor of Alabama

    “Roy Moore will make the right, tough decisions, no matter the political consequences. And President Trump badly needs this type of support in the U.S. Senate now,” James said.

    Bill Armistead – Former Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party and former State Senator

    “Judge Moore has stood up for conservative values his whole career, often in the face of so-called, bi-partisan adversaries, and this campaign will be no different,” Armistead said, having also been appointed Moore’s campaign director. “The Washington establishment has made it clear that they want to hand-pick the next Senator from Alabama, but I have every confidence that voters in Alabama will stand with Judge Roy Moore on August 15th and send a proven fighter and tested outsider to Washington to shake up the status quo and support President Donald Trump in draining the swamp.”

    Alabama Patriots – Statewide Tea Party Organization

    “In these trying times, we believe GOD has provided men of honor and integrity to stand in the gap for our beloved Alabama and our Christian nation. Judge Roy Moore is the man to replace our friend and fellow Patriot Jeff Sessions as the next United States Senator from Alabama,” the group said in a statement. “Judge Roy Moore is the only candidate in the race with a proven record of conservative leadership who is renowned for standing up against special interests and the Washington insiders and special interest groups that constitute Washington’s ‘Swamp.”

    Women for Trump – Political Action Committee

    “Judge Roy Moore is a principled and courageous conservative with strong grassroots support throughout the state of Alabama and we are proud to endorse him for Senate,” the group wrote in a statement. “At a time when Mitch McConnell and the DC swamp have been obstructionists to the President’s agenda, this election is about who is going to stand up to Mitch McConnell. There is only one candidate who will do that, Judge Roy Moore.”

    Ann Coulter – Author, Columnist, and Political Commentator

    Having originally supported Mo Brooks, Coulter switched her support to Moore, describing Trump’s decision to endorse Luther Strange as “completely idiotic.”

    “I love him, but that was completely idiotic,” Coulter told Breitbart News. “What has Trump gotten from McConnell?” she continued. “But he’s still sucking up to establishment Republicans.”

    Sean Hannity – Fox News Host and Host of “The Sean Hannity Show”

    “I definitely go for the biggest underdog possible sometimes to make a point,” Hannity said on his radio show. “I think I’m going to do that in Alabama because I think Judge Moore is not going to be somebody who is going to bend to Mitch McConnell and the leadership.”

    Mark Levin – Host of “The Mark Levin Show” and Editor-in-Chief of Conservative Review

    Initially a supporter of Mo Brooks, Levin switched his endorsement to Moore in the run-off. Discussing President Donald Trump’s decision to endorse Luther Strange, Levin accused Trump of stabbing “every conservative in this country” in the back.

    “Now, I have to say, the president of the United States did something yesterday that was a stab the back to every conservative in this country,” Levin said. “His candidate in Alabama is Luther Strange,” he added. “Luther Strange is in Mitch McConnell’s back pocket. The man has been there six months. He’s a crony. He can’t fill Jeff Sessions’ shoes. He’s terrible. — even has some ethical issues swirling around him. But it doesn’t matter to McConnell, just like Thad Cochran in Mississippi.”

    Laura Ingraham – Fox News Contributor and Host of “The Laura Ingraham Show”

    Ingraham was also a supporter of Mo Brooks, but also switched her allegiance to Moore for the primary run-off. Speaking of Donald Trump’s decision to endorse Luther Strange, Ingraham described it as “weird.”

    “Donald Trump came out and endorsed the incumbent, more of an establishment guy, Luther Strange,” she said. “That is very interesting because that is Mitch McConnell’s favorite pick. So Mo Brooks, who a bunch of us endorsed on the other side of that – weird.”

    Daniel Horowitz – Editor of Conservative Review

    “Now, in Roy Moore, we have a champion for our cause at this critical juncture in history. Remember, a senator, particularly in this era, is not just a vote but a voice,” Horowitz wrote in Conservative Review. “I support Roy Moore because we need an originalist in the Senate who understands the power of the non-judicial branches over constitutional interpretation… Most importantly, Moore represents what so many people are starving for — authenticity.”

    Phil Robertson – Star of A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’

    “I have been an admirer for some time of Judge Roy Moore,” Robertson said in a statement. “He judged with a good understanding of the Constitution and the law, but he also understands natural law and who gave us our rights to begin with, Almighty God. Roy Moore will stand up for truth and what’s right, no matter who opposes him, and that is sorely needed in Washington DC. I fully endorse his run for the Senate and pray for him and his family.”

    Chuck Norris – Actor and Martial Artist, Star of “Walker, Texas Ranger”

    “Judge Roy Moore is the real deal: He’s tough, tested, and has a spine of steel,” Norris said. “The Washington establishment knows they won’t be able to count on him, but Alabama voters can,” Mr. Norris said. “Judge Moore has never backed down from standing for what is right, and that’s exactly what he’ll do in the U.S Senate. That’s why the Washington establishment is spending millions trying to defeat him.”

    Nigel Farage – Former leader of UKIP and architect of Brexit

    Nigel Farage has announced that he will speak in support of the candidate Monday evening at a rally in Fairhope, Alabama, and also confirmed to Breitbart London that he was keen to help the President achieve his goals, and that his appearance at the rally was about helping to cement the victories over the political establishment that the President and his base won in 2016.

  628. Waingro says:

    Doug Jones is a liberal. No if, and or buts. Therefore, if I had a vote in the Alabama GE, I would hold my nose and vote for Moore.

    Then I would hold my breath and see how long before he embarrasses himself and the people that voted for him.

    My guess is it won’t take long. He just brandished a gun at his supporters yesterday for crying out loud! The guy is the definition of a loose cannon.

  629. MichiganGuy says:

    Senator ROY MOORE

    Mo Brooks

    The Alabama Republican congressman won 20 percent of the vote in the first round of the Republican primary. And earlier this month, he threw his support behind Moore.

    Brooks has said he backed Moore in an effort to stand up to “the Washington Swamp.” The impulse is understandable, as Brooks bore the brunt of the attacks from groups loyal to Mitch McConnell in the early days of the primary. Now he’s returning the favor: “The Strange/ McConnell forces care not one twit about truth,” Brooks told Politico earlier this month, “They freely use malicious lies in their non-stop, scorched earth, campaign of personal destruction.”

    Sarah Palin

    “Glad he’s running and am honored to endorse Judge Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate,” the former GOP vice presidential candidate told Breitbart News in August. “Judge Moore has shown he has what it takes to stand up to the out-of-touch political establishment. The Judge has proven he’s not afraid of a fight for what is right, and he’s ready to take on DC’s swamp monsters and help make America great again.

    Sebastian Gorka

    The former Trump White House aide is co-headlining a rally for Moore on Thursday night. “Donald Trump was the quintessential anti-establishment candidate,” Gorka told Breitbart earlier this week. “The right- and left-wing elite are trying to undermine the people’s choice for president. We will work with any American who has had enough of the Swamp’s ‘business as usual’ attitude and their elitist policies.”

    Mike Huckabee

    The former Arkansas governor and two-time GOP presidential hopeful threw his support behind Moore in early September. “Luther Strange is probably a fine man, and I hear that from those who know him,” Huckabee, the father of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, said on his website. “My support of Roy Moore has nothing to do with specific displeasure with the appointed Senator Luther Strange, but because if the ‘power brokers’ in D.C. are as desperate as they seem to be to keep Judge Moore from joining them, then they must fear that he can’t be counted on to “join the club.”

    Ann Coulter

    The firebrand conservative author called Mr. Trump’s endorsement of Strange “idiotic” back in August and originally endorsed Mo Brooks. According to Roy Moore’s website, she has since endorsed him.

    Laura Ingraham

    Ingraham, an influential conservative talk radio host and Trump backer, endorsed Mo Brooks before switching to Moore.

    Sean Hannity

    “I definitely go for the biggest underdog possible sometimes to make a point,” the Fox News host, who originally endorsed Mo Brooks, said in early September. “I think I’m going to do that in Alabama because I think Judge Moore is not going to be somebody who is going to bend to Mitch McConnell and the leadership.”

    Chuck Norris

    “Judge Roy Moore is the real deal,” the “Walker, Texas Ranger” star said in a August statement. “He’s tough, tested, and has a spine of steel.

    Tony Perkins

    The Family Research Council founder endorsed Moore earlier this month. “Over the years Judge Moore has proven he is willing to stand up for our Constitution and fight for the rights of the people,” Perkins said, according to a statement released by Moore’s campaign.

  630. Waingro says:

    “That being said, there were some on HHR that were just about guaranteeing that Moore would lose the general election.”

    Let me guess: one of those predicting that “DOOM!!” rhymes with Sobbie?

  631. Tina says:

    Sheila jackson lee.

  632. MichiganGuy says:

    Waingro, you embarrass yourself every time you open your mouth! :0

  633. Tina says:

    Today is the riger stone hearing. It is closed. I posted his opening remarks. He is going aftee the committee drats.

    This is the way ine handles business

  634. Waingro says:

    #666, LOL. Thanks, MG. I try.

  635. Tina says:

    Construction of wall prototype begins today im san diego.

    Yes, thismsheot is happening.

  636. NYCmike says:


    I was thinking more about the “genius” who is the Wilt Chamberlain of HHR.

  637. Waingro says:

    #663, that has to be the first time Hannity has EVER disagreed with Trump on anything. He must have gotten clearance first from his master.

  638. MichiganGuy says:

    I know most of you in here support the establishment. Well, you all are in for a rude awakening these next couple of years! 🙂

  639. Waingro says:

    #670, ah, got ya.

  640. Waingro says:

    #672, I think it’s safe to say “the establishment” already got that rude awakening in June of 2015.

  641. MichiganGuy says:

    Waingro, that was just the beginning. If, Roy Moore wins which I believe he will there will be a lot of congressmen being primaried in next year!

  642. MichiganGuy says: