Moore Leads Jones By 5% in AL

The coming disaster for Republicans in 2018 might be coming a little early. A new poll from Opinion Savvy taken after Roy Moore’s victory this past Tuesday has Moore only ahead of Democrat Doug Jones by 5%.

Roy Moore (R) 50%
Doug Jones (D) 45%

This poll was done September 27-28 among 590 likely voters.

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  1. oldfashionedbrat says:

    First. Why not?

  2. lisab says:

    Monty Hall died


  3. lisab says:

    Two Victory & Praise Christian Academy football players were kicked off the team for protesting during the national anthem at a game Friday night.
    Cedric Ingram-Lewis raised his fist while cousin Larry McCullough knelt during the anthem ahead of the team’s game against Providence Classical.

    After the anthem ended, head coach Ronnie Mitchem instructed them to take off their uniforms and kicked them off the team. Mitchem is a former Marine and pastor who started the church-based football program in Crosby six years ago.

    Ingram-Lewis, a sophomore, said the topic of protesting had come up in the locker room before and his cousin McCullough, a senior, even announced he would kneel via social media. The coach had told players he did not want anyone to kneel, citing his service in the military.

    “He told us that disrespect will not be tolerated,” Lewis said, recalling the moments after the anthem ended. “He told us to take off our uniform and leave it there.”

    Lewis’ mother Rhonda Brady supported her son and nephew being inspired to protest, saying it was completely their decision.

    She was surprised by the coach’s reaction, however, deeming it out of line.
    “I’m definitely going to have a conversation because I don’t like the way that that was handled,” Brady said. “But I don’t want them back on the team. A man with integrity and morals and ethics and who truly lives by that wouldn’t have done anything like that.

    “Actions speak louder than words. So, for him to do what he did, that really spoke volumes and I don’t want my kids or my nephew to be around a man with no integrity.”

  4. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    Moore will probably win but if it’s really a 5 point race in Alabama, the Dems have a decent shot at retaking the Senate and the house.

    Republicans won’t always nominate a POS like Moore in every race, but Moore is not much worse in favorability rating than Trump is.

  5. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw thinks it is wrong for Trump to tell the truth about what our government is doing in P. R.
    It would be much better for everybody if Trump allowed lies to spread and make him look bad.

  6. Wes says:

    Moore is lucky Johnson was willing to go moonbat on him. A Democrat in the mold of Howell Heflin or the pre-1995 Richard Shelby could win that race much as Don Siegelman defeated Fob James in 1998.

  7. NYCmike says:


  8. NYCmike says:

    Tell us about candidates from the 19th century! Won’t you please?!?!

  9. Wes says:

    Why don’t you tell us about the greatness of Dick Mourdock, Mikey? Picking a dolt rather than a competent politician to take down a longterm Senator really worked out well, didn’t it?

    I guess Hoosiers were just too stupid to see the transcendent nature of this quote:

  10. Wes says:




    Unapologetic violator of the Constitution

    I can see why Moore is beloved to the Deadenders. 🙄

    He got lucky with a poor opponent though. As I said the other day, Merry Christmas, Roy. He’s the GOP’s Elizabeth Warren, only with a less skilled opponent.

  11. Phil says:

    Yep, Jones embracing abortion all the way to birth was indeed a gift to Moore.. even roe v Wade makes abortion during the last trimester illegal. What part of the law does this fool not understand?

    Even a deadender like Moore wins by 12 points.

  12. Tina says:

    Now the drats and never trumpers claim that trump is racist because he attacked the pr mayor.

    Lol, his tweets were very efective.

  13. janz says:

    PR has 78 mayors and 1 governor. 77 of those mayors and the governor are satisfied with the US’s aid response. One mayor, though, is disgruntled and far too busy doing interviews, standing in front of microphones, with backdrops of undistributed supplies behind her, throwing verbal spitballs @ Trump, than getting her behind to FEMMA meetings, and/or trying to intervene in the trucking strike so aid rotting on docks can get to those suffering and “dying” from starvation.

    BTW, the major news networks were slow on covering PR too, only getting majorly involved when they found something to blast Trump with. Coincidence?

  14. Tina says:

    That pr mayor is not bright.

    Wearing freshly made we are dying apparel.

    Holding a presser in front of pallots od supplies.

    You just cannot be that stupid.

  15. janz says:

    Tina, she is a publicity seeker and liar who is doing little to actually proactively help her people. It seems her only mission is to firebomb the president. She is shameful!

  16. Gpo says:

    I wish trump didn’t tweet as much as he did , but absolutely right to with this piece of crap mayor . Trying to make this seem like a Katrina moment with aid of msm – I assume msm not interviewing the governor and mayors that think the response has been great .

    Guessing the issue of the anthem not polling well for the sports league . NBA commissioner says players must stand for the anthem . NFL doesn’t know what hit them .

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    Bitterlaw thinks it is wrong for Trump to tell the truth about what our government is doing in P. R.
    It would be much better for everybody if Trump allowed lies to spread and make him look bad.

    NYC is either a liar or moron. Possibly both. What if Trump simply tweeted something like:

    So proud of the members of FEMA and the US Military for delivering [amount and type of supplies] to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. More is on the way.

    Of course, NYC and Tina would rather see twitter fights with Democrats.

  18. Bitterlaw says:

    Good for the coach who kicked the players off the team. Also, good for the players for expressing their views and learning a valuable lesson. You have the right to protest but you do not have the right to avoid the consequences.

  19. janz says:

    Before the hurricanes 2 amphibian ships were sent over making it possible to airlift goods following the storms. These ships also have hospitals on board to assist with medical casualties. Thousands of personnel were also moved on PR before the hurricanes, joined now by 10,000 more from all federal departments and the military. Why is this not a sizable show of help, concern, and conscientious planning from the US?

  20. Bitterlaw says:

    So my brother-in-law is retiring after 32 years in the Army. He and his wife will move to Coronado, CA. My wife is already talking about visiting them. I hope she sends pictures since I refuse to go.

    If I have to spend more than 5 years on a plane, I am going to London.

  21. Tina says:

    This was a very effectice tweet by trump. Posted it yesterday.

  22. janz says:

    Bitter, I find the NFL players kneeling routine, as a vehicle to protest whatever views or grivances they have, as inappropriate as some of Trump’s tweets you think do more harm than good.

  23. janz says:

    #23. Tina, as they say sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

  24. Tina says:

    So proud of the members of FEMA and the US Military for delivering [amount and type of supplies] to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. More is on the way.

    This from bl? You are a day late and a dollar short.

  25. Tina says:

    Of course, NYC and Tina would rather see twitter fights with Democrats.

    No, i am for a record quickly corrected by our President.

    He did not start this, but he ended it.

    He eneded it because the drats and never trumpers claim racism,

  26. Tina says:

    Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
    San Juan Mayor complains of no help from Trump while actually standing in front of pallets of help from Trump. You can’t make this up.


  27. Mr.Vito says:

    “What if Trump simply tweeted something like:

    So proud of the members of FEMA and the US Military for delivering [amount and type of supplies] to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. More is on the way.”

    You mean like he has multiple times, and still got treated like he did?

  28. Tgca says:


    Why would you spend 5 years on a plane? Perhaps driving is quicker. I’ve done it twice between the coasts. Once in 3 days and once in 5 days.

  29. Bitterlaw says:

    24 Janz – I have said from the beginning that the players have a right to protest but they have chosen a terrible way to do it. The owners have the right to discipline the players subject to their contracts and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  30. Tgca says:

    I agree Trump needs to point out the lies and inconsistencies, as clearly this mayor is trying to politicize it. If the MSM won’t do Its job than he should offer corrections. This is not a Cat fight. It’s calling the mayor on apparent BS.

  31. Mr.Vito says:

    When I was like 10, I was the star of my basketball team. The coach was very verbally abusive to the other players. To protest, I privately told the coach I was quitting the season.

    That ended the abuse… I don’t know if the the players or parents ever heard about it. You do not have to divide people, nor make a spectacle of yourself to make a difference.

  32. Mr.Vito says:

    These players have far more weight than I did, and much bigger platforms.

  33. Bitterlaw says:

    5 hours. Obvious typo but at HHR we must be perfect.

    The only way that I am ever going to California is if I am cremated and my wife wants to carry my ashes there.

  34. Tina says:

    I like the karl rove approach, do not respond.

  35. Mr.Vito says:

    By the way, I really did quit the season… it was not an idle threat. He begged me back onto the team for the sake of the other players.

  36. Bitterlaw says:

    So Trump should punch down and drag out the story. Got it.

    I am so happy that I only voted for Trump but never felt obligated to do more than that.

  37. Mr.Vito says:

    “So Trump should punch down and drag out the story. Got it.”

    No, he should do what the GOP leadership did… be a punching bag and give a supermajority to a hardcore socialist.

  38. Tgca says:


    I think if your wife is vacationing in CA after your demise, she won’t be bringing the ashes. She’ll probably be using the insurance policy to stay at a 5-star spa resort and get the triple frills package.

    My husband just passed. Can I get the widows makeover please? Spare no expense.

  39. Mr.Vito says:

    It’s rather amusing to listen to each side of the GOP talk as if they haven’t frittered away seats and policy to the liberals over the years.

  40. janz says:

    #31 Bitter, IMO Trump is usually between a rock and hard place when it comes to the actions taken and words uttered in his presidency. While, I think he could re-phrase some of his words, both verbally expressed and via tweets, the man is, nonetheless, under fire 24/7 no matter what he does. I’m personally giving him a pass, more and more, because of the grief, untrue stories and intense criticism he has to deal with on a daily basis.

    As for the NFL players, they are simply useful idiots of the left, and receive no passes from me.

  41. Tgca says:

    No. The media will turn this into a circus blaming GOP and further driving down GOP opportunities within the Latin community. Bush made this mistake by bending over for the media on Katrina.

    Leadership should always fess up to mistakes but also take credit for accomplishments, and that means correcting the record when it’s wrong. This is what most companies do when they get bad press on untruths. They go on the offense to correct the record. That is appropriate under the circumstance.

  42. janz says:

    NFL players are “rich” useful idiots….Have so lost respect for them!

  43. Mr.Vito says:

    “Based on my Facebook feed, there should be basically no registered Republicans (or at least those that still support Trump) watching any of the games this week….”

    Does that mean Dave is not watching this week, or is he no longer a republican, or is the parenthetical part meant to give him an out?

  44. janz says:

    Good leadership, tgca, is defined through the eyes of the beholder. These days, though, it’s mainly processed through polarized politics, making true leadership more of an unspecified trait, not a universal concept.

  45. Mr.Vito says:

    So, terror attacks in France and Canada in the news this morning, is that right?

  46. Tina says:

    If falsely charged, he needs to defend himself. The karl rove approach did not work out.

    Rove was stupid.

    I see the drats and never trumpers are upset, for obvious reasons.

  47. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw MUST have missed those tweets……

  48. Tina says:

    So Trump should punch down and drag out the story. Got it.

    Devoid of logic.

  49. lisab says:


    not good

  50. Tina says:

    All of yesterdays tweets are true.

    He explained and showed visual proof of what our fine military is doing,

    He could have added, why are the pr truck drivers not returned to work, why are they apparently on strike?

    Why did half of the pr national guard fail to return to duty?

  51. lisab says:

    Two passengers are killed as attacker shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ slits a woman’s throat with a butcher’s knife and stabs another at Marseille station before soldiers shoot him dead

    Attacker stabbed two female passengers at Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles

    He was shot dead by the French army who swarmed the area this afternoon

    Reports claim he was heard shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ before stabbing passengers

    Both of the victims were women, one of whom was left ‘with a sliced neck’

    no motive has been found for the attack

  52. Tina says:

    Geraldo river slams the commie mayor.

    I still cannot believe she woukd be photograpohed in front of pallots of aide.

  53. Bitterlaw says:

    I only see Twitter posts that are posted here. I don’t follow anybody on Twitter and have no desire to learn Home.

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    Learn how. Damn it.

  55. NYCmike says:

    Liar or a moron…..trump tweets about the great job people are doing while also slamming a publicity seeking mayor……win-win in my book

  56. NYCmike says:

    So, in your ignorance is wisdom

  57. Tina says:

    DanRiehl @DanRiehl
    What the Hell is he waiting for? Go already: Kasich hints at leaving GOP if it’s not ‘fixed’

    Bye bye losah.

  58. Tina says:

    Kasich said that woman left their kitchens to vote for him.

    This is ignorant and offensive.

    I end all support for kasich, as one of the 2016 supporterers here.

  59. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    22. “So my brother-in-law is retiring after 32 years in the Army. He and his wife will move to Coronado, CA. My wife is already talking about visiting them. I hope she sends pictures since I refuse to go.”

    Coronado is one of the most beautiful places in the nation. It has a lot of military, and is where the SEAL Team is based. It voted for Trump in the last election, and is heavily Republican.

    Across the bay is San Diego, with a Republican mayor, and all five members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors are Republican. If you look at the mountains east of Coronado, beyond the city, it is an area that votes heavily Republican and mostly went for Trump.

    Bitter, If I remember correctly wasn’t the reason you won’t visit California based on your dislike of state’s leftist orientation? Can see it as a basis for not going to San Francisco or Los Angeles, but not San Diego.

  60. lisab says:

    CARNAGE IN CANADA Edmonton attack: Chaos in Canada as cops stabbed by man with ISIS flag and pedestrians ploughed into

    no motive for the attack has been found

  61. NYCmike says:

    Wes brought up Mourdock again……a statewide elected official who received 60% of the primary vote against an incumbent, then put his foot in his mouth.

    Wes can tell the future as well……but not sure if that is a licensed position

  62. NYCmike says:

    MD and “CG” to be here shortly to say Trump is wrong to make sure people from certain countries are investigated fully before entering.

  63. Mr.Vito says:

    “…a statewide elected official who received 60% of the primary vote…”

    MD vouched that he was not a deadender… until he was.

  64. Mr.Vito says:

    In fact, quite a lot of people here flipped on Mourdock, and CG was not one of them.

  65. Jonesy says:

    Some over at RRH, are saying that Dem operatives in VA think that Northam is going to lose.

  66. Jonesy says:

    They need to out Moore in hiding, and let his surrogates just batter Jones in Ads etc…

    MSM types will try to trap him otherwise

  67. Bitterlaw says:

    SDC – No. Politics is irrelevant to me on where I like to visit. My favorite cities to visit are D.C., New York, and Boston. The least favorite was Tampa. I just have no interest in California.

  68. Bitterlaw says:

    I have no interest in San Francisco, either. Does that make me an anti-California bigot? Zzzzzzzzz.

  69. Mr.Vito says:

    By the way, is Brian Williams in Puerto Rico dying of dysentery and watching bodies float by?

  70. Tina says:

    16 people died from the pr hurricanes.

    That count has remained the same

    The commie pr mayor needs to identify where they are dying.

  71. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    70. No one is saying your an ant-California bigot. But refusing to go with your wife to visit an in-law because they are in California seems a bit atypical.

  72. Tina says:

    Bl, should go to both sd and sf.

    In sd, he can stay at the coronado hotel.

    In sf, he can enjoy many nice hotels. I aslo recommend the following restaurants

    House of prime rib.


  73. Bitterlaw says:

    Atypical? Fair description. There are many places my wife wants to visit that I do not want to go. Chicago is one. Charleston, SC is another(no way will I visit that city of treason).

    I might like Seattle but if I go there, my wife will say, “San Francisco is not that far.” Not worth it.

  74. Bitterlaw says:

    The Chargers’ stadium sounds like an Eagles home game. Good move, NFL. Move the Chargers and Rams to a city that can’t support one team.

  75. Bitterlaw says:

    Patriots and Cowboys lose. Life is good.

  76. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    75. Some people will get very inventive to find reasons not to visit their inlaws.

  77. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    75. Bitter, we are seeing through your geographic crankiness.

  78. Bitterlaw says:

    I just had those in-laws stay in my house. I visited them whey lived in Virginia. They chose California so we’re done unless they visit PA.

  79. NYCmike says:

    JETS blow another chance to get the #1 pick next year…..they can’t even lose correctly.

    That said, I like their fight, almost as if getting rid of all of the highly-paid stars and letting the hungry kids play makes sense…..

  80. NYCmike says:

    Mind you, I did NOT watch, as I was out walking the “hood with my parents and wife and brother and niece. Beautiful day here on the east coast.

  81. janz says:

    correction —-> Puerto Rico

  82. Bitterlaw says:

    Uh oh. 13-0 Eagles lead is now 13-7 on a 74 yard TD pass by Rivers. Wake up, Eagles.*

    *I don’t boycott. Send any Philadelphia Eagles tickets you have to me.

  83. Tina says:

    I can send you free sf tickets, but you will not come this way.

  84. Tina says:

    Oaktown is losing. The uncomfirmed reports of the raiders not playing because their qb did not kneel must be true.

  85. Bitterlaw says:

    The parents of that girl should have beaten him unconscious and then called the police. The police should have said “He must have tripped.”

  86. NYCmike says:

    Good for Carr if true……they are kneeling because they can’t control their emotions towards Trump…..terrible reason.

  87. Bitterlaw says:

    Too bad Jason is boycotting. Broncos up by 10 over Raiders.

  88. NYCmike says:

    Does anyone know what is going on in Spain? What is this Catalonia deal?

  89. NYCmike says:

    Just saw the Marshawn Lynch t-shirt, along with his underwear, since his pants were down below his ass……I guess that guy from American Idol needs to sing his song again…….

  90. Bitterlaw says:

    If protestors protest but they don’t show the protests on tv, would the protests stop? Would the boycotts stop?

  91. Wes says:

    Hey, Mikey, how much did that 61% of the vote in the primary count for Mourdock on Election Day 2012?

  92. Phil says:

    Trump says Rex is “wasting time negotiating with Little rocket man”

    Establishment types horrified.

    To me it is Trump playing good cop bad cop keeping Kim guessing – something a North Korean dictator has not had to do over the last 25 years. In the past the North Korean leader just had to make threats and then hold his hand out to receive bribes in the form of goodies like fuel and food. Those days are over. BTW, he is keeping China guessing as well pressuring them to pressure NK. China isn’t completely sure what Trump might do and that is a good thing.

  93. Wes says:

    These are the rounded results of the three marquee races in 2012 in Indiana. Tell me which is not like the others:










    I’m having a hard time seeing the contrarian result here. Can you help me?

  94. Wes says:

    Jonesy, I hope Gillespie wins. That would provide a template for future victories for the VAGOP and set him up nicely for a 2020 rematch with Empty Suit Warner.

  95. Tina says:

    Phil, it is like sessions axed vs sessions doimg a good job.

  96. Bitterlaw says:


  97. NYCmike says:

    Since it already happened, we know Mourdock lost already. I was simply pointing out that he was no “deadender”.

    Of course you will keep complaining about the voters having their say when incumbents don’t do as they want. In the next sentence you will then call someone a “fascist”. Words have little meaning sometimes with you.

  98. Wes says:

    Voters should always have their just as they did in Ut–hey, wait a minute. You were telling us voters chose candidates in a different way that year–by not being part of the selection process.

    How’d voters choose by not choosing again, Il Mikey?

  99. Wes says:

    For the record, Il Mikey, while I reserve the right to criticize voters for choosing moronic candidates such as Dick the Misogynist Bastard Mourdock, never once did I criticize their right to make poor voting decisions.

    I did, however–and do–criticize the Mussolini-style (read: fascist) tactics endorsed by you Mike Lee employed to take out Bob Bennett.

    I know you were upset when real Republicans beat the loony toons by getting the support of real voters and not letting the Ken Cuccinellis and Mike Lees of the world obviate the voters’ collective will with conventions stacked with Deadenders.

  100. lisab says:

    On-duty NYPD officers ‘handcuffed 17-year-old girl, took her to deserted spot and raped her’
    Officers claim sexual acts were consensual, according to reports

  101. Tgca says:

    Bitter 70 has no interest in San Francisco does not make you anti-California but we now know you hate gays and Asians. Shame!

  102. lisab says:

    the gop has the problems it has because the “moderates” have not done what they have promised the voters they would do, like get rid of obamacare.

  103. Tina says:

    The moderates loved obamacare and lied when running.

  104. Tina says:

    And mitchie and ryano are terrible leaders.

  105. Bitterlaw says:

    I love gay people.

    Uh oh. I guess that locks down gayest post of the year.

  106. Bitterlaw says:

    Too bad, boycotters. Great games today. Except for that Bengals and Browns joke of a game.

  107. NYCmike says:


    You are pretty good at making st uff up. Keep working on it, one day you will be as good as Author.

  108. Bitterlaw says:

    Pretty ironic post from NYC. He makes up things I might say even when I have said the exact opposite.

  109. NYCmike says:


    You are the one who makes statements while being ignorant of what actually happened, you said so earlier today.

    Ironic is you being an arbiter of what is made up or not.

    Tell us more about Trump’s bad Twitter feed that you totally ignore, unless you see something posted here.

  110. NYCmike says:

    -Bitterlaw can use this link to help him.

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzzzz. NYC worships every word that Trump says. It has been quite a ride for him. He used to be normal. Then he fell under the spell of Rand Paul. Then it was Trump who earned his unquestioned loyalty.

  112. Bitterlaw says:

    Why would I follow Trump on twitter? Just because I voted for him does not mean I have to endure him on a daily basis. I wish we were already in November 2020. If Trump is the fake R with the GOP nomination, I will vote for him and then feel an overwhelming sense of relief to never have to do it again.

  113. janz says:

    Puerto Rico cop says the mayor of San Juan sabotaging hurricane aid for political gain.

    The narrative is multiplying in those asserting this one lone female mayor is exploiting the tragedy in PR for her own political or self-serving gain. Unfortunately, the MSM is ignoring any conflicting stories about how honest/factural her statements, and only sticking to the looped side bites excoriating Trump.

    IMO, when Trump deserves to be rebuked or criticized, have at it. But, when people are making stuff up in order to take the president out, they should be called on it and their credibility should take a severe hit.

  114. Tina says:

    She is a serial liar, janz.

    I am troubled that she said her people were dying.

    Not to mention the pallot picture, her talks to cnn and other media outlrts, and aoparently havimg time to primt shirts.

    The d governor and all other mayors are working with the admin, but her.

    And today she admits she has everything,

  115. Tina says:

    By in large, trump does not start the exchanges. He dedinetly did not start this with the commie mayor. However, he ended it quickly,

    The karl rove silence approach is not effective.

    Does he tweet too muxh and use some harsh words, yes.

    Is he effective hell yes.

  116. Tina says:

    Even geraldo no fan of trump admits that the mayor is lying,

    He is on the island and has an interest in seeing the island restored.

  117. Tina says:

    The situation is worse than katrina, but you had bush that botched a portion of kateina.

    Bush botched his second term completely. A failure.

  118. Tina says:

    Apparently most of the terible sf 49knelers took a knee and the carolina qb raised a fist.

    Sick of this sheot.

  119. NYCmike says:

    I “worship” someone because I read what they said BEFORE I give my opinion…….another word re-defined by a lawyer at HHR.

  120. NYCmike says:

    Trump is doing what Rudy did in NYC, hopefully the long term effects will be just as positive.

  121. Bitterlaw says:

    I did not say to not fight back. I said how I would have worded the response.

  122. Bitterlaw says:

    No. You worship Trump because you worship Trump.

  123. NYCmike says:

    Thought that Bitterlaw would learn something from the events of the last year …….

  124. NYCmike says:

    Whatever you say, Bitterlaw.

  125. janz says:

    #123 Tina…me too!

  126. janz says:

    Unfortunately, Tina, the MSM will never print a correction of their stories on PR, gleaned from the negative spin of that one mayor. After all, it doesn’t serve their highest purpose — to make Trump look bad. Not for the good of the country will these media elites get off their political high horse and report facts rather than hyperbole.

  127. Tina says:

    Janz, right they will never correct.

    That is why trump had to set the record correct. Now commie mayor has retracted her claims and looks foolish.

    Theynare left with beotching about “how” he responded, or insist that he is a racist for responding.

    I rather argue about how one responds and claims that he is a racist. That means, the accuser lost his or her main argument,

  128. lisab says:

    The moderates loved obamacare and lied when running

    well of course, because it allows people to get their healthcare subsidized by tax money.

    and they love unfettered immigration too because of the downward pressure on wages

    they don’t really care if a middle class person’s taxes go up or if a middle class person’s care goes down

  129. Tina says:

    True, they do not care anout the middle class that has to shoulder the burden

  130. Bitterlaw says:

    The return of Curb Your Enthusiasm was prettygood…pretty, pretty good.

  131. Wes says:

    When did I make anything up, Il Mikey? Did you not say Utah voters picked their nominees in “a different way” when Mike Lee became the Senate nominee.

  132. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – She is on Fear the Walking Dead. Thoughts on Alycia Debnam-Carey

  133. Wes says:

    She’s cute, but the oversized eyes scare me.

  134. Bitterlaw says:

    Another foreigner playing an American on a zombie show. I can’t post her topless work here but it will help you not look at her eyes, Wes. She’s real. Bonus.

  135. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    111. “Too bad, boycotters. Great games today. Except for that Bengals and Browns joke of a game.”

    Could care less. I live in a city that lost its NFL team, and is not missing it at all. Ironically, Bitter, your boycotting my city.

  136. Tina says:

    Veey early, horrible shooting in vegas. My god.

  137. Tina says:

    50 now dead, 200 injured.

    Earlier this am, it was reported as 20 dead.

  138. Bitterlaw says:

    The count was wrong or 30 more died. Always go to England for American news.

  139. Tina says:

    It is going hire.

    Daily mail,has the most fraphic photos, bl.

  140. Tina says:


    Beyond horrific.

  141. Tina says:

    Per daily mail, shooters lady friend, or whatever, is an australian citizen

  142. Tina says:

    Geraldo Rivera @GeraldoRivera
    Interviewed MD’s yesterday There is #NoCholera in #PuertoRico Shame on @paulkrugman & #NYT Hatred of @realDonaldTrump allows reckless lies

    Krookman is dumb.

  143. Bitterlaw says:

    Since the same arguments will be used by all sides today, I will sit out for this mass shooting debate. Might as well rest up for the next one.

  144. Mr.Vito says:

    “Interviewed MD’s yesterday There is #NoCholera in #PuertoRico Shame on @paulkrugman & #NYT Hatred of @realDonaldTrump allows reckless lies”

    Geraldo found MD? and he backed up Trump?

  145. Mr.Vito says:

    Don’t panic. I hear what happens in Vegas, stays there.

    (Yes, I deserve whatever I get for that joke.)

  146. Mr.Vito says:

    Horrible stuff in reality.

  147. DW says:

    any word yet on the political views of the shooter?

  148. Bitterlaw says:

    It’s ok, Mr. Vito. We’re stuck with these type of killings forever. Might as well live life.

  149. Trump Davis says:

    Another unhinged leftist gunman. When will this stop? Killing 50 good Christian republicans. It’s a tragedy but its also time to take out the American Left. This can not continue!

  150. Trump Davis says:

    Please support President Trump

  151. DW says:

    how could someone be a ‘good Christian republican’ and be attending a country music concert in Vegas?

  152. Trump John says:

    Confirmed Antifa gunman killing innocent Americans including children. SICK. Don’t expect the Fake News media to report this. I stand with President Trump.

  153. Phil says:

    Terrible shooting event.
    Puerto Rico mayor to blame Trump in 3..2..1..

  154. Trump Davis says:

    Gunmens social media postings are almost all crazy postings about Antifa and anti-Trump view. We will of course not see this on CNN. Trust Conservative Fighter and BriteBart News for the real news! I support our great President Trump.

  155. Trump John says:

    Gun man also supporting ISIS in his postings. President Trump please do the right thing and carpet bomb the sand rats

  156. Trump John says:

    Per Right Fighter News Twitter, the man who did this was on TV several months when there was Anti Trump protesting going on —not sure what was going on but it was when there was a huge sign with tigers on it on the side of the building and he was wearing all black and sayin “NOT MY PESIDENT”. The guy interrupted a press conference or something like that and was yelling/speaking very quickly about our great Pesident but I did not know what he was saying until he threatened to bomb the Mandalay Bay.

  157. Trump Davis says:

    an antifa post, now deleted, from their Melbourne branch claims responsibility for the attack. look up Melbourne antifa deleted post for proof. Again, Fake News will not mention this at all. Turn off your TVs, people !

  158. Mr.Vito says:

    Who opened the b00by hatch?

  159. NYCmike says:

    And in other news, Ukraine is saying that Russia left troops behind in Belarus after a military training exercise. From there, they could strike down to Kiev, or in future prepare to go North into the Baltic States, or west into Poland.

    Great world we live in, and people here are upset about tweets from Trump defending his administrations actions dealing with hurricanes.

  160. Trump Shawanda says:

    Waking up to this?? Damned Muslim men with guns! How come the Muslim community isn’t reporting them to police? How come mosks aren’t turning them in? And how did they get into the country anyway? Maybe now people will support the MUSLIM BANN!

  161. DW says:

    do mosks have monks or is that a different religion?

  162. Trump Shawanda says:

    DW, this is where our enemies meet and plan to bring down America. WE must not allow this. President Trump puts America first and I support him 100%!

  163. Trump Davis says:

    So now we know that this supposed white man was actually a muslim sympathizer, attended pro Antifa rallies, posted Anti American Anti Trump news, and supported BLM and George Soros. Why Fake News are you not reporting this. Conservative Christians are being targeted by Antifa and Fake News.

    Everyone , please stop watching the news and subscribe to Conservative Storied Fighter Twitter and BriteBart News for the real news. #MAGA

  164. NYCmike says:

    Went to Breitbart to see if any other news about the Vegas shooter….not seeing anything different yet.

  165. Redmen4ever says:

    Who knew Dr. Seuss was racist?
    Did you? Did he? Did her? Did me?
    Did Ted Cruz know or did John Kasich?
    Did the librarian who received Seuss books for free?

    These books are racist, she said with a harumph!
    Because they come from Melania Trump.
    For what is the meaning of racist, you say?
    Why it’s anything we make up yesterday or today.

    Adding is racist, and subtracting is, too.
    And so is tying the laces of your left and right shoe.
    Red things are racist and so are things blue.
    Why, Thing 1 is racist and so is Thing 2.

    Just because one day something is not
    Doesn’t mean tomorrow it can or cannot
    So if you were wondering if Seuss was racist yesterday
    Look at how the librarian dressed for Green Egg’s anniversary day×664.png

  166. NYCmike says:

    Came into work and found out my nephew was in Vegas, but thankfully not near these happenings. He called his parents quickly so they knew he was ok, which was good of him.

  167. DW says:

    Coworkers are all demanding gun control. Apparently, if we take away guns from law abiding citizens so only criminals have them, these shootings will never happen again. Who knew?

  168. Jonesy says:

    Machine Guns are illegal in Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas most watched by Camera city in US.

    None of it helped

  169. Mr.Vito says:

    What were the odds?

    (Okay, now I really deserve a beating for that one.)

  170. Bitterlaw says:

    Apparently, the woman with the shooter had a husband who was a leftist. The shooter appears to have not had a political agenda. Of course, this will probably change by tonight.

  171. Phil says:

    Confiscation of all guns in the US is the only answer here.

  172. Bitterlaw says:

    I did see a story that ISIS claimed the shooter converted. Did he really or is ISIS just trying to claim any shooting as their own?

  173. DW says:

    180 – its like the Mets claiming the Phillies were working for them, to ensure the Mets wouldn’t have to finish in last place.

  174. Phil says:

    ISIS trying to take credit for something in the US they have been unable to pull off themselves.

  175. DW says:

    Dead now up to 58. No doubt many of the injured will die, others paralyzed, will be missing organs and limbs, etc. Just terrible.

  176. Cash Cow TM says:

    I do not now anything about the shooter.

    but i will say with certainty that he full bore big city values person, regardless of where he resided.

    i would bet the farm he was a regular church attender…

    so very sad…

  177. Trump Davis says:

    ISIS claims today’s terrorist attack. Some media outlets finally doing some real news reporting. Don’t expect it to continue. Just a lonely grandfather, that’s all. Nothing to see here.

    Thanks God we have President Trump who is not afraid to tell the truth to Americans.

    RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM! Obama couldn’t even say it. #MAGA

  178. Cash Cow TM says:

    Not a regular church atttender

    typing on old laptop that only allows type on on screen keyboard

  179. DW says:

    Outraged Democrats call for Congress to ‘get off its ass’ on gun reform

    The worst mass shooting in modern American history was met with immediate calls for action on gun control from some Democratic leaders on Monday.
    Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut demanded that Congress “get off its ass and do something,” while former Vice President Biden said there was “no excuse for inaction” after at least 58 people were killed and more than 500 were wounded in the massacre at a Las Vegas concert on Sunday night.
    Read more on and watch NBC News’ special report until 2 p.m. ET and continuous coverage on MSNBC.

    And of course the gun was already illegal in Vegas.

    They are just tapping into the raw emotion to get future votes, using the 58 dead bodies to get them.

  180. DW says:

    They want Republicans to take the bait and stand for gun rights so then they can go out and say the evil Republicans were in favor of the massacre. We have seen this movie before.

  181. Trump Davis says:

    This is your Antifa terrorist. All information is from his own postings and public records. Paddock is a fan of the Rachel Maddow Show and liked several pages on Facebook including Thank you Obama, Anti-Trump Army, Progressive Day Organizing for Action, Not My President, Proud to be a Democrat, Fight Trump, Boycott All Things Trump, and Impeach Trump. He is a registered Democrat and registered to vote in Washow County, Nevada. He attended several rallies in the Las Vegas area and even appeared on TV shouting “Not My President” during a press conference.

  182. Bitterlaw says:

    Ummmmm. Cash Cow. I don’t think of carrying large weapons as a big city value. There are shootings everywhere.

  183. Bitterlaw says:

    190 Do you have a link, Trump Davis?

  184. GPO says:

    Wes- or anyone who has knowledge of the races- What chance do R’s have in Montana or North Dakota Senate races

  185. DW says:

    With 515 listed as injured, I wonder how ‘only’ 58 were killed? I wonder if many of the injuries were people not shot but hurt trying to run away?

  186. DW says:

    192 – the silence from Trump Davis and lack of link speak for themselves.

  187. Bitterlaw says:

    Not ISIS. No known religious or political affiliations. Maybe Trump Davis has other links.

  188. DW says:

    190 – you forgot to mention that he was also the one who typed up Dan Rather’s faked document, and he was at Ted Kennedy’s party on Chappaquiddick and Paddock opened the door for Mary Jo to get in Ted’s car. It was Paddock’s car that had a box of ‘lost’ ballots the judge used to give Al Franken the race over Coleman. Paddock also steered the hurricane to NJ just before the 2012 election giving Obama the boost he needed to defeat Romney. This info is all there on public sites and Paddock’s own postings.

  189. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – Don’t forget that he was on the grassy knoll in Dallas. At 10 years old, nobody noticed him.

  190. DW says:

    More…websites and Paddock’s own postings reveal that he has been in Vegas for decades where he had made a gambling deal with the devil who gave him millions in winnings. Paddock sent the money to George Soros who passed it on to Democrat candidates. Paddock apparently fell into despondency when the devil broke the deal after the funds failed to push Hillary across the finish line. Apparently Hillary had a separate deal with the devil and he could only make one of them work going forward.

  191. DW says:

    198 – aha! he was the one hiding under the umbrella–the famous umbrella man.

  192. Bitterlaw says:

    All of Hillary’s missing e-mails were to and from Paddock!

  193. DW says:

    more keeps coming out…it was Paddock who brokered the deal to give Obama Hillary’s endorsement in exchange for the Secretary of State appointment.

  194. DW says:

    Back in the 1980s Paddock was the one who tried to bring down Ronald Reagan by getting Nancy hooked on astrology.

  195. DW says:

    More from the 1980s: Paddock was the advisor to John Hinkley’s lawyers who got him a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict.

  196. janz says:

    Another perspective from a PR woman about the internals of government and union dysfuntions.
    Truck drivers in PR are demanding $50/hour to transport food and supplies to the people. Some truckers are even taking these supplies and making them a black market product, gauging people who want it directly from the truckers.

    The world seems to be so full of corruption and never-ending tragedies like the ongoing one in Las Vegas.

  197. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    188. France has stringent gun control laws; doesn’t stop the terrorists and thugs from obtaining them. Mexico has stringent gun laws, and has some of the worst gun-related crimes in the world.

    Armed citizens have saved countless lives in the U.S. One armed guard or citizen at the Pulse nightclub might prevented a lot of deaths. The SWAT team at the Pulse waited outside, and tried to negotiate while the murder continued his rampage. The SWAT in Las Vegas went immediate for the killer, at risk to themselves.

  198. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “They want Republicans to take the bait and stand for gun rights so then they can go out and say the evil Republicans were in favor of the massacre. We have seen this movie before.”

    Yes but the ending will be the same; Americans want their right to bear arms protected.

    Interesting to watch Hillary speak out so strongly about people she labels as “deplorables”

  199. DW says:

    207 – yep…and the only alternative to honest citizens turning in their guns would be to raise taxes to pay for an armed uniformed police officer every 15 feet. That’s not going to happen either.

  200. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Just an update, and this all needs to be verified. Gun experts at Bearing Arms who have listened to video of the shooting in Las Vegas believe the weapon using automatic fire. I listed to the video and agree.

    Automatic weapons are banned in the U.S., except under some very stringent exceptions. If this turns out to be true, then the weapon used is already not available for civilian purchase. If anything, the incident may show how, despite gun control laws, bad guys still can get guns.

    Again, this all needs verification.

  201. janz says:

    A new Quinnipiac Survey finds a majority of physicians now support single payer healthcare.

    We’re screwed!

    “The survey relied on detailed responses from over one thousand licensed physicians who were asked about single-payer. According to the MDLinx article:

    14% [of physicians] somewhat support a single-payer health care system
    42% strongly support it
    6% somewhat oppose it
    35% strongly oppose it
    3% neither support nor oppose it”

  202. janz says:

    “If this turns out to be true, then the weapon used is already not available for civilian purchase.”

    SDC, Does it really make any difference to the dems whether or not the weapon used is currently available in the U.S.? The left’s ultimate purpose is to whittle away at gun rights, one crisis at a time, with hyperbole, faux outrage and no attention to facts.

  203. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    210. Hate to say, but the poll may be true. Many doctors I know hate the process of billing insurance companies – and having to go through hoops, and the expensive administrative costs, of getting treatments and medications approved. Often they have to hire full-time staff to do it.

  204. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    212. Believe it does make a difference, because those of us who opposed gun control can argue back effectively and point out gun control did not prevent the guy in Las Vegas from getting a banned weapon. At least 58 people were killed by a weapon that was illegal for a civilian to have — yep, gun control works!

    Chicago has strict gun control laws, and over 500 people have been killed with guns this year.

  205. janz says:

    Can anyone imagine being POTUS at this juncture in time! Back-to-back natural disasters in TX, FL, PR and other islands, wild fires, a mass shooting in Nevada, N. Korea threats, et. al. — all the while having political rivals sniping at you 24/7, turning tragedies into fodder for political exploitation.

    Who would want such a job?

  206. janz says:

    SDC – I’m not faulting the poll, just amazed at how far we have come over the years into accepting a socialized system in this country.

    As for the dems responses to any tragedy involving a gun, it’s always the same hysteria from them, meant to shame gun owners and incense their base even further over the need for gun control.

    Facts, valid statistics, a thorough non-biased analysis of each event involving a gun is simply not in the hearts and political calculus of the dems.

  207. DW says:

    216 – it is all posturing for votes in the future. They couldn’t wait even one day out of respect for the dead and their families.

  208. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    217. Agree. Hillary’s comments were particularly repulsive.

  209. janz says:

    DW, I can’t even express how angry her comments made me. There must be an even higher degree of disdain than “repulsive.”

  210. janz says:

    Chris Stirewalt was interviewed this morning on Fox Business. He is usually a laid-back guy who handles most events with wry commentary, even mild sarcasm. He is also no Trump fan.

    This morning, however, his tone was seriously severe. His remarks for Hillary were the most critical I’ve ever heard on TV monologues. He also compared her initial remarks to Trump’s and thought her’s were a drag on the dem party, while Trump’s were empathetic and spot on for the occasion.

    I was surprised….

  211. GPO says:

    Tom Petty on life support- saw him for the first time this summer. Sad

  212. DW says:

    221 – never heard of him…a relative of Richard Petty?

  213. janz says:

    Tom Petty of the Heartbreakers fame….a musician’s life is demanding. He’s 66 years old.

  214. DW says:

    I must not get out much–never heard of the heartbreakers either.

  215. Wes says:

    Tom Petty is probably most famous for Don’t Come Around Here No More and Last Dance with Merry Jane, DW. He is a committed liberal but a decent musician. I hate to hear he’s on life support.

  216. messy says:

    225 “He is a committed liberal but a decent musician.”

    When does politics have anything to do with talent?

  217. messy says:

    Does Alex Jones admit that the atrocity in ‘Vegas actually happened?

  218. Wes says:

    Did I say it did, Messy? You’re imputing something I never said.

  219. Jonesy says:

    Is Messy actually Cory/CCCP?

    Petty has died. He also played in a late 80’s band with Roy Orbison etc. cannot remember name. Big song called ” I won’t back down”

  220. Jonesy says:

    220. Saw that Janz. Stirewalt was actually the first one to see Trump winning on Fox Election Night coverage, he made Rove cry

  221. Jonesy says:

    SD, Chicago, like other big cities, quarantines the violence.

    They build a virtual moat around 4 or 5 bad areas, and they make sure the tourist spots are safe.

    It really is segregation at its worst by Dem Mayors

  222. DW says:

    231 – Chicago is a hard task in that regard. They want people to get to Comisky park, but wow, its rough around there.

  223. Jonesy says:

    215. Janz, the reason why it is hard to defeat an incumbent. and the only way a POTUS loses, is a bad economy (Carter, Hoover, Bush 1 etc.)

    Sandy saved Obama’s butt, people rally to the Prez during disasters

  224. Jonesy says:

    Right DW.

  225. Wes says:

    Jonesy, Obama was leading anyway when Sandy hit. It likely only widened somewhat his margin of victory by flipping Florida to him.

  226. Wes says:

    Ford lost with a decent economy. Of course there the ghost of Nixon was a factor along with a notable gaffe by Ford in the presidential debate.

  227. NYCmike says:

    Traveling Wilbury’s

  228. NYCmike says:

    Friend just saw him this summer, said the show was great .

  229. NYCmike says:

    Jeff Lynne
    Bob Dylan
    Roy Orbison
    Tom Petty
    George Harrison

    Great band, cut short by Orbison’s untimely death

  230. NYCmike says:

    That was the Wilburys…

  231. Trump says:

    “Sandy saved Obama’s butt, people rally to the Prez during disasters”

    He was running against the guaranteed loser Romney.

    You don’t have to go beyond the fact that Romney would never have won Ohio. Not in anyone’s lifetime.

    And, as everyone knows, Republicans don’t win the WH without Ohio.

  232. Jonesy says:

    236. Decent, but not good Wes. Gas station shortages did not help Ford.

    He was also never elected

  233. Jonesy says:

    Mike, thanks. Always liked EL) and Jeff Lynne

  234. Jonesy says:

    PBS had a show the other night on the 1976 election. Pat Caddell was in it, but also the moron Larry Sabato.

    That race was not called until 5am

  235. Jonesy says:

    You think had all against him in 2016, how about Ford in 1976.

    Nixon Pardon
    Watergate stigma
    Evacuation of Saigon
    Reagan in Primary
    OPEC embargo
    Chevy Chase and SNL

  236. Jonesy says:

    245. Soros will hire her

  237. Jonesy says:

    Senate is so slow on confirmation votes. they move like snails

  238. Phil says:

    Soros will hire her

    ….and no doubt give her a hefty raise.

  239. Wes says:

    An RRH “Republican” is calling for repealing the Second Amendment and outlawing all gun ownership.

    Let me know how that works out for you.

  240. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Dispatcher: “Be advised, it is automatic fire. Fully automatic fire from an elevated position. Take cover.”

    This guy, whose father was a career criminal, had explosives, possible detonation devices, something like 18 guns, and thousand of rounds of ammunition at his Mesquite home


    “The suspected gunman behind the Las Vegas massacre made several large gambling transactions in recent weeks, according to multiple senior law enforcement officials and a casino executive.
    On several occasions, Stephen Paddock gambled more than $10,000 per day — and in some cases more than than $20,000 and $30,000 a day — at Las Vegas casinos, according to an NBC News source who read the suspect’s Multiple Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) and a casino gaming executive.
    According to a U.S. statute, a CTR is a Treasury- and IRS-mandated report that casinos have to file when “each transaction in currency involving cash-in and cash-out of more than $10,000 in a gaming day.”

    The SWAT team is about to break into his northern Nevada home.

    It is claimed he made millions from real estate transactions.

    There is a lot more going on here than we know…

  241. Chicon says:

    251 – ISIS seems eager to claim him as a soldier.

  242. Bitterlaw says:

    The Left says nobody should own guns. The Right says there should be no more gun laws. Neither side trusts the other side to see if anything can be done to reduce the chances of these shootings happening again.

    I am indifferent to the argument because nothing will ever change. The blood will still flow. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  243. Tina says:

    Well, sdc, we shall see what we fine. However, maybe nothing, maybe something. Fbi has declared no isis invovlemnt in 12 hours, but after 18 months of trump, wiretaps, etc., still cannot make a determination into muh russian.

  244. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    May 2017 Las Vegas Police Depart. was Treating new ISIS Video As Credible Threat

  245. Tina says:

    Mike Levine @MLevineReports
    Sources: In recent months, #LasVegas shooting suspect Stephen Paddock sent tens of thousands of dollars to someone in the Philippines.

    Could be aq in the philippines.

  246. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “The website published a photo from the video that appears to be a pedestrian walkway connected to the Bellagio above the Strip. The video also shows footage of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 8 News NOW reached out to PJ Media to see if anyone could speak to us about the video, but we have yet to hear back from the website.

    Experts say the intention is clear, but Security Expert David Shepherd with the Readiness Resource Group says Nevada residents shouldn’t panic.

    “Part of what they’re doing is to install some sort of fear in people,” Shepard said. “It doesn’t mean something’s going to happen. It doesn’t mean there’s any credibility to it. All they have to do is create that one little bit of fear.”

    Shepherd says the City of Las Vegas has faced the threat of attacks before, so instead of having fear, residents should use this opportunity to learn the tools to help prevent an attack.

    “The one that picks the cities are them, and we have to remain vigilant at all times under all cities; not just here,” Sheperd said. “It’s not just a big city war; it’s not just the eastern United States. It affects the entire country.”

    According to Sheperd, one of the most powerful tools for prevention is an alert citizenry. Especially since ISIS relies heavily on the Internet to get its message out. Sheperd says this allows affords plenty of opportunities for alert citizens to report strange behavior they may read on social media or other websites.”

  247. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    There has to be more to this story, but we don’t now know what it is.

  248. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m on it, SDC. I will monitor the BBC and Daily Mail to find out what is happening in Las Vegas.

  249. Tina says:

    How do they always seem to get the scoop, bl. Always in your face photos.

  250. Bitterlaw says:

    Because they push news rather than an agenda. Most of the British media is left but they have a strong tradition of journalism.

  251. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    If Paddock did convert to Islam, as ISIS claims, then something should likely turn up in the investigation providing evidence it happened. Or maybe ISIS will provide some evidence of a link.

    Right now, ISIS has been losing badly, so is probably desperate to take credit for any terrorist type attack. The guy could have been motivated by the person in the Philippines who attacked a casino because of his gambling debt. Maybe he wanted to go with a blaze of infamy.

    Agree with Bitter, the British press is more likely to be a better source for what actually happened.

  252. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – ISIS claims that Walt’s killing of skunks is motivated by Islam.

  253. Mr.Vito says:

    They get the scoop because they are in league with the illuminati.

  254. BRENT says:

    anyone that thinks a democrat can garner 45% in Alabama is nuts,roy moore wins by double digits easily

  255. Bitterlaw says:

    265 I bet Wes is going to post some election results where Democrats had more than 45% of the vote in Alabama in 3…2…1…

  256. Bitterlaw says:

    I just had a heated exchange on FB about the motives of the shooter. I asked for his source on the claim that the killer was a member of Antifa and ISIS. He posted a link to InfoWars. When I asked him if he believed the Sandy Hook shootings were fake, he refused to answer.

    I may have found Bunu.

  257. Tina says:

    Bubu is still counting rube pauls straw votes.

    It is hard for him to count to 10

  258. Tina says:

    On my fb thread, all is quiet among the leftists.

    They burned out on muh russia.

    Muh stilleto was big for a few days.

    Then muh facebook, until it was noted that fb sided with her thighness.

  259. Mr.Vito says:

    What about muh Katrina 2.0?

  260. Bitterlaw says:

    MD is ranting about the NRA and needing gun control.

  261. Cash Cow TM says:

    “Ummmmm. Cash Cow. I don’t think of carrying large weapons as a big city value. There are shootings everywhere.”
    The Big City Value here is NOT the owning of guns.
    It is the belief that it is OK to indiscriminately kill and maim hundreds of people who have never done you any harm. It is also the BCV of disconnection from society, OK to harm other persons…
    I also have yet to hear if the shooter was a regular church attender….I do not expect to hear that…since shooter obviously did not ascribe to the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” nor the commandment that says “thou shall not kill (murder)”

  262. Cash Cow TM says:



  263. Bitterlaw says:

    Cash Cow just makes things up to fit her agenda. Anything negative is called a Big City Value even when it is traced to rural life.

  264. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder if Cash Cow thinks the Klan embraces Big City Values even though it was founded in the rural South and hates everything about cities.

  265. Proud Obamacon says:

    Yall are sick. What’s your plan to stop the next mass shooting? Tell me your genius thoughts. I genuinely want to hear this. Praying? What else?

  266. lisab says:

    I also have yet to hear if the shooter was a regular church attender….I do not expect to hear that…since shooter obviously did not ascribe to the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” nor the commandment that says “thou shall not kill (murder)”

    the only reason you don’t murder people is because of the 5th commandment?!!!

  267. Bitterlaw says:

    The Chiefs scored a TD with a fumble recovery to go ahead 29-20 against the Redskins. Clock read 0:00. By rule, they had to attempt the point after. Andy Reid elected to try a 2 point conversion and then had had the QB kneel down when he took the snap. Class move.

    lisab to make some odd comment about kneeling not being ok for the anthem but ok during the game in 3…2…1…

  268. Wes says:

    Actually, Bitterlaw, last time Roy Moore was on the ballot statewide, he won 52-48.

    Brent might want to do research and study the guy he’s talking about before making asinine statements.

  269. lisab says:

    lisab to make some odd comment about kneeling not being ok for the anthem but ok during the game in 3…2…1…

    tebow knelt down

  270. Wes says:

    From Ballotpedia:

    Moore was elected chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court on November 6, winning 51.8 percent of the vote over Robert S. Vance. He previously won the Republican primary on March 13, receiving 50 percent of the vote.

  271. Wes says:

    Last I checked, Brent, 48.2% of the vote is higher than 45%.

  272. Wes says:

    MD has now gone completely to the Dark Side.

    Requiescat in pace, old friend.

  273. Phil says:

    MD’s Trump hatred has obviously driven him insane.

    Hard to believe what’s happened to that guy.

  274. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    280. “lisab to make some odd comment about kneeling not being ok for the anthem but ok during the game in 3…2…1… tebow knelt down

    If the players indicated they knelt down after the anthem had been played to pray, would people be outraged?

  275. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The shooter in Las Vegas is beginning to look more like a tweeker than a terrorist. Would not be surprised if they found narcotics involved. Appears he was hording guns and explosives.

    He was rich enough to buy automatic weapons; and appears to have had an AK-47. He may also have converted semi-automatic weapons to automatic — or may be bought them modified.

    Assume they will drug test the body, and check all his homes for them. As a crazy, he might have have made contact with terrorists. Maybe even had some twisted fantasy of his being one.

  276. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks, Wes. I knew you would have the information close at hand.

  277. NYCmike says:

    I thought he would go FOB JAMES again…..gotta go FOB.

  278. NYCmike says:

    “MD is ranting about the NRA and needing gun control.”

    -Is this on Facebook? I do NOT see on his Twitter.

  279. messy says:

    Fake news. Drudge would have made it a screaming red headline if it were otherwise.

  280. NYCmike says:


    You are pretty quick on the uptake! /s

  281. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – MD said the NRA has a stranglehold on the US.

  282. SoHope says:

    Apparently they were all semiautomatic weapons. The shooter was utilizing a bump stock…they recovered them from his room. Bump stocks are legal.

  283. Bitterlaw says:

    I checked Author’s page. Trump is killing people in Puerto Rico. Zzzzzzzzzz

  284. Bitterlaw says:

    SoHope – I guess we just have to accept that these shootings are here to stay.

  285. NYCmike says:

    I see that MD doesn’t offer any solutions for what to do about a person like this who acts, as far as we know, alone and without alarming even his family or neighbors (although we may find out more in the days to come).

    He is turning into the quintessential liberal, all emotion.

  286. NYCmike says:

    When I go to MD’s Twitter, it only shows up to “Jay Cutler still sucks.” Not sure why that is happening.

  287. NYCmike says:

    “I checked Author’s page. Trump is killing people in Puerto Rico. Zzzzzzzzzz”

    -This I saw……all emotion!

  288. NYCmike says:


  289. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – I am sickened by these shootings. I would like to believe that we could somehow come up with a plan to reduce the risk of it happening again. However, I am realistic. No side will ever change in any way so it will just continue.

  290. NYCmike says:


    I am sickened by it as well. I find it hard to watch any of the news.

    I would also like to figure out how to stop it.

    However, unless you think MORE GOVERNMENT is the answer, despite centuries of evidence that shows confiscation of weapons only empowers those entities doing the confiscating, as well as those willing to disobey those same entities, then I am realistic about being able to do something with those who think differently.

    ALL citizens must be more aware of their neighbors, for good or for bad. We must be vigilant, engaged, and ready to fight individually. I admit, that is a tough thing to do when there are some crazy people out there. The odds say it is MUCH safer to mind your own business.

  291. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – Did I say we need more government or laws? No. I don’t have the answer. I want to believe that somebody has an answer.

  292. NYCmike says:


    I did NOT say YOU said it. That is ALWAYS the emotional response from the other side.

  293. JC says:

    Proud Obamacon says:
    October 2, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    Yall are sick. What’s your plan to stop the next mass shooting? Tell me your genius thoughts. I genuinely want to hear this. Praying? What else?

    You can’t stop them. Like any other crime, you can reduce them, but you will never eliminate them.

    Even if you destroy all guns, people will just use vehicles, knives, bombs, planes, ect. It’s human nature.

    The best way to reduce this senseless violence is to emphasize a society of strong moral values centered around family and country.

    Pretty much the opposite of marxist tribalism, which divides people into ever increasing identity groups and pits them against each other.

  294. DW says:

    305 – well said, you saved me having to type that.

  295. Phil says:

    I think the NRA can safely drop opposition to bump stocks. What would be a reason not to? Automatic weapons have been banned for years. Why would anyone object to banning a way to convert semi automatic weapons to the illegal automatic ones?

    This one is a no brainer for Trump and the GOP. What legit gun owner uses bump stocks anyway?


  296. Bitterlaw says:

    The best way to reduce this senseless violence IN A COUNTRY WITH THE RIGHT TO OWN GUNS is to emphasize a society of strong moral values centered around family and country.

    I fixed it for you.

    The rest of the world, including places that are not centered around family and country, pretty much avoids this problem. You get the occasional stabbings and bombings and truck mow-downs but not large scale shootings.

    I believe in the right to own guns. Buy as many as you want. I accept that some evil and/or crazy people are going to kill people. It is an unfortunate consequence of the right to own guns.

  297. Bitterlaw says:

    Generic Republican actually does better than Moore. Is it too late to replace Moore?

  298. Robbie says:

    Way to go Trump Chumps! You’re orange hero is making the Democrats great again.

    But at least Roy Moore fights, right?


    David M. Drucker?

    NEW: In new #ALSEN poll, a 2018 blaring siren for Republicans across the country: Generic Senate margin just 4 pts:

  299. Robbie says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    October 3, 2017 at 10:22 am
    Generic Republican actually does better than Moore. Is it too late to replace Moore?

    – Why would we want to replace Roy Moore? He fights. He’s going to stick it to the establishment and throw Mitch McConnell out so Ted Cruz can be the Majority Leader.


  300. Chicon says:

    Robbie’s coming around….

  301. Chicon says:

    Moore is a dope, someone I couldn’t vote for unless Hillary was the alternative. That said, this is entirely predictable. The Republican party is not doing the things they promised their voters, and the voters are telling them they’re not going to just lay down and accept it. The best way to prevent nut jobs winning elections (or primaries) is to perform as promised.

  302. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Robbie(311 & 312)- Maybe you do not remember the early Utah and Mississippi in 2016. Get a life,my boy!

  303. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #315 add; polls

  304. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw: “Generic Republican actually does better than Moore. Is it too late to replace Moore?”

    Robbie the crazy aunt: “Way to go Trump Chumps! You’re orange hero is making the Democrats great again.

    But at least Roy Moore fights, right?”

    -Am I misreading something?

    Moore is up 48%-40%, while “Generic Republican” is only up 49%-45%.

    Isn’t Moore doing BETTER than any Republican, according to that poll?

  305. NYCmike says:

    If “Generic Republican” is only 4 points ahead in Alabama, that tells me that the PARTY (leadership) is the problem, NOT the individuals.

    And considering this election is for a congressional position, I would also say that it does NOT include the President in the calculation.

    Am I reading this incorrectly?

  306. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    305. “You can’t stop them. Like any other crime, you can reduce them, but you will never eliminate them.”

    For some reasons, criminals don’t seem to follow gun laws. France has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. In 2015 terrorists killed 89 people at the Bataclan Theater, using weapons that were illegal in France. There are countless other terrorist incidents in European countries using weapons that are banned.

    The guy in Las Vegas had explosives in his house, and could have placed bombs at the concert or in Las Vegas hotels. He was intent on mayhem, and had the resources to commit it.

    Bump stocks and other devices that convert guns to automatic fire in my view are illegal, and should be banned (they do not need a new law to do it). Should note, however, that a lot of crime is committed with “ghost guns” smuggled in from overseas – and guns are now being producing guns using 3-D printers. Bads guys are going to get guns regardless.

  307. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    313. “Robbie’s coming around….”

    At least he has given up the concerned troll act.

  308. Jonesy says:

    Robbie is still waiting for his tickets to the Brokered Convention, but they did deliver his Bush Family Calendar.

  309. NYCmike says:

    If Robbie was as “concerned” about the lack of conservative legislation coming out of a Republican Congress as he is about David M Drucker tweets, we might be able to accomplish something.

  310. Chicon says:

    322 – and he could make meaningful contributions to the conversation.

  311. NYCmike says:

    I do like his “Way to go Trump Chumps” line……

  312. Chicon says:

    Yes, very creative.

  313. DW says:

    This criticism of Trump over Puerto Rico is beyond absurd. Trump could have pulled out a magic potion and in one second transformed the entire island to a state of the art place 100 times better than it was, and the left and media would complain that he forgot something or didn’t do it fast enough.

    I know someone whose family is on the island, and the reality is, they have to have functioning sea ports to receive the aid. It is beyond the power of government to magically have food appear on every table, and for every sanitation issue to be immediately resolved and for a no longer existing power grid to be restored.

    Part of the problem with the power grid is the fact that many had tapped into the lines and stolen the electricity. Obviously the govt isn’t going to rebuild stolen lines–so these poor thieves will be portrayed six months from now as having to still be without power–when the truth is they never had it legitimately to begin with.

  314. DW says:

    Link at Drudge:

    Paddock had no online profiles…

    Proving what we already knew yesterday, that Trump Davis #190 was a liar.

  315. Phil says:

    Keith Olbermann:

    The NRA should be branded a terrorist organization.

    So sayeth Laura Ingraham’ ex boyfriend.

    Must of been hung like a stallion, eh Laura?

  316. Jonesy says:

    Christian Science Monitor today has a great article on how superior the Trump Judicial appointments have been so far. And how they have avoided picking GOPe types like John Roberts, but true originalists

  317. Jonesy says:

    328. First Antifa and Black Lives matter, irrelevant Keith O.

  318. Phil says:

    I want to hear what the actual motive of the Vegas shooter was.

    None of this in any way adds up. That’s the elephant in the room here.

  319. Tina says:

    Can we have some muh russian news? Even a recycled woukd be nice,

  320. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    331. “None of this in any way adds up. That’s the elephant in the room here.”

    Totally agree.

  321. GPO says:

    not going out on a limb by any stretch my prediction for the Current Supreme Court term

    Kennedy sides with the conservative bloc on 80-90 % of the time, but with the libs on the redistricting case which is the most important one IMO

  322. NYCmike says:

    GPO – he sided with conservatives the last time, correct?

  323. Tina says:

    Trump has done well with the picks.

    Interesting article on gorsuc and the concern by unnamed people that he dominates hearings,


  324. Tina says:

    Nfl ratings continue to worsen.
    Mnf was down 10 percent.

  325. Trump says:

    “Alabama Senate
    Poll Results
    Moore 48%, Jones 40%, McBride 1% (11% undecided)
    Generic Republican 49%, Generic Democrat 45% (6% undecided)”

    Bitterlaw says:
    October 3, 2017 at 10:22 am

    Generic Republican actually does better than Moore. Is it too late to replace Moore?

    I told you this idiot has only a passing familiarity with English, math and logic.

  326. Tina says:

    Trump will surpass Reagan on cutting regulations.

    But, i like hillary /s

  327. DW says:

    341 – I don’t wish to reveal occupation, but lets just say I know of a situation where Obama and his ilk passed a regulation that was so poorly drafted that those under the weight of its power have no idea in many scenarios how to interpret what should be done. Trump should just throw it out as it is a worthless rule anyway. I will report back if he does.

  328. GPO says:

    NYCmike says:

    October 3, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    GPO – he sided with conservatives the last time, correct?

    I don’t believe so. I believe it was 4-4-1 with Kennedy stating hes open to listening to ways to make it less political. It seems this challenge is tailored solely to appeal Kennedy.

  329. Hugh says:

    DW. That is the point. The dems do not want regulatory clarity they want to litigate so they have more flexibility. My firm deals with the sec fdic pcaob dol and its. The regulators have no boundaries after obama. By far the most reasonable agency is the IRS. It’s insanity with these regulators who are very much ideologues. I once did expert witness work for the dol and the lead attorney told me I was the only person she knew who was voting for bush over gore. Congress with the complexity of our laws are almost irrelevant

  330. Robbie says:

    Impossible. I have been assured by the HHR intelligencia that MAGA is awesome and unstoppable.

    Robert Costa?
    @costareports 25m

    VP Pence’s chief of staff: Republicans are “on track to get shellacked” in 2018 if GOP agenda remains stalled

  331. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    Wow, so much stupid. Obama passed so many regulations and yet not a single one of you idiots can name one that harms you or Americans.

    What a sad f*cking echo chamber this place is.

  332. Bitterlaw says:

    49% is better than 48%. Poster Trump thinks you win elections based on the margin of victory rather than having the highest total number of votes.

  333. DW says:

    344 – Sounds very familiar…just different federal department. So much is left to interpretation that if the Feds wished to persecute an organization under these regulations that they can easily find a flaw in the data reported.

    Obama and his ilk were despots. Hopefully Trump will roll back as much as possible.

  334. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    ““I will do what I never thought I was going to do,” Cruz said in a press conference on Friday afternoon. “I am begging, begging anyone who can hear us to save us from dying. If anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency.”

    This is the statement that Cruz made. Nothing personal against Donald Trump.

    Instead the ingrate-in-chief attacks her and then the fake news media spreads the lies to disseminate down to idiots like Tina.

    The knockback against you idiots in 2018 and 2020 will give you whiplash.

    This was your chance to accomplish something meaningful and show conservatism could do something good for America.

    But you’re not conservatives.

    You’re just old, sad, pathetic, hateful, ignorant people. And there is no greater champion of what you are than Donald J. Trump.

  335. DW says:

    346 – I can name it but I don’t wish to reveal my occupation.

  336. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – Why do you need me to like President Trump? I voted for him. There is nothing else I can do until 2020. I don’t post anti-Trump stories. I don’t praise Democrats. Apparently, I am supposed to be a cheerleader for him.

  337. Tina says:

    If the agenda is stalled.

    Did they tell mitchie and ryano?

  338. DW says:

    349 – I am no apologist for Trump. I never have been. I was strongly opposed to him in the GOP primary. I strongly believed he would lose the election to Hillary.

    But he didn’t. Trump is President. So I want him, and especially the people he appointed to do as good for the country as possible.

    All of the above can be true at the same time.

  339. Tina says:

    Who gave her the we are dying shirt?

  340. Bitterlaw says:

    DW works with a top secret agency. It is so secret that they communicate in Koine Greek so they can’t be compromised.

  341. Tina says:

    Why would you even take a photo in front of pallets and claim we have nothing.

    Is she stupid?

  342. Tina says:

    Commie mayor is more worried about cnn interviews than helping her people.

  343. Phil says:

    Is she stupid?

    Beyond stupid.

  344. Hugh says:

    How about Dodd Frank? It was designed to eliminate too large to fail. All it did was create so much regulatory cost small banks cannot compete. The same banks that lend to small businesses. It’s been a gift to the largest banks. The too big to fail have gotten bigger. Want me to go on?

  345. Tina says:

    The funman wired $100k to the philippines the week before the shooting.

  346. Tina says:

    How about the regulation imposed on the military to count bullets?

  347. Tina says:


  348. Tina says:

    This further shows that comedy did not conduct a legit review into hillary.

    Her interview was a joke.

  349. DW says:

    Cash Cow can confirm, but if I recall correctly Obama put in a rule requiring cattle herders to register all of their animals in a national directory.

  350. Hugh says:

    How about the DOL? The only agency that if they can extort a penalty the agency keeps the penalty and then uses it to pay bonuses. So millennials are throwing craap against the wall taking contrary positions against themselves then demanding payments to slither back under their rocks. The companies do the math and make a payment to avoid the administrative and legal costs and the largest plaintiffs firm in the world continues on with their extortion against entrepreneurs who actually employ productive people versus liberal arts majors with an agenda. Total scum

  351. Phil says:

    No doubt the authorities know a lot more about this guy than they are letting on.

    I have no idea what this guy’s motive was, but the story is, I believe, more complex than simply a crazy guy who just decided to shoot a bunch of people. Too much planning went on and too many loose ends that make no sense.

  352. Phil says:

    My guess is the shooter was wiring the 100,000 to the girlfriend knowing he was going to die and was just making provision for her.

  353. DW says:

    I cannot imagine the stress levels among those emergency room workers as literally truckloads of dying patients were dumped on them at once. Making split second decisions that means one person lives while another probably dies. Most ERs are designed to manage three or maybe four life and death patients at a time…but not dozens.

  354. Tina says:

    And no way could the fbi, given its sorry shape, could rule out terrorism.

    Not saying that it is or was, just saying that they made a quick determinarion.

  355. Wes says:

    Chicon, Roy Moore is faring poorly because of…Roy Moore. He’s long been an unliked theocrat and law violator who wins simply because of the Republican bent of the state. That he won by a slender 52-48 margin in 2012 when all othrr Republicans on the ballot were romping to easy victories in the state should have been a sign of the shape of things to come.

  356. Phil says:

    Wes, the fact that Moore is running for a federal office probably assures a narrow win – emphasis on the word “narrow”

  357. Wes says:

    Agreed, Phil. Any other Republican would be walking away with this. Moore is lucky Jones is an open moonbat rather than a Howell Heflin, Bobby Bright, or Bud Cramer.

    If a clone of any of those three ran, then Moore would be on track to lose.

  358. Tina says:

    They need to lock moore up, so he does not say anything stupid,

    You know the media will be looking for something.

    Muh russian

    Muh katrina 2.0

    Have not worked.

  359. Phil says:

    Yeah, Moore is a walkin gaf machine.

  360. NYCmike says:

    “NYC – Why do you need me to like President Trump? I voted for him.”


    Is this question in reference to something I said? I don’t recall needing you to “like President Trump.”

  361. Wes says:

    Roy Moore is either the Liz Warren or the Martha Coakley of Alabama. So far he looks like the former, but he needs to run a disciplined campaign to avoid becoming the latter.

  362. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – You constantly identify me when you praise Trump and make up things that I did not say about Trump. You want me to like him. Why?

  363. NYCmike says:

    For future reference, and I hope he does keep his mouth shut, but what will be the % needed by Moore which will determine how weak of a candidate he is?

    In that poll, he is at 48%-40%.

    If he wins (assumption) by 10, is that good, bad, ok?

    10 I would assume good.

    Is that correct?

  364. Bitterlaw says:

    The MSM will not have to make up anything Moore says. He will do their work for them.

  365. NYCmike says:


    You are saying I said something, and I don’t know which statement you are speaking about.

    I truly have no idea how to answer you, since I am unaware of this yearning need for you to like Trump.


  366. Wes says:

    Right now, Mikey, I don’t see how Moore tops 55-45. He’s simply that bad. If he exceeds that, then he beats expectations. The further below that he falls, the more Dems will be able to make a case for their winning the Senate back next year.

    Ironically Moore himself has long been known as a bad candidate in Alabama who won simply by inertia as the state trended GOP. This looks to be no different.

  367. Bitterlaw says:

    Poor Larry David.

    I know some of my family history. I do not want to know more because I would hate to find out something like this.

  368. Tina says:

    And becore one of the milkenial jebots comes around, I never supported Moore.

    He ignored two court decisions.

  369. Phil says:

    To me, the senate is looking like a Zero pickup in seats next year and considering the map, that’s pitiful.

    Seat in Arizona is going, going, gone. Nevada looks 50-50 at best.

    Tester looks safe thanks to no tier one recruit. ND should be ours, but Trump seems intent on propping up Heidi.

    Indiana ought to be a pickup but Trump is doing his best to give Donnelly an out on the tax vote.

    We do have a good shot at taking out Claire in Mo and Scott had a 40 percent shot to take out Nelson.

    Michigan and Pa have always been a senat pipe dream.

  370. Tina says:

    The pr commie mayor wore stillettos to a disaster scene.

    Where is cnn?

  371. Phil says:

    They are too busy following The First Lady around, Tina.

  372. Wes says:

    Don’t forget Mandel has led Brown in every poll thus far, Phil.

    Corey Stapledon, who has an impressive bio, is challenging Jon Tester.

    Heitkamp trails all potential challengers.

    AZ-Sen is not a guaranteed loss. State Treasurer Jeff DeWitt is in. If he beats Flake and Ward in the primary, he would be the favorite against Sinema.

    Of course Mikey is cheering because Danny Tarkanian is trying to play Bill Janklow to Dean Heller’s Jim Abdnor, but I hope Heller prevails there regardless.

  373. DW says:

    389 – way too early for me to predict the senate races. I want to see how Gillespie does in the VA gov race and go from there.

  374. Mr.Vito says:

    Some Massachusetts representatives boycotted the moment of silence for Las Vegas victims.

  375. Mr.Vito says:

    They did it for the Pulse shooting as well… if Trump tweets about it, is he the divider or are they?

    So confusing…

  376. NYCmike says:

    “Of course Mikey is cheering because Danny Tarkanian is trying to play Bill Janklow to Dean Heller’s Jim Abdnor, but I hope Heller prevails there regardless.”


    Is there a reason you keep saying that I support certain individuals (Tark, Ward, Moore, etc) over others?

    Could you find that post where I made such statements of support?

  377. Tina says:

    It would be nice if the pr truck drivers got back to work.

  378. NYCmike says:

    “389 – way too early for me to predict the senate races.”

    -Thank you.

    Congress may still actually do something, either pass something to be signed, or have the Democrats vote it down. Either scenario could change the political landscape.


    And act like conservatives, and stay away from Schumer, Durbin, and pelosi.

  379. NYCmike says:


    Buck up.

  380. NYCmike says:

    And, I hope your wife is doing well.

  381. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC wants Congressional Republicans to stay away from Schumer. Hmmmmm. Did he warn Trump to stay away from Schumer in such strong terms?

  382. Bitterlaw says:

    CD or not CD? That is the question.

  383. Bitterlaw says:


  384. Trump says:

    8% is worse than 4% margin.

    This is the stupidity you get from the idiot.

  385. Bitterlaw says:

    You win by having the higher number. 49 is higher than 48. Trump does not grasp that.

  386. Tina says:

    Ruano is always a day late and a dollar short.

  387. Chicon says:

    Wes – I believe you misunderstood my earlier post. As I said….I’m not a fan of Moore. My post was about WHY dopes like him are successful in primaries – because the elected Republicans are not doing what they promised. Do what you promise = fewer crackpots. I suspect Moore wouldn’t have won the primary if Congress had repealed Obamacare and passed tax cuts.

  388. Trump says:

    Moron insists a 4-point margin is better than a 8-point margin.

    No wonder the idiot always gets the wrong end of the stick.

    2 step process.

    Dolt, you win by having a higher number than your opponent. The larger the margin the better. Life is easier with a larger margin.

  389. Trump says:

    Just as, life is easier with a a higher net worth.

    It is richer.

    Assets – liabilities, for the dolt.

  390. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump Guru still pretends that I was referring to the margin of victory when I have said repeatedly that I was not.

    I wonder how many times he has to switch platforms to get by the Wizard.

  391. Trump says:

    Moron, you have a great habit of back-tracking.

    Stupid as*

  392. Trump says:

    You love wallowing in your own stupidity, don’t you, dolt?

  393. Trump says:

    “Is it too late to replace Moore?”

    This is the level of stupidity this dolt has.

    Yes, it is too late.

  394. Trump says:

    Did you realize that there was an election (in fact, two)?

    The GOP electorate in Alabama weighed the pros and cons, and, guess what, told all alternatives to take a hike.

    Moore, the best that Alabama GOP has.

    Trump, the best that US GOP has.

  395. Mr.Vito says:

    I don’t think Pence’s chief of staff is on the same page as Robbie.

  396. Mr.Vito says:

    “He continued, “Because, look, if we’re going to be in the minority again we might as well have a minority who are with us as opposed to the minority who helped us become a minority.”

    The crowd laughed and burst into applause.”

  397. Mr.Vito says:

    “As the meeting came to a close, one female attendee asked if she understood Ayers’ message correctly, saying: “Are we all willing, in order to get the tax bill passed, to contact all the people we donate money to — which is a long list — and tell them the money stops coming if they don’t get something done!”

    The room burst into applause.

    “If there’s one exception to that, that’s the RNC,” Ayers added. “But yes.” “

  398. Bitterlaw says:

    I would rather start closer to the number needed to win. Trump Guru would not.

    Moore was the best Alabama had because he won the primary? I guess he thought that Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell was better than the Republican who had never lost an election in Delaware.

  399. Mr.Vito says:

    “I would rather start closer to the number needed to win.”

    What is the address of Mr. Generic?

  400. Bitterlaw says:

    The “replace” line was obviously sarcasm since everybody knows Generic Republican lives in Iowa and not Alabama.

  401. Mr.Vito says:

    Well, the one poll that actually showed the head-to-head numbers showed Moore faring better than Strange.

  402. Bitterlaw says:

    Akin had some pretty good polls, too. Then, when he was he nominee, he did not.

    We shall see. At least Moore is running this year and not in 2018. Every time he says something stupid, the Media won’t run to other Republican Senate candidates to ask, “Do you agree with Moore that Jesus had a pet dinosaur?”

  403. Tina says:

    The socialist son, krystal meth, is up in arms over pences cos.

    However, the socialist son did the same with his shadow nominee for 2020.

  404. Mr.Vito says:

    I am fairly certain that if the results were flipped, so would be the purveyors of the arguments.

  405. Mr.Vito says:

    “The socialist son, krystal meth, is up in arms over pences cos.”

    They wanted a civil war, so they should be happy, right?

  406. Tina says:

    And if the cos wants a purge of the gop-e leaders, that may not be a bad idea.

  407. Chicon says:

    Poster Trump and Bitter – pardon the interruption into your battle, but isn’t one point (48/49) within the margin of error, and therefore statistical noise?

  408. Bitterlaw says:

    You are correct. We were going on the numbers for the hell of it.

  409. Skippy says:

    What is Marylou Delany’s maiden name?
    What was her last name before her marriage, which later she got a divorce?

    I’ve been asking and asking..nobody seems to know.

  410. NYCmike says:

    Mr. Vito,

    I am fairly certain that if the numbers were reversed and Bitterlaw wanted to replace “generic” with Moore, I would have asked the question anyway.

    Isn’t an 8 point lead better than a 4 point lead when the 2 high numbers are just about the same??

  411. NYCmike says:

    That said, I hope the Republican wins the general election.

  412. Bitterlaw says:

    I hope Moore wins. I expect him to be an embarrassment but at least he is not a Democrat.

  413. Mr.Vito says:

    I don’t know how you enter into it, Mike. If the poll was reversed, Trump would say 49 is better and Bitter would say an 8 point lead is better.

  414. Bitterlaw says:

    Not true, Mr. Vito. I am pretty inflexible and stubborn. I would not have commented on the poll at all if the numbers were reversed.

  415. Mr.Vito says:

    Or, if everyone is honest, they would just say their like of, dislike of, or indifference to Moore, and forego the poll analysis, since it will be redundant from there.

  416. Bitterlaw says:

    Of course, I have been having some suicidal thoughts lately so polls for the future get less and less compelling.

  417. Bitterlaw says:

    Don’t worry. I would just screw up the attempt anyway.

  418. Mr.Vito says:

    Isn’t that what the Cokes are for?

  419. Bitterlaw says:

    The Cokes are pretty slow. If I had been in Las Vegas, I doubt that I would have run. I am pretty indifferent to death.

  420. Bitterlaw says:

    MD calls for the destruction of the GOP. Unbelievable. Truly depressing.

  421. Cash Cow ™ says:

    “Cash Cow – Get back to work.

    I’ll start looking again tomorrow morning when the light is better….right after milking time…

  422. NYCmike says:

    I don’t know about that, Mr. Vito.

    I don’t see Trump pimping Moore…..he just won the primary…..I think he would admit “generic” was better, IF those numbers had been reversed.

    Just my opinion…..but not a big deal in the long run.

    May the primary battles end up with the strongest candidate for the general!

  423. NYCmike says:

    And may those elected do what they said they would…..not back off due to lame reasons.

    YES, I am looking at you, John McCain!

  424. Bitterlaw says:

    McCain must still be waiting for the bill that repeals AND replaces Obamacare. That was his campaign promise.

    As for Moore being the strongest candidate, it is sad that a Birther with no respect t for the law who was suspended twice as a judge is the “strongest” candidate. Maybe he will just vote and never speak for 6 years.

  425. Tina says:

    AP Politics @AP_Politics
    The anti-abortion measure passed by a near party-line 237-189 vote, but faces certain defeat in the Senate.

    Rinos gonna rino.

  426. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw’s relative that is moving to CA must have McCain’s replacement bill locked up in his moving pod.

  427. NYCmike says:

    Because nobody has seen that bill at all.

  428. NYCmike says:

    His last excuse was he needs it to be “bipartisan”.


  429. NYCmike says:

    Cheers, and good night!

    Crazy game in the Bronx, will watch a little bit now.

  430. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe the 51 GOP Senators who don’t have brain tumors can Draft the bill.

  431. Bitterlaw says:

    There is only one thing I can think of that McCain could ever do that would end my respect for him and I don’t think he would. If he harmed a child, that would be unforgivable. Sorry, haters. His sacrifice carries more weight than politics for me.

  432. Chicon says:

    Bitter – I have loads of respect for McCain the soldier, but somewhat less for the politician. It’s possible to be great in one or more aspects of life, and struggle in other areas. Actually, we all do so. Anyway, I digress.

    McCain (and any other Republican senator) had seven years to draft a repeal and replace bill. But he didn’t….

  433. Bitterlaw says:

    Chicon – I speak only for myself. Nobody agrees with me here about McCain. His job is to represent Arizona and not me. Very few people earn my undying loyalty – veterans and those who treat children with cancer. McCain served and sacrificed more than any of us. He earned the right to vote differently than I would. McCain is more conservative and more of a Republican than Trump will ever be. People disagree with me. So be it.

  434. Bitterlaw says:

    Chicon – I speak only for myself. Nobody agrees with me here about McCain. His job is to represent Arizona and not me. Very few people earn my undying loyalty – veterans and those who treat children with cancer. McCain served and sacrificed more than any of us. He earned the right to vote differently than I would. McCain is more conservative and more of a Republican than Trump will ever be. People disagree with me. So be it.

  435. Chicon says:

    455 – I agree with all that. Arizona has been hit hard by Obamacare, and he ran on repeal and replace. He could have written a bill he likes, but he didn’t. I think he’s wrong in this case, but that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly not a war hero.

    Is Alshon still in one piece?

  436. lisab says:

    Of course, I have been having some suicidal thoughts lately so polls for the future get less and less compelling.

    ummmmmmmmmmm … have you told your wife this?

  437. Bitterlaw says:

    Lisab – Yes. It upset her so I stopped mentioning it.

  438. Bitterlaw says:

    Alston is playing well and he is healthy. So far.

  439. Bitterlaw says:


  440. Mr.Vito says:

    “His job is to represent Arizona and not me.”

    Well, he has repeatedly had approval numbers in the 30s over the years in his home state, so it is questionable how good he is at doing that, other than at election time. More likely, Arizona is just full of Mr.Bitters who vote for the republican, especially one that was a POW.

  441. Bitterlaw says:

    I can always count on Mr. Vito to disagree with me no matter what I post.

    As for his speculation about Arizona voters, he can F off. There is only one Mr. Bitter.

  442. Mr.Vito says:

    I disagree.

  443. Trump says:

    “itterlaw says:
    October 3, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    You are correct. We were going on the numbers for the hell of it.”

    No, it is because you are stupid.

  444. Trump says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    October 3, 2017 at 9:13 pm

    MD calls for the destruction of the GOP. Unbelievable. Truly depressing.”

    No, an outcome that is necessary.

  445. Trump says:

    McCain is a brain-dead backstabber. He would oppose anything that GOP voters want.

    Because Maverick!

  446. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC to say that even though Poster Trump said that it is necessary for the GOP, he did not say that the GOP must be destroyed in 3…2…1…

  447. Trump says:

    “His job is to represent Arizona and not me.”

    Moore’s job is to represent Alabama

  448. Trump says:

    Couldn’t care less what happens to the GOP.

    Your candidate:”Kasich hints at leaving GOP if it’s not fixed”

    Even this moron agrees with me.

  449. Trump says:

    “Could Mississippi Be the Next Alabama?”


    Followed by Arizona and Nevada.

  450. Bitterlaw says:

    My first choice was Walker. My second was Christie.

  451. Trump says:


    “Optimism about economy hits all-time high…”

    Cruising to re-election.

  452. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is what a poll looks like(Politico/Morning Consult) with an even PID:

  453. Trump says:

    “Optimism about economy hits all-time high…”


    “Now, thinking about your vote, what would you say is the top set of issues on your
    mind when you cast your vote for federal offices such as U.S. Senate or Congress?
    Economic Issues 552


  454. Trump says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    October 4, 2017 at 8:14 am

    My first choice was Walker. My second was Christie.”

    Moron. You voted for Kasich.

    Typical backtracking.

  455. Trump says:

    McCain votes against GOP because that’s what Obama’s 2008 running mate is supposed to do.

  456. NYCmike says:

    “Maybe the 51 GOP Senators who don’t have brain tumors can Draft the bill.”

    -If a Senator is UNABLE to do his job, maybe he should step aside and allow someone else to represent the citizens of his state.

    OR, he can walk down to Ted Cruz’s office and ask a conservative Senator if he could help push along the legislation Cruz wrote…….

  457. NYCmike says:

    “His sacrifice carries more weight than politics for me.”

    -Before this statement, Bitterlaw called McCain critics “haters” (“Sorry, haters.”).

    I don’t hate McCain whatsoever. I don’t like his politics. Same as how I don’t like the politics (some or all) of Rangel, Carter, Kennedy, Dole, Bush, etc all who served in the military, and who also held scars from that service.

    I do like the politics of Ronald Reagan, who avoided combat duty during WWII due to…..get this…..poor eyesight!!!!……I never saw him with glasses on! (maybe reading glasses I did see on him, when I think about it).

    BUT, McCain gets a pass due to his service, and no mention is made of his past transgressions while holding that office for life, because he served.

  458. Bitterlaw says:

    476 Zzzzzzzzz He was the last one left standing in opposition to Trump.

  459. Phil says:

    I believe the Republicans in the senate would be just fine to be in the minority.

    They appear to be ok to each keep their senate seats and wallow forever in the Washington swamp. The conservative agenda? That’s just something they give lip service to to raise money and get elected and we’re just the suckers.

    On the other hand, maybe that isn’t entirerely, fair. With Collins, Murkowski, and McCain you only have 49 votes.

    Mark my words. McCain’s next stunt will be to blow up tax reform. He can’t help himself. The MSM adulation is calling him.

  460. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    You make an interesting point, but so far, all GOP Senators have voted for Trump Court and Administrative nominees.
    Also, you do NOT want to hand the Committee gavels and majorities over to Democrats.

  461. Phil says:

    McCain is a genuine war hero. He is also a gold plated egotist who loves the limelight.

    Both can be true.

  462. Phil says:

    Sheeple, agreed that they Republicans have stood firm on judges. That’s big.

    The real test will come when Kennedy retires. Democrats, all 49 will unite in opposition to a Trump Gorsuch type replacement. That’s what they do. Will the darling three resist their urges to be MSM heroes and vote for the nominee?

  463. Walt says:

    One of the deceased victims of the Las Vegas shooting was a former high school student of mine back in the mid 1980s.

    Denise Salmon Burditus.

    Nice person.
    So sad….

    I hear her husband Tony was interviewed by CNN today…

  464. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    I would surmise that at least one of the three would vote aye,probably McCain in order to help his AZ buddy, Flake.
    Also, if the vote is close to the election two or three Democrats ie Manchin and Donnelly would vote for confirmation.

  465. Cash Cow TM says:

    I saw a news clip yesterday of Arnold Swartzenegger giving a speech in D.C. where he said:

    “We need to get rid of Jerry Mandarin.”

    I did not know who Jerry Mandarin was or why he should be gotten rid of.

    So I looked it up and found Arnold was talking about gerrymandering and SCOTUS taking up that issue..

    And here is a little about that court case…

  466. Phil says:

    I have no faith in that weasel Manchin. His con is wearing very thin with me. He’s a total fraud. Donnelly will do whatever Schumer tells him to do. Either “vote right” or the campaign money will be cut off. The lefty pressure on red state Democratic senators will be beyond intense. They all voted as a bloc right down the line to filibuster Gorsuch and that was to replace one Scalia with another – not altering the court balance whatsoever. What do you think they will do when they are asked to replace a swing vote with a court altering Scalia type?

    Just my opinion based on watching senate Democrats operate. Example – all red state Democrats stood with Reid on shoving through Obamacare even though they knew what it meant back home. Pryor, Landreau, Blanche Lincoln, Nelson. All gave up their seats for the cause. They are lefty Democrats first and foremost. The only time they are allowed to stray from the reservation is when their votes aren’t needed and they cast a meaningless vote here and there. They are frauds. Manchin, Heidi, Tester, Donnelly…the whole lot of them.

  467. Mr.Vito says:

    “One of the deceased victims of the Las Vegas shooting was a former high school student of mine back in the mid 1980s.”

    I was going to ask when I saw her husband in a WV tee-shirt, but I figured it was a longshot.

  468. DW says:

    487 – that sounds like when someone needs a document certified, they go to a Note-a-Republic.

  469. Cash Cow TM says:

    Mr. Vito,

    Walt says he also remembers her husband tony Burditus being a student at his high school as well.

    A good guy…

  470. Cash Cow TM says:

    If you google “Jerry Mandarin” you can actually find an urban dictionary reference to a sexual position…that cannot be posted here…

  471. Bitterlaw says:

    Very sad news, Walt. Unfortunately, there will never be an agreement on how to reduce the chance of these shootings happening.

  472. Robbie says:

    I knew there was a reason why I liked Rex Tillerson. Rough day for the Trump Chumps. He’s sinking in the polls again and now his SoS called him a moron.

    Phil Mattingly?
    @Phil_Mattingly 7m

    Tillerson, asked if he did actually refer to the President as a “moron.”
    “I’m not gonna deal with petty stuff like that.”

  473. Robbie says:

    The best crap show ever.

    erica orden?

    CNN: “We have confirmed that Tillerson did refer to the president as a moron.”

  474. Chicon says:

    Lincoln’s Team of Rivals thought he was a rube. Note to reflexive anti-Trumpers – the previous sentence is not a comparison of Trump and Lincoln.

  475. Chicon says:

    I wonder what Obama’s foreign policy team members called him behind closed doors when he ignored Syria’s chemical attack?

  476. Trump says:

    “76 Zzzzzzzzz He was the last one left standing in opposition to Trump.”

    You still voted for him, dumbass.

    Your backpedalling keeps piling up.

  477. Trump says:

    The cretin Robbie spreading fake news again.

  478. Trump says:

    Meanwhile, in the real world,

    “Stock market up 24% since election…”

    Cruising to re-election.

  479. Phil says:

    Robbie here right on cue with the latest CNN dirt.

    Nobody cares what Rex said.

    CNN and the rest of the MSM has been so anti Trump that when a story like this comes up the public largely tunes it out. Just more anti Trump noise. zzzzzzzz

  480. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump said that Kasich was “my candidate” even though he was not. I voted for Kasich as a protest against Donald Trump. In the General Election, I was compelled to vote for Trump to stop Hillary. That did not make Trump “my candidate.”

  481. Mr.Vito says: