Moore Leads By 8% in AL

Polling has been a little slow across the board, but we did get a new poll in the US Senate race in Alabama late last week from Cygnal Polling that shows Roy Moore holding an 8% lead over Doug Jones.

Roy Moore (R) 495
Doug Jones (D) 41%

This poll was done October 2-5 among 497 likely voters.

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  1. ProgressiveCT says:

    Democrats will win 2017 wooooo!

  2. jason says:

    I hope the enough Alabamans can bring themselves to vote for the scumbag so he wins by one vote, I certainly wouldn’t do it.

  3. Phil says:

    About 125 Psychologists and health care professionals march in NYC demanding the ouster of Donald Trump due to his ‘mental problems”.

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with their political leanings.

  4. MichiganGuy says:

    scumbag, I didn’t know Jason was running in Alabama. 🙂

  5. MichiganGuy says:

    scumbag, I didn’t know Jason was running in Alabama. 🙂

  6. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    Damn, you kept going on even though the evidence was overwhelming. Here’s some more.

    “The Novarupta-Katmai eruption of 1912 was the largest in the 20th century, and based on comparable, well-measured eruptions, likely only added less than 200 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.”

    In comparison, the Krakatau explosion added about 2/3’s the amount of CO2.

    Normal active Volcanism produces 645 million tons of CO2 per year.

    “… and it becomes clearer if you write it as 0.645 billion tons of CO2 per year – compared to humanity’s 29 billion tons per year, it’s overwhelmingly clear what’s caused the carbon dioxide increase in Earth’s atmosphere since 1750.”

    “But given the scales of the eruptions we actually have, less than a billion tons are emitted per year thanks to volcanic activity: a small enough amount that our planet can sequester roughly the same amount on a per-year basis.”

    The nonsense that Volcanoes eclipse human production of Carbon is a falsehood meant to reinforce your existing bias. Anthropogenic CO2 production far exceeds natural sources which are small enough to be matched by natural CO2 sequestration (plants performing photosynthesis, etc.)

    And while it’s true soot and other debris from Volcanos cause a cooling effect, the EFFECT IS TEMPORARY as the particles descend out of the atmosphere.

    The CO2 stays there until sequestered by some method (usually plants). Given that the rate of CO2 added to the atmosphere far exceeds the ability of natural processes to sequester, eventually (with effects young and middle-aged people will see in their lifetime); average temperatures will rise which will cause increasing volatility in the food supply and slowly decrease the amount of habitable places on earth.

    That means even less plant-life to sequester carbon among many other effects that will be out of the power of humans to solve. That’s why it’s important to stop it now.

  7. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    “But, Man-mAde Climate Change is a global socialist conspiracy.”

    Was Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher socialists then?

    The Montreal Protocol was designed to curb the use of ozone-destroying chemicals similar to the Paris Treaty.

    “I am pleased to sign the instrument of ratification for the Montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer. The protocol marks an important milestone for the future quality of the global environment and for the health and well-being of all peoples of the world. Unanimous approval of the protocol by the Senate on March 14th demonstrated to the world community this country’s willingness to act promptly and decisively in carrying out its commitments to protect the stratospheric ozone layer from the damaging effects of chlorofluorcarbons and halons …

    “The Montreal protocol is a model of cooperation. It is a product of the recognition and international consensus that ozone depletion is a global problem, both in terms of its causes and its effects. The protocol is the result of an extraordinary process of scientific study, negotiations among representatives of the business and environmental communities, and international diplomacy. It is a monumental achievement.”

    And it also worked:

    “An international study published in the journal Science shows clear signs of long-term healing in the seasonal “ozone hole”, which forms over Antarctica and the far southern hemisphere every spring when conditions in the stratosphere particularly favour ozone destruction. The average size of the hole has shrunk by 4m sq km (equivalent to the land area of India) since 2000. And detailed analysis proves that the improvement is due to a slow decline in the amount of atmospheric CFCs as a direct result of the Montreal Protocol, rather than other natural or man-made factors.”

    I’m looking around right now for the socialism the Montreal Protocol created. I don’t see any but maybe Obama left a big deposit somewhere next to his secret Muslim altar and Kenyan Birth certificate.

  8. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    Were Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatch socialists then?*

  9. Mr.Vito says:

    “The classic metrics create the impression that the ozone hole has improved as a result of the Montreal protocol. In reality, meteorology was responsible for the increased ozone and resulting smaller hole, as ozone-depleting substances that year were still elevated. The study has been submitted to the journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.”

  10. Mr.Vito says:

    That’s from NASA scientists.

  11. Mr.Vito says:

    “Until chlorine levels in the lower stratosphere decline below the early 1990s level – expected sometime after 2015 but likely by 2030 – temperature and winds will continue to dictate the variable area of the hole in any given year. Not until after the mid 2030s will the decline stratospheric chlorine be the primary factor in the decline of ozone hole area.”

  12. Mr.Vito says:

    Thanks. Until you made me look it up, I had assumed the reduction in CFCs was responsible. You are a real truth-bringer.

    Did you find that spike in your alarmist friend’s chart yet? Me neither.

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    In Alabama, I would vote for the Republican scumbag. Having voted for scumbag Trump at the national level, it becomes easier at the state and local legal.

  14. Bitterlaw says:

    Level. Damn autocorrect.

  15. Mr.Vito says:

    This worked so well in 2016. Mexican leaders mocking Americans will put the Democrats over the top.

  16. Mr.Vito says:

    “Donald, every time I make fun of you, which I do a lot, people say, ‘Why can’t you be our president?’ America, I feel your pain. We all do. And that is why today I am proud to announce my candidacy for president of the United States.”

    The five-minute video opens with Fox wearing a hat with a vulgar expression, features him holding up his middle finger at times and introduces his campaign mascot: a goat wearing two signs: “Vicente for Presidente!” and “A taco truck on every corner!” The clip also shows a mariachi band crooning about Trump.

  17. Mr.Vito says:

    George Lopez must be his writer.

  18. Mr.Vito says:

    Looks like the conservative party will win in Austria, followed by the far-right party.

  19. Mr.Vito says:

    “Over a decade before some of Hollywood’s biggest stars came out to accuse disgraced Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, The People vs. Larry Flint star Courtney Love warned up-and-coming actress of his bad behavior.

    In an interview from the red carpet of the Comedy’s Central’s 2005 roast of Pamela Anderson, Love was asked by comedian Natasha Leggero what advice she has for young women trying to make it in Hollywood.

    “Ummm… I’ll get libeled if I say it,” Love, 53, says at first in video of the chat unearthed by TMZ.

    She then stops hesitating. “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in his Four Seasons [hotel room], don’t go,” says Love.”

  20. Wes says:

    So Fox attacks Trump by highlighting stereotypes about people from his country.


  21. Tina says:

    Two more daca folks arrested. They were smuggling illegal intomthe country.

    Yes, illegals smuggling illegals.

    I read here that daca recipients were all good people.

  22. Bitterlaw says:

    Can we deport American-born criminals or just the DACA ones? Apparently, not all DACA or American citizens are good people.

  23. lisab says:

    John Kerry ‘hasn’t ruled anything in or anything out’ for 2020 run

  24. Bitterlaw says:

    Uh oh. Aaron Rodgers is being evaluated in the locker room for a right shoulder injury.

  25. Bitterlaw says:

    Today , I will continue my non-boycott by watching part of 4 NFL games. I also have an American flag flying in the front of my house.

  26. Wes says:

    There goes my prediction of a Green Bay-Kansas City Superbowl.

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – No word yet on Rodgers’ injury. I was hoping for a Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl so Jason and MD could both have their heads explode at the same time. I would cheer for the Eagles but if Andy Reid and the Chiefs win, I would hear their screaming from my house.

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    Rodgers out with broken collarbone. Probably out for the season. I never want to see players injured.

  29. NYCmike says:


  30. NYCmike says:

    RB from Ravens?

  31. Mr.Vito says:

    I thought Bitter said he wouldn’t care if the Giants or Cowboys plane crashed when they were traveling to play the Eagles.

  32. jason says:

    Worst call I have ever seen against the Jets.

    – Jon Gruden

  33. Bitterlaw says:

    31 I don’t want to see players injured. Killed in a fiery plane crash? Totally different.

  34. jason says:

    In Alabama, I would vote for the Republican scumbag.”

    As a fellow A-hole, I have great admiration for intestinal fortitude.

  35. Bitterlaw says:

    How did Jason see the play if he is boycotting? Wait….

  36. Bitterlaw says:

    We’ll see if the a Jets can get screwed by the refs again.

    -Jon Gruden

  37. Mr.Vito says:

    “I don’t want to see players injured. Killed in a fiery plane crash? Totally different.”

    That’s the spirit!

  38. Jonesy says:



  39. Jonesy says:

    Roy Moore and Susan Collins are both sides of the spectrum for the GOP.

    If I have to stomach Collins and her center left voting record, I can stomach Moore and his future BS. Both of them are awful.

    As long as they vote for Judges, all that matter a this point.

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    Collins is center left? Zzzzzzzzzz. If she is voting for conservative judges, that automatically removes the “left” designation.

  41. NYCmike says:

    Removes the “left” designation ?

    How about the person nominating the judges?

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – Your little trick to make Trump into a Republican or conservative is going to fail.

  43. lisab says:

    brady now has most wins evah!

  44. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzz. lisab’ s excitement would be more believable if she actually watched the Patriots’ games.

  45. Bitterlaw says:

    I told my wife that I hope she gets remarried when I die. Oddly enough, she did not want to discuss whether it would be easier for her to move on if I died from an illness, accident or suicide.

    I thought women like to talk about things.

  46. Mr.Vito says:

    Maybe it’s your approach…

  47. jason says:

    “Smartest” coach in the league goes for it on 4th and 2 when a field goal makes it a one score game with almost a whole quarter to play

    Later KC, instead of needing a FG to send the game to overtime, needs a TD and doesn’t make it.

    Bitter to say it was a brilliant play in 3, 2, 1….

  48. Mr.Vito says:

    Or maybe she knows you will share it with the rest of HHR…

  49. jason says:

    How did Jason see the play if he is boycotting? Wait….”

    I never said I was boycotting, I said I was no longer buying games.

  50. Mr.Vito says:

    “Woody Allen on Weinstein scandal: ‘You don’t want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere'”


  51. jason says:

    Collins is center left?


    Collins is a mainstream Republican. Always has been.

    It’s not her fault people are willing to elect a Roy Moore to the Senate.

  52. jason says:

    The same people who think Collins is center left think Trump is a conservative.

    You can’t reason with that kind of idiocy.

  53. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason is just mad that the Chiefs are better than the Broncos, maybe he and MD can get together and feel bad together.

  54. Mr.Vito says:

    Who is center left? Everyone here says all the Democrats currently are far left.

  55. jason says:

    thought women like to talk about things.”

    They like to bring up the topic, after they have decided you are going to be on the wrong side of it.

  56. jason says:

    Jason is just mad that the Chiefs are better than the Broncos,”

    Like I said, he was going to say it was a great play in 3, 2, 1…

  57. Bitterlaw says:

    Who called Reid the smartest coach in the league? I never did.

  58. Bitterlaw says:

    I did not say it was a great play. In fact, I made no reference to the play. Jason must be trying to be like NYC and just post things whether they make sense or not.

  59. jason says:

    Center leftists are as extinct as dinosaurs in the Democratic party.

    Center rightists like Collins are becoming rare in the R party.

    Since I think the extremists on the left will probably eventually get in power this is not a good thing.

  60. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason, you have to review the last few posts. Let me know where I said it was a brilliant play. When you admit that you can’t, GFY.

  61. Mr.Vito says:

    Manchin has a better ACU rating and Heitkamp/Donnelly aren’t far off, so I’m just curious who would be an example of Center left.

  62. Mr.Vito says:

    If center righters are rare in the republican party, doesn’t that mean they aren’t mainstream?

  63. jason says:

    Who called Reid the smartest coach in the league? I never did.”

    Calm down, I put quotes around “smartest”.

    It was a bone headed call like many in his career, this time it didn’t cost them anything (maybe) but not to worry, it will happen again when it counts.

  64. jason says:

    62. Good point. But I meant in a more general sense that just the Senate. I would agree she is no longer mainstream in the Senate. But she is not center left ideologically, never was.

  65. Bitterlaw says:

    If the Giants win tonight, I will laugh at the Broncos as pretenders. Of course, that is about as likely as Roy Moore following a law he doesn’t like.

  66. jason says:

    So Bitter, what did you think of the play?

  67. jason says:

    The Giants are due to win one sooner or later.

    Hopefully it won’t be tonight.

  68. Mr.Vito says:

    64 Okay… I got it. So the middle is just disappearing.

  69. jason says:

    Yeah, I think Manchin might be as close as you can get to center left, although on important votes he always goes with the leftists. He voted for some of Trump’s nominees where his vote made no difference. Those kind of things might get you an ACU rating, but Collins has stood with the caucus on tougher votes.

    There were other “center leftists” like Bill Nelson and Blanche Lincoln, and the guy Cotton beat, but they all voted for Obamacare. In their defense they did save us from the “public option”.

  70. jason says:

    So the middle is just disappearing.”

    I think so. I don’t think that is good.

  71. Bitterlaw says:

    I did not see the play. In hindsight, it sounds like it was not a good play. If it had resulted in a first down, it would have been a good play. Funny how that works.

  72. jason says:

    Bitter jinxed the Broncos, they look like crap in the first quarter.

  73. NYCmike says:

    “Collins is a mainstream Republican. Always has been.”

    -Which one is Planned Parenthood’s fierce supporter, her or Murk?

  74. Tgca says:

    Well my loved (and hated) ones at HHR. Tomorrow I have a major 6 hour surgery on my spine that will determine if I am ultimately able to resume normal walking and running activities or spend my life potentially confined to a wheel chair with paralysis and/or breathing machine if I do nothing.

    I suspect all will go well…but just in case it does not, I just wanted to say I enjoyed the last 16 years or whatever the timeframe I spent here

    …and to those that disagree with me, well, possibly one last time I would just like to say you can GFY!

    Hugs and kisses y’all.

  75. Bitterlaw says:

    Good luck, Tgca.

    Now GFY.

  76. NYCmike says:

    “NYC – Your little trick to make Trump into a Republican or conservative is going to fail.”

    -You are the one using judges to help define Collins’ ideological beliefs.

    Try to be consistent.

  77. Wes says:

    Collins has never said God intends pregnancy to result from rape, so Mikey automatically dislikes her.

  78. Bitterlaw says:

    I think that anybody who is a Broncos fan right now should stop worrying about whether another team’s coach is smart or dumb right now.

    -Jon Gruden

  79. Wes says:

    Best wishes, Tgca.

  80. Bitterlaw says:

    Collins has voted with the GOP more than any Democrat would have voted. Good enough for Maine.

  81. Wes says:

    Actually, Bitter, the Deadenders will tell you Angus King–who essentially votes 100% left–is the better Senator from Maine because he’s neither a RINO nor a member of the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil “Establishment.”

  82. Wes says:

    If Collins hadn’t an 80% popularity rating that effectively makes her invincible, even now Mikey and Aaron Day would be hatching some scheme to help the Dems win Maine’s Class 2 seat.

  83. Bitterlaw says:

    The Broncos look pretty dumb right now,

    -Jon Gruden

  84. NYCmike says:


    I’ll let Wes speak for you.

  85. NYCmike says:

    “Collins has voted with the GOP more than any Democrat would have voted. Good enough for Maine.”

    -Never said otherwise.

    But let Wes speak for you anyway.

  86. Bitterlaw says:

    I will speak for myself, thank you

  87. NYCmike says:

    Then please try to be consistent.

  88. NYCmike says:


  89. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder how NYC gets the President Trump taste out of his mouth.

  90. Tina says:

    Tg, get well.

  91. Tina says:

    Finally, some good air again in the sf bay area.

    Maga, make air great again.

  92. Bitterlaw says:

    Good to hear it, Tina.

    Who are the people losing their lives? Are they people who refused to evacuate?

  93. JulStol says:

    “I wonder how NYC gets the President Trump taste out of his mouth.”

    Um, Cheetos are delicious.

  94. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Who are the people losing their lives? Are they people who refused to evacuate?”

    A substantial part of those who died were elderly. There was no evacuation in some areas, such as the neighborhood in Santa Rosa where hundreds of homes burned, the flames moved so fast people that people were woken up while sleeping when they heard the fire outside in their yards, and they had to flee for their lives.

    A lot of people went door to door knocking trying to get people to flee. There were a lot of brave people, but a lot of people did not make it out.

  95. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Here is a link to individual stories of how residents with almost no notice, fled their houses in Santa Rosa.

  96. Bitterlaw says:

    SDC – Very sad. I do not live in an area with wildfires. I just thought that if there was a fire 10 miles away, people would say, “Time to go.”

  97. Bitterlaw says:

    Of course, some people have nowhere to go or won’t ask for help.

  98. Tina says:

    Bl, most of the loss was due t the fire raging out of control, the first few days. Now, they have greater containment.

    No doubt the count will go higher, but it is only because of areas they may just be able to get back into.

    The fires are also widespread. Somoma and Napa Counties have relatively larger areas.

  99. NYCmike says:

    ” I just thought that if there was a fire 10 miles away, people would say, “Time to go.””

    -Where i live in Brooklyn, 10 miles away would be midtown Manhattan.

    Those fires are frightening! Utter devastation!

  100. Bitterlaw says:

    I am glad you are ok, Tina. We don’t get too many wildfires here. Occasionally, there are minor ones in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey but the population is very small there.

  101. NYCmike says:

    “I wonder how NYC gets the President Trump taste out of his mouth.”

    -Would that be the branded vodka, or the steaks?

    Maybe I’ll wash the President Trump Steak down WITH the President Trump Vodka.

    And then when I am drunk and have lost all common sense, I’ll remark on how liberal he is, and show my evidence of this by pointing out the conservative-oriented judges that Senator Collins has voted for.

  102. Phil says:

    Just saw a replay of a play in Jets – Patriots game with the worst call by officials that I’ve ever seen in my life. Unbelievable. The NFL didn’t need that right now.

  103. NYCmike says:


    I don’t understand how they could overturn the ruling on the field ( I may be a bit biased). The receiver definitely lost control of the ball for a second, but it never hit the ground as far as I could see.

  104. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – It was brutal. I heard one explanation that applied the rule as if the ball was fumbled out of the end zone so it became a touchback. The ball was not a fumble. It never left the Jets’ player’s hands. It should have been a TD or Jets’ ball at the 1 yard line.

  105. Phil says:

    Guys, there was no justification whatsoever for ruling that a fumble. Just a horrible call. It was flat out weird.

  106. Phil says:

    ….and I realize that in the grand scheme of things it is just a football game, but come on. Get it right.

  107. NYCmike says:


    They are looking for you!

    -Found this link on Instapundit.

    Here is one of the comment’s left on that page:

    “And who’s the more moronic, the moron or the moron who follows his every tweet?”

  108. NYCmike says:


    The JET player who caught the ball is on my Fantasy team. I would have had an extra 6.6 points, but instead got penalized 1.5 points!

    Fantasy Life RUINED!

  109. DW says:

    109 – does your fantasy team also kneel for the national anthem?

  110. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Goosebump time. This picture speaks volumes to all who love this country!

  111. Trump says:

    How does Collins’s supreme court justice vote show she is a conservative?

    She votes “yes” for both Kagan and Sotomayor, two die-hard leftists. Unless voting for die-hard leftists is “lifelong conservatism”. (Who knows these days, Medicaid expansion is considered “lifelong conservatism” apparently.)

    All Collins’s SC votes prove is that she is a reliable rubber-stamp for whoever any president nominates.

  112. Waingro says:

    Collins is a moderate, mainstream northeastern Republican. As you good as you can hope for from the Great State of Maine.

    That doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve criticism for any of her votes or policy preferences, but I’ll take her over the far left Dem that will eventually replace her in that state.

    And on that note, I’m happy that she has decided to seek re-election in Maine and stave off what would likely be a VERY easy pickup for the Dems this midterm.

  113. Jonesy says:

    Well Said Wain, but before we adore her anymore, lets see how Collins votes on Tax Cuts.

  114. Trump says:

    The point was made that Susan Collins is a “conservative” because of the SC votes. Here’s Collins’ vote on Elena Kaga, as “conservative” as the rest of the senators who voted for Kagan:

    Alaska Mark Begich D Yea
    Arkansas Blanche Lincoln D Yea
    Arkansas Mark Pryor D Yea
    California Barbara Boxer D Yea
    California Dianne Feinstein D Yea
    Colorado Michael Bennet D Yea
    Colorado Mark Udall D Yea
    Connecticut Chris Dodd D Yea
    Connecticut Joe Lieberman I Yea
    Delaware Tom Carper D Yea
    Delaware Ted Kaufman D Yea
    Florida Bill Nelson D Yea
    Hawaii Daniel Akaka D Yea
    Hawaii Daniel Inouye D Yea
    Illinois Roland Burris D Yea
    Illinois Dick Durbin D Yea
    Indiana Evan Bayh D Yea
    Indiana Richard Lugar R Yea
    Iowa Tom Harkin D Yea
    Louisiana Mary Landrieu D Yea
    Maine Susan Collins R Yea
    Maine Olympia Snowe R Yea
    Maryland Ben Cardin D Yea
    Maryland Barbara Mikulski D Yea
    Massachusetts John Kerry D Yea
    Michigan Carl Levin D Yea
    Michigan Debbie Stabenow D Yea
    Minnesota Al Franken D Yea
    Minnesota Amy Klobuchar D Yea
    Missouri Claire McCaskill D Yea
    Montana Max Baucus D Yea
    Montana Jon Tester D Yea
    Nevada Harry Reid D Yea
    New Hampshire Judd Gregg R Yea
    New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen D Yea
    New Jersey Frank Lautenberg D Yea
    New Jersey Bob Menendez D Yea
    New Mexico Jeff Bingaman D Yea
    New Mexico Tom Udall D Yea
    New York Kirsten Gillibrand D Yea
    New York Chuck Schumer D Yea
    North Carolina Kay Hagan D Yea
    North Dakota Kent Conrad D Yea
    North Dakota Byron Dorgan D Yea
    Ohio Sherrod Brown D Yea
    Oregon Jeff Merkley D Yea
    Oregon Ron Wyden D Yea
    Pennsylvania Bob Casey Jr. D Yea
    Pennsylvania Arlen Specter D Yea
    Rhode Island Jack Reed D Yea
    Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse D Yea
    South Carolina Lindsey Graham R Yea
    South Dakota Tim Johnson D Yea
    Vermont Patrick Leahy D Yea
    Vermont Bernie Sanders I Yea
    Virginia Mark Warner D Yea
    Virginia Jim Webb D Yea
    Washington Maria Cantwell D Yea
    Washington Patty Murray D Yea
    West Virginia Carte Goodwin D Yea
    West Virginia Jay Rockefeller D Yea
    Wisconsin Russ Feingold D Yea
    Wisconsin Herb Kohl D Yea

  115. Waingro says:

    #116: I don’t think we disagree on Collins “conservative” label. Lots of other examples aside from her votes on judicial nominees to further amplify.

  116. Trump says:

    And here’s Collins’ “conservative” cohorts on the Sotomayor vote:

    Hawaii Daniel Akaka D Aye
    Tennessee Lamar Alexander R Aye
    Montana Max Baucus D Aye
    Indiana Evan Bayh D Aye
    Alaska Mark Begich D Aye
    Colorado Michael Bennet D Aye
    New Mexico Jeff Bingaman D Aye
    Missouri Kit Bond R Aye
    California Barbara Boxer D Aye
    Ohio Sherrod Brown D Aye
    Illinois Roland Burris D Aye
    West Virginia Robert Byrd D Aye
    Washington Maria Cantwell D Aye
    Maryland Ben Cardin D Aye
    Delaware Tom Carper D Aye
    Pennsylvania Bob Casey, Jr. D Aye
    Maine Susan Collins R Aye
    North Dakota Kent Conrad D Aye
    Connecticut Christopher Dodd D Aye
    North Dakota Byron Dorgan D Aye
    Illinois Dick Durbin D Aye
    Wisconsin Russ Feingold D Aye
    California Dianne Feinstein D Aye
    Minnesota Al Franken D Aye
    New York Kirsten Gillibrand D Aye
    South Carolina Lindsey Graham R Aye
    New Hampshire Judd Gregg R Aye
    North Carolina Kay Hagan D Aye
    Iowa Tom Harkin D Aye
    Hawaii Daniel Inouye D Aye
    South Dakota Tim Johnson D Aye
    Delaware Ted Kaufman D Aye
    Massachusetts Ted Kennedy D Did not vote
    Massachusetts John Kerry D Aye
    Minnesota Amy Klobuchar D Aye
    Wisconsin Herb Kohl D Aye
    Louisiana Mary Landrieu D Aye
    New Jersey Frank Lautenberg D Aye
    Vermont Patrick Leahy D Aye
    Michigan Carl Levin D Aye
    Connecticut Joe Lieberman I Aye
    Arkansas Blanche Lincoln D Aye
    Indiana Richard Lugar R Aye
    Florida Mel Martinez R Aye
    Missouri Claire McCaskill D Aye
    New Jersey Bob Menendez D Aye
    Oregon Jeff Merkley D Aye
    Maryland Barbara Mikulski D Aye
    Washington Patty Murray D Aye
    Nebraska Ben Nelson D Aye
    Florida Bill Nelson D Aye
    Arkansas Mark Pryor D Aye
    Rhode Island Jack Reed D Aye
    Nevada Harry Reid D Aye
    West Virginia Jay Rockefeller D Aye
    Vermont Bernie Sanders I Aye
    New York Chuck Schumer D Aye
    New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen D Aye
    Maine Olympia Snowe R Aye
    Pennsylvania Arlen Specter D Aye
    Michigan Debbie Stabenow D Aye
    Montana Jon Tester D Aye
    Colorado Mark Udall D Aye
    New Mexico Tom Udall D Aye
    Ohio George Voinovich R Aye
    Virginia Mark Warner D Aye
    Virginia Jim Webb D Aye
    Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse D Aye
    Oregon Ron Wyden D Aye

  117. NYCmike says:


    The replies were dealing specifically with Bitterlaw (and Wes’s infantile responses as well) and his attempt to make Collins into something she is NOT.

    Nobody was trying to replace her with a Maine Democrat, despite their reactions.

  118. NYCmike says:

    And, as for being “mainstream”, if the media reported honestly about the Planned Parenthood body-parts-selling and abortion-dominant budgeting, her support for that organization would make her MUCH LESS “mainstream”.

  119. Trump says:

    This was the point made.

    “Bitterlaw says:
    October 15, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Collins is center left? Zzzzzzzzzz. If she is voting for conservative judges, that automatically removes the “left” designation.”

    Based on this logic (which, coming from the moron is not saying much), Collins’s votes for judges apprently removes the “left” designation.

    I just pointed out that Collins votes “yes” on all judges, and her judge voting record is a mere rubber-stamp for any president’s choice. If her judge voting record removes the “lerft” designation, all the ones listed in my two posts are “center-right”.

  120. Trump says:

    But, as I said earlier, “lifelong conservatism” these days appears to have a fairly flexible definition.

    Voting for rabid leftists for the Supreme Court fits into the category. As does Medicaid expansion.

    Times change.

  121. Waingro says:

    #120, she’s a “mainstream” moderate, northeastern elected Republican. They are all pretty much useless when it comes to social issues, such as abortion.

    I have long since come to grips with this.

  122. Jonesy says:

    Jason has been doing a lot of Cheerleading for the GOPe lately. Which is fine, but if these people like Collins, Murkowski, Corker etc… are really great Mainstream Republicans..

    They would vote for Tax Cuts, which is not a toxic Social Issue Right?

  123. Jonesy says:

    Bitter held his nose and voted for Trump in a swing state. I respect that, he has every right on his opinion on Collins etc..

    I believe Jason said he did not vote for Trump? I could be wrong

  124. Waingro says:

    #121, meh. She probably jumps around between “center left” and “center right”, depending on the issue. It’s all semantics, but I personally would not label her an ideological “conservative”.

  125. Trump says:

    “I personally would not label her an ideological “conservative”.

    Ok, but some would. And did.

    Just setting the record straight.

  126. Jonesy says:

    according to the The Street, Murk and Collins look to be Yes Votes on Tax Reform. Corker too

    McCain looks to be a possible no due to revenge, and who knows with Rand Paul.

    that makes it 50 if no Dems jump in.

  127. Jonesy says:

    Emerson has Trump at 44% with the usual bogus Dem Sample.

    He beats Warren and other Dems except for Biden

  128. Jonesy says:

    Smart move by Trump to endorse Strange in Bama. He will be in Senate for at least a month, and has no grudge for Tax Vote.

  129. Waingro says:

    Uh oh!

    Matt Friedman?Verified account @MattFriedmanNJ

    NEWS: All 18 counts against Menendez going to the jury. Despite casting doubt on charges last week, judge today let them go forward

  130. NYCmike says:

    “according to the The Street, Murk and Collins look to be Yes Votes on Tax Reform. Corker too”

    -Personally, I would want any Republican, be there a conservative, RINO, “deadender, and/or “mainstream”, to have a bill to read BEFORE saying how they will vote.

  131. Waingro says:

    #128, they are going to try and ram through via reconciliation, right?

  132. Waingro says:

    #128, looks like she just supports the budget resolution to allow for reconciliation ramming. She hasn’t stated a position on Trump’s tax proposals yet and, of course, is still calling for “bipartisan” support.

    In other words, there is still a lot of work to be done to get her vote on any final bill.

  133. DW says:

    We are seeing the effect of worst loss we suffered on election night–that of senator Ayotte.

  134. Mr.Vito says:

    Hillary has fallen and can’t shut up.

  135. Wes says:


  136. Mr.Vito says:

    Not hit as hard as Hillary’s toe.

  137. DW says:

    Looking at the 2018 senate races…very, very early…many moving parts.

    1) Recruitment – the candidate running is most important.
    2) What does Trump do? If Trump does well the next year and if the scum up for re-elections holding senate seats in places like WI, PA, OH, etc. can be painted as holding up Trump’s agenda, they could actually become more vulnerable than the seats higher on the GOP’s flip list like ND and MT.
    3) Unexpected retirements. Always some surprises.
    4) Unexpectedly strong candidates.
    5) GOP’s long held ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  138. Bitterlaw says:

    Why would I be upset by that, Wes? I said that I want Menendez convicted. You know I said it but that does not fit your narrative so you ignore it.

  139. DW says:

    Some entertainment for this afternoon–As we approach the 1st anniversary of one of the greatest upsets in POTUS election history–here are some election night gems from the self-proclaimed wizards at RRH:

    7:53 – Warren County, Ohio, another suburban Republican hotbed is showing Trump fatigue. Trump is only winning Warren by +26 right now. Romney won it by 40%. I suspect Trump is cratering among suburban women.

    [Of course Trump would go on to win OH by over 8 points, accomplishing what neither Romney nor McCain could do]

    7:51 – South Carolina has finally been called for Trump. If you had a real Republican, this would have been called sooner.

    [Of course the media never calls SC for any Republican to throw a scare into voters. In the end Trump won SC by over 14 points, a greater margin than either McCain or Romney]

    Some of the individual comments are hilarious.

  140. DW says:

    Upon the news that FL senate was called for Rubio:


    November 8, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    That is a spectacularly stupid call to make this early. These numbers are not that bad for Murphy.

  141. DW says:


    November 8, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    HRC up 10 pts in Hillsborough Co, the most reliable presidential picker in FL

  142. DW says:

    regarding NC:


    November 8, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Clinton up 22 in Mahoning early vote, bad sign for Trump, no big swing as expected.

  143. DW says:


    November 8, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Warren County, OH – Romney won by about 40 – probably more than a third in, Trump +26. That is not good for Trump

  144. JC says:


    Thanks for your awesome analysis of the 2016 election. I too have watched most of the network coverage and browsed through many live threads, just to see the hilarious reactions(meltdowns) of the self-proclaimed ‘smart-set’.

    Honestly, if I were you I’d consider organizing all of your data about how the media covered the election and publish a book about it.

  145. JC says:

    If I remember correctly, there was a guy at RRH so confident that Hillary would win that he promised he would eat a plate of crap if Trump won.

  146. DW says:


    November 8, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Wow! Pence took one for the team and seems to have saved the IN GOP

  147. DW says:

    JC–I am planning to shop around this month for a conservative political blog to publish my 2016 Election Night Chronological Atlas.

  148. DW says:


    November 8, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    Looks like I seriously screwed up on the POTUS race, but I thought Trump would be doing better. Being behind this much in NC…. jeez.

  149. Trump says:

    Don’t publish it free.

    There’s valuable analysis in there. You may add some of your analysis and opinions, and publish as a book.

  150. DW says:


    November 8, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Even if Trump wins Ohio, NC, FL, he doesnt look like he’s coming close anywhere else

  151. JC says:

    Here’s this gem;

    November 8, 2016 at 9:20 pm
    Mexican Pesos don’t win you states. Votes do. And the votes are headed Clinton’s way. It doesn’t matter if she wins with 270 votes, or 370. But she’ll hit 270 and I’m willing to eat crap if she doesn’t.


    November 8, 2016 at 11:17 pm
    Egg on the face of many and a load of crap for me to eat.

  152. JC says:

    Trump says:
    October 16, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    Don’t publish it free.

    There’s valuable analysis in there. You may add some of your analysis and opinions, and publish as a book.

    My thought’s exactly. Why let others profit of your hard work?

  153. DW says:


    November 8, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    Free Press projection: Hillary Clinton wins Michigan via @freep


    November 8, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    It’ll take the major networks more time, but yes.

  154. NYCmike says:

    Make sure to send advanced copies to MD, Author, “CG”, and Robbie to get their “expert” opinion!

  155. DW says:


    November 8, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Trump needs to do well in CO. He won’t win VA, he won’t win MI, so he hasn’t breached the firewall that Clinton has built. But her numbers are comfortable in CO, so for all the bed wetting that’s going on with Dems right now (and the “suspense” fueled by Fox), I have yet to see a convincing reason as to why people are starting to think that Trump might win this.

  156. DW says:


    November 8, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    Tons of good clinton counties are out in MI and Trump isn’t getting anywhere where he’d need to be to even make PA somewhat competitive. Like Rove said: Even if Trump wins FL and OH and NC, he will still lose. He still has to find a brick in the blue wall and pull it out. I don’t see him doing that.

  157. NYCmike says:

    “Why would I be upset by that, Wes?”

    -The same reason I want Schumer to be Majority Leader…….Wes has a nice fantasy world he lives in….where men ask women to marry them, and the woman leaves the date open-ended for as long as possible.

  158. Trump says:

    “‘Doomsday orange sky’ freaks out parts of UK, France”

    Is there anything Trump cannot do?

  159. DW says:

    the first time GerGOP got something right all night:


    November 8, 2016 at 11:32 pm

    I should stop making predictions …

  160. DW says:

    one of the depressed Ds:


    November 9, 2016 at 7:05 am

    I’m beyond depressed. I’m going to withdraw from politics for a while. 2014 was hard enough. This isn’t fun anymore

    36/M/NY-01 (D)

  161. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    161. “Is there anything Trump cannot do?”

    A little more self-control would be good.

  162. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    129. “Emerson has Trump at 44% with the usual bogus Dem Sample. He beats Warren and other Dems except for Biden.”

    Emerson predicted a 323-215 Clinton victory, so they did have a Democratic slant. But have often found them at times to be more accurate than some of the national polls like Gallup

    Here is a quote from their press release for their most recent poll:

    “Boston, MA – A new Emerson College national poll finds President Donald Trump with a 44% job approval rating with registered voters and a 50% disapproval rating. The President has seen a 7 point drop from Emerson’s last National poll in February when 48% approve/47% disapproved of the President’s job
    performance. Similarly, 40% said the country was headed in the right direction while 50% said we were headed in the wrong direction. The poll was conducted October 12-14, 2017, among registered voters,”

    When asked about the popularity of some public figures, voters gave the President a 44% favorable/53% unfavorable opinion which is more popular than Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, who is viewed favorably by 33% of voters and unfavorably by 43%.

    Voters are split on who is more truthful – Donald Trump or the news media. News media 51%/ Trump 49%.

    They also show, as Jonesy indicated, that Trump is competitive with all the potential candidates except Biden, who would be about 80 years of age in 2020.

  163. Trump says:

    Trump is the most controlled, calculating politician there.

    He is provocative, by design. But none of his tweets and statements are without aim. And they are designed to brand. Marketing 101.

    He understands his voters on a mind-meld level, and uses provocation to move the needle.

    How do you think he landed on immigration as the issue to use to get the GOP nomination?

    Did he just decide one fine morning to talk about BLM in the NFL?

  164. Trump says:

    “Trump is well on his way to owning the identities of American, Alpha Males, and Women Who Like Alpha Males. Clinton is well on her way to owning the identities of angry women, beta males, immigrants, and disenfranchised minorities.”

    This is not by accident.

  165. Wes says:

    GerGOP is currently declaring 2018 will be a Dem wave year. He should have taken his own advice.

  166. Mr.Vito says:

    Nasty women.

  167. Wes says:

    Biden would have been President now had he run. He probably doesn’t want it anymore. Advancing age and the tragic death of a child tend to have that effect.

    By the way, Biden will be 77 in 2020 but will be 78 by Inauguration Day. He was elected to the Senate in the biggest upset of 1972 at age 29 when Caleb Boggs ran a halfhearted reelection. Boggs had planned to retire, but protoDeadender Harry Haskell threatened a scorched-earth primary if Congressman Pete duPont sought a promotion to the Senate.

    Thanks, Deadenders!

  168. Bitterlaw says:

    Biden has had a tough life. He lost his wife and I think one child in a car accident (I’m not looking it up).

  169. NYCmike says:

    Wes fantasy world update:

    Incumbent wants to retire.

    A challenger declares that he will do anything to get the nomination.

    The incumbent doesn’t want that guy to get the position, so he runs a crappy campaign where he loses and a Dem gets elected.

    Blame the loss on the challenger (aka “protoDeadender”).

    A new installment of “Deadenders” to be released in time for the Christmas season.

    It’s a prequel.

  170. NYCmike says:

    “Biden has had a tough life. He lost his wife and I think one child in a car accident (I’m not looking it up).”

    -It was a terrible tragedy.

    He doesn’t deserve the respect he gets because of his wife and child’s untimely death, and he sure as heck doesn’t deserve to sit in the Oval Office as President because of it.


  171. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw to point out where “Trump” stated falsehoods about Collins re: Kagan and Sotomayor in 3…..2……1……

    …….or maybe not.

  172. NYCmike says:

    -They probably would have been better advised to let her report on the Weinstein story, 6 months ago!

  173. Jonesy says:

    All 18 counts for Senator Menendez of NJ, go to Jury.

    Ruh Roh

  174. Jonesy says:

    131. Sorry my bad. You beat me to Menendez news

  175. Jonesy says:

    Dw, Moshem is the worst over at RRH.

  176. Jonesy says:

    Biden also is a groper. He plagarized a speech in 1988, and let us not forget what he thinks about 7-11.

  177. NYCmike says:

    -Even Jerry Brown is sane when it comes to Title IX “violations”.

  178. NYCmike says:

    Biden may have won, if he had run.

    He didn’t run.

    Go away.

  179. Jonesy says:

    Hillary dropped a empty Smirnoff bottle on her Toe.

    Day Drinkers, sigh..

  180. Jonesy says:

    DW, is GerGOP actually Robbie?

  181. Jonesy says:

    People what is the scenario with Menendez if found guilty?

    When does Murphy take office? January?

    Will Up Chuck tell him to quit the Senate etc….

  182. Trump says:

    Hillary should run again in 2020.

    The election was stolen from her.

    Everyone will be With Her.

  183. Mr.Vito says:

    She still won’t be with them…

  184. Mr.Vito says:

    Just like election night 2016…

  185. Wes says:

    Mikey’s not very smart, is he? Boggs wanted to retire in 1972. He was 68 and openly said he was ready to go back home.

    Pete duPont was the preferred successor for the seat. Harry Haskell said he would launch a scorched-earth primary to ensure duPont didn’t become Senator.

    The Nixon White House promptly asked Boggs to seek reelection to avoid a divisive primary. Boggs agreed but was never really into the campaign, partly because of heart problems.

    Biden won by 1.4%.

    Thus, yes. Thanks, Deadenders!

  186. Cash Cow TM says:

    $6 million
    Average monthly tax revenue that North Dakota has received from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  187. Wes says:

    Haskell never wanted to become Senator. He just didn’t want Pete duPont to get the job. He never challenged sny incumbent and backed off his primary threat once Boggs declared for reelection.

    Obviously Biden was acceptable to Haskell while du Pont was not.

    Thanks, Deadenders!

  188. Cash Cow TM says:

    ‘a prequel’

    equal peer

  189. Bitterlaw says:

    I hope Memendez is convicted. I hope that I someday have a beach house in Ocean City, NJ. Both can be true.

  190. Mr.Vito says:

    So the GOP establishment picked a loser instead of allowing a primary is what I’m reading…

  191. Bitterlaw says:


  192. Bitterlaw says:

    I never said that Collins was a conservative. I said that she was not “center-left.”

  193. Wes says:

    A month after Biden won his first Senate race, he lost his wife and son in a car crash. Why he felt the need to continue in the Senate after that, I can’t imagine.

    He’s still a plagiarizer and closet racist, but he would still likely have won last year had he run.

  194. Mr.Vito says:

    Boggs sounds like Mike Castle.

  195. Wes says:

    Nothing stopped Haskell from running against Boggs, Vito. He just wasn’t going to do that because his only intention was to ensure Pete duPont didn’t succeed Boggs.

    Mission accomplished.

    DuPont never served in the Senate. Biden did–for 36 years.

    In other words, the Deadenders thought a Democrat was preferable to a Republican Congressman.

    Shades of 2010.

    Ironically duPont endorsed O’Donnell after the primary in 2010.

    I wouldn’t have.

  196. Wes says:

    You can say the “Establishment” didn’t allow a primary all you like, but quite honestly you don’t know what the f uck you’re talking about.

    Haskell willingly dropped his primary bid–after Boggs announced for reelection. He had achieved his goal. Biden would be the next Senator from Delaware.

  197. Jonesy says:

    197. Spot on , Wes

  198. Mr.Vito says:

    Apparently he was okay with Boggs…

    Why couldnt the GOP hold the seat after choosing Boggs over a primary?

    They avoided their primary and lost anyway… maybe they should have let DuPont earn his stripes.

  199. Jonesy says:

    Wes, any thoughts on what happens if menendez is convicted?

  200. Wes says:

    Probably the next Dem Governor picks his replacement, Jonesy.

  201. Mr.Vito says:

    “Haskell willingly dropped his primary bid–after Boggs announced for reelection.”

    Exactly… they chose Boggs over a primary.

    Bad choice… they clearly knew that would placate Haskell, and werent going to allow thw scorched earth primary to run its course.

  202. Mr.Vito says:

    Well Wes dropped an F bomb, so I guess I was incorrect… what more proof is needed?

  203. Jonesy says:

    Checked Wikipedia. New NJ Governor does not take office until Jan 20,2018

  204. Wes says:

    They did choose Boggs in a primary, Vito. No one ran against him. You should try keeping up in the future.

    Haskell said at the time he was going to do everything in his power to keep duPont from becoming Senator.

    If DE had election law similar to what it had in 2010, then Haskell, after losing the primary, could have mounted an O’Donnell-style write-in campaign. We still would have seen Biden enter the Senate.

    Maybe if Haskell hadn’t had some personal vendetta against duPont, we wouldn’t have had to deal with having Biden serve as Senator for almost four decades.

  205. Mr.Vito says:

    “Ironically duPont endorsed O’Donnell after the primary in 2010.”

    So according to this board he was a deadender anyway, then.

    I would say he sounds like a guy that would win a scorched earth primary and a gwneral election.

  206. Jonesy says:

    As bad as the 1972 Boggs/Biden race was, nothing compared to the Robbery of the 2008 Race in Minnesota.

    And Norm Coleman was a Moderate to boot

  207. NYCmike says:

    “So the GOP establishment picked a loser instead of allowing a primary is what I’m reading…”

    -Mr. Vito,

    In the future, prepare to have a “Mr. Haskell” mentioned whenever Wes speaks to you……

    ….along with a few choice cuss words to make it even more impressive……..

  208. Wes says:

    You were the one who created a phantom scenario that didn’t occur, Vito. No one kidnaped Haskell’s family and forced him to stand down from his primary. He did that because hd had never planned to challenge Boggs. He just wanted duPont’s scalp.


    He got it.

  209. DW says:

    Wes, any early insights on the 2018 senate picture?

    I posted above about all I want to say about it at this early stage.

  210. NYCmike says:

    He may also call you Mr. Vito-ey……

  211. Wes says:

    Outright theft of an election is always worse than throwing one election away because of some egotist’s planned vanity run, Jonesy.

  212. NYCmike says:

    According to Wes, a scorched earth primary campaign will lead to a defeat in the general election……Wes, may I have the pleasure of introducing you to President Trump?

  213. NYCmike says:

    “Outright theft of an election is always worse than throwing one election away because of some egotist’s planned vanity run, Jonesy.”

    -F*cking right, man!

  214. Mr.Vito says:

    “They did choose Boggs in a primary, Vito. No one ran against him. You should try keeping up in the future.”

    You keep repeating things I just said and saying what I said is incorrect… so I dont think I am the one with the issue.

    Picking Boggs effectively anded the primary because no one ran against him… so the GOP chose that instead of a primary with two fresh people.

    They chose wrong, and didnt follow through.

  215. Wes says:

    I have it at anywhere from R+1 to R+3, DW.

  216. NYCmike says:

    “You were the one who created a phantom scenario that didn’t occur, Vito.”

    -I thought Author was the writer around here?

  217. NYCmike says:

    “They chose wrong, and didnt follow through.”


  218. NYCmike says:

    I mean “protoDeadender!”

  219. DW says:

    219—sounds good. I am thinking about the possibility that given Trump’s success in the rust belt, that if he can work together with the GOP candidates favorably in WI, MI, and OH, that these states might be flips before MT and ND.

    Unless the MO-GOP Akinizes themselves again, I think we finally win that one.

  220. Mr.Vito says:

    “You were the one who created a phantom scenario that didn’t occur, Vito. No one kidnaped Haskell’s family and forced him to stand down from his primary. He did that because hd had never planned to challenge Boggs. He just wanted duPont’s scalp.”

    Thanks. That is consistent with everything I said thus far, but you have a knack for driving home my point.

  221. Wes says:

    Haskell was hardly fresh, Vito. He was booted from the House after one term and then dropped down to Mayor in the 1960s.

    DuPont was a one-term Congressman who had succeeded Bill Roth in the House. He would go on to serve as Governor before retiring from politics in the 1980s.

    Biden actually was a fresh face as a minor elected official in the state. He was given no chance of winning but gained steam as Boggs’ health problems prevented the Senator from running a strong campaign.

  222. Jonesy says:

    Bill Nelson is 75 years old in FL. My Vegas Prediction say he retires, if Rick Scott and his Billions jump in

  223. Jonesy says:

    Nap Time did not help Bill Roth either, Wes

  224. Wes says:

    Actually, Vito, this is what you said:

    Mr.Vito says:
    October 16, 2017 at 5:20 pm
    So the GOP establishment picked a loser instead of allowing a primary is what I’m reading…

    No one stopped a primary from happening–except Harry Haskell when Caleb Boggs announced his bid for reelection.

    The GOP “Establishment” asked Boggs and duPont to honor the status quo, and they agreed. Haskell was the one who went back home to Wilmington after Boggs agreed to do as Nixon asked.

  225. Mr.Vito says:

    “Haskell was hardly fresh, Vito.”

    Fresh as in not having run for the office… Haskell sounds like a real loser, so the GOP sounds inept for passing on DuPont versus Haskell instead of runnong a tired old man against a fresh face.

  226. DW says:

    Dem held seats in play, or by generous extension could come into play:

    FL, IN, MI, MN, MO, MT, ND, OH, PA, VA, WI, WV

    GOP held seats in play, or by generous extension could come into play:

    AZ, NV

    So given this math, this should be a strong chance for the GOP to make some gains. But given that its hard to believe that the GOP can get this right two elections in a row, I suspect they will find ways to throw races away.

  227. Wes says:

    That was one I can’t blame on the kooks, Jonesy. Roth was the greatest Senator DE ever produced but was visibly aging and, as we learned later, dying in 2000. (He collapsed from a massive heart attack and died in December 2003.)

    The plan was for Mike Castle to replace Roth in 2000. Roth, however, wanted to stay in the Senate. Tom Carper has said he would have deferred to Castle in 2000 but felt Roth’s time had passed.

    Roth lacked energy during the campaign and fainted twice in front of cameras.

    He lost 45-55.

    The author of the Kemp-Roth tax cuts and the Royh IRA lost his seat, but Joe Biden left the Senate willingly.

    That infuriates me no end.

  228. Jonesy says:

    Nixon won 49 states in 1972, and the GOP still managed go a Net -2 in the Senate

  229. Wes says:

    The GOP got it right in 2002 and 2004, DW.

  230. Mr.Vito says:

    “So the GOP establishment picked a loser instead of allowing a primary is what I’m reading…”


    The antecedent was scorched earth primary (dupont vs haskell)… but even then an unopposed primary is hardly a primary (We even say ‘was not primaried’ here). The GOP colluded (which the party has every right to do, mind you) to avoid a primary battle. That was their chosen strategy and it lost.

  231. Jonesy says:

    Roth was a excellent Senator, I agree, but like John McCain could not give up the power

  232. Wes says:

    Republicans lost four Senate incumbents and two open seats in 1972. They beat one incumbent Dem Senator and picked up three open seats.

  233. DW says:

    233 – I meant to say MORE than two in a row…also got it right in 2014 and 2016.

  234. Jonesy says:

    Plugs Biden is the only one who has worst hair than Trump

  235. Wes says:

    You’d have to go back to Woodrow Wilson for that, DW. Republicans gained seats in each of 1916, 1918, and 1920.

    From 1894 to 1906, they also gained Senate seats every cycle.

  236. Jonesy says:

    Had to give Mansfield and Scoop Jackson credit, Wes. They knew McGovern was a joke, but played their cards well in 1972

  237. Wes says:

    My point, Vito, is that no one stopped a primary but the person threatening one. He still could have run. He chose not to after achieving his goal.

    You act as if the “Estsblishment” prevented him from running.

    Thry did not.

  238. Jonesy says:

    Out of 6 New England states, their are 4 GOP Governors. Amazing

  239. Trump says:

    New England states ship their crazies to Washington.

  240. Wes says:

    Republicans weren’t exactly firing on all cylinders at the NRSC from 1952 to 1978, Jonesy. It’s remarkable how many blunders and self-inflicted wounds almost every NRSC Chair engaged in duting that time.

    John Heinz was the first NRSC Chair in three decades to actively work on getting a majority–in 1980.

  241. Jonesy says:

    I am watching a videocast of the Senate Floor, as they prepare a vote to confirm Newt’s wife to be Ambassador to the Vatican.

    The only thing missing is the Brandy

  242. Wes says:

    From 2003 to 2005, the GOP was 5-1 in New England Governors.

  243. DW says:

    239 – sorry I wasn’t clear…by ‘get it right’ I meant did basically the best they could in solid recruits, winning tight races, etc.

    No year is perfect, but on the whole, the GOP got a B in 2016, an A+ in 2014, and 2012 was an F.

  244. Mr.Vito says:

    So the GOP was okay with a scorched earth primary against the tired old man that just wanted to retire? I doubt it… they would have gone with DuPont. They clearly knew Haskell would drop our.

  245. Wes says:

    Sending a known adulteress to the Vatican.


    Why not?

  246. Jonesy says:

    244. Right Wes, starting with Cabot Lodge losing to JFK

  247. Jonesy says:

    Good point. Calista is a home wrecker, as is Cindy McCain

  248. Jonesy says:

    DW, 1980 was A++++. Wes, how many Dem incumbents lost in 1980?

  249. Wes says:

    You tried to twist my words to say something I didn’t say.

    To use an obamaism, let me be clear, since this is clearly going over your head:

    Haskell CHOSE to drop out of the primary.

    NO ONE forced him to do it.

    Of course the Nixon White House wouldn’t have backed him over Boggs.

    They also didn’t force him out of the primary. He dropped out willingly.

    There. I hope you can actually understand what I’m saying for a change.

  250. Wes says:

    Nine Dem Senators, including the sitting President Pro Tem, lost in 1980.

    Three others, including Pat Leahy, nearly lost thrir seats thst year.

  251. Jonesy says:

    Lisa Murkowski kissing Schumer’s butt at the moment.

    ” Chuck, I am still waiting for that check to clear on my Obamacare vote”

  252. Jonesy says:

    Have to run. Wes, as always thanks for the Political history.

    DW, thanks for the election Night posts. RRH is doomer Heaven. LOL

  253. Wes says:

    I’d like to say seeing Deborah Ross concede was my favorite memory from 2016. I can’t say that though.

    Seeing Evan Bayh take it on the chin by 10 points was the moment when I gave out my biggest cheer back then.

    For the record, Dems must have known the Senate was gone when Bayh lost with less than half the vote in.

  254. Mr.Vito says:

    “You tried to twist my words to say something I didn’t say.”

    I didn’t TRY to do anything. If you think I did, sorry.

    “To use an obamaism, let me be clear, since this is clearly going over your head”

    Nope. Understanding you loud and clear… Sometimes drawing a different conclusion has little to do with not understanding as understanding completely

    “Haskell CHOSE to drop out of the primary. NO ONE forced him to do it. Of course the Nixon White House wouldn’t have backed him over Boggs. They also didn’t force him out of the primary. He dropped out willingly.”

    Never said otherwise… they all dropped out willingly after the GOP made a choice, thus ending the primary. Why shouldnt the GOP own that choice?

    “There. I hope you can actually understand what I’m saying for a change.”

    You are very easy to understand… perhaps I am not.

  255. Bitterlaw says:

    Good point. Calista is a home wrecker, as is Cindy McCain

    Zzzzzzzzzzz. Married 38 years. I didn’t think home wreckers stayed that long.

  256. lisab says:

    to recap … brady now has most wins evah!

    including superbowls

  257. Bitterlaw says:

    You tried to twist my words to say something I didn’t say.

    Pretty ironic post from Wes. Earlier today, he posted that I was “hardest hit” by the fact that the Menendez case is going to the jury. Even though I have always said that I want Menendez convicted, Wes pretends that I do not want him convicted. Whatever. HHR is the place where it does not matter what you say but what people want to pretend you said that matters.

  258. Bitterlaw says:

    to recap … brady now has most wins evah!

    And lisab has not seen a total of 10 minutes of any of those wins.

  259. lisab says:

    And lisab has not seen a total of 10 minutes of any of those wins.

    do superbowl commercials count?

  260. Trump says:

    Brady is the best pro football player. Ever.

  261. lisab says:

    no argument

  262. Phil says:

    Brady’s record speaks for itself


    he is married to a super model.

  263. lisab says:


    someday the eagles will be in a superbowl and then you’ll see it is not all fun and games

  264. Bitterlaw says:

    The Patriots cheated against the Eagles. Everybody knows it. That is why the team was fined.

  265. Trump says:

    Eagles – the only team in its division not to win a super bowl.


  266. Trump says:

    Serves the losers right.

  267. Trump says:

    Giants, redskins, Cowboys.

    Multiple time winners all.

  268. Trump says:

    Eagles – the runts of the division.

    Even Tampa bay has a super bowl.

  269. Trump says:

    Multiple ouch.

  270. Trump says:

    Fine the patriots all you want.

    5 Super Bowls.

  271. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Every season is different. Cowboys suck now without the woman-beating Zeke. Giants are fighting for the No. 1 draft pick. Redskins barely survived the winless 49ers.

    Of course, a critique by somebody who chose to originally post as a Soccer Guru who had to admit he doesn’t like soccer is more zzzzz.

  272. Trump says:

    Read a book, moron.

    I am not critiquing, just point out the facts, idiot.

  273. Trump says:

    Every season is different.

    Except for the Eagles.

  274. Bitterlaw says:

    Good for the Patriots. They only cheated in 2 of them.

  275. Trump says:

    How many Super Bowls?

    How many for the Eagles?

  276. Trump says:

    Losers say that winners cheated.

    So what’s new?

  277. Trump says:

    0 for 50? 51?

  278. Bitterlaw says:

    I can only imagine the front-running you had to do to pick a team. You probably like the Cowboys even though you don’t live in Texas. Lots of sad, broken people like the Cowboys.

  279. Bitterlaw says:

    The Eagles have not won a championship since 1960 when they beat Lombardi and the Packers. Hillary Clinton, despite your prediction of her landslide victory that would also give Congress to the Dems, hasn’t won the Presidency.

  280. Trump says:

    Lots of losers cling to Eagles.

    12 Super Bowls for the NFC East.


  281. Trump says:

    Even St. Louis Rams have a super bowl.

    Ouch and ouch.

  282. Trump says:

    Winners love winners.

    Losers cling to losers.

  283. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzz. I live near Philadelphia. I like the Eagles. If I picked another team, I would be a front runner. What team do you cheer for? I say Cowboys or Patriots. You are too much of a douche to be a Packers fan.

  284. Trump says:

    Even Baltimore.

    The sorriest little town in the US.

  285. Trump says:

    You are a pond sucking scum, will always be.

  286. Bitterlaw says:

    No. Many losers like winners. That explains why most Cowboys fans are not from Texas. Of course, the Cowboys haven’t won in 22 years but at least their fans in Ohio and the rest of the US can still wear their Aikman jerseys.

  287. Trump says:

    You must think zzzz is a word.

    Read comics much?

  288. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz. What team do you like, Trump Guru?

  289. Trump says:

    Well, the thug Eagles haven’t won anything in forever.

    So there’s that.

  290. Trump says:

    what’s zzzzzz?

    Keyboard stuck?

    Redskins. I used to live in DC when they were good.

  291. Mr.Vito says:

    I thought the teams with the most thugs usually won.

  292. Trump says:

    Used to have season tickets, before I moved from DC.

  293. Trump says:

    Teams with best coaches usually win.

    Madden, Shula, Gibbs, parcells, noll, Landry Johnson, Walsh, seifert.

  294. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzzz means you bore me.

  295. Mr.Vito says:

    Yeah, thugs and bad coaching are a bad combo (see Bengals)

  296. Trump says:

    And the best of all, Belicheck.

  297. Trump says:

    And the best of them all, Belicheck.

  298. Trump says:

    You are no charm either, dolt.

  299. Trump says:

    Somebody has to point out your stupidity. It’s a tireless job.

  300. Bitterlaw says:

    Redskins? I can see why you’re cranky. Cousins is going to get overpaid to be average.

  301. Trump says:

    How’s that different from the entire Eagles organization?

    Eagles have always been an arena league team playing with the big boys. Chip Kelly’s as a head coach? Enough said.

    12 SBs in the division.

  302. Trump Davis says:

    President Trump is awesome. Let’s remember that President Obama wouldn’t even call fallen soldiers! What a dispicable president !


  303. Trump says:

    This is what I like about you. You are so stupid you think I. Am cranky.

  304. Trump says:

    Just for hanging out in nfc east, Eagles should have had 4 sb s.

    By osmosis.

    But too much of a loser.

  305. Mr.Vito says:

    How do you call a fallen soldier?

  306. Trump Davis says:

    Mr. Vito, I meant he didn’t call the families of the fallen soldiers. It makes me so mad! Now we finally have a real president, the Great President Donald Trump! #MAGA

  307. Trump says:

    You’d think that, just by hanging out with champions, you’d learn something.

    But you are talking about the Eagles.

  308. lisab says:


    if it is any consolation, i am sure the eagles played their best

  309. Trump says:

    HHR, twisting the knife.


  310. Trump says:

    Ooh, not HHR.

  311. Bitterlaw says:

    Poor Trump Guru. He thinks a team winning or not winning a Super Bowl somehow reflects upon the fans. Maybe he thinks he is on the Redskins because they won Super Bowls decades ago.

  312. Trump says:

    No moron, I don’t think so.

    But I am sure that you think I do.

    You are just plain stupid.

  313. NYCmike says:

    Super Bowl III – J E T S ! ! !

    (of course that was before I was born, but that doesn’t matter in this riveting “discussion” between “Trump” and Bitterlaw).

  314. lisab says:

    just for fun i went back to see what people predicted about the superbowl between the patriots and eagles … apparently bitterlaw was not yet posting on the site … but md predicted an eagles win.

    my post was as follows, and i stand behind it to this day …

    lisab says:
    February 6, 2005 at 3:32 pm
    well i think the eagles will win despite being from MA.

    The Eagles running back Westbrook is more consistent and versatile than any of the backfield threats New England has faced in the playoffs this season.

    Also, Westbrook’s perfect pass-catching complement will be McNabb’s scrambling ability. Paired together, they are a tough assignment for New England’s linebackers, who will have to watch for Westbrook sneaking into the flats but also make sure McNabb doesn’t start breaking out of the pocket for long gains. Therefore i have to give the eagles the advantage.

    AND, eagles are big majestic birds that will be able to fly all around the field and besides they are a protected species so they deserve to win anyway.

    i have no idea what the second and third paragraphs mean — i copied it from yahoo sports ? go pats! i have a bet with my husband, he’s got the eagles. ?

  315. Trump says:

    Riveting, isn’t it?

    And moron finds this boring.

  316. Trump says:


    Even the jets have a sb.

    And, be still my beating heart, the kc Chiefs, too!!!!

  317. Trump says:

    Should I bring up saints and colts?

  318. Mr.Vito says:

    Ugh. No way they will ever quash conspiracy theories on this shooting. Too many mistakes and strange occurrences.

  319. Trump John says:

    Thank you MR. PRESIDENT !

    #MAGA Winning 2020

  320. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Ireland is being hit with a rare tropical storm, it is important they learn proper storm etiquette:

    “This is my first hurricane. So When do we start the looting?”

  321. Trump says:

    Just to set the record for the moron, I am not much of a follower of pro football for the last 15-20 years. I occasionally catch a game if a master artist like Brady or Peyton or Favre or Calvin Johnson or Emmit smith or Barry sanders was or is performing. And the super bowl, because it is usually a watch party.

    Beyond that, it is more boring than watching grass grow.

  322. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC is a perfect example of the value of a Super Bowlwin. The Jets have sucked almost every year since they won the Super Bowl. Probably as bad or worse than the Eagles. Yet, Joe Namath (worst QB in the Hall of Fame) bailed out the Jets forever.

  323. Bitterlaw says:

    Soccer Guru does not watch soccer. Now, after going on about the Eagles as if I am responsible for their record, he admits that he doesn’t really watch football.

    Classic douche.

  324. lisab says:

    A Canadian man rescued from a Taliban-linked group in Afghanistan last week said he thought his captors were joking when they told him Donald Trump had been elected president of the United States.

    Joshua Boyle and his wife, Caitlin Coleman, were kidnapped and held by the Haqqani network—whose leader is the deputy head of the Afghan Taliban—for five years and one day.

  325. lisab says:

    interestingly the canadian couple were forced to make a video asking donald trump to give the terrorists what they wanted in exchange for their release … they thought it was a joke.

    they were recently rescued by pakistani forces acting under usa intelligence supplied by the trump administration

  326. Trump says:

    I must confess that I have been to the pro football hall of fame a few times, when my son was younger and thought it was cool. It is about 20-25 mins from where I live.

    And I see a number of players every year at the Bridgestone golf tournament, as the hall of fame induction and the Bridgestone tournament are usually the same weekend every year. Found myself standing next to Jerry Rice ar fishy tee two years ago, and my son managed to get his autograph.

  327. Trump says:

    What an as&.

    Why is it douche not to care about football, as$hole?

    Are you demented?

  328. lisab says:

    again bitterlaw, i am sure the eagles played their best


    they almost were the best team …

  329. lisab says:

    second place is still pretty good

  330. Trump says:

    Where did I say that you were responsible for the Eagles being sucky all their existence?

    I just said losers cling to losers.

  331. Trump says:

    As I have maintained, English and logic and comprehension are not your strong suit.

    Neither math nor economics, for that matter, but that is for another time.

    Stick to the civil war.

  332. Bitterlaw says:

    At least Trump Guru helps push away the suicidal thoughts. I want to live long enough to find out who he is and hopefully read his obituary.

  333. Bitterlaw says:

    Again, losers become front runners of winning teams. Loyalty to one team despite its record is beyond him.

  334. Trump says:

    Whatever your rankings mean, moron.

    Don’t hold off your suicide on my account, scum.

  335. Trump says:

    Rantings, not rankings.

    Stick to civil war.

    Everything else seems to be beyond your grasp. And your medication.

  336. Bitterlaw says:

    Sad little Guru. Has to keep changing handles to run from his past posts. Why is he so afraid of being who he is.

  337. Bitterlaw says:

    If I go, my wife will have directions on what to post here.

  338. Trump says:

    I am who I am, douche nozzle.

    Deal with it. Or not.

  339. Trump says:

    Don’t be a crybaby, moron.

    Grow up.

    All this drama over making fun of a stupid football,team!!!


  340. Bitterlaw says:

    GFY. I have problems you will never know about. You’re not worth dying over.

  341. Trump says:

    Then don’t die.

    Just fu ck yourself.

  342. Trump says:

    “You’re not worth dying over.”

    I seriously think you should seek professional help. Who in his right mind even thinks about dying over some random comments from a stranger on the Internet?

    There is something seriously short-circuited in your mind.

  343. Tina says:

    Tick tock, boom.

    Hillary and russian collusion.


  344. JC says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    October 16, 2017 at 11:04 pm
    At least Trump Guru helps push away the suicidal thoughts. I want to live long enough to find out who he is and hopefully read his obituary.

    Did you just assume xer gender!!1!11!!!!1

  345. lisab says:


    you are a trained lawyer. someone who is supposed to look at facts unemotionally.

    if you are having suicidal thoughts you need to get some help.

    it is almost certainly caused by your medication. call your doctor … please

  346. Bitterlaw says:

    lisab – I have been indifferent to the thought of dying for decades. It has nothing to do with medication.

  347. Bitterlaw says:

    Before I switched insulin, I had 3 umfixable problems..

    After I switched insulin, I had 4 unfixable problems and the 4th had nothing to do with insulin.

    in lisab’s mind, the problem is the insulin.

  348. Bitterlaw says:

    This morning, it was 39 degrees.i did not even wear a coat to go out. In the South, they would probably cancel school for this brutal cold.

  349. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Bob Dylan dedicates this classic to bigot Bitterlaw:

  350. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Who knew that Dylan was a racist,white supremist?! Will Bitter ever listen to Dylan’s music again? The World needs to know.

  351. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t listen to Dylan. Why start now? The 60s had some great music. It also had some terrible voices – Dylan and Janice Joplin were brutal.

  352. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    You have to be kidding? No wonder why your life is so sad!

  353. Bitterlaw says:

    When we toured the University of Alabama with my son, it was 5 degrees when we left Philadelphia. It was 49 in Alabama. I wore a sweatshirt. The locals were bundled in layers. They kept apologizing that it was so cold and they hoped it would not factor in to his decision to choose the school.

  354. Bitterlaw says:

    Joplin screamed. Her voice sucked.

  355. Bitterlaw says:

    Please clarify that my alleged bigotry is towards the South and not based on race. Thank you and GFY.

  356. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    The great,but crazy and self-destructive Janis Joplin with her classic ballad—“Me and Bobby McGee”. You be the judge of Ms. Joplin’s incredible voice.

  357. Bitterlaw says:

    I have judged her. Her voice sucked. Her vocal range included screaming.

  358. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    It appears that the Virginia Governor’s race is tightening. Gillespie(R) down 4 now after being minus 7 a week ago.

  359. Mr.Vito says:

    Joplin and Springstein have a lot in common.

  360. Wes says:

    Gillespie is up 49-48 in a new poll.

    Come on, Ed!

    Win this!

  361. Wes says:

    48.72-48.31 if you want to be technical. If Gillespie wins this (thus negating the near certain Dem pickup of the Sewer State of New Jersey), then I think we can all breathe easier about 2018. 2001 because of 9/11 and2013 excepted because Cuccinelli split the party snd launched a kamikaze mission, the elections the year following the presidential election have been a bellweyher for the midterm results since 1993.

  362. Wes says:

    “alleged bigotry”

    The same way John Wayne Gacy was an alleged serial killer.