Nelson Leads Scott By 6% in FL

Oh thank goodness, this website is still here….

Public Policy Polling has released a new poll for the just joined batle of Bill Nelson and Rick Scott in Florida and it shows the incumbent Democrat with a 6% lead.

Bill Nelson (D-inc) 50%
Rick Scott (R) 44%

This poll was done April 10-11 among 661 registered voters. The article does state “Democratic consultant Christian Ulvert of EDGE Communications paid for the poll. He is currently serving as a senior adviser to Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine’s gubernatorial campaign.”

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  1. SoHope says:


  2. Michael says:

    New Polls

    Mason Dixon – Missouri

    McCaskill (D) 45%
    Hawley (R) 44%

    Trump Approval
    Approve 47%
    Disapprove 45%

    Trump’s Approval is up from the Gravis Poll 46/50, and McCaskill is down from her 2-point lead.

  3. Tgca says:

    Cinco Bebe! Cinco!

  4. Tgca says:

    900!!! Yes!

    I figure I mind as well claim the spot now since Dave will go AWOL for sometime before a new thread emerges.

  5. mnw says:

    That’s not where an incumbent like Sky Queen wants to be.

    Hawley needs to raise more money, btw.

    The PPP FL is a DEM internal, essentially.

  6. MichiganGuy says:

    #4 Michael, it’s about time you pulled your weight on polls. You been slacking a lot lately.

  7. MichiganGuy says:

    New Jersey Senate:
    Menendez 53%
    Hugin 32%
    Monmouth Poll

  8. Michael says:

    What’s interesting about Missouri is now that Trump is developing a better job approval he could start getting involved in the race.

  9. mnw says:

    The M-D MO Sen poll is RVs.

    I find it encouraging in many respects.

  10. NYCmike says:


  11. NYCmike says:

    **can’t post a link from pjmedia**

    -2 black women being lied to by Zuckerberg – NOPE, Republicans won’t use that to club the media and the Democrats….

  12. NYCmike says:

    -Stupid for Trump to do this… need whatsoever.

  13. NYCmike says:

    -I did not realize HE was a full-fledged member!

    Does he still show up at the clubhouse, Bitterlaw?

  14. NYCmike says:

    -“Mr. Trump was meeting with lawmakers from states that rely on agriculture when he made the comments about the TPP. Sen. Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican who was in the meeting, said he believed Mr. Trump was serious about his interest in re-entering the trade pact.

    “That’s really good news for America,” Mr. Sasse said.”

    Sasse, #NeverTrump hero to Robbie and “CG”, possibly working with Trump?!?

    OH MY!

  15. Michael says:

    GOP Primary
    Mike DeWine 42%
    Mary Taylor 32%

    An internal poll for Taylor, but the race is close enough that I feel that this election will be a good indicator of registration leaning for voters, since this is seen after every primary.

  16. Diamond Jim says:

    Thread’s dead baby. Thread’s dead.

  17. Hugh says:

    News too depressing to motivate posting unless you’re Robbie

  18. Tina says:

    A ben asse appearance?

  19. Tina says:

    Check out

  20. NYCmike says:

    “News too depressing to motivate posting unless you’re Robbie”

    -Hugh trying to wrestle away the Downer Championship Belt from Phil!

  21. Cash Cow TM says:



  22. Gelt Goose says:


  23. Tina says:

    Pius Comedy

    ABC says, Comey’s book says, Comey knows of CLASSIFIED information about AG Lynch that;

    “if the information had become public, it would have been undoubtedly used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation.”

    Good, let drat vs drat vs drat begin….

  24. Tina says:


    Trump set to pardon scooter libby.

    Mute 43 failed to do the pardon.

    He commuted libbys sentence only.

  25. Tina says:


    Trump set to pardon scooter libby.

    Mute 43 failed to do the pardon.

    He commuted libbys sentence only.

  26. Robbie says:

    Who among us hasn’t had a love child with the housekeeper in our building and paid her to stay quiet?

  27. Robbie says:

    Poor fake tough guy Michael Cohen. Apparently, the moron taped his calls with people in Trump world (possibly Trump) and the digital recordings may have been seized in the FBI raid on Monday.

    I have a bit of advice for Michael Cohen. If he drops the soap in the prison shower, don’t bend over to pick it up.

  28. Chicon says:

    Because you’ll be right behind him…..

  29. Robbie says:

    Remember when all of the Trump University graduates at HHR said the Stormy Daniels story would be a nothing burger? Whoops. It looks like the HHR collective was wrong again.

    Instead of the story being a nothing burger, now the FBI is investigating Trump’s fake tough guy over the hush money he paid to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal for wire fraud, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations.

    And by the way Trump University graduates, the only way a raid like the one the FBI conducted on Cohen happens is if a judge concludes there was probable cause. In other words, the judge was convinced a crime was taking place at the locations searched.

  30. Robbie says:

    Chicon says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:31 pm
    Because you’ll be right behind him…..

    -Poor chiclown. It’s been such an awful couple of days for the Trump worshipers that they have to resort to gay jokes. Is that better than believing in conspiracy theories?

    I do feel your pain, though, chiclown. You put your faith in Trump and now his presidency is blowing up in tabloid fashion right in front of your face.

  31. Phil says:


  32. Hugh says:

    Robbie you have probably do not have much experiences with judges but if you think the American justice system is blind you are very naive. Just look at the 9th circuit.

  33. Robbie says:

    Remember, Trumpers. It’s only going to get worse. There is no “better” with Trump. If you think it’s bad now (and it is), a month from now this period will feel like the good old days.

    There are seven months to go until the November elections. That’s more than enough time for Republicans to throw Trump overboard and hope six or seven months of Pence would be enough time to calm the waters and give Republicans a chance to salvage the elections.

    Alas, that won’t happen. The Trump University graduates will spend the next seven months claiming all the bad really doesn’t matter that Rasmussen polls say everything is fine.

  34. Robbie says:

    Phil says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    – After a week like the one Trump’s had, I’m not surprised this is the best you have to offer.

    At least you’re getting the wall. Oh, wait.

  35. Phil says:

    Why? You’d just be on here day in day out babbling about Pence.

  36. Robbie says:

    Hugh says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:39 pm
    Robbie you have probably do not have much experiences with judges but if you think the American justice system is blind you are very naive. Just look at the 9th circuit.

    – You’re right. The deep state has worked its magic again. Those guys are wily, aren’t they?

  37. Phil says:

    Did something happen today to set Robbie off? Something the gals said on the View? Fallon’s monologue maybe?

  38. Wes says:

    Has Robbie ever spoken favorably of any Republican other than JEB!? If so, I’ve missed it.

  39. Phil says:

    Wes, i’m on here most every day and the answer is nope.

  40. Wes says:

    Thanks, Phil.

  41. Robbie says:

    Phil says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:44 pm
    Why? You’d just be on here day in day out babbling about Pence.

    – You’ve been listening to the Trump University valedictorian Jason fraud too much.

    In 2011 when the 2012 presidential process was kicking off, Mike Pence was one of my early choices along with Mitch Daniels and Jeb Bush.

    I think Pence would be a fine president who would quite effective in governing and relatively popular with the 53% or so of the voters who would have voted for any Republican president other than Trump in 2016.

    Does he have his flaws? Sure. Name one who doesn’t. Is he a disgraceful, morally repugnant, dirtball like Trump who is emotionally unstable? Nope.

    And compared to the 15 months of chaos and insanity through which Trump has put the country, Pence would look like a Washington or Lincoln. Remember, Ford had very high approval ratings after Nixon resigned. It was the pardon that hurt Ford’s standing.

  42. Robbie says:

    Phil says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:47 pm
    Did something happen today to set Robbie off? Something the gals said on the View? Fallon’s monologue maybe?

    – I get such a kick out of Phil thinking I watch CNN or MSNBC just because I offer an opinion of Trump that he doesn’t like.

  43. Robbie says:

    Wes says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:47 pm
    Has Robbie ever spoken favorably of any Republican other than JEB!? If so, I’ve missed it.

    – Let’s see. I have spoken favorably of GWB, Romney in the last couple of years, Rob Portman, Condi Rice, Ben Sasse, Mitch McConnell, Cory Gardner, John McCain, and others. I could also list a lot of Republicans from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, but most of them are old news.

    By the way, still think it’s 1970?

  44. Robbie says:

    Phil says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:49 pm
    Wes, i’m on here most every day and the answer is nope.

    – Wrong. I just don’t like the Tea Party candidates like Cruz who have come to dominate the discussions these last seven or eight years.

  45. Robbie says:

    Wes says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:49 pm
    Thanks, Phil.

    – Phil’s wrong. He’s just mad that I don’t share his view that immigration is a plot by the Democrats to ruin the country.

  46. MichiganGuy says:

    #AZ08 Special Election:
    Debbie Lesko (R) 53%
    Hiral Tipirneni (D) 43%

  47. Phil says:

    Not good numbers for Nelson as an incumbent. That should be quite an interesting race.

  48. Robbie says:

    One last thought before I sign off for the night.

    The James Comey book tour is a big mistake. It was absolutely wrong the way Trump fired him, but Comey is the wrong person to make the case against Trump. And according to excerpts of the book, it appears Comey took some rather personal shots at Trump (hand size being one). That will only diminish whatever message Comey hoped to deliver.

  49. Tina says:

    hicon says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:31 pm
    Because you’ll be right behind him…..


  50. Robbie says:

    Tina says:
    April 12, 2018 at 11:02 pm
    hicon says:
    April 12, 2018 at 10:31 pm
    Because you’ll be right behind him…..


    – How’s the shock therapy going?

  51. Tina says:

    And doen goes flub.

  52. Tina says:

    More comedy please.

    Comedy hour is great.

    Hand size

    Moon under eyes.

    Admits he feared her thighness.


  53. Tina says:

    Nelson is vulnerable.

    Scott is a winner.

    Remeber the closet drats complaining about scott when he went against the fan,

  54. MichiganGuy says:

    California Governor – Open Primary:
    Newsom (D) 26%
    Cox (R) 15%
    Villaraigosa (D) 13%
    Allen (R) 10%
    Chiang (D) 7%
    Eastin (D) 6%
    Undecided 22%
    PPIC Poll

  55. Phil says:

    Robbie, I don’t know what set you off tonight but go to bed, man – after you take in Fallon’s monologue of course.

  56. Tina says:

    Quittens and mute

    Real republicans that the ds can control


  57. Tina says:

    Ugh. Will i have to chose nuissance vs la raza for governor?

  58. Phil says:

    Newsome is your next governor, Tina. God help you.

  59. Tina says:

    There is no need tfor trump to undress crooked cop, comedy.

    Let the rnc do it.

  60. Tina says:


    Rnc is great.

    Pius comedy cannot stand the heat and will implode.

    More comedy, not oess.

  61. Phil says:

    Actually, as much as I hate to agree with anything Robbie says, he’s actually right about Comey. Comey is just going to make himself look bad.

  62. Tina says:

    Trump should declassify immmediately all the fisa judge opinion.

    Triigger the drats and never trumoer aholes.

  63. MichiganGuy says:

    Florida Governor GE:
    Graham (D) 40%
    DeSantis (R) 36%
    Graham (D) 37%
    Putnam (R) 36%
    Levine (D) 42%
    DeSantis (R) 37%
    Levine (D) 41%
    Putnam (R) 37%
    Opinion of Donald Trump:
    Favorable 46%
    Unfavorable 48%
    Opinion of Bill Nelson:
    Favorable 47%
    Unfavorable 37%
    Opinion of Rick Scott:
    Favorable 47%
    Unfavorable 46%

    ppppolls / Edge Communications

  64. Tina says:

    Phil that is the idea.

    And he will do a goid job at that.

    The drats, like rottie and cli ton groupie, are worried.

  65. Tina says:

    Then declassify the fisa warrant used against fbi asset, carter page.

    Yea, fbi asset.

    Please do so, president trump.


  66. MichiganGuy says:

    New York Governor – Democratic Primary:

    Andrew Cuomo 68%
    Cynthia Nixon 21%

  67. Tina says:

    COmedy is the drats problem.

  68. MichiganGuy says:

    Florida Governor – Democratic Primary:
    Levine 29%
    Graham 23%
    Gillum 8%
    King 4%
    Undecided 36%
    ppppolls / Edge Communications

  69. Tina says:

    Mr. Comey, please do not go on tee vee.

    Signed, Jebot aka Concerned Democrat for Hillary.

  70. Tina says:

    Poll on mukehead, not looking great

    Too many ties to comedy,.

  71. MichiganGuy says:

    Senate GOP Primary:
    Cong Jim Renacci 22%
    Businessman Mike Gibbons 7%
    Others 6%
    Governor GOP Primary:
    Atty Gen Mike DeWine 43%
    Lt Gov Mary Taylor 26%
    Governor Dem Primary:
    Ex-Atty Gen Richard Cordray 28%
    Ex-Cong Dennis Kucinich 13%
    St Sen Joe Schiavoni 5%
    Others 4%

  72. MichiganGuy says:

    The Ohio Poll was done by Fallon Research & Communications, Inc.

  73. MichiganGuy says:

    California’s 49th Congressional District Open Primary:
    Rocky Chavez (R)16%
    Doug Applegate (D) 12%
    Mike Levin (D) 9%
    Diane Harkey (R) 8%
    Paul Kerr (D) 8%
    Sara Jacobs (D) 7%
    Brian Maryott (R) 5%
    Kristin Gaspar (R) 5%
    Mike Schmitt (R) 3%
    David Medway (R) 1%
    Craig Nordal (R) 1%
    Joshua Schoonover (R) 1%
    Joshua Hancock (L) 1%
    Jordan Mills (PFP) 1%
    Undecided 21%
    SurveyUSA Poll

  74. MichiganGuy says:

    ok, I think that is enough polls for one day. lol

  75. Cash Cow TM says:

    “CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia is split on U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., according to a poll published Thursday.

    In Morning Consult’s latest Senator Approval Rankings, Manchin has a 43 percent approval rating and 44 percent disapproval rating with a 2 percent margin of error.

    This is the first time Manchin’s numbers have been underwater since President Donald Trump took office. Manchin had a 57 percent approval rating and 33 percent disapproval rating in Morning Consult’s April 2017 rankings, the first of the Trump presidency. The senior senator had a 52 percent approval rating among West Virginia voters earlier this year in January, compared to 36 percent disapproval.

    The 17 point slide since the January is the largest decline of any senator….”

  76. Gelt Goose says:


  77. mnw says:


    But are they going to nominate the ex-con dude?

  78. Chicon says:

    Some good Robbie reading last night.

    Anyway, more data on Robbie’s theory that off year congressional election performance by the party holding the White House is most accurately predicted by the President’s JA number.

    In 2006, W had a 37 JA and lost 30 seats. In 2010

  79. Chicon says:

    In 2010, Obama had a 45 JA and lost 63 seats.

  80. Chicon says:

    Yep, totes correlates, Flyboy.

  81. Chicon says:

    Perhaps Obama lost so many seats because his personal popularity is much higher than the popularity of his policies, and he was not on the ballot.

    Will the opposite be true for Trump? He’s personally unpopular, but his programs are better received. Time will tell. Robbie is positive, though…..

  82. Messy57 says:

    The DNC under Debbie Shultz was a disaster. She only wanted Hillary for president and the rest of the party be damned. Also, Republican lies about Obamacare were believed, and in ’14, it was all about Obama bringing ebola into the country.

  83. Chicon says:

    Messy is as detached from reality as Robbie.

  84. Phil says:

    In 14 it was all about Obama bringing ebola into this country?


    I never heard that one. Thanks for explaining that to us.

    Detached from reality might be an understatement.

  85. MichiganGuy says:

    President Trump:

    James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did-until he was, in fact, fired. He leaked CLASSIFIED information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH. He is a weak and untruthful slime ball who was, as time has proven, a terrible Director of the FBI. His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the worst “botch jobs” of history. It was my great honor to fire James Comey!

  86. Tina says:

    Chicon giod points on rottie,

    Again, for comedy hour, check out the rnc website

  87. Tina says:

    Boom, trump tweets on c9medy. Thanks, mg.

    Ths is rich.

    Jebots will be triggered.

    I oresume it is ok to bash conedy, right?

    He is 18 righ!

  88. Tina says:

    Comey will get kod by trump.

    Trump is a street fighter and a counter puncher. Comedy is a. White collar criminal.

  89. Tina says:

    Trump to pardon scooter libby.

    The reporter admiited after the trial that she helped convict libby an inaccurate testimony.

    Mute 43 only commuted his sentence.

    John Cardillo Retweeted
    Jack Posobiec
    Jack Posobiec
    Jake Tapper claims Scooter Libby leaked the identity of Valerie Plame

    Here is a CNN article where Richard Armitage admits he leaked the identity of Valerie Plame

  90. Tina says:

    Kurt Schlichter
    Kurt Schlichter
    Stunning development, a man who is being lied about by a foreign government wants the US government to help him and is concerned that these lies might disturb his wife
    ABC News
    Former FBI Director James Comey says President Trump asked him to investigate the salacious allegations from the so-called “dossier” to “prove that it didn’t happen” and said it would be “terrible” if his wife Melania Trump would believe them to be true. (link:
    Show this thread

    Comedy just prooved trumps point.

  91. Tina says:

    STEPHANOPOULOS: “Did you tell him that the Steele dossier had been financed by his political opponents?”

    COMEY: “No. I didn’t.”

    STEPHANOPOULOS: “But did he have a right to know that?”

    COMEY: “That it had been financed by his political opponents? I don’t know the answer to that.”

    Boom, yes he did lyin comedy.

  92. Tina says:

    More comedy, please.

  93. Cash Cow TM says:

    “mnw says:
    April 13, 2018 at 7:42 am

    But are they going to nominate the ex-con dude?”
    It appears to be a three-man race right now.

    IMO, Blankenship and Rep. Jenkins both have strength in the southern 1/3 of WV (CD#3) and could split votes there enough that AG Morrissey could squeak through.

    Very fluid race….

  94. Cash Cow TM says:

    Morrissey’s base is the Eastern Panhandle (hi lives in Harpers Ferry a the estreme eastern tip of WV), but the EP had a horrid history of having a very poor primary turnout.

  95. DW says:

    the 10-1 New York Mets have an embarrassment of riches for starting pitchers. If they all could stay off the DL, which would be no small feat, then it could be quite a memorable year.

    Jacob deGrom: Their most consistent and healthy ace the last several years.

    Noah Syndergaard: Mets’ co-ace with deGrom. Capable of putting up huge strikeout numbers and 100+ mph heat. He is weak when runners get on base as they can steal pretty easily.

    Matt Harvey: Has struggled last couple of years but looks like he is getting back on his game.

    Steven Matz: Lefty has a bad outing for every two or three good outings, but when he is on, he is very effective.

    Zach Wheeler: Finally returned from Tommy John surgery. Struggled in spring training, but just had his first start and was very effective.

    Robert Gsellman: Would be a starter on any other team, but comes out of the pen and shuts down teams in middle inning relief.

    Seth Lugo: Same role as Gsellman but even more effective. Limited to only 6 innings of relief thus far, still no earned runs. He would easily start on any other team.

    Jason Vargas: Is coming back from the DL and figures to replace Wheeler in the starting rotation.

    So in summary, they have 8 legitimate starters, so three will be available for middle relief. The Mets will also have the luxury of pulling a starter early, when he has a bad day as any of the three in the bull pen can come in and give four or five innings work with no problem.

    As to the role of closer, it appears Familia is back on his game after being on the DL last year.

    So there is a reason the Mets lead MLB in runs allowed at only 31 after 11 games.

    No idea if it will last.

  96. MichiganGuy says:

    California’s 49th Congressional District Open Primary:
    Former state Assemblywoman Young Kim (R) 13%
    Businessman Andy Thorburn (D) 11%
    Navy veteran Gil Cisneros (D) 11%
    Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson (R) 10%
    Former state Senate Minority LDR Bob Huff(R) 10%
    Pediatrician Mai Khanh Tran (D): 6
    Former Commerce Dept. official Sam Jammal(D) 4%
    Mellman Group Internal Poll for Thornburn

  97. MichiganGuy says:

    That should be California’s 39th Congressional District

  98. DW says:

    Also, I am not sure many would have thought that after a dozen games the Phillies would be ahead of the Nationals in the standings.

  99. Phil says:

    Comey is a sanctimonious, self important dick. Trump needs to shut up and let the guy hang himself….but as usual Trump can’t help himself. If he wants to hit back let his spokesmen do the talking. By in large I like Trump’s policies minus tariffs, but he has no temperament (which America knew when they elected him). Letting yourself get into a food fight with the likes of Comey serves no purpose and is totally unnecessary. Trump is the president. Getting down on Comey’s level is silly and counter productive.

  100. MichiganGuy says:

    Arkansas Governor
    Hutchinson (R) 63%
    Henderson (D) 24%
    Undecided 13%
    Mason-Dixon Poll

  101. mnw says:


    Thx for the update on WV Sen.

    I hope the GOP doesn’t throw the opportunity away.

  102. Phil says:

    Looks like the Republican Governor of Arkansas will survive the infamous “blue wave.”

  103. Tina says:

    Comedy has created a new enemy.

    The Rooster now says that comedy has politicized the fbi.

    I like how effectively the Rs, through the Rnc, have effectively attacked, Comedy will be so badly damaged when this is over.

    Lbut okease, more Conedy.

  104. MichiganGuy says:

    Do you support or oppose the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare?
    Support 53%
    Oppose 31%
    Do you support or oppose having a national health plan–or a single-payer plan–in which all Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan?
    Support 51%
    Oppose 43%
    Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as a…
    Democrat 29%
    Republican 22%
    Independent 36%
    Other 6%
    No opinion/Refused 7%
    Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation

  105. Phil says:

    I am critical of Trump for the way he is responding to Comey. That said, this book and tour is going to be a disaster for James Comey……the more the public sees of this guy the more they are going to dislike him. Playing the sanctimonious entity of virtue isn’t generally effective. People don’t like it. Comes off as arrogant and self important. Furthermore, the MSM is going to lose further credibility by pushing Comey as a face virtue. People aren’t going to like him and it will be one more reason to discount media messenger. Finally, I think it is absolutely stupid for him to go on record with things prior to the Inspector General’s report. Really dumb.

  106. Chicon says:

    114 – hi, Phil. I tend to agree about Trump’s yammering about Comey. I do think though, that a certain amount is necessary to force the swine media to cover his point.

  107. Phil says:

    Agree with you that there should be a certain amount of Pushback from Trump. We all remember how it worked out for W when he just laid there while the left walked all over him. He just needs to tone it down and lose the “slimeball” references if he is determined to tweet. People will come to that conclusion on their own watching Comey operate. The more they see the guy the more they will dislike him.

  108. Tina says:

    I listened to the radio. They are leading with comedy, slimeball.

    Comedy will be damaged severely, everybody hates him.

  109. Tina says:

    Chris Wallace surprised how beotchy comedy’s book is.

    Nothing new in it.

    So comedy is a slime ball and a beotch.

  110. Chicon says:

    DW – Phils are doing well. Imagine how they’d be doing if they hired a decent manager. Gabe’s a train wreck…according to Bitter.

  111. NYCmike says:

    “Also, Republican lies about Obamacare were believed, and in ’14, it was all about Obama bringing ebola into the country.”

    -Lies about Obamacare? Which ones?

    1) your doctor would drop you – TRUE.
    2) your plan would not stay the same – TRUE
    3) premiums would go up – TRUE

  112. NYCmike says:


    What is that about?

  113. NYCmike says:

    Robbie – a TRUE Republican, who only wants the PARTY to benefit.

    Alan Dershowitz – a Democrat who voted for Hillary

    Which one, would you believe, wants what is best for the country?

  114. Tina says:

    Nick Short ??
    Nick Short ??
    Comey informed Trump on Jan. 6, 2017, about the dossier’s most salacious unproven charges & presented the allegation to Trump as an intelligence report, keeping him in the dark about it being a piece of opposition research funded by Hillary & DNC.

    James Comey kept Donald Trump in the dark on dossier’s Democrat

  115. Tina says:

    Sean Davis Retweeted
    James Hasson
    James Hasson
    Would you say failing to tell the President-elect of the United States that a foreign dossier containing salacious allegations about him was financed by his domestic political opponents is grossly negligent, or just extremely careless?
    Charlie Spiering
    STEPHANOPOULOS: Did you tell him that the Steele dossier had been financed by his political opponents?

    COMEY: No. I didn’t…

    STEPHANOPOULOS: But did he have a right to know that?

    COMEY: That it had been financed by his political opponents? I don’t know the answer to that.

  116. Tgca says:

    Comey is stupid for admitting he knew that the dossier was funded by Hillary and company. Then he goes on to advise Trump not to investigate the dossier, as a Trump asked, because an investigation would not prove it untrue and put more focus on it. So Trump is willing to go the fight to refute it, and Comey advises against this which implies Trump has a consistent point about this being false and therefore, as later acknowledge, shows Hillary’s folks were working with foreign entities during the election to effect the election. We know of no such case with Trump but we know of it with Hilary.

  117. Chicon says:

    If Comey knew the dossier was funded by hrc, did he mention that in the FISA application? Does he think he should have?

  118. Tgca says:

    Rodenstein slams Comey by saying he stands by Comeys firing and people don’t know what they know about Comey. I guess he’s just waiting for the IG report to come out and tell it all.

    Rodenstein is not a Trump sycophant especially since Trump has been considering firing him too. The fact that Roddy is expecting to be fired at some point but still taking sides on the Comey issue looks bad for Comey.

  119. Tina says:

    Exactly,math at is the problem no coup plotter informed the fisha judge.

    Swampstein signed one of the fisha extensions. So I think he will need to recuse himself soon, or be fired.

  120. Tina says:

    Saw that article about swampstein. However, trump has not fired him, even though he expects to be fired soon.

    Cannot wait for the other details to come out about comedy that swampstein mentioned.

  121. Tina says:

    Scooter Libby pardoned.

    Another mute 43 error corrected.

  122. Tina says:

    In 2015, one of the key witnesses against Mr. Libby recanted her testimony, stating publicly that she believes the prosecutor withheld relevant information from her during interviews that would have altered significantly what she said. The next year, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals unanimously reinstated Mr. Libby to the bar, reauthorizing him to practice law. The Court agreed with the District of Columbia Disciplinary Counsel, who stated that Mr. Libby had presented credible evidence in support of his innocence, including evidence that a key prosecution witness had changed her recollection of the events in question.

  123. Tina says:

    1. Libby was the victim of a rogue prosecutor, just as the left hopes Trump will be.
    2. The person who assigned the prosecutor on the Libby case was James Comey
    3. Message sent to Flynn and others that we’ll pardon victims of rogue prosecutors

  124. mnw says:


    Agree about Libby. Long overdue.

  125. DW says:

    Great news on Libby.

    So far, some interesting teams involved the baseball pennant races.

    Yes, the pennant race.

    My background in math tells me the games going on in April count just as much as the ones in September. I always laugh in September when players and managers being interviewed talk about the games they are playing as though NOW they are really important as though April games count for nothing.

  126. Tina says:

    Breaking, ig report on mccabe out.

    This is not the full Ig report, however, just only for mccabe.

  127. Cash Cow TM says:


    Horrific videos of cows beaten, burned lead to jail for dairy workers…


  128. Tina says:


    His sets up the criminal action against drat mccabe.

    Special Counsel is Lisa Page, the mistress.

    The drats are turning against each other.

  129. Chicon says:

    Mnw – really? Ras? Fake polls! Sorry, just pinch hitting for Flyboy Wobbles…..

    We’re NOT supposed to put ANY credence in Ras polls because they’ve been wrong before, yet we are complete dolts if we don’t listen to Robbie; despite his less than stellar track record.

  130. Tina says:

    F-note10. (pg 24) In a letter submitted by McCabe’s counsel after reviewing a draft of this report, McCabe argues: “the OIG should credit Mr. McCabe’s account over Director Comey’s” and complains that the report “paints Director Comey as a white knight”

    Boom. More on the drat comedy vs drat mccabe ear.

  131. NYCmike says:

    “RAS 50”

    -John (?) McLaughlin was on The Mark Simone Show this morning, speaking about various things.

    He repeatedly said that all of his dealings OUTSIDE of the DC area are markedly different than what you read in the major MSM outlets.

    He also said most of his interactions point to the Republican Congress as being the issue, NOT Trump.

  132. NYCmike says:

    -This is from 09/2017.

    “Sixty-three percent believe House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should be replaced.
    Only 15 percent said they would support the reelection of Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell.
    A majority of those who support Ryan and McConnell are Democrats.”

  133. Tina says:


    Donald J. Trump
    DOJ just issued the McCabe report – which is a total disaster. He LIED! LIED! LIED! McCabe was totally controlled by Comey – McCabe is Comey!! No collusion, all made up by this den of thieves and lowlifes!
    12:36 PM – Apr 13, 2018

  134. Tina says:

    Den of thieves and lowlifes.

  135. mnw says:

    NYC 144

    I think that’s right!

    If the GOP in Congress stood shoulder to shoulder with Trump on the major issues, no blue wave.

    They act like a bunch of chicken littles. (and chicken zh*ts).

  136. Tina says:

    Comedy, mccabe two peas in a pod.
    Sarah Sanders.

  137. Tina says:

    Breaking: DOJ IG report presents new evidence Obama DOJ sought to shut down FBI investigation of Clinton Foundation. Top Obama DOJ official “expressed concerns about FBI agents taking overt steps in the CF [Clinton Foundation] Investigation during the presidential campaign.”

  138. Tina says:

    James Comey
    Special Agent Andrew McCabe stood tall over the last 8 months, when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on. He served with distinction for two decades. I wish Andy well. I also wish continued strength for the rest of the FBI. America needs you.
    6:09 PM – Jan 29, 2018


  139. Tina says:


    Jacob Wohl
    WOW! Devin Nunes says the documents that Rod Rosenstein finally turned over show that the Obama State Department colluded with a foreign intelligence agency to start the FAKE Russia Investigation!
    1:02 PM – Apr 13, 2018

  140. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    If Trump were innocent, why would he wait until the FBI had already raided his lawyer to pardon? Why not just do it at the beginning of his presidency if he thought it was just a miscarriage of justice?

    Oh that’s right; because he’s a short-sighted criminal who wants to send a signal he will pardon his co-conspirators.

    If Trump had a (D) after his name, you would’ve called for his impeachment long, long ago.

    The Republican base is now an unhinged mob in defense of an orange goon.

  141. NYCmike says:

    “– I get such a kick out of Phil thinking I watch CNN or MSNBC just because I offer an opinion of Trump that he doesn’t like.”


    You don’t offer opinions.

    You regurgitate verbatim what they say on these shows or in certain newspapers.

    And they do NOT report. They actively try to undermine our President, to an extent of which I have never seen before.

  142. Tina says:

    BREAKING Nunes: The Obama State Department set up some sort of “backchannel” with one of our Five Eyes partners to share intel outside of normal procedures that led to the start of the Trump investigation

  143. Tina says:

    Paging mulehead, collusion…

  144. NYCmike says:

    “If Trump had a (D) after his name, you would’ve called for his impeachment long, long ago.”

    -Are you Robbie’s co-pilot?

  145. Tina says:

    Sarah sanders

    Mccabe is Comey.

  146. mnw says:


    The Kindergarden (sic) Kid is here!

    Did one of you call room service & ask them to send up a moron?

  147. Tina says:

    I criticize the Rs a lot, but we are effectively counter attacking and anihikating deep state. Mccabe, comedy

    Good work finally.

  148. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy has stepped down as Republican National Committee deputy finance chair, according to three people familiar with the matter.

    The departure followed reports on Friday afternoon that in 2017, President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen had negotiated a $1.6 million payment on Broidy’s behalf to a Playboy Playmate who said that Broidy had impregnated her


    I remember some retard had a rolling list of people accused that made it seem like all the sexual harassers were Democrats. And now the Republicans are coming out and the crimes are far worse.

    The mob mentality is so sad.

  149. Tina says:

    Looks like they caught mccabe on audiotape lying,

    Bye bye drat wannabee fbi director for hillary.

  150. Tgca says:


    Trump is an orange goon? I guess under your in-depth analysis, it is appropriate to label folks by apparent physical characteristics so does that make

    Obama’s a brown goon?

    Hillary a big ole booty goon?

    Nancy a Botox goon?

    Why do you need to include degrading comments based on physical appearance? I don’t think that is appropriate you pencil d*ck!

  151. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    It’s funny how all of these people in the “deep state” served with distinction for decades in both Democratic and Republican administrations and are suddenly enemies now that a corrupt buffoon is president.

    It’s also funny how Tina cares about this issue so much now and yet has never mentioned it ever before in over a decade of posting here.

    At least not until the right-wing media started giving fake news talking points for her to repeat .

    Seek mental illness help Tina. For your own sake.

  152. Tgca says:


    What worse crimes? From what have been reported, the crimes of failure to file paperwork and misleading investigators pales to what we see coming out if the FBI.

    IG just reported McCabe lied a number of times to investigators? When will he be charged like Flynn.

    Hillary lied about emails and their security classification. Has she been charged?

    Comey claims Lynch tried tried to obstruct his investigation. Has she been charged?

    Comey appears to have lied to Congress if you believe McCabe, and he appears to have also not reported the obstruction pressure on him by Lynch in the investigation which is a federal violation for not reporting it. Has he been charged?

    Shall we continue?

  153. NYCmike says:

    “And now the Republicans are coming out and the crimes are far worse.”

    -Impregnating a Playboy Bunny is worse than having an unsecured server full of classified information??

    Democrats have ODD priorities……

  154. Wes says:

    Most guys would probably consider impregnating a Playboy bunny a badge of honor rather than a crime.

  155. Tgca says:

    These people served with distinction? Rally?

    That’s what they said about J. Edgar Hoover, even naming a building after him. They also said that about Aldrich Ames. How about numerous Congressman on both sides busted for fraud and other crimes after many years. I think a better characterization is that these lying goons are deeply afraid poop is coming out on them and trying to cover it up.

    They are slowly getting exposed and folks are seeing their BS. It’s kinda what we’re seeing with Facebook and other tech companies misleading folks. They’re getting exposed.

  156. NYCmike says:

    “Most guys”

    -If most girls could get it done, that would REALLY be a badge of honor!

  157. Tgca says:


    So wrong. Why would I want to impregnate some HO and then get stuck with child support? No way Jose!!!

  158. Wes says:

    TIPW is the same sleazeball who made light of my personal tragedy from a few years ago but tells Tina to seek mental help.

    What a dumbass.

  159. NYCmike says:

    ” They’re getting exposed.”

    -This is where the Playboy Bunny’s should come in!

  160. NYCmike says:

    ” No way Jose!!!”

    -Wes’s real name is Jose?!?!

  161. NYCmike says:

    -This link rings true – that is why the retirements are NOT a sign of Trump’s failings, they are a sign of quislings quaking in the face of MSM misinformation.

  162. Tina says:

    Yup, guy serves with distinction,MUBWT gets caught lying four times to investigators.

    He lied three more times than Flynn, and Flynn is ruined financially.

    Flynn served ds and rs withndistincti like

    Comedy and Mcabe ruined their careers being partisans.

  163. Tina says:

    And all of this fisha, dossier sheot fest because the beotch loses an election and folks like comedy, McCabe, clapper,mbrennan, and Obama try to do a coup.

  164. mnw says:


    “dumbass” doesn’t begin to cover it.

    “Illiterate, lying psycho” works better for me.

  165. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    @ Wes – You mean the personal tragedy you used as an excuse to lash at everyone and then came back a year later and acted as if nothing happened.

    It was only a personal tragedy in terms of you having to deal with your own narcissism and then learning nothing from it.

    @ Tina –

    “Flynn served ds and rs withndistincti like”

    LoL, that’s why he was fired by Dems right and reluctantly fired by Trump. Seek mental help retard.

  166. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    @MNW – you think you can come back here after a decade of being embarassed as a racist retard just because some racist retard barely got elected president. He’ll be gone soon enough and you’ll go back slinking into your snake hole as well.

    Maybe we’ll see you when you revisit your virulently racist, “Trump” handle.

  167. Phil says:

    McCabe “served with distinction” and “stood tall”.

    Thanks, Tina. I had forgotten all about that Comey tweet.

    I predicted Comey’s book tour would be a disaster and it’s already there….and this is just the first day.

  168. Tina says:


    Good latte demands comey memos unredacted.

  169. Phil says:

    Comey’s book tour. Pass the popcorn. Going to be fun. LOL. Hell, it already is.

  170. Tina says:


    Comedy’s book was already leaked in a series of articles to wp and cnn.

    There is nothing new.

    He is just a bad messenger.

  171. Tina says:

    Just a tip

    Notice that Pete the cheat and the mistress have not been fired.

    Notice Priestap still in.

    They turned against comedy and McCabe.

    Pass the popcorn,

    Drat vs drat vs drat

  172. Phil says:

    Yeah, Tina…but his message was anti Trump so the CNNs embraced it. I think on some level they knew it was not a good strategy, but because Comey was going after the hated Trump they embraced him.. as I said, they just can’t help themselves.

    Pass the popcorn.

  173. Tina says:


    Articles of impeachment have been drafted,mouth not yet filed,magainst Swampstein,

  174. Hugh says:

    Rosenstein thinking about recusing himself on Russia probe per cnn

  175. mnw says:


    Kindergarden (sic) Kid

    I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life, but I’ve never posted under any other screen name except mnw.

    P.S. And I can spell too!

  176. Tgca says:

    Ok. Read a good deal of the laborious repetitive IG report on McCabe. The conclusion is he got busted lying 4 times, 3 times under oath, and then tried to manipulate others during the investigation with his comments and re-characterize his previous statements at a later date that were totally a reversal.

    Sorry! Does anyone believe someone who said we never had a call and discussed XYZ to only state now I remember that conversation, and I also remember it in great detail so let e tell you all about it, especially after conflicting info arises.

    So unless you’re under the influence of got dementia that is extremely fishy.

    Oh wait, I totally forgot your honor. Disregard what I said the other day. I do know that woman and we did have sexual relations. Let me tell you all about it and how I mis-remembered it.

  177. Tgca says:

    This is interesting why Comey would Twitter how honorable McCabe is publicly when he was fired but previously told Investigators during the investigation McCabe’s version of events were false and that what McCabe was accused of doing is not policy and he should no better.

    Bottom line. Comey is partly the reason OIG recommended McCabes firing because they claim he lied to Comey and that Comey refuted McCabes version of events.

    But Comey then says what a great guy McCabe is on Twitter.

  178. Tgca says:

    I guess Comey was right when he twittered that the truth would come out and folks can see. It appears Comey lies about praising McCabe on Twitter and threw him under the bus to the investigators behind closed doors.

    Now we see the truth on McCabe. No thanks to Comey.

  179. lisab says:

    Chick-fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of New York City

  180. mnw says:


    I kind of think everybody but hardcore political junkies has tuned all this drizzly bs out by now.

  181. Tina says:

    The coup plotters got really hit today.

    Looks like they lost a round in court involving cohen, stormy benadryl, and the president,

  182. Tina says:

    And remeber oete the cheat and the mistress.

    They end up hurting mccabe.

    Drat vs drat.

  183. Tina says:

    Federal judge grants petition for Pres. Trump to intervene in Michael Cohen motion seeking to limit prosecutors’ ability to review material seized in raids of Cohen’s home and office earlier this week. – @ABC

  184. mnw says:

    Trolls think Trump “will be gone soon.” (See 179 above.) Because of THIS nonsense?

    Trump will be gone in early 2025, probably. Unless one of the deranged moonbats murders him first.

  185. NYCmike says:

    “Trump will be gone in early 2025, probably.”

    -Most of the crazies think Trump will move to make himself Supreme Leader, or something like that.

  186. Chicon says:

    198 – shades of Polaris in late 2008, early 2009.

  187. mnw says:


    All he has to do now is sit down, be cool, don’t do nuttin stoopid, & watch this bs collapse like a $3 umbrella in a hurricane.

  188. Chicon says:

    Mnw – agree, but not confident he has that tool in his toolbox.

  189. mnw says:

    Me either.

  190. Chicon says:

    Stuff blowing up in Syria, including Damascus.

  191. Phil says:

    If anyone is interested you can go over to Powerline and read a rather interesting short article entitled “Are Democrats Creating Sympathy For Donald Trump? by John Hinderaker.

    Here’s the money quote:

    *No one has ever seen anything like it: The ridiculous smears, the nightly barrage of “comedy”, over the top attacks by former government officials like Brennan and Comey, endless investigations into nothing in particular, calls for impeachment (grounds? Who need grounds?), absurd accusations of “treason” and so on.

    He believes it has been so over the top day in day out that it has turned off more and more people. The crazier and more shrill the left gets the less anyone is apt to listen to what they have to say. The Trump haters can go on and on (see Robbie) but it’s at the very least reached the point of diminishing returns with those that are not the hardcore Trump haters.

    The author then provides some polling charts backing this up.

    The question? Is the rest of the country really yearning for a Democratic majority the promises to ratchet it up to even more insane levels? The gals on the View are. Hollywood is. Jimmie Fallon is, Robbie is…but what of the swing voters that make the difference in elections. If you are a leftist and you just continue to scream louder and throw out more and wilder accusations you are hurting your cause, not helping it.

  192. Tina says:

    Good article, phil.

  193. Tgca says:

    What Chicon? Democrats being blown up in Syria?

    I guess I’m ok with that.


  194. Wes says:

    @ Wes – You mean the personal tragedy you used as an excuse to lash at everyone and then came back a year later and acted as if nothing happened.

    I would never have thought so many of what I will charitably call inaccuracies could exist in a single sentence. However, since TIPW is quite obviously someone’s pet monkey pounding away on a keyboard in a desperate attempt to garner attention, I will simply move on from acknowledging his sad, pathetic existence further.

  195. Wes says:

    Martha McSally with the big haul:

    Fundraising isn’t always the sign of a strong candidate. (See O’Donnell, Christine.) McSally is well positioned to win both the primary and gdneral in Arizona though.

  196. Wes says:

    Phil, the Left just wants Democrats to win for the sake of having Democrats win.

    Robbie wants the Democrats to win so the GOP will suffer for not having nominated JEB! in 2016.

  197. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Am afraid Putin is looking a bit like a paper tiger now

    “Alexander Zasypkin, in comments broadcast on Tuesday evening, said he was referring to a statement by Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Russian chief-of-staff.

    “If there is a strike by the Americans then… the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired,” he told Hezbollah’s al-Manar”

    When Obama tangled with Putin in Syria many years ago, it was Obama who looked like a paper tiger. In the present crisis, he would again have cowered.

    Whatever Trump’s faults, in situations like Syria its nice to have a president who is not afraid to stand up to Putin.

  198. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    204. “If anyone is interested you can go over to Powerline and read a rather interesting short article entitled “Are Democrats Creating Sympathy For Donald Trump? by John Hinderaker.”

    I would agree. In particular the idea of raiding the office of someone’s attorney leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. They may have found an indirect justification to try and side step the attorney-client privilege, but it still creates a very bad precedent.

  199. MichiganGuy says:

    President Donald Trump on Friday ordered the United States military — in conjunction with France and the United Kingdom — to launch strikes on Syria in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad on a Damascus suburb last week.

  200. Bitterlaw says:

    I want to report that MD is alive and well.

    I am now going to softball practice. Last Saturday, it was 35 degrees. Today is 63. If this rate of temperature increase does not slow down it will be 150 degrees for our May games. Where is Al Gore to stop this?

  201. mnw says:

    I think McSally is the favorite to win the seat. I am concerned that Hawley’s FR remains consistently poor.

  202. mnw says:

    In WI, it would be great if Vukmir dropped down to run for Ryan’s seat, thereby allowing Nicholson to win the GOP senate nomination without a primary.

    Probably won’t happen, but there is speculation.

    I think the GOP primary contests in WI, IN, & WV hurt the eventual winner’s chances. The “winner” gets to the starting line bloodied and penniless, usually, to face an incumbent with tons of cash.

  203. Chicon says:

    “I want to report that MD is alive and well.”

    Really great news. Is he still a jerk?

  204. Wes says:

    Blame Steve Bannon for things in WV, Mnw. He got Morrisey to run there. Now a nutjob in the person of Blankenship is running.

    Just what we needed.

    WI and IN are different animals where no clear-the-field candidate jumped in, thus allowing for fractured primaries.

  205. Wes says:

    Ah, Roy Moore, always a shining example of idiocy:

  206. Wes says:

    All right. How I posted the link to McSally’s fundraising in my previous post I don’t know.

  207. Phil says:

    …and I can report that Beto continues his massive fundraising. Too bad for Beto that on Election Day they count votes instead of dollars raised. If they did Wendy would be governor.

  208. Phil says:

    Need to hang on to Flake’s seat. I suspect we will be worrying about McCain’s seat in the very near future as well.

  209. Wes says:

    The good thing about Arizona is that the Dems have a thin bench there, Phil. Service in the Obama Administration eliminated Napolitano from future contention. It’s unclear if Gabby Giffords would ever have been able to move above her former House seat, but that fateful day in 2011 tragically ended her political career. Kirkpatrick went down in flames in 2016. Synema is it. If, as I suspect, McSally beats Synema by a decent margin in November, then the AZDP has no viable Senate candidate on the horizon.

  210. Wes says:

    Former Senator John Melcher (D-MT) has passed. RIP:

    Melcher succeeded longtime Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield after the 1976 elections and served two terms in the Senate. In 1988, Conrad Burns defeated him for reelection. Melcher then retired from public life.

  211. Michael says:

    Trump has his highest approval level on RCP since May 8th, 2017.

    Democrats are quite literally throwing the entire kitchen sink and he still has 42.8%. After this airstrike and how he’s handling it I wouldn’t be surprised to see him at 43% by the end of next week.

  212. Phil says:

    Michael, go to the Powerline article I mentioned in 204. I think it explains a lot.

  213. Tina says:

    Oink oink alert

    Real Republican Navarro claims that trump hit syria to distract from mulehead.

  214. Bitterlaw says:

    Chicon – I did not discuss politics with MD. He may still be a jerk but it was not evident.

  215. Tina says:

    Has the socialist from the lido deck chimed in on the syria attack?

  216. Phil says:

    Navarro (CNN’s idea of a “Republican”) shooting off her mouth again?

    I love her CNN election night video made just before the first votes came in which she crows about how Latino voters were going to bury Trump and how it will be “sweet revenge”.


  217. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump could have ordered the strike cause Assad is a vicious murdering thug AND to move attention away from Mueller and Comey. Both can be true.

  218. Phil says:

    At least he chose real targets and not an aspirin factory.

  219. Bitterlaw says:

    I never met a US missile strike that I did not like. Good for a Trump. May and the French guy.

  220. Tina says:

    She thinks trumps a threat because how he treats women.

    However, she says bj, one who has raped or sexually asaukted women, to be great.

    She is a fake republican, much like the socialist

  221. Tina says:

    I am ok with these sirgical strikes, but no occupying force. We made mistakes occupying those countries.

    The mccainsm goober, hillary foreign policy is a disaster

  222. Tina says:

    Speaking of comedy, what a disastrous friday for him, given the mccabe news, his statements that he overlooked the emails because of politics, and the omission that the clintune fraud foundation is under investigation.

  223. Tina says:

    Trump needs to be cautious on the deep state intelligence services. They ruined mute 43 for being so wrong on aq and iraq.

  224. Phil says:

    Yeah, Comey didn’t have the best roll out did he.

  225. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – Considering that you are not a Republican, why do you get to decide who are the “real” Republicans.

    As a registered Republican for 32 years and a 100% GOP voting record, I don’t go RINO hunting like you do.

  226. mnw says:

    My impression, formed over many months, is that the Drudge Report has joined the Resistance now.

  227. Phil says:

    mnw, that is my impression as well. No doubt about it. He’s done a 180. Why, I have no idea, but all you have to look at is his daily headlines and the stories he now links to. Huge change.

  228. Phil says:

    The View – Fallon – Drudge alliance. Just plain weird to me.

  229. NYCmike says:

    “As a registered Republican for 32 years and a 100% GOP voting record, I don’t go RINO hunting like you do.”


    Full support for all policies.

    How many trillion$ are we in debt?

  230. Cash Cow TM says:


  231. NYCmike says:

    Stop looking at me like that, Ca$h!

  232. NYCmike says:

    How you doin’?

  233. NYCmike says:

    -Agree with Kaus here. I do NOT want Paul Ryan leading any effort to revive DACA. He will give away the farm!

  234. Tina says:

    As a registered Republican for 32 years and a 100% GOP voting record, I don’t go RINO hunting like you do.

    Voted R since 1964. Each year every time,

    So, once again, you are wrong,

  235. Tina says:

    Robert Barnes
    If bombing an empty airfield and a few empty buildings will keep the neocons away from war for at least another year, then hard to complain about #SyriaStrikes.
    9:17 AM – Apr 14, 2018

    Hate the word neocons. They are ph9ny rs and have been wrong on me polociy since the 1990s.

  236. Michael says:

    I read the article Phil. It is pretty interesting and I would have to agree that people are starting to get turned off.

  237. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – I thought you said you are now “decline to state” or whatever California let’s non-party affiliated people register as,

    NYC – If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate you are helping the Democrats. Name a Democrat who was better than their Republican opponent (do not bring up David Duke since he was a scumbag and just used the Republicsn name).

  238. Bitterlaw says:

    I killed the thread.

  239. Tina says:

    Bl, correct, switched from r to decline to state in ca, But , i have voted r since 1964.

  240. Tina says:

    James Comey
    Mr. President, the American people will hear my story very soon. And they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not.
    10:43 AM – Mar 17, 2018

    Phil, another one for you. This has not aged well.

  241. Tgca says:

    OMG! Russia, China, and Iran condemn attack on Syria. How surprising! This is about as alarming as Germany, Italy, and Japan condemning the US actions during WWII.

  242. Bitterlaw says:

    I do not believe that Trump is honorable in any way. That does not mean I believe I believe or do not believe Comey.

  243. Tina says:


    Israelis take out iranian base in syria.

    Notice how the russians are not helping the syrians with any air defenses.

  244. Tina says:

    John Cardillo Retweeted
    Nick Short ??
    Nick Short ??
    “I want you to know that nothing— nothing— has happened in the last year to change my view.”

    Comey, close to tears, told Obama, “Boy, were those words I needed to hear…I’m just trying to do the right thing.”

    “I know,” Obama said. “I know.”


  245. Tina says:

    And it gets worse for Comedy…

    Not his goal to give the facts on the dossier to the president.

    But, he is non partisan.

  246. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    252. “Tina – I thought you said you are now “decline to state” or whatever California let’s non-party affiliated people register as,

    NYC – If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate you are helping the Democrats. Name a Democrat who was better than their Republican opponent (do not bring up David Duke since he was a scumbag and just used the Republicsn name).”

    In California, the Republican Party is riddled with crony capitalism, and a lot of its candidates are real dirt-bags. I am registered as non-party. The primaries now are non-party “jungle” primaries. The top two candidates, regardless of any party affiliation, go into the run-off. I often vote for candidates who are registered as Democrats — particularly for local offices. Depends on the person, and what office they are seeking.

  247. Bitterlaw says:

    SDC – I don’t know what I would do in California elections. There can never be a lesser of two evils when both candidates are Dems.

  248. Bitterlaw says:

    I am consistent. In local races in my town, I have voted for Republicans I can’t stand over Democrat acts who are my friends.

  249. Tina says:

    Bl, i had a choice for ca senator of eric holder 2.0 or voter fraud.

    Two liberal drats.

  250. dblaikie says:

    I may be going out on limb, but I believe that the raid on Cohen is going to backfire big time on the boot thumping thugs in the DOJ. The newest missile is that, low and behold, Mr. Cohen didn’t go to Prague.

    What is going on in this investigation is contemptible!!

  251. dblaikie says:

    The rage is building in the hearts of millions of Americans. There will be many on this site who think I am nuts. But I am saying it and going on record early — the blue wave has already crested and the red wave is building.

  252. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    264. “I am consistent. In local races in my town, I have voted for Republicans I can’t stand over Democrat acts who are my friends.”

    Here is an example of how the ruling Republican establishment in San Diego operates. Its pretty sordid.

    Attempts by “reformers” in both parties to end the abuse failed several years ago. Now government employees and crony capitalists feeding off the government largess control both parties. Whether they have an “R” or “D” by their name makes no difference.

  253. Tina says:

    The conen to prague rumour was debunked a long time ago. That paper republished something.

    Of concern is the fact that the prosecutors involved in the highly questiinabke and illegal raid have gone through the emails already.

    Theynfound none between the praidnet and cohen. They will leak whatever garbage theynfind theough election, even if not admissable.

  254. biomom says:

    258. Profile in courage.

  255. Wes says:

    If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate you are helping the Democrats. Name a Democrat who was better than their Republican opponent (do not bring up David Duke since he was a scumbag and just used the Republicsn name).

    Let’s see…

    Gore 2000

    Kerry 2004

    Donnelly 2012

    That’s three, Bitter.

  256. Wes says:

    I didn’t realize Tina was born in the 1940s.

  257. NYCmike says:

    That tells you a lot about Wes…..

  258. Wes says:

    Exactly, Mikey. It tells you I have no interest in supporting incompetent warmongers and misogynist bastards.

  259. Bitterlaw says:

    I could not disagree more, Wes. But if you prefer Democrats, I can’t stop you. President Gore could have destroyed the economy with environmental EOs. Kerry would be as ad or worse than Obama on foreign policy.

    I know you will say that there would never have been President Obama without GWB. Pure speculation since Obama would have still wanted to be President after Gore or Kerry finished their terms.If Gore or Kerry had been defeated in 2004 or 2008 or 2012, we might still have gotten Obama.

  260. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes vote for GWB twice.

  261. Bitterlaw says:

    I was not happy voting for a Democrat, Trump over Democrat Clinton but it had to be done.

  262. Bitterlaw says:

    76ers up by 25 and still taking threes. I do not like it. Show a little class.

  263. gameboy says:

    #266 & 267. Mueller overplayed his hand. Most Americans with any kind of sense at all realize his move was “out of bounds”.

  264. MikeP says:

    272- Wes so was I (47). I think there are at least 5-10 more that are

  265. Cash Cow TM says:

    Walt was born in the 40s…

  266. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt was born 40 years after the Big Bang? I thought he was older than that.

  267. MichiganGuy says:

    Wes says:
    April 14, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate you are helping the Democrats. Name a Democrat who was better than their Republican opponent (do not bring up David Duke since he was a scumbag and just used the Republicsn name).

    Let’s see…

    Gore 2000

    Kerry 2004

    Donnelly 2012
    First MD and Author come clean and admit they are dems and now Wesley. Not really a surprise to me. Who will be the next dem to come out of the closet so to speak. We should start a pool. Robbie?

  268. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Unbelievably, James Comey states that Polls, where Crooked Hillary was leading, were a factor in the handling (stupidly) of the Clinton Email probe. In other words, he was making decisions based on the fact that he thought she was going to win, and he wanted a job. Slimeball!
    4:42 AM – Apr 15, 2018

  269. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    45th President of the United States of America??
    46 Following50,721,166 Followers
    Tweets & replies
    Donald J. Trump’s Tweets
    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    The Syrian raid was so perfectly carried out, with such precision, that the only way the Fake News Media could demean was by my use of the term “Mission Accomplished.” I knew they would seize on this but felt it is such a great Military term, it should be brought back. Use often!
    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    Comey throws AG Lynch “under the bus!” Why can’t we all find out what happened on the tarmac in the back of the plane with Wild Bill and Lynch? Was she promised a Supreme Court seat, or AG, in order to lay off Hillary. No golf and grandkids talk (give us all a break)!
    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    The big questions in Comey’s badly reviewed book aren’t answered like, how come he gave up Classified Information (jail), why did he lie to Congress (jail), why did the DNC refuse to give Server to the FBI (why didn’t they TAKE it), why the phony memos, McCabe’s $700,000 & more?

  270. Tina says:



    Phony memos.

    Lol, he is really asking some shart questiins that stephowhaterver, cnn , mslsd will not ask.

  271. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes is not a Democrat. He is so consumed by Bush Derangement Syndrome (despite having voted for GWB twice) that he has convinced himself that ultra-leftists like Gore and Kerry were better for the country.

  272. Tgca says:

    IMHO, GWB was the 2nd greatest GOP POTUS in the last 20 years.

  273. Bitterlaw says:

    I saw what you did there, Tgca.

  274. Tgca says:

    I did not do anything Bitter. I’m just minding my business and making quinoa for my dogs. Don’t know what you’re talking about.

  275. Chicon says:

    Phils 3 games over .5oo. Analytics, baby….

  276. Bitterlaw says:

    Chi – Wait until he moves the shortstop to center field for one batter. It’s coming.

  277. Messy57 says:

    288. Gore and Kerry aren’t ultra-leftists, that is unless you think Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan are liberals.

  278. Messy57 says:

    275. Had Gore been elected in ’00 (he WAS, but that’s neither here nor there), there would have been no Obama.

    The reason is that Obama was given the Keynote spot in the ’04 convention and nobody had heard of him prior to that outside of his state Senate district.

    There is no way he would have gotten the spot.

  279. Tgca says:

    Gore has gone extremely left and Kerry is borderline radical leftist. No sense in denying that. That’s like saying Ted Kennedy was a moderate. Oh wait! Someone did argue that awhile back.

  280. Tgca says:

    I used to live in San Francisco where 85% voted for Gore and Kerry. It reminds me how folks from there and Berkeley did not consider themselves radical left. Ha. Ha. Can we say denial please.

    My favorite is when the liberals thought the senate should kick out Strom Thurmond (but not Robert Byrd) for his past affiliation with those that had racist views. However, these same folks made an argument for why it was OK for child molestors advocates from NAMBLA to march in city parades because they represented a portion of the community even if all did not agree with them.

    But no, San Francisco and Berkeley are not radical leftists like Gore. Ha. Ha.

  281. Tina says:

    John Cardillo’s Tweets
    John Cardillo
    John Cardillo
    .@Comey didn’t think Trump needed to know that the dossier, which was the basis of the investigation into his campaign, was opposition research paid for by Hillary.

    Omitting that incredibly material fact when briefing @POTUS alone necessitated his firing.

    Why did the slimeball omit this?

  282. Tina says:

    Do not worry, fake flapper and stephowhatever will have to rehab comedy.

  283. Tina says:

    William Baer (DOJ PADAG) called FBI and told McCabe to shut down the Clinton foundation incestigstion,

    From the oig report, there is this little nugget.

  284. Tgca says:

    300! I think.

  285. mnw says:

    Here’s a view that won’t be popular.

    After 911, I thought it was appropriate & militarily sound to invade Iraq. The regime there said it had no WMD— even though it had used same previously? Fine. Prove it or war. After 911, we couldn’t just accept Saddam’s word on such an existential issue.

    I also thought GWB was justified in saying ‘mission accomplished.’ He was just a little early. We HAD Iraq all going in the right direction until Zero pulled the residual U.S. forces there out. Then everything went to hell.

    I voted for GWB twice & have no regrets. He was abysmal on immigration, but … Gore & Kerry. No regrets at all.

  286. Tgca says:


    I repeat. Though I think GWB messed up a number of things, he clearly is undoubtedly with no dispute, the 2nd greatest GOP POTUS in the last 20 years.

  287. Tgca says:

    I’m wondering what Jason had for breakfast this fine Sunday morning.

    My dogs delighted in a quinoa herb and coconut oil mix with scrambled organic brown eggs, sliced organic Pacific rose apples, slides organic strawberries, organic cranberries, topped with homemade organic peanut sauce sprinkled with organic chia seeds, organic ground almond, organic hemp hearts and cinnamon..and a vitamin. Yummy!

    …sadly I ran out of bananas and pineapples but I’m not sure they noticed they were missing. Peanut sauce can mask anything for a pooch.

  288. Tgca says:

    I should state that was organic quinoa..

  289. Tgca says:

    …and fresh minced organic herb blend, not McCormicks jarred herbs.

    …and clearly the coconut oil was organic, unrefined virgin and expeller pressed.

  290. Tina says:

    It was, after all, Comey who went to the president during the transition seeking a one-on-one meeting to tell him about the inflammatory dossier, but who critically omitted telling the president that the dossier was a product of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. These facts, he knew, if revealed at that moment in January, would have ended further inquiry. This was no effort to inform the president and douse the fires of unverified and salacious information, but one to inflame the president and spread the stories everywhere.

    This is a main reason why cimedy is in troubke.

  291. Bitterlaw says:

    Here’s a view that won’t be popular.

    It’s popular with me.

  292. Tina says:

    According to failed speaker ryano, comedy is a man of integrity.

    What a losah.

  293. Phil says:


    Holy cow, Tina. Mark Penn wrote that. He just destroys the Mueller investigation. Shreds it….and it’s from Mark Penn!

    Just Wow!

  294. Chicon says:

    Mnw – popular with me, too.

  295. Tina says:

    Yes, phil great article by penn,

    Comedys job was t inform trump fulky about the dossier.

    He failed.

    Trump gave hm months to come clean and henfailed to do so,

    Comedy is a political hack and unethical.

  296. Tgca says:

    Boom Tina! I read that same article by Penn. I’m not sure I could have laid it out as well it as well as Penn but all I’ll say is:


    Penn penned a perfectly perceptive, precise piece probing powerful policing personnel prevalantly and purposely prostituting power by pursuing and pillorying people, protecting pals and political proponents, propagating pernicious plots, and perpetrating perjury. It’s particularly perplexing prevaricators parried prosecution presently.

  297. Tgca says:

    Though I admire Babs Bush for her fierce dedication to her husband and family, she is not known for being the sharpest knife in the drawer and has said some STOOPID things over the years that make folks question whether she new what she was taking about. We can say that about some folks here too but I a, not going to mention Author, MD, Robbie, etc. I just won’t elaborate so dont asks,ease.

    But as with most, and I mean MOST folks who fall ill, I wish her well and great comfort as she deals with this challenging time.

  298. Tgca says:

    I do not understand why the gay activist attorney, David Buckel, burned himself to death. I can see if you’re in China calling worldwide attention to an abusive regime but here in the US where it will get little to no publicity to change the course of events, it seems extreme. He did this to protest global pollution.

    Now, I am not against suicide. In fact, I recommend it for many, especially some exes but I digress. Anyway, the horrifying painful death of burning alive in this instance makes me wonder if he was mentally stable.

    I’m not sure if he had close family and friends but it’s a horrific way to leave a life where many felt he made a big difference for them.

    Very sad. I wish his loved ones the best at this time.

  299. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes must be devastated. First, his preferred candidate Gore lost to GWB (although he voted for GWB). Now, an environmental activist who was on Gote’s side kills himself.

  300. Bitterlaw says:


  301. Tgca says:

    As someone who suffers from a genetic disease that causes chronic pain, and often has difficulty moving and sleeping for more than a couple hours straight, I can understand thoughts of suicide, and knowing that some day it may become a reality, especially if faced with being in a wheelchair. But I would never burn myself alive. God how horridly excruciating that would be. Besides, that would totally mess up my hair and blemish my near flawless skin. No, for me, I rent a room at a hotel I don’t like, down a ton of pills, alcohol, place a wet rag over my face, and fall into a deep sleep.

  302. Bitterlaw says:

    Of course you can’t sleep straight. You’re gay!

  303. Bitterlaw says:

    I am sorry that you have an illness. I hope that somehow a cure or treatments that alleviate it are developed.

  304. Tgca says:

    Ha! That’s like when I’m in a car and someone is giving me directions and says drive straight down there. I correct them and say “you mean gayly forward.”

  305. Tgca says:

    It’s more of a degenerative disease than an illness with no magic pills or technology to reverse or cease it expected any time soon. I’ve had 3 surgeries and looking at another 3 in the next year. If that occurs, that’s 6 surgeries in 5 years just to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of paralysis. The paralysis risk is gone for now but will most likely return within 15 years. I don’t care about 15 years from now. I care about now and the next 5 years. I have my ups and downs daily but I usually keep busy with work so it distracts me from the frustration.

  306. Bitterlaw says:

    Stay fabulous, Tgca.

  307. mnw says:


    I’m distressed to hear it. I admire your ability to stay lighthearted and humorous despite that burden.

  308. Hugh says:

    Tgca. Very sorry to hear. I wish you all the best. Hopefully better medicine and medical advancements can help.

  309. Bitterlaw says:

    Tgca- If you need anything, let the A-holes know. The A-holes are happy to help our gay friends.

    Too much?

  310. Messy57 says:


  311. NYCmike says:

    Syria raid – and the the Rysskies said we will regret it?

    That’s it?

    How did the Russian anti-missile system work?

    Odd that Robbie and “CG”, once again, are so quiet.

    Especially “CG”, you would think he would commend Trump for responding to a chemical weapons attack!

  312. Tina says:

    More loretta lynch slamming dirty cop, comedy.

  313. Tina says:

    Comedy asks journalists not to rcord lorettta lynch wild bill meeting on the tarmac.

  314. Tgca says:

    Thank you all for the well wishes but I’m just dealing with the cards dealt me in life. Other than severe allergies, I’m as fit as a fiddle and meet or exceed every test range for all organs. My heart can go another 50 years strong I’m told with my low blood pressure (usually 105-110 over 60 to 70) and low cholesterol.

    It’s an extremely frustrating experience when you have spinal disease and don’t know from one day to the next how it’s going to impact your nerves and bones. Many people can’t comprehend because they only see the outside of you and you look fit and healthy.

    I keep on hoping I get one of those mechanical exoskeletons that’ll give me super strength and powers one day to also satisfy my fantasy of leaping bounds without effort like I do in my dreams. I’ve not been able to run for years more than a few feet without having pain and weakness kick in so being able to move like that again is a dream.

    But hey, it’s not all bad I’m told because God blessed me with incredible good looks, a full rich head of hair, nice straight white teeth, and flawless unblemished and unwrinkled skin. I remind them not to forget the utterly charming personality and humility either.

  315. Chicon says:

    Tgca, in addition to your serious posts, I appreciate the irreverence and humor you bring to this place.

  316. Tina says:

    THi h comedy interview is a disaster.

    Comedy is a weak and incompetent man.

  317. Tgca says:

    I read the entire transcript. He spends time justifying why he either acted or didn’t act. He seems needy for hugs from Loretta Lynch and words of support from Obama. He questions whether other’s intent or integrity, and refuses to admit any real fault of his own. He gives personal digs and petty remarks.

    George panders to Comeys high opinion of himself and doesn’t challenge him on any inconsistencies and does not even discuss McCabes firing and the events over the recent weeks where McCabe contradicts Comey. No tough questions here.

    This was clearly a fluff piece where George assumes all Comey states in the book is accurate.

    Bottom line, Trump supporters see a conniving, angry, bitter employee fired for cause. Trump haters see him being of the utmost integrity and the good s pcout trying to protect the FBI from evil Trump.

    Nothing here to see folks. Just publicity to sell his book.

  318. Tgca says:

    Another issue I have with Comey is his consistent lie that there is no precedent for prosecuting someone committing a crime due to carelessness when their is no intent to commit the crime itself. Tell that to the navy sailor who acted stupidly in taking pictures on his vessel and contrast that to a well-seasoned, procedures complianced-trained, educated lawyer, and presidential cabinet member. She was reckless but not prosecutable but this young immature sailor needed to be made an example of?

    So much for Comey’s 50 years of precedent of no prosecuted cases for carelessness or reckless behavior.

    It also flies in the face of Comey’s argument that he would treat a famous, well-connected person the same as a nobody.

    Again, lying and conniving.

  319. MichiganGuy says:

    Michigan Democratic Party endorses Dana Nessel for Attorney General. Good go for the far left wing candidate in a Moderate to conservative state. The UAW and AFL-CIO supported her opponent.
    Here’s one of her campaign slogans. “Who can you trust most NOT to show you their penis in a professional setting? Is it the candidate who doesn’t have a penis?” #MeToo I’m going to say right now no matter who the Republicans nominate we got this in the bag.

  320. Tim says:

    Tgca: Sorry to hear you’re sick.

  321. Tim says:

    Someone said that MD is some sort of closet Democrat? I’m sorry, but that is absolutely laughable. It’s also absurd……..

  322. MichiganGuy says:

    I didn’t say he was a closet dem. I said, he came out of the closet. Where have you been Tim? He is supporting the dem party now.

  323. MichiganGuy says:

    Total raised by candidate
    Arizona District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Tom O’Halleran (D)* $1,057,964
    Tiffany Shedd (R) $224,759
    Steve Smith (R) $200,785
    Kevin Cavanaugh (R) $10,025
    Arizona District 02
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Ann Kirkpatrick (D) $749,533
    Matt Heinz (D) $343,119
    Lea Marquez Peterson (R) $218,266
    Mary Sally Matiella (D) $151,425
    Billy Kovacs (D) $56,068
    Bruce Wheeler (D) $11,355
    Barbara Sherry (D) $6,046
    Arizona District 09
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Greg Stanton (D) $600,631
    Steve Ferrara (R) $563,343
    Seth Leibsohn (R) $69,438
    Irina Baroness Von Behr (R) $15,414
    Dave Giles (R) $8,827
    Arizona Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Kyrsten Sinema (D) $3,891,163
    Martha McSally (R) $3,769,794
    Kelli Ward (R) $1,438,804
    Deedra Abboud (D) $28,922
    Bob Bishop (D) $20,879
    Christian Diegel (R) $14,546
    Chris Russell (D) $7,903
    Jim Moss (D) $6,836
    Nicholas Tutora (R) $4,520
    David Ruben (D) $0
    Doug Marks (L) $0
    California District 04
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Tom McClintock (R)* $637,734
    Jessica Morse (D) $555,542
    Regina Bateson (D) $455,024
    Roza Calderon (D) $90,289
    Rochelle Wilcox (D) $15,738
    California District 07
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Ami Bera (D)* $1,254,046
    Andrew Grant (R) $210,205
    Yona Barash (R) $116,368
    Brad Westmoreland (D) $2,580
    California District 10
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Jeff Denham (R)* $1,976,907
    Josh Harder (D) $922,542
    T J Cox (D) $407,427
    Sue Zwahlen (D) $207,053
    Virginia Madueno (D) $149,736
    Dotty Nygard (D) $49,091
    Mike Barkley (D) $38,786
    Lisa Battista (D) $7,028
    Terra Snover (I) $428
    Seth Vaughn (D) $417
    Mateo Morelos Bedolla (D) $98
    Scott Shoblom (I) $0
    California District 25
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Steve Knight (R)* $908,127
    Katie Hill (D) $704,189
    Bryan Caforio (D) $663,637
    Jess Phoenix (D) $281,491
    Scott McVarish (D) $23,075
    Mike Masterman-Smith (D) $12,369
    Diedra Greenaway (D) $2,057
    California District 34
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Jimmy Gomez (D)* $1,071,420
    California District 39
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Andy Thorburn (D) $2,517,953
    Gil Cisneros (D) $1,624,928
    Mai-Khanh Tran (D) $814,110
    Phil Janowicz (D) $310,169
    Sam Jammal (D) $279,752
    Steve Cox (I) $1,162
    Ted Rusk (D) $0
    California District 45
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Mimi Walters (R)* $1,779,723
    Brian Forde (D) $871,215
    Katie Porter (D) $734,442
    David Min (D) $676,268
    Kia Hamadanchy (D) $403,025
    Ron Varasteh (D) $252,425
    Eric Rywalski (D) $21,664
    John Graham (I) $5,300
    California District 48
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Harley Rouda (D) $1,225,534
    Dana Rohrabacher (R)* $1,110,094
    Hans Keirstead (D) $855,340
    Omar Siddiqui (D) $577,025
    Michael Kotick (D) $401,982
    Stelian Onufrei (R) $241,650
    Laura Oatman (D) $213,268
    Rachel Payne (D) $132,538
    Brandon Reiser (L) $11,111
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    Scott Baugh (R) $140
    California District 49
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    Rocky Chavez (R) $0
    California District 50
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    Patrick Malloy (D) $397
    California Senate Race
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    Jerry Leon Carroll (I) $80
    Colorado District 06
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    Florida District 07
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    Florida District 27
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    Christopher Austin Miller (D) $0
    Florida Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Bill Nelson (D)* $10,074,877
    Lateresa Jones (R) $100
    Augustus Sol Invictus (R) $0
    Georgia District 06
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Karen Handel (R)* $6,906,368
    Bobby Kaple (D) $252,171
    Kevin Abel (D) $203,389
    Iowa District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
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    Abby Finkenauer (D) $610,759
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    George Ramsey (D) $46,600
    Courtney Rowe (D) $8,523
    Iowa District 03
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    Eddie J. Mauro (D) $376,066
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    Heather Ryan (D) $505
    Illinois District 06
    Total Raised by Candidate:
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    Sean Casten (D) $901,641
    Illinois District 10
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Brad Schneider (D)* $2,477,571
    Douglas Bennett (R) $150,671
    Illinois District 12
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Mike Bost (R)* $1,020,905
    Brendan Kelly (D) $907,041
    Illinois District 17
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Cheri Bustos (D)* $2,073,844
    Indiana Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Joe Donnelly (D)* $7,978,872
    Mike Braun (R) $3,473,410
    Luke Messer (R) $2,436,081
    Todd Rokita (R) $2,234,981
    Terry Henderson (R) $322,890
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    Mark Hurt (R) $110,944
    John Patrick Piper (I) $15,000
    Andy Horning (R) $1,166
    Kansas District 02
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Paul Davis (D) $739,782
    Steve Fitzgerald (R) $238,486
    Steve Watkins (R) $219,598
    Caryn Tyson (R) $218,735
    Kevin Jones (R) $50,958
    Antonio Soave (R) $41,050
    Matthew Bevens (R) $15,790
    Vernon Fields (R) $10,116
    Kansas District 03
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Kevin Yoder (R)* $1,795,110
    Tom Niermann (D) $320,033
    Brent Welder (D) $255,722
    Chris Haulmark (D) $9,390
    Jay Sidie (D) $6,676
    Kansas District 04
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Ron Estes (R)* $1,006,261
    Kentucky District 06
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Andy Barr (R)* $1,483,472
    Amy McGrath (D) $1,128,372
    Jim Gray (D) $344,213
    Reggie Thomas (D) $215,524
    Geoffrey Young (D) $7,802
    Maryland District 06
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    David Trone (D) $2,471,785
    Aruna Miller (D) $860,158
    Nadia Hashimi (D) $389,483
    Roger Manno (D) $356,221
    Chris Hearsey (D) $54,162
    Andrew James Duck (D) $48,216
    Bill Frick (D) $43,801
    Matt Mossburg (R) $11,534
    Maine District 02
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Bruce Poliquin (R)* $2,061,681
    Jared Golden (D) $346,117
    Lucas St. Clair (D) $206,111
    Jonathan Fulford (D) $105,746
    Craig Olson (D) $86,349
    Tim Rich (D) $72,197
    Brian Kresge (L) $25
    Danielle Vanhelsing (I) $0
    Maine Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Angus King (I)* $3,380,987
    Eric Brakey (R) $210,971
    Zak Ringelstein (D) $114,892
    Michigan District 08
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Mike Bishop (R)* $1,097,163
    Elissa Slotkin (D) $902,899
    Chris Smith (D) $57,573
    Darlene Domanik (D) $14,920
    Michigan District 11
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Lena Epstein (R) $1,330,862
    Haley Stevens (D) $646,481
    Suneel Gupta (D) $500,936
    Fayrouz Saad (D) $376,577
    Tim Greimel (D) $328,763
    Rocky Raczkowski (R) $151,880
    Daniel Haberman (D) $150,473
    Klint Kesto (R) $144,835
    Kurt Heise (R) $123,650
    Michigan Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Debbie Stabenow (D)* $11,428,649
    Sandy Pensler (R) $5,015,888
    Lena Epstein (R) $1,330,862
    John James (R) $1,000,932
    Brian Ellison (L) $7,412
    Anita Belle (3) $4,596
    Bob Carr (R) $4,042
    Minnesota District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Jim Hagedorn (R) $481,012
    Daniel Feehan (D) $403,042
    Carla Nelson (R) $216,931
    Joe Sullivan (D) $188,191
    Rich Wright (D) $131,607
    Vicki Jensen (D) $61,145
    John Wayne Austinson (D) $18,450
    Colin Minehart (D) $200
    Regina Mustafa (D) $-1,620
    Minnesota District 02
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Jason Lewis (R)* $984,336
    Angie Craig (D) $554,302
    Jeff Erdmann (D) $109,696
    Minnesota District 03
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Erik Paulsen (R)* $1,976,038
    Dean Phillips (D) $1,205,177
    Adam Jennings (D) $440,288
    Brian Santa Maria (D) $15,383
    Alicia Donahue (D) $1,771
    Minnesota District 08
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Pete Stauber (R) $253,979
    Leah Phifer (D) $35,120
    Minnesota Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Karin Housley (R) $157,856
    Tina Smith (D)* $152,524
    Missouri Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Claire McCaskill (D)* $13,571,864
    Josh Hawley (R) $1,779,454
    Austin Petersen (R) $307,182
    Tony Monetti (R) $224,444
    Courtland Sykes (R) $14,133
    Japheth Campbell (L) $231
    Montana District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Greg Gianforte (R)* $5,399,149
    John Heenan (D) $577,384
    Grant Kier (D) $435,048
    Kathleen Williams (D) $73,034
    Lynda Moss (D) $56,168
    Jared Pettinato (D) $36,490
    Dan West (D) $0
    Montana Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Jon Tester (D)* $9,144,268
    Troy Downing (R) $849,723
    Matt Rosendale (R) $724,130
    Russ Fagg (R) $614,804
    Al Olszewski (R) $209,453
    Ronald Murray (R) $1,455
    Greg Strandberg (D) $1
    North Carolina District 09
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Dan McCready (D) $1,221,979
    Robert Pittenger (R)* $780,250
    Mark Harris (R) $406,222
    Christian Cano (D) $30,852
    Maria Collins Warren (D) $1,733
    North Dakota Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Heidi Heitkamp (D)* $7,368,736
    Kevin Cramer (R) $854,670
    Nebraska District 02
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Don Bacon (R)* $996,511
    Brad Ashford (D) $317,660
    Kara Eastman (D) $200,027
    New Hampshire District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Maura Sullivan (D) $434,034
    Eddie Edwards (R) $231,497
    Chris Pappas (D) $219,000
    Andy Sanborn (R) $215,082
    Mark MacKenzie (D) $131,497
    Lincoln Soldati (D) $60,985
    Mindi Messmer (D) $18,785
    Terence O’Rourke (D) $5,750
    Katherine Moore Harris (I) $0
    New Jersey District 02
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Jeff Van Drew (D) $80,391
    Tanzie Youngblood (D) $53,037
    Sean Thom (D) $9,388
    New Jersey District 05
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Josh Gottheimer (D)* $2,840,875
    Steven Lonegan (R) $1,218,842
    John McCann (R) $137,302
    Jason Sarnoski (R) $75,249
    New Jersey District 07
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Leonard Lance (R)* $787,799
    Lisa Mandelblatt (D) $656,124
    Tom Malinowski (D) $527,472
    Linda Weber (D) $314,485
    Goutam Jois (D) $290,396
    Peter Jacob (D) $94,982
    Scott Salmon (D) $94,126
    Lindsay Brown (R) $2,889
    New Jersey District 11
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Mikie Sherrill (D) $1,212,939
    Tamara Harris (D) $562,925
    John Bartlett (D) $283,571
    Mitchell Cobert (D) $60,538
    Martin Hewitt (I) $8,634
    New Jersey Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Robert Menendez (D)* $5,761,936
    Rich Pezzullo (R) $112,663
    Michael Starr Hopkins (D) $26,268
    Jerry B Watson (R) $17,014
    Sean Thom (D) $9,388
    Jeff Bell (R) $3,830
    New Mexico District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D) $504,947
    Debra Haaland (D) $384,552
    Damon Martinez (D) $370,287
    Damian Lara (D) $241,853
    Pat Davis (D) $210,845
    Paul Moya (D) $101,760
    Janice E Arnold-Jones (R) $34,941
    Dennis Dinge (D) $32,165
    Annie Chavez (D) $20,377
    Lloyd Princeton (L) $5,000
    John Abrams (D) $442
    Nevada District 03
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Susie Lee (D) $703,406
    Danny Tarkanian (R) $608,246
    Victoria Seaman (R) $174,894
    Scott Hammond (R) $152,535
    Michelle Mortensen (R) $81,083
    David Owen McKeon (R) $53,650
    Hermon Farahi (D) $33,996
    John Love (D) $13,925
    Stephanie Jones (R) $3,377
    Annette Teijeiro (R) $250
    Nevada District 04
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Amy Vilela (D) $56,246
    Cresent Hardy (R) $-2,300
    Nevada Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Dean Heller (R)* $7,259,029
    Jacky Rosen (D) $3,220,875
    Jesse Sbaih (D) $2,147,587
    Jay Craddock (D) $72,902
    Thomas Heck (R) $21,234
    Sarah Gazala (R) $11,864
    Bobby Mahendra (D) $8,036
    New York District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Lee Zeldin (R)* $1,958,699
    Perry Gershon (D) $1,009,808
    David Pechefsky (D) $204,200
    Vivian Viloria-Fisher (D) $182,908
    Kate Browning (D) $163,638
    Elaine DiMasi (D) $64,796
    Brendon Henry (D) $11,998
    New York District 19
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Antonio Delgado (D) $1,479,876
    Brian Flynn (D) $1,251,941
    John Faso (R)* $1,178,521
    Pat Ryan (D) $906,479
    Dave Clegg (D) $485,795
    Gareth Rhodes (D) $449,286
    Jeff Beals (D) $146,443
    Sue Sullivan (D) $58,306
    Steven Brisee (D) $6,494
    New York District 22
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Claudia Tenney (R)* $1,082,446
    Anthony Brindisi (D) $760,890
    Patrick Madden (D) $22,214
    Heath Phillips (D) $5,295
    Ohio Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Sherrod Brown (D)* $16,308,449
    Mike Gibbons (R) $1,392,067
    Jim Renacci (R) $168,468
    Melissa Ackison (R) $17,599
    Pennsylvania District 06
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Chrissy Houlahan (D) $1,227,163
    Pennsylvania District 07
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Ryan Mackenzie (R) $236,402
    Greg Edwards (D) $185,592
    Susan Wild (D) $122,433
    Marty Nothstein (R) $113,600
    Theresa Wright (D) $7,829
    David Weidman (D) $1,666
    Rick Daugherty (D) $0
    Pennsylvania District 08
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Matt Cartwright (D)* $1,161,502
    John Chrin (R) $1,026,878
    Robert Kuniegel (R) $41,300
    Pennsylvania District 15
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Glenn Thompson (R)* $651,774
    Marc Friedenberg (D) $23,966
    Pennsylvania District 18
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Mike Doyle (D)* $346,692
    Pennsylvania Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Bob Casey (D)* $13,958,798
    Lou Barletta (R) $1,519,311
    Joseph John Vodvarka (R) $179,171
    Jim Christiana (R) $176,871
    Dale Kerns (L) $9,264
    South Carolina District 05
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Ralph Norman (R)* $1,676,179
    Archie Parnell (D) $1,371,937
    South Dakota District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Dusty Johnson (R) $484,074
    Shantel Krebs (R) $481,557
    Tim Bjorkman (D) $178,504
    Tennessee Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Marsha Blackburn (R) $3,233,304
    James Mackler (D) $871,359
    Philip Bredesen (D) $509,954
    Rolando Toyos (R) $40,231
    Larry R Crim (R) $24,901
    Texas District 07
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    John Culberson (R)* $1,147,396
    Lizzie Fletcher (D) $854,194
    Laura Moser (D) $764,719
    Texas District 16
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Veronica Escobar (D) $813,945
    Rick Seeberger (R) $7,304
    Texas District 21
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Joseph Kopser (D) $772,335
    Chip Roy (R) $372,574
    Matt McCall (R) $168,606
    Mary Wilson (D) $38,017
    Texas District 23
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Will Hurd (R)* $1,976,724
    Gina Jones (D) $598,436
    Texas District 32
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Pete Sessions (R)* $1,564,514
    Colin Allred (D) $541,064
    Lillian Salerno (D) $430,783
    Texas Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Ted Cruz (R)* $17,452,363
    Beto O’Rourke (D) $8,708,746
    Carl Bible (I) $3,266
    Utah District 03
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    John Curtis (R)* $901,334
    Utah District 04
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Mia Love (R)* $1,475,551
    Ben McAdams (D) $502,496
    Darlene McDonald (D) $43,116
    Marla Mott-Smith (D) $13,563
    Tom Taylor (D) $9,294
    Virginia District 02
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Scott W Taylor (R)* $1,388,707
    Shaun Brown (D) $711,673
    Karen Mallard (D) $32,617
    Mary Jones (R) $26,645
    Virginia District 10
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Barbara Comstock (R)* $1,912,733
    Alison Friedman (D) $1,052,546
    Daniel Helmer (D) $682,897
    Jennifer Wexton (D) $658,644
    Lindsey Davis Stover (D) $620,073
    Deep Sran (D) $239,402
    Paul Pelletier (D) $207,044
    Shak Hill (R) $102,230
    Julia Biggins (D) $67,564
    Dave Hanson (D) $22,645
    Kimberly Adams (D) $5,325
    Julien Modica (D) $98
    Washington District 08
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Dino Rossi (R) $1,319,679
    Kim Schrier (D) $593,823
    Jason Rittereiser (D) $371,537
    Shannon Hader (D) $151,697
    Brayden Olson (D) $103,642
    Toby Whitney (D) $92,801
    Mona Das (D) $88,016
    Tola Marts (D) $73,254
    Tom Cramer (D) $24,435
    Poga Ahn (D) $3,904
    Robert Hunziker (D) $706
    Wisconsin District 01
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Paul Ryan (R)* $10,033,330
    Randy Bryce (D) $2,650,989
    Cathy Myers (D) $264,153
    Paul Nehlen (R) $160,587
    David Yankovich (D) $89,996
    Nick Polce (R) $17,799
    Wisconsin Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Tammy Baldwin (D)* $13,522,569
    Kevin Nicholson (R) $1,217,185
    Leah Vukmir (R) $648,398
    West Virginia Senate Race
    Total Raised by Candidate:
    Joe Manchin (D)* $4,776,673
    Patrick Morrisey (R) $1,412,726
    Evan Jenkins (R) $1,102,014
    Don Blankenship (R) $400,000
    Paula Jean Swearengin (D) $140,226

  324. MichiganGuy says:

    This is sad. Republican vs. Democrats money raised.
    Senate candidates:
    Republicans $72,332,138
    Democrats $177,952,563
    House candidates:
    Republicans $275,485,329
    Democrats $283,694,603

  325. Chicon says:

    MG – the Senate numbers may be a function of incumbency.

  326. MichiganGuy says:

    Chicon, that maybe true for the Senate but, not for the House. Although, we have a lot of cowards retiring.

  327. mnw says:


    Thx for all that info.

    One of the obvious lessons from Lamb/Saccone was that the GOP nominee has to be able to FR locally.

  328. Tim says:

    #343: No, he isn’t. He just despises Trump. I know that, because he told me that.

  329. Bitterlaw says:

    People who never even ran for office should not call those who are retiring from office “cowards.” Yeah. I said it.

  330. Tina says:

    IT was not comedysdetermination that no prosecutor would have…

    He needed to simply pass the referral on to the non partisan doj,

    He is clearly caught up in so many lies and is in cya mode.

    What a loser, a wi p, and a dirty cop.

  331. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – MD openly cheerleads for Dem candidates in his district. He hates his Republican Congressman for not doing enough to preserve Obamacare.

    I despise Trump even though I voted for him. Despite that hatred, I will never vote for a Democrat. I will keep voting for the GOP.

  332. Tina says:

    Weiners device was obtained on 9/28. So, comedy sat on the weiner for 32 days, why?

    Why sit on the weiner that long?

    Of course, the nypd and ny fbi were leaking that comedy and mccabe were sitting on the laptop.

  333. Tina says:

    So, because the nypd outted comedy, he oanicked and disclosed the laptop containing weiners emails,

    The fact alone that emails feom hilary ended up on weiners laptop is an issue, a criminal offense.

  334. Tina says:

    Above all,

    It is drat vs drat vs drat.

    Comedy vs mccabe vs loretta lynch,

    They are going down for criminal,activities.

  335. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    Comey drafted the Crooked Hillary exoneration long before he talked to her (lied in Congress to Senator G), then based his decisions on her poll numbers. Disgruntled, he, McCabe, and the others, committed many crimes!

  336. Phil says:

    Pass the popcorn, Tina!

  337. dblaikie says:

    Mich Guy, remember that the Democrats are defending far more seats than the GOP in the midterms so the disparity in the fund raising is more understandable.

    I know that I may be nuts. But I will say it again the blue wave has crested and the red wave is on the rise.

  338. MichiganGuy says:

    #349 mnw, your welcome

  339. Tina says:

    Yup, drat vs vs drat.

    Lots of poopcorn.

    Notice how the mistress and pete turned against mccabe?

  340. MichiganGuy says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    April 16, 2018 at 9:01 am

    People who never even ran for office should not call those who are retiring from office “cowards.” Yeah. I said it.
    BL, do you really think calling what you did a serious run for office? You knew you had no chance at winning. You raised $0. Did you even campaign? Did you have a debate with your opponent? Did you even knock on one door? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  341. Phil says:

    It keeps getting better, Tina. Lanny Davis has an entire op ed in The Hill this morning calling Comey “a self serving liar”

    LOL Don’t you just love it when a brawl breaks out and Democrats and Never Trumpers start hitting each other in the mouth!

  342. MichiganGuy says:

    dblaikie says:
    April 16, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Mich Guy, remember that the Democrats are defending far more seats than the GOP in the midterms so the disparity in the fund raising is more understandable.

    I know that I may be nuts. But I will say it again the blue wave has crested and the red wave is on the rise.
    I don’t know if, you’re nuts. I think that it is way too early to tell if, there will be a blue wave or not people need to stop panicking and let’s help our candidates win.

  343. dblaikie says:

    Oh, I like getting out there early! If your right you feel like a prophet, if you are wrong you will still survive.

    Panic is the last thing that folks should do right now. That is what the liberals want us to do. The economy is strong and at the end of the day, folks will end up voting their pocket books. But more than that, because of their over reaching on the 2nd and stifling free speech, and because of their refusal to make our borders safe, a rage in the heartland of this country is rising. It is the great story that no media outlet will report.

    Because of that it is the left who may need to panic.

  344. Tim says:

    But, it’s all about Trump, Bitterlaw. MD is certainly no Democrat. He simply feels the GOP abandoned who it is when it ran the Big Orange……His votes are no a protest of that. I don’t blame him. If Trump had run as a Democrat, I would have happily supported the GOP nominee. The Country is more important than the Party. That’s why I have cast eight GOP votes in my lifetime.

  345. Phil says:

    I will cast a vote for a Democrat the day I can find one that isn’t a committed leftist. I haven’t found one since the early 70s.

  346. Tina says:

    Maybe fake flapper will ask comedy why he drafted the hillary exoneration memo months before anybody was interviewed.

    The clinton reporter, stephowhatever, could have asked that question,

  347. Tina says:

    Trump at 51 percent in rasmussen.

    Add 10.

  348. Phil says:

    Over and under on whether Tapper will ask that question of Comey is exactly zero, Tina.

  349. Tina says:

    Nbc reports that comedy has no political bias or affiliation.


  350. Tina says:

    Comedy will not go on faux news.

    You know he is picking his spots wirh friendlies.

  351. Tina says:

    And mccabe failed to note to fbi that he owns a residence close to the clinton residence in ny.

    Literally just down the road.

    It keeps geting better and better.

  352. Phil says:


    Tina, I go back to the Powerline article I referred everyone to the other day. The more shrill the MSM and late night comics get the more it becomes a case of diminishing returns. Trump fatigue derangement fatigue.

  353. Tina says:

    I wonder whick crack pot will have longer staying power

    Comedy or Camera hogg?

    More of both, please

  354. Tina says:

    Agreed phil, theynare over playing eveything.

    He responds, i know the tweets can be a bit of a pain, but he has no other choice, but to engage.

    Not responding = bush 43=26 percent aporoval.

  355. Phil says:

    Their fifteen minutes are about up.

  356. Bitterlaw says:

    MG – I ran 3 times for office. 2 barrow losses locally and the expected blowout for Congress. Farrah refuses to debate me.

  357. Tina says:

    Notice how comedy lies

    I gave the memos to a friend. Statement before congress.

    Once it was determined that the memos were classified, comedy states, i gave them to my sttorney,

    Can we get an fbi raid of the lawyah uh friend?

  358. Tina says:

    I do not care if the memos were classified.

    They are federal records, mishandled.

    They are memos that are executive privilege.

    Comedy will be charged.

  359. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim – MD is also supporting gun control now. He used to be a Second Amendment absolutist.

    You said you should vote for Country over Party but you have never voted for a Republican for President. You really thought Carter and Mondale were better for America than Reagan?

  360. Tina says:





    Pete the cheat.

    All appear to have flipped against comedy and mccabe.

    Now, loretta lynch has entered and blasted away at comedy.

    This is a drat turf war.

  361. Phil says:

    Sounds like MD has absolutely lost his mind.

    I used to really like the guy. Now he seems fine with putting Pelosi in charge of the House. Just plain weird.

    Good riddance.

    I don’t like Trump on his over the top tweeting, tariffs, and willingness to sign the ridiculous spending bill…..but it doesn’t send me into the arms of the left. That’s just nuts.

  362. NYCmike says:

    Tim is f*ll of sh*t.

    He is the same person who thinks Social Security and Medicare programs are solvent, and will be there for his grandchildren in the future.

  363. NYCmike says:

    “Sounds like MD has absolutely lost his mind.”

    -His wife, obviously, wears the pants in that family!

  364. Phil says:

    Philly suburbanites are just different ducks than Texas suburbanites. However, I have to think MD is the extreme for up there. I am assuming MD lives I a Philly collar county. Bitter would know for sure if that is the case.

  365. DW says:

    Looks like the NL east could turn into a pennant race between the Mets and Phillies.

  366. MichiganGuy says:

    MD doesn’t just hate Trump.
    Via Twitter:
    1.MD calls for a boycott on Laura Ingraham.
    2.Supporting dem candidate for his district.
    3.Calls John Bolton is a nut job.
    4.Confirms he is no longer a Republican. “At times like this, it comes in handy to have been a Republican previously.”
    5.MD is hoping for 50 to 70 seat gain in the house for the dems.
    I have not seen one positive mention of a Republican. He doesn’t just hate Trump. He is openly rooting for the Democrats to take over.

  367. mnw says:


    Andrew McCarthy at NRO believes the real peril to Trump comes from the investigation in SDNY, not from Mueller.

    Definitely worth a read. I decided long ago that muh Russia was a joke, but the SDNY thing snuck up on me.

  368. MichiganGuy says:

    I had the links to each one but, Hal thought that was too many links. He says it’s awaiting moderation. In other words you will never see them. :mrgreen:

  369. MichiganGuy says:

    mnw, as the article says “While it can be unsavory, it is not illegal per se to enter arm’s-length non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). I doubt there will be any criminal charges against Trump because of Trump’s flings with pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford (a.k.a. Stormy Daniels) and former Playboy model Karen McDougal or paying off his former Trump-building doorman.

  370. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – MD lives 6 miles from me in Chester county. I am 6 miles from the Philadelphia border in Delaware county.

  371. NYCmike says:

    The only thing I am surprised about, regarding MD, is that Robbie hasn’t re-posted anything from his Twitter feed yet!

  372. NYCmike says:

    MD did accuse Paul Ryan of ass-kissing Trump, and leaving us with trillion$ of debt due to the tax cut…….I am sure MD thinks the Democrats would do better in regards to debt/deficits. /

  373. Phil says:

    Bitter, got it. I knew you guys were close to Philly and probably in the collar counties although I guess Chester County is a little further out as I view the map.

  374. Bitterlaw says:

    Chester is more open and starts to have farms as you go west

  375. Phil says:

    Yep, putting Pelosi and Schumer in charge of the budget is really going to clean up the national debt.

    The guy just flipped out. Not often you see a conservative Republican switch to being a lefty in a micro second. Only other conversion I’ve ever seen like it is the David Brock fellow who went from Clinton critic to Clinton apologist overnight – and even that I think was about personal financial gain. Defies all logic….

  376. mnw says:


    I read the article a bit differently. I could envision a conspiracy to obstruct justice in some as-yet-unknown way. As McCarthy stated, a judge found probable cause to believe a federal crime of some sort had been committed by the attorney.

  377. Bitterlaw says:


  378. Tina says:

    The whole nda thing is interesting. Mccarthy is interesting too, but this article appears a bit flat.

    I am not sure if mccarthy mentioned this, but the whole issue of using a heloc is also interesting,

    Not sure what the kie about a heloc is. I do not seem to remember if theynask you what the ourpose of the loan is.

    It is my understanding that you can take the cash out, subject to equity abd valuations, and can use the money for aby purpose. So, if the kawyer paid somebody off using those monies?

  379. Tina says:

    LArry Schweikart is updating the voter registration numbers f9r many critical states.

  380. Tina says:

    Charlie Spiering
    Comey to ABC: “One of the things I’ve struggled with my whole life is my ego and a sense that I have to be careful not to fall in love with my own view of things.”

    Comedy is imploding. He needs help.

    Where is Dr. Sanjay Gupta ?

  381. Tina says:

    The jebots maggie hack says it was a dud, Play Video
    New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said former FBI Director James Comey’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos was a dud and did not live up to the hype. “The interview last night [on “20/20?] aggravated a lot of people,” she continued. “But it’s a much lower-grade burn than I thought it would be.”

  382. Tina says:

    LOretta lynch is key,

    We know that grandkids were not discussed.

    It was a payoff, end the cf investigation and we give you something, like sc.

  383. Tina says:

    13) CONCLUSION (contd)

    In states Trump lost (CO, DE, ME) there have been extremely minor changes.

    In both AZ and IA, red states, the Republican majorities have grown (so much for “muh blue wave” in AZ).

    FL is within range of being a red state by 2020, or dead even.
    Show this thread
    Larry Schweikart
    Larry Schweikart

    No battleground state that Trump won has seen an improvement in the net voter reg changes since Nov. 2016. Right now he would take NH in addition to his 306 EVs from 2016. NM and NV are too close to call. Trump’s margins in NC and NV would be much larger.

  384. MichiganGuy says:

    #399 mnw Cohen may have broken the law but, I don’t think Trump knowingly broke the law.

  385. DW says:

    Weekly Jose Reyes update.

    Reyes used to be a star for the Mets. For some unknown reason, the Mets continue to pretend he has major league talent.

    Reyes currently has 17 plate appearances in 2018, managed to draw 1 walk, has 0 hits and a 0.000 batting average.

    Tebow could have been on the roster and not had worse numbers, but would have helped more with ticket sales.

    The only explanation for Reyes being on the roster is he must know something about the General Manager and is blackmailing him.

  386. Clifford F. Thies says:


    While Trump referred to the package as cutting taxes, and tax cuts were indeed part of the package; overall, the tax reform act only increased the deficit by $150 B. per year, averaged over a ten-year time horizon, without assuming any dynamic effect. That is to say, the tax base was broadened, deductions curtailed, etc., were also in the package.

    With even a modest dynamic effect, the act will be revenue neutral. But, even ignoring dynamic effects, 1.456 trillion is not “trillions.” It is more than a trillion, but less than trillions.

    “Overall, it provides a net tax reduction of
    approximately $1.456 trillion over the 10-year “budget window” (according to estimates provided by the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) that do not take into account macroeconomic/dynamic effects).”

  387. NYCmike says:


    The Mets are 12-2.

    The ONLY explanation for Reyes being on the roster is “DO NO HARM”…….until you need to intervene.

  388. DW says:

    Perhaps what is most remarkable about the Mets’ 12-2 start is the fact that Yoenis Cespedes, their highest paid slugger, and biggest right-handed bat is mired in a terrible slump, batting just .190 (11 for 58) and striking out 26 times.

    If he ever starts hitting, then the Mets could start winning games by more than a one or two run margin like they are now.

    Meanwhile, the Mets have a young outfielder named Brandon Nimmo who cannot start because the Mets have committed to an outfield of Cespedes, Conforto and Bruce. But Nimmo in just 21 plate appearances is hitting .400 with a double, triple, and homer, and he drew 4 walks.

    Despite his salary, the Mets should bench Cespedes for a couple of games and let him watch Nimmo hit for a while.

  389. DW says:

    411 – I understand baseball is a game filled with superstitions. But Reyes has done absolutely no good. In fact there was one game he committed an error which could have been costly but the Mets overcame it.

  390. GPO says:

    DW says:

    April 16, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Weekly Jose Reyes update.

    Reyes used to be a star for the Mets. For some unknown reason, the Mets continue to pretend he has major league talent.

    Reyes currently has 17 plate appearances in 2018, managed to draw 1 walk, has 0 hits and a 0.000 batting average.

    The only explanation for Reyes being on the roster is he must know something about the General Manager and is blackmailing him

    My guess is that when TJ Rivera is healthy and off DL, Reyes will be released

    Lets Go Mets!

  391. Tina says:

    Comedys friend tells him that his interview was terrible.

  392. NYCmike says:

    “Everything Trump does in this realm is suspicious but Scooter Libby did get a raw deal.”


    Please explain how Trump has raised “suspicions” in this area.


    *The sign in BS at the other site can take a hike.

  393. NYCmike says:

    Libby got a raw deal from Dubya, as well as from Fitzgerald, and our legal system.

  394. NYCmike says:

    “I do not believe I have ever stated definitively that he is a “secret Democrat”, but clearly, he is not a traditional Republican. He’s out for himself. He has called himself a Democrat, an Independent, and a Republican over the years, and if he lives long enough, might cycle through them all again, but he has always been about himself first and foremost.”

    -Well said, “CG”. You repeated what I stated before he was elected.

    You also stated a great reason to vote for him, AGAINST HILLARY, since she was clearly a very liberal, ideological opponent.

  395. NYCmike says:

    “He’s out for himself.”

    -As opposed to “CG”, who sacrifices EVERYTHING for his fellow man. ALL $$ he makes goes to the less fortunate……just like the Bush family.

    JEB!2016 lives in a large tent on the Kennebunkport grounds.

  396. DW says:

    The Mets’ other ‘problem’ is their backup center fielder, Juan Lagares, known for being a late inning defensive replacement for his gold-glove, but also known for being light-hitting happens to be batting .350 (7 for 20) but cannot get much playing time because the bigger bats get the playing time. If Cespedes continues to struggle they could move Conforto to left, Lagares in center, then put Nimmo in right if Bruce struggles.

  397. Bitterlaw says:

    DW loves Tebow the baseball player as much as Jason loves Tebow the football player.

    I did not know that the Mets were hurting for ticket sales and Tebow must save them.

  398. NYCmike says:

    -California Republicans (stop laughing!) should run on this 1 item alone, since nothing else seems to work.

  399. Bitterlaw says:

    Tebow is 30

    Reyes is 34

    DW – Either way, not exactly a youth movement for the Mets.

  400. DW says:

    421 – you take me wrong….my argument was to show how bad Reyes is, not to show that Tebow was better. Tebow will not be a big league player.

  401. NYCmike says:

    “DW – Either way, not exactly a youth movement for the Mets.”

    -4 years younger for a pro athlete is a YUGE difference, actually, IF the talent is there.

  402. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – DW said the talent is not there.

  403. NYCmike says:

    “NYC – DW said the talent is not there.”

    -Agreed, for either player, although one is still working on it at the proper place.

  404. mnw says:

    MG 403

    I will NEVER forget Emerson’s conclusion, 48 hours before the polls opened in AL for the special Senate election between Moire & Jones:

    “At this point, Jones has no realistic path to victory.”

    There’s being wrong, & then there’s being ridiculously wrong.

  405. Tina says:

    According to fake flapper, libby outted the classified cia agent.

  406. Tina says:

    “I never heard anyone on our team — not one — take a position that seemed driven by their personal political motivations.”


    ***does comedy want to explain mccabe, pete the cheat, or the mistress?

    Is he not aware of the text messages?

  407. mnw says:


    RAS says voters don’t like Comey; want him prosecuted.

    His TV ratings were poor, too.

  408. Messy57 says:

    432. for what?

  409. Messy57 says:

    382. That’s why I voted Anderson-Lucey

  410. Phil says:

    Tina, he is aware of the text messages and bad players. He just doesn’t think the public is and that he can get away with this drivel.

    He becomes more wrong about that with every passing day.

    I want him to keep talking.

  411. Tina says:

    Mnw, ohil, i linked to a cnn interview involving comedys friend,

    I think the friend is a kawyer, but not the recipient of the classified memos,

    He is telling comedy to stfu. Maybe not specifically mentioned, but i think the lawyer is worried about comedy getting caught legally.

  412. Tina says:

    I was 80% sure that trump was justified in firing comedy,

    After hearing from comedy, i am 100% sure that he needed to be fired,

    He failed to disclose the origins of the dossier. Failed to brief the president on it and appaears to have tried to blacmail trump.

  413. Tina says:

    The weiner emails were discovered 36 days before the election.

    Nypd leaked it, while comedy and mccabe tried to cover up everything,

    Clear that comedy is a hyoer oartisan, drat enabker.

  414. mnw says:


    “46% of voters believe Comey should be prosecuted for leaking to the media while he was Director of the FBI, which Comey has admitted doing.”

  415. NYCmike says:


    Whom is the better person, at least in this instance? Bush or Trump?

    I am sure “CG” and Robbie are glad that Trump has corrected a wrong, and applauded Trump for it. /

  416. Tina says:

    I think it was evident that the pardon was more worthy after 2015 when the key witness recanted her testimony and informed us that the prosecution hid evidence,

    No doubt the prosecutor wanted Cheney, and then needed a scalp when he could not get the vp.

  417. Bitterlaw says:

    Since the article said the witness recanted in 2015 (more than 6 years after GWB left office), the pardon is irrelevant on the issue of who is a better person. GWB was faced with a lawful conviction. Trump had new developments to consider.

  418. Bitterlaw says:

    I was typing when Tina posted.

    Damn. Tina and I agreed on something.

  419. NYCmike says:

    “GWB was faced with a lawful conviction.”

    -Has Bush PUBLICLY commended Trump for his action regarding Libby?

    Bush has been public about his put-downs.

  420. mnw says:

    If every prisoner was freed whenever a witness recanted, long after testifying under oath, then get out of jail free cards would be everywhere! Usually witnesses aren’t very happy about having to testify in the first place. Appellate courts usually ignore recantation, with good reason.

    Disclaimer: I don’t know a damn thing about Libby or the recanting witness.

  421. Phil says:

    David Hogg on twitter announces another boycott this week. Says “stay tuned” for who the target will be.

    This little twirp has an ego right up there with Comey.

    Keep it up Camera Hogg. We could use the turnout help in November.

    As Tina likes to say – More Hogg!

  422. mnw says:


    The Wise Men at RRH believe that the Emerson AZ poll is a crock. I have less respect for Emerson than for any other frequently-published pollster.

  423. NYCmike says:

    What does it mean that Sean Hannity was Michael Cohen’s secret client?

    Does that mean Hannity paid someone off to keep quiet?

  424. Tina says:

    Bl, lol, we agreed trump over her Thighness,

  425. Tina says:

    Libby also showed or demonstrated that he rehabilitated himself.

    He got his dc law license back years later. The reviewing officials also felt that he did nothing wrong.

    New facts emerged years down the road,

    The key witness recanting is Judith Miller.

    A Bloomberg piece is here:

  426. dblaikie says:

    Every time David Hogg announces a new boycott it just adds to the anger that folks who believe in the 2nd Amendment already feel.

    Today’s polling reports shouldn’t be taken seriously individually. In fact the only thing that today’s polls can show you is general trends. With that in mind I think today’s polls show that the so-called blue wave may have been big 6 months ago. But like I said earlier, the blue wave has crested. Sorry Robbie.

    Oh with the Generic Ballot so out of whack with what he knows to be a fact, I am sure Robbie and the other trolls won’t be around today.

  427. Tina says:

    OH and Libby had to pay $2500000.

    He got a heavier sentence that oetraeus, who did even worse damage and was guilty of a lot more.

  428. Tina says:


  429. jason says:

    Trump should commute (not pardon) Blago.

    Good PR move.

    Blago is guilty as hell, but I think he has paid his dues in prison and not watched his daughters grow up.

  430. mnw says:

    WaPo 2day has DEM generic lead down to +4. Smallest lead since forever.

    Josh Kraushaar says this is because…guns.

  431. MichiganGuy says:

    * BOOM *
    Generic Congressional Ballot:
    Democrats 47% (+4)
    Republicans 43%

    ABC News/Washington Post, RV, 4/8-11
    From the Washington Post. Democrats hold an advantage ahead of the midterm elections, but a Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that edge has narrowed since January, a signal to party leaders and strategists that they could be premature in anticipating a huge wave of victories in November.

    The poll finds that the gap between support for Democratic vs. Republican House candidates dropped by more than half since the beginning of the year. WOW!

  432. MichiganGuy says:

    mnw, steals my thunder. 🙁

  433. NYCmike says:

    They are going after Hannity because he did not disclose that information about Cohen when he did his pieces on the raid.

  434. Wes says:

    MichiganGuy says:
    April 15, 2018 at 7:54 am
    Wes says:
    April 14, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate you are helping the Democrats. Name a Democrat who was better than their Republican opponent (do not bring up David Duke since he was a scumbag and just used the Republicsn name).

    Let’s see…

    Gore 2000

    Kerry 2004

    Donnelly 2012
    First MD and Author come clean and admit they are dems and now Wesley. Not really a surprise to me. Who will be the next dem to come out of the closet so to speak. We should start a pool. Robbie?

    I always knew you were an idiot, Elmer. Can snyone on here honestly think I’m a Democrat after reading my posts?

    Yes, Bush was a colossal failure as President, and I unequivocally turned against him. That was his fault, not mine. He should have been a better President.

    As far as Donnelly and Mourdock, I’m sorry, but when some moron actively tries to justify impregnation by rape by calling it “God’s will,” I’m done with him. Apparently Hoosiers–the people who mattered in that race–felt the same way I did.

    I have worked on GOP political campaigns in the past. I have contributed exclusively to GOP candidates for office. Never once have I voted for anyone other than a Republican for any office.

    Saying certain Democrats were better than Republicans who shat all over the country the way GWB did in no way makes me a Democrat.

  435. Wes says:

    It’s good to see Republicans are on the rise in the generic ballot. If they can keep it within a couple of points through November, this should be a normal first midterm rather than a disaster of one.

  436. Tina says:

    Ana Navarro
    Ana Navarro
    Maybe it’s just me…the more I hear from @comey, the more conflicted I feel. I want to believe him that this is all about loyalty to country and inviolable respect for the truth. But damn, the guy has a big ego, is selectively inconsistent. I find him obnoxiously self-righteous.

    Comedy loses oink oink.

  437. MichiganGuy says:

    My first catch of the day. I’ll throw this one back too small. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  438. mnw says:


    Apparently the GOP does better with live interviewers than with robopollsters, so the news COULD be even better for the GOP. Usually it’s the other way around.

    The improvement in live polls COULD be due to intensity… about guns, Josh Kraushaar argues.

  439. Tina says:

    The socialist has not chimed in.

  440. Tina says:

    So, did comedy lose the clinton groupies?

  441. mnw says:

    The combination of RAS 51 today & WaPo generic suggests to me that the uptick is probably real.

  442. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    April 14, 2018 at 9:46 pm
    I could not disagree more, Wes. But if you prefer Democrats, I can’t stop you. President Gore could have destroyed the economy with environmental EOs. Kerry would be as ad or worse than Obama on foreign policy.

    I know you will say that there would never have been President Obama without GWB. Pure speculation since Obama would have still wanted to be President after Gore or Kerry finished their terms.If Gore or Kerry had been defeated in 2004 or 2008 or 2012, we might still have gotten Obama.

    Bitterlaw, your speculation reveals your colossal ignorance. Obama won primarily because GWB failed as President and triggered the biggest backlash against either party since Watergate. For Obama to have won after Gore or Kerry departed the White House eould have required having a different Republican to have failed as massively as GWB.

    Yhst’s possible, but there’s no evidence it would have happened.

    Thus, you justify your sycophantic support of a failed President with nothing but unfounded speculation.

  443. Wes says:

    I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this, but Heidi Heitkamp is one the way down in popularity:

    That means Cramr has ann increasingly good shot st beating her and returning this seat yo the GOP fold for the first time since 1960.

    I will definitely be contributing to Cramer.

  444. Phil says:

    The downside of the poll is that among likely voters Democrats are still up 10.

    The good news is that the voter enthusiasm gap will close as the election gets closer. Dems are stirred up by hatred of Trump and I don’t see that getting any more intense than it already is. Republicans will rev up as election day gets closer. I think their enthusiasm number is a meager 39 percent presently and Democrats are in the low 60s. I don’t expect that number to close all the way on election day but it will be substantially closer.

  445. MichiganGuy says:

    mnw, when even the washingtonpost shows the Republicans and Trump are improving you know it must be real. WP hates Trump more than any other newspaper or at least the same as the NY Times.

  446. Phil says:

    Still like Republican chances in NC 9th and 13th Wes?

  447. NYCmike says:

    I am guessing that information should be disclosed as A PROFESSIONAL COURTESY, but it is not a crime… that correct?

  448. Chicon says:

    Friends, the WaPo CGB poll is irrelevant. Robbie has informed us that the only thing that matters to predict the outcome of congressional races is the President’s JA number.

  449. MichiganGuy says:

    * BOOM *

    “Nearly Half Want James Comey Prosecuted, Rated Among Worst FBI Directors”

  450. Tina says:

    Nymike, hannitynadmits to consulting with Cohen on legal matters.

    The left indicate that it involves payment toma third party.

    This is not the case accrding to hannity.

    The judge is kimba leftist, the second choice for clint9n ag.

  451. Bitterlaw says:

    So Wes predictably goes after me without addressing the criticism of Gore and Kerry.

  452. NYCmike says:

    “So Wes predictably goes after me without addressing the criticism of Gore and Kerry.”

    -Of course. Gore and Kerry would have been much worse, just like Obama showed himself to be.

  453. NYCmike says:

    -I would be on Starbucks side in this……since the employees did nothing wrong, according to the police……yes, it could have been handled differently, by both sides…..personally, I would have purchased to cheapest thing on the menu, and shared it with the person with me….if ever in that situation……oh wait, I was, last time I was in the city, I was told only customers are allowed to use the bathroom……sooooooooo….I purchased a cookie…….lo and behold, they didn’t bother me anymore, when I used their bathroom and their wifi.

  454. Tina says:

    Breaking, trump not named a client in court

    Significant development.

  455. Messy57 says:

    testing one, two three. testing one two three.

  456. JulStol says:

    Heh. I shamed RRH into following their own rules. Sometimes, it’s the little things.

  457. NYCmike says:

    “Sometimes, it’s the little things.”

    -That’s what’s she said!

  458. lisab says:

    the trouble with gore as president is that he would have faced 9/11

    i don’t think the dems would have handled that well.

    who would they bomb in the middle east, israel?

  459. lisab says:

    Comey speculates Russians may have damaging info on Trump… drudge

    he completely ignores the french, who cares about the russians?

    i want to know what the french have on him

  460. lisab says:

    the thing is … if the russians had a sex tape on trump …

    he would probably ask them for a copy and publish it himself

  461. Hugh says:

    459. I probably ask attorneys I know legal questions several times a week. And I pay nothing for it. These are related to business. First I do not think of them as my attorney and they do not think of me as a client. This is becoming beyond absurd. Why doesn’t the fbi and doj give all these guys immunity and ask their questions. That was good enough for the Hillary investigation and we would get to the bottom of everything.

  462. Wes says:

    lisab says:
    April 16, 2018 at 6:53 pm
    the trouble with gore as president is that he would have faced 9/11

    i don’t think the dems would have handled that well.

    who would they bomb in the middle east, israel?

    The trouble with Bush as President is that after 9/11, he used the attack as an excuse to launch an incompetently handled, unjustified jingoistic attack on Iraq that cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars for nothing.

  463. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    April 16, 2018 at 5:32 pm
    So Wes predictably goes after me without addressing the criticism of Gore and Kerry.

    So Bitterlaw predictably ignores the gross overspending, thousands of deaths in Iraq, and Great Society-style government programs the Bush Administration was responsible for to justify adulating that unmitigated failure as some kind of paragon of presidential greatness.

  464. mnw says:

    I wonder how pleased McCaskill & Heitkamp are to have Republican voters slowly turning their attention to Second Amendment issues, hmm?

    I realize those 2 (&Tester & Donnelly) have CYAed on gun control, but it’s certainly not the issue on which they want their home state voters to focus, I bet.

    The GOP Senate primary in IN is as bad as WV, imo. Awful. Chopping each other up a treat.

  465. Wes says:

    I agree, Mnw. The Second Amendment is an extremely salient part of the Constitution to many voters. The Brady Bill was a significant factor in erosion of Dem support in rural areas in 1994. Awakening those voters against their pols is not what Democrats want.

    It may be the issue that helps Republicans hold Congress in November.

  466. Wes says:

    Democrats are trying the same sleazy tactic against Rick Scott they used against Ron Johnson in 2016:

    I hope it’s every bit as successful against Scott as it was against Johnson.

  467. mnw says:

    I have a sick feeling about IN. Now there’s a self-funding latecomer posing as the GOP’s supposed white knight.

  468. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzz. Wes is more likely to get married than he is to ever find a post where I said GWB was a great President.

  469. Diamond Jim says:

    Where’s Walt?

  470. Diamond Jim says:


  471. Diamond Jim says:


  472. Diamond Jim says:


  473. Diamond Jim says:

    D iamond Jim

  474. Tina says:

    This guy is never trumper according to brit hume, he says last week trump had his best week as president.

  475. Wes says:

    Stalin would be proud:

    April 16, 2018 at 5:53 pm
    This name calling is not allowed, and the mods’ jurisdiction on what is and is not allowed is absolute. Do it again and you will be banned.

  476. Wes says:

    I swear, RRH is like watching a march around the Kremlin.

    Orwell never imagined anything as oppressive and authoritarian as RRH.

  477. janz says:

    Different & troubling posts regarding MD. It appears he has undergone a complete philosophical, political conversion. So, what does that say about his earlier, conservative commentary? Does that mean he now disbelieves everything he subscribed to prior to the 2016 election?

  478. Bitterlaw says:

    I thought Wes would appreciate that I defended him against the charge that he is really a Democrat.

  479. Cash Cow TM says:

    F-ing global warming.

    In the low 40s again here in WV at Walt’s estate.

    Out at his son’s in WI they are dealing with a 16 inches of snow dumped on them by the most recent mid April blizzard.

    F-ing global warming….

  480. Bitterlaw says:

    MD thinks Trump is a disgrace, an embarrassment, and a charlatan who fooled enough Primary voters in a 17 candidate to grab the nomination and then beat Hilary.

    I agree that Trump is a disgrace, an embarrassment and a charlatan but I voted for him anyway. Hillary made it easy.

  481. Cash Cow TM says:

    Walt did his own taxes and then finished his youngest son’s taxes this morning.

    For 3 days, Walt has been moping about muttering
    “F-ing taxes….F-ing taxes…”

  482. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t stray beyond HHR. I’m happy here.


  483. Bitterlaw says:

    At least Walt has something to do. It’s tough being immortal.

  484. Cash Cow TM says:

    Am watching a TV program about Hot Rod Huntley.

    Very enlightening and enjoyable.
    Recommend you all try to look it up.

    Walt’s late brother in law grew up in same town (Charleston, WV) with Hot Rod during high school.

    Then was at WVU when Hot Rod was there playing for the Mountaineers. He said to see Hot Rod play was indescribable.

  485. Walt says:

    F-ing taxes…

    Some of those instructions make no sense whatsoever.


  486. lisab says:

    Chlamydia hitting Koalas hard; 100% infection rates…

  487. lisab says:

    Does that mean he now disbelieves everything he subscribed to prior to the 2016 election?

    he told himself the story that trump is a terrible person and all who support him, even if only slightly, are also terrible

    and he believes that story to this day.

    trump is no worse, personally speaking, than many of the past presidents and i dare say better than many of them.

    however, md has to see him as the worst president ever

  488. lisab says:

    if you were to compare trump to lbj or jfk there is just no comparison …

    both of those men were having sex with anything that moved in the white house

  489. lisab says:

    Night Court star Harry Anderson dies aged 65 at his home in North Carolina


  490. MichiganGuy says:

    RIP Judge Harry T. Stone. That was a good show.

  491. NYCmike says:

    “The GOP Senate primary in IN is as bad as WV, imo. Awful. Chopping each other up a treat.”

    -Cue blaming it on a “deadender”, whichever one people like Wes decide is the “deadender”, of course AFTER the primary…….

  492. MichiganGuy says:

    Senate GE:
    Wicker (R) 48%
    Baria (D) 31%
    Undecided 21%
    Senate – Republican Primary:
    Wicker 68%
    Boyanton 10%
    Undecided 22%
    Senate – Democratic Primary:
    Scott 9%
    Baria 7%
    Bohren 4%
    Sherman 2%
    Undecided 79%
    Senate GE2:
    Hyde-Smith (R) 42%
    Espy (D) 36%
    Undecided 23%
    Senate GE2:
    Espy (D) 43%
    McDaniel (R) 24%
    Undecided 33%
    Espy (D) 33%
    Hyde-Smith (R) 33%
    McDaniel (R) 13%
    Shelton (D) 6%
    Undecided 15%
    Trump Job Approval: Approve 46% Disapprove 41%
    Triumph Campaigns/MSyallpolitics

  493. Tim says:

    Ah, I see that lisab is still around; glad to see that…….and, she still quotes Matt Drudge. LOL

  494. Tim says:

    You make a point, there. Trump’s own trophy wife won’t even sleep with him in the White House. LOL

  495. mnw says:

    In MS, everybody runs in a jungle primary, & then if nobody has 50%, the top two faceoff? Is that right?

  496. jason says:

    Tim has been to the WH and knows who is sleeping with whom.

    Or he reads MSM trash.

  497. jason says:

    Trump’s own trophy wife won’t even sleep with him in the White House. LOL”

    Translation: jealous because Trump has gotten more ass in a week than I got in a lifetime.

  498. Phil says:

    Tim has been monitoring the WH residence. Who knew?

  499. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason returns from secret A-hole mission.

    It will be interesting to see his views on Wes’ believe that Gore and Kerry would have been better Presidents than GWB.

  500. NYCmike says:

    Tim monitors all of the programs which give him free sh*t.

  501. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim is a fine individual. He is a Democrat. Both can be true. Rarely.

  502. NYCmike says:

    A fine individual who votes to get more free sh*t.

  503. Chicon says:

    Over the weekend, I heard a hard-left, Trump-loathing neighbor say he’s planning on moving from Chicago to Northwest Indiana because Illinois taxes are too high. Astounding……

  504. Phil says:

    Glad he’s not moving to and voting in Texas.

  505. Michael says:

    AZ Senate
    GOP Primary
    McSally 36
    Arpaio 26
    Ward 25

    Thank goodness.

  506. Chicon says:

    51% of AZ GOP voters want someone other than McSally. Why?

  507. mnw says:

    Because she’s been a McCain-style open borders fan… until she filed for Senate. Now she sounds like Tom f’n Cotton all of a sudden.

    That’s why.

    “Trust” is just a word on a bank.

  508. Tina says:

    Comedy may unite the ds and the rs.

    He is becoming the most hated person in America.

    Even more than her Thighness.

  509. MichiganGuy says:

    mnw says:
    April 17, 2018 at 8:40 am

    In MS, everybody runs in a jungle primary, & then if nobody has 50%, the top two faceoff? Is that right?
    Special elections in Mississippi are nonpartisan; that is, party affiliations aren’t printed on the ballot, and — instead of party-specific primaries — all candidates will run in one free-for-all of a race. If no one gets a majority of the vote in the first round, the top two finishers will face off in a runoff election.

  510. jason says:

    If this catches on… (ok, pun intended)…

    “A well-known attorney died Saturday morning after setting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in a reported protest against pollution.

    Police said David Buckel, 60, died after setting himself on fire at the northeast corner of the park.

    The NYPD said a suicide note was found nearby, but it would not confirm its contents. Buckel reportedly took his life to protest the use of fossil fuels.”

  511. Phil says:


    Tina, absolutely right. A rare agreement of the left and the right. Both recognize that Comey is a self serving, sanctimonious lying bore.

    Imagine where his popularity will be after Saint Comey’s act extends another three weeks. His book tour is about a month too long…..but keep lecturing us on right and wrong, Jim.

    Has he been on the View yet?

    Here’s a thought. He an Camera Hogg should team up for the rest his tour. Rename it the Self Importance Egomaniac Tour.

  512. jason says:

    51% of AZ GOP voters want someone other than McSally. Why?”

    Good question.


  513. jason says:

    Bitter, I don’t feel compelled to challenge every one of Wes’ idiocies about GWB or his fantasies that Gore and Kerry wouldn’t have been disastrous Presidents. Some of his comments on Clinton, Gore, GWE, the Iraq war, Lincoln, slavery, the South, etc. I react the same way as when I read headlines on the Onion.

  514. jason says:

    Bitter the mission was accomplished.

    If any of that information was still in Cohen’s office it was from another source.

  515. Tina says:

    More comey, more Hogg.

    Phil, let them have more air time.

  516. Phil says:

    The more the better.

  517. Paul says:

    Emerson Poll for Arizona Special
    Hiral Tipirneni (D): 46%
    Debbie Lesko (R): 45%

  518. Michael says:

    Cuomo lead in primary narrows 58-27 from 66-19 a month ago.

    He leads the GOP challengers 57-31/56-32

  519. MichiganGuy says:

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that part of a federal law that makes it easier to deport immigrants convicted of crimes is too vague and Gorsuch was the tiebreaking vote

  520. mnw says:


    That court decision you referenced MIGHT effect 1 illegal alien in 1000. It really has almost nothing to do with immigration. That’s either media spin or ignorance, & probably a combination of both.

    That decision WILL cause the sentences of many drug dealers to be reduced, though— the ones who are in fed custody.

  521. Paul says:

    Gorsuch is getting taken by the willy wiles of Ginsberg.

  522. mnw says:

    The decision is in line with several earlier decisions construing the definition of “crime of violence” as too vague.

    However, an illegal alien is deportable with or without a conviction for a “crime of violence”— deportable without ANY convictions whatever, in fact.

    A prior conviction for a crime of violence is a SENTENCING factor— before today’s decision, such a conviction could have resulted in a harsher sentence.

    As stated, most beneficiaries of this “crime of violence” decision are NOT going to be illegal aliens! They are going to be regular fed BOP inmates.

  523. Tina says:

    Yup, vague. Grouch is a strict constructionalist. No issues with that.

    If daca for the Yoot reaches them, he will side with us since daca dump is illegal.

  524. MichiganGuy says:

    mnw, thanks for clarifying that ruling.

  525. MichiganGuy says:

    Woman Partially Sucked Out of Jet When Window Breaks Mid-Flight; Plane Lands Safely in Philadelphia

  526. mnw says:


    Not sure I clarified it.

    It’s one of a long line of similar, previous decisions.

    The heart of the problem was that certain state statutes, say burglary, for example, sometimes criminalize BOTH violent offenses (burglary of a dwelling), & NON-violent conduct too (burglary of a car).

    That’s what started all the “vagueness” challenges.

    Again, this has to do with giving defendants with violent prior convictions longer sentences…or not.

    From this, you can probably see that the whole thing has precious little to do with illegal aliens. And nothing whatever to do with deportation of illegal aliens.

    Thanks for indulging my rant. I thought the news coverage was even worse than the usual abysmal reporting about legal stories.

    Seemed like what the MSM wanted to report was, “Gorsuch abandons Trump & Joins Liberals! Game Over for Trump!”

  527. NYCmike says:


    Can you clarify again, please?

    Is Gorsuch attempting to get Congress to take more responsibility for the laws written, as opposed to it being left to judges and bureaucrats?

    Why would the other “more conservative” judges not agree with that way of thinking?

  528. mnw says:


    First of all, my apologies to everybody for killing the thread. Zzzz, I know.

    This minor issue doesn’t lend itself to “Which side is the conservative side?” analysis, imo.

    Some people will get sentences cut because of statutory interpretation issues. State laws aren’t drafted to please federal judges.

    The dissenting judges are saying that “this ruling today defies common sense.” But so did the 5-6 similar decision before this one, so the majority felt that it’s too late to turn back now.

  529. Tina says:

    Looks like the person sketched in the stormy Benadryl matter is storms ex spouse.

    Lol, she cannot keep her sheot together.

  530. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    27% of Americans think the Tax Cut is a good idea.

    Turns out that taking a huge loan in your grandson’s name to give your boss a huge payraise didn’t go over well with Americans.

    The GOP will probably be dead as a major party by the time 2020 election dust is settled.

  531. Tina says:

    Lol, less popular.

  532. Tina says:

    John poses ta, creepy dude, calls comedy a loser.

    Daily Caller

  533. Chicon says:

    I’ve decided to boycott Hogg. But I’ll still eat pork.

  534. NYCmike says:

    “27% of Americans think the Tax Cut is a good idea.”


    Hopefully, Democrats will be honest this election and campaign on raising taxes back to what it was.

  535. Bitterlaw says:

    I will have the study the suits themselves to assess any potential chance of success. However, I do like the thought of Alex Jones getting bled dry financially for his lies.

  536. MichiganGuy says:

    Southwest passenger dies in first U.S. airline fatality since 2009 .

  537. NYCmike says:

    Judge Kimba Wood officiated George Soros wedding in 2013?


    No Deep State, ha?

  538. Diamond Jim says:

    Thread’s dead, baby. Thread’s dead.

  539. Tina says:

    Can we have a bill protecting us from mule Head?

    I mean the whimsy rs in the house should be starving him.

  540. NYCmike says:

    McConnell: ““I’m the one who decides what we take to the floor. That’s my responsibility as the majority leader. We’ll not be having this on the floor of the Senate,” McConnell said during a Fox News interview.”

  541. mnw says:

    Any bill to protect Mueller from firing would be null & void instantly. Greatest hits from 1866: Andrew Johnson Impeachment, the Sequel!

  542. Bitterlaw says:

    No Deep State, ha?

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bias? Maybe. A vast conspiracy of the laziest people on earth – Federal employees? No.

  543. mnw says:

    560 Kindergarden (sic) Kid

    Still a subdelta moron, eh?

    It’s one thing to BE an illiterate jerk, but why does he insist on demonstrating the fact constantly?

  544. CG says:

    RIP, Mrs. Bush

  545. NYCmike says:

    “RIP, Mrs. Bush”

    -Agreed. I am glad she decided how best to end it.

    Strong woman to the end!

  546. Tina says:

    Classy First Lady.

  547. Bitterlaw says:

    A truly remarkable woman.

  548. Bitterlaw says:

    It makes me sad when somebody from the Greatest Generation dies. Not many left.

  549. Tina says:

    Stealth Jeff Retweeted
    Replying to @drawandstrike and @ThomasWictor
    It wouldn’t surprise me if companies start reaching out to Hogg to get him to boycott them. He boycotted the NRA and they got 500K new memberships. He boycotted Laura Ingraham and she got 20% more viewers.

    More Hogg,

  550. Phil says:

    Yep – the greatest generation was remarkable and it is sad watching the numbers dwindle to so few. Lost my dad out of that generation in 2004. WW II vet who like most from that generation worked hard, sacrificed for his family, and passed on his values to my sister and I.

    These people are sorely missed.

  551. Phil says:


    More Hogg. Much more.

  552. Tgca says:

    Condolences to the Bush family.

    I have a different view on life so I don’t feel really sad because I believe Babs Bush had a very long, good, interesting, privileged life. Like all, she had some bad down times like the loss of a child,and struggling with depression and challenges in the public eye by being a politicians wife, but overall, she seemed to relish the life she had. So good for her. In a 100 years, no one will remember her or anyone else posting or reading here tonight.

    Has Wes sent flowers yet?

  553. Tgca says:

    I wa fascinated with WWII as an adolescent and used to read all these books on it. Forgot most of the facts now but I do admire how that generation pulled together and rose to the challenge to triumph over pure evil. Lest not forget that a lot of this had to do with their upbringing and family roots in Europe so there was some strong ties to Europe and an importance in saving Europe. I would like to believe that when push comes to shove, any generation would do the same but often I wonder now with what I see on the streets today, especially with much US self-hatred among certain groups in cities and schools.

  554. Tina says:

    The picture of the buses wedding is my favorite.

    73 years.


  555. Tina says:

    Bushs wedding.

  556. Phil says:

    I would like to believe that as well, Tgca. Unfortunately, I can’t see it for the reasons you cite in your last sentence.

    Greatest Generation had one common bond. Love of the country with all its flaws and a universal desire to defend it. Now? I would say half the country believes America IS the problem in the world and has been schooled to that point of view. The schools and the media reinforce that point of view every day 24/7.

    It’s not the same.

  557. mnw says:



  558. Bitterlaw says:

    Every generation in America thought they were great and their children’s generation sucked. Within a few years of getting off the Mayflower, parents were boring their children – “When I was your age, I survived cholera and religious persecution….”

    I have no doubt that the current youth would defend the nation.

  559. Bitterlaw says:

    Walt used to bore the dinosaurs. “When I was your age I was lucky to eat plankton and I liked it. Try living without the earth having a crust, slackers.”

  560. Bitterlaw says:

    1775 – Damn youth. Trying to overthrow the government. We used to respect the king.

    1850 – Damn youth. Trying to justify letting those Irish Catholic vermin into our country.

    1860 – Damn youth. Trying to mess up the country with abolition…

  561. Cash Cow TM says:


    Baboons used 55-gallon barrel to escape from research facility, officials say…

  562. Cash Cow TM says:

    “Judge Kimba Wood officiated George Soros wedding in 2013?”

    If Judge Kimba Wood married someone with the last name of “Ya” …

    She would be Kimba Ya.
    (someone’s singing Lord…Kimba Ya….)

  563. Chicon says:

    Cow, she could also be called Kimba Wood Ya….

  564. dblaikie says:

    San Diego county the second most populous in the state has joined the revolt against Sacramento. Those socialist commie libs in Sacramento from Moonbeam on down have torn apart their state.

    I started talking about the real rage in this country was over the efforts to cripple the second amendment, to open our borders and to stifle the first amendment.

    Once again I wonder when folks are going to realize that the blue wave has crested and the red wave is building. Surf is up.

    Go Hogg!Oh how I hope you will boycott something!!
    Go Gov. Moonbeam
    Go Media!

    Please keep on treating the majority of the folks in this land that they are deplorable, stupid, unwashed, idiots.

  565. Tgca says:


  566. Tgca says:

    600! Yay!

  567. Tgca says:


  568. Tim says:

    R.I.P., Mrs. Bush.

  569. Tim says:

    David, you’ve been slacking on these threads while I’ve been away. No raise for you, this year! LOL

  570. NYCmike says:


    Wizzing is a #NeverTrumper. He has adopted some of the Democrat policy book…….so he WORKS much less now.

  571. Messy57 says:

    602. She died the most glorious death a woman could have: Of extreme old age surrounded by adoring descendants.

  572. Tina says:

    Two developments in much Russian

    One, rose stein has asked congress for more time, rather than release the comedy memos to goodlatte. Part of the response indicates criminal investigation.

    There is a time line issue between comedy and his friend getting the classified memos and the leaks. Looks like comedy is in trouble here,

    Second, Priestap is still working with the fbi, An FBI agent was found guilty of leaking classified information yesterday, and he was involved with the case, made a statement yesterday,

  573. dblaikie says:

    The next counties to revolt against California’s
    Sanctuary law could be San Bernardino, Riverside or even Imperial Counties. The telling thing is that these are the border counties in California and they are on the front lines of our porous border.

    The important thing about this is not only the anger it reveals against the jackboot, liberal, regime in Sacramento, but that thanks to Governor Moonbeam Brown this will now become the dominant issue in at least two of the three largest counties in California. You add Orange County with San Diego County you have close to seven million people. If Riverside and San Bernardino join in that will be over 10 million people. This will give the liberals a huge headache in the state where the Conservatives were going to swept away just a few months ago.

  574. NYCmike says:


    Exactly why Robbie’s hyperventilating for the last 15 months was so short-sighted. Immigration, tax cuts, sanctuary city laws, and the 2nd Amendment will be larger, more substantive issues than Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  575. Michael says:

    Democrats GCB lead on RCP is down to their lowest for Trump’s term at D+5.5.

    This is very concerning for Democrats, considering in order to win the House they need it to be at D+5. With the lead down to near the bare minimum/MoE the Democrats House chances suddenly are on the ropes.

  576. Tgca says:

    NYC says Wizing is #NeverTrumper and like Dems work much less now.

    So Dems work much less than others? Who woulda thunk?

  577. Tgca says:

    Babs Bush says she married the 1st man she ever kissed. Interesting. I did not!!!

  578. Tgca says:

    Messy says Babs Bush died the most glorious death…surrounded by adoring descendants…and 2 POTUS too. I wonder which one she thought was the better POTUS. Hmmm…Wes could probably guess correctly I bet.

  579. Michael says:

    With the Reuters poll switching out I have almost no doubt that the GCB lead for the Democrats will reach its lowest in Trump’s term.

    Simply if Reuters goes lower than the D+10 than they projected in their last poll (very likely due to the Trump approval numbers I saw over the week for them) we will likely see the D’s average GCB drop below 5.5 and possibly below 5.

    Why is it important?

    1. It’s the lowest all of Trump’s term as I said.

    2. Bringing it to D+4 likely means the GOP has the slight advantage at keeping the House.

    3. D+4 means that the few GOP pickup opportunities, CT-05, MN-01, MN-08, and NH-01, come into play. Which could make the difference in a House majority race.

    Let’s hope that it drops. Of course the media won’t cover it but we’ll know.

  580. Michael says:

    Gravis Marketing

    Donnelly 50%
    Rokita 32%

    Donnelly 46%
    Messer 36%

    Connie Lawson (R) – 29%
    Jim Harper (D) – 24%
    George Wolfe (G) – 8%

  581. Tgca says:

    Just read an interesting article on Drudge about designer babies. Folks making many embryos and then choosing which one to bring to term based on genetic and physical attributes.

    Also, there will future possibility of stealing DNA from someone to make a baby without their consent because in the future you don’t necessarily need sperm and egg donors. Therefore 2 women or 2 men could biologically create a child without someone of the opposite gender.

    I don’t want to be around in a world where babies are manufactured to order but I’m sure people will adapt to the times where it will be accepted to make a child simply from DNA by altering how the genes develop to sperm or eggs.

  582. Tgca says:

    Giving that future technology we could conceivably develop a baby from stolen DNA from Jason and NYC or maybe Bitter and Tina or Robbie and CG. Anything is possible I guess. Interesting indeed.

  583. MichiganGuy says:

    Now that Michael is finally back from hiatus; I can take a much deserved vacation from polling. Don’t screw this up kid or you will be parking cars at the A-hole club. 😉

  584. NYCmike says:

    My son just read Jurassic Park. Dr. Malcolm would probably have something to say about designer babies.

  585. Tgca says:

    Ok. It must be a slow news day. Just read an article about Babs Bush being the Enforcer of the Bush family. I did not know they were Italian. Babs “Enforcer” Bush. I guess if the guy is the Don, the woman is the Donna.

    Donna Bush. Show the respect and Kiss the pearls and make your request.

    The mob is everywhere evidently and infiltrating the presidency. 1st Comey reveals Trumps a mafia mob boss and now we find out Babs was the Enforcer.

  586. Chicon says:

    Michael, what are your thoughts on Robbie’s theory that Trump’s JA is a far better predictor of November’s results than the CGB polling?

  587. Chicon says:

    Perhaps I should call it Robbie’s hope rather than his theory….

  588. NYCmike says:

    I thought MD had banned cars from the A-Hole Club after his wife protested their fossil fuel footprint, and also to get all of his principles in line with his new political party.

    Jason just uses the horse drawn carriage, and Bitterlaw takes the train, so they did not fight the edict……..typical.

  589. MichiganGuy says:

    MD no longer wants anything to do with the A-Hole Club or HHR so, the ban is over. A-holes are free to destroy the ozone layer as much as they want. 😎

  590. mnw says:

    Wed., 4/18: RAS 50

  591. Chicon says:

    Mnw – I know the Flyboy hates them, but last I looked, Ras was the only one using an LV screen on their JA polling. Still true?

    Btw, how about those Golden Knights?

  592. Tina says:

    The more comedy appears, the more mentally unhinged he sounds.

    He is mentally unfit for the FBI head.

  593. Tina says:

    Eric Holder blames Comedy.

    Notice how the ds are now throwing comedy under the bus?

    Is he the fall guy here?

    Notice priestaps statements about leaking classified information yesterday?

  594. Chicon says:

    Comey talks about Trump’s never-ending need for affirmation. I think he’s right about Trump. But I also think he’s talking about himself, too.

  595. mnw says:


    RAS: I think so.

    Yes, year of the Golden Knight. Probably a good thing for NHL. The NHL is holding up better attendance & revenue-wise than MLB & NFL, btw.

    For one thing, hockey isn’t saddled with those monstrously huge venues! I read where a recent White Sox v. Rays game in Chicago had total live attendance of 784. The club announced 5000+, but some journalist actually counted the attendees. And then there are the Marlins…

  596. Tgca says:

    I think many Dems are trashing Comey for 2 main reasons:

    1. They are still miffed with how he commented on the investigation in a public setting in 2016, and

    2. They expect that IG may come out with damaging report on him or his team as well.

    However, if IG comments on the sloppiness of the investigation, I doubt it will be exonerating HRC though Dems May spin it that way.

  597. mnw says:

    Wes commented on the Stalinist administrative style of RRH recently.

    My own observation is that RRH seems to be getting more RRH-like all the time now. NeverTrumpers seem to post a plurality of the comments, and second place goes to self-admitted DEMs.

    This is odd, considering that NeverTrumpers have dwindled like Spotted Owls— except at RRH, where they are flourishing! Lots of chatter there about what happens when Trump is inevitably removed. The Kindergarden (sic) Kid would feel right at home at RRH, if in fact he’s not already there.

  598. Tgca says:

    According to drudge, NYT is pushing a Pence-Haley ticket conspiracy in 2020. This is just absurd and silly to speak about that at this point. Pure speculation and not newsworthy. A Pence-Haley ticket trying to undermine Trump would probably turn 25% of GOP against them ensuring a GE loss. Trump will not be primaried because he would fight like hell and critically damage them both. They must know that. You don’t angle for your boss’ job while he’s still the boss and not expect any serious blowback, especially when you’re boss is Trump.

    Besides, all the accomplishments the last 16 months are attributable to Trump and neither Pence or Haley so what would they run on that distinguishes them bring more successful then him. Neither one would have gotten to the na,e recognition they enjoy without Trump.

  599. janz says:

    #607. I’m wondering if some of CA’s central valley counties will join the anti sanctuary trend being experienced in S CA? These interior areas of CA are far more conservative than the coastal cities – have more of a Victor Hansen mentality.

  600. mnw says:

    The NYT imagines that it has some influence with GOP primary voters, does it?

  601. Phil says:

    Randa Jarrar. LOL

    Another California nut job.

    I don’t know how you stand it, Tina.

  602. mnw says:

    Matt Rosendale is easily winning the GOP Sen nomination in MT. I like him a lot. Don’t have any feel for whether he can beat Tester, but he’s NOT going to emerge from the primary bloodied & broke… like whoever wins in IN is.

  603. Michael says:

    What’s Wes’ comment name mnw?

  604. Tgca says:

    I think Wes comment name is a 3 letters starting with “W” and ending with “S.” Not sure what the middle character is though.

    Is that helpful Michael?

  605. mnw says:

    Wes always posts as Wes as far as I know. I may not understand your question. I don’t think he posts comments at RRH, but I’m not absolutely sure. I’m signed up over there, but I never post— one time in the last year, I think.

    Rdel who used to post here posts at RRH. Pity he left.

  606. Phil says:

    Lifetime Starbucks coffee.



  607. Tgca says:

    I think like many political appointees, they get a little ahead of themselves at time. Haley’s response was a bit arrogant with the “ I don’t get confused” response regarding the Russia sanctions. Sure, there was lack of communication between the WH and her but she should just let that go instead of trying to shift blame. I found her to be a bit annoying in the primary and so she should learn from that because she won’t win a peeing contest with the WH. She backed the losing candidate in the primary and was giving an opportunity so like with any opportunity, just deal with the ups and downs and don’t try to outshine others or it will backfire. It’s the nature of the beast, all these political appointees all see themselves as most important.

  608. Tgca says:

    Is RRH employing the Rdel curve now? I’ve nit seen it around lately.

  609. Tgca says:

    Comey says it’s not normal to say private citizens should be in jail? Ok. Is it normal to use law enforcement to infringe on others rights, use extreme scare tactics on witnesses and their families to extract statements from folks that may not be true as a means to an end result? Is it normal to conclude the outcome of an investigation before its complete and witnesses are interviewed? Is it normal lie under oath? Chutzpah Comey! Chutzpah!

  610. Tgca says:

    Per Newsmax, Comey tells reporter he believes Trump firing him is obstruction of justice. This guy’s story keeps changing. He also believes Trump hurt his feelings I hear and needs a big hug.

    The interviewer also quoted that “prognosticator” Nate Silver predicted Hillary would have won the election if held the day before the Comey re-opening the investigation.


    And on election night, everyone predicted Hillary would win with confidence levels in tthe 80% range. How did that work out? Elections are at a point in time and things changed. I doubt all those white working class males she lost in WI, PA, and MI had anything to with Comeys statements.

  611. jason says:

    A view from an expert:

    “Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta joined the chorus of criticism for James Comey on Tuesday, calling the former FBI director an “idiot” during a CNN interview.”

  612. mnw says:

    I’ve forgotten what the Rdel curve was.

  613. jason says:

    “could have won the election if held the day before the Comey re-opening the investigation.”

    I think we have finally found a way to have Jeb win the nomination.

    Hold all the primaries on 6/22/2015.

    “Jeb leads the GOP pack: A brand-new national NBC/WSJ poll finds Jeb Bush leading the crowded Republican presidential field, with 22% of GOP primary voters saying he’s their first choice. He’s followed by Scott Walker at 17%, Marco Rubio at 14%, and Ben Carson at 11%.”

    and on this very day, guess who was the most unpopular GOP candidate…drum roll…

    In addition to the GOP horserace question, our NBC/WSJ asked Republican primary voters this question: Could you see yourselves supporting this candidate or not? The responses are telling:

    Rubio: 74% yes, 15% no (+59)
    Bush: 75%-22% (+53)
    Walker: 57%-19% (+38)
    Huckabee: 65%-32% (+33)
    Carson: 50%-21% (+29)
    Perry: 53%-31% (+22)
    Cruz: 51%-31% (+20)
    Santorum: 49%-40% (+9)
    Jindal: 36%-28% (+8)
    Paul: 49%-45% (+4)
    Fiorina: 31%-29% (+2)
    Kasich: 25%-30% (-5)
    Christie: 36%-55% (-19)
    Graham: 27%-49% (-22)
    Pataki: 13%-44% (-31)
    Trump 32%-66% (-34)

    So TGCA’s point that polls are snapshot in time… yeah, really.

  614. Phil says:

    The left has realized Comey is not an asset. Watching them run from him is real entertainment.

    Popcorn, baby!

  615. jason says:

    I happen to know Wes’ first name is Wensleydale.

    He was named after an English cheese his mother liked.

    Please don’t ask me how I know, A-holes hate giving out closely held secrets.

  616. jason says:

    The NYT imagines that it has some influence with GOP primary voters, does it?”

    Yes, it does.

    David Brooks voted in a GOP primary years ago due to a clerical error.

  617. jason says:

    They also swear they influence some crop duster pilot in KY but the WAPO and the LA Times are challenging that assertion.

  618. Michael says:

    I am not too worried about Cruz due to all the questions asked after the horse-race question.

    Cruz 47 Beto 44

  619. dblaikie says:

    633 Certainly the counties in the central valley could join. The reason why I mentioned San Bernardino and Riverside is because that is the so called inland empire. Until Obama this was republican territory. Whether they join the revolt or not these actions in Orange and San Diego will force this issue to forefront in the 2020 elections. It could be so powerful that seats that were considered safe a few months ago may be at risk for the Dems. Here is just a few districts: 31,36,41 and 52. These are just a few.

    Folks need to understand that these County Council people reveal what it going on in their districts far more than any poll. That they would take this action, which is very unusual, shows that this immigration issue is an out of control burn in these areas

  620. Phil says:


    You want to know why that poll is BS. The same poll has Greg Abbott winning by 8.

    I live in Texas. Try 20.

  621. Waingro says:

    Michael says:
    April 18, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    I am not too worried about Cruz due to all the questions asked after the horse-race question.

    Cruz 47 Beto 44

    Absolute garbage poll. Has Abbott only winning 49-40, despite a 54-33 approval and Trump only at 43% approval, despite 42% nationally.

  622. Waingro says:

    #654, Phil stick that poll in the garbage dumpster….move it!

  623. Tgca says:

    CA is a mess. Sooner or later it might be best to separate it into 2 or 3 states. Dems won’t like that because it will take away electoral votes they automatically count in their purse. It’s too big and lopsided control in 2 major cities to benefit its diverse population. I think we could have a NW CA, a SW CA and then CA with populations near evenly split. If 1/3 of that goes to the GOP, then Dems lose about 18 EV immediately. We could only wish.

  624. Waingro says:

    Another huge outlier sign in the QPac Texas poll is the ridiculously high number of “independents” at 36%. These same alleged “independents” (*cough Berniecrats *cough) favor Beto 51-37 and Valdez 42-41. LOL.

  625. Phil says:

    Yeah, Valdez up over Abbott among indies is laughable.

    However, keep those Beto contributions coming in, libs.

  626. jason says:

    So Cruz gets 33% of the Hispanic vote but only 47% overall?

    Okay then.

  627. jason says:

    Also Cruz has big leads on the economy, guns, immigration and taxes. He even leads on health care.

    So what is Beto actually ahead in?

  628. jason says:

    Don’t get me wrong I would love to see grandstanding Ted out of the Senate.

    But I don’t want to see Beto win the election to send that message.

    I know NYC would disagree….

  629. Waingro says:

    My guess is Cruz wins by about 12-15 points.

  630. Tgca says:

    Jason wants to see a minority senator out?


    Ted is a fine Cuban-America.

    Clearly Jason hates Latinos.

  631. Tgca says:

    Ok. After today, no more Babs Bush death coverage. 2 days is enough for a 1st Lady. We need to get to more important topics.

    Who wants to discuss ABORTION?

  632. jason says:

    Ted is a fine Cuban-America.

    Clearly Jason hates Latinos.”

    Cuban-Americans are Latinos??

    Horrors, I didn’t know. I am revoking my support for Rubio for President until he runs again.

  633. jason says:

    “Twitter Users Shred Donald Trump Over Barbara Bush Tribute Typo”

    Get ready for TYPOGATE!

    Evidently the date on the tribute was listed as 2017 instead of 2018 until it was corrected a short time later.

    For this Trump is being “shredded”.

    Wobbie to be here encouraging Mueller to investigate in 3, 2, 1….

  634. Michael says:

    My guess?

    Abbott 59-38
    Cruz 57-41

  635. Tina says:

    Yes, typo gate, it deserves a mule head investigation.

    A no knock warrant is in order.

  636. NYCmike says:

    Jeff Flake, 04/18/2018 – FINALLY put country over pettiness!

  637. NYCmike says:

    More Hogg
    More polls with Beto close to Cruz!

  638. Tina says:

    More Hogg

    More Comedy.

    More Fake polls showing Cruz in twubble, not trouble.

  639. NYCmike says:

    Forgot Comedy!

    Thanks, TINA!

  640. NYCmike says:

    ” I would love to see grandstanding Ted out of the Senate. ”

    -Chappaquiddick is in the movie theaters now

  641. Tina says:

    Never ever forget Comedy.

    Or McCabe.

    I find Hogg more honest than comedy though.

    I disagree with both of them, and would not tell them to quiet themselves.

  642. Tina says:


    Comedy is no longer a Republican.


  643. NYCmike says:

    “Comedy is no longer a Republican.”

    -Drain the (BIG) Tent?

  644. Tina says:

    Breaking, per Sara Carter, according to her sources, huber will indict several coup plotters.

    It is going down..

  645. Tina says:

    Comedy on the view

    Good people lie. I think I’m a good person, where I have lied,” Comey said. “I still believe Andrew McCabe is a good person but the inspector general found he lied.” on Th

    See, people lie….

  646. NYCmike says:

    showboat – Senator who tries to push legislation which will help his party maintain power in the House and Senate.

    “WASHINGTON – Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called on the GOP-led Congress to support legislation to make the temporary individual tax cuts permanent since the tax reform package included an expiration date for the new tax rates in 2025.”

  647. NYCmike says:

    I am sure Donnelley in Indiana will find this an easy “NAY” vote.

    Sky Queen?

  648. NYCmike says:

    “Cruz also urged Congress to pass his bill that would eliminate the capital gains tax on inflation. He explained that if someone invests $1,000 and 10 years later sells the investment for $2,000, they are taxed on the full gain “ignoring” inflation.”


  649. Bitterlaw says:

    CPAs and tax attorneys rejoice. Cruz will create more work for them.

  650. Wes says:

    Tgca says:
    April 18, 2018 at 12:58 pm
    I think Wes comment name is a 3 letters starting with “W” and ending with “S.” Not sure what the middle character is though.

    Is that helpful Michael?

    I have to admit this made me laugh.

  651. Wes says:

    For those wondering, I have never posted at RRH. I’m merely an observer over there. They give detailed information about races even if the analysis is almost skewed toward Dem cheerleading.

  652. Wes says:

    Tgca says:
    April 18, 2018 at 10:12 am
    Babs Bush says she married the 1st man she ever kissed. Interesting. I did not!!!

    Couldn’t dhe have married the second man she kissed and saved us from eight years of her eldest son’s disastrous presidency?