Cruz Only Leads O’Rourke By 3% in TX

We have a new poll from Quinnipiac University for the state of Texas that shows just how much trouble Republicans are going to be in just for simply being a Republican.

US SENATE – TEXAS (Quinnipiac)
Ted Cruz (R-inc) 47%
Beto O’Rourke (D) 44%

GOVERNOR – TEXAS (Quinnipiac)
Greg Abbott (R-inc) 49%
Lupe Valdez (D) 40%

Greg Abbott (R-inc) 48%
Andrew White (D) 41%

This poll was done April 12-17 among 1029 registered voters.

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  1. Michael says:

    Reuters has Dems ahead on GCB by 10 again this week. Trump approval ticks up from 39/58 to 39/57

  2. GeauxLSU says:

    I guess I forgot to mark my calendar for the “Texas is going to be competitive this year” kickoff season. Does anyone actually believe those numbers?

  3. mnw says:

    I think the pending criminal case against MO Gov Greitens will be dismissed tomorrow — i.e., the indictment filed by Soros’ little BLM prosecutor buddy.

  4. mnw says:

    The Wise Men at RRH ALL say the TX poll above is trash. Their analysis is devastating.

  5. lisab says:

    wasn’t cruz a never trumper?

  6. jason says:

    “Trump approval ticks up from 39/58 to 39/57”

    Where is Kommie Kory, this is his kind of math.

  7. jason says:

    So the 2 deadenders have over 50%.


  8. jason says:

    Ted Cruz:

    “This race is simple. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both big government liberals,”

  9. mnw says:

    Anyone who doesn’t see things the way I do is a “deadender send a message!”

    And also anyone who has reservations about McSally is just STUPID!

    I hope McSally wins, btw. If she doesn’t, then she has only her own McCain-like record on illegal immigration to blame for her loss.

  10. jason says:

    No, only the deadenders that throw away the seat are to blame.

    There is no free lunch.

  11. jason says:

    “Reservations” about McSally.

    Translation: I am ok with a liberal Democrat winning the seat.

  12. jason says:

    And also anyone who has reservations about McSally is just STUPID!”

    Exactly. There are 2 deadenders and one candidate that could win.

    Not supporting the candidate that could win is pretty stupid.

    But deadenders ARE stupid.

  13. Tina says:

    Zoe Tillman
    Trump just now, asked about special counsel Robert Mueller and DAG Rod Rosenstein: “They’ve been saying I’m going to get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months, and they’re still here.”

    Pressed with Japanese Pm

  14. Phil says:

    Just noticed the Quinn poll has Beto up 14 with independents.

    Exits showed Trump beat Clinton in Texas by 14 with independents.

    So, no. Poll is garbage, but will be a magnet for more California lib donors to throw their money away. Given the new tax law i’d Think they would want to keep their dollars to pay their taxes next year with the loss of their state income deduction under the new tax law……or use the money to send to McCabe’s defense fund.

    But, hey, what do I know?

  15. NYCmike says:

    Jason quotes Trump from things he said in the past 4 decades, but constituents of Arizona looking at the voting record of a current representative is “stupid”.

  16. NYCmike says:

    And, I have no issue with McSally winning. I hope she does.

    The other 2 definitely have issues, and the more moderate faction of the Republican Party will not show up for them in the general election.

  17. NYCmike says:

    Of course, the supposed “Deadenders” will show up fir whichever candidate wins the primary, because they DON’T want a Democrat.

  18. Tina says:

    NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie slams @Comey, calls him bitter, catty, and biased against Trump.

    Comey, who is a witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, admits to having an “obvious” bias against Trump because “he fired me.”

    More Comedy, not less.

  19. Phil says:

    Guthrie said that? Wow. This guy is so radioactive the left can’t get far enough away from him.

    Yes. Absolutely. More Comey!

  20. Tina says:

    Laura Lomer confronted comedy at the Barnes and noble tonight.

    Gp has the link as does lookers twitter feed.

  21. Cash Cow TM says:


    “Seal With Knife A Concern On Hawaii Beach…”
    The seal is a water critter, not a Navy SEAL.


  22. jason says:

    Roger Stone… what a classy dude…

    “Barbara Bush was a nasty drunk. When it came to drinking she made Betty Ford look like Carrie Nation #blottoBabs,” said Stone. “Barbara Bush drank so much booze, if they cremated her … her body would burn for three days.”

    He never heard of the old saying that if you can’t say something intelligent, keep your mouth shut.

  23. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    “The Wise Men at RRH ALL say the TX poll above is trash. Their analysis is devastating.”

    Yeah, the inbred white hillbillies who wanted to celebrate Roy Moore’s upcoming victory and Governor Gillespie’s reign.

    You’re the opposite of wise, especially MNW, the racist retard who pretends to be a lawyer.

  24. Cash Cow TM says:


    Better lock your windows.
    The deer, monkeys and that seal are coming for ya!

  25. BayernFan says:

    Cruz will have a tough go bc he came across and comes across as real smarmy and insincere and phoney. If there is a SCOTUS vacancy this summer, everyone would be better off were Trump to appoint him to the Court.

  26. Phil says:


    You have no clue about Texas politics. None……but send some money to Beto. Send a lot of dough. Please.

  27. Phil says:

    Cruz would never get confirmed to the Supreme Court with the present configuration of the Senate. All 49 Democrats would vote against him plus a handful of Republicans out of the MCCain, Collins, Flake etc bunch on the Republican side.

    He is fine where he is, and will be comfortably re-elected to the senate.

  28. Phil says:


    Good article. Thanks.

  29. Tim says:

    So…………you folks have been seeing the results of all these special elections, and some of you think there is no problem? I suppose you could be right, but the evidence so far indicates otherwise. Election results are not polls; they are facts.

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    Tim has a point but you also have to look st the candidates. Moore was a creepy dirtbag. The PA race was a choice between a zzzzzzz Republican and a Democrat pretending to be conservative.

  31. mnw says:

    The same AZ poll that shows Ward leading McSally in the GOP primary, also shows Sinema (D) leading both Republicans in the GE. Sinema leads McSally by 6 & Ward by 10, according to the poll.

    I suspect the poll is wrong as far as Ward leading McSally in the primary. As for the GE, who knows? It’s a local TV station poll, by some outfit I never heard of, fwiw.

  32. jason says:

    The same AZ poll that shows Ward leading McSally in the GOP primary, also shows Sinema (D) leading both Republicans in the GE. Sinema leads McSally by 6 & Ward by 10, according to the poll.:

    Translation: because the better candidate that could win is also behind in this poll, let’s just nominate the deadender loser and send a message.

    And let’s make sure we keep lying about the better candidate’s policies to ensure that deadenders don’t vote for her in the GE so the liberal Dem gets elected no matter what.

    I LOVE DEADENDER LOGIC. So transparent, honest, and objective.

  33. jason says:

    Cruz will have a tough go bc he came across and comes across as real smarmy and insincere and phoney.”

    Yeah, he IS an insincere, smarmy, phony grandstander.

    But Phil is right, he will win anyway.

    As far as SCOTUS, I don’t think Cruz could get 50 votes to be confirmed.

    Although I don’t like his personality or a lot of his politics he does seem to have a sharp legal mind and is actually a better fit for SCOTUS than for the Senate. I am sure the other 8 justices would find him insufferable but that would not be my problem.

  34. jason says:

    “The Wise Men at RRH ALL say the TX poll above is trash. Their analysis is devastating.”

    Hey Pete Wilson moron, huh, genius, I think you are right.

    Beto could win IF he can get more money.

    I think you should send him whatever you can because he has a real chance.

    This is the time for action. Give until it hurts, and then double down.

  35. mnw says:

    That’s a willful misreading of what I said, as usual.

    As I’ve posted before, I hope McSally wins the primary because I believe that she would be the stronger candidate in the GE.

    Since I think I’ve been in AZ maybe twice in my life, I doubt my views are going to encourage any AZ voter to do anything at all.

  36. Bitterlaw says:


  37. phoenixrisen says:

    LOL Bitter. Interesting mid-term shaping up. Retiring House Speaker, GOP vastly outraising Democrats, voter enthusiasm seems to be a push. This doesn’t look anything like the 2006 mid-term elections. The Dems have a chance of capturing the House though I don’t see how they could take the Senate. Tough to get a read on this one.

  38. dblaikie says:

    Wasn’t it Tip O’Neil who said, “All politics is local.” Unless they are really dense, the majority of GOP candidates for the House in California need to turn their election into a one issue campaign — California’s Sanctuary State law!!

    I can’t believe how stupid the Brown Government was to do this, coupled with the despicable actions of Oakland’s Mayor.

    TPW and Robbie don’t hear it yet and won’t until it is too late. But I can hear the sounds of tens of thousands of suburbanite, moderate, normally reliable men and women, who are concerned about property values and safety issues starting to think the unthinkable — voting for a Republican. And I can hear it from South Carolina. But I know both California and Nevada because that has been home for generations.

    Thank you Moombeam, you may have insured that the Congress remains in GOP hands.

  39. dblaikie says:

    “normally reliable Democratic”

  40. dblaikie says:

    Bitter, All the polls are wrong and bogus. But we shouldn’t even take the time or make the effort to reweigh them. When polls ceased being rooted in trying to take a snap picture of the electorate and instead were taken to lead the news cycle they became bogus. And I mean all polls! I don’t trust the ones that line up with my thinking anymore than the others.

    Again the only value of these polls is that despite their best efforts, they can show general trends.

  41. mnw says:

    I dunno if all polls are bogus, but the TX one above is certainly worthless.

    As several at RRH pointed out yesterday, it’s an RV poll. In the last two offyear elections in TX, the turnout was 38% & 32%.

    So, somewhere between 62-68% of those polled ain’t gonna be voting! Not for Beto or anybody else.

  42. DW says:

    Jose Reyes update:

    Baseball is a game of many mysteries, but none greater than the mystery of why the NY Mets continue to have Jose Reyes on their roster. The former star has long ago lost his major league talent.

    Now he has a total of 19 plate appearances and so far has managed 1 walk, and no hits, and a batting average of 0.00.

    And he committed an error.

  43. DW says:

    I know there are some other Mets fans here…so can any of you explain to me why Juan Lagares cannot get more playing time? The guy is hitting .407 in 27 at bats (31 total plate appearances).

    He is supposed to be the light-hitting gold glove late inning defensive replacement. Last night he pinch-hit in a tie game in the bottom of the eighth with two outs and delivered a go ahead two-run double.

    Here are the numbers of other outfielders who are not as skilled with the glove:

    Michael Conforto: .250, 4 RBIs
    Yoenis Cespedes .217, 17 RBIs
    Jay Bruce: .200, 7 RBIs

    Lagares also has to fight for time with Brandon Nimmo who is batting .333 in only 21 at bats.

    But at the very least, it would seem Lagares could get some sort of a platoon worked out to keep hitting every night until his bat cools off, so the Mets could also benefit from his glove.

  44. Phil says:

    Let me tell you how this is going to go. Beto will pile up his numbers in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso with the minorities. Add the usual brown vote in the Valley from South Texas. Add to that the white liberal vote from our little piece of California, Austin. Overwhelming, right?

    Wrong. The white suburbs around the above mentioned cities will answer. These don’t vote like Montgomery or Delaware Counties around Philly or the suburbs around Chicago or Washington DC. Hard for the left to understand it I know, but that’s the way it is. Finally, the more rural panhandle, conservative East Texas, West Texas, Central and North Texas will come in. Those areas produce almost fifty percent of the statewide vote and the numbers won’t be pretty for Beto.

    Another little fact. The governor’s race is listed at the top of the ballot and if you think Abbott only has a 7% lead like this trash poll is trying to tell you, I have some Louisiana swampland to sell you. Those numbers alone tell you all you need to know about that poll.

    So yeah, libs. Send Beto some cash. Give until it hurts. His “F the NRA” message is an absolute winner.

    I see the usual spring pre election this is the year Texas goes blue campaign from the Washington Post is in full swing. Funny, how Texas is always going blue – until it doesn’t.

  45. Phil says:

    David Hogg has signed a book deal with Random House. His book, which will be released in June, and is entitled Never Again will detail his struggle to launch a movement and his fight to overcome the NRA and other forces of darkness.

    This means a book tour with Camera Hogg running his mouth nonstop. Excellent for Repulican turnout in November. More Hogg.

    Book deal…well, hell yes. Who wouldn’t want to read the wisdom and thoughts from a seventeen year old who has accomplished so very much in life? A giant among men. Churchill, Lincoln, Washington, and Hogg. Greatness!

  46. dblaikie says:

    David Hogg’s new book will just add more strength to the building red wave. The sad thing for him is that he doesn’t even realize this. Poor sad, young man. He is going to be used and then thrown away by bottom feeders like David Brock. But then he is old enough to make his own bed and lie in it.

  47. Cash Cow TM says:

    WV GOP Primary for U.S. Senate to take on Manchin.

    The primary is in May.

    a new PAC has begun a big anti-Jenkins campaign attacking him. the PR group is heavily associated in the past with D candidates. “Jenkins is part of the swamp, Jenkins was a bad player years ago when he represented the WV Medical Association as to doctors charging too much, etc.”–direct mail and TV ads…

    Manchin has over $4 MM in his campaign war chest.

    Way I read it is that Manchin feels Jenkins is the best (and hardest) candidate to beat and wants to try to help ensure that Jenkins does not survive the primary.

    If Don Blankenship wins the R nomination–Manchin will win the general as Independents and some Rs bolt from Blankenship.

    If WV AG Morissey wins the primary, the general is a toss-up.

    If Congressman Jenkins wins the primary, I think Jenkins will beat Manchin…Unless the bruising R primary and million$+ new anti-Jenkins ad campaign leaves deep scars and the Rs do not unite in the general.
    Right now, my feeling is that Jenkins leads right now in the R primary…

    Additionally, another R candidate (from the eastern panhandle where Morissey is from–and is Morissey’s base) is sighting “various internal polls” coming up in the polls and is supposedly only about 10-12 points behind Morissey. IMO he has been under the radar and not getting attacks on him and is benefiting from the attacks on each other by Jenkins, Blankenship and Morissey.
    That is the take from the cow barnyard…

  48. Michael says:

    Not like we had a chance in IL-Gov, but now we really don’t.

    A Republican State Senator changed to “Conservative” and is running for Governor.

  49. jason says:

    NYC to support this deadender in 3, 2, 1….

  50. GPO says:

    DW says:

    April 19, 2018 at 10:17 am

    I know there are some other Mets fans here…so can any of you explain to me why Juan Lagares cannot get more playing time? The guy is hitting .407 in 27 at bats (31 total plate appearances).

    He is supposed to be the light-hitting gold glove late inning defensive replacement. Last night he pinch-hit in a tie game in the bottom of the eighth with two outs and delivered a go ahead two-run double.

    Cespedes has to play every day, Right or wrong they believe Coinforto will be a perennial all star ( I agree), and they didn’t give Bruce 3 years 40 million to platoon him. Lagares given every opportunity last few years to win a spot and couldn’t do it.

  51. janz says:

    Speaking of David Hogg – he is being named by Fortune Magazine among one of the most important leaders in the country.

    BTW, I concur that the Federalist article posted in #33 was encouraging, especially in the midst of the continuing stream of negative news propogated by the dem-run media.

  52. janz says:

    So, does anyone think Pompao will not be confirmed SOS?

  53. DW says:

    57 – I agree on Conforto…but he is still ripening. My own take is that it was a mistake to go back and re-sign Bruce after they let him go near the end of last season. Not with Nimmo coming on and Lagares still there.

    But they did what they did. 40 million or not, a guy still has to produce. The Mets pay out salaries to win games, and if anyone is in a slump too long, let them watch from the bench a few times.

    Bruce will probably improve. Another idea they should explore would be to see if Bruce might work out playing first base–then the outfield could be Cespedes, Conforto, and a platoon of Nimmo and Lagares. Adrian Gonzales isn’t exactly hitting great (.231) while playing first.

    Another option for the Mets would be to trade one of the outfield pieces to get a quality catcher who hits a little as d’Arnoud is out for the season and wasn’t hitting that great anyway, and Plawecki never developed as a hitter.

  54. jason says:

    “All politics is local.”

    This is true. Something has to be done about the Amish buggy traffic jam on Sundays at the intersection of Schmucker Road and Neuenschwander Lane.

    In order to get to the Shady Maple smorgasbord, you have to detour right through downtown Blue Ball.

  55. dblaikie says:

    61 Or the new Sanctuary State law is not good for our community.

  56. NYCmike says:

    Jay Bruce will end up with 30+ HR’s and 85+ RBI’s. Lagares has NOT come close to that in the past several years when he had plenty of opportunities.

    He is here as insurance against injury for the other 3 players.

  57. GPO says:

    Agree DW – I like Nimmo , but if you can get a catcher for him do it. Darnaud is terrible -cant hit or throw! Bruce to 1st once in awhile a good idea, and there will be a few more at bats when they play in an AL park. Agree with NYC Mike- Lagares was given a contract that bought out his arbitration years , and has failed to impress

  58. DW says:

    63 – I wasn’t suggesting any sort of permanent replacement, but just give Lagares a few more swings right now while his bat is hot. When he cools off, then back to normal.

    As to d’Arnoud, its hard to be a catcher for the Mets without being compared to Gary Carter or Mike Piazza but d’Arnoud seems to fragile to be catcher anyway as he is injured half the time and barely hits his weight.

  59. DW says:

    NYCMike and GPO, what do you think of the job done so far by the Mets’ new manager? Easy to just point to the W/L record and say, ‘great’ but beyond that, any thoughts? So far I recall a few judgment calls that didn’t seem quite right. But overall not too bad.

  60. Robbie says:

    NYCmike and the rest of the deadenders pump their fists in the air in joy and think to themselves “If the Democrats think a guy who spent a year in prison might be the easiest to beat in the general that’s a great way to stick it to Mitch McConnell”.


    Jonathan Martin

    Per media source, the “Duty and Country” Dem group on air trying to give a hand to BLANKENSHIP in #wvsen shares a buyer with….Sen Maj Pac (the main Senate Dem super pac)

  61. Robbie says:

    So which “own goal” will be the biggest blunder of 2018 for Republicans?

    – Nominating Chemtrail Kelli Ward in Arizona
    – Nominating Don Blankenship who spent a year in federal prison
    – Not nominating one of the two Congressmen running in Indiana

  62. Robbie says:

    I am not going to make any predictions about the Senate right now because the states where the tough races are tilt towards Republicans, but there are plenty of troubling signs out there.

    – McCaskill has outraised Hawley $11 million to $2 million.
    – PA, OH, MI, and WI appear off the board before the fight ever really began.
    – NV is at best a tossup even if Heller runs a great race.
    – Chris McDaniel is lurking in MS.
    – Ward, depending on the poll, is leading McSally.
    – In WV and IN, bad candidates appear primed to win the primaries.
    – AZ Republicans are scrambling to change the law so McCain’s seat isn’t up this year if he dies soon.
    – Blackburn seems to be marginally behind in TN and Corker is hinting at possibly supporting her opponent.

    Right now, Cramer really looks like the only one who could be considered a favorite.

  63. Robbie says:

    The one race I mistakenly left off in post 69 is FL. Scott running is good news. I’d still rate the race as a slight lean towards Nelson, but better that Scott did run than he didn’t run. If nothing else, a lot of Democrat money will have to be diverted there.

  64. GPO says:

    /Robbie says:

    April 19, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    I am not going to make any predictions about the Senate right now because the states where the tough races are tilt towards Republicans, but there are plenty of troubling signs out there.

    – Blackburn seems to be marginally behind in TN and Corker is hinting at possibly supporting her opponent.

    not true

  65. GPO says:

    DW says:

    April 19, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    NYCMike and GPO, what do you think of the job done so far by the Mets’ new manager? Easy to just point to the W/L record and say, ‘great’ but beyond that, any thoughts? So far I recall a few judgment calls that didn’t seem quite right. But overall not too bad.

    Pretty good id say- it was time for Collins to go. Lets see when they hit a little adversity

  66. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Looks like the special election in Arizona is favoring the Republican:

    “Barrett Marson, Lesko’s campaign spokesman, was confident she will prevail, pointing to early voting numbers from the Arizona secretary of state’s office.

    “The cake is almost baked,” Marson said. “Republicans maintain a very healthy 21 percent lead in ballots.”

    So far 144,000 votes have been cast with 49 percent of returns from Republicans, 28 percent from Democrats, and 23 percent from independents.

    Arizona officials are expecting between 262,000 and 276,000 total votes, which would be slightly below the 2016 general election turnout and a 100,000 votes more than the 2014 election.”

  67. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    California is not as leftist as some Berkeley liberals thought:

    “About half of Californians say they support President Trump’s Muslim travel ban and more deportations of undocumented immigrants, according to a new poll that challenges the conventional belief that residents of the left-leaning Golden State are overwhelmingly allergic to the administration’s hard line on immigration.

    The survey released Wednesday by UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society shows that while residents of the country’s only sanctuary state value diversity and inclusion on all fronts — from economic and racial justice to immigration reform — their viewpoints on politics, race and culture are sometimes complex and even contradictory.

    “It’s a state whose progressive movement has grown and matured… and yet we’re still seeing high levels of inequality across the state and other social justice issues that are problematic,” said Olivia Araiza, director of the Haas Institute’s Blueprint for Belonging project, which commissioned the survey. The group, which opposes Trump’s policies, said it found some of the results unsettling.

    About 24 percent of the survey’s participants said it’s “very important” for the U.S. to increase deportations of undocumented immigrants, while 35 percent said it’s “somewhat important,” according to the poll. That viewpoint even held true in the Bay Area, where 25 percent of those surveyed said increasing deportations is very important and 35 percent said it’s somewhat important.

    And about 49 percent of Californians support temporarily banning people from Muslim-majority countries, according to the poll. In the Bay Area, 44 percent of residents support the ban, the least out of any region in California.”

  68. NYCmike says:

    “I am not going to make any predictions about the Senate right now because the states where the tough races are tilt towards Republicans, but there are plenty of troubling signs out there.”

    -Lather, rinse, repeat.

    You said the same thing a year ago. You are in perpetual DOOM mode.

    AND, I don’t “pump my fist”, but you can “kiss my arse”!

    GOD loves ya!

  69. Phil says:

    Yeah, the Arizona special election race is over – even with the bogus poll that came out last week, the silence from the media on this race tells you the left isn’t going out of their way to call attention to the race. They have seen the early voting numbers.

    As far as the senate races go, the way things are shaking out so far I would have to say Robbie isn’t that far of on his assessment – at lest as far as where things stand in those races as of this moment. I am, however, more optimistic than he is on Tennessee just because of the general Republican gravity of the state.

  70. Phil says:

    SD, any chance that the crazy train project in California will finally be abandoned? It seems totally unsustainable.

  71. dblaikie says:

    I laugh at this troubling signs nonsense. Just two days ago we received two highly “robbie” respected polls that shows the generic ballot is getting tight. I am sure that politico and the cook report planned to have their reports come out today expecting a different result. Now their only good is to try and shape the narrative in a false way. But for those of us who watch trends all these two supposedly high respected media outlets do is reveal their bias.

    Between the news about North Korea, trade concessions from China, an over all positive economy, and incredible democratic over reach with stuff like the Pompeo nomination (Here is Harvard top grad who goes to North Korea for diplomatic talks and the dems won’t support him). Things are going fine.

    But more than that, what many folks on this site don’t because they only myopically look at polls, is the anger building in large swaths of this country. As I have said earlier, because of the ridiculous Sanctuary State law in California, people who would normally be safe democratic votes are starting to turn. And that is just one small example.

    But then small minded trolls like Robbie would come back I say that I am an idiot I have no proof! I have no polls to back me up!! Well you my-optic poll people why do you think the County Councils in San Diego and Orange would vote against the law? Maybe, just maybe they are close to the ground and are starting to pick up a ground swell. But no, their striking vote (especially San Diego County)means nothing. Why because it isn’t a poll. Good grief.

  72. dblaikie says:

    And I didn’t even get into the anger over powerful forces in this county trying to cripple the Second Amendment and even the First.

  73. Phil says:


    You make a good argument. I believe your 2n and 3rd paragraphs are especially accurate.

  74. dblaikie says:

    80 thanks

  75. Tgca says:

    Where’s Tina?

    We have a BOOM! to report.

    Per Drudge link IG has referred findings on McCabe to DC US Attorney for prosecution consideration.

    Justice Department’s inspector general referred its findings on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to the US attorney’s office in Washington for possible criminal charges associated with lying to internal investigators, according to a source familiar with the matter.

  76. dblaikie says:

    And now we see that Andrew McCabe has earned a criminal referral from the DOJ. Wait until all the folks learn that the real corruption in our Government is not the Trump Adminstration but in fact the Obama DOJ!!! This only the first shoe to drop. Rush Limbaugh came out today saying it was Sally Yeats who demanded that FBI give up the Clinton foundation probe a few weeks before the election. Oh, the media will fight against it, but they won’t be able to soon. You can’t ignore stuff from DOJ Inspector General. Talk about anger.

  77. Tgca says:

    If they decline to prosecute McCabe, the No. 2 at FBI for lying to federal agents on 4 separate occasions, than all faith in the DOJ is lost. Flynn is charged on one lie. Many others prosecuted on less. How could they exclude prosecuting one of their own? This will be a nightmare for the DOJ if they excuse this away.

    Just in time for midterm elections. How deliciously delightful!

  78. Tgca says:

    But let’s not overreach like the other side. Let’s be calm and let the process play out through appropriate process.

    …then let’s burn that MF!!!

  79. Tgca says:

    Oops. I forgot to take my Tourette’s meds today.

  80. dblaikie says:

    84 No over reach here. Trying to believe that there was no corruption at the very top of Obama DOJ is to put your head in the sand. If Sessions allows the Washington Federal Attorney’s office not to bring an indictment against McCabe he would be toast and rightly so.

    Here is what I think may, and I mean may, happen: The Washington office will refer this to the Federal Attorney in Utah. Most likely when the Inspector General issues his next report and next shoe falls the Utah fellow will recommend a Special Counsel or he will issue indictments to a lot of familiar people.

    Again I believe that this will translate into huge voter anger!!!

  81. NYCmike says:

    “NYCMike and GPO, what do you think of the job done so far by the Mets’ new manager?”

    -Good job, according to the record they have.

    I have been more focused on the Yankee manager, since I thought Girardi should NOT have been fired.

  82. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Rasmussen provided a spirited defense of its polling method:

    “Here they go again.

    The anti-Trump media in its typical pack fashion has begun criticizing Rasmussen Reports in recent days. Why? Because President Trump likes the job approval numbers we’re reporting.

    It’s true that our Daily Presidential Tracking Poll often finds Trump’s public job approval several points higher than other national pollsters do. The same thing was true during the latter years of Barack Obama’s presidency, but for some reason the big media didn’t have a problem with that.

    Now it’s true that if we only surveyed the newsrooms of The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN, Trump’s job approval ratings would be lower than low. Fortunately for our readers, however, we survey the real America outside the newsrooms and beyond the Beltway that girdles the nation’s capital. They give the president higher marks for his job performance out there.

    The criticism from the anti-Trumpers is nothing new. Rasmussen Reports was constantly criticized throughout the 2016 election cycle for showing that Trump and Hillary Clinton were in a neck-and-neck contest much of the time. We were branded “outliers” because our findings didn’t show Clinton leaving Trump in the dust on a fast train to the White House.

    Two days before the election, a prominent Democratic operative sent us an e-mail asking when we were going to apologize for being so wrong all year. But a funny thing happened when Americans actually got to vote. Trump defeated Clinton in perhaps the greatest electoral upset in U.S. history, and our polling nailed the exact margin between the two candidates.
    Who got it right? The three daily tracking polls – Investor’s Business Daily, the Los Angeles Times and Rasmussen Reports. We’re the ones who were taking the temperature of the electorate every single day, not dropping in for a handful of days like the others – usually after a controversy – for a snapshot of popular opinion.

    The rest of the polling industry was way off on the 2016 election results and spent the next several weeks apologizing for its worst performance since Dewey-Beats-Truman. Despite all the mea culpa-ing and public breast-beating, though, nothing much changed in the way they count their numbers.

    The Democratic operative who wanted an apology from Rasmussen Reports, by the way, neglected to follow up the election results with an apology of his own.

    The big media quickly shifted from trying to stop Trump’s election to sabotaging his presidency, and the polling industry quickly fell in step. At Rasmussen Reports, we shifted some of our demographic margins based on the election results, but it also largely remains business as usual: The difference is, we were right in 2016.

    So the anti-Trumpers counting on voters to have a short-attention span are attacking Rasmussen Reports once again for being an outlier and leaning Republican. This is the same stuff we heard two years ago.”

  83. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Rasmussen’s comments regarding robocalls:

    “Then there’s the whole issue of so-called “robocalls.” Rasmussen Reports is often criticized for using an entirely electronic surveying method. We record our questions, and then everyone we call hears that exact same question in the exact same voice with the exact same inflections. Many of our competitors use human callers and think that gives them an edge. But especially in an age as politically mean-spirited and divisive as ours, our results suggest that people are more likely to privately tell the truth to an automated voice than to a real person, especially one who asks the question in a little different tone of voice each time. Maybe respondents are more likely to tell the truth if they don’t think they’re being judged by someone on the other end of the line.”

  84. Messy57 says:

    84. Flynn pled guilty to one lie as a reward for cooperating. Had he not, he’d have been given more indictments than Manafort got. His son too…..

  85. Tina says:

    Yes a boom, tg.
    Now comedy has unloaded on eric holder 2.0.

    It is drat bs drat vs drat.

  86. Tgca says:

    Newsome is as much as a pig asall these other politicians. He got caught cheating with his campaigns manager wife during the campaign. How disgusting to screw the guts wife who is working 80 hour weeks to get you elected.

    He also went into AA as mayor because he was abusing alcohol.

    He was my district supervisor when I lived in San Francisco.
    I bet he was grabbing the ladies p…

  87. Bitterlaw says:

    People who voted for Bill Clinton knowing he was a cheating scumbag and people who voted for Trump knowing he was a cheating scumbag (including me) waived the right to think being a cheating scumbag should matter when judging a candidate.

  88. NYCmike says:

    Clinton forced himself on women as a Governor and President, where THE FULL FORCE OF THE STATE was at his disposal.

    Trump had consensual affairs, according to the women who have made allegations against him, mainly because he had $$$ and the women were hoping to get something out of it.

    Both may be ‘cheating scumbags’, but the situations are drastically different.

  89. NYCmike says:

    “This dad and his friends should be shot.”

    -The (generic) university would say that his “culture” is at fault………and then in the next breath say that no culture is better than any other……..Bitterlaw would say ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ to that…….culture wars aren’t worth his time.

  90. NYCmike says:

    Matt Harvey – 1 inning, 3 runs given up. AGAIN.

    Time to cut the cord.

    Scott Boras, if you can get him a long-term deal, you are the greatest agent EVAH!

  91. Bitterlaw says:

    I knew NYC would defend Trump and bring up Monica even though Monca was after the 1992 and 1996 elections ( my point of reference in my post.

  92. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC manages to read an article that I posted and then claim that I ignored the culture of where the crime was committed.

    Culture wars are not worth my time because I cannot influence the outcome one way or another. I can only live my life.

  93. Tgca says:

    According to recent stats, married men are more likely than married women to cheat on average by about 1/3 (22% to 14%). However, it varies by age group and the cheating gap grows as folks age. Women and men cheat pretty much equal up to age 30. Thereafter, the male cheating gap starts to grow but it’s still within a few % points up until about age 40. The greatest gap amongst the cheating genders are when the couples are in their 60s and 70s

    With respect to non-marriage relationship, stats state that 57% of men and 54% of women cheat.

    Moral of the story.

    – men get tired of their wives as they age
    – wives don’t put out for husbands as they age

  94. NYCmike says:

    “People who voted for Bill Clinton knowing he was a cheating scumbag”

    -Monica nowhere to be seen yet.

    He was accused as a Governor by several other women, who, in 2016, finally got the air-time they deserved (and no other candidate would have utilized them as Trump did).

    He then continued while in White House with Monica, preying on a young intern, just like JFK and RFK and Chappaquiddick Teddy.

  95. NYCmike says:

    “Both may be ‘cheating scumbags’,”

    -REALLY defended Trump, didn’t I?

  96. NYCmike says:

    “but the situations are drastically different.”

    -If you don’t see differences in consensual (albeit adulterous ones) affairs vs affairs where one person holds POWER OF GOVERNMENT over the other person, then you are beyond hope.

    I would note that there has not been any accusations by employees about sexual attacks against Trump, where he would have power.

  97. Tgca says:

    I believe all cheating is wrong but cheating happens for many reasons and can be complicated but cheating with the spouse of your best buddy, a relative or close work associate is raising it to an entirely different level. That was my point.

    Numerous US presidents have cheated, had affairs, children from other than their spouses, etc. so Clinton and Trump are not alone there. Jefferson fathered at least one child with a shave which would probably be considered by many as rape in this day and age because it may not be likely she obliged but did so out of obligation or fear. But who knows? Maybe she really loved him or lusted after him though I doubt it.

  98. Tina says:

    At one comedy book signing,mothers was only one paying customer.

    More Comedy.

    More Hogg

  99. Tina says:

    There was only one paying customer….

  100. Phil says:

    One too many, Tina

  101. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump and Clinton are the same when it comes to being cheating scumbags. They are different when it comes to being allegedly criminal scumbags.

  102. Tina says:


    Comedy memos released to public redacted.

    Same memos given to congress unredacted.

    All memos were classified.

    Comedy leaked classified memos to his attorney friend.

    Pass the popcorn.

  103. Phil says:

    That’s a fair statement, Bitter.

  104. Phil says:

    We need to pop some more, Tina. Running low and before this book tour is over we are going to need a whole lot more.

  105. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    110. “Jefferson fathered at least one child with a shave.”

    Some men will give any old excuse.

  106. Tina says:

    Comedy had intent,p
    His lawyah friend was stupid to take them too, making him a criminal.

    So if lawyah and client committed felonies, do they still have attorney client privilege?

  107. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – How are things going for you and your wife?

  108. Tina says:

    Breaking news,

    The one paying customer for comes book is rumoured to be Jebot 1 or Jebot 2.

  109. Bitterlaw says:

    I just saw an ad for a Democrat running for Congress in Bucky County (outside Philadelphia). His platform is fighting Trump and climate change.

    He should have just said fighting Trump. It might be enough to win there.

  110. Tina says:


    Comedy states he does not know how many memos he wrote.

    More comedy please.

    Hopefully, huber is keeping a good record of this..

  111. Bitterlaw says:


  112. Phil says:

    Not quite as rough as a couple of weeks ago, bitter. The pet scan at the tail end of last week showed we haven’t really lost much ground so we’re hanging in there. I just wish she could see. To tell you the truth, that’s really the hardest part for us. We’re ok tho. Thanks.

  113. Tina says:

    Fake flapper did a good interview with comedy.

    Good for the wannabe press sec for Hilary.

    Comedy admits that decisions were not made by himself.

    So, was it Eric holder 2.0, farm as, Brennan, Obumbler?

  114. Tina says:

    Sorry to read this, Phil.

    Continued prayers.

  115. Tina says:

    I would thought that a lawyah could easily lie his way out f anything.

    Comedy just keeps implicating himself, despite softball interviews.

  116. Tina says:


    We have McCabe vs comedy vs Eric holder 2.0.

    Let them eat themselves

    Drat traitors.

  117. Phil says:

    Reminds me of one of those wrestle mania battle royale deals where you start with twenty in the ring. Waiting for the love birds and other members of the Obama Justice Dept to enter the ring.

    Going to be entertaining.

  118. Bitterlaw says:

    Lawyers don’t lie. We manage the truth.

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    I know Tina hates everybody but I think Jake Tapper is pretty fair.

  120. Bitterlaw says:

    In the Sixers-
    Heat game, Sixers have been to the line 35 times. Heat 29 times. 9 minutes left. Refs are calling it very tight.

  121. Tina says:

    Yeah pretty fair

  122. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    131. “Lawyers don’t lie. We manage the truth.”

    That’s a great quote.

  123. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    77. “SD, any chance that the crazy train project in California will finally be abandoned? It seems totally unsustainable.”

    When Brown is no longer governor, it might be quietly abandoned by his successor. Brown considers the bullet train his contribution to saving the universe — and will never abandon it.

  124. Tina says:

    Nothing in the memos supports an appt of a SC btw.


    Clearly, comedy leaked classified memos, however.

  125. Tina says:


    Comedy makes no reference to this.

    In fact, trump tells comedy to investigate him, investigate his team,

  126. Tina says:

    Comedy rats out clapper.

    Says clapper wanted president briefed on the fake dossier.

  127. Tina says:


    Comedy’s notes contradicts comedy’s interview never seeing the president laugh. Mcomedys notes indicate he laughed.

    Poor comedy,

  128. Tina says:

    Nunez, good latte, and the rooster just leveled comedy.

    I always said the hoax began with comedy and it will end with comedy.

    If comedy is taken out, mule head dies.

  129. Phil says:


    That was a beat down, Tina. Just brutal.

  130. Tina says:

    Brutal indeed, Phil.

    Comedy got ko’d.

  131. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    James Comey Memos just out and show clearly that there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION. Also, he leaked classified information. WOW! Will the Witch Hunt continue?

  132. Tina says:


    Comedy admits briefed trump on the dossier. He blames clapper and cnn for sniffing around this.m after briefing, dossier was leaked, either by clapper or comedy.

    Two, in July of 2016, Brennan is rumoured to have been in Russia, obtaining the dossier.

    Brace yourselves, the swamp will be hit hard.

  133. Messy57 says:

    144, 148. Please note that the leaked memos (notice that they were demanded, told that they should be kept secret, and were immediately leaked) show clearly that the dossier was verified, which means that there probably WAS collusion and the obstruction was obvious.

  134. Messy57 says:

    148. The swamp is deeper than ever by Republicans who want to destroy American democracy and principles.

  135. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump
    So General Michael Flynn’s life can be totally destroyed while Shadey James Comey can Leak and Lie and make lots of money from a third rate book (that should never have been written). Is that really the way life in America is supposed to work? I don’t think so!


  136. dblaikie says:

    149 You are completely, totally, utterly, a raving idiot.

  137. Messy57 says:

    151. How did Comey lie? The Republicans leaked Comey’s memos yesterday. They show he told the truth.

    152. (baby voice) I know you are but what am I? (/baby voice), as the President loves to say.

  138. mnw says:

    152 dblaikie

    Yes, obviously. But you forgot “and an ignoramus.”

    Messy spells “disintegrate “ with three “iii”s. We’re talking about a 10th grade dropout here, I think.

  139. DW says:

    Back when the whole gay marriage debate was raging a few years ago…some on HHR promised that this sort of thing would never happen as a result of gay marriage:

  140. NYCmike says:


    Most of those who downplayed those judicial decisions are the same ones who say there is no culture war.

  141. DW says:

    156 – what are your thoughts…is Matt Harvey washed up as a starting pitcher?

  142. mnw says:

    RAS 49

  143. Clifford F. Thies says:

    Supreme Court says gay marriages must be recognized because not recognizing them means discrimination (i.e., there are so many entanglements in taxation, S.S., employee benefits, zoning, etc., in addition to the issue directly in front of the court, inheritance, that it is impractical to address the specifics of this discrimination).

    Next thing: people who do not embrace gay marriage can be discriminated against.

  144. Phil says:

    Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Comrade Brennan, the love birds, Lynch – what a nest of vipors

    …..and Messy, give it up. Collusion is off the table. Your above mentioned pals are now just trying to stay out of the slammer. Watching them scramble to stay out of jail by pointing the finger at one another is pathetic – but fun to watch and completely entertaining.

  145. DW says:

    159 – not only will I never embrace it, I will continue to speak out against it. If society says I have to be incarcerated for that, so be it. Bitterlaw said he would be my defense attorney.

  146. jason says:

    (Reuters) – U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Donald Trump last week that he is not a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, according to a source familiar with the probe.

    After the April 12 conversation with Rosenstein, Trump told advisers that he was not inclined to seek the ouster of either man since he is not the target of Mueller’s probe.”

    Messy and Wobbie hardest hit.

  147. jason says:

    This follows Mueller’s announcement that “many of the stories being reported in the press are wrong”.

  148. jason says:

    Messy spells “disintegrate “ with three “iii”s.”

    She refuses my recommendation to go back to grammar school before making an ass out of herself on the Internet.

  149. jason says:

    show clearly that the dossier was verified,”

    Messy is calling Comey a liar?

    He himself says its unverified.

    And of course, since we now know it was concocted by a partisan political hack paid and bought for by the Democrats, nothing left to be said.


  150. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – I will represent you. Of course, being criminally charged for that is as likely as being charged for abusing unicorns.

    Personally, I remain indifferent to gay marriage. However, if it becomes mandatory that I marry a dude, I will be annoyed.

  151. DW says:

    166 – what about if it becomes mandatory that you cheer when two dudes marry?

  152. janz says:

    Even though DJT is being assuaged he is not a target of Mueller’s investigation, don’t believe it. Trump will always be the target to the very end of this legal fiasco!

  153. jason says:

    The DNC is suing Trump, the Russians and Wikileaks.

    This will be fun.

    The defendants can call Bernie as a witness that the Dems rigged their own primary.

  154. Cash Cow TM says:

    WV US Senate candidates, May 1, nationwide viewing, FOX channel.

    Cow worked hard to make this happen.

  155. hugh says:

    168. Agreed. 169. Seems like a very dumb move. I cant see this changing the enthusiasm of their base, but I sure see it changing the enthusiasm of ours. This is becoming absurd at every level. Even with a assss clown like trump you cannot out crazy the dems.

  156. Phil says:

    Dems now going to court suing the Trump campaign for collusion with the Russians.


    Mueller didn’t come through for them.

    This looks absolutely desperate.

  157. dblaikie says:

    Now McCabe is planning to sue the Trump Admin. for wrongful firing! You can’t make this stuff up. He was just referred by DOJ Inspector General (Obama apointment) for perjury and they are suing!!!

    This whole thing is coming down like a house of cards and the only people in the end who will go to jail are Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Clapper and all the rest.

    The result — watch that red wave of anger continue to rise.

  158. Phil says:


    Absolutely correct.

    This is what happens when you go after a sitting president with a hoax. You can have the media in your hip pocket and a nest of never Trumpers in the bureaucracy working overtime to get rid of a president but in the end you damned well better have something. You also better have your tracks covered or it’s all going to come tumbling down.

  159. dblaikie says:

    Phil, There is an old saying by Emerson that I believe to be true in a metaphoric way. “If you are going to kill the King. You most kill him.” They have failed to destroy the President of the United States, now they are going to pay the price.

    Speaking of metaphors, I wonder if our metaphor of lunacy, Robbie is going to come by today and tell us how bad the Republicans are going to do in the Fall.

  160. Phil says:

    This DNC lawsuit tells you all you need to know about “collusion”

    The Mueller thing just didn’t work out.

  161. DW says:

    HILLARY: ‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President’…

    …by ‘They’ she doesn’t mean the voters of PA, MI, WI, NC and FL.

  162. DW says:

    What Hillary and her campaign, and her aides in the media don’t understand is the glass ceiling IS broken–even though after the election they keep lamenting that it is intact. The ceiling is gone–because Hillary lost totally because she was personally immoral, politically corrupt, and criminally corrupt. She failed miserably as Secretary of State, was condescending to voters, and felt she was entitled to the White House.

    She wasn’t defeated because she was a woman. Had she been successful in prior positions, and had a clean record instead of corrupt, and had at least some respect for the voters and at least tried to act humble instead of entitled, she would be president right now. But there is no glass ceiling–its gone. The USA is clearly ready to elect a woman, but she was the wrong candidate, regardless of gender.

  163. mnw says:

    She’d talked about “deplorables” MANY times before she said it in public. She used that term all the time at Beverly Hills FRs, etc, & it always got big laffs!

    She was really surprised when a lot of voters resented it. None of her friends ever had.

  164. NYCmike says:

    “156 – what are your thoughts…is Matt Harvey washed up as a starting pitcher?”


    Looks to me like he is scared out there.

    He lost the edge!

  165. NYCmike says:

    He was a 1st round pick. Always tough to give up on someone like that, especially since he gave us a glimpse of greatness (albeit for 1 less inning than we wanted!).

  166. DW says:

    181—yeah, his mechanics don’t look bad. Baseball is a game of inches, millimeters even. Pitchers are always on the slim edge of throws being a great pitch for a strike or a prize catch by a fan in the outfield bleachers.

  167. Tina says:

    The suit should be fun,

    Any reason why they never turned over the server to the FBI?

    Any reason why experts say it was an inside job?

  168. DW says:

    Any reason why the DNC fixed the Dem primary denying Bernie a fair shot at it?

  169. NYCmike says:

    -Would love to hear the rationale by which these people should be admitted to the United States!

    Will it be elected representatives from the HFC that will cave to media pressure, or will it be the ones which always get their chosen candidate for leadership?

  170. dblaikie says:

    The Trump Campaign response is a no holes barred, in your face bombshell. I have to say this has been a terrible week for the anti-Trump forces.

    Talk about desperation. For months these small minded people have droning and lecturing everyone in America to let the Mueller probe proceed. But now they come up with this travesty! Their worst mistake is that they will think that the American people, who are not partisan, won’t see through this. Because after all, they are nothing but common ordinary people at best. At worst we non belt way people who don’t live on the California coast or 5th Avenue are deplorables.

  171. dblaikie says:

    The “so-called” elites in this Country would do well to remember the words President Lincoln, “God must love the common man. Because He made so many of them.”

    Well, unless they are suppressed by lies, they also vote!!!

  172. Tina says:

    I think the jebbots just shat themselves.

  173. Tina says:

    Let’s make Mark Levin and Guiliani in charge of discovery.

  174. NYCmike says:

    “Let’s make Mark Levin and Guiliani in charge of discovery.”

    -RINO squishes may have an issue with that….

  175. Tgca says:

    OMG! MNW

    Trump down to 49 from 50. Comey is eviscerating Trump and it’s now showing in the polls. I predict that Trumps rating will drop from 49 to 48.765432 by next week if this continues. We need to stop Comey because clearly his utmost integrity is resonating with folks and Trump will rue the day he crossed such a highly distinguished and ethical man like Comey.

  176. Ron N says:

    Maybe Obama should hand over his noble peace prize for just being elected and nothing else with the announcement out of North Korea tonight. Now I wish they just left the Iran alone instead of funneling all that money to them. So wrong!!!

  177. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The Democratic Party neglected to sue the ones ultimately responsible for Clinton’s lost. They should have also sued the American voters, who had the audacity not to elect the exalted one, her highness, Hillary president. Don’t they realize that Obama heralded the reign of Chicago style politics in the U.S. The outcome of the election was too important to leave it up to the lowly voters to decide.

  178. jason says:

    “Let’s make Mark Levin and Guiliani in charge of discovery.”

    -RINO squishes may have an issue with that….”

    You rannnnggggggg?

    Giuliani is a great guy but he is past his expiration date.

    Levin is a moron and blowhard fake “constitutionalist”.

    I wouldn’t let either one touch the discovery.

  179. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Is there anyone who does not think the Comey book tour didn’t turn into a total clown show? Where are our trolls? Come to the defense of your hero.

  180. jason says:

    Any reason why the DNC fixed the Dem primary denying Bernie a fair shot at it?”

    Of course. They thought a 74-year old Jewish socialist who wasn’t even a Democrat couldn’t win.

    And they were probably right. The Bernie-bots were the deadenders of the Democratic party.

    Frankly I think even Jeb Bush could have beaten Bernie.

  181. jason says:

    Wobbie loves to say the firing of Comey was a “disaster”.

    Every passing day it’s more obvious it was the right thing to do.

  182. Tgca says:

    Oh dear. I got all busy this afternoon and missed a discussion on gay marriage.

    PEOPLE!!! Someone needs to text me if there’s gonna be a discussion on anything gay or ABORTION. OK!

  183. Tgca says:

    As the original HHR openly gay mascot, I need to be involved in any gay discussions unless I delegate the responsibility to someone else. I’ll be taking Michael under my wing and teaching him about all things gay, so listen up and learn lil grasshopper.

  184. jason says:

    The truth is the Dems didn’t have much of a bench.

    Everyone now says that they should have gone with Biden.

    But Biden, like Bernie, would also have had tremendous liabilities in the GE campaign. He polls well AFTER the fact, but he is a gaffe machine and would have taken some major hits. Same with Bernie. His radical positions would have been front and center and his “outsider” aura would have been torn to pieces by November.

    Even though she lost, I think Hillary was the best candidate of the 3. Which is not saying much.

  185. jason says:

    David Axelrod is smarter than the DNC…

    “All of these sideshows—Comey’s flamboyant roll out; this @DNC lawsuit—seem spectacularly ill-timed and abet @POTUS strategy of portraying a sober and essential probe as a partisan vendetta.”

  186. Tina says:

    Comedy is 6 foot 8.

    By the end of his book tour he will be 5 foot 2


  187. Tina says:

    I do not lie, I do not leak, and I do not do weasly things,


    More and mor comedy please.

  188. Tgca says:

    1st of all, everyone is entitled to their opinion and private beliefs, and they should not be castigated for them. However, gay marriage is now the law of the land so one has to accept it within the bounds of the law. That means, you don’t get to slander, verbally attack, or discriminate against married gay couples without societal ramifications no more than you can do so to interracial couples or any other group protected by law. Again, it doesn’t mean you can’t dislike it or be forced to hide your views and beliefs, as long as those actions do not violate the law.

    A little over 100 years ago most men were vehemently against women voting. 150 years ago women’s assets became the property of their husbands. …and let’s not even get into AA and slavery, Asians in CA, and Latins in the Southwest 75+ years back.

    Times have changed and views will to overtime. I respect there needs to be patience by all on both sides but I suspect gay marriage will not be much of an issue 40 years from now with most.

  189. jason says:

    Clifford F. Thies says: ”

    Hey Cliff, new to these parts?

  190. Tina says:

    Jw sues doj for collusion between comedy and mule head.

    I do not like the fact that comedy ran to mule head immediately at the start of this hoax.

  191. Tgca says:

    I agree with Jason on Biden, Bernie, and HRC. Biden was also tied to Obama policies more so then HRC and the country was clearly ready for a different approach. Those working class white men did not see Biden offer anything different than Obama so I still believe they would have gravitated towards Trump because he was speaking to them after 8 years of Obama/Biden ignoring their concerns and needs. I don’t think Biden on the road would have stood up well to Trump, and he was very foot in mouth prone too, especially having to defend Obama/Biden policies. At least HRC could argue she was only involved in Foreign relations issues and not the bread and butter issues at home that mattered most to the working class voters that crossed over to Trump.

  192. jason says:

    I think marriage is between a man a woman.

    If TGCA doesn’t like he can GFH.

    I keep my views short and simple.

    Oh, and I understand this issue is settled.

  193. Tgca says:

    As to Bitters’ concern about being forced to marry a dude, if that were to happen, I would gladly step in and assist since we have a lot in common, assuming Jason was already taken (sorry Bitter, I’ve committed to saving Jason from deportation and I’m a man of my word) so Bitter was not just forced to marry any old gay man. But what would become of Bitters wife? Would Tina step in and help out to calm Bitters concerns? …or maybe LisaB? Clearly, if dudes gotta marry dudes, it’s only fair the ladies gotta marry ladies.

  194. jason says:

    Sky Queen is also smarter than the DNC.

    Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch via her spokesman that the lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee is a “silly distraction”.

  195. Tgca says:

    That’s what I love about Jason, he can speak his mind and tell me to lovingly GFM all in the same post.

    Again, I’m not for indoctrinating folks or taking away their beliefs, as I have my own beliefs on many things. As long as people operate within the confines of the law and don’t hurt folks, believe what you wish and say what you feel, but expect others may disagree. Tis is life!

  196. Tgca says:

    If anyone is interested in dinner, we’re having white quinoa made in a homemade herb broth with coconut oil and seasoned with garlic, turmeric, oregano, thyme, basil, parsley, and cilantro topped with seasoned veggies (yams, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, and white cabbage) and scrambled eggs. All ingredients are organic.


  197. Tgca says:

    Comey says the GOP has left him in CNN interview Wed. He can no longer be a GOPer.

    Oh bummer!

    Come back lil Comey. Please come back!


  198. Tgca says:



    Where is everybody? Am I the only loser on HHR on a Friday night?

  199. jason says:

    I am always here, in body or spirit.

  200. mnw says:

    Tgca 192

    Not only are T’s appvl numbers probably at re-elect levels now…

    That’s election after next.

    I’m hopeful that all this leftwing hoopla will drive up GOP enthusiasm for THIS election. I can’t get too much DEM chatter about impeachment! More, please. Much more. Make 2018 “the impeachment referendum election.” Especially in MO; ND; IN; & MT. The voters in flyover land are just gonna LOVE that.

  201. Tgca says:

    Finally some good medical news. All my lab tests and vitals are in the good to excellent range, and I’m told I could go another 50 years even though that is not something I wish at all. I’m ready to call it quits in 10 to 15 years as I do not wish to be like Walt.

    Every quarter I monitor key hormone and vitals stats and all is well. Blood pressure, as usual is excellent at 114/70 just a tad bit higher than normal for me in the 110 to 115 over 65 to 70 range. My fat body ratio is good for my densely packed build since I have significant muscle mass without even working out and still maintaining a 30 to 31 inch waist.

    I think with this good news I might splurge on a tofu hotdog tonight.

    Now if only my damn nerves and spine would cooperated I could represent HHR in the Mr. Conservative America contest.

  202. jason says:

    If anyone is interested dinner was bone in ribeyes fried in butter.

  203. mnw says:


    Be careful there about “not wanting to be older than Walt.” I remember hitching Nellie up to the wagon & driving little Walt down to the Vaudeville theatre to see Eddie Cantor.

  204. jason says:

    We had vegetables and salad but I was just too stuffed from the huge steak I couldn’t eat them.

  205. Tgca says:

    Jason is gonna be like 200 pounds before he’s 40 if he keeps eating like that. Tsk. Tsk.

  206. jason says:

    The GOP has left me too.

    The difference between me and Comey is that I don’t feel compelled to whine about it.

    The AFL-CIO wing of the GOP is now the majority. Such is life.

  207. jason says:

    Huh, I am way past 40 AND 200 lbs.

  208. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea will suspend nuclear and missile tests effective immediately and abolish a nuclear test site in a bid to pursue economic growth and peace on the Korean peninsula, the North’s state media said on Saturday, ahead of planned summits with South Korea and the United States.”

    This is an amazing headline.

    Am sure the Democrats will say it is proof that Trump is colluding with the Russians.

  209. Tgca says:

    Really? For some reason I thought Jason was a late 30-something. Is it unmanly to ask your age or age range?

    I guess 200 pounds is not necessarily bad but it depends on height and build. Now if you’re 5’2 and 200 lbs…well… 🙂

  210. Wobbles says:

    Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch via her spokesman that the lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee is a “silly distraction”.

    Yeah, yeah… BFD.

    Did you see what Trump tweeted about Mika’s face?

  211. Tgca says:


    Don’t be so cynical. I’m sure the MSM will argue Trump’s policies are hurting not only the poor and working class in the US but now his policies will hurt nuclear workers in North Korea. Trump is putting physicists and nuclear engineers out of work! How can they expect to feed their families?

  212. jason says:

    I am 20 years past 30 something, I have kids in college. I am not overweight but my cholesterol is over 300, even though I don’t cook with lard anymore.

    Any more questions?

  213. Wobbles says:

    Sorry, wrong quote. I am busy re-reading Comey’s book and got distracted.

    “North Korea will suspend nuclear and missile tests effective immediately and abolish a nuclear test site in a bid to pursue economic growth and peace on the Korean peninsula, the North’s state media said on Saturday, ahead of planned summits with South Korea and the United States.”

    Yeah, yeah… BFD.

    Did you see what Trump tweeted about Mika’s face?

  214. Tina says:

    Mimas face or comedy’s face?

  215. Tgca says:

    Jason doesn’t cook with lard anymore. That’s funny! I grew up in a Latin and black community and lard was a staple on the local grocery shelves. I’ve not thought of that for years. I have to admit though, using lard to make rice is not only tasty but makes the rice on the bottom of the pot crispy and delicious. I think making rice was the only food my mom did decent. She was otherwise a lazy and bad cook but she knew how to use the lard for making rice. The we dumped canned chili over it. Ah! Those were the good ole days when you did not worry about what you ate. 🙁

  216. Tina says:

    New scandal

    Trump used the word Wendy in his tweet, when referring to wasserman Schultz,and then corrected the tweet to Debbie.

    Manu whatchamacallit of comedy news network is upset,

    We need a ruling from Jebot 2 if this is anti Semitic,

  217. Tgca says:

    This stupid sensor IG posts is annoying me tonight.

  218. Phil says:

    Wait. Comey has left the GOP? We’re doomed!!!

    Please don’t leave us, Jim!

  219. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks to the stress of my new job and nowhere to eat lunch, I am now 190. I am 50 years old and actually younger than Jason.

    Time for lisab to shift her “jolly” comments to somebody else.

  220. Tgca says:

    Bitter is younger than Jason? I did not know that.

    Jason is old with high cholesterol but not fat.

    I did not know these things.

    The things you learn on HHR.

  221. Tgca says:

    So who is taller? Jason or Bitter?

    Who used foul language more, Jason or Bitter?

  222. Bitterlaw says:

    My cholesterol is fine. Of course, my pancreas retired at 14.

  223. Bitterlaw says:

    I am 6′. Jason curses in several languages, including Q’chua.

  224. Tina says:

    When did comedy leave the GOP?

    I left in 1992 when 41 ruined the Reagan legacy.

    However, I never wore tapped anybody.

  225. Tina says:

    Good job on the weight loss, Bl.

    Hopefully, you de stress and find a suitable place to eat.

  226. Tina says:

    Wire tapped

  227. Tina says:

    Pretty soon the penguin aka clapper will fight with Brennan, the commie,

    Commie vs penguin vs McCabe vs comedy vs Loretta lynch.

    Drat vs drat vs drat vs drat.

    This is just great.

  228. Tina says:

    Add in

    Wendy Wasserman and Her Thighness,
    battle of the ages.

  229. Phil says:

    Who will be the last drat standing?

    Tune in to find out!

  230. jason says:

    Those were the good ole days when you did not worry about what you ate.”

    I still don’t. I gave up pure lard but I save all the bacon fat to cook with.

  231. jason says:

    I am taller than Bitter. I was the tallest in my village. Llamas like tall people.

  232. jason says:

    I left the GOP in 2016 when the crony capitalists, big government nanny staters and isolationist AFL-CIO “conservatives” took over.

  233. Tgca says:

    Jason lived in The Village? Was that back in the 70s and 80s? Did you wear red bell bottoms and hang at The Monster and Uncle Charlie’s too?

  234. Tina says:

    When did rot tie leave the GOP?

  235. Tgca says:

    I left the GOP in 2006 after all the GOP hypocrisy and scandalous behavior. I’ve been a conservative independent since then masquerading as The Gay Conservative Avenger..but no cape.

  236. NYCmike says:

    -2016 Golden Globes……Gervais predicts a Trump victory, Weinstein was still around, and Gervais says Matt Damon is the only person that Ben Affleck is loyal to……GOOD BITS!

  237. NYCmike says:

    “I left the GOP in 2016 when the crony capitalists, big government nanny staters and isolationist AFL-CIO “conservatives” took over.”

    -Obviously, words from politicians mean a lot more when translated to Quechua as opposed to the actual actions taken by those same politicians.

  238. MichiganGuy says:

    jason says:
    April 20, 2018 at 11:00 pm

    I left the GOP in 2016 when the crony capitalists, big government nanny staters and isolationist AFL-CIO “conservatives” took over.
    Translation: I’m mad at Republicans for not thinking the exact same way I think so, I’m going to stay home and not vote for anyone. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  239. MichiganGuy says:

    Where’s Michael with the polls! I guess he wants to park cars at the A-Hole Club.

  240. Cash Cow TM says:

    More than $375 million
    MARCH 20, 2018
    Portion of the $500 million that Congress gave to states in 2016 to fight the opioid crisis that still hasn’t been spent. It was part of the 21st Century Cures Act signed by President Barack Obama.
    Source: Politico
    APRIL 13, 2018
    Increase in homeownership among black Americans since the Fair Housing Act was signed 50 years ago. Housing advocates say progress has been slow because of the federal government’s varied enforcement of the law over the years.
    Source: Governing
    APRIL 12, 2018
    Year the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in Congress. Almost half a century later, it’s still not in the U.S. Constitution because at least two more states still need to ratify it. On Tuesday, which was Equal Pay Day, Republicans in the Arizona Legislature blocked an attempt to debate the gender equality amendment.
    Source: The Arizona Republic
    More than $375 million
    MARCH 20, 2018
    Portion of the $500 million that Congress gave to states in 2016 to fight the opioid crisis that still hasn’t been spent. It was part of the 21st Century Cures Act signed by President Barack Obama.
    Source: Politico

  241. Tina says:

    For those of us who left the GOP, can we still comment here, or is Mr. bitter law going to throw the flag?

  242. Wes says:

    I left the GOP in 2006 after I realized the party had an absolute moron in the White House.

  243. John says:

    Interesting reading…
    A couple of different models using input such as Trump’s approval numbers in Gallup (very low), recent GDP numbers, and the power of be an incumbent still gives Trump a better than 50% chance of winning reelection.

  244. Messy57 says:

    259. I left the GOP in 1972, when Pete McCloskey withdrew from the presidential race after losing the New Hampshire primary.

  245. Bitterlaw says:

    I never left the GOP. I am never leaving it. I don’t miss any of you mf-ers. Go hang out with the other whiny bitches like MD and Author and talk about why you left.

  246. Tgca says:

    Things I left:

    The GOP …because it was the thing to do in 2006
    New Jersey …just because it’s Jersey
    My ex …because I deserved better than that #@&$
    My toothbrush …at a hotel once
    My umbrella …on a bus
    Peas on my dinner plate…because no one should ever have to eat peas
    The toilet seat down …because it annoys the ladies
    My number …on a bathroom stall after a bit too much alcohol
    The park at 2AM …after the cops raided it

  247. MichiganGuy says:

    #263 100% agree

  248. Bitterlaw says:

    My number …on a bathroom stall after a bit too much alcohol

    Tgca is Jenny?

  249. jason says:

    I’m going to stay home and not vote for anyone.”

    Oh, I am still voting, don’t worry.

    I am just not voting for the same people you are.

  250. jason says:

    “Go hang out with the other whiny bitches like MD and Author and talk about why you left.”

    Thanks, but I rather just irritate you here.

    I just think the AFL-CIO, crony capitalists, isolationist, big government “conservatives” that took over the Party deserve to have their way. They won fair and square, and they don’t believe in the ideals that attracted me to the Republican Party when I got to this country: free enterprise, free trade, a foreign policy of engagement and commitment to NATO and our alliances, personal responsibility, low taxes, limited government, and a society based on merit (as Romney said equal opportunity, not equal outcomes).

    I worked tirelessly and contributed a lot of money to elect Republicans of any stripe for decades. I sent deadenders like Sharron Angle and Ken Buck money.

    No more. To the victors go the spoils. This is not whining, merely an acknowledgment of the facts.

  251. jason says:

    For those of us who left the GOP, can we still comment here, or is Mr. bitter law going to throw the flag?”

    Yes, but we will have to have a yellow star next to our comments.

  252. Bitterlaw says:

    Anybody can post here. Anybody can F off, too. Both can be true.

  253. jason says:

    Go hang out with the other whiny bitches like MD and Author and talk about why you left.”

    They did more than leave. They became Dems.

    Not my case. I will still support Trump where I think he is right. I will still support GOP candidates I think are deserving.

    It’s just that the party itself no longer represents what it used to so I don’t want to belong to it.

    I joined the NRA because I believe they stand for the 2nd Amendment. The day I think they no longer stand for the 2nd Amendment I will cancel my membership.

    If that is too difficult a concept for Bitter, he can GFY. Along with MG and NYC.

  254. mnw says:


    3iiis still riding the muh Stormy.

  255. jason says:

    wes left because of one person. Tgca left because of “scandalous” behavior. Whatever. I left because of what I see is a profound ideological shift away from free trade and free enterprise and personal responsibility.

    I think my reasons are better than anyone else’s (sticks tongue out to tgca, messy, tina, messy and all other lesser quitters).

  256. jason says:

    messy very concerned about what consensual one night stand Trump had or didn’t have over a decade before he became President.

    Bill Clinton raping women? Bill Clinton groping women? Bill Clinton harassing women? Bill Clinton having sex with interns in the Oval Office?

    No “concern” at all.

  257. mnw says:

    Jason is a Send A Message! guy.

  258. MichiganGuy says:

    jason says:
    April 21, 2018 at 9:27 am

    I’m going to stay home and not vote for anyone.”

    Oh, I am still voting, don’t worry.

    I am just not voting for the same people you are.
    Translation: I’m voting for a 3rd party candidate that has no chance at winning. Send a message!

  259. Phil says:

    More DNC lawsuits.

    More Comey,

    More Hogg.

  260. jason says:

    Translation: I’m voting for a 3rd party candidate that has no chance at winning. Send a message!”

    Leave translations for those who can actually do them.

    And considering you love to support deadender candidates with no chance of winning, take your hypocrisy and GFY.

  261. Bitterlaw says:

    We’d left because the guy he voted for TWICE disappointed him. Or he started reading DailyKOS.

  262. jason says:

    Another Dem smarter than the DNC:

    “Rep. Jackie Speier (D—CA) described the Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign and Wikileaks as an “ill-conceived” idea that’s “not in the interest of the American people” during a Friday interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.”

  263. MichiganGuy says:

    And considering you love to support deadender candidates with no chance of winning, take your hypocrisy and GFY.
    Jason, keeps forgetting I live in Michigan. I’ve never voted for a deadender. I’ve voted for some weak Republican candidates but, given the choice between a subpar Republican and a left wing dem I will go with the Republican candidate every time.

  264. Tina says:

    Kevin, sorry,

    No surprised that the senior uh senile drat leadership is having second thoughts.

    This is the worst move for them, the best move for us.

  265. Tina says:


  266. Tina says:

    Under discovery, can we find out this?

    How much money was wasted focus testing, deplorables, in the Hamptons?

    How many Drats ran her Thighness Twitter account?

    How many times she was drunk or too ill to campaign?

  267. Tina says:

    Why did the FBI not investigate the servers?

    Was this another McCabe, comedy special favor for Dratts?

  268. Messy57 says:

    274. Clinton didn’t rape anyone. Lewinsky started it and she admits to such.

    I don’t care about the consensual sex, I care about the cover-up.

    McCabe is innocent. That his wife is a democrat is not a crime….

    Guiliani claims he negotiate an end to the investigation in two weeks. Negotiating an end to an investigation is called “plea barganing” and last happened on this level with Vice President Spiro Agnew in 1973.

  269. Messy57 says:

    280. The last time the DNC did this, they won almost a million bucks.

  270. Phil says:

    Plea bargaining?

    You might want to get the dictionary out, honey.

    Agnew? Sounds good. Go with that.

  271. Hugh says:

    287. In the real world if a ceo has sex with an intern. Even if the advances came from the intern they would be fired. Our ceo would not last a Day.

  272. gameboy says:

    #287 I assume you are not as much of an idiot as you sound. Lewinsky has nothing to do with the countless other’s Bubba allegedly raped, harassed, etc.

  273. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    April 21, 2018 at 10:43 am
    We’d left because the guy he voted for TWICE disappointed him. Or he started reading DailyKOS.

    I’ve never read DailyKos aside from MD’s Dem-cheerleading posts on here in 2014 and 2016 and similar posts by admitted Kossites on RRH over the past few years.

  274. Redmen4ever says:


    You blocked the sunshine, baby, with your big bazums
    And I called you Stormy that day
    All of a sudden the ole flame’s comin’ round
    And my world is cloudy and gray
    You’re not stayin’ away
    Leave, Stormy. Leave, Sormy.
    Bring back that sunny day.

    Yesterday’s love was like a big sloppy sneeze
    But, like the weather ya changed
    Now things are dreary, baby
    And it’s windy and cold
    And I stand alone in the rain
    Callin’ your name
    Leave, Stormy. Leave, Stormy.
    Bring back that sunny day

  275. Wes says:

    Hyde-Smith leads Espy 46-34. Espy leads McDaniel 42-40.

    I’m willing to bet Mikey and Elmer Gantry are not supporting the woman in the jungle primary.

  276. lisab says:

    if north korea really disarms its nuke program and makes peace with south korea … which would be a HUGE blow to china and russia

    someone should set up a gofundme for buying condoms and porn stars for president trump

  277. jason says:

    McCabe is innocent. That his wife is a democrat is not a crime….”

    The IG report is clear that he lied.

    And its not a crime to be a Democrat but the conflict of interest is a problem.

  278. jason says:

    I care about the cover-up.”

    There was no cover up.

    And the Stormy story is not new, she was interviewed about it in 2011 when in fact she admits she is a hooker.

    Adult movie actress Stormy Daniels last week purportedly denied having an extramarital affair with Donald Trump back in 2006, but she told a different story in 2011, according to a recently rediscovered magazine interview published Wednesday.

    “InTouch magazine has just made public a 7-year-old interview with Daniels in which she claims that a sexual relationship with Trump began after she met the future president at a celebrity golf tournament in July 2006 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

    “I actually don’t even remember why I did it but I do remember while we were having sex, I was like, ‘Please don’t try to pay me,’” Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, said in the 2011 interview. “And then I remember thinking, ‘But I bet if he did, it would be a lot.’”

  279. Phil says:

    I don’t think I remember reading anything in the IG’s report saying McCabe was guilty of being a Democrat.

  280. Tgca says:


    Go read the IG report. It’s about 35 pages. I read it. I suffer from slight insomnia so it gave me something to do.

    He lied 4x to investigators of both OIG and FBI. Three times under oath which is a federal crime. The IG is an independent department of career investigators who investigate government. They have dealt many of government officials a blow in the past by weeding out negligence and corruption.

    The IG was appointed by Obama. He makes clear that not only did McCabe lie and try to change his story later but that a number of McCabes peers, named in the report, including Comey, contradicted him and gave investigators information on McCabe and claimed statements he made to OIG and FBI investigators was false. So all those others peers of McCabe, including Comey are lying if you believe McCabe which means they are guilty of a federal crime. You can’t have it both ways.

    Go read the gory detail where they lay out in painstakingly detail the statements and contradictions and McCabes attempts to walk them back.

  281. Tgca says:


    You misrepresent my reason for leaving the GOP. I have discussed this at length years ago. It’s not that some were involved in scandals. That will happen in both parties sooner or later. It was the hypocrisy about the scandals and how they governed. Say one thing, do another. I have a distrust of most politicians and have never come across one that was always truthful and transparent. It goes with the territory I guess. Even Lincoln, and yes, Reagan too, were known to bend the truth or lack transparency.

  282. Tgca says:

    …and Jason, sticking your tongue out can get you in trouble. We had a saying growing up when I was a youngin in Jersey, “don’t stick your tongue out unless you plan to use it.”

    Not sure if you learned that growing up in the Village in the 70s and 80s. Maybe, if you grew up in West Village as opposed to East Village. Hmm…

  283. jason says:

    “You misrepresent my reason for leaving the GOP.”

    I did?


    “I left the GOP in 2006 after all the GOP hypocrisy and scandalous behavior.”


    “Tgca left because of “scandalous” behavior.”

    Don’t get the NYC “war on himself” syndrome, it’s obviously hard to shake later.

  284. jason says:

    Yep, either Comey or McCabe are lying. In this case it seems McCabe had a lot more reason to lie.

  285. Tgca says:

    You make my point Jason. Thank you.

    You focus on just the scandalous part and not the hypocrisy part of my statement. And as I have made clear in many posts in the past years, the GOP was a hypocrite on many legislative and scandalous issues. I was summarizing the reasons, plural and not singular, and as I explained above, it was not about a few sex scandals here and there because that always happens by both sides but more of the hypocrisy of the GOP core beliefs and messages.

    Sen Vitter is a perfect example to of hypocrisy. He called for Clintons resignation for his WH behavior but then Vitter got caught fraternizing with hookers which is actually an illegal act. Though I think what Clinton did with Lewinski was awful, it was not illegal. What Vitter and Sen Craig and Congresscritter Foley and others did was actually illegal behavior. That is just part of the hypocrisy I talk about related to scandals and setting the bar on ethical behavior. But the vast hypocrisy of the GOP was not about sex scandals but more of not doing the job they lied to voters they claimed they would do. Rubio, McCain are just recent examples. They will betray you on big issues. I understand you can’t hold to every issue but clearly this small example of these two senators show they can not be trusted to keep their word.

    I hope I clarified enough for you to understand now. Comprende?

  286. Redmen4ever says:

    Congressman Foley sent explicitly sexual messaged to young men, legal age, after they had returned home after serving as pages.

    Senator Craig was busted for “lewd behavior” in a men’s bathroom at an airport.

    Senator Vitter engaged an escort service, but was never charged with soliciting prostitution.

    I am not sure what’s wrong with the first item, other than disturbing some peoples’ sensibilities. While the second involved breaking a law, being a libertarian, I don’t really care about what adults do in private. Doesn’t mean I approve, either. Regarding the third, my answer is the same.

    Democrats, who generally support gays, could be called hypocrites for criticizing gay Republicans, whether in or out of the closet. But, let’s be real, they’re not being hypocritical. They’re being political.

    With regard to prostitution, I don’t know the Democratic position. Democrats are for legalizing marijuana and gambling, but with regard to prostitution appear to be conflicted between seeing legal prostitution as empowering or as demeaning. The only clear position of Democrats is that women who are happily married to gun-owning men are immoral.

    For Republicans, people who fall short in terms of their personal behavior are not necessarily hypocrites. They could simply be weak. Knowing that everybody falls short, we try to be realistic in assessing the trustworthiness of particular individuals.

    Republicans should never even consider what Democrats have to say about personal behavior. A Democrats wouldn’t care if one of theirs was responsible for the death of a girl after a drunken orgy. Or if one of theirs frequented boys forced into prostitution in the Dominican Republic. How could such people judge others outside their party?

  287. NYCmike says:

    “You make my point Jason. Thank you.

    You focus on just the scandalous part and not the hypocrisy part of my statement.”

    -NO WAY! jason would NEVER make his point by ignoring an important piece of what you said! NO WAY, I SAY (twice)!

  288. Tgca says:


    I recall one of the pages Foley was sending sexually explicit text was underage. Not sure if it was age of consent but Foley was not found innocent or cleared, they just decided not to pursue charges. There’s a difference. That does not mean he was guilty either but it should not also be suggested he was innocent and nothing was there. I am not one for convicting someone without evidence in absence of a crime but clearly Foley’s behavior was just as bad as many Dems.

  289. Bitterlaw says:

    Hey, Jason – GFY.

  290. Bitterlaw says:

    I just felt like saying it.

  291. Robbie says:

    Somewhere, NYCmike and his fellow deadenders are pumping their fists in the air shouting “Take that, Mitch. We don’t want winners. We want people who shut down the government and read Charge of the Light Brigade.”

    David M. Drucker

    #UTGOP convention results for the Senate nomination: @MittRomney – 1539 votes for 46.2 percent; Mike Kennedy 1054 votes for 40.69 percent. RUNOFF coming.

  292. Robbie says:

    Mikey and the deadenders will not stop until every good candidate is wrecked.

    David M. Drucker

    #UTSEN: Kennedy wins #UTGOP convention endorsement for Senate over @MittRomney , but only narrowly: 50.88% to 49.12%. There will be a June primary, which Romney should win pretty easily.

  293. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    To take a break from the prurient discussion taking place, am sure everyone has heard that Governor Brown’s prediction of permanent drought continues in California. Southern California is experiencing low rainfall.

    However, California’s reservoirs are 110% above their average capacity. About half of them, like Lake Shasta, are over 90% full. The 110% figure would be higher, but Lake Oroville is keep lower (at 65% of its capacity) because of last year’s damage.

    My suggestion would be to take some of the bullet train money and fix Oroville Dam, but Gov. Moonbeam sees his toy train as the salvation of the planet.

  294. Redmen4ever says:

    Nowadays, there is no need to rely on memory. Not that I always look things up beforehand. But, if there’s a dispute over facts, just looked the facts up.

    In 2006, Representative Mark Foley, a Florida Republican, resigned amid accusations that he had sent sexually explicit messages to young men who had been pages.

    Notice: no description of the former pages as underage. Only as “young men.” (In real time, as the story was unfolding, there were some allegations to this effect.)

  295. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    312. Romney had already gathered enough signatures to force a primary. The State Republican Convention is dominated by extremists, so candidates in Utah gather signatures to go around it to get on the ballot.

    Last year for the special congressional district, the state convention nominated Herrod, who was soundly defeated by Curtis in the primary. Curtis at today’s Republican convention got 58% of the delegates vote, versus 41% for Herrod, so there will be another primary in that race also (60% needed to obtain state nomination).

    Romney will easily win the Republican primary, and the general election, as will Curtis.

    The final total I saw was 49.12 for Romney, and 50.88 for Kennedy.

    My prediction is the convention system will soon be abolished in Utah.

  296. Tina says:

    Comedy says via mediate that we would be better off with Hillary as President.

    Is this even news? His anti trump feelings are well documented.

  297. Tina says:

    when they indict comedy, they need to do a perp walk a la Martha Stewart.

    In the meantime, more comedy.

  298. Tina says:

    Of course the DNC lawsuit against Trump, Russia and Wikileaks was just a cheap Stormy Daniels PR stunt, but major Dems are furious at the DNC. This lawsuit would allow Trump to do discovery, to depose and put under oath Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Obama and others.
    12:10 PM · Apr 21, 2018

  299. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    312. The current governor of Utah, who is very popular, also did not get the state Republican convention nomination when he first ran:

    “In an interview at the convention, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox noted that Utah Gov. Gary Herbert lost the party’s nomination two years ago because of the same anger roiling among the delegates.
    “We lost by 10 points at convention, it was 55-45, and then we won by 44 points in the primary,” said Cox, who was on the ticket with Herbert. “Sometimes the 4,000 delegates that are here aren’t exactly representative of the 650,000 Republicans that are in this state. It’s a very small percentage, people who tend to be excited about giving up a Saturday to come sit in a room for hours on end and talk about wonky things.”

  300. Bitterlaw says:

    Hillary and Obama are not parties to the lawsuit. They could probably successfully fight any attempt to depose them.

  301. Bayernfan says:

    wouldn’t be hilarious if Romney loses the primary? I’d love it.

  302. MichiganGuy says:

    DW, I hope you are happy and will leave the poor guy alone.
    Reyes went 3 for 4 tonight with a stolen base.

  303. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    321. “wouldn’t be hilarious if Romney loses the primary? I’d love it.”

    Don’t get your hopes up.

    Two years ago, the Republican convention did not endorse the re-election campaign of Governor Herbert, forcing him into a primary. Here were primary results:

    Herbert and Spencer Cox (incumbents) 72.1%
    Jonathan Johnson and Robyn Bagley 27.9%

    Here is a poll from earlier this year about this year’s Senate race:

    “If Mitt Romney wants a U.S. Senate seat, a new poll shows he’d be a shoo-in, grabbing 64 percent of the vote in Utah compared with 19 percent for Democrat Jenny Wilson.

    A poll by The Salt Lake Tribune and the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics found that should Romney run, the Republican and former Massachusetts governor who now lives in Utah would handily win the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Orrin Hatch. Friends say he’s seriously considering a bid.

    Some 85 percent of Republicans back Romney for the seat, as do 55 percent of voters who say they’re unaffiliated. Even 18 percent of Democrats say they’d support Romney.”

  304. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    One reason Romney did not get the nomination is he had the audacity to collect signatures to qualify for the primary.

    The Republican Party convention toadies in Utah filled a lawsuit to block the practice. Last month the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals shot them down:

    “The Utah Republican Party lost a big legal battle Tuesday in its attempt to overturn a 2014 Utah election law that allows candidates to qualify for the ballot through the caucus-convention system and/or by collecting signatures.
    A panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver upheld the law, called SB54, in a 2-1 decision, saying “states must have flexibility to enact reasonable, common-sense regulations designed to provide order and legitimacy to the electoral process.”
    Republicans had argued that the law interfered with the party’s constitutional right of association to select nominees as it chooses — and it preferred to use only the traditional caucus-convention system.
    But the court said that SB54 “strikes an appropriate balance between protecting the interests of the state in managing elections” and allowing political parties and individuals “to express their preferences and values in a democratic fashion.”
    It concludes, “Not only does this balance not offend our Constitution, it is at its very essence. Accordingly, we affirm” earlier decisions that upheld the new law.

    Utah Republican conventions are about to become history.

  305. Tgca says:

    As I noted in my previous post, the pages in the Foley case may have been the age of consent in respective states because some hypothesize that since Foley had worked on child legislation, he knew the limits but some of the pages were still underage, and some argue that federal laws might have been used against him even though he escaped violation of state laws. The fed laws were specific to sexually illicit communication with minors I believe. In the end, he was not charged but he was forced out for the emails to both underage and 18 yo pages.

  306. Tgca says:

    Hey Redmen

    I tried to post 4 articles below from ABC, Washington Post, and NY Post that discuss the pages age being less than 18. However, it keeps rejecting my post probably because the title of the articles include blocked words.

    It took me a minute to find these 4 and there were numerous others so go look up.

  307. Tgca says:

    Ok. I was able to post by doing one at a time. They all reference the under age in the title or story.

  308. Tgca says:

    Typical Romney sticking his finger in the wind. He’s not sure yet if he’ll support Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. …and they wonder why he is widely mocked and uninspiring to many on the right and lost probably the most winnable POTUS election in 2012.

    Trump should rescind his endorsement of Romney and state since he was unable to win the Utah primary, it would be best for POTUS not to endorse at this time because he misjudged Romney’s ability to win in his home state, and Trump should let the process play out instead before endorsing.

  309. Tgca says:

    What a fool Romney is. The past GOP POTUS candidate can’t win a primary for lower office in his own state. This is humiliating and suggests he may not be the right choice to run for that seat if someone with his ties to the state and name recognition can’t close the deal.

    I hope Trump tweets about this failure tomorrow. Romney eating crow again. Love it.

  310. NYCmike says:


    Although a legal means of electing a representative to run for office, it is not a primary. SDC explained it pretty well above.

    Robbie, I am not sure why he is against a primary system in this case. Luckily for Romney, he came in the top 2 at the convention. He did NOT pull a “Bennett”.

  311. Tina says:

    So, the convention stuff does not count? The show is the primary contest?,

    The convention selection is bs IMO.

    But Quittens needs to start campaigning as if he were done.

    He has a glass jaw and is not an effective counter puncher.

  312. Tina says:

    Down, not up.

  313. Tina says:

    Bl, your comment does not reconcile with the comments of others.

    They are the campaigns.

  314. Tina says:

    But clearly a disastrous weak for the Drats, coup plotters, and never trump.

  315. Tina says:

    John Cardillo
    John Cardillo
    .@Comey and #McCabe are the first FBI #1 and 2 in history to be fired for wrongdoing then criminally referred to DOJ for prosecution.

    This is an unprecedented scandal.

    But since they did wrong on behalf of Dems and against Trump, the MSM ignores that critical detail.

    It does not start with those two dirty cops. This ends at the top with the Obumbler who authorized these shenanigans. With that said, we need to continue to,chip away. The next tiers are the commie and the penguin.

  316. Tina says:

    I do not lie, I do not leak, and I do not do weasel moves.

    -James Comey

  317. Michael says:

    Remington Research Group (R)

    McCaskill 48
    Hawley 44

    Trump Approval: 50-44
    Greitens Approval: 37-51

    Trump’s Approval in the State:

    March 10th 46-50
    April 12th 47-45
    April 20th 50-44

  318. Michael says:

    Clearly at least in Missouri, Trump is starting to become an asset.

  319. Bitterlaw says:

    McCaskill will win. Why? Because that is what she does. Every 6 years, we get excited that she will lose. Then she wins. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  320. Tina says:

    Bl, doubtful there will be a trial, it is all show for the disastrous weak they had.

  321. Tina says:


  322. Bitterlaw says:

    Hillary and Obama might want to testify on behalf of the DNC. However, that is a greater risk than the DNC might want to take. If the Defendants want their testimony, Clinton and Obama have a good chance of fighting a subpoena.

  323. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – I agree that it is a stupid move by the a Dems.

  324. mnw says:

    BL 343

    You perceive those as good numbers for a longtime incumbent, then?

  325. Redmen4ever says:

    Tgca, as I said in my response, in real time, there were reports of messages to underage males. You have validated that statement. Indeed, you produced some of the same news items I myself saw when I investigated the matter. But, upon investigation, the allegation of messages to underage pages was resolved: Foley contacted young men, who had served as pages, after they were no longer serving as pages and had returned home and had reached legal age.

    If you have to hit on a Republican for hitting on the hired help, why don’t you hit on Denny Hastert? Why don’t you say Denny Hastert should have been forced out of office. (Of course, being a Republican, he was.)

    Foley resigned under a cloud of suspicion. To this day, he is maligned. His wikipedia entry (no doubt written by a Democrat) says he propositioned “teenage” males (basically the same innuendo used against Roy Judge).

    Donald Trump invited Foley to stand with him on stage during his presidential campaign to show his (Trump’s) support of the rights of gays. But, low-life Democrats will never let Foley go. Not because he’s gay. Because he’s Republican.

  326. Bitterlaw says:

    mnw – No. They are not good numbers. But I have seen this movie before. I know how it ends.

  327. Redmen4ever says:

    Speaking of innuendo, here’s a classic:

    Claude Pepper, a long serving member of Congress from Florida, was in a tough fight. It is said, perhaps fancifullly, that his opponent in the 1950 Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, at campaign rallies in the rural parts of the state, accused Pepper of being …

    a shameless extrovert

    practicing nepotism with his sister-in-law

    and celibacy prior to marriage

    of going to a college where the boys and girls matriculated together, and

    of having a sister who was a thespian

  328. Ron N says:

    Bitter is it possible for one of the defendants to counter suit and name them in it to bring them in along with the fbi or is it only DNC they can sue? Non lawyer here

  329. Bitterlaw says:

    You can bring in other Defendants. However, you are then adding credibility to the suit. I would have to r ad the complaint to see if that is a good strategy.

  330. Bitterlaw says:

    Two terms that people confuse:

    Crossclaim – This is where one Defendant says don’t blame me. Blame the other defendants.

    Counterclaim. – One or more defendants says, “Plaintiff can F off. Not only did I not cause their damages but they caused me damages of x, y, and z.”

    Bottom line is this lawsuit is stupid. The DNC wants to find dirt during discovery. There will be war in front of the court over interrogatory , request for production of documents, and deposition question.

  331. Bitterlaw says:

    I read the Complaint. Zzzzzzzz. Not very professional in tone. President Trump is not a named defendant. When alleging a conspiracy to benefit somebody, you would usually include the person who allegedly benefited.

  332. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    April 22, 2018 at 8:48 am
    McCaskill will win. Why? Because that is what she does. Every 6 years, we get excited that she will lose. Then she wins. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    You mean the two times that happened–once in a wave when Rudh Limbaugh stupidly gave her opponent a boost with his antics and once when her opponent mmade one of the two stupidest statements that cycle and melted down?

    Sure, Bitter.

    Let’s deduce McCaskill is a fait accompli based on that.

    Logic was obviously not a class you took in college.

  333. Ron N says:

    It won’t matter if McCaskill doesn’t win and no blue wave. the Dems have already will have set the narrative with the media the Russia hacked the election with the help of president trump any bets.

  334. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – You have not studied your HHR history. Every election, there is a belief that McCaskill will lose. You appear and say that just because she won in the past does not mean she will win again. I predict that she will win. She wins.

    I hope I am wrong but I have not been so far.

  335. mnw says:

    Hawley’s biggest problem is his relative anonymity.

  336. Tgca says:


    I have read numerous stories here all the way up to late 2015 and not one of them I could find suggests it was incorrectly reported that some of the pages were misidentified as under age. In fact, Reuters reported in 2008, 2 years after the story broke and the Ethics Committee released its report on the scandal, that FL law enforcement closed the case and did not prosecute because they did not have enough evidence because the House would not cooperate and provide access to computers. Sound familiar Hillary?

    The age of consent in FL is 16 so under state law it was not illegal to engage in a relationship but 16 is still under age. No one accused Foley of directly soliciting sex but instead of having what most would consider inappropriate conversations with pages, both past and present. The sample transcripts are full of discussions about erections, manhood size, and being horny.

    I also read a story by the page who leaked the original story (Jack Stanton, The Page Who Took Down the GOP published in Nov 2015) and he talks about how many things were not originally reported and how Congress seemed to cover things up and punished the pages by shutting down the page program.

    In that story, he also refers to original news reporting of the under age scandal and as someone who knew the pages involved, and how they shared info amongst Foley’s conversations. On at least two occasions, he refers to kids and boys (not men, officially the distinction at age 18) in his discussion of the pages, and he does not go on to correct the under age description perviously reported by numerous stories so that suggests to me that he considers that a previously reported fact that requires no correction since he does not state it was an error needing correction.

    So again, according to the law, Foley did not break the law in FL but that does not mean he did not have the conversations originally reported that Congress more or less covered up. In fact, the Ethics Report pointed out the behavior went on for over a decade and some folks knew about and did nothing serious. It included testimony where Foley tried to enter into the dorm of the pages one night but was turned away by capital police.

    Unless you have concrete evidence otherwise, I assume the original stories reported were never challenged. I also am not aware any in the GOP arguing the original sources were incorrect and they would have known since they were involved in an internal investigation. There was innuendo that this was not only a GOP specific occurrence so the Dems were also in agreement in making this go away and get rid of the scandal.

  337. Tgca says:

    Also, Foley played the abused gay card and his lawyer claimed he was molested by a priest (actually corroborated by the priest) as a teenager so that somehow played a roll in his behavior or psyche towards the pages. BULL DINKY!!!

    In extreme cases, I believe encounters at a young age, especially if unwanted, can lead to certain long-term impact but it did not appear to me Foley was one of those. I believe he knew what he was doing so I don’t feel sorry for him any more than I do for Kevin Spacey.

    As someone who has been inappropriately hit on as a teenager under 18 by both men and women, not uncommon where I grew up, I can attest it does not always leave a disastrous lasting impact, though I admit molestation and being grabbed or talked dirty to may not be the same for all.

    For the record, many gays I knew who had experiences as teenagers with adult men are not scarred for life so it depends on the facts and circumstances. I had one acquaintance who told me he started picking up guys when he was 15 by riding the NYC subways because he could not be out in his neighborhood in Queens. He was not scarred for life by this.

    So I am not willing to let Foley or anyone use his sexual preference to excuse his predatory behavior for over a decade.

  338. Ron N says:

    Also Comey and the other 2 idiots went into the briefing with the president elect knowingly not giving him all the information they had on Russia. I expect they said that Russia tried to interfered with election and tried to hack the election. My responds with that would have been did it have any affect on the election No. since they didn’t give him more information my guess is that this is nothing new Russia always try to do this if they didn’t give him the additional information in the dossier how was he suppose to take action.

  339. Wes says:

    Bitter, McCaskill has been on the ballot exactly twice before for Senate since Dave started HHR.

    She actually was on her way to losing till Akin opened his mouth in 2012.

    That’s at most two times people made that prediction. It’s not like AuH2ORepublican’s perennial prediction that Republicans would pick up NC-13 because GWB got 48% of the vote there in 2004.

  340. Phil says:

    Speaking of NC-13 (and NC-9 for that matter), I read a blurb somewhere that in one or the other Democrats had outraised the incumbent. Not by a lot, but those are the kinds of districts Democrats need to win to recapture the House. Hopefully, Republicans turn out in those districts

  341. Bitterlaw says:

    That’s at most two times people made that prediction.

    This is video from the 2012 election. The result is announced at 1:50.

  342. Bitterlaw says:

    Sorry. 1:20.

  343. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – McCaskill should lose. Michael Myers should die after 6 shots into his chest. Some things don’t go as expected,

  344. Redmen4ever says:

    tgca, as I now understand it, you and I agree: Foley did nothing illegal. If you think 16 is underage, as a citizen of a democratic republic, you can try to change the law.

    As for myself, no, I’m not into judging other people’s private lives. So, if it’s legal and not forbidden by a legitimate condition of employment, it’s o.k. by me.

    Some companies attach conditions to employment. For example, rules on consensual relations. Unless these are based on legitimate concerns, and are narrowly-tailored to those concerns, these should be struck down as infringements on liberty. The House has a set of ethics for its members and employees, and didn’t pursue Foley.

    Democrats claim to be for the civil liberties of gays and against agism, and don’t really care about the dating equation, boys, prostitution, or any other such thing. They’re just using the prejudices of social conservatives against Republicans.

  345. Wes says:

    That’s what you get, Bitter, when Rush Limbaugh makes fun of one of McCaskill’s most prominent backers tastelessly on air and Akin starts mouthing off about subjects he knows nothing about.

    I tend to doubt McCaskill will be that lucky this time in a state trending as solidly GOP as Missouri.

  346. Bitterlaw says:

    I will believe McCaskill loses when Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhrrs and Michael Myers are dead. They all keep coming back,

  347. Bitterlaw says:


  348. Tgca says:


    Age of consent and under age generally have 2 different meanings. Perhaps the better description is minor. Someone under 18 is a minor. Someone that is 16 can have consensual relationships but still be considered a child or underage and a minor generally by legal standards. Legally, a 16 year-old can buy OTC medications, drive, and have consensual relationships in some states but they cannot enter into many contracts such as elective medical care, apartment rental, working evening jobs after a certain time, buying a home, etc because they are minors.

    …and clearly, common sense would dictate that it was never intended that pages that were minors or not would be subjected to Foley’s actions. Congress chose to close this probe and sweep it under the rug as quickly as possible because it risked tainting both parties.

    Foley targeted minors and those previous minors that later attained adulthood for over a decade and many knew about it but did nothing, even though I suspect they did not know to what extent he targeted them.

    Foley was not a victim but a willing predator of minors in at least some circumstances. He used he position, influence, and power in a manner that would never be expected in his capacity and that is probably why he resigned within an hour of being presented with the documentation of his acts by a reporter.

  349. Wes says:

    You said the same thing about Mary Landriru, Bitter.

    How’d thst work out?

    By the way, McCaskill has lost before:,_2004

  350. Tgca says:

    I predict McCaskill will narrowly lose if the MO gov scandal continues in the MSM. …and I am always right! Who will dare to challenge me. I dare you. Bring it b*tches.

  351. Tgca says:

    Texas Appeals Court says that revenge porn laws are unconstitutional and violate free speech.

    YES!!! *pumps fist*

  352. Bitterlaw says:

    McCaskill will lose because Landrieu lost? Got it, Wes.

  353. Wes says:

    Bitter’s logic:

    Landrieu will win because she always.

    Well, Landrieu finally lost.

    Bitter’s other logic:

    McCaskill will win because Michael Myers survived six gunshots to the chest.

    Allllllllll rrrrrrrriggggghhhhhhttttttyyyyy then.

  354. NYCmike says:

    Gawd, will someone please tell Wes to stop acting like such a biatch! He knows what Bitterlaw is saying about Sky Queen…

  355. DW says:

    Read an article saying how the percentage of people who believe the chemtrail conspiracy theory is rapidly growing.

    Does anyone posting here believe it too?

    Is Elvis involved?

    My reading on the topic shows that it has all the classic hallmarks of the bogus conspiracy theories like appealing to an obscure historical event (like use of Agent Orange in Viet Nam) as proof that our government is systematically spraying our skies with deadly chemicals.

    Another reason its obviously a hoax is its believers do not all agree on the most basic of details. Some say ALL contrails (the white streaks left behind by jets) are chemtrails, while others say only some are. Some say the purpose is to save the environment from global warming, while others say its to damage our health.

    What no one can seem to explain is how a conspiracy of that size could go on for so long with no whistleblower appearing on ’60 Minutes.’

    The Azorian project from the 1960s was a large tightly kept secret to build ship to salvage a lost Russian sub from the deep ocean. Maybe 1000 people knew about it and kept it a secret–but when the first try was only partly successful, the second try was never attempted because word leaked out.

    But if the US Govt was systematically spraying our skies, the infrastructure necessary to do so would be enormous. The pilots, the chemists, the ground crews, the planes, the engineers–even if every spot in the country was sprayed just once a year, there would have to be tens of thousands of people involved.

  356. Chicon says:

    DW – Robbie’s the only one here who has expressed much interest in the subject.

  357. DW says:

    381 – is he a believer in it?

  358. DW says:

    Has the US Government ever lied to its citizens? Yes.

    Has the US Government ever put climate ahead of people? Yes.

    Has the US Government ever tried to hide the truth? Yes.

    But that doesn’t mean chemtrails are real any more than it makes the moon landing fake.

  359. Tina says:

    Nunes indicates wiretapping began without intelligence.

  360. Messy57 says:

    305. During the 19th and 20th centuries, most congresscritters would hang out in whorehouses.

    IT was difficult to go home, and nobody in the press cared except for maybe J. Edgar Hoover.

  361. Redmen4ever says:

    tgca – Clearly, what you describe as “common sense” is not embraced by the people of this country (not that I slavishly follow what other people say is common sense). To me, not getting into other people’s private concerns is common sense. But, hey, I’m not a Democrat.

    If we’re going to consider where the law should have the age of consent: I’d say 16, with 14 being the age to consent to marriage with permission of the parents. Upon hitting 16, the relationship between parents and child should be negotiated, with each party being able to cut off the other.

    Democrats, on the other hand, look at the family as a convenient institution through which to deliver social services. Accordingly, Democrats seek to obligate parents for the care of children through age 26 or so, and to empower children to do whatever the hell they want.

  362. Wes says:

    Mikey, I know perfectly well what Bitter is saying. I also know he is using ridiculously flawed logic to reach his conclusion.

    McCaskill may yet win. For a variety of reasons, I think that is unlikely. Nonetheless, if she does prevail it will be for none of the following reasons Bitter stated:

    1) She has won in the past.

    2) Some Hedgehoggers incorrectly declared she would lose in the past.

    3) Michael Myers survived six bullets to the chest.

    It will be because Hawley made a fundamental campaign error that prevented him from capitalizing on the increasingly GOP-friendly lean of his state.

    That is the only reason.

    All of the reasons Bitter cited for believing McCaskill will inevitably prevail are foolish arguments that don’t hold up under scrutiny.

  363. Tina says:


    The 2016 counterintelligence operation, which was specifically started by CIA Director John Brennan sharing his ‘raw intelligence product’ with the FBI, was not an official product of the U.S. intelligence community. Brennan was NOT using official partnerships with intelligence agencies of our Five-Eyes partner nations; and he did not provide raw intelligence -as an outcome of those relationships- to the FBI.

  364. Wes says:

    Now, Mikey, since you felt the need yo interject yourself into this discussion, should a self-described Christian like you be using profanity and taking God’s name in vain to make your point?

    That seems rather hypocritical to me given your stated beliefs.

  365. Redmen4ever says:

    tgca – Again you treat Mark Foley as though he were guilty of something. Democrats have learned well from Nazis about the Big Lie. Repeat the lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

    I never said Foley was a victim. But, since you bring this up, I will consider it:

    Like many gay men, Foley was abused when he was a boy. This abuse might explain a weakness in Foley’s character, but it cannot be accepted as an excuse for continuing a cycle of abuse. Having been abused is information that men such as Foley need to use in order to arrange their lives so that weakness isn’t stressed.

    While there wasn’t enough evidence to legally pursue Foley, it was clear he was behaving badly (he admitted this). After resigning from Congress and going through rehab, he successfully returned to the private sector, and joined another gay man in a long-term relationship (that only ended when that other man died).

    I have a lot of sympathy for concerns about child molesters. Surveys of those entering college indicate that about as many boys as girls have been sexually-abused. (However, the number of girls who are sexually-abused continues to rise while in college, while the number of boys who are sexually-abused is flat.) The main purpose of the state is to protect us, especially those of us who are most vulnerable, and clearly we haven’t done a good enough job with regard to child molesters. But, to treat those who proposition younger people of legal age as though they were child molesters is wrong.

  366. Bitterlaw says:

    It will be because Hawley made a fundamental campaign error that prevented him from capitalizing on the increasingly GOP-friendly lean of his state…AND BITTER’S POINT THAT SHE WILL ONCE AGAIN FIND A WAY TO WIN A RACE SHE SHOULD LOSE WILL BE PROVEN CORRECT.

    Thanks, Wes. I knew you would finally get it.

  367. Tgca says:


    I think we agree that based on what was published, Foley was not guilty under the FL law of engaging in sexual encounters with those under 16. But he was guilty of having detailed sexual discussions with some minors about their genitals, masturbation, being aroused and horny, penis size, and so on. This occurred with minors and was not unlawful in FL per authorities but clearly it was inappropriate and not in character with his job. He did attempt to enter the dorm of the pages one night while supposedly under the influence of alcohol and was turned away by Capitol police. That is in the congressional ethics report issued. They also stated this behavior was going on for 10 years.

    The Feds chose not to investigate or charge him with other statutes regarding lewd communication. The FL authorities chose not to charge him because he did not have any physical encounters with anyone under 16. But there were still instances of this behavior with minors according to at least one witness who was interviewed by the FBI.

    As a gay man, I find your suggestion that because he experienced child molestation that it is somehow understandable that he continue the cycle. I doubt his molestation turned him gay. That is absolutely unacceptable and excuse for his inappropriate predatory behavior. Growing up in a time when gay teenagers were frequently hit on, touched, and manipulated by older gay men, I assure you, I have NEVER tried to hit on minors. NEVER!

    What you miss here, is just like straight men pursuing young girls, there is a small percentage of gay men that are attracted to male minors and pursue them both actively and slyly and they carefully try to avoid the pitfalls of the law. I believe that was the case with Foley. There is an organization called NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) that has been around for decades whose sole purpose is to promote relations between boys and men. They have chapters in major cities and I used to see their pamphlets in gay bookstores in San Francisco and NYC. In fact, they got busted by TV news who barged into one of their monthly meetings in the San Francisco main library where they reserved rooms and regularly met. It was not illegal for them to meet clearly their behavior was predatory.

    Stop making excuses for Foley!

    He was a predator of some minors for his own kicks. It does not matter what in his past life caused it. The fact that he went on to have a stable relationship in his 50s with a gay man is irrelevant and does not erase his past behavior. That’s like saying a past dope addict or drug dealer is excused of their past because they put that behavior behind them. This type of predatory behavior on minors is the worst and I doubt most people grow out of it. I would never trust Foley around minors. It’s that simple!

  368. Wes says:

    All right, Bitter. Since your logic is that Democrat Senators who’ve won previously in GOP-friendly states can’t lose after Hedgehoggers have incorrectly predicted their defeat, why aren’t Kay Hagan and Mary Landrieu Senators anymore?

    Both of them could claim better win-loss records than McCaskill.

  369. Tgca says:

    Sorry to be so forceful on this but I’ve come across many gay men over the years who try to justify that it’s different for a teenage (under 18) guy then a girl so having relations, sex, or getting your rocks off with them even when no touching is allowed because is OK because it’s just males being males, especially for gay lads who don’t necessarily have a normal social outlet at a young age so no harm no foul. Some consider this mentoring minors. I consider it manipulating them, especially if you knew they were confused or naive.

    This was the thinking of a subculture of gay men probably up to the late 80s where gay haunts often included men mentoring minors. It’s also why we saw a number of gay males infected with HIV at a very young age. It was a small group but it was just accepted in gay life that it was just another subculture. Thank God today most gays don’t think that way any more and consider it predatory behavior just like we do for girls. Though I was like 21, and did not fall for his crap, I once met a guy in NYC in his early 30s that did his darndest to convince me that man-boy relations were normal for centuries until recent religious freaks came along the last couple of decades. He even tried to convince me that HIV was a hoax made up to discredit gay sex and wanted to have unprotected sex. I can only imagine if he tried that with younger more naive and impressionable guys. This is how predators try and manipulate youngsters and minors.

    Once a guy hits adulthood, all is legit but leave minors alone. Even if minors are engaging in activities on their own, as expected, that doesn’t mean adults should take that opportunity to manipulate them like Foley tried.

  370. Tgca says:

    I meant when I was 23 not 21. Though I probably looked 17. I had a baby face and got proofed at bars for years until around 30. I can’t tell you how many times I was accused of having fake ID. What I had to resort to with the bouncers to get into the clubs. Geez!

    Ha! Only kidding on that last part.

  371. Bitterlaw says:

    Simple, Wes. Sometimes. I am wrong. Unlike you, I don’t try to justify it or explain it away or blame some unforeseen trend from an 1846 Congressional race.


  372. Bitterlaw says:

    By Wes logic, McCaskill lost in 2006 and 2012 because HHR said she would lose AND Hogan and Landrieu lost. Lot of moving parts there.

  373. Diamond Jim says:


  374. Diamond Jim says:


  375. Bitterlaw says:

    Oh. She did not lose in 2006 and 2012? Sorry, Wes.

  376. jason says:

    While you guys argue, I just fried up some wine marinated venison loins in butter, with some onions and mushrooms for the sauce. Awesome.

  377. Bitterlaw says:

    Wine, mushrooms and onions? Gayest post of the day.

    Tough to snag gayest post during Tgca’s chickenhawk posts but Jason pulled it off.

  378. jason says:

    I guess I could make a comeback by saying I shot the deer myself, but alas, this is store bought venison.

  379. jason says:

    Onions and mushrooms are gay?

    I love HHR, you always learn something new.

  380. jason says:

    Conservative candidate wins Paraguay election. And no, the loser is not a “centrist”, he is a leftist.


    The US-educated son of a top aide to Paraguay’s late dictator is favorite to win Sunday’s presidential election in one of Latin America’s poorest countries.

    Opinion polls give Mario Abdo Benitez of the ruling conservative Colorado party a clear lead over his centrist opponent, Efrain Alegre, in a two-horse race to succeed outgoing conservative President Horacio Cartes.”

    Actual results show a 48-43% lead for Benitez.

  381. Bitterlaw says:

    Stores sell venison? There is a Pennsylvania I just don’t want to know about.

  382. mnw says:

    I didn’t know Shania Twain was Canadian.

  383. Tgca says:

    Onions and mushrooms over quinoa sound good.

  384. Tina says:

    Looks like mule head and company are leaking details about hannitys real estate empire. Information obtained from Cohen,

    Totally illegal and sessions should shut this sheot down

  385. Redmen4ever says:

    tcga – I don’t have to make excuses for Mark Foley. He was never so much as charged with a crime. His was forced out of office and that settled his case. As far as I can tell, his bad behavior was being ungentlemanly in propositioning persons of legal age no longer serving as House pages.

    You, apparently, think the age of consent should be higher (18, as opposed to 16) (or, maybe you think something like “the dating equation” should be the legal standard). Thus, you judge Foley by a personal standard, rather than by the legal standard.

    I wonder why you didn’t shift your focus to Denny Hastert, when I brought up his name. He was actually found guilty for crimes (money-laundering) related to sexual abuse of boys. Funny, isn’t it, that you refuse to let go of Foley, who wasn’t charged with abusing anyone, and ignore an actual child abuser.

    With regard to 16 and 17 year-olds, and males versus females, it is problematic to say anything about them. This is because individual differences swamp group differences.

    Furthermore, shifting the age of consent from 16 to 18 would mostly shift the problems of making the transition. As it is, we are seeing lots of changes in behavior with the transition to adulthood being shifted in many specific ways from the teens into the twenties. This doesn’t mean we have eliminated the problems of making the transition to adulthood, we’ve just extended those problems for several more years.

  386. mnw says:

    Shania made the mistake of saying something nice about Trump. Now her life has become a living hell. She should have known what was coming.

  387. Bitterlaw says:

    Just because something is legal does not make it right. Age of consent does not solve the creepy factor.

  388. Bitterlaw says:

    Shania should have asked me what to say –

    I agree with Bitterlaw that Trump is an amoral scumbag but he was better than Hillary so he would have gotten my vote. GFY.

  389. Tgca says:


    Foley behaved in a predatory manner. If he were a teacher, principal, coach, employer, he would be fired if he sent 16 and 17 yo those kinds of texts. I don’t know if you have children but if an adult sent your 16 or 17 yo texts inquiring about their genitals size and description, masturbating, being horny, and making them excited or inquiring about what excites them or turns them on, I think you would have a different view.

    Remember, he was in a position of power, mentoring, and leadership over these pages just as educators, coaches, or employers. No one expects perfection from anyone especially if it was a one-time misjudgment but this went on for at least a decade and he clearly knew this was predatory behavior of at least some minors.

    It was wrong on every level. He was lucky the Feds decided not to pursue charges. I suspect that was because the House refused to turn over their computers for further investigation. Hard to build a case if you can’t access the materials needed to build a case and the House leadership, both Dems and GOP refused to cooperate on that matter.

    As for Hastert, he was convicted and prosecuted and sent to jail so their was some semblance of justice even though on different facts. So no need for me to debate his behavior.

  390. Bitterlaw says:

    I expect perfection from everybody. Especially myself. It never works out that way so I am always disappointed.

  391. Bitterlaw says:

    I expect perfection from everybody. Especially myself. It never works out that way so I am always disappointed.

  392. Tgca says:

    Dearest Bitter

    Do you agree all past POTUS that owned slaves, had affairs, or had children out of wedlock were also immoral scumbags? From some quick research, and acknowledging some overlap, at least 15 POTUS of 45, or at least 33% of POTUS may also be categorized as immoral scumbags, including some of those considered great POTUS. The number is probably 50% or higher do that says something about the character traits of those who seek the highest gov office in the US.

    POTUS Slave Owners
    Van Buren
    A. Johnson

    At least 10 POTUS have been accused of likely affairs

    At least 5 POTUS have supposedly fathered children out of wedlock

  393. dblaikie says:

    This stuff about Hannity makes me laugh. Since when is it illegal to own property in America?

  394. dblaikie says:

    416 Bitter, it is time to lower your standards. It is wrong to expect perfection from imperfect people. And that includes you.

  395. Chicon says:

    Thread’s dead, baby. Thread’s dead.

  396. Messy57 says:

    418. Van Buren? Are you sure?

    The ones fathered illegitimate children were Cleveland, Jefferson and Harding. While Grover had two presidencies, he only counts as one president.

    BTW, the number of adulterer presidents is probably higher.

  397. Bitterlaw says:

    Tgca – I said amoral scumbag. Trump is scum when it comes to women. The fact that others were also scum does not absolve him.

    As for your larger point, I can never give slaveowners and adulterers the full praise they would otherwise deserve. A great President can do great things in office but still be a hateful person.

  398. Bitterlaw says:

    John Adams was a douche but I rank him above Jefferson because of Jefferson’s slaves and abuse of Sally Hemings.

    NYC to say that Jefferson and Hemings had a loving, consensual relationship even though he owned her, could sell her and her children and even maim or kill her with no legal consequence in 3…2…1…

  399. Redmen4ever says:

    Let’s be a little kind to Jefferson. It was illegal for him to marry Sally Hemmings. He married her while a widower and, apparently, was always true to her. He freed their children. They took his name. As for his other slaves, no he didn’t follow the example of George Washington and free them in his will, but he died in debt and his assets were sold off. As a state legislator, he proposed gradual emancipation of the slaves of Virginia (obviously, it didn’t pass).

  400. Redmen4ever says:

    Harding is an interesting fellow. His affair with Nan Britton (resulting in his illegitimate child) was said to have proved his “essential ordinariness.” The was code for Harding having black ancestry, making him morally weak and not so bright. The racial basis of the slurs against Harding have, now, mostly been forgotten, while the slurs remain. See footnotes 3 and 10, and pp. 40-41 of:

  401. Bitterlaw says:

    Hitler loved his dog (before he poisoned it). He also built great highways. Fidel Castro lived baseball. Stalin did not kill all of his people (but he killed a lot).

    You can find something good to say about anybody. No redemption in my world.

  402. Redmen4ever says:

    A recent history questions the original story of Grover Clevelend’s affair that resulted in an illegitimate child. In real time, the Democrats were successful in deflecting attacks on their candidate and even questioned the Republicans for being overly judgmental. But, according to the recent history, summarized at the following link, Cleveland was not a flawed but basically decent man. (Even so, Cleveland, as the last of the Gold Democrats or “Bourbons” to be elected President, served the country well.)

  403. Michael says:

    AZ-08 Special

    Lesko (R) – 49% (+4)
    Tipirneni (D) – 43% (-3)

  404. mnw says:

    Emerson is the least reliable major poster.

  405. DW says:

    427 – Pol Pot loved putting people to work, both those who got employment in the fields and those put to the task of executing all the surplus population.

  406. jason says:

    Stores sell venison? There is a Pennsylvania I just don’t want to know about.”


    In fact, they don’t have to wait for it to be delivered.

  407. jason says:

    Hey Bitter, this IS the real Pennsylvania, it’s not the latte sipping suburbs of Philly.

  408. jason says:

    I asked Amos Stoltzfuss if he knew what a Double Mocha Macchiato was. He said some kind of axe? I said know, its something to drink. He said “the English are crazy”.

  409. jason says:

    Hmmmm.. know is no… give me another double expresso.

  410. Michael says:

    Hey Bitter,

    I saw the GOP has a chance at taking control of the Radnor Board of Commissioners with the two special elections. I think the GOP goes 1-1 at picks up the board 4-3. I think that Morrissey takes Ward 1, I want to feel positive.

    Turnout for Dems/GOP will be high with primaries for Gov/Senate/Lt.Gov on the GOP side and Primaries for Lt.Gov/PA05 on the Dems side.

  411. Bitterlaw says:

    Michael – I will get you a detailed Radnor summary soon.

  412. Michael says:

    438 sounds great. We have a major primary for State Rep. Charlton and I just hope he doesn’t lose.

  413. jason says:

    Whomever promises to open up more Starbucks should get elected in Radnor.

    Here where I live I can get coffee at a convenience store about 3 miles down the road. The choices are “Colombian Brew” or “Decaf”. The only thing I can say for it is that its hot.

  414. Bitterlaw says:

    Radnor has 3 Starbucks (including one in a grocery store). I don’t drink coffee and have never bought anything for myself there.

  415. Bitterlaw says:

    Radnor also has 2 Wawa stores. Superior to Sheetz in every way.

  416. mnw says:

    Emerson polling admits that the “changed their methodology” before the AZ-08 poll referenced in 429 above. The last Emerson before this one showed a 1-point race, as I recall.

    The new Emerson poll is clearly a CYA effort, to try to avoid looking as incompetent tomorrow as they did in the AL Sen special, i.e., “Jones has no realistic path to victory.” (48 hours before the polls opened in AL.

    RRH puts Emerson with PPP as being nearly worthless.

  417. mnw says:

    sb “that they changed”

  418. Michael says:

    Looks like Scott County, KY is about to flip to Republican registration in a month or two. Dems lead in this 40.1k person county.

    Dems led by 117 in March.
    Dems lead by 82 in April.

  419. Michael says:

    Gallup is now 38/57 for Trump’s Approval
    4.8 – 41/54
    4.15 – 39/55
    4.23 – 38/57

  420. Wes says:

    Actually, Bitter, by my logic, McCaskill won in 2006 and 2012–because, you know, she won.

    That doesn’t mean she’ll win this time though. It just means twice in the past she won.

  421. Wes says:

    Of course if Bitterlaw’s logic dominated politics, then Daschle would be in his sixth Senate term now since by definition all Dem Senators seeking reelection in GOP states have won there before.

  422. Bitterlaw says:

    It also means that the prevailing wisdom at HHR was wrong twice on McCaskill. That was my point and you know it.

    My niece is choosing between Coastal Carolina, East Carolina, and St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

    Any thoughts on the Carolina schools, Wes?

  423. Bitterlaw says:

    If Wes’ logic dominated politics, we would just have to look at the elections of 1872 since history predicts all elections.

  424. Wes says:

    I wasn’t here much in 2012, Bitter, but after Akin made it clear he was a moron, was the HHR concensus that McCaskill would lose? I would tend to doubt that.

    Besides, I didn’t know thoughts expressed by a handful of posters on a fairly obscure blog were the determining factor in electoral politics.

    Were that the case, Hillary would be President with New Deal-level congressional majorities right now.

  425. Wes says:

    I’m an ECU alum, so I’m biased there, Bitter. I don’t know much about Coastal.

  426. Wes says:

    Well, let’s look at the 1872 election, Bitter. Republicans ran everything and had a popular President seeking reelection with a good economy against a weak opponent.

    The GOP won big.

    Unfortunately while that’s the norm for such elections, it doesn’t happen every time a Republican is in the White House.

  427. mnw says:

    RAS 48

  428. Wes says:

    Stabenow has filed for what is likely to be an essy reelection. For some reason, the MIGOP never can seem to seriously contest the state’s Senate seats.

  429. Wes says:

    Foster Friess is running for WY-Gov. His money makes him a formidable candidate:

  430. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes is a pirate? On the positive side, he is intelligent so that speaks well of his school. However, he is an amoral predator so I hope he is not typical of the male students there.

  431. jason says:

    Hooray for Liz Cheney, who has the guts to call out fake Republican Rand Paul.

    “Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming accused Paul of “sympathizing with terrorists” over his opposition.

    “Gina Haspel has spent her career defending the American people and homeland. @RandPaul is defending and sympathizing with terrorists,” she tweeted.

  432. jason says:

    I certainly was no part of any “consensus” that Skyqueen would lose.

    However, she has an uphill climb this time around.

  433. jason says:

    “but not surprised”

    Corker has endorsed Blackburn. He has sent her the maximum contribution he is allowed. He has said he would vote for her and that she is the best candidate.

    Asked why Blackburn is a better candidate, Corker responded: “I think most people in our state … will focus on the first vote she makes, and that’s the vote to elect the majority leader.”

    All this is not good enough for NYC.

    However, he gives fake Republican and fake conservative Rand Paul, who is actually trying to defeat Trump’s nominees for SOS and the CIA because they don’t protect terrorists, a pass.

    I love the hypocrisy.

    But not surprised.

  434. mnw says:

    Paul is a jerk. There are several other GOP Senators in the same category, imo (AZ has a disproportionate share).

    Every GOP Senator thinks he is POTUS right now… because he can vote with the DEMS, and poof! no more GOP majority.

    Funny, none of the DEMs ever seem to do that— unless it’s election eve… and they’re really scared.

  435. mnw says:

    You can read forever about the Toronto massacre today, & still not have a clue who or why!

    If this was a quiz show, I bet I could win a trip to Hawaii, though.

  436. NYCmike says:

    I give Rand Paul “a pass”?

    I would LOVE to see where I did that…….I’ll wait for the copy-and-paste from that VERY HONORABLE man, Brutus…….oops, I meant to say jason……….

  437. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw still hasn’t answered my question about whether HHR believed McCaskill would lose after Akin opened his mouth.

    I know Mnw said in 2006, McCaskill would beat Talent. I wonder if that was an aberration or the concensus of opinion twelve years sgo.

  438. mnw says:


    I can’t remember. Nobody was very interested, except me. That one really hurt. I did volunteer work for Talent. That was the election where the ballot initiative on stem cell research dominated the election. That little geek from hell (Michael Fox?) said “Jim Talent just wants me to die!” (essentially)

  439. jason says:

    We are going to have to ban vans.

  440. mnw says:

    Rich Lowry at NRO calls Rand Paul “the most destructive GOP Senator.” I’d say he’s probably in the top 3, but that’s a tough bracket.

    Rand voted for John Kerry, but Rand has moral qualms about Pompeo.

  441. jason says:

    I give Rand Paul “a pass”?”

    Yep. EVERY time he says something stupid, which is often.

    Show me ONE post where you are critical of Rand Paul.

    I can show you dozens where you misrepresent Bob Corker.

    So show me the posts where you actually criticize Rand Paul’s cuckoo ideas on the economy, foreign policy, terrorism, the military, Israel, Iran, etc.

  442. jason says:

    Rand Paul is not GOP, to start. He has zero loyalty to the party and does not even admit to being a Republican. He just used the R to elect himself senator because he knew he would not win as a Libertarian. He calls himself a Libertarian Republican, whatever that is, but of course he is no libertarian either.

    He is not a fiscal conservative, in fact not a conservative at all. His father was one of the biggest porkers in Congress and Rand wants to spend money too, just not on defense.

    His “blowback theory” that we caused 9/11 on ourselves is disgustingly anti-American. His view that a nuclear Iran “is not a threat” has to be stupidest comment ever made on foreign policy, save “Guam is tipping over”. His immigration views were to the left of Jeb Bush, who never said “if you want to live and work in America we will find a place for you” or “imagine 12 million new taxpayers coming out of the shadows”.

    Yet “conservative” NYC gives him a pass 100% of the time.

  443. Paul says:

    Arizona is likely an easy Republican win tomorrow. But, it may be surprisingly close.

  444. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    472. “Arizona is likely an easy Republican win tomorrow. But, it may be surprisingly close.”

    Isn’t this statement contradictory?

  445. Paul says:

    Yes, it is.:)
    I’m just hopeful it getting interesting tomorrow night. But the hope is reigned in.

  446. Paul says:

    getting = gets

  447. Michael says:

    Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has been booted from the ballot. The GOP suddenly has a chance to elect another Black Republican as El Paso County Commissioner/2016 U.S. Senate candidate Daryl Glenn is the likely front-runner due to name recognition.

  448. NYCmike says:

    “He is not a fiscal conservative, in fact not a conservative at all. His father….”

    -Heh! “His father…..” shows that the sins of the father affect the son, for jason anyway!

    Rand Paul is a politician whom I agree with more often than I don’t agree with him.

    He has made some STATEMENTS which I certainly disagree with, and has NOT supported men/women who I think he should have supported.

    BUT, he has also written legislation concerning spending – I believe it was called “The Penny Plan”.

    AND, he did not write horrible legislation which helped allow President Obama to make an “agreement”.

  449. NYCmike says:

    Sorry, “The Penny Plan” was written by Mike Enzi, and endorsed by Rand Paul.

    Paul did NOT write that legislation.

  450. Tina says:

    Rose stein receives cuff links from President trump, before he argues a case before the SC.

    But, much firing.

  451. J. Cutler says:

    I’ll always be unappreciated.

  452. NYCmike says:

    “Rose stein receives cuff links from President trump”


  453. jason says:

    He has made some STATEMENTS which I certainly disagree with”


    Translation: anything I know is stupid and outrageous are STATEMENTS.

    The rest are long held and genuine positions.

    I love this place.

  454. jason says:

    Rand Paul is a politician whom I agree with more often than I don’t agree with him.”

    Sometimes there IS a flash of truth in what morons say.

    I am sure this is certainly true.

    I am proud to say I don’t agree with anything Rand Paul says. And if I did agree with something, it would just be a STATEMENT.

  455. Cash Cow TM says:


    Promiscuous monkeys discovered mating with other species…

  456. NYCmike says:

    You got venison on your brain.

  457. jason says:

    The Toronto terrorist is Alek Minassian. It’s an Armenian surname.

  458. jason says:

    He has made some STATEMENTS which I certainly disagree with”

    Further translation” “STATEMENTS” means he doesn’t really believe what he says. However, if I agree with what he says then he does mean it.

    Translating moron is challenging, but can be done.

  459. New York City says:

    Rand voted for John Kerry, but Rand has moral qualms about Pompeo.”

    Voting for Kerry was a STATEMENT!

  460. mnw says:


    You’re a cretin. F-off! Hate your GUTS. Go peddle your AZ-08 chickenzh*t over at KOS.

    Is Paul the one in “the accounting field,” or am I confusing this troll with another one?

  461. jason says:

    He is the troll that claims to be “a small business owner” who wants higher taxes and more regulation

  462. jason says:

    He thinks Marxism is healthy for small businesses.

  463. mnw says:

    Toronto terrorist:

    Full bushy beard. Armenian “student”: “Kill me! I have a gun! Shoot me in the head!”

    “We may never know,” like Zero always said. A complete mystery.

  464. jason says:

    He is slightly more literate than Messy (low bar) but the IQ level is about the same.

  465. jason says:

    Yes, “let’s not jump to conclusions”.

    Of course, if he was a cousin five times removed of an NRA member then by all means let’s jump to conclusions.

  466. jason says:

    Maybe it was like the Fort Hood terrorist, huh, perpetrator, he was just having a bad work day.

  467. MichiganGuy says:

    Van kills 10 and injures 15 in Toronto; driver in custody.
    Why is the driver in custody? The Van killed 10 people not the driver. How many more people have to die. Ban Vans!

  468. MichiganGuy says:

    West Virginia
    Senate GE:
    Republican Candidate 41% (+4)
    Joe Manchin (D) 37%
    Senate – Republican Primary:
    Morrisey 24%
    Jenkins 20%
    Blankenship 12%
    Willis 3%
    Copley 1%
    Newbrough 1%
    Undecided 39%
    Sen. Joe Manchin
    Approve 51%
    Disapprove 36%
    President Trump
    Approve 62%
    Disapprove 34%
    National Research Inc.
    There would be a boom here but, since GOPAC paid for this poll. No.

  469. Bitterlaw says:


  470. Bitterlaw says:

    Very sad news. 2 people dead on my street in a shooting. Probably domestic disputes. I talked to reporters but not all details known yet,

  471. MichiganGuy says:

    BL, only 2 people dead on your street? I thought that was considered good for Philly.

  472. Bitterlaw says:

    I live outside the city in the suburbs. I am still waiting for the details.

  473. MichiganGuy says:

    Trump’s Re-Elect Figures Similar to Those of Obama, Clinton.

  474. Paul says:

    493: Alek Minassian was an Armenian Christian. Still terrorism just not Islamic variety.

  475. MichiganGuy says:

    How do you know he is a Christian? He could of converted to Islam. Do you have a link where he states he is a Christian?

  476. MichiganGuy says:

    “Former Congressmen Patrick Murphy and David Jolly are exploring a bipartisan run for governor, a surprise move that depends on polling Democrat Murphy has commissioned this week.
    Murphy would run for the Democratic nomination as Jolly, a moderate Republican and cable TV anti-Trump voice, would have no chance of winning a GOP primary.”

  477. Paul says:

    506: Doesn’t sound like he was a convert. Sounds like a crazy guy who idolized Elliot Rodger anger over not getting laid.

  478. MichiganGuy says: