Blankenship Leads in Two Internal WV Primary Polls

Republicans in West Virginia might be on the verge of nominating an outright racist as their nominee if the polls reported in this article by The Weekly Standard are to be believed.

The results of an internal campaign poll conducted for one rival Senate campaign on Saturday and Sunday were: Blankenship 31 percent, Jenkins 28 percent, Morrissey 27 percent.

The results of another internal poll conducted Friday and Saturday were: Blankenship 28 percent, Morrissey 27 percent, Jenkins 14 percent. Two weeks earlier, the same rival campaign found Blankenship at 14 percent, Morrissey at 29 percent, and Jenkins at 26 percent.

I did like this quote at the end of the article which basically sums up the Republican Party across the nation these days:

If Blankenship manages to win despite Trump’s opposition, it will be a strong data point for Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie’s theory that many Republican primary voters are simply “voting for the craziest son of a bitch in the race.”

If there is any wonder why my interest in national politics and even posting on this website was waned so much, it is the complete an utter disappearance of sanity in the Republican Party that plays a big part of it. Sadly a majority of Republican primary voters, not just in West Virginia, but everywhere seem to agree with this sentiment…the crazier the better….

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  1. Paul says:

    One crazy.

  2. Trump says:

    Me two.

  3. mnw says:

    I believe that ONE of those internal is Blankenship’s own.

    Since Jenkins (DEM congressman) is getting 14% in one of these internals, then maybe the Jenkins voters ought to switch fast to Morrissey.

    Given all the bloodletting in the GOP primary, I suspect Manchin is safe no matter who the GOP nominates.

    How come DEMs never carve each other up in the primary in a big race? That seems to be an exclusive GOP habit. IN may be same thing, btw.

  4. jason says:

    Soccer Moron is back. His paper route is paying enough for him to buy Internet service after his parent’s cut him off.

  5. jason says:

    From Instapundit

    Brian Stelter whines he had no Trump tweets to trash and Stephen Miller’s response is hilarious.

    Brian Stelter

    Just sayin’: @realDonaldTrump has only tweeted once since Friday… And it was a generic “thank you Cleveland” video… He abstained from the usual weekend tweetstorms.

    Stephen Miller

    Are you going to be okay?

  6. Tina says:

    I am triggered by trumps tweets today attacking Fuhrer Mulehead.


  7. Tina says:

    The United States does not need John Kerry’s possibly illegal Shadow Diplomacy on the very badly negotiated Iran Deal. He was the one that created this MESS in the first place!
    7:08 AM · May 7, 2018

    Paging Comedy, McCabe, sjw Yates, preet, etc. where are you?

    Logan act

    Collision with the Iranians

  8. Phil says:


    Because the left keeps their eyes on their ultimate goal – to gain and then wield power. Gaining power is a necessary first step to wielding it and that takes strategically clearing the primaries. There eye is always on the ultimate prize.

  9. Robbie says:

    If Blakenship comes out in favor of the RAISE Act, poor NYCmike and the rest of the send a message crowd will have to change their pants due to their excitement.

    WV is perfect example of why the NRSC needs to step in and take sides in primaries. They stopped doing it in 2010 and then we started to get all of Mikey’s dream candidates who lose.

  10. Robbie says:

    It says a lot about the state of the Republican Party that primary voters wanted a pedophile and a coal man who oversaw the deaths of 29 people.

    Send a message!

  11. jason says:

    Amoral scumbag has a new talking point.


    Roy Moore is jealous.

  12. jason says:

    It says a lot about the state of the Republican Party that primary voters wanted a pedophile”


    So the primary voters who rejected Jeb! are the villains as usual.

    The situation in WV is the same as in AL where the non-deadenders split the vote so the deadender could win the primary.

    Deadenders have always managed to get votes in either party.

    As far as the NRSC taking sides, it depends.
    I would have been ok if they had said that Roy Moore could not run as a Republican because he was twice removed from office for failing to obey the law and the Constitution.

    But what if the RNC had taken sides and “endorsed” Jeb!. We would now have Hillary as President.

  13. Tina says:

    It says a lot about Drats concerned with the Republican Party, when they should be first concerned about the nuts running their own party.

  14. Tina says:

    Can Fuhrer Mulehead run as a democrat?

  15. Paul says:

    3. Dems weeded out the racists. So our primaries are usually more congenial among those who agree on that issue. 🙂

  16. Walt says:

    Dave W. (The Wizard) says:

    “If there is any wonder why my interest in national politics and even posting on this website was waned so much, it is the complete an utter disappearance of sanity in the Republican Party that plays a big part of it. Sadly a majority of Republican primary voters, not just in West Virginia, but everywhere seem to agree with this sentiment…the crazier the better…”

    Walt says:

    5 years ago the hard left Ds said the R party was becoming the party of crazy far, far right wingers.
    In the last 5 years, R primary voters and R candidates have proven the far left nutcases to be right about the R party. So we very soon run the risk of electing the far left nutcases heroes to run the government so we do not have far, far right wing nutcase running the government.

    Just shoot me…

  17. Robbie says:

    Amazing and hilarious to see Jason fraud defend pedophile Roy Moore by attacking Jeb Bush.

    I guess Jason fraud is setting the stage to say we have to vote for Blakenship because he’s better than Manchin.

    Our Trump University valedictorian just can’t quit Jeb. Sad!

  18. BayernFan says:

    GOP still has a lot of pissed off voters mad at them.

  19. Tina says:

    GOP needs to end Fuhrer Mulehead.

  20. hugh says:

    The problem with WV is we have two viable candidates splitting the vote against a moron who plays to a fringe of the base. I suspect if either of the other two survive they will win. The problem is that neither of the two sane guys are clearly leading the other, so which side switches their votes. Second, can dems vote in the primary if they can then we are likely screwed.

  21. mnw says:

    As the trolls know full well, not one poster here has ever said a kind word about Blankenship. Not one. Not ever.

    So Wobbles is full of skit like always.


    What’s going to happen in WV?

  22. Cash Cow TM says:


    WV RUMINATIONS from the head of the UN-contented HERD here in the WV barnyard:
    U.S. R Senate primary predictions of results of tomorrow’s election….

    31% Jenkins
    29% Blankenship
    26% Morrisey
    09% Willis
    04% Copley
    01% Newbraugh

    In the barnyard, here is how the various animal groups are voting:

    roosters: Blankenship
    mules: Blankenship
    turkeys: Blankenship
    vultures: Blankenship
    pigs: Blakenship
    sheep: Morrisey
    goats: Morrisey
    cows: Jenkins
    horses: Jenkins
    chickens: Copley and Willis
    dead (end) critters: Newbraugh, Blankenship, Copley, Willis
    ostriches: voting for everyone EXCEPT Jenkins or Morrisey

    –Morrisey and Jenkins for running such vicious, senseless, negative campaigns against one another that drove the negatives up for each other.

    –The BIG $$$ DEM PAC who dumped millions to disparage Morrisey and Jenkins with lies in order to boost Blankenship chances to win the R primary so Manchin would win the general fairly easily.

    –Blankenship for spending $$$ MILLIONS to tell all sorts of lies about Morrisey and Jenkins;
    AND…lies about himself

    –the R primary voters who believe the incredible mailers that disparage Morrisey and Jenkins and believe all the good spin about Blankenship.

    –To the left leaning Indy RV who will vote in the R primary for someone other than Jenkins or Morrisey to reap havoc on the R primary outcome
    Blankenship has a very good chance to pull out a close win in the Tuesday primary. If so, Manchin wins the GE in Nov.

    If Jenkins (or even Morrisey) win the R primary, they will both be so damaged in the bruising primary and lose such a significant part of the R and Indy RV votes that Manchin wins the GE.

    Just shoot me…
    …but please shoot all the pigs, goats, ostriches, vulchers, turkeys, chickens, etc., etc. first.

  23. NYCmike says:

    “McCain does not want Trump at his funeral. Good for him. I don’t want Trump at my funeral, either.”

    -Got it.

    McCain forgave the b*st*rds that physically tortured him for years, but can’t forgive Trump for what he said……..I would think because Trump actually WON his race for the Presidency, while McCain ran just about the worst campaign in the history of the United States.

    Peace unto you, McCain, you vindictive, attention-seeking, corrupt (Keating) political whore.

  24. mnw says:


    Thx. That’s kind of what I feared you might tell us.

    The topline is just too damn close, too.

  25. NYCmike says:


    Does it bother you that people don’t call you “Robert”?

  26. NYCmike says:

    “–the R primary voters who believe the incredible mailers that disparage Morrisey and Jenkins and believe all the good spin about Blankenship.”

    -I am amazed that there are people who still read these mailers!

  27. JC says:

    McCain is a corrupt, vindictive loser. Always has been. But worse than that, he is a war mongering fanatic who has helped build up the American bureaucratic monstrosity that we call the deep state. He represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.

    He is trash. And anyone who supports him is trash.

    Hopefully the old corrupt power structure will die with him.

  28. Cash Cow TM says:

    More on #COWPOLLING predictions Cow plopped down on ya…

    Here are some of the “internals” and we know COWS have a lot of internals, with 4 stomachs and all:
    31% Jenkins

    –does well in the WV CD3 where he is the congressman (includes Huntington where he is from and where he served that area in the WV State Senate)
    –does better in western part of WV CD2 (in Kanawha county, and west of it clear to Ohio River
    (Putnam co., Jackson co. Mason co.)
    –performs better than expected in WV CD1 [where I think congressman McKinley supports Jenkins]

    29% Blankenship

    –does well in center part of state
    –also does well in Southern WV

    26% Morrisey

    –does best in Eastern WV in eastern part of WV CD2 (where he is from–but EP is notorious for having low voter turnout in primaries)
    –does well in Kanawha co. (Charleston is there)

    09% Willis

    –from eastern panhandle so will get most of his votes there (which takes votes from Morrisey who is from the EP), but also gets votes from all over WV, particularly parts of CD1 (Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Wheling, Parkersburg) and CD2
    –some R primary voters like WV AG Morrisey and do not want him to leave the AG office…so will vote for Jenkins or Willis

    04% Copley

    –ex-coal miner will get many coal miner’coal family votes in S. WV and in North central WV around Fairmont & Morgantown)

    01% Newbraugh

    –most of his votes will come from the northern panhandle where he is from.
    –Just TODAY, Newbraugh came out on state-wide radio endorsing Blankenship.

    Due to the nastiness of the campaign coming from Blankenship, Jenkins, Morrisey, the Dem PAC I am feeling that the votes for Willis, Copley and Newbraugh will be close to 15% total…which would be unusually high…the nastiness from the top 3 R candidates causes people to say fie on all of you top 3.

  29. Cash Cow TM says:

    Blankenship update:

    –TODAY, Blankenship says he will not rule out running a 3rd party campaign to run for U.S. Senate if Morrisey wins the R primary tomorrow.

    –ALSO…Blankenship had radio ads running where he lambastes “China people” for producing and bringing drugs into the U.S. This, due to the fact that Mitch McConnell’s wife is a Chinese person who owned a shipping company and some years back one of those ships was found to be hauling 70 pounds of cocaine to the U.S. and that proves that all of Washington is corrupt and elect him to drain the swamp…

    He goes on to say in the radio ad that some accuse him of being racist by saying the words “China people, but China is a country and China people are not a race but a country so referring to people in China as China people is not racist.”

    Wal-AH! The Aristocrats!


  30. Cash Cow TM says:

    IN WV:

    RVs who are D cannot vote in the R primary.

    RV Indys CAN vote in either the R or the D primary.

    RV Ds who within the last few months switched party ID to Indy can also vote in the R primary

  31. Cash Cow TM says:

    But as many voters in WV say:

    “Blankenship is a straight shooter who tells it like it is!”


  32. Redmen4ever says:

    Silver’s is a little slow adding that Ipsos outlier poll to his database.

  33. Michael says:

    Gallup has Trump steady at 42/53. It looks like his gains were real.

  34. mnw says:

    I am counting on the common sense of West Virginians, until there is indisputable evidence that I was wrong to do so. Just can’t believe they will choose Blankenship.

  35. Michael says:

    Gallup actually shifted to 42/52 (-10) so actually better for Trump. Last time he was here was March 12, 2017

  36. Michael says:

    Melanie Trump’s Favorability has skyrocketed to 57-37% in a new CNN poll

  37. Michael says:


  38. jason says:

    Hey Cash Cow aren’t the jackasses voting for Blakenship?

  39. jason says:

    Amazing and hilarious to see Jason fraud defend pedophile Roy Moore…”

    Amoral scumbag is unhinged.

    Here I am earlier today “defending” Roy Moore…

    “I would have been ok if they had said that Roy Moore could not run as a Republican because he was twice removed from office for failing to obey the law and the Constitution.”

  40. jason says:

    Of course, someone with the Amoral Scumbag’s character attacking someone else’s character is like Hitler calling Stalin a murderer.

  41. jason says:

    Amazing and hilarious to see Jason fraud defend pedophile Roy Moore by attacking Jeb Bush.”

    I said had the RNC done away with primary voters and anointed Jeb Bush the nominee like the Amoral Scumbag wanted, we would have Hillary as President.

    How that could be twisted into jason “defends pedophile Roy Moore by attacking Jeb Bush” is something only the Amoral Scumbag, who only comes here either to lie or regurgitate someone else’s lies could do.

  42. Phil says:

    Still waiting for one of the regulars on this site to come out for jailbird Blankenship…….crickets.

  43. jason says:

    I think the Dave is correct about the Republican primary voters having moved away from at least what I considered the ideals of the party. It’s not so much a lack of sanity, but a change in values and ideology.

    And that is why I quit the party, to the victors go the spoils.

    The Republican party of AFL-CIO conservatives, crony capitalism, protectionism and isolationism is not my party. Trump’s Republican Party is definitely not my party.

    But I will continue to support Trump and GOP candidates where I can as alternative to nanny state socialism represented by the Marxists now in control of the Democrat party.

  44. janz says:

    I heard this morning that if Blankenship loses the primary he will not be able to run as a third candidate because of a WV law. He could, however, run as a write-in. Somehow, though, I think there is more hype about the viability of a Blankenship win than the likelihood of him actually winning, especially with Trump’s vehement language about voting for either of the other two candidates in order to turn the seat into an R one. I hope I’m right….

    As for Dave’s dejected POV about how crazy the GOP is getting in it’s candidate selection…I would term it as general “frustration” with not only the GOP hierarchy but with the entire state of politics these days, causing many to throw in the towel of reason and simply vote for the most outspoken, caustic candidate on the ticket. It mirrors the application of an age-old adage of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” where many seem to think being polite, sensible, and practicing cooperative bipartisan politics offers little to constrain the dems agenda and/or overreac. So, “what do you have to lose” in voting for the “wild card,” abrasive candidate?

  45. jason says:

    Don’t be fooled by Wobbie the Amoral Scumbag.

    He actually wants Blankenship to win, because he thinks that would be most damaging to Trump.

    You can bet that if Wobbie voted in WV, he would vote for Blakenship.

    So despite the BS rhetoric, he is actually the only person on this board that actually is a Blakenship supporter.

  46. janz says:

    Phil, as someone else said, no one here has endorsed Blankenship. I personally think he looks creepy! However, the GOP is known to have these anomaly-type candidates rise to the top of the heap from time to time — Atkins, the women from NE and Delaware come to mind. They almost never win. But, they do make a lot of news and party angst.

  47. janz says:

    “He actually wants Blankenship to win, because he thinks that would be most damaging to Trump.”

    Although I don’t engage in Robbie commentary, I think Jason has a point about this poster’s inclinations. I actually never get the feeling that Robbie wants what might be good for the republican party. Rather, he simply seems to enjoy the jousting with others, especially if there is any downer events that he can gleefully report on and rub into the wounds of HHR posters.

  48. mnw says:

    As Walt pointed out, the DEMs have been spending money to help B’ship. OF COURSE, the trolls are rooting for him to win the nomination!

  49. janz says:

    Over @ RRH there is a big write-up on all the upcoming primary contests. Nonetheless, the comments that follow are 90% plus dealing with nothing but the WV R primary and Blankenship.

  50. Cash Cow TM says:

    jason says:
    May 7, 2018 at 2:29 pm
    Hey Cash Cow aren’t the jackasses voting for Blakenship?


    I said mules, but meant to include jackasses.

  51. jason says:

    actually never get the feeling that Robbie wants what might be good for the republican party.”

    Of course not. It’s always about Jeb. This is a guy who came here to “celebrate Obama’s win” because of the same hatred he had for Romney, now transferred to Trump. If Pence was President, same M.O.

    That is why I say he would sell his mother into sexual slavery if he thought it would damage Trump.

  52. jason says:

    I can report my llama DOES NOT support Blakenship, and in fact would spit on him if he ran across him.

  53. Wobbles says:

    As Walt pointed out, the DEMs have been spending money to help B’ship.”

    I’m NOT a Democrat.

  54. Tina says:

    I like Melania.

    She may be his secret weapon, to soften some rough edges that he has.

  55. DW says:

    Cash Cow, how about the Alpacas? They seem to have a face similar to Blankenship.

  56. Robbie says:

    Jason fraud is a textbook example of how Trumpism causes brain degeneration. He actually thinks I want Blakenship to win so it hurts Trump.

    Wrong, fraud. I want Jenkins or Morrisey to win so there is a chance to win and provide a Senate cushion to counteract the damage Trump is creating for the party.

    Jason fraud should ask for his tuition back from Trump University.

  57. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Reuters/ Ipsos disavows its own recent poll showing The Donald’s approval/ disapproval rating at 49/49, respectively. They call it an outlier.
    Trump continues to drive Lefties nutty as evidenced by the pollster’s statement.

  58. Michael says:

    CNN Poll
    Trump: 41/53 (same as last poll 42/54)
    Trump Economy 52/42 (last poll 48/45)
    Trump Foreign policy 42/51 (last poll 39/53)
    Trump Immigration 40/55 (last poll 36/60)
    Trump Trade 43/46 (last poll 38/50)

  59. Michael says:

    Clearly Trump has gained ground, it’s just that a poll of “adults” will not cut it in the survey world. We need to see polls of LV’s.

    Gallup switched to LV’s today and saw a change from -11 to -10 which is really nothing. But still now CNN looks like the only ones using a model that is somewhat flawed.

  60. NYCmike says:

    “to counteract the damage Trump is creating for the party.”

    -List of damages, please.

    If you want to speak about the omnibus spending bill, Trump had allies in passing that terrible bill…… is called the Senate and the House of Representatives, and the leadership is Republican (supposedly).

  61. NYCmike says:

    “Jason fraud should ask for his tuition back from Trump University.”

    -Pizzagate and Cernovich to be mentioned shortly…..

  62. Tina says:

    Two polls show him at 49

    Ras and Outlier Reuters.

    More Hogg.

    More Comedy

    More Benadryl.

    More Mulehead and the 13 angry Drats.

  63. NYCmike says:

    Who was “Benadryl” again?

    I lost Tina’s list……

  64. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Michael #61
    Please review the last row of figures at the end of Question 1 in the just-released CNN Poll. It shows The Donald’s approval/disapproval with REGISTERED VOTERS at 44/51,respectively.

  65. Michael says:

    67 I didn’t see that. If he is at -7 it’ll help the RCP average. However, they should still be using LV’s.

  66. Michael says:

    Trump is back to a -7.7 average on RCP. Something to note, it’s the first time he is averaging under 52% of people that disapprove of him since May of last year.

  67. Wes says:

    If Blankenship wins tomorrow, I’m done with politics. There simply is no point in supporting a party whose primary electorate actually seeks out the worst available candidates almost every time a seat is competiyive.

  68. Michael says:

    69 why would you be done with politics? These are literally the electorates of Alabama and West Virginia.

    Not North Carolina or Pennsylvania where good or at least B-list candidates get the win. In PA the endorsement process usually helps, as in NC with the threshold for runoffs.

    The WV GOP didn’t want to pick a candidate, fearing that they’d receive backlash. Look at Indiana as an example as well. We really should have endorsed there as well.

  69. Wes says:

    How come DEMs never carve each other up in the primary in a big race? That seems to be an exclusive GOP habit. IN may be same thing, btw.

    Because Dems get their primary electorate behind the best available candidates early on and marginalize the lesser candidates while Republican primary voters actively try to “stick it to the man” by voting against the most electable person.

  70. Wes says:

    Mike, Walter Jones is likely going back to Congress because of the decrease in the runoff threshold.

    Don’t think the Deadenders didn’t try here too. They sent every kind of kook they could find against Tillis in 2014. Fortunately that backfired, but I wouldn’t trust the Deadenders not to try it again.

  71. BayernFan says:

    Drama much, Wes?

  72. BayernFan says:

    Damn those pesky voters!!!!

  73. Wes says:

    Steve Bannon caused both of the lunatic primaries in Alabama and West Virginia, Mike. He backed Roy Moore, who accomplished something no AL Republican had managed to achieve since 1992.

    He encouraged Morissey to get in the race when Jenkins was a perfectly acceptable candidate. This caused a savage primary that let Blankenship sneak up the middle and possinly win tomorrow.

    When does it end?

    The good guys beat the Deadenders decisively in 2014. Now the kooks are back in force to try to help the Dems win again.

  74. BayernFan says:

    Braun will probably win in Indiana tomorrow. He’ll have the support and money he needs to take down an incumbent Dem.

  75. Wes says:

    Hey, Bay, unlike your Tea Party brethren–who encourage the Mussolini-style politics of voter disenfranchisement by having cabals pick candidates–I 100% support primaries.

    However, when the voters pick lunatics, I refuse to sit back and be uncritical.

    You may think a crook who says Mitch McConnell is a cocaine dealer working for the Chinese government is a perfectly acceptable candidate for Senate, but I vehemently say otherwise.

  76. BayernFan says:

    And the GOP establishment in DC and in Congress have no one to blame but themselves. Heads in the sand. Figure it out, or get beat.

  77. Wes says:

    Braun is actually someone I’ve grown to like as I’ve researched. He would certainly be better than Rokita or Messer.

    Blankenship is a different story altogether.

  78. BayernFan says:

    Well then maybe you ought to figure out why such a candidate may win, Wes.

  79. Wes says:

    So you do think a crook who claims McConnell is a coke dealer working for China is acceptable, Bay.

    That tells me all I need to know about you.

  80. BayernFan says:

    I wouldn’t vote for him, but that’s not the issue here. Keep your head in the sand I guess.

  81. Wes says:

    It’s simple, Bay. Steve Bannon forced a divisive primary that left an opening for a reject from the Star Wars cantina scene to play to low-information voters who, like you, have no idea of what kind of candidate can actually win an election.

    Even Morissey would be better than this fruitcake. I won’t be entirely relieved if Morissey wins tomorrow, but I can breathe a bit easier knowing Manchin is unlikely to get a checkmark in November the second polls close–unlike what will be the case if Blankenship wins tomorrow.

  82. Michael says:

    Deadenders. My goodness I haven’t heard of that term in awhile.

  83. Wes says:

    Head in the sand, huh?

    I would say trying to give Manchin an essentially uncontested reelection in Trump’s best state in 2016 is more of a case of having one’s head in the sand.

    Then again unlike you, I never lost money because Christine O’Donnell was some kind of stellar candidate. You were actually stupid enough to lay money down on her.

    St. Jude’s thanks you for that.

  84. BayernFan says:

    And the more the GOP acts like the Stupid Party, unready to wield power when they get it……..the more of those candidates you’re gonna see.

  85. BayernFan says:

    Has the election of Trump taught you nothing?

  86. BayernFan says:

    What are the voters trying to say??

  87. Wes says:

    Apparently they’re trying to say they want the craziest, most unelectable, most offensive candidate they can find.

    That being the case, they can have it.

    When Democrats are in power and turn us into Sweden West, they can look in the mirror and blame themselves.

    Of course they won’t blame themselves. The eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil “Establishment” is somehow always at fault. The Star Wars cantina scene candidates the Dems steamroll are never responsible for their own losses according to you and your ilk.

    That’s rather ironic since the Tea Party began by espousing individual responsibility.

  88. Cash Cow TM says:

    “Cash Cow, how about the Alpacas?”
    That reminds me of a song…

    “Took home…an alpaca
    But he chewed my ‘tobacca’.
    I kicked him with my spurs
    until he was cold….”


  89. Phil says:

    I’m kind of with Wes on this.

    The nomination of Roy Moore II in WV will just about do it for me. The problem to begin with was not clearing the field for Jenkins. I didn’t know Bannon was behind Morissey’s entry into the race. Obviously, a fractured vote is the only way jailbird can win. Bannon again. I should have suspected.

  90. JC says:


    Eventually the gop is going to have to start asking why their own base hates their freakin’ guts.

    But I’ll sum up the galactic encyclopedia’s worth of reasons down to a few words: Republican voters do not believe that their party leaders are on their side.

  91. Phil says:

    ….so they think Democrats like McKaskell, Jones, and Manchin are? Because that’s who they let walk through the door every time they do this.

    Suicide…..and Schumer laughs hit butt off.

  92. NYCmike says:

    “who, like you, have no idea of what kind of candidate can actually win an election.”

    -Wes, the masseuse who has NOT voted in 50% of the past 4 Presidential elections (or is it 75%?), vs BayernFan, who was one of the earliest to predict that Trump would win and does NOT throw around the word “deadenders”…….get your popcorn ready.

  93. NYCmike says:

    “The problem to begin with was not clearing the field for Jenkins.”

    -How do you “clear the field” without using what Wes refers to as fascist-type activities of allowing conventions (Utah) to pick the candidate?

  94. Redmen4ever says:

    RealClear says a CNN poll had Trump down only 7 points. I wanted to cry. Then, I saw that Silver says the same poll has Trump down by 12 points. Now, I don’t feel like I need to cry. I feel like I need to ponder artwork featuring a severed head.

  95. Phil says:

    If you would prefer we can replace the term “deadender” with the expression “candidates that will lose to the liberal Democrat”

    They are the same thing.

  96. Tina says:

    Ny, Benadryl is stormy.

    TURN TO #stormy for all the important news of the day.

  97. Tina says:

    Benadryl =stormy.

  98. Phil says:

    How do you clear the field? By not running and realizing you are opening the door for the other party in the GE.

    Democrats don’t have any trouble with this mentality. They understand that winning the GE is what it’s all about – they clear their primaries voluntarily BTW. In other words, they don’t believe in committing political suicide – also known as exercising common sense. They have an agenda and realize to enact it you have to win the GE.

  99. Hugh says:

    89. The majority of gop voters do not want the deadender. If it was a two man race he’d get a third of the vote. Steve bannon has done huge damage to our party.

  100. Hugh says:

    100. Agreed

  101. JC says:


    The democrats are more united because ultimately, their base trusts their leadership to push their agenda forward. The democratic leadership is full of true believers who are in perpetual war mode.

    In contrast, the gop leadership is full of charlatan @ssholes who’s ultimate goal is simply to sustain their own power. They certainly don’t advance the conservative agenda or deliver victories.

    Republican voters are in full mutiny because their leadership sucks.

  102. Tina says:


    4 women come out against the NY AG. Allege sexual assault.

    The ag just teamed up with Fuhrer Mulehead.

  103. mnw says:

    “Clearing the deck for the most electable candidate” comes at a heavy price. Ask Wasserman-Schultz & the DNC. They haven’t begun to hear the end of that yet.

  104. Wes says:

    All right, JC. Explain to me why GOP primary voters thought Thom Tillis was against them.

    Tillis became this state’s House Speaker in 2011 and enacted the most conservative agenda in state history. I would actually argue state Republicans went too conservative with issues like the since-overturned gay marriage ban.

    Tillis ran for Senate in 2014. The Tea Party attacked him–against all evidence–as some kind of closet liberal Manchurian candidate and rallied behind a crook in Greg Brannon. (Hm. Christine O’Donnell, Greg Brannon, Roy Moore, Don Blankenship. The Tea Party seems to have a fetish for unethical candidates.)

    Thankfully the eeeeeeeeeeeeevil “Establishment” prevailed and gave Tillis the win. He subsequently defeated Kay Hagan.

    Why did the so-called “grass roots” hate the man who pushed their kind of agenda through the State Legislature?

    I’ll tell you why. The Tea Party has no core principles but to caterwaul about how diabolical any candidate not anointed by it is and make money off the stupidity of low-information voters.

    Nowhere was this more apparent than in another 2014 Senate race.

    During his reelection bid, Mitch McConnell refused to back funding for a pork-barrel bridge project–exactly the kind of thing the Tea Party claimed to support. Rather than laud McConnell for a principled stand that vould have cost him votes, the Tea Party savaged him for NOT supporting the bridge.

    Get back with me when your side has a genuine, consistent political philosophy.

    One final thing:

    If the Tea Party hates all these devilish candidates the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil “Establishment” puts up, why rather than embarrass themselves with buffoons such as Moore and O’Donnell, why don’t they seek out more electable candidates such as Deb Fischer?

    Again, the Tea Party has no core principles.

    When their Star Wars cantina scene candidates lose in November, they won’t blame themselves but the eeeeeeeeeeeevil “Establishment” for the losses these lunatics suffered.

  105. Wes says:

    Mikey, go f uck yourself.

    You’re too stupid to come up with any other insult besides calling me a hooker, so I’m done with acknowledging your pathetic, attention-starved existence.

  106. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is a just released GOP Indiana Senate primary poll:

    Outsider Braun has a 14 pt. lead.

  107. Tgca says:

    Holy Chit!!!

    Check this article on NY AG who is a vocal #MeToo supporter and women’s rights award winner, accused of beating, to the point medical attention sought in some circumstances, his exes. He has pushed for prosecuting Weinstein and he now becomes the accused.

    If this is true, buh-bye Mr. NY AG. 4 of how exes have come out against him.

    …and this was the slime ball that tried to bring political harm and take down the greatest American President and our fearless leader Donal Trump.

  108. Phil says:

    What do we know about Mike Braun?


  109. Tgca says:

    Wes was a hooker? When? Make much money? I had no idea.

  110. Wes says:

    That’s great to hear, Sheeple. Messer and Rokita have hurt each other so badly Braun is the best positioned candidate to oust Donnelly.

  111. Wes says:

    No, Tg.

    I’m a massage therapist or LMBT.

    Masseuse is the trade terminology for someone who pretends to be an LMBT but is actually a prostitute. It’s genuinely offensive to any legitimate practitioner in the field, so naturally Mikey’s minuscule brain latches onto it as the best way to attack me.

  112. Wes says:

    Braun is a self-funder who has avoided the circular firing squad of the Messer and Rokita forces. He’s been largely unscathed in the primary after the nastiness between the Congressmen looks like the best shot to beat Donnelly.

  113. Tgca says:

    Ah. Got it Wes. Where can I find a masseuse?

  114. Wes says:

    Go find a place offering “sensual massage,” Tg. Basically there unlicensed people claiming to “love you long time” will give you the proverbial “happy ending.”

    It’s every bit as disgusting as it sounds.

  115. Tgca says:

    I think it’s great Wes is a massage therapist, and helps people. My massage dude is a nice and friendly fella and tries his best to loosen me up but I’m so tight. Thats what years of weightlifting can do, make you real tight.

    I get massage and electrical stimulation therapy twice a week at the physiatrists office.

    …and I give Wes a shout out for taking part in and supporting the LGBT community. Thanks Wes!

  116. Wes says:

    For something legal and not disgusting, go to a day spa and ask for a massage of your choice from an LMBT.

  117. Tgca says:

    …and what’s wrong with a happy ending? Don’t we all love fairy tales?

  118. Wes says:

    I didn’t know LMBT had anything to do with LGBT, but I can’t imagine people in the latter community never seek work in the soft tissue manipulation field.

  119. Wes says:

    Here’s where I depart the conversation. Discussing happy endings with a gay guy is not how I want yo spend my night.

  120. Tgca says:

    Oh!!! LMBT. I thought you said LGBT!

    Where’s my reading glasses?

  121. Tgca says:

    Well, we could discuss the yet to be seen long-term benefits of the GWB presidency.

  122. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Gov. A. Cuomo(D-NY) has called for AG Schneiderman(D-NY) to resign.

    But,but The Donald did much worse with the alleged consensual carnal indulgence with a hooker 12 years ago.
    Schneiderman only beat the living crap out of at least four lady friends.

  123. Tina says:

    Muh Stormy is way more important than the Ny AG.

  124. NYCmike says:

    But watching Schneiderman squirm will be fun….

  125. NYCmike says:

    Wes – stop your crying!

  126. NYCmike says:

    You sound like your baby waiting for his bottle of breast milk.

  127. mnw says:

    I think BF was right to choose Braun.

  128. mnw says:

    Ollie North head of NRA.

    That should dial leftwing insanity up to 11.

  129. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC thinks McCain has to forgive Trump. Stupid. Trump is a scum bag. That is why it is great to be Irish. You can be vindictive towards anybody you choose.

  130. Tgca says:

    McCain is a scumbag too. Betrayed his constituents, and the GOP numerous times, and lied, misled, whatever about his intent on Obamacar. Hope to have an honorable senator from the State of AZ soon.

  131. Tgca says:

    NY AG resigns.

    Boy! That was quick.

    He doesn’t want to be a distraction. Um hm

    He denies the allegations of abuse. He was just role playing. Okaaaaaaaaaaay.

  132. Cash Cow TM says:

    Some good WV news…about FINALLY doing something to allow overseas/military voters to vote…

    In the last election, only 9% of WV 8,000 overseas/military voters had their votes cast and counted.

    I know Walt worked hard on this issue when he was in the state legislature…several times….

  133. Tgca says:

    Hmmm… ever been into role play thing myself but I hear it’s quite common in relationships.

    Not sure I could engage in such behavior. Hmmm…

    Hey officer. I’ve violated the law. Want to arrest me? Where’s your night stick?

    Ok. Back to reality. I would burst out laughing so I guess I’ll leave the role playing to others.

  134. Tgca says:

    So NY AG resignation is effective at close of business tomorrow? Really? I’d call in sick or take a vacaction day.

    How the hell do you go to work after what’s been reported. How productive could you possibly be? What will you discuss with your peers and subordinates? Great weather today, eh?

  135. Cash Cow TM says:

    Wes says…

    “…I’ll tell you why. The Tea Party has no core principles but to caterwaul about how diabolical any candidate not anointed by it is and make money off the stupidity of low-information voters…”
    Cow would add an addendum.

    The far, far right (many of whom are Tea Party types) DO have a core SUICIDAL principle, namely:

    If ANY R officeholder or candidate does not profess 100% adherence to whatever the far, far right believes is correct, then the obvious thing for them is to NOT support that candidate and instead actively support the D in the GE to ensure the 90%+ agreeable R is not elected or reelected. Even though the D candidate only “professes” to agree with the far far right stance 5 or 10% of the time. The far, far right will not settle for 9/10ths of a loaf–they would rather have no loaf at all in their theoretical, ideal, “pure” world.

    Or they will support a Libertarian or other far, far, far right candidate on the GE ballot that will siphon enough votes off the otherwise electable R so they are defeated in the GE.

  136. jason says:

    This is how the NYT broke the news about the NY AG.

    Breaking News: 4 women are said to have accused New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, of assault.

    I am sure if he was a Republican they would lead off with “4 women are said to have accused”.

  137. jason says:

    McCain is no scumbag. He is a very honorable man who has served his country with great distinction, and elected by his constituents SIX times, so I doubt he “betrayed them”. Calling him a scumbag because you don’t agree with him on issues is despicable.

    He has sacrificed more for his country than 1000 Tgca’s.

    Petty and resentful? Maybe. But Trump brought that on himself when he attacked the one thing that McCain is most proud of, his military service. I wish McCain had let it go, but I don’t really blame him for not being forgiving. At the time I said I would never vote for Trump because of that comment.

    I don’t agree with a lot of McCain’s positions. But he has certainly earned the right to take them and it doesn’t make him a scumbag.

  138. Mr.Vito says:

    So, this is the guy Mueller asked to help him?

  139. mnw says:

    Cow/Walt 134

    You have a right to be proud of that.

  140. Tgca says:

    No one is questioning McCain’s sacrifices to his country so stop excusing his shortcomings with the fact he was a POW victim. We question his honesty and loyalty and his selfish and combative behavior over decades, and how he escaped punishment for his role in the Keating scandal.

    He did suffer immensely as a POW but he also was rewarded 1000 tines over his fellow POW because he was the son and grandson of admirals.

    McCain was a tortured POW and a scumbag. As Bitter would say, both can be true.

  141. MichiganGuy says:

    Tennessee Senate GE:
    Bredesen 46%
    Blackburn 43%
    Yes, I know PPP is a liberal pollster. Blah, Blah, Blah…..

  142. NYCmike says:

    “No one is questioning McCain’s sacrifices to his country so stop excusing his shortcomings with the fact he was a POW victim. We question his honesty and loyalty and his selfish and combative behavior over decades, and how he escaped punishment for his role in the Keating scandal.”

    -The only way to disagree with this statement is to totally ignore what it says…….oops, we are speaking about jason, aren’t we??

  143. CG says:

    I don’t wish to comment on this site anymore but this statement is just preposterous..

    “he also was rewarded 1000 tines over his fellow POW because he was the son and grandson of admirals.”

    No, he was tortured a good deal more precisely because of who his father and grandfather were and because he refused to be released before the POWs that were captured before him were.

  144. Tgca says:

    I never said he was not tortured, and yes, he was also offered release in hopes of humiliating his father which he denied. That was the right thing to do. Had he accepted such release my guess is he would have been vilified by most and he would not have gone on to live a privileged life. Again, both can be true.

    Many people throughout history have been tortured and each one is a shame, and no one tortured person deserves more compassion then any other. They all deserve a level of compassion and respect for their experience but that does not excuse them from all else in life.

  145. NYCmike says:

    And “CG”….

  146. Tgca says:

    I’m going to sleep now so we can continue to both trash McCain the man and honor his duty as a POW tomorrow.

  147. CG says:

    He wasn’t given special or preferential treatment or was “rewarded” as claimed in an earlier post.

    He was treated far more harshly because of it. Get your facts straight.

  148. Chicon says:

    Get your facts straight…. Oh, the irony.

  149. Tina says:

    Fuhrer Mulhead are the Ny Ag are friends.

    The Ny AG is also in the inner circus uh circle of the clintunes, both the rapist and the enabler.

    The Ag is also friendly with Schumah, Como, and Preet.

  150. Tgca says:


    I was not referring to the treatment he got from POW, I was referring to the privileged treatment he got when he came home and has been rewarded over other POW. That’s what I meant, as I have previously posted in the past to the displeasure of some here. He suffered horribly but then got rewarded for decades through bad behavior while other non-privileged POW suffered through ordinary life.

    So my facts are straight.

  151. Tina says:

    I attacked the clintunes, I will end up triggering the Jebots, good ds that they are

  152. Tgca says:

    We can finish this debate on why McCain can be a tortured victim, honored POW, and a scumbag tomorrow. So unless someone wants to discuss ABORTION. Good night. Sweet dreams.

  153. Paul says:

    Isn’t it better to abort a baby and have it guaranteed to go to heaven than to have it become an adult where it will likely be an unrepentant sinner bound for hell.,

  154. SirCarmine says:

    Yes. You should kill all of your babies.

    That would be best.


  155. Chicon says:

    155 – no.

  156. Chicon says:

    Early exits suggest a deadender rout.

  157. Todd McCain says:

    Agreed, Jenkins is likely a pickup. Morissey would be a complete tossup; Blankenship sinks the ship.

  158. DW says:

    Democrats understand that each piece is a pawn on the board of political power. So when one of them, be it Al Franken, or this vile NY AG is caught, they quickly remove the piece from the board so the power of the Democrat Party goes on uninterrupted.

    The idiots in the GOP caught with stuff like this have HUGE egos and want to take the whole party down with them.

  159. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Last night, the Senate voted for cloture on the confirmation for Fifth Circuit Judge Kurt Engelhart.
    Five more cloture votes on Judge nominees are on the Senate calendar this week.

  160. Michael says:

    Who has voted so far today?

  161. Messy57 says:

    161. Please note that it was the Republicans who initiated cloture votes on everything and anything in order to screw Obama. They can’t complain now…

  162. Messy57 says:

    160. Please note that there is no such thing as the “Democrat Party.” There is a similarly named “Democratic party” which you may be referring to.

    The use of the fictitious term “Democrat party” is a slur.

  163. Messy57 says:

    151. The NY AG is into Kinky sex and the whole thing was either bribery by radical feminists or retroactive regret.

    Whether or not you think kinky sex is something that is disqualifying for public office is something neither here nor there.

    It’s interesting that Tina, who is all for that sort of thing when done by Republicans (See Roy Moore) and against it when done by Democrats.

  164. Chicon says:

    Hey, look, it’s the genius…

  165. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Thin skinned,aren’t you?!

  166. Phil says:

    The NY AG was just into kinky sex? Oh, is that what that was? LOL I could have sworn it was physical abuse.

    If the left is going to troll us in the mornings they should at least send over trolls with an IQ.

  167. mnw says:

    RAS 47

    “Please note that” ‘disintegrate’ has 2 iis in it, not 3.

  168. Waingro says:

    Reuters has Trump at 49/48 approval.

  169. Waingro says:

    Ay Dios Mios.

    Al Weaver
    ?Verified account @alweaver22

    One WV GOP source tells me they expect Blankenship to win by double-digits tonight. Says folks on other campaigns have been knocking doors throughout state, & when the Senate race comes up, everyone is asking “can you get me some Don Blankenship signs?”

  170. MichiganGuy says:

    Trump’s job approval ticks up – CBS News poll

  171. hugh says:

    171. I would take that bet. I do not think Blankenship wins by double digits. The claim seems so ridiculous it makes it not credible. With three contenders I see no chance of that occurring.

  172. Phil says:

    No, I don’t either, but he could win by 1 to 3.

    Manchin and Schumer hoping.

  173. Michael says:

    172 and that’s of adults. Which sucks.

  174. Waingro says:

    #173 + 174: he winning the primary either way is a disaster for the GOP.

  175. jason says:

    10 AM exits look weak for Blakenship.

    Wobbie hardest hit.

  176. dblaikie says:

    I don’t trust any poll as I have said many times. But the CBS poll is only of adults! Over 40 percent of adults don’t vote. Result worthless poll taken to show that Trump has only “ticked up”. What a joke!!! But I bet Robbie will consider Trump’s 40 percent approval of accurate and right on the mark. This stuff is so amazing that you can’t even make it up.

  177. MichiganGuy says:

    West Virginia Prediction:
    Blankenship 36%
    Morrissey 34%
    Jenkins 30%

  178. Michael says:

    I think we really don’t know since all polling is generally bad in West Virginia. We have to wait and see. Remember a lot of conservadems think they are Republicans as well. I think we need to wait and see what the turnout is like. If WV-3 turnout is high Jenkins could squeak by with a victory for instance. Morgantown will be interesting, we need to see if it chooses Jenkins or Morrisey. If it goes with Jenkins & WV-03 turnout is high we may be fine. There are many scenarios that could occur tonight.

  179. jason says:

    151. The NY AG is into Kinky sex

    Kinky sex involves punching women in the face?


  180. MichiganGuy says:

    West Virginia Prediction:
    Manchin 60%
    Blankenship 40%

  181. Phil says:

    It’s kinky sex if it’s a Democrat. Physical abuse if it’s a Republican.

    Come on, Jason. You know that.

  182. Phil says:

    182. Might not be that close.

  183. dblaikie says:

    I see the media is up and and running with more of their incredible bogus crap like this little nugget from Politico:
    “Trump has begun questioning whether Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, should be sidelined from television interviews, according to two people familiar with the president’s thinking but not authorized to speak publicly about private discussions.”

    Why should anyone believe people who won’t give their names? How many of these stories from unnamed sources which are eventually proven as untrue do we need to endure. I mean Trump may be mad at Rudi, but I bet my knowledge on the matter is the same as theirs. In other words, like me, they don’t know crap.

  184. Michael says:

    My predictions:

    Braun 42%
    Rokita 31%
    Messer 27%

    Jenkins 36%
    Blankenship 35%
    Morrissey 28%

    DeWine 56%
    Taylor 44%

    NC-03 (R)
    Jones 44%
    Dacey 34%
    Law 20%

    Harris 49%
    Pittenger (inc) 46%
    Goins 5%

  185. jason says:

    It’s interesting that Tina, who is all for that sort of thing when done by Republicans (See Roy Moore) and against it when done by Democrats.”

    In addition to being functionally illiterate, Messy is a compulsive liar to boot.

    Tina was never in “favor” of Roy Moore or his alleged crimes.

    And of course, what we have against Roy Moore are unproven allegations for a completely different type of issue, the NY AG has already admitted to the incidents, just not the assault charge per se, and resigned. Not to mention these are not 40 year old allegations in the middle of a campaign.

  186. dblaikie says:

    Since when do we give rumors about election results any status as believable? Blankenship may win? But then after Trump’s tweets I doubt he will. With no idea about West Virginia voting patterns or demographics I will go out on an unknowable limb and that Don that West Virginian who is really a Nevada resident is going to lose.

  187. Waingro says:

    ” jason says:
    May 8, 2018 at 11:18 am

    10 AM exits look weak for Blakenship.”


  188. jason says:

    Jenkins 37%
    Blakenship 31%
    Morrisey 27%

  189. jason says:

    Ma, we got a Wainfish….big one too.

  190. jason says:

    It’s amazing 10 year old bait still works.

  191. jason says:

    Messy’s definition of kinky sex…

    “All of a sudden, he just slapped me, open-handed and with great force, across the face, landing the blow directly onto my ear,” Manning Barish says. “It was horrendous. It just came out of nowhere. My ear was ringing. I lost my balance and fell backward onto the bed. I sprang up, but at this point there was very little room between the bed and him. I got up to try to shove him back, or take a swing, and he pushed me back down. He then used his body weight to hold me down, and he began to choke me. The choking was very hard. It was really bad. I kicked. In every fibre, I felt I was being beaten by a man.”

    She finally freed herself and got back on her feet. “I was crying and in shock,” she says. She recalls shouting, “Are you crazy?” To her astonishment, Schneiderman accused her of scratching him. At one point—she can’t remember if it was at this moment or in a later conversation—he told her, “You know, hitting an officer of the law is a felony.”

    After the incident, Manning Barish left the apartment, telling him that she would never come back. “I want to make it absolutely clear,” she says. “This was under no circumstances a sex game gone wrong. This did not happen while we were having sex. I was fully dressed and remained that way. It was completely unexpected and shocking. I did not consent to physical assault.”

  192. Messy57 says:

    167. “Please note that” ‘disintegrate’ wasn’t used in that post.

  193. Wobbles says:

    Yeah, yeah, but did you hear what Trump SAID in the Hollywood Access tape?

  194. Wobbles says:

    Of course, Messy has not even completed grade school, so we should give her a pass on understanding the difference between kinky sex and physical assault.

  195. jason says:

    Thank you Wobbles, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  196. jason says:

    “I don’t wish to comment on this site anymore”

    Translation: Trump is still President and Jeb Bush is not.

  197. MichiganGuy says:

    Sessions Unveils “Zero Tolerance” Policy for Illegal Crossings at Southern Border

  198. Phil says:

    Mueller rejects Trump offer to answer questions in writing.

    Damn, what a surprise.

  199. MichiganGuy says:


  200. MichiganGuy says:

    Phil 👿

  201. Mr.Vito says:

    Maybe Messy is into that…

  202. Jeff G. says:

    Democrat Party. GFY, Messy.

  203. Mr.Vito says:

    “GFY, Messy.”

    Might be into that, too…

  204. jason says:

    Is kinky sex messy?

  205. jason says:

    So what Trump can do is sit down with Mueller and when he asks a question, read the answer.

  206. Mr.Vito says:

    …or is messy sex kinky?

  207. MichiganGuy says:

    Facebook Messenger
    That time Trump predicted Eric Schneiderman’s downfall
    By Yaron Steinbuch May 8, 2018 | 8:03am | Updated
    That time Trump predicted Eric Schneiderman’s downfall
    Getty Images
    President Trump appears to have predicted Eric Schneiderman’s downfall — five years ago, in a tweet about the New York attorney general.

    Trump compared Schneiderman to two New York Democrats, Rep. Anthony Weiner and Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose careers exploded amid sex charges.

    “Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone – next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner,” Trump tweeted on Sept. 11, 2013.”

  208. MichiganGuy says:

    Oops, too much copy

  209. Waingro says:

    jason says:
    May 8, 2018 at 11:34 am

    Ma, we got a Wainfish….big one too.”

    Ha, you got me!

  210. jason says:

    Connecticut to award EV’s to popular vote winner.

    Hopefully it will come back to haunt them.

    A small state giving up its leverage is stupid. It’s also bad economics since campaigns generate revenue for the state.

    Since they are reliably Democratic, all they are doing is opening the possibility of their EV’s going to a Republican.


  211. jason says:

    Ha, you got me!”

    The 2 PM exits will be real however!

  212. jason says:

    Imagine a Republican calling anyone “brown slave”…
    remember the outrage when Bush referred to his grandson as “brownie”?

    “The Sri Lankan-born woman said Schneiderman, whom she dated in 2016-17, called her “his ‘brown slave,'” spat at her and choked her.

    “He was cutting off my ability to breathe,” she said, accusing Schneiderman of drinking heavily, taking sedatives and pressing her to drink too, saying “drink your bourbon, Turnip.”

    “We could rarely have sex without him beating me,” she said.

    Of course, you wonder why she would keep going back for more….

  213. NYCmike says:

    ““We could rarely have sex without him beating me,” she said.”

    -Isn’t this a Mel Brooks joke…..”The only god we don’t have is for premature ejaculation…..but I hear that’s coming quickly!”……oops, I thought he “beat” her to orgasm….she meant something else….

  214. mnw says:

    Trump ends Iran deal…

    Most predictable event in recent history!

    I’d be amazed if anybody thought he would do otherwise.

    I HATE the idea of Zero “I’ve got a pen and a phone!” trying to unilaterally bind the nation to what should have been a treaty.

  215. mnw says:

    Spike Jones hit: “Beat me, baby, four to the bar.”

  216. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    164. Messy57 says: “The NY AG is into Kinky sex and the whole thing was either bribery by radical feminists or retroactive regret.”

    Messy, you clearly flunked out at the Bogo Pogo troll school. Never blame anything on politically progressive feminists. The NY AG fell because of a plot by Exxon-Mobil and the fossil full industry; he was suing them for reparations for causing global warming, and they obviously set him up and took him out.

  217. Cash Cow TM says:


  218. Cash Cow TM says:

    Walt is bummed.

    Came in next to last at bridge today.

  219. Wes says:

    Messy, let me explain to you the difference between kinky sex and assault:

    If one partner lightly hits the other or otherwise engages in acts generally considered taboo WITH THE OTHER PARTNER’S CONSENT, that is kinky sex.

    If, however, one partner hits the other hard enough to cause unwelcome physical harm to the receiving partner and triggers a fight or flight response, that is assault.

    See the difference?

  220. lisab says:

    reddit is exploding regarding trump and iran

  221. Wes says:

    The use of the fictitious term “Democrat party” is a slur.

    Right. Using the word “democrat” is right up there with saying “sonofabitch,” “asswipe,” or any of several other profanr words.

    Who knew?

    Snowflake much, Messy?

  222. lisab says:

    here is the current hhr gender list … please choose zero or more that describe your identity best

    Drag Queen
    Drag King
    Femme Queen

    Gender Bender

    Trans Person

    Third Sex
    Gender Fluid
    Non-Binary Transgender

    Gender Gifted
    Gender Blender
    Person of Transgender Experience


  223. Wes says:

    Messy57 says:
    May 8, 2018 at 8:32 am
    161. Please note that it was the Republicans who initiated cloture votes on everything and anything in order to screw Obama. They can’t complain now…

    Were you alive between 2003 and 2007, Messy?

  224. Wes says:

    Paul says:
    May 8, 2018 at 12:52 am
    Isn’t it better to abort a baby and have it guaranteed to go to heaven than to have it become an adult where it will likely be an unrepentant sinner bound for hell.,

    I’m pro choice. I think abortion-obsessed socons have frequently cost the GOP elections. (See Todd Akin and Dick the Misogynist Bastard Mourdock.) I support very few restrictions on abortion, PBA being my biggest bete noire on the issue.

    I found Paul’s post both offensive and ghoulish.

  225. dblaikie says:

    Can you believe it, Trump kept another campaign promise! This kind of stuff needs to stop. He should know that campaign promises mean nothing. This kind of action like keeping your campaign promises and meaning what you say should mean impeachment!

    Hate him or not, Trump is doing what he campaigned on. Even though I disagree with some of his stuff (like trade, still hope he is bluffing) I am glad to have someone who does what they say.

  226. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Priebus summarized Trump’s greatest strength:

    “[Trump] is a man who fears no one and nothing,” continued Priebus, “and there is absolutely nothing he’s intimidated by. . . . And that’s very rare in politics. Most people in politics are people who have sort of an approval addiction. Now, granted, President Trump does too, but he’s willing to weather one storm after the next to get to an end result that most people are not willing to weather. . . . He doesn’t mind the craziness, the drama, or the difficulty, as long as an end goal is in sight. He will endure it.”

  227. Waingro says:

    This guy just needs to leave.

    Manu Raju
    ?Verified account @mkraju
    1h1 hour ago

    Jeff Flake tells @jaketapper that he’s concerned pulling out of Iran deal will send bad message to North Koreans, and that U.S. is moving closer to isolationism. “We’re giving up our global leadership. … I’m very concerned as are many of my colleagues.”

  228. Phil says:

    SD, give us the scoop on this SD County DA race that Soros is pouring a million and a half into. I just read about it. Something about a radical DA candidate.

  229. Wes says:

    No wonder Flake has an 18% approval rating, Wain.

  230. Phil says:

    Flake can’t hit the road fast enough.

  231. Waingro says:

    Wes says:
    May 8, 2018 at 4:02 pm

    Blankenship is psychotic.

    Yikes. I haven’t followed this race too closely, but did the other two guys not carpet bomb the oppo up front on this guy?

    Why does it seem like all of this stuff is only coming up at the last second?

    I am definitely worried.

  232. Wes says:

    Jenkins and Morissey were too busy flaying each other to take notice of Blankenship till recently, Wain.

    Thank you, Steve Bannon.

    You’re an idiot.

  233. Phil says:

    This is whatRepublicans do. Democrats get rid of unelectable candidates and sweep them aside. Our side nominates these Idiots to “send a message”

  234. Wes says:

    Cases in point, Phil: O’Donnell, Christine, and Moore, Roy.

  235. Phil says:

    Yeah, how many senate seats is Bannon going to continue to cost us before this guy goes away?

  236. NYCmike says:

    “No wonder Flake has an 18% approval rating, Wain.”

    -Wes comes to the same conclusion as I, and others, had several months, if not years, ago.

    Congrats, Wes, on opening your eyes to the obvious.

  237. Phil says:

    Don’t forget Sharon Angle, Wes. Gave Harry Reed another term in a Republican wave year when he had a 35% approval rating.

  238. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    I had a friend who had fled Austria when Hitler (“that German paperhanger”) took over his country in the late 1930s. He moved to the U.s. and became the German interpreter for several major U.S. generals – believe Eisenhower was one of them.

    He knew General Patton, and thought he as vulgar, uncouth, vain, and did not like him one bit. He also admired his actions as a general.

    As much as I don’t like Trump as a person, he has been effective at taking charge and changing the direction of the country. The economy is booming, he has reduced unnecessary regulations. Things are actually happening regarding North Korea, and now he is moving to address the Iranian mess created by Obama. The actions matter; despite the person.

  239. DW says:

    GOP needs to go to a run-off system for primaries everywhere–if the top vote getter doesn’t get 50%, then a run-off. At least make it so half of voters have to be lunatics.

  240. Phil says:

    Jane Norton would be running for re-election in Colorado, but At least we have Senator Buck…..oh, wait.

  241. Waingro says:

    Only solace is that Manchin, while a mostly “centrist” fraud, isn’t completely awful. So I can live with him. But this is a seat the GOP should have.

  242. Phil says:


    Manchin is always there when Schumer needs him. Ever seen him cast a vote against the Democratic Caucus when his vote made a difference? Me neither. He IS awful.

    Wait until he gets this new six year term.

  243. jason says:

    The MSM is 90% negative (have not seen the 10% that isn’t personally) on Trump.

    Yet his approval rating is 43%. Imagine what it would be if the coverage was fair.

  244. Waingro says:

    #246, he’s been ok on some appointment votes, but, yeah, I hear you.

  245. jason says:

    Manchin is not “not awful”.

    He is a complete fraud, a liberal pretending not to be a liberal.

    He gets a pass from Schumer to CYA once in awhile, but when his voted is needed he comes through for the moonbats.

  246. jason says:

    Yes, he voted for some cabinet members, but never was the deciding vote.

  247. Waingro says:

    Wow, DeSantis is in deep trouble.

    Jared Leopold
    ? @jaredleopold
    6m6 minutes ago

    The difference a Trump endorsement makes in a GOP primary.

    FAU poll August 2017: @adamputnam 27%, @RonDeSantisFL 9%
    FAU poll May 2018: DeSantis 16%, Putnam 15%


  248. Waingro says:

    #250, fair enough. Just trying a way to resign myself to what looks like cake walk re-election for him.

  249. Waingro says:

    Oh, and that tweet above failed to mention how Rick Scott is ahead of Nelson 44-40 in that poll. That’s huge news.

  250. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    232. “SD, give us the scoop on this SD County DA race that Soros is pouring a million and a half into. I just read about it. Something about a radical DA candidate.”

    Just got my absentee ballot today and voted.

    Here is a link on the San Diego District Attorney’s race.

    Am surprised Soros is getting involved. The Republican Summer Stephan is running an effective campaign, and since it is a county-wide vote would assume she is likely to win.
    I would be very surprised if she lost.

  251. lisab says:

    the dems are not really much better off in their leadership

    6 months out from the election and their most visible leaders are

    hillary clinton
    some students in florida
    and a porn star

  252. NYCmike says:

    “Our side nominates these Idiots to “send a message”.”

    -Did “our side” nominate any of the 3 in WV?

    What are the rules for getting on the ballot in WV?

  253. lisab says:

    biden, who could have been a formidable leader of the party

    has left a vacuume that is being filled by the wackadoos

    they are not even supporting the black lives matter or occupy wall street anymore

    they are all in on illegal aliens

  254. lisab says:

    Ex: Schneiderman called me ‘brown slave,’ slapped me until I called him ‘Master’

  255. lisab says:

    Eric Schneiderman is the only candidate for AG who represents the values of New York women. We need an Attorney General who unequivocally supports a woman’s right to choose. U.S. SENATOR KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND

  256. lisab says:

    as a woman living in new york …

    i’m gonna say, schneiderman does not represent my values

  257. lisab says:

    Obama’s Policies Make April the best month in history for U.S. budget, according to CBO figures

    By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Monday, May 7, 2018

    The federal government took in a record tax haul in April en route to its biggest-ever monthly budget surplus, the Congressional Budget Office said, as a surging economy left Americans with more money in their paychecks — and this more to pay to Uncle Sam.

    All told the government collected $515 billion and spent $297 billion, for a total monthly surplus of $218 billion. That swamped the previous monthly record of $190 billion, set in 2001.

  258. Bayernfan says:

    Polls are now closed (In Indiana).

  259. Robbie says:

    Trigger the libs by nominating a felon for a Senate seat only he can lose.


  260. lisab says:

    STDs in L.A. County are skyrocketing. Officials think racism and stigma may be to blame

  261. Phil says:

    Nobody on here is happy about Blankenship. Nobody.

    I assume the MAGA comment is a weak effort to tie him to Trump.

    You can’t help yourself, can you.

  262. lisab says:


  263. Phil says:

    259 Yes, a ringing endorsement for the “role player” by the junior senator from NY.

  264. jason says:

    The Amoral Scumbag is hoping Blakenship wins so it will damage Trump, even though Trump is clear he does not want Blakenship.

    Amoral Scumbag needs psychiatric help urgently, but let’s face it, psychiatry can’t do miracles.

  265. JC says:

    Waingro says:
    May 8, 2018 at 5:13 pm
    This guy just needs to leave.

    Jeff Flake tells @jaketapper that he’s concerned pulling out of Iran deal will send bad message to North Koreans, and that U.S. is moving closer to isolationism. “We’re giving up our global leadership. … I’m very concerned as are many of my colleagues.”

    We’re ‘giving up global leadership’ by rejecting this awful deal? This is going to ‘hurt’ the NK negotiations? Give me a f**king break. These people don’t have a clue how the world works. They are stuck in the past and continue to enact policies that don’t work and never will work for no other reason than “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

    The DC establishment, which includes both parties, couldn’t solve the Korea problem in 60 years. Their policies regarding the Norks was always the same; meaningless sanctions with no teeth. Pointless condemnations and signed agreements with no mechanism to ensure that they are followed.

    Then along comes a guy who – EGAD – tries something different. Sanctions that are not only issued but adhered to ruthlessly (ships that tried to break the embargo were seized, and individual companies were targeted).

    “These actions are foolish and would cause an international incident,” the establishment said. But it didn’t.

    Pressure was put on China to bring NK under control by threatening tariffs and changing trade deals.

    “This will cause a trade war and sink the economy,” the establishment claimed. But it didn’t.

    And lo and behold, the situation is on the verge of being solved in less than two years.

    And then this loser, who is a member of a club of losers (the DC establishment), who’s own policies have failed for decades, now has the gall to tell Trump how to deal with NK?

    These idiots haven’t got. a. clue.

  266. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is the link for Indiana election results. With 20,000 votes cast, Braun is ahead by 13%.

  267. lisab says:

    These idiots haven’t got. a. clue.

    these so-called “liberals”

    are promoting bringing millions of muslims to the western world …

    because you know … middle eastern muslims are sooooooooo liberal minded

  268. NYCmike says:

    I don’t care much for Mitchie McConnell, but the reports that he is answering his phone as “Cocaine Mitch” makes me smile.

    Good job, Mitch!

  269. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    With 3% of the votes cast in the Indiana Senate race, Braun gets my check mark and appears headed for a double digit win.

  270. jason says:

    “Indeed, at a time when we are all rooting for diplomacy with North Korea to succeed, walking away from the JCPOA risks losing a deal that accomplishes — with Iran — the very outcome that we are pursuing with the North Koreans,” the former president continued. ”

    Actually, no, I doubt Trump is seeking the same outcome.

  271. Hugh says:

    Who is the best candidate in Indiana to beat Donnelly

  272. Bayernfan says:

    prolly braun

  273. Bayernfan says:

    Obama is beyond dumb.

  274. Hugh says:

    I live in broward. Lots of negative ads already against DeSantis. I would read nothing into it at this point

  275. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    268. Am sure if Blankenship losses in the primary, the concern troll will disappear again — waiting for the right moment to reappear and preach doom & gloom again.

  276. Phil says:


    Yep, that’s his pattern and he never deviates from it.

  277. NYCmike says:

    Robbie says:
    May 8, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    Trigger the libs by nominating a felon for a Senate seat only he can lose.


  278. Chicon says:

    The Flyboy has descended into MD territory. TDS has beaten the intrepid pilot. Oh well.

  279. Wes says:

    It looks as if Hoosier Republicans are sane.

    Braun appears poised to win with ease.

  280. Wes says:

    Phil says:
    May 8, 2018 at 6:15 pm
    Nobody on here is happy about Blankenship. Nobody.

    I assume the MAGA comment is a weak effort to tie him to Trump.

    You can’t help yourself, can you.

    Wrong, Phil. The partisan Dems on here are happy about Blankenship.

  281. Tina says:

    Has cn and n consulted Stormy Benadryl about ending the Iranian deal?

  282. Tina says:

    Re the New York ag, the left still loves their slaves

  283. Wes says:

    Braun is up by nearly 14 points already. Time to put this one to bed.

    Thankfully Braun saved the INGOP from nominating a fatally damaged candidate to challenge the man Dick the Misogynist Bastard Mourdock giftwrapped a Senate seat to.

  284. Phil says:

    Wes, I believe Braun, because he can package himself as an outsider can win in November.

    I hope the two congressmen enjoyed tearing each other apart.

  285. Tina says:

    Messy Lsd, re Moore, surely you read post after post saying I would never ever vote for Moore. I would abstain if necessary, assuming that I could vote in Al.

    The reason I cited was the fact that he overlooked two court decisions.

  286. Wes says:

    When will Dick the Misogynist Bastard Mourdock weigh in?

  287. Tina says:

    When flakey should consult with the other concerned R, corker about this.

    The deal was terrible. Look at the mullahs waging war in Syria, Lebanon, other parts of Arab lands.

    Notice, how the Saudis keep hitting them and the Israelis.

    They are stretched thin.

  288. Wes says:

    Polls close in WV in 23 minutes.

    For those who believe in any kind of god, pray.

    For the rest of us, we just have to hope some chance occurrence in theuniverse will correct the imbalance known as Don Blankenship.

  289. lisab says:

    there is a push to nominate hillary for ny ag

    so she can go after trump

  290. Bayernfan says:

    5% in Marion county (Indianapolis).

    1862 dem votes
    1675 gop votes

  291. Phil says:


    Prayers sent.

  292. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is the PrdictIt market on the West Virginia Senate race:(Currently, 42% apiece for Morrissey and Blankenship)

  293. Chicon says:

    Could be positive thinking, but I think we avoid Blankenship tonight.

  294. Chicon says:

    Did the Flyboy even notice that Trump asked voters to choose anyone else? Or that all of HHR is also against him – a rate feat indeed? That’s what I thought.

  295. MikeP says:

    Cash Cow did you get some TV on Fox?

  296. Bayernfan says:

    wv polls closed yet?

  297. NYCmike says:

    Not until Blankenship says so!

  298. mnw says:

    Even the eeyores at RRH grudgingly concede that Braun might be a slight fav in the GE.

  299. jason says:

    Yes, nominate Hillary for AG.

    Then we can start talking about emails, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, etc. again.

    Sessions won’t even need an excuse.

  300. mnw says:

    Apparently Trump “reneged on an international agreement” today.

    And here I had thought it was just a “phone and a pen!” thing from Zero.

  301. jason says:

    The Obama administration spent years explaining how it was not a treaty…


  302. mnw says:

    Well, Obamacare is dead in the water– bankrupt & forgotten.

    Not too much left of Zero’s “signature foreign policy achievement’ after today, either.

    Legacy much?

  303. mnw says:

    Morissey is leading with 2-3000 votes in.

  304. Cash Cow TM says:

    “MikeP says:
    May 8, 2018 at 7:37 pm
    Cash Cow did you get some TV on Fox?”

    My TV now does not get FOX TV out of DC–just all the other DC stations…

  305. Bayernfan says:

    link to wv results?

  306. DW says:

    so far Blankenship in 3rd

  307. DW says:

    Blankenship sinking

  308. mnw says:

    RRH & predicktit now very pessimistic about B’ship all of a sudden.

  309. mnw says:

    Morrissey at 75% on predictit

  310. Cash Cow TM says:

    U.S. SENATOR – REP (Vote For 1)
    Add this race to my races

    Counties Reporting: 2 / 55

    REP REP EVAN JENKINS 25.02% 875
    REP REP BO COPLEY 2.69% 94

    total votes 3,497

  311. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Where is Robbie? believe he will report that Lord Lumpdedumb on Walton Mountain already has called the election.

  312. DW says:

    Blankenship in 3rd – Robbie hardest hit.

  313. Cash Cow TM says:


    only 2 counties reporting so far

    Wood (Parkersburg) on the Ohio River totally reported

    Fayette, a southern county partially reporting

  314. mnw says:


    Bombay Sapphire tonight? Courvoisier here. Like old times.


    Missile deflecting… deflecting

  315. Cash Cow TM says:

    Check that…

    Wood and JEFFERSON totally reported…

    Morrisey is from Jefferson County… look for his numbers to come down when other counties come in..

  316. Tina says:

    Nominate Hillary.

    Oh, I love that.


  317. mnw says:

    NYT has same results with appx 6-7000 in.

  318. mnw says:

    Are u at a campaign party, Walt?

  319. jason says:

    Blankenship took a huge hit on Predictit.

    If you think he is going to win you can buy him at 29c now.

  320. mnw says:


    7000 in.

    38-25-22 (M-J-B)

  321. jason says:

    “Others” are at 15%.

    Could there be other deadenders eating into Blakenship’s deadender vote?

  322. mnw says:

    Walt’s link is down, probably due to overload.

    WV, a nation turns it’s eyes to YOU!

  323. Cash Cow TM says:




  324. Cash Cow TM says:

    mnw says:
    May 8, 2018 at 8:13 pm
    Are u at a campaign party, Walt?
    Walt is with me…out on the back deck.

  325. lisab says:

    Michael Cohen was paid $500,000 by a Russian oligarch in installments starting AFTER he paid off Stormy Daniels – and got $400,000 from firm whose CEO met Trump

  326. jason says:

    Jokes galore on the Predictit site…

    “Nasty rumor is spreading in Jenkins district, they are saying if you married your first cousin or closer in relations that you can’t vote!!! Massive voter suppression.”

    Also comments that the Blakenship vote is delayed from parts of WV that don’t yet have electricity.

  327. DW says:

    Blankenship still taking on water, listing.

  328. jason says:

    Ahh, so Cohen was in collusion with Russians?

    How did that help Hillary?

  329. DW says:

    Patrick Morrisey

    Evan Jenkins

    Don Blankenship

  330. lisab says:

    Vanessa Trump’s high school sweetheart ‘was a Latin King who says she drove him to gang meetings and on drug runs- but they split when she had affair with Leonardo DiCaprio’

  331. Cash Cow TM says:

    So far, with scattered and partial results…Morrisey seems to be doing better than I expected.

    Blankenship, far worse than I expected.

  332. jason says:

    “10000 extra votes for Blankenship found in buried tomb of the templars on oak island!”

  333. DW says:

    Patrick Morrisey

    Evan Jenkins

    Don Blankenship

  334. jason says:

    I want some of whatever lisab is partaking of….

  335. DW says:

    Patrick Morrisey

    Evan Jenkins

    Don Blankenship

  336. Cash Cow TM says:

    Jenkins not doing as well as Morrisey in WV CD1…
    CD3 is Jenkins base.

  337. NYCmike says:

    -MD, Author, Robbie and “CG” would have preferred Chelsea Manning receive an award from Madame President Hillary.

  338. jason says:

    Blakenship down to 10%.

    Come on Wobbie, you could make a killing on your candidate and damage Trump at the same time.


  339. DW says:

    Patrick Morrisey

    Evan Jenkins

    Don Blankenship

  340. Wobbles says:

    Unless things turn around, I won’t be here celebrating Blankenship’s win.

    Go Comey!

  341. mnw says:



    36-28-21 m–j-b

  342. DW says:

    Patrick Morrisey

    Evan Jenkins

    Don Blankenship

  343. lisab says:

    Oxford University colleges BAN boozy parties after scantily-clad students enjoy nudity, sex, pints of cocktails and vandalism

  344. NYCmike says:

    How many voters will take part in this contest that had certain posters proclaiming “It’s a calamity!”?

  345. jason says:

    What I don’t like so far is the Dem primary has more votes.

    Maybe because the Dem areas are reporting first but that would be good for Blakenship.

  346. DW says:




  347. lisab says:

    I want some of whatever lisab is partaking of…

    the daily mail … but it is not for first timers

  348. jason says:

    How many voters will take part in this contest that had certain posters proclaiming “It’s a calamity!”?”

    Some sentences are beyond even the most competent translators.

  349. mnw says:

    17000 (7%)

    36-27.5-21 m-j-b

  350. DW says:




  351. DW says:




  352. NYCmike says:

    After all of the name-calling and other cr*p, if Blankenship does NOT win the primary, the candidate who does win the primary BETTER win the general election.

  353. jason says:

    “Blankenship, while working the room at his primary night party, reflected on what will happen if he loses: “I get my guns back in a day or two, so I am going to win either way tonight”

  354. DW says:




  355. jason says:

    After all of the name-calling and other cr*p, if Blankenship does NOT win the primary, the candidate who does win the primary BETTER win the general election.”

    No guarantees, but its better to have some chance than no chance.

  356. Cash Cow TM says:

    Morrisey 9,084 33.8%
    Jenkins 7,383 27.5%
    Blankenship 5,957 22.1%

    Total Votes 26,894

  357. DW says:




  358. Cash Cow TM says:

    DW beat me to it…

  359. jason says:

    the daily mail … but it is not for first timers”

    Ok, I will start on the sports page and gradually work my way up.

  360. lisab says:

    ‘Nazi Grandma’, 89, who went on the run in Germany to escape a jail sentence for denying the Holocaust is arrested and sent to prison

  361. News You Can Use says:

    Win/lead Votes Pct.
    Morrisey 9,925 34.5%
    Jenkins 7,718 26.9%
    Blankenship 6,266 21.8%
    Total Votes 28,736

  362. mnw says:

    Seem like it’s getting late early for B’ship?

  363. Cash Cow TM says:

    Republican Primary

    Patrick Morrisey
    10,152 34.3%

    Evan Jenkins
    8,018 27.14

    Don Blankenship
    6,418 21.7

    Others 5,048 17.0

    29,636 votes, 15% reporting (262 of 1,744 precincts)


  364. Cash Cow TM says:

    On the D side, Manchin’s far left challenger is getting 30%

  365. DW says:




  366. mnw says:


    Flake enjoying the advantages lameduckism– can say anything he wants without fear of real world consequences.

  367. News You Can Use says:

    21.6% of precincts reporting
    Win/lead Votes Pct.
    Morrisey 12,493 33.3%
    Jenkins 10,688 28.5%
    Blankenship 8,091 21.6%
    Total Votes 37,476

  368. DW says:




  369. Michael says:

    I wanted to say that I CALLED THIS. Blankenship wasn’t going to win this.

  370. mnw says:

    Help! I’m stuck at 21.6 & I can’t get up!

  371. DW says:

    Blankenship now capsizing and about to finish sinking.

  372. DW says:

    Bayern and Robbie hardest hit

  373. BRENT says:

    looks like morrisey is gonna win this one with blankenship stuck at 20% a distant 3rd

  374. Bitterlaw says:

    Work and softball games kept me away. I saw that Wes and Phil raised the possibility of leaving politics and/or the GOP if Blankenship wins.

    Not me. I hope he loses. However, as long as even 1 Democrat is alive, I will remain with the Republican Party.

  375. Bayernfan says:

    how am I hit?

  376. NYCmike says:

    Bayern did NOT want Blankenship.

  377. mnw says:

    It could be a long night in WV… but NOT for B’ship.

  378. BRENT says:

    40% in

    morrisey 38.2 16200 votes

    jenkins 26.2 11137 votes

    blankenship 19.2 8147 votes

  379. NYCmike says:

    ” I saw that Wes and Phil raised the possibility of leaving politics and/or the GOP if Blankenship wins.”

    -Little surprised by Phil.

    Wes – not surprised AT ALL.

  380. DW says:




  381. Michael says:

    I actually think Jenkins has a great chance to win tonight still. Because he is taking some support in the North and he is winning Charleston and has several counties in the South to go.

  382. Phil says:

    Robbie had on his schedule to make an appearance about ten or so to gloat and blame Trump for Blankenship. Unless things change I guess that isn’t going to happen tonight.

    We will just all have to wait for the next breathless report from CNN on the MSM’s latest “collusion” report. He’ll be here in a flash.

  383. Hugh says:

    The gop decided to win. Manchin is worried now

  384. DW says:




  385. Michael says:

    Gravis actually got IN-Sen right. Said a 10 point Braun victory and he is leading by 11.

  386. DW says:




  387. DW says:




  388. Cash Cow TM says:

    Jenkins is doing well in CD3 counties.
    Cabell county (Huntington) has not reported yet.

    Morrisey’s home county Jefferson is 100% reported.

    I would not be surprised if Morrisey;s 8 point lead shrinks…

  389. Cash Cow TM says:

    Bye bye, Don Blankenship!

  390. Michael says:

    I called Congressman Pittenger to lose as well in NC-09. First incumbent primary loss of 2018.

  391. DW says:




  392. DW says:

    Blankenship now sitting at bottom of ocean.

  393. DW says:




  394. DW says:




  395. Tina says:

    So Jebot loon was wrong again?

  396. jason says:

    “After all of the name-calling…”

    Translation: calling deadenders deadenders.

    This one was easier to translate.

  397. DW says:




  398. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    On of the “other” candidates in West Virginia is carrying Monroe County. Name is Thomas Willis, and he has an impressive campaign add on You Tube.

  399. DW says:




  400. jason says:

    Meanwhile the Democrat deadender is getting 30% against Manchin.

    She borrowed NYC’s manual and is explaining to the Democrats that its better to have a conservative R that votes against their interests 100% of the time than Manchin who votes against their interests 10% of the time.


  401. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Don Blankenship may fall below 20%. The leftists must be horrified.

  402. DW says:




  403. DW says:




  404. mnw says:

    b”ship making his big move now… to under 20%.

  405. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Where is Robbie? He should be posting how relieved he is that the Republicans have rejected a fringe candidate. Maybe he will even post a comment that does not refer to Roy Moore.

  406. DW says:




  407. Bitterlaw says:

    I believe in primaries. I believe in Deadenders getting their ass kicked in primaries. Both can be true.

  408. DW says:




  409. DW says:




  410. DW says:




  411. mnw says:

    43% in

    Results the same. B at 20.1%.

  412. DW says:




  413. Tina says:

    I am really happy that hillary can now become Ny ag and go after trump.


  414. mnw says:

    This is really going to depress the left (& the trolls)– doesn’t serve the “big blue wave a’comin! /GOP in disarray!” narrative, does it?

    Nor the “Trump ignored by his own supporters!” lede either.

  415. DW says:




  416. Michael says:

    Carol Miller has taken the lead in WV-03. She seems like the candidate needed to defeat Ojeda in WV-03 and possibly to win WV-02 in 2020.

  417. mnw says:

    53% in

    (That’s called “a majority,” I believe.)

  418. mnw says:

    Cow must be contented 2nite.

  419. DW says:




  420. DW says:




  421. DW says:

    signing off…looks like Morrisey has it.

  422. Gpo says:

    Agree completely with DW post – need runoff if no one gets to 50% – will help prevent nutjobs from getting the nominations

  423. BayernFan says:

    So were the internal polls bullchit?

  424. mnw says:

    61% in

    Steady as she goes.

    Headline “GOP stunned as more vote in DEM primary. GOP leaders fear disaster in November”

  425. mnw says:


    Looks like it.

    Good news along the Wabash, eh?

  426. BayernFan says:

    Yup. I mean were the internals faked on purpose? To freak people out?

  427. BayernFan says:

    Was that the GOP’s way of getting involved?

  428. MichiganGuy says:

    Great night.
    WV – Morrisey wins
    IN – Braun wins
    OH – Renacci wins
    Looking good for some Senate pickups this year!

  429. mnw says:

    I would posit that B’ship’s internal poll was probably fake, to jazz his supporters up.

    I didn’t know VP Pence even HAD a brother until tonight, btw.

  430. MichiganGuy says:

    I see the VP brother has won his primary and will win his old congressional seat back.

  431. Robbie says:

    Seems like genuinely good news from West Virginia. I wanted Jenkins to win, but Morrisey is good as well. Just very happy it’s not Blankenship.

  432. mnw says:

    72% in

    B’ship back under 20%.

  433. mnw says:

    GFY, Wobbles.

    You’re not fooling anybody.

  434. Michael says:

    Who was the jerk that was on the school board here? He just tweeted at me and I blocked him.

  435. NYCmike says:

    “Seems like genuinely good news from West Virginia. I wanted Jenkins to win, but Morrisey is good as well. Just very happy it’s not Blankenship.”

    -Thanks to Trump’s endorsement?

  436. Cash Cow TM says:

    Jenkins behind Morrisey by about 8,000 votes.

    Looks like of the 20,000 Blankenship votes so far, about 8,000 of them came for Blankenship out of Jenkin’s CD3 base.

    3,000 more Blankenship votes came out of Kanawha co. (Charleston–and Jenkins won Kanawha) and two other counties between Kanawha and Ohio River that are not in Jenkins CD3 but border it Jenkins has won/winning those 2 as well).

    Blankenship actully won/ahead in 2 counties just north of Knawaha.

  437. Waingro says:

    Thank God the criminal kook lost. GOP is not totally lost.

  438. Cash Cow TM says:

    WV CD3
    Republican Primary….63% of votes in…

    Rupert Phillips (current WV House of Delegates)
    5,455 21.7%

    Marty Gearheart (current WV House of Delegates)
    5,148 20.5

    Carol Miller (current WV House of Delegates)
    4,653 18.5

    Conrad Lucas (former head of WV GOP)
    3,923 15.6

    Rick Snuffer (former member of WV House of Del.)
    3,221 12.8

    Ayne Amjad
    2,208 8.8

    Philip Payton
    492 2.0

  439. mnw says:

    I hope West Virginians won’t mind that Morrissey is kind of plump, like Saccone was. Manchin always look fit & vigorous on TV.

  440. mnw says:

    I like very much that Braun can self fund, BF.

  441. Cash Cow TM says:

    Morrisey ahead by about 7,000 votes.

    Vote total for Willis, Copley and Newbraugh is about 20,000 votes total–which is 16% of the vote.
    Cow SAID these three above WOULD get 15% of total vote because of the nasty negative ads where Morrisey, Jenkins and Blankenship were busy throwing bombs at each other and it would turn off the voters.

    16% for marginal candidates!

  442. lisab says:

    “Who was the jerk that was on the school board here?”

    julstol was on the school board

  443. jason says:

    “Explosive news” that Cohen was paid by Russians falling apart already…

    “Columbus Nova’s attorney Richard Owens stressed in a statement that the company is “solely owned and controlled by Americans” and said that, after Trump’s inauguration, the firm hired Cohen as a business consultant “regarding potential sources of capital and potential investments in real estate and other ventures,” but that it had nothing to do with Vekselberg.

    Owens said any suggestion that Vekselberg used Columbus Nova as a conduit for payments to Cohen was false. “Neither Viktor Vekselberg nor anyone else, other than Columbus Nova’s owners, were involved in the decision to hire Cohen or provided funding for his engagement,” he said.

  444. jason says:

    Seems like genuinely good news from West Virginia. I wanted Jenkins to win, but Morrisey is good as well. Just very happy it’s not Blankenship.”

    Poor Wobbie, such a bad liar.

    Oh well, there is always Stormy.

  445. Cash Cow TM says:

    WV CD3 R primary (Jenkins seat he is vacating)

    Carol Miller 7,236 21.5%
    Rupert Phillips 6,824 20.2%
    Marty Gearheart 6,566 19.5%
    Conrad Lucas 5,915 17.5%

  446. Cash Cow TM says:

    Just about all the candidates I voted for from top to bottom–including judges and school board all apparently lost.

  447. phoenixrisen says:

    #437 — Couldn’t agree more MG

  448. lisab says:


    hubby got a job offer in florence alabama …

    soooooooo i almost became a southerner … but we went with minnesota.

    the florence people were really nice. they did not bring up religion once and were generally very kind and considerate …

    we would have accepted, but the people in minnesota had a better offer … alabama was actually more technical, meaning the technology was great as were his potential coworkers, but the salary was meh …

    minnesota had just as nice people, but put down cash …

  449. Tgca says:

    I’ve been tied up all day so I’ll put my 2 cents in and predict Morrisey will win WV with about 35% of the vote. I Predict Blankenship gets around d 20% or less.

    I predict Braun will get about 41 in Indiana.

    In Ohio, I predict Renacci to get about 47%

  450. lisab says:

    “Explosive news” that Cohen was paid by Russians falling apart already…

    but who cares?

    seriously … he had sex with a porn star or didn’t …

    ok … i might question his taste if it is true, but … why would anyone care?

  451. Tina says:

    What is stormy benadryls opinion on west va?

    In all seriousness, somebody needs to arrest storms lawyah. Seems like he is getting info, albeit incorrect, from leaks, no thanks to the so called gubment taint team.

  452. Michael says:

    Honestly as long as the GOP gets Balderson in OH-12 the GOP establishment will reign supreme tonight.

  453. Tgca says:


    SHUT UP Micheal!

    This is not the way it’s supposed to be. Trump is destroying the GOP and there is a massive tsunami blue wave coming in Nov because of Trump. This will set the GOP back 80 years.

  454. Wes says:


    Republicans are outpacing Dems in turnout in Ohio. Great news.

    Although Dems have a sizable registration edge in WV, Republicans are about at parity with Manchin in total of primary voters.

    Although Morissey wss not my choice, he was nowhere near so toxic as Blankenship. This probably means he’s an underdog to Manchin but does not start insurmountably behind.

    I gained a bit of respect for GOP primary voters when they picked reasonably electable candidates in each major Senate contest today.

    Primary turnout is usually a good indicator of party enthusiasm and strength going into a general election. Unlike the primary results in 2014, this foes not hint at an outsized advantage gor the opposition party.

  455. Wes says:

    All right, Bannon.

    You flopped miserably with Roy Moore.

    Pat Morissey is your shot at redemption.

    I would advise not blowing this race.

  456. Wes says:

    The oonbat got 30% against Manchin. That is not a good sign for him.

  457. Wes says:


  458. Phil says:

    Wes, your opinion of NC 9? Lots more Democratic votes cast tonight and the Republican side was as competitive as it could be.

  459. Michael says:

    OH-12 is Balderson, establishment wins and will have a special election with a GOOD candidate.

    The GOP outvoted the Democrats here 67,815 -43,908. Let’s hope that the GOP improves on its numbers here.

  460. Wes says:

    Manchin got 107,000 votes. Republicans combined got 120,000 votes. Although the moonbat did ensure Dems got a higher primary tutnout, the margin was fairly close despite the hefty D registration advantage.

    If Morissey can run a competent campaign and exploit Manchin’s weaknesses, he may be able to unseat Fido.

  461. Tina says:

    Larry Schweikart
    Larry Schweikart
    Wow. In line with what my contacts on the ground in Montgomery Co told me about early voting.
    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Muh Blue Wave?? @LarrySchweikart
    With 84% reporting;
    Republican Turnout Ohio Governor Primary 749,000
    Democratic Turnout Ohio Governor Primary 494,000

  462. Tina says:

    Much blue wave knows no borders.
    I read it here.

  463. Wes says:

    That is one Dems have a chance in, Phil. Even so, the counties comprising it have more Dems than Rs. It bears watching, but I wouldn’t recommend hitting the panic button barring further evidence.

    It is one the NRCC should not take lightly, but right now I recommend caution rather than panic.

  464. Wes says:

    Tim told us that, Tina.

    The current primary results are not suggesting a wave–yet.

  465. Wes says:

    Ohio is a sleeper seat Dems should worry zbout. Republicans romped in primary voting, and since 2014 the Buckeye State has lurched right.

    Brown can’t be pleased with tonight’s results.

  466. Tina says:

    Schumann was against the Iran deal, but since trump ended it, he is for it.

    Flakey was against the Iran deal, but since trump ended it, he is for it,

  467. Tina says:

    Wes, I remember the rs cratering in the Midwest in 2006″ two key states, Indiana and Ohio, suggest that this is not the case.

    Maybe, the Drats overs,aged their hands.

  468. Phil says:

    Washington Post says the blue wave spells trouble for Cruz in Texas.

    Cruz had double the votes as Beto F the NRA O’Rourke but pay no attention to that. Again, landslides have no borders.

    Cruz is gone.

  469. Wes says:



    D-597,613 (Brown uncontested)

    Thst’s not a sign of strength for the Dems, especially since Renacci was always the clear frontrunner with the race not generally as competiyive as its sister races in IN and WV.

  470. Phil says:

    Brown and Nelson are two Senate seats Dems had not really worried about.

    I suggest they start worrying.

  471. Wes says:

    I agree, Tina.

    2006 and 2008 suggested clear Dem advantages based on primary turnout.

    That has not emerged thus far in 2018.

    The worst may be behind us.

  472. Tina says:

    Yup Wes, cautiously optimistic, t least a bit more lately.

    I see the midwest holding for us, a critical area that we lost in 2006/2008.

  473. Ted O says:

    I haven’t Che led in here but for a few times in the last 2 years. It is amazing to see all the hand wringing continue. So Blankenship didn’t calm down..

  474. MichiganGuy says:

    Mike Pampeo SecOfState70

    Hey @JohnKerry,

    Since you’re on the phone with them already do me a favor and tell them the deal’s off.

    Iran deal :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  475. Phil says:

    Excellent parade account.

  476. Chicon says:

    What’s the status of the Blue Wave this morning?

  477. Redmen4ever says:

    Looks like the Democrats couldn’t bus in enough voters from Atlanta to make a difference in Ohio.

  478. DW says:

    Media got taken in by the internal Blankenship polls and started to spike the football–but on the five yard line instead of the end zone as it turned out.

  479. Phil says:

    sorry. I meant “parody” account.

    Need coffee.

  480. Chicon says:

    488 – the media wasn’t alone in jumping on that one.

  481. Chicon says:

    Wasn’t referring to you, DW.

  482. DW says:

    490 – true—its not like this movie hasn’t played before. This time however, a happy ending.

  483. dblaikie says:

    I said yesterday that folks were wrong in saying that Blankenship was going to win because of bogus internal polls. When are some posters going to stop treating published polls like they are accurate?

    On another matter, I am grateful for Mr. Wissing making this site possible. However he needs to get over the fact that Trump won and because of that the GOP is going to hell. Let’s consider the record: tax cuts, conservative judicial appointments, a good economy, standing up to both Iran and North Korea, and dramatically reducing regulations for business seems to be stuff that a good member of the GOP should celebrate. Yes, like many here I am nervous over his trade policy (hope it is all a bluff), I think his tweets can be petty and crass. But when you contemplate the whole picture more good is happening than bad. And when I consider the alternative of Hilary in the White House I shudder at we barely missed a bullet in the heart.

    But of course, maybe in refined GOP circles it is apropos to wring your hands about Trump and shake your head thereby revealing that like your liberal friends you are an empathetic, refined and considerate liberal lackey.

  484. dblaikie says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted yet but Santa Clarita, a city of close to 200,000 people voted to against the terrible Sanctuary State law. Now folks this is a community north of Los Angeles. The rage is spreading in California and Moonbeam Brown has a created a monster for Democrats.

    I will go out on a limb once again and predict that within the next few months the media will grudgingly start to publish stories that Democratic sweep that was supposed to take hold in the golden state is has gone puff. Sorry Robbie.

  485. jason says:

    jason says:
    May 8, 2018 at 11:33 am

    Jenkins 37%
    Blakenship 31%
    Morrisey 27%

    Good call dblaikie, I got sucked in by the hype myself although I predicted Blakenship would not come close to winning and he didn’t.

  486. Bitterlaw says:

    DB – Trump is an amoral scumbag. He is a vile person. I do not trust him and I never will. I voted for him in 2016 because Hillary was worse on issues. I will vote for him in 2020 because his opponent will be worse on issues.

    I will be thrilled to vote for a real Republican in 2024 because they cannot possibly have Trump’s baggage or appalling personal history.

  487. DW says:

    If Morrisey defeats Manchin in November, the election night coverage media clowns will rush to say, “This yet another sign of the deeply partisan environment we are in when a moderate–almost Republican–like Manchin cannot win.”

    Bull. Manchin is always there when Schumer needs him.

  488. jason says:

    In the end Blakenship did not even get 20%.

    I almost feel like becoming a Republican again…


    Btw, Bitter, who are you voting for in the R primary, Wagner or Mango?

    Who has the best chance of beating Wolf?

  489. dblaikie says:

    Bitter, I am not going to argue about Trump’s personal qualities. We all knew he was an arrogant New York City playboy who has been married 3 times. No, as far as morality goes I don’t trust him. I don’t know about vile, but I don’t think he is class act. He can be crass and petty as I said above.

    But there is one area where I have been impressed. He tries to keep his campaign promises. He has remained pro-life. What he campaigned on he at least tries to implement. That is refreshing.

    But having said that, I understand your opinion.

  490. jason says:

    Manchin votes with the Dem leadership 90% of the time if not more.

    Don’t be fooled about the occasional pass he gets to wander off the reservation.

    He could have (not now, but years ago) switched parties and been in the Senate for life. He didn’t do it because he is a liberal.

  491. dblaikie says:

    Thanks Jason.

  492. DW says:

    “Others” were only about 5,500 votes behind Blankenship. I think whoever said that last night might be correct, that other deadenders might have cut into the lead deadender, splitting the lunatic vote.

  493. jason says:

    He has remained pro-life”

    Hello? A guy who is on record as favoring partial birth abortion, something even many pro-choice people find abhorrent, has “remained” pro-life?

    Easy on the Kool-aid…. the only reason Trump is “pro-life” is that if he repeated his lifelong position as “very pro-choice” (his own words) he would have not won the nomination.

  494. Chicon says:

    North Korea releases 3 hostages. I’m sure any of the 47 other Republican candidates in 2016 would have gotten this far with them. Hillary, too.

    Hopefully the person we vote for in 2024 follows through on campaign promises, too.

  495. jason says:

    Thank you DW, I was the one that brought up the theory that “other” deadenders could be eating into the main deadender’s vote.

  496. DW says:

    Most importantly from last night, WV, IN and OH are all still very much on the Senate map. And with FL safely on the map, there are several ways the GOP can hold and perhaps even grow the majority.

  497. dblaikie says:

    Jason, let me better explain. He has remained pro life while in office. And that is where it counts. If he has become pro life because of political necessity that so be it. However maybe there is a slight chance he changed his mind. In my line of work, I have seen that happen more than once. I know that most likely it is the former and not the latter. However I will take political necessity if it means good judicial appointments and at least trying to defund Planned Parenthood.

  498. DW says:

    If the Other vote last night had all gone to Blankenship, then he would have narrowly won the election.

    So it is safer for the party to have more than just one lunatic running.

    Of course the easy solution to this nonsense is require a runoff when nobody gets to 50% on the first try.

  499. Chicon says:

    Assuming that neither Jenkins or Morrisey are deadenders, as defined by HHR, the non-deadenders got about 65% of the vote. Doesn’t matter if there was a split among the dreaded deadender vote.

  500. dblaikie says:

    At this point I am convinced more than ever that the so-called blue wave is nothing more than wishful thinking.

  501. jason says:

    I don’t care that Trump is pro-choice, I think abortions should be legal in the first trimester.

    But if anyone thinks Trump switched to pro-life in his old age for anything but political purposes I have some very close to being healthy llamas to sell to you.

  502. dblaikie says:

    Jason, I would be willing to limiting abortions to the first trimester. That would be a great step forward. I am not an all or nothing person.

    As for your second point, how much are you selling the llamas for?

  503. mnw says:

    I love thinking about all those red state DEM senators having to talk about sensible gun control & collusion/impeachment!

  504. mnw says:

    Obviously Trump reinvented himself when he decided to run for POTUS.

    So what?

  505. Ron N says:

    Florida new poll Scott plus +4 now

  506. Ron N says:

    Florida new poll Scott plus +4 now

  507. DW says:

    wow…from one of the most harsh Trump critics at RRH:

    May 9, 2018 at 9:23 am
    Pompeo coming back from NK with 3 kidnapped Americans.
    Trump quitting Iran deal and reimposing sanctions
    Moving embassy to Jerusalem.
    I can’t say I disapprove of Trump….
    If only he were more disciplined.

    29, M, R, NY-10

  508. Chicon says:

    514 – some posters may be more interested in ideological purity than others.

  509. DW says:

    For those of you whose knowledge of the Hebrew language is a little weak, Moshe = Moses. So the RRH guy is likely Jewish and likes the embassy decision.

  510. Chicon says:

    So, he’s getting a lot of good things done, but he’s undisciplined. Okay, then….

  511. dblaikie says:

    Well the Dems are at it again shooting themselves in the foot. They are trashing and denigrating an american hero who helped bring terrorists to justice after 9/11. She is even a woman. When this day is over and word gets out about this travesty there may be a blue wave but it will only be a wave in a puddle.

  512. Phil says:

    Three hostages released?

    Not possible. Brennon tweeted yesterday that Trumps nuking the deal with Iran made it all but impossible to deal with N Korea. Assures us that Kim will see the US pullout as an indication of Trump’s bad faith.

    Therefore, release of hostages is just another Trump lie. CNN to launch another panel confirming Trump’s latest lie in 3 2 1…..

    No, wait….it’s another panel on Russia.

  513. mnw says:

    Trump Square in Jerusalem. This is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

    RAS 47

  514. mnw says:

    I will celebrate last night today, by sending Hawley another contribution. You gotta believe. I’m not contributing to anybody but Hawley this cycle. Charity begins at home.

  515. GPO says:

    Is DeWine a big favorite? Will he help Renacci or no impact?

  516. mnw says:

    When Trump DOES things like greeting the 3 released NORK prisoners, he looks… Presidential!

    He should study up on that.

  517. Redmen4ever says:

    DJT net positive among non-registered in YouGov. As a result, he is only -3 among all adults.

    see p. 138

  518. DW says:

    According to the Green Papers, Lisa Remmer (R) is running to challenge Nancy Pelosi. Remmer has $100 in the bank. Not 100k, ONE Ben Franklin. Good luck.

  519. Cash Cow TM says:

    COW POLLING predictions before the WV primary.
    Prediction % first…then actual %

    31% 29% Jenkins
    29% 20% Blankenship
    26% 35% Morrisey
    09% 10% Willis
    04% 03% Copley
    01% 04% Newbraugh

    COWPOLLNG has fired all its staffers and is undergoing a big internal shakeup as to operations and methodology.

    Lunch menu at COWPOLLING today will be crow.

  520. Chicon says:

    What was the final Paladin poll on WV?

  521. Phil says:


    In news today we have President Trump in an early morning tweet beating his chest about the release of three insignificant hostages. Nothing to see here

    ….and now to the day’s REAL news we take you to our latest panel discussion and the latest from Stormy Daniels’ attorney.

  522. DW says:

    Paladin doesn’t typically poll primary races. Not any public polling. We do internal polling for candidates however.

  523. Cash Cow TM says:

    Other WV primary election tidbits:

    160,000 Total D votes in U.S. Senate race
    135,000 Total R votes in U.S. Senate race

    Morrisey wins statewide by 7,600 votes.
    Morrisey wins 3 eastern most WV counties (where he is from) by 6,800 votes.
    Willis took votes from Morrisey in eastern panhandle.
    Blankenship took votes from Jenkins in WV CD3 counties and Kanawha valley.
    So consider these, it was probably a wash.

    The WV R party continues to have internal wars between “Leadership Establishment” and far, far right wing…

    WV House
    –3 R incumbents defeated in primary

    A number of “Leadership Establishment” R candidates in open/other seats in races against far, far right Rs.
    Establishment recruited candidates LOST House seats to rabble rousers by the following %
    and another one lost by just 10 votes in another 4-way primray race.

    Incumbent Rs on leadership “team” faced R primary challenges by far, far right types.
    FOUR of them WON by
    50-28-22 in a three way race

  524. mnw says:

    Here is how NBC/CNBC reported yesterday’s elections:

    “Tough Night For GOP Congressmen”

  525. Mr.Vito says:

    When does NK get its nuke deal and giant palette of cash flown in?

  526. MichiganGuy says:

    Florida Senate:
    Scott 44%
    Nelson 40%
    Undecided 16%
    Florida Atlantic University Poll

  527. phoenixrisen says:

    Most epic upset shattering Democrats dream scenario for the GOP in 2018 mid-terms. The GOP holds the House and they get 60 seats in the Senate.

  528. DW says:

    Gonzales, who took the toupee from Rothenberg, has already moved NC_09 from likely R to Tilt R, just because the incumbent lost last night.

  529. mnw says:


    Doesn’t look like they pushed the und very hard.

  530. mnw says:


    That result in NC-09 is getting more attention from the msm today than anything else that happened last night. “Blue Wave Rolls On!” See?

  531. DW says:

    540 – they are aware no doubt that the incumbent was defeated by another Republican in a pretty red district…
    …and that every cycle bar none there are incumbents that fall in the primary.

  532. MichiganGuy says:

    #539 mnw, I don’t see how anyone who has lived in Florida for more than 2 years can be undecided. Scott has been Governor for 2 terms and Nelson has been Senator for 3 terms. How much more info do you need?

  533. Mr.Vito says:

    I am waiting to see the debate. One of them might get the answers by text or demand a fan.

  534. jason says:

    Obviously Trump reinvented himself when he decided to run for POTUS.

    So what?”

    Nothing, I was just commenting on the statement that he “has remained pro-life”.

    Since Trump was a liberal Dem for most of his life, most of his “re-inventions” are in fact positive.

    Notable exception, of course, for the AFL-CIO agenda.

  535. jason says:

    As for your second point, how much are you selling the llamas for?”

    You can have Acahuana for $500 and Yupanqui for $600. Lupita and Guadalupe are $5000 and $6000 respectively.

  536. NYCmike says:

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As President Donald Trump pursues his goal of making the federal judiciary more conservative, his fellow Republicans who control the Senate are poised to confirm another batch of his picks for influential U.S. appeals courts to the dismay of some Democrats.”

    -“CG” doesn’t want to post here as much anymore……it is VERY TOUGH for him to admit when he is WRONG!

    I am starting to think the 4 of them, “CG”, Robbie, MD, and Author, are like the Fonz, and are unable to say the word.

  537. jason says:

    I see Pence’s brother will be in Congress….

  538. NYCmike says:

    “Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.) and other likeminded Republicans are trying to stop the cycle of Congress waiting until the end of the year to pass a massive spending bill full of hidden waste and to end Democrats’ obstruction of Trump nominees.”

    -Wes, jason, anyone – please let me know why this is NOT a good idea.

    Please tell me why it is better to wait for a YUGE omnibus bill to be rushed through at the end.

  539. mnw says:

    jason 544

    My comment about Trump reinventing himself was not directed at you– just a general observation.

    I opposed him fiercely in the primaries because of his liberal record– and My God! because of his sister the federal judge. “I think my sister would make a GREAT SCOTUS nominee!” (Sure she would… if you want an RBG clone, only 40 years younger.)

    I still get the willies when I think about that.

  540. NYCmike says:

    “Since Trump was a liberal Dem for most of his life, most of his “re-inventions” are in fact positive.”

    -Please back this up with the information showing how he was politically registered…..otherwise, please put a note underneath indicating that this statement is purely opinion and NOT based on factual evidence…..if you believe in HONESTY, that is……

  541. Tina says:

    Chris Wilson
    Tuesday primaries saw a trend reversal on GOP turnout enthusiasm (great news for @NRSC and @tankcat):
    -GOP turnout up 61% over 2014 (Dems up just 14%)
    -GOP turnout up 43% over 2014
    -GOP outperformed Dems in every single statewide race
    -Turnout up 48% over 2014

  542. Tina says:

    But the blue wave knows no borders.

    Muh Stormy

    Muh Russian

    Muh Obstruction.

  543. Cash Cow TM says:

    Top states in GDP growth:
    ………….Real GDP Per Capita GDP
    Washington 4.4% 2.7%
    Colorado 3.6% 2.2%
    Nevada 3.5% 1.5%
    Arizona 3.2% 1.7%
    Utah 3.1% 1.2%
    California 3.0% 2.3%
    Georgia 2.7% 1.5%
    Idaho 2.7% 0.5%
    Massachusetts 2.6% 2.0%
    Texas 2.6% 1.2%
    West Virginia 2.6% 3.3%

  544. jason says:

    -Please back this up with the information showing how he was politically registered”

    Nice red herring, but I said he was a liberal Dem most of his life, there is no “liberal Dem” registration. I mean his views pretty much were aligned with the Dems and there is plenty of evidence of that. It included his view that “the economy does better under Dem policies”.

    But if you insist, Trump was a registered Dem for over 8 years as recently as the 2000 to 2010 period.

    “And in 2004, he told CNN that he simply didn’t see himself as a Republican.

    “In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat,” Trump told Wolf Blitzer at the time. “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”

    I AM judging him on how he governs, and that is why I support him on many issues. I don’t dispute he has taken conservative positions on judicial picks, climate change, energy independence, deregulation, etc. But let’s not reinvent history.

  545. dblaikie says:

    Jason, I tell you what I will trade you some wonderful swamp land near Lovelock, Nevada for the llamas.

  546. jason says:

    My comment about Trump reinventing himself was not directed at you– just a general observation.

    I opposed him fiercely in the primaries because of his liberal record– and My God! because of his sister the federal judge. “I think my sister would make a GREAT SCOTUS nominee!” (Sure she would… if you want an RBG clone, only 40 years younger.)

    I still get the willies when I think about that.”

    Me too. Of course all the Trump apologists here chose to ignore that comment. As it turned out they were right, he didn’t nominate her, but his sister is a raving moonbat.

  547. jason says:

    There are swamps in Nevada? Who knew?

  548. Mr.Vito says:

    There are a lot of people who dont see themselves as republicans these days.

  549. jason says:

    Lunch menu at COWPOLLING today will be crow.”

    Very dry…. you will need lots of bacon.

  550. jason says:

    There are a lot of people who dont see themselves as republicans these days.”

    Yep, I am one of them.

  551. dblaikie says:

    By the way Jason is right several years ago Trump was a typical New York, liberal. Ivanka was big friends with Chelsea Clinton. They were invited to all the correct parties and took the best pills, they threw outrageous parties and paid heavenly bills (thank you Henley and Frey).The only question is why the change? Politics or conversion? You decide.

  552. dblaikie says:

    Who ever thought a llama could be named Lupita?

  553. jason says:

    Sen. David Perdue (R., Ga.) and other likeminded Republicans are trying to stop the cycle of Congress”

    Did Perdue give up on a 50% cut in legal immigration?

    I am glad he is moving on to other matters.

    As far as “stopping the cycle of Congress” if this is a realistic objective and not a grandstanding move with zero chance of prevailing like Cotton-Perdue, I am all for trying to reduce pork and spending.

  554. DW says:

    My guess is the Trump conversion happened like this:

    Some conservative who could articulate conservative values in 15 minutes or less had a 15 minute conversation with Trump and he was sold on it.

    Sounds great, but at any time in the future a liberal could have another 15 minute chat with him, and he could reverse course.

    His changeability with nor true core values was just one of the reasons he was 16th out 16 on my list of primary candidates.

    But I am pleased with some of the results we are getting, but am not blind to the fact it could change in a moment.

  555. DW says:

    *no true

  556. Todd McCain says:

    OH might be a hidden race here that not many folks are paying much attention to; I would imagine Mike DeWine wins the Gov race fairly easily.

  557. NYCmike says:

    “Of course all the Trump apologists here chose to ignore that comment. As it turned out they were right, he didn’t nominate her, but his sister is a raving moonbat.”

    -The word “ignore” has an actual meaning, which makes it the WRONG word for this sentence.

    Those who decided that the comment was pure Trump BS more likely based it on his much-reported penchant for BS, and also due to the fact that there was a much better chance that his judicial picks would be more conservatively-oriented than his opponents, even if he decided to pick the moonbat sister for a judgeship or not.

  558. NYCmike says:

    “But I am pleased with some of the results we are getting, but am not blind to the fact it could change in a moment.”


    Which is, once again, THE EXACT REASON we need leadership in Congress which is conservative in nature, and in the legislation they write.

  559. jason says:

    Politics or conversion? You decide”


    Do you really know a lot of 60 yr old liberals who became conservatives in their old age? I know a lot of people who were very liberal in their youth and are conservative now, but the other way around is rarer than rocking horse turds.

    But at this point, it doesn’t really matter. I am perfectly willing to give Trump credit for anything he does for the conservative agenda. Whether his motives reflect a real change in ideology or not is irrelevant to me.

    I just get triggered when people try to pretend Trump was a conservative before he ran for President. He wasn’t.

  560. NYCmike says:

    -First it was AirMail, now it is AirPie! (not hair pie)

  561. jason says:

    Those who decided that the comment was pure Trump BS more likely based it on his much-reported penchant for BS, and also due to the fact that there was a much better chance that his judicial picks would be more conservatively-oriented than his opponents, even if he decided to pick the moonbat sister for a judgeship or not.”

    I see NYC is an expert on BS, and he able to discern when its true BS or fake BS. Walt, this could come in handy when you decided to clean up your yard, considering you have Cash Cow’s deposits accumulating for years.

    I distinctly remember during the campaign that NYC called anything Trump said BS if he didn’t agree with it, while everything Trump said that he did agree with was the honest God given truth.

  562. NYCmike says:

    “I just get triggered when people try to pretend Trump was a conservative before he ran for President. He wasn’t.”

    -Heh…….”triggered”? Who are you, Author-in-drag?

    NEVER said, nor pretended, he was conservative, but do deny he was a liberal Democrat, as claimed by you.

  563. NYCmike says:

    “I distinctly remember”…..

    -……but the copy-and-paste to back up this John Kerry-type-seered-into-his-memory recollection is unattainable……..AS USUAL!

  564. mnw says:

    I’m not worried about Trump reverting to New Yawk liberal. Not at all. With the exception of Zero, Trump is the most consistent POTUS of my lifetime. And I can recall Ike’s two terms quite well, & everybody since Ike.

    Anybody think Trump is under the illusion that if he just meets the DEMs half way, Trump will be better off?

    I have yet to be disappointed by anything Trump has done as President, & I’m willing to cut him some slack if he ever does. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt from conservatives at this point.

  565. NYCmike says:

    “I’m not worried about Trump reverting to New Yawk liberal.”


    Next time I fly to California, I intend to flush over Missouri!


  566. NYCmike says:

    Trump endorsed Renacci?

    Robbie didn’t mention that……….

  567. jason says:

    His changeability with nor true core values was just one of the reasons he was 16th out 16 on my list of primary candidates.”

    That low? On my list he was 15th. He beat out Rand Paul.

    I would vote for Hillary before I voted for someone who said a “nuclear Iran is not a threat”.

  568. mnw says:


    No offense. I (heart) New York. I lived in NYC for 6 months in 1984.

    About last night:

    Breitbart all smiles. Happy Breitbart! RRH not so much. Sees big clouds in silver lining!

  569. Tina says:

    Actually maybe trump changed and got more conservative.

    But if you look at his policies, they have been the same.

    End Iran deal.

    Tough on nk. Impose the harshest sanctions on them.

    Take out Isis

    I get screwed likely with the tax cuts here, but oh well.

  570. NYCmike says:

    Ohio, Indiana, and WV seem to have picked good nominees for Senate……yet Wissing didn’t even give a new thread for those primaries……

  571. NYCmike says:

    “I get screwed likely with the tax cuts here, but oh well.”

    -At this point, looks like a wash for me personally……although the business should find it favorable.

  572. mnw says:

    I still think my first choice, Walker, would’ve beaten HRC, & that he would have been a fine POTUS too. Everybody misunderestimates that man.

    Zero’s REAL legacy: the decimation of the DEM Party at the state level. MO used to be INFESTED with DEMs. Remember the Carnahans? Thanks to Zero, not many people do.

  573. Tina says:

    He has rolled back everything that Obama passed, or everything that the Jebots Hillary would have continued, and added to.

  574. mnw says:

    Hopefully our host Dave is no longer on suicide watch today.

  575. Tina says:

    Ig launches probe against the release of Cohen’s banking records to storms lawyah.

    The lawyah has gone mute since that story linked here yesterday is false.

    It was a different Michael Cohen.

  576. NYCmike says:


    In regard to Walker, I hope the future holds a space for him in DC.

    He SHOWED true leadership ability in Wisconsin (compare his actions there to Corbett in PA, who did NOT get re-elected). He showed true mettle when confronted by progressives and their allies in the national press.

  577. jason says:

    but do deny he was a liberal Democrat, as claimed by you”

    Actually Trump himself has claimed to be “very liberal” on several issues, so you can argue with him. That includes “I am very liberal on health care” and “very pro-choice”.

    He supported partial birth abortion. He said Dems were better on the economy. He favored universal health care paid for by the government. He said Hillary Clinton would be a great President. He proposed a massive 14.5% tax on the wealthy. He advocated for an isolationist foreign policy. He supported a ban on “assault” weapons and waiting periods to buy guns. He gave at least $100k to the Clinton Foundation. He has praised. Planned Parenthood. He was a registered Democrat as late as 2010 and a contributor to Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and various Democratic committees devoted to electing liberal Dems.

    So saying he was a liberal Dem is not unfair. If he no longer holds those positions all the better, but again, don’t try to re-invent history.

  578. jason says:

    Actually even if it was the right Michael Cohen, there was nothing patently illegal in those payments. None of it was secret, ATT and the other companies have it on their books.

    The “Russian oligarch paid for Stormy Daniels hush money” was a real stretch, in the first place its a US company and the payment was $500k, not $130k, so the “replenish the account” story is pure BS.

  579. New York City says:

    By the way Jason is right several years ago Trump was a typical New York, liberal.”

    Only because he wanted to “build in Manhattan”

  580. Bayernfan says:

    wrong Cohen? that’s hilarious. Didn’t NBC vouch for the Stormy lawyers docs?

  581. jason says:

    Who are you, Author-in-drag?”

    I was low on points, thanks man.

  582. jason says:

    I notice Drudge took down the “shock” headline already.

  583. jason says:

    I was surprised this morning the headlines were not all about Michael Cohen, it seems like the MSM did some fact checking overnight and backed off.

  584. jason says:

    They got burned last week by Stormy’s lawyer on the “wiretap” story.

  585. jason says:

    LOL, doesn’t look like any collusion here. What it looks like is that Novartis got taken by Michael Cohen for 1.2 million.

    “In February 2017, shortly after the election of President Trump, Novartis entered into a one year agreement with Essential Consultants. With the recent change in administration, Novartis believed that Michael Cohen could advise the company as to how the Trump administration might approach certain US healthcare policy matters, including the Affordable Care Act. The agreement was for a term of one year, and paid Essential Consultants 100,000 USD per month. In March 2017, Novartis had its first meeting with Michael Cohen under this agreement. Following this initial meeting, Novartis determined that Michael Cohen and Essential Consultants would be unable to provide the services that Novartis had anticipated related to US healthcare policy matters and the decision was taken not to engage further. As the contract unfortunately could only be terminated for cause, payments continued to be made until the contract expired by its own terms in February 2018.

    The engagement of Essential Consultants predated Vas Narasimhan becoming Novartis CEO and he was in no way involved with this agreement. Contrary to recent media reports, this agreement was also in no way related to the group dinner Dr. Narasimhan had at the World Economic Forum in Davos with President Trump and 15 Europe based industry leaders. Suggestions to the contrary clearly misrepresent the facts and can only be intended to further personal or political agendas as to which Novartis should not be a part.

    In terms of the Special Counsel’s office, Novartis was contacted in November 2017 regarding the company’s agreement with Essential Consultants. Novartis cooperated fully with the Special Counsel’s office and provided all the information requested. Novartis considers this matter closed as to itself and is not aware of any outstanding questions regarding the agreement.”

  586. jason says:

    Remember, supposedly the Special Counsel is to investigate “collusion” and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

  587. Bayernfan says:

    that lawyer should be disciplined.

  588. Tina says:

    Fusion GPS used FISA-702(17) search to get wrong Cohen (Prague). Now Avenatti uses U.S. Treasury search to Accuse The Wrong Michael Cohens Of Making ‘Fraudulent’ Payments (link:… via @dailycaller

  589. Tina says:

    I wrote ig, but meant treasury is investigating the leak of Cohen’s financials from mule heads Taint team to Avenatti, stormy lawyah that owes the irs in excess of $5 million.

  590. NYCmike says:

    MD is posting links to Michael Avenatti and pictures of Rudy Giuliani next to the Three Stooges…….ALL current A-Hole members should get points deducted for not seeing through this guy………a guy from Brooklyn alerted you to this person……just sayin’ is all.

  591. NYCmike says:

    “Always nice to hear from the Leader of the Free World.”

    -MD also posted a Max Boot link, which has a picture of……seriously……..wait for it……Emmanuel Macron…..L O L !

  592. Waingro says:

    Boom. And it’s from “fake news” CNN:

    “CNN poll: Democrats’ 2018 advantage is nearly gone”

  593. NYCmike says:

    How is Robbie NOT reporting these CNN findings……he is usually right on top of all of their “news”!!??

  594. jason says:

    ALL current A-Hole members should get points deducted for not seeing through this guy”

    I am sorry, but A-hole statutes specifically stipulate that points are awarded in perpetuity.

    Also the A-hole Charter does not have any clauses that mandate “seeing through” anybody.

    The true purpose of the A-hole Club is actually only known to the members, but in general you can correctly assume its related to being A-holes.

  595. DW says:

    Prior CNN was D+6. Nice to see it drop to D+3

  596. Bayernfan says:

    from 16% to 3% since February. Brutal. No wonder Mitch is feeling his oats.

  597. Wes says:

    You all know I was never a big Morissey fan. That said, he ran a good enough campaign to win yesterday against a rising star who after a party switch had unseated the state’s longest-serving Congressman ever. ((By Congressman, I mean just member of the US House. Although Robert Byrd was the longest serving member of Congress in the state’s history, Byrd spent the vast majority of his time in Congress in the Senate.)

    Morissey won in part because of an audacious leak of a poll showing Blankenship surging. This had the intended effect of frightening Republicans concerned about their slender Senate majority into turning out for a more electable opponent. As a more prominent Republican than Jenkins, Morissey benefited and won.

    Morissey is not a deeply impressive candidate but is far from unelectable despite Steve Bannon’s backing.

    Were I advising him, I would recommend he use the Todd Young strategy of creating a schism between his opponent and the state. Morissey should use Manchin’s own words–in particular his statement that he voted against a tax cut bill West Virginians would benefit from–to portray the Senator as a creature of Washington rather than West Virginia.

    In addition, Morrisey should actively target the counties Trump won biggest in and tie himself as much as possible to Trump while promising always to put West Virginia first. At the same time, Morissey needs to work overtime to undercut Manchin in WV-3.

    While Manchin has to win big in the state’s least GOP-friendly CD to prevail statewide, Morissey if he can undercut him there gives himself breathing room in the other two districts to overtake his opponent.

    At present, I have Manchin at 60-40 to win, but that’s a good starting place for Morrisey. If the AG can avoid any serious gaffes and highlight Manchin’s doubletalk about representing his state while being a Schumer lackey whenever necessary, then Republicans can win this fistrict for the first time since Ike carried Chapman Revercomb across the finish line in 1956.

  598. Wes says:

    CNN has the generic ballot at D 47-R 44. That’s not the sign of an impending Dem wave.

  599. Wes says:

    It will be deliciously ironic if in November, Mike DeWine become Governor of Ohio while Jim Renacci ousts Sherrod Brown.

    In 2006, Brown crushed DeWine by 12 points while Ted Strickland won the Buckeye governorship for the Dems gor the first time since 1986.

  600. jason says:

    I guess the Dems couldn’t stop the nomination so Manchin gets another pass.

    “Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) said Wednesday that he will vote to confirm President Trump’s nominee for CIA director, Gina Haspel.”

  601. jason says:

    Good analysis wes.

  602. Wes says:

    We see this kind of low-information eeyoring on RRH:

    West Virginia – registration advantage or not, it’s still a fact that Paula Swearengin got more votes than Pat Morrisey yesterday. 40% blowout on the Dem side attracted more voters than the first competitive WV Republican Senate primary in ages.

    Dems have a 134,000-voter registration advantage in the Moutaineer State, but their primary attracted only 25,000 more voters. That’s 160,000 to 125,000. That’s not a good sign for the Dems even despite the competiyive GOP Senate primary.

  603. Wes says:

    A rare bit of sanity on RRH:

    May 9, 2018 at 12:46 pm
    Morrisey’s entire argument is going to be “I saved the coal industry by suing to prevent Obama regulations; my opponent did nothing.” The “looks like one of us” factor is being way over-estimated by posters here IMO.

  604. Wes says:

    Walt, thoughts on WV-Sen?

  605. Wes says:

    Thanks, Jason.

  606. Wes says:

    I would mostly agree with this from RRH with one exception:

    May 9, 2018 at 10:46 am
    Copying what I just wrote on last night’s thread (didn’t realize it was there!):
    Morrisey’s weaknesses are apparent but he does have strengths that are being overlooked: dozens of lawsuits filed against the Obama administration, a good record on coal and opioids, a history of winning statewide, and not currently being employed in DC. West Virginia is perhaps the only state where running against Barack Obama is still the correct GOP strategy and Morrisey is in good position to do that. I would also advise him to run against McConnell/Ryan and the GOP congressional leadership.
    Overall for a general against Manchin I would consider Jenkins an A- candidate, Morrisey a B, and Blankenship a D-.

    Rather than saying Blankenship was D- minus, I’d say he was a male Christine O’Donnell with vast wealth–that is, an F-.

  607. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    RIP to Governor “The Duke”. He was a decent man and a good CA Governor.

  608. Wes says:

    Regarding OH, I would say DeWine–a likely solid favorite over Cordray–may in fact do for Renacci what Strickland did for Brown in 2006:

    Strickland won the gubernatorial race by 23 (60-37) and helped Brown solidly oust DeWine by 12 (56-44).

  609. Wes says:

    Deukmeijian was of Armenian deescent. His popularity among that group in 1982 not only won him the governorship but also helped Pete Wilson keep Jerry Brown from replacing S. I. Hayakawa in the Senate. He was fairly moderate as California Republicans will be but was loyal to his party.

  610. Redmen4ever says:

    et tu CNN?

    the blue wave turns into smurf trickle

  611. SoHope says:

    3+ D is basically a draw with Congressional lines drawn where they are

  612. Bayernfan says:

    Who knows? Maybe the GOP will pick up a couple House seats. Can you imagine? lol

  613. Phil says:

    Encouraging numbers last night overall. I am more confident Rs are keep their senate majority. I think we have a really great shot at Florida and Ohio and a decent shot at WV as well….all this in addition to Indiana and ND which I believe we get. We probably lose one of Arizona and Nevada. Tennessee is bothering me.

    The House we probably lose. We have a 24 seat cushion. We could lose 30 or so seats. Remember, five are probably gone in Pennsylvania alone. Truly can’t afford to lose seats like NC 9 or the Jennings seat in WV and the numbers last night in those districts were less than encouraging.

    Still, overall, I liked the numbers last night.

  614. DW says:

    623 – exactly. Dems run up huge margins in all the downtown urban districts, but it doesn’t get them any more seats when they win 92/8 rather than 82/18.

    And if the whole thing is a draw, then we should draw the line in the middle of the tossup seats, and if we do, the GOP holds house majority.

  615. DW says:

    here is the current dashboard. Notice where the line is for the Democrat Party to take control…

    Paladin – 2018 House Dashboard
    C Dist | Cnt | Cook | Saba. | Gonz.| CNN | RCP | Avg Score
    CA_22 | 148 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.6
    CO_03 | 149 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.6
    NC_08 | 150 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.6
    NY_23 | 151 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.6
    OH_16* | 152 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.6
    OK_05 | 153 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.6
    SC_01 | 154 | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.6
    WA_03 | 155 | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.6
    FL_06* | 156 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 5.2
    FL_25 | 157 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.2
    MO_02 | 158 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.2
    OH_07 | 159 | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 5.2
    OH_10 | 160 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.2
    OH_15 | 161 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.2
    PA_14* | 162 | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | 5.2
    PA_16 | 163 | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | 5.2
    SC_05 | 164 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.2
    WI_07 | 165 | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | 5.2
    WV_03* | 166 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Sf R | 5.2
    AZ_06 | 167 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 4.8
    AZ_08 | 168 | Sf R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.8
    CA_04 | 169 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 4.8
    FL_15* | 170 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 4.8
    MI_01 | 171 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 4.8
    NC_02 | 172 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 4.8
    OH_14 | 173 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 4.8
    CA_50 | 174 | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.4
    GA_07 | 175 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.4
    MI_06 | 176 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 4.4
    TX_21* | 177 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4.4
    WI_06 | 178 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Ln R | Sf R | 4.4
    FL_16 | 179 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | 4
    FL_18 | 180 | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4
    IL_13 | 181 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4
    MI_07 | 182 | Lk R | Sf R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | 4
    NJ_03 | 183 | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Ln R | Sf R | 4
    NY_24 | 184 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 4
    VA_05 | 185 | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Sf R | 4
    AR_02 | 186 | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | 3.6
    CA_21 | 187 | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | 3.6
    IL_14 | 188 | Ln R | Sf R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | 3.6
    NY_01 | 189 | Lk R | Sf R | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | 3.6
    MT_01 | 190 | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | 3.2
    PA_10 | 191 | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Lk R | Toss | 3.2
    NC_13 | 192 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | 2.8
    NM_02* | 193 | Ln R | Lk R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | 2.8
    OH_01 | 194 | Ln R | Sf R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 2.8
    WA_05 | 195 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | 2.8
    GA_06 | 196 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Lk R | Toss | 2.4
    IA_03 | 197 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 2.4
    ME_02 | 198 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 2.4
    NY_11 | 199 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 2.4
    VA_02 | 200 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 2.4
    VA_07 | 201 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 2.4
    NC_09 | 202 | Ln R | Tlt R | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | 2.2
    KY_06 | 203 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | 2
    MI_08 | 204 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Lk R | 2
    TX_32 | 205 | Ln R | Lk R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | 2
    OH_12* | 206 | Toss | Tlt R | Ln R | Ln R | Lk R | 1.8
    CA_45 | 207 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | 1.6
    KS_03 | 208 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | 1.6
    UT_04 | 209 | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | 1.6
    KS_02* | 210 | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | 1.2
    WI_01* | 211 | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | 1.2
    IL_06 | 212 | Toss | Tlt R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | 1
    TX_07 | 213 | Toss | Tlt R | Ln R | Ln R | Toss | 1
    CA_10 | 214 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Ln R | Toss | 0.6
    IL_12 | 215 | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.4
    MN_03 | 216 | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.4
    NJ_07 | 217 | Toss | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.4
    —-Democrats need ALL the below for control—-
    TX_23 | 218 | Ln R | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.4
    CA_25 | 217 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    CA_48 | 216 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    CO-06 | 215 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    IA_01 | 214 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    NE_02 | 213 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    NY_19 | 212 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    NY_22 | 211 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    PA_01 | 210 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    PA_17 | 209 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0.2
    MN_01* | 208 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0
    MN_02 | 207 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0
    MN_08* | 206 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0
    WA_08* | 205 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | 0
    FL_26 | 204 | Toss | Tlt R | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.2
    MI_11* | 203 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | Toss | -0.4
    VA_10 | 202 | Toss | Toss | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.4
    NJ_11* | 201 | Toss | Tlt D | Toss | Toss | Ln D | -0.6
    CA_39* | 200 | Ln D | Toss | Toss | Ln D | Ln D | -1.2
    NH_01* | 199 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | -1.4
    NV_03* | 198 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Toss | -1.4
    PA_07* | 197 | Ln D | Tlt D | Toss | Ln D | Ln D | -1.4
    CA_49* | 196 | Ln D | Toss | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | -1.6
    AZ_02* | 195 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | -1.8
    NJ_02* | 194 | Ln D | Tlt D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | -1.8
    FL_27* | 193 | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | -2
    AZ_01 | 192 | Ln D | Tlt D | Lk D | Ln D | Ln D | -2.2
    NV_04* | 191 | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | Ln D | Ln D | -2.8
    NJ_05 | 190 | Lk D | Tlt D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | -3
    FL_07 | 189 | Lk D | Ln D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | -3.2
    CA_07 | 188 | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Ln D | -3.6
    MN_07 | 187 | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | -4
    PA_06* | 186 | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | -4
    PA_08 | 185 | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | -4
    AZ_09* | 184 | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | -4.4
    FL_13 | 183 | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | Lk D | -4.4
    PA_05* | 182 | Lk D | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | -4.4
    NH_02 | 181 | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | -4.8
    WI_03 | 180 | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Lk D | -4.8
    CA_24 | 179 | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | -5.2
    CT_05* | 178 | Lk D | Sf D | Lk D | Sf D | Sf D | -5.2
    IA_02 | 177 | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | -5.6
    NY_18 | | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Sf D | Lk D | -5.6
    *indicates open seat

  616. DW says:

    Sabato just changed his ranking of WV Senate from Lean D to Tossup.

  617. DW says:

    Sabato also changed NC_09 to Tossup

  618. NYCmike says:

    “I would also advise him to run against McConnell/Ryan and the GOP congressional leadership.”


    The statement you posted from RRH included this line……and you did NOT speak out against it.

    Do you want to take this chance to speak out against such an idea, since you have been such a vocal proponent of the congressional leadership?

  619. Chicon says:

    609 – Wes, a series of excellent posts today. Thanks for that.

  620. mnw says:

    NYC 587

    Walker looks so mild, but he has titanium steel cojones.


    Thanks for assembling that useful data.

  621. mnw says:

    Here is what I see as the DEMs’ 2018 problem:

    What are the issues* they’re running on?


    *(muh Stormy & muh collusion/impeachment aren’t issues that are useful to the DEMs– they”re problems for the DEMs.)

  622. Chicon says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time in WI. Walker went thru the wringer up there and never blinked. Tough dude. I was surprised how poorly he performed in 2016.

  623. DW says:

    Just a word about the dashboard, the ‘score’ is simply a way to make a sortable average out of the rankings given, where 6 would be all pundits saying the GOP seat is safe, 0 being all of them saying its a tossup and -6 being all of them saying the Dem seat is safe.

  624. Tina says:

    Much stormy

    Muh obstruction

    Muh Cohen

    Muh Hogg.

    And tax increases.

  625. Gpo says:

    DW- new low for the Mets – batted out of order in the first inning!

  626. Bitterlaw says:

    The only question is why the change? Politics or conversion? You decide.

    Politics. When he saw that Hillary was running he knew that he would not receive the Democratic nomination so he ran as a Republican. Don’t forget that he said that Hillary would be a “great President” before he ran against her. That and his checkbook tell me all I need to know about his motivation. To get re-elected, he needs to hold his base so he can’t go back to his liberal views.

  627. Chicon says:

    I think it’s more than that, Bitter. He’s a guy obsessed with achievement; and for him that is largely defined by the opinion of others. He needs to be remembered as great (whether it meets reality or not). That won’t happen if he becomes a democrat in the 2nd term.

  628. Bitterlaw says:

    Chicon – Why not? He could be known as the ultimate politician who “evolved.”

  629. Chicon says:

    He’s a pig, but not stupid. Some are married to an ideology because they believe in it to the core. Maybe that’s him, and I think there are some issues like that with him. But, on many topics he may simply be taking positions he thinks will make him look better to more people.

    But, who knows. He’s complex.

  630. Bitterlaw says:

    Chi – Nobody who donated to Hillary and Schumer can ever be redeemed or trusted by me.

  631. Cash Cow TM says:

    “Wes says:
    May 9, 2018 at 4:19 pm
    Walt, thoughts on WV-Sen?”

    Walt says to tell you the following:

    Morrisey is a bull dog campaigner.
    Morrisey has been on the ballot statewide and won twice as WV AG.
    He did better than I expected in WV CD1 (northern 1/3 of state.

    How deep the scars from the needlessly vicious R primary will be…remains to be seen.

    Morrisey already on radio statwide calling for Rs to unite….

    As of now I say it is Manchin 55-45.

  632. Tina says:

    Hopefully, he does not sell out like mute 43 or Arnold.

  633. Redmen4ever says:

    Reuters D+1

  634. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina trusts one of the donors to both Gilary and Schumer? For only the 16th time in my 14 years at HHR…


  635. Chicon says:

    642 – didn’t ask you to trust him. It’s ok by me if you don’t trust him. I tend to, for the reasons stated above.

  636. BayernFan says:

    Looks like the Dems are experiencing a polling collapse.

  637. Bitterlaw says:

    Chi – Trump defeated his campaign fund recipient. That’s all I asked of him. He can’t disappoint me because I expect nothing from him.

  638. Ron N says:

    648 as tina would say
    More stormy
    More Russia
    More dumb fu$$ from Florida high school kid
    More Cohn
    While the rest of America see 3 Koreans come home and not cost 1.5 billion. Possible peace in korea. Employment for most who want it. Economy booming more money in their checks. People see country going in the right direction.
    But MSM see none of that let them keep trying to bring down the president the people voted for without the help of Russia.

  639. Tina says:

    At least Bl is laughing out loud.

    Otherwise, he does not say very much.

  640. Tina says:

    More benadry, more corrupt lawyah, more camera aka hitter Hogg, more obstruction, more Mulehead, more mistress and more Pete the cheat.

  641. Gpo says:

    James A. Gagliano
    Sources with knowledge of the impending DOJ Inspector General Report confirm that it will be a fairly damning indictment of FBI’s seventh floor during the Comey era.

    “It’s worse than expected,” seems to be the consistent theme …

  642. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina’s posts since January 20, 2017:


    Fake news.


    Not really substantive but she can cut and paste well. I always know when she copies something because it is the one section of her posts without typos.

  643. Bitterlaw says:

    Which will come out first – the IG report or the next Game of Thrones novel? Both have been promised for a long time.

  644. Bitterlaw says:

    76ers lose series. Could not hold a 5 point lead with a minute to go.. they really had a more successful season than I expected but that does not mean anything when sThrt should have seized the opportunity to go farther.

  645. janz says:

    Good for Trump! He keeps digging into keeping his committments to the people. While I initially eyed Trump as a blustering man, but nevertheless not HRC, he has surpassed any expectations. I’m excited and am staying up tonight to see him & Melanie greet the N. Korean prisoners.

  646. janz says:

    As for the hassle given to the CIA nominee – the Dems are acting like out of control children.

  647. Bitterlaw says:

    Blustering? I would say amoral scumbag. However, we can agree that he is not Hillary (but he donated to her).

  648. Bitterlaw says:

    Feeling down. I will prat for death tonight. I will let you know how it turns out.

  649. janz says:

    Bitter, have you ever had any therapy? Your depression seems deep seated and sometimes disturbing.

  650. Gpo says:

    Dem polling gets worse every day – you think they are unhinged now, wait til you see them if the blue wave doesn’t happen. The one thing I want more than anything is for Anthony Kennedy retire and see a full meltdown on the left

  651. janz says:

    Gpo, it doesn’t take much these days for a Dem meltdown. I so disrespect the Dem party because of their behavior of late.

  652. Paul says:

    Bitter: I feel for you. I get the same way at times as I get older. I know you’ve heard it a lot but… meds do help. I’ve been on Celexa for a few years. It’s helped me… for what it’s worth.

  653. JC says:

    Since the subject of Trump’s ideological sincerity – as irrelevant as it is – has once again come up, this astute observation from Rush bears repeating;

    Rush: “You say Trump’s not ideological, but everything he does is right out of the ideological conservative playbook.” I stand by my comment that he’s not ideological, because he’s… (interruption) Look, here’s the difference. Trump is not targeting any of these things — climate change, welfare reform, getting rid of Obamacare — because he’s opposed to liberalism, and he’s not taking shots here now at welfare reform because he thinks it’s a lousy liberal idea.

    I have often told you that conservatism, in its base form, is simple common sense and that it is the way most people actually live their lives. Now, they may not always vote that way because of the way conservatism has been debauched and stigmatized and ruined and assaulted, PR-wise. But you look at the way most people try to raise their kids, for example. Look at the way most people go about improving their standard of living. If you go out looking at people who appreciate the traditions and institutions…

    Patriots! If you go out and you look at the way most people are reacting to this NFL thing, that’s not conservative-liberal for a lot of people. This is just pro-America, anti-America, and they don’t associate ideology with it at all. In Trump’s case, I think his instincts tend toward common sense, and to the extent that conservatism at its base level is just common sense…

    …Now, you say, “Rush, you still say he’s not conservative. How’s he making the right judicial appointees?” Well, I don’t want to tell you that because I don’t want to make a target of the people helping out here. But let me just assure you: He is relying and trusting the perfect people in selecting judges and judicial nominees. Now, is that conservative? Is it liberal? I will not change any assessment that Trump is not ideological. Let me modify it by saying that’s not in the top three reasons why he decides to do something.

    “Is it conservative? Fine! Let’s do it. If it’s not conservative, screw it. I’m not gonna do it.” That’s not how he thinks. I’m just telling you, it’s not how he thinks. But his instincts are like the vast majority of the American people’s instincts — and I mean the majority. They may not all vote that way. But they certainly live their lives on balance much more conservatively than liberally. No question about it.

  654. janz says:

    I became an instant fan when I first heard Candace Owens over a month ago. She demonstrates feminine grace, strength, and courage all in one person.

  655. Tina says:

    Yeah, excellent stage craft for male Drats, probably many of them with issues going on, attacking a highly qualified woman for the position of CIA.

  656. MichiganGuy says:

    * BOOM *
    CNN poll: Democrats’ 2018 advantage is nearly gone
    Generic Congressional Ballot:
    Democrats 47%
    Republicans 44%
    CNN/ssrs_research 5/2-5

  657. MichiganGuy says:

    Ohio Governor GE:
    Cordray (D) 44% (+5)
    DeWine (R) 39%
    ppppolls/OHDems 5/6-7
    Great poll. Why? This poll was done by a left leaning pollster for the Ohio Dems. So, we know their thumb was on the scale. Secondly, their April poll had Cordray up by 9; now he is only up by 5; showing DeWine has the momentum. If I was to take a guess this race is probably even right now with DeWine gaining strength.

  658. MichiganGuy says:

    Connecticut Governor GE:
    Boughton (R) 47% (+5)
    Bysiewicz (D) 42%
    Stewart (R) 50% (+10)
    Bysiewicz (D) 40%
    Stewart (R) 46% (+2)
    Lamont (D) 44%
    Lamont (D) 50% (+10)
    Boughton (R) 40%
    TremontPublic 5/3-5
    Great pickup opportunity for the Republicans! Connecticut voters had a slight preference for a Republican candidate, according to the poll. Let hope the Republicans are smart and nominate Stewart. A GOP contender beat a Democratic candidate 49.9% to 43.4%

  659. Bitterlaw says:

    Praying for death did not work. Oh well. Might as well drive my daughter to school and then go to the office.

  660. Chicon says:

    671 – Bitter, my condolences.

  661. MichiganGuy says:

    This would be Bitterlaw if, his car was on fire.

  662. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe the driver was diabetic. Let him burn.

  663. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Just in:
    Monthly jobless claims average lowest since Dec. 1969
    Four-week jobless claims average falls 5,500 to 216,000
    Initial weekly jobless claims unchanged at 211,000

  664. mnw says:


    Thanks as usual for all the information. You beat RRH on CT & OH, I think.

  665. jason says:

    I can understand Bitter’s problem. After you are a founding father of the A-holes and HHR governor for 2 terms its hard to get motivated to attain lesser pursuits.

  666. MichiganGuy says:

    mnw, RRH are a bunch of slackers! 😉

  667. Hugh says:

    671. There is depression on my wife’s and my side. I got the optimistic gene and my wife falls in the middle. The only thing that has worked that I have seen when it’s chronic versus situational is medication and it take repeated attempts to get it right. Therapy can work for situational but seems a waste of time for chronic. Good luck bitter. You seem like a good guy with an awesome wife.

  668. Chicon says:

    New thread.

  669. MichiganGuy says:

    Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County executive and Democratic candidate for governor dies of heart attack