Hawley/McCaskill Tied in MO

A new poll from Missouri Scout claims the US Senate race in Missouri is tied in one of the seats Republicans hope to pick up to offset potential losses elsewhere.

Josh Hawley R) 47%
Claire McCaskill (D-inc) 47%

This poll was done August 8-9 among likely voters.

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  1. NYCmike says:

    Keith Ellison? Popcorn, anyone?

    I should also say that if true, it had nothing to do with “the patriarchy”, but only with a disturbed individual.

  2. Tgca says:

    Cuatro Bebe! Cuatro!

  3. Messy says:

    In six weeks, the polls will start to mean something.

  4. JulStol says:

    Woah, this place is deader than my political ambitions…

  5. phoenixrisen says:

    McCaskill is done in Missouri unless Hawley pulls an Akin.

  6. Bitterlaw says:

    I will believe McCaskill loses when she loses.

  7. lisab says:


    is there going to be another 90 days of “abc race of the day”?

  8. Cash Cow TM says:


    Saw many old friends at the cow judging contests.
    How many of you knew that the owners prep the cows for judging by using cans of hair spray, hair coloring, trim their hair with electric clippers, spray paint the hooves with shiny black spray paint?

    Seriously…they DO do that now!

  9. Tina says:

    Start of another bad week for the Jebots

    Keith Ellison

    Antifa attacks cops and reporters.

  10. Paul says:

    In response to Lisab from previous thread:

    I would welcome a visit by Trump to stump for Peter Roskam in my neck of the woods 🙂 I do think it would tip the balance of the race in the Dems favor. But, maybe I’m just a troll 🙂

  11. lisab says:

    the thing is paul, the dem hard corps who hate trump are already energized. they will show up for special elections right now whether trump shows up or not.

    but a lot of the trump faithful are not typical voters. it was shocking for the dems to see all the rural voters come out. i think for the specials at least, excitement favors the dems and oh12 would have gone blue without trumps rally.

  12. lisab says:

    for november i think both sides will be energized. the scotus hearing starts sept 4. the dems either have to go all out or tamp down expectations. simply put, they don’t have the votes to stop kavanaugh, unless the can scare a few reps.

    if they just let kavanaugh go through, which is the safe choice, then several of the dem groups will explode in anger, e.g. the young turks, kossians, antifa etc.

    it is almost certain that the dem 2020 hopefuls will fall all over themselves fighting kavanaugh, trying to go as far left as possible to win these groups.

    it probably won’t matter. despite michael moore calling for a million person protest rally to physically block the vote, they probably cannot. the gop senators also probably know they cannot flip on this vote and keep their support. i think it is 60-40 kavanaugh passes before the elections.

    if the dems go all out and lose, their energy drops substantially. if they win, and sto kavanaugh, i think 2018 will be a much biggger loss for the gop than is now predicted. i think 60 seats could flip.

  13. janz says:

    My prediction is that Kavanaugh will be approved before the midterms. The Rs will hold the Senate. As for the House, I would not be surprised if they lost control of it, but by not a large margin — certainly not 60 seats (unless something really tragic happens, against the R’s, between now and November).

    One reason why I don’t see as big of an undertow for the R’s is how stupidly and violently those associating themselves with the democrat party are behaving. For instance, today’s super inflated protest in DC had only a handful of Jason Kessler’s group (he’s a joke ad hypocrite), vs hundreds of the Antifa types who passed their abuse onto reporters and police. This kind of stuff gets old real fast. It’s like putting your faith in the crazies if your vote democrat!

  14. lisab says:

    for the record, at this time i don’t see a 60 seat loss either.

    the average is -31. that is a reasonable guess. however, the standard deviation is actually 25 seats, so a 22 seat loss or less — thus keeping the house — is quite possible.

    as i said, i think it depends on how cray-cray the dems will be about kavanaugh. if they go all out, imo the momentum will go to the winner.

    the dems should play it safe, but i think they will overplay their hand.

  15. Phil says:

    I for one am very much looking forward to the Kavanaugh hearings. Kamala Harris is on the Judiciary Committee. I want the entire nation to watch this rude, condescending, loon show her ass. She won’t be able to help herself. It’s who she is. The loon base will love her. The other seventy percent of Americans not so much. It will be her coming out party with the American public. Too bad Corey Booker isn’t on the Judiciary Committee. He is another over the top a$$hole Americans need to see in action.

  16. Phil says:

    Oh, my bad. Corey Booker IS on the judiciary committee. We are all in for a real treat. A respectful line of questions for the nominee from our friends Kamala and Corey? Don’t make me laugh. Expect condescension and lecturing to the witness. It will be glorious and it won’t play well with the voters that matter.

    Enjoy the show!

  17. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Does anyone want to bet whether The Toupees will move the “Special” Minnesota Senate race toward the GOP after today’s Emerson College Poll? Tina Smith(D) +4 over Karin Housley(R)–32/28.
    TPaw(R) is way behind in the Governor’s race.

  18. DW says:

    In general the three toupees have been very lax in updating their rankings of senate races. They are very keen however on tracking the house races. There is a reason for this of course.

    I should point out that with Rothenberg having passed the toupee to Gonzales, the last time I saw Gonzales on screen he had yet to actually put the toupee on. That might explain why his rankings are more GOP friendly.

  19. dblaikie says:

    As I have said before, I believe that the averaging of polls is a flawed experiment. However, since the media loves to drone on and on about the RCP average I would like to make a point. Today the average has gone down to 3.9% but even that number is inflated by the Marist poll and Harris poll. Why do I use the word “inflated”? Well one poll was completed on July 25 and the other on the 22nd. Why would anyone consider any poll relevant that was taken 3 or 4 weeks ago? Could it be because both those 2 polls show a +7 Dem lead? Without them the average goes below 3 points. And after all you can’t be a serious media group going against the blue wave fiction.

    By the way, with that in mind, and because even the folks at RCP will realize that this is silly, I predict a generic poll will come out this week showing the Dems. substantially ahead. Robbie will be pleased. Because the new narrative is that after the primary in Ohio 12 and Washington the GOP needs to just give the Speakership to Nancy today — no need to bother with an election.

  20. Wes says:

    What is with the GOP and nominating Nazi and Confederate sympathizers?

  21. Wes says:

    Dems are up only +4 in the race for the MN Class 2 seat in a new poll. Color me skeptical on that.

  22. Wes says:

    Dems were cheering about how McCaskill was routinely near 50% and leading Hawley. This poll has her support dropping slightly while Hawley’s has increased. Unless Hawley goes full Akin, I would anticipate a victory for him in a state trending as solidly GOP as MO.

  23. Phil says:

    I agree about Mo, Wes. Her best bet is for Republicans to stay home. Her vote against Kavanaugh will not help with that.

  24. jason says:

    Amoral Scumbag hardest hit.

    “I’m not primarying the president, and no one else should either unless we want to lose the White House,” Rubio told The Associated Press.

  25. Tina says:

    Pete the cheat fired by fib.

  26. Tina says:

    Omaroosa sheot fest covers Pete the cheats firing.

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    23 Wow. That kind of hatred and ignorance is usually not so open. While I hate to see a Democrat win, I look forward to him getting crushed on Election Day.

  28. DW says:

    Tiger Woods came oh so close, losing a great shot at winning a major tourney by just two strokes. No doubt two of the strokes that will haunt him included Saturday when he had a long eagle opportunity and decided to putt boldly trying to sink it instead of laying up for a sure birdie. The eagle putt missed, and went long beyond the hole resulting in him settling for a three-putt par. Then on Sunday he had that one that rolled right up to the rim of the cup, leaning over the open hole and somehow did not drop in.

  29. DW says:

    CA_45 – D internal released showing the dem trailing by only 1 point:

    But given that its a D internal in a race considered by most to be a tossup and the Republican still leads by one, not exactly a show of strength on the part of the Dem.

  30. DW says:

    Generic Ballot – Zogby

    D 40
    R 37

  31. Redmen4ever says:

    In that Emerson poll of Minnesota, the Ds are up 8 in the (state) Generic Congressional Ballot. In 2016, the Ds were plus 10 in the aggregate Congressional vote. I think we pick up three seats (1st, 7th and 8th).

    Minnesota has been drifting in the R direction just as Virginia has been drifting in the D direction. Kind of like the continental drift. And, where the plates collide with each other, there are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

  32. mnw says:

    MN SEN

    I posted several months ago about what a classy candidate Housley is. I pointed out that she benefits from her husband’s celebrity– one of the most popular former NHL stars in a hockey-mad state.

    At the time I posted, I was sort of ridiculed here for my thoughts about Housley being a GOP sleeper/darkhorse.

  33. mnw says:

    Whenever I see an Emerson College poll, I disregard it until there is confirmation. They. Just. Sukk.

    “At this point in the race, Doug Jones has no realistic path to victory” in the AL SEN election. That was 2 days before the polls open.

  34. NYCmike says:


    Just to remind you, I believe I included Housley when I made the “slight possibility” prediction of Republicans getting up to 58 seats after the November elections, IF EVERYTHING WENT THEIR WAY.

  35. Cash Cow TM says:


    Cows help rehabilitate prisoners in Sweden

  36. Cash Cow TM says:



  37. Cash Cow TM says:

    Currently in session…taking up the 14 or so articles of impeachment involved the 4 remaining members of the WV Supreme Court. Watching it on TV

    Justice Ketchem has already resigned under a cloud.
    The other 4 members on the WV Supreme Court are having articles of impeachment.
    So far, the House has voted to impeach:

    –Justice Loughery (who has already been removed from the bench and suspended without pay by the other 3 justices and had a 23 count federal indictment dropped on him)

    –Justice Robin Davis


  38. Tina says:

    Peye the cheat joins the resistance,

    Also, he links to an article calling Gowdy an insect.

  39. jason says:

    Hey Messy, are you really this stupid in real life, or is it just the role you play here?

  40. lisab says:

    Kellie Lynn Collins, Former Democrat Candidate for GA-10 backed gun control

    and with good reason

    she shot and killed her campaign manager

    guns don’t kill people, cray-cray girlfriends kill people

  41. lisab says:

    peter strzok hired by cnn to act as cuomo prime time’s republican analyst

  42. Tina says:

    Yes, because Pete, comedy, and McCabe are all “republicans.”

  43. Tina says:

    And referred here to as real cons.

  44. lisab says:

    Peter Strzok

    Deeply saddened by this decision. It has been an honor to serve my country and work with the fine men and women of the FBI.

  45. Phil says:

    Damn, Lisa. Is that fund for real? Hard to believe anyone would contribute to that pos.

  46. NYCmike says:


    How much are you donating?

  47. lisab says:

    Damn, Lisa. Is that fund for real?

    he already has $41,060

  48. lisab says:

    Damn, Lisa. Is that fund for real?

    he already has $41,533 … in 5 hours!

  49. NYCmike says:

    The more money goes to Strzok, the less goes to Democratic Congressional/Senatorial candidates.

  50. Tina says:

    Of course, whittles or whatever his name is from the drat lawfare blog, cited by Jebot, is proudly donating.

  51. NYCmike says:

    -Sam Adams and Yuengling – those are the beers for me now.

  52. NYCmike says:

    One of the people who donated is Sam Severance……maybe Trump told him “You’re FIRED!”.

  53. lisab says:

    the money is for anticipated legal costs

    he already has $42,253 … in 5 hours!

  54. jason says:

    What scumbags… but I bet Amoral Scumbag is 100% aboard with this…

    After all, the guy wears blue striped shirts, so Amoral Scumbag is furiously trying to figure out how that will damage Trump.

    “Last month, the Washington Post was widely mocked for a report that Kavanaugh racked up credit card debt on Nationals baseball tickets — even though he paid off the bill. The report vilified the common practice of one individual laying out the funds needed to secure baseball tickets for a group of friends who want to be seated next to each other.

    Now, ProPublica has taken things to a new level with a headline, “Did You Go to a Washington Nationals Game With Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh?” The bizarre post has the subhead, “Trump’s pick is a baseball fan who racked up considerable debt buying season tickets. Help us figure out who went with the nominated judge.”

    ProPublica wrote that it is “important to figure out as much as we can about a nominee’s background before he is confirmed” and is turning to its readers for help.

    “We’re not sure what we’ll find. But we do know that people take a lot of pictures at baseball games,” ProPublica’s Adriana Tobin and Justin Elliott wrote. “Did you see Judge Kavanaugh at a game? Did you attend a game with him? Do you have any photos and, if so, will you send them our way?”

    “What is ProPublica thinking they’ll find? That Kavanaugh made too much of a mess in eating peanuts? Forgetting to recycle beer bottles? Taking too long to go through metal detectors? This is so desperate.

    Conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News that the baseball ticket storyline is “possibly the dumbest smear campaign of all time.”

    “If you want to know why Kavanaugh should be confirmed by 100 to 0 look no further than this,” Barron said when asked about the ProPublica piece.

    ProPublica claimed that “figuring out who Kavanaugh brought to games could be relevant to his confirmation” because it would help determine whether he simply loves baseball or did not fully disclose the source of the funds used to pay for the tickets.

    Brit Hume captioned the article, “This apparently is not a joke. Good grief,” and it appears many share his sentiment. Talk radio host Tony Bruno added, “It would appear to anyone with an IQ above 7 that you folks might be beyond help!”

    ProPublica went on to explain what it already knows, including that Kavanaugh sometimes wears blue striped polo shirts, sometimes sits above first base and might not always sit in the exact same seat.

    ProPublica urged readers to email with any clues regarding where Kavanaugh sat, how many seats he bought and which friends attended games with him. The site even features a poll that readers can fill out, asking questions such as “Do you remember seeing Brett Kavanaugh at a baseball game?”

  55. jason says:

    I think I will write in thin that I saw Kavanaugh look at his watch twice during the game.

    I am sure ProPublica will find that significant.

  56. lisab says:

    it was me … i love baseball, and he had season tickets … soooooooooo …

    he is really into yoga and craft beer

  57. jason says:

    It has been an honor to serve my country and work with the fine men and women of the FBI.

    Someone should ask him if he thinks partisan politics is really serving his country.

  58. lisab says:

    you know how sometimes the camera pans around a game and suddenly focuses in on a bored woman reading a book …

    that would be me … except i’d probably be knitting, because i would be afraid the book would be too obvious that i did not care at all about the game, which might bring fan ire

  59. lisab says:


    i am in the wrong business … i should be an fbi agent

    then i could shake down people for money

  60. DW says:


    ProPublica confirms that SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh attending the final round of the PGA Championship yesterday near St. Louis, MO. Someone in the gallery has confirmed for ProPublica that Kavanaugh might have been spotted wearing a blue shirt standing next to a woman who carried a red purse! Worst of all, when winner Brooks Koepka approached the 18th green, someone who looked like he could have been Kavanaugh seemed to applaud more vigorously than he did for Tiger Woods, leaving open the speculation that Kavanaugh is racist and would not be qualified to sit on the high court.

  61. lisab says:

    Sam Adams and Yuengling – those are the beers for me now.

    odd thing is, sam adams is one of the companies that has made a huge difference to the jamaica plain neighborhood in boston.

    in the past i would not have gone to jamaica plain in the day time. it was murder central for boston.

    now it is a thriving neighborhood which has completely cleaned up its act … that is where the sam adams brewery is

  62. Phil says:

    I think I would rather send my money to an anonymous Nigerian prince than the Pete the Cheat fund.

  63. Tina says:

    Not surprising that he was fired.

    I am sure that one of the reasons was a violation of the Hatch Act. Advocating for Her Thighness on his gubment issued phone,

  64. lisab says:

    $48,713 … come on robbie, put him over $50k!

  65. Tina says:

    10h giulani

    To my friend Jeff Sessions: Appoint an Independent Counsel like Louis Freeh or Judge Mukasey to investigate the “investigation and investigators..” Also unlike the illegal Mueller appointment you will be able to cite, as law requires, alleged crimes.

  66. lisab says:


  67. Blobbie says:

    I think the level of funding for Peter Strzok shows that November will be a Blue Wave and Hillary should be President!

  68. Cash Cow TM says:

    WV House of Delegates has now voted to impeach WV Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman

    Ketchem resigned…

    Articles of impeachment passed the House on Loughery, Davis and Workman.

    Will the last SC justice Beth Worker also get the same fate?


  69. Cash Cow TM says:


    First time ever that all State SC judges were considered for impeachable offenses.

    yet none of the arsehats here give a hoot.

  70. Cash Cow TM says:

    Beth Worker?

    Should have been Beth Walker…

  71. Cash Cow TM says:

    Beth Worker?

    Should have been Beth Walker…

  72. Gelt Goose says:


  73. mnw says:

    Never go to a troll’s website & drive up its traffic. EVER. That’s not political analysis, it’s using HHR for pimping.

  74. Bitterlaw says:

    Let the Dems donate all their money to the fired FBI agent. Better than donating to candidates

  75. NYCmike says:

    That lawyer is quick! And obviously takes time to read other comments!

    NYCmike says:
    August 13, 2018 at 4:48 pm

    The more money goes to Strzok, the less goes to Democratic Congressional/Senatorial candidates.

    Bitterlaw says:
    August 13, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    Let the Dems donate all their money to the fired FBI agent. Better than donating to candidates

  76. NYCmike says:

    3 hours……maybe Bitterlaw is in San Francisco?!?!

  77. Proud Obamacon says:

    Shh remember guys. All is good, yall won in OH-12. There is no blue wave. So just sit back and relax. All is good, the red wave is coming.


  78. Phil says:

    ….and Hillary has it in the bag, right?

  79. Proud Obamacon says:

    Phil, you’re saying a blue wave is coming?? Senator Moore says Hi, Governer Gillespie says Hey. LOL, sport.

  80. Proud Obamacon says:

    Orange signs McCain’s bill, doesn’t mention McCain. Has maturity of my 4yr old. and that’s being generous.


  81. Bitterlaw says:

    I did not see your comment, NYC. Fine post. GFY.

  82. NYCmike says:


    Thank you for recognizing my brilliance.

    GFY as well, and treat you and your daughter to an egg creme while you watch Law and Order.

  83. NYCmike says:

    The media calls the protesters protesting the “Unite The Right” jack*sses “anti-hate groups”……..yet, they clearly attacked police, reporters, and had signs which backed up their actions……somehow, CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, etc missed all that……..

    Sorry, but Trump is looking to be right about the media as well……some of them are “the enemy of the people”.

    Robbie, “CG” to defend the media in 3……2…….1……

  84. mnw says:

    HHR is actually “The Troll Blog” now. They dominate, because real posters engage with them.

    I was out of the country for 3 weeks, & I noticed about half of all the posts here came from troll Wobbles the airline pilot. You guys must really admire his style & wit.

  85. Bitterlaw says:

    I wish the media would challenge and investigate all politicians regardless of political party. Go after Trump, Pelosi, Warren, Ryan, etc.

    Sue me.

  86. Bitterlaw says:

    I thought about posting about the destruction in Sweden but then realized Sweden is just a zzzzzzzzzzz country. They will probably have it cleaned up quickly and hug the rioters.

  87. Bitterlaw says:

    96 I will switch Cruz for Ryan. I like Ryan. Still, every politician should be watched.

  88. Cash Cow TM says:


    (It is linked on DRUDGE now)

    Justice Ketchum resigned.

    Justice Loughery has the 23 count federal indictment dropped on him, has been suspended without pay, but refused to resign and declares he is innocent of all charges.

    House of Delegates has passed various articles of impeachment against
    –Justice Alan Loughery
    –Justice Margaret Workman
    –Justice Robin Davis

    REJECTED article of impeachment for Justice Beth Walker on a vote of 44 yea to 51 nay.

  89. Cash Cow TM says:

    I may be wrong.

    On article V, it looks like the WV House of Delegates did vote to impeach Justice Walker along with all the rest.

  90. Cash Cow TM says:


    The House of Delegates is currently debating the last Article of Impeachment–which specifically brings impeachment charges against Justice Beth Walker.

    SO FAR, Justice Walker has NOT had any article of impeachment passed against her.

    I will let you know if the House of Delegates adds Justice Walker to all the other 4 remaining SC justices they have already voted to impeach.
    They have not voted to impeach Justice Ketchum since he already resigned.

    So far:
    –1 resigned
    –three others have had articles of impeachment passed against them
    –Justice Beth Walkers fate still hangs in the balance as the delegates are debating and have not yet voted.

    For the record, had he still been serving in the House, I do not think Walt would have voted to impeach Beth Walker.
    But I could be wrong.

    Walker was elected to the SC in 2016–a newby…

    There is an amendment to remove Beth Walker from this last Article of Impeachment–that is what they are debating…the amendment to remove Walker from the impeachment article.

  91. Cash Cow TM says:

    12 yeas
    80 something nos.
    Amendment rejected.
    (amendment to remove Justice Walker from the articles of impeachment and i essence NOT impeach her)

    Looks like the House will also impeach her and make it a clean sweep of the WV SC (one resignation and 4 remaining being impeached…

  92. Blobbie says:

    Sean Hannity: Do you see crimes?

    Rudy Giuliani: Absolutely. I just told you one. The perjury on the affidavit. I was telling you about Hillary crimes a year before Comey outlined them all… She got off in a fixed investigation — run by Peter Strzok! Hah-hah. They dossier is obtained the day that they dropped the case against Hillary… I’m gonna tell you who orchestrated, who was the quarterback for all of this. It isn’t just Strzok. He’s a bit of a puppet. It’s not just Mueller, he’s a puppet…

    Sean Hannity: I have a funny feeling you’re about to drop a bomb on me.

    Rudy Giuliani: The guys running it was Brennan. And he should be in front of a grand jury.

  93. Blobbie says:

    Sean Hannity interviewing Rudy Guiliani is a sure sign that Trump will be impeached. If Trump was innocent, Rudy would have been on MSNBC or CNN

  94. Bitterlaw says:

    I could look it up but I will just ask Cash Cow – WTF is going on down there with the SC?

  95. lisab says:

    the strzok fundraiser has reached its goal of at least $150,000

    currently $151,490

  96. Tina says:

    Comrade Brennan. Yes, he was the qb

    But who was the Coach?

    President 1.5 percent gdp?

  97. Cash Cow TM says:

    Justice Walker
    51 votes to impeach
    44 votes NOT to impeach.



    I predict the Senate will NOT impeach Walker.

    WILL impeach Loughery
    May impeach Davis–but doubtful…
    May impeach Workman–but doubtful…

  98. Cash Cow TM says:

    You mo-fos just do not get how historic this is.


  99. Cash Cow TM says:

    Bitter–my friend,

    Feds were investigating two of the WV SC justices.

    One, Justice Ketchum, resigned due to what the federal investigation found. Charges were improper use of state vehicles and other charges. Ketchum pled mia culpa to the feds, resigned from the SC, paid back the cost of years of using state vehicle for personal gain to the state…

    Justice Loughery had a 23 count federal indictment plunked on him. improper use of state vehicles, mail fraud, lying to federal investigators, witness tampering, taking a $42,000 historic Cass Gilbert desk and a couch from the capitol to his home for his own use, etc., etc. etc.

    Justice Lougherty was jailed, process, bonded out. He has also been suspended from the SC without pay and awaiting trial. Lougherty refuses to resign from SC. Claims he is innocent of all charges, blah, blah, blah. Fedw will have a trial for him down the road.

    ALL the justices spent many hundreds of thousands to renovate their offices recently–a $32,000 couch, a $25,000 rug, all sorts of glitzy excesses of things. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!

    Justice Davis has arthritis and spent $65,000 for a CHAIR for her office. Her office was redone with all stainless steel glass topped everything, track lighting in the floors, etc. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!

    They spent over $100,000 for framing of pictures.

    The justices were all in on a plan to skirt a federal law regarding 1099 forms in hiring retired circuit judges to fill in for other sitting circuit judges due to vacancy due to illness, etc. The law says the retired judge cannot make more than the sitting judge. But they found a work around and RETIRED judges coming out of retirement to pinch hit for some circuit judge who had a stroke or whatever were making more than the sitting judge (VIOLATION OF STATE LAW). Fed IRS investigated and fined the WV SC to the tune of 7 figures (fine paid with WV taxpayer dollars).

    WV is the ONLY state in the nation where the LEGISLATURE has NO control over the court’s HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. The legislature MUST approve whatever budget (no questions asked) that the WV SC submits to operate all the court systems in WV. NO OVERSIGHT!

    These SC asshats are elected to a 12 year term…

    When WALT was in the legislature, the legislature had to plug budget holes of $400 to $600 MM dollars ($4B GR budget)–while the WV SC was sitting on MILLIONS OF SURPLUS FUNDS AND SPENDING MONEY LIKE DRUNKEN SAILORS TO RENOVATE THEIR OFFICE IN A SICKENINGLY LAVISH WAY.

    In Nov., the WV voters have a chance to correct that through a constitutional amendment to give the legislature control over the SC budget.

  100. lisab says:

    west virginia is a state?

  101. Cash Cow TM says:

    Good For You, lisab.

  102. Cash Cow TM says:


    Research has found that 6 out of 7 dwarves are not Happy.

  103. lisab says:

    real states have things like

    bells … sc judges … bells

  104. DW says:

    From RRH, for what its worth:

    August 14, 2018 at 8:25 am
    Florida Hispanic poll. Appears to be done by Dem groups.
    Nelson 44
    Scott 41
    This poll finding is deep, deep trouble for Bill Nelson. If Rick Scott is at +/-60% of FL Cub-Ams, then Nelson HAS to be at 80% with everyone else. 47% of Boricuas is absolute doomsday. #FlaPol #FLSEN