Election Night Thread – Mississippi Runoff

Polls close at 8pm EST…Go!

Posted by Dave at 7:00 pm
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  1. Tina says:

    Have we lost Mississippi yet?

  2. Cash Cow TM says:

    Must be if they are having runoff…

  3. Bitterlaw says:

    If Bitter is around, I would want to know if there are any legal ramifications for purposefully holding onto information for partisan reasons. It’s a possibility

    Barrett – Without looking it up, probably not at this stage. This is an “investigation” and I do not believe Mueller has to reveal the evidence he relies upon he makes his report. HOWEVER, failing to disclose evidence on Manafort or anybody prosecuted that might have served as a defense to the charges is a bad thing and can get convictions tossed and lawyers disciplined.

  4. Avi says:

    I wonder how many members oh Herr Müllers family served as Einsatzgruppen?

  5. Marco Rubio says:

    Let’s win in Mithithippi, freinds!

    And thank you for your thupport!

  6. Hugh says:

    When do the polls close

  7. mnw says:

    Polls in MS closed 20 minutes ago.

  8. VictrC says:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Espy is winning!! with 5,000 votes counted LOL

    sorry loyal dem trolls on the site 😉

  9. VictrC says:

    WAIT!!! now they are exactly tied!!! what a race folks.

  10. Tina says:

    We need to count all under votes for Epsy.


  11. Marco Rubio says:

    Fweinds, don’t worry we will win in Mithithippi and now Florida has joined the New Red Thouth!

    The Thouth shall rise AGAIN!

  12. Phil says:

    Uh, Smith needs to pick it up. First 7 counties in she is badly underperforming in each. Just saying….

  13. VictrC says:


    was just looking at that. She is severely underperforming in counties like desoto and jasper and Warren

    I hope this doesn’t turn into a close race. This really needs to be at least a 10-12% win

  14. Cash Cow TM says:

    This may come down to the vote in Tishomingo, Issaquena and Pontotoc counties…

  15. Dylan says:

    Win or lose (and nothing to do with gender)–she is an absolutely mediocre candidate in every possible way. Has anyone listened to this lady talk and the (non) substantive stuff that comes out of her mouth? (I’m not talking about the hanging thing either). The NRSC needs to be a lot better with who they run in these races. Failure of vision with this lady.

  16. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    It is way to early to see any trends with only a sprinkling of precincts coming in for several counties.

  17. Tina says:

    I see a trend of Republican Doom.


  18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    55% to 45% Smith with 7% in. Put the doom and gloom aside.

  19. VictrC says:


    LOL. I was going to make a jebot comment, but decided against it. Thanks for picking up the slack 😉

  20. Cash Cow TM says:

    Pike county
    4% in

    Espy 210
    Smith 3

  21. VictrC says:

    SDC – glad to see that the vote is coming in better. I admit, it was way to early to start questioning the vote, but seriously didn’t want to read 400 posts of why republicans are in doom and how anyone who doesn’t agree that the President should be tar and feathered is a miserable human being.

  22. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    22. Understand what your saying. The vote totals we are seeing so far do not indicate a 10-12%. As a candidate, she was not exactly stellar.

  23. Dylan says:

    Let’s face it. Sen. Cory Gardner (head of the NRSC) from the BLUE state of CO is not exactly recruiting stellar candidates–granted, this lady was an incumbent but still. . . .not impressed.

  24. mnw says:

    I guess that animated TURD who kept preening about his 2-ton redhot mama Stacy*? Won’t be checking in to gloat tonight?

    Right, “sport”? You there, zh*t head?

    *”[She] can’t even run her own life, I’ll be damned if she’ll run mine.” THAT Stacy, remember her, sport?

  25. VictrC says:

    SDC and Dylan

    Couldn’t agree more, though in Florida, has anyone ever won the number of close elections that Rick Scott has. That man has literally nine political lives.

    I bet he is glad he doesn’t have to run for six years.

  26. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Smith was appointed, and her only elective office was Commissioner of Agriculture. This is her first election, and she proved to have hoof and mouth issues.

  27. mnw says:

    25% in now, & Smith is up +12 points. What’s not to like here?

    I don’t agree that Smith had hoof & mouth disease. That’s legacy media bull shine, just like it was with DeSantis.

    FAUX News is trying to make it sound like a nail biter, of course.

  28. Cash Cow TM says:

    Amite county all in.

    Trump 4300……….Smith 2700
    HRC 2700……….Espy 1950

  29. Cash Cow TM says:


    Hinds county in heavy D.
    30% in right now
    Espy net +11,000

    Plus, the western counties bordering Miss. R. are heavy D and many of them not reported yet.

  30. VictrC says:


    In the just concluded Senate Race Wicker won 60.6% – 36.7%, She is at 58.3% so running about 2.5% behind, while Espy is getting 41.7% so 5% ahead. (he’s picked up the other voters that made up the 100%)

    so shes not doing enough to lose, but will probably be less than 10% margin of victory.

  31. marc says:

    I’ve seen enough and I am ready to called the Mississippi Special election for Cindy Hyde-Smith.

  32. Waingro says:

    “MADISON COUNTY (Affluent Jackson suburbs): 56-44% Hyde-Smith (was 58-42% Rep in primary). 33% of precinct vote in. Great result for CHS, since Espy needed crossover vote in this county that is part high income suburb and part Delta (Nissan plant here as well).”

    “BOTTOM LINE; Now we’re up to 43% in, and CHS up 55-45%. CHS mostly hitting her targets, with only two current exceptions: Forrest (Hattiesburg, which contains USM) and Jackson (Pascagoula along the Gulf Coast).”

  33. Cash Cow TM says:

    Toshimingo and George counties both all in

    Smith wins both, nets margins of 3800 and 3900 respectively.

  34. mnw says:

    I’m not interested in style points.

  35. Bitterlaw says:

    The fact that we are closely watching the result of an election in MISSISSIPI is not a good sign for the GOP.

  36. VictrC says:

    mnw agreed a win is a win. I am sure we would have liked to have 1,000 more votes in a lot of house races, which would have meant flipping seats back to us.

  37. Cash Cow TM says:

    Wilkinson county all in (extreme SW Mississippi)

    2016 Hillary wins by 1500 vote margin.
    2018 Espy wins by 1000 vote margin

  38. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Think the race is about ready to be called.

    Next time I go to a public hanging, expect Smith to be in the front row.

  39. VictrC says:

    Bitter – I think its more of an understanding that we won’t have another election until the primaries start in over a year (well any that is interesting that is), plus the media fascination with the fact we would lose this seat. I think that is what is making us watch it

    Plus the fact that I am in an airport waiting for a delayed flight 🙂

  40. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    36. “The fact that we are closely watching the result of an election in MISSISSIPI is not a good sign for the GOP.”

    Maybe so Bitter, but a 57% to 43% lead for Smith with 52% of the vote in doesn’t exactly qualify as a nail-bitter.

  41. mnw says:

    Judging by the fact that there are only 37 posts, we must not be watching it very, VERY closely.

    She’s up by 12 points or so, with about 40% in.

    The legacy media had been pimping this as an upset special for the last week.

  42. Tina says:

    Has Faux found the caravan?

  43. Cash Cow TM says:

    Coahoma county all in (north western MS)

    2016 Hillary wins with 1500 margin.(8800 votes cast)
    2018 Espy wins by 3300 margin. (6550 votes cast)

  44. VictrC says:


    He increased his vote total from election day by 5% from 70% to 75%. by comparison in the Wicker race it was 62%-35%. So the fact that it is Espy may be helping his numbers.

  45. Cash Cow TM says:

    Jasper county all in
    2016 Hillary wins by 330 margin. (8400 votes cast)
    2018 Espy wins by 900 margin. (7400 votes cast)

  46. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    David Wasserman called it for Hyde-Smith. Said she had an “underwhelming margin.”

  47. Bitterlaw says:

    Why don’t you turn on Fox News and watch the coverage, Tina? Oh wait. You don’t watch it but have strong opinions about it.

  48. Cash Cow TM says:

    Warren county all in
    (0nly western county Trump won in 2016)
    2016 Trump wins by 900 margin (18,000 votes cast)
    2018 Espy wins by 900 margin (13,600 votes cast)

  49. Waingro says:

    #47, the “non partisan” prognosticators can’t help but take cheap shots at and downplay Republicans.

  50. Tina says:

    So, bl became part of the thought police.

  51. Waingro says:

    #48, isn’t Fox News 100% MAGA this time of night too?

  52. Cash Cow TM says:

    Hyde Smith underperforming….
    Will be less than a 10 point margin…

    Hinds county heavy D
    42% in
    25,000 Espy
    3,800 the woman

  53. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    62% reporting; Hyde-Smith 56% to 44% Espy.

  54. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    67% reporting, Hyde-Smith 56% to 44% Espy.

  55. Cash Cow TM says:

    Issaquena county all in

    2016 Hillary wins by margin of 100. (700 votes cast)
    2018 Espy wins by margin of 77. (531 votes cast)

  56. Waingro says:

    NBC calls it for Hyde-Smith

  57. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    M.Joseph Sheppard
    “Lee County, the home of Tupelo, hosted the president while he stumped on behalf of Hyde-Smith yesterday. About half of its precincts have reported and she leads by 33 points”

  58. mnw says:

    A lot of the deep red counties (the one with Gulfport) have MORE of their vote out than deep blue Hinds (Jackson) does.

  59. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    71% reporting Hyde-Smith 56% to 44%

  60. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    M.Joseph Sheppard
    More genius commentary

    ” We’ve learned that Mississippi is still very Republican, but I think we already knew that.”

  61. marc says:

    The media is desperate to make Mississippi a competitive race. They are now calling Smith a weak candidate and not strong when she’s up in 2020,knowing that it’s a presidential election and Mississippi has very little ticket split.

    Hyde Smith has that Senate seat for has along has she can hold it.

  62. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    73% reporting Hyde-Smith 56% to 44% Espy.

  63. New York Times calls it for Hyde-Smith.

  64. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    M.Joseph Sheppard
    “Hyde-Smith has run significantly behind GOP’s performance in initial vote, actually ran ahead in George County in southeastern corner near Biloxi (a place Trump campaigned yesterday) now 100% reporting she won it by 70 points, 85 to 15% after GOP carried it by 67 in first round

  65. Cash Cow TM says:

    Forrest county

    2016 Trump by 4000 (of 27000 votes cast)
    2018 Espy up by net of 2,800–with 54% in….)

  66. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    61. ” We’ve learned that Mississippi is still very Republican, but I think we already knew that.”

    What happened to the blue wave?

  67. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Something odd about the “racist misogynist” party;

    GOP Jennifer Carroll first Black Lt.Governor of Florida
    GOP Carlos López-Cantera, Florida’s first Hispanic Lt.Governor
    GOP Jeanette Nunez Florida’s first Latina Lt.Governor
    GOP Hyde-Smith first female senator from Mississippi

  68. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    65. Believe Hyde-Smith also carried Tupelo by a big margin, the other place that Trump campaigned for her.

  69. Cash Cow TM says:


    Cow calls it for Hyde-Smith

    I talked to my friend Terry Yaki down in Tupelo, MS and he says it will be an 8.8% margin of victory.

  70. Tina says:

    Sdc, see #58

    That would be Lee County (Tupelo).

  71. Bitterlaw says:

    No, Tina. You sound like a liberal condemning a newtwork you don’t watch. I don’t watch the cable news channels regularly but I do skip from channel to channel on election nights.

  72. Cash Cow TM says:

    6 D counties not reporting anything yet.
    and 2 R counties not reporting anything yet.

  73. Tina says:

    6 D counties?

    Now, where is the ex-broward county election supervisor when you need her?

  74. Cash Cow TM says:

    2016 Hillary wins Jefferson Davis county by 1260.
    2018 Espy wins Jefferson Davis county by 1220.

  75. Cash Cow TM says:

    Espy wins and nets
    2200 Adams county
    2500 Jefferson county
    1100 in Quitman county
    2100 in Claiborne county

  76. Cash Cow TM says:

    Espy might get another 16,000 more (net) in Hinds.

  77. Tina says:

    Richard Baris
    Okay, Cindy Hyde-Smith is going to at least come very close to matching Wicker in his Lee County. Still precincts out, but she’s improved marginally as the picture gets clearer. Better thank you know who… like tonight…

    7:11 PM – Nov 27, 2018

  78. VictrC says:

    At this point she is only trailing Wicker’s 58.5% by 3.5%, which considering the fact she was not a good candidate and running against a known entity in Espy, who was a former Congressman, Executive branch official and is African-American truly isn’t that bad.

    It think it shows….Mississippi is still Republican territory (to paraphrase someone here)

  79. Tina says:

    BREAKING: Brenda Snipes reported that she found 80,000 votes for Mike Espy in an Avis van. #MSsen

    7:37 PM – Nov 27, 2018

  80. Cash Cow TM says:

    Hyde-Smith margin of win now down to 9.6%
    (under 10% as Cow predicted!)

  81. Tina says:

    53-47 in senate is good.

    This is an end around over the potential troublemakers:

    Maine Chicklet

    Senator planned parenthood aka the sea porker



  82. Phil says:

    53-47 in the Senate.

    Suck on that, Chuckie.

  83. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    78. “Better thank you know who…”

    Who has spoken:

    Congratulations to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith on your big WIN in the Great State of Mississippi. We are all very proud of you!

  84. Phil says:

    …and Flake is finally gone – an added bonus of the first order.

  85. Cash Cow TM says:

    Still no results from D counties

    Nor from R county

  86. Tina says:

    Yes, you know who has commented.

    More comments tomorrow about Fuhrer Mulehead.

    I wonder if they just release the Manafort fisa warrant. This zouks prove whether he met with the Wiki dude.

    I mean it is really simple. Unless you just want to state sources say.?

  87. Cash Cow TM says:

    2016 Trump won Madison county by 7000 (56-40%)
    2018 Hyde-Smith winning Madison by 3000 (53-46%)

  88. Cash Cow TM says:

    Espy wins it by 900 votes net.

  89. Cash Cow TM says:

    Espy cannot pick up more than 7K net in the two not yet reporting D counties.

    Hinds about done…Espy might pick up another 1000-1500 there.
    otoh, Hyde-smith should net another 2500 in Perry (nothing reported yet)

  90. Cash Cow TM says:

    Overall, looks like Espy (D) picks up 2 counties more than did Hillary in 2016.

  91. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Am sure the RRH Elections people are very happy with their poll. They projected 54% Hyde-Smith and 44% Espy. With 94% reporting, its now 54.4% Hyde-Smith and 45.6% Espy.

  92. Cash Cow TM says:


    Espy nets about 1500

  93. Cash Cow TM says:

    Bolivar in

    Espy nets 3,800.

    Hyde-Smith ahead 54-46%

    (less than 10%…8% actually…)

    Perry (R county) still not reporting anything…

    I sure hope that county will bring it to my predicted 8.8% win margin!

  94. Cash Cow TM says:

    Margin of Hyde-Smith win right now is 7.8%!!!

  95. walt says:

    I think we should thank Cash Cow for her stellar reporting on the MS race.

    Looks like she called it pretty good!

  96. Cash Cow TM says:


    53.8%…462K Hyde-Smith
    46.2%…397K Espy

    2 D counties not all in yet
    2 R counties not all in yet
    1 R county nuttin yet at all!

  97. Cash Cow TM says:

    Still out:

    Perry (nuttin yet)
    Lamar (currently 705 in with
    8674 H-S
    2948 Espy)

  98. Cash Cow TM says:

    Lamar all in
    Hyde-Smith nets 8,300..]\

    Perry county still nuttin…wtf?

  99. Cash Cow TM says:

    “mnw says:
    November 27, 2018 at 9:35 pm
    25% in now, & Smith is up +12 points. What’s not to like here?

    I don’t agree that Smith had hoof & mouth disease.”

    Hoof and mouth disease is nothing to laugh about.

  100. Cash Cow TM says:

    Now that this Ms special election is in the can, can we discuss something else?

    One of Trump’s downfalls is poor judgement, including who he picked for some positions in his administration.
    Picking Sen. Jeff Sessions for his AG turned out to be a big mistake.

    1. Trump goes to war with and for months criticizes his own AG appointee.

    2. Finally asks for Sessions resignation
    (Cow posits that Trump wanted an AG who would investigate, prosecute and jail Hillary…which Sessions would not do…)

    3. GOP loses Sessions in the senate and then a D wins the Senate seat.

    Is this the biggest mistake of Trump so far?
    [Why did he not appoint Chris Christie to be AG 2 years ago?
    That looked like a good choice to me…]

  101. Cash Cow TM says:

    Off to bed…

  102. Cash Cow TM says:

    Last to bed
    first to thead…

    Wake up, gooses!

  103. Bitterlaw says:

    That is a big cow. But she could never take your place in our hearts, Cash Cow.

  104. Cash Cow TM says:

    first to THREAD…

  105. Cash Cow TM says:

    Aw…Thanks, Bitter!

    Cash Cow

  106. Barrett says:

    Congratulations to Cindy Hyde-Smith – despite liberal media attempts to paint her as a belligerent racist, she won by 7.8% and is (as far as I know) the first woman elected to the Senate in Mississippi.

    But the democrats won’t talk about her breaking that glass ceiling. Pathetic.

  107. mnw says:

    MS has the largest AA population by percentage of all 50 states– 37%. It also is 4% Latino.

    Given that, it’s somewhat surprising that Espy didn’t run as well as Abrams in GA, or Gillum in FL. Espy started with a larger base than either of those two.

  108. mnw says:

    The corresponding figures for GA & FL are 30.5% & 17%, btw.

  109. Hugh says:

    Good we won one.

  110. mnw says:

    Someone like McCain or Murkowski can no longer place a SCOTUS nominee in instant peril.

  111. Phil says:

    …..or Flake.

  112. GPO says:

    Not sure if this was posted- finally after all these judicial appointments, one circuit is about to flip

  113. Bitterlaw says:

    mnw – When did McCain place a SCOTUS nomination in peril?

  114. Wes says:

    He never did, Bitter. He even voted for Bork.

  115. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – McCain will always be the villain in mnw’s nightmares.

    I am glad Hyde-Smith won but I don’t think a 54% win for the GOP in Mississippi is a soothing result.

  116. Cash Cow TM says:

    Trivia tidbit…
    Rep. Gerald Ford was approved to be VP by the senate by a 92 to 3 vote.

    Which 3 Senators voted NO on Ford?

    Senators Thomas F. Eagleton (D-MO), William D. Hathaway (D–ME) and Gaylord Nelson (D–WI)

  117. Barrett says:

    McCain was fine. I find it difficult to believe that so many Republicans would turn on him just because Donald Trump doesn’t like him.

    McCain did a better job of keeping Arizona Red than Trump could ever hope to do.

  118. Wes says:

    It was a special with high black turnout, Bitter. The media also tried to say Hyde-Smith was a racist. Those were factors in the race. It doesn’t bode well for Dems in the state going forward.

  119. Bitterlaw says:

    Barrett – McCain’s failure to vote for the Do Not Repeal/Do Not Replace Obamacare bill turned many here against him.

  120. Cash Cow TM says:

    Well la, tee, dah!

    Perry county MS votes are now in.

    Hyde-Smith nets about 1500 votes.

    Finals (rounded):
    479K Hyde-Smith..54%
    408K Espy……..46%
    Terry Yaki told me it would be an 8.8% margin.
    But it ended up 8%.
    I will never trust Terry Yaki again.

  121. Cash Cow TM says:

    Is Trump’s appointment of Sessions the worst mistake of his administration so far?

    [see #102 above]

  122. Barrett says:

    Wes, I would attribute Hyde-Smith’s win to the fact that the Republican voting block in MS is partially immune to the media’s constant effort to push the narrative of identity politics.

    She’s not a racist. I’d watch a public hanging too – the comment in and of itself does not exclude white people.

  123. Barrett says:

    #122 – I love it when a Republican dedicates his entire life to the cause, and then everyone eats him alive when he does one thing they don’t like.

    Some people can’t see the forest for the trees.

  124. Phil says:

    Difference between Alabama and Mississippi races…. Moore, as terrible a candidate as he was would have squeaked in by a couple of points, but his rural margins were eroded by ten points or so. Smith faced no such erosion. In about half the rural counties she actually improved a couple of points over Trump’s margins.

    Moore was truly a dreadful candidate. Worst ever. Thank God he is gone for good.

  125. mnw says:


    Does Gang of 7 count? Or is that tragic & tawdry McCain trick irrelevant, because it happened under a different GOP POTUS?

    I should’ve been more precise (sigh) & said, “Senators like McCain and Murkowski can no longer singlehandedly place GOP federal judicial nominees in instant peril.”


  126. Barrett says:

    Say what you want about McCain. The gang of 7 wasn’t his finest moment. We could also have a conversation about Trump’s “finest moments”.

  127. janz says:

    Both McCain & trump shared the often unattractive tendency of “punching back” when they felt personally under attack.

  128. Barrett says:

    Fair to say that one punched back with a little less decency than the other.

  129. mnw says:

    “Punching back”? Is that what saving Obamacare & the Gang of 7 were? Just “punching back”?

  130. Bitterlaw says:

    McCain was not perfect. However, at least he never donated to Hillary, Schumer and Teid as well as other Democrats.

    NYC to issue Trump a free pass in 3…2…1…

  131. Bitterlaw says:


    Any other person doing that would be roasted at HHR. Trump? Zzzzzzz

  132. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    WTF—since you worked on the Harris campaign in NC CD-9, what do you know about the non-certification of the outcome by the State Board of Electors? Are the Democrats attempting to steal anothe Republican CD?

  133. Barrett says:

    #132 – “Punching back” was used in #130, not my original statement.

  134. NYCmike says:


    The primary passed already. Trump didn’t get my vote then, when the donation issue was an actual reason NOT to vote for him.

    Come into the future!

  135. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC’s free pass is that Trump’s donations no longer matter.

    Meanwhile, we are supposed to go after dead McCain for his actions.

    Got it.

  136. janz says:

    “According to UAW leaders, GM CEO Mary Barra made the final decision to eliminate 14,000 employees after lobbying from former President Obama and other Democrat leaders. Citing the strategic midwest locations of the plants for the 2020 election..”

  137. Bitterlaw says:

    If you want to learn about American political news, go to British newspapers. Saying you want to poison an opponent’s family? Those whacky Dems.

  138. NYCmike says:

    “Meanwhile, we are supposed to go after dead McCain for his actions.”

    -Gang of 7 actions are still causing ripples, as is his “thumbs down” pettiness.


  139. NYCmike says:

    #139 – Is the UAW saying that Obama and others lobbied for closings in the midwest?

    Am I reading that correctly?

  140. Bitterlaw says:

    A prime beneficiary of Trump’s donations, Schumer, is still causing trouble in the Senate.

  141. NYCmike says:

    -This guy is the biggest piece of cr*p that I have ever seen! The Clintons are starting to look like amateur liars next to this j*ck*ss.

  142. NYCmike says:

    “A prime beneficiary of Trump’s donations, Schumer, is still causing trouble in the Senate.”


    Without those $$$, Wendy Long would now be a United States Senator! That 44% spread in votes was a direct result of Trump’s donations!

  143. janz says:

    McCain derived a lot of sustained political capital from his POW imprisonment.  However, like Trump, he was a deeply flawed individual —-> leaving a sick wife to marry Cindy; many incidents of a bad, raging temper, especially when running for president; his banking and campaign finance failures; questionable consorting with Syrian rebels; his sleazy participation in getting the infamous dossier to the FBI; giving the finger to healthcare reform legislation are but a few of the less than outstanding events surrounding his life.  Then you can add in the self aggrandizing of the funeral he planned for himself.  I grew to respect McCain less and less as he got older and older.

  144. CG says:

    The claim that John McCain left a “sick wife” to marry Cindy is completely and utterly false.

    The person saying that might be confusing him with Newt Gingrich.

  145. CG says:

    The rest of that hysterical diatribe is false or ridiculous as well of course, but I chose to focus on the glaring factual mistake.

  146. CG says:

    In regards to “Gang of 7”, actually “Gang of 8”

    It was a bipartisan group of Senators. What they proposed and were unable to pass was *far* less generous towards illegal immigrants than what Trump has at times publicly said he would support. One of those times was in the Oval Office with Democrat Senators in front of cameras. That went far beyond anything ever said in a press conference that McCain (or Rubio) attended.

    Had the bipartisan “Gang of 8” legislation passed, illegal immigration would have been curtailed, including an end to chain migration and the diversity visa lottery. Democrats would have had a campaign issue taken away from them that they used to great effect in 2018 and might again in the future.

  147. NYCmike says:


    His first wife was not sick.

    He proposed to Cindy, and got the marriage license in Arizona, when he was still married to the first wife.

  148. NYCmike says:

    But Trump is a really bad guy……McCain is an angel, Trump the devil incarnate when compared to each other.

  149. CG says:

    Whatever personal or professional flaws McCain had and had readily acknowledged (which in part led me to twice supporting other Republicans over him in Presidential primaries)in comparison to those of Donald Trump…….

    Absolutely none whatsoever….

    Trump is not worthy to have shined McCain’s shoes.

  150. NYCmike says:

    “President Trump is not worthy to have shined McCain’s shoes.”

    -Maybe he could have shown McCain how to win a nationwide election……

  151. CG says:

    Right after he showed McCain his bone spurs.

  152. janz says:

    Obama’s pattern of leadership is to take credit for anything successful circling his presidency, and to otherwise blame those before or after him for anything bad.

    For instance, when BO came into office Iraq had stabilized following Bush’s surge, accompanied by a SOFA agreement extending into 2011, that had been worked out by his predecessor. Consequently VP Biden exuberantly announced the taming of Iraq would be one of Obama’s signature accomplishments. However, due to no renegotiation of the SOFA agreement, along with a knee-jerk withdrawal of all the military despite the disagreement of his national security advisers, BO cleared out of Iraq and chaos followed. The outcome then returned to being Bush’s fault again.

    Now BO is claiming the current economic boon is due to the guidance under his presidency. A WSJ article, though, disagrees, showing side-by-side stats between the Obama and Trump years. One stat that stood out referenced the last 21 months of Obama’s term, where a little over 800 new jobs were created every month. In contrast, during the first 21 months of the Trump administration 75,000 new jobs were created every month. Nonetheless, you have BO going around jeering Trump and touting the good economy as his success, and any economical wreath should be over his head.

  153. lisab says:

    mccain, by all accounts, was not a particularly nice man. he had a bad temper and lashed out a lot.

    he suffered greatly in vietnam, so i am sure that played a part of it.

    whatever his flaws or his noble characteristics, he is dead. it is a waste of time to discuss him.

  154. NYCmike says:

    Once again, notice that “CG” said nothing in response to Obama’s clear lies about drilling in America.

  155. CG says:

    Just about everyone who has ever claimed that McCain “lashed out” against them, said that he would go on to apologize and then be friends with them.

    Another huge contrast with DJT.

  156. CG says:

    What am I supposed to say about Obama here? Is there something that I am required to comment on?

    If Obama had fans here, I would have plenty to be negative about in regards to him. I did that for years.

    Here, I am stuck with the Trump lackeys who need to be educated.

    I voted against Obama three times. I will only get to vote against Trump twice, if even that.

  157. NYCmike says:

    “Here, I am stuck with the Trump lackeys who need to be educated.”

    -As opposed to lackeys for the Bush family and for lifelong politicians like McCain, who were never able to change the long-term trajectory towards MORE GOVERNMENT this nation has been on since they came on the scene 30-40 years ago.

  158. janz says:

    CG & NYC, you’re both right. McCain’s first wife, Carol Shepp a model, was not “sick,” but was severely injured in an auto accident during McCain’s detainment in Vietnam. gives a detailed account of how McCain left Shepp, along with the many affairs he had during his marriage to her. McCain, himself, called it one of his “moral failings.”

    I find it disingenuous to sanctimoniously gloss over one person’s failings, while hammering another’s because of the extreme dislike you have for someone. It reminds me of today’s biased press coverage of Obama versus Trump.

  159. CG says:

    I didn’t realize McCain was a “lifelong politician.” I guess running for office for the first time at age 46 qualifies him for your scorn. Nothing previous to that matters.

    I think both Presidents Bush were quite effective and would have accomplished even more, especially for the latter, if not for the “deadenders” who seem to prefer having issues to be angry about rather than solving.

    And I certainly do not see any trend toward “less government” with DJT. It’s a trend for far more, considering his interventionist big government trade programs and his stated desire for state-run media.

  160. CG says:

    janz quit digging yourself a bigger hole.

    The piece you linked to shows how wrong you were. You are too stubborn to admit it.

    McCain was captured in 1967. He suffered many injuries.

    Carol McCain was in a bad car accident in 1969. Her husband was never told.

    John McCain returned to America and his family in 1973.

    John and Carol’s marriage ended in 1980.

    She was not “sick” and it had nothing to do with her accident or the permanent injuries he sustained.

    He long ago accepted the responsibility for the moral failings that led to the break-up of his first marriage, but he did not leave a “sick wife” (unlike Gingrich who did that twice), and it is beyond hypocritical to claim his long-ago adultery, which he had acknowledged his sense of shame for, is somehow disqualifying, but the adultery that Donald Trump is proud to have committed is something to merely shrug off.

  161. CG says:

    I supported George W. Bush and Mitt Romney over McCain both times he sought the Presidency, and his long-ago adultery was part of the reason why. I have always been consistent. Yes, I did vote for McCain over Obama, proudly.

    There’s simply no comparison though about a flawed individual who broke up his first marriage (while still taking all legal responsibility for his wife’s two sons from her previous marriage)and then re-married happily for close to 40 years from a person who has cheated brazenly and recklessly on all three wives and seemed to think that his having committed sexual assault was something to either brag about or joke about.

    No comparison at all.

  162. CG says:

    According to NYC, life begins at age 46. That’s the best news of the day. I still have a ways to go until the beginning..

  163. NYCmike says:

    “And I certainly do not see any trend toward “less government” with DJT”

    -You are correct.

    Which is why the Republican Congress of 2017-18 should have set the agenda a lot more…..but alas, they are just as guilty as Trump.

  164. CG says:

    How could you want the Republican Congress to have opposed Trump when you side with those who say that anybody who ran away from standing with Trump lost because of it?

    Think before you type.

  165. SanDiegoCitizen says:


    “-This guy is the biggest piece of cr*p that I have ever seen! The Clintons are starting to look like amateur liars next to this j*ck*ss.”

    The reason Obama did not interfere with fracking was he believed in the “peak oil” theory. That we only had so much oil and natural gas, and they would run out in a few years. The production of low cost oil/gas ran political cover for him, as it created jobs and kept fuel prices low. When peak oil/gas proved bogus, Obama in his last term attempted to impose all sorts of onerous regulations on fracking and energy exploration.

    During his first campaign, Obama talked about the need for the price of gas to skyrocket, so that renewables would be able to compete. He supported the high energy prices you see in Europe. Obama poured billions of dollars into companies like Solyndra, which subsequently went under. Obama’s energy policies were a massive failure; thankfully free market forces made the U.S. and energy power, despite Obama.

  166. CG says:

    Of course the side note is once again from Politics101…

    In modern times, a President always controls Congress’s agenda, when they are of the same party.

    If you wanted outright civil war in the GOP (or still do), then you need to call for a complete split with Trump and for a change in nominees in 2020.

    But no, you stand with Trump each and every chance you get and find nothing is beyond excusable for him.

    So, own up to that at least.

  167. NYCmike says:

    “How could you want the Republican Congress to have opposed Trump when you side with those who say that anybody who ran away from standing with Trump lost because of it?”

    -Civics 101.

    The President does NOT write legislation. He can help.

    Congress writes legislation. They can seek input from the President. They do NOT have to ask for it, or take it from him/her.

    You can keep yapping about the “bully pulpit” and tweets, but there is no legal way to keep either the House and/or the Senate from proposing its own legislation (other than spending bills supposed to originate in House).

    The fact that they were not strong enough to do so is a problem which you continue to gloss over.

  168. NYCmike says:

    “In modern times, a President always controls Congress’s agenda, when they are of the same party.”

    -Utter and complete horsecr*p!

    2017 was a new Congress. Trump broke all the (unwritten) rules when he campaigned. There was no reason for Congress to allow him to set the agenda.

    Besides, other than tariffs, Trump ran on an agenda which the Republican Party had supported for more than 50 years.

  169. NYCmike says:

    The simple fact is that after 7 years of calling for, and campaigning on, the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, they had NOTHING.

    3….2…..1….Trump said “mean” things…..

  170. NYCmike says:

    “CG” really loves himself some cowards!

  171. CG says:

    Again, at the same time, you are saying Republicans should have opposed Trump while claiming that Republicans lost for not supporting Trump enough.

    You are beyond illogical on this.

    And frankly, I thought almost all of us agreed that over the past two years, the Republican Congress did pass some good legislation. Those tax cuts, deregulations, etc.. (plus judicial confirmations in the Senate.)

    Yet, you give them no credit for anything, and Trump nothing but a pat on the back for everything.

    Again, completely illogical.

  172. CG says:

    At the same time you say Republicans should have opposed Trump more you blame them for not supporting Trump enough. You have sided with Trump on every kerfuffle he has ever had with anyone, and now you said Republicans should have fought him in the Halls of Congress..

    If anybody could logically be accused of possibly being a “troll” who wanted Republicans to lose elections…

  173. CG says:

    It is common political sense that if a President is popular with the base of their party (which sadly Trump is), that the Congressmembers of that same party are going to defer to them as the leader of the party. After all, they don’t want to fall out of favor with the voters who could actually vote them out in the primary.

    General elections can have dire consequences though.

    Democrats suffered greatly in midterms because of their association with Obama’s policies and 2018 saw Republicans suffer because of Trump.

    Obama won reelection because people were opposed to his policies more than they were opposed to him and he was able to sell himself.

    The difference with Trump is that people are opposed to both his policies and dislike him personally, even more so the latter, which is why his reelection is a far greater gamble than Obama’s was.

    One thing Trump and Obama may have in common though is that neither probably really cared or cares much at all about who might have lost an election on their “side” as long as it wasn’t them. They both believe they are due unquestioned loyalty.

  174. CG says:

    NYC, if you wanted Republicans to oppose Trump in terms of expanding the power of the government, you would have applauded those who expressed opposition to Trump on tariffs and trade.

    You didn’t though. You attacked the Republicans who opposed Trump on tariffs and trade and said Trump was right on the matter all the way.

    Stick to a side.

  175. NYCmike says:

    -Making this will soften Robbie’s opinion of the Pope, since Trump would have had this kid deported if he had done the same thing to him.

  176. NYCmike says:

    “Again, at the same time, you are saying Republicans should have opposed Trump while claiming that Republicans lost for not supporting Trump enough.”

    -Not sure I ever said this.

    Also, the time for Congress to set the agenda was January 2017.

    If you think timing has nothing to do with when to put forth certain types of legislation, I can’t help you.

  177. CG says:

    Another important point in regards to the 2018 elections is that whatever discussions that right-leaning political junkies may have here or elsewhere about what defines “conservatism” and if Trumpism is inconsistent with it or not, that did not matter to the voters. It cannot be said that conservatives stayed home in 2018. They turned out in high numbers.

    People were more motivated though to oppose Trump and his party. Not because they felt they were not conservative enough but because they felt they were too conservative.

    So, the very definition of conservatism is changing under Trump, as it relates to both foreign and domestic matters. In politics, perception is reality, and Republicans lost a ton of elections this year because voters decided they wanted a balance on Trump and other Republicans from the left….

    So, that is what the landscape is as we approach the 2020 cycle.

  178. NYCmike says:

    In general, I don’t support tariffs.

    When presented with facts which say that we do NOT have free trade with certain countries, I looked at Trump’s threats of tariffs as something that could be useful.

    Time will ultimately have a verdict on whether or not that is the case. Seeing that certain countries did renegotiate certain aspects of trade deals was an early indication that it could work in some cases.

  179. NYCmike says:

    “You attacked the Republicans who opposed Trump on tariffs and trade and said Trump was right on the matter all the way.”

    -Actually, I did NOT attack those who opposed Trump on tariffs, and I did NOT say he is right on the matter.

    I DID say that we do NOT have free trade, and that we should try something different and see if it works.

    I do question those who reflexively say they support free trade, BUT want no changes to situations that are clearly NOT free trade.

  180. NYCmike says:


    Also, Trump will be gone after either 2020 or 2024. The media, and their Democratic partners, will still be in opposition.

    Maybe one day you will come to realize that Trump is not the issue.

  181. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    169. “If you wanted outright civil war in the GOP (or still do), then you need to call for a complete split with Trump and for a change in nominees in 2020.”

    Given that polling indicates nearly 90% of Republican voters support Trump; rather than a civil war, I would refer to it as a skirmish.

    Whatever I think of Trump personally, do credit him with major legislative accomplishments. He turned the tide on a lot of issues. It probably took an abrasive and pugnacious individual to do it. The days of milquetoast Republicanism is over.

  182. CG says:

    “In general, I don’t support tariffs.”

    But if Trump wants ’em, by golly you are gung-ho!

    Just embrace the obvious. You are a Trumpist, first, last, and always. Nothing else matters.

    The good news for you is that with each passing day, jason is becoming more and more your ally.

    One day you will be sharing a scrapple filled cannoli with him.

  183. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    182. “I DID say that we do NOT have free trade, and that we should try something different and see if it works. I do question those who reflexively say they support free trade, BUT want no changes to situations that are clearly NOT free trade.”


  184. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    185. That is a complete misrepresentation of what NYMike said.

  185. CG says:

    So, in other words, “Trump is right on tariffs and those who say otherwise need to get with the program or be called globalist scum.”

  186. CG says:

    He backed Trump’s protectionism to the hilt. Claimed Reagan did the same things. Said “Only Trump” can get the working class votes and we need to support him.

  187. CG says:

    The entire mindset expressed on this issue and others is that anybody who questions Trump is “the enemy.”

    It cannot be both that Republicans lost because they didn’t support Trump and they lost because they didn’t fight Trump enough.

    Not even Trump University could teach that logic.

  188. CG says:

    The “let’s try something different and see if it works”, regardless of what the consequences may be argument, is about the most anti-conservative, pro-leftist mindset one can have.

  189. CG says:

    Let’s not just “try something different” when all evidence suggests it would make things worse.

    Trump’s trade policies hurt Republicans at the ballot box and it is starting to hurt the economy and will hurt it far more if left in place.

    Trying it was wrong.

    Allowing Trump to take credit simply for “I tried something different” is foolish. He or others like him (especially Democrats) will use that as rationale for any sort of social or economic experimentation they want.

  190. lisab says:

    cash cow,

    maybe you should consider jenny craig

    It’s Not a Cow. It’s a Steer. And Wow, It’s Really Big.

  191. lisab says:

    That we only had so much oil and natural gas, and they would run out in a few years.

    the usa has HUGE coal reserves. easily more than enough for over 100 years.

    coal can be converted to oil at about $40 per barrel. it is old technology, but does require high initial investment.

    however, there is no danger of the usa running out of oil, even if our regular oil and shale ran out completely.

  192. CG says:

    Democrats today nominated Pelosi, who ran unopposed 203-32.

    She still needs to get to 218 on the House floor of course. With the disorganization involved in the effort to stop her, she probably will. Plenty of Democrats who pledged to oppose her will cave, just like plenty of Republicans who pledged to oppose Trump caved in 2016.

    The floor vote might be interesting though. Trump is on record that he would prefer Pelosi to get 218 votes rather than allowing Democrat disunity to make Kevin McCarthy Speaker.

    Is Trump wrong to call on House Republicans to call out the name “Pelosi” on their Speaker vote?

  193. lisab says:

    murphy brown was cancelled

    lack of ratings

  194. Barrett says:

    #190 – I should be able to say that “I am a true Republican, and yet I think our president is a loser”.

    Let’s go over the qualifiers:
    – I like my first amendment rights
    – I like my second amendment rights
    – I enjoy low taxes with a budget surplus
    – I don’t believe in fed funding for planned parenthood
    – I believe in a tougher stance overseas
    – I believe in Free trade
    – I would take capitalism over socialism any day
    – I’m on the fence about abortion
    – I want us to build a “barrier” on the US Mexico Border (my version is different than most)

    And yet, the fact that I don’t like the president makes me the enemy of the Republican Party.

  195. NYCmike says:

    “And yet, the fact that I don’t like the president makes me the enemy of the Republican Party.”

    -You people are weird, and overly sensitive.

  196. NYCmike says:

    Jaime Diamante?

  197. NYCmike says:

    I’ll speak for myself when I say I have not accused anyone of being an enemy of the Republican Party BECAUSE they don’t like the President.

    I probably have said a person is the enemy of the Republican Party if they use Trump as a reason to NOT VOTE FOR the Republican in any election they have to participate in.

  198. NYCmike says:

    Of course, that is not a blanket opinion, but is for particular cases.

  199. Messy says:

    If Trump pardons Manafort would you favor impeachment?

  200. CG says:

    Famously on HHR in 2016, a particular poster, who also made an appearance today said that anybody who opposed Trump was akin to those who fought the Founding Fathers and in league with the Mullahs in Iran and all the despots in the world, plus the “Bilderbergers”, (whatever that was supposed to mean.)

  201. CG says:

    Is anybody smart enough to know if an answering machine for a landline telephone would be functional during a supposed power outage?

    My guess is that there would have to be power for the answering machine to work. Why in the world did I get a message that my building is completely without power?

  202. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    194. “the usa has HUGE coal reserves. easily more than enough for over 100 years.”

    The Chinese have massive coal reserves too, and they are switching to natural gas as fast as possible. Try breathing the air in a major Chinese city like Beijing or Shanghai, and you will understand why. Their importing of LNG is expected to rise 60% between 2017-2023.

  203. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    In an act of amazing common sense, the Canadians are building a massive $40 billion dollar LNG export terminal in British Columbia to gain a share of the Chinese LNG market. British Columbia is traditional “green” in its politics. It still is green in the monetary sort of way. Trudeau speaks lovingly about the project.

  204. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    205. “Is anybody smart enough to know if an answering machine for a landline telephone would be functional during a supposed power outage?”

    Just a blind guess, does it have a battery?

  205. CG says:

    Per his show’s transcripts, Rush Limbaugh today said Martha McSally lost in Arizona because she did not support Donald Trump enough in her campaign and ran as a McCain Republican.

    Is he just a parody at this point? McSally ran as the staunchest of Trump supporter (even though she probably didn’t mean it)

    (McCain of course never lost a race in Arizona)

  206. CG says:

    The answering machine is plugged into a wall. When I had had power outages before, it would not work, so I am choosing to be optimistic that the automated message I received about a power outage was Fake News.

  207. NYCmike says:

    -“Pence was needed after Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., voted against Farr to protest the GOP leadership’s decision to block a unrelated bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller. In the 51-49 Senate, Flake’s opposition created a 50-50 tie that was broken by Pence.”

  208. CG says:

    Pence needs something to do. So what?

  209. NYCmike says:

    #204 – of course, the context was such that opposing Trump could lead to the election of another leftist similar to/worse than Obama, so the statement could be considered truthful.

  210. CG says:

    Nothing “truthful” about that diatribe from two years ago, but if you think so, it contradicts your whole “I don’t think you are an enemy..” statement. Clearly, you do.

  211. NYCmike says:

    Still pissed off that Hillary isn’t President…..too bad you didn’t spend the last 2 years pushing Republicans in Congress to act like conservatives when it comes to spending and healthcare policy.

  212. CG says:

    If I wanted Hillary to be President, I would have voted for her. Don’t be daft.

    Republicans in Congress did act like conservatives the last two years, and since Donald Trump is considered (falsely in my view) a conservative by the vast majority of Americans, Republicans suffered in many parts of the country. There is little I could have done about it. All my representatives, which had been Republican, are Democrats now.

    So, thanks to Trump and his leadership of the Republican Party, conservatism is in decline (court appointees aside I suppose) and the slide seems likely to deepen.

    Do Republicans ride the Trump Tran to investable destruction because his post-office Tweets will “own the libs” or do they toss him aside and return to the formula that has done well for Republicans before (as recently as 2014) and stands a far better chance of survival as America shifts generationally, economically, geographically, and ethnically.

  213. janz says:

    #163 — check out the post in #161 where it says:

    janz says:
    November 28, 2018 at 2:57 pm
    CG & NYC, you’re both right. McCain’s first wife, Carol Shepp a model, was not “sick,”

    The only holes being dug are by you CG, as you like to argue for the sake of simply arguing, without much substance attached to it.

    You also misrepresent what others post as well, twisting the words and meaning around so you can then attack them.

  214. Cash Cow TM says:

    The world would be a better place if there was not such a plethora of false stuff that is rigorously believed by people that is absolutely not true.

  215. Tina says:

    Fuhrer Mulehead asked Trump why the end platform changed about Ukraine?

    This is a waste of time.

    Fuhrer needs to be shut down for now getting involved in an election and coercing witnesses to lie.

    Even Alberto Gonzales has rebuked Fuhrer.

  216. Tina says:

    Breaking SWIFT BOAT AUTHOR, Corsi, files compalint against Fuhrer Mulehead.

    He has addressed complaint to ag Whitaker.

  217. Tina says:

    Fuhrer Mulehead is also leaking like a sieve.

    Grounds to be axed

  218. Tina says:

    ‘Sources Say’ is Greek for ‘Fake News’
    ‘Sources Say’ is Greek for ‘Fake News’
    Clintons’ Speaking Tour Opens to 83% Empty Seats, Coughing Fit (link: via

    I was in attendance.


  219. lisab says:

    China actually imports coal and is building MORE coal power plants.

    Coal imports by the world’s top consumer of the material used for power generation, heating and steelmaking rose in the first 10 months of 2018 to 252 million tonnes, up 11 percent from a year ago and not far below last year’s total of 279 million tonnes, according to official data.

  220. lisab says:

    dershowitz says mueller report will be devastating


    also says it will be unfair and that mueller has few credible witnesses

  221. mnw says:

    220 janz

    Think maybe you discovered… TROLL?

  222. marc says:

    So the Senate Judiciary Committee had to cancel its meeting for tomorrow where it would have voted on a batch of district circuit court judges and other justice nominations to send to the floor during the lame duck. Unfortunately, a certain grand standing Senator has threaten to vote against those in committee thus defeating them.

  223. Tina says:

    Schitt is not happy with trumps answers to Fuhrer Mulehead.

    How did schitt get the answers?

  224. Tina says:

    Stormy Daniels: Michael Avenatti Sued Trump For Defamation Against My Wishes

    She owes trumps attorneys over $300,000.

  225. Bitterlaw says:

    Does anybody else think it is absurd to compare Robert Muller to Hitler? I never understood the Fuhrer reference.

  226. NYCmike says:

    “Does anybody else think it is absurd to compare Robert Muller to Hitler?”

    -Yes, but it is more absurd to see people like you, “CG” and Robbie give a cr*p about it, when the real sin is the media making him out to be some sort of saintly figure because they believe he is going to “get” Trump.

  227. lisab says:

    fuhrer means leader in german

  228. Tina says:

    He is definitely no saint and since he appears to be covering for deep state, I have an issue with him.

    Also, since he interjected himself into the Republican platform, I think he either should run himself and change the platform that he finds offensive or wrong, or get off the gubment dole.

    Actually the House Republicans should have choked off the funding.

    But, like with obumblercare, they choked.

  229. Bitterlaw says:

    And lisab plays her games again…..

  230. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump is scum. I am glad he beat Hillary.

    Both can be true and NYC can F off.

  231. Tina says:

    Adam Schitt cried when he nominated madam piglosi for speaker.

    Game on.

    Trump will not back down from her, like feeble, Mute 43.

  232. lisab says:

    not a game, just a definition

    fuhrer means leader in german, it is still used in words today.

    der fuhrer is “the leader” which was hitler’s title in the nazi party. using that phrase will probably get you in trouble in germany today

  233. Wes says:

    This would not bode well for the Donald:

    Remember how exits showed Sinema did decently among Republicans? Now we know why: increasing hostility toward Trump. I’ve been saying since the election Trump needs a course correction. He’s shown no indication of willingness to make one though.

  234. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Have you any thoughts on the NC State Board of Elections not certifying Harris’ victory in NC CD-9? I know you and your spouse worked on his campaign.
    My answer is WTF!!!!!

  235. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold”! Dick’s Sporting Goods is feeling the pinch for its anti-2nd Amendment policies.

  236. Wes says:

    I was busy yesterday, Sheep, so I had no time to post here. Here’s what I can tell you:

    Bladen County had a cache off a couple hundred votes apparently cast for Harris challenged as fraudulent. That being the case, after their seizure and pending an investigation, the State Board of Elections refused to certify the results.

    Naturally Republicans are up in arms and are threatening legal action. This could end up in federal court.

    That said, the number of challenged ballots isn’t enough for MacReady to catch Harris, so I hope Dems aren’t actively trying to steal this election. Former Congressman Bob Etheridge tried something similar in 2010, but Renee Edwards prevailed anyway.

  237. Wes says:

    What does have me concerned is that while Republicans in the State Legislature have otherwise done a good job of consolidating power for the GOP, they’ve made a number of errors on the judicial front that has steadily increased the number of Dem judges in the state. That may be a factor in the outcome.

  238. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – You must never speak ill of Trump or you will be lumped in with Robbie and Corey by NYC.

    I noticed the anti-Trump fervor in my town in 2017. Demorcrats and Trump-hating Republicans swarmed the polls for local elections like school board just to punish Trump.

  239. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    243 & 244
    Thanks,Wes and keep us posted.

  240. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to wean myself off the Drudge Report.
    His news stenography has gotten to the point of “nails on a chalkboard”.
    Today, he parrots every doomsayer about the Economy and every negative whisper about the Mueller investigation.
    His Anti-Trumper behavior and negative GOP attitude now drip from his page. This negativity has been going on for a long while and is getting worse. (See his links for the recent MS Senate race–all racism all the time!) Time for me to cut the chord.
    Can you please give me suggestions on a good substitute for the Drudge Report?

  241. Phil says:

    Yeah, Drudge isn’t where you want to go if you are looking for anything positive about the GOP. He’s done a 180 over the last year. I seldom go there any longer. I don’t know what the deal is with that guy.

  242. Barrett says:

    Bitter, I don’t like Trump, I doubt I ever will. But in a peace offering to those who think he can do no wrong I will say this – He makes democrats angry and nervous, and I do appreciate that very much.

    I’ll hold my nose and vote for him in 2020 if it comes down to it.

  243. mnw says:

    Drudge sux just as bad now as the legacy media.

  244. MichiganGuy says:

    #247 Sheeple, I would suggest:

  245. Messy says:

    230. Trump’s lawyers leaked them to the press.

  246. Messy says:

    204. The Bilderbergers?

    Don’t you love it when evil, worldwide conspiracies have their own websites?

  247. Bitterlaw says:

    Drudge isn’t pro-Trump enough? Zzzzzz. I check out Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, Daily Mail, NY Post and other sites for news. Washington Examiner tries to oppose the Washington Post’s bias. Boston Herald is better than the Globe but I don’t know who reads it.

    I don’t understand people who justifiably criticize the overwhelming leftist bias in the media but then lament that we don’t have an equally biased and unreliable conservative outlet.

  248. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Thanks,Michigan Guy. On first blush, the site looks good.

  249. Tina says:

    I heart msnbc and cnn.


  250. Tina says:

    John Cardillo
    Never forget that #Mueller was the FBI Director who had tremendous influence in the #JeffreyEpstein case.

    He, Holder, and Lynch sat by while Epstein was given a slap on the wrist for brutally raping hundreds of little girls.

    Yup, and Fuhrer Mulehead let the saudis Days after 9/11.

  251. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t live any news outlet.

    Seems like Trump tolerates the Saudis as much as the Bush Presidents did.

  252. Bitterlaw says:

    Love not live.

  253. Cash Cow TM says:

    Here is some ammo for Proud Obamacon…

    Bucks County, PA

    Dem loses election by 74 votes.
    Judge ruled that 214 absentee ballots that came in after deadline will not be opened and counted.

  254. Cash Cow TM says:

    40 out of 70
    NOVEMBER 13, 2018
    State or local candidates endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America who won last week.
    Source: Governing
    17 out of 19
    NOVEMBER 12, 2018
    Politicians facing allegations of abuse or sexual misconduct who won reelection bids last week. As of Friday morning, one race was still undecided.
    Source: Governing
    NOVEMBER 26, 2018
    Openly gay and transgender people who will be serving in state legislatures come January, which is a record high. Before the midterms, there were only 119.
    Source: Governing

  255. Cash Cow TM says:

    The race was for PA State Senate.

  256. Cash Cow TM says:

    “Messy says:
    November 29, 2018 at 9:17 am
    204. The Bilderbergers?”

    Do you want fries with that?

  257. Cash Cow TM says:


    (No deer or monkey stories, but I found these:

    –After Car Hits Elephant, Animal Kills Driver…

    –2-FOOT-TALL squirrels in NCarolina…

  258. NYCmike says:

    “Wes – You must never speak ill of Trump or you will be lumped in with Robbie and Corey by NYC.”

    -Only a real A-Hole could dump such a YUGE pile of cr*p!

  259. janz says:

    The piece posted about the negative effect of Trump attributing to McSally’s narrow loss in the AZ senate election is probably a factor. However, there are also the sour feelings of Kelli Ward supporters to figure into the R loss equation, who didn’t seem inclined to switch their vote over to McSally once the intense primary had concluded. I think many of these republicans simply sat out the general.

    Furthermore, even with all of McSally’s credentials she has had a tough time in the charisma department, as to attempts in appealing to a wider swath of AZ republican voters. I think it took two tries to even be successful in winning her prior AZ CD seat. Now there are rumors swirling around she might be appointed to McCain’s old seat, should Jon Kyl decide not to fill out the entire term.

  260. janz says:

    As for Trump’s demeanor discouraging chances of his reelection…I think his rough, unfiltered remarks do little to gain votes from those who innately don’t like the man.

    Nonetheless, Trump simply doesn’t seem to soften his abrasive rhetoric. And, if anything, it seems the WH bubble effect has only reinforced his own belief that this kind of behavior is not only ok, but is working for him. Perhaps, in his deal-making with other tough-minded tyrants being a rock against another rock is worthwhile. However, leaders usually need to use different tactics for different crowds of people. And, in the case of America’s voting public, I think it would serve him better to pick his battles more carefully, counting to 10 before spasmodically punching back at everyone and everything that affronts him.

  261. lisab says:

    “To the representative from Lombard, I would like to make him a broth of legionella and pump it into the water system of his loved one so that they can be infected, they can be mistreated, they can sit and suffer by getting aspirin instead of getting properly treated and ultimately die.” Ivanka Trump

    the dems are freaking out about this

  262. Wes says:

    While Ward and McSally’s aggressive campaign demeanor were factors in AZ, Janz, Trump was the primary factor that contributed to the results as Dems made gains this year beyond the Senate race.

    We have just to look back six years to see this. That year, Jeff Flake ran a mediocre campaign against a more substantial candidate than Sinema and won by five. Although Republicans lost control of the AZCD that year because of the Mathismander, their margins of loss were close. Further, Romney ran better in AZ than Trump did in 2016, although Obama had targeted the state as a possible flip.

    Trump carried it by an underwhelming margin in 2016. This was a portentous sign. As nationally Trump continued to post mediocre approval ratings in the Grand Canyon State and turned off many voters from all political stances.

    That’s why I think Trump is going to lose in two years. He keeps undermining his own appeal to voters and damages his party in places the GOP has traditionally dominated. He hasn’t shown any intention of changing his public demeanor to shift perceptions of him either.

    Not having Hillary as a foil hurts him because now as the incumbent he is the focus of national politics. People hoping Dems misstep and hurt themselves are, I believe, expecting an unrealistic result. Voters will be more likely to accept transgressions from a challenger than from an incumbent they already have a plethora of reasons to dislike.

    Thus, Trump is in an at best uncertain position for reelection. Given what I’ve seen since the midterms, I don’t think he’s capable of reinventing himself as a President Americans will approve of.
    That doesn’t bode well for his reelection.

  263. Tina says:

    Cn and n fired Lamont Hill for his anti Semitic remarks.

  264. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    269. The problem with your argument is that midterm elections have been traditionally bad for incumbent presidents, and were so for example for Reagan, Clinton and Obama. Yet all were subsequently reelected. Given this past history, I think it is premature to claim the Democratic pick-up in the 2018 midterm election means Trump is doomed.

    Here is a link to an NPR article about midterm elections in 2014, prior to Obama’s disastrous
    first midterm election. Despite it, he went on and was won a second term.

    Its too early to tell what will happen in 2020.

  265. marc says:

    This is very surprising

    Tim Scott to oppose Farr nomination to federal bench in NC, ending chances of confirmation.

  266. Waingro says:

    Trump should just pull his nomination immediately. What a disaster.

    “Scott to oppose Farr nomination to federal bench in NC, ending chances of confirmation”

    Read more here:

  267. marc says:

    Looks like he’s got Rubio and Collins to switch too. Very disappointing, at the time when the GOP needs to close ranks to get these judges through the lame duck, this happens.

  268. Wes says:

    Except it’s not at all a problem with my argument. I cited the difference between Romney’s and Trump’s showing in AZ as well as Trump’s mediocre approval ratings in the state this year for a reason.

    As far as Obama, the Obama of 11-4-10 would have lost on 11-8-12. He had to change perception among the electorate to secure reelection. Trump has to do the same thing.

    It’s actually a lazy and vapid attempt at a counter argument to my point to say we have a long way to go and don’t know what will happen.

    We can analyze based only on the evidence available to us. That is that Trump is unpopular and has done nothing in the three weeks since the election to increase his standing with the American people. From that I conclude he will be the same person on 11-2-20 as he was on 11-5-18. That means he will lose.

    If I’m wrong I’m wrong. It won’t be the first time. I’m not going to concoct some pollyannish scenario for his reelection though based on suppositions lacking evidence.

  269. Phil says:

    You aren’t wrong, Wes.

    The only question is whether it’s President Kamala Harris or President Beto. They are both nasty far left liberals, but Beto (who I know something about) will hide his nastiness better. In any event this won’t be the same country after one term of either of them. Two terms and it’s welcome to California.

  270. Wes says:

    Curiously when other Hedgehoggers said they believe Trump will win reelection I saw no one saying we don’t know what will happen in two years.

    I guess we only don’t know future events if we think Trump is likely to lose.

  271. lisab says:

    I saw no one saying we don’t know what will happen in two years.

    you must have seen the multiple daily postings of trump will get crushed by cg and robbie

  272. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “We can analyze based only on the evidence available to us.”

    You are speculating — making a projection of what will happen two years from now. I don’t think anyone in 2014 could have possibly projected a Trump win; likewise, in 2020 what happens could be a total surprise as well. We live in unique times which make it difficult to predict the future. At this time we do not know one of the key variables, who will Trump’s opponent be?

  273. Tina says:

    Yup, rhinos off reservation when it comes to judges.

    Aided and abetted by Flakey, who is on the judiciary committee and does not understand the separation of powers.

  274. Tina says:

    Flakey, it is real simple.

    Fuhrer Mulehead exists because he is an executive level appointment by the president. Meaning, he can be fired or replaced, if desired.

    The legislature (politburo) has no say in this.

    But deep state gots to deep state.

  275. Tina says:

    The Hill
    Paul Ryan: “California just defies logic to me… We were only down 26 seats the night of the election & 3 weeks later, we lost basically every contested CA race. This election system they have – I can’t begin to understand what ‘ballot harvesting’ is.” (link:

  276. Wes says:

    I admitted I’m speculating. Notice I explicitly said, “If I’m wrong I’m wrong. It won’t be the first time.” You must not have read that part of my post.

    I’m just curious as to why when Phoenixrisen and Marv said Trump will be re-elected you didn’t say the same thing to them you said to me. That seems like a pretty selective application of a burden of proof to me.

  277. Cash Cow TM says:

    Spider milk — more nutritious than from cow?
    You would have to have a herd of a million spiders to get 1/2 pint of milk.

  278. NYCmike says:

    Tim Scott should explain himself with these judges. There was another judge he voted against (the one that Robbie only mentioned Rubio).

    What are his misgivings? Does he think that the method of voting in North Carolina is racist?

    Elaborate on why he is voting against.

  279. NYCmike says:

    Ok, read the link.

    Issues from 1984 and 1990. The last judge Scott voted against was due to papers written in college.

  280. sandiegocitizen says:

    Google is a disgrace. It needs to be investigated for possible criminal activity.

  281. Tina says:

    Scott is not being fair.

    It must be a South Carolina thing, something in the water?

    Goober, Scott, rooster, etc.

  282. NYCmike says:

    They need to update their slogan again…..went from “Don’t Be Evil”….to “Do The Right Thing”…..saw someone wrote they should make it “Don’t Fight Evil”.

  283. NYCmike says:

    “Scott is not being fair.”

    -Reading that link, Scott is very cautious when certain race items are brought up.

    If it helps long-term with minorities, predominantly blacks, it might be worth it……BUT, in the short-term, it really sucks to see him base his decisions on things that happened decades ago.

  284. Bitterlaw says:

    Now Tim Scott is a RINO? Wow. I guess nobody is conservative enough here.

    Since I do not forgive or forget and do not believe in redemption, if somebody wants to base their vote on pre-school actions, I can live with it. The GOP has 2 more years to confirm judges. I’m sure they will.

  285. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    283. “I’m just curious as to why when Phoenixrisen and Marv said Trump will be re-elected you didn’t say the same thing to them you said to me. That seems like a pretty selective application of a burden of proof to me.”

    It is a complement to you; your claims are more credible.

  286. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    If true, this scares the dickens out of me as it should everyone. Has the FBI become a totally rogue agancy?! I would love to see the filing with the Baltimore Magistrate that allowed this and who signed off on the Court application.

  287. Tina says:

    McCarthy: Mueller Investigation has turned into a clown show.

    I believe McCarthy was for this investigation in the beginning.

    It is time for House Rs to defund this sheot show.

  288. Tina says:

    And Senate Rs should speak up against Fuhrer Mulehead,

  289. Wes says:

    Republicans aren’t going out on a political limb to protect Trump from Mueller, Tina. He’s been attacking and insulting them since the election and has given them little or no reason to rally around him.

  290. MichiganGuy says:

    Wes, I would have to disagree with your “no reason to rally around him” belief. 1st the new Senators i.e. ( Cramer, Braun, Hawley & Scott ) have a lot to thank Trump for. 2nd the Senators that are up for re-election in 2020 need Trump to be re-elected. If Trump gets re-elected it will help all the Republican Senators get re-elected. I didn’t say they would definitely all get re-elected but, if Trump loses the chances of other Republican Senators losing go up. The motto United we stand, divided we fall ring true in many situations especially politics.

  291. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #291- Bitter
    Tim Scott(R-SC) is a wonderful conservative although he is a bit touchy on race issues, which I fully understand. Albeit, he should decide his judicial votes well before the eve of a Senate vote in order to be fair to the nominees who twist in the wind for months.
    I hope he remains a Senator for a very long time.

  292. MichiganGuy says:

    Sheeple, that is what ticks me off too. Why did he wait for the last minute before he decided he wasn’t going to support Farr.

  293. Bitterlaw says:


  294. Barrett says:

    Scott could have given his counterparts in the Senate more warning, but his decision was a fair one.

    How many times must the point be made – A person is not a RINO just because they don’t tow the party line 100% of the time!

    We are Republicans, we push back against the Hive-Mind mentality that Democrats take (particularly on socialism). I would be nervous if every Republican senator and congressman voted the same on every issue 100% of the time.

  295. janz says:

    You’re right Barrett that party membership should not force people to vote the party line, especially if they don’t agree with it. However, the obvious rub is that the dems, being lockstep with their leadership, usually don’t experience sudden voting surprises and/or losses regarding the policies or people they are trying to put into place. This, then, puts the Rs at a strategic disadvantage to accomplish their given agenda.

  296. Barrett says:

    Janz, I agree with your perspective more than the previous argument that was made against Tim Scott.

  297. NYCmike says:

    “Janz, I agree with your perspective more than the previous argument that was made against Tim Scott.”

    -What other argument was made against Tim Scott?

    The timing of his arguments against certain nominees is ridiculous. Let it be known how you stand at the beginning, as opposed to waiting until the last hour. That would be the fair thing to do for all of the subjects involved. Same goes for Rubio and Collins. Last-minute “findings” regarding papers written in college, and other actions taken decades ago……why wasn’t that information found at an earlier time?

    It stinks to high heaven.

  298. Bitterlaw says:

    I would sink a nominee for their kindergarten work if I thought it was relevant. There is no redemption in my world. However, I would sink them ASAP.

  299. NYCmike says:

    -Corker is fighting to make sure the new person in charge is not able to fire Obama holdovers??


  300. NYCmike says:

    “The bill makes the current board members, many of whom were appointed by President Obama and are operating on expired terms, the members of the advisory board.

    It gives the advisory board a veto in the hiring and firing of the VOA head and all other top officials of related agencies, including Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Middle East Broadcasting Network, and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting.

    The motivations behind undermining Trump’s choice to head the agency are particularly clear, the critics argue, when you consider that Bennett and the current head of USAGM, John Lansing, and their supporters on Capitol Hill backed a bill aimed at emboldening the head of the same agency and crippling the board of governors’ power in 2016 when they thought Hillary Clinton would win the presidency.

    “This is the complete opposite from empowering the CEO because this neuters the CEO by preventing him from appointing the right head of the entities he’s in charge of and requiring approval from the advisory board,” one conservative critic of the measure told the Washington Free Beacon.”

  301. NYCmike says:

    “MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow early last year warned that a retooled VOA with a Trump appointee could become a “state-run media operation” and a megaphone for Trump’s policies abroad.”

    -Corker is in line with Maddow…….YEAH, the “HERO” Corker is at it again!

  302. lisab says:

    Landlord Tells Harvard Student to Move Out Over Legally Owned Guns

    Roommates searched room for guns after finding MAGA hat

    “A few weeks ago, I came back to my apartment from a weekend trip and was confronted by one of my roommates who asked if I had guns in the house,” she told the Free Beacon. “After being told far too many lies to count, my roommates finally admitted that they searched my closet, under my bed, and all of my drawers in pursuit of finding my guns.”

    While she was given several different explanations for why the roommates entered and searched her room, the 24-year-old said she felt her political beliefs and where she is from played a significant role in the roommates’ actions.

    “When I asked them why they were in my room to begin with, they each came up with completely contradicting stories (none of which made any sense), but one comment struck me in particular:
    ‘We saw that you had a MAGA hat and come on, you’re from Alabama… so we just kind of assumed that you had something,'” she said. “I asked why they didn’t just call me and ask me before intruding. One of the girls responded that fear took over her body and she felt compelled to search my room until she found proof… I cannot make this up.”

  303. NYCmike says:

    The irony – the other students could have been legally shot if they broke into and entered the wrong person’s house….

  304. Wes says:

    Menendez is cosponsoring that legislation, Mikey. I just wanted to point out New Jersey’s own corrupt, child-molesting Senator is working with Corker on this.

  305. lisab says:

    the problem with sinking judges late is that the dems are SLOW WALKING all judges. so if you kill a nomination for a judge at the last minute, you have to start the clock all over again.

    there are about 60 judges that have been waiting for senate action, some nominated back in january!

    the senate is simply not appointing any district court judges

  306. lisab says:

    The irony – the other students could have been legally shot if they broke into and entered the wrong person’s house….


    not necessarily. in massachusetts the castle law is limited. you cannot necessarily shoot someone just for entering your home. i might be able to shoot a large man, especially if he showed a weapon, but i probably would be charged for murder if it was a small guy with no weapon …

  307. lisab says:

    this is better than it used to be. before romney you had a duty to retreat in massachusetts, even in your home.

  308. Phil says:

    Have no use for Corker and Flake. Thank God they’ll be long gone in a month.

    ….and yeah, the Corker is a hero stuff made me want to puke. Flake to enjoy his new gig on MSNBC and Corker on CNN. Good riddance to both.

  309. NYCmike says:


    Yes, that makes his actions even worse, don’t you think?

  310. NYCmike says:

    And Wes,

    I do agree with people when they say Trump is his own worst enemy.

    The problem is this: either we fight back or lose.

    You saw what happened to Paul Ryan when he spoke about California in the past couple of days…..he then sent a spokesperson out to bleet out some mealy-mouthed B*llsh*t about respecting elections.

    Free and fair elections are the goal. When there are procedures in place which jeopardize that goal, Republicans should NOT BE AFRAID to speak up

    We look for each voter to prove they are eligible to vote.

    Democrats look for each person, anywhere, of any legal status, to JUST BE ABLE TO VOTE.

    There is a YUGE difference.

  311. marc says:

    Breaking News.

    Governor and Senator-Elect Rick Scott fires Broward SOE Brenda Snipes and replaces her with Peter Antonacii who will serve for the remainder of the term until a replacement can be chosen by voters in November 2020.

    The appointment is huge news for 2020.

  312. Tina says:

    Can flakey and corker just leave?

  313. Tina says:

    As far as Ryan’s remarks, ca passed that law (as stupid as it is) in 2016.

    He should or could have remarked sooner , maybe like before the election?

  314. Tina says:

    They done enough damage to the r brand,

    The mullah, the Chinese, mslsd, cnn lite, and cn and n are all hiring failed senators.

  315. Tina says:

    Jake Tapper
    Jake Tapper
    INBOX: “Following widespread issues with voting in Broward County, Governor Rick Scott today issued Executive Order 18-342 to immediately suspend Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes from office for misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty.”

    This is raaaaaacist,

  316. Tina says:

    Breaking News

    Canadian “PM”, Justin Bieber, at the G20, loses his eyebrows again.

  317. GPO says:

    Its time to get rid of Scott in South Carolins. Its apparent hes a retard if he is to stupid to realize the case against both Farr and Bounds were a complete joke

  318. GPO says:

    If you look at the full body of work of Bounds and Farr, and think they are not fit to serve, you are an idiot- simple as that

  319. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    310. “Roommates searched room for guns after finding MAGA hat”

    I have to be honest lisab. I went to college in Utah, and it was common for me and my roommates to have guns. But as a courtesy, roommates informed each other of the fact. Even I would feel a little squeamish about a roommate having a hidden gun; and there were some people I would not have wanted to live with as a roommate if they had a gun. Guns aren’t toys; they require responsible owners.

  320. Messy says:

    They found REAL voter fraud!!!! The Republicans done it.

    320. Wait a month. Then they’ll be gone and replaced by Democrats.

  321. mnw says:

    FOX News just described McCaskill as “a moderate-leaning Democrat who was defeated…”

    Dumas’ mistress once said that, “Lying keeps my teeth white!”

    FOX News must have really white teeth.

  322. Tina says:

    Faux news is cnn lite.

    That is what happens when you bet on Geraldine, mayhem, and Shephardly Smith.

    Fake news.

  323. NYCmike says:

    NFL news: Just watched the video of 23 year old Kareem Hunt pushing and kicking some woman around…………is it really that hard for these pro athletes to find a nice woman and settle down? Guy just threw away million$$, probably for some stupid reason.

  324. NYCmike says:

    He probably could have gotten a 6-game suspension if the next day he had come out and admitted to the actions. Such stupidity.

  325. NYCmike says:

    Triple 3!

  326. Cash Cow TM says:

    The big California wildfires last week produced more air pollutants than all of CA’s electricity production in ONE YEAR!

  327. Tina says:

    Bush 41 has died.


  328. lisab says:

    We may have disagreed on a lot of things, but I sure am glad that he’s finally dead.

    Look. I’m not disputing he was polite and mature, but he is responsible for the deaths of millions

    Taylor3142 No apologies for war criminals. Also see gulf war.

    How do you think he became the Republican nominee, and then president?
    He was as evil as they come, don’t be fooled.

    God I hope Kissinger is next

    b_lumenkraft Foreign
    Remember his war crimes? So endless funny, eh?

  329. lisab says:

    keep it classy dems

  330. Bitterlaw says:

    RIP George H. W. Bush. Thank you for your service.

  331. Wes says:

    Rest well, former President Bush.

  332. Tina says:

    Trumps tweet in bush 41s passing.

    On another note, I really like Bush’s pictures in his naval outfit and his pictures with Barbara Bush.

    He held her hands the entire day that she passed.

  333. Tina says:

    Yeah, keep it classy.
    Do not read the ap tweet.

  334. Messy says:

    337-8 The War Crimes in question took place after Kuwait was liberated.

    He, and other allied leaders, encouraged the people of Iraq to rise up and overthrow, Saddam, they were well on their way to doing it (small-d democrats had control of 80% of the country) In his memiors, Colin Powell said that Bush’s rhetoric “may have given encouragement to the rebels…” But Bush LIED. While our troops just stood there in horror, Saddam MURDERED a hundred thousand or more small-d democrats. This was in February and March 1991.

    This was followed by the no-fly zone and 12 years of punishing sanctions designed to encourage the Iraqi people to rise up and overthrow Saddam.

    Bush 41’s war crime was the cause of ALL the horror that happened afterwards.

  335. Messy says:

    As an ex-President, Bush 41 was classy. He and his family loved each other, and that was nice…BUT.

    No one did more to poison American politics than George H.W. Bush. His below-the-belt campaigning (Willie Horton, anyone?) and his inept domestic policy led to Ross Perot and Newt Gingrich.

    His re-election campaign did worse than Herbert Hoover’s (He got 37% to Hoover’s 39) in the great Depression. There’s a reason for that.

  336. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #328- Messy MORON ALERT
    Say what?! Bob Corker(RINO-TN) will be replaced by the lovely and gracious Marsha Blackburn(CONSERVATIVE-TN) come January. Mrs. Blackburn is most definitely NOT a Democrat.

  337. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    RIP to Bush 41. He had an amazing American life. He will be missed.

  338. Wes says:

    Messy the Moron, Willie Horton was a legitimate political attack because he committed crimes while furloughed from prison for other crimes. Besides, AL GORE first used Horton in an attack ad against Dukakis. GHWB just coopted the issue. Any other pol would have justifiably done the same.

    As for GHWB’s unsuccessful reelection, running for re-election in the year that produced the most successful third-party presidential bid since 1912 was the reason for low percentages of the overall vote by both GHWB and Clinton. Of course without Perot, Clinton would still have won, but both he and GHWB would have gotten higher percentages of the total vote had Perot not tapped into populist voter unrest that year.

  339. Tina says:

    John Cardillo
    John Cardillo
    In Florida, when the Governor suspends an elected official as Rick Scott did Brenda Snipes, it’s typically indicative of law enforcement having found something criminal in their investigation.

    Take a breath and let this play out.

  340. Wes says:

    Sadly I’ve come to expect such inane analysis from someone who’s stated the following:

    1) Dems lost in 2014 because of Ebola.

    2) Brenda Snipes is a Republican.

  341. Tina says:

    Messy lsd joins the al ap.

    Just cannot give politics a rest for a bit out of respect.


  342. Phil says:

    Knock it off, Messy. Just stop. You are making a fool of yourself.

  343. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Good Morning Tina– I would not use the word “sad” to describe Messy the Moron’s postings today about the life of Bush41. You are being way too kind.
    I would use the words–vile, classless and detestable– and some profanities to boot.
    If she said those things to my face today about Father Bush, the next thing she would see would be the scrub nurse at an ER trying to straighten her nose and stop the bleeding.

  344. Wes says:

    He doesn’t make a fool of himself when, Phil?

  345. Messy says:

    348. Al Gore was wrong to do that as the bill wasn’t signed by the Duke.

    The Perot campaign was a reaction to Bush’s poisoning of the political atmosphere.

  346. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    This story may have already been posted, but it reads like fictional political drama. The GOP in Alaska kept its majority in the Alaska House of Representatives by one vote; that of a convicted felon whose voting rights were recently restored.
    Of course, after ballots were counted on election day, LeBon(R), led by 78 votes. Additionally and what is par for the course, vote counting after election day saw the Democrat take the lead by 10 votes until the recount which resulted in a tie vote until yesterday when the felon’s vote was considered a legal one.
    I am sure this will go to Court.

  347. Wes says:

    Poisoning of the political atmosphere, Messy? Do you think about your posts before typing and sending or just randomly spout the most inane nonsense you can think of?

    Perot was a reaction to the perception that in office GHWB had become out of touch and detached from the concerns of common Americans. Bush’s signing of the 1990 tax increase led to attacks on him as a liar while his hefty focus on foreign policy—Noriega, Iraq—made some Americans feel GHWB was ignoring them and paying attention more to the world at large.

    The opening salvo in this populist revolt came when Pat Buchanan challenged GHWB in the primaries. Then Perot came along and amplified Buchanan’s message. Upon nomination, Bill Clinton of course joined the populist fray. GHWB responded lethargically to charges of being uninterested in the plight of the common man and lost.

    It had nothing to do with any ethereal “poisoning of the political atmosphere.”

  348. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Do you believe Messy is a:
    1) Male
    2) Female
    3) Some Other gender

    I will go first and cast my vote for above #2-Female.

  349. Wes says:

    I’ll go with Option 3–the Moron gender.

  350. Tgca says:

    Brenda Snipes is a Republican? OMG! I did not know my county elections supervisor was a Republican. I lived in Fort Lauderdale for over 5 years and never knew that. I know exactly where her office is too. It’s less than a 5 minute drive from where I lived. I should have stopped by. Darn! Too late now.

  351. Tgca says:

    So will Bill Clinton be giving the eulogy for Bush 41?

  352. Wes says:

    I can see Clinton’s eulogy now:”He was the greatest ass grabber I ever knew after myself. I’ll always miss groping young hotties with him.” :bites lip as tears roll down his face: “I miss you, George. Have fun chasing some angel in the sky.”

  353. Cash Cow TM says:



  354. Cash Cow TM says:



  355. Cash Cow TM says:

    I don’t know about you,
    but my heart skipped a beat when I saw that big bull stud!

    Heading to take a cold shower…

  356. Walt says:

    Martinsburg High School (WV) playing right now to try for their 3rd straight AAA feetsball championship.

  357. mnw says:

    Our legacy msm sure does (heart) them some dead Republicans! They’re the ONLY good one, though!

  358. lisab says:

    RE Willie Horton

    yes, it was definitely al gore who started that

  359. lisab says:

    and i once saw Schwarzkopf give a speech where he said it was his decision to allow the iraqis to fly against the iraqi rebels, not bush.

    he said it was his biggest regret about the kuwait war.

    he said the iraqis asked if they could start flying again, and he said yes, without realizing they were going to start killing the kurds and other rebels until it was too late

  360. Messy says:

    357. The Democrats had some of the blame too. The 1988 was one of the most insipid campaigns of my lifetime. Especially with Bush calling Dukakis a traitor and coming against the first amendment in order to protect the flag.

  361. lisab says:

    House Progressive leader Pramila Jayapal will join a “caravan” of migrants seeking asylum as they try to enter the United States from Tijuana on Saturday afternoon — an attempt to spotlight what Democrats view as the inhumane effects of President Donald Trump’s border crackdown.

  362. lisab says:

    i don’t remember him calling dukakis a traitor

    Vice President Bush intensified his argument with Michael S. Dukakis today over the Pledge of Allegiance. He said he would have signed a bill that Mr. Dukakis vetoed in 1977 requiring teachers to lead their classes in the pledge.

    ”What is it about the Pledge of Allegiance that upsets him so much?” Mr. Bush said of Mr. Dukakis, as an enthusiastic crowd roared its agreement. ”It is very hard for me to imagine that the Founding Fathers – Samuel Adams and John Hancock and John Adams -would have objected to teachers leading students in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States.”


    massachusetts’ schools began the day with the pledge of allegiance

  363. Wes says:

    I don’t mind reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, but I don’t subscribe to requiring its recitation. Patriotism should be heartfelt rather than forced.

    As for flag burning, I would never do it. Even so, if people want to be ungrateful jackasses by burning a flag, then I have a right to call them out on their ingratitude to the country that lets them do it. Freedom of speech and free expression work both ways—something the Left often forgets.

  364. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    344 may qualify as the most inane post I have ever read on this board.

  365. Tina says:

    RE Willie Horton

    yes, it was definitely al gore who started that

    Just like Hillary was the original birther.

  366. Chicon says:

    Is this thing on?

  367. lisab says:

    Black college lacrosse player, 21, is arrested for spraying N-word and swastika graffiti targeting HIMSELF and other minority students in two incidents that terrorized the campus

    Fynn Ajani Arthur, 21, was charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property on Thursday night in Baltimore County, Maryland

    He allegedly scrawled swastikas, the letters ‘KKK’ and names of specific individuals – including himself- in a Goucher College dorm twice last month

    Goucher officials condemned Arthur’s actions and banned him from campus

    Minority students say the graffiti incidents are only a symptom of a larger race problem on the campus in Towson

  368. Cash Cow TM says:

    Thread’s dead…

    Update in WV…

    –Martinsburg High School (WV) wins 3rd straight State football title, 31-7.

    –Walt put up some outside decorations unitil it began raining too hard.

    –Mrs. Walt dragged Walt to church to work on putting up decorations there.

    –then they visited a friend who broke her ankle and took her a wheel chair from church.

    –Walt and Mrs. Walt trimmed the tree in the living room.

    –as his reward, Mrs. Walt made a wonderful meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked squash, homemade applesauce, chicken gravy and apple cider to drink–with coffee and homemade snickerdoodles for dessert.

  369. mnw says:

    Who SAYS that Illinois is an economic basket case, with an open sewer where the legislature should be?

    (Me, actually.)

    But wait! GOOD news! 5500 women from other states came to Chicago to get an abortion this year. See? Tourism!

  370. Wes says:

    Mnw, I wonder when Dem mismanagement of IL and MI will start costing them electorally in those states.

  371. janz says:

    #380. For whatever reason the dems seem immune to the consequences of mismanagement.

  372. Wes says:

    Not always, Janz. The NC Dems mismanaged this state from ‘09 to ‘10. Although Roy Cooper won the gubernatorial race as as a reaction to the GOP’s I’ll-conceived bathroom bill, the Dems have otherwise failed to recover.

  373. Tgca says:

    OMG! The MSM is going gaga over Bush. He would be honored to know how much they adored him.

  374. Wes says:

    I know, Tg. It’s amazing how much adoration from the media a dead Republican gets. It’s almost as if the MSM are happy.

  375. Tgca says:

    Well it appears “gay Pah-reee” is not feeling so gay at the moment. How dare France try to deal with reality and try to institute long-term change instead of facing inevitable collapse of their socialistic leaning society they can no longer afford.

    Folks the pain is coming to Europe as we also deal with it in the US as well. The “have nots” will have not their freebies taken away from them. This is why they come out in force, whether it be US midterm elections or torching cities in Europe. They fear change.

  376. Messy says:

    383-4 they did the same for Nixon.

  377. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    385. The cause of the rioting is Macron trying to enact carbon taxes to combat “climate change” and comply with the Paris Accords. Its a whole new tax regiment on top of the existing socialism. In effect it is social engineering that will be paid for by the poor.

    “A recent poll showed that 80 percent agreed with the yellow-vest protesters fed up with the high cost of living in a country where drivers already pay about $7 per gallon of gas.
    The gasoline tax is slated to increase by about 12 cents per gallon, and diesel by about 28 cents, on Jan. 1.
    In his Tuesday speech, Mr. Macron said he plans to shut down 14 of the nation’s 58 nuclear reactors by 2035. Francenow relies on nuclear power for 72 percent of its electrical power, but the president said he wants to lower that percentage to 50 percent while moving to increase solar and wind electrical output.
    His administration will also shut down France’s remaining coal-fired plants by 2022, he said.
    “[Y]ou cannot be pro-environment on Monday and then when Tuesday comes be against rising fuel prices,” he said.
    The challenge for the Macron administration centers on how to make the transition from fossil fuels without impoverishing citizens and inciting more riots over rising costs.
    France has the highest tax rate in Europe, with a real tax burden of 57.53 percent, according to a 2016 analysis by Quartz.

    What is insane in France is Macron is closing nuclear plants, which do not produce carbon emissions, at the same time trying to limit carbon emission from vehicles. The man is a complete fool.

    The Democrats would like to do the same thing in the U.S, and are pushing carbon taxes. Its a whole new leftist funding scheme. Several Republican lackey congress members are going along. They need to have face primary challengers.

  378. Tgca says:

    386 Oh Messy…of course.

    My guess is that when the good Lord calls Trump home 20 years from now to build some grand palaces in Heaven, Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, and many other MSMers will swell up with tears when they fondly remember how they differed with Trump on policy but greatly admired his tenacity and resolve.

  379. dblaikie says:

    Once again, the Big Ten, a great conference with a great tradition has been kept out of the playoffs. Now of course Alabama deserves to be there as does Clemson. But Notre Dame has no conference champion ship and Oklahoma’s schedule was easier than Ohio States. And I don’t want to be arrogant the Big Twelve Champion is not comparable to the Big 10.

    Alabama will rip them apart.

  380. mnw says:

    Dan Rather & msm attempted a killshot on 41’s political career over Iran-Contra. But he’s been rehabilitated now, because he voted for HRC in 2016.

  381. lisab says:

    The Senate Judiciary Committee canceled votes on 21 of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees scheduled for Thursday after outgoing Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona vowed to oppose them

  382. mnw says:

    CNBC 10:30am today: “Market futures down slightly, showing no apparent reaction to Trump-Xi deal”

    CNBC 6:15 pm tonight: “DOW futures jump more than 400 points”

  383. Bitterlaw says:

    Happy Chanukah. The anti-Semitrs can suck it.

  384. Tina says:

    Mnw, market has been in a tear the last week or so. Nice bounce back.

    Looks like the Fed Chairperson agreed to not raise any rates.

  385. Cash Cow TM says:

    Isn’t CG from IL?

    “BYRON, Ill. (AP) — Ten football players at a Northern Illinois high school were suspended from the team for three games last month after they ran across a field naked with Oreo cookies wedged between their buttocks.

    The Rockford Register Star reports that the Byron High School players were suspended for indecent exposure but that school administrators concluded they went on the “Oreo Run” at the school’s football field voluntarily and were not victims of hazing.”

  386. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “PARIS (Reuters) – French President Emmanuel Macron ordered his prime minister on Sunday to hold talks with political leaders and demonstrators, as he sought a way out of nationwide protests after rioters turned central Paris into a battle zone.”

    Go meet with the peasants and tell them to eat cake.

  387. Cash Cow TM says:

    People in DC are walking past the turnstiles (or whatever they are called)in the subway and riding the subway without paying the Metro fare.

    This is called fare evasion and is illegal.
    90+% of the people who do this in DC (and get arrested for this) are persons of color.

    There is a movement to ban arresting people for fare evasion because it is racist.
    Personally, I think people should not have to pay the fare if they are naked and have oreo cookies stuck in the buttocks.

  388. Cash Cow TM says:

    news reports tonight say that there is an increasing problem of people who text while sleeping…a disorder like sleepwalking.


  389. Cash Cow TM says:

    In old timey France, “cake” is what they called the leftover dregs and scraps in the bakery ovens when they made bread.

    So when they told the French queen “the people have no bread” and she replied “let them eat cake” she was not being flippant and saying they should eat a pastry dessert.

  390. mnw says:


    Jacques-Louis David’s drawing of Marie on the way to the guillotine– a tired, exhausted middle-aged woman. Haunting.

    He made sure he had a ringside seat, too.

  391. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Paris is where the Paris Accords were signed committing to planet to fight global warming. The fact the peasants are rioting in Paris because they refuse to accept a carbon tax on gas now threatens the very existence of the planet.

    Its time for Obama to jump on Al Gore’s private jet and rush to Paris and give one of his “hope and change” speeches. Once Obama has calmed the vulgar multitudes, he and Leonardo di Caprio can go to St. Tropaz and cruise the Mediterranean on a private yacht, and celebrate their latest social justice victory.

  392. Barrett says:

    Election Results for 1988 – Maryland

    George H.W. Bush – 51.1%
    Michael Dukakis – 48.2%
    Ron Paul – 0.4%

    He was the last Republican to win my home state in a presidential election.

  393. mnw says:

    401 SDC


    It does seem like Macron is saying, “I’ll call you on ‘deplorables,’ and raise you too.”

  394. Waingro says:

    Igor Bobic
    ?Verified account @igorbobic
    5m5 minutes ago

    Reporters rejoice: John Kennedy is staying put in the Senate:

    “I love being in the United States Senate. I will not be a candidate for Governor in 2019,” he says in a statement

  395. Tina says:

    Barrer, he also won California by similar margins. The last R to win the state.

  396. Tina says:


  397. NYCmike says:

    BUT, they tell me Trump is a bad guy…..much worse than the politicians who don’t stand up to cr*p like this……

  398. NYCmike says:

    How many potential conservative judges did “real conservative” Jeff Flake delay action on today?

  399. lisab says:


    that argument has been made by both sides many many many times before.

    the real question is simply this …

    if the choice in 2020 is:

    one of the current talked about democratic candidates: biden, warren, harris etc.


    donald trump

    who will you vote for?

  400. NYCmike says:


    Those who refuse to vote for Trump need to acknowledge that his opponent will be a person who does not see any problem with these so-called Antifa, who are fascists, and in some locales, are tolerated by law enforcement.

    That attitude by law enforcement will spread if the federal government is run by someone like Obama again……and that is just about any Democrat with a pulse.

  401. lisab says:

    now, the trolls, and a few others who are not trolls but who are never-trumpers, will say they will vote for neither because they feel that the democratic candidate and trump will be equally bad for the country.

    there are also the people that want the country to fail badly so we have uprisings like they have in france now, but even more extreme. they honestly think it would be better if the country collapsed and rebuilt from the ground up, and therefore hope the crazy dems take over and go the venezuela route.

    not that we actually believe the trolls voted for anyone but hillary last time, but they like to keep up the charade. however, certainly there are posters who vote third party. i voted for stein for example, but that was because i thought hillary was going to go the crazy dem venezuela route in exchange for padding her own pockets. i really believe hillary would have hurt the country.

    i also thought trump was going to be far far far worse than he turned out to be so far. frankly, i thought he would be at war in the middle east by now.

  402. lisab says:

    Those who refuse to vote for Trump need to acknowledge that his opponent will be a person who does not see any problem with these so-called Antifa, …

    i think that is the LEAST of the problems. once antifa becomes a nuisance to those dems in power, they will be swept aside much like occupy wall street was.

    i think the next dem president — assuming a win in 2020 by a crazy venezuela-route dem — will go back to the giant wealth transfer from the middle-class to the poor while the wealthy and super wealthy do well.

    as it is, a person who has NEVER worked, and NEVER paid into the system, and may not even be a citizen in some states

    gets FREE healthcare that a middle class person could not afford. MOST people who are considered in the middle-class have to ration their health care because of the premiums.

    for example, i just got a bill for $800 for a blood test! now half was negotiated down by bcbs, but still that is $400 to me. i did not have to pay that as a government employee in ny. it was $25 in NY for government employees.

    however, if i was unemployeed it would have been free AND i would have gotten even more stuff done.

  403. lisab says:

    another example,

    a carbon tax.

    the government does not have to provide any services to the middle-class for this tax — unlike a tax for roads or water or national defense etc.

    it is straight taking money from people who drive cars and heat their homes, i.e. the middle-class, and will be spent on the non-working class.

  404. lisab says:

    that is one of my biggest peeves with the dem party

    they used to be for the working class, e.g. a 40 hour work week.

    now they are for the non-working class

  405. lisab says:

    A majority of “non-citizens,” including those with legal green card rights, are tapping into welfare programs set up to help poor and ailing Americans, a Census Bureau finding that bolsters President Trump’s concern about immigrants costing the nation.

    In a new analysis of the latest numbers, from 2014, 63 percent of non-citizens are using a welfare program, and it grows to 70 percent for those here 10 years or more, confirming another concern that once immigrants tap into welfare, they don’t get off it.

  406. Barrett says:

    Regardless of how Jeff Flake feels about Trump, his actions are petty. He’s just being a pain for the sake of being a pain.

    In 30 days this wont be an issue anymore. I understand Tim Scott’s motives but not Jeff Flake. He’s just obstructing the operation of our government. Obvious joke, but his last name suits him.

  407. Barrett says:

    #414/415 – completely agree. A gas tax to pay for roads is one thing. A tax on gambling to pay for schools is something I can accept (it’s a big deal in Maryland).

    But the carbon tax comes with no strings attached. It needs to be eliminated.

  408. Messy says:

    388. Not them, they’d be retired, but there will be some, even if he’s impeached and eventually goes to jail. Trump is a President and will always be one. I don’t like it, but what can ya do?

    393. For once we can agree on something.

    410. Depends on what the polling is in NY a week prior to election day. If it’s close, the Democrat, if not, then the “Rent is too damn high” guy.

  409. Tina says:

    Max Boot
    To defeat populism, America needs its own Macron–a charismatic leader who can make centrism cool. My take: (link:

    Yeah he is Hillary minus the baggage?

  410. Barrett says:

    I’ll answer #410 this way

    Warren vs. Trump – I vote Trump
    Harris vs. Trump – I vote Trump
    Gilibrand vs. Trump – I vote Trump

    Booker vs. Trump – I’ll get overly dramatic, and then not do anything (Like Booker)

    Biden vs. Trump – I’ll write in Mickey Mouse

    O’Rourke vs. Trump – Grab the Popcorn

  411. lisab says:

    Biden vs. Trump – I’ll write in Mickey Mouse

    i think biden, right NOW, is the dems best bet

    some have said he is not doing well since his son died, but

    he used to be able to appeal to the working class and would probably win the mid-west considering hillary was very close and she was about as anti-mid-west as you can be.

  412. NYCmike says:


    I don’t get what you mean on the last 3 Democrats.

    You think they will govern any differently than an Obama or a Hillary?

  413. lisab says:

    but again, the real question is not whether you like trump as a person. everyone who does not like trump has made it abundantly clear they don’t like trump

    beating a dead horse comes to mind

    the question is, who will you vote for in 2020

    the dem nominee, assuming it is one of the people being named as probably nominees



  414. gameboy says:


    Biden’s opportunity was 2016, but he chose to participate in the Hillary anointment. Seeing him speak at rallies he is really showing his age, as opposed to Trump who still exerts more energy than a 20 year old. Uncle Joe’s time has passed.

  415. lisab says:

    Seeing him speak at rallies he is really showing his age, … Uncle Joe’s time has passed.

    i have heard that, not seen it myself

  416. Barrett says:


    Mike – I was mocking Booker. I think he overreacts to stand out from the crowd.

    I think Biden would probably defeat Trump, though who can say. Trump is an incumbent President and the economy is good. Plus Biden is old as dirt.

    With O’Rourke, Trump would probably beat him, though Texas may be a little more competitive.

    None of them will govern differently than your typical “modern” democrat. Our debt will go up, other nations will mock us (more than they do now).

    I’m a little jaded about our election process right now. My vote doesn’t count in Maryland, and the Democrats in State Leadership Positions hold the polls open later in blue areas like College Park to help dem turnout. It’s a mess in this state.

  417. Barrett says:

    Mike, also – my point was not well made, but I view the first three as a greater threat then the last threat.

    That is not to say that Biden, Booker, and Beto are not threats.

  418. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    This too funny. Macron/Obama environmentalism at its most hypocritical.

    @BjornLomborg Retweeted Center for Bio Div

    How do you spell hypocrisy? The heads of the two organizations have flown from the US to Poland for a climate conference… and they worry about too much meat in the cafeteria?

    @CenterForBioDiv “The meat-laden menu at COP24 is an insult to the work of the conference,” said Stephanie Feldstein, director of the Population and Sustainability program at the Center for Biological Diversity.

  419. lisab says:

    also …


    I made Jeb a pallbearer so he could let me down again

    George H.W. Bush’s last words were to his son George W., “I love you son” …

    Jeb was not allowed in the room

  420. lisab says:

    “I don’t see anyone out there at the moment … the man who can beat Trump, or the woman who can beat Trump,” Springsteen said of the potential 2020 Democratic field. “You need someone who can speak some of the same language [as Trump] … and the Democrats don’t have an obvious, effective presidential candidate.” barack obama

  421. Tina says:

    Kudlow calls for end to subsidies for electric cars, renewables

    A Lille late, but necessary to kill these off.

  422. Cash Cow TM says:


    “CENSUS: 63% of ‘non-citizens’ on welfare; 4.6 million households…”

    That is about two times the number of total households in WV and KY combined.
    plus let’s not forget we are educating all the illegal children…

  423. Tgca says:

    RIP Mr. President.

    …and I hope Sully is fondly remembered in the Bush will. He should get a new dog house, biscuits for life, and a 72 inch flat screen TV so he can watch animal planet all day.

  424. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    433. “Kudlow calls for end to subsidies for electric cars, renewables”

    Bill Gates has correctly pointed out we are spending too much money subsiding old technologies, rather than spending it on new RD.

    “On his own, however, Gates heavily invests in dozens of technology efforts, from better batteries to safer nuclear reactors. He thinks governments like the U.S. spend too much money on subsidizing old technology rather than research that could lead to cleaner, safer and cheaper energy.
    “Over 90 percent of subsidies are on deploying technology and not on R&D. You can buy as much old technology as you want, but you won’t get breakthroughs which only come out of basic research,” Gates said. “If we don’t have innovation in energy, we don’t have much at all.””

  425. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    King Macron inquired: “Is it a revolt.” “No Sire. It is a Revolution.”

    “We are witnessing perhaps the first mass uprising against eco-elitism and we should welcome it with open arms to the broader populist revolt that has been sweeping Europe for a few years now.

    The ‘gilet jaunes’ — or yellow-vests, after the hi-vis vests they wear — are in rebellion against Macron’s hikes in fuel tax. As part of his and the EU’s commitment to cutting carbon emissions, Macron is punishing the drivers of diesel vehicles in particular, raising the tax by 7.6 cents for every litre of diesel fuel. This will badly hit the pockets of those in rural France, who need to drive, and who can’t just hop on buses as deluded Macronists living in one of the fancy arrondissements of Paris have suggested they should. These people on the periphery of French society — truck drivers, provincial plumbers, builders, deliverymen, teachers, parents — have rocked up to the centre of French society in their tens of thousands three times in recent weeks, their message the same every time: ‘Enough is enough. Stop making our lives harder.’”

    The Spector, Brendan O’Neill

  426. Proud Obamacon says:

    Wow, ReTHUG operatives going door to door targeting older minorities, taking their absentee ballots, filling them out. Just WOW. ReTHUGS be going to jail. I’m sure Kris Kobach is right on top of this! LOL


  427. Proud Obamacon says:

    Kris Kobach, I think we found your ELECTION FRAUD!

  428. lisab says:

    UN Report Suggests USD $240 Per Gallon Gasoline Tax to Fight Global Warming

    A $240 Per Gallon Gas Tax to Fight Global Warming? New UN Report Suggests Carbon Pricing

    A United Nations special climate report suggests a tax on carbon dioxide emissions would need to be as high as $27,000 per ton at the end of the century to effectively limit global warming.

    For Americans, that’s the same as a $240 per gallon tax on gasoline in the year 2100, should such a recommendation be adopted. In 2030, the report says a carbon tax would need to be as high as $5,500 — that’s equivalent to a $49 per gallon gas tax.

  429. lisab says:

    Children Devastated After New Jersey Substitute Teacher Tells Them Santa Claus Isn’t Real

    This was Emilia’s class today. A substitute teacher asked the kids which holiday was coming up and when somebody answered “Christmas,” she proceeded to just completely unleash on them:
    She told them Santa isn’t real and parents just buy presents and put them under their tree. She told them reindeer can’t fly and elves are not real- elf on the shelf is just a pretend doll that your parents move around. She did not even stop there: the tooth fairy is not real because mom or dad just sneak into your room in the middle of the night and put money under your pillow, same goes for the Easter bunny. She told them magic does not exist. There is no such thing as magic anything.

    A grown woman tried to crush our six-year-old‘s spirit, along with the spirits of the other 22 kids in CH’s 1st Grade class. Many of us parents have been doing damage control since the kids get home from school today, but coming from an adult this is definitely the kind of seed that was planted deep inside of their skeptical, perceptive and inquisitive minds.

  430. lisab says:

    would not want to be that classroom teacher on parent-teacher night!

  431. lisab says:

    Phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ and ‘take the bull by the horns’ will go out of fashion to avoid offending rising numbers of vegans, academic claims

    An academic claims veganism could mean a cull of meat-related sayings

    Dr Shareena Hamzah of Swansea University cited recent guidance from Peta

    Phrases such as ‘to flog a dead horse’ could go the way of the dodo, she says

  432. Tgca says:


    Flog a dead horse?

    Is that like flogging the dong?

  433. lisab says:

    Al Sharpton sells his life story rights for $531,000 — to his own charity

  434. Bitterlaw says:

    I heard speeches by Ryan and Pence when I drove home. Very moving.

  435. Tina says:

    Porn lawyah and lawyah Salvador for Felonious Hillary plant, Michael Cohen, argue in halls.

  436. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – Are you saying that Donald Trump’s former lawyer was hired by Trump as part of a long plot by Hillary? Seriously? So Hillary was planning to destroy Trump when he was a Democrat? Wow.