Biden Leads Trump, Trump Leads O’Rourke

Polling is nearly non-existent over this holiday break for many, but we did get this new poll from The Hill done by HarrisX for the 2020 presidential race.

Donald Trump (R-inc) 37%
Beto O’Rourke (D) 30%

Bernie Sanders (D) 38%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 37%

Joe Biden (D) 42%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 36%

This poll was done December 16-17 among 1,001 registered voters.

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  1. jason says:

    I think there are millions of jasons who didn’t vote for Trump the first time but will vote for him now.

    That could make the difference, millions of jasons.

  2. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Robbie:In each of the below twelve(12) items which have occurred during Trump’s two years as POTUS, please let us know if you are happy or unhappy with each of them. CG can also answer these items:
    1) Withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership
    2) The renegotiation of NAFTA
    3) The move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
    4) The FIRST STEP prison reform legislation
    5) The new Farm Bill
    6) The nominations and confirmations of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch
    7) The economic war with China
    8) The 2017 Tax Reform Act
    9) By Executive Order, the elimination of the Individual Mandate under ObamaCare
    10) Trump’s pardons and commutations
    11) Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement
    12) Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord

  3. Bitterlaw says:

    While there may be millions of Jasons, only one is an A-hole.

  4. Tina says:

    Giuliani calls for an obstruction and tampering investigation into Fuhrer Mulehead., who destroyed evidence on the cell phones of Pete the Cheat and the Mistress. 19,000 text messages could not be recovered.

  5. jason says:

    We used have a Jason T here who was upset when he found out there was a new jason and accused me of stealing his handle. But he was an a-hole with a small a.

  6. jason says:

    Robbie:In each of the below twelve(12) items which have occurred during Trump’s two years as POTUS, please let us know if you are happy or unhappy with each of them. CG can also answer these items:

    I wassn’t invited to the party but will crash it anyway

    1) Withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership (not a a good idea, just gave away most of the market – and influence – to China)
    2) The renegotiation of NAFTA (window dressing for the most part)
    3) The move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (excellent)
    4) The FIRST STEP prison reform legislation (I am not a big fan of prison reform personally)
    5) The new Farm Bill (ok)
    6) The nominations and confirmations of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch (excellent)
    7) The economic war with China (asinine)
    8) The 2017 Tax Reform Act (excellent)
    9) By Executive Order, the elimination of the Individual Mandate under ObamaCare (excellent)
    10) Trump’s pardons and commutations (ok)
    11) Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement (good)
    12) Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord (excellent)

  7. Tina says:

    Sheeple, you forgot:

    Federal employment reduced. The jebots love gubment, in particular the EPA, the state dept, the department of no education and the department of no energy.

    Massive regulation cuts. But the jebots love regulations,

  8. Proud Obamacon says:

    Orange Dear Leader can’t top 37%, wow!


  9. NYCmike says:

    “millions of jasons”

    -Repent! Repent! The end is near!

  10. NYCmike says:

    Robbie, “CG”,

    Market is down today – begin the D O O M countdown!

  11. janz says:

    I would add to sheeple’s list 1) the right to try act 2) vets ability to go outside the VA for their healthcare 3) due process for both male/female college students 4) looking into the guidance letter for disciplinary actions taken in public schools. Basically, the Trump Administration has loosened some of the legal constraints imposed on citizens by Obama, in their attempts to mold social behavior conforming strictly to the ideology of the left.

    Freedom is simply not valued by the left as much as their ability to expand the power of central government, in order to control everything and everyone.

  12. NYCmike says:

    Good points, janz.

    Robbie and “CG” will be here shortly to belittle them.

  13. janz says:

    Also, the “resist” rebel cry of leftist dems has turned into a toxic movement for the health of the country. People are idiots to compromise so much for so little, leaving the country weakened rather than strengthened.j

  14. jason says:

    And in the next example of MSM TDS….

    “Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner criticized for vacationing during government shutdown”

  15. Paul says:

    Resist, 2020!

  16. Paul says:

    14: When do they go to jail?

  17. janz says:

    Thanks NYC.

    Also, taking away the EPA.s ludicrous ability to regulate puddles, ponds, drainage ditches etc. is a welcomed deregulation of big goverment’s “power creep.” Giving some of the last minute grab of public land by Obama, back to the private sector, was a good move as well.

  18. jason says:


    Vacationing during a shutdown should be a capital offense.

    I hope you will join millions of other moonbats and do the right thing.

    Refuse to eat during the shutdown.

  19. janz says:

    I can’t help but feel that the unrelenting criticism, magnifying these criticisms and filtering out most positive DJT news, useless, embittered investigations, deriding the president’s family over everything will eventually backfire on the dems.

  20. jason says:

    I would add exposing the MSM for its group think, partisan, unprincipled, dishonest, unprofessional, fraudulent, corrupt, and prejudiced coverage is one of Trump’s crowning achievements.

    I doubt Trump can win the war against the MSM, but he has no choice other to wage it.

    I am glad Trump has had the balls to call the MSM out for what it is: fake news.

  21. Proud Obamacon says:

    Yo Janz, I will gladly RESIST any Orange racist wanna-be dictator president who has no respect for the Constitution and bends over for despots worldwide while hoping he can be one someday. Therefore, yes I proudly RESIST!


  22. Paul says:

    It will never backfire, Janz. Any hope you have of that is futile.

  23. Proud Obamacon says:

    Jason to cut/paste his usual drivel about North Korea or Venezuela in 3 … 2 …

    LOL what a looosah

  24. janz says:

    PO. “Pride cometh before the fall.” So, so long, PO!

  25. Proud Obamacon says:

    Don’t worry Janz. You and the rest of the 37% Orange Worshippers are so removed from reality that its almost funny. Go ahead and pray to the Orange God. The rest of us will save the country without yall.


  26. Proud Obamacon says:

    “PO. “Pride cometh before the fall.” So, so long, PO!”

    Yeah very applicable to the Orange Dumba$$. Him and all his followers about to crash and burn.


  27. janz says:

    Worshipping anyone is unwise. However, blind, over-the-top criticism is equally unworthy, causing unnecessary, unfair incidents of stirring the pot and alienating more people than bringing them together.

  28. Proud Obamacon says:

    Agreed Janz, let’s hope the Orange A$$ will change his ways in 2019. I don’t think he will and the country will continue its descent led by Orange.


  29. Messy says:

    Six (6)
    2) The renegotiation of NAFTA (a wash)
    3) The move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (good)
    4) The FIRST STEP prison reform legislation (good)
    5) The new Farm Bill (a wash)

    The rest were horrible and counterproductive.

    25. No one will ever be worse than James Buchanan, Proud. Settle for Worst in our lifetime.

  30. Proud Obamacon says:

    Give me a break, Orange Groper gets no credit for signing the First Step Act. This was a common sense bill with overwhelming support. A veto would have been overridden. But when you’re as incompetent, even otherwise normal things get positive coverage.

    As for James Buchanan. He was bad, Orange is worse. Did Buchanan ignore his own countrymen and follow the advice of murderous dictators? Did Buchanan put American lives at risk just so he his businesses could profit? I could go on and on…


  31. Proud Obamacon says:

    Sure a White Nationalist presidency was all the rage during Buchanan’s time, I thought we had moved passed that now though!

  32. CG says:

    “However, blind, over-the-top criticism is equally unworthy, causing unnecessary, unfair incidents of stirring the pot and alienating more people than bringing them together.”

    Says the person who said that anyone who did not vote for Trump was aligned with foreign despots and all the enemies of America and akin to the same people who opposed the American Revolution..

  33. NYCmike says:

    2 years in, janz’z hyperbole is becoming less so.

  34. NYCmike says:


    Too many “z”‘s

  35. janz says:

    CG, Talk about a misquote! First off, I don’t do all inclusive or exclusive comments. Secondly, my long-ago post was more a reflection on how people wanting to separate from Britain were initially thought to be radical and out of sorts with the consensus.
    This earlier American “revolt” was also met with initial disapproval by colonial elites.

    Consequently, I saw similarities in the Trump VS the anti-Trump factions. The former being blue collar workers (the forgotten ones), people wanting better immigration policies and secure borders, those wishing to thwart government overreach and PC craziness. Trump addressed these concerns publicly, and was anything but a PC candidate — being both coarse and candid in his speech. Those wanting to untie themselves from Britain were verbally combative and viewed as somewhat out-of-step with the norm — characteristics that, coincidentally, also seemed similar to the “deplorables” of today.

    It was an historical comparison and contrast that was totally misconstrued by you and others, and is now even suffering even further distortion in order (I guess) to get you some kind of inauthentic recognition here.

  36. CG says:

    So, basically you are saying you said exactly what you I said you did. Many people remember this.

    I also specifically remember comments comparing those who would not vote for Trump to “the Mullahs in Iran” and all sorts and all sorts of other “despots” or “enemies of America.”

    To be fair, a couple months after you said these things, you did admit that I could not vote for Donald Trump as a matter of conscience, but this clearly works both ways.

    You also had a bit about the “Bilderbergers” being anti-Trump and anti-American that you did not elaborate on for some reasons.

  37. CG says:

    Clearly, in my view, those who welcomed the rise of DJT and profess unquestioning loyalty to him are akin to those who wish America had a paternal Royal leader.

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    Wow. Messy managed to find more positive things to say about Trump than CG and Robbie combined.

  39. NYCmike says:

    “the rise of DJT”
    “profess unquestioning loyalty to him”

    -You must be a fiction writer by profession.

  40. Bitterlaw says:

    I will refrain from further criticism of Corey. I need him to call the Bears and get them to beat the Vikings.

  41. NYCmike says:

    Heh! Bitterlaw, I just looked at the standings this morning, and saw that quandary you and YOUR Eagles are in.

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    I hated the rise of Trump. I loved the fall of Hillary. Both can be true.

  43. NYCmike says:

    ““profess unquestioning loyalty to him”” = REFUSAL to compare Trump’s actions to those actions which Hillary most likely would have taken.

  44. NYCmike says:

    #43 – that didn’t come out right!

  45. Bitterlaw says:

    The Eagles defense sucked. Except when many players were hurt. Then it really sucked.

  46. NYCmike says:

    Hopefully, you all realize that ““profess unquestioning loyalty to him”” means that #NeverTrumpers “REFUSAL to compare Trump’s actions to those actions which Hillary most likely would have taken.”…or something like that.

    It’s been a long year!

  47. Tina says:

    I profess unquestioning loyalty to Hillary.


  48. CG says:

    Hillary is and should be completely irrelevant to any examination of Trump, positive or negative.

    I mean, we can compare Trump to Pol Pot too if that makes people feel better. To me, it’s irrelevant. Trump sucks as a human being and a President. The hypothesis that others would suck as well is pointless.

    Should the Bears want to play the Eagles in the playoffs? That scares a lot of fans.

    As for me, I hope the Bears win their Game 17 game and let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully, the Rams lose as well (though unlikely) and the Bears get the bye.

  49. Tina says:

    Wow, stock market up,another. 260.

    Hope the jebots bought low, but prolly wasted the $ on paper planes and pizza from the commune,

  50. Tina says:

    Sears has 24 hours to find a buyer.

    They are based out of Illinois, Hillary’s birthplace.

  51. Tina says:

    Well, .fuhrer Mukehead has lost another suit. This time to dr. corsi, Mulehead sought a delay in the judge hearing the suit against him. Mulehead falsely cited the gubment shutdown; however, it has no impact on him or the angry drats.

  52. Tina says:


    Suspect that gunned down the poor officer on Christmas Day in Newman, Ca is in the country illegally, per sources,

  53. Tina says:

    NEW: Video posted to Donald Trump’s Twitter account reveals covert U.S. Navy SEAL deployment during Iraq visit (link:

    Yikes, more fake news.

    He is a chaplain, not a Seal.

  54. Tom says:

    52. Tina – any sources on that?

  55. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    There is right now a full scale manhunt going on in California for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. Time to get tough on Border Security. Build the Wall!

  56. NYCmike says:

    “I mean, we can compare Trump to Pol Pot too if that makes people feel better.”

    -Pol Pot killed between 750,000 – 3,000,000 people.

    Hillary killed (maybe) Vince Foster, and a couple others (maybe).

    Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and get away with it.

    “CG” says “Same difference”.

  57. NYCmike says:

    And, “CG” doesn’t seem to give 2 seconds to say anything about the police officer shot and killed in California.

    BUT, he will compare Trump to Pol Pot.

  58. NYCmike says:

    Question for Robbie and “CG”…..if the government is shutdown, but nobody notices, will Trump and “deadenders” get the blame??

  59. CG says:

    I just heard about the police officer being killed in California. Very tragic.

    The police officer also happened to be a brown-skinned immigrant himself. I hope you view him as every bit as American as you or I.

    While we certainly need to do more to secure our borders and combat illegal immigration (especially as it relates to things like sanctuary cities) I do not know how “Build the Wall” would have stopped this killing, but it makes people feel better to chant it for some reason.

    Building “The Wall” in my view would be both a waste of money and be a larger impetus to further illegal immigration.

  60. NYCmike says:

    “The police officer also happened to be a brown-skinned immigrant himself.”

    -I saw his picture, which also included his wife and child.

    The color of his skin……who the f*ck cares what it was!

    You are despicable.

  61. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “a larger impetus to further illegal immigration.”

    How so? I am not a fan of the wall, but do not see how it would cause more people to want to immigration.

    Potential immigrant — “Oh look, they built a wall. I never wanted to go to the U.S. but lets go climb over the wall and see what’s on the other side.”

  62. gameboy says:

    #59 I don’t think anyone but the media gives a sh** about the damn government shutdown. For all I care they can keep it shut down for another 6 months. #60s post epitomizes how much of a disgrace the writer of the post is.

  63. Bitterlaw says:

    I am preparing for tomorrow’s colon0scopy. I am not in a good mood and may spew some stuff later.

  64. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    From NBC News

    “For Amy Jordan, 40, of Salt Lake City, a mother of three teenage children, the report caused a “crisis.” “The emotional reaction of my kids was severe,” she told NBC News. “There was a lot of crying. They told me, ‘We know what’s coming, and it’s going to be really rough.’” She struggled too, because there wasn’t much she could do for them. “I want to have hope, but the reports are showing that this isn’t going to stop, so all we can do is cope,” she said.”

    This family needs to move to California. Also, telling a young person to “cope” is a form of micro aggression.

  65. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    65. The report referred to was the recent U.N. Climate Change Report prediction of doom.

  66. Tina says:

    Bl, claim a bathroom. All persons must not use the bathroom, it is yours for the day.


    Good luck

  67. Tina says:

    The officer was a native of Fiji, but a us citizen,

    Please do not denigrate him and his family, you pond scum.

  68. CG says:

    NYC, you seemed to care all the times you called for drastic reductions in legal immigration.

    Now, when it doesn’t suit your talking points, you downplay it. Figures.

  69. Tina says:

    Here is the officer with his family, hours before he was killed by an illegal pos.

    I contributed to his family. There is an online site.

  70. CG says:

    62. I believe “The Wall” would make it far more likely that people would overstay VISAs, etc, but there will never be “The Wall” anyway.

    More importantly though is the need to make it easier, not harder, to immigrate to America legally, and that of course goes hand in hand with combating illegal immigration.

    The harder it is to come here legally, the more people will come illegally “Wall” or not. A more efficient system of allowing illegal immigration, along with effective law enforcement, will make illegal immigration less likely.

  71. Tina says:

    The lawyer representing Concord Mgmt, the so called Russian troll farm, slams Fuhrer Mulehead in a court filing.

    Have to admit that Redactstein and Fuhrer appear to have a very weak case. The opposition document cites a nude selfie.
    I wonder if Schiff for .brains is involved here,

  72. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks, Tina. I will be alright in the end.

  73. NYCmike says:

    “I am preparing for tomorrow’s colon0scopy. I am not in a good mood and may spew some stuff later.”


    I had one a week-and-a-half ago. It was wonderful! Slept like a baby, and felt as clean as a whistle!

  74. NYCmike says:

    ” I will be alright in the end.”

    -If you feel anyone grabbing your shoulders…..

  75. NYCmike says:

    “NYC, you seemed to care all the times you called for drastic reductions in legal immigration.”

    -In all the times speaking about legal and/or illegal immigration, I NEVER mentioned skin color.

    You are despicable. And the more statements you make like that, the more your “lifelong Republican” schtick means less than before.

  76. CG says:

    I don’t know why you are being so defensive about this.

    You should just say that you agree with me that Officer Singh, a legal immigrant, is as much of an American as you and me.

    I will oppose your ridiculous, extreme views on immigration, so that fine people like him will be able to continue to come to America, from all corners of the world, (even the s-hole ones), and make us Great because of it.

  77. NYCmike says:

    Asking how many immigrants you want to admit in one year – EXTREME.

    Asking if there are any circumstances in which a nation should re-evaluate how many new immigrants are admitted every year – EXTREME.

  78. NYCmike says:

    “I don’t know why you are being so defensive about this.”

    -Who is being defensive? I never questioned the police officers legal status. He is an American.

    You brought up skin color. WHY?

  79. NYCmike says:

    I have a friend who is a retired cop. His ancestry is German Irish, yet in the summertime, he would get tan, and look darker than the police officer who was shot and killed.

    AGAIN, why has skin color even been brought up? Who questioned the legal status of the police officer?

  80. NYCmike says:

    Asking that new immigrants be required to have a sponsor to take care of basic needs like room and board – EXTREME.

    Asking that new immigrants be required to learn English – EXTREME.

    Asking that new immigrants not commit any felonies – EXTREME.

  81. CG says:

    Everyone has brought up his skin color, including his heartbroken colleagues who are paying tribute to him and how he lived the American Dream.

    The bigger question is why you felt the need to put me on the spot about a story I just heard of, as if I would defend an illegal immigrant, or anyone else, killing a cop.

    It is simply a fact that if you had your way, it would have been incredibly more difficult for someone like him to have come to America.

    I was giving you the benefit of the doubt about this clearly in how I worded it, but your hysterical reaction speaks volumes.

  82. CG says:

    You didn’t set out any of those “conditions” on your repeated insistence on cheering the Cotton-Perdue bill. You simply said we should drastically cut the number of people allowed to immigrate legally.

    Most of the people who will seek to immigrate legally will not be native English speakers and will tend to not have white skin. We already know that Trump, whom on this issue, you have defended on every turn, has expressed regret that we let people in from “s-hole” countries and not specifically from Sweden.

    Just about all the legal immigrants that you would keep out if you had your way would pass the conditions you now say you want.

  83. CG says:

    Every tribute, rightfully deserved, to Officer Singh will include his background as an immigrant to America.

    Even those who will use this story for “MAGA” political purposes will focus on the fact that a legal immigrant was killed by an illegal one. Of course, the vast majority of tragic police murders come at the hands of native born American citizens.

    But you should just get with the program on this and embrace the legal immigration status of an American hero.

  84. NYCmike says:

    Got it.

    “Everyone has brought up his skin color”, except at HHR, where only you did.

    It is not an important part of the story.

    Yet, that is what you focused on.

    Despicable. But typical of how you think.

  85. CG says:

    You are the one who invited, or even more aptly, taunted me to comment on the story, so I did, and when your feelings or worldview are challenged, you once again get “butthurt”, (perhaps a lingering effect from a week and a half ago.)

  86. NYCmike says:

    How are you challenging any “worldview” or feelings of mine?

    You keep mentioning the color of an individual who was tragically slain.

    WHY? There is no need for that information. It has ZERO to do with the story.

    You would NOT mention color if the victim was Caucasian. It is simply not a pertinent piece of information.

    That also applies to the perp, illegal or not. If it was an illegal Irish guy, it would be just as wrong. And immigration restrictions/tougher rules would still make sense.

  87. CG says:

    I happen to think it is *always* important to point out with reverence when an immigrant to our country pays the ultimate price in sacrifice to their adopted country (or community.) That is what happened in California and everybody should know Officer Singh’s story and where he came from and what he was able to make out of his life. It’s an inspiration.

    He didn’t just happen to be lucky by happenstance of birth. He actually wanted to come here, and serve others, and worked hard to do so.

    I do not know if he ever became a naturalized citizen or not, based on the news articles, it does not seem he did, but to me it does not matter. As Ronald Reagan said frequently, America is the one country where anyone can come and become an American. I remember Bob Dole saying during his Presidential campaign that a family from Mexico who arrived legally in the U.S. that very morning is as American as a direct descendant of the Founding Fathers.

    NYC, I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt that you would at least sort of agree with me on those precepts and would not have to yell and scream online about some “offense.”

  88. CG says:

    If the police officer victim was a caucasian recent immigrant, who came over with limited English and without any money or high educational attainment, and died in service of others, I would certainly be mentioning his or her background and so would everyone else.

  89. CG says:

    And it’s important to ask how under the Cotton-Perdue bill that you have championed so vigorously, or under your own rules, just how many young, unmarried Sikh men from Fiji, with limited English, and without any wealth or high educational attainment would you allow legally to come to America and how would they be chosen?

    Would there be some sort of “lottery?”

  90. CG says:

    Here’s another such American hero to read about:

  91. Tina says:

    U.S. Air Forces Europe: “There is no rule against Airmen bringing personal items to be signed by the president.”
    Air Force: Nothing Improper with Airmen’s Pro-Trump Merchandise at Ramstein
    Air Force: Nothing Improper with Airmen’s Pro-Trump Merchandise at Ramstein

    Well cn and n’s story is now proven fake.

  92. Tina says:

    Everyone has brought up his skin color, including his heartbroken colleagues who are paying tribute to him and how he lived the American Dream.


  93. Paul says:

    Cohen was indeed in Prague with Russians in summer 2016. Why did they lie?

  94. Tina says:

    CNN Politics
    Troops bringing President Trump “Make America Great Again” hats to sign may have violated a military rule (link:

    This is Fake News. There is no such “rule.”

    But cn and n got to cn and n.

  95. Tina says:

    Yeah, if he lied, why was he not charged for lying?

    He testified that he did not.

    Mulehead, Fuhrer charged him with lying to congress, but not lying to congress about Prague.

  96. Tina says:

    I bet the cop killer already made it to Mexico.

  97. Tina says:

    The whole Cohen in Prague meme could have easily been verified if incompetent Comedy, the penguin, or the constipated commie cia Spy on Americans would have checked the passport records.

  98. Tina says:

    And the legal status of the cop and his race has no bearing to this story. Only a sicko would mention it. The cop would likely have citizenship or at least applied for it based on this:

    CITIZENSHIP: Pursuant to California Government Code 1031 (a): Must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship.

  99. janz says:

    Revisiting Prague is just another Mueller diversion tactic.

    The slain office was a beloved legal immigrant who was randomly killed by an illegal alien.

    CG is more obtuse and full of it than Robbie.

    All 3 statements are true.

  100. NYCmike says:

    -I am told “Mean” words by Trump kept this program from completely being wiped from the federal law books……something tells me the HFC were not the ones who were scared of those words.

  101. Wes says:

    Three years ago today, the legendary Lemmy Kilmister passed into Valhalla. Rest well, Lemmy.

  102. Barrett says:

    Since I’m not much of a Trump fan (but willing to fairly call balls and strikes), i’ll take a crack at this.

    1) Withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership – I thought this weakened our position in the markets with China
    2) The renegotiation of NAFTA – Works for me.
    3) The move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – Symbolic in my opinion, but still a good move.
    4) The FIRST STEP prison reform legislation – Definitely a good idea. Trump gets credit for this.
    5) The new Farm Bill – I only give fair marks on this one.
    6) The nominations and confirmations of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch – This is excellent, especially considering the fraud that Carol Blasey-Ford was. It exposed the Democrats dirty game of identity politics.
    7) The economic war with China – This was petty and could have been handled better. You don’t put tariffs on 200 items at once. You do 10 and work your way up to make sure you don’t destabilize the market.
    8) The 2017 Tax Reform Act – I haven’t done my taxes yet, we will see. So far I have a good feeling about this.
    9) By Executive Order, the elimination of the Individual Mandate under ObamaCare – Trump did us a great service when he did this.
    10) Trump’s pardons and commutations – It sounds to me like he’s doing these at the direction of Kim Kardashian. I’m not ok with that.
    11) Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement – Good, the Iranians were playing us.
    12) Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord – Hyped up MSM BS. Doing this was fine.

  103. NYCmike says:

    “Since I’m not much of a Trump fan”

    -Which politicians prior to Trump were you a fan of?

    I can list very few I would say that, “a fan of”, about.

    Ronald Reagan
    Rudy Giuliani
    Scott Walker

  104. Barrett says:


    Definitely a fan of the following:
    Larry Hogan
    Scott Walker
    Ronald Reagan
    H.W. Bush
    Mitt Romney
    John McCain
    Bill Weld (Met him in person, he hates Gary Johnson and is far more conservative than he lets on)

    I would hope to see Larry Hogan accept a VP slot in a future election. He is a force to be reckoned with. He really turned things around in Maryland.

    I did agree with Trump’s decision on 9 of the 12 items listed above.

  105. Tina says:

    Seems to me, on the tax issue, the fairest measure, is replying after I do my taxes. I was not a fan of this tax cut that appeared to hit the blue states harder and took away some deductions. Said so at the time,

    I hope to be wrong.

  106. Tina says:

    Stanislaus Sheriff
    Stanislaus Sheriff
    MEMORIAL FUND Information
    The Stanislaus Sworn Deputies Association has established a Corporal Ronil Singh, Newman PD Memorial Fund. Donations can be made in person at any West America Bank Branch to the Corporal Ronil Singh Memorial Fund or online at

  107. Wes says:

    Mikey forgot to mention Chuck Schumer in 104.

  108. Bitterlaw says:

    I am pleased to report that my colonosc0py went well. No problems. This A-hole is clean.

  109. Wes says:

    HHR: the only place online where men are proud to announce having had anal probes.

  110. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes seems to think that living in @ state makes you a fan of every politicician. If that is true, he must be a fan of Kay Hagan.

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – My announcement was medical. Michael, Tgca, and SDC’s announcements are social.


  112. Wes says:

    Nice try, Bitter. We Tarheels ousted Hagan four years ago, I casting one of the votes against her. Your beloved Sewer State, New Jersey, recently reelected a corrupt child molester. You still want to buy a house there. Which of us is more likely to be a fan of the leftist Senator?

  113. Wes says:

    I have to admit 112 was funny.

  114. Wes says:

    All that said, I’m glad your test yielded a positive result for your A-hole, A-hole.

  115. Wes says:

    Of course have several elections in less than a year. My preliminary thoughts on them:

    State legislatures–currently 6R (LA Senate/Hous, MS Senate/House, VA Senate/House); 2D (NJ Senate/House)

    It’s essentially assured with Trump in the White House, the OLd Dominion will continue to massacre the VAGOP. Republicans will lose both. Dems will either hold steady in the Sewer State or increase their margins. Meanwhile, Republicans will retain in MS and LA with likely minimal changes in composition.

    In governorship, I have the following scenarios in order of likelihood:

    A) status quo

    a) no change at all

    b) LA_>R; MS_>D

    B) D+1 (MS goes D while Edwards hangs on in LA.)

    C) R sweep (LA flips while KY and MS stay R.)

    D) D sweep. (MS and KY flip while LA stays D.)

    It won’t be a great year for the GOP; however, they MAY be able to salvage something outside NJ and VA.

  116. NYCmike says:

    “your A-hole, A-hole.”

    -Please refrain from granting his a-hole A-Hole status.

  117. NYCmike says:

    After all, everyone has an a-hole, but only the special few can be an A-Hole.

  118. NYCmike says:

    “Mikey forgot to mention Chuck Schumer in 104.”

    -And Anthony Wiener?

  119. Cash Cow TM says:

    Happy colon0scopy day, Bitter!

  120. NYCmike says:

    -Trump, along with a Republican Congress, should be absolutely ashamed.

    I expect this from Democrats. Obama and the rest of their ilk still claim we don’t spend enough. Pathetic.

    The worst part – GW Bush inherited a situation back in 2001, where Clinton, along with a Republican Congress (Civics 101, notice how that works!) kept spending in line. All that Bush had to do was keep spending in line with inflation, or at the same level (OH, THE HORROR!).

    What did he do, along with other Republicans?

    Spent more.


  121. Bitterlaw says:

    Nice try, Wes. Since you did not move when Hagan was elected, you became a fan under your rule.

    I would love to buy a beach house in Ocean City. It is 1 1/2 hours away. The incredibly over-rated Outer Banks are 9-10 hours away. Beaches are politically neutral since people of all ideologies like them.

  122. Cash Cow TM says:


    ‘Climate change’ expert charged with choking his fiancee…

    Guess she was spewing out too much CO2…

    Tip you waitress…

  123. Wes says:

    Walt! Will the average West Virginian ever be smarter than the common planarian?

    Seriously. It takes a complete moron to vote for Joe Manchin in such an increasingly GOP state AFTER Manchin repeatedly lied to his constituents, willingly became Obama’s lapdog, endorsed Hillary for President, and voted against every GOP-sponsored bill in the Senate regardless of its popularity in the state.

    That’s a remarkable level of idiocy.

  124. Cash Cow TM says:

    Walt and his missus looking at a tour trip to New England states in May/June.
    8 days–$1,300/p.p.

    Who else want in?

  125. Tina says:

    Is Colonoscopy Day up there with Maxwell Day?

  126. Walt says:


    I didn’t vote for lying Joe.
    I have no explanation of the way other WVians vote other than what I have earlier posited.

    Some people must be enjoyed being played like a fiddle.

  127. Wes says:

    Hagan got a one-term rental before NC gave her the ax, Bitter. I helped vote her out. You know as well as I Menendez will never leave the Senate despite his overt corruption and molestation of underage girls forced into sexual slavery. Tillis and Burr are my Senators. The Bitterlaws of the world prefer Spartacus and Scumbag.

  128. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – My Senators are Casey (sucks) and Toomey (very good). If I buy a beach house in New Jersey, I could not vote in its elections so I would not be endorsing its politicians.

  129. janz says:

    As previously posted, positive moves of this administration are either not reported, treated as minor news, or distorted and criticized by the MSM. One such news item has been hospitals now having to post their prices, bringing consumers more information when making medical decisions.

    Ironically, the goal behind many of this president’s policies has been on behalf of the common worker, consumer, minorities, and soldiers. The dems, though, appear to be working on behalf of Wall Street, rich tech guys, the far left base, and deeply entrenched politicians on both sides of the aisle.

    Go figure……

  130. NYCmike says:

    “The Bitterlaws of the world prefer Spartacus and Scumbag.”

    -Wes logic is increasingly nonsensical.

  131. janz says:

    Speaking of dem incongruities …they’re the ones giving lip service to the poor, while making them poorer and more and more dependent on “them,” aka big government. Dems talk about supporting border security while obstructing most avenues increasing border security. Dems spend more money from rich donors on elections ($380 million more than R’s in the recent midterms), depend on ballot harvesting and mimicking Russian bots to swing elections, and yet they single out the president for his wealth, mocking his children and suggesting criminal behavior on their part.

    Again, go figure…..

  132. NYCmike says:

    “One such news item has been hospitals now having to post their prices, bringing consumers more information when making medical decisions.”

    -I’ll believe it when I see it. NYC hospitals probably figured out a way to get a waiver.

  133. NYCmike says:

    “Again, go figure…..”

    -They did go figure…….that they could count on people like Robbie, “CG”, Bill Kristol, Max Boot, etc to sandbag the person who won the Republican nomination.

  134. lisab says:

    “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

  135. NYCmike says:


    Just saw that.

    Amazing how she has transformed during her time in office.

    It is always from a conservative bent to a liberal mindset. The allure of power and thinking “I know better than…” (“CG” syndrome?) is a deadly cocktail.

  136. Barrett says:

    #132 wins as post of the day.

  137. lisab says:

    Amazing how she has transformed during her time in office.

    a German Chancellor wanting a single government to run the world?

    that has so been done before

  138. lisab says:


    Student loan forgiveness will be provided to those who help build the wall.

  139. lisab says:

    Mizzou Official Claims Tall Men Asking Out Short Women Could Constitute Sexual Misconduct

    An official at Mizzou indicated during a deposition that a male student who was physically larger than the female student he asked out may have violated the school’s Title IX policy because his physical size gave him “power over her.”

  140. Phil says:

    Joking, right?

  141. lisab says:

    you would hope … but no

  142. lisab says:





    Q. The allegations against Jeremy Rowles, do you believe that they’ve satisfied subsection 1 of sexual harassment?

    A. I think he was perceived as having power over her.

    Q. And what was the nature of his power over her? Was it just his size?

    A. His physical size.

    Q. Okay. So, this part 1 doesn’t require him to be a teacher. When it says person of authority, it doesn’t mean, like, teacher or boss?

    A. Well, I suppose it could; but in this case, no, I didn’t interpret it that way.

  143. lisab says:

    it should be noted however, that the male student in question had asked out several cute women before


    been turned down

    so, he should have known better than to ask out the cute woman in question

    she was a dance instructor after all, so presumably has a good body

  144. Barrett says:

    so he has a HISTORY of asking women on dates.

    Lock him up!

  145. lisab says:

    so he has a HISTORY of asking women on dates.

    and be turned down …

  146. Wes says:

    lisab says:
    December 28, 2018 at 2:50 pm
    Amazing how she has transformed during her time in office.

    a German Chancellor wanting a single government to run the world?

    that has so been done before

    Exactly. This is when vegetarians tried to rule the world. It didn’t work out so well.

  147. Wes says:

    Damn! I’m about nine inches taller than Tink and 75 pounds heavier. I clearly have some kind of insidious power over her because of the size difference.


  148. Wes says:

    A tall guy asked multiple girls out and was rejected. The school is now saying he violated some policy because his size gave him power.


    That’s a pretty weak power when someone receives a string of rejections from women apparently significantly smaller than himself.

  149. lisab says:

    i think the prohibition against tall men asking short women out only applies to ugly, fat or poor men

    not handsome, fit or successful men

  150. lisab says:

    trans mtf woman freaks out when gamestop employee calls her “sir”

  151. Barrett says:

    Honestly, my former supervisor said she was intimidated by me because I was a “Tall Male”.

  152. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    150. “i think the prohibition against tall men asking short women out only applies to ugly, fat or poor men not handsome, fit or successful men”

    The latter are more threatening and have more power. To totally bring the patriarchy and male power dominance under control, we need to go back to (1.) forbidding dating and having parents arrange marriages; and (2.) in the name of political correctness and in honor of oppressed Muslim culture, all women should be required to wear veils.

  153. lisab says:

    self identify as a short woman, problem solved

  154. Tina says:

    Gustavo Perez Arriaga, 32, was arrested in connection with murder of Police Officer Singh. The suspect was identified as using multiple aliases.

    Also arrested for aiding and abetting were the suspect’s brother, Adrian Virgen, 25, and the suspect’s co-worker, Erik Razo Quiroz, 35.

    The suspect was trying to flee to Mexico when he was captured, Stansislaus Sheriff Adam Christianson. Gustavo Perez Arriaga also claimed to be a member of the Sureno street gang, the sheriff said during a press briefing moments ago.

  155. Tina says:

    Dr.Darrell Scott
    First the Fake News Media criticized the POTUS for NOT visiting troops. Then they criticized him FOR visiting troops. Then they criticized the Troops for GETTING visited. Then they criticized Melania’s boots…#DeezeFoolsCrazy

    7:17 AM – Dec 28, 2018

  156. Bitterlaw says:

    I am sorry the cop killer was arrested. He should have been killed instead of captured.

  157. Tina says:

    Agreed, bl.

  158. lisab says:

    ‘No Skeletons in My Closet’: Angelina Jolie Hints at U.S. Presidential Run

  159. Tina says:

    Larry Klayman, esq., for Dr. Corsi tells the corrupt SSIC to pound sand.

  160. jason says:

    Corey’s position seems to be that we should be ok with an illegal alien killing a police officer because that officer was an immigrant.

    This is more convoluted than his attempts to transform Jay Cutler into a Hall of Fame QB.

  161. jason says:

    Meanwhile, in Proud Obamacon’s other socialist paradise:

    Note that even the Communists in Cuba are smarter than the Democrats, they now think they can’t spend more than they earn.

    “HAVANA (Reuters) – Cash-strapped Cuba plans fresh austerity measures and will pressure the sluggish bureaucracy to tighten its belt and cut red tape to address weak growth, falling export earnings and rising debt.

    The economy has averaged 1 percent annual growth over the last three years, compared with a 5 percent to 7 percent rate economists say is needed to recover fully from a 1990s depression caused by the fall of its former benefactor, the Soviet Union.

    The communist-run country has more recently been hit by the economic collapse of its new sponsor and strategic ally, Venezuela, which began to send fuel and cash its way in exchange for doctors and medicine 18 years ago.

    Other external shocks, such as Hurricane Irma in late 2017 and the Trump administration’s tightening of U.S. sanctions, have also weighed on the Caribbean island nation’s economy.

    “The 2019 plan is one of adjustment to current realities. We cannot spend more than we earn,” Economy Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez said at a session of the National Assembly last week.

    State-run companies account for and control most economic activity, including finances and foreign trade, through a planned economy.”

  162. Tina says:

    I found a Jebot on tape. The Jebot works at a vape shop in Georgia, Called the Trump support a racist, even though the worker used the n word. A black Customer was also present

  163. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    159. ttps:// -San Francisco people are CRAZY!

    Yes, they may be crazy. But they are crazy in a way that has made the Bay Area one of the technological and innovative capitals of the world. And despite all the regulations, no amount deregulation is going to lessen housing costs in San Francisco — same in other desirable cities to live in, like Seattle or San Diego. Why? The free enterprise and the rule of supply and demand. There is a demand for housing in attractive cities in coastal or other areas that are aesthetically pleasing. People will pay extra to live there, even if they have to put up with a lot of nonsense and leftist babble. For example, it is amazing how many of the leaders of energy companies I know who live in California, and operate mostly in the Southwest or West. I won’t even go into how many Asian entrepreneurs/business people who are here.

    What people don’t like about a lot of “modern” cities is how mundane they are. Here is a good quote: “Looking at every single apartment building rising in this city – they appear to be designed by the same person. In a way they are. They simply press a button in their Revitt, and ‘typicals’ appear to quickly design these monuments. Point the mouse and pick a unique color to give the building something different than the one sprouting down the street. Where did architectural talent go?

    One architect friend said to me, this software is great – just replicate the unit, and then flip it on the other side of the hallway and you quickly create an apartment building – isn’t this stuff wonderful? Well, isn’t the architect being paid a hefty percentage of the construction costs? So now we can have more repetitious apartments few can afford — is this progress?

    So as bad as California is, I will take crazy over dull & mundane any day. Too much of America is now beginning to look like drab Soviet style architecture.

  164. lisab says:


    go to paris

    both old architecture and new in harmony

    three times the people, in a much prettier city, in one sixth the area

  165. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    166. Central Paris is beautiful; the suburbs are someone similar to the U.S. suburbs. Very nice overall; but there are large areas to avoid. Really like Nice and Provence. Like in coastal California, both areas are expensive because of their desirability. The cost of living there is crazy high.

  166. lisab says:

    you missed the poinr

    three times the people, in a much prettier city, in one sixth the area

  167. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    168. lisab. I got your point. But you missing the larger picture. The Paris metropolitan area in massive in size, about 40 square miles, with millions of people. Most of it is newer and heavily suburban. You may be suffering from the “Louvre Cafe Syndrome.”

    “Tourists, journalists and urban planners are often smitten with what might be called the “Louvre Café Syndrome.” This occurs when Americans sit at Paris cafes in view of the Louvre and imagine why it is that the United States does not look like this. In fact, most of Paris doesn’t even look like this, nor do other European urban areas. Like their US counterparts, European urban areas rely principally on cars for mobility (though to a somewhat lesser degree) and their residents live in suburbs that have been built since World War II.”

    Wendell Cox provides a good overview of Metro Paris in this article:

  168. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    168. Sorry to say lisab, but when you get out of central Paris and go into the suburbs, at times you feel like your in the Anaheim.

  169. Tgca says:

    As someone who lived in SF for nearly 15 years before and during the explosion, I can attest it changed the city enormously both culturally and physically. Working class and poor were driven from most neighborhoods as they were transformed block by block to high cost housing for those that could afford the rents. My 1st one bedroom apartment with garage was approximately $800 before the and after was going for $2,500. 2 bedrooms going originally for $1,400 were now going for $3,000+. People had extreme difficulty finding places to live because there is little place to build in SF since it’s a small dense city already. A friend of mine bought a beautiful one bedroom in the Buena Vista Park, quite an exclusive enclave, for $200K before the boom and now that same size apartment in that area goes for $800K+. Most 1BR apartments in decent SF neighborhoods are now $700K range. In the nicer areas or more central areas they’re in the $800K. All this for 600 to 750 square feet on average. 2 bedrooms average in the mid $900 range to $1.2M. This gets you 900 to 1,100 square feet. It’s just absurdly crazy.

  170. Wes says:

    In signing the certification for ME-2, Paul LePage literally wrote Stolen Election.

    This is because of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)—a new Law in ME that lets voters vote for a principal candidate and then list preferences for other candidates. In this instance, Congressman Bruce Poliquin received the most principal votes while the Dem in the race got enough votes as a secondary choice to overcome Poliquin.

    This of course is a stupid way to conduct elections, and Republicans are rightly outraged about it.

  171. Tina says:

    The Stanislaus County Sheriff disagrees with the sanctuary state law

    He cites he 7 illegals that were involved (did not state the exact manner) in the killing of the Newman officer. He cannot cooperate with Dhs.

    The same cast of characters are silent.

    This includes Moonbeam, Major Nuissance, Piglosi, who is in Hawaii and enjoying her expensive roo,, etc.

  172. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    What is happening in the NC CD-9 election investigation? How many votes are questionable? The Democrat needs at least 906.

  173. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    I believe that RCV is unconstitutional and the Supreme Court will eventually declare it so.
    Why should a voter get two votes in one election while most voters get one? It differs drom a runoff like in GA when each voter gets one vote in two elections spaced apart by a few week period of time.

  174. jason says:

    I think AP went to the same school of mathematics as Kommie Korie.

    “The poll showed veterans more likely than nonveterans to say Trump has the right temperament to serve as president (48 percent to 32 percent) and that he’s a strong leader (59 percent to 49 percent). They were slightly more likely to say Trump cares about “people like you” (46 percent to 40 percent).

    On the issues, veterans were significantly more likely than those who have not served to approve of Trump’s handling of border security, 62 percent to 48 percent, and to think the Trump administration has made the U.S. safer from terrorism, 51 percent to 35 percent.”

  175. jason says:

    Whoops, more coffee, I understand the numbers after my second sip.

    My apologies to AP.

  176. jason says:

    RCV is used in Australia, and it usually costs the more conservative party seats.

    It’s a nanny state thing where the state decides that if you voted for the Green Party, your vote should count for the Democrats. As pointed out, you effectively get two votes, you get to vote for the Green Party and then if the Dem loses, it will count to help him/her out.

  177. Wes says:

    The House won’t seat Harris, Sheep. We’re probably going to have a special election. The Legislature just overrode Cooper’s veto of a bill establishing new primaries in case of impending vacancies like this. Rumor is that Pittenger will run in the eventual special once the SBOE calls for one. Obviously Harris and MacReady will as well.

  178. Tina says:

    Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson on the murder of Officer Ronil Singh by an illegal immigrant: “Whether you hate the president or love the president, border security goes hand in hand with national security, the safety of our communities, and public safety”

  179. lisab says:

    You may be suffering from the “Louvre Cafe Syndrome.”

    no, i actually like the idea of keeping a beautiful center, and putting all the glass sky-scapers in a separate section. that way you get to have your cake and eat it too, as marie antoinette would say 🙂

    it is a much better system than the uk where they just put up modern buildings next to medieval buildings.

    glasgow is one of the worst offenders of this. they tear down buildings that are hundreds of years old and put up modern monstrosities that do not fit the neighborhood

  180. lisab says:

    and if you compare metropolitan areas instead of the actual cities

    the san francisco area dwarfs paris

  181. jason says:

    The MSM was critical of Jared and Ivanka for “vacationing during the government shutdown”.

    However, to be fair, they are very critical of Pelosi for doing the same thing.

    You missed that? Me too, I just assumed it.

  182. jason says:

    I consider myself an expert on urban renewal myself, as I sit on the Amish Barn Preservation Committee.

    The rules are simple. Barns can only be destroyed by fire or tornado or other Acts of God.

  183. jason says:

    Myself I am a genius.

  184. jason says:

    and put up modern monstrosities that do not fit the neighborhood”

    Only temporarily, you are not looking at the long term.

    Eventually there will be so many monstrosities, it will be the medieval buildings that won’t fit the neighborhood of monstrosities.

  185. lisab says:

    On the issues, veterans were significantly more likely than those who have not served to approve of Trump’s handling of border security, 62 percent to 48 percent, and to think the Trump administration has made the U.S. safer from terrorism, 51 percent to 35 percent.”

    veterans are mostly uneducated deplorables who joined the military because they could not get into a gender studies or fine arts program

  186. lisab says:

    Eventually there will be so many monstrosities, it will be the medieval buildings that won’t fit the neighborhood of monstrosities.

    actually what is happening in glasgow is that the buildings that had lasted for centuries were torn down

    and replaced by buildings that were made to last only a few decades

    and are now being torn down

  187. jason says:

    I never had much use for Scots outside of Scotch.

    Wait, is that racist?

    I don’t want to get into trouble with the Caledonian Anti-defamation League.

  188. dblaikie says:

    Jason, you need to read Arthur Helman’s Classic, “How the Scots Invented the Modern World.” His findings are undeniable!

  189. NYCmike says:

    “In signing the certification for ME-2, Paul LePage literally wrote Stolen Election.”

    -LePage is a Paul-bot, so his opinion means nothing./

  190. NYCmike says:

    Paris is smaller than San Francisco? Really?

    San Francisco is tiny.

    SDC, I understand the tech boom drove out a lot of working poor and such, but the restrictions the local governments have in place definitely accelerated the pace.

  191. NYCmike says:

    -California…..they are good for something…..due to the power and intrusiveness of government, their pot industry never took off like it was expected to…..

  192. janz says:

    Two things CA is good at doing, 1) regulating and 2) taxing.

    Pot growers here somehow didn’t calculate they would come under the revenue microscope and be heavily regulated (and taxed) once pot became legal. Most of these people are very liberal, hide their assets and don’t like to be constrained by government. It’s a case of “do unto others, but don’t do it to me!” Consequently, the “Emerald Triangle,” the pot center of CA, has the smaller pot industry on the ropes — many going out of business entirely.

  193. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    192. “SDC, I understand the tech boom drove out a lot of working poor and such, but the restrictions the local governments have in place definitely accelerated the pace.”

    Agree, and one of the stupidest things they did in San Francisco was enact rent control. Thankfully, Californians voted about 60%-40% against a proposition on the ballot that would have increased the use of rent control. They did so despite the cream of the far left supporting it, including the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Los Angeles Mayor and City Council. Occasionally there is sanity in California. Surprisingly, Gavin Newsom actually opposed it.

  194. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    194. “Consequently, the “Emerald Triangle,” the pot center of CA, has the smaller pot industry on the ropes — many going out of business entirely.”

    Good! I believe the studies which show that long-term chronic marijuana use results in brain damage. Despite its popularity, it is a dangerous drug. Heavy marijuana use, along with Meth use, are a major cause of California’s homeless problem. They have turned many urban areas in California into what amount to zombie jungles. I can tell quickly if someone is a chronic marijuana users just by watching the way their mind doesn’t work.

  195. janz says:

    SDC. Agree with both of your above posts.

    Yes, the heavy-handed regulatory power of local governments is toxic to economic growth and general well being in communities. And, rent control is one of the most oppressive legislation – laws that are impossible to get rid of once enacted and implemented by social progressive bureaucrats (example, Santa Monica). So, yes, CA escaped a ruthless state law. However, liberal activists will put it on the ballot again. This time they will learn how to have better, more appealing language in the proposition, giving it better odds of passing.

    As for marijuana growth and usage here in CA and beyond – big business is in the game now along with It now being a steadily acceptable, if not sought after, stock on the stock market.

  196. jason says:

    For those who thought withdrawing from the TPP was a great idea…

    “A major 11-country agreement goes into effect Sunday, reshaping trade rules among economic powerhouses like Japan, Canada, Mexico and Australia — but the United States won’t be a part of it.
    That means that Welch’s grape juice, Tyson’s pork and California almonds will remain subject to tariffs in Japan, for example, while competitors’ products from countries participating in the new Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership will eventually be duty-free.
    Japan will offer similar tariff relief to the European Union, in a separate trade deal set to go into effect on February 1.
    “Our competitors in Australia and Canada will now benefit from those provisions, as US farmers watch helplessly,” said US Wheat Associates President Vince Peterson at a hearing on the potential negotiations with Japan.”

  197. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – GFY. Trump is a genius and can do no wrong. Those farmers are lucky Trump screwed them over. I read it at HHR.

    NYC to make an insulting comments me and a lame defense of Trump in 3…2…1…


  198. jason says:

    Tomorrow I will be posting some choice comments from 2016.

    Such as:

    “Robbie says:
    November 8, 2016 at 7:09 pm
    Just yesterday Jason was attacking me for suggesting Clinton might win Georgia.
    (((Harry Enten)))? Verified account ?
    Per CBS News, the exits have Trump only +1 in GA. Not good for him.”

  199. lisab says:

    yes paris is smaller than san francisco,

    however, the french decided to not allow sky scrapers in paris after the first tower was built, that is paris has one sky scraper.

    all the other tall buildings are in La Defense just outside of paris. it would be like if san francisco decided that all tall buildings had to be built in oakland.

    so paris itself is filled with buildings from the 1800’s and earlier, and then outside paris you have a variety of modern buildings from slums to modern luxury

  200. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Washington Could Be First State to Legalize Human Composting”

    Washington residents “are very excited about the prospect of becoming a tree or having a different alternative,” state Sen. Jamie Pedersen said

    You can just feel the excitement and joy in Seattle — people are exclaiming: “at long last, I can now become a tree!” Al Gore must be in tears.

  201. Bitterlaw says:

    Another distinction is that San Francisco did not lay down with Hitler without a fight. The French could not turn over Jews fast enough. If the Nazis asked for 10,000, they would say “Here’s 20,000. We can find more.”

  202. jason says:

    Why should moonbats wait until they die from natural causes to become trees, when they could become trees now?

    Share the thought.

  203. jason says:

    These posts reminded me of how important I am to Bitter. Touching. Worth a repeat…

    jason says:
    November 8, 2016 at 11:02 pm
    I am no longer a Republican. Next week I will change my registration to Indie.
    I will support Trump where I think he could do good for the country. SCOTUS, deregulation, energy, corporate taxes.
    I will oppose him on his nanny state ideas, trade, and foreign policy idiocies like doing away with Nafta and pulling out of NATO. Oh, and the wall (unless its a virtual wall based on technology, drones, and surveillance).

    Bitterlaw says:
    November 8, 2016 at 11:09 pm
    Jason – The GOP needs you in the primaries. I can’t lose 2 A-holes in one night.

  204. jason says:

    The early bird does NOT get the worm.

    Greymarch says:
    November 8, 2016 at 6:36 pm
    #48 Because as bad as Hillary is (and she is incredibly awful), Trump is far, far worse. Trump is truly evil. Trump is a monster. Trump would get us all vaporized.
    Bye bye Trump and the white-trash Trumplodytes. Your candidate lost, and the GOP WILL NEVER win another national election if they keep nominating alt-right losers like Trump.

    It does look like Greymarch has been vaporized, so there is that.

  205. jason says:

    Another vaporized poster, Kommie Kory, lasted about 2 hours on election night. His first post was

    Cory (Clinton 347 / Trump 191) says:
    November 8, 2016 at 7:08 pm
    Reposted from previous thread:
    ll right boys and girls.
    Here we go.
    This waterslide is about to have some loops in it.
    It’s Election time, baby.
    Kick it into gear.
    Turn it up.

    His last post was at 9 PM


    Never to be heard from again.

  206. jason says:

    From the mouths of sometimes get a pearl..

    Trump says:
    November 9, 2016 at 12:58 am
    Anyone remember Jeb’s “you can’t insult your way to the presidency”?
    Well, it appears that you can.

  207. jason says:

    A well deserved “I told you so”

    “dblaikie says:
    November 8, 2016 at 11:44 pm
    I have held my tongue tonight, but I am going to speak. For months I have said that I didn’t trust the polls in this cycle. For that I was labeled a moron, stupid, an idiot and everything else MD and others said about me. I am vindicated. MD coward that he is needs to swim in his own crap and he needs to be labeled the laughing stock HHR. My friend Jason (I really mean that) you need to have a double single malt. And DW, you need to learn your lesson about the viability of polls.
    And Cory, please leave the country”

  208. dblaikie says:

    Jason, thanks for the walk down memory lane. I wish I could have been just as right about the midterms for the Congress. To this day I still don’t trust the viability of polls, however I have learned not to make not to make that mistrust an absolute. The one lesson from 2016 that many folks (some very intelligent) have not learned is to is to speak in absolute terms and certainty so early in the election cycle.

  209. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    This video/ article will blow the minds of CG and Robbie and get them back on HHR post-haste.
    Flim-Flam Man,Roger Stone passed a polygraph test in September of this year. The 4 minute video is cribbed from a television station in Florida.

    Hey, did anyone besides myself cringe when they read today that FaceBook short-term suspended Franklin Graham’s account because of a comment he made in 2016 about the NC Transgender Law?
    I am not a fan of new federal communications’ regulations, but some of the social media companies probably deserve it!

  210. Tina says:

    Can the jebots introduce some new, muh Russian news?

    It has been awhile.

  211. jason says:

    Stone is a media hog, he has practically begged Mueller to interview him.

    The point is that even if knew Assange had hacked emails from the DNC that is still not “collusion”.

  212. jason says:

    Tina, Russia is old news.

    Now its Trump’s “business dealings”.

  213. jason says:

    Remember when Amoral Scumbag was all excited about “Trump’s mental problems”. That “scandal” only lasted about a week but it was hot. They even had a fake psychologist make a fake long distance diagnosis Mika Scarface and Amoral Scumbag thought for sure was the smoking gun needed to get rid of Trump.

  214. jason says:

    On the prescient side…

    SanDiegoCitizen says:
    November 8, 2016 at 6:25 pm
    Over the long-term, it might be better for the Republican party that Trump was not president. It likely would have been a chaotic administration, and the voters would have taken it out on the GOP in 2018 and 2020

  215. jason says:

    Voice of reason…

    SanDiegoCitizen says:
    November 8, 2016 at 10:03 pm
    MD. I am not a fan of Trump by any means, and he may crash and burn. But there are benefits to his election:
    +The Second Amendment will be protected;
    +We will not get a wacky liberal judge appointed to the Supreme Court;
    +Our police who have all but been under siege from the far left, will get a president who supports them; and I could go on.
    Perhaps one of the most important things is the politically correct media and liberal establishment just got slapped in the face by the American people.
    If Trump goes totally wacky, we can impeach him, and will have President Pence; personal I loath Trump, and his buffoonery. But in fairness have give him the benefit of the doubt.”

  216. Tina says:

    Chad Pergram
    Chad Pergram
    As Graham heads to tWH today, there is some chatter..strictly between bipartisan senators..about a potential way out of the shutdown $5.7 billion for wall & a DACA fix along with some other immigration provisions. Graham has pushed a bipartiswn DACA fix for a while

    Can somebody page, piglosi in Hawaii, the bank8ng queen in god knows where, and the beaten dog, Schumah?

  217. Wes says:

    Is MD still a raving moonbat?

  218. jason says:

    I would be in favor of such a deal, it would help the GOP in 2020 to get the immigration monkey off their backs.

  219. jason says:

    Huh, was that racist?

    I forgot monkey is now verbotten.

    I can see the editorial right now in the North York Free Bulletin accusing prominent llama farmer of calling all immigrants monkeys.

  220. Phil says:

    I used to like MD. He’s now become a total loon. Good God. Completely off his rocker. Never seen anyone do a political 180 like he has. Did he suffer a stroke?

  221. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – MD’s ego was crushed when he was so wrong. After he left his company to start consulting/investing his healthcare costs skyrocketed and he blamed the GOP instead of Obama. He then suffered a health scare that almost killed him. It all warped his views.

  222. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Sen. Lindsey Graham, who criticized President Trump’s withdrawal of troops from the Middle East, says Trump today told him “some things I didn’t know that make me feel a lot better about where we’re headed in Syria”

    Lindsey Graham?@LindseyGrahamSC
    I learned a lot from President @realDonaldTrump about our efforts in Syria that was reassuring. (1/3)
    Lindsey Graham@LindseyGrahamSC
    The President will make sure any withdrawal from Syria will be done in a fashion to ensure: 1) ISIS is permanently destroyed. 2) Iran doesn’t fill in the back end, and 3) our Kurdish allies are protected.
    Lindsey Graham?@LindseyGrahamSC
    President @realDonaldTrump is talking with our commanders and working with our allies to make sure these three objectives are met as we implement the withdrawal. (3/3)

    Based on Graham’s comments I will withhold further criticism of Trump’s withdrawal. Hopefully it turns out well.

    My hunch is that Trump may have, in response to the initial criticism of the pull out, revised the terms of the withdraw with Turkey to protect the Kurds. It is also possible that through indirect channels(perhaps Kushner talking to the Saudis and Israel) an agreement was reached that protected the Kurds. The Saudis have been very supportive of Kurds. It is disturbing if this took place without Mattis and the military being informed. Trump seems to thrive on chaos, but the military doesn’t.

  223. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    226. Be careful Cow. People who make comments about monkeys have gotten into trouble as being politically incorrect. Cows are fair game, but not monkeys.

    In Utah, during hunting season people used to say get your cows hidden in the barn if a hunter with a California license plate drives by. You probably have a similar joke in the West Virginia regarding certain easterners.

  224. Cash Cow TM says:

    Just seen on Facebook:

    Farmers talk to their cows to increase milk production.

    Its a case of in one ear and out the udder.

  225. Diamond Jim says:

    Go Eagles.

  226. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    229. “Just seen on Facebook: Farmers talk to their cows to increase milk production.”

    Its reverse psychology. When the cow sees your trying to carry on a conversation, she thinks your a bizarre human and wants get things done as quickly as possible so she can go hide in the pasture from you.

  227. Tina says:

    So, here is a summary of the wars, conflicts started by the intelligence ones on foreign policy:

    Afghanistan, a stalemate at best. You cannot do a regime change in the Stone Age.

    Iraq, maybe ok, but the mullah minis want us out.

    Syria, a sheot fest since it’s a civil war and we have no business there after defeating ISIS. Nobody could explain why we should stay in, after Isis was defeated.

    Libya, the jebots must be happy that slaves are being sold.

    All of the above foreign policy conducted by BushBama.

    Whatever it is, it is not conservative and not Reaganesque.

  228. janz says:

    #225. bitter, you obviously are close to MD. Every time you relay that story about his health etc., I feel a lot of empathy for him. Even though we were far from “pals” at the conclusion of 2016, I still am saddened that life turned in the direction that it did for him. I hope it’s going better for him at the moment. He’s a smart, resilient guy who I really looked up to in earlier times.

  229. Tina says:

    My hunch is that Trump may have, in response to the initial criticism of the pull out, revised the terms of the withdraw with Turkey to protect the Kurds. It is also possible that through indirect channels(perhaps Kushner talking to the Saudis and Israel) an agreement was reached that protected the Kurds. The Saudis have been very supportive of Kurds. It is disturbing if this took place without Mattis and the military being informed. Trump seems to thrive on chaos, but the military doesn’t.

    Nothing was “revised.” If you had listened to Trump since 2017, he indicated withdrawal once isis was defeated. They were down to one last little town a few weeks ago, which I believe now has been readied. He told his military advisors, you had six months to crush Isis, and they did, after the six months we are not staying in. The Gcc has been in Syria for a year now.

  230. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Afghanistan, a stalemate at best. You cannot do a regime change in the Stone Age.”

    Just a reminder, the reason we went into Afghanistan was the 9/11 terrorist attack. Would you have preferred we not have gone in? I do not have a favorable opinion of how the Bush/Obama administrations operated in the Mideast. But attacking the terrorists bases in the Mideast was necessary, and likely played a major part in not having another 9/11 type event since then.

  231. Tina says:

    Nobody objected going in. But After 18 years, I think we failed at regime change there.

  232. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Nobody objected going in. But After 18 years, I think we failed at regime change there.”

    Would agree. Frankly, the whole regime change idea was something I also opposed. Once we had gotten rid of Bin Laden, we should have pulled out with the warning we would be back if necessary.

    However, do believe we should have continued our support for the Northern Alliance and other groups in Afghanistan that were pro-American. Likewise, have the same feeling towards the Kurds. Was also strongly against the Bush intervention in Iraq.

    Have no objection to the U.S. pulling its troops out of Syria, as along as we keep our Kurdish allies supplied and in a strong position.

  233. Bitterlaw says:

    Janz – MD was a complete small a a-hole towards you. He has a good family and he is lucky to have them. That does not excuse his odd switch to Dem cheerleader.

    DJ – I think the Eagles can beat the Bears and earn the right to get blown out by the Saints. Still, it’s better to make the playoffs than not.

  234. Tina says:

    Bl, the ?Bears are beatable. Frankly,Niners, should have beaten them. I was not impressed with them at all.

    I know you hate this, but good luck in the playoffs.

    I did not watch many games this season, so I have no clue who is favored, or not.

  235. Tina says:

    Well, Sdc, on syria, trump should have communicated to us public folks better. Give a 10 minute address on why we are pulling out. Tell us, what he told Granite.

    No quarrels with what Matthis did (using Flynn’s roadmap) to crush Isis.

  236. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Agree Tina. A big issue too was not giving Mattis advanced notice. My impression was that Mattis was feeling increasingly left out of vital decisions, and the Syria situation may have been the final straw for him. Like with Kelly, Trump’s business style of snap decisions might have been too much for him.

  237. Tina says:

    Sdc, I do not buy into that he made a quick or rushed decision. There was multiple discussions on Syria since 2017. Even the sos said that he attended so many meertings on it, pompeo stayed this in several interviews.

    Trump, according to a piece I read gave them six months to crush Isiis, and then. He would withdraw.

    They had differences in policies, such as glowball warming, the Iran deal, and Syria withdrawal,

  238. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    242. Agree, it is entirely possible that Trump had already worked things out with the Saudis and Israelis. Trump likes to use individuals he trusts to work out deals, rather than regular diplomatic channels. It is possible Jared Kushner had gotten Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE to agree to step into Syria. All are worried about Iran. The fact the Trump sought to meet with Lindsay Graham to discuss the matter probably is reflective this sort of thing happening. Do not see Graham agreeing with Trump, unless he had actual reasons to be satisfied.

  239. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    243. “Ilham Ahmed, a senior Kurdish official, also told the Associated Press news agency that government troops had arrived at the front lines of Manbij, but have not taken over the city. The Syrian military declaration came moments after the People’s Protection Unit, or YPG, requested President Bashar al-Assad’s government to prevent a “Turkish invasion” in the area. That appeal follows a US decision it would withdraw all its troop from Syria.”

    Things are happening a little too fast for this to be spontaneous. And although the Kurdish press is talking about betrayal, it ain’t in a manner that would reflect it being genuine.
    U.S. Kurdish and Syrian forces seem to be in close proximity without any undue concern.

  240. DW says:

    MD was so solid for so many years. Sad to see him melt down like this.

  241. Phil says:

    Pocahontas becomes first Democrat to launch exploratory committee for presidential campaign.

    Not a snow ball’s chance in hell of getting the nomination. Too bad. She’s the one Democrat that wouldn’t win in the GE.

  242. Messy says:

    Wrong again. Castro launched one a couple of weeks back, and two elected officeholders have announced their candidacy.

    That said, Liz may just be snarky enough to do it.

  243. NYCmike says:

    “That said, Liz may just be snarky enough to do it.”

    -She hasn’t ever accomplished anything, but she “may just be snarky enough to do it”!

  244. Tina says:

    I heart Elizabeth Waren


  245. NYCmike says:

    Happy New Year to all of you!

    I hope a million people in Times Square all have their extra-absorbent Depends on today!

  246. Phil says:


    Meant first person of any consequence of which Warren barely qualifies.

  247. NYCmike says:

    “barely qualifies.”

    -She is a true believer in government….what else is needed for a Democratic-type voter?

  248. NYCmike says:

    -I think Tina posted the same video the other day.

    I post again because of several of the comments, comic-type ones, are pretty funny.

  249. tim V says:

    can biden win dem nomination