Schultz Helps Trump in Three-Way Race

We have a new poll from Change Research that shows what type of impact Howard Schultz will have on the 2020 election should be run as an Independent candidate in a three-way race. The numbers below were the initial ballot test. The article linked does indicate thy then added biographical information about Schultz and the numbers turn even more in Schultz’s favor.

PRESIDENT – NATIONAL (Change Research)

Donald Trump (R-inc) 45%
Elizabeth Warren (D) 43%
Howard Schultz (I) 6%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 45%
Kamala Harris (D) 43%
Howard Schultz (I) 7%

Joe Biden (D) 49%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 44%
Howard Schultz (I) 3%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 45%
Bernie Sanders (D) 43%
Howard Schultz (I) 7%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 45%
Beto O’Rourke (D) 42%
Howard Schultz (I) 7%

Elizabeth Warren (D) 47%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

Kamala Harris (D) 47%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

Joe Biden (D) 52%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 45%

Bernie Sanders (D) 48%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

Beto O’Rourke (D) 47%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%


This poll was done January 31-February 1 among 1338 likely voters.

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17 Responses to “Schultz Helps Trump in Three-Way Race”

  1. SanDiegoCitizen says:


  2. jason says:

    Wow, Amoral Scumbag and Corey hardest hit by those numbers.

    Even the numbers without Schultz are pretty good for Trump.

  3. dblaikie says:

    I know it is only one poll. But if it is accurate, after beating he has taken in the press, these numbers look pretty good for Trump.

  4. lisab says:

    the dems know this

  5. lisab says:

    the inde vote was about 5% in 2016

    so it is likely about right

  6. lisab says:

    plus, in the primaries, any dem that is not for harris or booker will be labeled a racist


    will further split the moonbat side of the party

    specifically biden & warren vs. booker and harris

    this nomination will be glorious!

  7. Blobbie says:

    That picture of Northam was his Halloween costume.

    He was going as Donald and Melania

  8. Tina says:

    This explains it in Jebot Land.

    Dan Therriault
    Dan Therriault
    In 1984, it was common to have Michael Jackson blackface and KKK white hood dance-offs. #Northam #VirginiaGovernor #Ralph

  9. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    It is only one poll, so will need more polling to see if it is a trend, but it appears as expected that Biden is the strongest candidate — although he may not be acceptable to the Democratic Party’s left-wing.

    One also has to wonder if the recent Democratic craziness in having an impact on some of the Democratic candidate polling numbers. Even without Schultz, Trump is running about even with every other candidate than Biden.

  10. lisab says:

    the aoc dems will split the vote against biden and become increasingly strident as the primaries continue

    especially when they find out that biden will already have a 400+ lead in superdelegates.

  11. lisab says:

    strange that the trolls who have spent the last two years saying that trump is racist and anti-semitic, even though he has a jewish daughter and famously opened his clubs to people of all races and faiths

    are strangely silent about the va governor

    why it is almost like they don’t care at all about racism

  12. lisab says:

    interesting … ne of northam’s nicknames at vmi was coonman according to his yearbook there …

  13. lisab says:

    now … if someone posted a picture of a kkk member and a person in blackface in your medical school yearbook

    you would have noticed …

    and been pretty irate about it if it was not something you supported?

  14. lisab says:

    congratulations to @ralphnortham and his team for showing that virginia won’t stand for hatred and bigotry — kamala harris

  15. Blobbie says:

    In Northam’s defense he may have just been racist back in medical school when he was learning medical ethics and forming opinions on which children should die.

  16. BayernFan says:

    Pelosi is running too?

  17. Messy says:

    I sure as hell hope not. We need to replace the electoral college with something like France.