Biden Leads Dems in IA, NH and SC

Late last week, we received three new polls for the early primary states from Firehouse Strategies and 0ptimus showing Joe Biden leading in all three states.

PRESIDENT – IOWA – DEM CAUCUS (Firehouse/0ptimus)
Joe Biden 25%
Kamala Harris 17%
Elizabeth Warren 11%
Bernie Sanders 10%
Amy Klobuchar 5%
Beto O’Rourke 4%
Cory Booker 4%
Kirsten Gillibrand 1%

Joe Biden 22%
Bernie Sanders 13%
Kamala Harris 13%
Elizabeth Warren 9%
Cory Booker 4%
Beto O’Rourke 2%
Amy Klobuchar 2%
Kirsten Gillibrand 0%

Joe Biden 36%
Kamala Harris 12%
Bernie Sanders 8%
Cory Booker 5%
Elizabeth Warren 4%
Beto O’Rourke 2%
Amy Klobuchar 1%
Kirsten Gillibrand 0%

All three polls were done January 31-February 2 among likely voters or caucus goers in each state.

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  1. dblaikie says:

    I think it would be a good thing to have a OAC picture of the day. A fitting worthy tribute to our new star Socialist Tribune. Here is my portrait of the day:

  2. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Robbie, Corey and Messy will need oxygen once they click the below link to see the tribute some Italians made to Trump recently at a popular festival.

  3. Wobbles says:

    I am only coming back from Bogo Pogo when we can get back to talking about Stormy and Mika’s face.

    Socialist 2020!

  4. jason says:

    I don’t know about “predator” but “creepy” sure comes to mind.

  5. Tina says:

    Jebots have been quiet.

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    It was a very bad week for the Democrats, with the GREAT economic numbers, The Virginia disaster and the State of the Union address. Now, with the terrible offers being made by them to the Border Committee, I actually believe they want a Shutdown. They want a new subject!

  6. jason says:

    I don’t think a second shutdown would be as productive for the Dems as the first one. Just a hunch.

  7. Phil says:

    Probably right, Jason.

  8. Phil says:

    Above polls indicate Harris starting her ascent relative to other candidates as I predicted.

  9. dblaikie says:

    The new Hill/Harris poll has Trump’s job approval at 47%. Coupled with that, for those of us who feel Rasmussen is respectable, is that they have Trump above water at 51%. I guess you might call it a State of the Union/Virginia/Green New Deal bounce. Now two polls do not a trend make, but it should give pause for all who have written Trump off early.

    But the real good news is that these poll, along with the mess in Virginia, should keep Worm away for the next two days. Or do you think Worm would come and post about the President’s past affairs while looking the other way at infanticide and sexual harassment.

  10. jason says:

    Amoral Scumbag will be back as soon as there is something momentous at a moonbat site he can regurgitate here.

  11. lisab says:

    Warren: Trump ‘may not even be a free person’ by 2020

  12. jason says:

    AOC promise:

    “Economic security to all who are unable or unwilling to work

  13. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Surprised that Sanders is only pulling 13% of the vote in the New Hampshire poll (tied with Harris).
    Would expect him to do better, given it is next to his home state of Vermont. His day in the political sun may have passed.

  14. Bitterlaw says:

    I think it is very bold to base your plan on supporting those unwilling to work. I know that I go to work every day so others can stay home.

  15. jason says:

    I think those that work but don’t think they are being paid enough should get a subsidy too.

    The way I think AOC should campaign on it is

    “Make what you want, not what they are willing to pay you”

  16. Messy says:

    15 The best way to get rid of Trump is by nominating the easiest to get elected.

    11. Ras hasn’t been right since the ’16 election.

  17. jason says:

    11. Ras hasn’t been right since the ’16 election.”


    I see Messy Moron has moved the goalposts.

  18. lisab says:

    “so who do i have to fk around here to become president” kamala harris

  19. jason says:

    “The best way to get rid of Trump is by nominating the easiest to get elected”

    For someone that ignorant this is a pretty astute comment, albeit poorly written.

  20. jason says:

    “so who do i have to fk around here to become president” kamala harris

    It’s pretty clear taxpayers will be first.

  21. lisab says:

    the dems “best” choice at the moment would be biden/harris imo

    followed by harris/beto


    and biden/warren

    which will change as the candidates get more exposure.

    however, i am not sure biden will run.

  22. lisab says:

    harris seems to be the strongest non-biden candidate

    but, not sure she could beat trump.

    she will get roughed up in the primaries …

    clinton will not want her to win

  23. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Wes and SoHope:
    No. Carolina Congressman Walter Jones(R) has passed away.
    Special. One of you should run for his seat in the s

  24. jason says:

    “New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday vowed to defund U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and said all Latino people must be exempt from immigration laws because they are “native” to U.S. lands as they are descendants of Native people.”

  25. jason says:

    “…all Latino people must be exempt from immigration laws because they are “native” to U.S. lands as they are descendants of Native people.”

    All Latinos are Elizabeth Warrens?

  26. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Talked to two of my friends who were Bernie supporters. They still support Bernie, and will not support Biden (although assume they would vote for him against Trump). They dislike Harris too because she is viewed as a corporate establishment figure. Several other former Bernie supporters I know are staying with him. May be premature to write him off.

  27. mnw says:

    FYI, Warren has moved up on my list of “most despicable politicians of my lifetime”– she now has an outside chance of catching McCain.

  28. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    29. Is this a grudge left over from Custer’s battle at Little Big Horn?

  29. Tgca says:

    Clearly SDC lacks intelligent friends or ones over 25. Has anyone ever met an intelligent Bernie supporter or one over 30?

  30. lisab says:

    BOMBSHELL! Elizabeth Warren, the First Native American Presidential Candidate CAUGHT wearing PALEFACE in High School yearbook pic!

  31. jason says:

    mnw makes an appearance and immediately attacks true American hero John McCain.

    mnw has moved up on my list of people with the “most misplaced focus of anger” to number one.

  32. jason says:

    29. Is this a grudge left over from Custer’s battle at Little Big Horn?”

    It seems like mnw wants to compete with Amoral Scumbag on who can up with the least relevant issue.

    Beating up on John McCain now is about as relevant as talking about Mika’s face.

  33. Tgca says:

    McCain, being a POW and a man who was tortured by people who treated him worse than an animal, does deserve compassion and to be honored for his service but that does not excuse his behavior as one of the most petty and self-centered GOP politicians. As our friend Bitter might say, both can be true.

  34. Tgca says:

    34. Agreed. McCain is no longer in politics just like Teddy so no use in trashing their politics unless it’s in comparison to how current politicians behave. Both men are viewed by many as both hero and villain.

  35. Tgca says:

    Al, I know is that Trump is the greatest POTUS EVAH!!!



  36. Phil says:

    Warren is a piece of work, but like the rest of the Democratic field is nothing but a footnote. Kamala will be your Democratic nominee. None of the rest of the field matters.

    Trump or Harris. Those are your choices. Anyone else is a waste of time.

  37. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Harris does not have the charisma or eloquence that Obama had. A huge issue for Harris is the early California primary. If she does well, then it may catapult her campaign forward. But if she does poorly, it could sink her campaign. I am not seeing her as the dominate Democratic candidate in the state as yet, and it is important to keep in mind only about 6% of Californians are African-American. Leftist distrust here for being to close to tech and other business interests. At this point, cannot predict how this will turn out.

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    Does Phil fear the evil magic powers of blacks or women more?

  39. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Here is a California poll discussed in Politico:

    “On the heels of a high-profile White House campaign launch that cemented Kamala Harris‘ position as a top-tier 2020 contender, a new poll shows voters in her home state are divided on whether she would make a good president.

    Forty percent of voters in overwhelmingly Democratic California say the first-term senator would make a good president, and 38 percent say she would not, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

    California Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters are just as pumped up about former VP Joe Biden running for president as Harris — with 60 percent saying that they’d be excited about a Biden 2020 run, compared to 58 percent saying they’d excited by a Harris presidential run, the poll showed.”

    If Harris comes in second to Biden or Sanders in the California primary, believe it will be the beginning of the end of her campaign.

  40. Phil says:

    That’s something Corey would say, Bitter.

    I’m wondering if Corey just hijacked bitter’s handle.

  41. Bitterlaw says:

    Too close to the truth, Phil?

    How are you and your wife doing?

  42. Phil says:

    We’re hanging in there, bitter. Living pet scan to pet scan.

    BTW, Don’t forgot Hispanics. I’m supposedly afraid of them too. Just saving Corey the trouble of mentioning them as well.

  43. lisab says:

    Man Accused of Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend Escapes Abortion Charge Due to NY Law

    A Queens, New York, man accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend had initially faced an abortion allegation as well, but prosecutors spared him that charge due to New York’s recently passed pro-abortion law.

    Queens District Attorney Richard Brown initially charged Anthony Hobson, 48, with murder and second-degree abortion for allegedly stabbing to death his 35-year-old pregnant victim, Jennifer Irigoyen, on Sunday, the New York Post reported.

    But a spokeswoman for the Queens District Attorney’s Office told the Post that there is no such abortion charge under the current “law as it exists today” because the charge “was repealed by the Legislature.”

    Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHA) on January 22, 46 years after the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion.

    New York’s law legalized late-term abortions, allowing doctors to perform the act “within 24 weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or at any time when necessary to protect a patient’s life or health,” according to the law.

    The law also decriminalized abortion, removing it from the state’s criminal code and placing the offense under public health law.

  44. MikeP says:

    Hey lisab,

    Do you the current black population in the US currently?. I believe it is around a stable 17%.

    I am getting Rassmunsen approval of Blacks favorability for Trump at 35%.

    I ask you because you are sticker for accurate stats

  45. lisab says:

    the estimate by the census bureau is 16.1%

    however, some of those are also hispanic,

    because many hispanics are also black

  46. Wes says:

    Walter Jones (R-NC) has passed. Rest well.

    Jones was a member of the 1994 GOP class but in ensuing years developed an erratic voting record seemingly tailored to being a thorn in the leadership’s side.

    His death means NC will now have one guaranteed and one likely special House election in NC-3 and NC-9 respectively.

  47. Messy says:

    45. The guy is going to get years in prison…which is good.


  48. dblaikie says:

    Today Trump is 52% in Rasmussen. Even if some you think that their model is flawed (could be) and off like 5 or 6 or even 7%, still 45% demonstrates positive movement.

    But the main thing about this poll is that Trump believes in it. It will factor greatly into his thinking about what to do with the Friday deadline.

  49. dblaikie says:

    By the way, Trump’s upward move in the national approval number is also in the Hill/Harris poll. Because of this I am sure that CNN or the NYT will come out with a poll showing Trump at 35% among adults. Just a hunch.

  50. lisab says:

    Freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress last fall — is accused of sending a string of “anti-Semitic” tweets regarding the Israeli lobby in the U.S.

    Omar, a proponent of the BDS — Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions — movement aimed at putting economic and political pressure on Israel over its treatment of Palestinians, first tweeted Sunday night that money was driving U.S. politicians to defend Israel.

  51. Paul says:

    52: We are holding onto those other polls until after the new shutdown begins.

  52. Tina says:

    Clearly, trumps approval is up the last two weeks.

    This is due to the blow out job #s, Drat implosion (race baiting, kkk tendencies, and in the house, all out crazies), and a very successful SOTU.

    Remember, how the Jebot went into attack mode post SOTU? I said the speech helped with the Rs, but he also did well with the indies, I also said you will have to look at the viewership numbers.

  53. Cash Cow TM says:

    DRUDGE did have a headline amd link saying
    Chips make ladder, escape zoo…

    But it is gone now!

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    The chimps clearly got to Drudge. He pulled the story.

  55. Cash Cow TM says:

    Bide-Har-Warr-San-Klob-Beto-Cory-Gillibrand Ocasio-Cortez for 2020!
    We need to throw Maxine Waters in there somewhwere.

  56. Cash Cow TM says:


    That was EXACTLY my first thought.

  57. Cash Cow TM says:

    Say…at the Grammy Awards, did the
    Back Door Boys win any awards?

  58. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The Democrats have successfully gotten Trump off the front page of the news. There now is not a daily controversy over his tweets or what he is saying. They are now the ones looking crazy.

  59. Phil says:

    Democrats are looking crazy because that’s what they are.

  60. Tina says:

    Yes, all out crazies, (AOC)

    Piglosi is asking that the MN house anti Semite to apologize.

  61. NYCmike says:

    “It’s pretty clear taxpayers will be first.”

    -This was very funny, but not laughing.

  62. NYCmike says:

    HAL won’t let me post a link to Michelle O at the Grammy’s last night.

    Such a pleasure to see her!

  63. lisab says:

    governor northam will not resign

    instead he will read …

    alex haley’s roots!

    you could not make this up

  64. lisab says:

    also … northam pointed out these issues are portabt because it is the 400th anniversary of

    ** indentured servants **

    being imported to virginia from africa

  65. lisab says:

    but NOW he understands his white privilege

    and why black face is wrong

  66. NYCmike says:

    -“But I am not looking for a messiah in politics and don’t have some religious sentiment tied to my vote.”

  67. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Snow falls in Hawaii a few times a year in winter on the state’s highest peak, Mauna Kea rising 13,803 elevation in feet, but the white stuff is rarely seen at elevations below 9,000 feet to 10,000 feet.

    On Sunday, Maui’s 10,ooo-foot Haleakala received a thick dusting and snow also accumulated at 6,200 feet in Polipoli State Recreation Area.”

    I hate global warming. We are also seeing this white stuff in places in California that it does not usually fall. Wasn’t Al Gore telling us about 15 years ago that Mt. Kilimanjaro would no longer have snow?

  68. Wes says:

    Tink received a subpoena today for her work on Mark Harris’ campaign. This looks like a broad-reaching investigation since her only role was getting people to register to vote.

    It looks increasingly as if the NCSBOE will call for a new election. Harris is tainted probably fatally. Republicans need to nominate a different candidate.

  69. NYCmike says:

    The other thing I would ask about the Obama Grammy appearance… only women have a connection with music?

  70. NYCmike says:


    What law did Harris break?

  71. Cash Cow TM says:

    “Last week, Pennsylvania was forced to admit that it had illegally registered approximately 11,200 noncitizens to vote, and election officials have been ordered to immediately purge all those names from the state’s voter rolls.”….

    …”At the same time Pennsylvania is admitting to illegally registered voters, GOP leaders in Texas are publicly claiming voter fraud in the Lone Star State, too. David Whitley, the Texas secretary of state, used driver’s license records to compare names to voter rolls, finding 95,000 noncitizens are registered voters and 58,000 of them illegally cast a ballot.

    According to The Washington Times story, Texas traced the illegal registration back to driver’s license registration, and Pennsylvania uncovered its illegally registered citizens in the same manner, coming up with the 11,000-plus names.

    “I voted today” t-shirtA spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation told the Times that it’s akin to “heresy” for left-wing groups to publicly discuss noncitizen voting.

    The foundation is suing in Texas and Pennsylvania for the right to review voter data, the story also stated.

    Back in Pennsylvania, Gramley points out there is testimony from a Philadelphia election commissioner who suggests the number is closer to 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote,

    “So 11,198 may well be a drop in the bucket,” she warns.”

  72. Wes says:

    How did you miss this, Mikey? Hart and his campaign are accused of ballot harvesting (illegal here in NC) and destruction of ballots cast for anyone other than Harris. That’s why he hasn’t taken office.

  73. Tina says:

    Not even Moochelle could save the Grammys ratings,

  74. NYCmike says:


    Are you trying to be an a-hole, or it you already have the certificate for that?

    I am asking a simple question. I know that supposedly there were irregularities found, as has been spoken about on here several times.

    BUT, when you write “This looks like a broad-reaching investigation since her only role was getting people to register to vote.” and she is being subpoenaed, it looks like more than what was originally discussed.

  75. NYCmike says:

    Was this remarked upon? “CG” and Robbie have no comment except to say Trump is NOT a Republican, and is NOT a conservative, but George W. Bush is. (also, I should mention that Ann Coulter was spot on with Roberts so far. I should have listened to her on this one.)

    From Instapundit:

    THIS MORNING’S NON-SHOCKER: John Roberts Let Politics Sway His Obamacare Ruling.

    A forthcoming book by reporter Joan Biskupic, who has covered the Supreme Court for decades, goes into detail on Roberts’ first defense of the health-care law—his ruling in the 2012 case of Nation Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius. In a book review for The Atlantic, Michael O’Donnell includes the following precis of Biskupic’s reporting:

    She writes that he initially voted with the four other conservatives to strike down the ACA, on the grounds that it went beyond Congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce. Likewise, he initially voted to uphold the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid. But Roberts, who kept the opinion for himself to write, soon developed second thoughts.

    Biskupic, who interviewed many of the justices for this book, including her subject, writes that Roberts said he felt ‘torn between his heart and his head.’ He harbored strong views on the limitations of congressional power, but hesitated to interject the Court into the ongoing health-insurance crisis. After trying unsuccessfully to find a middle way with Kennedy, who was ‘unusually firm’ and even ‘put off’ by the courtship, Roberts turned to the Court’s two moderate liberals, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan. The threesome negotiated a compromise decision that upheld the ACA’s individual mandate under Congress’s taxing power, while striking down the Medicaid expansion.

    On the day of the ruling in June 2012, Chris Cillizza, then writing for The Washington Post, claimed that Roberts’ opinion “made good on his pledge to referee the game, not play it.” But the story Biskupic tells, which confirms prior reporting by Jan Crawford published shortly after the ruling, contradicts Cillizza’s view entirely. Roberts’ entire approach to the case consisted of playing games—and highly political ones at that.

    The tenor of the passage reinforces how Roberts abandoned his stated principles in NFIB.


  76. lisab says:

    sooooooooooo … anyone up for a hhr bookclub?

    we could all read alex haley’s roots and then discuss white privilege with governor northam

  77. Tina says:


    75000 ticket requests for trump in El Paso.
    8000 seat arena.

  78. Cash Cow TM says:

    Have any more yahoos announced today their candidacy for D nomination for POTUS?

    I figure there will probably be about 50 of them before it is all over…

  79. Cash Cow TM says:


    I do not care what color alex haley’s roots are and if he colors his hair or not.

  80. Tina says:

    Beta male May announce,

    He has a small crowd tonight,however.

  81. lisab says:

    congressional agreement reached

    republicans caved

  82. JulStol says:

    This border speech is a little dull. He actually is better in front of a hostile “Handmaid’s tale” audience.

  83. Robbie says:

    So the greatest deal maker ever was set to get $1.7 billion for the wall in December until Coulter and Rush threw a hissy fit. Then the greatest deal maker ever kept the government shutdown for 5 weeks in order to get $5.7 billion for the wall. And now, Congressional negotiators have agreed to give the greatest deal maker ever just $1.37 billion for 55 miles of fence. LOL!

    Sun Tzu Trump.

  84. Bitterlaw says:

    Good to see Jul return.

    Hope you are well, Jul.

  85. JulStol says:

    I’m always here, Bitter. Whether I comment or not.

    Doing just fine. Happy belated birthday.

  86. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks, Jul. I hope you and the sister wives are doing well.

  87. Cash Cow TM says:


    Cash Cow met with several U.S. senators and has helped broker a budget deal!


  88. Cash Cow TM says:

    If you were a singer and got a bunch of people from Czechoslovakia to be the 4 people who sing with you on stage, would they be the BACKGROUND CZECHS?

  89. lisab says:

    Cows Get Own Tinder-Style App for Breeding


    Cows and bulls searching for “moo love” now have a mobile app to help their breeders.

    A U.K. farming startup introduced a Tinder-style app, called Tudder, that lets farmers find breeding matches by viewing pictures of cattle with details of their age, location and owner. Users hear a mooing sound as they swipe — right to show they’re interested or left to reject possible matches.

  90. phoenixrisen says:

    #86 Um, do you understand the negotiation parameters and dynamics? The Democrats want to look like they have agreed to less than what you cited for the wall and the GOP can say they kept all the detention beds so deportations can be processed so there are no catch and releases. Neither party’s base will be happy with this deal. Progressives not happy because Trump got money for the wall and retaining the detention beds, Conservatives getting less than 1/4 of what they wanted for the wall. There are concessions by each side here and a deal has been done and averts another shutdown. Neither side wanted to take blame for the shutdown. Live with it and do another deal down the road.

  91. Tina says:

    More please.

    c ?? Retweeted
    Jack Posobiec ??
    Jack Posobiec ??
    What a week! Between Kamala, Northam, Fairfax, Omar, Ocasio, and Tlaib these new Democrat leaders have offended just about every age, race, and religion in America!

  92. Wobbles says:

    Yes, I am back from Bogo Pogo.

    I scoured all my favorite moonbat sites, but bad news for Trump is scarce today.

    So I rehashed some inane comment about Trump not getting the money he wants for border security.

    Socialist 2020!

  93. Tina says:

    This is a good re-election strategy.

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    We are fighting for all Americans, from all backgrounds, of every age, race, religion, birthplace, color & creed. Our agenda is NOT a partisan agenda – it is the mainstream, common sense agenda of the American People. Thank you El Paso, Texas – I love you!

  94. jason says:

    Former Never Trumper Erick Erickson has change of heart, will now vote for Trump.

    Was never a fan, but I agree with his reasoning.

    “This week in 2016, I declared I would be “Never Trump.” A friend suggested I use a hashtag that had started circulating on Twitter, i.e #NeverTrump. The piece exploded and pushed me into a whirlwind of coverage. Despite lots of pressure, protestors literally on my front porch, and harassment directed towards my family, I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. I voted third party.

    Some of my concerns about President Trump remain. I still struggle on the character issue and I understand Christian friends who would rather sit it out than get involved. But I also recognize that we cannot have the Trump Administration policies without President Trump and there is much to like…

    …In 2016, we knew who the Democrats were and were not sure of who Donald Trump was. Now we know both and I prefer this President to the alternative.”

  95. jason says:

    Whether Trump’s strategy for getting funding for border security was good or bad can certainly be discussed. And whether the money should be for a physical wall or a virtual wall or a combination thereof is certainly a legitimate question.

    But he is right in fighting for it.

    The comment AOC made that Latinos should not be subject to immigration laws is not just an isolated opinion, anybody who thinks the Dems are really not for open borders is delusional.

    When Trump loses on border security we all lose.

  96. Wes says:

    Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, will run for Senate in AZ. I hope two things:

    1) Trump stops antagonizing Arizonans and giving them reasons to reject him and all other Republicans on the ballot.

    2) McSally is wise to the danger and campaigns her heart out.

  97. Wes says:

    Under Trump, the Mountain West—formerly ranging from GOP bastions to GOP-leaning states outside New Mexico and Colorado—has become Ground Zero for failing GOP electoral fortunes.

    Unless that trend reverses, Trump’s marrow but critical margins in big industrial states in 2016 may have been Pyrrhic victories.

  98. Wes says:

    Kamala Harris admits to having smoked—and inhaled—marijuana. Decades ago, Bill Clinton had to split his admission on the substance to remain viable as a presidential candidate. I doubt anyone cares now. I won’t be voting for Harris, but I would hardly consider such an admission a disqualifier.

  99. jason says:

    I see Amoral Scumbag drove by to bash Trump for trying to get funds for border security.


    “Public optimism in their personal economy has hit a 16-year high under President Trump, according to a new survey.

    Some 69 percent told Gallup that they expect their personal finances to be even better next year, just shy of the record 71 percent when the internet boom was raging under former President Bill Clinton.

    What’s more, the survey company said that 50 percent believe they are “better off” than just a year ago when the current economic surge was kicking in and when the White House coined the phrase “MAGAnomics.”

    Gallup said that is the first time the level has reach 50 percent since 2007.

    “Americans’ optimism about their personal finances has climbed to levels not seen in more than 16 years, with 69 percent now saying they expect to be financially better off ‘at this time next year,’” said Gallup.

    The highlights:

    69 percent expect their financial situation to improve over the next year.
    Optimism about finances over the next year is almost at a record-high level.
    50 percent say they are in better shape financially than a year ago.

    The president has been touting the economy and stock market recently, and Republicans are urging him to continue with policies like deregulation that can continue to feed growth.”

  100. Wes says:

    Is Trump getting the credit for the strong economy, Jason? Republicans took a hefty loss in Congress last year with a similarly strong economy—and, no, it wasn’t because of some ethereal built-in required average loss.

  101. dblaikie says:

    I don’t know if Trump is going to accept the compromise or just declare an emergency. However, if was just a couple of weeks ago that Nancy was gabing all over, “not a dime” or “a wall is immoral.” It will be interesting to see what happens.

  102. dblaikie says:

    I may not know Virginia politics that well, but the mountain west is a different story. Nevada since Clinton has become a blue state, but that is because of huge population shifts from California to Nevada. Utah with its Mormon population has troubles with Trump’s past, but it will never vote for the dem. nominee. Wyoming is still a republican bastion, so is Idaho. Montana has an usual history of voting dems into the Senate but as far Presidential elections are concerned, it is still strongly GOP. Arizona, once again due to shifting populations, has become a swing state, but I suspect that dem nominee will be too liberal for them and they will once again vote GOP.

  103. jason says:

    I don’t think smoking pot is going to disqualify anyone from public office, that train left the station long ago.

  104. Wes says:

    Nevada was largely a GOP state under Bush, DB. As recently as 2014, Republicans swept everything there was to win in the state.

    Arizona voted for a moonbat over a veteran even with the moonbat’s vote split by a Green. At the same time, Republicans lost several statewide offices, control of the AZCD, and a large number of seats in the State Legislature. Meanwhile, in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, Trump posted the worst showing for a GOP presidential candidate in the Grand Canyon State since Bob Dole actually lost the state in 1996.

    I wouldn’t automatically assume Trump will be able to coast in Arizona because the Dem may be too liberal for the state when the empirical evidence of elections says something completely different.

  105. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #104- Wes
    And the Senate where the GOP gained seats? Why no mention? GOP Governors’ losses were substantial, but only three out of the seven(7) defeats were “big” electoral States—Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.Republicans retained their Governorships in the electoral key States of Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Arizona.

    IYHO, will Roy Cooper(D) lose next year’s Governor’s race in No. Carolina?

  106. jason says:

    Is Trump getting the credit for the strong economy, Jason?”

    I haven’t seen the data but I believe most Americans would give him credit, yes.

  107. jason says:

    I think blaming Trump for the senate loss in AZ is as ridiculous as giving him credit for wins in FL, MO, IN and ND.

    There were many factors in why the GOP had bad (and good) results in 2018.

    If blaming Trump for everything makes wes feel good, be my guest.

    But it’s simplistic, lazy, and sophomoric analysis.

  108. Wes says:

    I’ve mentioned it before, Sheep, but with the exception of Florida—a good get indicating the Sunshine State May be trending the way of Texas—all Republican gains came from states already trending GOP with out-of-touch Dem Senators who had won fluke elections in 2012.

    At the same time, Republicans were at less than a quarter of the Class One seats. Barring a 1964 situation, they literally couldn’t go lower. It’s good Republicans gained in the Senate, but let’s be realistic. The good map saved them. Had the Class Two or Class Three seats been up, we wouldn’t have seen that silver lining of decent Senate gains.

    As far as Cooper, I haven’t weighed in yet for a couple of reasons:

    1) Cooper was irrelevant for the first two years of his term. He developed high favorables by being a powerless Governor. Now that he actually can sustain a veto, I’m waiting to see if my fellow Tarheels may start to sour on him.

    2) McCrory has indicated an interest in running again. If he does and forces Forest to face him in a divisive primary—especially one that goes to a runoff—then Cooper obviously benefits.

    As things stand I have Cooper as a slight favorite. If the above situations break the GOP’s way, then I will certainly move the race the GOP’s direction.

  109. Wes says:

    When Trump barely carried the state against Hillary and according to exit polls in 2018 was the focus of a negative reaction by Arizonans, Jason?

    Sure. Lazy, sophomoric, and simplistic all the way.

    Then again, you’re the same person who said Comey’s investigation of Hillary right before the 2016 election had nothing to do with her loss and declared Karen Handel—who despite having been the only candidate to have appeared in the ballot everywhere in her district previously barely beat a Star Wars-cosplaying carpetbagger and lost a House seat no Dem had won since 1976–to be a “darn good candidate.”

    Lazy, simplistic, sophomoric analysis is your modus operandi.

  110. Wes says:

    Of course Ward and Arpaio were factors in McSally’s loss, but to discount the Trump factor in the Dem victories in Arizona last year is the kind of lazy, simplistic, sophomoric analysis I’ve come to expect from you.

  111. Wes says:

    Republicans has a 100,000-vote turnout advantage in Arizona last year over the Dems and still racked up a host of high-profile losses—something they hadn’t suffered beyond gerrymandered House races in over a decade—but, hey, let’s pretend Trump was no factor.

    It’s like pretending Obama wasn’t a factor in the Democrats’ electoral collapse here in NC starting in 2010.

    It’s lazy, simplistic, sophomoric analysis that tries to avoid acknowledging the actual problem.

  112. jason says:

    So wes admits there are other factors besides Trump in the national losses and state losses.

    Baby steps, baby steps.

    And of course I never denied Trump was one of the factors, but not the only factor.

    And wes is still upset I was right about Karen Handel being the best candidate the GOP could field against Ossoff? Awwwww……

    Handel was a darn good candidate, and she won. Sorry if that was not what you predicted.

    But now wes wants to have it both ways. Supposedly Trump is why the GOP lost seats in the suburbs in seats like Handel’s, but now it’s because Handel was not a good candidate.

    Get your ducks in a row before saying something stupid.

  113. dblaikie says:

    Both Nevada and Arizona have changing electoriates because of population shifts — this is big factor. More important than Trump in Arizona was the McCain factor. The Senator hated Trump, and Trump said unfortunate things about the Senator. We need to remember that even though McSally lost in 2018 it was very close. I suspect Arizona will be close again. Yet I believe that the dem. nominee after the primaries will be so far to the left, that Arizona will once again tip GOP.

    Nevada, like I said, in Presidential elections has become a blue state. G W did win there but just barely. Clinton won Nevada both times and so did Obama. The population shift in Nevada has been so dramatic that now statewide offices are more likely to be blue. The final straw was the Washoe County vote in the last election once red now purple at best. Until that dynamic changes give Nevada to the dems.

    So Nevada will go blue, Arizona is purple and Colorado and New Mexico are purple with a slight tilt towards blue, the rest of the mountain west is red.

    I have alluded to it several times, but a big component in all of this is how far the dem nominee is going to be. If the nominee is Biden I firmly believe that the primary process is going to push him further to the left than he would like.

    But that is why I believe that 2020 has many uncertainties. But if the economy stays strong, I like the Presidents chances.

  114. dblaikie says:

    Sorry, how far left the dem nominee is going to be.

  115. Waingro says:

    “Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, will run for Senate in AZ. ”

    (Gulp.) As good as a candidate as AZ Dems could hope for. Arizona is pretty much a MUST win for GOP to hold onto 51 Senators in 2020, which is my bottom line.

    I guess I hold out hope that Arizonans still are largely protective of their guns and 2nd Amendment rights, given the large part of Kelly’s appeal and profile will be “gun control”.

    McSally will have to campaign hard either way.

  116. Wes says:

    Lazy, sophomoric, simplistic Jason strikes again. You are aware a President can drag down his party while sitting Congresspeople can be bad candidates, I hope.

    Of course you don’t. That’s above your intellectual level.

    Handel was a former statewide officeholder who had carried the district in her last time in a general election. She barely beat a Star Wars-cosplaying carpetbagger and in her first bid for re-election lost.

    Trump barely carried the district in 2016 while the Republicans Congressman won by 20 points. Trump was a factor in her loss, as was Handel herself.

    As Bitterlaw would say, both can be true.

    This really isn’t that hard to figure out to someone capable of anything more than lazy, simplistic, sophomoric analysis such as you tend to offer, Jason.

  117. Waingro says:

    #119, so spit firing, right now it seems as if CO and AZ are the 2 most likely to flip. If Collins decides not to run for re-election in ME, then we can kiss that state goodbye as well.

    If the GOP loses all of those states and presumably flips back AL, then they would have to hold all the other states that could be arguably be vulnerable: NC, IA, AK (if Begich goes for a rematch) and maybe MO (if Bullock runs.)

    I still favor the GOP in those states, but it will not be a comfortable cycle, particularly with the possibility of the Dems controlling all 3 branches on the line.

  118. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #119- Waingro
    Which GOP Senators besides McSally(AZ) and Gardner(CO) do you see losing in 2020?( I believe that both have 50/50 shots at winning.)
    Remember that the GOP starts with 54 Senate seats since Doug Jones(D-AL) is nothing more than a placeholder right now.

  119. Wes says:

    NC in 2020 is unlikely to be more competitive thuan in 2016 downballot, Wain. If Trump were to be in serious jeopardy of losing the state, as would be necessary for Tillis to lose, then we’re looking at another 2008. Even I am not anticipating that.

    IA has trended heavily GOP lately, and the only GOP loss in the IACD is directly attributable to a candidate on borrowed time. (Trump certainly didn’t help Blum, but here I don’t think the President was a major factor unlike other races.) Dems have a thin bench in IA, so I don’t think Ernst is in real trouble.

    Collins has already raised a ton of money for reelection; thus I’m not anticipating a retirement.

    Diane’s is in line with the MT electorate while Bullock is gearing up for a q ui xotic presidential bid that will necessarily pull him left. I don’t see a real challenge to Daines.

    Begich just lost badly in an open seat gubernatorial race after Walker through his support to him. I don’t see how Sullivan loses barring a Ted Stevens situation.

    AL is a sure Pickup for the GOP.

    CO and AZ are clearly vulnerable. If Trump continues to drag Republicans in the Mountain West down then conceivably both can flip.

  120. Wes says:

    DB, CO and NM have both voted further left than NV both presidentially and downballot recently. All three went GOP to varying degrees in 2014; however, since Trump has been the GOP’s standardbearer, Republicans have suffered major losses in each.

    None is likely to be remotely GOP friendly next year.

  121. Wes says:


    Autocorrect changed threw to through.

    What the blazes!

  122. Wes says:

    Right on cue, the RRH “Republicans” declare McSally to be doomed.

    I know you guys don’t like it when I point out negative voting patterns when Trump is President, but at least I’m not automatically saying Republicans are going to lose unlike that crowd. McSally can still win, and Trump can still win AZ. Recent elections indicate both will have to work hard to prevail in that state though.

  123. Waingro says:

    #123, Wes that’s good to know about Collins. She is the only chance of keeping that seat.

    Is Bullock really leaning towards a POTUS run? That’s idiotic — but comforting from the Senate perspective.

    I obviously trust you on NC.

    I agree on IA. I just threw that out there as more a long shot opportunity for the Dems.

    Again: just hold onto the Senate. All I ask. I don’t even want to THINK of being in a situation where the “Green New Deal” reaches the Senate floor with a Dem majority.

  124. Wes says:

    Diane’s should be Daines.

  125. jason says:

    Diane’s should be Daines”

    You never know these days.

  126. Wes says:

    It looks as if Klobuchar will face blowback for her maltreatment of staffers during the primaries:

  127. jason says:

    Amoral Scumbag hardest hit.

    “WASHINGTON — After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.”

  128. jason says:

    How many House seats will the Dems lose in 2020?

  129. lisab says:

    2018 was a slightly worse than average loss for a midterm … and there were many reasons for it. there always are.

    in particular, trump was on the ballot as far as dems were concerned in 2018

    many reps did not care, many don’t like trump either.

    that won’t be true in 2020.

    it will be trump against the dem nominee.

    if the nominee is biden, trump probably loses, but i would not say definitely. biden is known to have gaffes. if the nominee is harris, i would say trump has a 50-50% chance — only because i don’t have a good feel on how well she can campaign. she has the right gender and racial background to win.

    any of the other dem nominees seem weak to me right now

  130. lisab says:

    i think warren would lose by hillary like proportions

  131. jason says:

    Maybe a majority of Americans are ready for socialism and the nanny state, certainly a lot of them are.

    But IF they aren’t, quite yet, then the uber moonbats like AOC and the Muslim congresswomen are making it easier for the GOP to tag anyone on the Dem side as a socialist and use their rhetoric against them in the campaign.

  132. jason says:

    Then again, you’re the same person who said Comey’s investigation of Hillary right before the 2016 election had nothing to do with her loss”

    Yeah, and I say it again too.

    The “Comey caused Hillary to lose” is a moonbat MSM driven narrative with no basis in fact and is just her campaign trying to find a scapegoat to blame.

    The facts are that Clinton’s poll numbers were already slipping BEFORE the letter, and the polls that showed her losing support right after the letter came out reflected data from before the letter. Not only that, Clinton actually rebounded the weekend before the election, not the other way around.

    Again the real reason Hillary lost was that she was viewed as dishonest and untrustworthy by a large portion of the electorate, and she lost large numbers of blue collar voters who switched from Obama to Trump in states like OH, PA, MI and WI. And the reasons these blue collar voters supported Trump had nothing to do with Comey, it was his economic and trade message.

    This article leaves open the possibility the Comey letters could have had an effect, but clearly the polling evidence does not support that conclusion.

  133. dblaikie says:

    For those on this forum who believe Biden will be a formidable opponent to Trump, here is a differing view from McClatchy News service. Here is the link:

  134. Wes says:

    Jason, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. You’re an idiot. I never said Comey caused Hillary to lose. I said he was a contributing factor. Alongside him, I cited her elitism, lack of connection to voters, and poor campaign as reasons for her loss.

    It would take a fool of epic proportions—see the person I’m arguing with—not to realize an FBI investigation of a presidential candidate a week before the election would not contribute to a loss of votes for said candidate.

    Comey was the final nail in Hillary’s political coffin during a campaign when she was already losing steam. Whether Trump would have beaten Hillary without Comey is a debatable point, but he was definitely a factor in her loss, whether ultimately decisively or not.

    You’re just too pigheaded to acknowledge when you’re wrong, as always.

  135. gameboy says:

    I can’t believe people who post here actually fear Biden. I would be shocked if he even officially announces. I hope they go with Biden as Trump would take him down without even breaking a sweat. Does anyone in here really believe an old, has been, white guy would win the Dem nomination??

  136. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    From Twitchy:

    “Newly-announced Senate candidate Mark Kelly (@ShuttleCDRKelly) endorsed @IlhanMN for Congress in 2018 but (as far as I can tell) hasn’t spoken up about her anti-Semitism yet. Will journalists ask him his thoughts on this?”

    Who knows about Marc Kelly. He could be an awful candidate. He has never run for anything before. We shall see. Wes, will he be primaried?

  137. Phil says:

    It’s so early and there are so many moving parts – chiefly the state of the economy in a year and a half. Right now I’m fairly confident the senate stays GOP by at least a seat and probably two. Look for the GOP to pick up 5-7 seats in the House. The White House? It’s Trump or Kamala and it would be just a wild guess at this time.

  138. Wes says:

    Sheep, there is talk Pete Gallego will primary Kelly. On paper, Kelly is a stronger candidate, but he has potential flaws McSally can exploit. Also, the sympathy for Gabby Gifford’s has likely died down in the intervening eight years and may not readily transfer to him.

    McSally has the advantage of being a high-profile (though appointed) incumbent with a strong work ethic. She won’t be caught up in a late primary with a pair of wingnuts either. Right now I think McSally is a moderate favorite, but much will depend on how Trump as President plays in AZ over the next two years.

    He struggled in the state in 2016 but carried it and did no harm to to downballot Republicans. Last year he was a clear detriment to the AZGOP.

    If Trump is more like the Trump of 2016 than the Trump of 2018 in AZ next year then McSally should be fine. If the reverse is true then McSally will be in deep trouble.

  139. jason says:

    It would take a fool of epic proportions—see the person I’m arguing with—not to realize an FBI investigation of a presidential candidate a week before the election would not contribute to a loss of votes for said candidate.:”

    Zzzzz…. this reminds me of Messy’s claim that Ebola influenced a prior election.

    The facts show that Hillary was already losing ground before the Comey letter, and that she picked up steam after he “cleared” her. However, there is no evidence that the letters were responsible for either her drop or her comeback.

    So there is no evidence that it caused her to lose the election or even that it was a factor.

    But if you think making excuses for Hillary in 2016 helps your attacks on Trump in 2019, you should look in the mirror before calling anybody an idiot.

    In the over 2 years since the election, I have never met anybody, or heard anybody say they knew somebody, or read on social media about anybody who says they switched their votes from Hillary to Trump or from Trump to Hillary because of the Comey letters.

    Not one. And I am sure wes doesn’t know anybody who did either.

  140. Wes says:

    I guess I can post my Senate rankings now:

    Solid R Hold-


    Likely R Hold-


    Lean R Hold-


    Likely R Pickup-




    Lean D Hold-


    Likely D Hold-


    Solid D Hold-


  141. jason says:

    Biden is not going to be the nominee. My view is that he only polls well do to name recognition, the moonbats that will decide the primaries in most states are not going to support him.

    Which may be good news, he is probably the most likely to win among all the moonbats running.

    Not that I think his baggage won’t hurt him. It will. And he would certainly try to self destruct many times during the campaign, only to have the MSM play defense.

    But the “socialist” label won’t stick to him, he does have blue collar appeal, and his age will not be as big a factor against Trump.

  142. Wes says:

    Oh, really, Jason?

    I guess Nate Silver doesn’t count. He actually went further than I did and claimed it probably cost her the election whereas I said it was just a contributing factor among others:

    Keep up the fantasy land though.

    Maybe you can tell us once again how without Perot on the ballot his voters were guaranteed to split in such a way as to give GHWB 270 EVs when there’s literally no evidence of that and even Mike Barone has written extensively about how Perot didn’t cause Bush to lose.

    You have your Fantasy Land narratives you stick to in the face of all evidence.


    Comey didn’t cost Hillary voters by investigating her a week before the election. That’s rich. He may not have been the decisive factor in her loss, but he was definitely a contributing factor.

    Come to think of it, you also tried to claim George Allen lost because of voter fraud rather than macaca and his spectacular meltdown afterward. That’s a claim impossible to take seriously.

  143. Wes says:

    Just for fun, I’ll post my gubernatorial rankings for this year and next:

    Solid R Hold-


    Likely R Hold-


    Lean R Hold-




    Solid D Hold-


  144. Bitterlaw says:

    I think Biden should be the VP nominee again. If elected, he can carve out a niche in history as serving as VP for 2 presidents. If re-elected in 2024, he could lock down the record for oldest VP and possibly serve 16 years.

  145. NYCmike says:

    “I think Biden should be the VP nominee again. If elected, he can carve out a niche in history as serving as VP for 2 presidents.”

    -I would rather Pence get that distinction.

    Have him be VP for Nikki Haley in 2024, after Trump finishes his 2nd term.

  146. NYCmike says:

    I haven’t seen “CG” since David Duke agreed with MN Rep Omar, who disagrees with Trum, aka “CG”‘s “David-Duke-Lite”.

  147. NYCmike says:

    Linda Sarsour, David Duke, and Rep. Omar may all vote for the Dem nominee……and “CG” thinks Trump isn’t a viable choice……

  148. NYCmike says:

    “Dems aren’t the only ones shy about calling out Omar and Tlaib. The Never Trumper William Kristol, who regularly accuses the president of fanning bigotry, had maintained a puzzling silence on Twitter as of this writing.”

  149. Bitterlaw says:

    My wife has selected the sunny paradise of …. Chicago for spring break. April 13-16. The main selling point was we can get seats to Hamilton in Chicago for $100 (still around $600 for comparable seats on Broadway).

    I’m sure there will probably be a blizzard and I am not really interested in the city but my wife and daughter want to go.

  150. Bitterlaw says:

    That is $600 per ticket on Broadway. Brilliant show and I could not care less about the political views of actors.

  151. Wes says:

    Nor about historical accuracy apparently.

  152. CG says:

    If canceled due to weather, it can be said that Brrr killed Hamilton.

  153. NYCmike says:

    Good one, “CG”!

  154. NYCmike says:

    “Where has this Trump been the past two years?”

    -Building up suspense for the next season of “President Trump: “You’re Hired!”.

  155. lisab says:

    For those on this forum who believe Biden will be a formidable opponent to Trump, here is a differing view from McClatchy News service.

    i have seen these arguments too …

    which biden would be nominated? the gaffe prone, lackluster, way to moderate for aoc biden


    the biden that unites the party as obama 2.0 and ripped ryan to shreds.

    now … trump would not sit idly by and let biden do to him what biden did to ryan, but … neither would biden let trump crush him the way he crushed jeb!

  156. lisab says:

    i have also heard that biden has lost a step after losing his son.

    i have heard that he thinks he can win, but he is not sure he wants to put out that much effort. he has a comfortable life and may simply not want to deal with aoc et al.

  157. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – Hamilton is based on a well respected biography. In theater, some shortcuts are taken and time manipulated. The basic story is there.

    Since you can only be entertained with 100% accuracy, you should avoid these musicals, too.

    Jesus Christ Superstar – No evidence that Jesus or Judas sang.

    Godspell – Same

    Pippin – Charlemagne did not sing and his son did not end up with a singing widow, her son and a duck.

    The Sound of Music – Sort of true but Maria was older than in the play and movie. They were wed in 1927 rather than 1938.

    Cats – Cats don’t sing or dance.

    1776 – Mostly accurate. Main plot is about the fight to take out the condemnation of slavery in the Declaration of Independence in exchange for Southern votes for independence. John Adams is portrayed as obnoxious and disliked. Of course, that is accurate.

    The Boys from Syracuse – In the song, “This can’t be love” there is a reference to Romeo and Juliet many centuries before the play.

  158. Wes says:

    I’ll just skip all musicals, and Romeo and Juliet is based on the myth of Pyramis and Thisbe.

  159. lisab says:

    Kamala Harris claims to have smoked pot in college while listening to Tupac and Snoop. She graduated college in 1986. Tupac’s first album came out in 1991. Snoop’s first album came out in 1993.

  160. lisab says:

    When Al Gore was born, there were 7,000 polar bears in the wild. Today, after severe climate change, only 30,000 remain

  161. lisab says:

    Chelsea Clinton: “I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion”

  162. NYCmike says:

    -If jason ever leaves the United States, now we know where he would go

  163. lisab says:

    Berlin Antifa Assault Populist Jewish Youth at Holocaust Film Screening

  164. Cash Cow TM says:


    TWO articles….

    Chimp sign language mimics human speech…

    Monkey KIDNAPS toddler…

  165. jason says:

    Chelsea Clinton: “I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion”

    Actually, Jimmy Carter once claimed in a debate that when he asked his 12 year old daughter Amy what the most important issue in the world was, she said “nuclear proliferation”.

  166. Cash Cow TM says:

    RE: the play Hamilton…

    Did I ever tell you that Aaron Burr was a distant relative of Walt’s?

    For goodness sake, keep what I’m about to tell you under your hat…

    Aaron Burr’s uncle, Peter Burr, settled in what is now Jefferson County WV back in the late 1740s. His house is still standing…and the restored house is the oldest wood frame structure still standing in WV.

    Anyway… Walt is related back in his ancestry to Peter Burr, but Walt does not want people to kno(^$*%^#)!)*#**@@@____*&TT*&________________________________________

  167. jason says:

    Meanwhile, in Proud ObamaCON’s socialist paradise:

    “When you look at the actual track record of democratic socialism, human dignity doesn’t always turn out to be the main takeaway. Take what’s happening in Venezuela right now as an example. Millions of people have fled their homes because they can’t survive or provide for their families in a country where inflation means a month’s salary is worth a basket of eggs. Professional women who were once lawyers, nurses, etc. back home, have been forced to turn to prostitution to provide for their families”

  168. jason says:

    I guess Nate Silver doesn’t count.”

    Not really. He is partisan Democratic hack. But if you want to quote partisan Dem hacks, they all blame Comey. Join the club.

    Comey didn’t cost Hillary voters by investigating her a week before the election”

    Right, that is what the polling evidence shows. But if she had won if probably wouldn’t have been because he cleared her before the election either.

    “Maybe you can tell us once again how without Perot on the ballot his voters were guaranteed to split in such a way as to give GHWB 270 EVs”

    Nah, you are too stupid to understand it. The point was they wouldn’t have split the same way in every state. I have shown in detail what states Bush would have won without Perot.

    “Come to think of it, you also tried to claim George Allen lost because of voter fraud rather than macaca and his spectacular meltdown afterward.”

    Any R that loses a senate race by 7k votes probably lost due to voter fraud.

    But the reason it was that close WAS Macaca. The WAPO and the leftist media did a great job magnifying what was a stupid comment into a racism scandal, that is why Allen lost.

    Ok now that I have debunked wes’ silly rants, I will start on my third dirty martini.

  169. Wes says:

    You’re just a stupid sonofabitch living in a political fantasy world of his own making, Jason.

    Reality has no place in your mind.

  170. Chicon says:

    Wes, that’s not the way to get a rise out of Jason. Best way is to call John McCain a phony, self-important jackass.

  171. jason says:

    ‘You’re just a stupid sonofabitch living in a political fantasy world of his own making, Jason.”


    It’s easy to see when wes has lost an argument.

    Actually it must fun to live in wes’ black and white very little brain.

    Everything is so clear and easy.

    – Hillary lost the election because of Comey’s letters (or was it she “didn’t send enough operatives to Wisconsin”

    – All the R losses in 2018 are due to “suburban voter hatred of Trump”.

    – The 2020 election is already decided because Dems will nominate their best candidate.

    – Karen Handel was a bad candidate (why? well because she was by far the best candidate in the R primary, beat a guy that spent 30 million in a congressional race in a very high profile election where the Dems put every resource into winning, then lost by a squeaker in an election where Rs lost 40 seats). Just horrible candidate, no other factors involved (according to wes’ pee brain, all the other R candidates that lost in suburban districts lost because of Trump, Handel was the sole exception).

  172. jason says:

    Best way is to call John McCain a phony, self-important jackass.”

    Or you could try tariffs…

  173. jason says:

    Thankfully nobody has figured out that attacking bacon would really get my llama.

  174. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    After reading the article linked below, can you attorneys who post at HHR kindly explain to us non-lawyers how someone has not gone to the pokey for this Quid Pro Quo? There was an ongoing criminal investigation of the Clinton e-mail fiasco at the time.(The actual text of the e-mail is in the article and the author, Lisa Page, actually uses the words–quid pro quo– in her e-mail.)

    New Emails Confirm FBI Tried To Work Deal With State Dept To Minimize Hillary Email Scandal

    New Emails Confirm FBI Tried To Work Deal With State Dept To Minimize Hi…
    Over two years after the fact, newly released FBI emails obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reques…

    Quid—- the FBI would destroy a potentially incriminating Clinton e-mail if

    Pro Quo– the State Department would employ additional FBI agents in foreign embassies and consulates

  175. Bitterlaw says:

    So Wes cites Nate Silver (a/k/a Silverhack to many at HHR). Comey not only tried to help Trump by reopening the Hillary investigation but he also tried to helpHillary win at the same time,

    I love this place.

  176. Tina says:

    Yes, anybody claiming comedy tried “helping” Trump is really smoking something,

    Pretty clear that fib leadership took a side in the election and participated in an unsuccessful coup.

    I hope justice is not blind, however, and justice is served to comedy, McCabe, Pete the Cheat, Weissmann the Mistress, and the “marine.”

  177. Tina says:

    I have always used fib leadership.

    Because the jebots then say you are “attacking the fib.”

    I believe Wrong Wray was a terrible pick by Trump.

  178. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – Why do you think Comey reopened the investigation so close to the election?

  179. jason says:

    Even the WAPO had an article about how the Comey letters didn’t swing the election but I can’t access it without a subscription, and I would rather shoot my prize llama than do that.

    In fact, in the article wes quoted, Silverhack admits that even the MSM is not convinced, and (rightfully) attribute much more important factors to Hillary’s loss than the letters.

    His theory is that Comey only wrote the letter and the MSM only gave it space because they knew Hillary had already won and it wouldn’t matter.

    But basically what it says is Nate Silverhack is trying to find an excuse of why HE was so wrong, and he is using the Comey letters for that.

  180. jason says:

    Tina – Why do you think Comey reopened the investigation so close to the election?”

    Tina will answer for herself, but in my view the reason was that he thought if he didn’t, it would come out after the election and there would be a huge scandal on why he withheld the fact there were classified emails (which there were, even though the FBI claimed there weren’t) on a known sex offender’s computer.

    Remember, he was already under pressure for his BS protection of Hillary when he declared (after being pressured by the AG) that she was reckless and irresponsible but not criminally liable.

    So he was probably sensitive about being pushed into an even further position of protecting her when the Carlos Danger computer emails turned up.

    And of course, he never thought himself it would swing the election, but just to make sure, he “exonerated” her again a couple days before the election.

  181. jason says:

    So basically I think Comey released the letter to cover his ass and try to head off a scandal in the new administration, which he figured he would be part of.

  182. Tina says:

    Bl, they sat on those Weiner laptop emails. They knew of them in September.

    The hypd an nynfib forced their hands. There were leaks about this in the press.

    However, you cannot ignore comedy purposefully leaking information to trigger a special counsel.

  183. jason says:

    Rumor has it El Chapo will pay 23 billion for the wall if Trump agrees to send him to a minimum security prison instead of the supermax in Colorado.

    As part of the agreement, he will commit not to try to escape.

  184. jason says:

    “Despite claims from former FBI director James Comey to the opposite, hundreds of thousands of former-Rep. Anthony Weiner’s correspondences were reportedly not examined for potentially classified information as part of the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

    Only 3,077 of the nearly 700,000 emails discovered on a laptop Weiner shared with wife and top Clinton staffer Huma Abedin were reviewed, according to a report from RealClearInvestigations. The examination was done during a marathon 12-hour session the day before Comey said Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, should not be recommended for criminal charges.

    The search that was completed uncovered additional instances of Clinton transmitting and receiving classified information via her private, unauthorized email account, according to one U.S. law enforcement official”

  185. Messy says:

    lyndon LaRouche, who was mucking up politics for ages, is finally dead. Huzzah.

  186. dblaikie says:

    That Gallop poll is of ADULTS. In addition a new Politico poll has Trump’s approval at 45%! Just to remind you Trumps winning percentage in 2016 was slightly over 46%. And today Rasmussen held at 50% among likely voters. For weeks I have been claiming that writing Trump off for 2020 was premature and these numbers do nothing to change that. Let me be clear, I am not saying Trump is going to win. What I am saying is I like his odds.

  187. dblaikie says:

    The best news is that these numbers will keep Worm from posting his huge amount of drivel for the time being.

  188. Chicon says:

    178 – 179…

    Forgot about the tariffs. And attacking bacon ain’t right.

  189. Tina says:

    I like the nickname, worm,

  190. jason says:

    lyndon LaRouche, who was mucking up politics for ages,”

    Messy is attacking a fellow loyal and lifelong Democrat?


  191. Wobbles says:

    Approval Up from 37 to 44.”

    You won’t seem me here today.

  192. Wobbles says:

    Or see me

  193. jason says:

    The best news is that these numbers will keep Worm from posting his huge amount of drivel for the time being.”

    Well, remember Corey and Amoral Scumbag think that the R base is “turning against Trump”. An approval rating in the mid 40’s, let alone 50, puts that idea to rest pretty quickly.

    I want to win this election. If Corey or Amoral Scumbag could show me a candidate that could actually win the nomination and be a favorite in the GE, not someone who would just divert resources and weaken Trump for the GE, then I would consider that candidate. But at the moment, any challenge to Trump will just help the socialists.

    Since that candidate does not exist the conclusion you reach is that all Corey and Amoral Scumbag want is for a socialist to win because that means Trump loses. Screw the rest of us.

  194. jason says:

    Nobody commented on or laughed at my clever “get my llama” post.

    I excuse Messy because it would obviously be way over her head, but the rest of you humorless asses can go jump in a lake.

    Or stand under a tree as sharp shards of ice get blown off of them as is happening now in Amishland.

  195. Messy says:

    198. LaRouche is about as much a loyal Democrat as Mike Pence is.

  196. jason says:

    Seems like Larouche would fit right in to today’s Democratic Party…

    “While LaRouche’s antisemitism is often veiled, he has written that Judaism is a kind of parasitic appendage to Christianity, that “a selfsustaining Judaism never existed and never could exist,” and that Jewish culture “is merely the residue left to the Jewish home after everything saleable has been marketed” to non-Jews

  197. jason says:

    LaRouche is about as much a loyal Democrat as Mike Pence is.”

    You mean he was an extremist like AOC or Tlaib or Omar?


  198. jason says:


    Messy is going to be celebrating the death of extremist Democrats….

    There certainly are a lot of them.

    Stay tuned.

  199. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason- I got the llama joke. I did not comment on it because I did not want to violate the confidentiality agreement you signed after the llama incident at the A-hole clubhouse.

  200. Bitterlaw says:

    Joe Flacco traded to the Broncos. The Wizard and Bio Mom hardest hit.

  201. dblaikie says:

    Yes Jason, That is my conclusion. Their hatred of Trump is so deranged that they would pay any price, burn down any institution to see him defeated.

  202. Tina says:

    Un filed document*

  203. jason says:

    No, Messy didn’t write this.

    It’s Fox News, alas.

    “Ocasio-Cortez policies drives a steak through the growing US economy: Sen. Barrasso”

  204. jason says:

    I did not comment on it because I did not want to violate the confidentiality agreement you signed after the llama incident at the A-hole clubhouse.”

    Avenatti is having a slow month, so he will take a look at the A-hole agreement to make sure it is sealed tight and can survive close scrutiny.

    He will bill the Club, of course.

  205. jason says:

    Joe Flacco traded to the Broncos. The Wizard and Bio Mom hardest hit.”

    What am I, chopped liver?

    I don’t want Flacco.

  206. jason says:

    Of course, I did say I didn’t want Peyton Manning either.

    But lightning is not going to strike twice here.

  207. NYCmike says:

    Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

  208. Barrett says:

    I wish we could have Flacco back. What we have now is awful.

  209. jason says:

    Hey, you get a 4th round pick for Flacco, helluva deal.

  210. NYCmike says:

    “What we have now is awful.”

    -I thought that young kid played pretty good.

    He isn’t Brady, but who is.

  211. jason says:

    I think the exchange of hi’s between Tina and mnw is the start of a beautiful relationship.

  212. NYCmike says:

    Flacco’s contract was an albatross on that team since he signed it.

  213. jason says:

    I think NYC no write too good.

  214. jason says:

    Yeah, Tebow!

    Even if we lose we get to see a lot of Miss Universe.

  215. NYCmike says:

    No espeaka dee englayz.

  216. NYCmike says:

    -Gates is right on with this

    “A lot of people underestimate just how much life has improved over the last two centuries:”

  217. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    A new FOX News Poll has The Presidents approval/ disapproval rating at 46/52, respectively.

    Do you think this news will reach Half Truth Robbie in Poco Loco?

  218. Bitterlaw says:

    “A lot of people underestimate just how much life has improved over the last 200 million years.”

    – Walt

  219. lisab says:

    RBG Champion of Hide and Seek

  220. NYCmike says:

    Be careful, lisab. That is tantamount to wishing death upon the Justice.

  221. Phil says:

    Anyone happen to catch Congresswoman Omar’s act on the House Foreign Relations Committee today? Holy crap! Batsh*t crazy. Makes Conngresswoman Cortez look like a fricken moderate.

    Just wow!

  222. jason says:

    “That is tantamount to wishing death upon the Justice.”

    Corey wrote about 100 posts to lie about what I said.

    You might merit 200 posts.

  223. Wes says:

    I guess racking up losses in 1996 and 2016 just wasn’t enough:

    Bill Weld is planning to primary Trump.

    Weld won’t even make the primary mildly entertaining.

  224. Chicon says:

    234 – CG pulled several muscles with his mental gymnastics on that one.

  225. lisab says:

    RBG, best ** living ** Champion of Hide and Seek

    (with really good law clerks)

  226. Wes says:

    Bullock is more interested in running for President than for Senate. I doubt Daines would be in more than marginal danger even if Bullock ran:

  227. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is a summary of some of the provisions of the pending Budget Agreement. Truthfully, it made me sick. I have now concluded that many Republicans either oppose a “wall” or are indifferent about it. I guess the third option is the GOP does not know how to negotiate. Read it and weep:

  228. jason says:

    Weld played straight man for Gary Johnson on the libertarian ticket in 2016 and is now going to run as a Republican?


    But I guess he will get at least 3 votes… Billy Kristol, Corey and Amoral Scumbag.

  229. jason says:

    I would rank Bullock up there with Biden and Sherrod Brown as most dangerous Dem candidate.

    He is a flaming liberal, but he pretends to be a moderate and it sold in Montana by a small margin.

  230. Bitterlaw says:

    I posted in 2016 that there was never going to be a WALL. People who thought Trump was going to deliver a WALL were delusional. I want the border secured and I don’t care if it is a WALL or fences or drones or sensors or many agents or thousands of beagles trained to sniff out drugs and people crossing illegally.

  231. jason says:

    Yep, I unfortunately when you go for all or nothing you often get nothing.

    The wall was a huge overreach by Trump. If instead he had focused on border security as the goal (which is what the wall is supposed to accomplish) of which a physical wall in some areas would be part of the strategy, along with fences, drones, sensors, agents, etc. he could have delivered a lot of border security and had something to show for his efforts.

    I said the same thing about Obama and Obamacare. The Rs were shocked and awed by Obama when he had 70% approval and he could have easily gotten an Obamacare with at least 80% of what he wanted with bipartisan approval, and it probably wouldn’t have cost him the massive losses in Congress. But he went with Pelosi and Read and their advice “you won, do what you want”, and he rammed Obamacare through by one vote, having to buy off members of his own party to do it. At the time he said political capital is meant to be spent, and he sure did spend it.

    Trump could have had solid border security and declared victory. A major unforced error.

  232. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – If Trump loses in 2020, his most ardent supporters will say it was a brilliant move and part of Trump’s long term strategy.

  233. jason says:

    Also Trump could still have defined the wall as a virtual, technology based wall, he didn’t even have to give up on the wall concept.

  234. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Andrew McCabe’s book exposes a scenario where members of the DOJ and FBI discussed disposing President Trump after the firing of James Comey. The usual suspects were involved. McCabe was interviwed today on Good Morning America.
    This souns awfully close to a seditious plot to overthrow a President. What say you?

    Of course, in all of this scheming, where was AG Sessions? Was he so oblivious to these discussions in his Department? WOW!

  235. jason says:

    disposing President Trump”

    Wow… these dudes were serious.

  236. jason says:

    Imagine the MSM reaction to this if it had been Obama….

  237. jason says:

    I am sure Amoral Scumbag would have been ok with this coup because Trump decimated Jeb Bush in the primaries.

  238. jason says:

    What did Messy Moron say…. huzzah!

    “A bitterly divided Senate committee Wednesday approved on a party line vote changes to Senate rules that will allow the Republican majority to speed confirmations of most of President Donald Trump’s nominees.
    Republicans backed the proposal, which would limit debate time on nominees, arguing during a spirited session of the Senate Rules Committee that it was the only way to overcome what they described as unprecedented obstruction by Democrats of Trump’s executive branch and judicial appointments.”

  239. Tina says:

    McCabe is a nut job.

    They need to lock him up.

    If Redacstein was in on it he needs to be fired ASAP.

  240. Tina says:

    Yup, no wall.

    Yet, you overlook a wall being built in Texas and the Dhs press release.

    It was never going to be a wall spanning the entire southern border, nor did Trump,ever advocate that.

  241. Tina says:

    Sessions is turning out to be a big idiot.

    Aloof while hyper partisan drats ran the department.

    Barr needs to finish the axing in justice and fib.

    Hopefully, he does not go bush Rino on is,

  242. dblaikie says:

    They are going to vote on William Barr today and if he doesn’t get to the bottom of this and hold people accountable for an effort to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States he should be fired!!!

    What I can’t believe is the devil may care attitude of the press and McCabe that this happened. It seems to me that the great hidden man, Robert Mueller now needs to be questioned about whether his probe was just another effort to remove the President of United States or a honest probe about Russian involvement. I have my suspicions.

    This makes Watergate looks like child’s play. A coup to overthrow the elected President is huge and beyond belief. Rosenstein needs to be called to testify before a Grand Jury, so does McCabe and Clapper and Comey and all the rest!!

  243. Phil says:

    ‘’Imagine the reaction if this had been President Obama”


    There is nothing in the Constitution or 25th Amendment which mentions inclusion of anyone lower than the VP or actual Cabinet members being involved in the removal process of the POTUS.

    This is treason. Pure and simple. Instead of writing books and going on 60 Minutes or GMA these people need to be in prison. These conspirators had no authority to conspire to remove the duly elected President of the United States.

  244. dblaikie says:

    253 Sessions has big questions to answer here as well. In the immortal words of Howard Baker, Sessions needs to answer this question particularly: “What did you know and when did you know it?”

  245. jason says:

    It was never going to be a wall spanning the entire southern border, nor did Trump,ever advocate that.”


    He sure did an awfully poor job in explaining he wasn’t advocating that.

  246. jason says:

    Sessions, in the end, is the one responsible for all this.

    He should never have recused himself, never.

    He is the one who caused this whole mess.

    A spineless weakling. I supported his appointment because I thought he deserved recognition for his early endorsement of Trump, he believed in Trump when few others did.

    But it was another huge error by Trump, however not unforced like the wall.

  247. Tina says:

    He made several soeeches on that from 2015/2016.

    He never advocated nor spoke of a wall spanning the entire s. Border.

    That is just media lies.

  248. dblaikie says:

    And all this comes on a day when the RCP average of the Presidents Approval is close to 44%. And that includes a Quin. poll that is almost 3 week old and a Reuters poll that is just of adults. Take those two out and his approval is around 45%.

    Couple that with implosion of the dems into infanticide and socialist coas and you have a President who is getting more popular every day.

    The American people, by and large are fair, and as word of this spreads there is going to be hell to pay. And the next shoe to drop is this news from the Senate and John Dowd that there is no evidence of collusion anywhere. If that is verified coupled with this now fully admitted coup, and this nation is going to be turned on its head!!

  249. Tina says:

    We need Barr to appoint a special counsel to look into comedy, McCabe, Clinton, and the collusion, conspiracy between drats and fib hierarchy.

  250. Tina says:

    Notice McCabe is not asked about the allegations of ties between Russia and Trump.

    Moreover, this is just cya.

    The fact remains that fib, doj were targeting candidate trump since 2015.

    I also would bet that obumbler had them investigate trump since 2011.

  251. dblaikie says:

    No Tina I think we need a tough federal investigator, under the direct supervision of William Barr, to impanel an immediate Grand Jury to investigate this. Special Counsels do too much in secrecy.

  252. Tina says:

    Comedy claims that trump was not under investigation.

    McCabe claims he was.

    This is a coup and they need to be prosecuted for conspiracy, collusion, false statements to congress, and obstruction,

  253. jason says:

    I think McCabe wants to sell his book.

    Hopefully it backfires on him.

  254. dblaikie says:

    And Whitaker now has to move to secure all relevant e-mails and notes and documents from all these hacks before their minions destroy the evidence.

  255. dblaikie says:

    I bet you are right Jason, but if so he needs to enjoy the profits from Prison.

  256. Tina says:

    I am fine with Barr getting a tough investigator.

    They need to make arrests fast.

    Perp walk them.

    Heck raid their homes so we can see Comedy in his briefs.

  257. dblaikie says:

    Tina, an attempting coup against a duly elected President of the United States is more than just conspiracy, obstruction and perjury — even they charge them to add up the indictments — but it is HIGH TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  258. Tina says:

    McCabe cites no evidence of Russian ties, nor does cbs interviewer bother to ask.

    The “evidence” is the dossier.

    He was under investigation since at least 2015.

    But I bet since 2011.

  259. Tina says:

    Yes, I would not mind a firing squad, dblaikie.

  260. jason says:

    He never advocated nor spoke of a wall spanning the entire s. Border.”

    That is news to me. And probably to 99% of the US population.

  261. Tina says:

    I put cold water on this, I believe McCabe is lying:

    “McCabe … says no, it came up more than once and it was so serious that he took it to the lawyers at the FBI to discuss it,” Pelley said.

    He is Redactstein.

    Wouldn’t the acting Ag, take it to his doj lawyahs? Doj has a General Counsel.

  262. jason says:

    McCabe also called Rosenstein a liar, since Rosenstein said he mentioned the wire sarcastically once.

    McCabe says Rosenstein “offered several times to wear a wire”.

    What say you, Rosenstein?

  263. dblaikie says:

    We need to have someone like Mitch the turtle or Lindsey come out and call this for what it is — High Crimes against the Constitution.

    This is a time in our history when basic guts are called for. If this stands with out any consequences our Country, and its Republic will be greatly weakened and harmed!

  264. Tina says:

    Jason, I can link to several of his campaign speeches, where he cites bodies of water and mountains, etc.

    You are right though perception is that he wanted it across the entire border.

  265. Phil says:

    Yes. Sessions was an absolute disaster. I supported his confirmation. Huge appointment mistake by Trump – to say nothing about the fact it resulted in a leftist Senator representing Alabama. Disaster all the way around.

  266. Tina says:

    I also cannot find sessions that stupid.

  267. Bitterlaw says:

    This BBC story says Trump proposed 1000 miles of a wall. If he did not mean it, many supporters thought he did.

  268. dblaikie says:

    I look forward to the day in our Country where we settle our differences the old fashion — voting. To have administration officials scheming to invoke the 25th Amendment so quickly after a President has been Inaugurated is completely beyond the pale.

  269. Cash Cow TM says:

    No news to report on monkeys.

    Unless you are talking bout the monkeys like Trump or the Dems.

  270. jason says:

    We need to have someone like Mitch the turtle or Lindsey come out and call this for what it is — High Crimes against the Constitution.”

    I hope they do.

  271. jason says:

    McCabe wanted to invoke the 25th Amendment?

    Hard to see where the FBI has any role in this, especially as it relates to the firing of an FBI director….

    “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

  272. Wes says:

    The FBI is not a Cabinet-level agency but falls under the Justice Department. McCabe would have no formal role but would have to convince the Attorney General and other cabinet officials to declare Trump to be incompetent so as to elevate Pence to Acting President.

    Good luck with that.

  273. jason says:


    But the point I was making is that firing an FBI Director, which the President is entitled to do, does not make Trump incompetent or incapacitated as pertains to the 25th Amendment.

  274. Tina says:

    The turtle and goober are silent today. Team Uni!

    The firing of comedy did not provoke the then fib leadership.

    Fib leadership was already triggered in 2015, if not before.

  275. NYCmike says:

    “Heck raid their homes so we can see Comedy in his briefs.”

    -Early for the limoncello’s, no?

  276. mnw says:

    Liberals working together!

    Congratulations to AOC & her allies for scaring Amazon into canceling plans to build its new HQ in Queens!

    25000 VERY high paying jobs? NYC doan need no stinkin’ jobs! Same for tax revenue. We got plenny already.

    The amazing thing to me is that AMZ even tried to go into that liberal zh*thole in the first place.

  277. mnw says:

    NYC running AMZ out of Queens reminds me of my hometown in MO nixing a state prison 50 years ago. Those prison jobs would still be there today, half a century later, only many more of them probably.

  278. Tina says:

    Enema votes for Barr, joining two other Ds.

    Enema may also be for border wall.

    She is unique.

  279. NYCmike says:

    “She is unique.”

    -Did you see the video from the SOTU where she stood and clapped and the woman from Nevada told her to “watch your ass”?

  280. NYCmike says:


    I tried to read up on the Amazon deal a bit, but found it very hard to get complete information, as the people who completed it were not very transparent.

  281. Tina says:

    Will the jebots defend McCabe?

  282. Waingro says:

    Face palm.

    Frank Thorp V
    Verified account

    11m11 minutes ago
    BREAKING: McConnell says Pres Trump has told him he is prepared to sign the funding bill into law AND declare a national emergency at the same time.

  283. mnw says:


    Cuomo described what happened to the AMZ HQ as “governmental malpractice,” which seems about right. Cuomo said, “I work for weeks trying to land companies with a couple of hundred jobs, & here they’ve run off a company with 25000 jobs.”

    The liberals said the HQ might cause rents to rise & add to homelessness!

  284. Robbie says:

    When a democrat president declares a fake national emergency to implement the “green new deal”, I don’t want see a single one of you slobbering Trump sycophants complain about it since every one of you will have supported Trump’s fake emergency.

  285. Waingro says:

    LOL. Even Ann Coulter is trashing Trump for this, as she realizes it’s not even feasible legally or practically — nevermind the long term consequences.

    Ann Coulter
    Verified account

    2m2 minutes ago
    There’s no coming back from this. No “emergency” or presidential powers will allow him to build the wall, ever, after he signs this bill. Trump has just agreed to fully open borders.

    34 replies 52 retweets 108 likes
    Reply 34 Retweet 52 Like 108 Direct message

    Ann Coulter
    Verified account

    13m13 minutes ago
    More Ann Coulter Retweeted The Hill
    To declare a national emergency, Trump will now have to argue that a bill HE SIGNED was unconstitutional.

    Ask your new AG if this is a good idea.

  286. Messy says:

    This is going to be interesting.

  287. Messy says:


  288. Messy says:

    283. The state of Emergency is going to be struck down by the courts. We will see what happens.

  289. Waingro says:

    Ooph. Veto this piece of garbage!

    Ryan James Girdusky

    4m4 minutes ago
    This bill gives protections to illegal aliens who sponsor unaccompanied minors. Sponsors, potential sponsors, and their families can not be deported… this is going to cause a humanitarian crisis like never before.

  290. jason says:

    I see Amoral Scumbag is having a bad day with Trump’s rising poll numbers.

  291. jason says:

    Amoral Scumbag is very upset about Trump’s National Emergency.

    FBI discussing a coup to try to reverse the results of the election: not a peep.

  292. NYCmike says:

    “This bill gives protections to illegal aliens who sponsor unaccompanied minors. Sponsors, potential sponsors, and their families can not be deported… this is going to cause a humanitarian crisis like never before.”


    if that is true, how the heck does it get past a Republican Senate?

    If you need any more reasons as to why a guy like Trump could actually become President, here is a great one!

    Veto it.

  293. Waingro says:

    #305, no idea. But it got 83 votes! No reason for Trump not to veto now. Let the cowards in the Senate override him.

    on the other hand, I remain adamantly opposed to the “emergency declaration”.

    I would rather he just sign a clean CR for another few weeks and renegotiate. All round this proposed result is awful.

  294. NYCmike says:

    Robbie is worried that a “national emergency” to protect our borders will cause a slippery slope that would enable Democrats to declare an “emergency” to implement the “Green New Deal”, which could shut down air travel except for travel deemed necessary by a travel czar.

  295. NYCmike says:

    “on the other hand, I remain adamantly opposed to the “emergency declaration”.”

    -I agree to a point. I am opposed, but not “adamantly opposed”.

    I would have to wait and see if he actually bases it on certain Constitutional principles, and communicates as such……..or if he just says “I have the right to do this as President.”. That isn’t good enough.

  296. jason says:

    The state of Emergency is going to be struck down by the courts. We will see what happens.”


    Since Messy Moron already knows what will happen, what are we waiting to see?

  297. lisab says:

    national emergency here we come!

  298. Paul says:

    I’m working on a draft of Emergency Powers concerning climate change that I’ll be sending to Kamala.

  299. jason says:

    Rents will go up?

    OMG, supply and demand.

    What a horrible concept….

  300. Phil says:

    Sending it to Kamala? You might want to hold off until after that little matter of an election. Minor detail I know. Hillary says hi.

  301. lisab says:

    I’m working on a draft of Emergency Powers concerning climate change that I’ll be sending to Kamala.

    the thing is …

    she is and was going to do that anyway, any dem president will

  302. dblaikie says:

    My only response to this nonsense that the dems wouldn’t use emergency powers if Trump wouldn’t is two words — Harry Reid.

    Worm knows that unlike the GOP the looney dems have no problem doing whatever it takes to achieve their agenda. They would even try to overthrow a duly elected President.

    But Wormtongue is only a hit and run troll today.

  303. jason says:

    Notice Amoral Scumbag never had a problem with Obama governing by executive order for years.

  304. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    I would not be surprised if Jussie Smollet is indicted on multiple charges within the next 48 hours. There is a lot of breaking news tonight on the hoax.
    In sum, he was involved in some twisted love triangle with the two men walking the streets in the photograph which was published a few weeks back. Phone records and Uber/ Lyft records are the key to Jussie’s story unraveling.

    Here is the link with the blow-by-blow of the breaking news.

  305. NYCmike says:

    “I would not be surprised if Jussie Smollet is indicted on multiple charges within the next 48 hours.”


  306. jason says:

    Amoral Scumbag’s favorite lawyer:

    “Wednesday, lawyer and CNN guest Michael Avenatti agreed to give up control of his law firm just hours after a former law partner, Jason Franks, filed papers claiming Avenatti had hidden millions in income to avoid paying a $10 million legal judgment owed to Franks.”

  307. Bitterlaw says:

    Good thing for her she was not on a Philadelphia subway. She and the bag would have ended up on the tracks.

  308. Phil says:

    Avenatti? You mean CNN’s favorite attorney? That genuine American hero who was going to take down Trump? The guy who alternated being on CNN and MSNBC every other night for three solid months? Say it isn’t so.

  309. Proud Obamacon says:

    Declare Da Emergency! DO IT, GROPER!

    Notice, RePUKEs had big problems with Pres Obama’s executive orders. But Orange’s executive orders are a-ok! LOL


  310. jason says:

    Awwww… little socialist moonbat pisses off Andrew Cuomo.. .you reap what you sow.

    “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo lambasted politicians such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others over Amazon’s decision to leave New York City. Opponents of the deal with the tech giant had “put their own narrow political interests above their community,” he said.

    “[A] small group [of] politicians put their own narrow political interests above their community — which poll after poll showed overwhelmingly supported bringing Amazon to Long Island City — the state’s economic future and the best interests of the people of this state,”

  311. jason says:

    Hey Proud ObamaCON, things are going from bad to worst in your socialist paradise of Venezuela.

    A brainwashed Marxist turd like you should be rushing down there to save the Chavez Revolution.

  312. jason says:

    Hey Phil, Avenati was Proud ObamaCON’s first choice for President since Maduro is not a citizen (yet).

    Now he might have to go with Fauxcahontas.

  313. Proud Obamacon says:

    There it is! Jason had me concerned when the first post didn’t reference Venezuela at all. But than two in a row.. yeah boy .. good dog!

  314. janz says:

    I hope Trump doesn’t sign the bill being sent to his desk. It sounds awful – does more to encourage illegal immigration than rectify it.

  315. Proud Obamacon says:

    “I hope Trump doesn’t sign the bill being sent to his desk.”

    I completely agree!

  316. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is a 2020 Arizona Senate Poll by Ohio Predictive Surveys:
    McSally +2 on Mr. Gabby Giffords and +7 on Congressman Gallego.

  317. Proud Obamacon says:

    Ruh Roh! Incumbent polling at 44%. Great poll for Mr. Kelly!


  318. lisab says:

    biden is running …

    well … he was a coal miner from wales

  319. lisab says:

    so which of the dem candidates will start chopping biden down …

    and who is running for vp

    i think harris will try to take him down,

    and will get b!tch slapped hard by biden

  320. lisab says:

    The runner who killed a mountain lion with his bare hands… and a few TWIGS: Jogger displays his injuries and tells how he stabbed the big cat with sticks, wrestled it off and put it in a chokehold with his feet …

    the cat that attacked me was wearing a MAGA hat, and said, “this is MAGA country”

  321. Paul says:

    I heard the mountain lion was a native American drummer and the jogger got sick of him drumming in his face.

  322. Paul says:


  323. jason says:

    “so which of the dem candidates will start chopping biden down …”


  324. jason says:

    Sounds like a real a-hole…..not to be confused with A-hole.

    “Ketan Shah, the man who is accused of swindling family, friends, and even his own mother out of over $1 million in a Super Bowl ticket scam, has been caught in California. According to ABC News 10 in San Diego, Shah is in the process of being extradited to his home state of Georgia after he was rude to a teenage employee at a spa, who then called the police after Googling his name”

  325. jason says:

    I remember when Proud ObamaCON said Hillary was a lock for Arizona and was now competing for Texas.

  326. Wes says:

    At least rhetorically Tom Emmer is determined to win back the House.

  327. jason says:

    Abrams? If you want an unqualified moonbat, go with AOC.

  328. Cash Cow TM says:

    Confirmation vote for Barr:

    Dems Manchin (WV), Jones (AL), Sinema (AZ) vote yes.
    Repub Paul (KY-jelly) vote no.

  329. jason says:

    Frankly, I think AOC is more valuable in office….a gift that will keep on giving..

    “This afternoon, a spokesperson for Ocasio-Cortez said she would not be taking any interviews. One can see why. But the real question is whether this could hurt her politically. In fact, there is good reason to believe that this debacle has opened the door to a potential primary challenge. Given that almost the entire New York Democratic Party machine, from Mayor Bill de Blasio to Governor Andrew Cuomo were desperate for the Amazon deal; a challenge to AOC might well attract some serious backers.

    And the polls back it up. According to a recent Sienna College poll, a majority of New Yorkers supported the deal, an even bigger majority in Queens, the very borough where the HQ would have been located. Moreover, 70 percent of black New Yorkers and 81 percent of Hispanic New Yorkers wanted Amazon in Gotham. Both demographic groups suffer from higher unemployment than the rest of the city. As Daily News Columnist Rob George put it in Twitter, it was “AOC vs. POC.”

  330. jason says:

    If the jobs go to a redstate, maybe TN, the governor should send AOC 25,000 thank you cards, will make a good stunt.

  331. jason says:

    Dems Manchin (WV), Jones (AL), Sinema (AZ) vote yes.
    Repub Paul (KY-jelly) vote no”

    Poor little Marxist turd Jones..

    That will not save your ass.

  332. Wes says:

    Abrams is a radical leftist who lost against a weak opponent and tried to sue to force a runoff. She would be a disaster as a Dem Veep nominee.

  333. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #346- Wes
    Political Wire claims that Abrams(D-GA) has committed to Schumer that in 2020 she will challenge Perdue(R) for the Georgia Senate seat.
    IMHO, she will lose by 5+ points.

  334. jason says:

    When you are offered $250k and you ask for $20 million I guess there is a problem.

    “The Associated Press reported Kaepernick asked for at least $20 million to play. Polian said in July that AAF players would all receive three-year, $250,000 non-guaranteed deals, making Kaepernick’s reported ask an apparent non-starter.

    Polian also told Jones that he personally reached out to Tim Tebow, who declined, confirming Orlando Apollos and former Florida coach Steve Spurrier’s claim that Tebow opted to focus on his baseball career instead.”

    Tebow is making about $2 million a year between baseball, ESPN, ads and sponsors. Kaepernick must be making at least that much with Nike so neither are starving.

  335. jason says:

    Anybody who can tell me what country Tebow was born in without Googling it gets a lollipop.

  336. jason says:

    Abrams is a radical leftist who lost against a weak opponent and tried to sue to force a runoff. She would be a disaster as a Dem Veep nominee.”

    Exactly. The Georgia GOP tried to commit suicide by nominating the weakest GE candidate, which is the only reason Abrams came close. She won’t be as lucky with Perdue.

  337. Messy says:

    309. Trump said he agrees with me on this. LOL.

  338. Marv says:

    #349 Jason,

    The Philippines

  339. Marv says:

    I did not check Google first.

  340. lisab says:


    tebow was born in a hospital

  341. jason says:

    Marv gets a lollipop.

    lisab thinks in a hospital is a country? I blame brain freeze due to the low temps in MN.

  342. jason says:


    “Democrats: The party of light rail, tofu and the economic dark ages”

  343. NYCmike says:

    Ok, not liking, at all, that Trump would sign this bill.

    If the reports are true, there is legal language in there that just about makes taxpayers responsible for transporting illegal immigrant children to their illegal immigrant parents to a location inside the United States, and then gives them legal protections, or some such nonsense. (lawyers, let me know if that is correct).

    2 questions – why would Trump sign this? How does a Republican Senate vote for this?

  344. Wes says:

    1) Dems control the House and will force a shutdown Trump will take the blame for.

    2) The Senate will protect its members before going to bat for Trump.

    3) Elections have consequences. Dems won the House, so they have a place at the table now.

  345. lisab says:

    cut me some slack … i am in a teachers’ workshop …

    it started with,

    “hi, i am from the governor’s office, we are here to help, and we have some GREAT ideas to make education better! and YOU have been selected to carry these ideas out, congratulations”

    and then i figured out why i was the person from my school sent to this little shop of horrors

    no $10 free lunch is worth this …

  346. lisab says:

    and one of the grand poobahs in our school system already has personally thanked me for coming … so there is no escape …

    basically it is nothing horrible, except a whole new set of reports teachers will need to fill out … which … is going to be VERY popular with the other teachers

    if only the screaming would stop …

  347. lisab says:

    the hawaiian judge has already declared walls illegal

  348. NYCmike says:

    “2) The Senate will protect its members before going to bat for Trump.”


    If the bill has what the media says it has in there, how does that protect its members in the Senate, at least on the Republican side?

    It is more likely to keep their voters home when they need them…… know, like when you have a little hissy fit because of Trump’s behavior.

  349. jason says:

    Wow, sure sounds like a candidate Corey and Amoral Scumbag would love:

    “If you’re a 2020 GOP primary voter who’s been holding out for a pro-abortion, pro-amnesty liberal who endorsed Barack Obama, praised Hillary Clinton and compared Donald Trump to the Nazis — Bill Weld’s your man!”

  350. NYCmike says:

    -Not sure if I agree with the “national emergency” idea, but at least Byron York is asking good questions about the ones currently in place.

  351. Wes says:

    Hey, Mikey, maybe Trump shouldn’t have preemptively ceded his own leverage back in December. Then he’d be in a stronger position to negotiate.

  352. jason says:

    Trump has to sign it because he backed himself into a corner and cannot afford another shutdown.

    He also put the GOP between a rock and hard place in negotiations where they had no leverage.

    So Trump is in the unfortunate position of just having to cut his losses.

    The Dems took advantage and put in some of the wording they wanted.

    Shutdowns for grandstanding purposes don’t usually work out well for the GOP.

    And the emergency declaration is smelling a lot like grandstanding too.

    I like fighting battles where you have a chance of prevailing.

  353. NYCmike says:

    “The Dems took advantage and put in some of the wording they wanted.

    Shutdowns for grandstanding purposes don’t usually work out well for the GOP. ”


    I do agree that Trump put them in a bad spot.

    But, the battle here would be between the House and the Senate. If the Senate publicizes the issues they have with the language (if they actually have issues!!!) and vote it down, the disagreement stays within Congress, and it is simply a matter of pushing for CR’s, as was done 2 weeks ago.

    At least try to get some time and show what sort of cr*p the Democrats are putting in this bill.

    I would not call that “grandstanding”.

  354. jason says:

    “It is more likely to keep their voters home when they need them”

    So let me understand this. Trump forces a shutdown with little chance of prevailing and is now forced to take the only deal in town.

    Because of that, voters are going to stay home so Dems can implement open borders?

  355. jason says:

    It got 83 votes.

    Which means a majority of the GOP caucus voted for it.

    It seems to me they felt they had to cut their losses.

  356. jason says:

    Trump has won a lot of battles I have commended him for.

    This was not one of them.

  357. Wes says:

    Your lack of understanding of politics on a political blog is astounding, Mikey. Trump preemptively checkmated himself. Senate Republicans aren’t interested in bailing him out but want to get this behind them before the Dems can can capitalize further.

    It was an unforced error by Trump. Now he has to suffer the consequences of his shortsightedness.

  358. lisab says:

    interesting … the republican negotiators apparently did not tell the white house about the poison pills in the bill until the last moment

    they actually did this on purpose,

    at least that is the rumor

  359. dblaikie says:

    Trump first moves in this two month period were wrong and it was an unforced error. But since his moves have been good. Today is no exception. With divided Government and a timid GOP who is spoked by all sorts of bogie men today’s signing was inevitable.

    But today the deal took a back seat to the declaration of an emergency. Thankfully I am grateful now this is mess is going into the courts and out of the halls of Congress. From what I have heard and read (let me know if I am wrong) that in addition to the 1.35 billion the 600 million from drug forfeiture funds is a slam dunk and didn’t need the declaration of an emergency. Plus the 2.5 billion in defense drug interdiction is hard to stop Trump from using. Here is a quote about this from USA Today:

    “Current law gives the president power to rely on the Department of Defense for drug interdiction in certain cases, even without a national emergency. The law says the Pentagon can assist in that effort through the building of fences and other measures. The White House believes it can draw about $2.5 billion through this provision.”

    Of course you have to search to find this out and TV media will not acknowledge that reality!

    The funds which will generate the court battle is the 3.6 billion defense funds earmarked for construction and upgrading military bases. Congress folks from those districts where those projects are located are going to complain. And it will take months to litigate.

    But the bottom line is that Trump will have plenty of funds to work on the border wall while this goes through the courts.

    Frankly I tire of folks on this site who drone on about how Trump screws up everything. Yes, he made some major mistakes. Yes Paul Ryan took advantage of his inexperience when they had a majority. But I tire of this mindless drivel that this is all hopeless. Just look at his upward movement in his approval ratings. Even with bogus polls of only adults the average that so many of you, put so much stock in, stands well above 43%. And by the way that is close to his winning margin at 46% in 2016!

    Yes Trump lost the shutdown battle, but since he has recovered drastically. The victory Nancy achieved was at best a pyrrhic one.

    But the elephant in the room is how the dems have defined themselves. In terms of war and being a lover of WW2 history this border struggle is a complicated and multifaceted battle like the Bulge. But with the embrace of infanticide, the green new deal, the hypocrisy of the me too movement, and now loons running Amazon with its 25000 jobs out of New York, well I liken that to the German 6th Army under Von Paulus moving into Stalingrad.

  360. jason says:

    interesting … the republican negotiators apparently did not tell the white house about the poison pills in the bill until the last moment”

    Sounds like BS, unless you want to believe the WH doesn’t read the bills they sign.

  361. lisab says:

    well, the report was that the gop negotiators agreed to the poison pills, did not tell the wh, and when the wh found out, trump was enraged and was going to veto

    mitch then called the wh and promised to support trump on the emergency IF he signed the bill

    the threat being that the dems were going to pass a bill to overturn the emergency, which they can do, but mitch promised to kill any house bill along those lines … IF trump signs

  362. Messy says:

    He can’t DO THAT LisaB. It’s a privileged bill that has to be voted on without a sixty-vote cloture motion.

  363. lisab says:

    He can’t DO THAT

    he can use his power to make the republicans vote against it

    which reportedly he promised trump

    this was said by a boston herald reporter on the radio, so it is only what was said on air, not printed in the paper

  364. dblaikie says:

    The Senate could go against Trump to overturn the emergency, but then Trump has the right to veto it. My Civics taught me that to override a veto is I believe 66 votes in the Senate. Never happen. Emergency is going to the Supreme Court.

  365. dblaikie says:

    Let’s remember our basic Civics all bills in order to become law require the President’s signature. And if Trump loses in the Senate I can imagine now the primary battles that folks like Rubio will face. No I predict right now it the bill to overturn when it is time to vote will fail in the Senate. Trump knows that. So does the Turtle. And you folks should know it too.

  366. lisab says:

    all bills in order to become law require the President’s signature.

    actually that is incorrect

  367. dblaikie says:

    Trump’s base would love to see him veto a bill that pits him against the swamp.

  368. Wes says:

    DB thinks a Senate consisting of 45 Dems plus 2 Indies united in opposition with 21 Republicans up for reelection next year can’t vote to override Trump.

    You have a math problem, Db.

  369. Wes says:

    Bills become law three ways:

    1) The President signs.

    2) The President refuses to sign while Congress remains in session.

    3) The President vetoes, and Congress overrides.

  370. dblaikie says:

    Don’t be cutsy. This is a section from the US Constitution website:

    “First, a bill must pass both houses of Congress by a majority vote. After it has passed out of Congress, it is sent along to the President. If the President signs the bill, it becomes law.

    The President might not sign the bill, however. If he specifically rejects the bill, called a veto, the bill returns to Congress. There it is voted on again, and if both houses of Congress pass the bill again, but this time by a two-thirds majority, then the bill becomes law without the President’s signature. This is called “overriding a veto,” and is difficult to do because of the two-thirds majority requirement.”

    Trump has the right to veto any attempt by Congress to over turn his declaration of emergency. And he will do it, if required, take it to the bank.

  371. Wes says:

    Dems would love to see Trump veto the bill and trigger another shutdown.

  372. Wes says:

    If Trump wants to lose reelection he should definitely do exactly what you say, DB.

  373. dblaikie says:

    No Wes, I don’t have a problem, you do though if you think 21 Republican Senators are going to vote against a veto by President of their own party! That is just silly. Especially since the numbers in the GOP who support Border Security are growing. Lets at least be realistic.

  374. dblaikie says:

    Well, Wes if that is true, than you should hope that he follows my advice because then you will win our bet.

    However, the truth is that if Trump just rolls over and plays dead as the GOP Senate votes to overturn his emergency declaration, well that will doom his candidacy.

  375. dblaikie says:

    His emergency declaration has nothing to do with a shut down. He signed that. That is what folks here are complaining about. If he vetoes the effort to overturn what will happen is that he won’t be able to move funds in the military budget to the wall. Nothing to do with a shut-down.

  376. Wes says:

    Right, DB. Reagan, GHWB, and GWB also never had large numbers of their party caucuses in Congress vote to override them.

    Trump put Republicans in an untenable position, and the congressional GOP can read polls like anyone else.

    Trump isn’t getting emergency powers, and Republicans in Congress would be stupid to put themselves on the line for an issue the President has already bungled.

  377. NYCmike says:

    Didn’t Trump already sign the bill?

    Why is Wes speaking about a shutdown?

  378. dblaikie says:

    People need to see the handwriting on the wall. When McConnell said that he would support the declaration of an emergency if Trump signed the compromise, it was a bargain that he would deliver the Senate to vote against any attempt to overturn. Oh,there might be some drama, Rubio and company will act offended. But in the end it the attempt will fail. I can already hear the arm twisting going on in the Majority Leader’s Office.

  379. Wes says:

    Both FDR and Reagan were overridden nine times. GHWB was overridden once. Clinton was overridden twice. GHWB was overridden four times. Barack Obama was overridden once.

    Thinking Republicans wouldn’t vote to override Trump—especially on an unpopular issue he has mishandled—is simply not realistic.

  380. Wes says:

    The second GHWB should of course be GWB.

  381. dblaikie says:

    Wes, the polls on Trump’s approval are going up. Yes they read the polls. Rasmussen 50, Fox News 46, Politico 45, the Hill/Harris 47. The only clouds are a poll of adults by Ipsos 39, and You Gov has it at 41. Why even Gallup showed a 7 point bounce in their poll of adults to 44. Yes the Congress knows how to read rising polls.

  382. Wes says:

    Trump’s polling went up when the shutdown ended, and he was no longer the focal point of all things political. Talking about using emergency powers on an issue that already isn’t gaining traction because of how Trump has mishandled it doesn’t strike me as the way to continue that trend.

    What am I missing here?

  383. dblaikie says:

    Wes if you want to think that 21 GOP Senators are going to vote to override a veto to overturn the Emergency Dec. to build the wall go ahead, don’t let me stop you.

    By the way, I am enjoying this give and take. I like it when there is no trashing, no name calling.

  384. Wes says:

    Also, if reputable polling has Trump stuck in the 44-46 range I’m not sure how that adds to his negotiating leverage. I could see it if he were in the 54-56 range, but mid-40s, while better than recent results, still leaves him with net disapproval.

  385. dblaikie says:

    Thank the Lord! Wes agrees that Trump’s numbers are up. As for your point, his numbers went up because he of his State of the Union Speech a big part of which was building the wall. If his numbers had just returned to pre shutdown levels you would have a valid point, but they have gone well above those levels. Yes, they might come down, or they might stabilize, or they could even go up more. Time will tell.

  386. dblaikie says:

    In today’s environment, the way the loons are stacked up in New England and the West Coast. 44 – 46% are in line with Trumps win in 2016.

  387. Wes says:

    The Senate isn’t concerned about saving Trump, DB. They’re concerned about the next Senate elections. With a very large class of GOP Senators up in 2020, McConnell isn’t going to let Trump hang this issue around the Senators’ necks.
    He’ll let his Senators vote the best way to ensure their own reelection. That’s likely not with Trump.

  388. Wes says:

    44-46% is also in line with the top range of where Trump has been as President, which is not good for an incumbent President threatening to assume emergency powers ahead of an election where Hillary Clinton will not be his opponent.

  389. lisab says:

    The President might not sign the bill, however. If he specifically rejects the bill, called a veto, the bill returns to Congress.

    yes, but to be clear,

    if he does NOT sign the bill, but does not veto it while congress is in session …

    it still becomes law

  390. lisab says:

    The Senate isn’t concerned about saving Trump, DB.

    a lot of the gop senators are the establishment …

    they represent VERY wealthy people who want unfettered immigration.

  391. dblaikie says:

    I wish I could debate this longer. However I have to go to wedding rehearsal that I am officiating at. But I stand by my statement that the GOP Senate will never override a veto (probably won’t come to that) that stops Trump from building this wall. And the ones who do vote to override are going to guarantee themselves a nasty primary fight. Not going to happen.

    Thanks Wes for the dialogue.

  392. dblaikie says:

    Have to answer lisab before I leave. Some Senators yes, but not 21 Lisab. Have a nice night.

  393. dblaikie says:

    405 True. But Trump is not going to sit on something like that. It would be terrible for him.

  394. lisab says:

    Have to answer lisab before I leave. Some Senators yes, but not 21 Lisab.

    i would guess you are correct

  395. lisab says:

    Will ‘basic income’ become the California norm? Stockton starts $500 no-strings payments

  396. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    410. “Will ‘basic income’ become the California norm? Stockton starts $500 no-strings payments.”

    Am sure some will recall that Stockton was one of the California cities that had to file for bankruptcy in the past. Don’t know if they learned their lesson. The better approach would be encouraging new job growth in the Central Valley.

  397. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Do have to give credit to the new California governor for ending two Gov. Brown boondoggles. The high speed rail fiasco and a massive, unnecessary water project that would in part pump water to Southern California.

    One thing they have done right in San Diego County is to reduce reliance on imported water (from northern California and the Colorado). in 1991 San Diego was 95% reliant; now it is below 40%. A desalinization plant now produces 10% of San Diego County water, and the county is recycling water in a massive way. Add ground water bought from Imperial Valley once used for irrigation, but now saved through conservation. In not too many years San Diego will obtain over 80% of its water from local sources, primarily recycling and desalination. We will no longer be reliant on the Sierra Nevada snow pack.

  398. jason says:

    I don’t see the senate overriding a veto.

    But I don’t think Trump prevails on the emergency powers either.

    However, in the interim he might use available funds to continue building the wall.

  399. Bitterlaw says:

    DB is the most loyal Trump supporter I know. If Trump loses in 2020, DB will praiseTrump for a brilliant political move. If Trump dies, DB will praise him for pushing his agenda in a bold and uncommon way.

  400. Bitterlaw says:

    Before Jason accuses me of being soft on the 2d Amendment or a gun grabbing lib, he can F off. I am resigned to the violence, propose no solutions, and accept that nothing will ever change. Laws will never stop these attacks.

  401. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    California’s permanent drought caused by global warming continues to devastate the state, just as ex-governor Brown predicted.

    “Storms push Bay Area rainfall past 100 percent of normal as reservoirs spill, Sierra snowpack hits 141 percent of normal, and concerns over water shortages this summer wash away.”

    “#CASnow snow is possible for the San Joaquin Valley floor on Sunday. The snow level is forecasted to drop down to 1,000 feet, with temperatures aloft the coldest since 1999. Ample moisture will lead to significant accumulating snowfall above 1,000′.”

    “Tahoe & Truckee are in whiteout conditions. All roads leading in & out of the basin are closed. S/R 267 is so deep that plows can no longer plow. They have ordered up a large blower to try and clear the pass. I80 & Mt. Rose Highway are also closed. Please stay home.”

  402. Phil says:

    Nope. There is nothing that is going to make the gun violence to go away. One of those things like terrorism that we wish we could obliterate, but which there are no real solutions. Sucks.

  403. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    416. Agree Bitter. In Chicago there has been 187 shootings so far this year. Mostly gang & narcotics related. However, this is less than the 247 shootings that took place in 2018, and 392 shootings that took place in 2017 during the same time period. Almost all these shootings, like the one in Aurora, involved handguns.

  404. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    417. More horrors from global warming in California:

    “Redding, California (at ~500 ft elevation in the far northern Sacramento Valley, where snow of any magnitude is rare) has now received more snow *in the past 12 hours* than #Boston, Massachusetts has received *this entire winter.*”

    Its so cold now that Al Gore’s private jet probably couldn’t fly out of the airport.

  405. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Nope. There is nothing that is going to make the gun violence to go away.”

    It is interesting that some of the state’s with the most people carrying guns (in the Mountain West as an example) have the lowest murder rates. The underlying issues are social. The places which I consider the safest in the western U.S. also have a lot of people carrying guns around.

  406. dblaikie says:

    413 Jason gets it. Available funds will allow him to build at least until the next September.

    Bitter being a fan has nothing to with it. Trump is often his own worst enemy. I just feel this doom and gloom from some posters is premature and in my opinion rather silly.

  407. lisab says:

    hawaiian judge orders all construction to immediately cease on the wall

  408. lisab says:

    After Winning a $15 Minimum Wage, Fast Food Workers Now Battle Unfair Firings

    Francis Gomez, 26, said she was fired without warning from a Taco Bell in Queens after she swore at a delivery driver who was harassing her.

  409. lisab says:

    New York City’s fast-food industry has served as a laboratory for the nation’s labor movement for the last several years.

    Its workers were the first to stage rallies demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. Then, they pressed for changes in the way national restaurant chains set their work schedules.

    Now, they are asking the City Council to shield them from being fired without a valid reason. That protection, the sort of job security that unions usually bargain for, would be a first for a city to provide to workers in a specific industry, labor law experts said.

    City Councilman Brad Lander said he planned to introduce a bill on Wednesday that would require fast-food businesses to show “just cause” for firing workers and give them a chance to appeal dismissals through arbitration.

  410. Bitterlaw says:

    The easiest way to get rid of a difficult worker making $15 an hour? Don’t hire so many people. Problem solved.

    At will employees can be fired without cause. There are not enough arbitrators or lawyers to handle legitimate claims let alone every person fired. I have friends who handle employment law cases. Here is one example. You can’t fire a black lesbian for being black, a woman or a lesbian. However, you can fire her for harassing and threatening coworkers, cursing at the base and being chronically late. You will spend thousands in legal fees when the EEOC gets involved.

  411. Messy says:

    385-6. I’m not sure Trump CAN veto a congressional declaration nullifying his emergency declaration.

    It’s not an ordinary bill, It’s a reverse veto.

  412. dblaikie says:

    427 This is a quote from USA Today: “The original intent of the 1975 law was to allow Congress a block a presidential emergency by simple majority vote. But in 1983, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the legislative veto. So now, any joint resolution by Congress to terminate an emergency can be vetoed by the president.

    And McConnell said Trump could do exactly that.”

    So let’s drop this debate about Trump’s power to veto a bill to overturn an emergency declaration.

  413. dblaikie says:

    We know that the dems. will go after the over 3 billion in funds which figure in an emergency declaration. However, I am less sure what the dems can do for the over the 600 million from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund and the 2.5 billion from the Defense Funds building funds for stopping drug trafficking. This quote from Bryon York lays this out:

    “Put the three sources of money together — the $1.375 billion appropriated by Congress, the $601 million from the Forfeiture Fund, and the $2.5 billion from military construction funds — and that totals $4.47 billion for barrier construction. Carroll noted that the White House plans to spend the money sequentially, first spending the appropriated money and then the money that can be tapped without an emergency declaration. That could build a significant amount of new barrier.

    Meanwhile, as that construction goes on, the administration would be litigating the emergency declaration in court. The declaration, were the president to win the legal fight, would allow a White House plan to spend $3.6 billion in military construction funds that do require an emergency declaration.”


  414. lisab says:

    You will spend thousands in legal fees when the EEOC gets involved.

    which i think is the point … so you will not fire anyone

    like in france

  415. lisab says:

    Rep. Ilhan Omar Complains That Americans Say ‘Al Qaeda’ Like It’s a Bad Thing

  416. lisab says:

    just bought a new jeep to help with the harsh winter driving conditions in minnesota

    i’m naming it “elizabeth” after elizabeth warren …

    because it is white, but is called a cherokee 🙂

  417. lisab says:

    Brit Hume: This is just embarrassing. So now journalists are going shopping with Kamala Harris, helping pick out clothes and then putting out glowing tweets about it.

  418. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    432. That was funny

  419. lisab says:

    tip your waitresses … i’ll be here all week!

  420. lisab says:

    hitler has found out bruno ganz has died


  421. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Also, RIP to Patrick Caddell, a Jimmy Carter protege who turned conservative in his later years.

  422. lisab says:

    isis has been defeated in their last stronghold in syria

    (not everywhere in the world i presume)

    another victory for obama

  423. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    438. Bull. ISIS still exist, and will re-emerge.

    Trump is doing the exact thing Obama did, claiming victory and withdrawing prematurely. This could blow up in his face and be a factor in the 2020 election. Alienating the Kurds will just make this worse.

  424. lisab says:

    is iraq in syria now?

  425. lisab says:

    russia, syria and turkey will divide up the isis spaces in syrian territory formally controlled by isis

  426. Phil says:

    Caddell was one of the last sane Democrats left. Soon they will all be completely gone. Nothing but leftist loons inhabit what is left of the Democratic Party.

  427. Tgca says:

    Jussie Smollett is being framed! Typical hate from white breeders because they don’t want to see a gay black man succeed. Just like they try to slime CNN’s Don Lemon, a gay black man and great newsman.

    Drudge should be ashamed of spreading this hoax.

  428. Tgca says:

    More gay hate and #MeToo crap. This time against an honorable gay civil servant.

    BS story about gay West Hollywood mayor being accused of sexual harassment. Big deal! So he met a guy on Grindr and hired him on the city payroll after a consensual sexual encounter and then later the city had to settle a sexual harassment suit with the guy for $500K. So he had a minor lapse in judgment. It’s teachable moment. …besides, he was re-elected despite this by the good citizens of West Hollywood.

  429. Tgca says:

    I couldn’t have said it better than the West Hollywood mayor stated below. Who doesn’t feel sensual and bawdy at times? Rightttttttt. No need to overreact and be a prude just because I grabbed your junk. Get over yourself gay haters.

    “Duran, 59, has refused to step down, describing himself as a proudly sensual gay man who lived through a sexual revolution colliding against a prudish #MeToo movement that’s too quick to judge. Bawdiness is just part of who he’s always been, Duran said, and he’s not going to change now.

    “There’s a culture clash going on,” the mayor said. “If somebody expresses himself or herself sexually, that doesn’t make it harassment, per se.”

  430. lisab says:

    all-girl boy scout troop opens in wooster ohio …

    and the two ladies running the troop, i am pretty sure wear comfortable shoes

  431. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    445. “a proudly sensual gay man who lived through a sexual revolution colliding against a prudish #Me Too movement.”

    Actually I remember Duran when he was younger. He was a somewhat out of shape, bookish guy — who was not particularly attractive. More stand in the corner type. What he is experiencing now is the longings of an older male who is attempting to live a life he was unable to participate in while young — he is being an old perv.

  432. Tgca says:


    His behavior is acceptable by like 80% of gays. It’s gay culture. That’s why it’s so easy to mock. If #MeToo applied to gays, 90% would be in lawsuits.

  433. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    448. Disagree. It is unacceptable conduct; particularly to younger male gays. Its why often young gays find older male gays to be creepy. There is a huge generation gap in attitude between younger gays and some types of older gays. No one should be subject to unwanted touching or sexual harassment; being an old geezer is no excuse. Duran needs to be kicked out the door.

  434. Cash Cow TM says:

    I think whichever candidate on the D side in the primary for POTUS 2020 nomination goes most moonbat will win.

    What they need to do is be the first to say they favor paying people to get the free stu.ff the government will pass out.
    Free is no longer good enough.

    Pay recipients for the free gubment st.uff…and say “HELLO WHITE HOUSE!”

  435. Tgca says:

    Younger gay males find sexual behavior unacceptable.

    HA. HA.
    HA. HA. HA.

    Maybe by older gay men they do but not amongst their own generation.

    Promiscuity and unwanted solicitation in gay life is still largely community behavior among younger and older gay generations. New HIV is still predominantly in younger gay men. STD rates in gay men on the rise. Go to any gay establishment. Pick up any gay rag mag. See any gay movie. It’s all about sex!

    I guess you must live in Pleasantville with Tobey Maguire if you don’t see that gay lifestyle is probably the most promiscuous of all groups in the US.

  436. Cash Cow TM says:


    Is it true that the CA governor has pulled the plug on the budget busting high speed rail boondoggle?

  437. Tgca says:

    Gay men have always been and probably will always be promiscuous because there is no penalty against them for their promiscuity. In the straight world, promiscuity comes with risk of divorce, child custody, family disappointment, etc.

    There is little downside to it in the gay world. Gay men often lie to their family about their gay lifestyle from shame of being judged. Gay culture in major cities in US are the same. Gay cruises are incubators for STDS.

    It is what it is. It doesn’t make people bad people. It just makes them promiscuous. It’s gay life.

  438. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    452. Yes, he ended the high speed rail boondoggle and also a water project boondoggle. See post #412. Am not aware of Brown responding; he likely knew it was coming. He should have had the courage to end it himself.

  439. Tgca says:

    Yes. The esteemed previous drunk SF Mayor who had to go to AA during his tenure and having his election campaign manager working 80+ hours a week while screwing his wife behind his back has now stated as CA gov he plans to pull the plug on the wasteful bullet train from SF to LA. Finally! Something useful from a CA politician.

  440. Bitterlaw says:

    Tgca- So gay men treat each other like Wes treats women? Interesting.

  441. lisab says:

    happy thanksgiving everyone!

  442. Tgca says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to LisaB, Nancy Pelosi, and everyone else too.

  443. Tgca says:


    Are you trying to imply Wes is promiscuous?

    I would not count any happy endings in his work as promiscuity since it’s not promiscuous if you’re paid for it.

  444. Bitterlaw says:

    Tg- Wes says he is a highly trained professional. I take him at his word. Of course, you could not pay me enough to rub a dude or let one touch me but Wes is his own man.

    As for gays being promiscuous, at least they don’t get anybody pregnant so they don’t have to talk about ABORTION.

    Of course, we really should not discuss gay men without our expert, lisab, participating.

  445. lisab says:

    actually, being a teenage girl in provincetown, was not very good for one’s ego

    it was sort of like being a veggie burger at outback steakhouse

  446. Tgca says:

    Outback and Steak in the same sentence in Provincetown seems rather trite…or should I say banal.

  447. lisab says:

    it was a metaphor, they don’t actually have steakhouses in provincetown

    but they have fabulous rstaurants

  448. Wes says:

    Bitter, when I massage someone there is nothing sensual in my work. It is strictly palliative work on a body. If a client, male or female, sexualizes the session that is the end of it immediately. I promptly inform the client the session is closed and ask the person politely to get dressed and vacate the premises.

    Tg, while gay couples needn’t worry about pregnancy and other potential concerns heterosexual couples may have to deal with HIV affects far more people in the gay community than in the straight community. I would say that is an exceptionally high risk to take.

  449. Tgca says:


    Agreed. When I hear folks say educate yourself and that undetectable equals no risk,I just shake my head in disbelief.

  450. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    451. “Younger gay males find sexual behavior unacceptable.

    Just to be clear, here was my comment: “No one should be subject to unwanted touching or sexual harassment; being an old geezer is no excuse. Duran needs to be kicked out the door.”

    There is a difference between voluntary and involuntary sexual conduct. The latter can constitutes sexual harassment, and is unacceptable.

  451. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    If this story is accurate, my best guess for the two Cabinet Secretaries who in May,2017 joined the DOJ and FBI mutineers were:

    1- Rex Tillerson- then Secretary of State, and
    2- John Kelly- then Secretary of Homeland Security

    ( My second guess would have been McMasters, but the NSA is not a Cabinet position.)

    And your guesses are…?

    Former top FBI lawyer: 2 Trump Cabinet officials were ‘ready to support’ 25th Amendment effort

  452. Tgca says:

    466 SDC

    To think that somehow young gay men today find it unacceptable to be sexually harassed but it was acceptable years ago I think is incorrect. I don’t think gay or straight ever found it acceptable, it’s just that until me st recently, there was not much one could do about it. I could not imagine either most gay men or straight women would have felt comfortable reporting to the police having their butt pinched or a lewd sexual joke told to them even in the as recent as 5 years ago. It would not have been taking seriously.

    …and it’s not only about old vs young. Sexual harassment mos often occurs by similar peer age groups. At least that was my experience with gays when folks would say or insinuate things to me or I would over hear comments. The vast majority of these occurred in my 20s by other 20 or 30 somethings and from conversations I overhear when out in gay Mecca’s, it still appears the same by younger guys because they find it part of their normal convos to openly talk about sex in public.

  453. Tgca says:

    Now…who wants to discuss ABORTION instead of all this manufactured #MeToo BS. Sunday morning before church is the perfect time to discuss ABORTION me thinks.

  454. Tgca says:

    Smollet’s lawyers deny his attack by white MAGA supporters was a hoax. We need to believe the victim!

    After all, he proved his case after identifying the guys in the video were the two white guys that attacked him. It’s hard to tell but the two Nigerian brothers I’ve seen photos of can be clearly mistaken for white so I see Jussie’s ever changing account is simply him remembering more as he deals with his repressed memories of that awful night where luckily he had his sandwich to comfort him when he got home because most people attacked by two men within a 60 second event would not drop anything they’re holding while fighting off two attackers.

    Remember, when under stress from physical assault by Republicans, it’s easy to misremember things. Just ask Kristine Blasey Ford who can’t remember anything from the night Kavanaugh assaulted her other than she had EXACTLY one beer and that Kavanaugh was the predator who scared her so badly that to this day she is fearful of flying on planes …unless of course, she is going on some plush exotic vacation.

  455. Wes says:

    On the topic of abortion, Tg, I leave you with a lame attempt to sugarcoat perhaps the most evil, misogynistic statement in American political history:

    This should get Mikey up in arms trying to defend the indefensible.

  456. Tgca says:


    I don’t know if it qualifies as the most evil but clearly it is one of the STOOPIDEST statements. Even if you believe that everything in life happens for a reason and is known by God, why would you characterize it that way in a political debate where you MUST know folks will pounce on you for it. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

  457. Tgca says:

    Now what I consider evil is when folks talk about delivering a baby or inducing birth only to then decide that it is between a mother and doctor whether to kill it at that stage. That is evil!

    They did not use the words kill but they clearly made known that the intention of the survival of birth would be in the hands of a decision by doctors and the mother after consultation when there is probably north of 90% the baby would survive delivery.

  458. Wes says:

    He literally said God intends women to become pregnant by rape.

    That’s both evil and misogynistic.

  459. Tgca says:

    Dearest Wes

    I said I would not qualify it as the MOST evil, as certainly, folks have said much worse over the years. To me, calling for someone to be lynched is much worse than stoopid hurtful words about what God intended. Intending to lynch folks is depriving them of life and there was a time when politicians and community leaders calling for a lynching was acceptable, and followed by actual action. But that was probably by only old creepy guys, right SDC?

  460. Bitterlaw says:

    I think it is great that Wes calls out people who make hateful, hurtful statements towards women. Considering his complete disregard of them with his appalling inability to be faithful or respectful of their feelings, it is a big step.

    And Akin and Moutdoch were idiots.

  461. Tgca says:

    Ok. I’m gonna give Jussie a tiny bit of the benefit of the doubt here as one thing dawned on me.

    It is possible the events occurred as he stated and that he was attacked by the two guys in the video that seem to have turned out to be the two Nigerian brothers he’s friends with.

    Perhaps he did not realize it was the two Nigerians because Nigerians are often mistakened for white MAGA supporters.

    Perhaps these so-called friends or acquaintances singled him out for some unknown reason.

    Assume all that is true, but how did they know he would be out at 2AM on a severely cold morning (I checked weather records – about 5 degrees at 2AM not counting windchill factor) especially since he just arrived in from a flight a couple hours earlier?

    This must have been planned since getting rope and other items used in the attack take a bit of planning.

    How come he did not recognize their voices?

    Who in their right mind is out at 2AM walking about downtown Chicago in severely freezing weather looking for a potential victim and just happened to come on the perfect victim?

    Why would your friends go through all this effort to do this to you?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  462. Tina says:

    Stephen Miller destroys swamp guardian, Wallace:

  463. janz says:


    The Nigerian brothers were paid by Jesse and rehearsed the attack event beforehand. There can be no benefit of the doubt if the above is true.

  464. Tgca says:

    Agreed Janz. Assuming that is true.

    I want to hear from the Chicago police on this. Clearly, they know more than they are releasing. There are many unverified statements out there. I also read that sources say there is a call between Jussie and the brothers before the attack. How far before is not stated. I am sure the brothers will provide any needed info to avoid being charged for a crime so the focus seems to be really be on getting Jussie if he lied to the police. The police and FBI don’t take kindly to being used as pawns so I suspect they wish to ensure they have a strong case against him before releasing info.

    If Jussie did indeed manufacture this, he has done YUGE damage to actual crime victims, minorities and gays…and the MSM and entertainers and politicians who rushed to judgment about the motives will have egg all over their face and be accused of inciting division.

    This also goes to support arguments that not all victims should be believed at the onset and that instead judgment should be reserved until investigations are complete.

  465. Tgca says:

    I am personally upset with the MAGA reference because it hurts the cause to


  466. Tgca says:

    God! I love when arrogant politicians get their comeuppance.

    Check out this article and watch the video in full. She tried to use her influence as a Commissioner to intervene in a lawful police matter and berated the officers, insulted their intelligence, and resorted to profanity and threats.

    She was subsequently censured by the entire NY/NJ Port Authority Commission for ethics violations and had her case submitted to NJ for further ethics violations.

    She is a Dem political operator who actually was appointed to the Board by Christie and worked on HRC and Cuomo campaigns.

    She sort of apologized after being forced to resign but still thinks the police need to do better training so officers can diffuse situations with idiots like herself. Unbelievable folks!

    The article:

    The full video:

  467. lisab says:

    Who in their right mind is out at 2AM walking about downtown Chicago in severely freezing weather looking for a potential victim and just happened to come on the perfect victim? ….

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    ummmmmmmmm … i think you know the answer to that …

    The Veggie Delite®sandwich is crispy, crunchy, vegetarian perfection. Pile on the veggies any which way you want! It’s one of eight 6-inch Fresh Fit™ subs with two servings of crisp veggies on freshly baked bread for under 400 calories.

  468. Wes says:

    That sandwich sounds disgusting.

  469. Tgca says:

    New thread people.

    …and stop all the veggies HATE. Unless it’s like Kale…grossest veggie EVAH!