Trump Below 50% Against Dems in TX

Quinnipiac University has put out a poll today for the state of Texas showing Donald Trump below 50% against a slew of Democratic candidates.

PRESIDENT – TEXAS (Quinnipiac)
Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%
Joe Biden (D) 46%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%
Bernie Sanders (D) 45%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%
Beto O’Rourke (D) 46%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%
Julian Castro (D) 41%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 48%
Kamala Harris (D) 41%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 48%
Elizabeth Warren (D) 41%

In the US Senate race, should Beto O’Rourke decide to challenge John Cornyn instead, they would start out tied.

US SENATE – TEXAS (Quinnipiac)
John Cornyn (R-inc) 46%
Beto O’Rourke (D) 46%

This poll was done February 20-25 among 1222 registered voters. For Quinnipiac’s most recent record in Texas, in their final poll before the 2018 elections, they had Ted Cruz up 51%-46% over Beto O’Rourke (it ended up 51%-48%) and Greg Abbott up 54%-40% over Lupe Valdez (it ended up 56%-43%).

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28 Responses to “Trump Below 50% Against Dems in TX”

  1. SanDiegoCitizen says:


  2. jason says:

    Bernie Sanders would not get 45% in Texas.

    You read it here first.

  3. janz says:

    According to Pew, the response rate to polls was down to 6% last year. So, it has become really questionable as to how helpful polling has become in predicting the accuracy of election outcomes?

  4. Messy says:

    …especially years away from the election in question. We’re a year away from Super Tuesday.

    The indictment of Netanyahu in Israel is something that’s important there, and the scandal involving Trudeau up in Canada (where the election is eight months away) matter.

    Also, I applaud Trump walking away from Kim this morning. Un thought since he played Donnie the ast time, he could do so again.

  5. NYCmike says:

    “Also, I applaud Trump walking away from Kim this morning.”

    -Let’s see if “CG” comes by and agrees with you…..personally, I didn’t expect anything else to happen so soon.

    Why some people think that a situation that has been going on since 1953 would be resolved in 2 years is beyond me. I would expect this situation to last through a Trump 2nd term, if not into a Pence/Haley Presidency.

  6. jason says:

    “Gambino mob heir predicts Michael Cohen will get WHACKED in prison because ‘inmates love Trump and hate rats'”

  7. NYCmike says:


    Please find the thread and comment where I supported Rob Moore in the Alabama primary.

    I would not have had an issue with Strange, but preferred Brooks. Unfortunately, McConnell went after Brooks instead of Moore.

  8. Chicon says:

    Alternative headline “Trump leads all Dems in TX.”

  9. Chicon says:

    Thing must be ok for Trump, Robbie and CG have been pleasantly absent.

  10. jason says:

    I would not have had an issue with Strange, but preferred Brooks.”


    Brooks was another turd of a candidate that had no chance of winning the primary, but got enough votes to throw the primary to Moore.

    Supporting Brooks was stupid. Strange is a solid conservative, was the incumbent, and was supported by Trump.

    But the deadenders weren’t happy, somehow he just wasn’t conservative enough.

    So Brooks and his supporters own Moore. And Jones.

    Republican Roy Moore 164,524 38.9%
    Republican Luther Strange 138,971 32.8%
    Republican Mo Brooks 83,287 19.7%

    No free lunch.

  11. jason says:

    Please find the thread and comment where I supported Rob Moore in the Alabama primary.”

    Show me one post where you actually stated he was an unacceptable candidate.

  12. jason says:

    Robbie and CG have been pleasantly absent.”

    I am actually surprised they aren’t here all excited about Michael Cohen.

    After all, nothing stinks too much for them too use against Trump.

    Amoral Scumbag missed the chance to claim SATgate is the greatest scandal since Watergate.

  13. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Amazon is now fleeing Downtown Seattle too. A socialist city council member is praising the decision; she does not seem to realize that without business money, she cannot create her socialist paradise.

    “As the Seattle Times reported Wednesday, the move not to occupy 30 floors in what is to be one of the tallest buildings in the Pacific Northwest region has quickly come under fire. Amazon fiercely opposed a “head tax” on big businesses that would have helped support homelessness services and affordable housing, and which was repealed last year in what critics at the time said amounted to strong-arming by the company.”

    “Kshama Sawant, a council member, slammed the repeal last year. Following news of Amazon’s abandonment of its Rainier Square space this week, Sawant tweeted that the incident was a “lesson” that rather than “caving to billionaire class, workers across cities must unite to tax big biz, create jobs to fund housing, services!” Sawant pointed to Amazon’s failed HQ2 deal in New York as a defeat of a “$3B handout to Amazon.””

  14. jason says:

    Seems reasonable to me. I support the summits, but at the end of the day, sanctions should not be lifted in exchange for a partial “de-nuke”.

    ‘We’re working towards something, but we didn’t sign anything today, it didn’t quite work out,’ he told Hannity on Thursday afternoon local time. ‘Good relationship, but I decided this wasn’t the right time to sign something so we’ll see what happens over a period of time.’

    The dictator demanded that all sanctions be lifted in return for giving up only some of his nukes, the U.S. president claimed.

    ‘They wanted to de-nuke certain areas, and I wanted everything. And the sanctions are there and I didn’t want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program,’ he told Hannity. ‘And they’re not ready for that and I understand that fully, I really do.’

    Trump said that the final snag that caused the sudden breakdown was over sanctions – and Kim’s push to have all of them lifted in exchange for a concession Trump and his secretary of state could not live with.

    ‘Sometimes you have to walk away,’ Trump told reporters at a press conference in Hanoi that was abruptly moved up after a breakdown in talks.”

  15. jason says:

    The North Koreans pretty much confirm what Trump says.

    “He said North Korea asked the U.S. to lift sanctions corresponding with five United Nations resolutions adopted between 2016 and 2017. Ri claimed that his proposal was the ‘biggest’ offer North Korea could make based on the ‘current level of confidence’ between the country and the United States.

    Trump said that North Korea was ‘not ready’ to meet the United States’ conditions. Ri said talks broke down when the United States ‘insisted that we should take one more step’ beyond the pledge to abandon Yongbyon, ‘therefore it became crystal clear that the United States was not ready to accept our proposal.’

  16. mnw says:

    Cohen will not get whacked in an FPC. The BOP prides itself on “placing people where they can survive.”

    My impression is that the general public doesn’t understand that there are 3 different security levels among fed prisons– USPs; FCIs & FPCs, and gradations WITHIN those 3 levels as well.

    Cohen will go to an FPC where they cut grass & prepare food for the REAL prisons. An inmate can walk away if he/she is a big enough fool. FPCs do not have a sense of menace in the air at all. Places like USP Marion sort of do have that. Sort of.

    When the guy who forged the Howard Hughes book got caught making hooch in an FPC, he asked, “What happens to me now?” Answer: “NOW you’re going to jail!”

  17. jason says:

    The Gambino family is the one who said he will whacked.

    I think they know all about prisons.

  18. jason says:

    Peloso says Kim is the big winner at summit.


  19. Chicon says:

    18 – Kim gets zip, and she says he’s the big winner. What did he win?

  20. NYCmike says:

    Once again, those who claim to NOT want a Mike-Lee-type convention win have issues with a primary win for a candidate they didn’t like, and refuse to place blame on their preferred candidate who lost.

    Make up your freakin’ minds which way you want it to be.

  21. lisab says:


    well they had to replace david robertson,

    so i guess that is a good deal?

  22. NYCmike says:

    Harper signs for $330 million over 13 years…..this is for MD’s sake……..ANOTHER TRUMP MIRACLE!

  23. lisab says:

    amazing new song heating up the charts!

  24. Chicon says:

    Mikey, that’s only $25.4M per season. Manny got $30.

  25. Chicon says:

    Mikey – Tavares returns to the Island tonight. How will he be received?

  26. Chicon says:

    Is this thing on?

  27. Chicon says:

    New thread, kids.