Sanders Surges Against Biden, O’Rourke Falls Back in IA

CNN and The Des Moines Register have put out a new poll for the Democratic caucus in Iowa and it shows Joe Biden’s lead shrinking down to 2% over Bernie Sanders while nobody else even gets to double digits.

Joe Biden 27%
Bernie Sanders 25%
Elizabeth Warren 9%
Kamala Harris 7%
Beto O’Rourke 5%
Cory Booker 3%
Amy Klobuchar 3%
Michael Bennet 1%
Steve Bullock 1%
Pete Buttigieg 1%
John Delaney 1%
Julian Castro 1%
Jay Inslee 1%
Kirsten Gillibrand 0%
Tulsi Gabbard 0%
Erc Swalwell 0%
John Hickenlooper 0%
Marianne Williamson 0%
Andrew Yang 0%

I am starting to become surprised at how fast the campaigns of Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rurke and even Kirsten Gillibrand have completely stalled. Gillibrand stuck at 0% after being in the race for about seven weeks has to be devastating for her. This poll was done March 3-6 among 400 likely caucus goers.

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  1. Wes says:

    Populism works in caucuses. That’s why Bernie is doing so well. He knows he won’t win the nomination though. Otherwise he wouldn’t have filed for reelection to the Senate for 2024 already.

  2. Tgca says:

    Dos! Bebe! Dos!

  3. Phil says:

    Kamala Harris will win the nomination.

  4. lisab says:

    sanders is way ahead of harris on predictit


    she has been noticeably absent the last two or three weeks

  5. sandiegocitizen says:

    5. The left is becoming increasing weary of Harris. As California Attorney General she was viewed as too conservative, including on cases involving the death penalty and drugs. She is also viewed as too close to tech moguls and other business interests. I see the left increasingly rallying behind Bernie. The more mainstream Demos will go with Biden.

  6. sandiegocitizen says:

    5. The enlightened party of diversity and millenials may have a major primary battle between two elderly Anglo males. Could see Harris as the VP nominee.

  7. sandiegocitizen says:

    There is hope for the U.S.

    “High School Shooting Teams Are Getting Wildly Popular — And The NRA is Helping”

  8. sandiegocitizen says:

    This is a must read article from Fox News.

    Apparently OAC’s mother fled New York for Florida to escape NY high taxes.

    Gov Cuomo is shocked that that NY residents are fleeing because of high taxes, and is using very intrusive measures to try to prove they are still NY residents.

  9. Bitterlaw says:

    SDC – So students in rural and other gun friendly area form shooting teams? Great and Zzzzzzzzz. If it was in Manhattan, the DC suburbs, Boston, the Main Line suburbs around Philadelphia, etc., it might be noteworthy.

    Since I would probably not be here anymore if I owned a gun, it is best that I not. However, buy as many guns as you want.

  10. sandiegocitizen says:

    9. Bitter, some the urban areas you refer to may not have gun clubs, but they qualify as shooting galleries.

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    I am on a train headed to the Flower Show. My wife and daughter are excited. My wife said I could stay home but I have been with her long enough to not fall into that trap.

    I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

  12. Tgca says:

    I knew it! Told all you motha….over a week ago.

    Bitter could not resist the PA Horticultural Society Flower Power show in Philly. He’s dragging his wife and daughter to it while he pretends he does not want to go.

    Bitter Daughter:
    Mom, I don’t wanna go to this stupid flower show. It’s Sunday! I want to sleep in a bit more and then go see Captain America with my friends.

    Mrs Bitter:
    Oh honey let’s do this for daddy. Okay?

    Bitter Daughter:
    This is stupid! None of my friends dads drag them to flower shows on Sunday morning. We even lost an hour of sleep because Day Lights Savings. I’m tired!

    Mrs Bitter:
    Honey, you know know how he loves these shows, and it’s only once a year. Do it for him. Remember, he’s always there for you and coaches all your basketball games. Don’t make this all about you now sweetie.

    Bitter Daughter:
    But we never win mom! I did not ask him to coach us. It’s so embarrassing. I should have joined the tennIs team instead.

    Mrs Bitter:
    Now. Now. Enough sweetie. We’re going to the flower show because it makes daddy happy. Otherwise, he’ll sit around brooding all day and posting nonsense on the internet. Now get ready. I got to go find daddy’s favorite sweater so he can wear it for the show.

  13. jason says:

    I went to the gun show yesterday but didn’t buy a new gun, really impressed with my self restraint.

    On the other hand, cholesterol finally came in at under 300, so I doubled up on the slab bacon and scrapple for breakfast, there is only so much self restraint you can practice.

  14. jason says:

    My wife said sure if you want to spend Saturday at the gun show go ahead.

    I fell into the trap.

  15. Wes says:

    If Tink says, “Go ahead and vote for Trump,” and I for some reason do it, have I fallen into a trap?

  16. Tgca says:

    Enjoying a single toasted organic blueberry waffle smothered with Kerrygold Irish butter and organic maple syrup sprinkled with cinnamon and washed down with a 3oz serving of probiotic strawberry yogurt drink and a 3oz GoodBelly blueberry açaí probiotic shot. Yummy!!!

  17. Wes says:

    Reading what Tgca puts in his stomach for some reason always causes what I’ve put in mine to end up in a porcelain god.

  18. Tgca says:

    Wes, my masseur buddy

    Stomach ailments cause many discomforts and diseases. Having a clean and healthy digestive system will go a long way to overhaul health. Periodic fasting, internal cleansing, and digestive maintenance can significantly reduce other health issues most would not even associate with digestion. Probiotics are an excellent way to keep the digestive system healthy and functioning optimally.

  19. jason says:

    I hope Bernie wins the nomination.

    I reserve the right to rescind my endorsement if he becomes President.

  20. jason says:

    There are zero records of cavemen having digestive issues on a diet high in red meat and fat.

    I don’t believe in arguing with History.

  21. jason says:

    If Tink says, “Go ahead and vote for Trump,” and I for some reason do it, have I fallen into a trap?”

    You bet, unless she votes for him too.

    Another one is, honey if you want to _________ (watch football, watch golf, go golfing, go hunting, go fishing, go to the casino, go to the gun show, etc.) instead of ______________(yard work, house repairs, shopping, redecorating, moving furniture, antique show, watching chick flicks, etc.) you just go right ahead. Yep, danger, danger, danger….

  22. jason says:

    Enjoying a single toasted organic blueberry waffle smothered with Kerrygold Irish butter and organic maple syrup sprinkled with cinnamon and washed down with a 3oz serving of probiotic strawberry yogurt drink and a 3oz GoodBelly blueberry açaí probiotic shot. Yummy!!!”

    What a revolting mess. Probably 100 grams of sugar and enough starch to gag a llama. Tgca could be the poster child for the sugar and wheat industries responsible for the obesity crisis in America.

    The only thing I could possible salvage and that might be actually good for you is the overpriced Irish butter (Amish butter is much better and cheaper).

  23. Bitterlaw says:

    Back on the train. Spent 2 hours there. Suffering the effects of estrogen exposure.

    I just want to talk about my feelings.

  24. Wes says:

    Tink is 100% guaranteed to vote against Trump next year, Jason.

  25. Tgca says:

    22 Jadon

    Quite contraire mon frere

    I have a low processed sugar diet. I eat foods with natural and not processed sugars in moderation that are generally low in unhealthy carbs.

    Blueberries and strawberries are not processed sugar and they are portion controlled so a cup of blueberries is less than 100 calories, no starch, full of antioxidants, and low glycemic. Compare that to 1slice of bread or half of a potato packed with the same calories and starch and much higher glycemic indices.

    Most of the fruits I eat (grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple) are very healthy and excellent in nutrients and all low glycemic so negligible impact on blood sugar. I usually throw in one small banana daily for added potassium and bone and heart health too.

    The same with veggies. My choices are cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, arugula with occasional carrots and sweet potatoes. Again, all healthy and generally low glycemic. I love and could eat arugula and cauliflower every day!

    Eggs and cheese are my main source of protein and fat and no unhealthy carbs there. I eat a lot of them, daily because I like them, not because there is no other tasty proteins. I generally choose smooth cheeses such as havarti, Brie, and Gouda but also include mozzarella and Swiss frequently.

    As for the organic waffle I had, it was less than 90 calories and negligible in carbs intake. I don’t eat them daily and often I get the quinoa ones which are most nutritious. My diet avoids most white flour

    My cholesterol is well under 200 with good HDL TO LDL ratios.

    So stop being all jealous of my tasty and nutritious diet. You people are so HATEFUL!

  26. jason says:

    Another Boeing Super Max crashed….

    I would say this “fault” is somewhat serious for a airplane.

    “The plane, a 737 MAX 8, is believed to be a new addition to the EA fleet having been delivered in July last year – and is the same model as the Lion Air plane which crashed in Indonesia in October.

    Boeing issued a safety warning last November about its new 737 Max jets which could have a fault that causes them to nose-dive. The MAX-8 planes were launched in 2016 and are used by major airlines all around the world.”

  27. jason says:

    Tgca, here is the deal on sugar.

    Sugar is sugar. While your body might process glucose and fructose differently, there is no evidence one is better for you, the only difference really is that with fruit you get other benefits such as minerals and fiber.

    Your diet is loaded with sugar and starch, you are just kidding yourself to think it isn’t. “Organic” waffle is still basically 100% carb, you are a moron if you think “organic” means less carbs.

    “Whether it’s in a piece of fruit, your soda or a pastry, sugar is made up of the same two components: fructose and glucose. The molecular structure and composition of sugar molecules is the same no matter where they come from.

    The ratios of fructose and glucose are pretty much the same in both fruit and table sugar. Most fruits are 40 to 55 percent fructose (there’s some variation: 65 percent in apples and pears; 20 percent in cranberries), and table sugar (aka sucrose) is 50/50. Neither type of sugar is better or worse for you, but your body processes them differently. Fructose breaks down in your liver and doesn’t provoke an insulin response. Glucose starts to break down in the stomach and requires the release of insulin into the bloodstream to be metabolized completely”

  28. jason says:

    And btw, bananas and pineapples are very high in sugar, even as fruits go.

    And of course, you put “organic” maple syrup on fruit, which is basically adding sugar to sugar. Maple syrup almost all sucrose, and a tablespoon has 14 grams of carbs of which 12 grams are sugar.

  29. Tina says:

    While Mitt Romney sat on the board and was one of the directors of Marriott, his company actually opened SIX hotels in Moscow. Do you see creepy Schiff or Nadler investigating him for that? Donald Trump only thought about it and witch hunts are launched.
    9:01 AM · Mar 10, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

  30. Tgca says:


    Disagree on parts, especially where you take my post out of context. You have to look at the glycemic index of foods as that what’s impacts blood sugar levels. In your simplistic version, then diabetics would never be able to have sugar at all because all sugar is equal and therefore bad for you. At the molecular level, sugars are similar but vary how they act in the body, especially how absorbed through food.

    Carbs are very important for the body and necessary for many functions including brain activity. We could not sustain life without carbs. Also, it depends on how carbs are absorbed in the body too and different carb foods absorb differently.

    To equate a glass of soda with a glass of grapefruit juice or a cup of blueberries or broccoli is absurd. Of course, excessive sugar of any type is bad but different carbs provide different benefits. Just like excessive protein and fat in meals are also bad for you because the body must process them in healthy ratios within specific timeframes or they become unbeneficial and toxic to certain organs.

    FYI. I added a minute amount of organic maple syrup to the waffles and not to fruit, as I generally do not like most sweetners. In addition, organic maple syrup is one of the healthiest of sweetners as long as used in moderation.

    So with hugs and kisses, I say GFY!

  31. Wes says:

    When did HHR become The Food Network?

  32. jason says:

    I love giving food advice to Tgca, poor bastard.

    I just have the feeling one day he is going to say why I am I eating all this garbage and depriving myself of real food, and will tell us how he just knocked off two whole racks of baby back ribs.

  33. jason says:

    Speaking of which, that was lunch today. 2 whole racks of baby back ribs that spent the night in fridge soaking up jason’s secret rub (yeah, I could tell you the secret but then I would have to blow up the blog) My wife ate half a rack which meant I got to eat 1 1/2. I sauteed some sauerkraut in bacon fat with bacon chunks (none of that bacon bit BS here) so it was a very balanced meal.

  34. Tgca says:


    Bananas are lower to medium glycemic, hence, why I only eat small ones and in moderation because of the other beneficial nutrients. Pineapple has medium glycemic index, again, why I have them in moderation like an ounce or two daily at most which is negligible impact on blood sugar.

    Fructose has the low glycemic index, lowest than most foods while sucrose and glucose are 4 to 8 times higher that’s why they are more problematic in nutrition management.

    That’s why it’s important to see a medical nutritionist regarding most beneficial foods. Most MDs no little to nothing of nutrition and only take one minor class on it in medical school, whereas, medical nutrionsists spend years training on it…and I’ve been to a number of nutrionists over the years and found they know a helluva lot more than any MD, including cardiologists I’ve ever been too who preach basics not beyond a freshman anatomy course.

  35. jason says:

    but different carbs provide different benefits.”

    Your breakfast could have won the “highest carb breakfast” award.

    “Think beyond “white foods” to get a more complete list of high-carb foods, she says, which also includes:

    “Sweet potatoes
    Winter squash
    All grains, including oats, quinoa and whole wheat
    Yogurt and milk

  36. Phil says:

    AOC calls capitalism “irredeemable” during a speech in Austin Saturday.

    Well, she certainly picked the right city to blurt out her Marxist drivel. Austin is pretty much our Berkeley on the Colorado River. Loaded with California Moveins determined to turn Texas into another Golden State dumpster fire. She ought to move to Austin and run for mayor. She’d be the perfect fit.

    Maybe the Never Trumpers can put her in the WH when she turns 35 to punish all of the rest of us for daring to vote for Trump over Hillary. That will show us!

  37. jason says:

    “Despite some of the nation’s toughest laws, the number of gun owners in California has more than doubled over the past ten years, according to new data released Friday by the state Department of Justice.”

  38. mnw says:

    A few days ago, Cow posted some statistics about the peculiar spike in death rates among pedestrians.

    No-one quite knew why. Nor do I.

    However, I just read that the CDC is investigating a connection between pedestrian injuries & the growing use of “e-scooters,” which I’d never heard of. They link like motorized skate boards.

  39. mnw says:

    sb “look like”

  40. Tgca says:


    Someone has a problem counting.

    My breakfast was about 270 cal consisting of 45% carbs and 55% protein and fat. That is actually within the range of ideal balance where carbs are to be 40% to 65% recommended range.

    I usually eat a light breakfast because I’m rarely hungry in the AM.

  41. Tgca says:


    Ocasio also went on a rant and implied Reagan was racist, and that the US was garbage at the same Austin event.

  42. lisab says:

    i love aoc

    by far my favorite dem right now

    but then i am a minority, so i am not a target

  43. lisab says:

    If you study the leading Democrat candidates for president, you will notice an interesting fact:

    The less experience a candidate has in actually working for a living, you know, in the Dreaded Private Sector, the better he or she is doing in the polls among Democrat voters.

    The top two candidates right now are both in their late 70s — former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    Biden graduated from Syracuse University Law School, number 76 in a class of 85, dodging a plagiarism rap. He entered politics in 1969 while practicing law, then was elected to the Senate in 1972. In other words, 47 years since his last real job.

    Which is still better than Bernie Sanders. He first wedged his snout into the public trough in the early ’80s when he was elected mayor of Burlington, Vt. From 1964-76, he claimed to have worked as a freelance writer, carpenter, youth counselor and “state employee.” In the late 1970s, he allegedly directed something called “the American People’s Historical Society,” a nonprofit he started himself. He now owns three homes. Doing well by doing good, apparently.

    Sen. Kamala Harris runs third in most national polls. Unless you include her, uh, experience as Willie Brown’s girlfriend, she has zero experience in the Dreaded Private Sector.

    Ditto, Sen. Cory Booker. He graduated from Yale Law in 1997 and was elected to the Newark City Council in 1998. His closest brush with a real job was serving as a staff attorney with a nonprofit called the Urban Justice Center. His dear friend, T-Bone, does have a real job — as a drug dealer. Oh wait, T-Bone is a “composite” — in other words, Booker made him up.

    Beto O’Rourke: From 1991-95, worked as a “musician” and furry with a loser rock band, then was hired by his uncle, also worked as a live-in nanny in New York. Wrote short stories. Elected to local city council in 2005. Fourteen years since anything remotely resembling a real job.

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren claims to have made short money as a solo-practice lawyer in New Jersey in the mid-’70s, flipped some houses during the S&L crisis in Oklahoma, and may have represented an asbestos company or two while practicing law without a license in Massachusetts. But she’s basically an academic. And yes, it helps if you’re falsely checking the box as a minority, no matter what she says.

  44. jason says:

    My breakfast was about 270 cal consisting of 45% carbs and 55% protein and fat. That is actually within the range of ideal balance where carbs are to be 40% to 65% recommended range”

    You are a sugar junkie, the sooner you admit it the better.

  45. jason says:

    “toasted organic blueberry waffle smothered with Kerrygold Irish butter and organic maple syrup sprinkled with cinnamon and washed down with a 3oz serving of probiotic strawberry yogurt drink and a 3oz GoodBelly blueberry açaí probiotic shot.”

    This is ALL sugar. Anybody who can stomach that many sickeningly sweet things together is really hooked.

    Add it up, with all the fruit you eat you are probably eating at least 120 to 150 grams of sugar a day which is at least 3 times more than you should be eating.

    If you don’t care, like I don’t care how much fat I eat, fine. Nobody lives forever. But it looks like you are concerned about eating a healthy diet, but your diet is way too high in carbs and sugar to be healthy.

  46. lisab says:

    i had a glass of grapefruit juice, 2 eggs and coffee with almond milk and stevia

    it was delicious, but probably a ton of calories and carbs

  47. lisab says:

    but on the plus side it will keep me going until dinner

  48. jason says:

    Actually not a lot of calories or carbs unless it was an almond milk latte.

  49. lisab says:

    no latte, just unsweetened almond milk

    but i was referring to the grapefruit juice, it was pure but still lots of sugar in fruit juice

    we dont usually have juice, but last week we had an outbreak of hand foot and mouth disease so i needed the vitamin C

  50. Waingro says:

    2020 Michigan Senate GE:
    Gary Peters (D-inc) 44% (+1)
    John James (R) 43%

    @EmersonPolling 3/7-10… #MIsen

  51. Wes says:

    Tgca is a typical vegetarian in thinking an unbalanced diet eschewing protein is actually a healthy one.

    In reality, he’s just wearing down his teeth and increasing his flatulence while passing judgment on omnivores.

  52. Wes says:

    I don’t think Trump has much of a chance of carrying MI, Wain; however, Peters is such a nonentity in the Senate I think James has an outside chance to outwork him and capture the seat.

  53. jason says:

    Tgca is a sugar junkie posing as a vegetarian.

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    You really need to switch to the soda and stress diet. It really keeps the weight off.

  55. Tgca says:


    I guess math was not Jadon’s strong subject. Luckily, with an undergrad major in math with minor in biological sciences (specifically anatomy and physiology classes included molecular biology and genetics while dabbling in physics, oh…and yes nutrition too since I considered going for an MS in nutrition before my MBA, and realizing how paltry clinical nutritionists are paid.

    So I can explain to Jadon how caloric calculations work. That, and as a serious weight lifter for 10+ years, I counted not only calories to maintain and gain muscle strength but I monitored numerous vitamins, minerals, protein types, PH levels, body mass, etc and always outperformed my age and body group because that’s what serious fitness folks do. I periodically took blood tests to calculate all these stats and until my surgeries that limited my physical activities the last few years, I maintained well above normal stats. Now my stats remain normal or above normal in almost every category though they no longer meet the top scale because I am not practicing the same health and physical regimens as I did in the past.

    1st, some basics.

    1g fat = 9 calories
    1g protein = 4 calories
    1g carbs = 4 calories

    Now let’s show Jadon how to ACCURATELY calculate my breakfast calories and carb ratio this AM.

    1 toasted Organic Blueberry Waffle
    90 calories
    4g fat
    2g protein
    11g carbs

    Probiotic juice and yogurt
    50 calories
    0g fat
    3g protein
    10g carbs

    2 tablespoons butter
    100 calories
    11g fat
    0g protein
    0g carbs

    1tsp organic maple syrup
    30 calories
    0g fat
    0g protein
    7g carbs

    So let’s add that up now.

    270 calories
    15g fat x 9 = 135 calories = 51%
    5g protein x 4 = 20 calories = 7%
    28g carbs x 4 = 112 calories = 42%

    Total calculated calories is 267 due to food packaging rounds grams up to the nearest whole number.

    My breakfast was approximately 40% carbs which is within the recommended daily range of 40% to 65% depending on body type and activity level.

    Being that I have a lot of dense muscle mass and a high energy level, one could argue I consumed a low amount of carbs with that 1st meal since I burn more calories then most and I need to take in extra energy to ensure I don’t deplete muscle because after a certain level of activity and no energy reserves, the body will break down muscle to convert it to energy. Hence, the reasons athletes or very active people have to take in more carbs than most to sustain energy levels.

  56. Tgca says:

    So now that Jadon has been schooled, we can continue more exciting topics like ABORTION.

    I won’t bother to calculate my calories in lunch and dinner today which were more protein since I had some serious helpings of eggs and cheese today.

    Years ago I built a very detailed Excel model to track about 50+ daily items (nutrition, vitamins, minerals, etc) in measurements and percentages that I used to track my daily intake based on my diet so Jadon has just motivated me to consider doing that again as I renew my fitness goals once I get medical clearance from my surgeries next month. It’s really not that difficult to track if you eat consistently, and I usually eat the same foods daily since I’m a creature of habit.

    P.S. I meant 1TBSP butter above, not 2 because that would have doubled.

  57. Tina says:

    Jebots crushed.

    John Solomon
    How do you measure impact of Dem hearing with Cohen? Check this out: 51% thought he was credible before testimony: … And only 37% afterwards.

    6:51 AM – Mar 10, 2019

  58. phoenixrisen says:

    #50 If James runs against Peters, he will win. However, I wonder if he may be eyeing the governor seat when Whitmer comes up for re-election. That proposed tax increase to fix a Michigan roads has made her incredibly unpopular.

  59. Wes says:

    Far from guaranteed, Phoenix. Michigan hasn’t elected a GOP Senator since 1994, and Trump even with a victory in the state is unlikely to have a big enough margin to carry James across the finish line.

    I’m not saying James can’t win. I’m just pointing out he wouldn’t go into the race as anything like a favorite against Peters in a state that lately hasn’t been friendly to the GOP against a reasonably competent opponent such as Peters.

  60. jason says:

    I guess too much sugar has made Tgca so delusional he is now resorting to fake math.

    Terrible addiction. I understand.

  61. jason says:

    1tsp organic maple syrup
    30 calories
    0g fat
    0g protein
    7g carbs”

    LOL, who uses a tsp of maple syrup?

    I bet you poured at least 3 tablespoons on that sugary waffle.

  62. jason says:

    My low fat breakfast (using Tgca style “measurements”)

    1/5 of a strip of bacon
    1/4 of an egg white
    1/8 oz of scrapple
    a 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch cube of cheese

    Voilá…. low fat breakfast!

  63. jason says:

    Sugar addiction is just like any other type of addiction. Addicts will go to any lengths to hide it.

    A sugar addict claiming to use a teaspoon of syrup on a waffle is like an alcoholic saying they only drank a shot glass full of beer.

  64. Tgca says:

    I mix one tsp of syrup and one tbsp of butter in a pan and melt and pour over a small toasted waffle. More than enough since I don’t like very sweet foods, hence, why I rarely eat cookies or cake and almost never donuts.

    Other than organic maple syrup, I use Stevia to sweeten my drinks which has zero calories. I don’t even have regular sugar in the house.

    Jadon can’t admit he was wrong and trying to deflect for hIs lack of math skills. Robbie! Where are you? Back me up here!

    My breakfast today was a feta salad and olive wrap. Like 10 carbs in the almond wrap I used. The rest was all protein and fat. I rarely eat a large breakfast because I’m just not hungry in the AM. But I will snack on Black olives throughout the day. I usually eat 2 cups daily. Pure fat. Jadon would be jealous!

  65. Tina says:

    Looks like Cccp Bernie has big mo.

  66. Bitterlaw says:

    For breakfast, I had one can of Coke. 140 calories. 39g of carbs. O% fat.

    Breakfast of Champions.

  67. Todd McCain says:

    Bernie is going to be hard to stop if he wins Iowa and NH back to back.

  68. mnw says:

    I believe Biden will be the nominee. Sanders is going to hit the same brick wall in the primaries (i.e., poor AA support) that he hit last time.

    RE: HHR Food Channel:

    Many of you are deranged.

  69. Phil says:

    Kamala will win the nomination.

  70. Wes says:

    The DNC will be in Wisconsin next year. Wisco got the nod over Florida. Clearly Dems realize reclaiming those Upper Midwestern states is key to ousting Trump.

  71. Tgca says:

    67 Bitter

    Ewww! Coke for breakfast is gross…and way too sweet.

    Try green tea with stevia. No calories and lots of antioxidants.

  72. Tgca says:

    I doubt Kamala or Biden will be the nominee with current direction of the Dem party without a correction soon. They are looney but not looney enough.

    The Dem candidate needs to be “Down with Capitalism.”

    Wealth redistribution
    70% taxes
    break up all tech firms
    illegals voter rights
    no borders
    end support for Israel and embrace Palestine
    free education
    free healthcare
    free housing
    Base income whether you wish to work or not
    reparations including for folks like Omar and Warren because of their genes
    end domestic air travel
    Beano for cows.

    This is what the Dem candidate must embrace.

  73. phoenixrisen says:

    Actually the best POTUS candidate the Dems have is Colorado two-term governor John Hickenlooper for a host of reasons. But they won’t nominate him. They have gone full crazy left.

  74. phoenixrisen says:

    Wes, you think it’s a possibility that the GOP hold their convention in Detroit in 2020 like they did nearly 40 years ago?

  75. Todd McCain says:

    GOP convention is in Charlotte for 2020.

  76. NYCmike says:

    “The DNC will be in Wisconsin next year. Wisco got the nod over Florida. Clearly Dems realize reclaiming those Upper Midwestern states is key to ousting Trump.”

    -Hopefully, something will happen which sets off the Democrats and allow those Upper Midwestern States to see exactly what the choice will be.

  77. NYCmike says:

    “GOP convention is in Charlotte for 2020.”

    -Which bathroom will “Caitlyn” Jenner be using?

    Will Melania and “her” compete for most photogenic?

  78. Tina says:

    I think the D candidates are centrists.


  79. CG says:

    Milwaukee is pretty ideal for today’s Democrats.

    They have a history of electing Socialist Mayors and Members of Congress in the 20th Century.

    Also, in Miller Park, Bernie Sanders already has his own “Slide.”


  80. Paul says:

    43: My pick would be Hickenlooper. He’s had actual entrepreneurial experience not too long ago.

    However, when he had a chance to showcase that, he punted and fumbled terribly on Morning Joe. He had trouble saying he was a capitalist. If he wants any shot at all, he better grow a spine and stand tall in the centrist lane. He might still get knocked over but it would be his only shot.

    His biggest problematic area for the left is his pushing for fracking in Colorado even when landowners opposed it. If he somehow were to survive, I think he’d be decent.

  81. jason says:

    More than enough since I don’t like very sweet foods,”

    Zzzzzzz… stop deluding yourself.

    You don’t like very sweet foods as much as I don’t like bacon.

  82. jason says:

    Hickenlooper is a far leftist kook, nothing centrist about him.

    There are no more centrists in the Dem party, just various shades of socialists.

  83. jason says:

    I think Biden and Sanders are both too old to be nominated.

    Put a gun to my head and I would prefer Biden as President only because he is a few shades less red than Sanders.

    My candidate however is Buttigieg.

  84. NYCmike says:

    Wondering what people thought about the recent performances by Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows in front of the national media – did they look like fringe characters, or did they show a good Republican face?

  85. Tina says:


    No Impeachment.

  86. Tina says:

    I think Jim Jordan is a future House Speaker.

    Seems pretty conservative and is an upgrade over the last two House Speakeds paolo and the blob,

  87. Paul says:

    Maybe so, Jason. I’d like someone other than Bernie. But in the end, I’ll vote for Bernie over Trump.

  88. NYCmike says:

    “But in the end, I’ll vote for Bernie over Trump.”

    -True believer.

    Make sure you are the first one to follow all of the dictates they will hand down from on high.

  89. jason says:

    At least Paul admits he is a moonbat socialist and can stop pretending to be a “business owner”.

  90. jason says:

    Too bad.

    I was looking forward to the impeachment proceedings against Trump, would have been a real circus.

  91. jason says:

    So someone must have told Pelosi there is nothing in the Mueller report to impeach Trump and she would have to come up with her own charges.

  92. Tgca says:

    Pelosi doesn’t want to impeach Trump because it will divide the country…unlike…murdering newborns after some loving mommies have consultations with Drs over I don’t want that one…kill it!

    She says the mothaf… is not worth it.

    Sounds to me like she realizes she’s looking at a losing battle and likely House loss in 2020 if they go down that route.

    …but did she clear this with Ocasio, Omar, and Tlaib?

  93. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    I think that Andrew “Eddie Munster” Napolitano is past his expiration date on FOX News. His work is very sloppy in the Covington High School Defamation Case so says the students’ attorney, Lin Wood.

    “Judges who convert to TV commentators should accurately state law. @Judgenap claims minors have no reputation upon which to base defamation case. Wrong. Minors have same rights & protections under defamation law as adults & can also seek damages for emotional distress. Libel 101.”

    Judge Nap has lost it both with his expertise on the law and his cheerleading for Democrats ie Dr. Ford in the Kaxanaugh confirmation hearings.

  94. Tina says:

    Did piglosi clear this with dog Schumah?

  95. Bitterlaw says:

    I did not watch the Judge during the confirmation fight. What crime did he commit against Tina?

  96. Bitterlaw says:

    The husband of one of my friends had a brain tumor. It was removed and the chemo is working. A few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They are in their 40s and have two children under 13. Damn.

  97. Wes says:

    I never heard anything Napolitano said during the Kavanaugh confirmation; however, Napolitano is a loon. He claimed bin Laden had constitutional rights and said Obama could order anyone killed after Seal Team Six got Obama.

    Total Paulian nut job.

  98. Paul says:

    I noticed Andrew Yang has been at 10% at PredictIt for the Dem Nomination. That’s pretty good for him. Or did he buy a bunch of those shares himself.

  99. Tina says:

    The bushes colluding with the Chinese commies?

    Jordan Schachtel
    Establishment GOP consultant and prominent NeverTrumper Mike Murphy led Right to Rise, the PAC that illegally took $1.3 million from state-owned Chinese gov’t corporation. This is Murphy’s profile photo. #Projection

  100. jason says:

    Napolitano is a blowhard like “constitutional expert” Mark Levin.

  101. jason says:

    Anybody think that if Pelosi thought the Senate would convict Trump that she would say “it wasn’t worth it”?

  102. Wobbles says:

    Me, me, meeeeee….

  103. lisab says:

    i think that either

    a.) pelosi has gotten a heads up that mueller has nothing


    b.) she is smart enough to know that she can always go for impeachment later, but if she starts at impeachment she will not be able to back down later

  104. Tina says:

    Drats panicking. Doj to probe Cohen. They need to charge him and tear up his deal.

  105. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – What did Judge Nap do during the Kavanaugh hearings?

  106. Wes says:

    Politico misses the point of what Paul LePage said in its headline:

  107. jason says:

    The Dems know Cohen is a slimeball but the ends justify the means.

    Pelosi might be thinking that an impeachment proceeding where the Dems star witness will have to be pulled out of jail (for lying under oath) in order to make their case against Trump might not be that great a visual. Or maybe they can pipe in his testimony from prison while wearing prison garb.

  108. jason says:

    LePage is certainly one Paulbot governor I don’t miss.

    But another of my least favorite R govenors, Matt Bevin, did sign a “permitless” weapons carry bill in KY, so I give him credit for that.

  109. NYCmike says:

    Now that jason has done his “Establishment Republican virtue-signaling” for the day, I am sure he will get back to consuming every last 4-legged creature on God’s green Earth.