Dems Lead Trump in MI, Sanders Within 3% Of Biden Nationally

Emerson College has a new poll for the state of Michigan that shows Donald Trump may have a hard time holding this state in 2020 if Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination.

Joe Biden (D) 54%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

Bernie Sanders (D) 52%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%

Kamala Harris (D) 51%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 49%

Elizabeth Warren (D) 51%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 49%

Amy Klobuchar (D) 53%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%

Joe Biden (D) 52%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 44%
Howard Schultz (I) 4%

Bernie Sanders (D) 495
Donald Trump (R-inc) 45%
Howard Schultz (I) 6%

Joe Biden 40%
Bernie Sanders 23%
Kamala Harris 12%
Elizabeth Warren 11%
Amy Klobuchar 5%
Cory Booker 3%
Beto O’Rourke 2%
Kirsten Gillibrand 1%
John Hickenlooper 1%
Jay Inslee 0%
Pete Buttigieg 0%
Julian Castro 0%
Tulsi Gabbard 0%

Donald Trump (inc) 895
Bill Weld 11%

Gary Peters (D-inc) 44%
John james (R) 43%

This poll was done March 7-10 among 743 registered voters. Meanwhile at the national level, Monmouth University shows a tightening race in the Democratic primary.

Joe Biden 28%
Bernie Sanders 25%
Kamala Harris 10%
Elizabeth Warren 8%
Beto O’Rourke 6%
Cory Booker 5%
Amy Klobuchar 3%
Michael Bloomberg 2%
Sherrod Brown 1%
Bill De Blasio 1%
Andrew yang 1%
John Hickenlooper 1%
Julian Castro 1%
Michael Bennet 0%
Pete Buttigieg 0%
Tulsi Gabbard 0%
Jay Inslee 0%
Eric Holder 0%
Kirsten Gillibrand 0%
Terry McAuliffe 0%
Marianne Williamson 0%
Steve Bullock 0%
John Delaney 0%

And for the first test that I am aware of to include my Governor Larry Hogan against Trump.

Donald Trump (inc) 74%
Bill Weld 18%

Donald Trump (inc) 75%
Larry Hogan 17%

Considering I wrote his name in for the General Election in 2016, I’d have no problem voting for him in a GOP primary in 2020 if his name was actually there. This poll was done March 1-4 among 746 registered voters.

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  1. DW says:

    Reposting this from last year….with the forthcoming March Madness, here is my proposed re-design to solve all the problems people complain about:

    OK, I finished working out the re-vamped NCAA men’s basketball tournament, that resolves all the problems people complain about. Here are some of the complaints:

    1) The four ‘play-in’ teams seem an odd fit and unfair. All the other teams could win a national championship by winning 6 games in a row, but four teams are arbitrarily singled out for having to win 7 in a row.

    2) With only four regions across the map, teams are routinely sent far and wide to balance out the brackets. These teams lose the chance for their fans to travel to watch them play because its too far.

    3) Every year there are solid teams on the bubble that are left out. Just a few years ago a bubble team, Syracuse, barely made it in the tourney, and then they went on to the Final Four.

    4) With the field limited to 68 teams, and the guarantee that every Div 1 conference gets at least one token representative, ever year the 68 teams do NOT represent the best 68 teams in the country, and its not even close.

    5) Its not as though schools save money by not getting into the March Madness tourney because they end up in the NIT tourney and still travel and play in an event few watch or care about.

    6) The tournament cannot be expanded beyond the 68 teams because there is no room at the front of the schedule for a whole extra round of 64 games.

    So here are the solutions:

    1) Get rid of the NIT tournament, and in it’s place…

    2) Expand the NCAA tournament to 128 teams so that for the first time ever it could be said the tournament includes literally the best teams in the country.

    3) To answer objection #6, instead of an extra round in the first week for four regions having teams seeded 1 through 32, keep the first four rounds of the tournament the same, but simply double the number of regions. The same seeding, 1 through 16 would continue, but there would be eight number 1 seeds instead of four. So the first four rounds play out like normal and the extra round is played after in…

    4) The Final Eight. The current Final Four is just three games–over too quickly. It would be awesome to expand this to 7 games, which interestingly is the same number of games possible in the NBA finals or the baseball world series. The current Final Four schedule has two games on Saturday, and then the championship game on Monday. The revamped Final Eight schedule would have four games on Saturday, two games on Sunday, a break on Monday, and the championship game on Tuesday.

    Summary: The entire length of the tournament is stretched only by one day. The capstone event tuned into by the most people is expanded to seven games, which allows for increased exposure to advertising and school promotion, ticket sales, increased economic activity and so forth. The pointless NIT has been done away with so all the basketball played is meaningful. The increase of regions from 4 to 8 means there will be a greater likelihood teams would be able to play their games closer to home. All the teams that are better than the weak conference 15 and 16 seeds get into the tournament, and there is no more need for bubble watching. All of the problems have been resolved, and there is tremendous value added to the final weekend of hoops.

  2. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – Interesting proposals. If you go to a field of 128, just add the one round. I don’t know about you but I would like to see a 32nd seed take out a 1 seed.

    If you want to be really creative, stay with 4 Regions but make them very unique:

    Ballers – Primarily for schools with the one and done players. Kentucky and Kansas will dominate.

    Elder Division – Schools with Juniors and Seniors as starters. Think Villanova.

    Student Athletes – Actual students taking real classes. Service Academies, Ivy League, and other academic schools like Lafayette and Bucknell.

    Won’t live up to the hype division – Big names that exit early. Maryland, Penn State, etc.

  3. GPO says:

    Biden in

  4. NYCmike says:

    I believe Tina posted a link about this already…….but since neither Jebot has said anything about it, figured it should be posted again.

  5. NYCmike says:

    Heh. – This is the way Instapundit had it on their front page:

    “PLEASE CLAP: FEC fines Jeb Bush super PAC over foreign donation.”

  6. Big Joe says:

    I like these polls which force a choice. There are very few true undecided voters in the country.

    Big Joe

  7. NYCmike says:

    Trump at 46% just won’t cut it in MI. Maybe he can have Romney campaign for him… know, the guy who got 45%, which was much better than McCain’s 41%.

  8. Wes says:

    I’m sure Trump will need just that 46% when the Dem running against him actually spends time working for MI’s electoral votes.

  9. Tina says:

    Cher is going after men.

    No V

    Proof of circ.

    We become a banana republic.

  10. Tina says:

    The jebots will not mention the collusion with China Com.

    The Bushes are/were in bed with those commies with a happy face.

  11. lisab says:

    the people who did not vote for trump last time fall into several categories

    a.) those who are never trumpers, including those that really agree with the dems on open borders

    b.) those who did not believe that trump would do what he said he would do on things like judges, but now see that they were wrong and will vote for him this time

    c.) those that were told that there was ZERO chance trump would win, so they did not bother to vote.

    hillary pretty much maximized the dem votes, she is the candidate with the second most votes in history, only obama has gotten more

    so depending on who the dem nominee is, he has a good shot at THIS point. that can change, but it is hard to imagine that trump will get fewer votes than last time.

    he will probably get more, just based on the people in categories b & c above.

    if the dem nominee is not biden, it will most likely be a close election.

  12. lisab says:

    for example, the dem nominee may have to support reparations for african americans and native americans, the green dream, open borders, nationalized healthcare, a packed supreme court etc.

    will you really vote to transfer your wealth and the future of your children to some illegal alien that does not pay taxes?

    and i say this as a minority who is a new immigrant

  13. lisab says:

    and … btw … i am a highly trained rower and so aren’t my immigrant daughters

  14. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    It looks like the Democratic factions are digging in. The Democratic convention next year might be one of the most interesting since 1968.

    “Attacks on firebrand progressive Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar are serving to strengthen Democrats’ liberal base, Rep. Mark Pocan said Tuesday.

    The Wisconsin Democrat and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus said conservatives are attacking the three women because of identity politics and “fear.”

    “They’re smart women of color, two of them happen to be Muslim,” he said. “So between AOC, Rashida and Ilhan — that hits every box [conservatives have] told people to fear for a long time.”

    However, Mr. Pocan said the backlash against Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, Ms. Tlaib and Ms. Omar would only serve to bolster their support with progressives, especially on social media platforms.”

    “Quite honestly, that gives them more power,” he said.

  15. lisab says:

    as a bi muslim … i agree the attacks on aoc and omar should stop

  16. Tgca says:

    Diez y ocho! Bebe! Diez y ocho!

  17. Tgca says:

    I don’t know what happen in 1968 because that is way before my time but since old fogeys like SDC recall it, I’ll take his word for it.

    I think Dems are risking being so looney they lose the house on their narrow margin for seats they picked up in red and purple districts. The fact that Pelosi seems a moderate compared to many in her party night is quite telling.

  18. Bitterlaw says:

    I was born in 1968. It was a difficult year.

  19. Tgca says:


    …and you’re still around? Dude you’re one a$$ b*tch!

  20. mnw says:

    I voted for the first time in ’68. You had to be 21 then, btw.

    I voted for HHH, I regret to admit. Because… everyone in my family did back then.

  21. Tina says:

    More all out crazy. Maybe Wells Fargo can pay for my car maintenance, I have an auto loan with them and I need new brakes soon.

    .@RepAOC @AOC: “So, hypothetically, if there was a leak from the Dakota Access Pipeline, why shouldn’t Wells Fargo pay for the cleanup of it, since it paid for the construction of the pipeline itself?”

  22. lisab says:

    I voted for the first time in ’68. You had to be 21 then, btw.

    you voted prior to the usa going to the moon?

  23. jason says:

    I don’t think Biden or Sanders or Kamala will be the Dem nominee.

    I think it will be a dark horse like Buttigieg.

  24. lisab says:

    did you know the beatles?

  25. Phil says:

    AOC keeps out doing herself by the day.

  26. jason says:

    why shouldn’t Wells Fargo pay for the cleanup of it, since it paid for the construction of the pipeline itself?”

    So if my house burns down, will Bank of America pay to have it rebuilt?

    After all, they “paid” to build it.

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    I thought the Stoltzfuss family built jason’s house.

  28. Paul says:

    It was an Amish barn-raising.

  29. Phil says:

    Have read a couple of articles on AOC’s chief of staff. Holy crap. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  30. jason says:

    The llama barn was raised.

  31. jason says:

    Tgca is still alive after a breakfast consisting of a bowl of organic molasses with a side of organic sugared oats swimming in maple syrup and finished off with organic fruit loop donuts and organic chocolate dipped peanut butter cup stuffed Oreos.

    All washed down with 3 organic Mountain Dews.

  32. Paul says:

    Watching an interview with Andrew Yang got me a little freaked out about the automation revolution time bomb coming in a few years. What do you folks think? Is that overblown or not? Will 3.5 million truck drivers be losing their jobs in the next few years? Then other sectors following? If there is greater GDP and less jobs, what happens? What should happen to help the situation?

  33. jason says:

    What should happen to help the situation?”

    Don’t vote for moonbats and/or socialists.

  34. Tina says:

    The jebots, Corrupt Weissman, and F. Mulehead must be livid:

    Chuck Ross
    Paul Manafort sentenced to a total of 7.5 years in prison in two cases where the special counsel presented no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion (link:… via

  35. lisab says:

    Will 3.5 million truck drivers be losing their jobs in the next few years? Then other sectors following?

    thus the need for stopping unfettered immigration.

    importing millions of unskilled laborers, while you already have millions of unskilled people who have crappy jobs or no jobs

    will end up with a situation where you have tens of millions of unskilled people with

    lots of free time


    no loyalty at all to the country because they are not citizens

  36. lisab says:

    Is that overblown or not?

    well, after ww2 there were lots of jobs that allowed people with high school diplomas to buy a starter house, own a car and send their children to college

    on ONE income — as most women did not work.

    now houses are out of reach for many families with TWO incomes

  37. lisab says:

    here is an agricultural robot that can remove pests from plants and selectively use fertilizer on plants that need it, at a much lower cost than humans

    so there will be no need for crop pickers

  38. Paul says:

    With an automation revolution AND potential climate change famine to our south, a wall might be a really good idea.

  39. lisab says:

    AND potential climate change famine to our south

    yeah about that … remember when climate change was “global warming”?

    in earth’s entire history this is about as cold as it has evah been … in 4 billion+ years

    and just about the lowest … by far … levels of co2 that has ever been

    in fact, co2 is so low that plants do much better in atmospheres that have three hundred percent more co2 than currently exists in our atmosphere …

    because they evolved in atmospheres that contained much more co2 than today. if we cut the amount of c02 by half … plants would literally start going extinct

  40. lisab says:

    there is also more trees in the usa today than during the revolutionary period

  41. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    38. “Will 3.5 million truck drivers be losing their jobs in the next few years?”

    Presently, companies are having trouble even finding drivers. They are advertising heavily to attract them. The idea of driverless trucks may be attractive in theory, but you have to have a real person to protect the cargo and to handle any mechanical issues. The use of driverless trucks will take place slowly, and in limited situations initially.

  42. lisab says:

    “Will 3.5 million truck drivers be losing their jobs in the next few years?”

    but it is quite likely you will see millions of cashiers lose their jobs at $15 per hour …

    just look at the growth of self-checkouts at retailers and the kiosks at mcdonalds

  43. lisab says:

    to make an ordering kiosk at mcdonalds is about $1,500

    at $15 per hour that pays for itself in two weeks

  44. NYCmike says:


    I agree. In the future, we will probably have trucks which drive without constant human input, but there will be a need for someone to be on board for, as you mentioned, cargo and mechanical issues.

  45. NYCmike says:

    “at $15 per hour that pays for itself in two weeks”

    -Not to mention that the kiosks are MUCH BETTER at upselling, always suggesting additional items to add on and complement your order.

    No more “You ready to order?” stated with no caring whatsoever.

  46. Bitterlaw says:

    Why just build a wall at the Mexico border? Build a wall around the entire US to keep out the rising tides caused by all the global warming. Democrats should get on board with that. We

  47. Paul says:

    42: lisab, I hope you don’t teach science. Your facts are a little bit off there.

  48. Paul says:

    42: lisab, have you heard of snowball earth? It occurred after the The Great Oxygenation Event when CO2 levels were nearly nonexistent.

  49. Paul says:

    Biterlaw: I hear that they are starting to use AI in the legal fields. So even lawyers may not be immune to automation.

  50. lisab says:

    lisab, have you heard of snowball earth? It occurred after the The Great Oxygenation Event when CO2 levels were nearly nonexistent.

    so we should produce way more co2

    i have been telling that to sdc for years

  51. NYCmike says:

    “Biterlaw: I hear that they are starting to use AI in the legal fields.”

    -Why “Artificial Intelligence”?

    Why not start with just the “I” part?


  52. Paul says:

    And they’ve already got the “A” part covered. (rimshot)

  53. lisab says:

    Well, everyone know that attorneys don’t know as much about the law as lawyers do. Ben Shapiro is an attorney. So yeah. aoc

  54. lisab says:

    Frozen Sharks Washing Up on Cape Cod

  55. Paul says:

    lisab said: “in earth’s entire history this is about as cold as it has evah been … in 4 billion+ years

    and just about the lowest … by far … levels of co2 that has ever been”

    Both of these statements are obviously false. It has been colder during each of the ice ages throughout the ages. Our coldest period was during “snowball earth” period around 600 mya. The global average temperature would have been about -50°C (-74°F).

    The CO2 level today is considerably higher than 10,000 years ago during the last ice age. And that level has spiked dramatically in the last 100 years because of CO2 combustion.

  56. lisab says:

    The CO2 level today is considerably higher than 10,000 years ago

    but it is considerably lower than it has been since plants evolved.

    current levels of co2 are about 400 parts per million

    plants evolved when co2 levels were over 3000 parts per million

    the lowest co2 levels have been since plants evolved is about 200 ppm during the ice ages.

    we are far far far closer to ice age levels of co2 than to the co2 levels the dinosuars enjoyed

    we need to burn a lot more coal to counteract these stupid californians

  57. lisab says:

    10,000 years ago during the last ice age.

    basic chemistry …

    the colder it is, the more co2 is absorbed by the ocean

    the same reason why a warm soda will be all fizzy but a cold one won’t. co2 comes out of solution when the solution is warm

  58. Messy says:

    Someone declared war on Facebook. It’s currently down.

  59. lisab says:

    i am thinking of starting a kickstarter

    lisab’s open furnace coal burning project to save us from glaciation

    let me know if you want to donate

    (i also sell lisab’s carbon credits if you are a democrat … you can trust me, i’m not like that al gore or leonardo dicaprio or those democratic candidates with their private jets … i promise)

  60. Paul says:

    For one thing, plants continue to evolve. It’s not a once done and it’s over. Our current plants are adapted to a climate as it has been for the past 100,000 years. So what it was like 300 mya is not exactly relevant.

    Fact is the level of CO2 was about 200ppm during the Ice Age. It was about 250-275ppm from 10,000 years ago until 100 years ago. Now it is at 400ppm. So it was a gradual increase after the Ice Age unlike what has happened in the past 100 years.

  61. jason says:

    MSM headline:

    “WASHINGTON ? A woman who blamed women for date rape will now fill Brett Kavanaugh’s former U.S. court seat.”

  62. lisab says:

    Someone declared war on Facebook. It’s currently down.

    instagram too

  63. Paul says:

    Warren shut it down.

  64. lisab says:

    While studying at Yale University, Neomi Rao wrote a column titled Shades of Gray, which told women “a good way to avoid a potential date rape is to stay reasonably sober”.

    that b!tch

  65. jason says:

    8000 years ago you could walk across the English channel.

    I wonder if mammoth farts caused that type of climate change.

  66. lisab says:

    bees fart

    does aoc want to kill them off too?

  67. jason says:

    Conservatives have to be banned from society for life it they did anything offensive in college.

    Of course, that didn’t apply to Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Senator Robert Byrd.

  68. Paul says:

    They should just be banned for life whether or not they did anything.

  69. Paul says:

    CO2 levels moved almost 100ppm after the ice age but that was over a period of 1000 years. Our current 100ppm increase was over a period of 100 years.

  70. Paul says:

    Mistake in my last post.

    The change in CO2 from 200ppm to 275ppm was over a period of 8000 years.

    Here’s a chart.

  71. lisab says:

    Our current 100ppm increase was over a period of 100 years.

    only 1500 ppm more and we will be back to a level that plants are used to

  72. Paul says:

    So 20,000 years ago, it was at 175ppm. Gradually increasing to 275ppm by about 10,000 years ago. Jumped around about at 275ppm until this last century when it steadily climbed to 400ppm.

  73. paul says:

    lisab: Wrong again. Plants are used to the current level. That is what they are adapted to.

  74. lisab says:

    felicity huffman’s daughter: i am sure looking forward to water polo, i just need to get a horse

  75. Paul says:

    Facebook is going to learn that they should never mess with our first American Indian president.

  76. lisab says:

    lisab: Wrong again. Plants are used to the current level. That is what they are adapted to.

    not true

    depending on the crop, optimal photosynthesis occurs at roughly 300% to 400% of current c02 levels

    which is why some greenhouses supplement co2

  77. lisab says:

    for your benefit paul

    How to Use CO2 to Increase Cannabis Your Yields

  78. Paul says:

    I know. I’ve grown plants with CO2. And have considered adding CO2 to a planted fish tank.

    However, in nature, the plants and ecosystem have adapted to the current climate. Some of these drastic changes will be good for plants. In Illinois, I’m enjoying the warmer climate for my flower beds. We are now in a zone warmer than we were when I started gardening. But there are also diseases and bugs that affect the ecosystem.

    So some good and some bad. Hard to predict how some things may turn out.

  79. lisab says:

    De Blasio won’t quit as mayor if he runs for president in 2020

  80. lisab says:

    However, in nature, the plants and ecosystem have adapted to the current climate.

    their optimum growing state is in an atmosphere with 300 to 400% more co2

    we should give them that

    why do you hate nature paul?

  81. NYCmike says:

    “Both of these statements are obviously false. It has been colder during each of the ice ages throughout the ages. Our coldest period was during “snowball earth” period around 600 mya. The global average temperature would have been about -50°C (-74°F).”

    -I’ll wait until Walt lets us know what his daily logs show for those periods of his life.

  82. NYCmike says:

    “De Blasio won’t quit as mayor if he runs for president in 2020”

    -DeBlasio is still Mayor? I thought his wife threw him out and was now running the city.

  83. lisab says:

    since life moved out of the oceans onto land, co2 has almost always been significantly higher than today

    plants evolved to process 3 to 4 times the current levels of co2

    paul just wants to kill plants

  84. lisab says:

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she has ‘zero’ sympathy for parents caught in college admissions scam

    “they should have falsely claimed to be a minority like i did”

  85. Paul says:

    lisab: “since life moved out of the oceans onto land, co2 has almost always been significantly higher than today”

    Another statement that is categorically false.

  86. Paul says:

    One of the biggest periods of plant diversification was during the carboniferous. At that time CO2 levels were bouncing back and forth from 200ppm to 600ppm. It was a time of frequent glaciation cycles. They know these as cyclothems. Each coal seam is usually associated with one cyclothem period. So, it wasn’t dramatically higher than it is today. The permian had a more stable lower CO2 level. Here’s a graph.

  87. lisab says:

    graph of co2 over the last 600 million years

    as can be seen, we are about at the lowest level evah

    and as can be seen, not only has co2 been higher, it has usually been significantly higher

  88. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Lets not forget that CO2 accounts for only 0.04 of the atmosphere. To claim a small variation in that tiny amount somehow controls the temperature, and no other atmospheric, earthly or solar factors has any independent effect, is totally absurd.

    Future generations, who will know much more about climate and the variables that influence it, will look back at the CO2 “global warming” claims in the same manner we look back at those who claimed in the past the earth was flat.

  89. lisab says:

    be kind to plants

    burn coal

  90. lisab says:

    Lets not forget that CO2 accounts for only 0.04 of the atmosphere.

    worse still … these stupid global warming people are planting MORE trees

    plants are already gasping for co2

    and they are dividing it up among more trees …

  91. NYCmike says:

    -MD, Robbie, and “CG” were correct in their assessment of Trump being David-Duke-lite….here is another male white supremacist picked by him to be on one of our nations federal courts.

  92. NYCmike says:

    “As a professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School, Rao founded the Center for the Study of the Administrative and developed a reputation as a leading authority on regulatory issues. She served as the Trump administration’s deregulatory tzar prior to her nomination.”

    -Not sure if they did or not……did either Bush President have a “deregulatory czar”?

    Or were they “too conservative” for that?

  93. NYCmike says:

    “Rao is the eighth Thomas clerk confirmed to the federal bench since President Donald Trump took office.”

    -This will put the Jebots in a bind……do they still like Justice Clarence Thomas, who is GHW Bush’s best legacy, or is this fact another one which they will ignore when proclaiming that Trump is simply terrible?

  94. Chicon says:

    I thought Robbie would be by to blame the problems the B-737 Max on Trump.

  95. Paul says:

    lisab, your ignorance of science is a bit astounding. I feel sorry for your students.

  96. Paul says:

    Is Beto this election’s silky pony.

  97. Chicon says:

    98 – look at Paul projecting.

  98. lisab says:

    lisab, your ignorance of science is a bit astounding. I feel sorry for your students.

    well i posted a graph showing my claims are correct

    and you just resorted to ad hominem attacks because you cannot refute it

    following the dem troll playbook as always

    too bad that playbook was posted online a week or so ago

  99. lisab says:

    VW to cut 7,000 jobs, drastically increase software development by 2030

  100. lisab says:

    Dean Norris slams ‘rich f—wads’ who ‘cheated for their already privileged kids’

  101. jason says:

    Gradually increasing to 275ppm by about 10,000 years ago. Jumped around about at 275ppm until this last century”

    So Paul finally admits “climate change” occurs as a natural process. After all, if you could walk across the Bering Sea and the English Channel less than 10k years ago, and there was a 1000 ft ice cap over NYC only 11k years ago that retreated very quickly in a dramatic show of climate change, there was one hell of a global warming (pun intended) without human intervention.

    Baby steps, baby steps.

    Maybe brainwashing might not be so effective after all.


  102. jason says:

    “As the glacial period drew to a close and temperatures began to rise, there were two final cold snaps. First, the chilly “Older Dryas” of 14,700 to 13,400 years ago transformed most of Europe from forest to tundra, like modern-day Siberia. After a brief respite, the Younger Dryas, between 12,800 to 11,500 years ago, froze Europe solid within a matter of months – probably as a result of meltwater from retreating glaciers shutting down the Atlantic Ocean’s “conveyor-belt” current, although a cometary impact has also been blamed.

    Twelve thousand years ago, the great ice sheets retreated at the beginning of the latest interglacial – the Flandrian – allowing humans to return to northern latitudes. This period has been relatively warm, and the climate relatively stable, although it has been slightly colder than the last interglacial, the Eemian, and sea levels are currently at least 3 metres lower – differences that are being closely scrutinised by researchers keen to understand how our climate will develop.

    But this respite from the ice is likely to prove short-lived, at least in geological terms. Human effects on the climate notwithstanding, the cycle will continue to turn, the hothouse period will some day come to an end – and the ice sheets will descend again.”

    Europe was “frozen solid in a matter of months”.

    And here the moonbats want to destroy the economic system because supposedly temperatures are going rise 2 degrees in 50 years (supposedly).


  103. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC. – In the same day, the Giants traded one of the best receivers in football but kept their aging QB AND the Jets signed the best running back in the game. Strange forces are at work in the Meadowlands … MetLife… whatever.

  104. lisab says:

    There’s a theory that Melania Trump has a body double

    the view

  105. lisab says:

    ‘Game of Thrones’ author George R.R. Martin rips Giants after Odell Beckham trade

  106. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    98. “lisab, your ignorance of science is a bit astounding.”

    Paul, what you are referring to as science is more akin to religious belief. Science is based on uncertainty;

    “It is imperative in science to doubt; it is absolutely necessary, for progress in science, to have uncertainty as a fundamental part of your inner nature. To make progress in understanding, we must remain modest and allow that we do not know. Nothing is certain or proved beyond all doubt. You investigate for curiosity, because it is unknown, not because you know the answer. And as you develop more information in the sciences, it is not that you are finding out the truth, but that you are finding out that this or that is more or less likely.”
    That is, if we investigate further, we find that the statements of science are not of what is true and what is not true, but statements of what is known to different degrees of certainty… Every one of the concepts of science is on a scale graduated somewhere between, but at neither end of, absolute falsity or absolute truth.

  107. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The cover of a Time magazine article in 1977 said: “How To Survive The Coming Ice Age.” Many scientist at the time were predicting global cooling. Ironically some of the same scientists are now on the global warming bandwagon.

    However, a lot of scientists now are predicting global cooling again based on the current low solar activity. If the record breaking cold weather that we have experienced recently continues, the global cooling chant may get louder.

    Is it too hard for people to admit that climate and weather are so complex that we really cannot made predictions now, and that computer models are only accurate to the extent of the information feed into them is correct.

  108. mnw says:

    I can’t believe that some of these illiterate drool cup trolls like Paul are BAAACK, to share their wit & wisdom.

  109. Tina says:

    If it’s for Krapistan, it is not unconstitutional, phuqin open borders wackos.

    The Columbia Bugle ??
    #Remember: The powers President Trump activated with his Emergency Declaration have been on the books since the 1970s, when Congress wrote the current law. This new hand-wringing from certain “conservative” senators is mostly due to Chamber of Commerce/Koch pressure. #VETO #MAGA

    1:32 PM – Mar 13, 2019

  110. NYCmike says:

    #108 – Bitter – so much going on with all of these teams I can’t keep track.

    I do know that the GIANTS were getting ripped on the radio, the hosts were going thru like 10 different moves in the past 2 years that just made no sense.

    The ELI situation is of their own making. Somehow, they stopped treating him like a business decision, and allowed their emotions to get in the way. Maybe they felt bad because he would give that “aw-shucks” grin every time. What a huckleberry he is!

  111. NYCmike says:

    -I have seen other news about No Korea having an EMP weapon already in near-space that can send the whole United States back to the 1800’s…….serious game of chicken.

  112. NYCmike says:

    -More proof that MD, Robbie, and “CG” were correct to be against Trump……..also, more proof that Wes should throw the towel in March 2019, as November 2020 is definitely a lost cause.

  113. lisab says:


    they have a 50 percent chance of being right, maybe more if you consider both mccain and romney lost badly

    what chance would a rubio have in 2020 if trump had never run? i would say the dems have at least a 50-50 chance in a presidential election.

    sooooooooooooo … you can predict trump will lose now, you have a good chance of being right, and then you can say you told everyone trump would lose since the mid-terms

  114. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    Clear untruth found almost instantly with googling.

    Maybe go out in the world and interact with people and you won’t be so obtuse.

  115. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    The true issue here is that you are mostly simpletons who strive to seek only information which reinforces your own preconceived notions.

    Social media and Fox News has allowed you to fester with your lies.

    But it doesn’t change the fact that most of you lie and dissemble and perpetuate ignorance.

    When most of you die, there will be no great funerals or eulogies. Just a sigh of relief from those around you that one more ignorant bigot is gone from the world.

  116. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    119. Actually, here is a quote from Wikipedia regarding the belief in global cooling at the time.

    “1975 National Academy of Sciences report
    There also was a Report by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) entitled, “Understanding Climate Change: A Program for Action”.[37]

    The report stated (p. 36) that, “The average surface air temperature in the northern hemisphere increased from the 1880’s until about 1940 and has been decreasing thereafter.”

    It also stated (p. 44) that, “If both the CO
    2 and particulate inputs to the atmosphere grow at equal rates in the future, the widely differing atmospheric residence times of the two pollutants means that the particulate effect will grow in importance relative to that of CO

    The report did not predict whether the 25-year cooling trend would continue. It stated (Forward, p. v) that, “we do not have a good quantitative understanding of our climate machine and what determines its course [so] it does not seem possible to predict climate,” and (p. 2) “The climates of the earth have always been changing, and they will doubtless continue to do so in the future. How large these future changes will be, and where and how rapidly they will occur, we do not know.”

    The Report’s “program for action” was a call for creation of a new “National Climatic Research Program.” It stated (p. 62), “If we are to react rationally to the inevitable climatic changes of the future, and if we are ever to predict their future course, whether they are natural or man-induced, a far greater understanding of these changes is required than we now possess. It is, moreover, important that this knowledge be acquired as soon as possible.” For that reason, it stated, “the time has now come to initiate a broad and coordinated attack on the problem of climate and climatic change.”

    1974 Time magazine article
    While these discussions were ongoing in scientific circles, other accounts appeared in the popular media. In their June 24, 1974 issue, Time presented an article titled “Another Ice Age?” that noted “the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades” but noted that “Some scientists… think that the cooling trend may be only temporary.” [38]

    1975 Newsweek article
    An April 28, 1975 article in Newsweek magazine was titled “The Cooling World”,[39] it pointed to “ominous signs that the Earth’s weather patterns have begun to change” and pointed to “a drop of half a degree [Fahrenheit] in average ground temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere between 1945 and 1968.” The article stated “The evidence in support of these predictions [of global cooling] has now begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists are hard-pressed to keep up with it.” The Newsweek article did not state the cause of cooling; it stated that “what causes the onset of major and minor ice ages remains a mystery” and cited the NAS conclusion that “not only are the basic scientific questions largely unanswered, but in many cases we do not yet know enough to pose the key questions.”

    The article mentioned the alternative solutions of “melting the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot or diverting Arctic rivers” but conceded these were not feasible. The Newsweek article concluded by criticizing government leaders: “But the scientists see few signs that government leaders anywhere are even prepared to take the simple measures of stockpiling food or of introducing the variables of climatic uncertainty into economic projections of future food supplies…The longer the planners (politicians) delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality.” The article emphasized sensational and largely unsourced consequences – “resulting famines could be catastrophic”, “drought and desolation,” “the most devastating outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded”, “droughts, floods, extended dry spells, long freezes, delayed monsoons,” “impossible for starving peoples to migrate,” “the present decline has taken the planet about a sixth of the way toward the Ice Age.”[39][40]

    On October 23, 2006, Newsweek issued a correction, over 31 years after the original article, stating that it had been “so spectacularly wrong about the near-term future” (though editor Jerry Adler stated that “the story wasn’t ‘wrong’ in the journalistic sense of ‘inaccurate.'”)[41]

  117. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    120. “But it doesn’t change the fact that most of you lie and dissemble and perpetuate ignorance. . . .”

    My, such anger. Its must be hard adjusting to the fact that Trump remained in office longer than you predicted, and might even be re-election.

  118. Tgca says:

    Y’all know I am a pro life advocate and think ABORTION is cruel and evil. But I make exceptions for extreme health issues for the mother or the risk of having a child like TrumpIsPeteWilson. Can anyone really be that stoopid and say such things as in 120 because they have a different political view.

    Too bad that Momma TrumpIsPeteWilson never chose to spare the world by having an ABORTION. Oh well, maybe next time.

  119. lisab says:

    queen elizabeth 2 did NOT claim their might be an ice age in 1974

    too bad time puts their archives online,9171,944914,00.html

  120. lisab says:

    but more importantly,

    the fact remains, the global co2 levels have usually been far above today’s levels

    this is scientific fact.

    in fact, the huge coal deposits throughout the world are from bio-matter that took co2 out of the atmosphere.

  121. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Bernie is president and the green new deal has been enacted. The only electricity allowed is from wind and solar.

    It is a very cold winter night in the northern U.S., with subzero temperatures. Since its night, solar doesn’t work and electricity is only generated by wind turbines. When the evening gets colder, going below minus 20 degrees, suddenly the power goes out. Why?

    Here is an explanation from North Dakota:

    “— On any given day, the blades of 100 wind turbines that wrap around the central North Dakota town of Courtenay rotate softly over the prairie, generating enough energy to power 105,000 homes.
    But when temperatures dropped below negative 20 degrees on Jan. 29, the white towers automatically came to a standstill and ceased to produce electricity. Until the air warmed up beyond that threshold, the turbines remained dormant.
    Wind turbines here and elsewhere have software that senses when the air temperature drops below minus 20 and forces them to shut down, said Mark Nisbet of Xcel Energy, which owns the wind farm. It’s an industry standard to protect turbines from damage during extremely cold weather.”

  122. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    Your copypasta was literally addressed in the link itself. So obtuse and controlled by biases.

    Go out and do something small and positive and build on that instead of thinking about politics or spewing lies online.

    It will do you a lot more good in life.

  123. Wes says:

    After setbacks last year resulting in the ouster of some Republican Congressmen and the near defeat of animated punching bag Ted Cruz, the TXGOP has decided the Mikey/Trump/Cruz electoral strategy of showing the suburbs the finger may not be good politics:

  124. jason says:

    School attack in Brazil leaves 10 kids dead. Two perps had the decency to kill themselves too. They were armed with one gun, molotov cocktails, an axe, a crossbow and a bow and arrow.

  125. jason says:

    Go out and do something small and positive”

    I suggest you jump into a lake, maybe something positive will result from it.

  126. jason says:

    ontrolled by biases.”

    Does anyone think of PeteWilson when they think “unbiased”?

    On the other hand, when I read his drivel, “ignorant turd” comes up a lot.

  127. jason says:

    Sounds like Stormy was smarter than Avenatti, but the bar is low…

    “Earlier Tuesday, Avenatti tweeted that he had terminated his legal relationship with Daniels on February 19 “for various reasons that we cannot disclose publicly due to the attorney-client privilege.”

    She hinted in Washington that their interests hadn’t been aligned.

    She said that “her lawyer” had wanted the non disclosure agreement she signed to not talk about her 2006 hook-up with President Trump to be deemed illegal so that he could pursue deposing the president.

    “That was his agenda,” she explained. She said she just didn’t want to pay the $20 million penalty for breaking the NDA.”

  128. Wes says:

    RIP Birch Bayh, father of Evan Bayh:

    The elder Bayh narrowly unseated GOP Senator Homer Capehart in the Dem-friendly year of 1962. He won reelection twice, in 1974 narrowly fending off Future Senator Richard Lugar, who would go on two years later t oust Indiana’s other Senator, Vance Hartke, in a landslide.

    In 1980, Bayh became a victim of the Reagan Revolution, losing to future Vice-President Dan Quayle. His son Evan later continued the family’s political tradition, serving as IN Secretary of State, Governor, and Senator before losing a political comeback attempt in 2016.

  129. jason says:

    Birch Bayh was an unapologetic liberal, while his son, just as liberal, always tried to pretend he was a moderate.

  130. jason says:

    Tgca is frisky this morning after a 48 oz organic marshmallow, chocolate, peanut butter cup, oreo cookie, butterscotch, and maple syrup coconut milk shake.

  131. jason says:

    also, more proof that Wes should throw the towel in March 2019, as November 2020 is definitely a lost cause”

    I don’t speak for wes, but it doesn’t seem that is a correct characterization of his view. He thinks that if the election were held today with the current approval numbers Trump would lose to an establishment Dem like Biden, and that unless something changes there is no reason to believe Trump will win in 2020. Seems like a fair assessment to me, although I think there will be changes before 2020 and there are no guarantees the Dems will not nominate a moonbat.

  132. jason says:

    animated punching bag Ted Cruz,”


  133. dblaikie says:

    136 Jason I agree that if the election were held today it would be very close and Trump could well lose. Unlike the last cycle I am not going to say all polls are bogus, even though they are all suspect to a certain extent. With that said I am not going to ignore the above poll of Michigan voters. If Trump doesn’t win Michigan it will problematic for him.

    However it is still far too early to count Trump out. In fact in 2020 I give him the advantage unless certain things don’t happen. Take Michigan for example, if Trump comes up with a decent trade agreement with China that will be good for Auto Industry which will result in a harvest of votes in Macomb County alone. Couple that with the overreach of the Democratic Party, and the fact that they are running to the left, well it puts 2020 into real play. And those are just two factors.

  134. dblaikie says:

    For awhile now I have been claiming that Joe Biden will not be a magic bullet for the Democrats. My main reason for that is that it is quite clear that all the energy for the Dems is in the OAC wing of the party. I am sorry but Uncle Joe doesn’t excite that wing. If Biden beats what ever candidate emerges from the left they will not become energized for Uncle Joe. The most likely scenario is that many of them will stay home.

  135. mnw says:

    Tg 123

    Very funny. Good one.

  136. Tgca says:


    I ain’t eat no breakfast yet B*TCH!

  137. Tgca says:


    Birch Bayh? Who dat? New party!

  138. Wes says:

    Jason has it right. If I felt Trump as President had the discipline to stay focused and not infuriate broad swaths of the electorate I wouldn’t be so certain of his impending loss. He can’t help being a solipsistic, grating loudmouth though. That drowns out the solid case for his reelection.

    Sorry if people not so attuned to politics as we will vote to oust Trump strictly based on his public persona, but, hey, that’s reality. Kvetching about it won’t help.

    That Trump supporters have to crow when the President hits 46% approval nationally should tell them something about his daunting reelection prospects.

  139. Wes says:

    I have a number of friends who actively identify with AOC and Sanders, DB. They’ve all to a man and woman told me they’ll be happy to vote for Biden to take out Trump.

    I don’t think the apathy you hope for with Biden atop the ticket will manifest itself once the moonbats get a chance to take out Trump—whom they loathe more than they despised GWB.

  140. Bitterlaw says:

    DB- Almost no Dem is staying home in 2020. In case you did not notice, they hate Trump. A lot.

  141. Bitterlaw says:

    I did not read Wes’ post before typing mine.

  142. jason says:

    I have no doubt most of the moonbats would vote for Biden.

    I am not sure all Democrats would vote for a moonbat.

    Remember, quite a few didn’t even come out to vote for Hillary.

  143. Tgca says:

    Interesting some think Dems have a lock on 2020. It’s only anectdotal but I know a few life long Dems in who now are turning against their party. One recently told me he thinks he will be switching soon because they have lost their way and no longer represent him, and he can’t stand any of their candidates. He does not like Trump but said he’ll vote for him over any of the current Dem list.

    I know of an Asian woman who also was a life long Dem looking seriously at switching parties too because she feels they are way too left and no longer representing her needs. Dems are making Asians feel they’re privileged and undeserving due to their hard work. Hence, Harvard being sued. Don’t think many Asians don’t pay attention to that.

    I believe there are many hidden folks out there like this and many are afraid to say how they feel in fear of being ostracized.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t see how Dems attract Indies and suburban voters in 2020 as they continue this march towards socialism.

    Trump may not be likeable, but he is a known entity at this point and most have benefited under his admin so it defies logic they will turn to socialism and folks lecturing them on being privileged.

  144. Wes says:

    I heard the same thing in 2012, Tg.

    Supposedly Dems were unhappy with Obama, unenthusiastic about him, and afraid to express their genuine feelings. In the end, that was all self-satisfying spin by people who wanted to see Obama lose.

    It’s like when Bill Weld talked about the “hidden Weld vote” in his race against John Kerry. Weld had to admit the hidden Weld vote had stayed hidden.

    I expect a similar outcome for Trump next year.

  145. Wes says:

    You must not have been paying attention in 2018, Tg-when Dems attracted suburban and Indy voters in droves in a clear backlash against Trump.

  146. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Orange County, California voted heavily Democratic in 2018, including the area around Irvine, which has a large Asian population.

    A couple of days ago there was an election for Orange County County Supervisor, and a Republican won. The only Democratic candidate, former House member Loretta Sanchez, got about 38% of the vote. The winner and other Republican candidates took the rest of the vote. The Republicans continue to hold four of the five county supervisory seats.

    Don’t assume the Republican Party is doomed in Orange County.

  147. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    148. “Trump may not be likeable, but he is a known entity at this point and most have benefited under his admin so it defies logic they will turn to socialism and folks lecturing them on being privileged.”

    Agree with Tgca.

    Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Obama had bad midterm elections their first terms, and they bounced back to win re-election two years later. I don’t think you can use the 2018 midterm election to claim the Trump will definitely lose in 2020. New factors will come into play, including the current crazy Democratic clown show that is taking place (which I had predicted might happen). At this point, no one can say with any certainty what will happen in 2020.

  148. Phil says:

    Pelosi comes out for lowering the voting age in all federal elections.

    Of course she does.

  149. NYCmike says:

    “Pelosi comes out for lowering the voting age in all federal elections.”

    -Maybe they will lower the age until even infants can vote……maybe then they will look to cut off Planned Parenthood from their abortion and near-infanticide gravy train…..

  150. Robbie says:

    Donald Trump is the only politician in history who uses a wedge issue like his stupid wall and fake national emergency against his own supporters. No wonder NYCmike and Jason fraud like him so much.

  151. NYCmike says:

    Robbie’s back, and he is still bat-sh*t crazy,

    Hey La di-da, Robbie’s back!

  152. Robbie says:

    Jason fraud swoons and yells, “All hail King Trump”.

    Donald J. Trump


  153. Robbie says:

    NYCmike says:
    March 14, 2019 at 3:17 pm
    Robbie’s back, and he is still bat-sh*t crazy,
    Hey La di-da, Robbie’s back!

    – NYCmike calling someone crazy when he supported Milton Wolf and Richard Mourdock is rich even for a gullible buffoon like him.

  154. Wes says:

    SDC seems to think 1982 was the beginning of recorded history. Ben Harrison, William Howard Taft, and Herbert Hoover also had horrendous midterms. When they were up for re-election voters chose someone else.

    That a Republican President who hadn’t yet seen the effects of an economic recovery under his watch and two Dem Presidents Who were never personally unpopular survived their reelection bids after bad midterms in no way implies Trump—who suffered significant congressional losses despite a solid economy and fractious opposition—is somehow going to win by doing the same things that triggered voter backlash against him.

    By the way, wasn’t the San Diego race officially nonpartisan?

  155. Wes says:

    I’m sorry. Orange County race.

  156. Chicon says:

    Hey, Fly Boy, did Trump do the right thing on the 737 MAX?

  157. lisab says:

    there is a somewhat higher than 50% chance trump will lose in 2020

    there is a somewhat higher than 50% chance ANY republican would lose in 2020

    there is a somewhat higher than 50% chance ANY republican would lose in 2020 even if trump had not run in 2016

    the deck is stacked against republicans right now, and if the dems win in 2020 it will get MUCH worse

    they will try to ensure that no one like trump ever wins again. they would have been unhappy if mccain, romney, jeb or rubio had won … but someone like trump who actually has tried to reduce regulations and limit illegal immigration is COMPLETELY unacceptable to the dems

    at least mccain, romney, jeb, rubio etc. would not have changed anything.

  158. lisab says:

    list of senators who voted against the emergency

    Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
    Roy Blunt of Missouri
    Susan Collins of Maine
    Mike Lee of Utah
    Jerry Moran of Kansas
    Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
    Rand Paul of Kentucky
    Rob Portman of Ohio
    Mitt Romney of Utah
    Marco Rubio of Florida
    Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
    Roger Wicker of Mississippi

  159. lisab says:

    well those 12 angry rinos will surely keep the dems from doing anything nasty with the fbi, doj, irs etc. if they win in 2020 … oh wait …

  160. GF says:

    Although I don’t watch football myself, I recall that Jay Cutler used to take a ration here and still does on occasion. Here’s a little something to feed that contempt:

  161. lisab says:

    meanwhile the dems are planning to lower the voting age to 16 so they can take the school buses right over to the voting booths

  162. J. Cutler says:

    Where’s CG buddy?

  163. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “By the way, wasn’t the (Orange County) race officially nonpartisan?”

    In California, all races now are officially non-partisan. In regular elections the top two front-runners go into a run-off. The Orange County race was a special election that the candidate who go the most votes would win. With so many Republicans running, and the Democratic candidate being a former member of congress, the Democrats were hoping to pick off the seat. Political parties are very active in non-partisan races, and endorse candidates.

  164. Tgca says:


    Folks have been calling doom for the GOP for decades but they’ve done better Congressionally the last 2 decades then for many decades previously.

    The pendulum swings back and forth. Once one side is perceived to go too far, the other side benefits. I believe the Dems will lose the House in 2020 if they continue this way. Pelosi is now center right of her party and that’s just crazy as it shows how left they’ve gone.

    As I said before, having Dems control the House for 2 years and shifting radically left, more so than ever before, was not a bad thing as long as the GOP still controls POTUS and the Senate. suburban woman and Indies just gave the Dems a chance in 2018 but now see it turning against them.

    Also, I believe many if not all of the lost GOP seats lost in red and purple districts will come back as those were mostly retirements with no strong recruited candidates.

  165. Wes says:

    The only problem with your logic, Tg, is that Americans can vote the Dems out of power in the House and Trump out of the White House simultaneously.

    Trump is personally despised while Pelosi has proved incompetent as Speaker. It would be unusual, but given Americans’ predilection since 1968 for divided government it wouldn’t be an absolute shock if Republicans recaptured the marginal House seats they lost in 2018 while Trump fell short in the Midwestern states he needs to prevail.

    So, yes, there’s a good chance Americans may look at it as a two for one to be rid of both Trump and Pelosi and go back to the days when a GOP Congress halted the excesses of a Democrat President.

    While unpopular, the Dem House has done Trump no favors since he’s still unpopular. That argues against the idea that suburbanites somehow view him as a lesser evil than the Democrats.

    A pox on both your houses Election is certainly not out of the question—especially since an incompetently run House and a President who insists on stepping on his own message would trigger adverse countervailing reactions in places where the other needs to win.

    You’re assuming Pelosi is a boon for Trump. That hasn’t been the case even though she’s clearly no benefit to her marginal members in districts where voters aren’t naturally inclined to her party. Meanwhile, Trump energizes Democrats negatively against him in the areas where Dems just need to run a little ahead of where Hillary ended up in 2016.

    It would certainly be unusual if that happened, but just 19 years ago, Dems converted a 55-45 GOP Senate into a 50-50 tie and then a 50-49-1 Dem Senate even as GWB won the White House, thus suggesting a cross flip of the presidency and a House of Congress isn’t impossible.

  166. Wes says:

    By the way, the House didn’t flip based on retirements. Thirty Republicans in the House lost re-election. Even without the retirements, that would have been enough to flip the chamber.

    For perspective, that’s eight more incumbents than Dems beat in GWB’s second midterm. Most, such as Karen Handel and Mia Love, came from districts Trump had carried in 2016. Some of them were just weak incumbents; others lost because voters hated Trump. The last time Republicans lost that many seats in a midterm, HHR was confident Dems wouldn’t close the deal in 2008. Then 2008 came along and proved that thought process utterly fallacious and meritless.

  167. Paul says:

    “Socialism is a scareword they have hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called public power. Socialism is what they called social security. Socialism is what they called farm price supports. Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance. Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people.”
    –Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  168. Paul says:

    My bad. That was Truman, not AOC.

  169. Tgca says:


    I am not against divided govt, as I think they can be beneficial to society but what you seem to miss through Trump hatred is that these current Dems are not looking out for the country’s best interest. Open borders, green new deal, reparations, keeping the poor poor, high taxes, excess regulations, stifling free speech, blah blah blah…the listgoes on. These are not in tune with American culture or beneficial.

    I think Trump will win in 2020 if things remain as they are today and he runs against any of the cast of current loons. I don’t Americans are ready to embrace socialism.

    In addition, it is miraculous that Trump stays steady where he is in the polls given the 24/7 biased coverage that ignores the successes but hypes on every bad thing. If the MSM was balanced, I believe Trump would be 50 to 53% approval on average. No POTUS has ever had it Iike this with the MSM because the MSM in poll after poll now shows they are Libs in the 90% range so it’s ridiculous to think you will get balanced coverage from a 90% lib media. They are as incapable of putting their bias aside as a drug addict is of not yearning for a fix.

  170. Tina says:

    I still heart Pelosi.


  171. Tina says:

    Out of the 12 R open birder wackos, I think I will focus on primaring Senator Planned parenthood,

    They are all too tied to the chamber of commerce.

    Notice if it were a national emergency for Krapistan, they would just go along with it,

    The next thing is to spend. The money and then shut the border.

  172. Phil says:

    Paul quoting AOC.

    Oh, I’ve got some quotes from her I’d be glad to throw out there. LOL. Lots and lots of them.

  173. Bitterlaw says:

    Toomey is not for open borders. He voted repeatedly to fund the wall.

    I will not be shocked if the SCOTUS libs all vote to uphold the emergency declaration. They will gladly support the wall in exchange for the next Democrat President having the precedent behind him or her to declare national emergencies on guns, healthcare, environmental issues, etc….

  174. Tina says:

    Yes, you were moot when those wackos supported a national emergency for krapistan.

    Precedent my arse.

  175. Tina says:

    This is the correct answer for the Fake Rs claiming the President lacked authority. No money for the open borders wackos.

    I counseled Pres against using natl emergency but Congress gave him authority+as commander in chief its his job to protect natl security& w the 12yr high in illegal crossings+record fentanyl theres of course an emergency on the border / Congress failed to fix the problem so far

  176. Paul says:

    177: Phil:

    Truman and AOC sound a lot alike. That one was Truman.

  177. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – You gave up your RINO-hunting privileges when you registered as Refuse to State or whatever California calls it.

    Yet, you support the biggest RINO in history, Trump, no matter what. I think Trump had the power to declare the national emergency so you can save the Jebot comment.

  178. Wes says:

    Tgca the Rationalizer strikes again. I never claimed Dems are looking out for the country’s best interests. They’re strictly wedded to winning elections. They don’t care whom they have to hurt or what they have to do to gain power.

    Also, I never said I hate Trump. I’ve given up on his administration as Trump himself undercuts every bit of success he has and is doing all in his power to energize the Dems to get back to where they were a decade ago.

    I refuse to be a fanboy or create wild-eyed unrealistic scenarios where people who viscerally loathe him are somehow going to turn out in droves to return him to office. That’s just not a realistic scenario.

    Trump is who he is. He drew an inside straight to get into the White House, had a string of remarkable successes—and proceeded to undercut himself with infantile behavior that triggered an abnormally large first midterm loss he learned nothing from.

    Since Trump can’t grow in the office and attract voters to him I’m not going to waste my time hoping for hidden voters and a Dem meltdown to save him.

    He’s going to lose. He brought it on himself. Forgive me for shedding no tears in acknowledging a President who creates endless problems for himself has less than 22 months to vacate the White House.

  179. Wes says:

    History didn’t start in 2017, Tgca. Nixon, Reagan, and GWB all had to deal with incredibly hostile media but managed to post higher approval ratings than Trump.

    Spare me your revisionist history and sophistry about how bad things are for Trump. Other Republicans faced similarly hostile media but survived the barrage and never consistently posted the low approval ratings Trump perpetually brings on himself.

    The media don’t help, but Trump does little or nothing to counteract their narrative.

    Oh, woe is Trump.

    Maybe read The Prince and start emulating the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan, to overcome the endless media barrage.

    No. Doing research and changing things up by going around the media would make too much sense.

  180. Tina says:

    I checked out of the Republican Party in 1992 when groper 41 phuqed everything up, bl. Thousand points of liberalism, tax increases, open borders, etc.

    I will not give a pass to any so called R not willing to defend the border. Remember, many of those stooges asked that he go that route and re open the gubment.

    Then, they cite bs precedence when congress gave the president statutory language to declare a national emergency. Many of these same Rs (Rubio for example) are silent when a president declares a national emergency for Krapistan,

  181. Wes says:

    You will rationalize anything for a President you like, Tgca.

    The problem is that rationalization only excuses the problem. It never addresses and corrects it.

  182. Tina says:

    Looks like 2.0

    More Ca millionaires

    Ipos for Uber, lyft, and others.

    Real estate is just booming here.

  183. lisab says:

    wasn’t truman the democrat that dropped two atomic bombs on civilians?

  184. Tina says:

    More Beta Male, please.

    Ryan Saavedra
    Democrat Beto O’Rourke compares those who are writing climate change proposals to “those who were on the beaches in Normandy”

  185. lisab says:

    Scott Mann
    Verified account
    Every knife sold in the UK should have a gps tracker fitted in the handle. It’s time we had a national database like we do with guns. If you’re carrying it around you had better have a bloody good explanation, obvious exemptions for fishing etc.

  186. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Very good polling Approval day for Trump Aggregate 47% LV/RV

    Rasmussen 49% +2
    Harris 47% +1
    YouGov 46% +1
    Civiqs/Kos 45% N/C
    2:48 PM · Mar 14, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

  187. Chicon says:

    The Kos poll is within 4 of Raz? Robbie’s gonna be excited.

  188. lisab says:

    “Manufacturer of AR-15 Can Be Sued Over Sandy Hook Massacre, Court Rules”

  189. lisab says:

    O’Rourke cites Tinder in call for better rural broadband

  190. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – So 27 years after leaving the GOP you get to decide who are the true Republicans. Got it. It is your right and I am glad you post here.

  191. Scooterboy says:

    Bitter, are you coaching any teams this year? My daughter signed with Southwest Illinois College. They are a JUCO school. They gave her a full ride. She was also being recruited by Robert Morris University, but not a full ride there. Decided best to go the JUCO route.

  192. Tina says:

    Is Beta male doing a campaign commercial for trump?

    He just filled up his minivan for $28.

    How come he is not driving a Prius?

    More Beta.

  193. Bitterlaw says:

    Scooter – Congratulations to your daughter. I thought I might retire from softball but the Commissioner needed a coach for Juniors(16U) and pulled me back in. We have enough players for 2 teams. The problem is that our best pitchers are all on travel teams so we will struggle during weekend games. We will be stacked for weeknight games. The girls are 7th and 8th grade. Most teams we will play are 7th-9th. I actually like the players who are not on the travel teams more. They play for fun.

  194. Bitterlaw says:

    Glad you are back, Scooter. The A-hole parking lot was getting out of control. Jason’s llamas almost got run over a few times.

  195. phoenixrisen says:

    As things stand today, Dems don’t have a snowball’s chance in 2020 against Trump. The Rust Belt, particularly Michigan has benefitted huge since Trump took office. Also, Trump will be much more competitive in Virginia and a Libertarian won’t be taking 3-4% of the vote Trump could have had.

  196. NYCmike says:

    “They play for fun.”

    -Future Republicans-in-name-only?


  197. NYCmike says:


    Congrats to your daughter!

  198. Tina says:

    No, future Republicans, like current ones, ryano and the 12 losahs in the senate, do not fight.

    Retreat and Surrender.

    Just because the chamber of commerce (or Planned Parenthood) tells them what to do.


  199. Wes says:

    Phoenix predicted Republicans would pick up seven Senate seats last year and now predicts Trump will not only win but carry VA.


  200. Bitterlaw says:

    Watching Tina’s reaction in 2029 when President AOC declares a national emergency after a school shooting to seize control of plants making guns and ammo will be will probably fail in SCOTUS but you never know. That 2020 Trump case might have bad consequences.

  201. lisab says:

    Reputed Gambino crime boss Francesco ‘Frank’ Cali, on his way to testify on clinton’s email scandal, shot to death outside his home in suicide

  202. lisab says:

    Watching Tina’s reaction in 2029 when President AOC declares a national emergency …

    aoc would do that anyway no matter how the 12 vote

  203. Phil says:

    Well, bitter, if the country elects an AOC POTUS it will be an obvious indicator that the country is already gone anyway. Won’t matter at that point.

  204. Bitterlaw says:

    The carnage continues. This time it is in New Zealand.

  205. NYCmike says:

    -More showboating……maybe the lawyers, like Bitterlaw, or the kooks, like Robbie, will present evidence to the contrary of what Senator Cruz wrote.

  206. NYCmike says:

    “Here’s what I believe: Number one, we have crisis on our border. A heartbreaking emergency, which I’ve seen first-hand in Texas, over and over again. Countless human lives hurt or lost by drug traffickers, human traffickers, and unchecked illegal immigration. For example: In 2018, Customs and Border Protection apprehended 396,579 people at our border. In the first 4 months of 2019, CBP has caught another 201,497. If that rate continues, we’ll apprehend over 600,000 people in 2019. These hundreds of thousands include a record-high number of families, including over 1,700 identified cases of an adult lying about a relationship to a child in order to get into our country. Each of those children are at serious risk of sexual assault or physical abuse – nobody compassionate should want even a single boy or girl in the custody of human traffickers. Between 2012 and 2018, border authorities seized over 7,300 tons—almost 14,700,000 pounds—of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and fentanyl. Of these, fentanyl seizures alone increased by almost 400% from 2016 to 2018. And in just 2014 to 2018, Border Patrol agents captured 1,630 members of MS-13 alone. That’s one member of MS-13 almost every day. This is a crisis and a tragedy, and we must fix it.”

  207. NYCmike says:

    “And in just 2014 to 2018, Border Patrol agents captured 1,630 members of MS-13 alone. That’s one member of MS-13 almost every day.”

    -Let them live in Radnor, or whatever town it was you live in. I am sure some of them identify as female, and could play basketball or softball.

  208. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe RINO hunter NYC can tell me how supporting tariffs is the “conservative” thing to do.

  209. Bitterlaw says:

    Since I have always supported border security, e-verify, anddeporting illegals, I can only assume that the truck fumes have impacted NYC’s thoughts about my positions.

  210. NYCmike says:

    “Maybe RINO hunter NYC can tell me how supporting tariffs is the “conservative” thing to do.”

    -Shall we find the thread where Mr. Vito linked to many examples from the Reagan years?

    Maybe you missed them when he posted them?

    Maybe you also missed where Trump himself has called for the elimination of most tariffs, as long as the trading partner does the same?

  211. NYCmike says:

    “Since I have always supported border security, e-verify, anddeporting illegals, I can only assume that the truck fumes have impacted NYC’s thoughts about my positions.”

    -Ok, you have 2 options. Do like the 13 Republicans who voted with Democrats, or follow the examples of Cruz and Grassley, and recognize that Congress has given up a lot of their power in the last 50 years?

  212. Tina says:

    In bitter land, a national emergency is only for Krapistan.

    GOP-e will line up like tokens.

  213. Tina says:

    Maybe bl can explai to me how Reagan supported quotas and tariffs?

    This should be rich.

  214. lisab says:

    O’Rourke says adding SCOTUS justices is worth exploring | TheHill

  215. lisab says:

    Democrats’ Latest Plan Gives Amnesty to Already Deported DACA Illegals

  216. lisab says:

    Toyota ups investment in US plants to $13 billion, adds 600 manufacturing jobs

  217. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks for the easy question, Tina. Reagan was wrong and made mistakes. Why would you make repeating a mistake a good idea if Trump does it?

  218. sandiegocitizen says:

    197. So Beto was begging for about $28 dollars in gas money after a fill up of his mini-van. This is from a man whose in-laws are billionaires? Does the clown know how much it would cost to fill up his mini-van in California; gas prices in my area are around $3.50 a gallon. Yet Beto advocates for climate policies that would make all the U.S. like California.

    Rather than a mini-van, shouldn’t Beto be driving an electric car? Oh wait, he’s in Iowa so needs to show he uses corn ethanol.

  219. sandiegocitizen says:

    Beto is being criticized for running because he is a male and lost before.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an assumption of competence, an assumption of quality and a desire for him to run again, as a man,” said MJ Hegar, who lost a close congressional race in Texas in the fall. “A question for me, as a woman, is ’Why did you lose?”

    As a Democrat, Beto could be in the vanguard of gender fluidity by changing his name to Betty, and self identifying as a woman.

  220. Tgca says:

    In honor of my canine child’s 7th birthday today, I will not refer to any ugly people here as a DOG today…but just for today.

    Where have all these years gone? It seemed just like yesterday I was cradling this 8 week old puppy Rottie/Shepard with incredible energy who melted hearts with her constant wrapping of her paws around one’s neck in a hugging fashion and who also thought my chest was her sleeping pillow…a suffocating habit that was hard to break once she got above 20 pounds. *sigh*

  221. mnw says:


    I adopted mine at age 8. We are still trying to figure each other out. Night before last, she escaped; stayed out all night in a rainstorm; came home at 6am smelling like a sewer; & immediately threw up on my bed.

  222. Tgca says:

    230 MNW

    Oh! That’s exciting. Dog vomit is the worst…2nd only to doggie diarrhea.

    Luckily, I know my dogs very well and vice versa. We communicate mostly through eye contact and body movement. It’s actually funny how they will respond to a facial expression I make.

    My younger dog always hops in the bed at night too no matter how many times I kick her out. I gave up trying to keep her out as she is extremely persistent, and will sneak into my bed during the middle of the night.

    B*TCHES always wanna be in by bed I tell ya …probably because of the 600 thread count cotton sheets.

  223. mnw says:


    Exciting? Hadn’t thought of it that way.

    She also caught & killed a possum earlier this week.

    I think her previous owner must’ve kept her outside all the time, & I’m trying to turn her into a housepet.

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to get her one of those electric shock collars. She is fond of men but will not obey me.

  224. mnw says:

    sb “fond of me”

  225. Phil says:

    Well, I see AOC is spewing drivel again this morning. Dumb as a rock. She just can’t help herself. Hey, darlin….the NRA had nothing to do with what some nutjob did in New Zealand and, before you go there, neither did Trump. Thoughts and prayers are just fine. Now STFU.

  226. Tina says:

    More All Out Crazy.

    We also need Beta Male to chime in.

  227. Chicon says:

    No Mueller report likely today – Brennan says Ides of March, ya know.

  228. mnw says:

    Job openings climb sharply to 7.6 million. The JOLTS report (Job Opening & Labor Turnover Survey) is one economists & policy makers watch very closely, they say. General public never heard of it.

    Consumer Sentiment U of Michigan turns higher after govt shutdown ends.

  229. dblaikie says:

    Ocasio-Cortez is the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP. By far her greatest contribution is the Green New Deal. Let’s put aside theoretical views on the cost and just concentrate on the facts. First without energy from fossil fuels the world would be in dire straits. Without them the world would starve. Just how does our food get harvested and transported? Second without fossil fuels, all the lumber reasorces from Canadian forest to the rainforest would be destroyed in the effort just to heat homes and businesses. That is why without the rapid development of Nuclear energy and a huge effort to transition to Natural Gas all this stuff is pie in the sky fantasy. If you took fossil fuels out of the picture you could the cover the country with solar panels and put windmills on every hill and it still wouldn’t be enough. And finally we could sacrifice ourselves on the alter of the green new deal and it wouldn’t make a difference because China and India are going to continue to dump huge amount of carbons into the atmosphere. Yes the Green New Deal is OAC’s great gift to Trump.

  230. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe AOC is Trump’s secret daughter. They are both New York City Democrats with an inability to stay off Twitter.

  231. dblaikie says:

    The above leaves one great fear and that is some Democrat will embrace nuclear energy as a way for us to move forward as a way to reduce greenhouse gases. But that won’t happen.

  232. Tina says:

    Well if F. Mulehead knew of the coup plot in advance and did nothing to stop it, then he is a dishonorable/phony marine.

  233. Tina says:

    Rumors are B. Weissman was axed by Barr,

    Weissman is the pit bull, the boy genius of money laundering,

    Too bad, he missed the money laundering of the Clintune Foundation,

  234. phoenixrisen says:

    Wes, yeah, my Senate prediction was way off. I also predicted Trump would win with 307 electoral votes in 2016. I was one off. Virginia will be a huge uphill climb for Dems considering the fallout in the governor’s office and that debacle with that horrible abortion legislation. Tim Kaine likely will not be the VP candidate on the ticket either. And if the GOP elects a decent Senate candidate to take on Warner like Gillespie came real close to upending, it isn’t crazy at all. But the huge success that Trump has had in bringing the manufacturing sector back in the Rust Belt cannot be blown off. Save Illinois, he will be very difficult to upend in Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin next year.

  235. Wes says:

    You’re living in a fantasy world, Phoenix. What happened with Northampton and Co. has already blown over, and it’s unclear if it could have affected the Dem nominee anyway. Trump has the uphill climb in increasingly Dem VA. He’s unlikely to be able to scale the hill.

    As for the Big Three in the Rust Belt, Trump won each by slender margins because Hillary thought she had them locked down and foolishly focused her efforts elsewhere. Polling and recent election results both indicate strong dissatisfaction with Trump.

    To argue Dems haven’t a snowball’s chance in Hell against a Republican President topping out around 46% of the vote is beyond unrealistic.

  236. dblaikie says:

    Just to remind folks Trump won with 46% of the vote in 2016. The location of the blue population is a marked advantage to the GOP as long the Electoral College is operative. However having said that, the rust belt as of today is up for grabs.

  237. jason says:

    The media don’t help, but Trump does little or nothing to counteract their narrative.”

    Now this is completely wrong.

    Trump actually DOES try to counteract the MSM narrative, while the other R Presidents took it lying down.

    That is why I support Trump’s war on the media. He might not win it, but it has to be waged.

  238. jason says:

    Didn’t Knova used to defend a mass shooter?”

    Yep, he was upset many here, including me, called the Ft Hood shooting an Islamic terror attack.

    He took the MSM view that it the shooter was just having a bad day.

  239. Chicon says:

    Tina, Mueller is a war hero, and is therefore immune from criticism. It’s an HHR rule.

  240. Tina says:

    The media don’t help, but Trump does little or nothing to counteract their narrative.”

    Trump is the only r president to try to blunt the media, he has done a good job.

    Reagan did not have such a hostile press.

    Bush 43 was a doormat. He only fought the press for a couple of years, and then he quit.

  241. Tina says:

    More all out crazy. Does she even write her tweets? Does she know that the 3 largest Muslim countries are not part of the ban?

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    Daily reminder that we have a **Muslim Ban** in this country made out of the President’s hostility to Muslim people w/ little-to-no supporting evidence, and a Republican Party that tolerates it.

  242. Phil says:

    I’m beginning to think Trump’s people are writing her tweets. They couldn’t be any more counter productive for the left.

  243. Paul says:

    250: The ban is still a bunch of hogwash stupidity.

  244. NYCmike says:

    “250: The ban…”

    -What “ban” are you speaking about?

    Please write out your definition of “ban”, and please let us know who is affected by this “ban”.

    Thanks in advance.

  245. Paul says:

    254: The travel ban
    It is a ban that prevents individuals from certain countries from visiting the united states to see family or go to university. It also restricts many US permanent residents of those countries who would like to return for a visit and then come back to the US. It prevents them from doing that.

    Is that good enough, you little jackwad.

  246. Paul says:

    Trump the traitor is going to get the bucket thrown at him before next week.

  247. Polaris says:

    2020 is still a likely Democratic win unless things change or Trump alters course.

  248. Chicon says:

    257 – brilliant.

  249. Chicon says:

    255 – no, not good enough. Is Indonesia on the list? Why not? It’s a Muslim country.

  250. dblaikie says:

    I learned years ago that Polaris is bogus.

  251. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The ability of Presidents to issue executive orders on just about anything needs to be reigned in. I support this bill by Senator Lee.

    “If passed, the bill, called the Article One Act, would “take back significant legislative powers” given to the executive branch by law, according to a press release issued by Lee’s office Tuesday. Currently, Congress is able to cancel an emergency declaration only by passing a resolution with enough support to withstand a presidential veto.
    Under Lee’s proposal, if a president were to declare a national emergency, Congress would have to approve it within 30 days or it would automatically expire.
    “If Congress is troubled by recent emergency declarations made pursuant to the National Emergencies Act, they only have themselves to blame,” Lee said in the press release. “Congress gave these legislative powers away in 1976 and it is far past time that we as an institution took them back.”
    Republican support for Lee’s bill is growing, according to NBC News.
    In fact, Vice President Mike Pence has reportedly discussed a deal with Republican senators in which Trump would sign Lee’s legislation reining in his power to declare future national emergencies in return for the GOP voting against the Democratic resolution overturning Trump’s emergency declaration, The Hill reported.”

  252. NYCmike says:

    “Is that good enough, you little jackwad.”

    -I loved those high school days!

    Thanks for reminding me of those wonderful “children” I went to school with, of which I was one of them!

    Great times!

  253. NYCmike says:


    I believe Senator Ted “Showboat” Cruz mentioned this legislation in his statement about the “emergency declaration” yesterday.

  254. Tina says:

    Take that 12 decepticons.

    Vetoed blotches

  255. Paul says:

    Trump is no longer the president.

  256. Tina says:

    Right next to trump was Ag Barr who is not for open borders like the drats, the presstitutes, and the 12 deceptions

  257. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    265. Oh really? Who is the new president now?

  258. Paul says:

    The gay fish is flying wild today.

  259. Tina says:

    AG Barr

    The President has the right to declare a national emergency. It will hold up in court,

  260. Paul says:

    No, Tina, you are wrong as always.

  261. Phil says:

    Yeah, who is the current president? That would be something I’d like to know as well.

  262. Paul says:

    God only knows.

  263. Paul says:

    He has besmeared the constitution with his dirty butt hole.

  264. Tgca says:

    268 Paul

    Did you just try to smear SDC with a gay ad hominem attack?

  265. NYCmike says:

    I KNEW there was something fishy about SDC!

  266. Phil says:


    It’s ok. He’s allowed to do it. Lefties are allowed to be homophobic because they are ‘enlightened”.

  267. Paul says:

    268 was just randomized text that had nothing to do with SDC or any other post.

  268. Paul says:

    I attend a gay-friendly church and know many gays and lesbians including my college age daughter.

  269. lisab says:

    I attend a gay-friendly church and know many gays and lesbians including my college age daughter.

    yeah, he knows gay people …

  270. lisab says:

    so who will beto hurt,

    biden or sanders?

    biden is the dems best chance, but i think beto will hurt him more than sanders

  271. Paul says:

    Beto, Biden and Bernie will hurt each other, opening up a window for Yang to move ahead.

  272. lisab says:

    Sanders cuts head on shower door, receives 7 stitches

    to believe this you need to believe bernie sanders showers

  273. NYCmike says:

    Yang – UBI, Medicare4All & “Human-Centered Capitalism”……..YIKES!

    “Human-Centered Capitalism” – whose “moral code” will be the standard used by the intrusive central government (see fascisim, communism) needed to enforce this “idea”?

    The best part of this is that this idea is coming from a member of a political party that wants unlimited abortion, and in some states, legal infanticide.

  274. NYCmike says:

    “Change the way we measure the economy, from GDP and the stock market to a more inclusive set of measurements that ensures humans are thriving, not barely making it by. New measurements like Median Income and Standard of Living, Health-adjusted Life Expectancy, Mental Health, Childhood Success Rates, Social and Economic Mobility, Absence of Substance Abuse, and other measurements will give us a much clearer and more powerful sense of how we are doing both individually and as a society.”

    -Sorry, but this person has to be a foreign agent seeking to destroy us from within.

    Try to come up with a uniform standard to be used for the gobbly-gook written above.

  275. NYCmike says:

    -Reads like a Humanities 101 syllabus.

    What horse-sh*t.

  276. NYCmike says:

    I should also state that when I bring up “Humanities 101 syllabus” I refer to present day course of study, not the course of study from prior centuries.

  277. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    New Zealand has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world. Gun control advocates want the same laws in the U.S. However, the reason there were not more deaths in the terrorist attack was a Muslim worshiper at the second mosque had a gun, and shot at the attackers — causing them to flee.

    BREAKING: The New Zealand Herald reports that the shooting at the second mosque was stopped by an armed Muslim who “chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off.”

    Just remember, when seconds count the police are minutes away. It the incident in New Zealand it appeared to have been over 20 minutes away from the site of the first attack.

  278. NYCmike says:

    -Milton Friedman speaks to “human-centered capitalism”.

  279. Scooterboy says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted. Veto O’Rourke once wrote a fantasy about killing children.

  280. Scooterboy says:

    Should be Beto. Sorry

  281. Tgca says:

    Ok. Clearly Paul is not anti-gay because he knows gay people and his daughter is a muff diver. Good to know. Glad we can be open and sharing here at HHR.

  282. NYCmike says:

    “Should be Beto. Sorry”

    -“Veto” works better!

    Trump: You’re fired! Veto!

  283. Bitterlaw says:

    Paul – Does your daughter play softball? Most softball players are not lesbians but I can also use coaching tips.

  284. Tgca says:

    Shame on you Bitter!

    Your stereotypical comment on lesbians and softball is unnecessary. This is why white males need to take diversity inclusion courses as part of the K thru 12 curriculum so they can learn about others different from them.

    Clearly you do not see how your words can be hurtful and alienating. NOT all lesbians play softball or for that matter wear flannel shirts and jeans or have short style haircuts or work at Home Depot or carry their keys on a chain clipped to their belt. Geez! Get educated please.

  285. lisab says:

    NOT all lesbians play softball
    of course not

    roller derby

  286. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    290. Here is Beto’s sicko writing about killing children. Its creepy and repulsive:

    “O’Rourke, as a young member of the computer hacking group Cult of the Dead Cow, wrote an online article about how society could work without money and, in a more disturbing missive, about killing children.

    “One day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street. They were happy, happy to be free from their troubles. … This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dreams,” he wrote, according to Reuters. “As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two. I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head.””

  287. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    268. “The gay fish is flying wild today.”

    As am sure Tgca can attest, self-styled progressive leftists can be as homophobic as some conservatives. Leftists attempt to hide it under the veneer of tolerance, but often in an impulsive moment, it just comes blurting out.

  288. Tgca says:

    Now don’t be too sensitive SDC. I’m sure Paul does not really despise you because you’re gay, he just wanted to let you know your place. After all, he goes to church where they let gays attend instead of beating them to the ground, and he knows gay people, …and lesbians too. Now that’s progress!

  289. Tgca says:


  290. lisab says:

    now now … paul is very progressive … he knows gay people

    his president even has a jewish daughter 🙂

  291. Tgca says:

    But does Paul know any Jewish lesbians?

  292. lisab says:

    But does Paul know any Jewish lesbians?

    does bernie sanders count?

  293. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Democrat Congressman Jaoquin Castro intends to announce his 2020 Texas Senate candidacy soon. Any worries for incumbent Repubican Senator John Cornyn?

  294. Phil says:


    No. Probably ends up around a 6 or 7 point race.

  295. Wes says:

    Do you think it will be that close, Phil? Cornyn has never won by less than 12.

  296. phoenixrisen says:

    #244 — The only way I see Trump being upended is if there is a recession in 2020, similar to what happened to Bush 41 vs. Clinton in 1992. What a lot of pollsters missed last year going into Election Day pertaining to the mid-terms was the loss of suburban support for Trump. I agree, that is a big issue. What will have the Democrats fighting uphill will be what Trump will be playing over the airways since he took office with over 5 million jobs created and of course what will be playing in the Rust Belt pertaining to the big comeback of manufacturing jobs. That’s why I think the Dems don’t have a snowballs chance. I think Trump will already have Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina locked down going into next year. He needs to flip 1 of 4 of either Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania or Virginia. The map for Democrats is going to be far tougher than it was in 2016. Pertaining to Trump <50% average approval, I thought Obama was sub 50% approval going into Election Day 2012 and he won. Food for thought.

  297. dblaikie says:

    I know that Dave must be all atwitter over the possibility of a Hogan candidacy. Actually, and this may surprise some folks here, but I think it would be a smart thing to do. Unlike Beto at least he has a record of success in a blue state no less. But the main reason why it is a no brainer for him is that at once he will become the media darling of CNN and MSNBC and all the other hate Trump media. Talk about a bunch of free publicity to get your name on the national stage!

    Of course he doesn’t have a chance. I would like to know Dave’s views about his chances for winning the Maryland primary?

    I also don’t think a Hogan candidacy would be all that bad for Trump. It will sharpen him for the general. However I do think it will be important how Trump treats Hogan if this happens. Afterall, if somehow, someway, the President could engage him and stay on the high road, it could help a bit with the suburbanite Trump doubters. But that could be a tall order. It will be interesting what Hogan decides?

  298. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #307- phoenix
    I pretty much agree with your analysis regarding No. Carolina, Florida and Ohio.
    The Rust Belt States will be competitive.
    The untold story is that Virginia could be on the bubble if the Democrats nominate an ultra- Liberal like Sanders or Beto-Juice. Biden is the sole Democrat who could somewhat easily carry Virginia.
    Arizona gives me a little heartburn. Should it?

    All that is said above can and probably will change since a lot will occur between now and November, 2020.

  299. Wes says:

    Since polling became mainstream in politics in the 1930s, no President with a -50% approval rating has won reelection.

    Obama was at 52-45 going into the 2012 elections; ergo, no, Obama was not where Trump has consistently been in 2012.

  300. Wes says:

    GWB hovered about 50% in 2004.

    Clinton was higher, averaging about 55% in 1996.

    GHWB dipped to 30% in summer 1992 and finished with an approval rating mired in the 40s.

  301. janz says:

    I think it’s way too early speculating on a Trump loss/win in the upcoming 2020 general election. Using polling, IMO, can also be a fickle metric, considering how many people don’t want to acknowledge their preferences today when leaning towards Trump.

    In fact there is alleged to be a new app called “63red Safe,” designating safe places for Trump supporters to dine out etc, reminding me of the prejudicial circumstances surrounding the publication of the now infamous “The Green Book.” In a way history is repeating itself, except with a different cast of players taking on the roles of oppressors (progressives, antifa) vs the oppressed (Trump supporters, “Deplorables”).

  302. Phil says:

    Wes, yes. Tens of thousands of California libs have moved to Texas and brought their politics with them. Dallas, Houston , SanAntonio, El Paso, Austin will pile up large Dem margins. Cruz won by 2.5 and I think the more likable Cornyn doubles or triples that margin. Also depends on who is at the top of the ticket. Is it Biden or Beto which help Dems max out their turnout or spmeone like socialists Sanders or Harris.

  303. Wes says:

    Well, Phil, I hope native Texans do what native Tarheels did here when northeastern moonbats brought their politics here and tried to make us another New York:

    We marginalized them and gave the Republicans their greatest power in this state since McKinley was President.

  304. Bitterlaw says:

    Any comparison of blacks in the Jim Crow South to Trump supporters today is absurd. Sorry, Janz.

  305. jason says:

    I hope they are not aware of the llama meat shipments….

    “March 16 (UPI) — U.S. federal agents in New Jersey confiscated 1 million pounds of pork smuggled into Port of Newark from China..

    The illegal pork was smuggled in a variety of different packaging, ranging from ramen noodle bowls to Tide detergent, according to deputy chief agricultural specialist Basil Liakakos. It took more than 100 CBP agricultural specialists and canines from the Department of Agriculture to find the pork”

  306. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The latest California party registration numbers:

    Democrats 43%
    No Party 28%
    Republican 24%
    Other 5%

    The Republican registration continues to fall, was 31% in 2009. The Democratic registration has actually fallen a point or two in the last decade or so. No party affiliation is steadily increasing.

  307. jason says:

    Most of the Indies in CA are really Dems or vote Dem.

  308. jason says:

    Geezuz, this is incredible.

    “The dossier that launched several investigations into Donald Trump and his presidential campaign was based, in part, on posts from “random individuals” from a CNN website that allows the public to publish unverified information.

    Christopher Steele made the admission in a deposition given in connection with a lawsuit against the dossier. The judge released portions of the deposition this week.

    “According to deposition transcripts released this week, Steele said last year he used a 2009 report he found on CNN’s iReport website and said he wasn’t aware that submissions to that site are posted by members of the public and are not checked for accuracy.

    A web archive from July 29, 2009 shows that CNN described the site in this manner: “ is a user-generated site. That means the stories submitted by users are not edited, fact-checked, or screened before they post.”

  309. Bitterlaw says:

    Most of the Indies in CA are really Dems or vote Dem.

    All of the Indies in Philadelphia are Dems and vote Dem. They may occasionally vote for a Republican (who is really a Dem) so they can pretend to be independent while knowing the Dem will win by 90%

  310. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason is close to his llamas. Too close.

    – Anonymous CNN source.

  311. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    318. I am an indie, so is Tina. Know a lot of Indies in California who hate the crony capitalism that infests the Republican Party, so register non-party.

  312. Bitterlaw says:

    318. I am an indie, so is Tina. Know a lot of Indies in California who hate the crony capitalism that infests the Republican Party, so register non-party AND WAIVE THE RIGHT TO INFLUENCE CANDIDATES NOMINATED BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BUT PRESERVE THE RIGHT TO BITCH AND MOAN ABOUT THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES.

    I fixed it for SDC

  313. lisab says:

    It’s sickening to see people blame @ChelseaClinton for the NZ attacks because she spoke out against anti-Semitism. We should all be condemning anti-Semitism & all forms of hate. Chelsea should be praised for speaking up

  314. jason says:

    I am in Indie in PA, I waive the right to influence candidates nominated by the R Party AND to bitch and moan about the R candidates.

  315. jason says:

    Jason is close to his llamas. Too close.”


  316. jason says:

    I like Hogan, but the MSM would just use his as a prop to attack and weaken Trump.

    Since he doesn’t have a chance of prevailing, his candidacy would only help the Dems.

  317. lisab says:


    soooooooooooooo … you sre saying sdc and tina support the first admendment … and … imply you don’t

  318. janz says:

    #315. Bitter, the comparison was dealing with unwarranted prejudice exercised by one group to another, be it racial or political bias. To have a book or an app informing someone where they can go to be either accepted or safe is a societal travesty.

  319. SanDiegoCitizen says:


    You don’t need to yell.

    Bitter, all political races in California are now non-partisan. All the candidates run in same primary, and the run-off is between the top two regardless of party.

  320. lisab says:


    it is not like republicans cannot sit an enjoy meals in certain restaurants …

    oh wait …

  321. lisab says:

    letting gays into the military has changed things

  322. lisab says:

    Fox News’ ‘Judge Jeanine’ Won’t Air This Saturday after she criticized omar

  323. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    332. At the risk of more gay fish comments. Lisab, you would be surprised to learn how many past and present members of the military who have received medals, service ribbons, and military awards are gay servicemen and servicewomen. Many of the names from the past would be recognizable. There is no way to tell a service members sexual orientation by looking at them, or how they act. Most keep it strictly confidential.

  324. lisab says:

    There is no way to tell a service members sexual orientation by looking at them, or how they act.

    not sure about that …

  325. Tgca says:

    I think the gay fish comments are more appropriate for LisaB link. Zing!

  326. Bitterlaw says:

    Janz – Get back to me when bodies wearing MAGA hats are hanging from the trees. I do not support publically harassing anybody based on their views at places like restaurants and social events but the comparison to the history of discrimination and violence against blacks fails.

  327. Tgca says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all you celebrating this racist white privileged minority excluding day that provides no value other than bigots to get into a drunken stupor.

  328. phoenixrisen says:

    Wes, you’re right on the approval. Obama’s approval rating was brutal until Hurricane Sandy and backstabbing Chris Christie swooped in and upended Romney through those famous media shmooze pictures showing Christie slobbering over Obama. Still ticks me off to this day. Christie had his eye on the presidency for 2016 and Trump came in and ruined it for him. That was some reap what you sow consolation there. Still ticks me off when I think about it.

  329. phoenixrisen says:

    #317. (Sigh). How far California has fallen since the days of Reagan.

  330. Tgca says:

    Will the loser Bush family ever go away? They’re like the Clintons. Desperate to hang on to the dream of the glory days when they thought they could create a political dynasty.

    1st Grandpa “Groper” Bush grabs young girls which by the way most would be arrested and convicted for after numerous offenses. Then after him and his dingbat unintelligent wife deep-throated Clinton for years and stood by the corrupt Clinton foundation, this humiliated loyal Bush son, whom the GOP soundly rejected in 2016 has the gall to make the comments below. What hypocrisy! Sure! Trump has a lot to be criticized but the last time I looked, he won the presidency and has support of roughly 90% of the GOP base. Perhaps some GOPer should have challenged his sexual assaulting father or his brother as well, or is that different?

    We get that Jeb hates Trump because he humiliated him and the Bush family in his defeat, but what is most outrageous is about the comments to substantiate his point is the “go it alone” strategy is “harmful” to the US. Really? Last I remember, that was exactly what the world was complaining about GWB and his war venture to honor daddy “Groper” Bush after years of family humiliation for not stopping Hussein from his atrocities. If I recall the Bush clan supported that despite vast resistance from many around the world.

    Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) encouraged a primary challenge to President Trump, saying Republicans “ought to be given a choice” in an interview with David Axelrod on CNN.

    “We haven’t had a major crisis to deal with but this unilateralism or go-it-alone-ism I think is really dangerous,” Bush lamented. “Our friends no longer believe that they can trust the United States. Our enemies, in many cases, feel emboldened by this approach. I think it defies the bilateral, or multilateral, or bipartisan kind of consensus on foreign policy that has, by and large, kept America safe.”

    “I think someone should run, just because Republicans ought to be given a choice,” Bush said. “I think… he has a strong, loyal base and it would be hard to beat him. It’s hard to beat a sitting president.”

    “To have a conversation about what it is to be a conservative I think is important,” he said. “And our country needs to have competing ideologies that are dynamic that focus on the world we’re in and the world we’re moving towards rather than revert back to a nostalgic time.”

  331. Tgca says:

    Further, on Jeb, is he suggesting that the will of the GOP be overturned when 90% support Trump? Is he stating the GOP is too stoopid to decide on their own and therefore they need the Bush clan to intervene and save the party? The GOP decides who they wish to nominate, and with 90% approval, that counts more than a privileged Bush son who has lost the trust of the party and who was more aligned with the Dems that he and his family, forever Clinton loyalists, look more like Dems than GOP. So why should we listen to someone that is less than 10% of the GOP and Clinton cronies? Jeb is like the MSM. He clearly is out of touch and probably does not even run in the same circles as 90% of the GOP base supporting Trump so he can’t see how others would support Trump.

  332. jason says:

    Yep, Republicans should be taking advice from arguably the most spectacular failure of a “front runner” in the history of primaries, Jeb Bush. The man who spend over 200 million bucks for 3 1/2 delegates.

    Jeb doesn’t have the balls to challenge Trump, but thinks someone else should. I guess he doesn’t want to make a complete ass of himself again, he wants a stand in.

  333. jason says:

    “To have a conversation about what it is to be a conservative I think is important,” he said. “

    I thought we already knew what Jeb thought of conservatives.

    They should be “respected”.

  334. Paul says:

    335: Nice report. My daughter has never been into softball or other sports. She’s mostly into writing and languages. She’s fairly fluent in Japanese, Spanish and French. She’s finishing a major in Japanese. So, she’s a lesbian who would be highly sought after by the military but I doubt she has much interest in doing that.

  335. Paul says:

    The ‘gay fish’ comment was referring to myself and the amount of alcohol I had consumed before posting. It was not in reference to anyone else. I don’t even know who else besides Lisab is gay on this blog.

  336. janz says:

    #337. Bitter, by the time “people are hanging from trees,” it’s too late to address societal prejudice without first incurring a lot of unnecessary harmful, even enduring side effects.

    Consequently, I am troubled by the dismissal of slap-downs one ideology seems to have in publicly shaming opposing ideas, curtailing access to public places, attacking people wearing the wrong apparel, in tandem with a media not interested or curious enough to seek even a thread of truth in what’s happening around them.

    Losing freedom of speech, piece by piece, as well as accepting unequal treatment of any grouping of people, IMO, doesn’t need people hanging from trees to be recognized and actively pushed back.

  337. Tgca says:

    346. Paul

    Consumed by alcohol? Is that like “the devil made me do it” defense?

    I finally figured Paul out! He’s really Roseanne Barr. OMG! I loved you in She-Devil. Fun movie I found years after it’s release.

    I get it! Gay slurs during a drunken stupor is not really the person you are. Look we all make mistakes and need to judge you by the whole and not one instance where you engaged in an ad hominem attack against a gay poster because you were not able to win an argument on the merits. We understand. I forgive you for momentarily being a bigot.

    After all, you go to church that is friendly to gays instead of gay bashing them and you know gay people. Clearly, you can’t be anti-gay. It’s an HHR vast right wing conspiracy.

    Stay strong my friend and this shall pass.

  338. Tgca says:


    Paul doesn’t know who is even gay at HHR? Are you implying you did not know SDC was gay? Really? Oh come on, haven’t you ever seen him walk?

    But I digress. The official HHR directory of notable gays include:
    – SDC
    – Michael
    – TGCA
    and a few more closeted ones too.

    In addition, we have some very pro gay members like
    – LisaB who is an expert in all things gay
    – Bitter our Philly metrosexual who frequents flower shows and has a vast collection of sweaters

    I’ll tell you, it’s our time. We gays are just crawling out of the woodwork. …and folks in Jersey used to say to us when I was a kid we Ricans were like roaches. Ha! The gays are everywhere!

  339. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe Janz can write “Uncle Don’s Cabin” about the struggle of trying to escape to freedom wearing a MAGA hat.

    Here is how I see it. If you wear a t-shirt or hat that says MAGA, Hope and Change, I’m with Her, or Feel the Bern, you are expressing support for one said and inviting opposition from the other side. You should not be harmed or physically assaulted because of it.

    I wonder if Janz would compare the treatment received by people wearing Red Sox jerseys in Yankee Stadium or Dallas Cowboys fans at Eagles games to blacks in the Jim Crow era South.

  340. Bitterlaw says:

    The only say I wear has my softball league on it. I have no interest in MAGA gear.

  341. Cash Cow TM says:

    What to think of a pastor who has been in her new assigned church (Maybe 250 members on the roll, avg. attendance on Sunday @ 70) for 8 months…has virtually done no visitation of sick and shut-in parishioners…and when pushed says she will start doing visitations now..HOPES TO DO FOUR VISITATIONS EACH MONTH!

  342. lisab says:

    I don’t even know who else besides Lisab is gay on this blog.

    In addition, we have some very pro gay members like
    – LisaB who is an expert in all things gay
    – Bitter our Philly metrosexual who frequents flower shows and has a vast collection of sweaters

    well … technically i am bi … not gay 🙂

  343. lisab says:

    – Bitter our Philly metrosexual who frequents flower shows and has a vast collection of sweaters

    bitterlaw wears sweater vests, coaches softball and goes to flower shows

  344. lisab says:

    Spreading the fake and totally discredited Dossier “is unfortunately a very dark stain against John McCain.” Ken Starr, Former Independent Counsel. He had far worse “stains” than this, including thumbs down on repeal and replace after years of campaigning to repeal and replace!

  345. lisab says:

    Yesterday was a day that Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke may want to forget. His first swing through Iowa as an official candidate was marred by a “joke” about his wife that drew heavy criticism and the revelation by Reuters of his membership in a hacker group as a teenager where he posted a story about kids getting run over by a car on the group’s message board.

    O’Rourke was on the defensive most of the day, apologizing profusely for saying his wife Amy raised their three kids “sometimes with my help.”

    Associated Press:

    O’Rourke made the comment at multiple campaign stops during his first swing through Iowa, including earlier Friday, eliciting laughs each time, but he also drew criticism as being insensitive to the challenges faced by single parents raising children.

  346. lisab says:

    PARIS (Reuters) – Rioters set fire to a bank and ransacked wine stores on Paris’s Champs Elysees avenue on Saturday, in a new flare-up of violence as France’s yellow vest protests against President Emmanuel Macron and his pro-business reforms entered a fourth month.

  347. lisab says:

    NYU students confront Chelsea Clinton, say she ‘stoked’ hatred behind New Zealand shootings

    “After all that you have done, all the Islamophobia that you have stoked,” senior Leen Dweik angrily tells Clinton in a since-deleted viral video posted Friday night by student activist Rose Asaf. “This right here is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you and the words you have put out in the world.

    “The 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there,” seethed Dweik, wearing a Bernie Sanders 2020 T-shirt — and referring to Clinton’s criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel last month.

    “I’m so sorry you feel that way,” Clinton, a co-founder of NYU’s multicultural center who is pregnant with her third child, responded, prompting other students to chime in.

    “What does ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’ mean? What does that mean?” a person shouted from the crowd.

  348. lisab says:

    Newark’s mayor exploring universal basic income program

  349. Chicon says:

    Lisa – McCain is immune from criticism because he was a war hero back in the day.

  350. Tina says:

    The Maine Chicklet is concerned about trumps national emergency declaration. For it to be valid, gop-e ask that it only apply to countries abroad, Then, there is no constituional issue,

    Sen. Susan Collins
    I joined 12 of my Republican colleagues in supporting a resolution to block the national emergency declaration.

    This isn’t a debate about whether you support the wall or oppose the wall. It’s constitutional debate where Congress must protect its institutional prerogatives.

  351. Tina says:

    And speaking of McCain, don’t forget this one:

    Tom Fitton
    McCain’s role in
    Dossier smear no surprise.
    uncovered IRS Docs that Reveal McCain Staffer Urged Lois Lerner and Obama IRS to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.” (link:… …

  352. lisab says:

    Barack Obama

    Follow Follow @BarackObama

    Michelle and I send our condolences to the people of New Zealand. We grieve with you and the Muslim community. All of us must stand against hatred in all its forms.


    Sarah Abdallah

    Follow Follow @sahouraxo
    More Sarah Abdallah Retweeted Barack Obama
    You dropped over 100,000 bombs on 8 majority-Muslim countries and expanded drone strikes ten fold during your presidency, butchering and displacing millions of Muslims along the way.

    Your “condolences” are as opportunistic as they are fake.

  353. lisab says:

    “The Christchurch attacker could have killed even more people as he was on the move at the time of his arrest, and had more firearms in his car, New Zealand’s PM said, praising police who responded to the call in just …

    36 minutes.” nz pm

  354. Wes says:

    I don’t know where you got that, Phoenix. According to Gallup, Obama last has a negative approval rating before the 2012 election in September. As I noted he was hovering about 50% through Election Day. He never went negative again till July 2013. Obama would remain in the negative for all of 2014, thus making it clear MD didn’t know what MD was talking about when claiming Dems would be fine in 2014 because “the past is not prologue!”

    No President seeking reelection or retention to a full term has ever been where Trump has consistently been on Election Day. Given objective evidence of actual polling and election results for the past 80 years, it’s safe to say Trump won’t survive next if he remains where he is.

    Since Trump has shown no inclination or ability to increase his popularity, that’s one more reason I’m confident he will lose next year.

    People just don’t hold their noses and vote to keep a President they have a visceral dislike of in office. It just doesn’t happen—primarily because the incumbent is the focus of the election. It’s a nice bit of gamesmanship to try to rationalize a hoped-for electoral fluke, but it’s at best unrealistic to expect.

  355. lisab says:

    CNN Hammers Beto’s ‘White Maleness’ 52 Times In One Day

  356. Wes says:

    On the subject of presidential popularity, since Jason likes to say it was a fait accompli without Perot in the race, the Perotistas would have split their votes in just the way to cause GHWB to win reelection, GHWB was at 34% on Election Day 1992 according to Gallup:

    The Idea that a President with a lower approval rating than Jimmy Carter had had in 1980 was somehow a lock for reelection sans Perot is simply ludicrous.

    Yes, yes, I know there’s no national popular vote, but overall presidential approval invariably determines the President’s fate in the Electoral College. 1992 was no exception with Perot and would have been no exception without him. 2020 will be no exception either.

  357. Tgca says:

    361 Funny one Tina.

    When are you leaving KAlifornia?

  358. lisab says:

    trump’s unfavorabity according to some polls on/near election day in 2016 was horrendous

    Gallup 11/9 – 11/13 1019 A 42 55 -13
    Economist/YouGov 11/4 – 11/7 3677 LV 39 60 -21
    Bloomberg 11/4 – 11/6 799 LV 41 57 -16
    FOX News 11/3 – 11/6 1295 LV 38 60 -22
    Monmouth 11/3 – 11/6 748 LV 34 55 -21
    Gravis 11/3 – 11/6 16639 RV 42 56 -14
    NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl 11/3 – 11/5 1282 LV 33 59 -26
    Reuters/Ipsos 11/2 – 11/6 2196 LV 43 57 -14
    ABC/Wash Post 11/2 – 11/5 1773 LV 38 60 -22
    FOX News 11/1 – 11/3 1107 LV 43 55 -12
    McClatchy/Marist 11/1 – 11/3 940 LV 36 61 -25
    Gallup 10/30 – 11/6 A 35 62 -27
    Reuters/Ipsos 10/30 – 11/3 2021 LV 44 56 -12

  359. Tgca says:

    371 LisaB

    My good friend and excellent masseuse Wes was tawkin about re-election. 1st term poll numbers don’t matter.

    Of course, he does not consider that those trends may have applied in the past, but the world has changed and we’re in new territory with the greatest POTUS of the last 10 years. These rules MAY not apply anymore. We will have to wait and see.

  360. Wes says:

    Lisa likes to move goalposts. There’s a huge difference between being a first-time candidate with low approval ratings facing off against an opponent with roughly equal unpopularity who a week before the election came under investigation for compromising national security and being an unpopular sitting President whose first term has triggered a resurgence of the opposition in the vote-rich suburbs.

    I would expect the amateur psephologists on here to understand that.

  361. Wes says:

    Tgca is hoping things are different for Trump from for other Presidents.

    There’s no actual evidence of that, but I guess it helps Tg sleep better at night.

  362. lisab says:

    We will have to wait and see.


    now i think that a lot of people back in 2016 did not want to identify as a trump supporter … because people would have attacked them

    trump’s higher poll numbers now compared to 2016, partially reflect less people being embarassed about supporting him, and therefore will admit to supporting him

    the question is, how many people will still not admit to a pollster they support trump?

    because … if some random person calls you up and you say you support trump, in some cases you could probably lose your job or worse.

    for example, there is no doubt in my mind robbie, cg or md would fire anyone they thought supported trump if they could. they would just make up something to make it look ok.

  363. lisab says:

    Lisa likes to move goalposts.

    actually you are moving the goalposts

    i am pointing out where they were in 2016.

    i am NOT predicting trump will win btw. i still think biden is a formidable candidate if he is the dem nominee

  364. lisab says:

    i don’t think warren, harris or beto can win

  365. lisab says:

    i don’t think warren, harris or beto can win


    actually, i think they could win in certain circumstances … like if the economy went into recession or trump does not build a few hundred miles of wall

    just not if the election were held today

  366. Wes says:

    Nice try at projection, Lisa. The subject I addressed was presidentially popularity on Election Day. That has nothing to do with what you posted.

  367. lisab says:

    The subject I addressed was presidentially popularity on Election Day. That has nothing to do with what you posted.

    and i posted his favorability on election day in 2016

  368. Wes says:

    Was Trump an incumbent President in 2016? If not then that’s irrelevant.

  369. lisab says:

    Was Trump an incumbent President in 2016? If not then that’s irrelevant.

    we know in 596 days

  370. lisab says:

    kathy griffin is being attacked for defending chelsea clinton

    my favourite line berating griffin:

    “talk about rich white women privilege”

  371. jason says:

    I agree with wes that if the election was today Trump would probably lose.

    I don’t agree that things will necessarily be the same in November 2020, that’s a lot of water under the bridge.

  372. Wes says:

    I’ll say this, Jason:

    If Trump is still where he is now in 21 1/2 months then Dblaikie needs to start contacting Woodbridge about shipping me some Cabernet Sauvignon.

    If not then I’ll be shelling out $100 for his aged scotch.

  373. Bitterlaw says:

    Lisandro is bi? Never knew that. She is now 10x hotter.

  374. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    366. “The Christchurch attacker could have killed even more people as he was on the move at the time of his arrest, and had more firearms in his car, New Zealand’s PM said, praising police who responded to the call in just …

    36 minutes.” nz pm

    Here is what the liberal press is trying their best to ignore:

    “One of the shootings at New Zealand mosques Friday reportedly ended when an armed prayer-goer returned fire, causing the attackers to flee.
    The man was a worshipper at the Linwood Mosque, which was targeted along with the Al Noors Mosque in a pair of attacks in central Christchurch that left 49 people dead, local media reported. At least 10 people were killed in the Linwood shooting.
    According to the New Zealand Herald, the “well known Muslim local” chased the shooters with a rifle or shotgun, and fired two shots at them as they sped off in a car.”

  375. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw must be desperate. He thinks a woman built like a 2×4 is hot.


  376. Bitterlaw says:

    Even a 2×4 with another 2×4 is hot because they are both women.

  377. Phil says:

    Washington state is expected to pass a bill preventing Trump from appearing on the general election ballot in 2020. The bill aimed solely at Trump prevents any candidate from appearing on the ballot unless they release five years of tax returns. Passed the Washington Senate 28-21 and is expected to pass the House and be signed by the governor. New Jersey is currently considering similar legislation.

    I would suspect you will see California, NY….perhaps Hawaii, maybe Connecticut pass the same legislation. Democrats control all branches of govt in those states so there isn’t anything to stop them.

    The party that always cries “voter suppression” is hard at work doing just that.

  378. Phil says:

    ………kind of takes the suspense out of who is going to win the popular vote.

  379. lisab says:

    paul, said i was gay.

    but since i am married to a man

    that technically makes me bi


    (prove i’m not)

  380. Wes says:

    I prefer a brickhouse on a brickhouse, Bitter.

  381. lisab says:

    if being bi gets me reparations,

    i am totally ok with it

  382. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – Since your favorite building material is silicone, you can keep the “brick house” ladies.