Biden Increases Lead in Dem Primary to 7%

Compared to last month, Joe Biden has gained in the Democratic primary with his lead increasing from 3% last month to 7% today in the latest poll from Monmouth University.

Joe Biden 27%
Bernie Sanders 20%
Pete Buttigieg 8%
Kamala Harris 8%
Elizabeth Warren 6%
Beto O’Rourke 4%
Cory Booker 2%
John Hickenlooper 2%
Amy Klobuchar 1%
Bill de Blasio 1%
Andrew Yang <1%
Terry McAuliffe <1%
Kirsten Gillibrand <1%
Jay Inslee <1%
Julian Castro <1%
Seth Moulton <1%
Eric Swalwell <1%
John Delaney 0%
Tulsi Gabbard 0%
Tim Ryan 0%
Steve Bullock 0%
Michael Bennet 0%

This poll was done April 11-15 among 330 registered Democratic primary voters.

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438 Responses to “Biden Increases Lead in Dem Primary to 7%”

  1. jason says:

    The supreme leader number 1

  2. jason says:

    Mayor Butt comes out for impeachment.

    Not a sign of strength….

  3. jason says:

    Fauxcahontas had nothing to lose, her campaign is floundering.

  4. jason says:

    Kamala Harris wants to give jailed felons the right to vote.

  5. NYCmike says:

    “However, some may feel……..”

    -Paul and the Democrats think this is a good way to run a country……on feelings……..what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!?!

  6. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    4. At this point, the Democratic candidates are trying to outdo each other in pandering and offering freebies to the voters. It looks really pathetic.

  7. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is the SCOTUS Blog’s summary of today’s Census question. It appears promising that the final vote will be a 5-4 conservative win. How many House seats in CA will go bye-bye?!

  8. mnw says:

    CNBC: “Trump’s Hardline Iran Policy Could Cost Americans Billions At the Pump” That stupid Trump!

    Why not just send the Mullahs & the IRGC a 737 packed with pallets of cash instead? Worked for Zero. AND he had Iran’s nuclear program “in a box” too!

  9. NYCmike says:

    “It looks really pathetic.”

    -Unfortunately, there is a large segment of our society which think these programs are how to show “we care” about everyone.

  10. NYCmike says:

    ” It appears promising that the final vote will be a 5-4 conservative win.”

    -Chief Justice Roberts, please stand up?!?!

  11. mnw says:


    I doubt that the census question will have an impact on House seats in CA. I don’t see it.

    Voting in a federal election by a non-citizen is a crime– albeit a misdemeanor, under 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1325. Enforcing that law might help,* but I won’t hold my breath.

    What would REALLY help, imo, is for the GOP to match the DEM ‘vote harvesting’ effort in CA.

    *ICE agents just give a verbal warning, usually.

  12. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #11- mnw
    I respectfully disagree. The Census is used for redistricting, not for voting. If fewer illegals answer the Census then CA’s population for redistricting purposes will tumble, ergo, fewer Congressional seats for the State. That is why the Democrats are apoplectic about this matter! Agreed?

  13. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Things don’t get better than this! A must visit to Trumpville on my next visit to the Holy Land!

  14. mnw says:


    I didn’t understand your point. Now I do. I guess I do agree.

    I think the DEMs are MORE apoplectic about a possible deterrent effect on illegal voting itself– altho I think their concern is unwarranted.

    I will never forget CA DEM House nominee Francine Busby. She ran against long-forgotten GOP Rep. Brian Bilbray, & lost. During that campaign, Busby got caught on tape explaining to an illegal alien that, “You don’t need ‘papers’ for voting!”

    She was right. You’re just not supposed to say it out loud. Ssshhh!

  15. lisab says:

    Bernie Sanders says felons, even Boston Marathon bomber, should have right to vote in prison

  16. lisab says:

    Kamala Harris open to Bernie Sanders Boston Marathon bomber vote from prison idea

  17. lisab says:

    SHOCK POLL: Trump, GOP down 35 points with Boston Marathon bombers, other domestic terrorists

  18. lisab says:

    Republican lawmakers want to make child drag shows illegal

    Republican lawmakers in Ohio have filed a bill that would clamp down on drag performances by minors as “child exploitation.”
    Ohio representative Tim Schaffer has proposed a bill in the state legislature seeking to clamp down on performances by “a child under eighteen years of age or a mentally or physically handicapped child under twenty-one years of age,” in a response to a performance by a nine-year-old drag queen.
    Offenders could face up to six months in prison and a $1000 fine, while violations of the law could lead to venues being stripped of their liquor licenses.

  19. jason says:

    The challengers say that, as a result, including the citizenship question could lead to fewer members of Congress and less federal funding for states with large populations of undocumented and Hispanic residents – many of which tend to skew Democratic.”


    What about Texas? Arizona? Florida?

  20. jason says:

    I am going to try to be the exclusive distributor of the Peruvian brew here in York County.

    Of course the HHR community will get a discount.

  21. jason says:

    doubt that the census question will have an impact on House seats in CA. I don’t see it.”‘

    Well, if a lot of illegals aren’t counted, it could affect the number of EVs California gets.

    However, I am skeptical that many illegals will not be counted just because of the citizenship question.

    The Dems are against it basically because the Trump Administration proposed it.

  22. jason says:

    Note that I will provide a discount even though I don’t really see the benefit of Amoral Scumbag and Proud ObamaCON living longer.

  23. jason says:

    Reember, Comey is a “Republican”…

    “Comey donated $2,700 to Klobuchar’s campaign, and his wife made two separate contributions — $1,000 and $1,700 — during the first quarter of 2019. Individuals can contribute a maximum of $2,800 during the primaries.

    Their donations were first reported by Rolling Stone”

  24. jason says:

    Graham is trolling the Dems….

    “A senior Trump ally says he expects impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump – despite Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi attempting to steer party members away from the move.

    Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, chair of the senate judiciary committee, made the prediction on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

    He declared that the ‘radical left’ is now in charge of the Democratic Party, meaning attempts by House Speaker Ms Pelosi to avoid divisive impeachment proceedings will fail.

    “Nancy Pelosi is not in charge of the Democratic Party. The radical left is in charge.

    “So, I will expect that there will be impeachment proceedings against President Trump.”

    Speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News on Monday night, he said he expected a “stampede” by the so-called radical left to impeach the president.

    He said he “hates” that Mr Trump will have to go through the process, but believes the Mueller report, released in a heavily redacted form last week, “vindicates” the president.

    The end result of impeachment proceedings, he predicted, would be Mr Trump’s re-election in 2020.”

  25. mnw says:

    Dave’s very own Gov. Hogan is making noises now about primarying Trump.

  26. Tina says:

    The jebots favorite candidate has spoken

    Hillary Clinton – “I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted.”

    She is the same person who deleted emails smashed iPhones, etc., all under subpoena.

  27. jason says:

    Some brilliant investment advice I came up on today when searching for a stock..

    “The earnings report, which is expected to be released on April 30, 2019, might help the stock move higher if these key numbers are better than expectations. On the other hand, if they miss, the stock may move lower.”

  28. jason says:

    I like Hogan, he is not a fraud like Weld. I am sure he would govern more conservatively as President than he does in MD with a hostile legislature.

    But he can’t beat Trump so his candidacy is divisive and just helps the Dems.

  29. jason says:

    If he runs the protest vote in the R primaries will go to him, and Weld will be trampled mercilessly.

  30. jason says:

    I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted.”


    Anyone except her would have been indicted for her many crimes.

  31. Phil says:

    Kamala Harris joins Pocahontas calling for obstruction impeachment proceedings against Trump.

    Anyone see the pattern? If you’re campaign is tanking you immediately try to race to the left and out leftist the other candidates. No small task in that party. If Beto comes out for impeachment then indeed that is confirmation that his campaign is also down the toilet.

  32. jason says:

    I think I want the Dems to go for impeachment.

    A trial in the Senate will show they don’t have much of a case, and it will happen close to the election.

    The Dems have some good cards in their hands to play in 2020.

    If they go with the mediocre impeachment cards now, they will in effect be forfeiting their other hands and betting it all on impeachment.

    And the strategy is not even to impeach Trump, they know the senate is not going to convict him, it’s just to see if they can damage him enough to cost him the election.

    I don’t think its their best hand, that is why I want them to play it.

  33. Phil says:

    Foolish strategy. I agree 100%.

    Do it, Dems.

  34. NYCmike says:

    “I don’t think its their best hand, that is why I want them to play it.”

    -Machiavelli himself!

  35. NYCmike says:

    Something different – never saw this video of Tiger Woods before:

  36. Tina says:

    Yeah impeach trump

    He called Benito Weissman an angry Drat and the investigation a witch-hunt.

    He spoke to Wh counsel about possibly letting Mulehead go, even though several dispute this, and most importantly nothing was ever initiated by trump.

    Do it, drats and fake Rs.

  37. Tina says:

    I believe bj and other presidents have added this question.

    Lawrence Hurley
    · 8h
    NEW- Supreme Court census argument has concluded: the conservative majority appears untroubled by Trump administration’s bid to add a citizenship question
    Show this thread

  38. Tina says:

    F. Mulehead fronting for Hillary, redacted something

    Evidently, he redacted Russia’s claim of bj doing it with Monica. Pics exist.

  39. jason says:

    A lot of people have failed trying to read SCOTUS tea leaves.

    I will believe it when I see the decision, I hope they allow the question to stand.

    Having a census where you don’t know how many citizens there are seems stupid to me.

  40. jason says:

    “Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry says 37 Saudi citizens were beheaded on Tuesday, all accused of terrorism.”

  41. Bitterlaw says:

    I should know the answer but don’t feel like looking it up. If an illegal lies and says they are a citizen on the census, are they going to be prosecuted? What is the penalty?

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    Biased but lists the penalty.

    I’m sure the Dems would pay the $500 fine per lying illegal in the right states. Not worth it in California.

  43. lisab says:

    Hillary Clinton
    On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka.

  44. lisab says:

    Easter worshippers?

  45. jason says:

    I’m sure the Dems would pay the $500 fine per lying illegal in the right states.”

    Hey, Proud ObamaCON would say whatever it takes.

    Keeping illegals from voting is “suppression”.

  46. jason says:

    “I don’t think its their best hand, that is why I want them to play it.”

    -Machiavelli himself!”

    I am offended.

    All I want to do is help.

  47. jason says:

    BTW, one of those executed in Saudi Arabia was also crucified. After the execution, lest anyone want to say it’s barbaric.

  48. Phil says:

    Latest racism outrages the left. Black guy on ESPN says naming that April golf tournament in Georgia “the Masters” was racist. Yep “masters” obviously referring to slave owners and therefore so named….couldn’t possibly be called that to denote masters of a craft, in this case golf.

    Who knew?

    Sounds like something that would come out of AOC’s mouth.

    I still remember when ESPN covered sports and wasn’t primarily interested in spreading ridiculous leftist drivel.

  49. Bitterlaw says:

    Alcohol-free bars? Sure. Let the market decide if people want them.

  50. jason says:

    Will one of the census questions be how many llamas are in the household?

    I am thinking I will respond to any questions I don’t want to answer in Quechua.

  51. jason says:

    Bitter was here at 3:09 AM?

    Sorry I missed him, he was probably lonely and needed someone, anyone, to tell him to GFH.

  52. jason says:

    I am sure Amoral Scumbag and Corey are outraged.

    “According to Bill D’Agostino at the indispensable Newsbusters site, in the 24 hours after the Mueller Report’s release CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC hosts, analysts, and contributors mentioned “impeachment” 309 times.

    How many times did they look at it from the other side, I’d like to know. How many times did they ask: Say, if Trump was innocent, was the investigation even necessary? If the salacious Steele Dossier played virtually no role in Mueller’s magnum opus, why was it used to get warrants to wiretap a Trump associate’s phone? And by the way, what did Barack Obama know about all this, and when did he know it?”

    Oh wait…..

    It doesn’t matter that the MSM is so one sided because it is one sided against Trump.

  53. Bitterlaw says:

    You were not there for me, A-hole.

  54. jason says:

    If the SCOTUS decision goes the right way, the 2020 Census will answer a question that has been on the minds of everyone here at HHR for years.

    Is San Diego Citizen really a citizen?

  55. jason says:

    You were not there for me, A-hole”

    I am glad there is a comma there.

  56. Cash Cow TM says:


    Trio jailed for sex with horses, cow, goat, dogs…
    Don’t look at me.
    I have an airtight alibi..

  57. DW says:

    The fact that the census did not already require citizenship question shows how far gone country is.

    Congressional districts should be divided up based on how many actual citizens live in each state.

    This is how the rest of life works. No stranger walks into a church, lodge, or other organization and starts spouting off about changes they need to make. If you aren’t a member, you have no say.

    For two years, I wanted to walk into the New York Mets executive office and tell them to stop pretending Jose Reyes is still a big-league player. But not being a member of their executive team, I had no say. This year they finally got rid of him.

    But it is outrageous that people illegally residing in our country should determine how many congressional seats a state should get.

  58. DW says:

    52 – makes as much sense as saying Canada is racist because they haven’t renamed the ‘Great Slave Lake.’

  59. jason says:

    Trio jailed for sex with horses, cow, goat, dogs…”



  60. Bitterlaw says:

    It would be ironic if Just Fill Out the Census was not a citizen.

  61. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Latest Trump Approval
    Rasmussen 49% +2
    Harrisx 46% +1
    YouGov 46% ×+
    Joe Scarborough idiot

    touted Morning Consult/
    silly “poll” 37%

  62. Tina says:

    Psycho Joe.


    He does look like a loon for sure,

  63. jason says:

    Money isn’t everything…. this guy is supposedly worth 5.7 billion.

    “Danish fashion mogul Anders Holch Povlsen lost three of his four children in Sunday’s Sri Lanka bombing attacks that killed more than 290 people and left more than 500 injured.”

  64. jason says:

    It would be ironic if Just Fill Out the Census was not a citizen.”

    I hope Nonsensus will be back soon to predict an easy GE win for one of the Dem candidates.d

    I will feel a lot better about Trump’s chances when that happens.

    I think the last time he was here was election night 2018 when he predicted an easy win for Gillum and Nelson.

  65. Tina says:


    OANN: Former CIA Analyst Larry Johnson, U.K. Spied On Trump Campaign, Passed Info To Obama Team

  66. mnw says:


    I noticed that too.

    The sky ISN’T falling. Thx for posting.

    I want Trump to “act Presidential” & ignore all this. Talk about China trade talks & other big stuff, but… down in hell they want ice water, too. Not how he’s wired.

  67. Tina says:

    Mnw, seems like most polls have him in the mid to upper 40s.

    I toss out any polls of adults.

    Looks like nobody wants impeachment and indies are breaking towards trump on this matter. Piglosi will push it because trump will not waive executive privilege and will start suing the drats.

  68. Tina says:

    Nick Short
    I wonder why Democrats are courting the terrorist vote for 2020? I guess they figured MS-13 wasn’t a fan of their tax plan? (link:

  69. Tina says:

    Giulianis video on fox and friends is embedded in the article below. He recommends the president not give the drats anything. Go to court. This is the best that I have seen Giuliani.

  70. mnw says:

    dreamTrump, speaking in…oh… Winnetka, IL:

    “Folks, I’m here today to ask you a question: Did you look at your 401k balance today? Can you remember what it was the day before I was sworn in?

    Can you ever remember such a big gain in so short a time? No, you can’t.

    Well, there’s a reason for that! And it wasn’t dumb luck, like the Powerball lottery winner had. Let me tell you WHY that happened…”

  71. DW says:

    Current status (RCP average) of the 21 communists who would like to continue Obama’s work of destroying our country:

    Biden 29.3
    Sanders 23.0
    Harris 8.3
    Buttigieg 7.5
    Warren 6.5
    O’Rourke 6.3
    Booker 3.5
    Klobuchar 1.5
    Yang 1.5
    Castro 1.3
    Hickenlooper 1.0
    Gillibrand 0.8
    Ryan 0.7
    Gabbard 0.5
    Inslee 0.3
    Delaney 0.3
    Gravel 0.0
    Messam 0.0
    Williamson 0.0
    Swalwell 0.0
    Moulton 0.0

  72. Messy says:

    76. Everyone to the left of me is a communist! Everyone to the Right of me is a fascist!!—DW.

  73. DW says:

    fascists are leftists. Just goes to show how messed up messy is.

  74. dblaikie says:

    When I go back to the days right after the midterms there were alot of persons predicting the President’s demise. Man what a difference a few months makes. First we had the embrace of infanticide. Then we had the debacle of Virginia. Next was the rise of OAC and the green new deal. Hard on that news we had the rise of Omar and her brand of embracing Israel. All this time the economy buzzed along. And now we have the Mueller report that says that this Russia stuff is all nonsense. During all this time in true Dem fashion we have a bunch of candidates who are either Communist or Socialist. And now we have Uncle Joe with one of the worst running out of a campaign in recent times. Wait until all the stuff comes out about Uncle Joe and Ukraine. Finally despite Nancy’s efforts, the Congress is going to burn itself with investigative overreach.

    Forget the polls — they mean nothing. Much more important is the table that is being set up for 2020. The next event will be the release of the Inspector General’s report on the genesis of the Russia Investigation. What this all adds up to is in my humble opinion a red tidal, yes Wormtongue and Cory, a red title wave. Sorry Wes.

  75. Tina says:

    The jebots Cohen now claims he plead guilty to several offenses that he did not commit.

  76. dblaikie says:

    And frankly except for the Politico poll the other polls for Trump are not bad. Ras. 49, You Gov. 45, fox 45, Harvard Harris 45.

  77. mnw says:

    McSally looks to be an underdog in AZ, against the astronaut husband of Gabby Giffords, i.e., Kelly. She has been getting out fundraised badly by Kelly, already.

    If AZ & CO both flip DEM, & the GOP picks up AL, that would be a net gain of D+1, leaving the GOP with a 2-vote margin in the Senate– so we’d be back to the days of Pres. McPain & Pres. Flake, only this time with Pres. Romney & Pres. Murkowski, I guess.

    (The DEMs think their gal Stacey could take out Perdue in GA, too, but I don’t, & so I disregard that one.)

  78. dblaikie says:

    Of course on the other hand 2020 is a lifetime away in Politics. Trump can still be his own worst enemy. The GOP is too afraid of the media and sometimes downright cowardly. But right now we have a red wave.

  79. mnw says:

    Tina 80

    Boy, those are dangerous words for Mr. Cohen! Judges HATE that. Prosecutors HATE that. He is breaching his plea agreement by saying that, thereby incurring the possibility of a much longer prison sentence than he expected.

    At a minimum, the sentencing judge will make him recant what he said in detail.

  80. Tina says:

    Mnw, he should charged for lying again before Congress, 7 times. The deal should be off

  81. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    If your young, and want a good job, don’t want a massive student loan debt, move away from the coastal states and get a job in the energy field. Often an energy company will pay for a young worker to get an engineering or other degree.

    “NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — It may be dangerous, difficult work, but oil drillers are well compensated for the job: In 2011 the average salary for rig workers and other industry personnel was $99,175.
    That number includes fat paychecks for the highly skilled, like $235,586 for a “drilling consultant” and $139,868 for a “reservoir engineer”, according to Rigzone, an industry information provider that compiled the figures.
    But even for someone with less than a year’s experience the average wage was $66,923.
    A roustabout, one of the lowest workers on a rig who performs general maintenance and physical labor and requires little prior training, made $34,680 — the median wage for all American workers.
    The high wages are being fueled by a surge in demand for drilling experts as the industry becomes increasingly technical and a drilling boom in the United States, Brazil and elsewhere. Plus, many drillers are retiring — a phenomenon in the industry known as “the great crew change” that’s only expected to accelerate over the next decade.
    “They are desperate,” said Michael Durney, an executive at Dice Holdings, Rigzone’s parent company. “The industry is starting to look outside its core to fill these positions.”
    And where are they looking? Just about anywhere.
    Durney said for those with few skills that want a shot on a rig, one strategy is to move to any number of states that are currently seeing a boom in oil and gas production and get a job in logistics — driving a truck that brings supplies to the rig.
    Truck driving can pay $20 an hour or more, and from there it’s easy to meet people on the rigs.
    With a little planning it’s even easier to get a job on a rig right away. Several trade schools offer classes in oil field work, and the military offers training for those exiting the armed forces which could lead directly to work as a roustabout on a rig.”

    An added bonus is you escape the poverty pimps in places like California whose political survival is based on retaining a large segment of the population in dependency.

  82. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    This is truly pathetic. California has among the highest gas and energy taxes in the nation. It passes regulations requiring that only a special blend of gasoline made at a few refineries can be used in the state, then it blames an unseen conspiracy for its extremely high gas prices.

    “California Gov. Gavin Newsom does not appear to be convinced a recent surge in California’s gas pricesis the product of market conditions.
    On Tuesday, Newsom asked the California Energy Commission to investigate why the state’s gasoline prices are so much higher than the rest of the country, citing independent analysis that suggests there could be an “unaccounted-for price differential” resulting from “inappropriate industry practices.”

    * * * *

    Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, told FOX Business that there are no mysterious factors at play – it is simple supply and demand economics.
    “When a refinery in a tight market like the West Coast goes down, knowing few refineries produce California’s one-off gasoline mix, is a recipe for a course in Econ 101: supply drops, and demand is inelastic, meaning motorists still need fuel, so prices can soar,” DeHaan explained. “I don’t see much/if any manipulation here, this is how markets work.”
    DeHaan noted that the effects of refinery, or other, issues will often take weeks to affect drivers.”

  83. NYCmike says:


    Have they started banning the building of certain types of skyscrapers yet?

    These people are NVTS!

  84. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    88. Not yet. California’s environmental vision is to create denser cities, so people will no longer use automobiles. So tall buildings are still welcome. There is now a mandate to place solar on new houses, and energy efficiency standards.

    The building industry is a large contributor to Democratic politicians in California; and they are pushing the legislature to abolish zoning laws, height restrictions and parking regulations — in the interest of building more housing.

  85. mnw says:

    SDC 86

    I’ve made the same point before.

    You can get a 2-yr JuCo degree in TX in energy service technology. & start at $85000/yr, at age 20. I read a lengthy article about that in the WSJ not too long ago.

    And as everyone knows, a large new house suitable for raising a family costs less in flyover land than a 1-bedroom coop in SF or NYC area.

  86. jason says:

    This is not the way I want to go…

    “A Pennsylvania woman died Monday after falling into a meat grinder at her place of work, according to reports.

    According to WNEP, Jill Greninger, 35, fell into the machinery at Economy Locker Storage Company in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, around 11:30 a.m. local time on Monday morning.”

  87. jason says:

    Why you don’t “win” trade wars and why tariffs are stupid and are just another tax hike on consumers.

    “When economists at the University of Chicago and the Federal Reserve studied the 2018 duty on washing machines, they found the expected rise in retail prices from foreign manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Surprisingly, though, these brands also increased dryer prices. Then domestic manufacturers followed suit, simply because they could.

    All told, the research shows, U.S. consumers are spending an additional $1.5 billion a year on washers and dryers as a result of the tariffs. That’s an extra $86 for each washing machine and $92 for each dryer, the authors estimate.

    And less than 10 percent of that goes to the U.S. treasury — about $82.2 million — the study showed.”

    NYC, who doesn’t “like” tariffs unless Trump implements them, to say this is not a problem because he didn’t buy a washing machine in 3, 2, 1…

  88. jason says:

    The AFL-CIO conservatives to say “f-ck the US consumers” in 3, 2, 1…..

  89. jason says:

    fascists are leftists. Just goes to show how messed up messy is.”

    The Nazis called themselves National Socialists, but the actual name of the party was the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

    The state imposed wage and price controls and controlled means of production.

    “The government decided and ordered what and how much should be invested, produced, distributed, consumed,or stored. A system of “direct” controls was substituted for the mechanism of prices which regulates economic activities “indirectly” in traditional capitalism.”

    Associating free market conservatives with Nazi economic policy is an MSM fantasy.

  90. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    90. “You can get a 2-yr JuCo degree in TX in energy service technology. & start at $85000/yr, at age 20.”

    Know a lot of kids in Utah who do the same; a 19 year old graduates from high school. Gets basic $40,000 a year job in energy field; and subsidized education in trade skill. By 21 or 22, is earning $90,000 a year, has house and family.

    By contrast, 21 year old snowflake in California has minimum wage job at Starbucks. Gets 65 cent raises; lives with roommates (or parents), majors in humanities, and will have a $20,000 student loan debt. Cannot afford a car. Has Bernie sticker in window.

  91. NYCmike says:

    “and will have a $20,000 student loan debt.”

    -I think you need to add another 0 to that number.

  92. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Real free trade only exists when both sides are engaging in it. If one side is engaging in massive protectionism (like China), then it is not free trade any more than a marriage where one side is cheating is a real marriage. They are both shams.

  93. Tina says:

    There are many “Rs” that heart obumbler care.

  94. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The Democrat primary race seems to have turned into a contest to see which candidate is the better freak. After Bernie’s proposed that convicted felons be allowed to vote; Harris is trying to do him on better:

    “Ms. Harris, a former California attorney general, said it was “ironic” that former drug dealers with felony convictions are sometimes barred from marijuana jobs.

    “They were ahead of the curve,” she said with a laugh at a candidate forum in Houston hosted by She The People, a national network of advocacy groups led by women of color.

    She advocated for a background check system to determine if a convicted drug dealer deserves to be “first in line” for cannabis jobs.

    “Their felony conviction should not be the barrier to them having employment in an industry that they were a part of before it was an industry,” she said.”

  95. NYCmike says:

    #98 – only time will tell if the negotiating tactics Trump used will lead to real free trade between our nation and China, as well as other countries.

    And YES, I do believe that tariffs are a “negotiating tactic” for Trump, as opposed to a core belief of his.

  96. lisab says:

    Saavedra: BREAKING: The Florida House of Representatives has passed a bill that bans “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens, would punish local governments for failing to help federal immigration authorities.

  97. Proud Obamacon says:

    Where’s BIG JOE to gloat about his Uncle Joe? Oh yeah, he’s nailing his Uncle Joe blow up doll next to Jason nailing his Orange Groper blow up doll! LOL


  98. Tina says:

    And the 18 angry drats under F. Mulehead and Benito Weissarse did not look at this:

    Russian Lobbyist Rinat Akhentshin who attended the Don Jr meeting and “just happened” to tell Buzzfeed about it received $500K in suspicious cash payments before and after the meeting from Fusion GPS.

    Buzzfeed received payments from Obama’s pac, Priorities USA.

  99. mnw says:

    Things I will not do at HHR:

    1) Discuss trade issues with jason, altho I admire those who do try to reason with him.

    2) Discuss W with Wes. Who needs that?

    Tina 105

    The old man would be proud!

  100. lisab says:

    Michael Cohen admitted to lying in at least part of his guilty plea during a March 25 phone call with actor, comedian and vocal Trump critic Tom Arnold. Trump’s former fixer told Arnold, who was recording the phone call without Cohen’s knowledge, that he only admitted to the five counts of tax fraud because prosecutors were targeting his wife and he wanted to protect her. ‘I love this woman, and I am not going to let her get dragged into the mud of this crap,’ Cohen said on the tapes, according to the Wall Street Journal. ‘And I never thought the judge was going to throw a three-year fricking sentence.’

  101. Phil says:

    Maybe Megan McCain and Romney can get a room together.

    Nobody gives a tinkers damn who what’s left of the McCains support for President.

    I’m sure it will be wall to wall news on CNN and MSNBC.

    Big deal.

  102. Tina says:

    Cohen should be placed into custody immediately.

    Sounds like he and Lanny Dufus are at odds, or may be?

  103. Tgca says:

    If Mac’s family wants to support Biden, go for it. They will help destroy his legacy and open up both him and themselves for ridicule. What would they argue? That if Mac was alive, he would cross the aisle and support a radical leftie Biden for POTUS knowing 90% of Biden’s policies would go against everything Mac ever stood for during his political tenure. What would Mac have then done if Biden was elected POTUS? Vote against everything Biden proposes? Do folks realize how stoopid and insensible this talk is?

    I think Cindy realizes how bad that would be for Mac’s legacy. Not so sure about silly Histrionic Meghan who would probably launch into an overly emoted sob fest.

    You can separate a person from their politics. You can love folks and hate their politics or hate folks and love their politics. I know many Libs that I would fraternize with but never want to see in political office.

  104. Tgca says:

    Love this. Dumb @$$ feminists!

    Vegan Fem Cafe that Imposed 18% Gender Surcharge on Men Goes Out of Business. Ha!

  105. Phil says:

    Nobody cares about what McCain’s wife and daughter think about anything. Scratch that. Mika and Joe will care. So what? CNN will try to give the impression it means something simply because they love the useful idiots from the Republican Party and there are certainly an assortment of them – Nicole Wallace, Steve Schmidt, the Robbie’s and Coreys of the world – none of them made any difference in 2016 and won’t in 2020 either.

    Unless I’m mistaken and Cindy and Meghan were somehow war heroes like John I don’t see how any of them matter. No one gives a damn.

  106. Proud Obamacon says:

    Meanwhile in the real world, Orange Moron’s buddy Mohammad Bin Salman celebrating Easter with a real crucifixion.


  107. Proud Obamacon says:

    Lol yall expect the McCains to endorse a dude that constantly trashed John McCain even as he was sick. He couldn’t even let the man rest in peace and had to attack him after McCain died. I wonder why they wouldn’t endorse such a stand up sorry excuse for a man? I’m stumped actually. LOL


  108. Proud Obamacon says:

    Yall think the McCains should endorse the guy who can’t stop attacking John McCain. This really is the twilight zone LOL

  109. Phil says:

    No, PO. Our point is we don’t care who what is left of the McCains endorse and neither does anyone else. In other words, no one gives a sh*t. Meghan can do whatever she wants, and she’s living in a bubble if she believes anyone does. We don’t care. Their endorsement translates into the same number of votes regardless of which side they support – namely, zero. I was just amused that a newspaper bothered to write about it.

  110. Proud Obamacon says:

    You obviously don’t give a sh*t about quite a few things like oh say .. your hero president trampling all over your supposedly beloved Constitution right? Don’t give a sh*t that your hero worships dictators right? LOL feel free to not give a sh*t, sport!


  111. phoenixrisen says:

    #115 Hi Eph! ?

  112. Phil says:

    Leftist suddenly concerned about the Constitution? LOL

    Man, you just can’t make this sh*t up.

  113. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Response to Elizabeth Warren’s student loan pay-off proposal:

    Vinod Khosla?@vkhosla
    “and make all future students irresponsible about what they take debt to study? Don’t be surprised if people take $100,000 to study “frisbee” bachelors degree and private schools to offer it. It’s easy to spend other people’s money.”

  114. Phil says:

    California Democrats who have hiked state gas taxes now demand investigation into high state gas taxes.

    Just shoot me.

  115. Proud Obamacon says:

    And Phil confirms that he cares nothing about the Constitution!

    LOL thanks loooosah

  116. mnw says:

    If you love the troll, feed the troll.

  117. Phil says:

    Sorry, I meant to say California Democrats investigating high gas PRICES………as if their high gas taxes weren’t a factor.

  118. Proud Obamacon says:

    And when you can’t argue your point, just call the other guy a troll … check and mate, pal.


  119. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    123. Ditto

  120. Bitterlaw says:

    Transparent Dem Troll would be ashamed to see PO’s act.

  121. Victrc says:

    Here would be a good question for Buttigieg should he make the GE.

    “Mayor, you question President Trump’s claim he is a Christian yet demand others accept your assertion you are a Christian. How do you rationalize asking to not be judged yet you judge others?”

  122. janz says:

    #118, Is it Eph or MD.

  123. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    More words of wisdom from Comrade Bernie:

    “Sanders’ other comments have included praising bread lines and Soviet public transportation; defending Castro as someone in Cuba who “he educated their kids, gave their kids health care, totally transformed the society”; and mocking criticism of the Marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.
    “It’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food. That’s a good thing,” he said in an old video clip.
    “In other countries, people don’t line up for food, rich people get the food and poor people starve to death.””

  124. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Comrade Bernie and Elizabeth Warren should join forces — they perform a Boris & Natasha act.

  125. mnw says:


    Never thought I would live to see a communist sympathizer/fellow traveler become a serious candidate for POTUS.

  126. lisab says:


    40% of people in this country have 0 or negative wealth. another 10% have almost no wealth.

    add in the people who work paycheck to paycheck, albeit with a little wealth, it probably comes to 60% of the population.

    of course there will be support for a candidate that promises to redistribute wealth.

    many of these people are “educated”

    i have an acquaintance with a mfa, and $190k in school loans, witn no hope of ever earning enough to pay it back.

    of course he would support canceling all school loans.

  127. sandiegocitizen says:

    132. We no longer have the Soviet Union or Maoist China to point to show what a disaster socialism is. Plus the middle class has taken a hit in leftist places like California.

  128. Wes says:

    It only took them 20 years, Bitter.

    We used to not force families to wait decades for justice.

    Hell, when Giuseppe Zangara tried to kill Franklin Roosevelt but killed Anton Cermak instead Zangara was executes five weeks later. That’s more the Timeline Byrd’s killer should have received.

  129. Victrc says:

    I second that Wes. That monster was 20 years on the public expense sheet, should have been 20 days.

  130. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #135 & #136

    … and this was done before he could vote for Bernie or Kamala!

  131. Tgca says:

    Uno treinta nueve. SI!!!

  132. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – In Philadelphia, a guy killed the son of a police officer. He was arrested. His defense attorney is claiming his client was roughed up during the arrest. The killer is lucky they did not plant 3 guns on his dead body and claim they had to shoot.

  133. Phil says:

    If Texas had their way the creep would have been executed the very next week. Unfortunately, the courts fought us every step of the way.

  134. mnw says:

    Tina 133

    When I said I’d like to see Trump talk about 401k’s in Winnetka, I was thinking about the suburban, affluent CDs that flipped DEM in Nov.

  135. Messy says:

    Biden has officially announced. about time!

  136. mnw says:

    If you love the three-iii’d troll…

    If you DON’T feed it, it will ‘disintigrate’ (sic).

  137. Transparent Dem Troll says:

    PO used to work as a janitor in the Dem Troll building here in DC. He kept wanting to become an official Democrat internet troll, but was well below our standards. Finally he quit his job and started his own solo troll effort operated from his residence underneath an I-95 overpass.

  138. mnw says:

    RAS 50/48 & -3 today. Reversion to pre-Mueller Report norm.

  139. mnw says:

    Headlines I never thought I would live long enough to see!!!

    UPI: “Mexico Rounding Up, Deporting, Thousands of Illegal Aliens Hoping to Reach U.S.”

    If I were Trump, I would IMMEDIATELY give Mexico something it wants, to try to reinforce this behavior.

  140. Bitterlaw says:

    Welcome back, TDT. You were always an honorable troll.

  141. Wes says:

    Northam now sports a positive approval rating in VA. This reveals Phoenixrisen’s prediction that Trump will win VA next year for the nonsensical sophistry it is.

  142. lisab says:

    Biden 2020 – Thank Heavens for Little Girls

    this is day 1

  143. Marco Rubio says:

    Thank you for your thupport, fwiends!

  144. jason says:

    only time will tell if the negotiating tactics Trump used will lead to real free trade between our nation and China, as well as other countries”


    Time has told, many times over.

    Trump didn’t invent tariffs, they have been around for centuries.

    And they won’t work for the first time for Trump either.

  145. lisab says:


    Two long years ago
    the probe began and many ?thought
    that someday it would make them smile.
    And those who said it had no chance
    were scowled upon and seen askance
    so desperate was the hope to see a trial.

    But February made them shiver
    as it came clear he’d not deliver.
    The news that they desired
    was not to be acquired.

    I know that many people cried
    when they read the news, it hurt their pride,
    so deeply in the pipe dream mired
    the day collusion died.

    So bye, bye to the collusion lie,
    Russian Agents, Putin’s Puppet and a plot to deny.
    From each new event how the conjecture would fly.
    Can they let it go and just let it die?
    Let it go and just let it die.

    We all know that he’s corrupt
    and his list of crimes is building up
    so I’ll just list them down below.
    While emoluments could’ve kicked the goal
    collusion was their chosen roll
    investigating all of it real slow.

    Well, the Media then lost their mind
    as they blundered backward fully blind.
    Collusion became news,
    evidence not vital for clues.

    The other news stories all were then chucked
    while collusion filled every news truck
    But I knew they ran out of luck
    the day collusion died.

    But they kept singing
    Bye, bye he’s a Russian ally
    Putin Puppet, Russian agent and a treasonous spy
    and every day, more wacky theories would fly.
    Time to let it go and just let it to die.
    Let it go and just let it die.

    Now when Mueller issued his report
    the media could not contort it
    to save face though they did try.
    They lost all credibility.
    Embarrassed is what they should be,
    and the damage done they cannot deny.

    They gave victory to the president,
    validation as if heaven sent.
    The courtroom was adjourned,
    no verdict was returned.
    And now when he screams about fake news
    he’ll be correct thanks to their ruse.
    The “Witch Hunt” he’ll rightfully accuse
    the day collusion died.

    ‘cause they were singing
    Bye, bye he’s a Russian ally
    Putin Puppet, Russian agent and a treasonous spy
    And every day, more crazy theories would fly
    time to let it go and just let it to die.
    let it go and just let it die.

    I met a girl who sang the blues.
    She she asked me for some happy news.
    I offered but she just turned away.
    Those who followed actual facts
    instead of “liberal media” hacks
    would know that Mueller knew the only way.

    He farmed out criminal indictments
    to seven districts, there’s excitement,
    all of them pardon-proof,
    not like the collusion spoof.
    So carefully he did anoint
    a prosecution starting point
    the outcome couldn’t disappoint
    the day collusion died.

    Yet they’re still singing
    Bye, bye he’s a Russian ally
    Putin Puppet, Russian agent and a treasonous spy.
    The Russian hysteria was misplaced outcry.
    Time to let it go and just let it die.
    Let it go and just let it die.

    So, bye, bye to the collusion lie,
    Collusion obsession-gave the press a black eye.
    And if they persist the damage will amplify
    Time to let it go and just let it die.

  146. NYCmike says:

    NHL Playoffs, 2nd round, starts tonight. ALL #1 seeds knocked out!

    Will you dare to believe your team could make it happen?!?!

  147. mnw says:


    Well… “my team” has failed me for so many years that I just can’t do it.

    I was profoundly impressed by the Canes last night. I noticed they beat the Blues soundly, very late in the season too, in a game the Blues really needed to win. I thought at the time, I’m glad THESE guys are gone, & we won’t see them again, until & unless Stanley Cup.

    They’re somebody else’s problem now… like maybe the Isles.

    Man, the Canes do NOT quit!

  148. Waingro says:


    U.S. Attorney MA
    Verified account

    2h2 hours ago
    #BREAKING: USA Lelling and HSI SAC Fitzhugh announce obstruction charges against Massachusetts Trial Court Judge Joseph & Court Officer MacGregor for allegedly preventing an ICE Officer from taking custody of an alien defendant in #NewtonDistrictCourt

  149. NYCmike says:


    YUP, the Islanders have to contend with them now. It’s gonna be a tough series. Hope our goalie keeps playing like he was.

  150. NYCmike says:

    Let me throw a bone to CCCp-Cory, as all of the Canadian teams were once again knocked out of the NHL Playoffs……..Junior will be playing this weekend!

    Love the picture of him with his Dad! What a pudge!

  151. Wes says:

    Example #16,384 of how literally every person, place, and thing in New Jersey is corrupt:

  152. DW says:

    Another rough day for Democrats everywhere. Another 10,000+ babies born here, and nobody stopped it by aborting them all. Adding insult to injury, the babies turned out to be boys or girls.

  153. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    DEVELOPING: “It is now looking as though there is more evidence that Obama had a heavier hand in interfering in the 2016 election than Putin.”

    Paul Sperry


    BREAKING: FBI agents Joe Pientka and Mike Gaeta, along with DOJ official Stu Evans, are figuring prominently as witnesses in IG Horowitz’s investigation of department FISA abuses. The findings in the forthcoming IG report are said to be “devastating.”

  154. dblaikie says:

    156 You are right. That is a boom. 162 I am looking forward to the Inspector Generals report. I know the media will soft soap it.

  155. dblaikie says:

    If today is indicative of the Biden Campaign then Uncle Joe is in big trouble.

  156. Bitterlaw says:

    I will be certain to let my 91 year old dad, brother in the Knights of Columbus, sister who volunteers for nursing home patients, sister-in-law who works with handicapped children, and niece who is studying to be a child psychologist that Wes (the father of two bastards and possible husband of a stripper) thinks they are corrupt.

  157. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Here was Biden in 2012 criticizing Romney’s concerns over Russia.

    “He acts like he thinks the Cold War is still on, Russia is still our major adversary. I don’t know where he’s been,” Biden said. “I mean, we have disagreements with Russia, but they’re united with us on Iran… one of only two ways we’re getting materials into Afghanistan to our troops is through Russia. They are working closely with us. They’ve just said to Europe if there is an oil shutdown in any way in the Gulf, they’ll consider increasing oil supplies to Europe. This is not 1956.”In another interview with the New York Times, Biden claimed Romney viewed the world “through a cold war prism” and that his declaration of Russia being America’s biggest foe represented 1970s thinking.”

    A few years later, Putin made a fool of Obama in Syria, and exploited Obama’s inexperience and pacifism to annex the Crimea and create a civil war in the Ukraine.

  158. Tina says:

    Yikes, more Pete the cheat and mistress texts.

    Wanted spies within the administration.

  159. Cash Cow TM says:


    Chimpanzee uses iPhone…

  160. jason says:

    Comrade Proud ObamaCON drove by the spew some Leninist propaganda?

  161. jason says:

    The spew? Geezus..

    Make it to spew.

  162. jason says:

    “A Morning Consult/Hollywood Reporter survey released earlier this month found that the share of adults who said some of the biggest media outlets – including ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the New York Times, NPR and the Wall Street Journal – were credible dropped an average of 5 percentage points over the past three years, from 56% to 44%.”

    Not to worry. Corey and Amoral Scumbag still believe everything they say.

    Of course, its Kommie Kory math here, “dropped an average of 5 percentage points over the past three years, from 56% to 44%”

  163. Chicon says:

    I know that Robbie is on exile, but I suspect he’s lurking. I wonder if he’s willing to admit now that Trump was right when he said he’d been spied on during the campaign. Flyboy ridiculed Trump back tben; said that couldn’t happen in America. What say you, Robbie?

  164. mnw says:



    These guys look better than the Jets so far, but… early on. The Bluz usually control the O-zone with MUSCLE, & the Stars seem like they can go toe-to-toe with that better than the Jets did.

    I always rest easier when Patrick Maroon is on the ice for the Bluz. Fear God, dreadnought.

  165. lisab says:

    beto has dropped under warren on predictit,

    only corey booker, amy klobuchar and kirstin gillibrand are rated lower among the major candidates

    biden is slightly ahead of sanders

  166. Tina says:


    President Trump: “This was a coup. This was an attempted overthrow of the United States government”

  167. Tina says:

    Redactstein threw big time shade at the obumbler and comedy.

    Rod Rosenstein, in a speech in NYC tonight: (link:

  168. Phil says:

    Mayor Pete’s gayness is trumping Beto’s fake Hispanicness in the identity politics derby.

  169. Tina says:

    REVEALED: New Strzok-Page texts were from Nov 2016, discussing using Pence chief of staff to recruit spies in the Trump White House

  170. mnw says:


    I think they got the num-bah,
    that you been livin’ unn-dah!

    If everybody wants you,
    why isn’t anybody callin’?

    All the voices in your he-e-ad,
    Callin’ GLORIA!


    mnw feels as if he just gave 2 quarts of blood, btw.
    Tickets for Game 5, btw. Glass Circle!

  171. Tgca says:

    MAGA B*tches!


  172. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    The next year should be a blast polically. Two stories broke last night which show that the worm has turned on the Russia investigation. To wit:

    1- It appears that the two FBI lovebirds, Peter Stzroak and Lisa Page, surveilled on the Trump Administation by planting a “human microphone” in VP Mike Pence’s office. Did the lovebirds have permission to do so from higher-ups? What information was gleaned?

    This cannot be legal, can it? Was it a rogue operation by the lovebirds? Was the plan implemented? Who will flip first, Page or Stzroak? My bet is Stzroak.
    I hope that Pence’s ex-Chief of Staff, Joshua Pitcock and his wife, have lawyered-up! The DOJ has been given this information by GOP Senators Johnson(WI) and Grassley(IA).

    2- Rod Rosenstein gave a speech in which he threw James Comey and his FBI buddies under the bus vis-a-vis the whole Russia investigation. I hope Comey has lawyered-up.

  173. Tina says:


    GDP 1st quarter 3.2%

    The experts said we were in recession, remember. The gubment shutdown was to blame (january), people had paused, etc.

  174. Tina says:

    Developing “assets” in the wh to spy is totally normal behavior,

    Further proof that the fbi did not lie, or in the words of The Jebots Favorite Director, did not do any “weasel moves.”

    Remember, comedy and McCabe are “lifelong” Republicans.

  175. Chicon says:

    GDP at 3.2%. Blues up a game on the Stars. Tickets to game five. Good times for Mnw.

  176. Tina says:

    GDP strong due to strong exports.


  177. mnw says:

    The Univ of MI consumer confidence report is actually more interesting to me. People are optimistic about their personal finances, & their economic outlook going forward. Those #s are the best since 2004. The top line is down slightly.

    The GDP report isn’t as positive as the top line would indicate. In addition to exports, there was an increase in inventories.

  178. jason says:

    Mark Levin Interviews President Trump.”

    I admit I didn’t read the interview, I don’t know which I was more worried about, the answers or the questions.

  179. jason says:

    Rosentein’s comment seem to indicate he thinks (or knows) the IG report is not going to be good and he is already trying a CYA strategy.

    The “things had already happened before I got there” meme is a clear indication.

    Let’s see.

  180. New York City says:

    I didn’t read the interview either, but Levin’s questions demonstrated a deep knowledge of the Constitution and Trump’s answers were absolutely magnificent.

  181. dblaikie says:

    Of all the media talking heads to me the one that gets the stupid prize in Shepard Smith. I suppose his purpose in the Fox News world is to give them cover that they have Trump haters who headline the news too. His sanctimonious lectoring during his broadcast that he tries to claim is hard news is comical. The reason why he gets the prize is that he never has an outside guest on his program who will take an opposing view.

    Today he will either be off the air, because of good news about the GDP or he will soft soap it. If the IG’s report is a wow it will be worth popping some popcorn and tuning to see how old Shep handles it.

  182. Tina says:

    GDP Numbers

    2016 Q1 – 1.5% GDP (Obama)
    2017 Q1 – 1.8% GDP
    2018 Q1 – 2.2% GDP
    2019 Q1 – 3.2% GDP

  183. Tina says:

    I took Redactstein comments as confirming spying occurred before “he got there.”

    While I could be wrong, I submit that obumbler spied on trump since 2011.

  184. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    April 25, 2019 at 8:11 pm
    I will be certain to let my 91 year old dad, brother in the Knights of Columbus, sister who volunteers for nursing home patients, sister-in-law who works with handicapped children, and niece who is studying to be a child psychologist that Wes (the father of two bastards and possible husband of a stripper) thinks they are corrupt.

    So you’re trying to claim moral superiority for people who want a corrupt child molester representing them in the Senate, Bitter?

  185. jason says:

    While I could be wrong, I submit that obumbler spied on trump since 2011.”

    I doubt he was that prescient.

    But I do think sometime during 2016 there was a high level meeting somewhere to decide what to do about Trump and the consensus was probably that he wasn’t going to win so overt measures were not necessary..yet.

  186. mnw says:


    Nobody (hearts) good GDP news more than moi, but “an increase in inventories” is obviously not sustainable.

    From a political standpoint, I think the consumer confidence reading is more important. What does a voter first THINKabout when he/she evaluates “the economy”? The GDP, or “Am I better or worse off than I used to be?”

    Not only are wages up, but (mirabile dictu), so are personal savings rates.

    How to get rich: 1) Get a haircut & get a real job; 2) Put some of the money in an IRA. 3) Keep doing 1 & 2.

  187. Hunter says:

    The economy loves low taxes, deregulation, and free enterprise. Proud ObamaCon hardest hit.


  188. jason says:

    Wes (the father of two bastards …”

    Too bad wes is not an A-hole, I would give him some points…

  189. lisab says:

    you guys should thank obama for the economy

    he built that

  190. jason says:

    Natalie Portman says female chickens and female bovines are “being exploited” to produce eggs and milk.

  191. Tina says:

    The whole birthed thing originated in 2011.

    This is a guy who spied on Congress, spied on media, and weaponized the irs against conservatives.

  192. Tina says:

    *birther thing.

  193. lisab says:

    portman is correct

    we should let all the chickens and cows go free into the wild …

    what could possibly go wrong?

  194. lisab says:

    a usa dairy cow would last about 10 minutes on the street …

    deer would mug it

    they would end up being pimped out by coyotes, selling cheap yohgurt down by the creek

  195. lisab says:

    now a yak, which is far less domesticated than a dairy cow, will kill a coyote, take its wallet, and then go celebrate at the local pub

  196. Phil says:

    Joe is the favorite for the nomination for two reasons.

    1). The other 18 candidates are dividing up the far left crazy vote leaving Joe all alone in the “moderate” lane – moderate in the sense of perception relative to the crazy leftist candidates.

    2). Polls indicate he has the best chance to beat Trump in the GE. A lot of Dems now realize they cannot win without at least a portion of white working class voters. Biden can get some of those back.

    I know I don’t have a lot of credibility because I said for months it would be Harris due to her checking the identity boxes of gender and race. I was dead wrong. I now believe Democratic desire to beat Trump is greater than Democrat’s allegiance to identity politics.

  197. lisab says:

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds Trump with 44% support to Buttigieg’s 40% among Likely U.S. Voters. The sizable 16% of undecideds in this survey are likely a reflection of Buttigieg’s lack of name recognition at this early stage.

  198. jason says:

    Phil, Biden is probably the best Dems can do, followed by Mayor Butt.

    But the moonbats are going to do a job on Biden, bet on it.

  199. lisab says:

    Trump announces US withdrawing from UN Arms Trade Treaty

  200. mnw says:

    I got a “comment under review” for THIS post! :

    “I wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Portman’s astute analysis. I believe her program to release chickens into the wild, so that they can enjoy & explore their God-given freedom, is brilliant! And long overdue!

    Where do I send my contribution?”

    s/ Wiley Coyote

  201. jason says:

    The MSM will try to sell the idea that Biden is “blue collar”.

    I am not sure the blue collar voters will buy it though.

  202. jason says:

    Millions of female bovines (known as cows) will also be released so that they can raise their calves without having to contribute milk to anybody else.

    Millions of acres will be converted from crops to grass to feed these happy cows.

    When you drive through IA, Nebraska and Kansas, instead of cornfields you will just see grazing cows by the millions.

  203. lisab says:

    if you have ever seen an episode of naked and afraid:bovine edition

    you know the cow never makes it

  204. lisab says:

    DONALD Trump was targeted with a mobile phone which had been hurled at him as he addressed a gun supporters’ rally.

    The handset was seen being thrown from the crowd who gathered at a National Rifle Association (NRA) conference

  205. NYCmike says:

    “I didn’t read the interview either, but Levin’s questions demonstrated a deep knowledge of the Constitution and Trump’s answers were absolutely magnificent.”



  206. lisab says:

    coree says: “I didn’t read the interview either, but Levin’s questions demonstrated a deep knowledge of the Constitution and Trump’s answers were nazi-ish.”

  207. mnw says:

    “you will see grazing cows by the millions”

    Really? We’re inclined to disagree with that proposition.

    Wiley Coyote
    Redd Foxx
    Questing Wolff

  208. lisab says:

    Macron says Notre Dame should be rebuilt in line with diversity; architect suggests an Islamic minaret be included

  209. lisab says:

    Kamala Harris owns a handgun. That’s disqualifying for a 2020 Democrat in my book.

    usa today

  210. lisab says:

    Joe Biden embraced segregation in 1975, claiming it was a matter of ‘black pride’

  211. NYCmike says:

    ” architect suggests an Islamic minaret be included”

    -This world is so crazy, I don’t know if this is sarcasm or not!

  212. jason says:

    I hear there will be a small coliseum built at Notre Dame where Christians will be fed to lions in the name of diversity. All the Christians fed to the lions will be white males, however, to atone for crimes against diversity.

  213. mnw says:


    It’s not sarcasm, but it’s not likely to happen, either.

    When I was in France 20 years ago, I noticed 1) that the famous cathedrals were empty, except for tourists, and 2) a lot of the ones in smaller cities were in obvious disrepair.

  214. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – My family did not vote for Menendez. They are straight ticket GOP voters. GFY.

  215. jason says:

    I had the same impression, a lot more recently than 20 years.

    The only time I saw the churches filled was for organ concerts, and even then most of the attendees were tourists.

    I remember thinking the churches were making a killing selling 10 cent candles to tourists for “whatever you want to give, we recommend $5”.

  216. jason says:

    Add Gorging Grizzly to the list of those favoring releasing all the cows.

  217. Wes says:

    Your family didn’t vote for him, Bitter. They’re just content to live with his continued representation in the Senate despite his reprehensible beh

  218. Wes says:



  219. NYCmike says:

    “They’re just content to live with his continued representation in the Senate despite his reprehensible beh”


    Did you leave the United States because of George W Bush? You claim he is horrible, reprehensible, etc.

    NO, you didn’t

    Ok, then shut up.

    Please. I beg you!

  220. NYCmike says:

    -I had not heard about this Obama-era treaty.

    BUT, I see that President Trump is at the NRA convention. If Romney and/or McCain had been elected President, would either of them had gone there at this time?

  221. Tina says:

    Pence just lit into Pete the cheat and the mistress,

    Will the jebots go after pence for “attacking the Fib?”

  222. lisab says:

    ” architect suggests an Islamic minaret be included”

    -This world is so crazy, I don’t know if this is sarcasm or not!

    no, it was not sarcasm, it is an actual suggestion to honor the muslims that died in paris in one of the riots of the 1960’s

  223. lisab says:

    supposedly cory booker is thinking of announcing he is gay/bi to get more acceptance in the dem party.

    it was a blind item, that a 2020 hopeful will announce this, and speculation is that it is booker

  224. jason says:

    Bitter’s family is responsible for Menendez even if they didn’t vote for him?

  225. jason says:

    Will the jebots go after pence for “attacking the Fib?”

    Only after Trump is impeached.

  226. jason says:

    New Abc/WAPO on impeachement. Dishonest MSM cannot bring itself to actually say few support impeachment, so they come up with

    “While a small percentage of Americans believe the Mueller report exonerated the President, a similar number are in favor of impeachment, a new poll finds”

    Then the question is not about do you believe Trump colluded with the Russians, which was the original object of the report, but did “Trump lie”.

    And even the MSM could not find more than 42% who thought the Russians actually undermined the “legitimacy of the 2016 election”.

  227. jason says:

    Let’s hope the Dems go for impeachment.

    ‘Notably, intensity of sentiment on impeachment runs in the opposite direction as intensity in Trump approval. In this case, more strongly oppose beginning impeachment proceedings, 43 percent, than strongly support it, 29 percent. That reflects a 10-point rise in strong opposition since August, and an 11-point decline in strong support.

    As with Trump’s approval rating, sharp partisanship marks views on impeachment. Support for starting impeachment proceedings is highest among blacks (69 percent), Hispanics (64 percent), Democrats (62 percent) and liberals (60 percent), while opposition peaks at 87 percent among Republicans.

    The difference in strength of sentiment is stark – 53 percent of Democrats strongly support impeachment, while 78 percent of Republicans are strongly opposed. Similarly, 47 percent of liberals strongly support it, while 65 percent of conservatives are strongly opposed.

    Further, 59 percent of independents and 55 percent of moderates think Congress should not begin impeachment proceedings.”

  228. mnw says:


    and “Cat” Cougar

  229. Tgca says:

    Ha! Booker is coming out. Hey GIRLFRIEND!

    That will upset Mayor Butt who is the token gay candidate and somehow thinks he will convince all that he’s just a regular guy…one that goes to West Hollywood and rub elbows with the radical left to fund raise in a city where the gay Mayor is an accused sexual harasser and refuses to apologize for it claiming that’s part of whom he is.

    Sorry! But I doubt AA are going to flock to Butt after he’s been accused of racism by the AA community in his hometown for trying to bury a scandal by white officers and then removing the respected AA police chief who tried to expose it. This will come up in the National debates over and over by Booker and Harris. Facts won’t matter. Butt may have a Marco moment by more experienced political savvy minorities when protesting their accusations.

    “…Butt Butt Butt …”

  230. Tgca says:

    Also, I can’t wait until Mayor Butt is asked about Jussie Smollet. Will he answer it STRAIGHT or try and give a nuanced answer about discrimination and it’s complicated. It’s a no win situation for a gay candidate accused of protecting racists. If he condemns Jussie, AA will see that as further evidence he is racist. If he spins it as racism, most folks will see it as BS because very few believe Jussie.

    Perhaps he can go the Madonna route and adopt a black baby to show how diverse he is, though I don’t think that is the in thing so much any more.

  231. jason says:

    Booker is not gay but will come out as one.

    There will be a new letter identification for this.

    Women who come out as gay but are not gay will have their own letter classification.

  232. jason says:

    Men who are not gay but have come out as gay should be able to go into women’s dressing rooms.

  233. Tgca says:

    I’m not sure Bernie will get the same volume of loyal supporters as in 2016 but he will be a force to be reckoned with on the radical left. Biden and Butt supporters trashing Bernie risk that Bernie supporters will not support them. They will be p*ssed if they think Bernie is close and then he has been again denied the nomination by party fixers. Having something happen once is one thing but if they view it as twice, knowing there will be no more chances going forward (he would be 83 in 2024), they may sit out 2020 GE or disrupt the resulting Dem candidate. Don’t count out the extreme radicalism of his supporters and think they will be denied twice and go quietly.

  234. lisab says:

    maine just got rid of columbus day

  235. lisab says:

    Joe Biden’s campaign staff has canceled all stops at elementary schools, for obvious reasons

  236. lisab says:

    Five-Times Deported Illegal Alien Kills Infant after Finding Out He Isn’t the Father

  237. lisab says:

    German think tank Concludes that driving a Tesla does not improve CO2 emissions

  238. lisab says:

    Rosanna Arquette: I Feel Terrorized ‘Living Under a Fascist Regime’

  239. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    244. Agree with Tgca; the Bernie supporters and far left may not accept Biden as their candidate. They could stay home or vote for a far left third party candidate. Comments that Biden made decades ago may be used to attack him. However, think those on the board who believe that ultimately the far left might grudgingly vote for Biden because of their hatred of Trump, also have a good point.
    At this point, do not know how this will turn out.

  240. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    248. “German think tank Concludes that driving a Tesla does not improve CO2 emissions.”

    People are surprised to learn that driving a Tesla charged at night in Los Angeles is actually more polluting than driving a gasoline powered car. At night Los Angeles gets a lot of its power from coal plants located in adjacent states.

  241. Bitterlaw says:

    Bitter’s family is responsible for Menendez even if they didn’t vote for him?

    Jason – Of course. Yet Wes was somehow not responsible for Senator Hagan or content to have her represent him. My sister and brother have live in New Jersey since 1961. My mother is buried there and my dad has no intention of leaving her at 91. The morally superior Wes, the reason a pregnant women was beaten by her boyfriend and the father of two bastards, can save his lectures.

    To be fair, it is not the fault of the bastards that Wes used their moms.

  242. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    248. The German study included the CO2 resulting from the mining and production of the rare minerals used in manufacturing batteries for Teslas.

  243. Bitterlaw says:

    SDC – Do you honestly believe that the hard leftists will sit home rather than vote to defeat Trump?

  244. Bitterlaw says:

    More sanctimonious – Corey or Wes?

    NYC made a good point. Wes voted for GWB twice but never left the country. My family, who never voted for Menendez, are supposed to leave New Jersey.

  245. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    254. “Do you honestly believe that the hard leftists will sit home rather than vote to defeat Trump?”

    Yes I do. A lot of them want a complete break now with the establishment of the Democratic Party. They want to take control of the party and shift its direction immediately. They don’t want to be looking at Biden being in office for eight years. The far left does not want to be relegated to the back seat.

  246. jason says:

    Ravenous Wolverine says releasing cows into the wild brilliant move.

  247. NYCmike says:

    “NYC made a good point.”

    -Are there any other kinds that I make?

  248. jason says:

    -Are there any other kinds that I make?”

    Yes, all of them, this was an exception.

  249. jason says:

    SDC – Do you honestly believe that the hard leftists will sit home rather than vote to defeat Trump?”

    I can believe some won’t, I know a hard core leftist guy who didn’t vote for Obama because he was a “corporate tool bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs”. He didn’t vote for Hillary either because she was a “warmonger”.

    But you can bet most will vote for anyone in that field.

    I hope the Green Party puts up a good candidate, however.

  250. jason says:

    Five-Times Deported Illegal Alien Kills Infant after Finding Out He Isn’t the Father”

    He was watching too many episodes of Wild Kingdom. Lions do that so they can father their own litters.

  251. jason says:

    The morally superior Wes, the reason a pregnant women was beaten by her boyfriend and the father of two bastards, can save his lectures.”

    Dang, Bitter not taking prisoners….

  252. jason says:

    Reasonable genocide…who knew?

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this week justified the Armenian genocide, arguing that deportation of the Christian group by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 that ultimately led to mass killings was “reasonable”.

  253. jason says:

    Anyone who thinks Biden won’t sign every far left piece of legislation that hits his desk is smoking some good sh-t.

  254. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – People can always justify cruelty. You’ve heard what Tgca feeds to his dogs.

  255. Tgca says:

    I think many more in the far left hate the Dem establishment as much as Trump, if not more. Many are not rational. Their goal is not as much as to defeat Trump but to have their own ilk in power to push their radical agenda. As an example, AOC and her supporters are willing to target loyal Dem politicians for not being radical enough for their agenda. They want to change America radically.

    2016 was one thing for many Bernie loyalists but to deny Bernie the primary victor again in 2020 would be too much for many of them I believe. Having lived in the most radically left part of the country for nearly two decades, I saw protest after protest for far left ideas. I assure you many of the Bernie Believers will not be as rational as you would think because they are very cult-like and cult folks generally do not think rationally. They were told to rally around the Dem nominee after Bernie’s primary defeat and many did very reluctantly but it did not work out so why would they follow that advice again? How does putting Biden or Butt or Beto in office meet their needs?

    I believe the Dem party is going to have an all out war as they will segregate the primary into various competing constituencies like AA and environmentalists for Corey and Kamala, gays for Mayor Butt, young socialists and communists for Bernie, younger hip and less socialististics for Beto, and corporate wh*res for Biden.

    I truly believe the Dem party is on the verge of irreconcilable differences. Many Bernie folks would have loved to see Hillary indicted in 2016. If there hopes are crushed with a Bernie primary loss again, who are their natural replacement leaders in the Dem party after an all out destructive primary? My guess is many will go the alternative (Jill Stein) route again but in much larger numbers because the willingness to forgive and rally around the Dem candidate who helped defeat their last great hope is not something to aspire to.

  256. Bitterlaw says:

    How many Bernie supporters stayed home in 2016? Maybe some did but they probably felt safe doing it because Hillary was expected to win easily.

    The Lefties hate Trump as much as we hate Lefties. People are not staying home or wasting their votes in significant numbers in 2020.

  257. lisab says:

    I truly believe the Dem party is on the verge of irreconcilable differences.

    i left in 2000, because i thought gore was a tool.

    when i left, i was considered rather radical, because i wanted gay marriage to be legalized and better health care and support for the poor.

    20 years later i would be considered to the right of the party because i am against reparations and guaranteed income and think every abled bodied person should get a job.

  258. lisab says:

    How many Bernie supporters stayed home in 2016?

    well … the dr. stein voters

    some, like me, were against hillary, for various reasons of ethics.

    others, thought hillary was a corporate tool, and wanted bernie — which would have included me, except i was against her because i thought she was ethically and morally unfit.

  259. jason says:

    I am halfway between Bitter and Tgca on this.

    It will depend on how bad the civil war is between Dems.

    Trump lost a lot of Republican/conservative votes in 2016, we saw that in the Philly burbs, Texas, Arizona and other places. The fact he made up for it with increased participation in rural areas and blue collar votes doesn’t change that.

    Look at all the conservatives here that didn’t vote for him… jason, wes, sohope, sdc, barrett and others.

    The MSM will be united behind any Dem, that is for sure. The Dem voters might not be so unanimous.

  260. lisab says:

    Look at all the conservatives here that didn’t vote for him… jason, wes, sohope, sdc, barrett and others.

    don’t forget half-truth coree and robbie

  261. lisab says:


    Follow Follow @BreakingNLive
    BREAKING: The White House Comms Agency and USSS ordered several different teams to conduct special sweeps for listening devices in all presidential spaces and on official and unoffical communications systems in recent weeks based on credible threat reporting – @OANN

  262. jason says:

    “don’t forget half-truth coree and robbie”

    They are not conservatives.

  263. lisab says:

    They are not conservatives.


    they wanted hillary to win

    what could be more conservative?

  264. jason says:

    Now they want a socialist as President.

    It would be “bad for Trump”.

  265. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    266. I agree with Tgca. I also know a lot of leftists who will not turn up their noise and vote for Biden. They want pure leftists running the party; and to get it to happen Biden needs to lose. The followers of Lenin will not tolerate a Kerensky.

  266. lisab says:

    DEVELOPING: Obama CIA under scrutiny for possible illegal DOMESTIC SPYING during the 2016 campaign, as former top intelligence official said to be cooperating with Barr review

  267. lisab says:


    Former Texas Rep. and current presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke had a small crowd for a campaign event at the University of Nevada Las Vegas on Friday.

    “Around 35 people here to see Beto O’Rourke at UNLV,” Emma Kinery, a Bloomberg reporter tweeted. “The rally was supposed to be held in the courtyard outside, but students told me no one is on campus on Fridays bc it’s mainly a commuter school.”

  268. lisab says:

    Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke to Farmers: Give ‘Fair Share’ of Crops for Climate Change

    Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke proposed Friday in Iowa that the U.S. “allow” farmers to give up their “fair share” of crops to fight climate change.

    O’Rourke stood aloft as he proclaimed his message at a rally in Marshalltown, Iowa Friday:

    If we allow farmers to earn a profit in what they grow, if we allow them to contribute their fair share in combatting Climate Change by growing cover crops, allowing the technologies that invest in precision tilling and farming, capturing more of that carbon out of the air is another way in which they can make a profit. Keep those farms together, pass them on to the next generation, and allow them to provide us our food and national security, our independence from the rest of the world, our ability to provide for the rest of the world.

  269. lisab says:

    “If we allow farmers to earn a profit in what they grow” ?!?!?!

    because they did not grow that?

  270. Tgca says:


  271. lisab says:

    get up early on saturday to be a judge at an elementary science fair they said

    it will be fun they said

    so far … it is not fun

  272. lisab says:

    i have a clipboard and a name tag, i am a science fair goddess!

    i get to decide which child with a plant or tarantula wins

  273. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    I am no fan of Bill Maher, but his interview with Adam Schiff is a must watch. Maher accuses Schiff of STALKING the President now that the Mueller investigation is done. Schiff’s expression to this charge is priceless.

  274. mnw says:

    279 lisab

    Hearing some leftist talk about “allowing” farmers to do something makes my eyes cross with bloodlust & rage.

    “If we allow farmers…” ALLOW?

    That’s your deep state elitism, right there.

  275. Tina says:

    Schiff did seek out the Russians for nude photos of Trump.

    So, yes, Stalking,

  276. Bitterlaw says:

    I am halfway between Bitter and Tgca on this.

    Fortunately, the “on this” avoided a lot of speculation about Jason’s sexuality.

  277. jason says:

    If we allow farmers to earn a profit in what they grow,”


    The Dems are now “allowing” profits.

    How generous.

    Although I am sure Proud ObamaCON is against such government largesse…

  278. Hugh says:

    Impeachment is blowing up on dems. Their base wants it and no one else does. The constant investigations ruins any positive message and bill Barr will eat these idiots for lunch.

  279. jason says:

    Fortunately, the “on this” avoided a lot of speculation about Jason’s sexuality.”

    It was never in doubt, GFY.

    Anyone who has sex with a male llama is a disgusting creep.

  280. jason says:

    Screw Bill Maher, the worst kind of human scum, who apologizes for and glorifies terrorists.

    After he said people who flew planes with innocent men, women and children into buildings full of innocent people were not cowards I never watched anything he ever did again.

  281. jason says:

    I am sure IA farmers are as excited about being allowed to make a profit as they were when Dukakis told them they should plant more Belgian endive.

  282. Tgca says:

    GFY Debbie!

    I use the PawPerfect and my dogs do not just sit on the couch like your pooch enjoying the experience. They squirm and fight me one paw at a time. I think Debbie is drugging her pooch.

    So I just finished both dogs. Their nails are nice and trim now and my shirt and sweats are covered in dog hair like an inch thick.

  283. jason says:

    So I just finished both dogs.”

    Ok, I had enough of this animal cruelty.

    Calling the Humane Society.

  284. mnw says:

    I posit that Beto is closing the (negative) popularity gap with Avenatti now.

    Beto is very close to getting to the point where nobody pays attention to anything he says. As noted above somewhere, he pulled in an audience of 24 people at UNLV a couple days ago.

    How long before his small-donor admirers pull the plug?

  285. janz says:

    A purported damaging report on Comey is coming out in 2 weeks, followed by the Horowitz report in late May or early June. On top of what info those reports disclose, Trump has affirmed he is declassifying many docs that will probably confirm what the IG has discovered.

    Perhaps this will develop into a “perfect storm” scenario, exposing the behind closed doors actions that was been stressing this country for years.

  286. jason says:

    The MSM will sanitize any “damaging report” and the IG report too.

    But it might make the Dems think twice about impeachment because a trial will air a lot of dirty laundry on their side too.

  287. Ron N says:

    298. I am sure if they cover it at all it will be said old news time to move on that is old news 3-4 years ago. Need to focus on 2020. Plus they can’t say anything because these guys were there source for leaks that they gave things for the leaks.

  288. jason says:

    So you don’t think the “public has the right to know” and “let’s get all the facts out” will apply here, huh?

  289. Ron N says:

    Yes we have a right to know MSM just won’t cover it less then 48 hrs news story for them. It’s not anti trump no way it gets the attention it should get.

  290. dblaikie says:

    Jason the media will certainly try to sanitize the stuff coming out no doubt about that. However the power of the media to control is fading rapidly. If the media was as powerful as some think Trump would have been cooked months ago. The trouble with their efforts is simple though — facts are tricky things.

    For instance take the economy. For the last two months since the shutdown we have talking head after talk head claim that the economy will soon be the rocks. That Trump’s economic policy was for loons and on and on and on. But on Friday that was turned on its head by a simple little number — 3.2 percent growth with the shut down factored in.

    So when the IG stuff and the investigation into the start of Russia probe come out yes the media will try to “sanitize it”. However the success or failure of that effort will depend upon the facts.

  291. lisab says:

    iowa farmers would grow belgium endive or even latvian lettuce if it made them a profit

  292. lisab says:

    i wonder if the dems will allow bezos or katz to make a profit

  293. lisab says:

    it blows my mind that the dems will “allow” farmers to make a profit

    it is almost like they want to lose

  294. jason says:

    However the power of the media to control is fading rapidly.”

    Wishful thinking.

    It has among conservatives, but the fact is most Americans still get their news from the big network newscasts.

    Fox news may dominate cable news, sometimes, but far more people watch CBS, ABC and NBC.

    “The evening news may be one of television’s most-overlooked institutions, but the programs are still widely watched.

    Among them, the newscasts anchored by David Muir (ABC), Lester Holt (NBC) and Jeff Glor (CBS) were seen by an average of 26.9 million viewers each weeknight last week, according to Nielsen ratings. If they were seen in prime time, both ABC’s “World News Tonight” and NBC’s “Nightly News” would be top 10 shows.”

  295. jason says:

    latvian lettuce”

    Have you tried the Estonian escarole?

  296. lisab says:

    farmers have to predict the weather and growing conditions accurately if they want to make an actual profit

    imagine if these global warming scientists only got paid if their predictions turned out correct

  297. jason says:

    Hey Ron, thanks for playing straight man, but of course I agree the MSM won’t cover it, it was a rhetorical question.

  298. jason says:

    But on Friday that was turned on its head by a simple little number — 3.2 percent growth with the shut down factored in.”

    Yeah, and guess what, the MSM basically ignored it.

  299. lisab says:

    oxford professor argues invisible aliens are interbreeding with humans ( — wait for it — to fight global warming)

    Oxford Student has learnt that Dr Young-hae Chi, Professor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, believes in a strong correlation between climate change and alien abductions.

    In 2012, Dr Chi gave a lecture at the the Ammach Conference, titled ‘Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis’ in which he outlined his theory concerning the presence of aliens on earth.

    Dr Chi began his lecture with the statement that “perhaps human civilisation is coming to an end”.

    In his fifty-five minute presentation he cited Dr David Jacobs, an ‘abduction researcher’ in the US, who argued that aliens’ primary purpose is to colonise the earth, by interbreeding with humans to produce a new hybrid species. Second generation ‘hybrids’ are, according to Jacobs, walking unobserved among us.

    Dr Chi argued that “it is not only scientists and theologians, but also non-human species who appear to be greatly concerned about the survivability of the human species”.

    He pointed out that the timing of aliens’ appearance coincides with the earth facing major problems, climate change and nuclear weapons in particular.

    He concludes that “it may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilisation”.

    He went on to argue that if we act now on climate change, “not only can we save ourselves, but also prove aliens wrong in their judgement of our moral capacity”.

    In April 2018, Dr Chi approached The Oxford Union to propose a debate on the subject. The proposed motion was: ‘Aliens exist on earth, Yes or no?’. However, this proposal was not accepted by the then president-elect.

    Since the conference, Dr Chi has developed his theory, writing a book in Korean, the title of which roughly translates to: ‘Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity’.

  300. jason says:

    Buzzfeed News”

    With the help of billionaires, President Emmanuel Macron raised $1 billion for the reconstruction of Notre Dame, but what about France’s huge shortage of mosques?…”

    What about it?

    Is the suggestion that French billionaires need to fund more mosques?

    Sounds like it.

  301. jason says:

    Second generation ‘hybrids’ are, according to Jacobs, walking unobserved among us.”

    I am not sure they are unobserved.

    I might have to give Amoral Scumbag a pass for having the moral compass of a floating turd.

    If he can show some evidence his mother interbred with an alien I would certainly take that into consideration.

  302. dblaikie says:

    Jason, yes they did — but the news got out. Even though they tried to belittle it, the news got out. Sometimes I hate Trump’s twitter obsession but I am amazed how he controls the flow of news with his tweets. And as PT Barnum reminds us, “there is no such thing as bad publicity.”

  303. lisab says:

    if “amoral scumbag” could show some evidence he interbred with anyone, other than himself, i would be amazed

  304. jason says:

    HL Mencken also said nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

  305. jason says:

    Corey to say we cannot comment on aliens since we are not aliens in 3, 2, 1….

  306. lisab says:

    one of the science projects today was, “which liquid will cause the most growth, water, dr pepper or 7 up”

    it got a ribbon

  307. lisab says:

    bitterlaw to claim invisible aliens and their project to save humanity from global warming through interbreeding could both be true in 3 … 2 … 1

  308. lisab says:

    convicted murderer decapitates his cellmate in california

    then registers as a democrat

  309. Wes says:

    Lisa, I’m guessing the Oxford professor doesn’t realize interbreeding on the species level is the only way to consistently ensure viable offspring.

    Although interbreeding can occur on the genus level, the offspring are nearly always sterile and often stillborn.

    Thus, I’m guessing that particular professor has read a few too many pulp SF stories.

  310. Tina says:

    Senator Enema has come out against impeachment,

    I believe she is the first Drat Senator against it.

    Have they asked “r” Senator Quittens?

  311. jason says:

    Senator Scumbag Romney already said there was no collusion and no obstruction but he was still shocked and awed by the Mueller report and agreed with the MSM and the moonbats that there was just so much “deception”.

  312. jason says:

    One person shot at San Diego synagogue.


    If a Muslim terrorist, won’t get much press.

    If some kind of right wing wacko, will get lots of press.

    But in either case, Trump and the NRA will be blamed.

  313. jason says:

    Should say one person killed, 3 injured at San Diego synagogue.

  314. jason says:

    Pope Francis has donated 500,000 dollars to assist migrants in Mexico. The funds, from the Peter’s Pence collections, will be distributed among 27 projects promoted by sixteen Mexican dioceses and religious congregations, which requested assistance in continuing to provide food, lodging, and basic necessities to the migrants.”

    The Communist Pope is helping to fund illegal immigration into the US.

    Bitter will still go to Mass and Corey will still say that since I am not Catholic, I cannot comment on the Communist Pople.

    Corey will also say I am telling Bitter not to go to Mass.

  315. Tina says:

    Trump Rally tonight in Greenbay, Wisconsin,

  316. sandiegocitizen says:

    Thankfully, an off duty U.S. Border Patrol agent was at the synagogue, who opened fire on the suspect.

    The name of the suspect said to be John T. Earnest.

  317. jason says:

    I think the NYT apologized for this already.

    “A tweet from the New York Times Opinion account Saturday said the image “was offensive, and it was an error in judgment to publish it.”

  318. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Several months ago less than a mile north of where I reside, a homeless male opened fire with an AR type weapon in a Chinese restaurant. Thankfully, the weapon jammed and he miraculously did not hit anyone.

  319. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    330. “was offensive, and it was an error in judgment to publish it.”

    The standard NYT excuse, given out when they publish something blatantly offense and get called on it.

  320. jason says:

    An AR-15 on average costs over $1000.. I guess the standard of living of the homeless are higher in CA….

  321. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    333. That is the price of a new one. Assume the homeless guy found one that was used junk.

  322. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Several months ago, person who lived on my block died. A relative found a AR type rifle, and called the police to take it away. Assume some people who just toss it in the trash.

  323. jason says:

    Dang, that’s a rich state.

    I guarantee you, nobody is going to find an AR-15 in the trash in PA.

  324. mnw says:

    The shooter is a Jew-hating, Muslim-hating anti-Trump (“He’s a Jew-lover & anti-white”) nut case, who stated he was inspired by the New Zealand mosque shooter.

  325. jason says:

    NOW he tell us…

    “The investigative reporter who broke the first news story based on information from Christopher Steele now says that he and others in the media should have had “more skepticism” about the former British spy’s infamous dossier.

    “I think it’s fair to say that all of us should have approached this, in retrospect, with more skepticism, particularly when we didn’t know where it was coming from,” Yahoo! News reporter Michael Isikoff told Vanity Fair.

    “It’s been surprising to me the degree to which some people have wanted to maintain that the dossier was checking out when, as far as I can tell, it hasn’t,” he added.”

  326. jason says:

    “It’s been surprising to me the degree to which some people have wanted to maintain that the dossier was checking out when, as far as I can tell, it hasn’t,” he added.”

    Actually, that is the one thing that is not surprising at all.

  327. jason says:

    Look at Messy.

    She thinks the dossier is “real”.

  328. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    336. “Dang, that’s a rich state. I guarantee you, nobody is going to find an AR-15 in the trash in PA.”

    Nice to know. But owning an AR-15 with a detachable magazine (which is a built in feature of almost all AR-15 rifles)is a felony in California, so tossing one you find in the trash might be a prudent choice, if you do not want law enforcement scrutiny in California.

  329. lisab says:

    But owning an AR-15 with a detachable magazine (which is a built in feature of almost all AR-15 rifles)is a felony in California,

    california must be really safe then

  330. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    342. “california must be really safe then”

    To be honest, it maybe safer with the restrictions on AR-15s. The individual in question with the AR-15 was a bit mentally unstable, and a lot of us questioned his having an AR-15. If we had known, we might have contacted the police about it.

    I own an AR-15, which I keep in Utah. In California I often advise people to not obtain a firearms without proper training. This includes a lot of time at a gun range. If you have grown up with firearms and are used to shooting them; its one thing, but unqualified people buying them creates a safety risk. The urban dwellers I know who decide to buy a gun often do not know enough about guns to own one. Unless you have had sufficient training, you should not own a firearm; end of story.

  331. mnw says:


    I bet you don’t know this. He made a hardcore gay porno film called, “The Sailor and the Marine.”

    Swear to God! I aint lyin’. Hope I’m not ruining one of your favorite ‘special’ dreams here.

  332. Tgca says:


  333. mnw says:

    Hi, Tg

    Since u r in Philly now, u r up awfully late.

  334. Tgca says:

    Yes! I could not sleep. Seeing if anyone wanted to discuss ABORTION.

  335. Bitterlaw says:

    SDC – You question whether a mentally unstable person should own an AR-15? Prepare to be labeled a gun grabbing leftist. It is the HHR way.

  336. Tina says:

    I also believed the dossier was real.


  337. jason says:

    To be honest, it maybe safer with the restrictions on AR-15s.”

    Puhhhhhease… safer from what exactly.

    There are probably 10 million AR-15s in the US and the fraction of them being used for mass shootings are infinitesimally small.

    Criminals, terrorists and kooks don’t care about restrictions, they only affect law abiding citizens.

    And gun safety training is always a good idea, but the “unqualified people” and “don’t know enough about guns to own one” sounds like something right out of the page of the 2nd Amendment haters, it makes guns look some kind of high tech mysterious sinister that can only be owned by some kind of highly trained military personnel.

    The Dems are not interested in “gun safety” they are interested in denying law abiding citizens from owning guns. That is the end of story.

  338. jason says:

    SDC – You question whether a mentally unstable person should own an AR-15?”


    Mentally unstable persons are already barred from owning guns.

    But of course the Dems definition of mentally unstable probably includes any person who wants to protect their families.

  339. jason says:

    And you don’t need a “lot of time of at the gun range” to own a gun.

    That is complete BS.

    And in any case, I bet law abiding gun owners like me spend a lot more time at a gun range than the criminals, terrorists and kooks do.

  340. jason says:

    I guarantee that the restriction on detachable magazines has not make one person in CA “safer” yet.

  341. Bitterlaw says:

    Look, Jason’s ma! We caught Jason.

  342. Wes says:

    I watched part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony last night. Stevie Nicks, The Cure, Radiohead, The Zombies, and Def Leppard—all solid acts—made it in.

    Years ago, Madonna—who is manifestly not rock but pop music—made it in.

    Meanwhile, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden—two of the most iconic rock/metal bands—are still NOT in the Hall.

    That’s just not right.

  343. lisab says:

    He made a hardcore gay porno film called, “The Sailor and the Marine.”

    Swear to God! I aint lyin’. Hope I’m not ruining one of your favorite ‘special’ dreams here.

    chuck connors was gay? he was certainly a man’s man … atletic, tall, a square jawline …

    but no we never dated … he was too old for me and i was with tom selleck.

  344. mnw says:


    I didn’t SAY he was gay. All I said was that he once made a hardcore gay porno flick. He may have done it because he was broke & hungry. I dunno.

    Btw, I think I do recall that u & Selleck were an item once, now that you mention it.

  345. Wes says:

    Richard Lugar has passed. RIP.

    Lugar first ran for Senate in 1974, losing a close race to Birch Bayh. Two years later, Lugar would unseat Vance Hartley in a landslide. Famously in 2012, he lost his primary to Dick Mourdock—about whom, the less said the better.

  346. Wes says:


    Damn autocorrect.

  347. lisab says:

    Btw, I think I do recall that u & Selleck were an item once, now that you mention it.

    i used to get home from catholic school at 3pm, in plaid skirt, knee socks and uniform

    guiding light was at 3 pm and then thomas would come over at 4 pm …

    we broke up when i went to college and my classes got in the way 🙁

  348. lisab says:

    however, now that i think about it …

    how do you know he was in a gay porn movie?

  349. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    To to put in a plug, the NRA has excellent online resources for gun safety training.

    I got my first rifle at about age 10, and was trained by my father and family members. Where I was at in Utah most kids (both male/female) were similarly trained. You need to be trained by an experienced person to safely use a gun, as you do to drive a car.

  350. Tina says:

    · 4h
    As my close personal friend @MZHemingway points out in this article, @joebiden lied on @TheView when claimed that he believed Anita Hill “from the beginning.” He said in 1998 that “she was lying.”

    Joe is disgusting in many ways. This is just one.

  351. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    362. “how do you know he was in a gay porn movie?”

    Chuck Connors had four children by three wives. Do not think anyone thinks he was “gay”. It was not uncommon in Hollywood for male actors to do porn movies to pay the rent, or where they believed it would further their careers. Males were exploited as badly as females in Hollywood by Weinstein types. The stories I have heard are pretty sleazy. A lot of them are coming out now.

  352. Tina says:

    Yikes, Gaffe lying?

    But in 1998, Biden admitted to Specter that “It was clear to me from the way she was answering the questions, [Hill] was lying” about a key part of her testimony. The exchange was published in Specter’s 2000 memoir, “Passion for Truth: From Finding JFK’s Single Bullet to Questioning Anita Hill to Impeaching Clinton.”

  353. mnw says:

    lisab & SDC:

    RE: Connors & gay porn movie:

    Playboy magazine had a never-ending series of feature articles called, “The History of Sex in Cinema.” It ran in the mag for YEARS! Anybody here old enough to remember the serie, btw?

    Playboy published screen captures of Connors in a grainy, gay, black & white stag flick titled, “The Sailor & the Marine.”

    I saw these myself, in Playboy. About, oh, 40 years ago. Connors issued a one-sentence statement saying, “That’s not me.” He refused to comment further, or answer any questions about the matter. But I saw the screen captures myself, & I’m here to tell you it WAS Connors. He looked to be about 19-20 years old.

  354. lisab says:

    soooooooooo … you are the one who read the articles in playboy?

  355. Tgca says:

    I saw the video short. Should I post a link? 🙂

    It looks very much like Connors but his rifle was a bit smaller. So unless he has a twin…

    Times have changed so who cares but in his day, it could have been a career killer. People do desperate things to eat when you’re starving. Could be worse. I was a traveling vacuum salesdude in college once. Lasted maybe 2 months. Hated it!

  356. Tgca says:

    I was too young to get Playboy subscription like MNW. Who needs it! You can see all the t*ts and @$$ you want on the Internet or in the public library if you know what books to look for.

  357. jason says:

    I think the sugar addicts like Tgca are the ones that need to worry about obesity.

  358. jason says:

    Supposedly the guy in the gay porn movie has a resemblance to Chuck Connors but was not him, considerably shorter (in height). There were other differences too that I prefer not to get into.

  359. jason says:

    “Congregation Chabad Shooting Suspect Refers To Trump As A ‘Zionist, Jew-Loving, Anti-White, Traitorous C**s***er’”

    I am sure Corey and Amoral Scumbag will still blame Trump, however.

  360. jason says:

    But I saw the screen captures myself, & I’m here to tell you it WAS Connors.”

    Fake news.

  361. mnw says:


    You are mistaken. There was no “resemblance” to it! Might help if u saw the screen captures. Btw, Michael Jackson wasn’t a pedophile, either. Just ask his family & friends.

    Now, I could care less whether Chuck was good for it. I never cared if he lived or died then or now. Still don’t.

  362. jason says:

    You care enough to be spreading this garbage.

    And of course comparing him to Michael Jackson is just character assassination, you are a real idiot.

    The guy in the movie was not 6’5″ and was not circumcised (evidently Connors was) so it was not him.

  363. jason says:

    Ok so it’s the opposite, Connors was circumcised not the other way around.

  364. jason says:

    Not circumcised, geezus.

  365. jason says:

    And btw, almost everyone that has seen the screen shots says its extremely grainy and you cannot really make out anyone for sure.

    Of course, mnw, who doesn’t care, is VERY sure.


  366. jason says:

    amously in 2012, he lost his primary to Dick Mourdock—about whom, the less said the better.”

    Oh, but the deadenders just LOVED Mourdock…

    Btw, what has happened to him?

    Such a great candidate, maybe he can run again for something.

    A little known fact about Mourdock, he beat Mayor Butt 62-38 in 2010 for State Treasurer.

  367. Tgca says:

    How does Jadon know Connors was cut?

    Where did Jadon see this proof?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  368. jason says:

    He wasn’t, that is the point.

    “Interestingly, the real Chuck Connors has a foreskin whereas this look-a-like did not.”

  369. jason says:

    There was no “resemblance” to it!”

    He looked to be about 19-20 years old.”

    Note that mnw can categorically say that he knows exactly what Chuck Connors looked like when he was 20 in a very grainy film.

    Yep, definitely enough to compare him to Michael Jackson.

  370. Tgca says:

    OMG! Jadon watches gay porn. No judgment though. Whatever floats your boat.

  371. jason says:

    mnw can have the last word on smearing Chuck Connors.

    I will move on to Lindsey Graham:

    “SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I’m not going to re-litigate it. I don’t know how clear I can be, Margaret. It’s over for me. He didn’t collude with the Russians, obstruction of justice in this situation is absurd. I fought hard as hell to make sure Mueller could do his job; I introduced legislation to make sure he couldn’t be fired. It’s over.”

  372. jason says:

    The gallery of famous “intact” men…

  373. Tgca says:

    Circumcision website? Now we know how Jadon spends his time on the Internet. Hmmm…would Mrs. Jadon approve. Certainly, SDC would.

  374. Tgca says:

    Oh no! Jewish Rabbi that survives Synagogue attack praises Trump. He said Trump was “exceedingly kind and sensitive” as well as “comforting and consoling” when they spoke on the phone.

    The MSM and Dems are going to go bonkers over this…as well as Cory. Clearly this Rabbi is a traitor to Jews.

  375. Tgca says:

    Whack job Ana Navarro writes a wonderfully endorsing article of Joe Biden asking Dems not to mess it up and to nominate Joe. She goes on and on about how great Joe is…but she still claims she’s a Republican that hopes Joe raises the Obama coalition to get elected POTUS. This just goes to show you how TDS is really a disease that impacts all reason and rationale. Joe Biden’s political beliefs and policies are the farthest thing from the GOP but Republican Navarro wants him to be the next POTUS to nominate SCOTUS justices and change the US.—-and-that-sounds-really-good-to-me-navarro/index.html

  376. Bitterlaw says:

    Damn. Debating whether Chuck Connors was circumcised and did gay p0rn?

    Gayest thread ever.

  377. sandiegocitizen says:

    391. Not to mention one of the creepiest threads ever. The individuals running the porn business are some of the most seedy people on the planet.

  378. Tgca says:


  379. Tgca says:

    I know it was a slow news weekend but do we really need another foreskin thread today?

    HHR just might show up in Google’s Top 10 trending gay sites soon.

  380. mnw says:


    I saw the photos from the movie published in Playboy. I don’t think anyone else here has. Either that’s Connors, or he has an identical twin brother. There are no other explanations. Period.

  381. Tgca says:

    I saw the short clip from Jadon’s personal gay porn collection. It definitely looks like Connors wth the face closeup showing what appears to be a younger Connors with the very defined jaw.

    Jadon is protective of all McCains.

  382. Tgca says:

    Enjoying my perfectly rounded egg whites with melted Gouda cheese and smothered in a cream Alfredo sauce garnished with fresh black pepper, basil, and oregano with just a smidgen of chipotle smoked red jalapeño seasoning. Yum!

    Now that’s a man’s breakfast that even Lucas McCain would go gunning for.

  383. jason says:

    You forgot to mention the glazed donut, oreo and marsmallow smoothie and the dozen shots of organic maple syrup.

  384. jason says:

    Who knew?

    Byron York:

    “Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed May 17, 2017. Twenty-two months later, on March 22, 2019, Mueller sent his report to the Justice Department.

    Some special counsel investigations have taken longer; it is the nature of such probes to drag on and on. But why did Mueller need nearly two years to determine whether the Trump campaign and Russia conspired or coordinated to fix the 2016 election?

    He didn’t, it appears. In the wake of the release of Mueller’s report, there are indications that special counsel prosecutors mostly knew by the end of 2017, and certainly by a few months later, that the evidence would not establish that conspiracy or coordination — or collusion, to use the popular term — had taken place. Mueller clearly spent a lot of time on the other half of his report — trying to establish that Trump obstructed justice — but on the most explosive and consequential allegation of the Trump-Russia affair, the conspiracy allegation, the Mueller investigation was essentially over long before it officially ended.”

  385. jason says:

    Trump finds out that when you get into bed with the AFL-CIO they actually expect sex.

  386. jason says:

    Jadon is protective of all McCains”


    The only “evidence” for smearing Chuck Connors is a poor quality grainy movie where most people who saw it state that while there is a vague resemblance to Connors, the individual in the movie is too short to be him. So given that, and nothing, else, I would certainly give Connors the benefit of the doubt. As pointed out at several sites, nobody who ever was involved with the movie or its release ever said it was Connors, and Connors denied it was him. That is good enough for me.

    In any event, mnw’s comparison of Connors with Michael Jackson just confirms that he is an complete idiot.

  387. Chicon says:

    Jason’s reaction to the Connors gay porn thing is like his reaction to the McCain criticism – emotional. What’s the connection between the cases?

  388. mnw says:


    At least I’m organized enough to file my taxes on time. I’m THAT kind of “complete idiot,”… unlike YOU, lameadz.

  389. mnw says:

    I tried to find the screen captures from Connors’ porn film– the one Playboy published in its “History of Sex In Cinema” series. I failed to do so. That photo would certainly settle the argument– for everyone but jason.

    However, during my unsuccessful Google search for the Playboy screen captures, I DID find full-frontal nude photos of Connors– striking beefcake poses, with his penis in plain view.

    Is it a great logical leap for jason to connect the full frontal nude photos which Connors admittedly posed for, to the stag flick Connors denied making?

    Know any “regular guys” who pose completely nude for beefcake photos? I never met one. (Connors’ photos are NOT ‘peek-a-boo’ photos, a la Burt Reynolds, btw.)

  390. Tgca says:

    Jadon is anyone involved in the movie even still alive?

    Would you be so upset if his character name was Lucas McCoy instead of McCain?

    I don’t personally care but like SDC stated earlier, it is not unusual for folks in the arts to have chosen “Extra” work to survive during tough times. Nothing to be ashamed of there. I would certainly understand if you resorted to such means if you’re llama farming failed and your Amish neighbors would not lend a helping hand. Maybe Cory or Robbie would take you in. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

  391. jason says:

    Ahh, the goalposts have moved. Now Connors is a gay porn star because he made a nude photo?


  392. mnw says:

    This is all lisab’s fault! She started it!

  393. Tgca says:


    The character name in the Rifleman is Lucas McCain. I’m thinking my friend Jadon has a fatherly protective instinct for all things named McCain. I could be wrong though. Maybe he was just a Rifleman fan. I do not think less of Connors if it was indeed him.

    I do not remember him protesting as much when LisaB found irrefutable evidence of Marco attending foam parties,

  394. jason says:

    You bastards better not say anything bad about the USS John S. McCain.

  395. mnw says:

    I didn’t move the goalposts at all, jason. I saw the Playboy photo of him, & you didn’t. Straw man much?

    I’m saying it’s Connors BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE MY LYING EYES, instead of your second-hand bullzh*t.

    Now… go work on your delinquent taxes.

  396. jason says:

    What did Corey call Trump, David Duke lite?

    “The rabbi injured in the California synagogue shooting on Saturday said he found comfort in a personal call from President Donald Trump.

    Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of Chabad in Poway described the 10- to 15-minute conversation with Trump as meaningful.

    “He was just so comforting,” Goldstein said at a press conference Sunday afternoon. “I’m really grateful to our president for taking the time and making that effort to share with us his comfort and consolation.”

    Goldstein, 57, said he received the call at home and was amazed to hear the White House secretary on the line. It was his first conversation with a U.S. president, he said.

    “He shared with me condolences on behalf of the United States of America,” Goldstein said of Trump’s call. “We spoke about the moment of silence. And he spoke about his love of peace and Judaism and Israel.”

  397. Tgca says:

    Geez! I must be living in the Twilight Zone. HHR is becoming a full-fledged gay information site. Between Bitter offering the latest fashion tips on sweaters and the best flower shows to attend, and MNW and Jadon googling gay porn and penis pics, I’m not sure anyone needs Perez Hilton any more.

    I am so proud to see how far and EVOLVED HHR has become the last 15 years. I would like to think I had a bit of influence being the original HHR gay mascot.

    *tear trickles down eye*

  398. jason says:

    I didn’t move the goalposts at all, jason.”

    Right, it was Tgca that moved them with the “nude photo” BS.

    By comparing Chuck Connors to Michael Jackson, you just showed that you are an idiot and a moron.


    And btw, my taxes are not considered delinquent, you are allowed an extension to October 15th.

    GFY again.

  399. jason says:

    I am so happy for Tgca, the original gay mascot, who has found a loving home here at HHR.

    Not surprising either, because as Corey said, I just want to get along with everybody.

    Now if he can just junk the sugar habit, could be on his way to nirvana.

  400. Bitterlaw says:

    WTF has happened to HHR? mnw is spending his retirement researching Chuck Connor’s manhood. Tgca is trying to make a starvation diet sound good. DW no longer gives us updates on Biblical archaeology. Phil guaranteed Kampala Harris was going to be the Democrats’ nominee but she may not even win her own state’s primary.

  401. jason says:

    I want to thank Chicon for bringing up the name of great American hero, patriot and public servant John McCain.

    It’s always good to remember our heroes, and John McCain, who sacrificed so much for his country, certainly deserves it.

    War hero, POW, and elected 6 times in a row to the senate to represent his constituents in Arizona I am glad Chicon will not let his name be forgotten.

  402. jason says:

    Bitter, we can be comforted that during our time in office we ran a tight ship.

    Nothing is forever.

  403. jason says:

    Oh wait, I think in the same post that Corey said I just want to get along with everybody he said I stopped defending John McCain long ago.

    I take it all back. mnw’s comparison of Chuck Connors with Michael Jackson, was fair, accurate and honest.

    Tgca is right, if you take a nude picture, it automatically makes you gay.

    And Chicon is right, McCain’s service to his country means nothing, did you see his vote on Obamacare?

  404. Bitterlaw says:

    The Bitterlaw/Jason Administration was the Golden Era of HHR:

    We had more regular posters and better quality trolls.

    MD was a capitalist and a conservative.

    Although EML was a harsh critic of food, at least he ate food. Tgca makes me ill and I barely eat.

    This place was filled with A-holes and Old Bastards.

    More women posted here than before or after our Administration.

    Dave ran a March Madness pool.

    I blame Governor Mr. Vito for the current state of HHR. He had no backbone.

  405. jason says:

    Brings tears to my eyes.

    I would propose we all chip in for a bronze statue of Bitter/jason and appropriate commemorative plaque to be displayed in Dave’s living room, but that might be a little self serving.

    I am sure someone will second the motion however.

  406. DW says:

    Yes, but the Mr. Vito/DW administration is the only one that reduced the size of government by eliminating the HHR government.

    “DW no longer gives us updates on Biblical archaeology”

    I used to give updates on Biblical Archeology? Who knew?

  407. mnw says:

    In non-gay news today…

    The top-level China trade talks resume tomorrow. Mnuchin said today that the “talks are in their final laps.”

    RAS is 48/49 today, & -5.

  408. Tgca says:

    I never originated any discussion about Connors. I just commented on there was a gay porn available on line to see after others here brought it up.

    I’m not judging MNW and Jadon for spending their spare time googling pics and stories on foreskin and penises. Whatever floats your boat. I’ll stick to googling topics on politics myself.

  409. Tgca says:

    …and Bitter is just being bitter over my fabulously tasty and healthy meals because his wife gives him soda and twinkies for breakfast because she’s too busy as a career woman and has an excellent life insurance policy on him.

  410. mnw says:


    Poor lisab started the Conners thing rolling last night.

    Here’s a summary of the newly released govt inflation report. This is very complex, so pay close attention:

    There isn’t any.

  411. Wes says:

    I wonder which would be a more painful suicide: drinking bleach or eating what Tgca likes.

  412. jason says:

    Go for the bleach, a lot faster.

    Tgca’s diet would be drawn out torture before you finally succumb.

  413. Bitterlaw says:

    DW – Maybe it Biblical texts and early Christian writing. Or it was SoHope. It was something.

  414. jason says:

    I used to give updates on Biblical Archeology? Who knew?”

    I came for DW’s Amharic lessons.

  415. jason says:

    It’s not as if she would win anyway.”

    Oh, she would definitely win.

    She just wouldn’t take office.

  416. Tgca says:

    GFY Wes

    Just because we are HHR buddies does not mean you can insult my fabulously tasty and healthy diet.

    Fresh squeezed lime on Avocados with spices galore
    Melted Gouda on eggs smothered with cream sauce
    Arugula and olive oil mixed with cranberries and nuts
    Broccoli and cauliflower mixed with cream sauce and pepper
    These are a few of my favorite foods

    Sweet potatoes dipped with chipotle hot sauce
    Beyond Meat burgers with melted havarti cheese
    Blueberries and strawberries and raspberries too
    Green teas and white teas with a dash of organic maple syrup
    These are a few of my favorite foods

  417. jason says:

    One of the other potential candidates for Senate is promising to fight for “doctors.

    In a series of tweets, Jordan said this year’s legislative session taught her that “we need more leaders in the General Assembly who are willing to fight for women, children, teachers, & doctors.”

  418. Tgca says:

    I’ll have you jealous b*tches know I pee on Ketone Strips and it shows I am in moderate ketosis state which is my goal so that proves y’all just making up fake chit about my diet which is low carb. Now I’m off to Dunkin Donuts for lunch! Humph!

  419. jason says:

    Some of my favorite foods:

    Slab bacon
    Prime Rib
    Lamb Chops
    Rib Eye
    Wild Goose (and Grey)
    Veal Chops
    Llama loin

  420. jason says:

    Beyond Meat burgers”

    Poor bastard.

  421. Bitterlaw says:

    Ketosis? Zzzzzzz. You have a working pancreas. Big deal.

    If you go into Ketoacidosis, you may die.

  422. Tgca says:

    New thread losahs!