Biden Doubles Up On Sanders in NH, Trump Crushing Hogan in MD

Monmouth University has put out a new poll for the Democratic primary race in New Hampshire that shows Joe Biden doubling up on Bernie Sanders in the one early state that Sanders probably has to win if he hopes to keep up with Biden in the primary contest. If Sanders can’t prevail in his neighboring state of New Hampshire he is likely toast.

Joe Biden 36%
Bernie Sanders 18%
Pete Buttigieg 9%
Elizabeth Warren 8%
Kamala Harris 6%
Cory Booker 2%
Amy Klobuchar 2%
Beto O’Rourke 2%
John Hickenlooper 1%
Tim Ryan 1%
Andrew Yang 1%
Steve Bullock <1%
John Delaney <1%
Tulsi Gabbard <1%
Kirsten Gillibrand <1%
Marianne Williamson <1%
Michael Bennet 0%
Julián Castro 0%
Bill de Blasio 0%
Mike Gravel 0%
Jay Inslee 0%
Wayne Messam 0%
Seth Moulton 0%
Eric Swalwell 0%

This poll was done May 2-7 among 376 likely primary voters. Meanwhile on the Republican side, Gonzales Research released some results of poll that they did for my home state of Maryland and it shows I am firmly in agreement with 24% of my fellow Republicans in supporting Larry Hogan over Donald Trump.

Donald Trump (inc) 68%
Larry Hogan 24%

Hogan’s job approval rating in Maryland still stands at a staggering 76% among all voters while Trump only is at 39% approving of his job. Yet more Republicans still believe following Donald Trump instead of Larry Hogan is the best course of action to winning in Maryland even after getting basically wiped out in the 2018 elections at every level below Hogan. Just absolutely mind boggling and suicidal and likely to never change. This poll was done April 29-May 4.

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  1. GF says:

    The goal may be to win nationally, not just in MD.


  2. Wes says:

    In a new poll, Biden leads Trump by 5 in AZ while Trump leads all other Dems by 6 or 9.

    I know AZ has perennially been a nominally competitive state on the presidential level for decades though Dems have carried once only narrowly—in 1996—since the Truman Administration.

    However, we have actual data points going back to 2016 indicating Trump is weak in the Grand Canyon State:

    1) In 2016, Trump narrowly eked out a victory over Hillary, having the worst showing for any GOP presidential candidate there since Dole lost it to Clinton in 1996.

    2) In 2018, Dems had their best election in AZ in decades, gaining control of the AZCD, sharply reducing GOP margins in the legislature, and picking up statewide offices offices including a Senator for the first time since 1988.

    Since AZ became a state in 1912, Republicans have won the presidency without carrying the state exactly zero times. Thus, if Biden does become the Dem nominee and make AZ genuinely antipathetic to a Trump second term, that’s a likely portentous sign for the Donald’s re-election prospects.

  3. Dylan says:

    AZ is the new OH?

  4. mnw says:


    No surprise. Behold the wonders of population replacement, via illegal immigration.

    I’m familiar with this storyline, because I’ve seen “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

  5. dblaikie says:

    The poll in Arizona is intriguing. I’m not going to trash it. I am not going to dismiss it as bogus. Those days for me ended in2 2018. But I will say it means nothing. Wes did not tell us who produced this poll and if was of registered voters or just adults. The big question for me from now on is the question of motivation. Was the poll commissioned to give an accurate picture or was the purpose to drive a narrative. Until that is answered all polls are intriguing for me.

  6. jason says:

    Dave, I think MD R voters don’t think Hogan is going to be the nominee so that is why they prefer Trump.

    I do think Hogan would do better than Trump in MD but the respondents are picking a candidate for the GE, not to win MD.

  7. jason says:

    I have a feeling Biden does better in polls of all Dems than he will actually do with primary voters, who tend to be more to the left.

  8. Wes says:

    Polling indicates Dems are less worried about ideology than electability, Jason:

  9. Wes says:

    Here’s as much info as I have about the poll, DB:

    Arizona poll by Predictive Insights of H2H for Pres from RCP website (May1-2, 600LV):
    Trump vs:
    Biden – Bi+5
    Sanders Tr +9
    Warren Tr +5
    Harris Tr +9
    Buttigieg Tr+9
    Beto Tr+6

  10. Phil says:


    What the hell is wrong with Burr??

  11. dblaikie says:

    Thanks Wes. Predictive Insights is one of those companies that certainly can produce an accurate picture. But it is also one of those folks who will for the money craft a poll whose purpose is to drive a narrative.

    This is just a guess on my part, or perhaps a theory. Right now the Biden camp wants to paint a picture that they are the only folks who can beat Trump — that he is the guy who can kill the king. This poll certainly helps with that narrative. If another Arizona poll comes out and confirms this one, well then I would have to say it is an accurate picture of this moment in time and right now Arizona is in play. However if the next poll differs, then I will go with my theory.

  12. jason says:

    Polling indicates Dems are less worried about ideology than electability, Jason”

    You missed the point, which was that those more concerned with electability are probably less likely than those concerned with ideology in the primaries.

    You see this on the GOP side too, btw, which is the reason deadenders get nominated.

  13. jason says:

    Huh, less likely to vote…

  14. jason says:

    Biden on paper is the best the Dems have. Electability is a good argument, so is experience and so is the undeserved “blue collar” mantra. As the fake R Navarro says, he is more “normal” than the other candidates. He also has pretty much a lock on the black vote in the South, good for a lot of delegates in the Dem primaries.

    But he is also extremely high risk. He will be 78 in 2020, is gaffe prone and a ticking time bomb as far as other revelations of his creepy behavior. He has by far the most baggage too. He could self destruct in a nano-second at the worst time, which would be after he is nominated.

    Like Jeb Bush in 2016, he is not going to be anointed the nominee, and looking good on paper now will not help him in the primaries later. If someone draws blood from him, the sharks will close in fast.

    At the moment I classify him as high risk/high reward.

  15. jason says:

    Has Burr said anything publicly about the subpoena?

    I have a feeling he didn’t think it would have this kind of repercussion.

  16. NYCmike says:

    “You see this on the GOP side too, btw, which is the reason deadenders get nominated.”

    -“Yet more Republicans still believe following Donald Trump instead of Larry Hogan is the best course of action to winning in Maryland even after getting basically wiped out in the 2018 elections at every level below Hogan. Just absolutely mind boggling and suicidal and likely to never change.”

    When was the last time a Republican won the state of Maryland?

  17. NYCmike says:

    CARTER in 1980.

    Reagan in 1984.
    Bush in 1988.

    Clinton in 1992.
    ALL Democrats since then.

    -But Dave Wissing thinks MD primary voters should pick Larry Hogan to run nationally, because he might potentially put Maryland in play!

  18. NYCmike says:

    ANY Democrat can win. Trump proved that in 2016.

    (that was for jason, scooter and Bitterlaw) 🙂

  19. dblaikie says:

    For Maryland Hogan is a great Governor. He should be content.

  20. Phil says:

    Burr is a joke. He wants Don Jr to testify again? For what purpose exactly? They have the report. The guy has already testified for nearly 20 hours total.

    That’s right, Senator. That’s what the people in America want, more circus.

    It’s over. Who is the committee chairman here, Senator? You or Warner?

    How stupid can you get?

  21. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Biden having just announced is now in his “honeymoon” period. For Democrats he is the first major candidate running who does not come across as a raving leftist. If not announcing until the other candidates had time to discredit themselves was part of a campaign strategy; it was brilliant.

    Biden’s poll numbers will begin to fall once the newness wears off. The big question is how the leftists will react if Biden becomes the nominee. Could see the hard core leftist splinter faction supporting a third party candidate. Know a lot of hard core leftists who will not under any circumstance support Biden.

  22. Chicon says:

    Burr is an embarrassment to North Carolina. What’s his deal, Wes?

  23. mnw says:

    21 SDC

    I agree with all of that.

    Also, ponder this: Zero had an unusually high level of AA support, and he ALSO enjoyed an unusually high AA turnout. Hillary had neither. Is Biden more like Zero or Hillary?

    Will AAs turn out for Biden at normal levels, or really high levels?

  24. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Yet more Republicans still believe following Donald Trump instead of Larry Hogan is the best course of action to winning in Maryland even after getting basically wiped out in the 2018 elections at every level below Hogan. Just absolutely mind boggling and suicidal and likely to never change.”

    Respectfully have to disagree with this statement at the top of the thread. I live on the opposite side of the country, so this is just a a hunch — it might be the majority of Maryland Republicans feel re-electing Trump is in the best interest of the entire nation, even if he does not carry Maryland.

  25. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Here is the Democrat the DC Democrats think will defeat Thom Tillis(R) in next year’s NC Senate race.
    I have never heard of her. What say you?

  26. Wes says:

    To all those asking me about the Don, Jr, subpoena, I have no idea why Burr allowed it. It really makes no sense. That’s all I can say.

  27. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    23. mnw, I agree with you.

    Also, when I talk to millennial voters they readily admit the economy is doing excellent under Trump. Add that to their dislike of Biden, and they may not turn out. Younger voters are already notorious for low turnout, unless a candidate like Sander motivates them.

    Plus, at 78 age, Biden may come off the wall more than usual. I thought he came across oddly in his debate with Paul Ryan. Sadly, Ryan just stood and said nothing. He looked like he had swallowed a bug.

  28. Wes says:

    Cowell served on the Council of State for eight years, Sheep. She wasn’t really an electoral powerhouse and already declined a Senate run in 2016. She’s a B-list candidate at best. That every high-profile Dem has bowed out while Schumer has to court someone who last ran for a low-profile office nearly a decade ago tells me Dems aren’t eager to take on Tillis.

  29. Wes says:

    Dave headlined this thread with a bizarre statement. Hogan wouldn’t carry MD and has no shot at ousting Trump in the primary.

  30. Wes says:

    Biden is like the Dems’ Trump:

    He has won despite his loose cannon of a mouth. A race between them will be painful to watch as both try to compete for most ridiculous statements.

  31. NYCmike says:

    “Biden is like the Dems’ Trump:

    He has won despite his loose cannon of a mouth.”

    -Biden has been protected by the media in regard to “his loose cannon of a mouth”.

  32. jason says:

    I think what Dave meant was he is surprised more MD Rs wouldn’t pick Hogan over Trump, I don’t think he meant Hogan would carry MD.

  33. jason says:

    So Steele told the FBI operatives were being paid out of the Russian consulate in Miami.

    There isn’t one.

  34. Wes says:

    The spin is so strong in this editorial I wonder if I should throw my laundry into it:

  35. jason says:

    Frankly I prefer the Dems nominate someone like Harris or Warren or Booker or Beto than Biden or Mayor Butt.

    But of course, I wanted the Dems to nominate Obama rather than Hillary in 2008 so there is that.

  36. Wes says:

    Mikey, I saw “Stand up, Chuck!” replayed dozens of times in 2008. He wasn’t protected. People just dismissed it as “Joe being Joe.”

  37. NYCmike says:

    “People just dismissed it as “Joe being Joe.”

    -That IS being protected.

    Did they ever say “That’s Dubya being Dubya”?

    NO, they did NOT.

  38. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    30. “He has won despite his loose cannon of a mouth. A race between them will be painful to watch as both try to compete for most ridiculous statements.”

    A Trump/Biden debate would have enormous entertainment value. Everyone could keep score cards of who makes the craziest comments. Half way through, Sanders should be allowed to storm the stage and denounce both as capitalist stooges.

  39. Wes says:

    Both sides of the scorecard would fill up before the five-minute mark, SDC.

  40. Tgca says:

    Cuarenta Bebe! Cuarenta!

  41. Phil says:


    Wes, after Beto came up short running his campaign from the left for the Tx senate seat Chuckie has convinced Texas Democrats to go back to running a fake moderate. You know the drill. Nominate a leftist who has served in the military to gain cover for her liberalism. This one is a real peach – two tours in Afganastan, purple heart, spouting “don’t try and take my gun” and Schumer “doesn’t tell me how to vote” BS. Yeah, riiiiight.

    I give her a shot while Castro had no shot at all. The money will pour in for her from Hollywood and all of Beto’s sources. It already has. Cornyn should win but he will have his hands full.

  42. Tgca says:

    Just had a Beyond Burger with melted havarti cheese garnished with chili and black pepper for a total of like 350 calories of protein and fat and no carbs. Aye un papi!

    I’m cutting calories because I made a pig of myself after my 2 hard boiled egg lunch when I had a small cupcake later at a work celebration. I feel so fat now! That cupcake was like 200 calories. I’m never gonna get down to my ideal summer weight of 107 pounds at this pace and fit into my mankini.

  43. Tina says:

    Senator Tillis has come out against Burr and the corrupt SSIC.

    Trump jr was promised only one time testifying to SSIC, which he did ore mukehead.

    Mulehead has rendered a decision, yet the most corrupt committee in congress (controlled by Rs) continues.

  44. Wes says:

    Phil, That Democrat couldn’t win in Trump’s midterm with the TXGOP not turning out because Cruz is unlikable showboater who has a Schumer-like tendency to grate on literally everyone. (The one time I met Schumer, I wanted to punch the teeth right out of his smug little rat-face.)

    I don’t see how Cornyn is remotely in danger even against her even with her faux moderation.

    Ron Kirk tried the same thing sans the military credentials in 2002. It got him a grand total of 43% of the vote.

  45. Tina says:

    If Mitchie meant business, he would strip Burr of his assignment. This is a slap in mitchies face btw.

    Anyway, trump would be smart to reject the subpoena.

    Phuq the decepticons.

  46. Tina says:

    Gaffe with another error today.

    Give illegals healhcare, plus free tuition, welfare, etc.

  47. Tina says:

    Senator Thom Tillis
    · 9h
    I agree with Leader McConnell: this case is closed. The Mueller Report cleared @DonaldJTrumpJr and he’s already spent 27 hours testifying before Congress. Dems have made it clear this is all about politics. It’s time to move on & start focusing on issues that matter to Americans. (link:…

  48. Phil says:

    I’m not saying she will win, Wes. Your point about the unlikability of Cruz is well taken. That is what separates this race from the Beto race, no doubt. Cornyn is not flashy but he’s not in any way hated like Cruz was.

    As far as Kirk goes in 2002, he wasn’t a war hero like this one. He got favorable coverage alright, but this one will get fawning coverage ala Beto. She will also have much more money than Kirk ever had. Kirk also had to contend with a governor’s race at the top of the ballot where Perry blew out his Democratic opponent by almost twenty points.

    Cornyn wins but it will be by three or four points. I’ll take it.

  49. Tina says:


    Sessions may run for Alabama Senate sweat.

  50. lisab says:

    i think biden is the dems best shot right now …

    but i think he is now the underdog


    beyond girl-gate

    he looks tired already. i mean he has lost a few steps since 2012. i think he is just too old

  51. lisab says:

    i would give trump a slight edge over biden, maybe 51-49, whereas i had biden as a 3-2 favorite before

  52. lisab says:

    i think bernie has sharper elbows this time and the lefties could take biden out.

    mayor butt may be better than biden

  53. lisab says:

    hillary was up twice as much as biden over trump at this point

  54. Wes says:

    Hillary was also an unlikable, elitist hag who assumed she had the race won. Biden has never been known for assuming victory early.

  55. Wes says:

    To sit, when Biden won his sixth Senate term with under 60% of the vote for the first time since 1978 and lost two of DE’s counties, he immediately began making appeals to voters in southern DE. Six years later, despite scarcely campaigning for his seat because of preoccupation with the national race, he attracted no strong GOP opposition and routed Christine O’Donnell (yes, that Christine O’Donnell) by a 65-35 margin, this time carrying all three counties in the state.

  56. Wes says:

    Tina, if Sessions runs, he’ll probably clear the field and an instacall victory against Jones.

    Even if Sessions doesn’t run, Jones is as doomed as the hero in a Saw movie.

  57. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    42. “I’m never gonna get down to my ideal summer weight of 107 pounds.”

    Yikes! Unless your a munchkin, you could use a little more lean body mass. Time to hit the gym.

  58. lisab says:

    i thought biden was a favourite

    as i have said several times in the past year

    but he looks bad … he is not what he was

    his coal miner’s son speech was better than his campaign opening speech

    i think it is a coin flip, but i think trump has heads

  59. Phil says:

    Biden is the strongest Democrat vs Trump. I don’t think many will dispute that.

    That said, free healthcare for illegals (or undocumented migrants as Biden prefers to label them) is not a winning message with swing voters. Sorry, it plays ok in Hollywood fundraisers but that isn’t going to get Joe elected. Working class whites are supposed to be the big reason Biden should be nominated. Joe is undercutting his support with those crucial voters with this one. In fact, i’ll Go so far as to say it is going be a drag on even Latino voters who are here legally and won’t be happy subsidizing the undocumented here illegally. Just because they are Hispanic doesn’t mean they want to pay for it with their tax dollars.

    Just build more clinic, eh Joe? Good luck with that one.

  60. lisab says:

    now if

    biden had no competition,

    i would give biden the edge

  61. lisab says:

    for the nomination i mean

  62. Phil says:

    Just build more clinics… Good one, Joe.

    Free health care for the world! It’s all on us. Come one. Come all!

  63. Bitterlaw says:

    Since I never vote for challengers over incumbents in primaries, I can understand MD voters.

    Hogan in 2024? Sure. I would consider it. Because Trump has no core ideology, there is no Trumpism. Whether Trump wins or loses in 2020, there is no Trump heir in 2024.

  64. mnw says:

    Prior to Trump winning the Presidency, the WSJ, for at least 15 years, routinely & frequently described immigration issues as “political fool’s gold.”

    I would prefer that we had achieved a bipartisan consensus to curtail mass illegal immigration, but we didn’t. Now… here we are.

    Living in Realville as I do, I think public frustration with illegal immigration is REAL gold, not fool’s gold, for Trump in 2020. That is so, because the DEMs will not address the problem– & Biden is going to be an LST (large slow target) on this issue if he’s nominated.

  65. Wes says:

    Cornyn, Collins, and Thune are RINOs now.


    I can understand criticizing them, but calling them RINOs?

    That’s just amazing.

    It just goes to show in the Trump era, fealty to Trump is the measure of real Republicans.

    I don’t support what Burr did, and I don’t defend it. I refuse to claim three Republican Senators who’ve been there for the party for decades are RINOs though.

    Clearly the authors would rather have Ron Kirk, Tom Allen, and Tom Daschle occupy those seats.

  66. Tina says:

    Underground sources aka SPIES.

    Yes, totally “reasonable” for fib to target a presidential campaign. /s

    Tom Elliott
    · 2h
    .@Comey: “Reasonable,” “totally normal step” to plant undercover sources in a political campaign

  67. Wes says:

    Personally I think Obama-Trump voters are an overstated segment of the electorate, but if this is accurate, Trump is going to be in trouble next year:

  68. Tina says:

    Even Drat Chris Commie Coons is confused by Burrs subpoena. Well past time for Mitchie to be stripping committee assignments. We cannot have Flakey 2.0 and more years of this sheot show.

    May 9, 2019 at 10:06 pm “We hear about the subpoena from the Senate Intel committee today for Donald Trump Jr. to come back,” Henry said. “Robert Mueller talked to him. He has talked to the Senate Judiciary Committee that you serve on, and at the end of the day, Robert Mueller did not indict Donald Trump Jr. So why is the Senate still wanting to hear from him?”

  69. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – Tina is nota a Republican. Somehow, she gets to decide who is a RINO.

    I love this place.

  70. Bitterlaw says:

    I do not believe Trump did anything wrong. I do not believe there was collusion or obstruction of justice by Trump or his team. Spying on his campaign was wrong.

    Having said that, what should Obama or any President do if there was credible evidence of crime or treason in a campaign? Let it slide? Wait until after the election? I do not have an answer and am interested in a serious discussion. Of course, the “Bitter is a RINO /Jebot/troll posts” are incoming in 3…2…1…

  71. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    72. “Having said that, what should Obama or any President do if there was credible evidence of crime or treason in a campaign? Let it slide?”

    Your opening up a real pandora’s box if a sitting president can order the investigation of the opposing party’s candidate based on his suspicion of crime or treason. There needs to be an independent government agency that is not involved in politics to do that sort of investigation — normally it would be the FBI. But in 2016 the FBI director Comey became a complete political hack, with disastrous results.

    Victor Davis Hanson explained it well in sordid detail in his article: “Hillary’s Sure Victory Explains Most Everything.”

  72. Ron N says:

    I don’t think the investigation was not called for it’s how they used the dossier, spied, and leaked damaging information that I have a problem with. Flynn did nothing wrong talking with the Russians they were going to come into office and if they were going to change policy so what that’s there choice. Leaking his transcript was wrong and setting him up. But there are so many things that went wrong during the investigation.

  73. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    72. Hanson points out that Obama was not exactly open about his own conduct during the 2016 campaign:

    “And Barack Obama? We now know that he himself used an alias to communicate at least 20 times with Hillary on her private, non-secure gmail account. But Obama lied on national TV, saying he learned of Hillary’s illegal server only when the rest of the nation did, by reading the news. Would he have dared to lie so publicly if he’d assumed that Trump’s presidency was imminent? Would he ever have allowed his subordinates to use the dossier to obtain FISA warrants and pass around and unmask the resulting surveillance transcripts if he’d seen Trump as the likely winner and a potentially angered president with powers to reinvestigate all these illegal acts?”

  74. Tgca says:


    Woke up unexpectedly.


    Ok. Back to sleep I go.

  75. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Republican pollster Ed Goeas said Thursday that President Trump could drive up his approval rates and win his reelection in 2020 by a wide margin if he just talked about the economy during his campaign.

    “If you look at his overall job approval, that includes everything. That includes him on issues, politics, and personality, and that’s where you get into low 40s or mid 40s. If you ask specifically, job approval on the economy, on taxes, on jobs, he is in the high 50s, ” Goeas said on Hill.TV’s What America’s Thinking.”

    Wish advice; but ain’t going to happen.

  76. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks, SDC. A serious response.

  77. Wes says:

    Latest corruption update from the Sewer State. This time a Democrat is actually doing something right. (That won’t last long.)

    Phil Murphy is targeting sweetheart deals benefiting George Norcross. Naturally Norcross is retaliating:

  78. dblaikie says:

    James Comey is flopping around like a fish on land. His over the top comments reveal a sense of desperation. Instead he should be spending his time looking for a lawyer. When he signed the first fisa warrant knowing that the dossier was tainted and paid for by the Clinton campaign he cooked his own goose.

  79. Tina says:

    Yeah, trump never talk about the economy, goeas. Never ever, even though he tweets about it and makes reference at events and during his press gatherings,

    Goes used to have the reputable portrait of America’s poll with ms. Lake.

    Wonder what happened,

  80. Tina says:

    Uni party sticks together.

    Victoria Toensing
    Is @SenatorBurr going to subpoena @HunterBiden to find out how much $$$ he received from Burisma, the Ukrainian company Daddy Joe put him on Board while Veep? Or how much $$$ Hunter received from his Chinese investment company, Bohai Harvest?

    4:54 AM – May 10, 2019

  81. Tina says:

    Senator Burr will need to subpoena himself to explain why for years, his senior staffer, James Wolfe, the head of security for the very corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee, leaked classified information to a reporter. Re

    I would love to hear what the chairman and his colleagues on the committee have to say about that and other yet unexplained leaks attributed to his committee and why Frankenstein had a Chinese spy for years.

  82. Phil says:

    Free healthcare for illegals.

    You go, Joe!

  83. Phil says:

    Well, Tina, Burr seems to have gone underground and isn’t saying anything. Probably just going to let Warner, the real chairman, do all the talking.

  84. jason says:

    “Bitter is a RINO /Jebot/troll posts”


    No points if you ask for them.

    It’s in Book V Regulation 134 Paragraph 2-A Line 145 of the A-hole Manual.

  85. jason says:

    Cornyn, Collins, and Thune are RINOs now.”

    I wonder who that last true 100% litmus tested pure unadulterated genuine conservative will turn off the lights?

  86. jason says:

    Huh, I guess I shouldn’t have had corned beef hash, bacon, AND country sausage for breakfast..too much to digest and think at the same time.

    That sentence should have ended with “will be”.

  87. jason says:

    Having said that, what should Obama or any President do if there was credible evidence of crime or treason in a campaign?”

    I don’t know exactly. It would depend on how credible is credible.

    But I can tell you what should NOT be done.

    Turn it over to a bunch of partisan hacks with a political agenda using fake news and information.

  88. jason says:

    lisab says:
    May 9, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    i thought biden was a favourite”


    Uh, oh, lisab could be a Brit troll.

    You just can’t trust anyone these days.

  89. Tina says:

    Phil, I defended burr long enough, even though he let Warner take control of the committee. This subpoena is a bridge too far.

    Tillis said that Donnie testifies for 27 hours,

    Plus F. Mulehead already looked into this.

  90. Tina says:

    Remember, comedy and company denied spying.

    Now, spying on a presidential campaign is reasonable.

    Tom Elliott
    · 12h
    .@Comey: “Reasonable,” “totally normal step” to plant undercover sources in a political campaign

  91. Tina says:

    I am not understanding why comedy would be doing a town hall on cn and n.

  92. Phil says:

    So, let’s add free healthcare to the list of free stuff that we already provide to our “guests” from South of the border. Free public education at 9k per student per year and of course food stamps for the kiddos are already on the books. Our guests have to eat. Illegal immigration is an “act of love” and we must return the favor.

    Wait a minute, Joe. What about providing housing? These poor folks need a roof over their heads. Don’t stop there, baby. How about free college tuition for those that want it? Hell, give each family a car. Blue states already give them drivers licences. Does it make sense to do that if these “hard working immigrants without paper” have nothing to drive? Hell, no.

    Dig deeper American workers. Remember, compassion, baby.

  93. Tina says:

    Hewitt slams national retreats Goldberg:

    Jack Posobiec ?? Retweeted

    Hugh Hewitt
    We disagree strongly.
    is a private citizen who has been before Committee and SC for long hours. Both SC and Committee have said “No collusion.” Over is over, and I was one who always urged leaving SC Mueller alone. This is about civil liberties at this point.
    Quote Tweet

    Jonah Goldberg
    · 2h
    Replying to @hughhewitt
    I have zero problem with Burr

  94. Tina says:

    The Rinos, like Goldberg, hate civil liberties, but they sure love their endless wars.

  95. jason says:

    New definition on what constitutes a personal tragedy?

    COOPER: So do you acknowledge that this whole episode with Strzok and Page, that it damaged the reputation of the FBI and perhaps tarnished the investigation?

    COMEY: Definitely. Yeah, very painful. It was important that it be investigated and important that there be discipline that follows it, but, yeah, it made us all look bad. Peter Strzok is a very talented agent. It’s a personal tragedy for him. But as much as I care about individuals, I care about the institution more. It hurt the institution.”

  96. jason says:

    Frankly, I think the Burr thing is being over-hyped.

    It’s just a subpoena, we don’t even know why it was issued, everyone is acting like Don Jr. is facing a death sentence.

    Calling Burr a RINO for it is asinine in my opinion.

  97. Chicon says:

    Not sure I’d call Burr a Rino, but I would call him a weasel.

  98. Chicon says:

    99 – doom is right around the corner.

  99. Tina says:

    This guy was comedy’s press agent at fib. A basic circus clown. Comedy’s statement makes no sense. And again why is he doing a cn and n town hall?

    Josh Campbell
    · 13h
    Former FBI Director James @Comey on his belief how the President corrupts those around him, takes advantage of weak leaders, and “eats their souls in small bites.”

  100. Tina says:

    Comedy has transitioned on spies/spying on Presidential campaigns.

    ny Shaffer
    Reminder – remember
    initially DENIED spying on
    – flat out denied wiretapping & denied having spys in the campaign – now it’s “totally normal”. No, it’s not and this cannot stand – the
    has become the US Gestapo – this is why AG Barr must investigate:

  101. Tina says:

    Paging AWOL Mitchie.

    John Cardillo
    , who calls the shots in your chamber?

    You or Mark Warner?

    End the SSCI witchhunt now.

  102. Tina says:

    Nolte has gone full circle with free trade.

    Sources Say ‘Build the Wall’
    I’m willing to admit I could have been wrong about tariffs. Until Trump came along I had no idea how one-sided “free trade” was.

    How can it be free trade when our side is getting gouged.

    The Chamber of Commerce GOP bamboozled us and I won’t forget it.

  103. Chicon says:

    Who cares about NJ? What about NC? Recent irregularities in a Congressional election, and Burr acting the weasel.

  104. Phil says:

    ‘’Not sure I would call Burr a RIno, but I would call him a weasel”

    Dead on, brother.

  105. Tina says:

    Sounds a bit crazy. I am sure this is a threat though to back off China. Most of those r senators are very friendly toward China and tolerate spying and theft of intellectual property.

    Jack Posobiec
    ?Verified account @JackPosobiec
    10h10 hours ago

    Burr’s biggest donor was Paul Singer. Singer was the funder of Fusion GPS when he was pushing Romney in 2016. Now Romey is considering a 2020 run.
    Draw your own conclusions

  106. Tina says:


    Burr and Comedy?

    Comedy said he does not do weasel moves.

  107. Tina says:

    Fox News’
    : “At the end of the day, Robert Mueller did not indict
    . So why is the Senate still wanting to hear from him?”

    Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE): “That’s right and that’s an excellent question. I don’t know the answer to that.”

  108. Chicon says:

    108 – how do NC r’s support him? Unfortunately, he can’t be primaried – Senator for life.

  109. lisab says:


    Uh, oh, lisab could be a Brit troll.

    either half-truth or robbie accused someone of that once because of the “our” ending.

    “or” as in color is based on latin

    “our” as in colour is based on french

  110. Wes says:

    NC Republicans support Burr because he’s been the best available candidate, Chicon. Sorry we don’t suffer Deadenders such as Christine O’Donnell in this state.

    As far as Burr, he’s retiring in 2022. Maybe Greg Brannon can run again to raise money for his legal defense fund.

  111. Wes says:

    Tina, I wonder if Prosobiec knows Burr endorsed Trump in 2016.

  112. Phil says:

    Hey, I am as opposed to deadender Republicans as much as anyone, but come on Senator Burr. What the hell are you doing here? We don’t know because Burr isn’t talking.

  113. Wes says:

    That’s a legitimate argument, Phil. To say Burr is a RINO is a gross overreaction though.

  114. Tina says:

    Burr ain’t talking and neither is Mitchie.

    I believe Hannity interruptus aka Pawn Hannity interviewed Mitchie and he did not probe him.

    Now, Mitchie is AWOL. Maybe, occasional Cortex can find Mitchie.

  115. Tina says:

    It sure does seem that a lot of fires,resigned Fib leadership are doing a lot of interviews.

    They sound very defensive.

    Btw, looks like fib fell for a Steele argument that trump had meetings with a Russian consulate in Miami.

    There isn’t a consulate though in Miami’s

  116. Tina says:

    Mitchie will need to address this. Lots of conservatives are upset about this stupid decision. I know the gop-e does not care about this. Off in their own little world, hoping to start another conflict somewhere.

    Sean Davis Retweeted

    Hugh Hewitt
    I don’t know, have never met or spoken w/
    , but his being subpoenaed by Senate Intel AFTER SC report finds no collusion and AFTER Committee found no collusion ought to offend every American who ever has complained about abuse of process by government officials.
    4:06 AM · May 10, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

  117. Chicon says:

    113 – Wes, I was thinking more about how you ride the voters of other states, mostly NJ lately, when their politicians act the fool. Doesn’t that mean you bear responsibility for Burr’s weasel-like actions here?

  118. mnw says:

    El Geraldo: “I urge the Trump Administration to fight the Democrats every step of the way.”

    Que? He’s not being sarcastic, either. Pigs seen flying again.

    Could be the endtimes.

  119. lisab says:

    i think all you chaps are over-reacting about burr

  120. jason says:

    Not me.

  121. dblaikie says:

    I don’t believe Mueller will ever testify before Congress. To many uncomfortable questions that he would have to confront,

  122. Tina says:

    If Nadler subpoenas F. Mulehead, yes, no way he testifies.

    Executive privilege will be claimed.

  123. Tina says:

    GOP-e will not be happy with the transfer of $1.5 billion from Afghanistan to fund border wall.

  124. Bitterlaw says:

    I had the honor of attending a funeral At Arlington National Cemetery today. After years of waiting, brother-in-law received permission to have his father and mother’s ashes interred there. His dad saw combat in WW2 and Korea. Beautiful and moving service.

  125. Tina says:

    Looks like Burr is now “upset” with the backlash from R colleagues.

  126. Tina says:

    Donald Trump Jr.
    Hey Da Nang Dick, You know what’s unpatriotic?

    Stolen Valor!
    Quote Tweet

    Richard Blumenthal
    · 2h
    First Don Jr.’s “I love it” & now this. Despicable, unpatriotic, & a blatant violation of campaign finance law. Failing to hold the president accountable

  127. VictrC says:

    was watching reruns of VEEP and I realized that basically America told Hillary Clinton that she was Jonah Ryan.

    The line that stuck out was….”Amy, do you like Italian?” she replied “Yes, but still don’t like you!”

    Instead of blaming everyone Hillary should blame herself. She lost a nomination to a freshman Senator who had only two years in office, both of which were spent running for the Presidency, and another election to someone who had never had run for office before, ever, and was generally detested by Dems and even some in his own party. Time to look inward no?

  128. Messy says:

    128. That’s because Burr just realized that the GOP is no longer patriotic like he is.

  129. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Rasmussen(less) says that Trump is ahead of Democrat Kamala Harris.

  130. Tgca says:


    Clearly Rasmussen conducted a racist poll.

  131. jason says:

    Ok, let the clever comments begin

    “(UPI) — Authorities in Florida said a woman was cited after she reached into her pants during a traffic stop and pulled out a baby alligator”

  132. jason says:

    Was it the patriotic DNC that was paying a foreign political hack to dig up dirt on Trump?

  133. jason says:

    I am sure the AFL-CIO conservatives here, who said tariffs were just “temporary”, “moderate” and a “negotiating tactic” will be here in 3, 2, 1 to move the goalposts to support “permanent” tariffs.


  134. Tgca says:

    Tariffs aginnnnnnnnnn! Oh please. Give it a rest.

    Let’s discuss topics that really matter at HHR.

    Pick a topic:


    2. Chuck Connor’s junk.

  135. Tgca says:

    Started the day off with egg whites smothered with melted Gouda cheese and garnished with fresh black pepper.


  136. Tgca says:


    Well, alligator tail is a delicacy in FL but I guess some may have found other uses for alligator tail I see.

  137. Wes says:

    Haggis is less sickening than what Tgca eats.

  138. Tgca says:

    Eww! Haggis sounds like something Jadon would eat.

    But it’s good to know Wes hates eggs and cheese and black pepper too!

  139. jason says:

    Did someone say Haggis? Delicious. You can get it canned on Amazon, not as good as the one fresh out of the boiling water like you get in Scotland, but good enough.

    Tommorrow’s leg of lamb is already marinating in olive oil, rosemary, garlic, herbs and red wine.

    Still trying to work around the problem that my wife doesn’t think we need baby back ribs AND leg of lamb.

  140. jason says:

    Tariffs aginnnnnnnnnn! Oh please. Give it a rest.”

    Translation: AFL-CIO conservative tired of defending protectionism and isolationism because it is hard to defend.

  141. Tina says:

    Hitting the bong early, messy lsd?

  142. jason says:

    Lindsey Graham investigating.

    I am sure Messy will call him a patriot in 3,2,1….

    “On Thursday award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon obtained memos from a high-ranking government official, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec, who met with former British spy Christopher Steele in October of 2016 and determined that Steele’s ‘dirt’ on Trump was inaccurate and likely leaked to the media.

    Kavalec flagged this in memos and handwritten notes just 10 days before the first FISA warrant on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was granted.

    The FBI and State Department knew Steele’s documents were fraudulent before they used these same documents to obtain FISA Court permission to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign.”

  143. dblaikie says:

    Haggis is great. The great poet Bobby Burns has a wonderful tribute in verse to the “king of puddin race.” Leg of lamb butterflied and grilled is wonderful.

  144. mnw says:


    Me no feed three-iii’d troll.

  145. lisab says:

    ALYSSA MILANO CALLS FOR SEX STRIKE Until Anti-Abortion Law is Repealed

    “Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy,” she wrote. “JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.”
    Pam Keith

    Ladies: STOP having sex w/conservative men


    Don’t let them anywhere near you. Give them the hand and keep it moving. Get a B.O.B. But make it a rule to run, not walk, from men who want to steal your agency over yourself & your life.

  146. mnw says:

    Here are a few celebrity women who can support Alyssa’s initiative with NO inconvenience to themselves whatsoever!:

    Stacey (“Tank”) Abrams;

    Rosie O’Donnell;

    Kathy Griffin;

    Elizabeth Warren; and OF COURSE…


  147. lisab says:

    i’m pretty sure warren has sex with her husband

  148. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    152. “i’m pretty sure warren has sex with her husband.”

    We now know what lisab’s side job is — private detective. We have a theme song for her.

  149. Messy says:

    134. No, but it’s wrong. Remember they had the GOP ahead by a point in the ’18 elections.

    146. Not for about a year (I was at a party in LA and it’s legal there)

    147. NO, they didn’t. Most of it has been corroborated, not ALL of it, but most.

  150. Wes says:

    I don’t see why the Ras would worry about whether Trump leads Harris because she won’t be the nominee.

    Even so, I believe Trump would beat her because she’s basically another Hillary who doesn’t know how to run a competitive race. That’s why Dems won’t nominate her:

    They want to win, and Harris has all the appeal outside hardcore leftist urban centers of the Obama-era Ebola outbreak.

  151. Phil says:

    Ditto on Harris. As someone who believed she’d get the nomination because she checked a bunch of identity boxes I was completely wrong. It is becoming more and more clear that Democrats want someone who can beat Trump. The identity crap won’t cut it in the GE and Democrats know it.

    It will be Biden vs. Trump.

  152. Tina says:

    In this article, McCann, ex wh lawyer, states that he told crooked Benito Weissarse and Fuhrer Mulehead that Trump did not obstruct. Scheme team omitted his statement from the Weissarse Report,

    Undercover Huber
    NEW: Just yesterday, the
    (in a narrative shaping CYA piece) revealed that McGahn told Mueller’s team that he thought Trump “NEVER OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE”…

    …yet this was never mentioned in Mueller’s report ? (link:…

  153. Tina says:

    Does Gaffe Biden, friend of Ukraine and China, agree?

    Bernie Sanders
    · 10h
    Did you know that from 1911-1967, Americans could bank at their local post office?

    At one point our postal banks serviced 4 million customers.

    We must ensure all Americans can access basic financial services by allowing every post office to offer basic banking services again.

  154. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The Brexit Party in the UK has put out an excellent election video. Looks like they are headed for a big win.

  155. Tina says:

    The rule of law is no more.

    John Cardillo
    If statists like
    are allowed to abuse their authority and persecute
    , a guy who complied with every request and was cleared of any and all wrongdoing, where does it end?

    What will they do to everyday Americans who criticize or oppose them?

  156. Tina says:

    I am sure the “real” conservatives (Quittens and Flub) will be against this,

    Bill Mitchell
    Trump Administration to Crack Down on Illegals in Public Housing – Only Families where ALL MEMBERS are Citizens or Legal Residents will Qualify (link:… via

  157. jason says:

    ” Most of it has been corroborated, not ALL of it, but most.”

    Actually, none of it has been “corroborated”, certainly nothing detrimental to Trump.

    I think Messy believes if she is fed a turd sandwich, she can eat around the edges and avoid most of the turd.

  158. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Every good leftist knows that because of gun control, England has little crime, and London is safe and peaceful —

    “Officers, London Ambulance Service and London’s Air Ambulance all attended the scene. The male – believed aged 14 – has been taken to an east London hospital for treatment; his condition is not life threatening.

    “A crime scene remains in place. No arrests; enquiries continue.”

    Knife crime is at an all-time high, with figures last month showing 40,829 offences recorded by police last year.

    Today’s stabbing comes as a top NHS surgeon revealed knife crime is causing a “ripple effect” in A&E rooms and GPs’ surgeries.

    There have been at least 27 fatal knifings in London alone this year already, with valuable hospital resources drained by stabbings.”

  159. mnw says:


    Not the Blues’ night. They look like they’re out of gas.

  160. Bitterlaw says:

    Anybody here want to discuss ABORTION?

  161. Tgca says:


    Yes Bitter! I’ve been waiting all day for this.

  162. Tgca says:


  163. Tina says:

    This will trigger the jebots this Am:

    Donald J. Trump
    Think of it. I became President of the United States in one of the most hard fought and consequential elections in the history of our great nation. From long before I ever took office, I was under a sick & unlawful investigation concerning what has become known as the Russian….

    Donald J. Trump
    ….Hoax. My campaign was being seriously spied upon by intel agencies and the Democrats. This never happened before in American history, and it all turned out to be a total scam, a Witch Hunt, that yielded No Collusion, No Obstruction. This must never be allowed to happen again!