Biden Leads Dems By 8% Nationally, McSally Ahead of Kelly By 1% in AZ

Emerson College came out with a new national poll today and it shows Joe Biden ahead by 8% in the Democratic primary and all the top six Democrats either ahead of or tied with Donald Trump.

Biden 33%
Sanders 25%
Warren 10%
Harris 10%
Buttigieg 8%
O’Rourke 3%
Castro 2%
Gillibrand 2%
Yang 1%
Gabbard 1%
Gravel 1%
Bennet 1%
Booker 1%
Klobuchar 1%
Moulton 1%
Hickenlooper 1%
Swalwell 0%
Williamson 0%
Ryan 0%
Inslee 0%
Messam 0%
Delaney 0%

Joe Biden (D) 54%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

Bernie Sanders (D) 54%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

Beto O’Rourke (D) 52%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 48%

Elizabeth Warren (D) 51%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 48%

Kamala Harris (D) 51%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 49%

Pete Buttigieg (D) 50%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 50%

This poll was done May 10-13 among 1006 registered voters and 429 likely primary voters. Meanwhile in Arizona, OH Predictive Insights released additional numbers for the US Senate race showing Mark Kelly a single percentage point behind Martha McSally.

Martha McSally (R-inc) 45%
Mark Kelly (D) 44%

This poll was done May 1-2 among 600 likely voters.

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104 Responses to “Biden Leads Dems By 8% Nationally, McSally Ahead of Kelly By 1% in AZ”

  1. SanDiegoCitizen says:


  2. Tina says:

    I know this is the Biden Report, but it would appear that gaffe has cratered nationally. Notice how the sa missss this tidbit?

    +24 (cn and n ) to now +8.

  3. Tina says:

    Or +26 in Quinn to now plus 8.

    See Biden Reports posts on 4/30.

  4. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    89. (previous thread) — “SDC is happy that Trump supporters, many of whom are pro-tariff and pro-government Democrats, are pushing out the evil Republican Establishment? Got it.”

    What is more shocking, is Trump has 90% support of Republicans in the last Gallup poll.
    It is more than a revolt, it is a revolution.

  5. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    2. So Bitter thinks the board has been taken over by Trump supporters; and Tina thinks it has been taken over by Biden supporters. Both can’t be true.

  6. Tina says:

    No, I think, the posts have been taken over by a Biden supporter,

  7. mnw says:

    Frank Luntz on FOX earlier today said that Sanders will be the nominee, fwiw.

    I don’t agree, but there it is.

  8. mnw says:

    Play GLORIA!

  9. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    If Biden’s sudden rise in the polls proves anything, it might be that even Democratic voters do not like far left socialists policies.

  10. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Buttigieg support by race in recent polling:

    Morning Consult (5/6)
    White: 8%
    Black: 1%

    Qpac (4/30)
    White 14%
    Nonwhite 4%

    CNN (4/29)
    White 10%
    Nonwhite 3%

    Post & Courier (5/12)
    White 18%
    Black 0%

    We Ask America (5/6)
    White 25%
    Black 0%”

  11. Wes says:

    Actually, SDC, it just means Dems want to win. They know all the Dems running will push through as liberal an agenda as possible. They’re also fully aware some window dressing is necessary to win.

    The ends justify the means to them. That’s the extent of their thought process. It explains why Biden has risen as Sanders has begun floundering.

    Biden can appeal to Trump voters in key areas. Sanders will be more likely to repel them.

    Thus, it’s simple: Nominate someone who pretends to be moderate but will govern decisively from the Left if elected over an overt liberal who in all likelihood can’t win unless Trump is facing the Panic of 2020.

  12. Wes says:

    Liz Warren says we need more Daenerys Targaryens. She seems to be saying we need more insane autocrats who will execute anyone who gets in her way—including peasants and innocent bystanders.

  13. Tgca says:

    12th Bebe! 12th!

  14. Tgca says:

    GFY Wes! Damn thief!

  15. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina thinks Dave supports Biden because the polls show Biden leading? Stop mixing the pain meds and lemon cello, Tina.

    I guess that means Dave was also an Obama supporter when polls showed Obama leading Hillary in 2008 AND a Hillary supporter when other polls showed her leading Obama in 2008.

  16. Bitterlaw says:

    I killed the thread but it is really Tina’s fault.

  17. Hugh says:

    9. I disagree. The dems have 19 progressive socialist nutbags and Biden who used to have the occasional reasonable thought and very high name recognition and some chance of winning. Biden gets 33% some portion of which is due to win ability. I think it’s pretty clear most Democrats have become nutbags.

  18. Wes says:

    They’re definitely nut jobs, Hugh. They’re pragmatic though. They want to win. That’s why they’ll pick the guy with the best chance to win.

  19. mnw says:

    RE: financial press sux:

    I think most people are probably unaware that the financial press* hates Trump just as much as the regular MSM does. Really. No exaggeration.

    Yesterday, there was a lot of delighted talk among them about “panic selling,” when in fact trading volume was rather modest–indicating the opposite of “panic.”

    Today, markets are up substantially at the moment, on HEAVIER trading volume than yesterday, and yet… there is no talk of “panic buying.” Hmmm… it almost seems like a text book example of “orangemanbad” journalism, doesn’t it?

    *(WSJ; Bloomberg; CNBC; Marketwatch; Barron’s, etc.)

  20. Phil says:

    Yeah, they will pick someone like Biden to take out Trump. Once in power they will abandon any pretense of moderation. Campaign as left of center “reasonable” liberals and govern as raving moonbats once in power.

  21. lisab says:

    trump’s wealth comes from real estate in the usa

    factories in china make stockholders wealthy, but certainly dont drive up real estate prices here

    detroit being a prime example where in the 1980s stockholders got wealthy while homeowners in detroit lost everything

  22. lisab says:

    the dems want revenge


    structural changes that will ensure they win from now on

    the idea that after trump is gone that a bush-ish candidate could then win in 2024 is a pipe dream

  23. mnw says:

    22 lisab


  24. lisab says:

    there was a time that being

    pro-gay marriage
    pro-medical mj
    pro-legalized prostitution

    made you a far left liberal in the dem party

    now i would not be accepted in the party,

    imagine expecting prostitutes to work ?

    (never mind that i would in every case that i can imagine raise a child based on their birth gender. that alone would get me thrown out)

  25. lisab says:

    some of these sjws are upset that on game of thrones the blonde lady went crazy and killed everyone

    because … wait for it … now it looks like a white male character will become king

    one sjw in particular is raising her bio-son as a trans-girl

    and it looks like she did from day one

  26. mnw says:

    Not content with being freaks themselves, they turn their own children into freaks as well– I guess to revenge themselves on the world.

  27. Hugh says:

    Wes. I agree.

  28. NYCmike says:

    “That’s why they’ll pick the guy with the best chance to win.”

    -I guess it makes sense that a person like Wes thinks that a “guy” gives the Democrats their best chance to win…..typical sexist misogynist.

  29. Wes says:

    Well, at least unlike one of your heroes, Mikey, I’m not saying God intends rape-induced pregnancy.

  30. NYCmike says:

    Hey Ma, we reeled in a big one!

  31. NYCmike says:


    Nice play for the goal, and way to sacrifice the body blocking shots!

    Gotta love the NHL Playoffs!

  32. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Those who think the Democrats will pick the guy who can win are ignoring the critical climate crisis the world is facing, and must be addressed in the next 12 years or the earth is doomed. Don’t expect young millennials who know the earth is in crisis and needs action now, to settle for old geezer Biden telling them to “calm down.” As OAC has stated, Biden’s climate change plan “is a deal breaker” and “there is no middle ground with climate denial & delay.”

    In 2016, people underestimated the appeal of Sanders, because the assumption was that the Democrats would go with Clinton because she could win. The same is happening now. I am hearing a lot of California millennials telling me they will not vote for Biden and would vote for a “green” candidate instead. If one runs and pulls 2-3% of the vote, it could help re-elect Trump. Maybe because I live in a neighborhood of mostly millennials, it gives me a different prospective; too many are telling me that voting for Biden is unacceptable under any circumstances.

  33. Wes says:

    I hear the exact opposite, SDC. They have one goal: Beat Trump.

    Many of the Dems I know would prefer Sanders but realize Biden is more likely to beat Trump, so they’re willing to go with Biden.

    Polling bears this out.

    Beware ignoring polls because you don’t like what they say.

    Besides, overt moonbats weren’t whom the Dems tapped to win last year. It was their faux moderates. They know how this game is played. The AOC types are the most vocal part of the base, but when Dems are looking to actually win outside their liberal urban cores, they pick their Dan McCreadys and Lucy McBaths.

    Any other analysis simply ignores what the Dems actually do.

  34. DW says:

    In 2016, Bernie won the Democratic nomination in the world where it was an open and fair election. Crooked Hillary won the nomination in this world where it was fixed from the beginning.

  35. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    33. “Beware ignoring polls because you don’t like what they say.”

    Ask President Hillary Clinton how reliable the polls are.

    All it will take is a few gaffes in the presidential debates by Biden, and questions about past support for the Iraqi war, and other now unpopular issues, to bring Biden’s poll numbers down.

  36. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    34. Hillary did well among African-American and people of color. Biden polls high with the same demographic groups. Believe Biden likely will be the Democratic nominee, unless he stumbles badly. The question is will younger progressive voters support a third party or not vote. Those who believe they will vote Biden to stop Trump may be right, but they also may vote for a third party candidate who better reflects their view. There are a lot of unknowns going into 2020.

    Then there is the question of Sanders; this is his last political hurrah. Would he consider running third party if he does not get the nomination? I believe it is a possibility.

  37. CG says:

    Many apologies but the concept that committed Democrats/liberals are going to vote third party because they will be so upset with the ultimate nominee of the party is among one of the goofier things I have ever heard. Not a chance. People on the left are totally committed to ousting Trump even if they have to “hold their nose” for Biden or for Bernie, or whomever.

    As long as nothing changes in the Republican Party, the only group of folks who will be voting “third party” are conservative Republicans like myself.

  38. CG says:

    *If* Joe Biden manages to become the nominee, the media and Hollywood will turn him into the hippest, coolest, most “woke” candidate ever, as far as young liberals are concerned. They would vote for anyone who might be able to kick Trump out. Remember we are talking about committed liberals here, not “swing voters.”

    There will not be a movement to find a left-wing third party or to “stay home.” Total pie in the sky nonsense.

  39. CG says:

    Now, if someone wins the Democrat nomination by moving (or already being) way too far to the left, there are a lot of swing voters who might otherwise vote Democrat who would wish for another “centrist” alternative, to go along with all the mainstream Republicans who have been turned off by the Trump Party.

    But nobody on the left is going to decide that Biden is a “DINO” and they are opting out.

    We heard this same nonsense for months on HHR back in 2008 where partisan cheerleaders were insisting that Hillary primary voters would never go for Obama.

  40. CG says:

    “Then there is the question of Sanders; this is his last political hurrah. Would he consider running third party if he does not get the nomination? I believe it is a possibility.”

    Did I actually read that? Is this even real life?

  41. Phil says:

    ‘’Conservative Republicans like myself”

    Oh Dear God.

  42. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    41. ’Conservative Republicans like myself”
    Oh Dear God.

    Its almost humorous. He is living in a past world that will never come back, for either the Republicans or Democrats. Trump has near 90% support a the Gallup poll of Republicans. But supposedly Republicans will defect to a third party. Look at Weld’s polling numbers.

    Likewise, Biden represents the past for the Democrats. Sanders rips him apart for his support of the Iraq war, NAFTA, Chinese trade policies, and support from corporations. Sanders and his supporters are not going to actively support a candidate who advocates those type of policies. The Democrats are seriously divided, and a bandage solution will not work. One of the major reasons Hillary lost in 2016 was Sanders supporters stayed home; despite their hatred of Trump.

  43. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Another poll showing the President at 50% approval. Yes, I realize it’s Zogby but what the Hades!

  44. mnw says:

    We no feed troll!

    31 Mike

    Yeah, they did what they had to do! In the playoffs, teams that lose the first 2 games have a 17% chance of winning the series– that’s where the Canes are now.

    Chris Kerber, the Voice of the Blues, suggested last night that the Blues just cycle the puck around on their PPs, & not even try to score. Just run out the 2 minutes. That way, at least they’d be unlikely to give up any more short-handed goals.

  45. mnw says:


    RAS had it 49/49 & -3 today, btw.

  46. Tina says:

    I am hearing rumblings from my contacts that Wrong Wray will be let go soon,

  47. Bitterlaw says:

    Ironically, Mr. Conservative a/k/a Corey is also committed to ousting Trump.

  48. Tina says:

    Mr conservative is fond of Hillary.

  49. Tina says:

    Occassional ?Cortex just launched at Gaffe,

    I am sure the Biden and Tariffs Report will mention this?

  50. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    50. All Biden has to do is stand behind Ocasio-Cortez and blow into her hair, and everything will turn out well.

  51. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Great comment: “Ocasio-Cortez is a classic watermelon environmentalist: green on the outside, red on the inside.”

  52. Phil says:

    Indeed. That comment was classic.

  53. NYCmike says:

    ” That way, at least they’d be unlikely to give up any more short-handed goals.”

    -Heh. That’s tough, especially from your own announcer!

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    50 So Tina not only does not like Dave posting polls but she also does not want us discussing tariffs. Got it.

  55. Biterlaw says:

    RIP, Tim Conway.

  56. NYCmike says:

    “CG” really really wants the Democratic candidate to lose, can’t you tell!?!?

  57. Cash Cow TM says:


    Extremely Scary’ Wild Turkeys Terrorize Boston Neighborhood…

    [could not find anything about monkeys or deer]

  58. Cash Cow TM says:

    Things have been rough here.

    Walt and his missus have been looking for another house…ting up a lot of his time looking on-line driving around to see them, and then go through…

    They have a contract on a house (closing in about 5 weeks).

    That means all kinds of things have to be done to get his CURRENT house ready to put on the market…

    He has me working my butt off in the last several months…painting, caulking, rebuilding doors, taking down old and putting up new insulation, doing some paneling work, installing a new ceiling fan…

    Have two more big projects…maybe three…

    Cow cannot take much more of this…

  59. jason says:

    Anyone who doubted Romney was a scumbag, don’t worry, your reservations were unfounded.

    On Tuesday, the Senate voted to confirm Michael J. Truncale of Texas as the United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas by a vote of 49-46.

    The vote was mostly along party lines in the upper chamber, with Sens. Cassidy, R-La., Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Hirono, D-Hawaii, Kennedy, R-La., Rounds, R-S.D., not voting; there was, however, one party defection, as Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, voted with Democrats against the nominee.”

    The reason? While running for office years ago, Truncale made “disparaging” remarks about Obama.

  60. jason says:

    ‘are conservative Republicans like myself”


    Isn’t assuming a fake identity a criminal offense?

  61. Bitterlaw says:

    What were the disparaging remarks? If the judge was a birther, I might have also voted no.

  62. Bitterlaw says:

    The victims’ parents should be given the option of sending him to trial or 15 minutes alone with him in a locked room.

  63. dblaikie says:

    I think that Mit has been given hope by Friedman’s piece in NYT begging for a Republican to solider up and run as a 3rd party against Trump. He is considering it, I would wager. In the end probably won’t happen because he would have to spend too much of his own money. And if he has a moment of clarity, the result would be being shunned by the GOP forever. And let’s face it, Mit is a scumbag, but he is a GOP scumbag. In other words the Dems wouldn’t accept him either.

  64. dblaikie says:

    It will be no surprise when the Obama appointed judge rules against Trump concerning his finances. Doesn’t matter, it is headed for the Supreme Court.

  65. Wes says:

    Chris Christie is trying to figure out how to take corruption from Trenton to Washington in 2024.

  66. Tina says:

    Quittens would be the biggest disaster in congress, if it were not for the three IEDs on the Drat side that piglosi cannot control.

    I correctly predicted thst Quittens would be a significant downgrade compared to Hatch.

  67. Tgca says:


  68. Bitterlaw says:

    Not supporting Trump, a true scumbag by every measure, on every single vote makes Romney a scumbag? I love this place.

    Never Ran continues her war against Romney. Zzzzzzzz.

  69. Chicon says:

    Senator Burr (Spineless Jellyfish – NC) is trying to figure out whether to work for CNN or MSNBC after he retires.

  70. Chicon says:

    A trade war impacts both sides? Who knew?

  71. Wes says:

    Well, Chris Sununu won’t challenge Shaheen. Solid D Hold.

  72. Chicon says:

    I believe I read here that tariffs only impact the consumers of the country imposing the tariff. Well, there must be some effect on China; otherwise why “retaliate”.

  73. Wes says:

    Apparently not you, CHIcago proteCtiONist, given your love affair with Trump’s tariffs.

  74. Bitterlaw says:

    Here is the list. We all have our preference but the idea that Phil and lisab would have the sexiest sounding conversation seems questionable.

  75. lisab says:

    aoc: the great white shark should be renamed the below average white privileged shark

  76. Tgca says:

    Romney is pure scum andI can’t wait for the day we no longer have to be disgraced wth his presence. He would do anything to stay relevant. ANYTHING! If the Dems approached him and asked him to run tomorrow as their candidate to beat Trump, there is no doubt in my mind that this spineless elitist hypocrite would switch parties in a minute. It’s his way. He makes Charlie Christ look loyal and moral.

    Let’s not forget how he advocated for protecting a women’s right to choose or how he ate crow begging for a job under Trump admin only weeks after skewering him unfit for POTUS. Romney will do and say anything depending which way the wind blows which is why I believe now he would never have been an effective POTUS.

    I’ll take an obnoxious, narcissistic, thin-skinned Trump who actually gets things done and is not a coward any day over a turncoat no morals cowardly Romney.

    I would vote for Pelosi over Romney because at least I know she believes in something no matter how much I disagree with her.

  77. Bitterlaw says:

    Tgca conveniently ignores that Trump was a huge supporter and donor to Planned Parenthood and pro- choice Dems. He ignores Trump has the trade and pro-government infrastructure spending policies of the Democrats. Trump thought Hillary would be a great President and Bill Clinton was the best President in his lifetime. Trump chose to run as aRepublican because Hillary was already running as a Democrat.

  78. Tgca says:

    GFY Bitter

    I am not ignoring anything. Trump has not denied what he did in the past. Many times he admitted he played both sides to do business. But he has governed as a conservative for the most part, more so than any POTUS since Reagan, and he has had conservative wins and successes. That’s the reality of it.

    On the other hand, Romney is the real fraud. He is a spineless coward who will sway with the wind.

    I have nothing good to say of Romney.

    He is scum!
    His wife is a skank!
    His kids are a-holes.
    His dog is a scroungey mongrel.
    His cat is a p*ssy!
    His gerbil deserves to hang out with Richard Gere.

    That’s my view.

  79. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    58. “Extremely Scary’ Wild Turkeys Terrorize Boston Neighborhood…”

    This is how Thanksgiving came about. The Pilgrims in Plymouth successfully fought off a wild turkey attack, and ate their foe.

  80. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump admitted he has no core and did whatever he did in the past to make money. Tgca gives him a free pass.

  81. Tgca says:

    I’m not giving Trump a free pass anymore than I give Reagan, a loyal FDR Dem, a free pass. Perhaps a lawyer does not understand but business leaders often play both sides so that business can progress. After all, the main purpose of a CEO is to grow and maximize returns of a business. It may not seem right but it’s the way the system works just like lawyers defend rapists and murderers because the Constitution allows for those pesky little things called rights.

  82. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    84. In urban California, for a businesses to get through the bureaucratic maze of permits and and regulations, they need help from local politicians. To obtain this help, it is important to make the right obligatory campaign donations. That is the reality of the situation

    Assume the same happens in New York City; as a business person, Trump did what was necessary. If this offends some voters, they need to look in the mirror and ask why they elect the politicians that do this. Trump openly talked about this issue, and I liked the fact he was candid about it. Sometimes speaking the truth about what actually exists offends people. Clinton and Obama were involved in the shake down, but pretended otherwise.

  83. Hugh says:

    83 and 84. I generally agree with 84. But what I do know is that trump has actually tried to do what he promised with a 110% effort. That has not happened since Reagan. So I don’t care what he did in the past he is keeping his promises to me and as a pro life catholic he is actually trying where others gave lip service. Reagan excepted

  84. Bitterlaw says:

    Tgca – Zzzzzzzz. Trump had to donate to Planned Parenthood to sell real estate? Who knew?!? Your comparison to practicing law is absurd. A lawyer is hired to present an argument specific to a case. Donating to a candidate means you want them to win. Trump wanted more Democrats than Republicans to win.

    Your comparison to a lawyer having to represent an accused murderer or rapist is also absurd. A criminal defendant has the right to an attorney. They do not have a right to me as their attorney. I would never represent a criminal defendant. If appointed to do so, I would surrender my license to practice law.

  85. NYCmike says:

    “He ignores Trump has the trade and pro-government infrastructure spending policies of the Democrats.”


    The budget is ridiculous, and spending is way out of control.

    BUT, please tell me when, other than in the mid-to-late-90’s under a Gingrich-led Congress, has a Republican President and/or Congress maintained any semblance of budgeting sanity?

    If it wasn’t for the Democrats being even more incompetent………..

  86. NYCmike says:

    “If appointed to do so, I would surrender my license to practice law.”

    -You can be forced to defend someone you don’t want to?

  87. Bitterlaw says:

    The free passes are flying out the door today. Trump can waste $1 trillion on infrastructure and NYC is fine with it. Got it.

  88. NYCmike says:

    Got it.

    A guy who graduated law school thinks the President can just sign a big check, and must also think that Congressional Republicans, especially those in the Senate, have ZERO POWER to stop such an expenditure.

    I think Civics 101 needs to become a focus in the lower grades again.

    3……2……1…..until we hear that Trump said more mean words, so the Republican Congress couldn’t vote Nay (actually, just don’t even bring it up for a vote).

  89. Wes says:

    I seriously hope 85 is a parody post. The idea that Trump had to donate to Planned Parenthood for business purposes is patently absurd. I don’t even care if Trump contributed to that organization, but such a sophomoric attempt at defending his donations shows Trump supporters are completely divorced from reality in their loyalty to him.

  90. Wes says:

    Mikey expects a GOP Senate to reject a GOP President’s proposal but thinks the GOP President is blameless in the whole thing.


  91. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – NYC thinks that Trump could propose a bill, get Republicans in Congress to introduce the bill, call for Republicans to pass the bill (and pressure House Dems to vote for it), and have no responsibility for it until he is forced to sign it by his own traitorous hand. If Romney voted against it, he would be called a scumbag.

  92. NYCmike says:


    You are old enough to know how the Senate reacted to Reagan’s budget proposals back in the 80’s.

    Somehow, when there are cuts in certain programs, they can resist the President’s mean words.

    But, when the spending goes up, they can’t do it.

    ALSO, please show one comment where I state that Trump “is blameless in the whole thing”. I have said repeatedly his willingness to not veto certain spending bills has been a low point in his administration.

  93. NYCmike says:

    “get Republicans in Congress to introduce the bill”

    -This is the key part.

    There is no reason they have to introduce the bill.

    Do you disagree? Where did you find your information?

    I looked at the Constitution for mine.

  94. NYCmike says:

    Still searching……..?

  95. NYCmike says:

    “ALSO, please show one comment where I state that Trump “is blameless in the whole thing”. I have said repeatedly his willingness to not veto certain spending bills has been a low point in his administration.”

    -Wes and Bitterlaw disappear after you ask them to back up their statements about another poster with an actual quote from that same person.

    ODD how that happens…….

  96. Wes says:

    Mikey, I realize you’re a stupid sonofabitch, but the House of Representatives under Reagan declared his budgets dead on arrival. The Senate did not.

    Even so, you aim your criticisms strictly at the GOP Senate—as if Trump, who’s proposing this boondoggle, has nothing to do with it.
    You simply can’t bring yourself to criticize Trump on anything and so have to level criticism at the GOP Senators—for doing what the GOP President wants.

    Fancy that. Members of one political party doing as their President asks. That’s NEVER happened before. 🙄

    Maybe instead of blaming the Senate, you should blame the person initiating all this—Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.

  97. NYCmike says:

    Temper, Temper.

    In the last Congress, you regularly lambasted the HFC, whose members would have said “NO DEAL” to the President.

    Stop your crying, and try to understand that in this system of government, both the President and Congress is at fault. I have never said otherwise.

    I will also never say “They have to agree with him and pass the legislation”. If our representatives are that incompetent, I would advocate a wholesale replacement of them……..of course, you wouldn’t want to do that either.

    Go get another certificate and then come back and brag about it.

  98. NYCmike says:

    In other going-ons, I saw an interview with Liz Cheney. Is it just me, or does she look a lot like Hillary?

  99. Tgca says:

    Perhaps some folks here forget that NYC is basically a Dem town and has been for decades. Even with Giuliani and Bloomberg as mayors, the city was filled with liberals in influential places.

    1st, Trump never parts with a penny unless there’s a reason. I gather every donation he ever made was tied to some kind of goodwill he expected to later reaped.

    Business and politicians always give money to pet causes even if it’s not their cause. You think many wealthy men who donate to Planned Parenthood do so because they support that cause? They do it to buy goodwill with someone even if that someone is the spouse of someone with influence. It’s greasing the wheels.

    That’s my point! Trump gave money when he had to support both sides. If that means letting NYC Libs know he donated to one of their fav charities so be it. I don’t fault him for that because I’ve worked for companies that have done the same.

    So if you want to go back decades, where’s your critique of Reagan who was an FDR Dem?

    I think some here just can’t accept that despite his personality and character, Trump has governed more conservative than most lifelong GOP politicians.

  100. NYCmike says:

    “I think some here just can’t accept that despite his personality and character, Trump has governed more conservative than most lifelong GOP politicians.”

    -Except on spending, where he has been JUST LIKE lifelong GOP politicians.