Biden Leads Trump By 9% in FL

Quinnipiac University released a new poll for the state of Florida showing yet another state Donald Trump may struggle to hold in 2020.

Joe Biden (D) 50%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 41%

Bernie Sanders (D) 48%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 42%

Elizabeth Warren (D) 47%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 43%

Kamala Harris (D) 45%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 44%

Pete Buttigieg (D) 44%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 43%

Beto O’Rourke (D) 45%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 44%

Joe Biden 41%
Bernie Sanders 14%
Elizabeth Warren 12%
Pete Buttigieg 8%
Kamala Harris 6%
Beto O’Rourke 1%
Cory Booker 1%
Amy Klobuchar 1%
Everyone Else <1%

This poll was done June 12-17 among 1279 registered voters and 417 registered priamry voters.

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  1. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    1st again.

  2. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    In 2016, The Donald carried Florida Independent voters by 4 pts.. This new Quinn Poll has him trailing Biden by 25 pts. with Indies. LOL!

  3. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    In 2018, the last Florida Quinn Poll had Republicans’ DeSantis(Gov) and Scott(Sen) each trailing by 7. Both prevailed.
    Quinn is the new PPP!

  4. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    You Gov poll of favorable vs. unfavorable ratings. The poll link is on RRH Elections:

    Biden 44% to 50%
    Trump 45% to 54%

    Clinton on election day in 2016: 43% to 55%

  5. sandiegocitizen says:

    In feeding trolls remember the old adage:

    “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

  6. dblaikie says:

    Quinnipiac always seems to dish out depressing news for the Trump Campaign. I don’t want to go back into the business of dismissing every poll that disagrees with me. So I have a request for the poll junkies on HHR. Simply if you can find it (I will look too)post the sampling model and then let folks decide. Sheepe makes a good point in 2, there is no way that Trump is trailing Biden by 25 points with Indies and it is data points like that reveal the purpose of the poll.

    You see I find it a touch suspicious that this poll of Florida comes right before the big rally tonight. Is it to reveal the accurate state of the race today or is it to drive a media narrative. The 25 point lead for Biden with Indies make me tend to believe the latter.

    Now all the talking heads will be able to dismiss this rally because of the poll. Certainly fox news has loved being able to panel after panel all because of one poll. Seems fishy to me. But what do I know?

  7. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The board really needs to take a pass on the histrionics that result from each poll that comes out — until after both parties have decided on their candidates.

    Expect a deep division in the upcoming debate among Democrats regarding the Chinese tariffs; expect Sanders and Warren will attack Biden for opposing them. Will the position of the Democratic Party be in favor or against the Chinese tariffs?

    Is the Democratic Party in favor of the Green New Deal? In favor or opposed to free college, free medical care, and a massive tax on the wealthy to pay for these new entitlements? Where does Biden stand on these issues? Right now he is trying to play nice all sides; that can’t continue.

  8. mnw says:

    Firehouse Strategies has 3 new LV polls for PA, MI & WI which all show Trump improving & competitive in those states. It’s the trend that’s encouraging, more than the bottomline numbers.

    Firehouse is a GOP polling firm which did a lot of polling for Rubio in 2016. It’s respectable.

    538 quotes the Firehouse polls in question, but does not rate Firehouse, perhaps because Firehouse only started polling in 2016.

  9. John says:

    This same Q poll had both Gillum and Nelson up by 7 points each just hours before the election on November 5, 2018.

  10. jason says:

    Is there a Trump Report poll showing Trump way ahead in Florida?

    Can we make one up?

  11. Chicon says:

    I just can’t help getting Jason fired up….

    The wizard decides to do a post today; there a couple new polls of interest out there to discuss. There’s the Q polls that look bad for Trump, and the Firehouse polls that look comparatively better for the Prez. The post only talks about one of them.

    As I’ve said before, the wizard can post whatever he’d like – it is his dance floor.

  12. mnw says:


    I wouldn’t have cited the Firehouse Strategies polls if they didn’t pass the smell test. I did my homework first.

  13. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    10. Below is a Florida poll from mid-May showing better numbers for Trump than the Q poll.

    “A new Florida Atlantic University poll finds President Trump’s job approval at 47% with a 44% disapproval, a reversal from February’s FAU poll that had the President’s’ job approval underwater at 46% disapproval and 41% approval. The May Florida statewide poll was conducted May 16-19, 2019, registered voters, mix-mode (landline and online), n=1,007, +/-3%)
    In the Democratic Primary, former Vice President Joe Biden has a significant lead over 20 opponents with 39% of the vote, followed by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders tied for second with 12% each, Mayor Pete Buttigieg 9%, Senator Kamala Harris 7% and former Congressman Beto O’Rourke at 5% round out the top six. 9% of voters said someone else (n=403, +/-4.9%).

    Joe Biden 50% v. Trump 50%
    Bernie Sanders 49% v. Trump 51%
    Elizabeth Warren 48% v. Trump 52%
    Pete Buttigieg 48% v. Trump 52%
    Harris 47% v. Trump 53%

  14. jason says:

    I just found a La Broma Poll for the Trump Report.

    It’s from Walton Co in FL which Trump won 76-20.

    Trump is ahead of Biden by 62 points.

    Perfect for the Trump Report.

  15. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    11. Agree, a bit broader a repertoire would be nice.

  16. jason says:

    There’s the Q polls that look bad for Trump, and the Firehouse polls that look comparatively better for the Prez. The post only talks about one of them.”

    Maybe because nobody ever heard of Firehouse Polls?

    I hope they are right, it would be great if Trump is close to Biden in these states, but frankly I am skeptical.

    Not that I think Biden would beat Trump by 9 in FL either.

  17. jason says:

    See, SD will be another one interested in the Trump Report with a “wider repertoire”.

    This could be a real success.

    I think you guys should get right on it.

    Not that the Firehouse Poll would make it either since it shows Biden ahead.

    But there should be some polls from Idaho and Oklahoma, and that KY poll yesterday would be a great addition.

  18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Ultimately the outcome of the 2020 presidential election will be determined by the undecided voters who have to decide: “Do I vote for the loon I know, or vote for a loon I don’t know.”

  19. Phil says:

    Well, John did post the Final Quinn polls rom 2018 and they were clearly wrong. waaay wrong to be exact. Governor Gillum must have been shocked on election night as was Nelson.

  20. NYCmike says:

    -I am proud of this young girl!

    She figured out the way to keep pervs out of her pics were to release them to the public herself!!

    The more this happens, you would think Polaroids would make a comeback.

    OR, maybe they could just look at themselves in a freakin’ mirror! What is wrong with these people!?!?

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    So the Trump Reporters are down to polls that show Trump losing but not as badly as other polls? Got it.

  22. Chicon says:

    I guess Bitter doesn’t think a PA poll showing Trump down one is interesting enough for discussion.

  23. Bitterlaw says:

    Chi – We can discuss Trump losing a state he previously won if you want.

    I think he loses PA in 2020. Sorry.

  24. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Politico/Morning Consult
    Biden 38,
    Sanders 19,
    Warren 11,
    Buttigieg 7,
    Harris 7,
    O’Rourke 4,
    Booker 3,
    Klobuchar 1,
    Castro 1,
    Yang 1,
    Ryan 1,
    Delaney 1,
    Bennet 1,
    Gillibrand 1

    If there was a Warren surge, it is not apparent in most recent polls that show her at 3rd place again. Meanwhile, Biden appears to be holding his own, rather than declining, in the recent polls. Be interesting to see the impact of the debates.

  25. dblaikie says:

    That’s ok Bitter, I am the only one who thought he would Pa on HHR in 2016, with constant pounding of your friend MD, most folks here thought I was a religious idiot (I will always be grateful that you treated me with respect in those days past). Some still do. And with over a year to go I am not going to make any prediction about Trump in 2020. And you don’t have to apologize until Trump wins in Pa.

    Now my friend I have set you up. Please give me a “both can be true” quip I enjoy them. And please make my day label me once again as the, “Trump whisperer.” I need a good laugh.

  26. CG says:

    We all know that somewhere, out there, a poll can be found showing Trump ahead of Mike Gravel in Montana by upwards of 15 points and none of you MSM worshiping toadies nd Jebbot cuck.s dare acknowledge the truth!

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    The Trump Whisperer is Religious. He is not an idiot. Both can be true.

  28. CG says:

    One cannot be an idiot and still could have predicted Republican U.S. House net pickups in 2018.

    I suppose both can be true.

  29. Bitterlaw says:

    DB is a good guy. He should tell people to F Off more. Both can be true.

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    Corey – I had a question about the El. On the way to the airport, it made a lot of stops. Many of them just seemed to be in the middle of a highway. I did not see stations or parking lots. Some were not close to houses or apartments. Just a platform. Where do they come from?

  31. CG says:

    The “Deep City?”

  32. CG says:

    I assume they walk, drive, or take a bus to the expressway stations that might not have been visible underground and then walk up to the platform. I’ve only ever taken the L to go to Wrigley Field or the ugly park on the South Side from elsewhere in the city.

  33. Bitterlaw says:

    My wife is making us go to Cleveland in July. She wants to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Maybe she wants to tour Great Lake cities from best (Chicago) to worst (Detroit). Maybe we can add Erie some time

  34. Bitterlaw says:

    I want to go back to Chicago. It was awesome.

  35. jason says:

    I guess Bitter doesn’t think a PA poll showing Trump down one is interesting enough for discussion.”

    I think it is fascinating.

    Supposedly someone about 6 miles from here saw a Bigfoot.

    I think that is fascinating too.

  36. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe Bigfoot works for the Deep State. That would explain the lack of evidene it exists.

  37. jason says:

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is fun.

    Go to the West Side Market too. And Great Lakes Brewing Company (not a tour, it’s a bar and restaurant). I like the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter.

    Erie? No.

  38. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw’s wife listens to better music than he does.

  39. mnw says:

    21 BL

    No, you DON’T “got it.” That’s NOT what the Firehouse Strategies polls show.

  40. CG says:

    Maybe a Bigfoot/Smallhand ticket can carry Pennsylvania.

  41. CG says:

    How much research has Firehouse Strategies done on Chuck Connors organ?

    According to some, not nearly enough.

  42. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes- I listen to all the music my wife likes plus country, pop, some rap/hip hop, Big Bands, and Broadway. Toss in a little K-pop, too.

    My wife would be happy to listen to only music from 1960-2003 and heavy on the Springsteen, Jackson Brown, and James Taylor.

  43. Bitterlaw says:

    mnw – You said Firehouse shows Trump to be improving and competitive. Great. How about leading?

  44. mnw says:


    He IS LEADING in one of the three… WI, I believe, just going from memory. Link is at 538, & also Breitbart.

    I would think that since Firehouse Strategies was Rubio’s 2016 pollster, Firehouse would be wildly popular with trolls & jebots.

  45. CG says:

    TrumpReports plea to Firehouse Strategies:

  46. Tina says:

    What was the attendance for Florida? Hopefully, more than 85?

    I got stuck near Reno.

  47. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Florida day finishes well 🙂
    Florida House of Representatives District 7
    Last uncontested election 2012 GOP 60.7% Dem 39.3%

    Today’s special result
    ?Jason Shoaf (R) 71.3 11,604
    Ryan Terrell (D) 28.7 4,670

  48. dblaikie says:

    Thanks Bitter.

  49. MikeKS says:

    I know we all (me include) follow these things so closely, but I tend to agree that the polls are irrelevant. Someone with Trump’s crowds isn’t losing Florida. He just isn’t.

  50. John says:

    A betting site that takes wagers on the 2020 presidential election just lowered Trump’s odds in half to odds on with the next candidate (Joe Biden) a ways back…

  51. Tgca says:

    Cincuenta y uno Bebe!

  52. Bitterlaw says:

    I want Trump to be re-elected in 2020. I am not going to ignore and/or torture polls in order to make a Trump victory seem likely. Both can be true.

  53. dblaikie says:

    Maybe crowd size doesn’t matter, but how about fund raising. In the last 24 hours the Trump Campaign has raised over 24 million dollars. Just a couple of months the talking heads all went nuts when Uncle Joe raised a little over 6 million. But I am sure that for some this doesn’t matter.

  54. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Based on the polls, the NYT estimated on Nov 8th 2016 Hillary Clinton had an 85% of winning.

    “The Upshot’s elections model suggests that Hillary Clinton is favored to win the presidency, based on the latest state and national polls. A victory by Mr. Trump remains possible: Mrs. Clinton’s chance of losing is about the same as the probability that an N.F.L. kicker misses a 37-yard field goal.”

    But now the polls are accurate, and Trump is doomed in 2020.

  55. Bitterlaw says:

    All the polls are wrong!

    Polls were wrong in 2016 so they must be wrong in 2020. Got it.

  56. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Here is the NYT explanation on Nov 10th of their failed election prediction.

    “Donald J. Trump’s victory ran counter to almost every major forecast — undercutting the belief that analyzing reams of data can accurately predict events. Voters demonstrated how much predictive analytics, and election forecasting in particular, remains a young science: Some people may have been misled into thinking Hillary Clinton’s win was assured because some of the forecasts lacked context explaining potentially wide margins of error.”

    Yup, that “large margin of error” gets you everytime. Plus or minus 85%. But since then they figured it all out.

  57. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    55. They could be wrong or right. Which is why I have stated repeatedly we cannot know for certain how the 2020 will turn out. But some on the board state the polls prove Trump is doomed in 2020.

  58. Bitterlaw says:

    Sickening. The parents involved should be banned from ever attending a game again. The players did nothing wrong so they can’t be tossed out, too. I had to umpire a 4th grade game once because 2 coaches on opposing teams had berated a 15 year old girl umpire to the point she cried and left the field. When they played each other again, I said “I am loud. I am 6 feet tall. I am going to make the same calls whether you yell at me or not. Good luck to both teams. Play ball.” There were no issues.

  59. NYCmike says:

    Those weren’t parents, they were breeders, and now their p*ckers should be cut off so they don’t do any more of that!

    What a bunch of thugs! They didn’t even have the decency to fight one on one.

  60. jason says:

    Ok, I am going to retire the Trump Report.

    I have had my fun with it, and I think I have made my point that Dave not only is doing what he has always done for the last 15 years and that even if he wasn’t, it is his blog and he can post any polls he wants and editorialize them any way he wants.

    I said the same thing when NYC and other morons here were complaining he wasn’t “working hard enough and posting enough threads” as if he had obligation to post any threads at all.

    Tina can continue with the Biden Report nonsense if she wants, I am moving on.

  61. jason says:

    All the polls are wrong!

    Polls were wrong in 2016 so they must be wrong in 2020. Got it.”

    Not all of them… the ones in the Tr……huh, never mind.

  62. NYCmike says:

    -I am not exactly sure what to do with Iran, but I do like how this piece illustrates the difference between #NeverTrumpersW/Sense and #NevertrumpersNOsense.

    I am sure the military is going thru all options, and Iranian responses to each option.

    I would like to see a response from the nations whose ships were attacked.

  63. NYCmike says:

    -And yet Robbie and “CG” keep speaking about Trump as if he is the problem……

  64. Phil says:

    Not worried about polls a year and a half out good or bad.

  65. NYCmike says:


  66. mnw says:

    RAS 47/50 & -8 today.

  67. DW says:

    If someone told Mets fans during spring training that by June 18, the Mets’ rookie first baseman will have clobbered 24 homers, that Jeff McNeil was batting .333 and collected 73 hits, that Wilson Ramos did not disappoint, that J.D. Davis turned out to be a worthwhile addition, and that Dom Smith was hitting .348, and that starting pitchers deGrom, Syndergaard, Matz, Wheeler and Vargas were all more or less healthy, and that Vargas has bounced back from a poor showing last year, then with all that true, the Mets fans would have expected the Mets to be 42-31 and roughly tied for the lead in the NL east.

    Instead they are 35-38.

    If they hold opponents to 2 runs, then they lose 2-0. If they score 8 runs, then they allow 9. If they grind out a tough game, leading 4-2, then their closer flops and they throw it away in the 9th inning.

    At some point it has to come back to management and coaching.

  68. DW says:

    And last night Alonso was 4-4 with a walk. He homered and seemed like he had six or seven doubles. It must have seemed that way to Atlanta anyway.

    If you haven’t seen a slow-mo clip of his homer swing from the side profile angle, its something to behold. He has perfect form. Perfect swing, with tremendous bat speed. Some of his homers seems so effortless they don’t seem like anything but a routine fly ball.

    Sometimes the announcers are caught by this. “And a fly ball, pretty well hit, [outfielder] is on the run, still going…still going! And its outta here!”

  69. DW says:

    And of course other Alonso homers are hit so hard and straight the announcer only has time to say, ‘forget about it!’

  70. Marv says:

    Hello folks.

  71. VictrC says:


    Actually, you need to add something to the health thing there. Nimmo, who was an important part of the team is down, and has been shut down for at least the next month (some are saying season over). Lowrie hasnt had an at bat, Syndergaard hamstring, Matz missed two starts, etc.

    But…the stat that is most important to that 35-38 record…THE BULLPEN. They are 28th out of 30 in the league, and thats only becuase they were good the first couple weeks. They have been HORRENDOUS. Diaz alone has blown four games in the past couple weeks that would make them 39-34. Other relievers have blown at least six other games in which they had more than a 2 run lead, which would have them at 45-28. You get the idea.

    I do think Callaway has to go though, as he has proven (oddly) that he can’t handle pitching changes.

  72. Marv says:

    I think the biggest story of the season so far is the New York Yankees and Aaron Boone. Most of their starting line-up and half of the their pitching staff is/was on the Injured List.
    Half way into the season, they are just now starting to get their starters back……and they are in first place in the AL East.

    They will be a veritable juggernaut the rest of the year, just like the Trump Campaign.

  73. NYCmike says:

    Yankees still need starting pitching. Their bullpen is very good, but those guys tend to have diminishing results if used too much.

  74. jason says:

    Someone with Trump’s crowds isn’t losing Florida. He jut isn’t”

    I am seeing a lot of Trump bumper stickers on cars around here.

    Someone with that many bumper stickers is not losing York County. He just isn’t.

  75. jason says:

    I am calling York Co. for Trump in 2020.

    Sue me.


    Trump 128,000 62%
    Hillary 68,000 33%

  76. jason says:

    AOC compares the Holocaust to border “concentration camps”

    “The fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the home of the free is extraordinarily disturbing, and we need to do something about it,” Ocasio-Cortez told her viewers on Instagram.

  77. jason says:

    Trump taking my advice?

    I said yesterday if he can make the election a referendum on socialism instead of on him it would be a good strategy.

    We are trending towards socialism, no doubt, but 2020 might still be too early.

    “A vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream,” he said. Trump made only passing mention of any of the Democrats running to replace him even as he tossed out “radical” and “unhinged” to describe the rival party.

  78. jason says:

    If the Dems are so radical that Trump can run as the normal candidate it will be hilarious.

  79. DW says:

    This is why I stopped writing parody quotes from AOC. I don’t need to. She comes up with stuff better than the parodies I invented.

    AOC compares the Holocaust to border “concentration camps”
    “The fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the home of the free is extraordinarily disturbing, and we need to do something about it,” Ocasio-Cortez told her viewers on Instagram.

  80. NYCmike says:

    I posted the AOC thing in #64 over 2 hours ago… seems about right that you guys react to it now.

  81. DW says:

    And of course the left won’t chastise AOC for belittling the experience of those who were in concentration camps.

    One account I read sometime back was that at one of the camps the Nazis would gas the men first, forcing the women and children to wait outside and hear what was going on so as to terrorize them.

    The men were herded into the building thinking it was for a shower, while the women and children knew they were going in to die.

    At one of the camps the gas was simply the exhaust of an automotive sort of engine. So it was slow and agonizing. The victims gasped for breath and when it was over, the Nazis opened the doors and most of them were still standing, dead, because they were packed in so tight there was no room to fall down. Sometimes someone managed to survive the gas chamber and was still alive. But the Nazis would just throw them in with the dead for mass burial.

    And AOC says that’s what Trump is doing to people at the border right now.

  82. NYCmike says:

    -I think we need top find a better way to do this.

    Giving lawyers more power is the wrong way.

  83. mnw says:

    FOX headline: “New Poll Offers Trump a Dose of Good News”

    You can read all about it at FOX right now, if u want.

    It references a USA Today/Suffolk Univ poll of 1000+ RVs, in which Trump is +1 on JA– a significant improvement since the previous USA Today poll.

    There’s other bits & pieces of info in it too. For example, the RV respondents polled think Trump will be reelected by appx 48-38, just going from memory.

    The most startling thing, at least to me is, this is RVs, & Trump usually does significantly better with LVs.

  84. NYCmike says:


    When confronted with her ridiculous comparisons, she doubled down.

  85. DW says:

    75 – Nimmo was having a cold year at the plate anyway, not producing much. But yes, the points you make about the bull pen are spot on. Its why the starters have been pushed more for complete games. The bull pen couldn’t get out a team of 90 year wheelchair bound nursing home patients.

  86. DW says:

    88 – of course. Her enormous ego won’t allow her to ever admit she is wrong.

  87. NYCmike says:

    “The bull pen couldn’t get out a team of 90 year wheelchair bound nursing home patients.”

    -I bet Ben Carson could!

  88. NYCmike says:

    -When Republicans act like Democrats, bad law is the result.

    Stop acting like Democrats!

  89. jason says:

    The re-elect opinion number is actually a good sign for Trump at 48-38.

    Usually it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, although in 2016 most people thought Hillary would win.

    But if you really really really hate Trump, I doubt you would say you think he will win.

  90. jason says:

    I posted the AOC thing in #64 over 2 hours ago…..”

    Since I know few people read your posts, I went ahead and re-posted it.

    Hey, Ma….

  91. jason says:

    Don’t you just love the “free press” as CNN describes themselves…

    He won by attacking the press. He won by being Donald Trump. He won by attacking immigrants.”

    Attacking immigrants?

    I will never be politically correct. I call illegal immigrants illegal immigrants and I call terrorists terrorists, not militants.

    Sue me.

  92. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    A counter to yesterday’s Florida Quinnipiac Poll. Biden by .5%!

  93. NYCmike says:

    #95 – That comment should bring Robbie or “CG” back for a quickie!

  94. NYCmike says:

    #94 – as long as you read them, I know someone is getting educated.

  95. NYCmike says:

    Diamond Jim?

  96. mnw says:


    That there is a LV poll, too, btw. Thass the first thing I wanna know about a poll– LVs; RVs; or the dreaded “adults.”

  97. Waingro says:

    Trump up to 44.3% average approval on RCP:

    I suspect the next round of HTH general election polling will show him in better shape than the most recent polls.

  98. dblaikie says:

    It is deeply hidden poll. Only Fox News has mentioned it. The USA Today/Suffolk Univ. poll has Trump favorability plus 1 nationally. What cracks me up is how USA Today is reporting it: Poll: “What do Democrats want to hear about at the debates? (Hint: It’s not Trump.)” USA basically ignores the general election results until the end of the article. Before that it is all about the Dems.

    By the way Suffolk find Trump up +3 against a generic democrat.

  99. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Here are some of the poll results and a link to the Suffolk poll.

    Suffolk University/USA Today Poll:

    Who would you vote if the election were held today?
    Trump 40%
    Democratic Nominee 37%
    Third Party Candidate 9.0
    Undecided 14%

    Who do you think will win?

    Trump 49%
    Democratic Nominee 38%
    Undecided 13%

    Approval rating for Trump

    Strongly Approve 29%
    Approve 20%
    Disapproved 13%
    Strong Disapprove 36%
    Undecided 3%

    Democratic Candidate Support

    Biden 30%
    Sanders 15%
    Warren 10%
    Buttigieg 9%
    Harris 8%
    (no other candidate over 5%)
    Undecided 17%

  100. Waingro says:

    #104, D+3 poll seems a bit off though.

  101. Wes says:

    Indies aren’t going to get a combined 9% of the vote. In their best year since 1996 when Trump and Hillary were giving tons of people reasons to vote against them, combined Indies topped out at 6%.

    Even in 1996 with Perot garnering 9% of the vote, Indies topped out at 10%.

    This poll is simply unbelievable.

  102. Wes says:

    Well, guys, tomorrow we’ll find out if Roy Moore thinks three years of Doug Jones just isn’t enough:

  103. dblaikie says:

    Why there goes my friend Wes trashing a poll that doesn’t fit into his narrative? I suppose he agrees with the Quinnipiac Poll that claims a 24 point deficit for Trump with Indies.

    But beyond polls I have my friend wright very sober and persuasive posts showing that Biden was a serious candidate. Well now we here Uncle Joe talking about he was able to work closely in the past with Senator’s Eastman and Tallmadge. Why he claimed proudly “Senator Eastman didn’t call me boy, he called me son.” How touching only trouble is that both were notorious racists. The truth is that everytime Uncle Joe goes out he puts his foot in his mouth.

    Wes, I just want to know one thing. If Biden isn’t the nominee will we still have our bet? I sure hope so.

  104. dblaikie says:

    I hate typos, of course I meant write not wright. How stupid of me! It is something Uncle Joe would do.

  105. Phil says:

    Roy Moore. What a loser. He and Todd Akin have to be the two most delusional politicians on the planet. At least Akin didn’t re-emerge again after his last disaster. Moore just wants to keep Repeating his over and over.

  106. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The latest Monmouth Poll has Democratic primary numbers similar to the Suffolk poll. If Biden has settled in as front runner, this will allow his campaign to limit his public appearances, and do more effective control. Like with Reagan, the main goal will be to keep Biden on script. No more old guy rambling.

    2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination Monmouth
    Biden 32,
    Sanders 14,
    Warren 15,
    Harris 8,
    Buttigieg 5,
    O’Rourke 3,
    Booker 2,
    Yang 2,
    Klobuchar 1,
    Castro 0,
    Ryan 0,
    Gabbard 1,
    Delaney 0,
    Bennet 0

  107. Phil says:

    For the record, I suspect Sessions would run if Moore announces. He would be the favorite if he did even though a lot of Trump voters weren’t exactly impressed by his term as AG.

  108. Phil says:

    ….of course, someone would have to wake sleepy old Jeff up for the campaign.

  109. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    113. Yes, but as little as possible. Now if someone on Trump’s campaign could get him to think before he speaks.

  110. mnw says:


    It sure didn’t seem like Biden was “on message” today! It sounded like “old guy rambling” to me.

    In the recent Selzer poll in IA, Biden did the best with DEM caucus participants (supposed participants) who said they planned to vote online, & not nearly as well with those who said they were planning to attend & vote in person.

    He has an enthusiasm gap that would choke Secretariat. Plus, I think he’s now coming under the suspicion of being untrustworthy on race, at best, & perhaps… just another old white male supremacist.

  111. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Meanwhile, Oregon is about to go into chaos. The leftist governor appears about to take on blue collar Oregon. This could end up helping the Republicans

    “SALEM, Ore. — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Wednesday she’s prepared to extend the legislative session and mobilize the state police force if Senate Republicans follow through with a threat to block a vote on a sweeping climate plan.

    “I am prepared to use all resources and tools available to me as Governor to ensure that Oregonians are being served by their leaders,” she said in a statement. “I am in close communication with Oregon State Police and my office is making preparations for a special session.”

    Her statement heightens tensions with Senate Republicans, who said earlier this week that they are “prepared to take action to stop” what could become the nation’s second statewide cap and trade program.

    Truckers and loggers from around the state returned to the Capitol on Wednesday to protest cap and trade, a free market solution to lower industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Cap and trade opponents say the program would decimate jobs in rural areas.”

  112. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “It sure didn’t seem like Biden was “on message” today! It sounded like “old guy rambling” to me.”

    In watching Biden in Iowa, I really was wondering if his mind was beginning to slip.

  113. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The Daily Show had a segment on Biden’s speaking problems:

  114. Cash Cow TM says:

    Walt’s house is officially on the market.

    Guess I will be moving on to greener pastures.

    I am thinking of offering my manure for sale to the new neighbors.

    Walt said he would be willing to take more than the asking price.

  115. Cash Cow TM says:


    I think Dave Wissing’s birthday was yesterday.


  116. mnw says:

    “Sex Doll Maker Creates Replicas of Dead Partners”

    Thank God DRUDGE is there, as always, to cover important news stories that others ignore!

  117. Hugh says:

    I think ol’ Joe will not be the nominee and if he is he will be so wounded like Romney was after the primaries he will lose. I feel sorry for joe that he is being trashed for his comments. For everything I can’t stand about him he is no racist. However it is fun to see a democrat get the trump treatment though watered down. In the general if he said this the press would defend him to the end but I’m enjoying the moment.

  118. lisab says:

    biden got crushed today

    however, his team will now prepare him for the segregationist comments on tuesday,

    so he may actually have lucked out

  119. lisab says:

    btw, i am in a baah in massachusetts

    drinking a cuba libre

    which is almost all libre

    talk about a generous pour …

    he filled a glass with morgan and then whispaahed, “diet coke” ovah it

    i just drove 1600 miles in two days by myself only to find myself flyin once i got there

  120. lisab says:

    diet cuba libre

  121. lisab says:

    it is almost rum on the rocks

  122. Marv says:


    Right after I was released from active duty in the Air Force, I went to Miami. On my first day there, I went to a bar on Miami Beach and ordered a Cuba Libre. The bartender said “there is no free Cuba”. I said “you’re right, I’d like a rum and coke.” He made one for me and said “this one is on the house.”

  123. lisab says:

    i have a rum and … rum

    but i take your point

  124. lisab says:

    awwwwww man … i have a rum and whispered “diet pepsi”

    there is no justice anymore

    and i am plastaahed

    teachah conferences are off the hook

  125. Marv says:

    New thread