Biden Falls Into Third Place Among Dems in IA

We may in the process of seeing the early collapse of Joe Biden and eventual early withdrawal of Biden slowly building before our eyes. While ABC News and The Washington Post haven’t completely bought into it yet in their poll this morning, a lot of other national polls are showing the quick collapse of Biden and now we have a new Iowa poll from Focus on Rural America and David Binder Research that has Biden already falling into third place in the state of Iowa.

Elizabeth Warren 20%
Kamala Harris 18%
Joe Biden 17%
Bernie Sanders 12%
Pete Buttigieg 10%
Amy Klobuchar 4%
Cory Booker 2%
Beto O’Rourke 1%
john Delaney 1%
Kirsten Gillibrand 1%
Michael Bennet 1%
Steve Bullock 1%
Julian Castro 1%
Bill deBlasio 1%
Tulsi Gabbard 1%
Andrew Yang 1%
Marianne Williamson 1%
Everyone Else <1%

This poll was done June 29-July 1 among likely Democratic caucus goers.

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  1. Chicon says:

    So, American companies that make stuff in China are just moving their factories to avoid a tariff? I’m sure that happened in previous tariff examples in the 1600’s often cited by the trade deadenders.

  2. Tina says:

    Any comment from Krapperdick?

    Brian Cates Retweeted

    The Daily Signal
    the #BetsyRoss flag is an offensive symbol because of its “connection to an era of slavery.”

    (Pictured: President Obama’s 2013 inauguration featuring the Betsy Ross flag, recognizing her connection to the abolition movement) (link:

  3. jason says:

    Dave is a traitor to the Biden Report.

  4. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “We may in the process of seeing the early collapse of Joe Biden and eventual early withdrawal of Biden slowly building before our eyes.”

    I am shocked. SHOCKED! at this statement.

    Not long ago when I suggested the Democrats may be entering into a civil war; I was assured that Biden was certain to be the nominee, because the Democrats wanted to win. It was an indisputable fact that allowed for no debate.

    I am still predicting the civil war. Sanders and Warren are not going to allow Harris to claim the leftist mantle. Soon that are going to be attacking her for being a tool of the tech industry and the 1%. Sanders attacks will resemble those he made on Hillary Clinton. Its going to be a major rumble.

    The person who won the first Democratic debate was Donald Trump. The far leftist rhetoric of the debate has startled voters, and makes Trump’s chances of re-election more likely.

  5. jason says:

    The Dems have really gone off the deep end….

  6. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe it is the Warren Report now.

  7. jason says:

    The Stars and Stripes and the National Anthem will be next… bet on it.

  8. jason says:

    One thing is certain, if Biden sits around waiting to be defined like Jeb did he WILL be toast.

    Biden needs to get out there and ask if busing is really the way to go in 2020.

  9. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The Democrats seem to be competing with each other in striving to alienate themselves from non-leftist voters.

  10. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    10. “Biden needs to get out there.”

    Unfortunately, when Biden gets out there, the gaffe machine turns on. When Biden talks, he just proves why he should not be president.

  11. CG says:

    6. Magic bullet

  12. jason says:

    Et tu, Joe?

    Joe Scarborough

    Democratic candidates, you now support:

    (1) universal health care for illegal immigrants,
    (2) making illegally crossing America’s borders legal, and,
    (3) a return to forced busing.

    Do you also now support the banning of the Betsy Ross flag from public places?

  13. jason says:

    “The simple fact is that, on issues which affect the whole population on a daily basis, as opposed to issues where a judgment mainly affects individuals, Roberts has sided with the liberal wing. Public pressure/media exposure seems to get the better of him.”

    I am still astounded by the stupidity of this statement.

    I have just posted a poll showing that by 2-1 Americans support the citizenship question.

    When Roberts ruled on Obamacare, a majority also consistently opposed it.

    So if NYC had any brains he would commend Roberts for NOT bowing to public pressure, since there was little in both these cases.

    Media pressure? The MSM is against ANY conservative cause, so if that was the criteria Roberts would rule with liberals 100% of the time.

    I think the conclusion here is if you don’t know what you are talking about, better keep your mouth shut.

  14. dblaikie says:

    Our country is about to face a time of decision. We will go down the path towards Socialism or not. That is a real choice before us. With that in mind I would like to post this wonderful quote from a founding father, the only clergyperson to sign the Declaration of Independence, his fiery speech on July 4, 1776. His words still ring true today. Here is the quote, the beginning of his address:

    “There is a tide in the affairs of men. We perceive it now before us. To hesitate is to consent to our own slavery. That noble instrument should be subscribed to this very morning by every pen in this house. Though these gray hairs must soon descend to the sepulchre, I would infinitely rather that they descend thither by the hand of the executioner than desert at the crisis the sacred cause of my country!”

    The delegates went on to approve the Declaration of Independence. After the announcement of the vote, silence moved over the Congress as the men contemplated the magnitude of what they had just done. Some wept openly, while others bowed in prayer.

    Happy 4th of July HHR and God bless this great, great Country!!

  15. dblaikie says:

    How could I leave out his name! John Witherspoon, delegate from New Jersey, President of Princeton College.

  16. jason says:

    Did you know asking “Is that true? Wow” is a “racist attack”?


    “A user had sent a tweet to Don Jr. mentioning Harris’ mixed lineage, and he responded with “Is this true? Wow,”, in a now-deleted tweet response. CNN dutifully went to the Harris camp for comment. “This is the same type of racist attack his father used to attack Barack Obama,” Lily Adams, communications director for the Harris campaign, told CNN.”

    Meanwhile Don Lemon says Harris cannot call herself African American, but that is ok…

    “To want the distinction to say ‘is she African-American’, or ‘is she Black’ or is she … whatever — there is nothing wrong with that. There is a difference between being African-American and being Black.”

    “Jamaica is not America,” said Lemon

  17. Tina says:

    The real conservatives told me that it was just the confederate monuments and statues. By the way, does this mental midget know that the obumbler used this glad during his 2nd inauguration?

    David Rutz
    · 5h
    Michael Eric Dyson compares Betsy Ross Flag to a swastika or burning cross during MSNBC hit. (link:…

  18. NYCmike says:


    You aren’t a serious person.

    The media, and the stories being told, always center around Republican judges “taking away healthcare” and “adding racist questions” to the census.

    The public pressure I am speaking about, as you well know, is the media circus of NYC and DC, which is overwhelmingly liberal, and vastly different from local reporting across this country. Roberts, if he didn’t bow to that pressure, really made terrible judgments.

  19. NYCmike says:

    Michael Eric Dyson – what an absolute creep!

  20. NYCmike says:

    Time to get a Betsy Ross flag.

  21. NYCmike says:

    The people who will take over the White House if Trump loses would give that person a seat at the table – and “conservative Republicans” like “CG” and Robbie wouldn’t do a dang thing to stop it.

  22. jason says:

    The public pressure I am speaking about, as you well know, is the media circus”


    Do you ever think about what you write?

    Public pressure is public pressure. The MSM is the MSM.

    You are a moron.

    The public was not for either Obamacare or for dropping the census question. So to suggest that Roberts is bowing to public pressure is an outright lie.

    As far as the MSM, it is against EVERY decision that is not liberal, so Roberts would have to vote with the liberals 100% if he was bowing to their pressure.

    Why don’t you stop digging and admit the only reason you are attacking Roberts is because you don’t agree with a couple of decisions, you know he has always been a conservative on the vast majority of his opinions.

  23. Phil says:

    Roberts is a conservative.

    He was also a huge disappointment on Obamacare and the census decision.

    Both statements are true.

    Roberts twisted himself into a pretzel on those two decisions. I will never understand why. Should help him at the Georgetown dinner parties, however so there is that.

  24. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    At the next debate Democratic debate they need to ask the candidates if they think the Dolly Madison flag is a symbol of white supremacy

  25. NYCmike says:


    Sure, he is a conservative.

    On everything except healthcare, which encompasses 20% of the economy, and the appropriation of federal funds and the question of “What is citizenship?”.

    Small issues, same as Gorsuch concerning opaqueness of federal laws.

    Same thing, totally.

  26. NYCmike says:

    McCain was a conservative, except on Obamacare and free speech issues.

    Small issues.

  27. jason says:

    They could solve the census issue easily.

    The could sample it, only asking a representative percentage of the households.

    That way they could get the data. They do it for other questions btw, there is more than one form.

  28. Ron N says:

    My guess is they will hold the fisa IG report until after the great one speaks before Congress. I thought it was suppose to drop in June.

  29. jason says:

    McCain was a conservative,”

    Right, you could have stopped there.

    His career of decades of votes was not defined by one vote on Obamacare, unless you are a moron.

    Oh wait….

    One day, NYC will realize that you can still be a conservative and not agree with him on 100% of issues.

    And btw, whats good for the goose is not good for the gander. Trump gets a pass for being a liberal most of his life, but NYC gets very offended if you point that out.

  30. jason says:

    and free speech issues. ”

    McCain was against free speech?

    As far as I know, he made great personal sacrifices for his country so we can have free speech.

    Who knew, this sounds like the same BS that Roberts “caves to public pressure”.

  31. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    A CNN poll On health care:

    40% oppose national health care program.
    32% support national health plan, but with a private option.
    21% support national health care program with no private option.

    No wonder Kamala Harris did a post debate switch in her position.

    On providing national health insurance to undocumented workers.

    58% oppose
    38% support

    In an attempt to placate radical leftist voters, the Democratic candidates are taking positions that will make them undetectable.

  32. NYCmike says:

    “Trump gets a pass for being a liberal most of his life”

    -As a private citizen, YES.

    McCain was a “conservative” Senator for 30 years, then cast the thumbs-down vote which left us with Obamacara.

    Again, how do you not understand the difference in these 2 situations?

  33. mnw says:

    28 Sheep

    Why would he care? You think he ever intended to run again, after he went fullbore Jeff Flake? He knew “impeach Trump” was tantamount to announcing he wasn’t going to run again.

    Thank God for GOP primaries.

  34. NYCmike says:

    “Thank God for GOP primaries.”

    -For some ODD reason, Wes and jason have no issue with Amash getting primaried……

  35. NYCmike says:

    “No wonder Kamala Harris did a post debate switch in her position.”

    -Hopefully, the commercial is already made.

  36. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    32. Means “unelectable” and not “undetectable”. The joys of spell check.

  37. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    HarrisX now lifting Hispanics to level of most other polls

    Trump Approval;
    HarissX Trump 47% Blacks 23% Hispanics 33%
    Rasmussen Trump 49%
    Economist 44% Blacks 18% Hispanics 39% (!!) Both “not sure 16%)

  38. jason says:

    For some ODD reason, Wes and jason have no issue with Amash getting primaried……”

    None whatsoever, considering Amash is not a Republican, he is a Paulbot just using the R to get elected.

    Good riddance.

    However, if he WAS a Republican, and his seat would be at risk, I would not support a primary challenge to him even if I disagreed with his policies.

  39. jason says:

    McCain was a “conservative” Senator for 30 years,

    No need for the quotes, he was a conservative.

    The fact you, or me, disagreed with some his positions did not change that.

    And again, his Obamacare vote does not define his career of public service and his contributions to both the Republican party and conservative causes.

  40. mnw says:


    (continuing from last thread)

    You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about Marketwatch. They are the CNN of the financial MSM.

    But, I would add, CNBC; WSJ; & Bloomberg are just as awful. They all scratch around for the bad news needle in the good news haystack. EVERY day.

  41. jason says:

    Since the DOW closed at 26,996 today it is always good to remind everyone of this famous quote:

    “Paul Krugman on Election Night: “If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.”

  42. Wes says:

    Amash supports impeaching Trump. Principally for that reason, Jason and I support primarying Amash and keeping him from continuing to do Pelosi’s bidding.

    Naturally Mikey has a problem with that.

    I guess Mikey is upset because Jason and I don’t feel Thom Tillis should have to endure a resource-draining primary in a moderately GOP state and thus become endangered when Cory Gardner and Martha McSally are already facing tough bids for reelection and retention respectively.

  43. Wes says:

    Unlike Mikey and his fellow Tea Partyers, I always support the right of the party to have primaries. That doesn’t mean I feel the party should always exercise that right—especially when an expensive or divisive primary can endanger a seat or spill over into already marginal seats by forcing a concentration of resources that would otherwise be unnecessary.

  44. mnw says:

    I’ve always said, I’m glad the Nobel laureate in economics isn’t my financial advisor.

    If that azalea ever says “Buy now! Risk on! Bet the farm!”, I sell everything instantly. He’ll probably say that too, if one of the 10 midgets gets elected.

  45. Tina says:

    I only want to primary two folks:

    Senator Planned Parenthood (Alaska)

    And Justine Asqusih.

  46. Tina says:

    Mnw, wasn’t it funny when the paper plane chrasher and the Clinton Groupie told us each day how the market was going down this past December?

    I see they have not been updating us.

    Full disclosure, I don’t do individual stocks anymore.

  47. Phil says:

    So Wes, what is Kamala’s absolute ceiling in NC?

    I say 46% considering her goofy ideas. Makes Obama look rather moderate actually. Reparations, busing etc etc.

  48. Wes says:

    Phil, paradoxically NC used to be solidly GOP on the presidential level and more evenly divided down ballot with Dems usually winning local races and Republicans winning most federal races.

    2008 was an interesting shift in dynamics as that year everything for a host of reasons went one way. Since then, Republicans have dominated all levels below President with the notable exception of Cooper’s gubernatorial victory, which was a backlash for the poorly thought out “bathroom bill.”

    Now Harris is basically trying to replicate the coalition Hillary formed to try to carry the state. She can probably push a point past Hillary because Trump has triggered strong resentment in the suburbs; however, I think Trump beats her 49-47. I just hope Trump excites enough of his base to take out Cooper and get more Republicans on the State Supreme Court.

  49. Phil says:

    Geez. If a California leftist only loses a state like NC by two the country really is gone. Disappointing information, but I trust your judgement on all things NC political

  50. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    31, “If a California leftist.”

    Is it the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren leftism, which takes on the power elites? Or is it the Kamala Harris leftism, which is funded by Google, Facebook, Apple — and whose husband is an attorney for the tech industry fighting to protect the tech industry from government regulation? Zuckerberg did not run, so tech now has Harris.

    Of course, being a tech puppet whose job is to spout far left rhetoric can get you in trouble sometimes if you don’t play the game properly. Like when Harris raised her hand with Bernie against keeping the private option in health care. Once her handlers informed her she had made a major mistake; she blubbered out a ridiculous excuse the next day. Harris is the attorney general of California, and she does not know what the private option is? When the arguments you make are insincere; you flub up sometimes.

  51. John says:

    If Trump gets anywhere gets either 23% Harris or 18% Economist of the ‘black vote’ then this election is way, way over.
    If Trump gets 33% of the Hispanic vote and 23% Harris vote of the ‘black vote’ then this election is way, way over.
    If Trump gets 39% of the Hispanic vote with 18% of the ‘black vote’ of the Economist vote then election is over before it began.
    Something is wrong here.

  52. John says:

    Excuse me…the last two sentences being the Ras poll.

  53. John says:

    New Iowa poll (IA Starting Line)…
    Warren 20
    Harris 18
    Biden 17
    Sander 12
    Buttigieg 10

    Not good for Biden

  54. John says:

    New national Democratic poll (Change Research)…
    Warren 22
    Harris 21
    Biden 18
    Sanders 17
    Buttigieg 10

    Another ‘not good’ for Biden

  55. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    So after attacking Biden on not supporting mandatory busing, Harris flip-flops. Biden needs to counter attack hard.

    “WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Sen. Kamala Harris said Wednesday that busing students should be considered by school districts trying to desegregate their locations — not the federal mandate she appeared to support in pointedly criticizing rival Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden last week.
    * * *
    On Wednesday, though, Harris characterized busing as a choice local school districts have, not the responsibility of the federal government.
    Busing, while not central to the Democratic primary, has become a proxy issue for the debate between Biden and Harris over race as well as broader questions about whether the 76-year-old former vice president is out of step with his party.
    After a Democratic Party picnic Wednesday in West Des Moines, Harris was asked by reporters whether she supports federally mandated busing.
    “I think of busing as being in the toolbox of what is available and what can be used for the goal of desegregating America’s schools,” she responded.
    Asked to clarify whether she supports federally mandated busing, she replied, “I believe that any tool that is in the toolbox should be considered by a school district.”
    In a tweet Wednesday, Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield knocked Harris for her response, writing, “It’s disappointing that Senator Harris chose to distort Vice President Biden’s position on busing — particularly now that she is tying herself in knots trying not to answer the very question she posed to him!””

  56. Tgca says:

    Happy Bertday America!

    Oh wait! That’s insensitive too many. I meant I hope you feel good about yourself America for 242 years of institutional racism, suppression, and global greed and destruction. That’s more like it!

    Love always,

    The Democratic Party

  57. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    This is really sad news on this Independence Day:

    How will the Republican Party survive?!
    Amash once again shows that he believes he is the center of the universe.
    Good riddance to bad garbage!!!

  58. Tgca says:


    Clearly you are a breeder! No real gay man would EVAH misquote the great Bette Davis from her classic movie of Human Bondage.

    It’s good riddance to bad rubbish! Geez! Is it so hard to even be a lil gay at times? SDC and Michael would be horrified if they saw your post.

  59. Tina says:

    Phil, Justine Asquish. The House Rs need to do ban him from caucusing and strip him of his seat.

    “If they do bar him from caucusing with Republicans, Amash won’t be able to attend GOP conference meetings, and he may be stripped of his seat on the Oversight Committee.”

  60. Tina says:

    Phuq Justine asquish*

  61. jason says:

    Lawrence O’Donnell says the lesson to be learned about Trump insisting on the citizenship question is
    that he won’t leave office if he loses the election.

  62. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    A Thousand Apologies!!!

  63. jason says:

    Amash was never a Republican, he was renting the label.

    Good riddance.

    The diatribe against the two party system sounds like he wants to run for President, however.

  64. jason says:

    Is it so hard to even be a lil gay at times?”

    I hear its a slippery slope…

  65. jason says:

    He’ll probably say that too, if one of the 10 midgets gets elected.”

    The little people want you to know they are 20.

  66. Wes says:

    Amash reminds me of JulStol. Thankfully the Congressman now hasn’t even a slender chance at denomination or reelection.

  67. jason says:

    I can see all the MSM headlines touting Amash, who they hated until he declared he was for impeachment, as a principled man.

    Almost lost my breakfast, which would have been a pity. Six slices of thick cut bacon, a three egg omelet with cheese, bacon and mushrooms, corned beef hash, two slices of almond flour bread with Amish butter, and coffee.

    Meanwhile, let me guess. Tgca had a gummy bear and Oreo smoothie, 5 sugar waffles with molasses, six organic peanut butter cups dipped in caramel sauce, and 6 organic maple syrup shooters.

  68. jason says:

    Yeah, Amash sounds like someone Jul would have supported.

    Or maybe voted for but not supported. Or supported but not voted for.

  69. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Great news for the Republican Party as one of the dumbest & most disloyal men in Congress is “quitting” the Party. No Collusion, No Obstruction! Knew he couldn’t get the nomination to run again in the Great State of Michigan. Already being challenged for his seat. A total loser!

  70. jason says:

    Has Kathleen Kane, the liberal Dem AG who Jul voted for but did not support, gotten out of jail yet?

  71. jason says:

    Trump is just encouraging Amash to run against him.

  72. jason says:

    Amash will be on 60 minutes in 3, 2, 1….

  73. Tina says:

    He is dumb. I remember Justine’s townhall when he was confronted by an AA and a woman.

    The woman really put Justine is in his place. He had no answers. I dislike Justine for attacking Barr. That was way over the top. The woman’s beatdown of Justine Asquish is here:

  74. Tina says:

    Asquish will be on the Morning Schmoe now.

    I am sure Mika Joe Scarfarce will interview him.

  75. Tina says:

    The Drat candidates are all looms.

    Brandon Tatum
    Jun 27
    What I have seen from the last two nights isn’t America.

    These candidates are disgraceful. All I saw was pandering.

    Illegals getting free healthcare is ridiculous.

    Bashing law enforcement.

    Speaking Spanish.

    Open borders and raising taxes.

  76. Tina says:

    The Nj Senator that is running claims to have gone to the border and helped illegals enter the country.

    If so, he should be arrested.

  77. Cash Cow TM says:

    So…the USA womens will play the Netherlands for the championship of the universe.


    Do the Dutch girls kick better in those wooden shoes?
    OH, and


  78. Tina says:

    An executive order could be a way around this.

    Or just print the damn forms with the question and have Souter try to “enforce” his decision,

    Donald J. Trump
    So important for our Country that the very simple and basic “Are you a Citizen of the United States?” question be allowed to be asked in the 2020 Census. Department of Commerce and the Department of Justice are working very hard on this, even on the 4th of July!

  79. Phil says:

    Amash to be hired by CNN in 3 2 1…..

    They finally have found their replacement for the porn lawyer.

  80. Wes says:

    Normally I cringe when Trump tweets. This I have to say I like though. He’s trolling a moron who threw away a safe seat. Trump is fully justified in attacking Amash too. That makes it even sweeter.

  81. jason says:

    I googled Kane to see if she was out of jail yet.

    The answer is no, but she did get disbarred a couple months ago.

  82. Wes says:

    All right. Let me get this straight:

    Bitterlaw hates the South because of the saying “Bless your heart” and accents. However, he hasn’t a critical word to say about New Jersey despite the Sewer State’s knowing election of a corrupt child molester to the Senate and the claim by the other Senator to have helped illegals cross the border.

    I can tell you which would bother me more, though Bitter clearly has other priorities.

  83. Tina says:

    Wes, I actually cringed a bit on that tweet.

    Normally, I just laugh at them

    I am upset with Asquish for the disrespect he showed to Barr.

  84. mnw says:

    I think Trump punched down again, this time at Amash, and I hate it. It makes him look petty. I hated his Jimmy Carter; I hated his Bette Midler; I hated his Miss Venezuela.

    The rest of his base (& I’m part of it, by any definition, I think) does NOT want to hear what I just said, though. VERY hostile to that view.

  85. Tina says:


    Cory Booker
    · 15h
    Today I crossed the US-Mexico border in El Paso with @fams2gether and @LasAmericasIAC to help five women present themselves for asylum. These are my observations. Please don’t look away.

  86. jason says:

    Hey, Ma, that is some serious bait in the water…

  87. Wes says:

    Mnw, this time I think Trump was justified. Amash basically tried to help the Dems overthrow Trump on specious charges and ended his own political career instead. Given what Amash did to himself, I’m not upset Trump had fun at his expense.

    If Trump continues to attack him then I’ll consider it a problem. Currently I really can’t criticize the President for trolling an idiot.

  88. jason says:

    Trump has all the right to be angry at Amash, and Amash deserves what he gets.

    Still I don’t know if its a good strategy for Trump to help the MSM give him even more notoriety.

    You can be sure the MSM will do anything they can to get Amash to run third party.

  89. jason says:

    Hey wes, do you think NYC will pull a “Mikey Maneuver” with Amash and encouraging him to primary Trump?

    I mean, Bernie is not a Dem but runs as a Dem, so we could do a “Mikey Maneuver” here too.

    After all, we all believe in the primary system.

  90. jason says:

    “and encouraging”? Geezus… should be “and encourage”

    Btw, we haven’t seen Messy for awhile.

    Maybe she is taking my advice and enrolled in a remedial program.

  91. mnw says:

    I hate Amash at least as much as you guys do, if not more. But using a cold political calculus, punching down was a mistake. The POTUS doesn’t need to eviscerate a lame duck congressman.

    Also, all Trump’s name calling hurts Trump. I agree with Phil (I think it was) who posted that without the tweets, Trump’s JA would be 5-6 points higher. I really believe that.

  92. Big Joe says:

    Happy 4th everyone!

    The “Last Great Experiment” soldiers on …

    Politicians on both sides seem to be more interested in gaming the system, finding loopholes, and bending rules to their maximum. I can only hope that our leaders respect our rules and institutions and reflect back on the lessons/warnings of our great founding fathers.

    To me, July 4th is always a day to take a step back and reflect. We are not a perfect nation, but we are the best nation in the world.

    Big Joe

  93. jason says:

    I don’t.

    I think tweets are integral part of Trump’s success, if you want to call it that.

    Trump has very few options to get his message out. The MSM is overwhelmingly hostile, and Fox News has what, 3-4 million viewers, the MSM reaches many times that number, not to mention that outside the WSJ editorial section, the print media is universally hostile to him.

    I think the fact he responds to all attacks helps him, because we have seen that if you let the MSM get away with attacking you it becomes the accepted narrative and you don’t recover.

    That is not to say I agree with all tweets, I don’t. But giving up tweets would be political suicide IMO.

  94. jason says:

    Absolutely Big Joe, the 4th should be more more than grilling burgers and hotdogs.

  95. jason says:

    Trump giving up tweets would be unilateral disarmament.

    Why do you think Amoral Scumbag always wanted him to stop tweeting, you think he was interested in improving Trump’s job approval?

  96. Big Joe says:

    #96 Jason-
    Burgers and hot dogs do have the power to bring people together!

    Big Joe

  97. mnw says:

    I don’t oppose his tweeting generally. I oppose his tweets which punch down at some lefty midget. Seems like these punching down tweets are coming more frequently, and I include punch down responses which are NOT tweeted also.

  98. Tgca says:

    Uno Cero Cero!

  99. Tgca says:


    Hog wash Big Joe!

    America was never great and never will be to me…until I get my reparations…and where’s my Obama phone too?

  100. janz says:

    6.4 earthquake felt in CA this morning.

  101. Phil says:

    I don’t object to Trump’s tweeting. It’s the only way to get through the MSM filter. I just want him to be a bit more selective about it than he has in the past.

  102. Big Joe says:

    #101 TEEG-
    Ha, I can always count on TEEG for a good laugh. My guess is you’ll get your Obama Phone right after I get my great, beautiful healthcare and Mexico pays for a Great Wall. Believe me. 😀 😀

    Big Joe

  103. Tina says:

    Well, looks like the nk releasesd another hostage.

    BBC “This is a direct result of Trump’s diplomacy
    “Alek Sigley: North Korea releases detained Australian student – BBC “

  104. Paul says:

    Screw Trump and his bigoted treasonous anti-American CRAP. DISGRACE TO AMERICA> HE SHOULD BE GONE> GOIEOWFJKOSDFKIJDF fkdsfkjaadsnavldnsf/klwdfdl

  105. Victrc says:

    Happy Indepence day to all my fellow HHR friends. May you all have a fun and safe holiday

    God bless America

  106. jason says:

    Not familiar with the “punch down” tweet expression, it wasn’t taught in the one room schoolhouse on the Altiplano.

  107. jason says:

    The Huff Post dutifully proclaims Amash as the “most fiscally conservative” member of Congress.


    Paulbots are not fiscally conservative, Ron Paul was the king of pork. Not wanting to spend money on defense and foreign aid does not make you a fiscal conservative, it just means you have other priorities.

    Ron Paul pretended to vote against deficit spending while wallowing in the earmark through that contributed to that deficit.

  108. jason says:

    Looks like Paul overdosed on too many AOC tweets.

  109. Wes says:

    Trump is probably hoping Amash runs for President as an Indy. With his call for Trump’s impeachment, Amash will attract no significant GOP voters but may reel in a few liberals, thus splitting the Dems’ vote in a handful of marginal states. It’s unlikely to happen, but Amash may just be loony enough to do it.

  110. Bitterlaw says:

    Bad night with Tink, Wes? Why are you thinking of me at all today?

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    I was out at Independence Hall at 6:20 am. July 4th parade at 11:00 am. Walked around Valley Forge this afternoon.

    Just learned about Booker now. Since I never voted for a Democrat in New Jersey or any state, I am not responsible for his stupid stunts.

  112. jason says:

    I am almost catatonic, grilled way too much meat… oh wait, that’s impossible.

  113. jason says:

    Interesting that wes thinks Amash running will help Trump. My thinking is that he will attract some Gary Johnson voters that might otherwise now go to Trump.
    But there is no doubt his anti-Israel, anti-military, anti-terrorist surveillance, etc. view will appeal to some anti “military industrial complex” types.

    Maybe it would be a wash.

    Of course Corey was looking for someone to vote for…

  114. Wes says:

    Maybe Roy Scheider can be resurrected:

    For those unaware, Jaws was set around the Fourth of July. It was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard. I guess it’s appropriate theBay State is seeing an increase in activity by great whites now 44 years after the film’s release.

  115. Bitterlaw says:


    Best movie speech ever.

  116. Wes says:

    The climactic clash between Good and Evil:

  117. Wes says:

    “There is a creature alive today, that has survived millions of years of evolution. Without change, without passion, and without logic. It lives to kill, a mindless eating machine that will attack and devour anything. It is as if God created the devil…gave him…Jaws.”

  118. Proud Obamacon says:

    “We are not a perfect nation, but we are the best nation in the world.”

    Despite Orange’s attempts to destroy our democracy and trash the Constitution , WE SHALL OVERCOME! The wanna-be dictator and traitor will be shown the door in 15 months. Then he’s either going to jail or seeking asylum in NK or Russia with his dictator heroes. What a disgrace. But we SHALL OVERCOME.


  119. Wes says:

    Who else wishes Robert Shaw had used Proud Obamacon for chum?

  120. mnw says:

    Who else wishes trolls never elicited a response? And thinks they would disappear themselves if they were ignored long enough?

  121. Wes says:

    You clearly haven’t paid attention to this particular troll. He’ll spout his pablum regardless of a response. We might as well have fun at his expense.

  122. Proud Obamacon says:

    As usual, yall attack the messenger and not the message. Yall ok with a dictator as long as the scary browns can be kept away. Yall don’t care about the Constitution. The founding fathers are crying in their graves right now.

    Yall are disgusting. Yall sickening. Luckily, WE SHALL OVERCOME. Is it election day yet?


  123. Tina says:

    Biden trail,Buttplug in fundraising.

    Just adds to further weeks of shakiness for him as the “front runner.”

  124. jason says:

    Who else wishes Robert Shaw had used Proud Obamacon for chum?”

    I doubt he would have gone for it, that was a discerning shark.

  125. jason says:

    Where was Proud Obamacon when Obama trashed the Constitution for 8 years?

    Marxist Leninist turd was probably busy shoring up some communist dictatorship he would like America to emulate.

  126. jason says:

    “y’all ok with a dictator”

    Hilarious as someone who venerates Fidel Castro and pines for the old USSR.

  127. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    123. “Who else wishes trolls never elicited a response? And thinks they would disappear themselves if they were ignored long enough?”

    Believe this is the mnw’s point

    “Addressing comments to other commenters just reinforces their desire to be noticed.”

  128. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Trolls cone on the board to yank everyone’s chain, and when anyone responds they enjoy it.

    “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

  129. mnw says:



    “Happy Fourth of July! 5 Reasons Millions of Americans Have Nothing to Celebrate”

  130. Tina says:

    A tweet from the British Army:

    British Army
    Happy #IndependenceDay to our American cousins! We may have burnt the White House down (Sorry) and you may not like our tea (Unforgivable), but blood is thicker than water – we are unbreakable ???? @USArmy @USArmyEurope @BritishArmyUSA #SpecialRelationship #GlobalBritain

    6:02 AM – Jul 4, 2019

  131. Phil says:

    Watched Trump’s speech today. I thought Democrats were claiming he was using the 4th of July to make a partisan campaign speech ? There was nothing like that – a very patriotic pro America speech. Can’t imagine how the left could pan that. Oh wait. I just answered my own question when I mentioned it was pro America.

  132. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    102. “6.4 earthquake felt in CA this morning.”

    Felt the earthquake in San Diego. It did not last long; it was pretty minor until there was a major roll — but it then ended. But San Diego was pretty far away from the epicenter.

    Remembers some years back being in a skyscraper during an fairly major earthquake in San Diego. Tall buildings are built to sway during earthquakes for seismic safety reasons. During the swaying the building creaked loudly, and I could watch other skyscrapers nearby swaying in different directions. Once the earthquake ended, the building swayed for another five/ten minutes or so.

  133. jason says:

    Who else wishes trolls never elicited a response?”

    Not me.

  134. mnw says:

    136 SDC

    memo to self: stay the hell out of San Diego skyscrapers. Yikes! There must’ve been a sudden demand for clean undies.

  135. Proud Obamacon says:

    Same ole drivel from Jason.
    Jason logic is he thinks Obama trashed the Constitution so that means it’s ok for his Orange Sex Fantasy to trash the Constitution too. Got it, bruh. Good to know you think Orange is trashing the Constitution.


  136. jason says:

    There is a famous Inca saying:

    “A blog without trolls is like a pasture without llamas”

  137. jason says:

    No, Marxist turd, that is not what I said.

    I said that if you were concerned about the Constitution, you would have complained about Obama trashing it for 8 years.

    The silence was deafening.

  138. jason says:

    So how is your socialist paradise of Venezuela doing, Marxist turd?

    And while you whine about democratically elected Trump, your hero Maduro really shows the world what a dictator is like.

  139. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    138. It was Saturday, and I was the only one in the office — which made it even spookier.

    I spent a lot of my youth in Mission Beach, which is a peninsula in San Diego. Whenever there was an earthquake the power would go out. We as kids knew which items to grab from the shelves so they would not fall and break. Then we had to check the radio to see if there was a tidal wave warning. Before my time they had evacuated MB after the Alaskan earthquake. But the only evacuation order I experienced was quickly withdrawn. Life in California.

  140. Proud Obamacon says:

    Nice try Jason trying to backtrack, insult, and then going to his go-to line about Venezuela.

    You are a pathetic lightweight. And you’ve already admitted you are perfectly OK with your Orange blow up doll trashing the Constitution. I always knew yall so called Patriots never really gave a D about the Constitution, now yall openly admit it.


  141. Bitterlaw says:

    Another reason to not live in California.

  142. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    145. “Another reason to not live in California.”

    Yes, but the warm winters, with the ability to surf, sail and swim made up for it (with wet suit). Fishing was good too. Once upon a time you could collect mussels from the piers, and dive for abalone, and eat them. Now the mussels likely would contain toxins, and abalone is scarce and protected.

  143. Tgca says:


    Disgusting carnivores!

    I feel so fat right now. I made a personal pizza tonight with a cauliflower pizza crust, fresh tomato sauce, and mozzarella with fresh pepper and oregano.

    I ate the whole fooking thing in one sitting. It must have been like 800 calories.

    I think I need to induce vomiting again.

  144. Wes says:

    I doubt you have to worry about that, Tg. That “meal” will induce vomiting on its own.

  145. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Am curious why you cannot eat a mussel or abalone? They might be classified as animals, but in effect are plants. Do not have brains and think as do mammals or other mentally developed types of animals. To me they would seem to be the equivalent of plants.

  146. Bitterlaw says:

    “Warm winters” means no winter and you are down to three seasons. San Diego probably has 2 seasons – Summer and Almost Summer.

  147. jason says:

    And you’ve already admitted you are perfectly OK with your Orange blow up doll trashing the Constitution”

    Where did I do that?

    And some people want to get rid of the trolls, when they provided endless entertainment like this.

  148. jason says:

    Billionaire West Virginia coal tycoon Chris Cline killed in helicopter crash. Was a supporter of the President.

  149. jason says:

    That “meal” will induce vomiting on its own.


  150. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    June Jobs’ Report:
    224,000 new jobs’ created(190,000 in the private sector)
    3.7% unemployment rate(up .1%)
    Wages higher

  151. jason says:

    I can already see the CNN headline:


  152. jason says:

    Proud Obamacon should move to Greece, he would love some of the choices on the ballot there:

    “To the left, the venerable Communist Party of Greece is competing for attention with the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist).

    Others on the ballot tried a little harder to catch the eye with names such as Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for Overthrow”

  153. Marv says:

    Hi Folks,

    Great speech by President Trump. The flyovers were magnificent. (Clearly, the US Air Force was the most impressive.)

  154. jason says:

    This is interesting reading.

    It suggests that even some of the more “non-controversial” conclusions of the Mueller Report, such as the Russians hacked the DNC and gave it to Wikileaks might have some issues with them too.

    The problem lies with the fact that perhaps some of the sources used to arrive at the conclusions were partisan.

  155. jason says:

    Mueller should have used non-partisan sources like Marv.

  156. jason says:

    SDC is trying desperately to come up with reasons on why California shouldn’t fall into the ocean.

  157. Bitterlaw says:

    Marv! It’s always good to see that you’re not dead.

  158. jason says:

    The problem lies with the fact that perhaps”


  159. Bitterlaw says:

    Great. I was told I have a tight muscle in my shoulder that is pressing on a nerve. The suggestion was to get a massage. So the choice is have a message from a man (gay) or a woman (cheating on my wife). I will just endure the pain.

  160. CG says:

    What will you do, now that you have reached the age, when a doctor suggests a prostate exam?

  161. Marv says:

    Hey Bitterlaw,

    How goes it for you?

    I read HHR daily and will probably post more as we get closer to the election. Early indications are the the President will win again by a margin similar to 2016. Can you imagine any Democrat currently running for their nomination giving a speech like the President gave on the National Mall yesterday?

  162. Bitterlaw says:

    Quinoa prices going up. Will Jason or Tgca be hit the hardest?

  163. Bitterlaw says:

    The doctor did not buy me dinner after my colonoscopy. I felt so used.

  164. jason says:

    Speaking of tests, AOC says she got the results of her IQ test back and she wants to reassure all her supporters that it came back negative.

  165. jason says:

    Early indications are the the President will win again by a margin similar to 2016.”

    Marv has excellent sources, so this must be true.

  166. Wes says:

    You’re not going to listen, Bitter but receiving a massage from another man professionally is not gay while no ethical female LMBT is going to take anything but professional interest in you.

    You have a stigma in your mind that causes you to prefer pain to palliative care.

    Cést la vie.

  167. Marv says:


    My sources are my next door neighbor and the guys who cut my lawn.

  168. NYCmike says:

    “You’re not going to listen, Bitter but receiving a massage from another man professionally is not gay while no ethical female LMBT is going to take anything but professional interest in you.”

    -Company line…….yet, they don’t keep the doors open…….

  169. dblaikie says:

    Well we have another outstanding jobs report that proves that last months disappointing numbers were just a blimp. Every month the chicken littles on this site and particularly the talking heads on the main stream media declare that our economy is crashing. These people must love having eggs thrown on their faces every week. Heck, I am starting to think that if we didn’t have these tariffs the economy would be at or even above 4% growth.

    What astounds me is that the Democratic Party and their main candidates (three socialists and a dirty old man) are embracing policies that will destroy this economy. I hope with all their huge bankroll of money the Trump campaign simply needs to say that all the free stuff they embrace will double or even triple our taxes. America how do you like the sound of a 70% tax rate. But oh well that is the price of free health care and free college. And if the green new deal becomes a reality the Government will send us an allowance to live on. The good news is that the allowance will 10000.00 dollars a month. The bad news is that 10000.00 bucks will be worth about 100.00 in todays money.

  170. Wes says:

    It’s called a client’s right to privacy, Mikey. People receiving massages don’t want to strip down in front of everyone, and private consultations regarding treatment and goals take place behind those closed doors. Of course the doors will be closed during sessions.

  171. NYCmike says:

    Hey Ma, that vegan bait is working great!

  172. NYCmike says:

    Looks like Macy’s put on another wonderful fireworks show in the Center of the Universe!

  173. mnw says:

    Today’s jobs report is excellent news for the nation & for Mr. Orange.

    For investors, though, the outlook is FOG. Can’t see nuttin’. The best trades are often the ones you don’t make (old cliche). I’m there.

  174. Tgca says:

    I agree with Bitter. All men who provide massage therapy yo men are gay, as are all male proctologist’s who treat men. Double for male urologists treating men. Why else do such work?

    On the flip side, no gay male would ever be a gynecologist.

  175. Bitterlaw says:

    I am sure that Wes is a professional in every way. A man getting massaged by a guy is sketchy with a gay aspect.

    Both can be true.

  176. Wes says:

    1) My Hetero credentials are ironclad.

    2) I’ve given massages to hundreds of men, though to far more women.

    3) When performed by an ethical therapist, massages are completely non sexual regardless of the orientation of the therapists or clients.

    All can be and are true.

  177. NYCmike says:

    “1) My Hetero credentials are ironclad.”

    -Wasn’t your high school nickname “Rock Hudson”?