Edwards (D) Leads Gov Race in LA, Reeves (R) Leads Gov Race in MS

There has not been a lot of polling for the gubernatorial races that will be occurring later this year, so we should take advantage of posting the results when they come in. The website The Hayride released anew poll done by a firm called Multi-Quest that shows Democratic incumbent Jon Bell Edwards hold a decent lead in both the jungle primary and the runoff.

Jon Bel Edwards (D-inc) 44%
Ralph Abraham (R) 35%
Eddie Rispone (R) 6%
Gary Landrieu (I) 4%

Jon Bel Edwards (D-inc) 49%
Ralph Abraham (R) 39%

Jon Bel Edwards (D-inc) 49%
Eddie Rispone (R) 29%

This poll was done July 19-21 among 601 registered voters. Meanwhile in Mississippi, we found out the results of the NBC News/Survey Monkey poll that was released last week specific for the gubernatorial race for this year.

Tate Reeves (R) 51%
Jim Hood (D) 42%

Bill Waller (R) 53%
Jim Hood (D) 41%

This poll was done July 2-16 among 1042 registered voters.

You can get the full rundown of the gubernatorial polls at The Hedgehog Report PollWatch pages for Louisiana and Mississippi.

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  1. Tina says:

    No Biden report updates?

  2. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina must have forgotten how Dave has run HHR since 2004.

  3. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    455. from the last thread:

    “Seems weird, Sdc. Maybe just a bad sample?
    Everybody under water?”

    I was once at a college basketball game in Utah. The announcer indicated that many members of the state legislature were present at the game. The crowd immediately started booing, and it was loud.
    There was not a particular issue that caused the booing — it was because they were politicians, and Utahns don’t trust any of them. A vigilant population is one reason the state is run so well.

  4. lisab says:

    harris is ahead of biden in predictit


    trump is up to 47 cents for winner

  5. Tina says:

    Sdc, they sound like me. But that poll still appears odd on the face of it.

  6. Tina says:

    I find it very concerning that drats are now claiming that Mulehead has signs of dementia.

    I touched on this the other day, but if he had a medical condition:

    Why did he take the position. Seems like he should have said no. This is on him.

    Did anybody else notice his condition. They need to bring Redactstein in since he had oversight of the hoax.

    Shame on the drats for abusing an elder. No need to call hi, as a witness. No wonder Barr tried telling him that he could just walk away.

    I heard reports that Mulehead seldom went into the office, did very day to day work, etc. I did not think it was due to a medical condition as being alleged by others.

  7. Wes says:

    I’ve never heard of the polling firm for the LA gubernatorial race. If it’s accurate then Bel Edwards has done a solid job of establishing a personal brand independent of his party and will be at least something of a favorite in the runoff.

  8. Tina says:

    Yup, outside his purview, just like fusion gps.

    “During Mueller’s testimony before Congress Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) asked the former FBI Chief if he knew anything about the $10,000 given to George Papadopoulos by an “Israeli” asset in the summer of 2017. The confused and obviously senile Robert Mueller said it was outside his purview to discuss the bribe to Papadopoulos(?)”

  9. jason says:

    Edwards is probably the favorite, but that poll is not that great for him. An incumbent below 45% and the two Rs add up to 41%. Yeah, he is up 10 in the head to head but you have to assume some the undecided are probably Rs that prefer Rispone. And Landrieu, while a actually a Dem, is not exactly on the reservation:

    “First thing we are going to do is to declare that all illegal immigrants have to get out of our state and go home, and I’ll sign an executive order declaring that,” Landrieu said. “They’ll have six months to go home and after that we are going to start rounding them up and sending them home and turning them over to ICE.”

  10. Wes says:

    I’m not saying Edwards will win, Jason. I’m just saying if this is an accurate snapshot of the race then he’ll be something of a favorite in the runoff, all else being equal.

    No Democrat post 2007 can claim to be safe for statewide election in LA, so Edwards is perfectly capable of losing. If I had to guess I’d put the race at 52-48/53-47 either way right now.

    There will be three principal factors in the race:

    1) How well Edwards distances himself from the national party.

    2) How content Louisianans are with his gubernatorial Administration.

    3) How well the Republican he faces in the runoff unites the state GOP and campaigns.

    Right now it’s unclear which way each of these factors will break.

  11. Tina says:

    Breaking, let’s see how Quittens and the other Rino Senators react to this:

    Rep. John Ratcliffe favored to replace Dan Coats as DNI

  12. jason says:

    I know you didn’t say he would win. And I am not saying he will lose. I think he is actually slightly favored.

    Abraham seems like a strong candidate. Interesting about him is that he went to veterinary school, worked as a vet for 10 years and then went to medical school.

    If he loses, maybe I can hire him to care of me and the llamas.

  13. jason says:

    So if the deadender runs in the jungle primary and loses, he is out right? Can’t still run as an Indy?

  14. Wes says:

    All candidates planning to run have to file for the jungle primary. Only the top two (assuming no one clears 50%) can legally appear on the runoff ballot.

    Deadenders can’t pull an Aron Day and spoil the GOP nominee’s chances of victory.

  15. jason says:

    Breaking, let’s see how Quittens and the other Rino Senators react to this”

    Tina’s RINO list is so extensive and dynamic that it’s hard to keep up.

    Who are the current “RINO senators”?

  16. New York City says:

    Deadenders can’t pull an Aron Day and spoil the GOP nominee’s chances of victory”

    This is an outrage designed to discriminate against the Mikey Maneuver.

  17. Wes says:

    I’m guessing Tina considers all Republicans who don’t blindly swear a blood oath of unwavering fealty to Trump to be RINOs.

    It reminds me of when Howard Dean once said Bob Dole was a RINO. He leaped the Carcharodon carcharias so high he went into orbit with that one.

  18. Phil says:

    Well, I don’t but have no use for Romney. None whatsoever. It’s like the Chief Justice must have told him how great the Georgetown dinner parties were.

  19. Tina says:

    Who are the Rinos?

    Start with Quittens and then check out the SSIC.

    I bet they will 86 Ratcliffes nomination (if he is nominated to dia).

    Just like Quittens wants the border enforced, but was against the National Emergency declaration.

  20. lisab says:

    romney is the quintessential rino, the first member voted into the rino hall of fame, which is why we made him governor

    ryan was a close second, i actually once fell asleep while talking to him at a meet and greet

    tall deval is the up’n’coming rino

    collins is not a true rino, she actually says what she supports and votes that way

    mccain was just a mean old man, when it came to voting on important bills he voted on party lines whenever he was not running for president or upset with trump

  21. lisab says:

    romney is such a big rimo that kenya hires park rangers to specifically protect him when he travels to africa

  22. jason says:

    I think Romney is a scumbag. He has sold out to the MSM, the same MSM that completely distorted his record and lied about him and his family throughout the 2012 campaign, no attack was too low. Now he thinks the MSM is his friend, and has become their sycophantic toady.

    But he is still more conservative than Trump, and always was and always will be more of a Republican than Trump.

    When you hear Romney say deficits don’t matter, just print more money, or when Romney starts advocating for the AFL-CIO tariff agenda, then maybe we can compare his conservatism to Trump’s. Until then, there is no comparison.

  23. jason says:

    wes, for the true “conservatives”, any conservative or Republican is just one vote or one statement away from becoming a RINO.

    On the other hand, Trump, who has been a conservative and a Republican for what, five minutes compared to the “RINOS”, gets a pass every time he makes statements or takes positions that conservatives have opposed for decades.

  24. Phil says:

    Watching Romney cozy up to the same MSM that trashed him in 2012 is pathetic. Beyond it actually.

    Utah should have one better…much better.

    The guy is disgusting. I want my money back from 2012.

  25. jason says:

    mccain was just a mean old man,”


    Actually John McCain had a great sense of humor, much of it self deprecating.

    Who can forget..

    “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?” he asked. “Because her father is Janet Reno.”

  26. jason says:

    Watching Romney cozy up to the same MSM that trashed him in 2012 is pathetic. Beyond it actually.”

    It is some version of the Stockholm Syndrome, where hostages somehow become accepting and attached to their captors.

  27. lisab says:

    i don’t particularly think trump is a conservative, he certainly is not a ted cruz conservative

    he has some conservative elements and some liberal elements

    i would say on social issues he is actually much more liberal than he gets credit for … for example on gay rights and race he has been pretty liberal for a long time

  28. Bitterlaw says:

    If Romney ran in the GOP primaries against Trump in 2020 I would seriously consider breaking my rule against voting for a challenger against an incumbent in a primary. As Jason said, Romney is more conservative than Trump.

  29. lisab says:

    my take on trump is that he is a 1960-ish moderate

    that is in 1960 he could have been in either party as a moderate, although still a social liberal, and fit in

    at the time both parties were pro-usa, pro-military, pro-business and generally pro-individual and state’s rights

    albeit the dems were pro-states rights because of segregation

    both parties have changed since then.

    it is difficult to imagine jeb bush or romney or any republican really leading us to the moon today … it would be some international UN effort

    and the right stuff would be mean astronaut was a trans-woman black-hispanic lesbian with a physical disability and suffering from social anxiety

  30. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    For those of you critical of Romney’s election in Utah, and who think he could be replaced by a more Trump-friendly Republican, I better introduce you to the two young Republican rising stars of Utah politics. Cox should be elected Utah governor next year, and I could see Ainge in congress soon.

    Utah demonstrates the efficacy of conservative values and policies in action. We have leading metrics for economic growth, upward mobility, two-parent households, volunteerism & charitable giving. We lean very Republican. But this poll shows we’d prefer a different president
    Just over a third of Utahns would vote for another term for President Donald Trump, according to a new poll released Friday as controversy continues over his “racist comments” directed at four minority congresswomen.

    True story: Two different times this year I was frustrated with divisive comments from POTUS. Stewed over what to say. Looked through twitter. Saw that @SpencerJCox had perfect response by making no comment at all- He was just busy exemplifying the opposite. Love this guy
    @SpencerJCox turns 44 this week! Instead of a traditional birthday party, we’re joining with @cotopaxi to support Utah refugees. Come and celebrate with us this Friday, July 12 at 6:30. RSVP here:
    “Lt. Governor Spencer Cox is celebrating his birthday with an event centered around refugees in Utah! With over 65,000 refugees, we want to help these newly Utahn families feel more unified and included in our community.
    Help us achieve this goal by coming to the event and donating to this cause. All funds will go to the International Rescue Committee (meaning, no funds will be given to the Spencer Cox campaign).
    Join us for a night with music, food, donations, and, of course, the Lt. Governor and Abby Cox! All attendees who donate $25 or more will receive a Cotopaxi water bottle (valued $25 – $30). We hope to see you there!”

    Thanks friend. I used to feel obligated to respond to everything. But it never made anything better. Just more false choices and divisiveness. I’m desperately trying to show there is a better way. I’m sure many will tell me I’m wrong. And maybe I am. But this feels right.

  31. Tina says:

    And so is Flakey.

    “Romney is more conservative than Trump.”

  32. lisab says:

    If Romney ran in the GOP primaries against Trump in 2020 I would seriously consider breaking my rule against voting for a challenger against an incumbent in a primary.

    and in the news today,

    water is still wet

    women still like shoes


    corey still couldn’t get laid at mayo clinic if his semen cured cancer

  33. Tina says:

    Ratcliffe is a great choice and he has security clearance.

    He is a threat to the Deep State and the Rinos.

    Look for the Rino Senators try to derail him.

  34. Bitterlaw says:

    Sorry, Tina. You gave up your RINO hunting permit when you left the party.

  35. Tina says:

    All he has to do is get Ratcliffe confirmed. It won’t be easy since the Rinos got to Rino.

    Then, if he is confirmed, fire Wrong Wray.

  36. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    I don’t understand why Trump keeps appointing elected members to congress to cabinet and government positions. Didn’t he learn his lesson from the Moore fiasco in Alabama? I know Ratcliffe’s district is heavily Republican, but still it would be nice let existing members of congress continue to serve and do their jobs.

  37. Wes says:

    Trump also effectively helped Tester win re-election by appointing Zinke to the Cabinet.

  38. Tina says:

    Schumah is scared. All because Ratcliffe destroyed Fuhrer Mulehead.

    Chuck Schumer
    It’s clear Rep. Ratcliffe was selected because he exhibited blind loyalty to
    with his demagogic questioning of Mueller.

    If Senate Republicans elevate such a partisan player to a position requiring intelligence expertise & non-partisanship, it’d be a big mistake.

  39. Tina says:

    The drats are triggered by Ratcliffe for obvious reasons. Will the Senate confirm him? He is well qualified, a better choice than Dan Coats.

    May be hard to do so with the Maine Chicklet, Senator Planned Parenthood, and Quittens.

  40. Tina says:

    Just checkout Ratcliffe destroying mueller. Look at the link from mslsd. I guess thr drats and the Rinos will be pissed about Ratcliffe calling the dossier fake and this exchange:

    Which DOJ policy or principle sets forth a legal standard that an investigated person is not exonerated if their innocence from criminal conduct is not conclusively determined? Where does that language come from, director? Where is the DOJ policy that says that? Let me make it easier, can you give me an example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined?” he continued.

    “I cannot but this is a unique situation,” Mueller responded.

  41. Tina says:

    Where is the department of exoneration?

    Remember many of the real “Rs” are lawless. Quittens praised Antifa.

  42. Wes says:

    Tina’s gone full wingnut. Susan Collins has been far more loyal to Trump than realistically she should be, yet Tina expects Collins to block one of Trump’s nominations.

    Hm, Bret Kavanaugh, anyone?

  43. Tina says:

    Ratcliffe was on the list for Ag.

    We shall see what happens here.

    Hopefully, smooth sail, but I don’t expect it.

    Drats will throw down and some R Senators could go wobbly.

  44. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Tina claims this tweet after Charlottesville shows the Romney supported Antifa. Rubio and McCain received the same criticism for like statements.

    “No, not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other oppose racism and bigotry. Morally different universe.

  45. Tina says:

    Well impeachment is back on per Schiff, who was caught trying to get naked pictures of trump from Russians. Trump exerted executive privilege over Don Mcgahn, then wh. counsel. The drats can sue in court, but they want impeachment.

  46. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    45. Correction “praised Antifa” rather than “supported Antifa.”

  47. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – There are only 2 non-RINOs in Tina’s World. Trump and Tina.

  48. Tina says:

    Clearly, Quittens and Rubio, who seems to never miss an opportunity to embarrass himself, erred.

  49. Tina says:

    Condemned Antifa*

  50. Bitterlaw says:

    Run for office – any office – Tina. I will donate to your campaign.

  51. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    I will agree with Tina to a point. Trump received too much criticism for his statement condemning “both sides” in Charlottesville for violence. People tried to ignore the violence caused by Antifa, which may have resulted in Antifa being embolden to carry out subsequent attacks, such as in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.

    Romney, Rubio and McCain should have pointed out that Antifa was also extreme. It was a mistake that will continue to haunt Romney and Rubio politically since Antifa has turned into one of the most violent terrorist groups in the country.

  52. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “Sen. Bill Cassidy said Tuesday that he and Sen. Ted Cruz have introduced a resolution that would designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization for attacking Americans “who don’t agree with them.”
    “It would give law enforcement greater tools, greater permission to use tools, in order to combat Antifa. Antifa is spreading from the west coast, where it started, to different cities. Their intimidating tactics should be stopped where they are and not allowed to spread,” Cassidy, R-La., said on “Fox & Friends.”
    The resolution came after Antifa, a far-left group also known as “Antifascist,” was involved in multiple violent incidents in recent weeks.
    A 69-year-old armed man was killed last week by Washington state police as he attacked a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The attacker had sent a manifesto to friends the day before the assault in which he wrote “I am Antifa,” and was lionized by members of the leftwing group as a “martyr.”
    Just weeks earlier in Portland, Antifa members clashed in the streets with a far-right group called the “Proud Boys,” resulting in several arrests and injuries. Conservative journalist Andy Ngo was attacked by members of Antifa.”

    I find it ironic that Pelosi has referred to Antifa as a terrorist group, but Romney and Rubio appear to have not yet done so (Hope I am incorrect). Its this sort of squashy indecisiveness that has resulted in Republicans in mass supporting Trump, despite his flaws.

  53. Phil says:

    The answer, SD, is YES. Its a perfect example.

  54. jason says:

    Rubio is a RINO?

    Will the last true conservative please turn off the lights?

  55. jason says:

    my take on trump is that he is a 1960-ish moderate”

    Ok, that certainly puts him to the left of Romney.

  56. jason says:

    If Romney ran in the GOP primaries against Trump in 2020 I would seriously consider breaking my rule against voting for a challenger against an incumbent in a primary”

    I wouldn’t vote for Romney for dogcatcher, let alone President.

    Nobody was more loyal to Romney here than I was, but now that his constituency is the MSM, he can GFH.

    Besides, anyone who thinks Romney could win the nomination or the GE is smoking some really good sh-t.

  57. jason says:

    Wes – There are only 2 non-RINOs in Tina’s World. Trump and Tina.”

    Yeah, but Trump better watch his step…

  58. Tina says:

    WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore
    on Saturday
    President Trump: “Cummings’ district is a disgusting, rat- and rodent-infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place … No human being would want to live there.”
    Do you agree with the president?

  59. Tina says:

    I wanted Antifa declared as a domestic terrorist group years ago.

  60. Tina says:

    Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh was touring some of the congressional district of Elijah Cummings in 2018 when she said:

    …”What the (heck) – we should just take all this (sheot) down. Ooh, you can smell the rats”…

  61. jason says:

    But Pugh can’t be a racist, she is a Democrat.

  62. janz says:

    I was more excited to vote for Romney than any presidential candidate remembered, back in 2012. However, Romney has morphed into a man I no longer like nor even respect.

  63. Tina says:

    Romney is lucky that his stupid actions have been masked by the anti semites and The drats.

  64. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    To protest Trump’s racist comments about Cumming’s congressional district, the Democrats need to have their next debate there. And to make everyone feel safe to attend, they need to order the police to be keep at least one mile away from the site of the debate.

  65. Bitterlaw says:

    I like and respect Romney more for calling out Trump when he is wrong or just being a dirtbag AND still voting with the GOP.

  66. Tina says:

    The socialist son wants an impeachment hearing.

  67. lisab says:

    I like and respect Romney more for calling out Trump when he is wrong or just being a dirtbag AND still voting with the GOP.

    and in virtual signaling news tonight …

  68. Bitterlaw says:

    Lisab spends more than a decade here ranting about evil Christians oppressing people and accuses me of virtue signaling? I love this place.

  69. Tina says:

    The Gilroy Garlic Festival is close to my home. I have gone there in the past. Very sad news

  70. Tgca says:


    Do you like Trump for calling out Romney for being wrong and a dirtbag too?

    Trump may be obnoxious, petty, immature and not a TRUE conservative but he has pretty much delivered on what he campaigned on in the face of extreme opposition from both inside and outside his own party. Does anyone think Romney the turncoat would not hesitate a moment to govern based on which way the wind is blowing and abandon all promises for MSM and DC acceptance?

    I would trust Trump any day over Romney, as the latter would sell his own mother for a desired job or media acceptance. I do not see Romney having any better character than Trump! What I see is a fool who hides behind a facade pretending to be a decent and respectable guy by misleading folks with his words but his actions show differently that he is not whom he pretends to be.

    Does anyone remember how Romney was for ABORTION before he was against it?

    Does anyone remember how Romney called Trump a fraud and charlatan but then groveled and begged for SOS to work for such a fraud and charlatan just weeks later? What does that say of Romney’s character?

    I would never give my vote to Romney under any circumstance. I would rather sit out the election instead. He badly missed an opportunity in 2012 because of his elitist arrogance and inability to connect to people.

  71. Tgca says:

    I’ve been to Baltimore a couple of times. From what I saw of it, I think Trump was right on the money. It’s not a place I would want to live or hang. This says more about the politicians there than the people of little means stuck there through political inaction.

  72. Tgca says:


    I used to go to Gilroy outlets frequently when I lived in SF. I also been to some of the fairs and festival they have. Indeed, a sad day. Now let’s see how long it will take the radical left and MSM to blame the NRA, the GOP, and anyone else not a Dem.

  73. Wes says:

    No Republican was going to beat Obama in 2012. To say otherwise is a fallacy. Although not as popular as immediately after 2008, Obama was above water in approvals for most of the time after summer 2011 and had a solid, committed base of support. Despite the hurdles in his way, Romney made the election relatively close and set up the GOP coalition that would beat the Dems in 2014 and 2016.

    I can understand not liking Romney, but criticizing him for losing a virtually unwinnable races only speaks to sophistry and ignorance.

  74. Tina says:

    Virtual Signaling, Bl? No Lisa.

    Virtual Signaling = Ben (Benji) Shapiro.

  75. Tina says:

    I cannot disagree with Schweikart here:

    Larry Schweikart
    1) Even the biggest Trump fans have to admit by now that his DOJ/intel picks were not good. Sessions, Coates, Wray. These guys were Deep State all the way, and no, they were not and are not involved in some Q-type sting.

    They were bad apples.

  76. Tina says:

    Here are some pics of the new border wall in Imperial Beach, California, replacing the legacy fences breached by illegals last year in a infamous photo.

  77. Bitterlaw says:

    Bad apples? Sure.

    Deep State? Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  78. Tom says:

    Baltimore used to be a fun place to party. We loved bar hopping in Fell’s point and Fed Hill. Lot’s of great restaurants. My son used to live in Fed Hill. Inner Harbor and the National Aquarium were a must see when friends came to visit. The random violence is everywhere now and no section is safe. My son’s roommate in Fed Hill was attacked from behind by someone with a brick and left unconscious with a broken jaw. We don’t go downtown any more.

  79. Tina says:

    In Chuck Schumah’s world, it is ok for the intel agencies to have six ways to Sunday to get back at you, but it’s not ok for a congressman to suggest that our justice system requires a presumption of innocence.

  80. Tina says:

    Jake must have forgotten this (nh infested drug den)

    Jake Sherman
    One thing on the Cummings/Trump dustup

    The president has spoken a lot about problems all over the country. Have you ever heard him talk about infestation in white rural America? Does he launch personal attacks against congressmen who represent those districts?

  81. dblaikie says:

    Wes, in general I think you are right about Obama in 2012. However Romney did have an opening in that he destroyed Obama in their first debate. How I remember how shaken the media (particularly Chris Matthews) were after it. But when the second debate came on foreign policy which would have included Obama’s culpability concerning Libya, Romney just punted. I can still remember my anger. If he had gone after Obama, the election might have been different. But he didn’t, he laid over and played dead so we will never know.

  82. Wes says:

    Romney tried to hit Obama on Benghazi, DB. Then Candy Crowley interfered and undermined the credibility of Romney’s accusation. The same thing would have happened had Trump been the nominee against Obama that year.

  83. Hugh says:

    Wes she would have and trump would have called her fake news to her face and treated like the dirt she was. Though who knows how people would have reacted. Romney Obama was a low turnout election maybe those rural voters would have showed up for trump. They sure did not for

  84. dblaikie says:

    Like I say Romney punted at the second debate. He just laid over and played dead after Candy’s interference.

  85. jason says:

    I like and respect Romney more for calling out Trump when he is wrong”

    Except that is not what he did.

    I call out Trump when he is wrong all the time here, why would I care if Romney did the same.

    But starting with the op-ed, all Romney does is repeat the MSM character assassination talking points. By selling out to the MSM Romney has shown he has no character or class.

    If Romney is concerned about character, why isn’t he attacking the character of Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? Fauxcahontas? Cory Booker.

    The answer is he wouldn’t be a media darling anymore.

  86. jason says:

    Romney tried to hit Obama on Benghazi, DB. Then Candy Crowley interfered and undermined the credibility of Romney’s accusation.”

    Yep, Crowley interjected herself into the debate to help Obama, and what she said was a lie too.

    Unbelievable (then… now I believe the MSM will stop at nothing).

  87. jason says:

    Sessions, Coates, Wray. These guys were Deep State all the way,”

    They were not Deep State. Not even bad apples, really, Jeff Sessions is a stellar conservative and was first senator to support Trump.

    Incompetent? Yes. Weak? Yes. If Sessions hadn’t allowed himself to be buffaloed into recusing himself for really stupid reasons, we would never had the Mueller investigation.

    Wray is a career don’t rock the boat guy.

    Coates was de-mothballed for reasons nobody knows.

    None of these guys were deep state.

    Comey? McCabe? Orr? .. now there are some bad apples.

  88. jason says:

    Rs at 73% to hold the Senate and at 38% to win the House in 2020 at Predictit.

    I think 38% to win the House is too high.

  89. jason says:

    I think the odds of retaking the House are more like 5 to 1.

    I don’t know if the 3-1 to hold the Senate has factored in the deadenders and the Mikey Maneuvers.

  90. Wes says:

    Right, Hugh. In an election where Obama and the Dems were working overtime to convince everyone Republicans despise everyone not rich, white, and male, having Trump—a rich, white male—savage Crowley regardless of motivation would probably not have worked out all that well.

    Granted, Romney didn’t handle things exceptionally well, but there’s an acceptable middle ground between how meekly Romney handled what Crowley did and the sanctimonious theatrics Trump would have engaged in.

  91. lisab says:

    trump up to 48 cents in predict it

    which mirrors the uk betting sites

    highest ever

  92. NYCmike says:

    Trump endorsed Romney in February 2012.

    Romney, who I liked more and more as that year went on, ran a campaign which acted as if “proper” etiquette would garner him the votes needed to win.

    Now, Romney acts as if the media is his best friend, and he treats a Republican President with disdain.

    His decision making as a politician is decidedly inferior to his business judgment.

  93. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Romney will be elected president because of his “vulture capitalism.” Rolling Stone in 2012 published a very critical article describing Romney’s Bain business:

    “Take a typical Bain transaction involving an Indiana-based company called American Pad and Paper. Bain bought Ampad in 1992 for just $5 million, financing the rest of the deal with borrowed cash. Within three years, Ampad was paying $60 million in annual debt payments, plus an additional $7 million in management fees. A year later, Bain led Ampad to go public, cashed out about $50 million in stock for itself and its investors, charged the firm $2 million for arranging the IPO and pocketed another $5 million in “management” fees. Ampad wound up going bankrupt, and hundreds of workers lost their jobs, but Bain and Romney weren’t crying: They’d made more than $100 million on a $5 million investment.”

    The story went on to quote a factory worker:

    ‘I‘m not a Romney guy, because I’m not a Bain guy,” says Lenny Patnode, in an Irish pub in the factory town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. “But I’m not an Obama guy, either. Just so you know.”

    My hunch is Mr. Patnode might have voted for Trump.

  94. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    98. Mean to say Romney will NOT be elected president.

  95. Tom says:

    C you later.

  96. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Unlike Trump, Romney had no base of support among working class voters. He did not have rallies in which tens of thousands of screaming supporters were present wearing red hats. Trump is the very antithesis of Romney — working class people trust him, and he is attempting to follow through on his promises of to bring jobs back to the U.S. Which is why he still now can attract thousands to his rallies, and retains support of his base and an overwhelming majority of Republicans.

    Although I have spent much of my life in Utah, and come from the same cultural background as Romney, am uncomfortable with his “holier than thou” attitude, especially considering his past business practices. Its fine to be an aggressive businessman; but don’t subsequently run around acting like you have a halo over your head, and pretending you glow with virtue.

    Romney spends a lot of his time traveling around claiming he represents “Utah values.” If he really did he would not have to say so.
    I like Romney, but he needs to practice as being more like a real person, that people can identify with.

  97. dblaikie says:

    This whole thing with Cummings is ludicrious. I am tired of this effort to claim that any challenge, any criticism, any confronting of a person of color over their misstatements is immediately branded as racism. It seems that they are trying to create a culture where if you disagree with the elite class in the academy, main stream media, and Washington insiders than you are an immoral, deployable boob. Of course labeling folks who happen to be conservative as deplorables and all the other crap labels is perfectly OK.

    They can call border guards SS troops, ICE agents as Gestapo, evangelicals as idiots, and that is perfectly fine.

    Since I am mad I want to talk about the real racism! It is a movement in Government to make poor people chained to Government handouts. It is those same elites who want to make the majority of Americans dependent on their policies and thus control their vote. Folks for poor people, of all colors, this is the new Plantation from which escape is getting harder each year. And it is people likeCommings who get paid off and live a comfortable life on the backs of people who don’t need a hand out but a hand up.

    Sorry about venting.

  98. dblaikie says:

    Of course in the third paragraph I ment Cummings.

  99. NYCmike says:

    “There was not a particular issue that caused the booing — it was because they were politicians, and Utahns don’t trust any of them. A vigilant population is one reason the state is run so well.”

    -Words to live by!

  100. jason says:

    I think Romney should have said “Candy, if you want to participate in the debate on Mr. Obama’s side, then I think you at least should have the right facts. For one, that would differentiate you from him”.

  101. jason says:

    . He did not have rallies in which tens of thousands of screaming supporters were present wearing red hats.”

    Not wearing hats, but Romney did have a lot of big rallies. He filled venue after venue in the 2012 campaign.

    John Kerry drew 80-`100k people in Philadelphia and lost too.

    It’s not the size the rally but the impact. Trump’s rallies have a lot more impact than Romney’s rallies that is the difference.

    “An Oct. 4 event with country singer Trace Adkins in Fishersville, Va., which was Romney’s largest event ever at 14,000 people; a rally last Sunday in Port St. Lucie, Fla., that drew 12,000; and one in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, that fire marshals estimated also drew 12,000.

    Romney’s other rallies this week have been large as well: in Asheville, N.C., Thursday night, just before the vice presidential debate, Romney’s rally filled the venue and had an overflow crowd of about 8,000. The night before, a rally at the Shelby County Fairgrounds here in Sidney lured about 9,500 people”

  102. Tgca says:

    Two things to note about Obama in 2012. He did have less turnout in 2012 because the appeal wore off, and he was the only incumbent in nearly 70 years who secured less electoral votes than the previous election. He lost a significant amount too, over 30 of them. This and all the other things at the time tell me, he clearly could have been beaten with the right consistently assertive strong candidate not afraid to take him on directly. Romney basically gave up and catered to select groups (recall his 47% comment debacle no matter how true). I truly believe had Christie run, his style and background would have led to a victory, as Christie has cross-over appeal in 2012. Obama was not inevitable in 2012, perhaps he was only inevitable against Romney.

    My point. Had Romney run a different campaign and style, he had opportunity to defeat Obama because Obama has major weakness in 2012 that was only overcome by a much weaker Romney.

  103. Tina says:

    If true, adios, Wrong Wray.

    Paul Sperry
    · 3h
    BREAKING: Coats’ ouster at ODNI is just the start of a major Trump shake-up of the Intelligence Community — more changes are coming at other IC agencies

  104. Wes says:

    It’s amazing how different reality is from what Tgca likes to say. Obama did have one of the weakest showings of any successfully re-elected President in history, but the tsunami of events that led to his reelection was apparent for much of the election cycle—especially after Sandy hit shortly before the election.

    Christie has his own flaws and would have been hard pressed to crack enough states to get to 270. There’s no evidence any Republican would have fared better than Romney. A President with a 52% approval rating who competently handled the aftermath of a hurricane was a near certainty for reelection. It just wasn’t the GOP’s year. No freshman Governor who wouldn’t even carry his home state was going to beat Obama.

    Thank God 2012 worked out as it did too, for the GOP wouldn’t have achieved its victories in 2014 and 2016 had a Republican beaten Obama.

    What Romney did was sow the seeds for the current GOP coalition and lay the groundwork for GOP victories in key states such as NC by establishing a coalition of white voters who would rebel against the Obama Dems. It wasn’t enough to win then but—much as with Al Smith in 1928—would serve as the nucleus of the successful electoral coalitions of the succeeding elections.

  105. NYCmike says:

    “What Romney did”


    This should read “What **any Republican loser” did….”.

    Romney was NOT instrumental in 2014, or 2016, other than he lost in 2012.