Warrren Leads Biden Nationally, Biden Leads By Double-Digits in MD

The Democratic primary is clearly becoming at best a three-way race, but most pundits you read have basically come to the conclusion that it is really a two-way race between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. The latest poll from Quinnipiac University would suggest that as well.

Elizabeth Warren 27%
Joe Biden 25%
Bernie Sanders 16%
Pete Buttigieg 7%
Kamala Harris 3%
Beto O’Rourke 2%
Amy Klobuchar 2%
Julian Castro 2%
Andrew Yang 2%
Everyone Else 1% or less

This poll was done September 19-23 among 561 Democratic primary voters. I’ve been ignoring primary states except for those early states, but I’ll make an exception for my home state of Maryland and the latest poll from Goucher College.

Joe Biden 33%
Elizabeth Warren 21%
Bernie sanders 10%
Kamala Harris 6%
Pete Buttigieg 5%
Everyone Else 1% or less

This poll was done September 13-19 among 300 likely primary voters.

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  1. Phil says:

    Maryland polling doesn’t surprise me. Large percentage of the Democratic electorate is black….similar to his advantage in South Carolina. Even here, doubt his numbers today look like they did a week ago. He’s toast.

  2. Tina says:


    US- Japan have a trade deal.

  3. Tina says:


    Chad Pergram
    The Senate has voted 54-41 to terminate President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency for the border. Blocks diversion of funds for wall

    10:01 AM – Sep 25, 2019

  4. jason says:

    I know Tina posted this but it is hilarious…

    “NEW: Democrat Senators reached out to Ukraine in May 2018 and asked for their assistance in investigating Trump

    “In the letter, they implied that their support for U.S. assistance to Ukraine was at stake”

  5. jason says:

    That’s not enough votes to override a veto.

  6. Tina says:

    Correct, not enough to override Trumps veto,

    Military funds and support to build the wall continues.

  7. jason says:

    The whistleblower…

    “In addition to working for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, whistle blower attorney Andrew Bakaj also worked for the CIA. He retweets Brennan and brags about running ops to torpedo Trump nominees.”

  8. Tina says:

    Just a reminder:

    John Durham investigating criminal matters with us officials and Ukraine. That is why on the transcript Barr is mentioned,

  9. Tina says:

    And don’t forget Sessions’ leak hunters.

  10. Tina says:

    Tillis and Burr did not join in. It’s many of the same old losers though, such as Quittens.

    GOPers who voted to rebuke Trump & vote to end national emergency declaration for border wall: Alexander Blunt Collins Lee Moran Murkowski Moran Paul Portman Romney Toomey Wicker. Similar resolution failed in March. Congress can vote at 6 month intervals

  11. Hugh says:

    I expected a nuthin burger but this was less than I expected. Joey is going down

  12. Tina says:

    Quittens is still concerned as is Justine Amush.

  13. Tina says:

    John McLaughlin
    66-29 huge majority believes the Democrats should work w/ ?
    ? to solve the nations problems rather than impeachment; 58-32 voters believe the Democrats and the WashDC establishment are blocking changes President is trying to make.

  14. janz says:

    It’s remarkable how the dems are turning a benign conversation into an insidious one on nothing more than conjecture, projection & insinuation – no substantial facts. The dems have become a miserable party!

  15. janz says:

    I really don’t know how anyone can take as much heat and malice as Trump does without a breakdown. It’s unbearable to watch let alone be the one targeted.

  16. lisab says:

    I really don’t know how anyone can take as much heat and malice as Trump does without a breakdown.

    he’s from nyc … he’s a yankees fan

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    Romney and Lee have stated that they opposed money being taken from Utah bases to pay for the wall. Since they represent Utah, it makes sense.

  18. NYCmike says:

    “he’s from nyc …”

    -Nothing else needs to be said.

    Your welcome.

  19. dblaikie says:

    Trump blasts in red, “Cracks in GOP Senate” or something like it. The article is a joke. Mitt Romney is the only crack they name. Unnamed sources talk about “frustration” with the White House. Another Senator named who is “frustrated” is Richard Barr. Well the only thing I can say is every five minutes I have to endure his ad about how much he supports Trump. Unless Barr wants to be defeated in his primary, he will tow the line.

    By the way, do anyone hear believe Mancion from West Virgini is going to convict the President?

  20. dblaikie says:

    Of course I meant Burr not Barr.

  21. dblaikie says:

    By the way what did Trump ever do to Drudge. He sure seems like a never Trumper.

  22. Phil says:

    Romney says the transcript “is very troubling”

    I’m shocked, I’m shocked I say!

    What a F ink clown this guy has become. Hey, Mitt. Can my wife and I please have our money back?

    When asked if it matters that there was no prid pro quo in the transcript, Mitt replied that it was beside the point. LOL

    Mitt is getting as good as his MSM overlords at moving the goal posts.

    Schumer’s new useful idiot in the Senate.

  23. Paul says:

    You all having fun, yet?

  24. Tina says:

    Compost with fake news:

    Alex Salvi
    #NEW: Statement from DNI Maguire in response to Washington Post report:

    “At no time have I considered resigning from my position since assuming this role on Aug. 16, 2019. I have never quit anything in my life, and I am not going to start now.”
    Alex Salvi
    #NEW: The acting Director of National Intelligence threatened to resign over concerns that the White House might attempt to force him to stonewall Congress when he testifies Thursday about an explosive whistleblower complaint about the president.

    12:43 PM – Sep 25, 2019

  25. Tina says:

    Yup, just Quittens,..

    ‘While during the Russia hoax, nearly all prominent Republicans expressed concern about Trump and went out of their way to protect the relentless investigation of him based on a since-debunked dossier, this time, it’s mostly just Mitt Romney.’

  26. janz says:

    Bitter, I don’t buy Romney’s excuse for his “no” vote because of having money being subtracted from Utah bases. If Congress participated in adequate border security funding alternative means would not be needed. And, isn’t Utah interested in border security? IMO, Romney has morphed into a Flake/McCain personality, dedicated to dutifully obstruct anywhere he reasonably can get away with it.

  27. Bitterlaw says:

    Janz -I take Romney st his word because he is an honorable man. I hate Trump. I just hated Hillary more. If Romney wants to obstruct Trump’s plans on everything but judges, I won’t lose sleep over it. I wish Romney had been elected in 2012 so Trump would have stayed a Democrat. However, this is the real world (which sucks) so in order to have Democrats fail, Trump has to succeed. I look forward to when a Republican not named Trump is sworn into office. I will push the Against Democrat button on Election Day in 2020 but I don’t have to like it.

  28. Tina says:

    If the $ were for Krapistan or another sheothole, Quittens would not have “concerns.”

  29. NYCmike says:

    -Robbie and “CG” are against any of these people being nominated between 2021 and 2024.

  30. Phil says:

    Romney is a MSM suck up. Nothing more nothing less.

  31. Hugh says:

    So is cavuto a liberal?? Seems like it. How hard is it for Republicans to say that trump asked about Biden not because he is a political opponent. Instead it was because while he was vp he potentially participated in various corrupt activities in the Ukraine. So simple. Dems May disagree but there is plenty there to indicate Biden was involved in nefarious activities.

  32. janz says:

    Bitter, I used to think Romney was an honorable man as well. When he ran for the presidency I enthusiastically supported him financially, getting the vote out for him etc. I especially liked his wife, Ann, and was heartbroken when “they” lost.

    However, Romney’s behavior since then has been housed in being a self anointed leader of the Republican Party, turning into sour grapes once Trump took the office that had eluded him. His speeches, in particular, turned me off by denouncing Trump, almost sneeringly asking “Why this beast and not me!” Now that he is a senator his vile feelings are expressed in “no” votes couched in animosity and moral superiority. I simply don’t respect the man anymore, and would not vote again for him.

    Trump is no saint, but he at least has some unvarnished, rough honesty about his words. In effect what you see is who he is – warts and all. There are few pretenses. Political correctness is an alien way of talking. He irritates, talks and tweets too much, bloviates, exaggerates, but I do believe he stands behind working people, minorities, the under privileged more than most of our leaders (R & D). So, if the election were held today I would vote for him. I will never vote for anyone from the current Democrat party. And, as long as Trump doesn’t do anything too stupid he has my support in Nov. 2020.

  33. Bitterlaw says:

    Janz – I do not think that Trump is honest at all. If he told me that the sun rose in the East I would get up early to check it myself. That being said, his only redeeming feature is that Democrats hate him. That is why I want him to win despite him being a vile human being. If my children turned out to be like him as a person, I would have failed as a father. I would push insulin into my body until I passed out and, hopefully, died.

  34. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Trump Approval;
    McLaughlin 52%
    Rasmussen 51%
    Zogby 48%
    HarrisXSR 47%

  35. Phil says:

    Every instance that the Trump hating media breathlessly builds up a Trump scandal only to have the story turn out to be all hype it numbs the public to the next media anti Trump story…and the next one…and the next one. The MSM loses a bit more credibility with every dud…..All the sensationalized Russia related garbage, Kavanaugh trumped up nonsense, etc……and now this quid pro quo Ukrainian stuff that turned out to be not that at all.

    The media can only cry wolf so many times before their accusations and Trump did this or that “scoops” become nothing but ho hum every day noise. We had reached that point even before this latest media hit job. Except for Trump hating partisans no one notices any longer and those that do can by now see the media’s clear agenda and take it all with a giant grain of salt.

  36. Waingro says:

    Uh oh.

    Alan He
    Verified account

    16m16 minutes ago
    MoreAlan He Retweeted Jason Donner
    Senator Sasse (R-NE) after reading the whistleblower complaint: “…Republicans ought not to be rushing to circle the wagons to say there’s no there there when there’s obviously lots that’s very troubling there…”

  37. Cash Cow TM says:

    Am at the Nationals and Phillies game on D.C.

    With Walt and his son.
    Right field line.

    We are all 3 wearing red Nats hats so
    it should be easy for to spot is om TV.

  38. Bitterlaw says:

    Cash Cow – Are you the cow wearing the Jersey or the one in the Sweatshirt?

  39. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    I don’t Tweet very much but reading transcript has moved me to comment. I was totally underwhelmed by the transcript. After the build-up, it was not much more inappropriate said than we hear from him in a typical week. This will not move malleable voters.

    Frankly my impression also.

  40. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Agree with the comment: “Democrats want to impeach Trump for exposing Biden’s corruption.”

    I want to know how Hunter Biden received $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian energy company for serving on its board — when he had no energy related background, and was dealing with a major crack cocaine addiction?

  41. Cash Cow TM says:


    I am the gernsey in the jersey.

  42. Phil says:

    No. They want to impeach Trump for defeating Hillary Clinton. End of story.

  43. John says:

    Charlie Cook has also said that because of the Trump ‘hidden voter’ you can also add 4-6% to his total for a more accurate gage.

  44. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Several months ago, a board member asked how I felt the California primary would turn out. I said it would be close, but if had to guess I thought Warren was ahead. As it turned out Biden was ahead in the early polls.

    The latest Los Angeles Times/Berkeley poll now shows Warren in the lead. Keep in mind in California to get delegates a candidate needs to obtain 15% of the vote. If Harris fails to get 15% of the vote in California, her campaign gets no California delegates and is likely over.

    California, Los Angeles Times, Berkeley Poll:

    Warren 29,
    Biden 20,
    Sanders 19,
    Harris 8,
    Buttigieg 6,
    O’Rourke 3,
    Yang 2,
    Klobuchar 2,
    Gabbard 1,
    Booker 1,
    Castro 1,
    Bennet 1,
    Steyer 0

  45. Phil says:

    Yeah, that poll in her native California is curtains for Harris.

    Warren is looking good.

  46. Cash Cow TM says:


    I am in section 135.

    Row S.

    My seats are 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

  47. NYCmike says:

    -“I’ve got you Newt!”

    Seems like a real longgggggg time ago!

  48. Bitterlaw says:

    I do not believe Trump should be impeached. I want him re-elected. I despise him. I am complex like that.

  49. janz says:

    #34 Bitter, enough said….

    #36 Phil, spot on comments!

  50. NYCmike says:

    #51 – she won’t last……then again, these cookoo Democrats voted for Hillary and Bernie in 2016…..

  51. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Reporter John Soloman at The Hill just announced that he has the 400+ page internal Ukraine investigation file on the Bidens’ business dealings in that Country.
    He says it is explosive and his summary and the documents will be released tomorrow evening.
    Stay tuned.

  52. NYCmike says:

    -Once again, as Ann Coulter has said repeatedly:

    I take Trump seriously, but not literally.

    Democrats, and people like Max Boot, “CG” and Robbie, take him literally but not seriously.

  53. Hugh says:

    Solomon’s comments sound like a knife in Bidens throat. Couldn’t happen to a nicer crony self righteous crook. In fairness watching what Hillary got away with he figured as a dem he could get away with anything

  54. Bitterlaw says:

    If a reporter had a blockbuster story, woukdn’t the reporter … ummm … release the blockbuster story now instead of tomorrow?

  55. jason says:

    Janz -I take Romney st his word because he is an honorable man. ”


    Romney is a dishonorable scumbag MSM sycophant toadie.

    Truly despicable.

  56. Hugh says:

    Well bitter we will see. Either he’s lying and will be humiliated tomorrow by his own promise or he has the 400 page document he claims to have. You seem to think he does not though he says so on tv. I think he has it. We’ll know

  57. Tina says:

    Piglosi is “no longer speaker” because she has been taken over by aoc, marriage fraud, and the yeller.

  58. Bitterlaw says:

    He could have it. Just think it is curious to wait. Why risk getting scooped by somebody else?

  59. Tina says:

    Why we have mass panic in dc is because the transcript mentions Crowdstrike.

  60. Tina says:

    Paging Quittens:


    The Treaty is one of a series of modern mutual legal
    assistance treaties being negotiated by the United States in
    order to counter criminal activities more effectively. The
    Treaty should be an effective tool to assist in the prosecution
    of a wide variety of crimes, including drug trafficking
    offenses. The Treaty is self-executing. It provides for a broad
    range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance
    available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or
    statements of persons; providing documents, records, and
    articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or
    identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for
    testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches
    and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint,
    confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection
    of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by
    the laws of the requested state.

  61. Tina says:

    Maybe Quittens and the other stooges can read up on this.

  62. Bitterlaw says:

    I would vote for Romney over Trump in any race, hire him over Trump for any job, and give Romney a kidney while letting g Trump die.

    However, I hope Trump is not impeached and he wins re-election.

  63. Tina says:

    The gossipblowers complaint is full of press clippings.

    This is dossier 2.0.

  64. Paul says:

    Republican source to Eric Erickson: whistleblower report is “credible” and significantly worse than the transcript released today

  65. Phil says:

    Yeah, Paul. This time you really. Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really REALLY have him.

  66. Tina says:


    Doj confirms that it is investigating Ukraine’s role in 2016 election interference.

    John Durham is lead investigator.

  67. Hugh says:

    So the whistleblower who heard something is credible yet he is not a witness. Ok. I believe it it must true because …. welll it’s about trump.

  68. Paul says:

    Phil: I personally am not very hopeful. I don’t think it will go anywhere even if the whistleblower is Pence. The Trump supporters will support Trump no matter what.

  69. NYCmike says:

    “The Trump supporters will support Trump no matter what.”

    -Usually, when a person does NOT commit the crime he is accused of, the supporters of that person, who believed he was innocent from the beginning, stick with the accused.

    If Trump is ever guilty of a crime, let me know.

    Make sure it is something serious, like jaywalking.

  70. Marco Rubio says:

    Fwiends, please don’t believe Eric Ericthen. He is not a fwiend. In fact, he was rethently with George Thoros!

    Thank you for your thupport!

  71. Wes says:

    You all know me. You know what I think of Trump.

    If I were a Democrat I’d try to take Trump down, but it wouldn’t be easy. He’s a seasoned fighter, not like going into a political confrontation with Dick Mourdock or Christine O’Donnell.

    Donald Trump will endlessly ridicule and insult you. A demeaning remark, an insult. Down you go.

    We’d have to do it quickly. That would do the least damage to the vulnerable Dem freshmen and minimize the chance of memories being long enough to affect the Dems’ candidates next year.

    It wouldn’t be pleasant. I’d value my neck a lot more than some nebulous concept of a conversation with the Ukrainian President about a cokehead with a sinecure. I’d start with that, but I’d attack him and take him down with something more substantial like an actual impeachable offense.

    The Dems need to make a decision:

    Do they want to try to find something actually criminal to try to take Trump out with? Or do they want to fight on this pile of nothing and endanger their chances of beating him along with their chances of holding the House next year?

    They shouldn’t be relying on Nadler or Green or any of those other buffoons currently trying to push impeachment. They’d need an actual tangible crime to present to the American people. For that they’d get the head, the hair, the whole damn President.

  72. janz says:

    Supposedly, through machinations in the House today, a vote was taken and all dems plus Amash voted to support Pelosi’s impeachment stance. So, I guess we’re back in another useless partisan battle.

  73. Phil says:

    Yep, Wes, an actual crime would do the job for Democrats. The rub is that they’ve been searching for a crime non stop for three years now. Agree that relying on Nadler and his band of fools to try to piece something together that is not a crime is not going to get it done. We saw that with Russia. Impeaching without an actual crime will indeed aid Trump’s re-election effort and put the House in play.

    As always, a very good analysis.

    For an actual ridiculous take one only needs to go to today’s Episode of The View where the nags were saying impeachment would “unite the country”. No, I’m not making this up.

  74. dblaikie says:

    Wes, a Democrat when they aren’t totally insane would try to take Trump the right way — vote him out of office. They have been searching for a crime for 3 years. The tragic truth for them is that Trump didn’t commit any crime. If he did they would have found it by now.

    For me the real question is will Nancy Pelosi be able to back off from this before her party blows up. This stuff about the Ukraine will end up not being about Trump, but instead about Biden and the Democrats.

  75. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder what normal people think about all of this. Trump-haters think he is guilty of or condoning every crime committed in the last 1000 years (excluding the Lindbergh kidnapping). Trump supporters will excuse literally everything Trump does ( even if they would condemn Obama for doing the same thing). While it is popular at HHR to say Independents will do this or that, none of us is an Independent.

    Back to sending resumes and researching suicide. I like to alternate.

  76. jason says:

    None of us is an Independent”


    There are no grounds for impeachment here, and every Trump hater, Trump agnostic, and Trump lover knows it.

    If Republicans tried to impeach Obama for some conversation he had with a foreign leader the MSM would have the mother of all meltdowns.

    Everyone knows this is just politics.

  77. jason says:

    Romney is a MSM suck up. Nothing more nothing less.”

    Oh, I think more.

    A truly despicable ass. Another fake “conservative” who has sold out on just about every principle he ever had so he can get favorable press from people who actually despise him. He literally has no shame.

    Everything now is about him. Screw the country.

  78. Bitterlaw says:

    Romney is a conservative. Jason is not a Republican. Both can be true.

    Tell Ma I reeled in a jason fish. Thanks to Jason for proving my point.

  79. Tina says:

    The hole sheot show yesterday has to do with Crowdstrike, the server, and the origins of the Russian hoax.

    Not Biden sr or cocaine Biden.

  80. michael corleone says:

    Romney may be “severely” conservative, but his greatest political contribution over the last 15 years has severely
    moved the country overall to the left. That of course is Romneycare, which laid the blueprint for Obamacare. On the other hand, Trump’s greatest political contribution, his court picks, have severely moved the country to the right. So it is quite likely Romney will be remembered as a liberal and Trump as a conservative.

  81. Phil says:

    Romney is a conservative? He was more conservative than Obama in 2012. Not exactly a high bar. That’s about as far as much as I can say.

  82. Bitterlaw says:

    Even Trump’s biggest fan, NYC, admits that Trump is not a conservative.

    It is good to see MC return. I was worried that gangs of marauding married gays might have harmed him.

  83. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil- If blind devotion to Trump is the litmus test for conservatism, I guess I fail. Jason fails, too, because he hates Trump’s trade war.

  84. Tina says:

    Romney is not a conservative.

    A media presstitute and a downgrade to Hatch.

  85. Phil says:

    So ABC breathlessly reports that an advisor to the Ukrainian President says it was understood that Trump would only talk to them on the precondition that they agree to investigate Biden. Now we find out that the guy not only isn’t an advisor now nor was he an advisor at the time of the phone call, but that he denies saying it in the first place,

    That BS story didn’t hold up even 48 hours. Our professional journalists in action. Democratic operatives with bylines.

  86. Tina says:

    The gossip blowers complaint is out.

    It is just links to media reports.

    Utter garbage.

  87. Phil says:

    Links to media reports? Media reports. Well then, we know it’s based on a solid foundation. LOL

  88. Tina says:

    Gossipblowers complaint here made it to The Russian Stooge in August as well,as to Senator Burr.

  89. Phil says:

    Acting DNI shoots down Washington Post reports about threatened resignation.

  90. BayernFan says:

    It’s amazing to me how willing the dems and media are to rip this country apart over this.

  91. Tina says:

    This is Dossier 2.0.

    The gossip blower knows nothing.

    Most of the complaint are reports from newspapers.

    This is Dossier 2.0.

  92. Phil says:

    95 – what are you talking about? The gals on the View said yesterday impeachment would “unite the country”.

  93. Victrc says:

    A story in drudge (who has become very anti-Trump especially since pauliac Amash became one….I’ve always said Matt Drudge was a Pauiac…but I digress) links to sfgate, a San Francisco news outlet.

    When I read it I thought I’d entered an alternate universe. Wow!! They have cut and pasted so much that it appears as if Trump straight out asked them to interfere in an election and that the whole 30 mins was about Biden. It also positioned the whistleblower account as if the person was in the room with Trump and team rather than just relaying media accounts.

    This is why liberals are so out of their mind. Since the day trump won they have been a steady diet of misinformation. That would make the Soviets jealous.

  94. BayernFan says:

    Hearsay and news reports. Good Lord.

  95. Hugh says:

    98. I believe my liberals are so worked exactly because of trump hat you said. They been fed garbage and half stories for three years and can’t understand why people don’t get it.

  96. Hugh says:

    Meant to say my liberal friends

  97. Tina says:

    Remember, the dnc, media hoaxers are pissed that in the trump transcript of the call, he seeks information on Crowdstrike, the origins of the Russian hoax (Ukraine was involved), and the server.

    Ukraine was involved in interfering in 2016, that a judge in Ukraine made this determination.

  98. Wes says:

    As I predicted, Republicans are using this impeachment nonsense to their advantage:

  99. BayernFan says:

    This dni guy is awful.

  100. Tina says:


    Gossipblower is not a gubment official.


  101. Tina says:

    Fred Fleitz
    · 1h
    2/ This is not an intelligence matter. It is a policy matter and a complaint about differences over policy. Presidential phone calls are not an intelligence concern. The fact that IC officers transcribe these calls does not give the IC IG jusrisdiction over these calls.

  102. Tina says:

    Nunes destroys muh Ukrainegate:

    And yet, there are numerous examples of Democrats doing the exact same thing. For example:

    Joe Biden bragged that he extorted the Ukrainians into firing a prosecutor, who happened to be investigating Biden’s own son.
    Three Democrat senators wrote a letter pressuring the Ukrainian general prosecutor to reopen investigations it reportedly froze on former Trump campaign officials.
    Another Democratic senator went to Ukraine and pressured the Ukrainian President not to investigate corruption allegations involving Biden’s son.
    According to Ukrainian officials, Democratic National Committee contractor Alexandra Chalupa tried to get Ukrainian officials to provide dirt on Trump associates and tried to get the former Ukrainian President to comment publicly on their alleged ties to Russia.
    Ukrainian official Serhiy Leshchenko was a source for Nellie Ohr, wife of Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, as she worked on the anti-Trump operation conducted by Fusion GPS and funded by the Democrats.
    And of course, Democrats on this very committee negotiated with people they thought were Ukrainians in order to obtain nude pictures of Trump.
    As you see, it’s a reliable rule of thumb in these information operations that whatever the Democrats accuse you of doing, they’re doing themselves.

  103. BayernFan says:

    Basically the entire narrative from the Dems and media is falling apart again

  104. Tina says:

    Russian stooge, Schiff, admits that his opening statement was a “parody.”


  105. BayernFan says:

    Why should we assume the good faith etc of the gossipblower?

  106. Tina says:

    Acting DNI called Swallowell “madam.”

    This is the highlight today.

  107. Tina says:

    Whoops sorry, congressswoman,

  108. Tina says:


    Arthur Schwartz

    Mitt Romney’s national security advisor from his failed 2012 campaign sits on the board of the Ukrainian gas company that paid Hunter Biden $50,000 / month.

  109. lisab says:

    It’s amazing to me how willing the dems and media are to rip this country apart over this.


    i learned long ago that what people want

    is much stronger

    than what people need or would be good for them

    the dems WANT to impeach trump and WANT to punish republicans and others who voted for trump

    and pelosi probably could not stop this now even if she wanted to, which i am sure she doesn’t.

    pelosi would probably ousted if she tried to stop impeachment

  110. lisab says:

    it is the same with guns

    they don’t care about the second amendment

    they want to confiscate your guns because

    they know you like your guns

    and the leftists want to hurt you

  111. lisab says:

    same with taxes, same with free this and that, same with open borders

    why would an unemployed basement dweller want open borders? it just takes jobs away …

    because they are not concerned about jobs. they just want YOU to pay … a lot

    go to reddit r/politics it is really scary these days

  112. VictrC says:


    I think you hit the nail on the head. They want anyone even remotely associated with Trump or Republicans to pay for having the audacity to defeat their candidate AND to not accept their polices without questioning.

    They want you to pay with everything you like. They want your guns, your money. They want to crush businesses, whether they be big or small…unless they are their local organic shops.

    Anything you like must be inherently evil….because you don’t believe and vote just like they do.

  113. Paul says:


  114. lisab says:

    and we have case in point …

  115. VictrC says:

    LOL Did I miss something during a flight? lisab is a staple here, has been forever. Did something happen that caused this anger towards her?

  116. Phil says:

    We don’t need that, Paul.

  117. lisab says:

    it is just that i speak democrat

    and explained their motivation to Bayernfan

  118. NYCmike says:

    The silence from “CG” and Robbie is deafening!

  119. VictrC says:

    NYC — right? It’s crazy, I would have thought they would have been here pounding away on this. I think even they can see that this is one big farce just to get impeachment on the table for the far left of the party.

    They are absolutely delusional…as are the women of the View. What bubble do they live in that they honestly believe that impeachment will unite the country?

    The USA is not just NY, California and Chicago.

  120. Paul says:

    lisab likes it when I talk to her that way.

  121. Paul says:

    We need to start lobotomizing the deplorable parts of America. It sounds mean but they’ve put it on themselves for being so dang deplorable.

  122. Phil says:

    Jesus Christ.

  123. Paul says:

    You called?

  124. Bitterlaw says:

    Paul is just the new act for our America-hating, anti-Semitic bastard Bunu. He traded in the Paulbot act to play a liberal.

  125. CG says:

    124. Be careful what you ask for NYC.

    You know darn well that people here do not want me to post because I will express different opinions and be a “troll.”

    So, tell NYC that you prefer that I stay “silent” for now.

  126. Tina says:

    Why is Schiffs nose so red?

    Also, what is his connection to Ed Buck?

  127. NYCmike says:

    “You know darn well that people here do not want me to post because I will express different opinions and be a “troll.””

    -We don’t want you to post opinion, because we know what you will say.

    We would LOVE to see any facts which back up your opinions.

    Now, go ahead and remind us how Trump will shoot someone on 5th Avenue…….

  128. CG says:

    And you do not post your opinions, but facts?

    Everyone here posts opinions.

    And you are the only one asking for me to get involved here, so you better check with the others that you are ok with it, because once I start, I may not stop for a while…

  129. NYCmike says:


    I don’t think you are a troll.

    I think you are a person who has “Daddy” issues, like the ones that you accuse Trump of having with his father……with no evidence, of course.

    Your statement about (paraphrasing) “my Dad claims to not have voted for Trump…” was a bombshell!

    He “claims”!?!? Is that how you speak about your father? Does your Mother know about this?

  130. CG says:

    Trump clearly has daddy issues. It is well-documented. It led his older brother to the bottle and an early death.

    When my parents went to vote in 2016, they said they wrote in Mitt Romney. I believe them.

    Now, my father is somehow under the Trump spell. There are divisions in many families. We do not discuss politics often but when he speaks nonsense, I correct him with the facts. I am pretty sure I can prevent him from voting for Trump.

  131. NYCmike says:

    “And you are the only one asking for me to get involved here, so you better check with the others that you are ok with it, because once I start, I may not stop for a while…”

    -If it isn’t you, it will be Paul, or Robbie, taking up the MD/Author position of TDS from 2016.

    I posted a link to a story about judges Trump may nominate from 2021-2024 if he wins in 2020. Obviously, you don’t want those judges to be nominated.

    If you did, you would see that a Democrat winning next year would be against the wishes of a “conservative Republican”.

  132. Tina says:

    Well lying schiffles got the complaint in August.

    Paul Sperry
    Did the CIA whistleblower and lawyer coordinate earlier in month with Rep. Schiff’s staff in a pre-planned, coordinated rollout with the NYT, WaPo and CNN? Was the complaint pre-manufactured, a la Christine Blasey Ford and Sen. Feinstein?

  133. NYCmike says:

    “Now, my father is somehow under the Trump spell. There are divisions in many families. We do not discuss politics often but when he speaks nonsense, I correct him with the facts. I am pretty sure I can prevent him from voting for Trump.”

    -So, there goes your statement about “only 1 vote”…….

    Your parents told you “Mitt Romney”…..HEH!……they realize how fragile you are!

  134. CG says:

    Pence can nominate the judges once Trump quits or gets convicted or better yet an even more honorable Republican who can get elected in 2020, if the party is serious about salvaging policy matters. The universe exists beyond “judges.”

    DJT is a disgrace to America and I think he will be getting his comeuppance.

    That’s my *opinion.* The majority of the country seems to agree with me though.

  135. CG says:

    I wasn’t really able to explain to them fully whom Evan McMullin was, so they said they wrote in Romney.

  136. NYCmike says:

    “I posted a link to a story about judges Trump may nominate from 2021-2024 if he wins in 2020. Obviously, you don’t want those judges to be nominated.

    If you did, you would see that a Democrat winning next year would be against the wishes of a “conservative Republican”.”

    -Your father would probably check out that link and think “judges are better than my little itty bitty feelings”…….

  137. CG says:

    He doesn’t really know anything about judges. If you asked him his position on random issues, he’d probably side with the left on many of them. He has many fine qualities as a person but is not exactly a “high info voter.” He showed virtually no interest in politics (despite my passion for it since age 10) until he retired a few years back and has a lot of time to be on Facebook and watch cable news now.

  138. NYCmike says:

    #143 – didn’t Mark Twain have a quote about a child going off to college, and then coming home, to realize how much his parents had learned in those 4 years?

    I don’t think “CG” returned home yet!

  139. Tina says:

    Looks like trump will haul in $13 million in 3 days over the Ukraine scandal and the gossip blower.

    People must be pissed.

  140. Tina says:

    Yes, the gossip blower is so well trained that he “missed” Russia’s move into the Ukraine.

    The New York Times
    · 1h
    Breaking News: The whistle-blower is said to be a CIA officer who was assigned to work at the White House. His complaint suggests he is a trained analyst.

  141. NYCmike says:

    “People must be pissed.”

    -“CG” wants more Schiff, Pelosi, and Warren/Biden.

    Maybe Hunter spends some of that $3 million in Illinois??

  142. CG says:

    I don’t know what that means. I am appreciative for many of the things he has done for me of course, but I have always known more about politics and current events. My mother despises Trump.

    I am not sure what exactly my father sees in Trump, but he is a white male in his late 70s without a college degree, so sort of in the right demographic, in spite of being Jewish. He grew up in a staunchly Democrat house and I remind him that his mother, who passed away a few years ago, would have hated Trump immensely (and also that he should remember that his parents were once immigrants themselves.)

  143. lisab says:

    yes, corey considers himself and all the anti-trumpers very woke

  144. Tina says:

    I heart Adam Schiff


  145. lisab says:

    In Addition To Impeachment, Democrats Announce Plans To Get Involved In A Land War In Asia

  146. lisab says:

    i just hope someone tells romney to stfu

    the gop needs to be clear the senate will not take a frivolous impeachment process seriously and will shut it down

    unfortunately, i will bet romney will be “very concerned”

  147. lisab says:

    there will never again be an unimpeached republican president if this goes through

  148. NYCmike says:

    #148 – “would have hated”

    Pretty sure my grandmothers, and my Mom, didn’t “hate” anyone, unless they had something really terrible, like a Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.

    Pretty sure I can put my grandfathers and Dad in that same category.

    Also, the Jewish couple who ran the hardware store next to our soda and ice stand would be appalled to see a fellow Jew use similar language to the words used to describe true EVIL.


  149. CG says:

    You “hate” plenty of things and plenty of people. Don’t be such a snowflake.

    And have you returned to your Catholic Church yet? (you were offended by the Priest over something) or are you a free agent?

  150. CG says:

    NYC’s main problem is taking the word “hate” literally but not seriously. Classic mistake.

  151. CG says:

    Being from where he is from though, he should know that the typical Jewish-American “hates” many people and things and hold serious grudges. Lists are kept of “sonsofbitches.”

    It is a big part of the reason why Jews have become so very successful throughout their time in America.

  152. CG says:

    It is said that the Irish hold grudges as well, but unlike the Jews, are hampered by drinking too much.

  153. Paul says:

    Warren has had a good week. It’s nice that someone in the world has had one.

  154. CG says:

    Why is it that if Hunter or Joe Biden truly did something illegal and Trump or his people have the evidence of it, why don’t just go to the FBI? He is the head of the federal government after all? They would have to be tried in America if they did something against Americans.

    Why does Trump always need to get a foreign country to try to help him get elected? You would have thought he would have learned from Russia but did not.

    I happen to think this Ukraine story is far easier to understand and a lot more cut and dry than all the Russian allegations, from before he was President.

    I know people here think he is Teflon and all that, but I think that’s being far too short-sighted.

    As to the particulars, any past President who did what he did on this would have and should have been impeached and the same will and should go for any future President too, long after Donald J. Trump is remembered in disgrace.

  155. Tina says:

    This will trigger amnesty folks

    Larry Schweikart Retweeted

    The Washington Times
    BREAKING: Trump to cut refugees to 18,000, give localities veto over resettlement

  156. CG says:

    Also, why is it if everything was “perfect” and “proper” about all these interactions with the new Ukranian President, why did they go to all these efforts to quickly cover it up?

    Inconvenient questions I am sure.

  157. CG says:

    Also, if Rudy Giuliani was supposed to be able to act as an official emissary of the United States government in order to cut deals and all, why didn’t Trump appoint him to some position or otherwise hire him officially?

    What other President would be sending their private defense attorney around to ask foreign leaders to do things for them?

    Sort of weird.

  158. BayernFan says:

    releasing the transcript and the complaint is hardly a cover up. This is about nothing other than Dem and media hubris. They are pathological liars this point, and don’t care. Shameless.

  159. Tina says:


    It is the investigation into

    Ukraine, 2016, drats involvememt, Crowdstrike, and the server.

    Deep,Sheot is reeling.

  160. CG says:

    They released it after the fact (pretty dumb both legally and politically if you ask me..) but the complaint clearly shows efforts to cover up what happened right.

    A transcript was not released but a summary. The transcript was probably even worse of course, but the summary itself shows impeachable offenses.

    Maybe Trump actually wants to have an excuse to leave office? It was pretty dumb to think that nobody was going to notice what he tried to get away with.

  161. Phil says:

    Corey and I are on the same side for once. Both of us are delighted at the prospect of Trump’s impeachment…….of course, delighted for entirely different reasons.

  162. Tina says:

    Yes, piglosi bring it, face lift and all.

  163. Phil says:

    Yes. By all means, bring it.

  164. CG says:

    I think Trump gave Democrats a political gold mine with this.

    But hey, if he is forced from office and they still lose, win-win.

    We will see what the American people think about what Trump was caught trying to do. Ultimately, that will decide the votes in the Senate, needless to say.

    But if the Republican Party actually wants to have the White House after the next election, it would be very wise to cut ties with Trump.

  165. lisab says:

    “… (Poroshenko) said that the USA (via Biden) were refusing to release the USD$ 1 billion promised to Ukraine.”

    john solomon has begun publishing his ukrainian papers

  166. Phil says:

    Should be interesting reading, Lisa.

    I am very much looking forward to it.

  167. Tina says:

    No doubt the gossip blower got wrong info:

    Christina Ruffini
    Scoop: Senior Govt Official tells
    Counselor to the State Department Ulrich Brechbuhl was NOT on the
    call with #Zelensky, as the whistle blower complaint states.

  168. janz says:

    Rumor that Romney is saying 30 R senators, in a private meeting, say they would vote for impeachment.

    That Mitt Romney can always be counted on to make things worst!

  169. Phil says:

    Damn. Tina, the “whistle blower” got the something wrong? I’m shocked I say!

  170. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Trump Apro holds remarkably (Aggregate 45%) well in Ukraine garbage.Lower numbers via sites always circa that level/waver. If not for “Ukraine OMG Trump was trending to 50%

    Rasmussen 49%
    HarrisXSR 47%
    Harvard 46%
    PBS/Marist 45% (+2)
    Ipsos and YouGov 42% each
    Morning Consult 41%

  171. CG says:

    No, Mike Murphy said that if it were a secret ballot, (which it won’t be) 30 Republican Senators would vote to convict. I don’t know which Senator told him that.

    Clearly, if House and Senate Republicans could cast a secret ballot to get rid of Trump they would do so. That’s not a secret. They are afraid of him publicly though.. for now.

    By the time this gets to a Senate trial, it will be about public opinion polls for the GOP Senators. If this case sticks against Trump and the American people want him gone, they aren’t going to commit political suicide for him.

  172. CG says:

    G-d Bless Willard Mitt Romney, the true leader of the Republican Party.


  173. Tina says:

    Well good news

    Mike Lee p, the open border senator from Utah, suffered a big defeat.

    His green card bill failed, thanks from assistance by turbin Durbin.

    Maybe lee can pass out teddy bears at the border.

  174. lisab says:

    bernie sander’s offices were evacuated by frightened staffers today due to the arrival of a suspicious package

    it was an economics book

  175. Tina says:


    Big League Politics
    HMM: Former Mitt Romney Adviser Sits on Board of Ukrainian Gas Company That Employed Hunter Biden

  176. Phil says:

    There’s that word “if” again. The same word I’ve been hearing for the last three years about the Mueller Report. IF the Mueller report says this or that Trump is gone blah blah blah

    ‘Trump will be gone” is always just right around the corner, isn’t it.

  177. Tina says:

    If this

    Secret sources say

    Gossipblower knows nothing first hand.

    Ny Times is reporting this….

  178. Phil says:

    Yes, Republicans everywhere regard Romney as the true leader of the Republican Party. Yep. Lol

  179. lisab says:

    “Therefore, it is clear to me that certain US officials from President Obama’s administration, in particular the US Vice-President Joe Biden, directly manipulated the political leadership of Ukraine on false pretexts, in order to prevent DF from returning to Ukraine, as they were so concerned about him re-establishing public life there”

  180. lisab says:

    “The truth is that I was forced out because I was leading a wide-range corruption probe into Burisma Holdings….. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was a member of the board of directors. I assume Burisma, which was connected with gas extraction, had the support of the us vice-president Joe Biden because his son was on the board of directors”

    “I was forced to leave office, under direct and intense pressure from Joe Biden and the us administration”

  181. NYCmike says:

    “G-d Bless Willard Mitt Romney, the true leader of the Republican Party.”

    -Dear Lord, the fact that anyone puts such faith in ANY politician is a sign that they are beyond hope!

    Listen to my prayers instead.

  182. NYCmike says:

    If one of the Trump kids is found out to be receiving $50K a month from some multinational corporation with American contracts, I am sure “CG” won’t say anything about it.

  183. NYCmike says:

    The fact that “CG” is elevating Romney to God-like status makes sense, when it is looked at the way “CG” looks at the JEB!2016 campaign.

    Typical loser.

  184. NYCmike says:

    “But I’ve never seen a list that includes the one Donald Trump seems to possess, which is the ability to drive your enemies crazy and make them do stupid things.”

    “This is not a pose on their part; they believe it.”
    -“CG”‘s new religion.

  185. Tina says:

    The only thing noteworthy about today’s “heading” is that Swallowell was mis gendered.

  186. Tina says:

    Whoops. He definitely knows nothing, or got hoodwinked.
    The correct classification of the transcript is “secret” since other countries were involved.

    Undercover Huber
    A “White House official” is quoted by the whistleblower (WB) as objecting to the storage of the MEMCON transcript of
    call with Zelenskyy in a secure storage system in the NSC. This was wrong (a cover up) because it contained “nothing remotely sensitive”. Nothing!

  187. BayernFan says:

    193……’d think Drudge would banner that kind of thing. So weird.

  188. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    A just-released Marist Poll shows the President’s approval rating rising.Overall among RV’s, his approval/ disapproval is 45%/51%, respectively.
    The Impeachment questions show a 50/50 split with Independents opposed(net).
    What does CG think of this data? If 50/50 is the best the Democrats can do at the height of hysteria, the Party may be in for a world of hurt as things quiet down and/or the worm turns against the whistleblower.

  189. Phil says:

    Not weird at all, Bayern. If you have followed Drudge over the past year you would see that he has become a hardened Never Trumper. I have no idea what happened to him. I used to go over there three or four times a day. Not any longer. He publishes CNN like drivel 24/7 now.

  190. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    So now the Lame Stream Media has started issuing major corrections to its hysterical Ukraine reporting. ABC News is up first with this major correction:

    What say you?

  191. BayernFan says:

    yeah I wonder what happened to him. Did he get a girlfriend?

    My guess is that the complainant will be revealed to be.a rabid Dem.

  192. Victrc says:

    Drudge is a die hard Pauliac. He thought that Trump would be more like Ron Paul and try to stick it to Republicans. He never expected him to act like a Conservative, especially on judges.

    He is from the Amash wing that has turned against Trumo because he didn’t destroy things.

  193. NYCmike says:

    “What does CG think of this data?”

    -He does not think when it comes to anything affiliated with Trump.

    #NeverTrump is his new religion.

    The fact that he says any of his relatives would HATE Trump, meaning they feel the same way about him as they do Hitler, is enough to realize that “CG” has lost all ability to have a rational thought where Trump is concerned.

  194. BayernFan says:

    From Twitter @_eager_beaver “It’s gotta be Sue Gordon. She resigned on August 15, 2019. The “whistleblower” complaint by “a CIA Officer” was filed on August 12, 2019. Coincidence? Highly unlikely.”

  195. Phil says:

    yeah, mike….better off when he isn’t here. The true leader of the Republican party is Romney. Clearly a troll. My experience has been that it is a complete waste of time waste of time to engage with him here.

  196. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump did more damage to America by funding Democrats for decades than any statement or vote by Romney. Corey is a douche for trying to sway his parents’ votes. Both can be true.

  197. Bitterlaw says:

    I have never read Gateway Pundit. That is Tina the RINO Hunter’s preferred site.

  198. Tina says:

    Gossip blower has another error in his “report.”

    Ryan Saavedra
    BREAKING: According to the whistleblower, by May, U.S. diplomat Kurt Volker sought to “contain the damage” from Giuliani’s outreach to Ukraine

    But a July 19 text message from Volker to Giuliani shows that Volker encouraged Giuliani to reach out to Ukraine

  199. Tina says:

    Actually undercover Huber indicated that there are 5 major errors in gossip blowers report. He lists them on his twitter feed.

  200. lisab says:

    trump was a republican from 1987 to 1999
    reform party from 1999 to 2000
    democrat from 2001 to 2009
    republican from 2010 to present

  201. Bitterlaw says:

    He was funding Dems regardless of registration. He forever forfeited the right to be a conservative when his checks to Schumer, Hillary and Reid cleared.

  202. Hugh says:

    Wow bitter. You’re in commercial real estate in New York, and your not going to give political contributions to Democrats.

  203. Bitterlaw says:

    Hugh- I did not know Harry Reid was involved in New York real estate. I guess I am a failure in politics because I don’t sell our. I was recruited to run as a Democrat in Philadelphia and my current town. I stayed loyal to the GOP and lost. I easily would have won the Radnor races as a Dem.

  204. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw doesn’t see a connection between Trump, Trump Casinos, and Senator Harry Reid of……WAIT FOR IT…….NEVADA!

  205. NYCmike says:

    Not sure if I want Trump to be the Corleone character….but it is a great scene!

    Maybe Mitt can be Geary??

  206. Bitterlaw says:

    Hugh was speaking of NY real estate. So NYC’s defense of Trump is that he was an even less principled man than I said.

  207. NYCmike says:

    #215 – Yes, Hugh was speaking of NYC.

    And then you brought up Dingy Harry…..wherein I attempted to remind you of the power that Reid exerted in a state known, to most sentient beings, for its gambling.

  208. lisab says:

    I easily would have won the Radnor races as a Dem.

    at least you would have a job then

  209. NYCmike says:

    “So NYC’s defense of Trump is that he was an even less principled man than I said.”

    -“less principled”?

    You voted for Trump for the same reasons I did……his judicial picks.

    Trump has been damn principled in that regard!

    So let’s judge him with that standard.

  210. Bitterlaw says:

    I actually thought lisab reminding me that I am unemployed and a failure incapable of supporting my family was funny. Sue me.

  211. NYCmike says:

    So did I.

    It was appropriate for the discussion.

    And a better way to look at Trump’s past donations.

  212. Bitterlaw says:

    I voted against Hillary. I never accepted your pathetic excuses for Trump’s donations to hard-core leftists.

  213. NYCmike says:

    “CG” is frantically searching through all of his childhood pics!

  214. NYCmike says:

    “I voted against Hillary.”

    -Those fancy machines!

  215. NYCmike says:

    “I never accepted your pathetic excuses for Trump’s donations to hard-core leftists.”

    -And I never sent you a Hillary coffee mug!

  216. Bitterlaw says:

    I never voted for Hillary or donated to her. Send the mug to Trump.

  217. lisab says:

    uh oh, hillary may be running with biden out

    suddenly she is doing cbs sunday, colbert and the view next week

  218. lisab says:

    I actually thought lisab reminding me that I am unemployed and a failure incapable of supporting my family was funny. Sue me.

    still not giving you a job

  219. NYCmike says:

    “uh oh, hillary may be running with biden out”

    -“CG” and Robbie will be happy.

  220. lisab says:

    she wants the presidentcy

    if she announces while on the view

    the audience will go nuts

  221. lisab says:

    wall street hates fauxohauntus

    hillary could definitely make a run given the lack of competition with biden gone and money from wall street

    warren could quickly be pushed aside


    she would have the “i won the vote last time” going for her

  222. lisab says:

    also …

    trump would not be able to investigate hillay if she runs

  223. lisab says:

    hillary: you SAID i would be president!!!!

    satan: you SAID you had a soul!!!!

  224. lisab says:

    hillary is rising quickly on the betting sites

  225. Bitterlaw says:

    If Hillary runs, the hotels in Wisconsin, Michigan, and PA will be booming as Hillary and Trump campaign there full time.

  226. Hugh says:

    Well. Sadly I’m done clicking on Drudge Report. Sent them a nasty gram letting them know but I’m sure they don’t care. When they lose their historic conservative base they will not get them back. Bad business plan.

  227. Phil says:

    I’ve been done for awhile, Hugh.

  228. VictrC says:

    Phil and Hugh I’m with you. I used to go there all the time, but he’s off his rocker. As I have said before he was a Paul fan, and its showing.

    the question is, where do you go? Fox is changing, so without Drudge I guess it means just filtering the MSM feed…which is depressing.

    I found myself looking for news in the traditional sites, and to be honest, if you go by what they say, you may as well inaugurate Pelosi, because now they have even begun targeting Pence…How much did he know and when did he know about this absolutely heinous crime of finding out exactly how corrupt Biden was.

    They are pushing the cover up meme now in order to try to suck Pence in. If they impeach them both then its Pelosi as the caretaker president until Hillary or Warren (the trolls would be ecstatic) take their rightful place.

    It’s depressing…

  229. Hugh says:

    238. Agreed

  230. Bitterlaw says:

    I was not aware that Drudge was only to link to pro-Trump stories. I find it amusing that many at HHR condemn sites for being 100% biased in favor of libs but whine that there is not a source equally not credible on the right. I like to know what the other side reports to deal with it. Ignorance might be bliss but it is still ignorance. Nobody bitched the other day when Drudge ran a photo of Trump in a Superman suit with the headline Trump the Invincible.

  231. Phil says:

    If you actually read the story, bitter, you would know that wasn’t a pro Trump story. Why don’t you pop over there right now and take a look at that site and then get back to us. I believe it will be an eye opener.

    He now has stories up trying to drag Pence down for heaven’s sake. Go take a little peek.

  232. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil- I go there every day and read stories. Why are you afraid of knowing there are bad stories out there? Isn’t it better to read what the enemy says than to pretend the enemy does not exist? I thought Texans were tough.

  233. Phil says:

    Don’t give me that, bitter. You know it’s not about some kind of fear of “bad stories”. It’s about a little balance for crying out loud. That thing tonight makes CNN look pro Trump. Of course if you truly have been over there you know very well what’s going on over there. But hey, why should he be any different from the rest of the media. LOL Didn’t expect him to lead the charge. I couldn’t believe what I saw tonight.

  234. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe Tina can provide a link to pro-Trump safe spaces.

  235. Victrc says:

    Drudge has the right to post whatever links he wants, even if they are never trump.

    People have the right to complain about the change at Drudge from being a counter to the MSM to become one of them.

    Both can be true.


  236. Bitterlaw says:

    Drudge was effective in supporting Kavanaugh.

    Hedgehoggers hate unrelenting liberal bias in the media. Hedgehoggers demand unrelenting conservative bias at Drudge. Ironic.

  237. Phil says:

    Nobody is saying that. See first part of Victrc post.

  238. Victrc says:

    Bitter, respectfully, I don’t want to llive in a vacuum or look in a mirror. I chose to go to one of the most liberal universities to test my belief system. I’ve lived in nyc, SF and LA. I’m not afraid to be exposed to what others thing

    What we are lamenting is Drudge offered, at times, at least some (and I mean some as he’s been posting both pro and anti trump stuff for more than a year) unbiased, or better yet, unfiltered counter views to what was going on. It was a place to at least find news that didn’t flat out distort what was going on (think Adam Schiff’s parody being presented as fact).

    He’s jumped ship and it’s a shame. It’s not a demand or a need to have propogsnda that feeds our personal narrative, just a desire for some balance.

  239. Bitterlaw says:

    Vic, I read what people posted. I interpreted it differently than you did. Sometimes Trump does good things. Sometimes he sucks. I think some here want only pro-Trump propaganda. That is their right but I do not consider it any more balanced than what those on the left want.

    I flip around between several sources. Despite what Tina says, Fox is more conservative than the others, British media is liberal but usually presents all sides.

  240. BayernFan says:

    I just wonder why he changed his views.

  241. Ron N says:

    Media all hype I will bet money on it that after leaked transcripts of calls were released. That White House changed SOP and all calls were locked down not just this call. Nothing to see here more media drama.

  242. Victrc says:

    Bitter…fair enough. I definitely want to hear both sides, if you don’t, then how do you make an educated decision. BTW I am with you.I think Trump has far exceeded my expectations…REALLY FAR…but on the other hand, bone headed things like this Ukraine thing (which honestly he should never have done, but is hardly a crime. This stuff goes on all the time at nation state level) and his darned tweeting and volatile personality.

    Bayern… He flipped because Drudge was never a conservative. He got lucky with Lewinski and realized there was a need for a site like his, but he’s a diehard Pauliac. When Trump didn’t “dismantle” the NWO, destroy the R party to make it follow Ron Paul on Israel (meaning anti-Semite)and end the Fed, Pauliacs like Amash and Drudge got pissed off.

  243. Bitterlaw says:

    If anybody needs me I will be working on finding a job and researching suicide. Both clan be true.

  244. BayernFan says:

    sometimes Drudge will sorta take one side and then switch over after setting it up. He would normally bash Schiff’s lies about what the transcript said… and bash the Bidens with the affidavit from the prosecutor about being fired by Biden essentially…. and bash the media inaccuracies and the gossip blowers lies that have come out already. But he is not… he used to be good at linking to stuff that the MSM doesn’t put out there. but he hasn’t for a while. its as if he has gone full MSM and just mails it in like they do.

  245. BayernFan says:

    if you think about it….. maybe he hasn’t been that involved in editing the site much anymore… and this some underling’s doing. I have noticed a lot of broken links and typos lately. there is one up there now. “BIDEN FRIST CASUALTY”.

    So who knows. If the site continues to be a mere mirror and/or amplification of the usual MSM pap… then I expect to gravitate away from it…. like I’ve done this site from time to time.

  246. BayernFan says:

    Trump’s biggest contribution to this site is forcing that idiot MD off. What a moron he was/is.

  247. jason says:

    Drudge has definitely taken the MSM view and talking points.

    His headline “Turn – 2 GOP governors support impeachment” is completely fake, they both said the inquiry is appropriate but didn’t say they supported impeachment, they actually said caution should be used.

  248. jason says:

    Hedgehoggers demand unrelenting conservative bias at Drudge. Ironic.”

    No, just some balance would be nice.

    Schiff yesterday completely made up entire quotes from the transcript so it would be nice if Drudge called him on it.

  249. BayernFan says:

    I dont even care about balance. Drudge can be Kos if he wants. All I am saying is that the reason I have his site bookmarked is because it offered perspective and links to stuff you just don’t see anywhere else.

    Not so much anymore. If I wanted the usual MSM lazy reporting, I will go to MSM sites.

    If Drudge wants to a regurgitation of MSM, he is free to do so.

    I’ll just delete the bookmark and move on. No biggie.

    btw… I wonder why drudge pulled his app from the app store about a year ago?

  250. BayernFan says:


    what have you learned from your suicide research?

    If I were to do it, I think I’d either jump off the GGB or more likely jump into the Niagara River just before the Falls and go over. there is a youtube video of an elderly Japanese woman doing that.

  251. Bitterlaw says:

    So where are you going to go to find your “allegedly balanced but really Pro-Trump” news?

  252. lisab says:

    you could suicide by antifa …

    wear a maga hat to a school board meeting

  253. Bitterlaw says:

    I fear heights and drowning. Massive insulin overdose looked promising but if I don’t die I could be brain damaged or in s coma.

  254. lisab says:

    or … you could announce you have clear evidence of wire fraud and bribery against bill and hillary clinton …

    you will be dead in hours

  255. lisab says:

    speaking of hillary …

    she is now in sixth place on the betting sites

    warren even
    biden +400
    sanders +800
    yang +1000
    buttigieg +1100
    harris +1400
    hillary +1600

    a few days ago hillary was +3200

  256. lisab says:

    hey guys …

    remember that time bitterlaw found those secret bank records from the clinton foundation?

  257. NYCmike says:

    “Trump’s biggest contribution to this site is forcing that idiot MD off. What a moron he was/is.”


  258. NYCmike says:

    “or … you could announce you have clear evidence of wire fraud and bribery against bill and hillary clinton …”

    -“CG” will be here shortly to defend them

  259. John says:

    Fox News is now saying that the ‘whistleblower’ in the Ukrainan/Trump call case is an incorrect term since this person is using hearsay or second and third hand information or gossip.
    The correct term is a leaker.
    I have another term in mind…a rat.

  260. jason says:

    Even the WAPO noticed Drudge’s impeachment coverage and now Drudge is pissed about it.

  261. jason says:

    Now at least Drudge has a headline “13 House Dems don’t support impeachment”

    Where is the siren “DEM CRACKS”?

  262. jason says:

    To be fair to Drudge, he also loves to put up big headlines suggesting the economy is going to crash.

    He must have a lot of gold stocks.

  263. Paul says:

    I know I say a lot of crap on here that is usually rude and pointless…. but Bitterlaw, I do hope for the best in your job search. You do sound like a very wise, reasonable and pleasantly bitter person. Take care and hang in there.

  264. NYCmike says:

    “I know I say a lot of crap on here that is usually rude and pointless… but…..”

    -Stop wasting words. We know this already.

  265. Tina says:

    The jebot says should be pumped up. Her thighness may be getting in.

  266. jason says:

    I am beginning to think the “whistleblower” is going to be revealed to be some Dem partisan type…

    So the strategy is to let do as much damage to Trump as possible before that is revealed.

    We saw this with Kavanaugh too.

    Let’s see if I am right. I have an idea if he/she wasn’t suspect, the name would have come out already.

  267. jason says:

    Victrc is correct that Drudge was at a minimum a not very closeted Paulbot.

  268. jason says:

    I know I say a lot of crap on here that is usually rude and pointless”

    Let’s be honest.

    “A lot” doesn’t cover it. Neither does “usually”.

    All you say here is crap and pointless.

    Nobody cares about rude btw.

  269. jason says:

    Her thighness may be getting in.”

    Dang, Joe Walsh will lose his only supporter here.


  270. jason says:

    “Alarmed by a whistleblower’s revelations that Trump pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate the 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner, former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives this week launched a formal impeachment inquiry into the Republican president.

    Among the public, interviews with more than 60 voters across four of the most important counties in the 2020 election showed Republicans largely confident the impeachment process will backfire and Trump will win re-election. Democrats, on the other hand, are worried they may be right.

    Marc Devlin, a 48-year-old consultant from Northampton County, Pennsylvania, said he expects the inquiry to “incense” supporters of the president. “This is my fear, that it will actually add some flame to his fire with his base,” he said. “I just fear ‘party over country.'”

    Throughout the 2020 election cycle, Reuters is monitoring voters in four areas that could determine the outcome of the Nov. 3 presidential contest: Pinellas County, Florida; Maricopa County, Arizona; Northampton County, Pennsylvania; and Racine County, Wisconsin.

    Given the sharply divided electorate and the rules in America’s state-by-state races that determine the winner in the Electoral College, those four states will be among the most targeted by presidential candidates next year.

    Public opinion has time to shift before voters cast their ballots next November. But for now, the prospect of impeachment has done little to sway opinions, largely formed along party lines, according to the interviews and polling.

    A Reuters/Ipsos poll taken on Monday and Tuesday showed 37% of respondents favored impeaching the president versus 45% who were opposed. That 37% figure was down from 41% three weeks earlier and down from 44% in May, after the release of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

    “I don’t think he did anything wrong,” said Joe D’Ambrosio, 78, who runs a barber shop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and cheers Trump’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.”

  271. jason says:

    It’s scary that Reuters thinks interviews with 60 voters in 4 states is enough to arrive that kind of conclusion.

    But it is anecdotal evidence.

  272. Tina says:

    Did the gossip blower have any beach friends?

  273. BayernFan says:

    Bitterlaw says:
    September 27, 2019 at 12:27 pm
    So where are you going to go to find your “allegedly balanced but really Pro-Trump” news?

    I think is the most balanced aggregation site.

  274. lisab says:

    “Bitterlaw, I do hope for the best in your job search. You do sound like a very wise, reasonable and pleasantly bitter person. Take care and hang in there.”

    bitterlaw has a new friend … minus a gazillion points

  275. NYCmike says:


    If that is where you want to live, it is your choice.

    Personally, I prefer the United States over Ireland and/or Italy, although I don’t mind visiting where my ancestors were from.

  276. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    When Pence becomes president, we need to campaign to get Bitterlaw appointed vice president. Bitterlaw could go to Congress and tell them – “on the pending matter, both can be true.” It would confuse and dazzle them.

  277. Cash Cow TM says:

    On the cell phone…

    My cow intel sources tell me that after helping to
    destroy things that define America like
    hamburgers, hotdogs, pro football, etc.
    the far far left has its eye on destroying pro

    They want to institute a quota system whereby
    10% of the players jave to be illegal immigrants,
    10% legal immigrants, 23% LBGTQEIEIO, 52% women,
    4% physically, and 1% Native Americans.

    Also, they want to have movable fences that can be
    moved in a lot when the women and physically handicapped
    are at bat.

    Also they want to give the women batters 4 strikes
    and 3 balls for a walk.
    Also, they want the guberment to tax any players’
    salary over $500,000 at a 100% tax rate.

  278. Cash Cow TM says:

    4% physically handicapped

  279. lisab says:

    When Pence becomes president, we need to campaign to get Bitterlaw appointed vice president. Bitterlaw could go to Congress and tell them – “on the pending matter, both can be true.” It would confuse and dazzle them.

    at least he’d have a job

  280. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    She’s back!!!

    “Hillary Clinton, who lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, lashes into him in a CBS News interview that was released on Thursday, declaring that he’s an “illegitimate president.” She also laced into him on Thursday night in an appearance before the National Abortion Rights Action League, not to mention an appearance on Friday at Georgetown University, where she said that Trump has transformed American foreign policy into “an extortion racket” and “stabbed in the back” career foreign service officers. Them’s fightin’ words!

    * * *
    The ferocity of her serial assaults on Trump suggests that she might. For one thing, she dismissed the notion that 2016 was her fault. Instead, she suggested that Trump deployed a variety of underhanded methods to subvert what would have been the true verdict of voters: “I believe he understands that the many varying tactics they used, from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false stories – he knows that – there were just a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out like it did.””

  281. NYCmike says:

    -Even Bloomberg is losing it!

    Maybe he is trying to justify his soda bans!

  282. Hugh says:

    My view in 24 hours has done an180. The press will not even present our viewpoints to be considered as relevant. The house will vote to impeach on the thin gruel they have. With the onslaught in the last 24 hours I’m not sure what our senators will do. I think the press feel like this is their big chance bs that it is so they will only get worse. I’m sure what trump did was nothing compared to Obama. But he also knows he cannot get a fair shake. I’ve signed off on all news because I don’t want to be bitter like bitter. I’ll come here and that’s about it. More hgtv.

  283. dblaikie says:

    Frankly I think that all the last 24 hours have done is that the table has been set for the destruction of the Democratic Party. It is hard to believe but they burned their bridges with a whistleblower report that is hearsay and a transcript that is completely inconclusive. In fact by far the best interpretation of the “promise” in the transcript concerned the investigation into the beginning of the Russian hoax and not Biden.

    With this complete lack of evidence you are never going to get 66 Senators to convict! In both the House and Senate. If a GOP member votes against Trump they will, in that moment destroy their career.

    So I say, go ahead and move with all speed towards Impeachment

  284. Bitterlaw says:

    Lisab – Yeah. I’m still a failure. Enjoy it.

  285. dblaikie says:

    If I was a part of the Trump campaign I would advise a rally tour. First he would go to Salt Lake City and hold a rally. I would then go to Lincoln, Nebraska and hold another. Then on to Bangor, Maine and Charleston, WV. And just for good measure I would finish this mini tour with a huge rally In Louisville, Kentucky just to remind the turtle of true political power!

  286. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    294. The House is likely to impeach, but the Senate is not going provide a 2/3 vote to remove Trump from office. Trump has close to 90% Republican support — if Trump were remove; the Trumpist movement would remain, and go after and likely defeat each Republican senator who voted for impeachment.

    Don’t forget that Bill Clinton had his highest poll ratings while he was being impeached. If anything, this could help re-elect Trump.

    To me this is a huge mistake. The Democrats should focus on defeating Trump in 2020; which they have a reasonable possibility of doing.

    The other issue is the follies of Hunter Biden will be in full view. How are the Democrats going to explain his $50,000 a month payment from an Ukrainian oil company for doing nothing, expect being a crackhead.

    Trump seems to thrive in controversy and adversity. So this will be a wild ride.

    Another huge question. Even if Trump were impeached, he may be able to run in 2020 and again be elected president. There is no definite answer to whether he can do so. If he won, and his party took the House of Representatives 2020, that might be the legislative body that decides the issue, although it also likely heads to the Supreme Court.

  287. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    296. “Yeah. I’m still a failure. Enjoy it.”

    You know that no one believes that. Your posts on the board disprove it.

  288. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The author of the “Art of the Deal” flubbed up.

    “An unnamed Ukrainian official said that Kiev was not made aware that the U.S. suspended security funds until a month after President Trump’s call with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, which calls into question the whistleblower’s account and Democrats’ arguments that there was a quid pro quo for the aid.
    The official told The New York Times that Zelensky’s government was unaware about the aid issue until a month after Trump’s July 25 phone call in which he discussed Joe Biden and his son Hunter.
    The whistleblower complaint – citing U.S. officials – claimed that officials in Kiev knew that the military aid could be in jeopardy in early August, but the whistleblower admitted to not knowing “how or when they learned of it.”
    Republicans may seize on the apparent timeline inconsistencies and claim that if a quid pro quo was in place for the roughly $391 million in frozen aid, Ukrainian officials would know about it.
    Zelensky said earlier this week that he never felt pressured by Trump to investigate the Bidens. Trump insisted that he wanted to make sure the country was weeding out corruption before providing the funds.”

  289. dblaikie says:

    San Diego, my friend, get your Civics in order. Impeachment will not effect, in any way, the Trump Campaign. In order to even bring up the question of Trump’s ability to run, the Senate would have to convict with a 2/3 vote— not going to happen!

  290. lisab says:

    unless romney decides he wants to lead a revolt … which i don’t think he has the stomach for, because it would be costly for him, especially if the trump supporters stand with trump …

    then i think he and other gope senators will eventually fall in line after expressing their concern on any tv show they can get on

    meanwhile trump is having a rally in minneapolis

  291. dblaikie says:

    I just read this, but I am not surprised, the trump campaign has raised over 13 million since Nancy Pelosi made her announcement.

  292. lisab says:

    yes, trump is making a warchest

    the dnc may be trying to raise money off of this too … they have been way down on money

    hillary and obama both made the candidate the center of fundraising, leaving the dnc itself lacking in resources

  293. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    301. I agreed with you the Senate will not vote to convict and remove Trump from office. If it hypothetically did happen, it is an interesting constitutional question whether Trump could still run in 2020 and be elected again? Does the Senate removing a president from office through impeachment preclude the person from being elected again in the future?

  294. Tina says:

    It is actually over $15 million, as of yesterday.

    This per Eric Trump.

    50,000 new donors.

  295. Victrc says:

    Two points the Saturday morning.

    1. If Dems are providing cover for 13 of their own who won in trump districts but have not come out for impeachment thrrr is no way a republican senator not named Romney will vote for impeachment. Not going to happen. Btw it’s ahoukd be apparent to all by now that Romney and Hillary both think the same. Neither can believe Trump was elected President by the American people and they were not. They both believe if they take him down they will be the next President

    2. This is what a coup d’etat looks like. The main weapon is the media instead of guns, but it is no less a coup. They are trying to overthrow the 2016 election by any means possible because they didn’t get their way.

  296. SoHope says:

    No senators will vote for impeachment…only representatives….some senators may vote for removal.

  297. Victrc says:

    SoHope. My apologies I should have been clearer instead of infering that people understood the difference

    Let me clarify

    Democrats are covering for 13 who will not vote to impeach and send to the Senate for trial

    No Republican Senators other than Romney and maybe Sasse, who both have presidential aspirations, will vote to convict and remove.

  298. Bitterlaw says:

    If Trump was removed from office (but he won’t be so save the Jebot comments), my preference for a 2020 candidate would be (in order):

    Tim Scott

    I had to omit Jason since he is not a Republican. I had to omit Tina because she never had the guts to run for anything.

  299. Victrc says:


    Can see the bottom three. Romney. He’s a good executive but I think his desire to be liked no matter what will mean he will cave when challenged (my opinion of course)

    Christie? May I ask why

  300. Tina says:


    The Columbia Bugle ?? Retweeted

    Emerald Robinson ??
    Willard Mittens Romney & Mike Lee should form a separate Utah-based territory called the Surrender State – which runs on Google platforms and pure cowardice.

  301. Tina says:

    Emerald forgot green cards too.

  302. Paul says:

    I do get the feeling that the Dems are marching into a mine field.

  303. jason says:


    “The Federalist’s Sean Davis has discovered that the intel community secretly changed the rules governing whistle-blowers, including amending the required form, in order to allow 2nd hand information to suffice. This happened just days before the Trump-Ukraine whistle-blower filed his complaint.”

  304. jason says:

    Interesting Bitter has two scumbags on the top of his list. Not a strand of principle even if you add both of them up.

  305. jason says:

    I had to omit Jason since he is not a Republican.”

    I would re-register as a Republican to vote for Trump if either Romney or Christie ran in the PA primary.

  306. BayernFan says:

    On that list I like Scott and Christie. But neither will run. The others…. no thank you.

    But it will be Pence.

  307. Tina says:

    Robert Barnes, Esq., will file a FOIA request on the whistleblower form, which now allows gossip blowing.

  308. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason thinks Christie is a scumbag because he supported Trump. Now, Jason supports Trump. Does that make Jason a scumbag?

    Christie was my first choice because he was an effective governor of a state that hates Republicans. Bridge gate was BS and even the Dems gave up on trying to get him for it. He is an excellent debater and would shred Warren or any of the Dems with a joke while cutting out their heart.

  309. jason says:

    They must have polled Amoral Scumbag and Corey to find 15% of Republicans who trust the MSM.

    “69% of Democrats, 15% of Republicans, 36% of independents trust media.
    13% trust the media “a great deal,” and 28% “a fair amount.”
    Fox News is the only national news source with majority-level trust from Republicans.
    Democrats “trust” six national news sources, CNN, NPR, CBS, ABC, NBC, and national newspapers.
    Republicans “much more likely than Democrats” to perceive “bias, inaccuracy and misinformation.”

  310. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina a/k/a Never Ran calling anybody a coward? For only the 19th time in 15 years at HHR:


  311. Tina says:

    I trust the media.


  312. Bitterlaw says:

    I have applied to 15 jobs (advertised positions and sending resumes to friends’ firms). So far, the result is 9 no responses, 4 not hiring and 1 interview.

    I don’t know if I should research bread recipes or suicide today.

    If I am gone when she gets here, tell lisab that I am still unemployed and to keep the jokes coming.

  313. Bitterlaw says:

    Oops. 10 no response.

  314. Tina says:

    Did you apply for any Federal positions? Good luck.

  315. jason says:

    I always agreed Bridgegate was BS too, of course.

    As far as excellent debater, I can’t think of one debate he won during the 2016 campaign. He probably torpedoed Rubio’s chances in a debate, but I hardly consider that “winning”.

    As far as “Jason supports Trump”, Bitter knows that is a lie.

    I am critical of a lot of what Trump does and says. A lot. Trade, Nato, the wall, spending, infrastructure, to name a few, not to mention my solid criticism of a lot of his comments. I never agreed he was a Republican or a conservative. If there was a Republican (not Christie or Romney, two unprincipled scumbags) that could win the GE running in the primaries I would certainly consider supporting him/her.

    But there isn’t. If that makes me a “supporter” so be it.

    Bitter can GFH.

  316. dblaikie says:

    This story from the Federalist is important. Why in the world would you change the standards for filing a whistleblower report to include hearsay? I will tell you why — to initiate a coo to take down a President!

  317. jason says:

    Bitter, here is the way to look at it.

    You only sent out 15 resumes, and you already have an interview!

  318. jason says:

    I asked Amos what he though of impeaching Trumph, as he calls him.

    He said the English are crazy.”

  319. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason never saw any of Christie’s debates when running for Governor. He has already said that he will vote FOR Trump so, despite his acknowledged areas of disagreement, he is supporting a Trump. If Jason lived in a more civilized area, he would have the option to vote against Trump’s Democrat opponent in 2020. However, the voting machines in Nowheresville are just not advanced.

    Self-righteous Jason can also, respectfully, GFH.

  320. Bitterlaw says:

    While Jason can still GFH, his encouragement is appreciated.

  321. jason says:

    Jason never saw any of Christie’s debates when running for Governor.”

    Governor? Zzzzz… where was that shown, PBS in NJ?

    And it is true I will vote FOR Trump, because as you say here in the backwoods we don’t have those fancy machines where you can vote AGAINST the opponent.


  322. Bitterlaw says:

    4 GFYs exchanged between the A-holes. This just got real.

  323. jason says:

    I doubt it’s a record.

  324. jason says:

    Scott Johnson on how this will play out.

    Looking ahead, I can see it now.

    “House Democrats vote out articles of impeachment against President Trump. The substance of those hidden phone calls is released and it is revealed that Trump assured Putin he would have more flexibility to make Vladimir happy after Trump’s reelection. Weak-kneed Republicans in the Senate profess shock and join the Democrats in numbers just sufficient to remove Trump from office.

    President Trump is removed around the time of the Republican national convention next summer. However, Trump is is no mood to surrender. Republicans think a grave injustice has been committed in the undoing of election of 2016. They take the credo of a younger and fatter Jerry Nadler on the evils of impeachment as their battle cry. In convention assembled Republicans nominate Trump to bear their standard again in 2020.

    Despite his removal from office, Trump is to be on the ballot one more time. The Democrats and their media adjunct roar that his reelection would be unconstitutional. They would prefer that their candidate appear alone on the ballot. Tom Friedman explains in a series of columns on the Times op-ed page that this is how it should be done. The Chinese Communists have shown the way.

    The Democrats file suit in United States District Court for the Northern District of California to have Trump removed from the ballot. Chief Judge Phyllis Hamilton assigns the case to herself and issues a nationwide preliminary injunction ordering the removal of Trump from the ballot in all 50 states. The Ninth Circuit affirms.

    President Pence orders the Department of Justice to seek emergency relief in the Supreme Court. Democrats demand that Attorney General Barr recuse himself. Serving as Attorney General for a third president, Barr announces that he would prefer not to. In the ultimate case of just in time manufacturing, the Supreme Court stays the order to remove Trump from the ballot.

    Trump sweeps to reelection in 2020. He is not only the first president to be removed from office by the Senate, he wins his office back the old-fashioned way. When he auctions off the rights to his memoirs in 2025, Trump reserves the right to play himself in the film. He announces that he looks forward to negotiations with the Obama production team at Netflix.”

  325. Bitterlaw says:


    How about now?

  326. jason says:

    I hear Romney is already booked with all the left wing media sites to be interviewed after the Senate acquits Trump, as the only R senator to vote to convict.

  327. jason says:

    I would have to check the annals.

  328. Wes says:

    I haven’t posted a New Jersey corruption update in awhile—largely because I felt as if I’d be laying gilt on gold if I did so. This involves New York too and is yet more proof that literally every person, place, and thing in New Jersey down to the subatomic particles and the air is corrupt:

  329. dblaikie says:

    For me the big question when will the whistleblower be outed? I say within a week.

  330. Wes says:

    How many corrupt, child-molesting Senators are representing NC in Washington at this moment, Bitter?

    Isn’t it amazing you hate the South because of accents but don’t hate New Jersey for knowingly sending a corrupt rapist of underage sex slaves to the United States Senate?

  331. Wes says:

    Bless your heart.

  332. lisab says:

    Host / Hostess
    Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar – Radnor, PA

    If you are looking for an opportunity to be part of a cutting edge concept and have a passion for your craft, this may be the fit for you. Our team is seeking the “best of the best” in the industry as we continue to grow rapidly, with advancement opportunities available. This is a great chance to be part of an awesome team that you can be proud of and truly enjoy, day in and day out!

    We’re looking for highly motivated, experienced hosts who can work in a team-oriented, high-volume, fast-paced, guest centric environment.

    As a Host/Hostess you will work in a team-oriented, high-volume, fast-paced, environment to deliver the best dining experience to our guests by:

    Greeting guests in a friendly and inviting manner

    Engaging in friendly conversation as you seat guests in a timely fashion

    Introducing guests to their server

    Managing restaurant waiting list during high volume to accurately setting guest expectations

    Clearing, cleaning and resetting tables to ensure they are ready for the next guest

    Always sincerely thanking guests as they leave and inviting them to return


    Must be at least 18 years of age

    High School diploma or GED

    Minimum of 6 months of customer service, retail sales, or food service experience preferred

    Demonstrated ability to interact with the public and coworkers in a friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing manner

    Ability to bend, twist, and stand to perform normal job functions

    Ability to speak, read and comprehend instructions, short correspondence and policy documents, as well as converse comfortably with customers in English

  333. lisab says:

    excuse me madame,

    the salmon mousse can be off

    and still taste good

    both can be true

  334. lisab says:

    joking aside

    it took my hubby two months to get hired in a hot IT job market

    you cannot assume the 10 companies you haven’t heard from are a no,

    lots of companies don’t look at resumes until they have a bunch of candidates

  335. lisab says:

    Beto Goes to Kent State, Argues Only the Government Can Be Trusted With Guns

  336. Bitterlaw says:

    I never voted for a Democrat. I have not voted in a New Jersey election since 1988. The beach is apolitical. The North Carolina beaches are too far away and incredibly overrated.

  337. Wes says:

    You still vent your spleen on the South for your perception of accents. You’ve never done the same to New Jersey despite the complicity of its voters in keeping Melendez in office.

  338. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw to the South:

    I hate your accents. You are an abomination!

    Bitterlaw to New Jersey:

    You know full well your senior Senator is corrupt and rapes underage sex slaves in the Dominican. Who cares? You’re awesome because you have seasons!

    I think you might have some warped priorities there, Bitter.

  339. Bitterlaw says:

    You still think slavery was wrong but not evil. I just want a beach house. GFY, Wes.

    Why not go and blame Tina for everything wrong in California? She actually lives there.

  340. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Susan Rice’s comment last night should nix any discussion about a cover-up by moving telephone transcripts to a secure server in the Obama Administration. Her Administration did likewise. The Trump/Ukraine transcript was considered Classified due to the Ukraine’s interest in purchasing Poseiden missles from the USA.

  341. Wes says:

    You think slavery is evil ONLY when connected to the Antebellum South, Bitter. You have no qualms about distorting all logic to justify Lincoln’s decision in the Emancipation Proclamation not to free a single slave. You also have a fetish for the beaches of the only state whose Senator exploits slaves.

    Spare me the faux moral outrage. It’s not convincing.

  342. Hugh says:

    356. Nice I agree. So much is already proven to be nothing. See if you can find any of it reported in any msm outlet. This will go long and far because it’s the final gasp of a corrupt press. As each straw man is knocked down others appear. The ones knocked down are not corrected but dropped from sight as if never said and not important . I hope we do not have any senators other than Romney fold. While the senate will never remove trump any hint of a bipartisanship group voting to remove him will make for a very tough 2020. If the senators fight and stay unified like the dems would do it could make for a good 2020.

  343. Wobbles says:

    Her Administration did likewise.”

    It wasn’t an impeachable offense at the time.

    It is now.

  344. Bitterlaw says:

    You think slavery is evil ONLY when connected to the Antebellum South, Bitter.

    No. It always was and still is evil anywhere it is practiced. You are the one who minimized it as an apologist for it in America.

    Why so angry today, Wes? Is Tink grinding away on men during the afternoon shift?

  345. jason says:

    You think slavery is evil ONLY when connected to the Antebellum South, Bitter.”

    I think slavery is evil everywhere.

    Considering the South started a civil war that cost half a million lives in order to protect slavery I have no problem being glad they lost the war and paid a heavy price for their actions.

  346. Wes says:

    Right, Bitter.

    Get back to me when you can overcome your hypocrisy and actually criticize the only state with a politician actively connected to any form of slavery.

    You won’t do that though because you only typed 360 as a CYA and are a goddamn hypocrite.

  347. lisab says:

    the emancapation proclamation freed about 50,000 slaves immediately

    which were the slaves that had already run to the northern lines or had been captured when the union took an area

  348. Wes says:

    I’m Bitterlaw. I have no problem with the fact that Bob Menendez is a corrupt bastard who goes to the Dominican Republic to rape underage sex slaves because New Jersey has seasons!

    Now the American South had slavery up to 154 years ago, and Southerners have accents I hate. I hate the fact that that region of the country exists.

  349. lisab says:

    Why so angry today, Wes? Is Tink grinding away on men during the afternoon shift?

    of course

    this implies

    tink actually has a job

  350. Wes says:

    The Emancipation Proclamation explicitly states only slaves in areas actively rebelling against the Union were free. It also outright said any slaves in areas controlled by the Union were to remain slaves.

    That’s not exactly freeing them, Lisa.

  351. Tina says:

    I am sure that the Bush admin and Clinton admin did the same.

    In the transcript there is just a lot of sensitive information there.

    I think it would also be a function of the executive branch to safeguard those calls.

  352. lisab says:

    about 50,000 slaves were under the control of the union in rebel territory

    so of the 4 million+ slaves in the usa, it applied to about 3.5 million slaves in confederate states

    and was enforceable to only 50,000 or so actual slaves under union control

  353. Tina says:

    In short, it would not be up to commie Brennan or Piglosi to have a say, or decide to impeach because they actually wanted deep sheot to leak those transcripts.

    We really need to start looking at breaking up Fib and Cia.

  354. lisab says:

    that is, it actually freed about 1% of the slaves in the usa

  355. jason says:

    This guy is probably very concerned about Trump’s tweets…

    “Texas Democrat Forced To Apologize For Saying Gov. Greg Abbott ‘Hates Trees Because One Fell On Him.’

  356. Tina says:

    And Republicans, if they get away from the cocktail lounge and cruise ships, must insist that all

    “All Democrats running for president must recuse themselves from ALL investigations and votes because of conflict of interest.”

  357. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m Wes. I know that Bitter called for Menendex to be convicted and imprisoned. I know Bitter never voted for Menendez and wanted him defeated. I also know that Bitter wants pedophiles executed.

    That does not fit my lies so I ignore it.

  358. Wes says:

    That’s actually disputed, Lisa, since it exempted every Southern territory under Union control, often by name, as well as the Virginia counties that became West Virginia. The best that can be said is that it stopped the fugitive slaves from being returned. That’s certainly a good thing but is considerably less ambitious than Bitterlaw used to pretend till I told him what the Proclamation actually says.

  359. Wes says:

    Can you post for me the number of times you’ve been critical of Menendez for raping underage girls, Bitter?

    It exists just about as much as your criticism of how GWB failed in Iraq.

  360. Bitterlaw says:

    Now We’d is just lying. I know what the EP did and did not do. I also know that Wes denied that slavery as evil. It was merely wrong.

  361. lisab says:

    well the number i read was 25000 to 75000

    so i went with the middle

  362. Wes says:

    I’m still waiting for all those times you’ve excoriated Menendez for his sleazy sexual predilections with as much gusto as you attack the South for your perception of Southern accents, Bitter.

    Hint: I know they don’t exist, for you can’t attack anything in the Northeast—because that area has seasons!

  363. Bitterlaw says:

    I’m still waiting for you to condemn slavery as evil, Wes. Nobody gets everything they want.

  364. DW says:

    For those interested, NY Mets’ Pete Alonso just broke the major league record for homers in the rookie season.

  365. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    If If Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are found guilty of wrongdoing, they need to reimburse the millions that Hunter Biden wrongfully received

    “Ukraine must investigate Joe Biden’s son, says ex-Ukrainian PM

    MOSCOW/KIEV (Reuters) – Ukraine must investigate the activities of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son to establish whether his role in a Ukrainian gas company complied with the country’s laws, Mykola Azarov, Ukraine’s former prime minister, said in an interview.
    Azarov did not specify to which Ukrainian laws he was referring.
    Hunter Biden’s role in the company, Burisma Holdings Limited, is in focus after the White House released a memo showing U.S. President Donald Trump asked his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in a July phone call to get prosecutors to look into his activities. Zelenskiy agreed.
    “It’s a fact (his directorship and fees) and not made up. It should be investigated so that the ‘i’s can be dotted and the ‘t’s crossed,” Azarov told Reuters.”

  366. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Bitter et al:
    Am I right to assume that if the impeachment fight makes it to the Senate, then all Democrat Senators running for the Presidency would have to recuse themselves plus other Senators who have called for Trump’s impeachment?

  367. Bitterlaw says:

    Why? Should Senators opposed to impeachment also have to recuse themselves? Let them call for what they want and let the voters decide.

  368. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Two(2) reasons, I think: (1) they cannot be fair jurists if already decided and (2) those running for the Presidency have something to gain personally by voting to convict.
    Hope your job search is going well.

  369. Bitterlaw says:

    Sheeple – If Trump is removed, those Senators would still need to be nominated and elected in their own right.

    There are no fair jurists in politics. They always have something to gain based on how they vote. Also, probably every Rep and Senator wants to be President so they are biased.

  370. Tina says:


    Wp reports that the State Department is investigating the Clinton email scandal.

    No wonder Deep Sheot is panicking.

    Also, Barr is in Italy meeting with Italian officials (over Mifsud, the CIA asset that Fuhrer Mulehead/ Tito WeisArseincorrectly identified as a “Russian Asset.”

  371. Wes says:

    Bitterlaw: master of dodges.

    I knew you’d never be able to condemn Menendez. Your lame attempts at feints to avoid actually saying anything bad about him tell me everything I need to know.

  372. lisab says:

    the senators would not recuse themselves, save perhaps romney, who might just to be a jerk

    impeachment is a political fight and all senators would be expected to vote for their side

    dems can possibly get to 60, which would be a mess

    but are unlikely to get above 55

    and most likely would get 47 to 53

  373. lisab says:

    i am assuming that they will have to vote party line, except for a few who are up for election in an opposite color state or who just hate trump

  374. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes-You are a mf-ing moron. I said Menendez should be in jail. I wanted him to lose the election. He is scum.
    Is there some other form of condemnation you want? If you are so bored that you need to make up lies, go cheat on Tink. I’m sure it won’t be the first or last time.

    The idea that an apologist for slavery condemns me is a joke.

    Jason – I want the points for Master Of Dodges.

  375. Wes says:

    Apologist for slavery?

    Clearly I hit a nerve Bitter to have to call me that.

    You can’t condemn Menendez for raping underage sex slaves, but you can accuse me of apologizing for an abhorrent system that should never have existed in this country or any other.

    Your vague statements saying Menendez is scum—which can refer to anything—don’t amount to anything.

    You’re a liar and hypocrite who has explicitly stated he hates the South because of accents but has exactly no problem with all the sleaze, graft, and corruption coming out of that oversized cesspool one state over from you—up to and including the disgusting acts Menendez has perpetrated on helpless sex slaves in the Dominican—simply because New Jersey is in a part of the country you like.

    When you can actually say you hate the criminal acts coming out of that state then you can try to claim some kind of moral uprightness.

    Till then, GFY, you hypocrite.

  376. Bitterlaw says:

    Zzzzzzzz. Abhorrent is stronger than wrong but still not the correct term – evil. Baby steps, Wes.

    I hate the South’s accents, fake politeness, weather and blood soaked history. Saying slavery was only wrong is excusing it.

    I condemn corruption everywhere. That includes your precious North Carolina. See list above.

    Even though she makes money grinding on men, I respect Tink more than you. You manufacture phony outrage in order to make yourself feel morally superior to others. Of course, while you feel morally superior, you have betrayed every one of the emotionally damaged women you preyed upon.

  377. Wes says:

    I hate the South’s accents, fake politeness, weather and blood soaked history.

    He can say that about the South but not about Menendez—a corrupt child molester for those unaware.

    Slavery is part of NJ’s history. Do you condemn the Sewer State for that?


    New Jersey’s senior Senator is the only living person in the federal government connected to slavery in any way. Do you condemn the Sewer State for that?


    You’re a hypocrite who manufactures reasons to hate an entire region of the country while giving a vile scumbag of a human being and his constituents who knowingly put him in office a pass on all their transgressions.

    Spare me the faux moral super

  378. Wes says:


  379. Tgca says:

    CAT FIGHT!!!

  380. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    396. Please stop insulting cats! This is why I don’t trust anyone from east of the Mississippi River.

  381. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder if Wes ever calls that woman who was beaten up by her boyfriend while pregnant because of him.

    The idea that I gave Menendez a pass even though I said he should lose the election AND go to prison is laughable. Wes treats women like dirt, especially the mothers of his children, but wants to blame me for the evil acts of a Senator in a state where I do not live or vote.

    Jason – I want points for being called a hypocrite by morally bankrupt Wes.