Biden Dominates Dems in SC, Three-Way Battle in NV

CNN released new polls today for the early primary states of South Carolina and Nevada that shows Joe Biden with a healthy lead in South Carolina, but a tight three-way race in the caucuses in Nevada.

Joe Biden 37%
Elizabeth Warren 16%
Bernie Sanders 11%
Pete Buttigieg 4%
Kamala Harris 3%
Tom Steyer 3%
Cory Booker 2%
Beto O’Rourke 2%
Everyone Else 1% or less

Joe Biden 22%
Bernie Sanders 22%
Elizabeth Warren 18%
Kamala Harris 5%
Pete Buttigieg 4%
Tom Steyer 4%
Andrew Yang 3%
Cory Booker 2%
Everyone Else 1% or less

Both polls were done September 22-26 among 406 likely voters in SC and 324 likely caucus goers in NV.

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  1. Tina says:


    If Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton had a baby – it would be Chris Wallace.

  2. jason says:

    Tina says:
    September 29, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    In fairness, he claims that he was misquoted.”


    “The complaint’s been filed, it should be processed by … all the committees that have a dog in that fight for oversight,” Amodei said on the call. “I’m a big fan of oversight. Let’s let the committees get to work and see where it goes.”
    “The process is what will give us something that we can make an informed judgment on,” Amodei said. “And I’m all for informed judgments.”

    In all fairness, the Paulbot is an a-hole.

  3. jason says:

    To bad Tapper is not an A-hole, the A-holes here would get some points:

    President Trump “has something that Nixon did not have. He has Fox News. He has an army of trolls. He has sites, web sites that will defend anything he says or does.”

  4. jason says:

    Redskins 0-4 beaten by the ….. Giants.

    Ravens getting asses kicked by the ….. Browns.

  5. jason says:

    Ahhh…. illegal but accurate…

    “Jordan, in an interview Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” cited a Senate study that he said found “more leaks in the first five months, state security leaks in the first five months of the
    Trump administration than any other administration.”

    “They should be putting everything in with folks around you leaking everything,” Jordan said.

    CNN’s Jake Tapper countered, “The leaks are of accurate information.”

    Weren’t the Podesta emails “accurate” too?

  6. Tina says:

    Quid pro Joe has asked the media not to book Guiliani.

  7. jason says:

    I am sure they will oblige.

  8. Tina says:

    Stormy and porn lawyah were also not public officials.

    “Giuliani is not a public official, and holds no public office that would entitle him to opine on the nation’s airwaves.”

  9. Bitterlaw says:

    L’shana tova to Corey. Party like it’s 5780!

  10. Tina says:

    So, gaffe and Crack Biden want Guiliani off the air because he is not a public official. Guiliani has tweeted the following:

    Rudy Giuliani
    Think of the Biden arrogance and entitlement to protection. They believe they own the media and they are demanding that they silence me. They know I have incriminating facts, not hearsay, because they know what they did in selling Joe’s office to a Ukrainian crook.

    Rudy Giuliani
    The Bidens are clearly rattled by the affidavit showing there is a named accuser and not an anonymous source, who is ready to testify! Reminds me of the reaction to the corrupt pols of the 70’s and 80’s. They have their Dem media trying to destroy my reputation and silence me!

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    Brutal loss for Denver.

  12. jason says:

    Broncos suck, threw away two games in the last few seconds.

    This poll has good and bad news for Trump.

  13. jason says:

    Pravda would be proud…

    “and holds no public office that would entitle him to opine on the nation’s airwaves.”

    Only “approved public office personnel” are now alou to opine on the nation’s airwaves.

    I am sure Proud ObamaCON is ecstatic.

  14. jason says:

    alou = allowed

  15. jason says:

    16% of Rs approve of impeachment?

    Zzzzzzzz… they must have called fake R amoral scumbag 20 times.

  16. Hugh says:

    It may be just me but I don’t believe any poll paid for or done by the msm or some college. It could be right. My trust level in institutions has hit an all time low. Fair play in America is dead.

  17. Bitterlaw says:

    All the polls are wrong. The only constant st HHR.

    Maybe only polls paid for by Trump should be believed.

  18. jason says:

    I think most of the MSM polls are biased.

    Still, the CBS poll is not all that bad for Trump.

  19. jason says:

    Bitter, do you think people who are not in the HHR government or were formerly in the HHR government should be allowed to opine here?

  20. Hugh says:

    I think I stated clearly my views and bitter assumes I only believe polls good for trump. Not sure how he got there.

  21. dblaikie says:

    I am in Jason’s camp. If you believe that the MSM is biased why wouldn’t you think that their polls were biased. But what makes the CBS poll meaningless to me is that they don’t even use the word adults, instead they say Americans another time they say residents. Well since at least 40% of adults, or Americans, or residents don’t bother to vote, I don’t think they should figure in a poll.

    Like I have said before their are two purposes for a poll. The first is to try to glean an accurate picture of the electorate or to they are produced to drive a narrative. You can pick which one of these purposes produced the CBC poll.

  22. Waingro says:

    “Fox News has learned that the Pentagon, State Department and National Security Council were “unanimous” in supporting the aid to Ukraine, and that Trump acted alone in withholding the aid over the summer.”t

  23. Tina says:

    Schiffty caught sending intel staffer to the Ukraine

    Jack Posobiec ??
    BREAKING: Adam Schiff sent a House Intel staffer to Ukraine during Aug 24-31 just 12 days after receiving the whistleblower complaint. This is the same week Schiff posted his Ukraine military aid tweet – Aug 28

  24. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason – I believe everybody who to post here should post here.

    Hugh- You don’t trust polls commissioned by media outlets or schools. Other than internal polls (which are mocked here), who else is paying for the polls you would trust?

  25. michael corleone says:

    The media is doing what it always does – creating fake polls to create support for an issue in hopes of manufacturing a self fulfilling prophecy. That CBS poll is case in point. This is worse than a poll of “adults”, the media’s favorite group. Rather this poll polls residents, which in my mind may include children and people ineligible to vote (felons, aliens, etc.), let alone people unregistered to vote. Utterly meaningless unless you want to create a mirage showing increasing popular support for impeachment.

  26. John says:

    Congrats to MLB for another fabulous season ‘under the sun’…all three American League Division champs winning over 100 games and the two Wild Card teams winning 97 and 96 games, respectfully each…wow.
    Throw the the Dodgers with 106 wins and add St. Louis and Braves….well…
    you got the only season in MLB history with four teams with 100+ wins.
    And the 10 teams in the playoffs have history of winning 60 World Series Championships.
    A great year MLB. Thanks.

  27. jason says:

    Jason – I believe everybody who to post here should post here”

    That’s what you get asking a lawyer a question….

  28. Hugh says:

    Bitter you’re putting words in my mouth.

  29. Tina says:

    The jebots are torn.

    Support Biden and Crack Biden or wait for the Return of Her Thighness?

    Tough decision .

  30. Tina says:

    Looks like both Schiffty and Piglosi had the calls contents weeks ahead of time.

    This nugget is from 60 minutes:

    Nancy Pelosi: He told me it was perfect. There was nothing in the call. **But I know what was in the call. I mean, it was in the public domain.**

  31. BayernFan says:

    Should McConnell refuse to schedule a trial if trump is impeached? Or slow walk it? The senate did not try Johnson on every impeachment count. Politics.

  32. Bitterlaw says:

    Ok, Hugh. What type of polls do you not automatically doubt/reject?

  33. dblaikie says:

    Bitter, you crack me up. Most of the polls we have are either from extremely liberal colleges or polls bought and paid for by the media. Well, lets see, both liberal colleges and the media hate Trump, the GOP and all that they stand for. Yes I mistrust them. However, just because I am suspicious of them does’t mean I reject them or believe that there is a chance that maybe, just maybe they are honest.

    However, one type of poll I do reject are polls of just adults. This CBS poll doesn’t even want to use the word “adults” because “Americans” sounds so much more official. Maybe in your innocence you trust and accept that.

    Yet it seems to me that a poll of which at least 40% of its respondents don’t vote is questionable. The reason is deeper than some think. You see, the non-voter, in my view is an uninformed person. This leaves them open to manipulation by the questioner.

    Now I believe Gallup is at least honest about this. Their Presidential approval polls of just adults isn’t accurate for predicting elections, but at least I believe there is no manipulation with them. CBS however is a different story.

    So Bitter, my question to you is simple. Do you believe polls of adults, or residents, or Americans produces and an accurate result for the electorate?

    Have a nice day and good luck with the continuing job search.

  34. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    This is the seminal article on the Biden Crime Family’s long history of influence peddling, corruption and graft.

    Amazingly, the patronage given to Hunter Biden dwarfs that given to Chelsea Clinton after the Clinton Presidency.

  35. Waingro says:

    “Should McConnell refuse to schedule a trial if trump is impeached? Or slow walk it? The senate did not try Johnson on every impeachment count. Politics.”

    Just do it and put this to bed fast.

  36. Tina says:

    Read at another site that the cbs poll has no party id. True?

  37. Bitterlaw says:

    DB – polls are the least important reason I come here. Are polls of adults reliable? Depends on what they measure. Can they they predict how people who vote will vote based on people who don’t vote? Probably not well. Can they measure how people feel about Trump and issues? Yes.

  38. Hugh says:

    These days all of them. Polls that are fairly consistent and done regularly are useful for determining trends.

  39. Tina says:

    Donald J. Trump
    ….they made this whole thing up. Impeachment is also a pre-emptive strike for what they think is coming on the Obama Administration’s handling of the 2016 Election.” Jim McLaughlin, highly respected pollster.

    Show this thread

    Donald J. Trump
    “President Trump’s Job Approval Numbers have just reached the highest level since his Inauguration, around 50%, and you can add to that many votes from voters that don’t talk about their vote. Once they saw the President’s numbers going up, they said ‘We gotta do something,’ so..

  40. Tina says:

    Liz Cheney
    ? said on 60 Minutes last night she knew the details of the classified Ukraine call before White House released transcript. This is starting to seem like a political set up. So, Madame Speaker, “what did you know and when did you know it?”

  41. dblaikie says:

    Bitter, I agree with most of your post. Because I am suspicious of media polls they are least important reason I come here too. However, it is too easy in a media poll to bend uniformed voters what to think. We all know that questions worded a certain, phrased a certain way, and placing the poll questions a certain are great tools for manipulation. So when CBS comes out and uses the word “Americans” rather than adults a red flag goes up for me. Yet if gallup comes out with a similar result with a poll of adults I will take it far more seriously.

    And by the way Hugh has a good point with the Redstate article. If pollster came to me right now and asked if I wanted the Impeachment to move forward I would say without hesitation, YES, enough already let’s just get this over with. Let’s get it out of the House and people like Schiff. Put it in the hands of the Senate. At the end of this process Trump will be far stronger. How does the old saying put it: “If you are going to take down a King (President) you better destroy him.”

    The Senate will not convict. When Trump survives this the Democrats will be racing for cover.

  42. dblaikie says:

    Of course I meant to put the word “way” in after certain in the above post. I hate typos of my own making.

  43. Robbie says:

    Have Jason fraud and Boomer Phil gotten their muskets out of the closet and formed a firing line to protect General Trump in the civil war he’s promising will come if he’s removed from office?

  44. Robbie says:

    dblaikie says:
    September 30, 2019 at 10:35 am
    When Trump survives this the Democrats will be racing for cover.

    – This is the content from dblaikie that makes my heart flutter. In his world, generalissimo Trump is always playing 87 dimensional chess and he’s always got Democrats on the run. Facts be damned.

    This prediction reminds me of his epic 2018 midterm failure when he thought Republicans would, at worst, break even in House seats. Republicans lost 40 or so seats by the way.

    Pretty soon, we’ll read something like “getting impeached and removed from office helps Trump”.

  45. Robbie says:

    Wes says:
    September 29, 2019 at 6:54 pm
    Dems can kiss a ton of marginal seats goodbye:

    – Yeah. I’m sure they’re quaking in their boots at the prospect of tying their opponents to an impeached president who rarely polls above an average of 43% and threatened civil war if he’s removed from office.

  46. Robbie says:

    BayernFan says:
    September 30, 2019 at 8:58 am
    Should McConnell refuse to schedule a trial if trump is impeached? Or slow walk it? The senate did not try Johnson on every impeachment count. Politics.

    – I know it’s been tough for you watching your white working class populist revolution fail miserably, but McConnell will be required to hold a trial.

  47. Robbie says:

    For a site that focuses on polling, it amazes me how many of you simply refuse to accept scientific polling as dblaikie does or don’t understand why polls are conducted of adults, registered voters, and likely voters.

    A question of impeachment is exactly the type of poll that should focus on adults. Why? Because is represents the attitude of the country towards the topic. Even if someone doesn’t normally vote, they can still have an opinion on impeachment.

    As for RV and LV on impeachment, why would that matter? There’s no national election in the next month or so. A poll of RV is one thing, but a poll of LV is ridiculous. Again, there’s no national election in the coming weeks. We still have 13 months before the next one. No one in their right mind, other than the morons at Rasmussen poll LV this early because no one knows what a LV for 2020 looks like in 2019.

  48. Robbie says:

    Carl Quintanilla

    @senatemajldr confirms on @CNBC the Senate’s obligation if the House passes an article of impeachment: “I would have no choice but to take it up. … The Senate rules are very clear.”

    – As I’m sure Tinfoil will inform you, the deep state has gotten to McConnell and this is all part of their silent coup to get Heaven sent Donnie out of office.

  49. BayernFan says:

    No, Robbie, the Senate is not required to “hold a trial”. One option, depending on the politics/polling at the time, would be to say “A trial on the House’s partisan impeachment vote is not a priority for this nation. The Senate is getting important and necessary work done. We are confirming 150 judicial nominees, securing the border, fixing healthcare, etc. We understand that Pelosi and the Democrats regret their vote as they watch their poll numbers collapse, but they should have thought of that before.”

  50. BayernFan says:

    Also the GOP should require the Dems to actually vote to authorize this so called “inquiry.” make the Democrats vote on the record, and put some of their skin in the game.

    And if they do impeach on something other than treason, bribery or OTHER high crimes and misdemeanors (which the constitution requires) then Trump should go to the federal courts and attack the constitutionality of such an impeachment.

  51. Paul says:

    52: Can the Senate simply dismiss their constitutional obligations? I don’t think that is an option.

  52. dblaikie says:

    I wondered how long Wormtongue would take to slink over here? As usual, most of his stuff is not constructive to having a civil conversation. It seems the only thing his brain knows is to deride and name call. However he did come close to actually saying something in his words about polls. Worm, if you want to believe polls of adults, 40% or more who don’t even bother to vote as accurate pictures of the electorate then go ahead. If you don’t see that non-voters are uniformed about issues and thus easily manipulated then fine. I disagree.

    But the rest of your stuff is just ugly vitriol. My worm policy is this: when you descend into your typical rants and name calling I will ignore you. When you actually try to say something I will consider it.

  53. Tina says:


    Bidens campaign has cut back ad spending. Reports are that they think they can lose Iowa and nh and make it up in sc.

  54. dblaikie says:

    54 Sure they can. They did with Andrew Jackson. They never considered several of articles that were drawn up by the House. I don’t know about what you think about the Constitution, but it has not changed concerning Impeachment since then.

  55. Paul says:

    Wikipedia says “On March 4, 1868, amid tremendous public attention and press coverage, the 11 Articles of Impeachment (that’s all of the articles) were presented to the Senate, which reconvened the following day as a court of impeachment, with Chief Justice Salmon Chase presiding, and proceeded to develop a set of rules for the trial and its officers.”

  56. Paul says:

    At the conclusion of the trial, the Senate only voted on three articles of impeachment. But all 11 articles were a part of the trial in the Senate.

  57. Waingro says:

    #51, I think this is Cocaine Mitch’s way of spinning to avoid Trump’s wrath as much as possible. Better to say “under the Constitution” or whatever he has “no choice” but set a trial.

    He knows, politically, at this point if Articles of Impeachment are passed it would be a potential disaster to simply “bury” them and not hold a trial. Better to fast track it like and get it over with a quick acquittal (like pulling a band aid.) And maybe reap some benefits of the public turning on the Dems for this.

  58. jason says:

    Imagine if Trump had gone on TV and fabricated quotes not in the transcript of the conversation, like Schiff did.

    Imagine if it was Trump’s son on the board of the Ukranian company.

    The MSM’s double standard is horrendous.

  59. jason says:

    Oh we want a Senate trial. Rs will be running the agenda and will have an opportunity (which hopefully they will take) to expose this charade.

  60. Waingro says:

    #62, that’s what I’m saying. And the more Cocaine Mitch waits the more time the MSM + Dems get to dig up more mud against the wall. Just ram it through.

  61. Paul says:

    Jason: Transcript of the call and the report are two different things.

    And imagine if Trump’s son or son-in-law were on the board of foreign-based companies. LOL.

  62. Tina says:

    Oh my:

    Adam Schiff’s intel staffer held a secret meeting with the Biden-tied fmr President of Ukraine just 12 days after the whistleblower complaint

    This trip was sponsored by a group that is funded by Burisma Holdings

    We were never supposed to know

  63. Paul says:

    FU TINA.askdfjhlkasdjIsn’t that part of his vasdvsadv, Tina? To investigate the corrupt administration that vasdvasdvasdvasdvasdvis lying like a scumbag soaked dead vddca that should fuycs sdjkhfdfhsdljfhas;ldkfh;laskdhjfdasfdf fusndfkh hjdfsdhfkdsfjh vhsdfiuosdfhlnfasdvasdvasdcv

  64. jason says:

    Nikki Haley tears Kamala Harris a new a-hole after her comment to “leave Joe Biden alone”

    “Leave Joe Biden alone? So are you telling us @KamalaHarris that what Biden did was ethical and moral? Where are the questions about the conflict of interest that occurred from Biden’s actions and the issues with his son? This response is embarrassing.”

  65. jason says:

    Jason: Transcript of the call and the report are two different things.”

    Huh, I know you are a moron but even you can’t spin this.

    Schiff fabricated quotes not in the transcript. On national TV he made allegations he knew to be untrue, and he knew the quotes he was reading were fake, in order to try make the country believe Trump had actually said that. He lied, completely obvious and verifiable lie.

    He should be expelled from the House.

  66. Waingro says:

    #66, Paul WTF is that post? You ok?

  67. jason says:

    And imagine if Trump’s son or son-in-law were on the board of foreign-based companies. LOL.”

    Hmmm, exactly what “foreign based companies” are Trump’s son and son in law on the board of?

  68. jason says:

    Paul is on record as saying what he posts here is just crap and garbage.

    Don’t argue with him.

  69. jason says:

    Wain, in case you missed it.

    “Paul says:
    September 27, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    I know I say a lot of crap on here that is usually rude and pointless….”

  70. jason says:

    “Biden’s primary duty is to attend board meetings and energy forums in Europe once or twice a year, and he is paid $50,000 per month.

    Apter added, “This is totally based on merit.”

  71. Paul says:

    68: so fabricating truth is grounds for expulsion now? Better let Trump know that. LOL.

  72. Paul says:

    Grassley is a nutcase.

  73. Paul says:

    Time for second amendment remedies for this Trump disaster.

  74. Tina says:

    Regarding cocaine mitch, yes he said that they would have to take it up, if were proper.

    Piglosis inquiry is not proper.

    He also said, it is up to us how long it lasts.

    Meaning, they will reject it outright.

  75. jason says:

    fabricating truth”

    Nice oxymoron.

    Sorry, Trump makes controversial off the cuff remarks, but I never saw him read off non-existent quotes and attribute them to someone.

    You are a hypocrite, if Trump had for example made up quotes by Joe Biden you would have been outraged.

    Schiff should be expelled. He knew what he was doing, he smeared Trump on national TV to make it look like Trump actually said those things. Wilful, intentional and grossly misleading.

    Ah yes, compare that with Trump exaggerating the crowd size at his inauguration or his golf score.

  76. Paul says:

    Jason: Truth no longer matters. What matters is that we win and destroy every living thing on this planet in the process.

  77. jason says:

    Paul says:
    September 30, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Time for second amendment remedies for this Trump disaster.”

    This is not the right forum for that comment.

    Send it to the WH, make sure you spell your name correctly. They don’t read anything without a return address, so make sure you include that.

  78. Tina says:

    Jebots crushed:

    Rasmussen Reports
    Fact Check: “President Trump’s Job Approval Numbers have just reached the highest levels since his inauguration, around 50%…”

  79. Paul says:

    Trump has shown us that nothing matters and that truth and honesty no longer matter. That we should all kill one another and then kill ourselves. It no longer matters.

  80. jason says:

    hat matters is that we win and destroy every living thing on this planet in the process.”

    Cockroaches will survive.

    So you have a chance.

  81. jason says:

    ‘truth and honesty no longer matter.”

    Hmmm….who said that?

    Fauxcahontas? Hillary Clinton? Schiff? Joe Biden?

  82. Tina says:

    Poor schiffty, caught in the Ukrainian cookie jar colluding.

  83. Paul says:

    So, now collusion matters? I thought there was no such thing?

  84. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    A chink in the armor for Democrats supporting Impeachment; Sen. Doug Jones(D-AL) says heresay is not acceptable.First of many?!

  85. Bitterlaw says:

    If there is a civil war over impeachment, I will just sit it out and apply to any jobs that open up.

  86. Bitterlaw says:

    Senator Jones is hoping Alabama voters forget he is a flaming liberal.

  87. dblaikie says:

    When this gets into the Senate I wonder how long it will take to make a motion that Senators Warren, Harris, Spartacus, and Kolbachar must recuse themselves because they have a conflict of interest as candidates against Trump?

  88. Tina says:

    They won’t refuse.

    But trump can put Piglosi, schifftty, Crack, and Gaffe on trial.

  89. Phil says:

    Senator Jones is hoping Alabama voters forget he is a flaming liberal.


    They won’t. Can you say burnt toast?

  90. BayernFan says:

    The Senate is NOT required to take up and try an impeachment. And if it does… Trump has the right to be there and defend himself. Can you imagine? I doubt very many RINOS like Romney want to have that happen to them.

  91. BayernFan says:

    McConnell’s statement was an unforced error. He should have refused to comment at all until the House put its money where its mouth is and actually VOTES on something impeachment related.

    But it isn’t fatal. The politics of a decision to try or ignore an impeachment will probably be light years different come the end of the year. By then he may have all the cards and be able to make hay at the Dems expense by simply telling the House to take their impeachment and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  92. Phil says:

    Let’s be clear. We WANT a trial. End of story.

  93. Paul says:

    BayernFan: They are required to have a trial. It can be quickly dismissed, but it will need to be a trial.

  94. jason says:

    Finally some good news. I don’t have low cholesterol.

    “Low cholesterol levels have been linked with higher rates of suicide, violence, Alzheimer’s, and accidents. Scientist thoughts about this is that cholesterol plays a critical role in neuron signaling and brain structure.”

  95. Paul says:

    90: Your job search won’t matter. We are all sinking into Trump’s pit of deception and lies and despair in our existence of human life which has utterly no meaning anymore.

  96. Paul says:

    Jason is still an amoral scumbag who thinks that Trump doesn’t fabricate truth out of thin air. LOL

  97. Bitterlaw says:

    Romney is a Republican and a conservative. Unquestioning loyalty to Trump is not a requirement for either.

  98. Phil says:

    According to Corey, Romney is not only a Republican but he is the absolute leader of the Republican Party.

    Well, that’s good enough for me.

  99. Waingro says:

    Chris Collins resigning and pleading guilty to insider trading. Shouldn’t be hard to fill his R+11 seat though.

  100. Paul says:

    “My fellow Republicans, it is time to risk your careers in favor of your principles. Whether you believe the president deserves impeachment, you know he does not deserve reelection,” Flake added

  101. Paul says:

    What Trump said about Schiff should be enough for Trump to be impeached, tried for treason, and face a terribly horrible painful death.

  102. Waingro says:

    #105, posting Jeff Flake stuff? Oh I’m sure that will go over well here.

  103. Paul says:

    Trump is losing it today on twitter. LOL.

  104. Paul says:

    Waingro, Like the things you say go over so well here. You little scumbag.

  105. Waingro says:

    GFY, Paul.

    I’m pretty much only a semi-regular (at best) on here during non-election years, so I guess I must have missed out on you becoming new obnoxious troll around here.

  106. jason says:

    Former AG Mukasey thinks the Dems might be ignoring the elephant in the room….

    “True, much media and political effort has gone into sometimes close and often willful parsing of President Trump’s July 25 conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky —ironic when you consider Mr. Trump’s well-known linguistic promiscuity—not to mention the celebrated whistleblower complaint, which contains no firsthand information. Little notice has been given, however, to another document lying in plain sight: a Justice Department press release issued the day the conversation transcript became public.

    That Justice Department statement makes explicit that the president never spoke with Attorney General William Barr “about having Ukraine investigate anything relating to former Vice President Biden or his son” or asked him to contact Ukraine “on this or any other matter,” and that the attorney general has not communicated at all with Ukraine. It also contains the following morsel: “A Department of Justice team led by U.S. Attorney John Durham is separately exploring the extent to which a number of countries, including Ukraine, played a role in the counterintelligence investigation directed at the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. While the Attorney General has yet to contact Ukraine in connection with this investigation, certain Ukrainians who are not members of the government have volunteered information to Mr. Durham, which he is evaluating.”

  107. jason says:

    Let’s be clear. We WANT a trial. End of story.”

    I will translate for the moron.

    He means he wants a kangaroo trial.

  108. Tina says:

    The drats are stupid.

    Durham has been investigating this since 2018.

    Ukraine originated with the start of the Russian hoax.

    The drats are obstructing a criminal investigstion.

  109. jason says:

    Wain, remember the context here..

    “Paul says:
    September 27, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    I know I say a lot of crap on here that is usually rude and pointless….”

  110. Tina says:

    They are also worried because Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Mmcabe, comedy, and the rest of the Fib senrior leadership cabal can no longer protect.

  111. Tina says:

    And other than updates from Durham, Barr would not know of the day to day status of the investigation.

    Barr has said that there was spying and that we have to look at the origins of the Russian hoax.

  112. jason says:

    I haven’t contributed to the Republican Party since I quit the party in 2016.

    But I sent them $100 today, supposedly it will be matched 5 X.

  113. jason says:

    Romney is a Republican and a conservative.”

    Sorry, that train left the station long ago.

    Romney is for whatever he thinks gives Romney the strongest adulation from the MSM, it doesn’t matter what “Republican” or “conservative” principle he can trample on.

  114. Phil says:

    Schiff now demanding transcripts of Trump phone conversations with Putin.

    Talk about a fishing expedition. This guy is a complete moron. Besides, Schiff has proven he doesn’t need a transcript. He makes up his own.

  115. VictrC says:

    120.That was what this whole Ukraine situation was all about, being able to have access to all Trump conversations to search for the smoking gun.

    Any normal person, when reading the transcript of the conversation would see there was nothing to it. Nothing that doesn’t occur on a daily basis between friendly world leaders.There is no impeachable offense. The fact that it came from second hand sources demonstrates it was all put together to open up more avenues to get documents, but more importantly, to ensure this stays in the public purvey since the Russian collaboration story fell apart.

    They won’t let losing the 2016 election go, and they won’t let the Russian collaboration which didn’t exist go.

  116. Paul says:

    VictrC: We’ll get him one way or another. We all know he is guilty, we just have to figure out how and then put his head in the vise.

  117. Waingro says:

    CBS News
    Verified account

    10m10 minutes ago
    BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani subpoenaed for Ukraine documents in impeachment probe

  118. Waingro says:

    #115, yeah, sorry, he sucked me in.

  119. lisab says:

    No, Robbie, the Senate is not required to “hold a trial”.

    but they would immediately

    to not do so would drag it out

    better to just vote and clear trump and say, “it was frivolous and the president was not convicted”

  120. lisab says:

    I wondered how long Wormtongue would take to slink over here?

    well i guess he has something against the white working class

  121. Paul says:

    Democrats are now pushing for Schiff to run for President.

  122. Paul says:

    The socialist hussy has gotten out of her classroom.

  123. Waingro says:

    They are gonna be throwing mud against the wall with all these Trump-foreign government phone calls now.

    The New York Times
    Verified account

    7m7 minutes ago
    Breaking News: President Trump pushed Australia’s prime minister to help Attorney General William Barr in an investigation intended to rebut the Mueller inquiry

  124. Paul says:

    Polluting young minds with that Fabian harlotry.

  125. Paul says:

    Oh wait. It’s utopian harlotry. Not the Fabian kind. My bad.

  126. Tina says:

    Translated for The NY Times.

    Yes, Andrew downer, who helped push the Russian hoax, from Australia, is being investigated.

  127. Victrc says:

    And here you have it folks. What this whole charade is about

    Getting a dem into the White House because they can not believe Americans voted against them in 2016

    Now even Pence is in the crosshairs and Pelosi primed to take over. From the Washington Post no less

  128. Tina says:

    Richard Walters
    · 1h
    New Quinnipiac poll:

    Do you think members of Congress who support impeaching Pres Trump are doing so more on the basis of the facts of the case, or more on the basis of partisan politics?
    Facts: 36%
    Partisan politics: 56%

    Americans see through the partisan game Nancy is playing

  129. Hugh says:

    129. Nothing wrong with that unless you’re a banana dictatorship

  130. Phil says:

    Wow, Tina. That poll is going to leave a mark.

  131. Paul says:

    I do think Trump is winning with this whole mess. I almost wonder if this was a setup for the Democrats.

  132. Phil says:

    Nobody wins with this impeachment mess. It’s bad for the country. Inflames the partisans tearing the country apart….and for what? There will be no conviction and removal from office.

    It’s just bad bull.

  133. Paul says:

    Phil, I do agree. However, there should be accountability. One shouldn’t just sweep things under the rug in order to keep peace with everyone.

  134. Tina says:

    Another wp,story about Barr seeking assistance from foreign gubment sets regarding Russian hoax.

    See this is why deep sheot is panicked.

  135. Tina says:

    Jebots will be here in 3, 2, 1…

    The Washington Post
    · 36m
    Attorney General Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in 2016

  136. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #140 & 141
    Gee, AG Barr announced the Durham investigation months ago after the Mueller Report and now he and his staff are investigation the investigators and the President asked an allied leader,Austrailian PM, to help in this legitimate investigation.

    Oh, the horror!!!

  137. Tina says:

    Brennaniski and the other commies are triggered. All old news.

    Ryan Saavedra
    President Trump on AG Bill Barr back in May: “And I hope he looks at the U.K., and I hope he looks at Australia, and I hope he looks at Ukraine. I hope he looks at everything because there was a hoax that was perpetrated on our country”

  138. Tina says:

    Slimes story just collapsed.

    Australian PM just put the NYT “BOMBSHELL” in a body bag:

    “The Australian Govt has always been ready to assist & cooperate with efforts that help shed further light on the matters under investigation. The PM confirmed this readiness once again in conversation with the President”

  139. Paul says:

    Barr’s resignation is imminent.

  140. Paul says:

    according to Drudge

  141. Tina says:

    Deep Sheot is panicked.

    They are running the same 2016 playbook.

    I a, laughing my arse off.

    Indictments are coming.

  142. Paul says:

    AG Barr is in trouble. Losing his shiot.

  143. Phil says:

    I suspect that the Democrats and their Never Trumper allies aren’t going to like the little items that come out in any Senate Trial. Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for.

    Going to be interesting to see who is trying who.

  144. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason and I disagree about Romney. Of course, Jason surrendered his RINO hunting license when he left the party.

  145. Tina says:

    Rudy Giuliani
    I have received a subpoena signed only by Democrat Chairs who have prejudged this case. It raises significant issues concerning legitimacy and constitutional and legal issues including,inter alia, attorney client and other privileges. It will be given appropriate consideration.

  146. Tina says:

    Toss it in garbage?

  147. Phil says:

    Pompeo was in on the call? So?

    Barr met with intelligence officials from other countries looking into the origins of Russiagate? So?

    This is Esquire’s big scoop? The Secretary of State was in on a phone call to a foreign leader? Yeah, he’s SOS. The Attorney General talking to foreign intel about an ongoing investigation? Something illegal about that? Makes perfect sense.

    What a joke.

  148. Tina says:

    Barr was also just in Italy with Durham.

    It is I secret that they were looking into the genesis of the Russian hoax.

    No secret at all.

    Something, Fuhrer Mulehead should have been looking into.

    We all know he was installed into his position while drats ran it.

  149. Tina says:

    Our new data shows @realDonaldTrump’s approval rating has INCREASED since this same time a week ago.

    The American people see Nancy’s partisan witch hunt for what it is – a coup to take down a duly elected president. #stopthemadness

    4:51 PM – Sep 30, 2019

  150. Tina says:

    Ny times erred again. The government of Australia responded to trumps chopper presser dated 5/24. In a letter, the Austrian government pledges its assistance with the investigation into the Russian hoax.

  151. Phil says:

    I love the prospect of a Senate Trial.

    Part of the trial will be the Discovery Process. Should be the last thing Democrats are going to want.

    Pass the popcorn.

  152. Tina says:

    Me too, Phil.

    I cannot wait.

    Pass the popcorn, lightly salted please.

  153. Phil says:

    Plenty of butter on mine, please.

  154. Tina says:

    Did the media also agree to Biden’s request to ban Guiliani since he is not a public official?

  155. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    137. “I do think Trump is winning with this whole mess. I almost wonder if this was a setup for the Democrats.”

    I had that suspicion from the beginning. Still think it is a possibility. Trump was an underdog in his reelection race, so why not totally shake things up. Now we get to hear about Hunter Biden’s $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian energy company, his Chinese payments (a very industrious person, he did this while nursing his cocaine habit). We will also learn about other questionable activities involving Biden, Clinton and Obama associates. Its like Trump gets to run against Hillary again.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats will try to impeach Trump for asking the Ukrainian leader to investigate corruption. The horror!!

  156. Paul says:

    Intelligence community watchdog debunks whistleblower conspiracy pushed by Trump and other Republicans

  157. lisab says:

    the same intelligence community that was spying on trump in the first place to create a coup?

  158. Phil says:

    Yep, that intel community. Exactly.

  159. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    163. How quaint, Vice President Biden and his son playing golf with another board member of the Ukrainian energy company. Looks like Biden did earn his $50,000 a month by providing access to his father. This has the stench of Hillary Clinton type corruption. An Joe Biden claims he had no knowledge of Hunter’s association with the Ukrainian energy company?

    “A photo obtained by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” shows former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter golfing in the Hamptons with Devon Archer, who served on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings with Hunter.

    Earlier this month, Joe Biden told Fox News in Iowa that he never discussed his son’s foreign business dealings with him.

    “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Biden said, pointing the finger at President Trump. “I know Trump deserves to be investigated. He is violating every basic norm of a president. You should be asking him why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader. You should be looking at Trump.”

    Hunter Biden told The New Yorker previously that he and his father had spoken “just once” about his work in Ukraine.

    A source told Fox News the photo was taken in August 2014. Contemporaneous news reports indicated the vice president was in the Hamptons at the time.”

  160. lisab says:

    Black high school student, 12, who accused trump of pinning her down and cutting off her dreadlocks, admits that she made it up

  161. lisab says:

    Rare Photo Surfaces Of Trudeau Not In Blackface

  162. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The disloyalty of the liberal press is beginning to disturb Biden.

    “Kate Bedingfield, the deputy campaign manager and communications director for Biden’s campaign, was asked by CNN if Biden regrets not telling Hunter he does not need the poor optics of his arrangement.

    “No, because he didn’t do anything wrong. And, you know, the White House said in 2014 that there was no issue with Hunter having that job,” Bedingfield said.

    “But, you know, and I think that asking this question is exactly, Alisyn, what Donald Trump wants, right? There’s no evidence, as you stipulated at the top, which is important, there’s no evidence that he did anything wrong, and yet he still hopes that you guys will ask questions like that, that you will try to insinuate that there was an optical issue, that there was some kind of, you know, that there’s some kind of issue there that wasn’t there.” she continued. “This is exactly the playbook that he ran in 2016. We’re not going to let him do it this time.””

  163. jason says:

    The plot thickens…and stinks.

    “Now there’s another strange connection that Schiff has in the case.

    As Breitbart notes, one of Schiff’s Congressional staffers, Thomas Eager, took a trip to Ukraine between August 24-31 with other Congressional staffers after the whistleblower complaint was filed. Rep. Adam Schiff approved his staffer’s travel as his signature on the travel request revealed.

    That trip was paid for by the Atlantic Council.

    One of the senior fellows of the Council is CrowdStrike founder Dmitri Alperovitch. You may recall Crowdstrike is the company that supposedly concluded the Russians were behind the hack of the DNC in 2016 during the campaign. The FBI never had access to the server. Trump asked about Crowdstrike on the call with the Ukrainian president.

    Two prominent names are among the folks who fund the Atlantic Council. One is George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. And the other? Burisma, the company which appointed Hunter Biden to its board and who the subject of the investigation that was allegedly stopped when Biden pressured Ukraine, according to the prosecutor who was fired.

    In January 2017, the Atlantic Council and Burisma signed a cooperative agreement, which stated Atlantic Council would develop transatlantic programs with Burisma’s support, focusing on European and international energy security.

    So Hunter Biden’s old company Burisma is funding the group paying for Schiff’s staffer’s trip to Ukraine.”

  164. jason says:

    Hunter Biden’s old company is paying for Schiff’s staffer to go to the Ukraine to “investigate” the whistleblower complaint?

    I am beginning to think there is such a thing as collusion….

  165. jason says:

    How quaint, Vice President Biden and his son playing golf with another board member of the Ukrainian energy company.”

    You are a suspicious cuss.

    The fact is they only talked about Loretta Lynch’s and Bill Clinton’s grandchildren.

  166. jason says:

    Paul says:
    September 30, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    Intelligence community watchdog debunks whistleblower conspiracy pushed by Trump and other Republicans”

    If you sometimes wonder how stupid people have to be to fall for those emails from Nigeria offering to put 25 million in your acct if you will only pay some transaction fees, remember there are people like Paul around.

  167. Paul says:

    169: Trump is still responsible for creating an atmosphere where a black student with dreadlocks feels oppressed to the point of needing to create a false report of dreadlocks being cut.

  168. Paul says:

    And racist Jason is coming after me just for having Nigerian email pals.

  169. jason says:

    It’s really sad that while little Marxist turd union hall lawyer Doug Jones admits that the whistleblower’s narrative is hearsay and not grounds for impeachment, “conservative” and “Republican” Mitt Romney goes around bleating out the MSM talking points.

  170. Wobbles says:

    I agree with Paul.

    Even if Trump didn’t cut off anyone’s dreadlocks, he probably would if given the chance, so I think he should be booked for assault.

  171. jason says:

    And racist Jason is coming after me just for having Nigerian email pals.”

    I apologize.

    Some of the emails ARE accurate. Look for the ones that say “I embezzled $25 million from the government and now I cannot legally deposit it”, this is the type of honesty you can definitely trust.

  172. Paul says:

    179: Nip it in the bud. So he doesn’t have a chance.

  173. Paul says:

    If it weren’t for Trump, those Nigerians wouldn’t have to be dishonest.

  174. jason says:

    My guess is that the whistleblower is going to be revealed as some rabid moonbat Democrat with an ax to grind. If it wasn’t some partisan nutjob the name would be out already.

    We shall see.

  175. Bitterlaw says:

    Romney is a Republican, Jason is not. Both can be true.

  176. dblaikie says:

    Jason, I agree. If the so-called whistleblower were a paragon of non bias and respected his or her name would have leaked. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to convince me that this person has baggage.

  177. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump created an atmosphere where I could be laid off. I blame him.

  178. Paul says:

    The Media Mentioned Biden More Than All The 2020 Primary Candidates Combined Last Week

    Joe-mentum!! Well, if one believes all publicity is good publicity. LOL.

  179. jason says:

    Romney is a Republican, Jason is not. Both can be true.”

    jason is a conservative. Romney is not. Both can be true.

  180. jason says:

    Trump created an atmosphere where I could be laid off. I blame him.”

    This is true.

    When the Dems finally have their way and everyone works for the government, nobody will be fired.

  181. jason says:

    Even some Dems are saying this was all to get rid of Biden, not Trump.

  182. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason is not a conservative. He does not support Trump’s tariffs and tariffs now define conservatism according to NYC and Tina.

  183. jason says:

    So Hunter Biden’s old company Burisma is funding the group paying for Schiff’s staffer’s trip to Ukraine.”

    You would think “Republican” Romney would want to get to the bottom of this.

    Nah, he is just happy parroting MSNBC’s narrative.

  184. jason says:

    POLL: 8% of Democratic college students, 74% of Republican college students very proud to be American.”

    But, as Glenn Reynolds says, “don’t question their patriotism”.

  185. Bitterlaw says:

    Ex-Republican Jason does not get to decide Romney’s status as a Republican. If he returns to the GOP, his opinion will have weight.

  186. lisab says:

    Senator Mitt Romney outed as whistleblower

    100% of HHR never trumpers still support

  187. lisab says:

    hell just froze over, wsj just posted an article, on hillary clinton and ukraine

    “With the benefit of hindsight and the results of the Mueller investigation, it’s now clear that there was no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia.”

    i guess the wall street types REALLY don’t want warren

  188. lisab says:

    Hillary Clinton @hillaryClinton

    The president is a corrupt human tornado.

    Michael Knowles @michaeljknowles

    Ma’am, in case you forgot, you’re Hillary Clinton

  189. lisab says:

    Haitians are now protesting hillary’s book tour

    when haitians are saying you are too corrupt for them … you have a problem

  190. lisab says:

    Flynn Lawyer Tells Judge Motive Behind Why Flynn Took Guilty Plea

    General Flynn signed a plea deal to avoid seeing his son charged with a fabricated FARA violation.

  191. lisab says:

    “Feds paid $1 billion in Social Security benefits to individuals without a SSN”

  192. dblaikie says:

    Bitter whether Romney is a Republican or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that he is becoming more irrelevant each day.

  193. lisab says:

    Shepard Smith Ordered to Stand Down After Feud with Tucker Carlson

    Smith appeared ready to continue agitating the inter-network feud before being shut down on the matter by Fox management. Senior Fox News executives are said to have threatened the progressive infiltrator with termination if he continues to wage a campaign against Tucker.

  194. lisab says:

    Clinton sought secret info on EU bailout plans as son-in-law’s doomed hedge fund gambled on Greece

  195. Bitterlaw says:

    DB – I like it when Romney sticks it to Trump. If I wanted to be in a party of zombies with only 1 viewpoint,I would be a Democrat.

  196. lisab says:

    if you are afraid to swim in the ocean around cape cod because of all the shark sightings

    just remember,

    you are statistically more likely to be killed holding evidence against the clintons, than by a shark attack

  197. lisab says:

    In a big blow against what critics say is Facebook’s illegal monopoly on the social media marketplace, the Department of Justice is reportedly now opening an antitrust investigation into the tech giant.

  198. lisab says:

    ‘You’re behaving as an enemy of the state’: Lou Dobbs tells Pelosi and Schumer to ‘go to hell’

  199. lisab says:

    Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) campaign announced on Tuesday that it had raised $25.3 million in the third quarter of 2019 with an average donation of $18.07.

  200. lisab says:

    the facebook breakup is being led by none other than

    elizabeth warren btw

  201. Paul says:

    Lou Dobbs can go to hell. I’ve always found him to be an idiotic fat lazy tool of satan.

  202. lisab says:

    jim acosta fell down in the white house yesterday

  203. Waingro says:

    Aaron Blake
    Verified account

    Following Following @AaronBlake
    Winthrop poll in South Carolina:

    Biden 37
    Warren 17
    Sanders 8
    Harris 7

    2:50 PM – 1 Oct 2019

  204. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    209. If it turns into a Warren/Trump race, you might see tech go with the devil it knows versus the unseen devil who is threatening to destroy it. If this happens, expect to see news stories on the Internet new sites by tormented Democrats who just cannot vote for Warren, and who are either not voting or disgustingly voting for Trump.

  205. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The latest Morning Consult Poll. As with Trump, looks like the Ukraine controversy is not hurting Biden either.

    Democratic primary tracking data
    Biden: 32%
    Warren: 21% (+1)
    Sanders: 19%
    Harris: 6%
    Buttigieg: 5%
    Booker: 3%
    O’Rourke: 3%
    Yang: 3%

  206. DW says:

    With the Mets season over because Callaway decided to throw away the post season in an effort to let Edwin Diaz figure out how to pitch, its not too soon for looking ahead to next year.

    Ramos has another year on the contract, but Todd Frazier does not. I am not sure the status of Robinson Cano, the worthless player the Mets gave away all their recent draft picks to get, along with the aforementioned closer out of the Mets’ calf pen.

    But assuming there are no surprises, here would be the regular lineup for next year:

    2B Jeff McNeil
    SS Amed Rosario
    1B Pete Alonso
    C Wilson Ramos
    3B J. D. Davis
    LF Yoenis Cespedes
    RF Michael Conforto
    CF Brandon Nimmo
    P deGrom, Syndergaard, Wheeler, Stroman, Matz

    Cespedes of course will have huge question marks, so quick off the bench if he is injured again or just strikes out all the time will be Dominic Smith or Juan Lagares.

    Do other Mets fans here have any thoughts?

  207. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    If it turns into a Trump/Biden race, Americans will know an amazingly lot about the Ukraine by the end of 2020.

  208. Waingro says:

    Follow Follow @MIRSnews
    Joe Biden leads President Trump 54% to 35% in hypothetical presidential matchup in Michigan, per Target Insyght poll. 800 sample. Some cell phones used. 9/24-9/26.

  209. John says:

    RNC/Trump fundraising numbers…
    $125 million for 3rd quarter
    $156 million cash on hand
    $308 million raised YTD

  210. John says:

    #129 follow up.
    $8.5 million raised by the RNC within a day and a half after Ms. Pelosi announced the “official impeachment inquiry”. Yeah, that one. The one without a vote.

  211. Victrc says:

    Hmmmmm down 19% in Michigan which he carried three years ago. Ok.

    DW. – fairly accurate recap. For next year Wheeler won’t be around. They are over budget already.
    As for the Seattle trade debacle. Kelenic is going to be a grest player . Imagine Nimmo, Conforto, Kelenic in the outfield with Alonso, McNeil and Davis joining Rosario or One of the kid shortstops on the infield. That would have been a great lineup

  212. Big Joe says:

    Will be interesting to see if Warren’s rise is a “flavor of the month” deal (like Harris). Should know by late October post-debate.

    Big Joe

  213. lisab says:

    what will the debate be about?

    they cannot talk about the economy, foreign policy, the military, guns, crime, corruption or their records

  214. jason says:

    Ex-Republican Jason does not get to decide Romney’s status as a Republican.”

    Reminds me of Corey’s theory that I cannot render opinions on the Pope because I am not Catholic.

    Does that mean Bitter will have to stop any comments on the South on account he is a damm yankee?


  215. Paul says:

    223: Why do you say that?

  216. jason says:

    Clinton has big lead over Trump in Michigan, MSU survey shows

    Nov. 2, 2016

    (AP files)

    EAST LANSING, MI — A survey from Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research suggests Democrat Hillary Clinton has a wide lead over Republican Donald Trump among Michigan’s likely voters.

    The quarterly State of the State Survey conducted by the institute tracked voters from Sept. 1 to Oct. 30 and found that among likely voters in Michigan, 52 percent said they would vote for Clinton and 32 percent said they would vote for Trump.”

  217. Big Joe says:

    “they cannot talk about the economy, foreign policy, the military, guns, crime, corruption or their records”

    Why not?

    Big Joe

  218. jason says:

    Amazing… I guess not everyone watches MSNBC or listens to Mitt Romney…

    “Poll: Plurality believes Biden pressured Ukraine government not to investigate his son’s business dealings”

  219. jason says:

    “they cannot talk about the economy, foreign policy, the military, guns, crime, corruption or their records”

    Why not?”

    Beyond their pay grade.

  220. jason says:

    If I wanted to be in a party of zombies with only 1 viewpoint,I would be a Democrat”


    I actually left the party because it no longer reflects the principles that attracted me to it, so am hardly a zombie with one viewpoint.


  221. Bitterlaw says:

    You can’t tolerate Romney being critical of Trump. Of course, you can be critical of Trump.

    GFY. Twice.

  222. Big Joe says:

    “Beyond their pay grade.”

    Well alrigthy then. 😀 😀 😀

    Big Joe

  223. Tina says:

    Breaking, Jebots lose again.

    Harmeet K. Dhillon
    Boom!! Judge England grants injunction against SB 27, CA’s presidential tax return disclosure law, on multiple grounds incl. qualifications clause, 1st & 14th Amend., EIGA pre-emption… Voters win! TKO — opinion:…




  224. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    230. “If I wanted to be in a party of zombies with only 1 viewpoint,I would be a Democrat””

    Just remember just because zombies are dead, doesn’t mean they don’t have civil rights. They are still walking around, making a difference. They also should fall under the ADA, since they suffer from chronic rigor mortis, making them disabled. They also should have voting rights; in this regard Chicago has lead the way.

  225. jason says:

    GFY twice?


    I could tell Bitter to triple GFH, but that would be a slippery slope.

    And he is not going to give me any points for his own attack.

    I might just have to go for the doubleheader.

  226. Proud Obamacon says:

    BJ, what Jason the Orange Worshipper is trying to say is that Democrats can’t talk about economics, guns, etc because they are Communists. All this while he gets down on his knees to suck off his Orange Hero who today congratulates Communist China on their 70th birthday. Jason truly is special. Probably he’s a parody. Oh and his response will be something about Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea. Good dog Jason!


  227. Proud Obamacon says:

    BJ, your boy Biden is phucking up. Why he want Rudy banned from the News shows? Rudy is doing a damn good job if I don’t say so myself! LOL. Rudy, the gift that keeps on giving. Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! LOLLLLLL


  228. jason says:

    You can’t tolerate Romney being critical of Trump.”


    Romney is free to disagree with Trump on policies. If he wants to steer Trump and the party towards conservative principles the R party used to represent, fine.

    But gratuitous personal attacks and endless regurgitation of moonbat talking points and making himself into a sycophantic MSM toadie? I will call him on that all day long. All that does is help the Democrats. He is playing the role of useful idiot at best, showing incredible lack of character at worst.


  229. jason says:

    The Marxist-Leninist turd is back with Central Kommittee talking points?

    Orange Worshipper?

    Suck it, Bitter, and hand over the points.

  230. Proud Obamacon says:

    Jason calls me Marxist-Leninist with Central Kommittee talking points all while worshipping his wannabe dictator who praises Communist tyrants. Irony LOL. Jason is special.


  231. Bitterlaw says:

    There is no such thing as a gratuitous personal attack against Trump. He is a scumbag who deserves all personal attacks.


    You can have all the points.

  232. jason says:

    BJ, your boy Biden is phucking up.”

    The Marxist-Leninist is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even he can see Biden’s baggage is weighing him down.

  233. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason is special.

    Ok. I will give points since it was not meant as a compliment.

  234. jason says:

    Nancy might have talked too much:

    “Nancy Pelosi on 60 Minutes last night was asked ‘Did the President call you?’ She said ‘yes, he called me.’ [This was] before she came out with the impeachment inquiry. [Trump said] ‘the letter was perfect. We’re gonna release the transcript, the call was perfect.’ And she said to him, ‘I knew what was in the letter.’ Then she paused and said ‘it was in the public domain.’ Number one, it was not in the public domain, and the transcript had not been released yet. How could she possibly know?”

  235. jason says:

    ile worshipping his wannabe dictator who praises Communist tyrants.”

    Heh…are you talking about Obama, who went to Cuba to grovel before Fidel Castro, a murderous tyrant?

    Trump deals from a position of strength, I am sure you pine for Obama, who went around the world begging for forgiveness, bowing and groveling.

  236. Proud Obamacon says:

    Was #245 supposed to be a comeback of some sort? LOL Jason really slipping these days. Then again he was never that bright.

    I see Jason has ignored how his hero congratulated the brutal Communist Chinese on 70 years of fine dictatorship. That’s fine if he approves of dictatorship, yet he still wants to have it both ways by bashing Obama over the very dictatorship that he approves of. BTW, why does Jason always bring up Obama or Hillary? Jason is very special. LOL


  237. Tina says:

    Nancy also used to much Botox.

  238. Big Joe says:

    Look, Biden may be the nominee, and he may not. Who knows. You can stop calling him my ‘boy’ though and focus your energies elsewhere.

    As for Rudy, it is sad what has happened to him. I always appreciated him for sticking to his guns and wearing his Yankees cap during the 2000 subway series. That was pretty cool.

    This is a different Rudy and it’s unfortunate.

    Big Joe

  239. Proud Obamacon says:

    Jason has no game today. Hell, he rarely has any game. Must be tough for him being in love with the Orange Moron and having to defend or ignore all of his dictatorial tendencies while still being stupid enough to try to attack others on the very things that his hero loves. Jason is very very very special. Hopefully he gets back on his meds soon!


  240. Proud Obamacon says:

    And Jason crawls back into his hole crying. Pathetic. Up your game, sport!

    Only 399 days until election day.

    Good night. Weak showing tonight yall.


  241. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Piers Morgan has six questions for Joe Biden regarding the Hunter Biden scandal:

    “1) What exactly did Joe Biden Do in the Ukraine? President Obama made him his point man there after the overthrow of pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych in the 2014 revolution. Biden visited Ukraine at least a dozen times over the next two years, ostensibly to help new pro-Western president Petro Poroshenko root out corruption. But what was Biden really doing? We should be told.
    2) How and why did Hunter Biden come to land such a lucrative job in the spring of 2014 with Burisma, the largest private gas company in Ukraine? He doesn’t appear to have any real credentials for it other than being the US Vice-President’s son. We should be told.
    3) What did Hunter Biden do for Burisma? Who did he meet, what deals did he fix, what influence did he wield and how? How did he earn his $50,000 a month? We should be told.
    4) Why, as reveals today, did Hunter’s investment firm partner Chris Heinz – former Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson – split from him when he joined Burisma because he was reportedly worried about Biden’s poor judgement and how it would look? And did Heinz share those concerns with Joe Biden?
    5) What conversations did Biden Snr have with his son about Burisma? He says none, but Hunter previously said they had at least one. Neither answer seems credible given how close they were and what they were doing at the time in Ukraine. ‘Ask the right questions’ snapped Biden Snr when a reporter tried to push him on this last week. This is a perfectly right question to ask. We should be told.
    6) Did, crucially, Biden Snr interfere with any investigations into Burisma that were conducted because the owner Mykola Zlochevsky was close to ousted Yanukovych? We know Biden Snr boasted of successfully demanding to have Ukraine’s top prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired if the government wanted $1 billion in U.S. aid. But was another reason that he wanted to protect Hunter from being dragged into any Burisma probe? If that were true then Biden would surely be guilty of exactly the same kind of thing Trump’s been accused of? Biden vehemently denies it, and no hard evidence has yet emerged to prove otherwise. But this is the key charge being leveled by a Trump campaign that ironically calls Biden ‘Quid Pro Joe’. Again, we should be told.”

  242. Bitterlaw says:

    If you like your NHS you can keep your NHS. You just might not get medicines.

  243. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    252. Bitter, your clearly in collusion with Trump and his Ukrainian friends. Both Sanders and Warren have assured us that socialism will provide the best health care on the planet. Just look at Britain or Venezuela. . ah . . poster Paul can take it from here.

  244. Wes says:

    John James raised about $3 million last quarter in his challenge to Gary Peters. Peters won the seat in 2014 largely because the Republican in the race essentially stopped campaigning in April of that year for inexplicable reasons. He’s largely been a nonentity in the Senate and may be vulnerable depending on how well Trump does in the state:

  245. jason says:

    Chutzpah Award of the Year

    “Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who once called himself Barack Obama’s “wingman”, says that AG Barr has “crossed a political line” and that you have to appear to be neutral when you are Attorney General of the United States”.

    Now that takes cojones.

  246. jason says:

    As for Rudy, it is sad what has happened to him.”

    Personally, I think what is sad is what happened to the Democratic Party.

    Only 8% of college Democrats admire their country.

    I would worry about that a lot more than I would worry about Rudy.

  247. jason says:

    I guess I wasn’t the only one sending them a check.

    “WASHINGTON (AP) — APNewsBreak: Trump campaign, Republican National Committee to report $125 million raised in 3rd quarter.”

  248. jason says:

    “The second document Solomon presents is the deposition of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. He is the prosecutor whom Biden demanded be fired in March 2016. Biden famously threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to the country unless Shokin was fired in the next six hours. Shokin had been investigating Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, at the time and was planning to interview Hunter Biden about his business dealings with the company as part of his probe. For obvious reasons, Biden insists he called for Shokin’s firing because he was corrupt.”

    So wait a minute. Joe Biden, VP, is insisting an official in the Ukraine be fired for being “corrupt” or aid will be withheld?

    Where is the whistleblower?

  249. jason says:

    Meanwhile, in Proud Obamacon’s socialist paradise of Venezuela, hundreds of thousands flock to border towns in the hopes of leaving the country.

    “He lives with his two small children and his pregnant wife in a room that the family rents for $3 a day. Power outages are frequent, like elsewhere in Venezuela’s border areas. Running water is available only once a week.

    “It’s uncomfortable, because we also have to share the bathroom with other families,” said Francis Sosa, Rocha’s 20-year-old wife. “But here we can eat well. We had our own home in Aragua but it was tough to find food there.”

    Rocha works every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. to earn enough to pay the rent, afford some food and have some money left over for his childrens’ needs.

    On his way home, he walks by stores that stopped selling clothes or electric appliances due to Venezuela’s crisis. Now their owners rent those spaces to migrants from central Venezuela who sleep on the floor for a couple dollars a night.”

  250. jason says:

    Plan 3458-4D

    Harvard law professor: Trump “civil war” tweet could be grounds for impeachment.

  251. Phil says:

    Can’t wait for their next “grounds for impeachment”. Didn’t put the toilet seat back down?

  252. jason says:

    Got an email from Joe Arpaio asking for money to run again.

    Joe is 87, got pardoned by Trump, and has had a good run.

    I think its now time to spend some time with the great grandkids.

  253. jason says:

    Didn’t put the toilet seat back down?”

    Worse. Used the word “he” when referring to God.

  254. Victrc says:

    This civil war quote issue demonstrates exactly what is wrong with liberals and Democrats. Nowhere in the quote, which Trump never uttered btw…he only te-tweeted, was there an advocacy for Civil war.

    The quote said, “it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.”

    That quote doesn’t say there will be a civil war but a FRACTURE, meaning it will further separate us into partisan sides, increasing the divide. That’s 100% true. We’ve already seen it with Trump. I can’t even mention his name when in company of liberal friends or relatives…and if they impeach him, well 65+M people will feel betrayed. Of course that will cause a fracture.

    The media and D leadership is being so disingenuous, to be frank, it is they who are stoking the flames.

  255. Waingro says:

    Probably the most brutal poll on impeachment thus so far.

    G. Elliott Morris

    Follow Follow @gelliottmorris
    #NEW Polling on impeachment from The Economist and YouGov:

    – 50% of registered voters support impeaching POTUS. 39% oppose. !! +11 is up from -12 in July. !!
    – 36% of Indies and 11% of Reps support impeachment

    – 51% of RVs support impeachment AND removal from office, 39% oppose

  256. Waingro says:

    Bernie is in bad shape.

    MJ Lee
    Verified account

    3m3 minutes ago
    Bernie Sanders campaign statement: “Sanders experienced some chest discomfort. Following medical evaluation and testing he was found to have a blockage in one artery and two stents were successfully inserted. Sen. Sanders is conversing and in good spirits”

  257. Wes says:

    I’m hoping that’s an outlier, Wain.

  258. Waingro says:

    If Bernie all of a sudden drops out, Warren should get a HUGE boost. She might be able to put this away fast.

    Shane Goldmacher
    Verified account

    2m2 minutes ago
    MoreShane Goldmacher Retweeted Medium Buying
    The Sanders campaign also canceling Iowa TV buy, per ad tracker, which was supposed to begin 10/3

  259. jason says:

    I blame Trump. He didn’t outlaw artery clogging foods and now Bernie is the victim.

  260. jason says:

    I miss Romanowski. He would never survive the pussified NFL of today though.

    You’re in the heat of battle,” Romanowski said. “Your mindset is kill or be killed. Because the offensive linemen are still coming at you. You’re in war. You’re supposed to be able to be violent sometimes and other times you’re supposed be able to just take your foot off the gas like that. That is hard, my friend.

    “I feel for this guy. Do I think he should be fined? Yes. Do I think he should be kicked out of the league? No. I think it is absolutely dead wrong. This guy has handled himself like a pro. And yes, he is a violent mother f’er, and I love the way he plays the game of football. I truly believe this guy has cleaned up his act.”

  261. jason says:


    VA Police Officer Suspended After Turning Illegal Alien Over To ICE: Police Chief Says Officer Had ‘Lapse in Judgement’

  262. dblaikie says:

    Well folks we have a poll sponsored by liberal entities that claim 51% want to impeach Trump. But then the so-called right leaning Rasmussen poll says Trump’s approval is holding firm at 48%. Now we know which poll Wormtongue is going to believe. The question is which one will you believe?

  263. Waingro says:

    More not so great polls for Trump. But again: it’s EARLY. And polls all looked pretty terrible for him throughout the 2016 election cycle.

    Jonathan Tamari
    Verified account

    13m13 minutes ago
    Warning signs in a PA county that swung big to Trump in 2016:
    Mercyhurst College Poll in Erie County finds:
    Biden 52, Trump 38
    Warren 47, Trump 40
    Sanders 46, Trump 41

  264. dblaikie says:

    One of the biggest misconceptions in this whole mess is any emphasis given to the whistleblower or leaker. When Trump released the transcript the whistleblower become old news. Now who the whistleblower was working with, that would be news.

  265. Hugh says:

    Mercyhurst is a polling giant

  266. Hugh says:

    In there 2016 reg voter poll Bernie led trump 46 to 39

  267. Tina says:

    I like the border moat with snakes and alligators. This is cheap actually. /s

    I am sure it’s more fake jebot news.

  268. Tina says:

    The enemy of the people presser with piglosi and Russian
    Schifty is a disaster.

    She just admitted that there is no impeachment because Rs won’t vote for it in the house.

    Notice no actual subpoenas filed just bluster.

  269. Phil says:

    Snakes and gators?

    Makes sense if it’s more cost effective than a wall. I’m for it.

    Of course there is always the Warren plan. No border, paved highways leading up from Mexico, and plenty of welfare and healthcare benefits for all…..and of course instant citizenship and voting rights.

  270. jason says:

    Drudge finally moves impeachment off headlines and is back to the “economy is crashing” Paulbot BS.

  271. Waingro says:

    Two more national polls drop showing another surge to Pocahontas. He’s only up 1.7% overall now in RCP.

  272. Waingro says:

    #282, “He” as in Joe Biden.

  273. Phil says:

    Over the past three weeks Hillary is all over the place on the media and touring the country. Hmmm….. Biden saddled with Ukraine and China and primary numbers dropping. Sanders heart issues.

    I know some say never but does anyone doubt Hillary’s ambition? Real possibility she jumps in at some point.

  274. jason says:

    He” as in Joe Biden.”

    Is it ok to refer to Biden as “he”?

    Since there are over 260 genders now, maybe “it” is better.

  275. Phil says:

    Pocahontas vs Warren…, i’d pay to watch that cage match.

  276. Phil says:

    Pocahontas vs Hillary I should say.

    Would be glorious.

  277. Tina says:

    Piglosi did say that she needs to be “fair” to president trump.

  278. NYCmike says:

    “As for Rudy, it is sad what has happened to him. I always appreciated him for sticking to his guns and wearing his Yankees cap during the 2000 subway series. That was pretty cool.

    This is a different Rudy and it’s unfortunate.”

    -How so, Big Joe?

    Rudy looks to me like he is 40 years old again, going after the mob and other corruption! Glad to see him having so much fun, and taunting the Democrats every chance he gets.

  279. jason says:

    I am not sure Rudy is playing with a full deck, but he makes the best use of the cards he has.

  280. jason says:

    Good advice for Republicans “tired of defending Trump”.

    I know, not a Republican, but giving advice anyway. Anyone who objects can GFH.

    “If it wasn’t Trump, it’d be Pence or it’d be Cruz. It’d be whoever was the Republican President at the time. Bush had articles of impeachment pressed against him and was called Hilter non-stop, and that was while he was being completely submissive to the media and not pushing back at all. They aren’t going stop just because Trump is gone and if Republicans quit on him based on what we have so far in this “impeachment inquiry,” they will simply get more of Trump, whether it’s Trump himself or the next person to channel his energy.

    I’d end with this message to those Republicans in Washington – Grow a spine. You have a kush job making good money and notoriety. All you have to do is be willing to not fold in the face of adversity and voters will reward you. You aren’t having to go out and dig ditches or work a cash register. You aren’t living paycheck to paycheck. Your life simply isn’t that hard. Enough of the complaining and whining about having to actually defend your ideology and party. It’s ridiculous, and if you aren’t up to the task, go find something else to do.”

  281. jason says:

    If Hillary runs again, maybe Barr can reopen the email investigation.

    THAT would be fun.

  282. jason says:

    Btw, Bonchie (?) at Redstate wrote that piece.

  283. Big Joe says:

    #256 Jason-
    “Only 8% of college Democrats admire their country.

    I would worry about that a lot more than I would worry about Rudy.”

    I’m not worried about Rudy. He’s a big boy who can make his own decisions.

    Could you please provide the source of your statistic? College Democrats really do need their hatred of the current administration from their views on the country as a whole. The party out of power always grows disillusioned with the state of things but 8% is really disappointing.

    Big Joe

  284. Big Joe says:

    …College Democrats really do need ***to separate*** their hatred…

  285. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Not a good look for Democrat freshman Congresswoman Haley Stevens from Michigan. Start at 55 seconds. Do we have a good GOP candidate in 2020 to compete against her?

  286. jason says:

    Frankly, if you are not very proud to be an American, you are not proud at all.

    Moderately proud? Zzzzzzzz…..

    Patriotism is like pregnancy. There is no such thing as half patriot.

  287. jason says:

    …College Democrats really do need ***to separate*** their hatred…”

    I absolutely hated the Obama Administration for the 8 years it was in office.

    It never affected my patriotism.

    I think that is BS.

  288. Big Joe says:

    #289 NYC-
    “-How so, Big Joe?”

    It’s difficult to watch Rudy. Observe him now vs how he was when he was my mayor in the 90’s. The difference is night and day. I’ll just leave it at that.

    Big Joe

  289. NYCmike says:

    “Observe him now vs how he was when he was my mayor in the 90’s.”

    -He was my mayor as well, but I will take a look at old videos.

    Seeing the opposition NOW, he has, like Trump, decided to fight with every weapon available. That is how I remember him fighting against the City Council, the media, entrenched city unions, Sharpton and his acolytes, etc, etc

  290. Victrc says:

    Sooooo that impeachment poll Wain posted earlier has the following makeup:

    Adults. Not RV or LV

    Of the adults 72% were registered to vote 28% not registered.

    Of those registers to vote who were surveyed 57% voted in the democratic primary

    Of those surveyed who voted in the last election (2016) the breakdown was Clinton 58.3. Trump 41.7%. . (Hmmmmm)

    The partisan breakdown was 35.2% democrat 24.1 Republican and 40.7% independent.

    The questions asked were so insanely negative. What do you think of trumo tax evasion. Does. Trumo always put his business interest first. Are the whistleblowers words good. Etc etc
    So make of it what you will….but with that bias they were still only able to get to a bare minimum supporting impeachment .

    Make of it what you will

  291. Big Joe says:

    Thanks Jason. It’s an interesting poll. I’ve never heard of and I see “Your daily dose of right-minded news” in their slogan. Regardless, I take all polls seriously and the same will hold true for this poll. I don’t like the options though 1) Very proud 2) Moderately proud 3) Only a little proud 4) Not at all proud. There’s a lot of room to hedge here.

    It would also be interesting to put these numbers into context. If there’s a similar poll during the Obama years, it would be interesting to see those numbers and compare.

    Big Joe

  292. NYCmike says:

    “It would also be interesting to put these numbers into context. If there’s a similar poll during the Obama years, it would be interesting to see those numbers and compare.”

    -I would bet that college kids who identify as Republicans would never go below 50%.

  293. CG says:

    I think Republican college students are always going to consider themselves more patriotic than Democrat college student. This is certainly exacerbated though currently.

    I also remember somebody here, much older than a college student, who was trying to sell his American flag when Obama was President because he was so ashamed of the country.

  294. Tina says:

    Can piglosi explain why she is not going forward with a vote on impeachment? I know she was incoherent in the enemy of the people presser. Russian stooge was also no help to her. Somebody should ask him how his friend Ed Buck is doing.

  295. jason says:

    I was horribly embarrassed someone like Obama could become President, no doubt. It was hard to swallow someone with as little regard for the office as he had, and how little respect he had for the country, its traditions, its liberties and its exceptionalism. He spent 8 years trying to diminish and apologize for America. He always forgot there might be a reason why people want to come here, and it wasn’t socialism.

    But I never was one thousandth of a percent less patriotic because of Obama.

  296. Big Joe says:

    “-I would bet that college kids who identify as Republicans would never go below 50%.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. There were also people on this very site pledging to not buy American goods when Pres. Obama was elected.

    Also, under a Dem administration, college Dems would all of the sudden become very proud to be American and will certainly be at a higher percentage than college Republicans. This has been happening for about 200 years. Rinse, lather, repeat.

    Big Joe

  297. CG says:

    I think the correlation between which party is in office is probably fairly small on this matter.

    College age Democrats, at least since the ’60s, tend to focus on “the faults” of America.

    College age Republicans are more likely to be products of their environment in which patriotism or military service might have been more prominent.

    Of course, most college student are fairly apathetic in general and are likely not taken into consideration in this survey.

  298. CG says:

    I was horribly embarrassed someone like Trump could become President, no doubt. It was hard to swallow someone with as little regard for the office as he had, and how little respect he had for the country, its traditions, its liberties and its exceptionalism. He has spent almost 4 years trying to diminish and blame America. He always forgot there might be a reason why people want to come here, and it wasn’t socialism.

    But I never was one thousandth of a percent less patriotic because of Trump.


  299. Tina says:

    Looks like Pocahontas is starting to pull ahead in nh.
    Biden is hiding. Too much damage from Rudy G., the picture of him with the ukranian tycoon and now him taking crack Biden to China.

  300. Tina says:


    They never looked at gossip blowers complaint

    Sean Davis
    ICIG Didn’t Review Ukraine Call Transcript Before Determining Whistleblower Complaint Was ‘Credible’

  301. Proud Obamacon says:

    Big Joe playing nice again. Let me break it down for you. thecollegefix is the equivalent of Breitbart. Do you also believe that 97% of the people support The Orange Moron during impeachment? Well, that’s what Breitbart’s poll says. I would link to it but I don’t want that filth on my computer so here’s a Newsweek article about it:

    LOL Not only did the Orange Moron tweet out this poll like its actually real, he also voted in it! What a complete and utter fool!

    And yeh under Obama there absolutely people on here who refused to buy american cars and wanted the country to go into recession. They were hoping for terrorists attacks on American cities. All so they could blame Obama. This is a sick place


  302. Tina says:


    Gossip blower shared his complaint with Schiffty well before filing the “complaint.”

  303. Bitterlaw says:

    Corey is either getting Trump or a hard core leftist sworn in on January 20, 2021. That is it. No other option.

  304. CG says:

    None of us have any way of knowing what the options will be. Maybe the Republican Party will come to its senses or circumstances will have changed.

    I have consistently said from Day 1 that Trump is worse than a hard core leftist.

  305. Tina says:

    I hope it’s Hillary on 1/20/21.


  306. jason says:

    aybe the Republican Party will come to its senses or circumstances will have changed.”


    Sorry, you little amateur coups will not work. This latest fake scandal won’t either.

    Trump will be the nominee.

    Corey prefers a hard core leftist to Trump. It is an honest opinion, shared by close to half the country. What is not honest is to claim to be a conservative and prefer a hard core leftist. That is a bridge too far.

  307. CG says:

    Yeah, it’s only ok when you do it.

  308. NYCmike says:

    “I have consistently said from Day 1 that Trump is worse than a hard core leftist.”

    -BUT, he doesn’t want the Democrat to win in 2020……..

  309. NYCmike says:

    #311 is an example of how hatred thrives on ignorance and egotism

  310. NYCmike says:

    -Not bad.

    Not sure if Trump would ever give such a speech.

  311. CG says:

    Instead you will choose to ignore the fact that Trump Tweeted his good wishes upon the 70th Anniversary of the existence of Communist China.

    Would any other Republican President had ever done that?

    Heck, Obama would have never done that.

    But for Trump, it’s ok if he praises communist dictators who oppress their people and force women to have abortions.. while some people want to talk about “hard core leftists.”

  312. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #324- CG
    L’Shana Tova!

    “Heck, Obama would have never done that.” Heck, he(The O Man) gave terrorist Iran billions of dollars to mess up the Middle East.
    So you believe words are worse than money?!

  313. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    BREAKING: This is BIG if unsurprising news. Schiff knew about the whistleblower beforehand.

  314. CG says:

    Happy 5780 (I wish we could re-live the 80s)

    I don’t know what one thing has to do with the other or how I ever became an Obama supporter. I merely voted against him three times.

    My issue is that the current President felt the need to congratulate Communist China on the occasion of 70 years of torture, murder, and repression. And his “conservative” defenders mostly just shrug.

  315. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    #327- CG
    As an aside, what s-hit hits the fan in Israel if Bibi gets indicted on those frivolous complaints?

  316. CG says:

    I don’t follow it closely enough to know if they are frivolous or not.

    I do believe term limits are good and nobody should be in charge forever and nobody should be above the law. Gantz would not be soft on defense.

  317. Proud Obamacon says:

    tOne year ago today Jamal Khashoggi was tortured and murdered by the Saudi government. THECIA conducted and investigation and validated the Saudi government’s involvement. Yall’s Orange Hero attacked the CIA and protected the Saudis. Just reminding yall

    And just remember, Khashoggi’s two kids WHO ARE US CITIZENS are still banned from leaving Saudi Arabia by their beautiful government.

    Its rich how yall talk about patriotism and being proud to be American. Yall don’t give a damn.


  318. dblaikie says:

    Rush cracked me up today when labeled Fox News as the home of never Trumpers. Now they just added Steve Hayes, the ex editor, of the Never Trump bankrupt rag, the Weekly Standard, as an expert analyst. Add to that they now Donna (I fix debates for Hilary) Brazille, and that rehired the Democrat foot solider Marie Harf.

  319. CG says:

    Steve Hayes has literally been on Fox News for about 20 years.

  320. dblaikie says:

    they now have Donna…

  321. CG says:

    Maybe OAN will provide a better echo chamber?

    None of those “fake” polls!

  322. dblaikie says:

    CG sorry he left Fox News a few years ago to live in Europe. As usual your facts are wrong.

  323. CG says:

    He spent a year living in Spain and returned to the Fox crew of pundits about 3 or 4 months ago.

  324. dblaikie says:

    I watch Fox News however it cracks me that it is labeled as right wing.

  325. CG says:

    It cracks me up that people think DJT is a conservative too.

  326. dblaikie says:

    Sorry he wasn’t “literally at Fox News for the last 20 years.”

  327. CG says:

    He was on air at Fox News for many years, often appearing on the Special Report panel.

    Remember, he somehow got on the terrorist watchlist under the Obama Administration and Fox News made a big point about the ridiculousness of that?

    He was not away for “years.” He was gone for one year and then returned to his old tv gig basically, so I don’t see anything notable about it.

    The late Charles Krauthammer on the other hand would have loved the Washington Nationals comeback last night while Hayes is a Wisconsin sports fan… blech.

  328. Tina says:

    Oan is better than Faux News.

    All they promote is Geraldine, China, war, the cheater, and sheep smith.

  329. Tina says:

    If the gossip blower gave the information to congress, it is called spying.

    He needs to be arrested.

  330. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Amazing how quickly national politics can change; it defeats any attempt at trying to predict the outcome of the 2020 election. Biden and Trump are in the middle of a Ukraine scandal, and the Old Bolshevik is having heart issues.

    The centralist Democrats need to find a replacement candidate for Biden, maybe Klobucher. She might be able to do well in the Iowa primary, since it is next to her home state. Biden is second to Warren in two recent polls. And the Ukrainian issue involving his son is beginning to hurt him:

    “The Monmouth poll indicates that 43 percent of registered voters believe Trump’s claim that Biden did pressure Ukrainian officials to keep them from investigating his son’s business ties, with 37 percent not buying the president’s allegations and one in five unsure.

    Among crucial self-identified independent voters, 39 percent believe that Biden pressured Ukrainian officials, with 27 percent disagreeing and a third unsure.

    “The fact that 4-in-10 independents are inclined to believe what they have heard from Trump is a warning sign for the Biden campaign. How the candidate fights back against this charge will be crucial to his argument of electability,” Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray said in a statement.”

  331. Tina says:

    Rudy just launched at schiffty,

    This is war.

    Phuq the coup plotters

  332. Tina says:

    The gossip blower screwed up here: He has no whistleblower protection (assuming he is even a whistleblower).

    “Under federal law, whistleblowers within the intelligence community are required to report any allegations of wrongdoing to the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) in order to receive statutory whistleblower protections for their disclosures. The law does not provide any protections to employees or contractors who bypass the process required by law and go directly to Congress, nor does it provide any avenue to disclose classified information to Congress without first going through the ICIG. If the complainant or a colleague leaked classified information to Schiff or his committee, those individuals could be subject to criminal liability for illegal and unauthorized disclosure of classified information.“

  333. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Economist and YouGov poll; support among likely voters. With change from the month before:

    Warren: 26 (+5)
    Biden: 22 (-4)
    Sanders: 14 (0)
    Buttigieg: 7 (+1)
    Harris: 5 (0)
    Yang: 3 (0)
    O’Rourke: 3 (+1)
    Gabbard: 2 (-1)
    Booker: 2 (0)

  334. NYCmike says:

    “It cracks me up that people think DJT is a conservative too.”

    -Most people here speak about his policies, and thankfully most Republican voters look at his governing policies, as opposed to his past actions as a private citizen.

    The large majority of Republican voters think that a President who governs in a similar fashion as a Reagan or Bush is more beneficial to the nation than a President who will govern like Obama…..then, there is the small minority of Republicans, like you and Robbie, who believe “I have consistently said from Day 1 that Trump is worse than a hard core leftist.”.

  335. CG says:

    He doesn’t govern as a Reagan or a Bush though. Congress does some things. He mostly Tweets.

    To the extent he governs, he governs as if Walter Mondale and George Wallace had a love child.

  336. CG says:

    At least I am a Republican now though in the latest criticism! Imagine that.

    I guess I am off the Democrat Troll Watch List.

  337. Tina says:

    This probably explains the piglosi, schiffty presser today and why it was so disjointed.

  338. Tina says:


    Chad Pergram
    Scalise: I am deeply concerned that the whistleblower went straight to Chairman Schiff’s staff without seeing the CIA whistleblower process through its conclusion. Chairman Schiff is a proven partisan

  339. CG says:

    Do you people honestly think this whole ordeal is going to work to Trump’s political advantage? Just wondering…

  340. CG says:

    Frankly, I don’t even know why the whistleblower matters at this point.

    The Administration admitted what happened! They released a “summary” of the call. Rudy is on tv every night bragging about it. They seem proud of it for some reason.

    Fine then. Let the chips fall where they may.

  341. Paul says:

    344: Gov. Steve Bullock is waiting in the wings for just this moment. 🙂 I like Bullock and gave him money, but I think he may need much more than a miracle.

  342. CG says:

    Bernie’s stent is already polling in fifth place nationally and has qualified for the next debate.

    In all seriousness, the fact that Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson are polling in 6th and 7th place nationally tells all there is to know about those running behind them.

  343. lisab says:

    Trans athlete claims lesbians are transphobic for not liking penises

    Dr. Rachel McKinnon, philosophy professor, cyclist, trans woman, came to fame in 2018 when she made history by being the first trans athlete to win the women’s 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships. McKinnon is a vocal trans advocate who has spoken out in favour of trans women competing in women’s sports, has physically dominated biological women in her own sport of cycling, and, most recently, has taken to Twitter to pen endless threads against the so-called “cotton ceiling.”

    If you haven’t heard of the cotton ceiling, consider yourself lucky. Per Curve Magazine, the phrase was “coined by actress and activist Drew DeVeaux in 2015. It’s been used to refer to the tendency by cisgender lesbians to outwardly include and support trans women, but draw the line at considering ever having sex with them.”

  344. CG says:

    So, since jason is involved in some local animal charity, does that mean……

  345. lisab says:

    Hillary Clinton on Women Uncomfortable With Biden Touching Them: ‘Get Over It’

  346. Tina says:

    Censuring the Russian stooge Schiftty is not enough.

    He needs to be removed from his sear.

  347. Tina says:


    Gaffe now admits that he communicated with Crack Biden about Ukraine, This is a reversal.

    Steve Herman
    · 10m
    Asked if he spoke to his son about #Ukraine, @JoeBiden tells @NBCNews, “We communicated a couple times. But look, there is zero, zero, zero evidence of any assertion being made.

  348. Tina says:

    #NEW: Pres. Trump:

    “I will be bringing a lot of litigation against a lot of people having to do with the corrupt investigation, having to do with the 2016 election.

  349. jason says:

    Rep. Adam Schiff warns Trump administration against any attempt to “stonewall” impeachment inquiry.

    “We don’t want this to drag on months and months and months, which appears to be the administration’s strategy.”

    Will “weeks and weeks” work for you, or do you think this could be done by next weekend?

  350. jason says:

    Do you people honestly think this whole ordeal is going to work to Trump’s political advantage? Just wondering…”

    Not sure. But I contributed to the R party for the first time since 2016 because of it.

    I think most people who aren’t leftists probably will be able to see this is an unfair, politically motivated process and that there are zero grounds for impeachment here, just like the Mueller investigation. Most people understand that Mueller having failed to bring Trump down, this is plan B, or C or D.

    This will galvanize people on both sides. The middle right now is being bombarded with the usual anti-Trump narrative, but if it does turn out that this was contrived by Schiff and the facts are not as the Dems are portraying them, it could still blow up in their faces. It seems Pelosi made the decision to open the inquiry based on false information by Schiff.

    Like Corey says, let’s see where the chips will fall.

    But I can tell you right now, Trump won’t be removed from office because of this. The only question is whether it helps or hurts his re-election, or neither.

  351. jason says:

    The Administration admitted what happened!”

    They didn’t “admit” to anything, because that implies in some kind of wrongdoing.

    Even the Dems “admit” the transcript was a nothing burger, Trump didn’t pressure anybody, didn’t offer anything, and in fact the part on Biden was not even the focus of the conversation.

    So “what happened” was nothing.

  352. jason says:

    The only person that should be removed from office is Schiff.

    He should be expelled from Congress.

  353. jason says:

    “It cracks me up that people think DJT is a conservative too.”

    Trump has been excellent for conservatives in many areas, not that I agree on all it.

    But on judicial picks, deregulation, abortion, immigration, taxes, climate change, standing up to the MSM, to name a few, he has certainly come through for conservatives.

    And if you agree that many conservatives now do believe in protectionism, tariffs, and anti-Nato rhetoric, he has come through for those people too.

    So it doesn’t matter if I think Trump is a conservative, I don’t, the fact is that he has honored most of the promises he made to conservatives in the 2016 campaign.

    For that I give him a lot of credit. It is why he has turned out, in my view, to be a MUCH better President than I expected.

    Certainly much better than Hillary. Or any of the socialists running in 2020.

    Corey can stay in the 2016 primaries pining for Jeb. The rest of us have moved on.

  354. jason says:

    Maybe OAN will provide a better echo chamber?”

    Actually, I like OAN, not that I watch much cable news. But sometimes I watch OAN on flights with direct TV.

    The problem is they don’t have money to update their coverage like the other networks, so they repeat the same segments over and over. So about an hour is all you can watch without getting repeated info.

    I would love to see another conservative cable news channel get popular, God knows we need one.