Trump Trails Biden/Warren/Sanders in NC

Yesterday Public Policy Polling released a new poll for the state of North Carolina that shows Donald Trump trailing both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

Joe Biden (D) 51%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

Bernie sanders (D) 50%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%

Elizabeth Warren (D) 49%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 46%

Kamala Harris (D) 475
Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 475
Pete Buttigieg (D) 46%

This poll was done October 4-6 among 963 registered voters.

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  1. Phil says:

    This the same PPP Poll that had Obama over Romney in 2012 and in 2016 had Hillary over Trump in that state? Why, by George, I think it is.

    If I want to know the state of any NC race I simply ask Wes. He hasn’t missed one yet.

  2. Tina says:

    Yup they are still in the piling biz

  3. CG says:

    Take a Sharpie to all the polls!

  4. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Trump Appro today:

    Rasmussen 47% from nadir 45% 2 days ago)
    HarrisXSR 47% n/c
    Marist/PBS 45% n/c in D+6 poll from mid-September despite “Ukraine/Impeach”

  5. Tina says:

    Deutsch Bank admits that it does not possesss trumps tax returns,

    Jebots defeated again,

  6. Paul says:

    Better unskew that one.

  7. Tina says:

    Ruh roh.

    Ryan Saavedra
    BREAKING: Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden worked with the CIA whistleblower when he was Vice President

  8. Paul says:

    Tina is really desperate. The article is simply conjuncture that if the NSA officer knew this much about Ukraine then he must have flown with the Vice President at some point. You are really reaching, aren’t you?

  9. Bitterlaw says:

    I think the issues are the content and intent of the phone call. The identity of the leaker does not change that. I do not think what Trump did was an impeachable offense.

    Sue me.

  10. Paul says:

    Tina is jealous that she’s not with the cool kids.

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    Paul – So is Echosmith.

  12. Wes says:

    Trump did nothing illegal even if his actions were self-serving. Trying to impeach him is a farce.

    This is about as foolish as Clinton’s impeachment. It’s doomed to have a similar—if not identical—result.

  13. Tina says:

    So China Bidens, gossip blower friend cannot publicly appear. This sounds like the faker that accused the Supreme Court. Justice. Remember, she could not appear, had a fear of flying.

    Dustin Volz
    Verified account

    Follow Follow @dnvolz
    New: Lawyers for the whistleblower have asked Congress whether their client could submit testimony in writing instead of appearing in person, amid persistent concerns about protecting his anonymity and safety

  14. Tina says:


    Jack Posobiec ??
    SCOOP: Three current and former national security officials tell One America News that the CIA whistleblower likely accompanied Biden on one or more of his trips to Ukraine while Vice President –

  15. Bitterlaw says:

    Too bad I am not admitted in the UK. She needs a lawyer.

    She looks fake enough and crazy enough for Wes.

  16. Paul says:

    Kavanaugh is a rapist. Trump is a traitor. Both are going down and going to be dragged through the mud and have their insides torn away from them by rabid dogs.

  17. NYCmike says:


    You are one nasty being.

    I suspect karma will not treat you well.

  18. NYCmike says:

    “Take a Sharpie to all the polls!”

    -Prairie State for Kamala!

  19. Wes says:

    I see Paul’s been watching a Straw Dogs marathon. That’s the only way I can account for 19.

  20. Wobbles says:

    BREAKING: Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden worked with the CIA whistleblower when he was Vice President”

    The ends justify the means…

  21. Wobbles says:

    PPP is the gold standard of polling.

    I read this over at DKos.

  22. jason says:

    Well, I think the whistleblower’s position is understandable now.

    He worked for Biden, so it is natural that he would try to protect him.

  23. John says:

    ….kissing Obama’s ass…”
    This has got to be the greatest slogan campaign ever.

  24. jason says:

    “Zelensky also once again confirmed that he did not even know about the U.S. withholding military aid until after the phone call with Trump, undermining the Democrats’ claim that Trump was using the aid as “pressure” to force Ukraine to “dig up dirt” on Joe Biden”

    Maybe he can be a witness in the Senate trial.

  25. jason says:

    I think the issues are the content and intent of the phone call. The identity of the leaker does not change that.”

    I don’t know about the identity, but the motivation sure does change things.

    Remember, the whistleblower is alleging things that are not in the transcript, so it sure is legitimate to question why he would do that.

    And it looks like we are finding out why.

  26. Tina says:

    The Biden “rapid” response team sure is dumb.

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    Andrew Bates ?
    How badly are
    and his campaign melting down?

    Well, Trump just called
    a “good vice president” and his campaign tweeted it out.
    Quote Tweet

    Trump War Room
    · 1h
    This is the ONLY thing Joe Biden did well as Vice President…

  27. Tina says:

    I guess the rapid response admitted that the only thing China Biden did well as veep was kiss Hussein’s arse.

  28. lisab says:

    snowflakes fighting with police in minneapolis

    their feelings were hurt

  29. lisab says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Hillary Clinton has announced that after much debate she will seek reelection as president of the United States.

    Pundits on MSNBC, CNN, and ABC News have long pondered whether Clinton would seek reelection or allow someone else to step in, and now she’s made a definitive declaration.

    “After much deliberation, consultation, and prayer, I have decided that I will seek a second term,” she said to a crowd gathered at a local Red Lobster restaurant. “I feel I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted to in my first term, and I really need a full eight years to implement my final solution to all of America’s problems.”

    “Orange man bad! Orange man bad!” she chanted at one heckler, though the heckler turned out to be a waitress asking if she wanted shrip or crab meat on her seafood salad.

    Aides then gently ushered her back onto the bus to take her back to Bright Sunrise Home For Seniors.

  30. Bitterlaw says:

    Wawa is awesome.

  31. Tina says:

    Antifa going off in Mn. They are raising Xhinese commie flags (paging Steve Kerr).

    Romney loves Antifa.

  32. jason says:

    Sniff… no wawa’s here in Amishland….

  33. jason says:

    Romney doesn’t have the balls to run against Trump and get decimated.

    So he hides behind the skirts of the MSM to take cheap shots at Trump instead.

    When they pat him on the head and say “good boy” he smiles like the cat that ate the canary.

    I hear the MSM is cogitating giving him the coveted “Useful Idiot of the Year” award.

  34. VictrC says:


    The MSM and Liberals are good at that. When McCain was trashing Bush for 8 years he was “wonderful” and “bi-partisan”. As soon as he started running against Obama he was a “racist” “-phobic” heathen.

    It’s what they do.

    They want tolerance….for what they want
    They want conformity….to their dogma
    They want obedience…and no dissension will be tolerated

  35. lisab says:

    “Useful Idiot of the Year Award”

    also known as the mccain award

  36. lisab says:

    a snowstorm is heading my way

    if you could all burn some coal, so we could get some of that global warming

    it would be most appreciated

  37. lisab says:

    Global Chick-Fil-A Death Count Climbs To 0

    WORLD—A grim report indicated Wednesday that the count of people murdered by known hate group Chick-fil-A has risen to 0 this year.

    While previous years saw counts averaging 0 and sometimes going in the negative as Chick-fil-A employees saved the lives of their customers, this year the count has skyrocketed to 0. Critics are claiming the company’s strong and pervasive culture of hate is contributing to the expanding number of deaths.

    “Chick-fil-A is poisoning our cities, killing people by the zeros,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “We do not welcome hate in our country, and neither should any other countries, eh?”

    He then had to go address a 76th blackface photo that had emerged.

    Reporters and journalists have demanded an answer from Chick-fil-A, but so far spokespeople have only responded with, “My pleasure.”

  38. lisab says:

    Warren Leads Trump 92% to 8% in New Joint MSNBC/Fox News Poll

    A new poll of Democrats released today show that Elizabeth Warren has a commanding lead over trump among Democrats, leading Donald Trump 92% to 8%. It was speculated that the 8% support was from non-English speaking undocumented voters who did not understand the questions.

    The poll was hailed as completely balanced by unemployed lawyers and raving democratic trolls who don’t want to live in an echo chamber of the mainstream media’s normal level of bias, but want REALLY unfair reporting.

  39. lisab says:

    How dare you!!!!!

    greta did not get the nobel prize!

    what has the world come to when a 9 year old with no experience and bo accomplishments cannot get the nobel prize?

  40. Phil says:

    Saw that, Lisa. What an outrage. They actually gave the peace prize to someone who, you know, actually made peace.

  41. BayernFan says:

    Just deleted Drudge from my bookmarks. Twenty years. Oh well. Carry on.

  42. Hugh says:

    I deleted drudge fox and National review a month ago.

  43. VictrC says:

    Bayern….same here. Ive been going there forever, but I can now get the same news on MSNBC as I can on Drudge.

    I think he saw his numbers dwindling, and though if he was counter to the President then maybe he’d start to get an uptick from left leaning viewers. I think the strategy is a failure. I guess time will tell, but literally almost all my friends have stopped going there.

  44. Tina says:

    Looks like a China deal is possible and market is up over 450 (see I beat the jebot reporting the stock market numbers again).

  45. Phil says:

    Drudge has become just another one of the MSM boys linking anti Trump and leftist talking point articles. Hell, you get that everywhere you look. Why do I need Drudge? I don’t need to bother looking over there anymore. He was useful when he used to link the few articles in the media that didn’t parrot the usual leftist drivel. He can do what he wants but I don’t need his links to find MSM leftist stories. Those are everywhere. Like I said, he’s become part of the chorus and I can find that anywhere.

  46. Tina says:

    John Hayward
    · 2h
    I wonder if any of the super-duper-principled True Conservatives are going to criticize the totalitarian Democrats for their LGBT town hall, which was filled with vows to shred the Constitution and use raw State power to socially engineer the American people.
    Show this thread

  47. jason says:

    Sasse Slams Beto O’Rourke For Tax-Exempt “Bigoted Nonsense”

    So maybe he should stop helping elect a socialist as President.

  48. jason says:

    Drudge has not run one headline with all the information available showing the impeachment process is a farce.

    He has gone full Paulbot.

    He forgets that independent thinking was what made the Drudge Report successful.

    Now that he just regurgitates MSM talking points, there is no reason to go there.

  49. VictrC says:


    It’s ironic. Drudge’s transformation began at the same time as the moron Amash left the R party…knowing his days were doomed.

    The Paulbots have gone full on anti-Trump because it turns out that Trump has governed, with a few exceptions like Tariffs aside, as a conservative.They don’t really want his rule of law judges. They thought he was going to destroy the Fed, make drugs legal and tear apart the R party. When he didn’t, they bailed.

    They truly are the scum of the earth.

  50. Robbie says:

    Liz Mair

    Tonight the President did a live impersonation of a man having an orgasm at a campaign rally. I’m hardly the master of decorum or civility but let that sink in.


  51. VictrC says:

    So the choice for the country is either:

    Someone who does an impersonation of a man having an orgasm but governs as a conservative, is pro-life, great on judges, lower taxes, supports our traditional allies


    a woman (most likely) who doesn’t do impersonations, but is for abortion even after a child is born, nationalizing healthcare and energy industries, raising taxes to 70%+, expanding and packing the Supreme Court, imposing business killing regulations and government bureaucracy as well as stifling free speech of anyone who doesn’t support her agenda.

    Ill take A. Thank you.

  52. Tina says:

    Hillarys cop and corrupt fired fib director McCabe admits monoredicste for opening trump investigation

    Undercover Huber
    If you listen carefully, McCabe is admitting he had **no predicate at all to open a full enterprise CI investigation**

    —PapaD: vague Downer tip

    —Flynn: he sat next to Putin

    —Page: Russians tried to recruit him years ago (and failed)

    —Manafort: He worked in Ukraine for money

  53. NYCmike says:


    I don’t know about those choices…..the ORGASM was in CAPITAL LETTERS!

    O R G A S M ! !

  54. Tina says:

    Undercover Huber
    MEDIA: Joe Biden didn’t need to recuse himself from being a Ukraine envoy despite his son clearing half a mil $ a year in Ukraine from a corrupt oligarch

    SAME MEDIA: AG Bill Barr needs to recuse himself from finding out how the Collusion Hoax happened because Trump appointed him

  55. lisab says:

    Saw that, Lisa. What an outrage. They actually gave the peace prize to someone who, you know, actually made peace.


  56. Victrc says:

    That video epitomizes the left in this country. No one is allowed to offer a different view. No one is allowed to dissent from their dogma. They alone determine who can speak, who can’t and what is allowed to be said.

    How is this any different from the old Soviet Union, or Cuba, or any other oppressive society. This is where the country will head if we, as Conservatives, “send a message” and vote Democrat in 2020, or don’t vote at all.

  57. NYCmike says:

    But Trump had an O R G A S M ! !

  58. NYCmike says:

    “”Impeachment is polling pretty strong just goin’ on emotion and stuff,” said one pollster, “but man, if we could point to some kind of impeachable offense, the numbers would go way, way up. We’re talking very strong support once there is a crime to impeach for.””

  59. Tina says:


    China and us agree to partial trade deal

    Complete deal likely at end of year.

  60. jason says:

    I am glad Trump is taking my advice.

    Cut losses and declare victory.

  61. Phil says:

    That’s pretty much how I see what’s happening here.

  62. jason says:

    Tonight the President did a live impersonation of a man having an orgasm”


    Amoral Scumbag is outraged, I tell you, outraged….

    The fact the whole impeachment narrative is rotten to core and assault on the rule of law and the Constitution, that doesn’t bother him.

  63. Wobbles says:

    How is this any different from the old Soviet Union, or Cuba, or any other oppressive society.”

    Hey, look, if it gets rid of Trump, I am all for it.

    Socialist 2020!

  64. Sheeple, Jr. says:

    Two more potential NSC snitches in the impeachment inquiry have been identified. They are McMasters’ proteges.

  65. jason says:

    Biden to Anderson Cooper:

    Remember Anderson 15 or 20 years ago when we were in San Francisco reporting on the bath houses and the round the clock sex?”


    “Okay Mr. Vice President we’re gonna leave it at that”

    Then evidently Biden tried to kiss Cooper to show he was ok with gays.

  66. jason says:

    We’re talking very strong support once there is a crime to impeach for”

    I have asked Amoral Scumbag several times to point out what passage in the phone call transcript he thinks rises to “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

    The silence is deafening.

  67. NYCmike says:

    “CG” hasn’t spoken out against the impeachment proceedings either.

  68. jason says:

    I thought it was scary that there were like 90 Dems that thought it was ok to impeach Trump because of the Mueller report nothingburger.

    The fact that there are over 200 of them who think that phone call was impeachable material is even scarier.

    The message here is that if you don’t agree with the President’s policies, and you have a majority in Congress, it is ok to just impeach him.

  69. jason says:

    “CG” hasn’t spoken out against the impeachment proceedings either.”

    The ends justify the means.

    Remember, CG endorsed a racist bigot that has made far more outrageous statements than Trump ever did for President.

  70. John says:

    Shep Smith is out at Fox News.

  71. dblaikie says:

    About time. He was a joke.

  72. John says:

    Liked Shep Smith for years but I thought his anti-Trump or perhaps TDS got the best of him.
    His show evolved from straight news to opinion…one man’s opinion.
    And sadly most Fox News watchers won’t miss him.

  73. Phil says:

    Excellent. He’s perfect for CNN.

  74. jason says:

    Maybe they can get Meghan Kelly back for his spot.

    She might have learned her lesson that the MSM are not her friends.

  75. NYCmike says:

    Good riddance to another one of these holier-than-thou anchors!

  76. jason says:

    I just saw a new definition for a Democrat:

    “Someone too stupid to realize he is a communist”

  77. jason says:

    I started disliking Shep when he was in New Orleans for Katrina, and spent the whole time grandstanding against GWB.

  78. Hugh says:

    With shep gone I suggest cavuto or Wallace next and the judge after that. Though once shep is gone the judge will rarely be seen. I have no idea what happened to cavuto.

  79. Tgca says:

    Shep moves on? Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    I stopped watching Fox and other news channels years ago. Never thought Shep was a good newscaster. Something about his eyes and eye brows always creeped me out. I wonder if he and Joan Crawford had the same make-up artist.

    Now he can go over to CNN with Cooper and Lemon and fight over who gets to be the biggest bottom.

  80. lisab says:

    how would robbie know what a man having an O R G A S M looks like

  81. Tgca says:


    The same way Shep, Anderson and Lemon know silly! Don’t you see the pattern?

  82. Bitterlaw says:

    Because I can handle bad news, I will continue to monitor Drudge. If Trump gets impeached, I will knock on the HHR bunker door and let you know.

  83. Tina says:

    The jebots still coup plotting.

    Ash ??????
    · 1h
    ?@FoxNews host @ShepNewsTeam resigns, shorty after AG Barr meets with Rupert Murdoch. ?

  84. Tina says:

    Where does the circus court judge go? Does he go with Shep?

  85. lisab says:

    The same way Shep, Anderson and Lemon know silly! Don’t you see the pattern

    robbie did a story on human sexuality?

  86. Tina says:

    China Biden melts down during the cnn transgender summit

  87. Hugh says:

    So when will shifty start leaking half truths from the testimony of the fired ambassador?? 3 2 1

  88. lisab says:

    well i heard trump asked the ambassador to sleep with him

  89. lisab says:

    Elizabeth Warren Recalls How She Lost Her Teaching Job When Her Fake Mustache Fell Off Revealing She’s A Woman

  90. Phil says:

    I don’t avoid Drudge because I can’t handle “bad news”. I avoid it because I don’t need a list of links to MSM sites which is all he offers any longer. Those sites are everywhere – CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, PBS, Washington Post Yoda yada yada. I don’t need to go to Drudge to find jinks to lefty sites. Waste of my time.

  91. Phil says:

    Also, if I want the latest MSM talking points I can stay here and get them on a daily basis from Robbie. Who needs Drudge?

  92. Bitterlaw says:

    I check out what the leftists are saying so I will know what leftists are saying. How else can you fight back? Not seeing what they say would be like shutting down satellites and not using spies as you go into battle.

  93. Hugh says:

    You don’t have to go to drudge to know what the leftists are saying. You could not avoid it if you tried. For me it’s about economics. I don’t want to give them my clicks.

  94. NYCmike says:

    “I check out what the leftists are saying so I will know what leftists are saying. How else can you fight back? Not seeing what they say would be like shutting down satellites and not using spies as you go into battle.”

    Bitterlaw’s cable subscription doesn’t include:


    So he has to go to Drudge to get the lefty sites…..

  95. NYCmike says:

    Oops…..I left out the most glaring example:

    E S P N

  96. Tina says:

    I guess this is related to the hollowing out at the State Department,,

    · 2h

  97. Hugh says:

    Good. Clean house. Like every other business

  98. Bitterlaw says:

    We are screwing over the Kurds. Yeah. I said it. Saying that is not a call for an American ground war.

  99. jason says:


    “We open the case, and then we think, ‘OK, now who are we actually going to investigate?”

  100. jason says:

    I check out what the leftists are saying”

    If you read Amoral Scumbag’s posts, it is unnecessary to go to the MSM.

  101. Bitterlaw says:

    I would never rely on Robbie or Tina or anybody else alone to tell me what somebody said. While my current unemployed status speaks poorly of my abilities as a lawyer, I was trained to review the sources. Sue me.

  102. jason says:

    I trust Bitter’s sources.

    Sue me.

  103. jason says:

    I think his sources that say we are screwing over the Kurds are correct.

  104. Tina says:

    Breaking: Our
    #Louisiana Governor’s jungle primary poll. Conducted 10/8-10/10.


    For the full report:…

  105. jason says:

    You lazy bastards still asleep?

    I had breakfast 3 hours ago ….milking Lupita builds up an appetite, that is for sure.

    Couldn’t decide between Habbersatt or Kunzler scrapple this morning, so I went with 3 thick slices of each. With a 3 egg mushroom and bacon omelet, 4 slices of slab bacon (I am cutting down, cholesterol still too high), and some leftover corned beef hash, I shouldn’t be hungry yet. Sue me.

    Doing a whole pork shoulder and sauerkraut for lunch. I ignored my wife’s “who is going to eat all this” because I hate questions with obvious answers.

  106. jason says:

    So who is the better candidate against the Dem in LA.

    Rispone or Abraham?

  107. jason says:

    I would never rely on Robbie or Tina or anybody else alone to tell me what somebody said.”

    Well it depends.

    I would trust Amoral Scumbag to let us know what Lord Asshat said, mainly because I don’t care what Lord Asshat says.

    I trust everything Tina says, I just don’t agree with some of it.

  108. Wobbles says:


    “We open the case, and then we think, ‘OK, now who are we actually going to investigate?”

    Did I tell you how outraged I am about Trump’s orgasm?

  109. Victrc says:

    Jason….I love a piece of charred pork fat in the morning f as much as the next guy, but….wow. Getting the Crestor ready just reading that.

    Bitter….it’s all about not giving Drudge what he wants…clicks. I start my day with Bloomberg each day so I get plenty of anti-Conservative news.

  110. jason says:

    Dick’s CEO says company lost a quarter of billion dollars due to its gun policies, but he “doesn’t care”.

    “Despite this, we continue to believe that implementing this new policy is the right decision for our athletes and our communities. In fact, if we could go back and revisit it, we would still make the same choice today.”

    Still, the same annual report noted that the company’s alienation of both the gun industry and gun owners led directly to a significant drop in its gun business and could continue to have an impact going forward.

    “Negative publicity or perceptions involving the Company or our brands, products, vendors, spokespersons, or marketing and other partners may negatively impact our reputation and adversely impact our ability to attract and retain customers and employees,” the report’s section on risk factors said. “For example, after the Company announced changes to its policy relating to the sale of firearms and accessories and announced its support for certain gun reform measures in the first quarter of 2018, the Company’s hunt business experienced an accelerated decline.”

    I haven’t set foot in a Dick’s since they caved in to the gun snatchers. I never bought guns or ammo there but I probably used to spend at least $500 a year there, I used to buy licenses there and some gear.

    I don’t believe in calling for boycotts on businesses, but it is my choice not to shop there.

  111. jason says:

    Jason….I love a piece of charred pork fat in the morning f as much as the next guy, but….wow. Getting the Crestor ready just reading that.”

    I take a statin but it doesn’t work that great.

    Maybe I should write a goodbye for my wife to post here in case sky high cholesterol levels really are bad for you.

    I could apologize to all the people I have attacked, belittled, wronged, insulted, bullied, libeled, offended, derided, slandered, mocked, and taunted here over the years.

    Or I could have her post “jason died. He said to GFYs”

    I will have to think about it.

  112. Bitterlaw says:

    I support both Dick’s and Jason. If the store is willing to lose money for its principles and Jason responds by shopping somewhere else, the free market works.

  113. Bitterlaw says:

    A posthumous Exit Rant would get a 10 on the Maxwell Scale for originality.

  114. Wes says:

    Neither Rispone nor Abraham is a top-tier candidate. Each is a solid B-lister though.

    They have largely different but somewhat overlapping constituencies. Either can beat Edwards. Neither is a lock.

    First things first though. One of them has to ensure Edwards doesn’t clear 50% in the first round.

    Of course while Republicans have been able to take heart from early voting, it’s unclear how much crossover appeal Edwards has.

    Then too, assuming a runoff, the electorate won’t be the same as in the jungle primary. It could be more or less favorable to Edwards than the primary. As such, it’s not clear Edwards will lose a runoff as it was clear Mary Landrieu would lose five years ago.

    Nonetheless, if Abraham or Rispone can force Edwards to face off in a runoff and run a competent campaign then the lean of the state means Republicans have a chance to recapture the governorship.

  115. Marv says:


    Mrs Marv and I had lunch at a restaurant on the grounds of a golf resort owned by a very prominent man here in So Fl. Seated at the table next to us was the lovely and gracious governor of South Dakota.

  116. Tina says:

    Thanks, Bl, my favorite attorney, for comparing me to the Jebot.

    After all, I really pushed porn lawyah, the Russian hoax, Stoney, etc.

  117. Marv says:

    Hey, Tina….how goes it?

  118. Tina says:

    Hey Marv, how are you?

  119. Marv says:


    Doing well, thank you. I follow Hedgehog daily, but haven’t posted much. I’m enjoying retirement quite a bit.

    I figure Trump wins 2020, amid a lot of sound and fury, but he still wins.

  120. Marv says:

    BTW, Yankees in 6 in the ALCS.

  121. Tina says:

    I am retired too.

    Still life in Sf.

    But it’s getting harder too.

    Hope you are enjoying retirement.

  122. Wes says:

    Did you tell Kristi hi, Marv?

  123. Marv says:


    I waved at her and she smiled and waved back. I had a chuckle about that, figuring that you would like to have been in my shoes.

  124. Marv says:


    Good analysis of the LA governor’s race.

  125. dblaikie says:

    After reading this article I question what is going on with Fox News. I suppose it has to do with ratings and if Impeachment shows rising poll numbers it means rising ratings for them. Once again to drive a narrative. Turns out that the earth shaking new fox poll was conducted by Amanda Danielle Braun who worked for Hilary Clinton’s campaign as a regional director in Reading, Pa. In addition the poll was weighted by 14, yes 14 points to the Dems. Independents in the poll were against Impeachment by 7 points. But guess what, in the poll sample Indies were only 17% percent in the poll. I must say, this is sad. And it is a lesson about media polls!! Oh well here is a link to the article:

  126. dblaikie says:

    In case you don’t read the article this sentence tells you all you need to know about Ms. Braun’s intentions: “What most Fox News supporters don’t know, is that the poll was conducted by Amanda Danielle Braun, a left-wing, LGBTQ radical activist, who was a regional organizing director, in Reading, Pa., for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She also graduated from Hillary’s alma mater, Wellesley College.”

  127. Bitterlaw says:

    Thanks, Bl, my favorite attorney, for comparing me to the Jebot.

    Sorry you took it that way, Tina. My point is that you post many links here to sources I don’t visit on my own like Gateway Pundit. I need more than one source if possible. Trust but verify.

  128. dblaikie says:

    I hate to say this, but if you are still trusting media polls in this enviornment there may be no help for you.

  129. Bitterlaw says:

    DB – Is there any poll that you would trust?

  130. dblaikie says:

    All I can say bitter, yes if the internals are accurate, if it isn’t conducted by someone who is extremely biased, well yes I will trust it. It is strange but the two polling companies I trust the most are very different. Gallup tries to have accurate polls but somehow they only poll adults. Rasmussen since Scott was bought out, is only slightly tilted to the right, but I trust it more than this other crap.

    Now since you asked me your question is sort of snarky way, let me turn it on you. Do you really trust a poll that is +14 dems and under samples indies by over 10 points

  131. Bitterlaw says:

    I never come here for the polls. GFY..

    My point was that I do not think HHR has ever questioned a poll that was favorable to Trump.

  132. dblaikie says:

    By the way Bitter, any bites yet on your job search?

  133. dblaikie says:

    In tru bitter fashion, that was great non answer. To be frank, I quit coming here for the polls after being burned by putting credence in Polaris’s posts about polls. I am an advocate that many polls today are not about accuracy but instead about driving a narrative. When I see an obvious example of that I will post about it.

  134. Hugh says:

    Bitter we won’t know until we see one favorable to trump

  135. Bitterlaw says:

    DB – Fine. I am suspicious of a national poll that is +14 for Dems and under samples Indies. Happy?

    Now, why don’t you tell me when HHR has ever scrutinized a pro-Trump poll.

    Unlike the consensus at HHR, I see nothing positive for Trump with this talk of impeachment.

    Job search is unsuccessful so far. Thank you for asking.

  136. dblaikie says:

    Bitter, what media outfit would put out a pro-Trump poll. I have just admitted that Rasmussen leans right. When I see a poll that has Republicans +10 or even +5 I will call it bogus, just like this junk from Fox News.

  137. jason says:

    A posthumous Exit Rant would get a 10 on the Maxwell Scale for originality.”

    Dang, that is almost worth dying for.

  138. jason says:

    She also graduated from Hillary’s alma mater, Wellesley College.”

    We could have done without that information, since it is completely irrelevant.

    GWB went to Yale and Harvard it didn’t make him a moonbat.

  139. jason says:

    Lots of reports indicating that Trump won vs China.”


    There are thousands of UFO reports too.

  140. jason says:

    My point was that I do not think HHR has ever questioned a poll that was favorable to Trump.”

    Actually, I have many times.

    I consistently question polls that show Trump with 20%+ approval among AA’s for example.

  141. Wobbles says:

    My point was that I do not think HHR has ever questioned a poll that was favorable to Trump.”

    I trust any poll bad for Trump.

    If a poll isn’t bad for Trump, it can’t be trusted.

    This is not rocket science, easy concept, even I can understand it.

  142. jason says:

    Why is a far left moonbat conducting polls for Fox.

    Hello Rupert?

  143. Victrc says:

    Speaking of Rupert. Has anyone watched the HBO show Succession. First season was slow. Second season great but it’s also a total hit piece on Conservatives and afoz news. The show is obviously about the Murdoch’s and in the show their network, ATN is made out to be a pariah. The lead anchor is a nazi sympathizer, the shows young character says he can’t work there because it’s inherentky racist, etc etc

    Just shows how even in good art they are brainwashing the electorate.

  144. jason says:

    More PA Dems will vote for Trump?

    The theory that Trump already got all the blue collar votes he could in PA might not be accurate.

    I am not endorsing this theory. But if there is one Dem that might do worse than Hillary around here it could be Warren.

  145. John says:

    It looks like Trump’s rally in Minneapolis really drew in the audience at Fox (4.84 million) over CNN’s townhall (1.4 million)

    And sad to say MSNBC 4 pm show had more viewers than Shep Smith on his next to last day…

  146. BayernFan says:

    Trump should get 20% of the AA vote.

  147. Tina says:

    I am not sure that the sexual harassment claim filed against shep did him in. That allegation was from 2004.

    No doubt he was feuding with Hannity and Tucker. Tucker’s guest challenge Judge Quack (circus Court Judge, who has no federal experience) about a matter. Clearly, judge quack was wrong. Management told Shepardly he was out of line Sheoardly also made a false claim about the trump transcript and the gossip blower.

    You can’t have a hostile workforce, and that is prolly what did sherpardly in plus his reporting on the gossip blower was false.

  148. BayernFan says:

    the guy was simply a pompous angry arrogant a hole. crappy ratings. caused disruption there. shown the door.

  149. Phil says:

    No, but he could possibly get 10 or 11 which would be an improvement

  150. jason says:

    “Trump should get 20% of the AA vote.”

    He should get 80%.

    He will be lucky to get 10%.

  151. lisab says:

    trump could get 20% of the aa male vote

    but would be lucky to get 7-8% of the aa female vote

  152. Tina says:

    But he swears. /s

    John Ocasio-Nolte
    Trump not only promises to do big things…

    China trade deal
    NAFTA overhaul
    Build the wall
    Get out of the Middle East
    Repeal Obamacare
    Cut taxes
    Cut regulation
    Appoint record # of judges

    He fights like mad and manages to keep most of the promises.

    Never seen this before.

  153. Tina says:

    M.Joseph Sheppard
    Always sceptical of early turnout reports but this looks promising particularly the black http://vote.It may be this is a transitional period for blacks from stay at home 2016/now to major move to GOP near future
    Quote Tweet

    · 1h
    BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Louisiana Governor Race. After early morning exit polls indicated Democrat Governor Edwards was trailing in his hometown of Amite. Edwards cancels hometown event and scrambles to New Orleans where Democrat Black turnout is significantly low.

  154. Tina says:

    So, Starbucks in Sf won’t put a lid on your coffee cup.

    You have to do it, if you want one. Sf wants to minimize the use of plastic.

    Yet, people are using more plastic because they have a habit of picking the wrong lid. The wrong lid needs to be discarded.

  155. lisab says:

    Californians discover their solar panels don’t work when PG&E shuts down the grid

  156. lisab says:

    a United Nation’s special climate report calls for a global carbon tax of $49 per gallon of gasoline within 12 years.

  157. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    164. A lot of electric car owners are finding they cannot charge their car batteries during the electricity shut-downs, and so are using (renting or borrowing) gasoline powered cars. It will be routine for PG&E to turn out power when there are fires, and you need a car should you need to evacuate.

  158. Tina says:

    AOC said that we should all have Tesla’s.

  159. dblaikie says:

    I do have an opinion (guess) on what is going on at Fox News. Lachlan Murdoch who even though he is more conservative than James Murdoch, his younger brother, does not like Donald Trump. But he has a problem, the shows that make Fox News number one (Hannity, Fox and Friends, Laura, and Tucker are all very pro Trump to varying degrees. So he can’t mess with them.

    But what he can do is make the daytime slots on Trump less pro Trump. So he gave free reign to Shep Smith, brought Steve Hayes back, re-hired Marie Harf, hired Donna Brazille, and had no problem with folks like Cavuto and Chris Wallace being extra critical of the President.

    However things went wrong when Joe DeGeneva called never Trumper Judge Napalitano out and the next day Smith blew up. But rather than having his back, like Smith expected, Lachlan put business first and told him not to mess with Tucker Carlson whose show with its ratings is far more important that Shepherd Smith’s. Smith couldn’t take it, and off he went.

  160. dblaikie says:

    But all that still doesn’t answer Jason’s question of why Fox News would hire a left wing, Trump hating, Hilary loving, person to conduct a poll that if you bother to look at it, you know it is bogus. Now beyond the poll itself, that is an interesting question! Wish I knew the answer.

  161. lisab says:


    lots of people and i mean lots

    want trump to lose — including many republicans to varying degrees.

    now some republicans understand that the gop as they knew it, as reagan knew it, even as gwb knew it will be over if trump loses. but even some of these will still be happy if trump loses, even if they vote for him.

    one thing you learn in the peace corps is that what people want is far more powerful than what people need. need food but want alcohol? alcohol ususally wins

  162. lisab says:

    the quick thrill of the reward is very powerful — “ha ha trump lost”

    now for the dems, especially the antifa people, it will be time for revenge … they deserve free housing in san francisco, you do not deserve a well paying job and a nice house in rural arkansas

    but as a south vietnamese lady once told me, “we were happy the day saigon fell, it meant the war was finally over. we were not so happy over the next week as the north vietnamese started going house to house rounding people up.”

  163. John says:

    It’s looks like is all over the Shep Smith story since last night. They have story after story about Smith, Fox News etc.
    I might be wrong but wasn’t Shep Smith’s timeslot the only competitive hour that CNN had going up against Fox all day long?

  164. Marv says:

    Does anyone have news about exit polls, or vote trends in LA?

  165. Paul says:

    171: lisab has been watching scary movies again.

  166. Marv says:

    Thanks, John.