Trump : 188
Biden : 350
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GOP : 49
DEM : 49
IND : 2


    Dead Heat Tie in KY Gov Race

    Mason-Dixon Polling has a new poll out for the gubernatorial race in Kentucky being held next month and it shows the incumbent Republican tied with his Democratic opponent.

    GOVERNOR – KENTUCKY (Mason-Dixon)
    Matt Bevin (R-inc) 46%
    Andy Beshear (D) 46%
    John Hicks (L) 1%

    This poll was done October 10-13 among 625 likely voters. Public polling is rather limited for this race, so it is hard to even determine if there are any trend lines to watch. Here are the polls I am aware of.

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    51 Responses to “Dead Heat Tie in KY Gov Race”

    1. Wes says:

      Mikey isn’t scraping the bottom of the barrel with the Mikey Maneuver in NH. He’s bored through the bottom and is dredging up what’s beneath:


    2. Waingro says:

      Napolitano has really become unhinged. What a stretch this is. Congrats, judge. You now have Speaker Pelosi retweeting you!


      Nancy Pelosi
      Verified account

      39m39 minutes ago
      The Constitution is clear: the President cannot accept gifts or payments from foreign governments. No one is above the law. #EmolumentsClause

    3. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      In London, Extinction Rebellion activists tried to stop a commuter train by standing on top of it, and got beaten up by angry commuters.


    4. Tina says:

      ?BOMBSHELL ?

      – Adam Schiff staffer flew to Ukraine days after “whistleblower” complaint

      – 1st meeting was with Bill Taylor, star witness in Schiff’s secret impeachment hearings

      – BIG: Trip was *PAID FOR BY* Ukrainian company Hunter Biden works for ?

    5. Wes says:

      Wain, Napolitano said Obama shouldn’t have been able to order the bin Laden strike because it set the precedent that the President can kill anyone he wants.

      Napolitano is a nutjob.

    6. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Sdc should comment on the new wall since he lives there.”

      What am I supposed to comment about? I would not have even known it if you had not mentioned it. There has always been a wall along the border. Most people illegally cross with false papers, or are otherwise smuggled in. A lot of narcotics are smuggled in tunnels (people also) under the wall, or flow over the wall — often in drones.

      I live with about 8 miles from the border. A large percentage of the residents and those who work in my area are from Mexico. I go to the deli on my street – about 80% of the workers are Mexican. No problems I know most on a first name basis. A vast majority of construction works in my neighborhood are Mexican. Also friendly. A homeless guy tried to attack some women in the nearby park, The Mexican construction workers ran to the rescue in mass.

      The issues my neighborhood face are the homeless, many of which crazy and occasionally violent. Most homeless are Anglo or African-American. Then there is California’s crazy rules and regulations, which are stifling business. I want better border control, but it is not a top priority.

    7. Tina says:

      Incompetano should stay with NJ traffic law

      He does not know anything about federal law.

      He is a whack job.

    8. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      7. Agree.

    9. Waingro says:

      James has a real chance here:

      Political Polls

      Follow Follow @Politics_Polls
      2020 Michigan Senate GE:
      Gary Peters (D-inc) 43% (+3)
      John James (R) 40%
      Undecided 17%

      @MRGMichigan 10/7-10
      https://www.mrgmi.com/2019/10/17/mrg-michigan-poll-peters-and-james-show-close-race-in-us-senate-bid/ … #MIsen

      1:52 PM – 17 Oct 2019

    10. Waingro says:

      #7, agreed. I used to be a fan, but TDS has really taken a hold over him. Plus, as Wes alluded, he is a total Paulbot on foreign affairs.

    11. Tina says:

      And I don’t agree with trump hosting the event at Doral.
      Even if it’s at no cost (whatever that means).

      I thought he would depart with Shep (another loser) and go to Cn and n as a 2 for 1 special.

    12. Tina says:

      Big plunge in Drat Cn and n debate viewers.

      Only 8 million viewers.

    13. Paul says:

      12: That might be bad news for Trump.

    14. Bitterlaw says:

      Shep is not a loser. He earned millions of dollars a year reporting the news and expressing his opinions. He only worked a few hours a day. We post for free at HHR.

    15. Tina says:


      John Durham is the one who secured the 2 Blackberries from the “Russian spy” Mifsud.


    16. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      13. I believe it is bad news for Warren. Which may be indirectly be bad news for Trump because I believe Trump can beat Warren.

    17. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Words to remember from General Mattis. Both Bush II and Obama declared victory in the Mideast prematurely.

      “We have got to keep the pressure on ISIS so they don’t recover,” he said. “We may want a war over; we may even declare it over. You can pull your troops out — as President Obama learned the hard way out of Iraq — but the enemy gets the vote.”

    18. Tina says:

      Matthis also says that NATO is stronger under trump than ever before.

    19. Tina says:

      Did this include the Argentinian lover?

      Ryan Fournier
      Mark Sanford, the former Governor of South Carolina just launched his campaign today against President Trump.

      I kid you not, he had ONE person show up to his launch event. ONE person. Good luck pal. ??

      1:41 PM – Oct 17, 2019

    20. Tina says:

      I’m triggered.


      French reporter: “You have very low unemployment rate in the US and we have very high unemployment rate in France. How come? What the recipe for?”

      Trump: “Well maybe we have a better President than you do” ?
      #DonaldTrump #DallasTrumpRally #DallasRally #France #unemployment

    21. Phil says:

      With regards to any worker coming across the border from Mexico to work I have no problem with it as long as they have a green card. In other words if they go through the proper procedure they are welcome to come into this country. I actually respect the fact that they followed the law in coming here. They are welcome. It’s when they simply break the law and sneak across the border that I have a huge problem with it. That of course is the problem with California. It’s loaded with the illegal types.

      The left and the chamber of commerce Republicans intentionally blur the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. They aren’t the same but of course the left knows this. It’s a game liberals play to paint anyone who opposes illegal immigration as xenophobic. It’s a sham.

    22. Tina says:

      Looks like a rather large rally crowd in Texas, Phil.

    23. Phil says:

      Yep, Trump does the rallies as good as anyone ever has.

    24. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Warren 25%
      Biden 22%
      Buttigieg 17%
      Sanders 5%
      Harris 3%
      Booker 2%

      New Hampshire:
      Warren 25%
      Biden 18%
      Sanders 9%
      Buttigieg 7%
      Booker/Yang/Harris 2%

      South Carolina:
      Biden 32%
      Warren 16%
      Sanders 8%
      Harris 5%
      4% Booker/Yang 2%
      Firehouse Strategies/Øptimus Poll

      Note Buttigieg’s 17% in Iowa. Never been impressed with him before, but he did well in the last debate.

      Sanders in single digits in all three polls. Time for the old Bolshevik to get on the train to Yakutsk. Warren was polite to him in the last debate; perhaps in a play to get his supporters.

    25. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      California Democratic Primary:
      Warren 35%
      Biden 21%
      Sanders 15%
      Harris 8%
      Buttigieg 6%
      Yang 3%
      Booker 2%
      Gabbard 2%
      Castro 2%
      Capital Weekly Poll

      This was sort of what I was expecting in California. A clear Warren lead. Harris only at 8% in California. She will get no delegates below 15%. Another passenger on the train to Yakutsk.

    26. Tina says:

      Looks like a race and butt plugs is moving up.

    27. Tina says:

      Phil, according to a Dallas policeman, crowd size is 80,000.

      This seems high.

    28. jason says:

      Sanford said the reason only one person showed up was that “nobody knows me in Philadelphia”.

      Bitter knows him…

    29. jason says:

      Are you calling a Dallas policeman a liar?

    30. Phil says:

      SD, looks like only Warren and Biden would get delegates out of California.

      Given the very large percentage of delegates California has in proportion to ALL Democratic delegates it seems rather impossible for any of the other candidates to go over the to at the convention. You can’t get shut out of that big a pool of delegates (in California) and have enough delegates from other states to make up for it. Not only that, but California is one of the earliest primaries and provides real mo for the winner. Not doing well in California is a campaign killer for any candidate.

    31. Tina says:

      No, but the arena can hold 20000?

      There are a ton of folks though.

    32. Bitterlaw says:

      I do not know any person who would attend that “rally.”

    33. jason says:

      I was going to say the Broncos coach is even stupider than Andy Reid.

      But then Reid risks his star QB who has an ankle injury on a 4th and inches when there about 20 other plays he could run.

    34. jason says:

      I am sure Corey will attend Walsh’s rally in Chicago.

    35. jason says:

      French reporter: “You have very low unemployment rate in the US and we have very high unemployment rate in France. How come? What the recipe for?”

      Trump: “Well maybe we have a better President than you do” ?


    36. Bitterlaw says:

      Yeah. A QB sneak is so reckless.

      Tell Ma to suck it.

    37. jason says:

      I wonder what sin I committed to have Joe Flacco in Denver.

    38. jason says:

      Yeah. A QB sneak is so reckless.”

      Yep, it is not only reckless, it is unbelievably stupid.

      The guy is already hobbling around with a bad ankle, why put him under a pile of 300 lb guys to get a couple of inches.

    39. jason says:

      Tell Ma to suck it.”

      Suck it MA, we need new bait.

    40. Bitterlaw says:

      A lot of 4th down plays fail. QB sneaks rarely fail.

      Reid has a winning record in the playoffs and 211 total NFL wins as a head coach. Which means he has 211 more wins than Jason.

    41. Tina says:

      How many times will Walsh say the n word at the rally?

      Will he double the Sc governors crowd size?

    42. Bitterlaw says:

      Oops. Reid is 11-13 in the playoffs. Which is still better than Jason will ever do.

      Jason and MD used to criticize Reid to create a fissure in the A-holes. Not sure why he is still pushing that story.

    43. Tina says:

      Go to Tom Arnold’s twitter.

      He threatened the president.

      A visit by the secret service is needed and Twitter needs to suspend him,

    44. Tina says:

      20000 in and 20,000 outside.

      WBAP 24/7 NEWS
      20,000 inside the AAC & appears at least the same outside watching @realDonaldTrump Dallas Rally! #TrumpRallyDallas #Trump #DallasTrumpRally #DonaldTrump

    45. John says:

      Time to change these mega Trump rallies to bigger venues like baseball and football stadiums – weather permitting.

    46. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      31. “SD, looks like only Warren and Biden would get delegates out of California.”

      Sanders may as well. If Buttigieg were to do well in Iowa and elsewhere, maybe he could get 15% also. But it will put the minor candidates at a huge disadvantage. It will be very hard to overcome.

      Believe Harris will be out after the California primary, and the minor candidates will begin to disappear as well. In the debate Harris came across as a nasty person; and Warren simply ignored her.

      If its just Warren, Biden and Sanders. If later in 2019 Sanders continues to have heath issues, and Biden’s mind fades further, Warren will be in a very strong position.

    47. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      I think Warren cannot win after people realize how far left her policies are, and the level of taxation that will be necessary to fund her socialist vision. Plus her native american ancestry claim will come back to haunt her.

      Trump may get lucky. I agree with other posters on the board, who have good political instincts, and state that if the Democrats had any sense they would support a candidate who has centralist views and they know could win. Then Trump would have been a clear underdog.

    48. Paul says:

      49: Probably even with Biden’s baggage, he has a better shot than Warren.