Top Dems Lead Trump in MN

The Minnesota Star Tribune released a new poll for the state of Minnesota and it shows the top three Democrats plus home-state Senator Amy Klobuchar with healthy leads over Donald Trump.

Joe Biden (D) 50%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 38%

Elizabeth Warren (D) 51%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 40%

Bernie Sanders (D) 49%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 40%

Amy Klobuchar (D) 55%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 38%

This poll was done October 14-16 among 800 registered voters.

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  1. Bitterlaw says:


  2. Tgca says:

    Dos Bebe! Dos!

  3. Victrc says:

    Number 3. Call me the Sultan of HHR. The colosus of the keyboard.

  4. Bitterlaw says:

    I remember when Tgca wanted to talk about ABORTION!.

  5. lisab says:

    spicer stayed on dwts

    christy brinkley’s daughter sent home

    trump voters

  6. lisab says:

    christy brinkley’s daughter, got 9 9 9 for scores

    telephone voters saved spicer

  7. lisab says:

    tough game for the patriots today

  8. Wes says:

    For those who think Trump will win MN because he barely lost it last time, GWB also narrowly lost the state in 2000. The next two elections were a linear progression upward for the Dem presidential candidates. Republicans also did far better in the state in 2002 than in 2018.

    This is a bit of historical context for those who think Trump is a lock for reelection because Clinton and Obama had similarly bad first midterms before winning re-election.

  9. lisab says:

    trump has a shot at mn because it is booming

  10. Tina says:

    An example by her on How to lose another election.

    McSally For Senate
    Verified account

    Follow Follow @MarthaMcSally
    I need your input on the crisis at our border. The Democrats need to know where we stand. Please take the survey today so I know I have backup when I am fighting to fix this crisis ASAP!

  11. Tina says:

    Does anybody know thst she served our military and can (should) tell her story.

  12. Bitterlaw says:

    NYC – Federal employees would never work hard enough to maintain some large scale, overarching Deep State. A few bad actors? Sure. Anything beyond that would require working past 4:30 and on the weekends. They also would retire at 55 so there is in no long term continuing plan. Finally, isn’t the point of a Deep State that nobody knows about it? If people are talking about a Deep State, there is no Deep State.

  13. lisab says:

    jets are playing about as well as cg uses logic

  14. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    9. -In n’ Out catching up to Chick-Fil-A for street cred!

    Actually London commuters who just about caused the extinction of several Extinction Rebellion saps are the ones you don’t mess with.

  15. Tina says:

    Kurt Schlichter
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    While Snit Romney is retweeting ?????dildos and wetting himself about what is happening on borders halfway around the world, he is not defending the border here at home, allowing criminals and drugs to kill tens of thousands of Americans a year.?

  16. jason says:

    Conservatives win the most votes and gain 32 seats in the Canada election but Trudeau survives with a minority government, losing about 30 seats.

    The leftist NDP got slaughtered, the separatists gained over 20 seats, the Greens went from 2 to 3 seats.

    That is the election in a nutshell.

  17. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    When the leftist Guardian newspaper comes down hard on the Extinction Rebellion, you know there is a problem. The truant Greta and Barefoot Harry needs to come to the rescue.

    “Passengers on the packed platform, sensing they’re now going nowhere, react furiously. A voice can be heard shouting: “I need to get to work! I have to feed my kids!” One man, boosted by the crowd, grabs for the protester’s legs; the protester appears to kick out towards his head. The protester is white. The man below him is black. The protester is quickly dragged down into a surging crowd, rescued only by the intervention of other passengers and a London Underground worker. And suddenly, we are a long way from cheering scenes of giant pink octopuses being escorted down Whitehall, or grey-haired pensioners submitting courteously to arrest.
    * * * *
    Although Extinction Rebellion supporters will differ over how far to push it, the original model is more of a revolutionary than a democratic one. And the clashes at Canning Town feel like an early warning of what can happen when the idea of public consent is brushed aside by people convinced they don’t have time for all that.”

  18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    19. It appears the conservatives gained more votes than the liberals. They carried Alberta by about 70%.

  19. BayernFan says:

    Dammm that Canadian Electoral College!!

  20. Bitterlaw says:

    Canada has a problem with drugs and gun violence? I thought it was supposed to be perfect.

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    Good thing he had a heart ailment that kep him out of the military 76years ago. If he feels so terrible about being a death camp guard, he should plead guilty and die in jail.

  22. Bitterlaw says:

    93 years old with a heart ailment? Good run for a bad man.

  23. dblaikie says:

    The Conservatives in Canada have the same problem as the dems in America. Alberta is their California.

  24. jason says:

    Was just going to make that point myself.’

    Conservatives got more votes, but won a bunch of ridings by huge margins in the west while losing a lot of close votes in riding rich Ontario.

  25. Wes says:

    You ignore two things in your analysis of MN, Lisa:

    1) The good economy in MN predates Trump and is something local Dems have received most credit for.

    2) Trump is incredibly unpopular in MN, especially in the state’s primary population centers.

    It doesn’t look as if Trump has much of a chance to win there to me.

  26. jason says:

    Trudeau will have to move even farther left with an alliance with either the NDP or the separatists, so it could provide an opening for the conservatives next time around.

  27. jason says:

    I think MN is doable for Trump this time around, but it cannot be taken in isolation. Trump is not going to do badly in OH, MI and WI and win in MN. But if the election goes the way it did in 2016, with Trump competitive in the upper midwest, MN would be the state I would pick to flip. 2018 notwithstanding it has been trending R in Presidential elections and Trump came very close in 2016.

  28. Victrc says:

    According to Bloomberg Silicon Valley is all in for Buttigieg. This will mean favorable articles and placement on Facebook, in searches, etc so maybe it’s time to take him seriously.

    In a sign of just how far left liberals have pushed the perceptions in this country, he is perceived as a moderate by Dems. I kid you not. This is a moderate to them:

    Supports green new deal
    Would end fracking
    Eliminate electoral collage
    Keep tuition for rich kids but make it free for minorities
    Single payer government control of healthcare
    More gun control laws including gun buy backs
    Abortion up to, and after birth of child
    Expanding judicial including Supreme Court packing and adding more federal judges to create more “balance”
    Free healthcare for illegals
    Supports DACA and open borders
    Raise taxes
    Implement. More federal regulations on job creators
    Supports Iran and will re-institute deal
    Supports Venezuela and opening more dialogue with them
    Government should tackle racial inequality with funding
    End and constitutionally ban capital punishment

    Yeah…this guy is a centrist as much as I am the starting power forward for the Spurs.

    So the question is….can he beat Trumo?

  29. Phil says:

    As far left as Obama was in 2008, he didn’t go anywhere near that stuff as a candidate.

  30. VictrC says:

    Phil…exactly, and now he is seen as a centrist.

    This doesn’t even bring up the fact that he has little to no experience, and his record as mayor of South Bend is spotty at best.

  31. jason says:

    I think Mayor Butt is a lightweight.

    Full disclosure, I thought the same of Obama.

  32. Phil says:

    Yes, let’s get rid of fracking. I mean, who in the hell wants us to be energy independent. That’s crazy.

  33. VictrC says:

    But but….Big Oil. That is corporations and they are bad. And Those corporations are in Texas and Ohio and lots of states that are red, so they are racist and bad.

    That is what you can expect to hear non stop for the next 12 months.

    Jason….I agree with you, I also thought Obama was a lightweight and look what happened, its why I bring him up now. With the support of social media giants, search engines, tech companies, he’s going to get copious amounts of free positive press.

    And let’s say it, because its a “thing”, how will being gay help or hurt him. In today’s America most people could care less about it, and I honestly don’t think it would cause him to lose a state…UNTIL he started condemning Christians who question it. If he had just said I am who I am, people would move on to the list above, but he started calling Christians who didn’t support his sexuality as not being real Christians. That might hurt him.

  34. Hugh says:

    Apparently dems are shocked with Taylor’s testimony. I would believe if I could maybe hear it from him. But since I can’t I don’t believe it and suspect he has no first hand knowledge of much of anything

  35. Victrc says:

    Taylor’s testimony? I haven’t seen/heard. What are they claiming

  36. Tina says:

    I have a very partial list of the empty threats ?
    ? has made just this year. House Ds are on a rampage and Senate Rs whine on Fox. Put up or shut up #wheresLindseyGraham

    Russiagate Probe: Empty Threats, Broken Promises

  37. dblaikie says:

    Well it turns out that the Chinese Economy if far worse than they have claimed. All of sudden they are talking about positive moves towards a trade deal. Many folks are saying that their 6% growth figure is bogus and that they are on the ropes. I don’t want to defend tariffs because I believe in free trade. But if a deal comes through, I think one could argue that tariffs are not productive but can be destructive when used as an economic weapon.

  38. Hugh says:

    Foxnews. Brett B says word is democrat are shocked with what they are hearing. Yawn. Wish we had an honest press so we could present the other side of the argument but in America that is dead.

  39. dblaikie says:

    Typical doublespeak, dems say they are shocked with what they are hearing, but reps in the hearing saying most of what is coming out exonerates Trump. My only observation is that if the former was true, they would have opened up these meetings long before.

  40. dblaikie says:

    What bugs me about what Brett says (Unlike most I do have some respect for him) is that he doesn’t go on to say republicans are shocked with they are hearing because it exonerates Trump.

  41. Tina says:

    Goober is compromised.

    Brazen Infidel TN
    · 52m
    Replying to @JackPosobiec
    Right now Rush is asking why Republicans, especially Lindsey, are doing nothing. Suggests that investigation might expose involvement of his old buddy, the late Senator from Arizona.

  42. Tina says:

    Where’s goober is trending

  43. Tina says:

    Permanent cease fire. Syrians in Turkey to be repatriated home.

    · 5m
    NEWS: Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC says he just got off the phone with Trump, Pence and Pompeo and at 3pm EST they’re announcing a permanent ceasefire. They hope to set up an internationally protected buffer zone and relax sanctions on Turkey in exchange for stopping the attacks

  44. Tina says:

    And Iraq wants no more troops. So the us troops leaving Syria cannot stay unless something is worked out.

    As I suggested yesterday, those troops are transitional. They would exit out through Iraq.

  45. John says:

    Follow up to #46

    48% support impeachment BUT 35% says they are more likely to vote for Trump if not convicted…

    ‘a classic boomerang’

  46. Hugh says:

    Brett is becoming the next Chris Wallace. I stopped watching him a ways back. He’s better than most but rarely puts forth an alternative narrative and fills his panels with so called conservatives that a rabidly anti trump.

  47. Hugh says:

    If I stress if this gets to the senate where team trump can put up a defense for all to see on tv. The dems will get crushed. With likely voters in states that matter this already is not a winner with nothing but 24/7 news pushing an impeachment narrative. I’m not sure how Nancy plays this.

  48. BayernFan says:

    Canada doesn’t do coalition governments. (Last one was 1917). Trudeau will lead a minority government.

  49. BayernFan says:

    47….. he must mean 3pm EDT. We aren’t on standard time.

  50. dblaikie says:

    It has been announced that the Trump Campaign has raised 300 million dollars. That is double of what Obama raised in 2016. By any measure this is historic!

  51. Waingro says:

    I thought these “impeachment” proceedings were allegedly “secret”? They are letting members of the press in there now?!

    Yamiche Alcindor
    Verified account

    31m31 minutes ago
    Confirmed: Bill Taylor’s opening statement was 15 pages long and led many in the room listening to his testimony to sigh and gasp as he described efforts to tie an investigation of the 2016 election interference to a White House meeting and aid being released to Ukraine.

  52. dblaikie says:

    Don’t be surprised if a result of the Canadian election is that the Western Provinces are going to demand more autonomy. Their are far more connected to the Pacific Northwest than to Ontario and Québec.

  53. jason says:

    Trump should have negotiated a “cease fire” BEFORE pulling troops.

    Negotiating a cease fire for a fire he himself caused is like lighting a pool of gasoline and then standing around saying “hey look, I have a hand fire extinguisher here”.

  54. Victrc says:

    Who is Bill Taylor. Sorry for the ignorance

    Why is trying an investigation of 2016 election to aid and a meeting bad? The democrats have been investigating it for three years through and via all methods possible. Isn’t the Oresident charged with trying to investigate interferencenin our elections. That’s what he was doing apparently.

  55. jason says:

    I thought the Dems were interested in uncovering 2016 election interference.

  56. Waingro says:

    #58, former ambassador to Ukraine.

  57. NYCmike says:

    “So the question is….can he beat Trumo?”

    -How come “CG” and Robbie haven’t alerted to this new candidate?

  58. Hugh says:

    58. Because you’re investigating Democrats and that is bad. Investigating republicans is good. Duh

  59. NYCmike says:

    -I’ll have to look deeper into the reasoning for this…..maybe Robbie and I will find common ground……

  60. jason says:

    So cute.. NYC has an endearing nickname for Trump?


  61. lisab says:

    1) The good economy in MN predates Trump and is something local Dems have received most credit for.

    2) Trump is incredibly unpopular in MN, especially in the state’s primary population centers.

    actually, since 2016 the economy is way up

    not surprisingly you only see data on wikipedia through 2016, but in fact the gdp growth has been up over 2.5% since trump came in … about a point higher than under obama. buildings are going up everywhere.

    as for trump being unpopular, not so much actually. perhaps people are more polite here than ny, but trump is not mentioned much except by the leftist types. unless you are antifa or somalian, it just is not a big topic.

    i don’t predict he will win, but he has a shot at mn.

  62. John says:

    Bill Taylor.
    From reports today wasn’t his testimony something we’ve already heard regarding his email and was promptly reprimanded for it?

  63. NYCmike says:

    #65 – more evidence that jason ignores comments that he doesn’t write himself…..

  64. Tina says:

    Bill Taylor has no proof of nothing.

    He aid not the former ambassador.

    Buckle up sheit will hit fan soon with Durham now interviewing the commie and the penguin over criminal matters.

  65. NYCmike says:

    -Tulsi should run 3rd Party!

  66. lisab says:

    if the emerson poll is correct

    the dems will get crushed next year.

    too many dems live in california and ny, so trump would likely flip the entire midwest and some combo of va, co, nv and nm

    winning ca by 20% just doesnt help

  67. lisab says:

    biden’s campaign is having money issues

  68. Waingro says:

    #72, I highly doubt Trump sniffs anything close with VA, CO, NV and NM.

    And why such a positive Trump outlook based on the Emerson poll in which he is down 2 points to both Biden and Pocahontus? Does it do breakdowns based on region?

  69. lisab says:

    156 donors have asked biden to return $2700 donations

    12 warren donors have asked for $2700 donations back

  70. lisab says:


    i do not have a positive view of the emerson poll

    if it is true, the dems will get spanked, and not in a fun way

    it would be an epic loss

  71. lisab says:

    oh, to answer your question, yes it was weighted by region, gender, race etc.

    i suppose the dems could take heart in that emerson predicted hillary would win by over 100 electoral votes in 2016

    they were horrible in 2016

  72. dblaikie says:

    A new NYT poll, no less, says that 53% of registered voters is against removing Trump from office in swing states.

  73. Tina says:

    Anyone find goober?

    Do we need to put him on a milk carton?

    Can he walk and chew bubble gum?

  74. Tina says:

    Aaron Maté Retweeted

    Eric Levitz
    Centrist Democratic donors are realizing, with horror, that their best bets for fending off the left are now a senescent, cash-poor gaffe-machine — and a college-town mayor with fewer black supporters than Donald Trump.

  75. NYCmike says:

    “#72, I highly doubt Trump sniffs anything close with VA, CO, NV and NM.”

    Nevada – Trump lost by 27K votes. Gary Johnson got 37K votes. NONE OF THESE and 2 others got 36K. Johnson voters won’t think about Trump when other candidate will be as leftist as they are telling us?

    New Mexico would need EVERY Gary Johnson voter to go Trump, so probably not going to happen.

    Colorado – same thing as New Mexico.

    Virginia – don’t think any chance.

  76. BayernFan says:

    who exactly are these donors?

  77. Phil says:

    Nevada is winnable.

  78. Tina says:


    Political Polls

    5m5 minutes ago
    #National @EmersonPolling (10/18-21):
    Biden 27%
    Sanders 25%
    Warren 21%
    Buttigieg 6%
    Harris 5%
    Yang 4%
    Gabbard 3%
    Booker 3%
    O’Rourke 2%
    Klobuchar 1%
    Steyer 1%
    Sestak 0%
    Delaney 0%
    Ryan 0%
    Williamson 0%
    Bullock 0%
    Bennet 0%
    Castro 0%

  79. Bitterlaw says:

    Pretty ironic for Tina to post a poll with Biden leading.

  80. Tina says:

    Gov. Mike Huckabee
    Verified account

    Follow Follow @GovMikeHuckabee
    We’re now able to confirm that Sen Pierre Delecto’s perfect hair is brushed daily by Rep Katie Hill.
    7:49 AM – 22 Oct 2019

  81. Tina says:

    Fantastic news. For James

    1h1 hour ago
    ? NEW POLL: Michigan U.S. Senate race tied

    James: 39%
    Peters: 39% … #MIsen

  82. Tina says:

    China Biden could not remember.

    andrew kaczynski ?
    Verified account

    2h2 hours ago
    While Biden has called Trump’s lynching comments “abhorrent” and “despicable,” in 1998 appearance on CNN, Biden said impeachment could end up being viewed as a “partisan lynching.”

  83. Bitterlaw says:

    While the intention was clear, use of the word lynching was stupid.

    2 days of weak excuses and justifications by Trump and defenders in 3…3…1…

  84. NYCmike says:

    I would bet $$ that the use of the word was deliberate to provoke a reaction, as they will then show clips of Democratic candidates using that word in the past, as evidenced by #88.

  85. NYCmike says:

    I believe I may actually pre-buy tickets to see “Harriet”. If the movie is as good as the trailers I have seen, we all know it is one heck of a story!

    I wonder if the director will try to put a political spin on it.

  86. Phil says:

    Oh dear, the left is appalled and outraged again. What else is new?

  87. Phil says:

    Outrage and political correctness is what the left lives for. Boo Hoo.

  88. Tina says:


    Turkey will not re start offensive against the muh Kurds.

    I told you this would happen.

    I told you the ottoman emperor wannabe got bogged downs

    I think I should apply for a position in the administration.

    Only if my foot and back did not hurt though.

  89. Tina says:

    Ding ding,

    Ny wins the chicken dinner.

    Yes, say something (ok maybe stupid).

    Provoke excess outrage (very easy among the jebots)

    Then tapes emerge of drats doing the same and nobody said anything,

    Rinse and Repear.

  90. Tina says:

    Goober, quit with your stupid letter of nothing.

    You can subpoena today’s flake and grill him.

    Nothing is stopping you.

    But you are weak

  91. NYCmike says:

    I’d rather have a nice meatloaf.

  92. Tina says:

    China Biden is losing it.

    Joe Biden
    Verified account

    Follow Follow @JoeBiden
    Joe Biden Retweeted CNN Politics
    This wasn’t the right word to use and I’m sorry about that. Trump on the other hand chose his words deliberately today in his use of the word lynching and continues to stoke racial divides in this country daily.

  93. jason says:

    #65 – more evidence that jason ignores comments that he doesn’t write himself….”

    Ma, they are biting today!

  94. jason says:

    I don’t have a problem with the word lynching.

    Sue me.

    I hate this politically correct BS.

    Blacks are not the only victims of lynching, and the word has a much wider application than just violence against blacks.

    Finally, the Dems have used it often themselves.

    According to Wikipedia

    “is most often used to characterize informal public executions by a mob in order to punish an alleged transgressor, convicted transgressor, or to intimidate a group. … Instances of lynchings and similar mob violence can be found in every society”

  95. Dan says:

    “jason says:
    October 22, 2019 at 11:29 pm
    I don’t have a problem with the word lynching. ”

    ^That is Exhibit A of what is wrong in America now.