Trump : 188
Biden : 350
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GOP : 49
DEM : 49
IND : 2


    Biden Falls to 4th in IA, Leads Shrinks in SC

    There have been a number of polls lately, but none seemed more stark than this latest poll from Iowa State University for their home state showing how far Joe Biden is falling behind in this first state.

    Elizabeth Warren 28%
    Pete Buttigieg 20%
    Bernie Sanders 18%
    Joe Biden 12%
    Amy Klobuchar 4%
    Kamala Harris 3%
    Tom Steyer 3%
    Tulsi Gabbard 2%
    Andrew Yang 2%
    Everyone Else 1% or less

    This poll was done October 18-22 among likely caucus goers. We’ve seen Biden is also struggling in New Hampshire and now we have a new poll from Change Research and The Post and Courier for the state of South Carolina that shows his lead down to only 11%.

    Joe Biden 30%
    Elizabeth Warren 19%
    Bernie Sanders 13%
    Kamala Harris 11%
    Pete Buttigieg 9%
    Tom Steyer 5%
    Andrew Yang 4%
    Cory Booker 3%
    Tulsi Gabbard 3%
    Amy Klobuchar 3%

    This poll was done October 15-21 among 731 likely primary voters. According to the linked article, his lead was almost 20% just a couple months ago.

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    1. jason says:

      Follow me.

    2. jason says:

      Rep. Hill is certainly an interesting person but if everything was legal/consensual…Zzzzzzz.”

      Not so fast. This was someone who worked for her. Aren’t the Me Too crowd arguing that it’s not consensual with your boss?

    3. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      @jackPosobiec ^ | 10/25/2019 | Jack Posobiec
      BREAKING: Former FBI general counsel James Baker has reportedly ‘flipped’ and is now cooperating with the Barr-Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation – @OANN

    4. Tina says:

      So, from China Bidens video yesterday, he said this?

      m going to stand up to Putin…just like I did when when he took over Crimea and half of East Ukraine, interfered in the 2016 election, partnered with Assad and Iran, and built hypersonic nuclear missiles on my watch as VP”

      This is a meltdown.

    5. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Troll likes to disparages Peter Navarro Here is a Fox News interview with Navarro providing a summary of where the U.S.-China trade talk stands. Phase One of the trade agreement is likely to be finalized in three weeks.

    6. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Ilhan Oman wants to guarantee a home for everyone. Assume this includes those who come over the border illegally.

      “@IlhanMN: “It is a moral stain on our country that we have half a million or more people facing homelessness … In few weeks, we are going to introduce our Homes For All legislation, which will, hopefully, guarantee a home for everyone.”

      Warren may kick herself for not thinking of this idea first.

    7. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      CNN story about a Quinnipiac University poll:

      “Asked whether the “Democratic Party has moved too far to the left, too far to the right, or would you say the Democratic Party hasn’t moved too far in either direction”, nearly half — 47%! — of respondents say that the party has moved too far left. Asked that same question of the Republican Party and just 37% say it has moved too far right.
      Almost 6 in 10 men (57%) say Democrats have moved too far left as do 55% of whites with a college degree. Whites, generally speaking, are much more likely to say the party has moved too far left (53%) as compared to Hispanics (33%) and blacks (17%).”

      If Trump wins re-election, he needs to thank the Democrats for making it happen.

    8. Phil says:

      Yep. Democratic leftist nonsense is the reason Trump is still in it, but Democrats can’t help themselves. It’s who modern Democrats are.

    9. Tina says:

      Not to mention how much a train wreck Piglosi and the Drat house has been.

      No accomplishments

      But they have mullah Omar, raging nut taleep, and a couple of deviants.

    10. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “(Harrison Ford) concluded his speech at the 2019 Global Climate Action Summit with this zinger:
      We all suffer the effects of climate change. So, let’s turn off our phones, let’s roll up our sleeves, and let’s kick this monster’s —!
      At the beginning of his performance, and with his professional talents on full display, the Hollywood icon angrily barked this out:
      Stop giving power to people who don’t believe in science! Or worse than that, pretend they don’t believe in science for their own self-interest!”

      Oh, and by the way:

      Harrison Ford is one of Hollywood’s most famous climate crusaders. He owns multiple extravagant homes, plus a reported 12 private planes, nine motorcycles, and six gasoline-powered automobiles.”

    11. Hugh says:

      Dems in full panic mode. Wray collapses now that the investigation is criminal. Starting to be cooperative overnight on the Flynn case. Rats getting ready to do what rats do. Had republicans gone after Lois Lerner and made a lesson out of her the deep state would have never tried this. The senate finally standing up tells the deep state there may be a price to pay for breaking laws. Next they need to go after the false accusers of Kavanaugh. I’ve seen govt regulators do horrible things because they believe they will never be held to account for anything. It goes from top to bottom. They should be treated no better and no worse than the people they regulate. Most of them could never make it in the private sector that they love to attack. Maybe I’ll get my pound off flesh.

    12. Hugh says:

      If I sound bitter I am. Time to eat my filet and drink an expensive bottle of wine to relax.

    13. NYCmike says:

      In regard to the GOP holdouts who haven’t signed Grahams letter, I don’t mind that.

      Collins has shown she is a fair person. Her decision, after seeing the “evidence”, may make for better result, similar to the Kavanaugh situation.

    14. jason says:

      The Graham letter is well worded. It doesn’t commit you to voting against impeachment, it’s an indictment of the charade going on in the House.

      It would be great if everyone signed it, including scumbag Romney.

    15. Phil says:

      Romney? And alienate his new buds on the left?

      Not a chance. He’d be forfeiting his crown as Useful Idiot of the Year…..something he’s worked really hard for.

    16. BayernFan says:

      Seeing on twitter that McCabe was offered a plea deal by Durham and he refused which is why a grand jury is being set up. Also, Fox just reported that McCabe is terminating his wrongful termination lawsuit.

    17. jason says:

      “Homes For All legislation, which will, hopefully, guarantee a home for everyone.”

      Does this mean I finally get indoor plumbing?

    18. Hugh says:

      New man talking point Barr could be impeached. The wheels are falling off the bus. Where’s Robbie and proud obamacon

    19. jason says:

      Romney won’t sign, he doesn’t have MSM authorization.

      I said it would be great if he did.

    20. NYCmike says:


      thank you for pointing that out about the letter. that does change my opinion a bit, although i’ll still give collins some leeway.

    21. Phil says:

      Terminating his wrongful termination lawsuit…..not a good sign for Andy. As I said before, these guys, every last one of them, are in a real hole. Arrogant bastards never believed for a minute that they’d face any accountability. They had the MSM and the entire Washington establishment covering for them. It’s why their behavior got so outrageous. They thought they were invincible and thus could do anything they liked.

      Popcorn please.

    22. Tina says:

      Last 24 hours:

      – Durham’s probe goes criminal

      – Brennan goes silent

      – Clapper melts down on CNN

      – We discover Page edited Gen. Flynn’s 302s

      – McCabe drops his wrongful termination suit against DOJ

      Tick tock
      6:16 PM – 25 Oct 2019

    23. Tina says:

      I took this tweet from John Carrillo.

      Criminal investigation went criminal before 10/18. They appointed Durham prosecutor and he was investigating

    24. Bitterlaw says:

      Good for Romney. I would be reluctant to sign any letter signed by Rand Paul.

    25. Phil says:

      …or maybe the 50 Republican Senators only agreed to sign the letter on the condition that Romney’s signature wouldn’t appear on it.

    26. Tina says:

      Phuq Pierre.

    27. Bitterlaw says:

      It is interesting that the great RINO hunter, Tina, never calls out the true RINOs – Trump and Rand Paul.

    28. Bitterlaw says:

      Put away the broom, Cash Cow. No sweep for the Nets.

    29. Bitterlaw says:


    30. Phil says:

      I still think the Nats will win the series. They peaked at the right time of the year, and they are really good. Beating Cole and Verlander back to back in Houston I have to tip my hat them for that accomplishment. At least my Astros won’t get swept.

    31. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – If the Astros can even the series at 2-2, I think they will win it. My usual rooting interests of Eat over West, North over South, and National League over American League (unless it is the Braves, Mets, or Cardinals) should lead me to want the Nationals to win. However, that will feed the idiots who want to make fun of Harper for going to the Phillies. There is no gguarantee the Nats would be in the WS with him since his salary would have prevented other signings and trades.

    32. jason says:

      Not following the WS. Who should I want to win?

    33. jason says:

      Romney is not a RINO. He is a scumbag unprincipled MSM sycophant toady.

      Both can be true.

    34. jason says:

      Romney? And alienate his new buds on the left?

      Not a chance. He’d be forfeiting his crown as Useful Idiot of the Year…..something he’s worked really hard for.”

      I hear he is will also be used in new psychology books as a textbook case of “Stockholm Syndrome”, replacing Patty Hearst.

    35. Tina says:

      So, the drats want Barr to recuse himself on everything with Ukraine.

      Fat chance.

    36. jason says:

      Sessions was a true idiot to do that, I doubt Barr will be that stupid.

    37. jason says:

      I was initially skeptical that Flynn was set up, that seems increasingly likely.

    38. Hugh says:

      I think sessions was in on it. He was very supportive of rosenstein and Wray. He will go down as one of the gops biggest loser. He should have resigned not recused himself. Since he did not I have my doubts about him.

    39. Bitterlaw says:

      Romney? And alienate his new buds on the left?

      I think Trump is the real amoral scumbag. He deserves to be criticized as a horrible human often. However, I don’t have any buddies on the left and am glad he beat Hillary.

    40. Tina says:

      I was adamant that Flynn was set up from the get go and said so.

      I would ask for points, or kudos, or nothing.

    41. Phil says:

      Kudos and points granted.

    42. lisab says:

      am at a conference this weekend

      one of the speakers was talking about social media

      she said it was a good thing for social media, like fb, to reject hate speech, especially since the speech on these sites is largely anonymous, and … that it is not a freedom of speech issue.

      that in real life you are free to come to work in a maga hat, which is freedom of speech, and that she would certainly fire you for wearing it …

    43. lisab says:

      oh … and

      all you white males are evil

    44. lisab says:

      she actually gave an exampe where, at another conference, a white man stood up and said, “i am not biased”

      and she was “like”, (like was her word), “you really shouldn’t be saying that in public at a conference”

    45. lisab says:

      i can remember when democrats were liberals like me

      and would be appalled if someone suggested limiting free speech in any but the most extreme cases

      or even blamed the worlds problems on a gender or ethnic or racial group

      i seriously wanted to take a flamethrower to that place 🙂

    46. lisab says:

      and … the weird thing that seemed to be lost on them was,

      because it was an education conference … the room was filled with almost anything but white men …

      so how could they be the problem in education?

    47. lisab says:

      oh … and one of the big problems that we have is that white teachers cannot tell the difference between chinese, korean, japanese, thai, etc. students — nout to mention the 100s of tribal and ethnic variations of africa …

      yeah … that’s the problem …

      now that i’m sitting here, i should have injected gender identity into it just for fun … you know, to stir the pot

      but, i didn’t think of it …

    48. lisab says:

      and here i was thinking the problem was the children cannot add or read and half of them have ieps because they are taking prescription drugs for mental disorders given to them by their parents

    49. lisab says:

      i swear … if corey ever wanted to get out of his parents’ house and get a job

      the department of education would probably make him assistant deputy vice chairman of curriculum … that is how far these people have their heads up their butts

    50. lisab says:

      but i digress …

      AOC gets into heated debate with siri at congressional hearings 🙂

    51. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Our withdraw from “endless wars” doesn’t appear to be happening. Perhaps preserving the status quo would have been better.

      “The crisis in Syria deepened further Friday as US officials acknowledged troops are returning to the war-torn country and the Turkish president demanded President Trump turn over a key Kurdish leader.

      The US will send armored vehicles and combat troops into eastern Syria to keep oil fields from potentially falling into the hands of ISIS, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

      It was the latest sign that extracting the military from Syria is more uncertain and complicated than Trump is making it out to be.

      This latest move could mean deploying several hundred US troops — even as a similar number are withdrawn from a separate mission closer to the border with Turkey where Russian forces have been filling the vacuum”

    52. lisab says:

      Reeling From Yet Another Unnecessary Film, Fans Call For Common-Sense Star Wars Control

      as a girlfriend who was once taken to see three back to back to back star wars movies …

      i am completely in favour of common sense star wars control

    53. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      National Poll Of College Students:
      Warren 30%
      Sanders 28%
      Yang 11%
      Biden 9%
      Buttigieg 7%
      ORourke 4%
      Harris 2%
      Castro 2%
      The rest 1% or less
      Chegg/College Pulse Election Weekly Tracking Poll

    54. lisab says:

      i don’t think warren and her husband have had sex in 10 years

      if he won’t have sex with her,

      i am certainly not going to willingly llet her f-me!

    55. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “A poll that President Donald Trump has frequently praised for its “accuracy” announced Wednesday that public approval of his administration appears to be diminishing in the wake of the impeachment inquiry and his decision to pull American troops out of Syria.
      The October 24 edition of Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll showed a majority (54 percent) of likely voters disapprove of the president’s performance in office, while 43 percent approve.
      The poll further reported that 45 percent of Americans “strongly” disapprove of Trump’s job performance, while 32 percent “strongly” approved.
      The president has previously praised Rasmussen for what he has viewed as its precision and lack of bias, referring to it as “one of the most accurate” polls. He has also lauded his numbers in Rasmussen polls, often sharing them via social media.
      Most recently, on October 17, he tweeted an approval rating from Rasmussen that gave him an approval rating higher than most other polls at the time—50 percent.”

      A 7% drop in approval in the Rasmussen poll is alarming; believe Trump reached 51% approval not too long ago. The leftist Democrats may be doing their best to give Trump a re-election victory as a gift; but Trump is acting like he won’t accept it.

    56. Hugh says:

      Let’s see if it’s an outlier. Since I think its done frequently maybe daily that happens.

    57. Tina says:

      Wow,China Biden with a racist comment.

      Ryan Saavedra
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @RealSaavedra
      Black student to Democrat Joe Biden: “If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time I am stopped by the police?”

      Biden response: “If you were my daughter, you’d be a Caucasian girl and you wouldn’t be pulled over”

    58. Robbie says:

      Annie Karni

      @PressSec responds to Kelly:

      “I worked with John Kelly, and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great President.”

      – Phil, Jason fraud, NYCmoron, Tinfoil, mnw, and the rest, I assume you believe this statement is perfect and not the kind of crap we would see from a cult.

      What’s next? Will the press secretary tell us Trump shot an 18 in holes of golf like his good buddy Kim Jong Un once claimed?

    59. Tina says:

      Another gaffe by China Biden. Joe Biden claims he “got started out of an HBCU, Delaware State” when he did not attend that university.

      There is a video, but he looks quite wobbly in it, so I won’t post it.

    60. lisab says:

      actually robbie

      you seem to be the one trapped in a cult

      it is only not that you have such a bad opinion of trump, like a cultist would

      it is that you cannot stand that someone would have a different opinion, like a cultist would

    61. Tina says:

      Another bad day for Soviet Schiiffty

      Chad Pergram
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @ChadPergram
      From colleague Caroline McKee. Meadows on Reeker deposition: The Democrats’ theory been undermined..you have another high ranking State Department official that didn’t provide any support for that allegation. And so that’s why it’s a good day & a good day for the American people
      4:26 PM – 26 Oct 2019

    62. John says:

      Astros 8, Nationals 1
      Bottom of the eighth.
      At this time it looks like Houston has gotten a grip on their problem.

    63. Bitterlaw says:

      64 Irony meter explodes. It is true that Robbie can’t stand anybody having a different opinion about Trump. It is also true that most Trump supporters at HHR can’t people having different opinions about Trump.

    64. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag took his head out of MSNBC’s ass to comment on what the WH secretary said about someone who is not even working there anymore?


      What happened, nothing new on his cheap little coup?

    65. jason says:

      t is true that Robbie can’t stand anybody having a different opinion about Trump. It is also true that most Trump supporters at HHR can’t people having different opinions about Trump.”

      Fake equivalency.

    66. jason says:

      And of course, when it comes to Amoral Scumbag, we know it’s not really about Trump. Never was.

    67. jason says:

      Trump is a lot smarter than Amoral Scumbag.

      Does that make me a cultist?

    68. Bitterlaw says:

      Fake equivalency = Jason hates getting called out with the truth.

    69. Tina says:

      Breaking al-Baghdadi rumored for be taken out.

    70. Tina says:

      Alternative Jebot headlines, if al-Baghdadi taken out:

      Ny Slimes editorial page tomorrow: “al-Baghdadi latest opposition voice silenced by Trump”

      Soviet Schiffty issues subpoena to military soldiers carrying out the raid. Wants to know if there was a quid for non quo.

      Mullah talib and marry your brother request pardon formal-Baghdadi.

      China Biden insists that he personally killed al-Baghdadi at a 7-11.

      Piglosi claims to have met al-Baghdadi at a Botox convention.

      Hawaiian judge issues stay preventing trump from carrying out any future raids.

    71. Tina says:

      One more:

      Trump took out whistleblower, al Baghdadi, before he could meet with Schiffty.

      Don’t worry instead of 70 virgins, there are 70 more whistleblowers

    72. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If U.S. special forces did in fact take out al-Baghdadi, it is an event as important as the taking out of bin Laden. Trump may have just pulled some of his chestnuts out of the fire.

      There is a strong suspicion that the Pakistani security assented to Obama taking out Bin Laden. Did Turkey provide intelligence to the U.S. regarding al-Baghdadi’s location? Turkey had relations with ISIS, and might have possessed that type of information. We have not been able to locate him until now.

      Trump is also moving U.S. forces to protect Syria oil fields, along with the Kurds. Apparently 800-1,000 U.S. troops are involved. Oil is a major source of Iraqi Kurd revenue, am sure the Syrian Kurds will appreciate it also. Rumor is Saudi Arabia may become the Syrian Kurds new sugar daddy.

    73. jason says:

      Fake equivalency = Jason hates getting called out with the truth.”

      No, it’s fake equivalency.

    74. Bitterlaw says:

      People who only criticize Trump are in a cult but people who only praise Trump are not in a cult. Got it.

    75. jason says:

      There are a couple people here that would defend Trump if he called for the establishment of a People’s Republic.

      But the majority of people who support Trump here to one degree or another display none of the dishonest, irrational, intransigent pathological behavior of Amoral Scumbag.

      Fake equivalency.

    76. jason says:

      Saying that the majority of people who support Trump here “only praise Trump” is fake.

    77. jason says:

      It’s raining cats and dogs here.

      Don’t plan any Sunday bbq’s if you are further east.

    78. jason says:

      Has Rand Paul said that killing ISIS leader makes it ok to conduct terrorist attacks in the US yet?

    79. Bitterlaw says:

      I was referring to the ones who would support Trump setting up a People’s Republic. That was obvious when I specifically referred to those who “only support Trump.” While English is only Jason’s 7th language, he knew what I meant so he can GFH.

      Congratulations to the military for taking out the terrorists. Congratulations to Trump for approving the strike.

      Of course, Trump is being a little too specific in his press conference. Saying the flight took 1 hour and 10 minutes pretty much says where it originated.

    80. jason says:

      saying the flight took 1 hour and 10 minutes pretty much says where it originated.”

      Did he say in which direction?


    81. jason says:

      I specifically referred to those who “only support Trump.”

      Who is that exactly? Tina and NYC?

      If that is the case, why make fake generalizations.


    82. jason says:

      It is also true that most Trump supporters at HHR can’t people having different opinions about Trump.”

      Say what about jason’s 7th grade English?

    83. jason says:

      In any case the correct way to phrase it would be

      “there are a couple people at HHR than cannot accept different opinions about Trump”.

    84. jason says:

      Congratulations to the military for taking out the terrorists. Congratulations to Trump for approving the strike”

      I object to the implication that Trump was actually not part of the raid.

    85. jason says:

      Ok, Ma, let’s see what we get.

    86. Tina says:

      Why is he tweeting this?

      Geoff Bennett
      House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff received no notification or briefing on the Baghdadi operation, a source with direct knowledge tells @KenDilanianNBC

      5:53 AM – Oct 27, 2019

    87. jason says:

      I am sure Corey will be here to apologize for calling Trump a “friend of ISIS”.

      Actually, more likely I will win the Powerball.

    88. Phil says:

      No intel briefing for Schiff?

      Well, Boo Hoo, Adam.

      Adam does everything in secret leaving everyone out of the loop. When the tables are turned and he’s left out the left complains. You can’t make this stuff up.

    89. Tina says:

      Congress was not informed in advance due to leaking and injury to our soldiers, And no member of congress was informed including cocaine Mitchie, or goober.

    90. Tina says:


      Al Baghdadi died like a dog.

    91. Tina says:

      Trump: “ Washington is a leak machine,”

      He should have added with whistleblowers…


    92. jason says:

      The kind of tweet Trump should concentrate on:

      “Badly failing presidential candidate @KamalaHarris will not go to a very wonderful largely African American event today because yesterday I received a major award, at the same event, for being able to produce & sign into law major Criminal Justice Reform legislation, which will greatly help the African American community (and all other communities), and which was unable to get done in past administrations despite a tremendous desire for it,” Trump tweeted Saturday morning.

      The president’s tweets came after he received the Bipartisan Justice Award from the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center for his efforts to pass the First Step Act, which grants early release to thousands of nonviolent offenders who are currently serving time in federal prisons.”

    93. Tina says:

      No U.S. personnel hurt. One canine dog injured, but extracted out,

      Our forces had cooperation from Turkey, the Kurds, and Russia. Had to fly over territory controlled by Russia and they left From Turkey airspace.

    94. jason says:

      Uh oh…

      New whistleblower claims claims dogs used in raid violate animal cruelty laws.

    95. jason says:

      Schiff to hold hearings with PETA officials.

    96. Tina says:

      Military only told Russians that we were coming in.

      Russians were cool with that.

      No mission details why were given to the muh Russians.

    97. ssq says:

      One canine dog”

      What kind of breed is that?

    98. Tina says:

      Told Russians, while we cannot tell you details, we think you (russians) will be happy.

    99. Tina says:

      I should have typed only canine.

      But trump mentioned several times jihadi died like a dog.

      So, I have dog in my head.

    100. jason says:

      Possibly, just guessing, that the raid involved passing through Russian positions which otherwise might have thought they were being attacked?

    101. ssq says:

      So, I have dog in my head”

      I am jealous. I got nothing.

    102. Tina says:

      Yes, it required us to fly over Russian controlled territory (and air space).

      Russia had no objections to this.

    103. jason says:

      Trump trusts Turkey, Kurds and Russia more than Schiff.

      I would too.

    104. dblaikie says:

      This has been a great week for Trump and of course with Al Baghdadi’s death a great week for America. Why great for Trump? Well there is nothing like a huge foreign policy score to counter claims that our policy is in a shambles. In addition the news about the Durham investigation and the release of the DOJ report is vitally important — especially when announced on the same night. It shows that the two are connected. I was afraid that the DOJ report was going to be a weaker than advertised. However I am now assured that it will reveal that the corruption that Trump is battling from Italy to Ukraine is real. It will undercut this nonsense by Schiff.

      Underneath the radar of the media this week something happened which showed the importance of this. McCabe dropped his suit against the DOJ. Why? Because the suit allowed the DOJ to call him in and depose him in public. McCabe choose the grand jury. I don’t think that we are going to hear much from him or Clapper or Brennan in the next months — that alone is great!

    105. dblaikie says:

      Of course I am about to leave for Church and my sermon but I wonder how all the talking heads on the Sunday Morning Shows are going to transition from Trump is toast to Trump just had a big win.

    106. Bitterlaw says:

      Why isn’t Tina demanding a Congressional resolution and calling Trump a warmonger? Rand Paul is probably fuming today.

    107. Tina says:

      This is a stupid question from a lawyer.

      Why isn’t Tina demanding a Congressional resolution and calling Trump a warmonger? Rand Paul is probably fuming today.

    108. Bitterlaw says:

      You hate the use of military force, Tina. Own that.

      I went to the Great Isolationist’s twitter to see if he issued anything on the raid. Nothing yet but Rand Paul is against US troops guarding oil fields. Do you agree or disagree?

    109. Tina says:

      Nope Bl, you are wrong.

      I oppose mission creep.

      You have no problem with that.

      Rather, than be an arse, you/we should just enjoy the successful day.

    110. jason says:

      You hate the use of military force, Tina. Own that.”

      Be fair.

      It’s ok as long as Trump orders it.

    111. jason says:

      Tina is right.

      Any day that Rand Paul is having a bad day is a good day for me.

    112. Tina says:

      Jason forgot:

      Tina is (always) right.


    113. Bitterlaw says:

      I hope that Tina is recovering quickly with minimal pain.

    114. Phil says:

      So this ISIS character was cornered and detonated his suicide vest killing himself and his three children. CNN headline – Trump Order Kills Three Small Children. Count on it. No doubt Schiff will incorporate this into his articles of impeachment.

    115. Tina says:

      I hope that the media can get over the fact that Schiffty and Piglosi and other Ds were not told in advance.

      When you leak as much as Soviet Schiffty, there are consequences.

      Moreover, James comedy (who may think he is president) refused to brief congress on the “investigstion” into trump (through the gang of 8).

    116. Tina says:

      Fake Flapper is in “concerned” that drats were not briefed in advance.

      Another drat journalist is concerned that he thanked the Russians first. Everything is still muh Russia.

    117. Tina says:

      Gee, very appropriate headline. /s Should say trump kills a religious scholar.


    118. Phil says:

      Trump is a child killer along with everything else.

    119. Tina says:

      Trump kills religious scholar and 3 kids.

      -Washington Compost (read by jebots)

    120. Blobbie says:

      Of course I am about to leave for Church and my sermon but I wonder how all the talking heads on the Sunday Morning Shows are going to transition from Trump is toast to Trump just had a big win.

      What kind of pastor preaches at church when Trump has a big win? Get your priorities straight.

    121. Tina says:

      Blobbie, your thoughts on jake rapper referring to the American heroes that conducted the raid as “lesser matters.”

    122. Phil says:

      Intolerant Trump Orders Killing Spree of Muslims

    123. VictrC says:

      Just for kicks I decided to sully myself and go to CNN.com. What I saw was what was expected. A tiny headline about the raid, followed directly underneath a headline stating Russia questions US account of raid.

      Then more negative articles underneath. Directly next to it is an article highlighting the Dem’s savior Taylor, and how he dodged bullets, and is now dodging Trump. Followed by article after article negative about Trump.

      They can’t even celebrate a great American victory carried out by our brave soldiers. No…nothing good.

      This is what we face in this country now. A pure leftist propaganda machine.

    124. Phil says:

      Austere Religious Leader Dies

      Is the MSM living in that much of a bubble that they can’t see what clowns they are making of themselves?


    125. Bitterlaw says:

      I am fine with reporting that this dirtbag’s actions lead to the death of wives and children. It highlights that he was so evil that he would put them at risk and cause their deaths.

      It is unfortunate the children were killed. The wives knew the risks.

    126. SusyQue says:

      Beautiful Church ceremony today. Our Father the Lorded will always lead us against the Devils and the Moslims. We will always win because we are Our Father’s one true children. In Him and May God return the holy lands to our Children! The FakeNews and CNN are the enemies of the State. May God Bless the One Donald J. Trump who we trust completely. My Father watch over Donald J. Trump!

    127. Tina says:

      Piglosi is mad. She wanted to be informed of the decision in advance.

      Phuq her.

    128. jason says:

      Puhhhhleeeze…… no thank you.

    129. jason says:

      “Perhaps the worst reaction was that of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who suggested that the killing of al-Baghdadi might “galvanize” ISIS.”

      Every Paulbot will love that statement.

    130. SusyQue says:

      Our brave boys would have gone into an ambush had President Trump told the bitch Pilosi.She would have leaked to CNN (reminder that CNN is ISIS) and the “squad” and al-Bagdadi would have heard about it within minutes.

      Democrats are the enemy, remember that. They must be destroyed and Our President Donald J Trump will lead us to victory over the enemy!

    131. jason says:

      “Reminder that CNN is ISIS)”

      Dang.. I think I called Corey’s post that Trump was a friend of ISIS the stupidest comment of the year, but now we have a runner-up.

    132. Tina says:

      ELINT News

      Follow Follow @ELINTNews
      ELINT News Retweeted Mazloum Abdî ????? ????
      #BREAKING: SDF commander confirms Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, ISIS Spokesman & right-hand man of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been targeted and killed in the village of Ain al-Baydah, near Jarablus, in a joint operation between the US military and SDF

    133. Bitterlaw says:

      SusyQue’s act has grown very stale.

    134. Wes says:

      SusyQue (formerly Hello Dolly) is a clear parody poster. Who is the Hedgehogger behind the parody?

    135. jason says:

      Not me.

      I won’t vouch for ssq.

    136. SusyQue says:

      Please remember that Obamma is the founder of ISIS and CNN is ISIS. We must know our enemies! May God Bless Donald J. Trump, our best One Presedent!

    137. Phil says:

      My mistake. The Washington Post didn’t call Baghdadi the austere religious LEADER. He was the the austere religious SCHOLAR. My mistake. Bad enough that Trump is killing leaders but trump is going around and killing scholars. Austere one’s at that. Proves Trump is anti education along with all his other flaws.

      Impeach and remove him immediately.

    138. SusyQue says:

      And let’s not forget…
      We had this moslim bastard in custody in 2009…till Obama released him. Ohbama, another moslim bastard!

      In Him

    139. Phil says:

      I’m opposed to the US gunning down scholars.

    140. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Al Baghdadi spread “fire and brimstone” on earth; now he feels it for himself in hell. To all who arranged his change of venue—the intel officers, the President, the warriors—thank you.

      Replying to @MittRomney
      merci, pierre

      Replying to @MittRomney
      Who’s thanking the President, Pierre Delecto or Mitt Romney??

      Replying to @MittRomney
      This must have hurt to type

      Romney’s sanctimonious platitudes are getting old.

    141. Tom says:

      Austere religious scholar? Does that mean Hitler was a committed Germanic nationalist?

    142. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Whose presidential tweets would you be more willing to read, Trump’s or Romney’s?

    143. lisab says:


    144. lisab says:

      In memory of the dogs of war who gave their lives for freedom.

    145. Victrc says:

      On cue the New York Times headline reads

      US gets isis leader despite Trump according to military leaders…

      You can just see and feel how much they ooze hatred for Him and America

    146. lisab says:

      Mitt Romney Reveals He’s Been Running The Wendy’s Twitter Account All Along

    147. lisab says:

      Trump’s Decision To Host Next G7 Summit At Chuck E. Cheese Draws Criticism

    148. lisab says:

      CNN To Give ISIS Equal Time To Respond To Trump

    149. Bitterlaw says:

      147 Romney.. I like sentences and complete thoughts.

    150. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Syrian Democratic Forces commander Mazloum Abdi, also known as Mazloum Kobane, also reported on the news Sunday.

      “Continuing the previous operation, terrorist Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, the right-hand man of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and an ISIS spokesman, was targeted in the village of Ayn al-Bayda, near Jarablus, in direct coordination between SDF intelligence and the U.S. military,” Kobane said.

      Muhajir was named ISIS spokesperson in 2016 after his predecessor, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, was killed in a U.S. airstrike, also in Aleppo. Unlike Baghdadi and Adnani, who were known to be Iraqi and Syrian nationals, respectively, and were openly active in Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Muhajir’s identity was publicly unknown, though his nickname?—meaning “emigrant”?—suggested he may be a foreigner.

      The anonymous militant has offered occasional sermons released via audio messages, and was most recently heard in March, breaking nearly six months of silence as the group’s final strongholds in eastern Syria collapsed. Less than a week after his latest message, Trump claimed victory over ISIS.”

      The U.S. and Syrian Kurds seem to be carrying on likes it business as usual.

    151. Tina says:

      Which Romney is Tweeting?

      Pierre or Quittens?

    152. Tina says:

      Nancy upset, but 10 days ago, she stormed out of the WH. You don’t get the game plan ahead of time, especially with serial liar and Stalinist, Schiffty, who is compromised in more ways than one.


    153. Waingro says:

      Katie Hill resigning from Congress. That didn’t take long!

    154. Bitterlaw says:

      Did Romney admit to the other account or is this just pajama blogger speculation?

    155. lisab says:


    156. SusyQue says:

      ALL D-RAT Marxism presidential candidates are islam appeasers and collaborators, every single one – Harris,Warren, Booker, Biden, Sanders.
      The D-rat Party is in essence the Islamic Party of the US. Only Donald J Trump has the valor to fight for us patriotic Christians of the USA!

    157. lisab says:

      ironically that ssq post might be true

    158. Proud Obamacon says:

      Looks like SSQ and Tina just had their first orgasms in 40 years LOL. Phil too!


    159. Tgca says:

      Seems like WaPo screws up again with its headlines.

      Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.) to resign from Congress amid ethics investigation

      I suggest a more appropriate headline.

      Hypocritical Slutty Skank CA Congresswoman resigns from Congress

    160. Proud Obamacon says:

      Wow, Pussy Grabber in Chief decides to show up for the World Series game. He’s booed big time, LOUD changes of LOCK HIM UP, Nationals owners refuse to sit near him. Nationals team refuse to let him throw out the first pitch. Damn, I almost feel sorry for the racist groper. Oh yeah, he’s a racist and a groper, no sympathy. GTFO Lock Him up! #Impeach.Da.MFer

    161. Phil says:

      Washington DC hates a Republican President.

      I’m shocked I say!!

      How ever will Trump win without carrying the District of Columbia? Oh wait. He Already did.

    162. lisab says:

      hawaiian judge appoints new isis leader

    163. Proud Obamacon says:

      Sorry Phil but I’m sure you know that these are rich white folks that go to World Series games. Even they have turned on your Orange Fantasy on what really should be a good day for him with Baghdadi taken out. Team owners even want nothing to do with the Orange Dip$hit LOL

    164. lisab says:

      rip rbg

    165. Paul says:

      lisab and her death fantasies.

    166. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Sports fans almost always boo politicians at sporting events. Its a message to politicians that they need to stay humble.

      “At Red Sox game, President Obama comes on big screen to recognize Fenway’s 100th anniversary, followed by loud chorus of boos.”

    167. Phil says:

      White suburbanites in northern Va. vote overwhelmingly Democratic. Mostly federal government employees. They didn’t “turn” on Trump because they’ve ALWAYS hated him.

      Hope those fans enjoyed having their asses handed to them by the Astros, BTW. Fun at the old ballpark.

    168. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      This was a great action by Trump.

      “President Donald Trump’s administration rolled out an aggressive plan Tuesday to ship more water from the Delta to farmers in the San Joaquin Valley, a move that’s certain to trigger lawsuits by environmentalists concerned about endangered fish species.
      The move, fulfilling vows Trump made as a candidate and as president, potentially sets up another confrontation with California officials. State officials have previously warned that Trump’s plan would hurt the fish that ply the Delta — and force the state to cut back its own water deliveries through the Delta to make up for the feds’ actions.”

      The three-inch fish in question, by the way, thrives in aquariums and is not going extinct. The cut-off of water has been devastating for farmers in the western Central Valley. Even Democratic politicians realize this, but were afraid to take on the environmental lobby. As usual, they probably will condemn Trump, but not do anything to counteract Trump’s action.

      One of the benefits of Trump is he is willing to make the tough decisions. Sometimes he is right; sometimes wrong; but at least he is in there taking on the inertia.

    169. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – Those Virginia Dems probably loved Trump when he was a Dem and TV star.

    170. Bitterlaw says:

      Breaking News – Nationals fans boo Yankees fan at game. Zzzzzz.

      Sports fans boo powerful people. Phil must never wat h the NFL and NBA drafts where the Commissioners get roasted when they come out on stage to announce a pick.

    171. Wes says:

      Thoughts on GOP chances of picking up the Hill seat in the upcoming special?

    172. Bitterlaw says:

      I expect that a district that would send a liberal woman to Congress will send another liberal to Congress in her place.

    173. Wes says:

      It used to have a moderate man before her.

    174. Hugh says:

      I listened to the video and it sound like more cheers than boos. Still classless to boo democrat or republican.

    175. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #179- Bitter
      Wes is correct. Steve Knight(R) represented the District for a few terms. Knight was one of those seven(7) GOP Congressional candidates who were ahead on election night in 2018, but due to BALLOT HARVESTING late in the campaign, lost by a few thousand votes.
      The District has some ruby red areas like the Antelope Valley and Simi Valley(the Reagans’ resting place and Presidential Library)), but over the last decade, Liberals from LA have moved into the area in mass for affordability purposes.
      FWIW, ex-GOP Congressman, S. Knight, has said that he IS running again for the seat.

    176. Bitterlaw says:

      Hugh – The point was that even in liberal New York, a Dem was booed.

    177. Proud Obamacon says:

      True, sports fan do boo politicians from time to time, not always. I could paste countless Obama videos where he’s being cheered but I won’t. The part about the owners refusing to sit near the Pussy Grabber? The team refusing to let him throw out the first pitch? Damn yall.. LOL

    178. jason says:

      I could paste countless Obama videos where he’s being cheered but I won’t.”


      I can past countless videos where Trump gets cheered but I won’t.

    179. Proud Obamacon says:

      “I can past countless videos where Trump gets cheered but I won’t.”

      Wow, great comeback! Nice job, here’s a treat. So, you won’t post “countless videos” because you can’t. They don’t exist. And the crowd chanting “Lock Him Up”? Yeah sure, that happens to all politicians.. whatever yall ! LOL


    180. jason says:

      Proud Obamacon’s idea of democracy is an 8 hour Fidel Castro speech where everyone cheers and those who don’t are arrested for sedition.

    181. Tina says:

      How the drats began the coup,against trump by weaponizing the failed intelligence agencies. From Lee Smiths book:


    182. jason says:

      And in typical Pravda style, Proud Leninist Maoist didn’t post that even CNN reported:

      “President Donald Trump received a mix of cheers and boos as he was shown to the crowd at the World Series.”

    183. Tina says:

      Operation Katie Mueller is the name of the operation that took out Al-Baghdadi.

      Named after the girl from Arizona who went to Syria to help out on humanitarian grounds.

      Rather than show a picture of her, Faux News shows a picture of F. Mulehead, the failed Fib Director and “head” of the Mulehead investigation.

    184. Tina says:

      Trump up 2 points in Rasmussen.

      Any bump from al-Baghdadi is way too soon.

    185. Tina says:

      Operation Kayla Mueller

      (Sorry for the typo)

    186. Proud Obamacon says:

      “Proud Obamacon’s idea of democracy is an 8 hour Fidel Castro speech”

      “And in typical Pravda style, Proud Leninist Maoist ”

      Damnnnn Jason went to the Castro Pravda Lenin Mao well really early today! Check and mate, sport!

      I feel sorry for him, he has lost the will to fight. Go get a pep talk from your buddies Phil and VC, they will cheer you up looosah! I expect more fight from you next time bub. Cheers.


    187. VictrC says:

      Hey, thanks for the shoutout PO! No need for a pep talk we are all adults and realize that Trump is a polarizing figure, even for those who support him.

      Still, in all, it was a good weekend for him, and for America. As someone who served I am extremely proud of those who helped rid the world of a very heinous man, and to our Kurd allies who worked with us to ensure it happened.

      It should demonstrate to all that we aren’t privy to everything going on behind the scenes and our rush to judgement can sometime make us look foolish. What’s the old argument, when you assume you make an….

    188. jason says:

      I can understand Proud Obamacon’s is having a bad day, the top ISIS terrorist was killed.

      So he seeks solace on Trump boos in DC.

      He called the suicide hotline but Bunu was already on it.

    189. jason says:


      I am sure that at whatever Marxist cesspool blog Proud Obamacommunist comes from, he is probably outraged, I tell you, outraged at Trump’s tweets because they violate good norms of political discoure.

    190. jason says:

      Did Romney admit to the other account or is this just pajama blogger speculation?”

      Bitter doesn’t speak French, or he would have understood what Romney meant when he said “C’est moi”.

    191. Tina says:

      Radcliffe pretty much destroyed Taylor last week. But it is clear that Taylor has Drat ties here:


    192. jason says:

      I thought it was a joke, but it seems like the WAPO obituary on the ISIS terrorist was:

      Austere Islamic scholar at the helm of the Islamic State dies at 48″

      The MSM has really become Pravda.

      Baghdad Bob could not have done better.

    193. jason says:

      According to the WAPO itself:

      “Baghdadi also embraced a kind of extreme brutality that would become the group’s trademark. While his predecessors gained notoriety with videotaped beheadings and bombings of school playgrounds, Mr. Baghdadi reveled in ghoulish displays of violence, often as the subject of elaborately produced videos. His followers carried out mass crucifixions, turned female captives into sex slaves and gleefully executed prisoners by stoning, hacking or burning them alive — always with Mr. Baghdadi’s implicit blessing.”

      A real “scholar”

    194. Phil says:

      I’m sorry, I can’t condone going around and rubbing out scholars. Terrorist? Sure…..but having learned religious scholars killed, absolutely not. This just proves what a barbarian Trump really is. The man is uncivilized.

      As PO says – impeach the MF.

    195. jason says:

      Phil, he was not a barbarian, he was “austere”.

      You don’t want Proud Obamacommunist sending you to reeducation camp.

    196. Wes says:

      turned female captives into sex slaves

      I didn’t know al-Baghdadi and Bob Menendez hung out.

    197. Wobbles says:

      I am besides myself with this horrible distraction.

      Who cares about some ISIS leader when we could be discussing something really important like the latest Trump scandal.

      No I don’t know what the new scandal will be, but I am sure my MSM heros are concocting one as we speak.

      Also checking Avenatti’s tweets, that is usually a gold mine.

    198. lisab says:

      Southfield city clerk charged with 6 felonies tied to November election

      Detroit — Southfield City Clerk Sherikia L. Hawkins was charged Monday with six felony counts over “unauthorized and inaccurate” changes to absentee ballots in the November 2018 election.

      Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson made a joint announcement of the charges in Detroit, calling it a “rare” case.

      “Voting is fundamental to the very essence of our democracy,” Nessel said during a Monday news conference. “It is incumbent upon state governments to safeguard the electoral process and ensure that every voter’s right to cast a ballot is protected.”

      Allegations that Hawkins altered 193 absentee voter records came to light during the 14-day canvass following the election. Benson said the Oakland County Clerk’s Office reported with the Bureau of Elections “the potential for these irregularities and from there we began our investigation.”

    199. jason says:


      Bloodthirsty killer beheads, hacks and burns people alive, turns women into sex slaves?

      Austere scholar

      Trump defends 2nd amendment and proposes wall to keep out illegals?

      Mass murderer

    200. lisab says:

      pablo escobar, world renowned pharmacist, global exporter, family man, dies at 44

    201. lisab says:

      Jamie Lee Curtis
      ?Verified account @jamieleecurtis

      He may have died a coward @realDonaldTrump but ALL living things suffer when they are blown up. Anyone who has experienced warfare, unlike yourself, would know that. War is brutal. Dogs are brave, bold, loyal, loving and healing.

    202. lisab says:

      john wilkes boothe, actor and parkour enthusiast dies at 26

    203. lisab says:

      Abu Al-Baghdadi

      i have information that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of hillary clinton

    204. jason says:

      Jean Bokassa, Emperor of the Central African Republic and gourmet diner, dead at 75

    205. jason says:

      Dogs are brave, bold, loyal, loving and healing”

      Unless you piss them off.

      “State police say a 67-year-old woman has been killed by two coonhounds in her upstate New York home.
      Posted: Sep 11, 2019 10:56 AM”

    206. Wes says:

      How many combat zones has Jamie Lee Curtis been an active participant in?

    207. mnw says:

      191 Tina

      Exactly. Still +1 on Zero on the corresponding date in 2011, btw.


      You must be delighted with your Isles so far.

    208. lisab says:

      Minnesota: Drag Queen Flashes Crotch to Kids at Library Story Hour

    209. jason says:

      I am sure Amoral Scumbag would approve…after all he is a big Pence supporter.

      “Ever since the impeachment inquiry began, Pence has taken the lead in promoting the administration’s policies, traveling 12,000 miles and visiting eight states, mostly to talk up the job creation potential of the trade deal that appears stalled in the House.”

    210. NYCmike says:

      “You must be delighted with your Isles so far.”

      -I must be a pessimist at heart.

      Trying not to watch.

      I like winning streaks more in March/April than in October……but I’ll take the points.

    211. jason says:

      The MSM is winning…

      Seventy percent of millennials in a new poll say that they are somewhat or extremely like to vote for a socialist candidate.

      The YouGov–Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation poll released on Monday also found that 50 percent of millennials, defined as between the ages of 23 and 38, and 51 percent of Generation Z, or those ages 16 to 22, have a somewhat or very unfavorable view of capitalism, an increase of 8 and 6 percentage points, respectively, from last year.

      Only 44 percent of Generation X, 33 percent of baby boomers and 33 percent of the silent generation said they were somewhat or extremely likely to vote for a socialist candidate.”

    212. jason says:

      And that doesn’t even count the support of the useful idiots like Corey and Amoral Scumbag, who think living under socialism is ok as long as it is bad for Trump.

    213. ssq says:

      How many combat zones has Jamie Lee Curtis been an active participant in?”

      Many. She fought brush fires at several homes in Malibu and Beverly Hills.

    214. Waingro says:

      Very Trumpy R+11 district. Can’t imagine it flips.

      Melanie Zanona
      Verified account

      11m11 minutes ago
      NEWS: Oregon Republican Greg Walden to retire in 2020.. story w/ ?@BresPolitico? & ?@allymutnick?

    215. Robbie says:

      Chad Pergram

      GOP OR Rep Greg Walden, top GOPer on Hse Energy/Commerce Cmte, to retire.

      – If Republicans in the House really believed they were going to take back control, someone slated to be a chairman wouldn’t retire.

    216. jason says:

      Elizabeth Drew in USA Today article title:

      “You don’t have to break a law to be impeached. Trump’s defenders need a better argument.”

      Ok, I am glad we took care of that.

      Now we can move on to what non-crime Trump should be impeached for.

    217. Waingro says:

      #222, I highly doubt that District flips, Robbie. It’s VERY Trumpy. It’s possible that Walden has sincere, normal reasons for retiring.

    218. Tina says:

      Interesting article on how Comedy and the Fib set up Flynn.


    219. NYCmike says:

      I am SHOCKED!

      It took Robbie 16 minutes to reply to that comment from Waingro. I was figuring it would be under 5.

    220. Tina says:

      Uh big crimes and misdemeanors kinda implies that a law was broken, unless the presstitute is trying to claim that we live under Stalin.

      Elizabeth Drew in USA Today article title:

      “You don’t have to break a law to be impeached. Trump’s defenders need a better argument.”

    221. jason says:

      If Republicans in the House really believed they were going to take back control, someone slated to be a chairman wouldn’t retire.”

      Zzzzzzz… fake conclusion.

      Amoral Scumbag doesn’t know why Walden is retiring, but thanks for the flyby.

    222. Tina says:

      Maybe China Biden needs to stfu

      Verified account

      8m8 minutes ago
      “I’m glad President Trump ordered the mission. But as more details of the raid emerge, it’s clear that this victory was not due to Donald Trump’s leadership. It happened despite his ineptitude as Commander-in-Chief,” says @JoeBiden in statement about raid targeting #ISIS leader.
      10 replies 5 retweets 8 likes
      Reply 10 Retweet 5 Like 8

      Steve Guest
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @SteveGuest
      Replying to @W7VOA @JoeBiden
      FLASHBACK: Biden was opposed to Bin Laden raid: “Mr. President, my suggestion is don’t go”
      RNC Research

    223. jason says:

      I doubt Amoral Scumbag responded to Wain. He probably saw this over at one of his leftist cesspools and thought maybe it was bad for Trump.

    224. Tina says:

      China should mention that his administration gave an early release to al-Baghdadi.

      He and the obumbler subsequently armed isis (statement by Francois Kerry’s) and franchised it.

    225. jason says:

      It happened despite his ineptitude as Commander-in-Chief,”

      So Trump ordered the raid and it was successful.

      I certainly look forward to more instances of this type of “ineptitude”.

    226. jason says:

      It’s possible that Walden has sincere, normal reasons for retiring.”

      Well, of course.

      But that wouldn’t be “bad for Trump”.

      The reason Amoral Scumbag wants Rs to lose the House and Senate is because, well, that would be “bad for Trump”.

    227. Tina says:

      Is this a Jebot? Prof is in the pudding. Caliphate that spanned 3 countries under obumbler has a tiny strip and leader taken out like a dog.

      David Freedlander
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @freedlander
      Is there any evidence that Trump was singularly focused on Baghdadi, as he says he was?
      8:45 AM – 28 Oct 2019

    228. Wobbles says:

      I highly doubt that District flips, Robbie.”

      Hope springs eternal.

    229. Tina says:

      Biden had no problems instructing the Obumbler not to take out Osama.

    230. ssq says:

      You must be delighted with your Isles so far.”

      NYC, which islands are you on?

      British or Caribbean?

    231. Tina says:

      Please do, the jebots need more triggering.

      Follow Follow @gatewaypundit
      BREAKING: President Trump Says He May Release al-Baghdadi Raid Video https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/10/breaking-president-trump-says-he-may-release-al-baghdadi-raid-video/ … via @gatewaypundit

    232. Wes says:

      Kay Hagan has passed.


    233. Wes says:

      Mikey is officially sad:

      Alabama appears uninterested in employing the Mikey Maneuver against Doug Jones again next year:


    234. NYCmike says:

      “NYC, which islands are you on?

      British or Caribbean?”

      -Jamaican………me crazy!

    235. Phil says:

      Yeah, Jones won’t be able to count on Roy Moore saving his seat. Bye bye Roy and bye bye Doug Jones. Good riddance to both.

    236. NYCmike says:


      -I’ll repeat: I usually don’t post on the ups and downs of the stock market, because like TDS, the market is affected by FEELINGS in the short-term.

      BUT, in this case, I wanted to once again point out that neither Robbie nor “CG”, who have mentioned the drops of the stock market in the last 3 years, have NEVER TRUMPeted the Highs.

      Typical behavior from overly-emotional TDS-affected millenials.

    237. Waingro says:

      “Kay Hagan has passed.


      Always seemed like a sweet person. Went out gracefully in 2014 and would probably be a “centrist” in today’s nutjob leftist Dem party. If she hadn’t caved into Dingy Harry on Obamacare, she might have been re-elected. RIP.

    238. NYCmike says:

      “Always seemed like a sweet person.”



    239. Waingro says:

      #246, ha! I never speak ill of the dead either way, but she definitely seemed like one of the few “nicer” politicians in DC.

    240. Wes says:

      Don’t be fooled, Wain. Hagan was a loyal Dem footsoldier who went scorched earth to try to hold her seat. Fortunately for Tarheels, Obama was toxic here by that time, thus dooming her.

    241. Waingro says:

      #248, I’ll always defer to you, Wes, on NC politics (and numerous other topics), but was just going based on what I had seen.

      And don’t get me wrong: I’m still VERY happy Tillis won that seat.

    242. Tina says:

      The Canine that hunted Al Baghadi is a hero.

      The canines name is [redacted].

    243. Tina says:

      Undercover Huber

      14m14 minutes ago
      Day 1 “the photo was staged and Trump was golfing”

      Day 2 “Baghdadi wasn’t a coward, he died bravely”

      Day 3 “the dog is alt right”

    244. lisab says:

      interestingly, the usa military told

      the kurds
      the turks
      the syrians
      the iranians

      about the raid beforehand … and there were no leaks

      but they would not tell pelosi

    245. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Trump was right to not tell Pelosi. The hatred Pelosi and the Democrats have for Trump is so toxic that they might have compromised the military mission for political brownie points

    246. Tina says:

      Trump was right because in 2015 or 2016, the planned operation against al Baghdadi failed, when it was leaked to the ny slimes .

      That was there best chance to get him, at the time.

    247. Tina says:

      Breaking, in a reversal, the jebots admit that they were not open in their “impeachment hoax.”

      Chad Pergram
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @ChadPergram
      Pelosi consistently resisted the idea of bringing a resolution to the flr to codify the the impeachment inquiry. Just 2 wks, ago, Pelosi rebuffed my question when I asked why she wouldn’t call the GOPs bluff & bring up such a resolution. Now Dems will bring a measure to the flr

    248. NYCmike says:

      And in other news, it looks like Wes has just received his certificate in Roman Numerals!

      Way to go, Wes!

    249. dblaikie says:

      Make no mistake, this reversal about not having an official impeachment vote is a defeat for the dems. For all the media spin about how terrible the GOP folks were with the break-in to the meeting it had its effect. But the killer was the action by Graham, when he got fifty senators to sign his resolution it was the death knell to secret proceedings and controlled leaking.

      However behind all of this looms a bigger threat. Not the Durham stuff, that is going to be in the dark for months. It is the IG report. When word came out that it would explain why Durham is now a criminal investigation it shouted that it will reveal corruption in 2016 and beyond. I believe that Pelosi needs to get a vote before the report is released because after she hemorrhage votes daily. So to avoid total defeat, she is going to make many of her members walk the plank. Yes she will get the votes. But in the end the Trump Derangement that she bows to will wreck havoc on the Democratic Party. Bring on the vote. Pass the popcorn.

    250. John says:

      I’m really having a hard time trying to follow Nancy Pelosi and Democrats on this new resolution vote on Wednesday.
      As I understand this will be a vote to affirm the non vote on the ‘official’ not quite official non voting on impeachment inquiry.
      Got it. Maybe not.
      Why do I get the feeling that Ms. Pelosi, Schiff, and the Democrats don’t have the votes, don’t have the evidence and most important…don’t have the nerve.

    251. CG says:

      I think there is some confusion here.

      The process is pretty much right where it was at this point in the Nixon and Clinton impeachment actions.

      Of course there will eventually be public votes, both in committee(s) and in the full House for Articles of Impeachment.

    252. Wes says:

      In other news, Mikey is still a moron. Way to go, Mikey!

    253. Tina says:

      Piglosi is making this up, using Soviet system as a reference,
      What a disaster for Piglosi and soviet schiftty.

    254. dblaikie says:

      I remember the Watergate hearing quite well and they are nothing like this nonsense. Back then the House piggybacked off of the hearings held by Sam Ervin’s Judiciary Committee. Those hearing were open and fair!!

      I don’t know why CG and Robbie want to go down this Impeachment route with a GOP Senate. If Trump is as bad as they claim, well then, simply beat him in November. All this proves is that Dems don’t think that they can.

    255. Tina says:

      The handling of the 302 is the issue here. Clearly made up,and does not match the agents notes. Also, entrapment and a 6th amendment violation.

      BREAKING: Judge Sullivan has cancelled the upcoming General Flynn hearing reportedly in order to review new evidence received from Flynn attorney Sidney Powell – @OANN

    256. NYCmike says:

      “The process is pretty much right where it was at this point in the Nixon and Clinton impeachment actions.”

      -Why don’t you take us through the process, “CG”.

      Show how each has been similar.

    257. Tina says:

      Sidney Powell is a huge upgrade from his previous counsel, which had a conflict of interest since they also handled fara disclosures.

      When Flynn gets his dismissal, he will sue his former counsel as well as the gubment for damage

    258. Tina says:

      Piglosi is panicking. There are polls suggesting a 10 point drop after last weeks disastrous hearings and the opposition in the battleground states.

    259. CG says:

      There will be public hearings probably at the end of next month in regards to impeachment.

      It was right to impeach Clinton and it is right to impeach Trump. We can speculate about what might happen in the Senate as that gets closer. It’s not really the most relevant aspect though. Congress has the responsibility to do what is right in situations like this.

      Yes, there will still be an election in 2020. If Trump “gets away with it”, I think that works to the Democrats’ favor. That is not to say the eventual Democrat nominee may not have other political liabilities and problems.

    260. Tina says:

      I cannot wait until the rooster or Guiliani call Soviet Schiftty to the witness stand.

      This would be worth a front row seat.

      So, what is your relation to the whistleblower.

      Do you know Ed buck?

    261. CG says:

      Same as Benghazi also.

      Private interviews of witnesses to get information. Then, public hearings, then votes, then the trial.

      The only thing that might be different is they didn’t take a first vote to start everything else.

      Ok, if you want to criticize that, go ahead, but it’s not really all that relevant. We will all know how every House member and eventually every Senator will vote and that is the way it should be.

    262. Tina says:

      There is no crime and no process.

      But please impeach him.


    263. CG says:

      Trump will certainly have the right to a legal defense in the Senate. The Gowdy thing is already over. It is announced he will not take that position.

      Can Giuliani defend Trump in the Senate while also being a key witness himself? (Giuliani is under Justice Department investigation himself now). I sort of doubt it and for Trump’s sake, he will need a less risky choice for public consumption than Giuliani.

    264. Tina says:


      The Flynn 302 doesn’t even match the FBI Agents’ notes.

      Agent Notes: “I don’t remember making 4-5 calls.”

      302: “Flynn remembered making four to give calls that day about this issue.”

      Lisa page, I never made any edits.

      Lisa page, well there is evidence that you made evidence at the request of your boyfriend.

      Lisa Page, well let look at my notes.

    265. Phil says:

      It’s a political race. She needs to move before the IG report comes out, because that won’t help her cause.

    266. Phil says:

      Please impeach.


    267. CG says:

      Democrats think they have a political goldmine with this story (and I tend to agree.) Pelosi is going to try to drag it out. She thinks she can wait for more divisions to develop among Republicans. Clearly, the initial public opinion moved sharply against Trump. There is yet to be any evidence that has changed. If it does, we will know.

      In being scared and defensive, I think some people who like Trump are overthinking all this.

    268. Tina says:

      Not declassified, the canine hero, should be invited to the SOTU.


    269. CG says:

      Phil and I agree that the impeachment should go forward, but it’s really the last thing Trump wants, and for good reason.

    270. Tina says:

      There is no evidence of what you alleged, but go ahead and vote to impeach.

    271. Tina says:

      No trump wants it, believe me he does.

      Go ahead, it is Piglosi changing the rules and Soviet Schiffty rutterless that don’t want it

    272. Tina says:

      koning ? Retweeted

      Kevin McCarthy
      Verified account

      52m52 minutes ago
      It’s been 34 days since Nancy Pelosi unilaterally declared her impeachment inquiry.

      Today’s backtracking is an admission that this process has been botched from the start.

      We will not legitimize the Schiff/Pelosi sham impeachment.
      2,868 replies 4,085 retweets 11,192 likes

    273. CG says:

      All the evidence needed has been stated by the principal defendant both in writing and to television cameras.

      Ultimately, this is a question of if the American people think it was wrong or not. Politicians will follow the voters. They want to keep their jobs.

      (but let’s admit it. We all know it to be true. If there was a “secret ballot” on removing Trump… not that such a thing would be remotely appropriate, the vast majority of Republican Members of Congress would take the opportunity to get rid of him immediately.)

    274. Tina says:

      The vote is a clear indication that she is worried about the polls worsening for her and the Ig report, and the Durham criminal investigation into the Russian Hoax.

    275. Tina says:

      The soviets love secret ballots- what gibberish.

    276. Tina says:

      The Durham criminal investigation and the imminent ig report caused her great concern while Botoxic got her latest treatment.

    277. CG says:

      A “secret ballot” would certainly be unconstitutional and un-American.

      I am just stating what we all truly know would be the result of a secret ballot.

      Republicans in Congress stand by Trump publicly because they are scared not to. They are looking for any political cover they can find to walk away from that.

      Perhaps it will not happen until the 2020 election though.

    278. CG says:

      Sorry for offering a contrarian view, but I don’t think anyone in America beyond those firmly locked in their tribes gives a damn about the “Durham Report.”

      What Trump has admitted to doing and what others have admitted the Administration has done and what witnesses are likely to testify to involving the Ukraine is fairly easy to understand for the average American though, easier than the Russian allegations.

      Trump is going to have a hard time defending it.

    279. Tina says:

      I emailed scalisle, the wh, and several others. I told them to use the word “Soviet” in their statements on impeachment.
      Thinking maybe, they read it.

      Steve Scalise
      Pelosi let Schiff hold secret hearings and leak misleading info to attack @realDonaldTrump for weeks.

      Now she wants a vote to “formalize” a process that’s already tainted.

      Dems aren’t trying to change their Soviet-style impeachment process, they’re formally endorsing it.

      2:14 PM – Oct 28, 2019

    280. CG says:

      When Scalise starts taking advice from Tina, y’all need to worry.

    281. Tina says:

      You don’t give a sheot about the Durham investigstion because you fell badly for the Russian hoax.

      Sorry, senile Fuhrer Mulehead and Benito wiseacres failed.

    282. Phil says:

      She thinks she can wait for more divisions among Republicans.

      Yeah, Romney is very persuasive.

    283. CG says:

      Romney might prove to be persuasive in the end. Time will tell. I always thought he ran for the Senate precisely for a moment like this.

      Irregardless, he is doing the right thing and abiding by his oath. History will remember that.

    284. Tina says:

      Romney and his alter ego Pierre Ryano.

      There’s two.

    285. Hugh says:

      CG. Where is your evidence of gop divisions? Romney was already out there. The other totally expected yet even sasse signed on as did retiring senators to grahams resolution. This is turning against the dems. Their high water mark was a couple weeks ago.

    286. Phil says:

      Yes, Romney is a real profile in courage. I’m sure the Republican senators are just chomping at the bit to follow him off a cliff.

    287. Tina says:

      Maybe add the Maine Chicklet,

      Another one, and more likely imo, is the useless Alaska Senator that votes Drat anyway.

      Enema may swing to Trump though, she acts more conservative on border enforcement than the other R Senators did.

    288. CG says:

      They had to greatly water down the resolution to get the additional signatures. It’s just about “process.” It’s not a defense of Trump. That comes in the future.

      Just generally speaking on Syria and some other things over the past couple of weeks, I think there has been some signs of GOP division and fatigue over Trump.

      I have no idea how far that might go or how quickly, but we can be assured that politicians are watching the polls. If the dam breaks, it will break very fast and the undertow will be massive.

    289. Tina says:

      There are no divisions on impeachment, other than maybe the sicko, Pierre

    290. Phil says:

      Yesterday Lowry had a really good article on where the Republican Senate is with regards to any trial. They aren’t cracking. They know very well if they do Republicans will look at any vote to convict as a betrayal and that it would be curtains for the Republican ticket in November. While it may thrill Corey and Robbie the Republican base would walk and that would be all she wrote. They aren’t stupid. While a Democratic sweep might not bother C & R it would bother Republicans in the senate who don’t want to be swept out of power in the electoral bloodbath.

    291. Tina says:

      They are going the obstruction route i their Soviet hearings.

      Failure to inform the drats on al baghadi

      Invoking executive privilege.

      The problem is neither of these two are impeachable.

      A claim of executive privilege is litigated in court and a valid defense.

    292. CG says:

      The House will vote to impeach. They do not need any Republican votes for that, although they will probably get a handful.

      Since the Senate is the actual “jury”, it would be inappropriate now for anybody to reach a final conclusion. Time will tell what will happen.

      Just pointing out from an historical perspective that if one Republican votes guilty it will be the first time in American history that a Senator ever voted to convict a President of his or her own party.

    293. Tina says:

      Yes, impeach.

      Let’s do it.

    294. CG says:

      I didn’t agree with Lowry’s piece, even though I am not suggesting that Trump is certain or even likely to get enough votes against him to convict.

      But Republican Senators will be looking at the polls in their states. The Trump team is going to have to put on a strong defense on why they did what they did because the initial reaction from America has been pretty negative against it.

    295. Tina says:

      For our PA posters

      Interesting article here on voter registration:


    296. CG says:

      While we probably all agree that Doug Jones is likely to lose one way or another next year (unless Roy Moore is nominated), the political pressure is most on the Republican Senators up for reelection in 2020 in states where Trump is not popular.

      If people vote against Republicans because of impeachment, it seems more likely it will be because they opposed it.

      Otherwise, it’s like the cockamamie argument that Republicans had massive 2018 midterm losses because they weren’t able to get rid of Obamacare. All the evidence suggests that the political reality was that there massive Republican losses because Republicans tried to get rid of Obamacare.

    297. Tina says:

      I ordered five copies. 4 to give out as gifts.

      Lee Smith

      10h10 hours ago
      “Obama’s Dossier”—How Trump’s predecessor set the coup in motion. Thanks @FDRLST for running excerpt from my new book—”The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.”

    298. CG says:

      Lee Smith, now in the HOF, was my favorite player as a young child. #46.

    299. Phil says:

      I believe Senator Ross from Kansas was a Republican who voted against conviction of President Johnson. He was the deciding vote and faced enormous pressure. Kennedy devoted a full chapter in his Profiles in Courage book.

    300. CG says:

      Thank you to Phil and Hugh for being reasonably civil in this discussion.

      Once I am gone from the blog and cannot respond, it will be open season for jason to call me “human scum”, etc. That’s the way things work here.

    301. CG says:

      And there were Republicans who voted to acquit Clinton.

      No Democrat ever voted guilty on Johnson or Clinton though.

      (Would have happened to Nixon had he not resigned)

    302. Tina says:

      Margot,Cleveland thinks he is ruling on the briefs presented by Flynn’s lawyer, but the judge could be waiting for the ig report to drop.

      Another thing here, judge Sullivan inherited this case as the first judge, Contreras, was kicked off the case, after Flynn pleaded. Nobody knows what conflict of interest Contreras had, or why he was kicked off. It could be because Pete the cheat and the mistress stated that they were “personal friends” of the judge.

      BREAKING: Judge Sullivan canceled hearing because of “comprehensive briefing.” He’s going to rule on the briefs.

    303. Phil says:

      I ordered a copy for me and one for my sister, Tina.

    304. Tina says:

      It is a great book judging by the initial articles, Phil.

      In honest disclosure, I reached out to him in early February and shared some things with him.

      There are white hats in gubment and out, including those that retired.

    305. Phil says:

      Don’t know for sure what he will do, of course, but it would make sense if Judge Sullivan is indeed waiting on the IG report.

    306. Hugh says:

      I try very hard to be civil. I think I got nasty with Robbie once. Unlike obamacon who doesn’t pretend to be something other than he is Robbie is just a dem troll.

    307. CG says:

      Robbie isn’t a Democrat or a troll. He just has his own style at times. Others here who like Trump for that style, and who act like that themselves really ought to keep that in mind. Not saying that applies specifically to you.

    308. Tina says:

      Phil, I still go back to the original 302.

      It is missing.

      It does not match the agents notes. They could be returned to an agent to fix grammar and spelling errors, but are never re written (by McCabe or the mistress).

      But that is my opinion.

    309. Bitterlaw says:

      I do not understand the posters who think it would be a benefit to Trump to be impeached. Right now, the Trump haters and the Trump supporters are fixed and unchangeable In their views. It is impossible to predict how the few people who can go either way would react. It is extremely unlikely to impossible that Trump would be removed from office. However, running for re-election as an impeached President is not a strength.

    310. CG says:

      I tend to agree with almost all of #318.

    311. Tina says:

      I also point out that Flynn told them that why would he lie since the agents had the illegally obtained call transcript.

      As part of the Brady disclosure, the fib will not re produce this document (and they cannot reproduce the original 302).

    312. Tina says:

      Alternatively, Flynn’s latest filing is quite comprehensive and the judge likely needs some time to go through it,

      Sullivan dislikes malfeasance by the gubment.

      He has sanctioned corrupt gubment officials before.

    313. NYCmike says:

      “Romney might prove to be persuasive in the end. Time will tell. I always thought he ran for the Senate precisely for a moment like this.”



    314. Tina says:

      Nobody knows what Piglosi wants to vote on, but it’s clear she is desperate.

      Sarah Ferris
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @sarahnferris
      @AlexNBCNews asks Pelosi to comment on the impeachment resolution:

      Response: “It’s not an impeachment resolution.”
      2:36 PM – 28 Oct 2019

    315. Bitterlaw says:

      Robbie and CG are not trolls but they are delusional. The next President will either be deeply flawed Trump or the most hard core leftist ever elected President. That is it.

      It would be like standing on a sinking ship but refusing to get in the lifeboat because you don’t like the sailor in charge of the lifeboat. Trump is the last lifeboat and saying, “Well, I will just refuse to drown” is not going to save you.

    316. NYCmike says:

      “However, running for re-election as an impeached President is not a strength.”

      -Running as a reality show host wasn’t a strength either………isn’t that correct, Mr. President?

    317. NYCmike says:

      “CG” inhabits the moral high ground. The leftists can’t touch him there.

    318. CG says:


      “Any nation that can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a Master and deserves one.”

      said by the guy who you love the musical about.

      As an American, I don’t need a “lifeboat.” I will continue to take part in our democracy. My side will sometimes win and sometimes lose but it’s always worth fighting for and those who betray it such as Trump need to be held responsible. I genuinely feel bad for those who think they must rely on Donald Trump to be their Master and Savior.

    319. Bitterlaw says:

      It actually was a strength, NYC. He could run as the ultimate outsider. He had millions of fans and for week after week showed his decision making process. His celebrity apprentice shows generated millions for charity.

    320. CG says:

      If he winds up running for reelection as a guy who “got off” from an impeachment conviction in which the American people thought he deserved, it’s going to be especially hard for him (and those in his party who stood by him), because the American people will want to do what the “jury” failed to do.

      It would be like nominating O.J.in the mid 90s.

    321. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Not a good day for the Washington Post; after the uproar over the reference to the al-Baghdadi as a “religious scholar”, now this:

      “A federal judge in Kentucky has reopened the $250 million defamation case filed by a Covington Catholic student against the Washington Post after dismissing it in July, allowing the lawsuit to proceed but narrowing its focus.”

    322. Bitterlaw says:

      Hamilton was also too stupid to arrange for Burr to also shoot at the sky (an acceptable resolution then that showed honor had been satisfied) so he was not always right.

    323. Tina says:

      Glad that the classified name,was not released for the hero dog.

      After all, seal team classified info was given out stupidly by China Biden after the BIN laden raid.

      The same raid that China Biden was opposed.

      He sure is a mess.

    324. Bitterlaw says:

      Corey probably thinks that President Warren or President Sanders would keep ordering hits on ISIS.

    325. Tina says:

      Grassley appears to have opened up,an investigstion into Crsck Rock Biden several months ago.

      Paging Goober, where are your subpoenas.

      Do something with your power, other then trying to start wars against the world.

    326. Tina says:

      I think Her Thighness is getting in since China Biden went wobbly and the Ca Senator thst is running called her supporters racist because they cannot support the first woman, black American.


    327. John says:

      Did I ignite something with my post…#259?
      Again, it has been 34 days since Ms. Pelosi came out in front of the cameras as announced on Sept. 24 that a ‘formal’ impeachment inquiry would commence.
      Except no vote had taken place. And since then…no votes.
      You can call it an ‘official’ yet non-official that did not have an ‘official’ vote to start an ‘official’ impeachment inquiry.
      Translation…nothing has really started other than a partisan ‘witch hunt’ aiming to damage the president.
      This ‘vote’ is actually a vote to affirm a ‘non-vote’ for an impeachment inquiry that really hasn’t been ‘officially’ started.

    328. Phil says:

      I like impeachment. Juices turnout for our side. I am kind of watching my elderly mom. She’s a squishy soft Republican. Never really has talked about politics much and to tell you the truth I think she just voted R because of the influence my late dad had over her. Now? She a rabid Republican all of a sudden. Impeachment is all she wanted to rant about this morning when I called her. That’s a good sign for Trump although it’s just one person. Still, it was completely out of character for her to act like that especially since she never hardly mentioned Trump before.

    329. Wes says:

      Despite what that play told you, Bitter, Hamilton was also white rather than black.

      Just FYI.

    330. Tina says:

      I have spoken to 3 liberal friends.

      They hate trump, maybe even more than the jebots. They are so political that they put bumper stickers on their cars.

      They say that impeachment will just give trump a 2nd term.


    331. Phil says:

      2016 Presidential Vote – West Virginia:

      Trump 68% Hillary 26%

      You know what Democrat is not looking forward to a trial in the Senate?

      You guessed it. Joe Manchin.

      Enjoy, Joe.

    332. Tina says:

      We could get three drats in the Senate to offset Pierre and the Alaska fake R, who needs to be primaried.


      Alabama Senator


    333. Tina says:

      Collins appears to be against. She is hostile to Piglosi because she is a strict follower of rules.

      Chad Pergram
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @ChadPergram
      GOP ME Sen Collins on Dems now setting up an impeafhment process vote:
      There should have been a vote a while ago

      Collins on the merits of the resolution, even though no one has seen it:
      It makes it hard to judge
      3:33 PM – 28 Oct 2019

    334. Bitterlaw says:

      The casting concept was brilliant, Wes. Every lyric is brilliant and the use of rap was great. You should see it.

    335. Tina says:

      What’s has Adam been doing in the basement?

      Chad Pergram
      Verified account

      5m5 minutes ago
      Scalise: What Adam Schiff has been doing in this basement in secret for the last few weeks, is a very tainted process that is Soviet style justice, frankly. And so anything that would try to condone this Soviet style process for the last few weeks really doesn’t fix the problems

    336. Tina says:

      Classified Canine gets invite to the Wh

    337. lisab says:

      Biden claims he “got started out of an HBCU, Delaware State” when he did not

    338. lisab says:

      FBI Vault just unsealed 324 pages. “What role the US Intel Community played in child sexual abuse and the group known as “THE FINDERS?”

    339. lisab says:

      ISIS spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, considered potential al-Baghdadi successor, also killed in Syria, official says

    340. lisab says:

      after examining the dna remains of al baghdadi,

      cia finds he had more native american blood than warren

    341. jason says:

      Actually, a lot of people that want Trump impeached will admit he didn’t commit any impeachable offense.

      Corey probably doesn’t either, but can’t help himself.

      The ends justify the means. Make a mockery of the system and the Constitution for some fleeting political gain.

      One can only hope it backfires on the Dems. Because if it doesn’t we have a new rule where if you don’t like the President’s policies you impeach him.

    342. lisab says:

      Club for Growth President: Utah Republicans ‘Disgusted’ with Mitt Romney on Impeachment

    343. jason says:

      Since the Senate is the actual “jury”, it would be inappropriate now for anybody to reach a final conclusion. Time will tell what will happen.”


      Trump is not going anywhere, I think its entirely appropriate to make that prediction now.

      If Corey wants to declare victory now because Romney might vote for impeachment, fine.

      The real victory is that Trump will be acquitted, which by the way, is what should happen.

      The “Republicans will be looking at polls” BS implies Rs will suddenly be onboard with this shameless charade.

      I highly doubt it.

    344. lisab says:

      George Papadopoulos to run for Katie Hill’s house seat

    345. jason says:

      Pelosi didn’t want impeachment. I doubt she wants this vote. But the moonbats have control of the party and she is forced to comply.

      The whole process is a mess. Contrary to what Corey said above, it’s nothing like Clinton’s impeachment.

      People like Schiff are running this, not Pelosi. That is good for Trump.

      But I agree with Bitter that impeachment is not good for Trump, and in my view it does not, as some think, ensure his win in 2020.

      The fact is impeachment was inevitable since the day Sessions recused himself and Rosenstein appointed a SC. That sealed the deal. The only question since is what charge the Dems were going to invent.

      Now we know.

    346. lisab says:

      “Trump is not going anywhere…”

      if pelosi had the polls behind her

      the vote would have happened already

      she just doesn’t have the popular support with indies

    347. jason says:

      Scalise: What Adam Schiff has been doing in this basement in secret for the last few weeks, is a very tainted process that is Soviet style justice, frankly. And so anything that would try to condone this Soviet style process for the last few weeks really doesn’t fix the problems”

      That is it, in a nutshell. Extremely well said. Soviet style process. There are other words. Circus. Kangaroo trial.

      This is what Romney and the Never Trumpers are endorsing.

      They should know better.

    348. lisab says:

      Coming soon to a Theater near you…

      zero bark thirty

    349. jason says:

      orry for offering a contrarian view, but I don’t think anyone in America beyond those firmly locked in their tribes gives a damn about the “Durham Report.”

      Wow. Corey must really be worried about it if he is already promoting the MSM view of the Durham report before it is even out.

      Translation: “I don’t care what it says because I am afraid it vindicates Trump”.


    350. lisab says:

      “CNN Uncovers Evidence Hero Dog Sniffed Dozens Of Butts Back In College”.

    351. NYCmike says:

      The fact that “CG” believes the MSM line about the popular opinion being against an impeached President Trump, the better I feel about Trump’s chances. “CG” was wrong in a YUGE way back in 2016, and he has only gotten more delusional towards Trump.

      NOW, he is supportive of Schiff and secret tribunals down in the government basement. What would his grandmother think about that?

    352. NYCmike says:


      -Sandmann may get his day in court after all!

      Sunlight is the best disinfectant……even though “CG” disagrees.

    353. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – It is better to win than lose at this stage but the suit against the Washington Post May still never get to a jury. When this discovery is over, the newspaper’s attorney will probably file a Motion for Summary Judgment.

    354. Bitterlaw says:

      Here is the rule on a Motion.


      Essentially, WAPO would argue “here are the facts. The law is on our side. Suck it.” It is not easy to win since judges prefer to let a jury decide.

    355. lisab says:

      what does the washington post know about facts?

      that is like asking the boston globe about not plagiarizing

    356. lisab says:

      AP Caught Colluding with Weissmann to Target Manafort! Judicial Watch has the docs!

    357. lisab says:

      California Attorney General argues that killing abortion survivors is not infanticide

    358. lisab says:

      Biden denied communion at SC parish

    359. lisab says:

      california is on fire

      the live cams of the fire are down

    360. jason says:

      I think Glenn Reynolds has the right philosophy.

      Worry when the Dems have 67 votes in the Senate to impeach.

    361. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      National Democratic Primary:
      Biden 32% (+2 Change since last week)
      Sanders 20% (+2)
      Warren 20% (-1)
      Buttigieg 7% (+1)
      Harris 6% (-)
      Yang 3% (-)
      Booker 2% (-1)
      Gabbard 2% (+1)
      Klobuchar 2% (-)
      O’Rourke 2% (-1)
      @MorningConsult Poll

      My impression is that Biden’s poll numbers continue to hold because Democratic voters realize the other leading candidates are too extreme.

      Several polls indicate that Warren’s numbers held or fell after the last debate. She does come across like the Church Lady who will empower the Fun Police.

    362. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      370. “california is on fire the live cams of the fire are down.”

      About two weeks ago I took a side route to avoid I-5 as fires were burning in the Santa Clarita area. Got on I-5 too far north, and found myself driving along hillsides that were on fire. Was not worried until saw some of the wooden posts holding up the freeway guard rails were also on fire.

      Fire is a natural part of the ecosystem in California. Chaparral and other types of California vegetation require fire to propagate and thrive. Despite this, people continue to build houses in the middle of vegetation that has biologically evolved to burn. Your seeing the results. Its not global warming; its human stupidity.

    363. Wes says:

      California is a state grossly mismanaged by its politicians. One can but wonder when the Golden State will hit the breaking point and begin electing people to actually reform that mess and make the state one attractive to businesses and residents old and new again.

    364. Bitterlaw says:

      My sister-in-law moved to Coronado when her husband retired from the Army. She visited over the weekend. She could not believe gas was 2.86 here instead of $5. She paid for dinner one night and said in California, the restaurants add a surcharge on the bill to pay the staff but you are also expected to tip them. She was following reports of the wild fires. I asked her if there was any reason to live there other than the warm weather and hating snow. She said not really.

    365. jason says:

      I hope Johnson’s gambit works.

      The situation of the Brits is similar to ours.

      Just like the Dems and never Trumpers cannot accept Trump won, the losers of the Brexit referendum cannot accept they lost.

    366. jason says:

      Once I am gone from the blog and cannot respond, it will be open season for jason to call me “human scum”, etc. That’s the way things work here.”

      I think it’s time for a bet.

      If Corey can find a post where I ever called him “human scum” I will send $1000 to his favorite charity. If he can’t, the York Co. ASPCA dogs get $1000. Deal?

      Amoral Scumbag is human scum. Corey is just a vindictive, judgmental, petty, sanctimonious and delusional ass.

    367. jason says:

      the live cams of the fire are down”

      They caught fire?

    368. dblaikie says:

      These witnesses crack me up. Earth to the Democrats WE HAVE A TRANSCRIPT OF THE CALL! Now unless this Lt. Col. can tell us that the transcript is not accurate, he needs to be thanked for his service to the Country and sent home.

    369. jason says:

      One can but wonder when the Golden State will hit the breaking point and begin electing people to actually reform that mess and make the state one attractive to businesses and residents old and new again.”

      Never, unfortunately.

      California is the new Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia… no matter how much mismanagement or corruption or even how unhappy the citizens are with the situation, the party has a lock on power, and that lock is getting more consolidated every day.

    370. jason says:

      hese witnesses crack me up. Earth to the Democrats WE HAVE A TRANSCRIPT OF THE CALL! Now unless this Lt. Col. can tell us that the transcript is not accurate, he needs to be thanked for his service to the Country and sent home.”

      Right. He was “concerned” about the call.


    371. Victrc says:

      381. interesting point. We have the transcript and no one is debating its veracity, so what exactly are the witnesses testifying to?

    372. jason says:

      The strategy is to bring forth witnesses, release selected portions, so the MSM can drive the narrative.

      So “Lt. Col expressed concerns about the call” is the headline, rather than “we know what was in the call and there was nothing impeachable in it”.

    373. dblaikie says:

      Now I know Wormtongue will harangue about it, about how he hates Rasmussen polls and loves media polls. But Trump has now climbed to 46% in its daily poll of likely voters.

    374. jason says:

      So over and under on how many Dems say no to Pelosis’ BS impeachment vote and how many Republicans say yes?

      My inclination is to say 0 and 0, but some Dems may get a pass to vote no.

      So far there was one FL R that said he might consider impeachment, any other others? Probably one or two Paulbots?

    375. Tina says:

      This new guy lies.

      He states something that is not in the transcript.

      He is also not the president.

    376. Tina says:

      Vindman is trying to criminalize foreign policy,

      He does not like the way the president conducts it.

      But it’s his executive power to conduct foreign policy,

      Recourse is not impeachment, but a general,election.

    377. Phil says:

      So essentially we are looking at a party line vote in the House on impeachment and then a party line acquittal in the Senate.


    378. dblaikie says:

      I believe that Nancy will let 12 dems in the most vulnerable districts vote no. I bet 3 in the GOP won’t be able to overcome TDS.

    379. VictrC says:

      dbl…the problem with Pauliacs/Paulbotts like Amash joining in the impeachment vote it gives the MSM and Dems the ability to say it was a bi-partisan impeachment, disregarding the fact that it will be 99% Dem and 1% Republican (in name only as they are really Paulbots) (Literally 1%. 2/220+)

      That is all the media will run with though.

      The ironic and sad thing is that they would be doing this if it had been Pence elected, Haley elected even “The One” who the TDS backers want, Romney. The would have found impeachable events with any R who was President because they didn’t like the results of the election. I thought it was bad under Bush, but its off the rails now, and any R who thinks by being complicit with them and the media they will be let off the hook, they are sadly mistaken.

      What is happening now will happen every single time an R is President and the Dems gain control of the House. Even without control they will run with that meme in the media, thereby staining any Republican President.

    380. jason says:

      Amash is no longer a Republican, so no “bipartisan” vote there.

    381. jason says:

      It would be good if Rs could hold together on this.

      so anyway my over under is:

      D – 4 R +1

      dblaikie has it

      D -12 R +3

    382. John says:

      I find it interesting that Katie Hill (CA 25) resigns on Sunday with her last day this Friday…whereas Pelosi announces a ‘resolution’ vote on Thursday – or the day before Ms. Hill leaves.
      Perhaps Pelosi doesn’t have the votes?

    383. VictrC says:

      Jason…the media and Dems count Amash as a bi-partisan vote and refer to him as a Republican who left be cause of Trump, rather than as an independent Iwhich ironically Sanders was for years).

      On the over under I say

      D+6. R+2. (There will always be Paulbots who are trying to ruin the party and they can claim that mantle by voting for impeachment)

    384. John says:

      During Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman’s opening statement he said he believed “it was not proper to ‘demand’ a foreign government investigate a U.S citizen”
      Except, that’s not President Trump actually said. He mentioned the word ‘favor’ in passing after all things were said.

    385. jason says:

      Amash was not a Republican even when he pretended to be one.

    386. Victrc says:

      Jason. – None of the Paulbots are Republicans or conservatives. They just use the party as a conduit to get elected and then spew their insanity.

    387. jason says:

      The never-Trumpers are really unhinged. Max Boot contradicted Trump calling the ISIS terrorist a coward because “he blew himself and his 3 children up”.

      I am actually surprised Corey is buying the impeachment charade. No matter how much he hates Trump, I would have thought it a bridge too far, because he should know once you embark on the slippery slope of impeaching Presidents because of policy disagreements you have completely bastardized the Constitution.

      But I guess there is no limit to the “ends justify the means” when it comes to TDS.

    388. jason says:

      Jason. – None of the Paulbots are Republicans or conservatives. They just use the party as a conduit to get elected and then spew their insanity.”


      They can’t get elected running as independents or “libertarian Republicans” or whatever BS label they call themselves.

      Rand Paul calls himself a “libertarian Republican”…. hilarious since he is not a libertarian, conservative, or Republican.

    389. jason says:

      Yesterday Rand Paul did his “fiscal conservative” impersonation by introducing legislation to “cut spending across the board”, which he knew was going to fail but just so he could pretend he is against spending. Just like his father, one of the biggest porkers in Congress, used to pretend to vote against spending while wallowing in earmark money.

    390. Tina says:

      This is espionage or at minimum a violation of the Logan act and inappropriate conduct by vindman, who is supposed to represent us interests as directed by the president:

      NYT on Vindman: “Because he emigrated from Ukraine along with his family when he was a child and is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian, Ukrainian officials sought advice from him about how to deal with Mr. Giuliani, though they typically communicated in English.”

    391. Tina says:

      Yikes, vindman has a huge problem here:

      ThunderB, GFYDC

      Follow Follow @ThunderB

      LtCol Vindman was lobbied by Ukrainian and Libyan oil interests

      8:23 AM – 29 Oct 2019

    392. lisab says:

      i am sure pelosi has the votes

      what she does not have is the people.

      the dem leadership tests every decision, and it must be unpopular with indies, or they would already have had the vote.

    393. NYCmike says:

      “If Corey can find a post where I ever called him “human scum” I will send $1000 to his favorite charity. If he can’t, the York Co. ASPCA dogs get $1000. Deal?”

      -Has the supposed comment by jason been found yet?

    394. jason says:

      Incredible…. but this is the MSM..

      “The leftist media can’t help but fawn over the now fallen leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. First the Washington Post described him as an “austere religious scholar” instead of a brutal terrorist who beheaded Americans with knives while they were still alive.

      Now, it would NPR was also on the cheerleading bandwagon. During a roundtable discussion lead by NPR host Lulu Garcia-Navarro, NPR reporters Greg Myre, Tamara Keith and Daniel Estrin discussed the death of Baghdadi, and couldn’t seem to hold back their reverence for him.

      Particularly Myre, who called the late ISIS head a “real leader,” and spoke glowingly of his accomplishments”

    395. lisab says:

      you guys are not really being fair to scum

    396. jason says:

      -Has the supposed comment by jason been found yet?”

      The dogs are trying to sniff it out.

    397. NYCmike says:

      Trying to remember what actually happened during the Iran Contra affair – if Trump did something like that, or his administration did, would “CG” and Robbie afford him the same allowances as which they gave to Reagan?

    398. jason says:

      We will have a real problem now that every partisan in the government is going to feel empowered to start turning people in for ideological reasons.

      Proud Obamacommunist might have his ideal system even before the Marxist completely take over.

    399. jason says:

      Iran Contra diddn’t pan out for the Dems because Admiral Poindexter said “sorry fellas” the buck stopped with me, GFYs.

      If he had said otherwise, Reagan would have been impeached.

      But that was another era, when duty meant more than politics.

    400. lisab says:

      bingo …

      if trump loses in 2020

      the dems will use the government against everyone they do not like

    401. NYCmike says:

      “the dems will use the government against everyone they do not like”

      -Is the moral high ground well defended?

    402. lisab says:

      the US Senate may have Comey’s original memos used by the FBI to open the FBI’s Trump obstruction case which likely differ from the final memos Comey provided a few weeks later to Mueller’s Special Counsel gang.

    403. Tina says:

      Schiffty threw a fit at house Rs today about their line of questioning.

      John Ocasio-Nolte

      8m8 minutes ago
      So now they’re gunna have a guy in a uniform try to explain why a Nothingburger transcript we’ve already seen means we should overturn an national election.




    404. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      New Emerson poll for Arizona:(H/T: RRH)

      President Trump tied 50%-50% with Warren and Biden and leads 51%-49% over Sanders.

      Other salient tidbits:

      Trump JA 45/50
      Voters oppose impeachment 50/44
      Kelly and McSally deadlocked 46% to 45%
      In the Dem primary, Biden leads with 28% followed by Warren and Sanders each with 21% and Buttigieg at 12%.
      Ducey JA is 42/32


    405. lisab says:

      Sources close to the federal investigation by Attorney General Bill Barr into the Russia scandal have confirmed to Agenda 21 Radio that former FBI director James Comey has turned against those involved in the attempt to remove President Trump from office.

      … James Comey started cooperating with investigators from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s office when confronted when Comey was told he was going “to be named in a soon to be announced “criminal probe”.

      “Comey really opened up” when he realized from the transcript that there had been an ongoing investigation by Drham and others into Ukrainian corruption charges that have implicated former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

      The source said that Comey had no idea there was an investigation being conducted by Durham initiated by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Comey “never thought Sessions would investigate the Ukraine”.

      “Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation but did not recuse himself from investigating corruption by Comey and others in the Ukraine”.

    406. Tina says:

      Well, with respect to Ukraine, in 2018, their courts indicated that they interfered in our 2016 election to benefit Hillary.

      There interference is mentioned in passing in the F. Mulehead report.

      There is no surprise that there would be an investigation into Ukraine.

      I know the jebots will deny the above,

    407. Wes says:

      Amazingly while Trump is still unpopular in NH, impeachment is underwater by a 42-51 margin. Of course Mikey and Aron Day had to implement the Mikey Maneuver in TX and ensure Dems have two votes for impeachment from the state.

      Great job, guys!

    408. Trump says:

      There’s an indictment coming out with Biden’s name on it.

    409. Trump says:

      Pfizer report will show that a Czech woman was involved in the Ukraine coverup and the secret money given to the Clinton campaign.

    410. jason says:

      Trump is back?

      Let the bodily functions begin.

    411. jason says:

      Sources close to the federal investigation by Attorney General Bill Barr into the Russia scandal have confirmed to Agenda 21 Radio”

      Agenda 21 gets all the good scoops….

    412. jason says:

      Pfizer report will show that a Czech woman”

      Complete BS. My sources say she is Slovakian.

    413. jason says:

      Drudge has gone full Paulbot.

      MSM talking points on this impeachment “concern troll”

      “Republicans fear 2020 Wipeout”

      “Record Spending”

      “Senate rejects Rand Paul attempt to cut spending”

    414. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      376 “My sister-in-law moved to Coronado when her husband retired from the Army. She visited over the weekend. She could not believe gas was 2.86 here instead of $5. She paid for dinner one night and said in California, the restaurants add a surcharge on the bill to pay the staff but you are also expected to tip them. She was following reports of the wild fires. I asked her if there was any reason to live there other than the warm weather and hating snow. She said not really..”

      Actually Coronado is a fabulous place to live. It has the ocean on one side and bay on the other. Bitter, you should visit it in December; you can go to the beach in 70 degree weather. Coronado is very conservative, filled with military — a major navy air base, and SEAL training takes place there. Trump carried Coronado. Its a different world than most of California. You only need to cross the bridge into the “other” California when you have to.

    415. Phil says:

      I would love to know who got to Drudge.

    416. John says:

      Justin Verlander…a Cy Young Award winner, a MVP, thrown three no-hitters, a winner of 225 major league games, led the league in wins twice, led the league in strikeouts five times, eight time All Star….is winless in the World Series…going 0-5.
      Look for that to change tonight.

    417. Phil says:

      Astros probably best team in baseball vs Nationals who are very good and came into the series white hot. Has made for a very good and extremely competitive WS. Could go either way.

    418. NYCmike says:

      #418 – more evidence that McSally is a great candidate, and Trump is dragging her down./s

    419. jason says:

      Drudge is a Paulbot.

      I guess he decided Trump was not Paulbot enough for him.

      We already know Paulbots have no loyalty to either Republicans or conservatives.

      They have their own agenda.

    420. jason says:

      #418 – more evidence that McSally is a great candidate, and Trump is dragging her down./s”

      Translation: because McSally has a competitive race, we should be running a deadender who is sure to lose, but will certainly send a message.

      The Mikey Maneuver for Arizona!!

    421. jason says:

      Since the Mikey Maneuver doesn’t seem to be panning out in Alabama, I can see why NYC is now switching his sights to AZ.

    422. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – My sister-In-law is Trump hating liberal. I did not think that being married to somebody in the Army would make somebody a lib. However, she thinks national healthcare would be great since she has been in the military health system for decades. Her husband is also a Dem who hates Trump but had to be quiet about it until he retired.

      I do not plan on every visiting California. I certainly do not want it to be 70 degrees in the winter.

    423. Bitterlaw says:

      Out of respect for Tina, do not be too harsh about Rand Paul. She loves his foreign policy.

    424. John says:

      It looks like the ghost of Shep Smith is still hanging around Fox News in the form of Neil Cavuto.
      Just watched him badger Rick Scott of Florida. Four times he tried to harp on the conjecture and speculation of “if Trump…” and used words like ‘disturbing’ and ‘bother’, etc.
      Kudos for Scott for not taking the bait saying that the transcript didn’t bother him at all.

    425. Tina says:

      More polls, approval and fake peachment:

      M.Joseph Sheppard

      1h1 hour ago
      Still prior to Baghdadi and returning to aggregate norm

      Rasmussen 46% +3 From Oct 24
      HarrisXThe Hill 46%
      YouGov 45%
      5 replies 17 retweets 30 likes
      Reply 5 Retweet 17 Like 30

      M.Joseph Sheppard

      1h1 hour ago
      Ann Selzer Poll Oct 17-23 at height of “Ukraine/ Syria”

      “Approve of the economy 50% Yes 39% No
      Impeach and remove 42% Yes 44% No

    426. Tina says:

      The jebots must be shooting themselves.

      Peachment has fallen sharply,

      Maybe, they can find a Drat plus 14 poll (adults)..

    427. John says:

      Just released Suffolk poll about impeachment…

      36% House should vote to impeach
      22% House should investigate but not impeach
      37% House should drop everything


    428. Tina says:

      More gaffes from Wobbly China Biden:

      Now is against peachment.

      Sees himself finishing 3rd or 4th in Iowa.


    429. BayernFan says:

      UK election set for 12/12/19

    430. John says:

      Someone on Fox News just said that sources told him that the Republican House expects that no GOP House members will vote for the resolution on Thursday.
      That said, it looks like Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) just came out and said he will likely vote no on it.
      Speaking of the vote on Thursday it seems that Steny Hoyer (D-MD) is now waffling on even having a vote for this resolution…

    431. Tina says:

      That vote is not an impeachment resolution.

      It is a resolution transferring sheot from Soviet Schiffty to the Ny Fat Pad.

    432. Wes says:

      McSally is a better candidate than Mikey would support in AZ. A perfect storm cost including her own callbacks to an outdated campaign issue and Trump’s unpopularity in AZ caused McSally to narrowly lose to Sinema last year. She’s now locked in a tight race with the best candidate Dems have available even as Trump continues to struggle in Goldwater Country.

      Even so, McSally was the only person with the capacity to win who was willing to let Ducey appoint her to the Senate. Rather than laugh about how McSally is locked in the struggle of her political life, Mikey would donate to her in that critical race if he were a genuine conservative.

      He’s not, so the Mikey Maneuver must be observed.

    433. Trump says:

      Breaking story on Drudge about the 2.3 billion that Hunter Biden got through a secret deal in Wakanda.

    434. Trump says:

      Although Hunter may be going to jail, it might help his dad with the AA vote.

    435. mnw says:

      438 John

      Cavuto has ALWAYS been a standard-issue liberal. This isn’t new. Unlike Bathhouse Shep, Cavuto never flaunted it, & he’s so genteel (generally) that many viewers just never noticed. Since he used to do mostly economic news, he had fewer opportunities to show his liberal adz.

      Conservatives need to start finding an alternative to FOX News. FOX is clearly going the way of Drudge… and lickety-split fast, too.

      If FOX no longer wants that massive conservative viewer$$hip, someone else will be delighted to accept the audience that FOX no longer cares about.

      As Dr. K once famously said, “Roger Ailes discovered a niche audience… half the American people.”

    436. Tina says:

      Jebots lose in court (this round):

      Darren Samuelsohn
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @dsamuelsohn
      BREAKING: A three-judge panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an emergency stay blocking the release of the Mueller grand jury materials to the House Judiciary Committee – pending an appeal from DOJ.

    437. Bitterlaw says:

      438 Zzzzzzzzz. Oh no. Cavuto did not act like Maddow does with Libs. He was supposed to just toss softballs.

      Here is how I would answer, “If President Trump committed a high crime or misdemeanor that justified his removal from office, I would vote to remove him. However, I have not seen any allegation or evidence to date that would justify such a vote and, unlike my Democrat colleagues, I will not use impeachment to remove a President for purely partisan games.”

    438. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      436. Bitter, your liberal sister moved to leftist California and ended up in a conservative community:

      “According to the San Diego County Registrar of Voters, Coronado has has a total of 9,967 registered voters with the following breakdown by party (at least by those that wanted to share their affiliation):

      44.8% – Republican
      25.9% – Democrat
      24.7% – Declined to State
      4.6% – Other
      But the question is, how did Coronado vote? The Los Angeles Times put together an interactive map that shows the voting results down to the precinct level. The Coronado Times took a look at the voting results of Coronado’s precincts and the results are below:

      2016 Election Results : Coronado – 48% Trump, 46% Clinton (4,752 votes counted) 5% Other

    439. jason says:

      That poll might convince some Dems to vote no.

    440. Bitterlaw says:

      Before anybody posts, “No, Bitter, we just want fair coverage,” save your bs. A lot (not all, so Jason can GFH) just want a conservative version of MSNBC with 100% Pro-Trump feel good stories that are as biased and non credible as the liberal MSM.

    441. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      436. When a military service member from Coronado dies in combat, Coronado residents turn out in mass for the funeral procession. This was the one for Charles Keating in 2016.


    442. jason says:

      I have to admit that I always thought that the portrayal of Sinema as someone who was not a flaming liberal was a crock of crap.

      However, if Politico is “worried” about her, who knows?


    443. jason says:

      I mean, she is friends with Ted Cruz, doesn’t watch the Dem debates, and is not excited about impeachment.


      Do the Dems have their own version of the Mikey Maneuver to solve this “problem”?

    444. jason says:

      Arizona Democrat Party Chairman Felecia Rotellini: Trump “has aligned himself with ISIS”

      I guess now we know where Corey gets his ideas.

    445. jason says:

      No, Bitter, I just want fair coverage.

    446. NYCmike says:


      In regard to McSally, stop talking out your arse.

      I supported her in 2018, but I thought she was a weak candidate.

      I support her now, but I think she is a weak candidate. Kinda like a Romney-type, she unfortunately just doesn’t connect with voters, or so it seems.

      Kelli Ward, leader of the Arizona GOP, has come out in support of her campaign, so the so-called “deadenders” will once again come out for the general election for the Republican candidate.

      The problem, as is typical, is with the more moderate Republican voter, who usually succumb to the emotional issues pushed by the Democrats, or fall victim to the narratives concocted by the media which labels the Republican heartless, racist, bigoted, etc, etc, etc.

    447. NYCmike says:

      I guess I should have addressed that comment to jason as well…….

    448. jason says:

      I supported her in 2018, but I thought she was a weak candidate.”

      Actually, you supported the deadenders, Chemtrail Ward and fossil Arpaio.

      THEY were the weak candidates.

    449. jason says:

      So by supporting the deadenders, morons like you caused McSally to fight a primary and waste a lot of resources, not to mention the inevitable hard feelings from the primary carried on to the GE.

      The McSally lost a close election she probably would have won.

      Deadenders cost McSally, an excellent candidate, nothing “weak” about her, the election.

      The rest is baloney.

    450. jason says:

      “weak candidate”

      Translation: doesn’t pass every one of NYC’s litmus tests of a “true conservative”.

      For that reason, lets “send a message” and elect another liberal Dem.

      The Mikey Maneuver!

    451. jason says:

      ‘kinda like a Romney-type, she unfortunately just doesn’t connect with voters,”


      Romney might be a scumbag, but “doesn’t connect with voters” is fake news.

      He was elected Governor in a blue state, won the R nomination against a lot of competition, lost a close election for President, and got elected to the Senate.

    452. NYCmike says:

      “Actually, you supported the deadenders, Chemtrail Ward and fossil Arpaio.”

      -No, I did not.

      I supported the primary system. I supported McSally from the beginning, thinking her military career would give her some presence.

      Sinema took it to her.

      Hopefully, she will defeat Kelly.

    453. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here is good economic news. But I am suppose to hate Trump so much as to vote for a candidate that will end fracking and damage the U.S. economy.

      “From January through June of 2019, U.S. net natural gas exports averaged 4.1 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d), more than double the average net exports in 2018 (2.0 Bcf/d), according to data in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Natural Gas Monthly. The United States became a net natural gas exporter (exported more than it imported) on an annual basis in 2017 for the first time in almost 60 years.”

    454. jason says:

      “Actually, you supported the deadenders, Chemtrail Ward and fossil Arpaio.”

      -No, I did not.”

      Yeah you did, you shilled for Chemtrail Ward for months here.

      “Supported the primary system”

      Translation: Mikey Maneuver!

    455. jason says:

      Sinema took it to her.”

      Ahhh, sooo modest.

      Go ahead and take credit, it was with your help.

    456. dblaikie says:

      The first dem has bolted. Van Drew from New Jersey will vote no on impeachment.

    457. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC never donated to any candidate in the Arizona Senate race or voted in Arizona. He has no impact on that race.

    458. Bitterlaw says:

      Pelosi will let a few vote No. She can afford it.

    459. jason says:

      NYC never donated to any candidate in the Arizona Senate race or voted in Arizona. He has no impact on that race.”



      He did what he could to support the deadenders. People like him have caused the GOP to lose a lot of winnable elections. Online forums motivate a lot of the deadenders.

      His individual impact may have been infinitesimal, but collectively this type of thinking has its effect. There are millions of people who believe in Mikey Maneuvers.

      The divisive primary hurt McSally in a close election.


    460. jason says:

      Still no Rs have said they will vote yes. Let’s see.

    461. Tina says:

      Sean Davis
      Verified account

      10m10 minutes ago
      Sean Davis Retweeted Michael Tackett
      NYT reports that Vindman, who likely leaked secret information to the anti-Trump whistleblower, tried and failed to alter WH call records to fit his Ukraine narrative.

      Now we know who whined to the whistleblower about security protocols for WH records.

    462. Tina says:

      Vinman apparently tried altering the call record,

      This guy is a traitor.

      Lock his arse up.

    463. Tina says:

      Yeah, vinman, like the mistress, was just “correcting” the record.

      Nothing to see hear, no tampering of evidence.

      Move along.

      Cnn says so, and jebots comply.

    464. jason says:

      Actually, Bitter, the problem is not so much that coverage is biased.

      The problem is that it is 95% biased in one direction. That leads to group think.

      People can discern when there are competing viewpoints, not so much when there is only one. That is why the Soviet Union lasted so long, for a long time they were able to control information very effectively.

    465. Wobbles says:

      NYT reports that Vindman, who likely leaked secret information to the anti-Trump whistleblower, tried and failed to alter WH call records to fit his Ukraine narrative.”

      But was it bad for Trump? We have to stay focused.

    466. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – I am sure Coronado is very nice. I just have no interest in ever going to California.

    467. Bitterlaw says:

      Jason can suck it. There are posters who just want an MSNBC on the Right.

      Jason claims he wants competing viewpoints. Then he should be happy that Fox has different viewpoints. Of course, the people excoriating Fox for Cavuto and Shep don’t want that.

    468. Bitterlaw says:

      There are millions of NYCs? Damn.

    469. NYCmike says:


      But only 1 NYCmike!

      Egg cremes for everyone!

      Even for the squishy RINOS who don’t vote in the general election unless they get the candidate they wanted.

    470. NYCmike says:


      -“CG” prefers secret Schiff Tribunals.

      “Dershowitz explained, “The search for the perfect impeachable offense against President Trump is reminiscent of overzealous prosecutors who target the defendant first and then search for the crime with which to charge him. Or to paraphrase the former head of the Soviet secret police to Stalin: show me the man and I will find you the crime.””

    471. jason says:

      Even morons have moments of lucidity…Andrew Yang on CNN.

      “I’m on the record saying the more we focus on Donald Trump, even if it’s in the context of impeaching Donald Trump, it’s a lost opportunity for us to present a new positive vision that Americans can get excited about. Because when we’re talking about Donald Trump, we’re losing even when it’s talking about impeaching him.”