Trump : 188
Biden : 350
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GOP : 49
DEM : 49
IND : 2


    Trump/Biden Tied in AZ, Biden Drops to 3rd in NH

    Emerson College adds Arizona to the list of states that Donald Trump won in 2016 that is now edging into the Democratic column.

    Donald Trump (R-inc) 50%
    Joe Biden (D) 50%

    Donald Trump (R-inc) 50%
    Elizabeth Warren (D) 50%

    Donald Trump (R-inc) 51%
    Bernie Sanders (D) 49%

    US SENATE – ARIZONA (Emerson)
    Mark Kelly (D) 46%
    Martha McSally (R-inc) 45%

    This poll was done October 25-28 among 901 registered voters. Meanwhile CNN and the University of New Hampshire have a new poll for the state of New Hampshire showing Joe Biden sitting in third place.

    Bernie Sanders 21%
    Elizabeth Warren 18%
    Joe Biden 15%
    Pete Buttigieg 10%
    Andrew Yang 5%
    Amy Klobuchar 5%
    Tulsi Gabbard 5%
    Tom Steyer 3%
    Kamala Harris 3%
    Cory Booker 2%
    Beto O’Rourke 2%
    Everyone Else 1% or less

    This poll was done October 21-27 among 574 likely primary voters.

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    295 Responses to “Trump/Biden Tied in AZ, Biden Drops to 3rd in NH”

    1. Phil says:

      Boy, Kamala has really dropped like a rock.

    2. jason says:


      This is not an impeachment resolution,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters Tuesday morning. “I don’t know what an impeachment resolution is.”

    3. Phil says:

      That’s just bazaar. What the heck are these morons doing anyway? Do they even have a clue?

    4. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Warren has not taken the position as the clear frontrunner. It is still looking like a horse race, with Buttigieg beginning to gain some traction.

      Harris needs to pull out so she doesn’t embarrass herself in California.

    5. Phil says:

      California or bust. From what SD has been reporting she is dead there. The whole idea in California moving the primary up so early was to give Harris a springboard to the early lead for the nomination.

      Instead it is her early Waterloo.

    6. jason says:

      “jason claims he wants competing viewpoints. Then he should be happy that Fox has different viewpoints. Of course, the people excoriating Fox for Cavuto and Shep don’t want that.”

      Wow, dogs at York ASPCA just pricked their ears…

      Tell you what Bitter, you find a post where I ever said Fox should get rid of Shep or Cavuto and the dogs get $100.

      If not I will send $100 to the Flower Society or the retired lawyer’s home or wherever you want.


    7. Bitterlaw says:

      Harris stopped campaigning when Phil guaranteed she would be the nominee because of her race and gender. She should not have let up so soon..

    8. Bitterlaw says:

      I never said you said Fox should get rid of Cavuto. I am sure Tina and John and probably Phil would support axing him.

    9. Bitterlaw says:

      No Deal, A-hole. I fed the dogs a few years ago.

    10. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Kamala Harris was a protegee of former California House Speaker Willie Brown, who appointed her to many positions. There relationship was sort of creepy.

      “Brown was married at the time he and Harris dated, but – because he had been “estranged from his wife” Blanche Brown since 1981, according to People magazine –the relationship was not kept secret. A Sacramento Bee reporter told People that Brown “had a succession of girlfriends” and would “go to a party with his wife on one arm and his girlfriend on the other.”
      A 1994 Los Angeles Times report about then-California Assembly Speaker Brown’s “rush to hand out patronage jobs” described Harris as Brown’s “frequent companion” and said several people referred to her as Brown’s girlfriend. That report also cited a column from the Chronicle’s Herb Caen that called Harris “the Speaker’s new steady.” When they met, she was 29 and Brown was 60.”

    11. jason says:

      Dogs disappointed….

    12. Bitterlaw says:

      F the dogs. And llamas. Alpacas are cuter. Yeah. I said it.

    13. jason says:

      But maybe Corey won’t find any post where I called him “human scum” and the dogs will eat well.

    14. Phil says:

      Quite a quandary for the Democrats. All the leaders have problems. Sanders and Warren have a problem in the GE due to their out of the mainstream leftism in any GE. Biden is old and senile which is only going to get worse as the campaign drags on…plus the scandal with his son. Doubt he can make it to the finish line before he implodes. Someone else is going to have to emerge – someone left center on the spectrum that can actually be elected.

      On the other hand, what the heck do I know? As bitter reminds us I thought Harris was a cinch. My credibility is shot.

    15. Bitterlaw says:

      I think that Jason will call Corey scum at some point. He just has not done it yet.

    16. Tina says:

      I canceled cable long ago, Bl.

      But faux is becoming more and more cn and n light.

    17. Tina says:

      “F the Dogs.”

      Not Redacted. That is one cute dog.

    18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      One of the politically knowledgeable posters on this board predicted that Democrats were so focused on defeating Trump that they would pick the candidate who was best able to do so. This makes logical sense, and in a normal world it might have happened. But the divisions among the Democrats are so deep, and leadership so weak, that the party has fractured, and it has turned into a civil war between the middle and far left of the Democratic Party.

    19. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      The person to watch is Sanders. This is the Old Bolshevik’s last hurrah. In the end, I see his main goal as establishing a strong socialist movement in the U.S. It will be his legacy. If Biden is the nominee, I could see Sanders running as the Social Democratic candidate. He knows he will lose, but if he gets a large percentage of the vote, it could establish the Social Democrats as a major political major force — particularly as young voters are showing they have a positive view of socialism. Comrade Sanders becomes a major founding father of socialism in the U.S., and enters the Marxist Pantheon.

    20. Phil says:

      I assume you are being facetious, San Diego, about Sanders actually running as a socialist in the general….but yeah, that would for sure put him in the Karl Marx hall of fame.

    21. John says:

      Actually, I think Cavuto is good…when sticking to only business news. And Shep Smith was good when stuck to just news.
      But sometimes Cavuto lets his anti-Trump views get the better of him.

    22. John says:

      Justin Verlander. What can you say. One of the greatest pitchers of his generation is now 0-6 in World Series games.
      Tonight (Wednesday) is for all the marbles and will be the last major league until sometime in late February.

    23. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “The Pentagon has consistently stated that the U.S. mission to protect the Syrian oil fields is to aimed at keeping the oil out of the hands of a potential ISIS resurgence.

      However, Esper acknowledged Monday, that American forces in the region would also block access to the lucrative oil fields from Syrian and Russian forces. Esper said that the SDF rely on funds from the oil fields to help fund their forces and maintain ISIS prisons.

      Esper also said American forces protecting the oil fields where prepared to use “overwhelming military force” in self defense of their forces.”

      By the way, the U.S. forces that killed al-Baghdadi trained near Erbil, the capital Turkey of Iraqi Kurdistan.

      Your allies are the people who fight by your side; not those who belong to NATO, but turn around and secretly support ISIS.

    24. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “At least six Syrian regime soldiers were wounded and a dozen taken captive in clashes with Turkish forces and their Syrian militia proxies on Tuesday near Ras al-Ain, a war monitor reports. Russian military police also reportedly came under fire.

      “Heavy fighting erupted for the first time between the Syrian and Turkish armies,” the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports.”

    25. Bitterlaw says:

      SDC – Do not worry. Trump and Rand Paul have everything under control.

    26. Bitterlaw says:

      The Labor leader wants to drop the voting age to 16 and allow EU citizens living in the UK to vote? Damn. That should be popular with…um…16 and 17 year olds and EU citizens.

    27. Tina says:

      I talks think of cavuto as a business reporter.

      As such, he not as good as the money honey (Maria b.) or joe Kernan.

      Maria B. Is a better reporter since she has diversified herself.

    28. Tina says:

      They are still investigation the Russian hoax. Everybody knows that corrupt Warner is running that committee.

      And where is Goober? Start doing subpoenas.

      John Cardillo Retweeted

      Sean Davis
      As Senate Intel Chairman, Burr hasn’t lifted a finger to get to the bottom of the biggest government spying scandal in history. The prospect of college athletes being compensated for their efforts, however, got a legislative proposal from him w/in minutes.

    29. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Senate Democrats are unhappy with their counterparts in the House vis-a-vis the impeachment timeline.


    30. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #25 & 26
      Gee, who would have thought that there is sectarian fighting in the Middle East?!You act as if this is something novel. Missing from your statements are the words “USA” and “Kurds”.

    31. Wes says:

      Or option three, you apocalyptic nitwit:

      A full-court press to rally the base may be unnecessary.

      October 30, 2019 at 8:30 am
      I am a bit unimpressed by Trump’s campaign schedule ahead of the elections, tbh. I thought he would hold multiple events in all states to boost GOP turnout. Either he really couldn’t make the time or internal polling showed it not to be worth it – which would be a troubling sign.

    32. Bitterlaw says:

      I do not know what offices are up for this year’s election in other states, but in PA it is judges, school boards and local government races. I don’t view Trump not campaigning for theRadnor school board candidates as a sign he gave up on PA for 2020.

    33. Wes says:

      That raincloud manufacturer from RRH was talking about the three Southern gubernatorial races up next month, Bitter. Of course LA isn’t up till later in the month, and Republicans have already eroded much of Edwards’ support. I would guess Trump wants to hold off on any rallies there till the Thursday or Friday before the runoff.

      As far as MS and KY, Reeves is leading in the former while Bevin is on the upswing in the latter. Trump may not feel the need to carpet bomb the states when Republicans have already made great strides. He may feel—and I would agree if this is the case—doing a handful of late rallies may be enough to help Reeves and Bevin win.

      Let’s not forget RRH’s resident German Debbie Downer launched into a lengthy screed on Election Night 2016 telling us how Trump, despite leading Hillary in early returns, should go ahead and concede because Hillary would inevitably catch him. German Apocalypse then himself conceded and said he should quit making predictions.

    34. Phil says:

      Wes, yeah, RRH is the worst. Noted for throwing in the towel before the starting gun is even fired.

    35. VictrC says:

      Hmmmm kind of dead today. So, ill stir the pot.

      Anyone who wants to know just how bad things are going to get only has to look at the Houston Astros Asst GM who was fired for saying that he was glad they traded for a certain player in front of (directed at) some female reporter who wrote an article saying they shouldn’t have traded for him because he was involved in a domestic violence situation (which was eventually dropped though he did serve a suspension).

      OK, so the move was bone headed, but he was most likely a bit tipsy as it was during the pennant clinching celebration, but seriously, now Liberals can’t even stand when someone says something in their direction? This is the America Obama left us. The man’s life is ruined. He lost his job, if he has a family he has to find a way to support them. He will never get another job in baseball, much less at a company with this hanging over his head, when the man committed no crime. Still, forever he will be viewed under the lease of domestic abuse.

      Anyone think its going to get better with a leftist government and President? How long before the thought police come and your life is ruined over what you think??

    36. Bitterlaw says:

      Vic – I do not think that there is any doubt that the player committed the act. Victims refuse to press charges all the time for reasons stemming from fear to not wanting to lose the abuser’s income.

      You own a company. If one of your employees was accused of domestic abuse and then his manager started yelling at a board meeting covered by the press that he was glad he worked there, would either of them have a job the next day?

    37. Victrc says:

      Bitter. Thanks for the answer. I agree there was no doubt he did it, but he served his “sentence,” and as I understand, has been a good “citizen” since then.

      To answer your question, I would absolutely not fire the person. Let’s separate them into two categories.

      First, the one charged. Most likely I would never know about this domestic abuse situation because it wouldn’t come into play, but if it had, in this case I would have to support the legal system. If he was never charged and convicted then what grounds for termination would I have? He would have been charged, but dropped and have no conviction. What I would have to do it keep him under some kind of supervision to ensure that he was treating those in the work place correctly. He would be on a short leash.

      With regards to the guy yelling. Suspension. He didn’t commit the act of domestic abuse. I would first consider how termination would affect the rest of his life, over something that was obviously wrong, but, with the suspension I am sure would be corrected. Do you honestly think this person would have done the same thing again? No way. What on earth happened to measured discipline? Punishment fitting the crime.

      By terminating the guy yelling in such a public manner you have basically stained him for the rest of his life. Sorry, the punishment does not fit the crime. Suspension would be enough to deter said behavior, which is the reason for punishment, to ensure that negative behavior or rule breaking is not repeated. In today’s age where everything you do is written in permanent marker, and people only look for (and concentrate) on things you have done wrong, not your victories or strengths, staining someone forever for something like this is not a proper response, and as an owner, I have to consider all sides and all effects.

    38. jason says:

      I think that Jason will call Corey scum at some point. He just has not done it yet.”

      Never say never, but it is very unlikely. He is a sanctimonious, vindictive, petty, delusional ass who is almost always wrong but that does not make him scum.

      Of course, it was very unlikely I would ever vote for Trump.

    39. jason says:

      You own a company. If one of your employees was accused of domestic abuse and then his manager started yelling at a board meeting covered by the press that he was glad he worked there, would either of them have a job the next day?”

      If it was my company, I would fire the employee after it was determined he was actually guilty, but not his manager.

      If the manager actually defended domestic abuse, that is one thing, but saying the employee is a good employee, for example, should not be grounds for firing him.

      Sue me. It is my company.

    40. lisab says:

      If not I will send $100 to the … the retired lawyer’s home or wherever you want.

      wouldn’t that be Bitterlaw’s house?

    41. jason says:

      I was hoping Trump would be coming here to hold a rally for the Republican in the prothonotary race. Instead of winning by 40 points he might have made 50.

    42. jason says:

      wouldn’t that be Bitterlaw’s house?”


    43. lisab says:

      Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide, Dr. Michael Baden

    44. lisab says:

      Laura Ingraham calls on Senate Republicans to ‘step up or get out,’ says Democrats will go on a ‘revenge tour’ if they win 2020 elections


      this the the most intelligent thing she has ever said

      the dems want revenge

    45. jason says:

      The Dems should nominate Hickenlooper or Bullock.

      Fortunately, they won’t.

    46. lisab says:

      Ilhan Omar REFUSES to vote for U.S. to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide.

    47. jason says:

      “Dr. Michael Baden”

      Same family tree as Biden, branched off 200 years ago.

    48. jason says:

      How long before the thought police come and your life is ruined over what you think??”

      Proud Obamacommunist has already sent in his resume.

      I doubt they will give him a whole neighborhood, even Marxist value a certain level of intelligence, but he might get his street.

      They will probably put him in garbage can patrol, checking that everyone recycles properly and that no subversive material is found in the trash.

    49. jason says:

      Steel tariffs were supposed to save the industry, but instead made things worse.

      Well, no kidding. I predicted that long ago. Tariffs never worked, and just because Trump implemented, that won’t change.


    50. Wes says:

      Jason, Chicon once told me tariffs would work because it’s no longer 1930.

    51. jason says:

      Smarter than the average Democrat?

      Van Drew D -NJ

      “I would imagine that I’m not voting for it,” Van Drew told a reporter on Tuesday after being asked about the resolution proposed by Democratic leaders.

      “Obviously he’s going to be impeached here, and it will go to the Senate. I believe that in the Senate, he will be vindicated. So we will have the same president and the same candidate who has now been vindicated,” Van Drew also told CBS News on Tuesday.

      He added: “I’m not sure that’s what everybody wants as a result … And I also think we’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of time and haven’t been able to get a lot of things done.”

    52. jason says:

      Certainly smarter than the average Never Trumper.

    53. NYCmike says:

      Why is it that jason and Wes must lie about what people say?

      The tariff issue is not that simple, and they refuse to acknowledge that.

      I know I did not support tariffs on ALL foreign steel. It didn’t work for Reagan, it didn’t work for Bush, it isn’t working for Trump.

      I did support tariffs on some Chinese goods, as the status quo wasn’t working, as evidenced by the WTO judgments against China. Clearly, the jury is still out on the effectiveness of targeted tariffs, as opposed to tariffs which target whole industries.

    54. Wes says:

      Why does Mikey have such a low IQ?

      I never even mentioned our resident Deadender in my post.

    55. NYCmike says:

      You mentioned Chicon, and he never said what you said he said…..you dig?

    56. lisab says:

      us steel production is up 15% since 2016

    57. Wes says:

      He did actually say that when I drew the comparison to Smoot-Hawley, Mikey. You’re just a dumb ass.

    58. Phil says:

      What? The tolerant left? No way.

    59. dblaikie says:

      Well it seems to me that this impeachment nonsense has not had the effect desired by Nancy, Adam and company. Rasmussen has Trump back up to 47% approval (it was 43%). But I know the trolls and such deride Rasmussen, yet what will they say about the new USA Today/Suffolk poll that has Trump at 46%. And when put against a generic dem. Trump wins by one point.

      I know the perception is that Nancy runs her caucus with an iron fist and maybe she does. But this thing is not going her way. I now believe that there is a chance that she will have to postpone or pull this stupid bill before tomorrow.

    60. Hugh says:

      The dems hit their high watermark about a week ago. Bringing in one person after another repeating the same garbage is starting to wear very thin.

    61. John says:

      Two interesting economic indicators just released…

      ADP announced 125,000 jobs added in October to an economy that already has the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years.

      Bureau of Economic Analysis revised their advanced third quarter GDP to 1.9% from 1.6%

    62. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      BREAKING: Here is the “whistleblower”. It confirms my posting here about two weeks ago! He’s a beauty(sarc)


    63. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      59. “Liberals attack Lindsey Graham for supposedly being gay and demand he out himself:”

      Its a “so what” issue. My personal philosophy about it was summed up pretty well by quote below:

      “Why is it a problem that for some people being gay means nothing more than who they have sex with? Their politics, their practice of religion, and the types of entertainment they enjoy may be completely unaffected by their sexual preference and they may appear to be more mainstream. Their sexuality may be way down the list of issues that are important to them. They may feel neither pride nor shame to be gay; it’s just the way it is and it’s no big deal. How is that self-loathing?”

    64. Tina says:

      M.Joseph Sheppard
      First sign of post Baghdadi effect on Trump’s Approval

      Rasmussen 47% +4 from “Ukraine/Syria OMG
      Suffolk 46% +2 from previous
      Economist 45% +2
      YouGov 45% n/c
      Politico 43% +2
      Generic ballot Suffolk D
      em 46% GOP 46% !!!

    65. Tina says:

      Looks like the soviets canceled tomorrow’s faux vote.

    66. dblaikie says:

      Tina, where did you find that?

    67. dblaikie says:

      64 Paul Sperry would not publish that if he did not have solid proof.

    68. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #69- db
      The whistleblower’s identity has been known for awhile by the critters in DC including the media.

    69. dblaikie says:

      I don’t doubt that Sheeple, but I am glad the pretense that no one knows who the Whistleblower is can now be put to rest.

      Eric Ciaramella needs to be introduced to the world. All the folks need to know that his best friend works for Schiff, he is close to Brennan, worked for Biden and hates Trump. What a caring non partisan patriot who just wants to do what is right.

    70. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #71- db
      According to the article and even more damning is the “whistleblower’s” leaking of calls between Trump and the heads of Mexico and Australia and the contents of a meeting Trump had with a Russian doplomat.

    71. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil or Walt/Cash Cow will be celebrating a World Series Championship tonight.

    72. Tina says:

      Sorry, dB, my power was lost again

      The Daily Wire
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @realDailyWire
      House Dem Leaders Won’t Commit To Impeachment Resolution, Table Thursday Vote http://dlvr.it/RHHmSz

    73. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Eric Ciaramella needs to be introduced to the world.”

      That act in itself will cause impeachment to collapse. He comes across as a low level political hack. This whole process is looking like a joke.

    74. Tina says:

      I cannot believe the jebots are going crazy over a photoshop of trump awarding a medal to Canine Redacted.

      Give me a break.

    75. Tina says:

      Can we send the cia spy to Gitmo and torture him?

      Maybe send his acquiescence, Colonel Khrushchev?

    76. Tina says:

      Ciao bruta is a cia spy.

      He needs to be locked up.

    77. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Change Pre Debate VS Now:
      Biden +0.6
      Warren -4.6
      Sanders +2.7
      Buttigieg +1.4
      Harris +0.9
      Yang -0.3
      ORourke +0.3
      Klobuchar +0.8
      Booker +0.6

      Looks like the voters do not want to elect a
      mother hen. The irony is the liberal press swooned over Warren after the last debate.

    78. Ron N says:

      There is no deep state Tina just loyal Dems. This is stupid

    79. Hugh says:

      Biden has is done and if not it will be great. Towards the end of any debate he will be curled up in the fetal position on the floor. However having said that I am not sure there will be a debate. Who could moderate if we eliminate everyone whose trying to impeach trump?

    80. dblaikie says:

      Boy have things changed over at drudge — not a word about the revealing of the whistleblower.

    81. Wes says:

      Is the “Deep State” Tina’s version of Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy”?

    82. Wes says:

      SDC, I don’t care if Graham is a gay man or a Casanova-style Lothario. He feels no need to discuss his sexuality publicly publicly, so some liberal actress shouldn’t be making unwarranted attacks on him for things she knows nothing about.

    83. Tina says:

      She’s done, and China Biden will be done soon too.

      Brian Schwartz
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @schwartzbCNBC
      NEW: Kamala Harris’ top bundlers are sending out smoke signals that they are struggling to raise cash as she dips in the polls and her campaign makes cuts to staff. In some cases, financiers are telling the campaign they won’t host events for her.

    84. Bitterlaw says:

      Wes – The idea of a Deep State is based upon the idea that Federal employees would work after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends to secretly run the country. No chance of that happening.

    85. Tina says:

      Well, the Ny slimes claims there is a deep state.

      I claim that there was shenanigans involving the illegal campaign targeting of candiidate trump as well as a Russian hoax, a hoax the most corrupt Senate committee, SSIC, IS STILL “investigating.”

    86. NYCmike says:

      “Wes – The idea of a Deep State is based upon the idea that Federal employees would work after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends to secretly run the country. No chance of that happening.”

      -This is ridiculous, even for an A-Hole.

      All you need is a couple of people in leadership positions, and a couple of people who see them as their ticket for advancement, and there it is. Mix that along with a compliant press, and you very easily get a Deep State, in support of Democratic politicians.

      For Wes to compare this, at all, with Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” is also ridiculous.

      There was no conspiracy. It was a concerted effort by public individuals, such as those on talk radio and in the burgeoning internet chat forums, to uncover the malfeasance of the Clinton’s, and of Big Government in general.

    87. NYCmike says:

      Bitter must also think the police in Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, etc can’t solve the crime problem, and that there is no relationship between the drug dealers, the gangs, certain politically-connected individuals and some corrupt cops.

    88. NYCmike says:

      Three cheers to the firemen AND THE GOATS for their work around the Reagan Library!

    89. NYCmike says:


      -These people are nuts!

      “CG”, don’t you care about the immigrants? This is what Democrats will try to do on the national level……..but Trump is worse…..

      “The owners said they may have to close, with hundreds of mostly immigrant workers losing their jobs.”

    90. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC just said there were a few bad actors. I said that months ago when I said the idea of some decades long overarching vast conspiracy was absurd.

    91. NYCmike says:


      It can, and does in some cases, last for decades.

    92. dblaikie says:

      If Paul Sperry’s report is verified, especially his contacts with Schiff, tomorrows so-called impeachment vote is going to blow-up.

    93. Wes says:

      You are honestly one stupid sonofabitch, Mikey. Buying into some absurd conspiracy theory while claiming my comparison to Hillary’s paranoid declaration is ridiculous is the action of an absolutely moronic individual.

    94. Bitterlaw says:

      Wouldn’t the Deep State make certain we never learn of the Deep State. Also, Federal employees retire as soon as they can. No way are the sticking around for decades. Finally, what would they get out of running the country? Certainly not money or fame (since they can’t admit there is a Deep State).

    95. Phil says:

      Just read that Democrats will fail to get a single House Republican vote for their little resolution or whatever they want to call their impeachment thingy tomorrow.

      Seriously, folks, how in the world do they expect this not to blow up in their face if they end up impeaching Trump on a straight party line vote?

      Have they even gamed this out?

    96. Tina says:

      Phil, Goober (who may be becoming granite) claims no R votes for impeachment in the Senate.

      I believe we get 1-3 drats and lose Pierre Rino and the Senator Planned Parenthood.

    97. Hugh says:

      Phil they’re screwed. It’s blowing up in their faces. 100% positive press and likely voters in swing states don’t like it. What happens after it gets in the senate and they make shifty testify and the other biased witnesses.? It will be a bloodbath. They’re screwed

    98. Phil says:

      It’s like I said, guys…..I just don’t think they have gamed this out. There is a Freshman Democratic congresswoman who flipped a Republican seat in an Oklahoma Trump district something like 50.3 – 49.7.

      How do you think she is feeling tonight?

    99. Hugh says:

      We’ll Phil she’s f:@;&;$/&. Bye bye. Vote against impeachment the nutbags sit home. Vote for it the gop and indies through you out. A win win

    100. NYCmike says:


      Are you off the meds again?

      Tell Tink and the baby to stay away from you while you figure out the correct dose.

    101. lisab says:

      Steve Herman
      ?Verified account @W7VOA
      9h9 hours ago

      Steve Herman Retweeted Donald J. Trump

      I’ve requested details from the @WhiteHouse on this photo.

      There was no such canine event on today’s @POTUS schedule but there is a Medal of Honor ceremony set here for later today for an active duty Green Beret.

    102. lisab says:

      Steve Herman
      was very upset that trump released a picture of the hero dog getting the medal of honor

    103. Tina says:


      Her Thighness May or may not run,

      If she runs, the jebots will be super excited again.

    104. NYCmike says:



      how can you sleep at night knowing that this is what you believe in?

    105. mnw says:


      For 27 years, I worked “after 4:30om” & appx one out of every three weekends, also.

      I know Wes thinks we’re all lazy slobs, but then again, how many cases has he tried? During trial, there is no clock. You just try to get at least a few hours sleep whenever you can.

      I used to check into a motel, at my own expense, to be a few minutes closer to the courthouse.

    106. Bitterlaw says:

      mnw – It was me who thinks most Federal employees are lazy. I thought you worked for a local or state office.

    107. Wes says:

      I’m curious as to when I said lawyers are lazy slobs, Mnw. I’m thinking you have me confused with someone else because I’ve never once made a statement remotely like that about lawyers.

    108. Bitterlaw says:

      I thought the first rule of Deep State is nobody talks about Deep State.

    109. lisab says:

      Earth is facing another ICE AGE: Scientists claim an increase in sea ice could block the release of carbon dioxide from the ocean and cause a global COOLING

      Computer simulations show that an increase in sea ice could spark an ice age
      Acts as a lid on the ocean, blocking it from releasing carbon dioxide
      This would create a reverse greenhouse effect and cool the earth

    110. Bitterlaw says:

      Phil – It sounds like there are a lot of Nats fans in Houston. How does that happen?

    111. NYCmike says:

      Wow, Astros came apart after being up after 6.

      What a turnabout!

    112. Bitterlaw says:

      Congratulations to the Nationals.

      Go crazy, Cash Cow. Go crazy.

    113. jason says:

      No comment.

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former CIA Director John Brennan said on Wednesday that at least some American voters were swayed as a result of Russia’s 2016 election interference operation, a statement that went further than the official assessments of U.S. intelligence agencies and lawmakers.

      Speaking alongside other former intelligence figures at the National Press Club in Washington, Brennan said he was “sure, personally, that those Russian efforts changed the mind of at least one voter.”

      “Whether it was one voter or a million voters, I don’t know,” he added.

    114. jason says:

      It wasn’t me.

    115. jason says:

      Seems like the whistleblower is a flaming moonbat. What a surprise.

    116. jason says:

      Why is it that jason and Wes must lie about what people say?

      The tariff issue is not that simple, and they refuse to acknowledge that.”

      I think it is extremely simple, but I understand you have a lot of cognitive challenges.

      Nobody lied here, you have been supportive of Trump’s trade policy based on tariffs and trade wars.

      With impressive reasoning too. Basically it seems like you claim to oppose tariffs, but because Trump implemented them you now support them.

      But we can make it very simple for you to understand. Trump’s tariffs are no different than all the other tariffs that didn’t work either.

    117. lisab says:

      Economist Paul Krugman, the longtime defender of global free trade, now admits that globalization has failed American workers.

      Krugman has never suffered fools gladly. The Nobel Prize-winning economist rose to international fame—and a coveted space on the New York Times op-ed page—by lacerating his intellectual opponents in the most withering way. In a series of books and articles beginning in the 1990s, Krugman branded just about everybody who questioned the rapid pace of globalization a fool who didn’t understand economics very well. “Silly” was a word Krugman used a lot to describe pundits who raised fears of economic competition from other nations, especially China. Don’t worry about it, he said: Free trade will have only minor impact on your prosperity.

      Now Krugman has come out and admitted, offhandedly, that his own understanding of economics has been seriously deficient as well. In a recent essay titled “What Economists (Including Me) Got Wrong About Globalization,” adapted from a forthcoming book on inequality, Krugman writes that he and other mainstream economists “missed a crucial part of the story” in failing to realize that globalization would lead to “hyperglobalization” and huge economic and social upheaval, particularly of the industrial middle class in America. And many of these working-class communities have been hit hard by Chinese competition, which economists made a “major mistake” in underestimating, Krugman says.

      It was quite a “whoops” moment, considering all the ruined American communities and displaced millions of workers we’ve seen in the interim.

    118. John says:

      Dang, another great year under the sun (baseball).
      After Merry Christmas and Happy New Year the greatest four words in the American psyche since the beginning of our nation comes every early February…

      …”pitchers and catchers report”…

    119. Bitterlaw says:


      The headline is a joke. “At last, the Nats are champs.” The Nats moved to DC in 2005.

    120. Tina says:

      The Commie should never have been CIA Director. But it appears that the CIA is lost to commies in gubment and hyper-partisan hacks, like gossip blower.

      Redactstein stated publicly that no Votes cn aged hands.

      The F. Mulehead report says the same thing.

    121. Paul says:

      113: lisab could use some reading comprehension lessons. The scientists are looking at causes of the last ice age. So, “increased Antarctic sea ice may have contributed to past ice ages” is their conclusion. Thanks, captain obvious. However, sea ice is not currently increasing so this is theoretical at this point.

      I assume this is the article she refers to. https://www.foxnews.com/science/explosion-antarctic-sea-ice-ice-age

    122. Paul says:

      113: lisab, I see that the Daily Mail article about the study is a complete distortion and begins with the incorrect statement that sea ice is increasing while in their last paragraph they explain that sea ice is the lowest point it has ever been.

      So, perhaps you simply read the Daily Mail and your reading comprehension is fine. Just don’t read the Daily Mail anymore.

    123. Tina says:

      Remember when Jebot came out hard against Desantis?


      Political Polls

      7h7 hours ago
      Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) Job Approval:
      Approve 72%
      Disapprove 17%

      University of North Florida 10/14-20

    124. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      I thought she was one of the best at FOX News. It seems like a strange career move to me. Who watches CBS?


    125. Big Joe says:

      Congrats to the Nationals and to DC. Hopefully Montreal feels some joy as well.

      It’s good to see cheaters lose, especially to a heavy underdog.

      Home run hitters and first base coaches do need to work on the simultaneous bat hand-off and high five. It’s tricky but I’m sure they can do it.

      Big Joe

    126. Victrc says:

      Big Joe.

      If it couldn’t be the Mets I was just glad it wasn’t the great Satin Yankees and we had a good series BUT

      I would not have called the Nats a big underdog. The two teams finished the year with the same exact record from May 31 through game 7. 85-43

    127. Big Joe says:

      Drinking that haterade, Vic? 😀 😀

      Yankees had a great season carried by no-name rookies and youngsters. Hope the big guns stay healthy next year. And I hope the Mets make it too. It’s time for the next Subway Series.

      Big Joe

    128. Hunter says:

      Phuck the Yankees Big Joe. Typical lefty elite team run by lefty elites. Give me the Brooklyn Dodgers over the Yankees any day of the week!


    129. Phil says:

      I like what Byron York calls the farce of a resolution up for a vote today – The Adam Schiff Empowerment Act.

      So true.

    130. mnw says:

      Wes & BL

      My apologies to Wes, then.

      I was an AUSA (federal criminal prosecutor) for 27 years. I retired last year.

      Incredible to me that BL thinks we’re all lazy & won’t work past 4:30pm! Many times, when trials were imminent (or in progress), I worked until 4:30am, actually.

    131. jason says:

      Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) Job Approval:
      Approve 72%
      Disapprove 17%”

      Amoral Scumbag hardest hit.

      I remember when he pushed for a socialist winning the governorship of FL because DeSantis was a Trump clone.

    132. jason says:

      Let’s see what happens on the Stalinist style “investigation” kangaroo “impeachment vote” today.

      I am hoping for 0 GOP defections and a handful of Dem defections.

    133. Phil says:

      Essentially a straight party line vote. Good luck with that one. 31 Democrats representing Trump districts – vast majority were elected by four points are less.

      BTW, the second ranking member on the Rules Committee that put together this “resolution”? Alcee Hastings. Former US District Judge impeached and removed from the bench by the Democratic controlled House and Senate in 1989 for bribery. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

    134. jason says:

      In a nutshell this is what it is all about:

      “The entire impeachment inquiry is the establishment in Washington D.C. letting the American people know that if they ever vote for someone the establishment doesn’t like, they will just beat you over the head, stop the agenda you voted for, and ultimately, usurp your vote to show you who really runs this country.”

    135. jason says:

      I would just change “establishment” to “MSM and Dems”.

    136. Phil says:

      I’m sure Joe Manchin can’t wait to cast a vote to convict Trump in the Senate.

      Trump carried West Virginia by 42 points.

      Have fun with that, Joe. Enjoy.

    137. jason says:

      31 Democrats representing Trump districts – vast majority were elected by four points are less.”

      Most will have to take their chances on a yes vote because of pressure from their base.

      I am thinking 6 will vote against it.

    138. jason says:

      I doubt it will get 50 votes in the Senate.

    139. dblaikie says:

      So far one dem has voted no on impeachment rules. Nancy is keeping them on a tighter rein than I thought she would. No GOP person has voted yes. Still about 60 votes outstanding.

    140. dblaikie says:

      25 votes outstanding still same about crossing over.

    141. Phil says:

      This is going to stroke Republican turnout in 2020 through the roof….just like it’s putting Trump’s fundraising over the moon over the last three months.

      Trump got outspent 2-1 by Hillary in 2016. He will actually outspend the Democratic nominee this election cycle. Money isn’t everything, but he’s a lot better off with it this election than the last.

    142. VictrC says:

      This is infuriating because its an absolute coup d’etat. Plain and simple.

      There is NOTHING impeachable that happened with the Ukraine. Dems are now reduced to claiming its the Emulsions clause that he violated and so its impeachable. BS pure and simple. What gain did he get? What financial reward did he receive? And when can a President not ask for a foreign nation to investigate corruption when you are going to hand them over hundreds of millions of dollars?

      This is a farce. Wether you are a Never Trumper or not you should be enraged, because if this happens, this will become the norm when the left doesn’t like the results of an election.

    143. dblaikie says:

      2 dems now voting no. No GOP voting yes.

    144. dblaikie says:

      I believe my friend Jason is going to be pretty close in his prediction. Have a single malt and enjoy your powers of educated guessing!

    145. dblaikie says:

      I am glad no GOP Congresspersons voted for this monstrosity. In fact with those 2 votes they can claim a bipartisan coalition against impeachment.

    146. jason says:

      No R votes, I called it

      2 Dems, was off by 4

      The Paulbot voted for it

    147. Tina says:

      The Socialist Son is upset that Scalise called it a Soviet inquisition .

      The socialist son is a fraud,

    148. jason says:

      O R votes….zero.

      It shows how deluded the Never Trumpers are, they actually believe THEY represent the party.

    149. VictrC says:

      dlb…you beat me to that. Bi-Partisan Support for no impeachment.

      Dems will rail, but they used the same silly math to claim bi-partisan support for Obamacare when they had one crossover.

      A very sad day in American history. This is all about trying to influence the 2020 election, at all levels. Presidential (obvious) but also at the Representative and Senatorial level. They mistakenly believe that voting for Trump here will help them to defeat GOP members.

    150. Tina says:

      David Limbaugh
      Listening to Nancy Pelosi talk reverently about the Constitution is like listening to Bill Clinton talk about chastity.

    151. Tina says:

      Conflict News

      Follow Follow @Conflicts
      BREAKING: ISIS confirms the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – @AFP
      8:20 AM – 31 Oct 2019

    152. Tina says:

      It took awhile for isis to confirm al Baghdadis death because their spokesperson also got blown up.

    153. Phil says:

      Yeah, when your PR spokesman gets blown up it does tend to slow your PR department down a bit.

    154. Tina says:

      Botoxic (now) contradicts Botoxic from March

      ??Nancy Pelosi fails to meet the Pelosi standard today.??

      “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country.”– Pelosi, March 2019
      0 replies 20 retweets 23 likes

    155. Bitterlaw says:

      mnm – I apologize to you. I do not believe in Deep State. Both can be true.

    156. Tina says:

      Manchin won’t vote for sanders if he is the presidential nominee.

      We likely have munchkin, enema, and Doug Jones no in the Senate.

      All Rs in Senate are against (per goober).

    157. VictrC says:

      Soooo. Let’s discuss where this is at exactly.

      These are not articles of impeachment that are being sent to the Senate, correct?

      This just expands the inquiry to the general floor?? If that’s it, then does that mean Republicans can ask questions, Trump can mount a defense??

    158. Phil says:

      Yeah, 45 or 46 votes to convict looks lousy. I have no idea how the Democrats think that kind of result will be beneficial. I just don’t think they could help themselves. Doing something because of rage rarely results in a good decision.

    159. Proud Obamacon says:

      “This is infuriating because its an absolute coup d’etat. Plain and simple.”

      LOL VC, it’s actually a very clear process described in great detail in a document called The Constitution. You might want to read it sometime, sport!


    160. VictrC says:

      PO Constitutional law class at Columbia Law which included a private session with Justice Ginsburg….sooooo I think I know a little bit about the Constitution.

      The process is described, and the time when it should be used is outlined. This doesn’t meet the criteria, or close to it. Since before he took office your side has been trying to overturn the results of the election. First with the proven false Russia allegations, and on and on. Nothing here warrants impeachment. Everyone knows its just an attempt to paint it as if he is guilty of something so they can win the 2020 Presidential election and so that they can try (in their minds() to taint marginal Republicans who might be vulnerable with the stain of impeachment.

      It’s a coup.

    161. michael corleone says:

      Bitter please help me understand why the PA GOP just passed the ballot harvesting enabling act of 2019? Under this bill PA expanded no excuse absentee voting, extended registration window from 30 days to 15 days prior to election, established permanent ballot harvest- I mean permanent absentee lists where people automatically get ballots, and changed the deadline for submitting absentees from Friday before the election to 8 pm on election night. Aside from the fact that mail in balloting is riddled with a potential for fraud and makes a mockery of the secret ballot, this new law will almost assure us that we will not know the winner of the 2020 election on election night. Under the new law, all absentee ballots are counted at a central location and not at the precinct, and they have 3 days to count the results. If PA and Az are close, we won’t know the President. Utter disaster. And this was done by GOP.

    162. Wes says:

      The Constitution says the House can impeach the President, Vice-President, members of Congress, and judges for high crimes and misdemeanors. The Senate will then vote to convict and remove from office or acquit.

      Show me the high crimes and misdemeanors Trump committed to merit impeachment.

    163. lisab says:

      The phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” in the context of impeachments has an ancient English history, first turning up in the impeachment of the Earl of Suffolk in 1388.

      The Earl was considered rude and boorish by the other Earls, who actually wanted the Earl of Waterford to rule, so they impeached the Earl of Suffolk because they “did not kike him”.

    164. lisab says:

      “did not ** like ** him”.

    165. Tina says:

      This was a vote to retroactively grant due process.

      You cannot do this,

    166. BayernFan says:

      The Senate can do what it wants. It can ignore it, or vote to dismiss. A 2/3 vote is necessary to remove from office.

    167. VictrC says:


      Liberals have learned a new word…Emoluments. That is their claim now, that not only was asking the Ukraine to investigate Biden (not true, he asked them to investigate corruption as it pertained to the 2016 election) but now at applying it to his hotels. They claim that because any time a foreign dignitary stays at one of the hotels with his name on it that its a single and separate violation and therefore he’s in gross violation.

      Obviously they haven’t read the clause or understand it, but it demonstrates how far they are reaching.

    168. Bitterlaw says:

      MC – I know that Dems are mad at Gov. Wolf for saying he would sign it so the GOP must be getting something out of it. I will have to get back to you.

    169. michael corleone says:

      Bitter D’s are losing straight ticket voting. But is that really that big a boon to GOP to offset everything else?

    170. Wes says:

      I wonder if the PAGOP agrees with MC’s contention that gay marriage—which goes back as far as Greece and Rome at least—will destroy western civilization.

    171. Bitterlaw says:

      MC – Straight ticket voting means the voters only have to find one button. When you are voting several times in different places it is more efficient.

    172. jason says:

      Proud Obamacommunist is very excited.

      The Marxists haven’t even taken over yet but we already have Soviet style secret kangaroo investigations.

      Now if they can just get rid of those pesky “no” votes in future so the investigation votes are unanimous.

    173. Proud Obamacon says:

      “PO Constitutional law class at Columbia Law which included a private session with Justice Ginsburg….sooooo I think I know a little bit about the Constitution.”

      Sad, VC! You had a chance to learn but your bias kept you from learning anything at all. Is this supposed to impress me? Am I surprised that you don’t think that “high crimes and misdemeanors” have been committed by your Orange God? Of course not. You’re one of his blind followers who will cheer him on as his shoots someone on 5th avenue.

      Luckily, we have a process in place to protect us from criminal POTUS’s and their lawless mob supporters like you who cry “coup” and “lynching” thereby insulting those who were victimized by real coups and lynchings.


    174. jason says:

      I plan to vote straight GOP on Tuesday. But for some of the county positions there is more than one choice on the GOP side, so will actually have to pick some names.

    175. jason says:

      “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country.”– Pelosi, March 2019″


    176. Tina says:

      Chad Pergram
      Verified account
      Goober should also subpoena Soviet Schiff.

      Follow Follow @ChadPergram
      Top GOPer on Hse Judiciary Cmte Collins, to Schiff: “You want to be Ken Starr? Come to the Judiciary and answer questions…Folks, This ain’t over.” He wants Schiff to be a witness. Starr took questions from Clinton’s counsel David Kendall in 1998 in the Judiciary Cmte
      9:43 AM – 31 Oct 2019

    177. Tina says:

      Don’t worry, Soviet Schiff will change the transcript, like a good kgb agent.

      Verified account

      Follow Follow @MZHemingway
      NSC Official Tim Morrison To Schiff: Nothing Illegal In Trump-Zelensky Call

    178. Tina says:

      From that article

      Pretty clear that Taylor lied as did Felony 4 Hillary

      Morrison also pointed out key factual inaccuracies in testimony provided by William Taylor, a State Department official who works in the U.S. embassy in Kiev, Ukraine. Morrison said that, contrary to Taylor’s claims, Morrison never met with the Ukrainian National Security advisor in his private hotel room.

      Morrison also said Taylor falsely claimed that Ambassador Gordon Sondland demanded a public statement from the Ukrainian president committing to investigate Burisma, a controversial Ukrainain energy company that paid Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter millions of dollars to sit on its board.

      “My recollection is that Ambassador Sondland’s proposal to [Ukrainian National Security Advisor Andriy] Yermak was that it could be sufficient if the new Ukrainian prosecutor general — not President Zelensky — would commit to pursue the Burisma investigation,” Morrison testified.

    179. Tina says:

      Morrison is the guy who resigned from the nsc.

      Drats expected something from him.

      Yet, he destroyed the Soviets.

    180. jason says:

      I wonder if the PAGOP agrees with MC’s contention that gay marriage—which goes back as far as Greece and Rome at least—will destroy western civilization.”

      Since MC doesn’t believe I belong to Western Civilization, I am not eligible to comment.

    181. jason says:

      The GOP should runs non-stop ads with this.

      “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country.”– Pelosi, March 2019?

    182. jason says:

      There is certainly nothing compelling, overwhelming and bipartisan.

    183. Hugh says:

      Dems overreached. I don’t see how they get to an end game that will work for them. Today went very badly with their witness. It will get worse as times goes on not better. Their base thinks it’s a slam dunk but it’s not. Soon even their base will turn against them for not removing trump from office. The middle is getting tired of hearing about it and getting bored and the right is looking for revenge. Not a formula for the dems winning in 2020.

    184. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Bitterlaw says:
      October 30, 2019 at 11:50 pm
      Congratulations to the Nationals.
      Go crazy, Cash Cow. Go crazy.”

      YEA, NATS!


      Walt and I got so wasted last night celebrating the Wash. Nationals World Series win.

      Walt spray painted me red and starched my tail into a “Curly W” like the national wear on their hats.

      And we seem to be missing a lampshade or two here this morning.

      WAY too many sasperillas and milk & vodka shooters….

      I was so hung over I did not show up for morning milking today until 10:45.

      Walt did not show up with the milkers until 11:20 a.m.

    185. NYCmike says:

      “I wonder if the PAGOP agrees with MC’s contention that gay marriage—which goes back as far as Greece and Rome at least—will destroy western civilization.”

      -Back in those days, women were treated as chattel……I see why Wes would have an affinity for that time.

    186. Cash Cow TM says:

      Oh, forgot to mention….

      Two nights ago for the series game, Walt put on his one pair of RED undershorts to bring the Nats luck and they won.

      So he washed them and put them on again for last night–and we WON!

      He told the missus that he was going to hang the red underwear in a picture box and frame and hand it on the wall in the living room.

      She more or less nixed that b=right idea, even thou she was outvoted 3 to 1 (Walt Cow and Walt’s son all voting on the losing side.

    187. Phil says:

      Nothing to see here for the rest of the country. Inside the beltway types – both media and Washington elites are breathless about it – no doubt creating exciting conversation back and forth at the Georgetown dinner parties and the DC cocktail circuit. Chris Wallace and Max Boot furiously masturbate as we speak.

      Rest of the country between the two coasts aren’t on board with any of this foolishness. Let the elites continue to overreach. I love it. I’ll be cheering them on. In the meantime, what are you and your congressional majority doing for the country, Nancy? Solving nation’s problems? No? Ok, carry on. You’re doing great work.

    188. NYCmike says:

      Congrats Ca$h Cow!

      Surprised Miss Daisy didn’t have a list of chores for Walt to make him really feel the victory celebration this morning……she has a heart after all!

    189. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt is busy.

      Sop far today, he was up at 5 a.m. to drive his son to his job (45 min one way).

      Came home and napped.

      Dentist appointment at 10 a.m.
      Then morning milking at 11:20…

      Then picking tomatoes and doing various missus demanded yard work for a couple hours.
      I spent most of my time today trying to wash off the red paint and looking for the lampshades.

    190. NYCmike says:

      “She more or less nixed that b=right idea, even thou she was outvoted 3 to 1 (Walt Cow and Walt’s son all voting on the losing side.”

      -Senator Corker is a hero for getting this vote in, even though it had no affect!

    191. NYCmike says:

      “Sop far today, he was up at 5 a.m. to drive his son to his job (45 min one way).”

      -I stand corrected!

    192. Phil says:

      Kudos to the Nats. Great playoff run. Nats played like they really wanted it. Astros played like they were just expecting it. Much respect to the Nationals baseball team.

    193. Cash Cow TM says:

      Thanks NYC.

    194. lisab says:

      Walt put on his one pair of RED undershorts


    195. Will says:


      As a lifelong Astros fan, I agree with your assessment. Astros problem was hubris….and no bats in game 6 and 7

    196. NYCmike says:

      “and no bats in game 6 and 7”

      -Blame the scheduling for the TV revenue. The bats are usually out right before it gets dark………then again, the stadium had the lights on……now I am really confused….

    197. Phil says:


      You put your finger right on it.

    198. jason says:

      Even the liberal Atlantic was not impressed…

      “Count this initial vote as a win for the president, then, however modest and fleeting it might prove to be. Trump’s critics will dismiss the vote as a procedural affair, which is almost always a straight party-line vote in the House. But in other ways, this resolution—merely affirming an impeachment investigation, not judging any articles themselves—should have been the easiest for Republicans to go along with. Instead, lawmakers once again retreated to their corners of comfort. Trump will begin the formal impeachment process with his party still behind him, the House having sent a signal of GOP unity to potential wobblers in the Senate.”

    199. jason says:

      AP touting poll that says 69% of Americans think Trump doesn’t “respect Democratic norms”.


      Let me know when Obama “respected Democratic norms”

    200. Tina says:

      Hopefully, there are oral and written transcripts. Soviet .schiffty could doctor written transcripts.

      Joseph Bevilacqua Retweeted

      John Ratcliffe
      Verified account

      1h1 hour ago
      Morrison’s testimony today is devastating to the false Democrat narrative that anything illegal or improper happened on the July 25 Trump-Zelensky call. It’s also devastating to the credibility of certain other witnesses who have asserted there was anything illegal or improper.
      168 replies 2,187 retweets 4,584 likes

    201. Tina says:

      And today, Bill Taylor was destroyed.

      Shem Horne

      29m29 minutes ago
      Bill Taylor mentioned Morrison repeatedly in his opening statement because Taylor had almost no first hand knowledge of anything that was happening. For Morrison to dispute him destroys Taylors testimony completely.
      3 replies 47 retweets 89 likes

    202. jason says:

      Then picking tomatoes and doing various missus demanded yard work for a couple hours.”

      Someone has to turn in Walt’s wife for making a guy who probably should have retired 200 years ago do yard work.

    203. Tina says:

      Laughing my arse off. Goober should do the same.

      As should the president.

      BNL NEWS

      Follow Follow @BreakingNLive
      BREAKING: Doug Collins has called Adam Schiff as a Witness to the House Judiciary Committee’s Investigation.

    204. Tina says:

      Goober is giving back control of the judiciary committee to Grassley in 2020.

      What a disaster goober has been. No subpoenas of coup plotters, Soviet Schiffty, Ciaobrutta, and lt colonel Bolshevik.

    205. NYCmike says:

      “AP touting poll that says 69% of Americans think Trump doesn’t “respect Democratic norms”.”

      -69% of Americans think that a Republican President is supposed to act like GWB and constantly say “Thank you, may I have another!?”?

    206. jason says:

      This should be the end of the charade, but the Dems dug too big a hole to climb out.

      “Morrison also pointed out key factual inaccuracies in testimony provided by William Taylor, a State Department official who works in the U.S. embassy in Kiev, Ukraine. Morrison said that, contrary to Taylor’s claims, Morrison never met with the Ukrainian National Security advisor in his private hotel room.

      Morrison also said Taylor falsely claimed that Ambassador Gordon Sondland demanded a public statement from the Ukrainian president committing to investigate Burisma, a controversial Ukrainain energy company that paid Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter millions of dollars to sit on its board.

      “My recollection is that Ambassador Sondland’s proposal to [Ukrainian National Security Advisor Andriy] Yermak was that it could be sufficient if the new Ukrainian prosecutor general — not President Zelensky — would commit to pursue the Burisma investigation,” Morrison testified.

      Morrison testified that the transcript of the phone call that was declassified and released by Trump in late September “accurately and completely reflects the substance of the call,” and that he was concerned that the substance of the call would be leaked to the media. Morrison said he immediately informed a NSC lawyer about his concerns that the phone call would be leaked. Democrats have alleged that security measures taken to prevent leaks of the top secret call transcript prove that Trump should be removed from office.

      He also told lawmakers that the national security process worked as designed in the case of the military funding that Congress appropriated for Ukraine.

      “I am pleased our process gave the president the confidence he needed to approve the release of the security sector assistance,” he said. “I am proud of what I have been able, in some small way, to help the Trump administration accomplish.”

    207. Phil says:

      Well, that testimony certainly didn’t go as Schiff planned.

    208. lisab says:

      good news … Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

      has stopped smoking … see, it just takes willpower

      and the rain helped

    209. Will says:

      so, WAPO published that Morrison corroborated Taylor testimony??

    210. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #218- Will
      I read the Washington Post article and my take is that Morrison and Taylor in two phone conversations were opining about what was happening with the Ukraine aid package. Neither had first-hand information.

    211. Tina says:

      Rush Limbaugh: This guy’s a leaker. He’s not a whistleblower. His name is Eric Ciaramella. He’s 30-some-odd years old. I’ve got a picture. It looks like the Pajama Boy in the Obama ad that they ran back during the first term.

    212. NYCmike says:


      -I linked to a story last night……come on, let’s hear it FOR THE GOATS!

      Don’t be jealous, Ca$h Cow!

    213. John says:

      Washington Post headline…’Advisor corroborates account Trump appeared to seek quid pro quo” and now Mark Meadows (R-NC) just blew this angle to pieces.
      Appearing on Fox Business and Fox News he basically said this was fake news.

    214. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      222. “-I linked to a story last night……come on, let’s hear it FOR THE GOATS!”

      Goats are being used throughout California now, but guess who opposes their use? The green zealots. Goats eat native species, so eco-loons oppose them. (never mind that fire seems to burns the above ground sections of native species that goats eat.

      An example is Catalina Island.

      There had been a population of wild goats on the Catalina since the 19th century. But they had to go because they ate sensitive plants. Helicopters were used to shoot thousands of them. Then guess what:

      “Over the last 15 years, several fires have affected the island’s ecosystems. In July 1999, a 300-acre fire caused by an escaped illegal campfire burned several oak and ironwood groves above Goat Harbor. Countless other shrubs that offer wildlife food and shelter were also lost. Ironwoods are a particular concern due to their very limited range. These trees are found primarily on northeast facing slopes on Catalina Island and nowhere else in the world.

      The fires on Catalina Island over the last 15 years have been massive — they had wide media coverage.

      But still, here is what the Catalina Conservancy website says about using goats:

      “Can grazing goats help stop Catalina fire hazards?

      Absolutely not. While domesticated goats have been used in controlled environments to clear vegetation, they are not an appropriate solution for a nature preserve like Catalina. Goats are indiscriminate eaters and Catalina supports large numbers of endemic, rare, and endangered plants that are particularly vulnerable to introduced herbivores.”

    215. Tina says:

      Gossip blower won’t testify.

      His legal is no longer cooperating with Soviet Schiffty.

      Washington examiner

    216. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Dick Morris, who advised Bill Clinton in his 1978 campaign for Arkansas governor, and again in his 1996 White House re-election effort, says it is his “feeling” that Hillary wants to run.

      “She feels entitled to do it,” he said on John Catsimatidis’ Sunday morning radio show from New York. “She feels compelled to do it. She feels that God put her on the Earth to do it, but she’s hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad.””

      Agree on the timing issue. Any year with a presidential election is a bad time for Hillary Clinton to run for president. She should run in off-years.

    217. NYCmike says:

      #224 – does that matter if it happens on Fox?

    218. Tina says:

      Trump War Room (Text TRUMP to 88022)
      WATCH: Joe Biden says, “I’m going to make sure that we rejoin the Paris Peace Accord on day one.”

      The Paris Peace Accords = a treaty to end the Vietnam War that was signed in 1973, Biden’s first year in the Senate.

      He’s not playing with a full deck, folks…
      Embedded video

    219. Victrc says:

      It is actually sad to see the decay in Biden. He is universally liked in and out of DC and is an extremely nice man.

      Watching him lose his faculties in front of 300M people shouldn’t be the way it goes down for him.

    220. John says:

      He probably would have said the same if he were on CNN and MSNBC.

    221. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Its Halloween, so lets spook the trolls:

      From the latest Morning Consult poll – Trump vs. the Democratic candidates:

      Biden 41, Trump 36
      Sanders 39, Trump 37
      Warren 35, Trump 36
      Harris 31, Trump 36
      Buttigieg 29, Trump 35

      These numbers look pretty close since trolls have told us that Trump is doomed.

      Both Biden and Sanders have weaknesses that will hurt them in the general election. The church lady cannot get momentum — Harris has fallen into the cellar.

    222. Victrc says:

      What are liberals going to do if Sanders wins the nomination and Republicans run on saying he’s a socialist? Liberals are always tying to say that R’s are just trying to scare Americans by using that word…well He’s ACTUALLY a Socialist.

      Went to congress as a socialist. Only changed to the D party so he could run for President.

      I can sure see Wisconsin. Michigan PA etc voting for an avowed socialist…not.

    223. NYCmike says:


      -Robbie and “CG” like Jennifer Rubin……..just sayin’ is all.

    224. Paul says:

      Dark horse Bullock is going to surprise everyone in Iowa.

    225. NYCmike says:



      Even you would appreciate this humor from Trump.

    226. lisab says:

      “I’m going to make sure that we rejoin the Paris Peace Accord on day one.” biden

      actually i agree with biden on this

    227. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      237. Yes, but will he reaffirm the Declaration of Independence?

    228. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC – If you have to explain a joke then it isn’t funny. Maybe it was meant to be funny. It is not worth my time or anybody’s time to interpret it.

    229. Bitterlaw says:

      We just had a tornado warning – rare for the Philadelphia suburbs.

      My wife and daughter went to the basement. I don’t care if I die so I stayed in bed on the second floor near a window.

    230. Bitterlaw says:

      I hope President Biden would abide by the Treaty of Ghent. Nobody wants to resume the War of 1812.

    231. jason says:

      Dark horse Bullock”

      If I ever buy a racehorse I already know what to call it.

    232. jason says:

      I hope Biden revisits Yalta too.

      Maybe he can save Eastern Europe.

    233. jason says:

      Sanders won’t get the nomination.

      IF he did, he wouldn’t win the election.

      You read it here first.

    234. jason says:

      My wife and daughter went to the basement. I don’t care if I die so I stayed in bed on the second floor near a window.”

      I know how you feel. I stay in the barn with Lupita, if she got killed by a tornado life won’t be worth living.

    235. jason says:

      If the Dems were smart they would nominate Bullock.

      Fortunately, they won’t.

    236. jason says:

      Democrat Representative in Pennsylvania was caught on camera calling a miscarried child “just a mess on a napkin” during a debate on a bill that would deal with how a baby’s remains are handled by facilities in the case of a miscarriage or an abortion.”

      Wendy Ullman (D-Bucks)

    237. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Bernie Sanders is claiming to be a Democrat and an Independent at the same time, From Wikpedia”

      “On the 2016 campaign trail, he affirmed that he was a Democrat running for the Democratic nomination.[289] But both his Senate website and press materials continued to label him as an “independent” during and after the campaign.[290][291] His party status became ambiguous once again in March 2019 when he signed a formal “loyalty pledge” to the Democratic Party stating that he is a member of the party and will serve as a Democrat if elected president. He signed the pledge the day after he signed paperwork to run as an independent for reelection to the Senate in 2024.”

      When he first announced he was running in 2016, the Democrats would have saved a lot of grief by demanding Sanders unequivocally become a Democrat, or else he would be disqualified from running.

    238. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      If Bullock was smart he would become a Republican. He has no future as a Democrat, and the Republicans are going to need new leaders once Trump is no longer president. If Trump could switch parties, Bullock can too.

    239. lisab says:

      well … actually i did not think yalta went very well

    240. Bitterlaw says:

      A lot of storm damage in PA from high wands and rain last night. Many people are without power in jason’s area. Amos Stoltzfuss has not noticed it.

    241. Tina says:

      Liberal Chris Wallace has “goosebumpsL from yesterday’s “impeachment vote.”

    242. Messy says:

      Trump will be impeached. You said it would never get this far, ALL of you said that.

    243. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      I love this CT woman’s “call-out and double-dare” of Robert Francis O’Rourke!


    244. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #253- Messy the Moron
      Your Messiah, Nancy Pelosi, said the same as late as April, 2019!

    245. dblaikie says:

      When all is said and done, the biggest result of this bogus impeachment process is that the Trump Campaign raised over 125 million dollars in the third quarter of the year. Heck I think that the they have like 130 million on hand, in the bank. Maybe campaign would like impeachment to continue so that the fourth quarter will equal or surpass the third.

      Which ever dem gets the nomination they are going to faced with a huge mountain of money. Unlike 2016 Trump is going to be able to place huge resources wherever he wants.

    246. jason says:

      FORMER CIA BOSS CELEBRATES IMPEACHMENT: ‘Thank God for the Deep State!’

      Dang, and Bitter said the Deep State did not exist.

    247. jason says:

      Trump will be impeached. You said it would never get this far, ALL of you said that.”


      All of us said he wouldn’t be impeached for the Mueller hoax, which you firmly believe in.

      At that time, we didn’t know about the next attempted coup.

      But you don’t have to remind us you are a moron, we already know.

    248. Phil says:

      I believe Pelosi had said she’d only put the country through impeachment if it was a bipartisan action.

      Did that straight party line vote yesterday look “bipartisan” to any of you?

      It appears Nancy was talking with forked tongue.

    249. jason says:

      well … actually i did not think yalta went very well”

      Neither did the Paris Peace Accords.

      But if Biden is going to revisit one, he might as well do both.

    250. jason says:

      “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country.”– Pelosi, March 2019″

      According to Messy Moron, Pelosi was wrong too.

    251. Phil says:

      I can only imagine the amount of money that the Trump campaign will take in during this final quarter thanks to this impeachment BS. You just think last quarter’s haul was impressive.

      Are we sure Schiff isn’t a Trump plant?

    252. Phil says:

      Job report came in strong even with the GM strike – 128,000 surpassing estimates even with minus 42K temporarily lost jobs due to the GM Strike.. Big revisions for each of the last two months as well. African American unemployment rate dropped again.

      Yeah, let’s remove this guy from office.

    253. NYCmike says:

      “If Bullock was smart he would become a Republican. He has no future as a Democrat, and the Republicans are going to need new leaders once Trump is no longer president. If Trump could switch parties, Bullock can too.”

      -Bullock hasn’t donated enough $$ to Democrats to merit him becoming a Republican!

    254. NYCmike says:

      #262 – I will donate to Trump in the coming year for his re-election.

    255. NYCmike says:

      I may even make some donations in Robbie’s and “CG”‘s names, just so they can share in the shame of such actions!

    256. John says:

      Just released…
      128,000 jobs added in October easily beating expectations because of the 50,000 workers GM strike…wages up to a 3% over year…3.6% unemployment rate which near all time lows…Dow is up over 150 points after this news.

    257. NYCmike says:


      -Something tells me that the politicians who say things like below will be long gone when the NYC/state economy collapses because they drove away a lot of affluent taxpayers.

      ““Good riddance. It’s not like @realDonaldTrump paid taxes here anyway… He’s all yours, Florida,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted.

      City Council Speaker Corey Johnson also wrote: “GOOD RIDDANCE!!”

    258. Bitterlaw says:

      In the Bitterlaw household, the unemployment rate is 25%. My wife, high school daughter and college son all have jobs. Trump has done nothing for me.

    259. Phil says:

      Excellent news. Elizabeth Warren has now done the calculations and announced there will be no middle class tax increase to finance her Medicare for all plan.

      LOL Ok then. I was afraid the math wouldn’t work out but I feel better now. Pocahontas has reassured me.

    260. NYCmike says:


      -Is the Republican Party in California that useless that they can’t write a platform which would get widespread support?

      1) No tents on public streets
      2) Allow citizens to clear away tinder and underbrush so that their houses aren’t consumed in wild fires.
      3) No pooping on public streets
      4) Clear land around electric wires like they do in most of the country so they don’t have to shut off the electricity

    261. NYCmike says:

      “Trump has done nothing for me.”

      -As a “conservative Republican” that is usually what you look for in a President……..

    262. John says:

      More economic numbers…

      158,510,000 Americans employed – a record number and the 23rd time this has been broken under Trump

      63.6% labor force participation rate – a record
      under Trump

      5.4% African-American unemployment rate – all time low

      All this and only a 1.6% inflation rate

    263. Phil says:

      Impeach the MF.

    264. John says:

      Final economic numbers….

      August’s initial 168,000 payrolls revised up to 219,000
      September’s jumped from 136,000 to 180,000

    265. Bitterlaw says:

      NYC still does not get my sense of humor. F him.

    266. Bitterlaw says:


      If you rape an unconscious teen in Spain it is not rape. Seriously.

    267. Tina says:

      Job number was strong

      50000 unemployed due to Gm strike. It is now resolved and will be added in for nov.

      +94000 in revisions for the previous two months

    268. Wes says:

      If you rape an underage teen in the Dominican Republic, you win a Senate race in New Jersey by double digits.


    269. NYCmike says:

      “F him.”



    270. CG says:

      Headline from the Future:

      “Florida Man Gets Impeached”

    271. Victrc says:

      Subsequent headline:

      “Florida man found not guilty by Senate. Continues Presidency”

    272. CG says:

      “Florida Man Solidly Rejected by Voters”

      (If only the GOP could have gone with a different Florida Man…)

    273. Victrc says:

      And just like Dewey Defeats Truman headline, national media writes:

      “In stunning development media, Democrats and Never Trump crowd left in dissaray after Trump claims, reminiscent of 2016, late evening electoral college victory after 4 am call gives him Wisconsin.”

    274. CG says:

      “Florida Man Flees to Moscow upon Indictment”

    275. NYCmike says:

      Victrc – if we are waiting until 4AM, I doubt Trump will be able to pull out a victory, as the combined forces of the media, Democrats, and #NeverTrumpers like “CG” who don’t believe in transparency may be too much to overcome.

    276. Big Joe says:

      “Biden 41, Trump 36
      Sanders 39, Trump 37
      Warren 35, Trump 36
      Harris 31, Trump 36
      Buttigieg 29, Trump 35”

      Can’t believe there can be so many undecideds.

      Big Joe

    277. lisab says:

      a huge number of trump supporters will not publicly say so.

      at a conference i was at last weekend, an hr lawyer openly said she would fire anyone that wore a maga hat

    278. Bitterlaw says:

      That HR lawyer better check the laws in that state. An at-will employee can be terminated for almost any reason or no reason (except for protected classes like race, gender, religion, etc.). Teachers probably have contractual protections that, ironically go back to protections against firing suspected communists in the 1950s, would preserve their jobs or give them a basis to sue.

    279. VictrC says:


      I said 4 am because they will not call it before then, no matter the margin of victory out of a. The need to keep viewership as long as they can and b. Spite and hate.

      Remember when they waited to call SC.. GA…Ohio,etc

    280. NYCmike says:

      “Remember when they waited to call SC.. GA…Ohio,etc”

      -Point taken, Victrc.

      That wait actually made it even sweeter……knowing that there were libs hanging on, hoping THEIR GOD could make it right!

    281. Messy says:

      255. 259. Yes, she was wrong then, but right now. Also, things have changed.

    282. Messy says:

      oh, by the way….India was really cool.