Trump : 186
Biden : 352
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GOP : 49
DEM : 49
IND : 2
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    Trump Leads Dems in AZ

    It’s been a few weeks, so might as well give out results for a new poll from OH Predictive Insights for the state of Arizona showing Donald Trump with leads varying from 2% to 13% over the leading Democratic candidates.

    Trump (R-inc) 46%
    Biden (D) 44%

    Trump (R-inc) 47%
    Sanders (D) 34%

    Trump (R-inc) 47%
    Warren (D) 41%

    Trump (R-inc) 45%
    Buttigieg (D) 43%

    Trump (R-inc) 47%
    Bloomberg (D) 40%

    This poll was done December 3-4 among 628 likely voters.

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    94 Responses to “Trump Leads Dems in AZ”

    1. Wobbles says:

      Impossible. Trash those polls.

    2. Tgca says:

      Dos Bebe! Dos!

    3. Wobbles says:

      I am turd.

    4. jason says:

      Ay caramba, todo rojo!

    5. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag hardest hit.

      Bush grandson running for Congress in Texas.

      “When you look at the alternative first of all, how can you be anything but a supporter of the president’s policies?” Pierce Bush, 33, told the AP. “I look forward to being a partner in Washington, and speaking of course with my own voice, but supporting the president’s agenda.”

    6. jason says:

      Corey to call him a white supremacist in 3, 2, 1…

    7. John says:

      I don’t know it these polls done by Firehouse Strategies just recently (Dec. 3-5) have been posted yet…

      Trump 46
      Biden 41

      Trump 46
      Biden 41

      Trump 48
      Biden 39


    8. VictrC says:

      Crazy 8’s!!!

    9. VictrC says:

      Hmmmm got beaten to the punch.


      call me Victor X

    10. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      National @MorningConsult Poll:

      Biden 30% (+1)
      Sanders 22% (+2)
      Warren 16% (+1)
      Buttigieg 9% (-)
      Bloomberg 6% (+1)
      Yang 4% (-)
      Booker/Steyer 3% (+1)
      Gabbard/Klobuchar 2% (-)

      No major changes.

    11. SanDiegoCitizen says:


      IA Buttigieg 23.6—Bernie 18.0—Biden 17.0—Warren 12.9
      NH Bernie 18.6—Buttigieg 18.4—Biden 14.8—Warren 13.1
      NV Biden 26.2—Bernie 19.8—Warren 14.6—Buttigieg 8.9
      SC Biden 37.8—Bernie 13.2—Warren 8.6—Buttigieg 7.6

    12. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      MoreGeraldo Rivera Retweeted Geraldo Rivera
      Now it is clear

      1-The #FBI did not fully inform the #FISACourt that the #SteeleDossier was produced & bankrolled by #TrumpHaters.

      2-Without the Dossier there would probably not have been an omnibus probe of @realDonaldTrump. It was a cunning, spiteful omission.

    13. lisab says:

      “There was no wiretap or FISA on Trump or his campaign” – Clapper, 2017

    14. Tina says:

      ClearLy,, fib lied about the Carter page FISA. I knew he was a gubment asset, but had him pegged as fib, not a Cia asset.

      The FISA on page allows the fib to run wild.

      Trump must have been tipped off or had somebody tell him to move the transition team out of Trump Tower. He made reference to a big move he made early on.

    15. Tina says:

      We have to look at FISA renewal, which should not be rushed.

      We have to look at the FISA judges appointed by Souter 2.0.

    16. Tina says:

      It’s also time for Barr to relieve Wrong Wray.

      He does not appear capable to reform the corrupt fib.

      May be time to dissolve it and reform it.

    17. mRviTO says:

      For those keeping score of the IG report…

      Errors/Omissions/”CloseCalls” in Trumps favor: 0

      Errors/Omissions/”CloseCalls” Harmful to Trump: 42,571

      Bias Found: none

    18. jason says:

      Turley in Op-ed regarding the “FBI was justified in opening the investigation” argument.

      “This is akin to reviewing the Titanic and saying that the captain was not unreasonable in starting the voyage. The question is what occurred when icebergs began appearing. Horowitz says that investigative icebergs appeared very early on, and the Justice Department not only failed to report that to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court but also removed evidence that its investigation was on a collision course.”

    19. jason says:

      This has to be the first “bias investigation” where all the numerous “errors” were against one of the parties but no bias was found.

    20. jason says:

      Cheatriots admit to “inappropriate” filming of the Bengals.

      NYC, quick to learn from Horowitz, to claim that just because the Patriots always get caught cheating doesn’t mean that they are, in fact, cheaters in 3, 2, 1….

    21. jason says:

      I just can’t see why Durnham would have put out that statement if he didn’t plan to divulge something significantly contrary to the IG findings.

    22. jason says:

      The WSJ is not fooled:

      “The press corps is portraying Monday’s report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz as absolution for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but don’t believe it. The report relates a trail of terrible judgment and violations of process that should shock Americans who thought better of their premier law-enforcement agency.

      Readers can look at the detailed executive summary and decide for themselves. But our own initial reading confirms the worst of what we feared about the bureau when it was run by James Comey. The FBI corrupted the secret court process for obtaining warrants to spy on former Trump aide Carter Page. And it did so by supplying the court with false information produced by Christopher Steele, an agent of the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

    23. mRviTO says:

      Since there was no bias, we can conclude from this portion of the report that the entire chain of command was incompetent…


      Isnt that reassuring?

    24. Paul says:

      Impeachment of Barr is coming up soon.

    25. jason says:

      Impeachment of Barr is coming up soon.”


    26. mRviTO says:

      Impeachment of ham sandwich at noon for obstruction. Nadler needed the heimlich.

    27. jason says:

      Elizabeth Warren on Sunday said she made about $1.9 million working as a bankruptcy lawyer over three decades, a disclosure that comes after requests from the media and Pete Buttigieg for her to release her tax returns.”

      Of course, she wouldn’t take money from those horrible insurance and oil companies or banks would she?

      Let’s see who the clients were. Getty Oil. Rabobank. Traveler’s Indemnity. Dow Corning…

    28. jason says:

      What happened to bribery and treason?

      Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress?


    29. mRviTO says:

      So, made up crimes and misdemeanors… par for the course.

    30. jason says:

      Impeachment of Barr is coming up soon.”

      One of the problems with impeaching someone because you don’t agree with their views is that it is a slippery slope.

      Paul troll rushes to make that case.

    31. jason says:

      Paul never had a problem with Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, who actually did use the DOJ to bury Obama’s numerous scandals.

    32. Phil says:

      Adam Schiff at the mike telling the world he is “reluctant” to have to recommend the two articles of impeachment. That’s funny enough. Having Maxine Waters standing right behind him as he says it makes it even more ridiculous. Not a good look, Adam.

    33. Phil says:

      Barr to be impeached.

      Another leftist wet dream, Paul but, by all means, carry on.

    34. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      The basis for both impeachment charges:(sarc.)

      Abuse of Power: President Trump wasn’t suppose to have any power…it was all suppose to be SOS Clinton’s. So any use of his executive abilities was going to be abuse.

      Obstruction of Congress: President Trump fought the Democrats robustly, instead of rolling over and resigning. Therefore, he obstructed the plans to remove both him and his Vice President.

      Trump is having a rally tonight in Pennsylvania. I predict it is going to be lit. jason and/or Bitter, will you attend?

    35. Phil says:

      Nicole Wallace, Peggy Noonan, and Ana Navarro moan with pleasure as their group orgasm builds and builds with each word this morning from Adam Schiff.

    36. jason says:

      Not attending the Trump rally in Hershey, the traffic problems will be horrendous.

      The Dems probably didn’t have the votes for more specific articles so they are going with the vague “abuse of power” and “obstruction” BS.

    37. jason says:

      The Giant Center holds 10500 people, but the campaign will issue more tickets than that because they want the names and emails you have to give to get the ticket. They are planning on a big overflow, there will be monitors/sound outside.

      Local news says a lot of people have already arrived. This area is mostly just 2 lane roads so it will be a mess.

      I prefer to stay here and irritate Paul Troll.

      “Traffic delays are possible if not likely. Trump will fly into Harrisburg International Airport. State police might close roads or intersections as his motorcade travels to the Giant Center. A state police spokeswoman said she didn’t expect state police to announce specifics regarding the route and timing of the motorcade. Pence is traveling separately, arriving at the rally at the end of a cross-state bus tour that will include Pittsburgh-area stops earlier Tuesday.”

    38. Phil says:

      Good call, Jason. You are needed here to further annoy Paul. Carry on.

    39. jason says:

      Meanwhile, our brilliant Governor:

      “Today, Governor Tom Wolf had a message for President Trump ahead of his visit to Central Pennsylvania tomorrow.

      In an interview at the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting, the Democrat was asked if he has a message for the president. The Governor responded “First, welcome to Pennsylvania. Second, what`s with the SNAP changes?”


    40. jason says:

      Wolf is an incompetent moron, but he is not a far left moonbat.

      He might even vote for Trump to save some money on taxes.

    41. mRviTO says:

      MSM Narrative losing with even anti-Trump bigwigs


      David French
      Nobody should be pleased by the FISA process the IG detailed in his report. That is not how the FBI should seek and renew a FISA on anyone, much less an extraordinarily politically-sensitive target.


      The Schiff Memo Undermines Republican Claims of FISA Abuse
      February 26, 2018 3:19 PM

    42. Wes says:

      Ted Yoho ho and a bottle of rum (R-FL) will not seek re-election.

    43. jason says:

      Looks like the vote against impeachment will be bipartisan…

      “Rep. Collin Peterson, who was one of two Ds to vote against formalizing the impeachment procedures, told me this when asked if he’d vote against all articles: “I’m certainly leaning that way….I just think it will be too divisive for the country – it doesn’t accomplish anything”

    44. Wobbles says:

      Ted Yoho ho and a bottle of rum (R-FL) will not seek re-election.

      This means Trump is doomed.

      I read on the Socialist Worker’s website.

    45. mRviTO says:

      Yoho is keeing his promise to be term limited. The seat should be safe.

    46. Phil says:

      Yoho got 58%of the vote last time in a Democratic year.

    47. dblaikie says:

      Today the media and the Democrats remind me of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. The huge news of the past 48 hours is that little 3 or 4 sentence statement that John Durham released. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t ever remember a US Attorney make a statement in the midst of an ongoing investigation about evidence gathered. To do do now is nuclear in it’s importance. This guy who has investigated the mob, the CIA, Bolger and all the rest is clearly saying, “I have the evidence.” In the Dept. of Justice his nickname is, “the bulldog.” There are a lot of people lawyering up in the CIA and the DOJ and possibly the media.

    48. mRviTO says:

      He’s my rep.

    49. jason says:

      We will see about Durham.

      But I have no explanation other than “just hold your horses, I do have evidence that Horowitz did not divulge, stay tuned” is why he issued that statement.

    50. mRviTO says:

      Narrative getting panned by more GOP moderates.

      Guy Benson
      he’d need to switch parties
      Quote Tweet

      Brit Hume
      · 1h
      Most of the media still can’t see through this guy? What will it take? https://thefederalist.com/2019/12/10/ig-report-confirms-schiff-fisa-memo-media-praised-was-riddled-with-lies/

    51. Chicon says:

      50 – Durham pretty clearly said he disagrees with Horowitz’s conclusion that the investigation of Trump was not politically motivated. We can conclude that Durham knows something about the origins of the investigation, or else he wouldn’t make a statement. What does he know? We’ll see.

    52. Phil says:

      Doug Jones…..see ya!

    53. BayernFan says:

      Is it possible that the Dems won’t have the votes on the floor?

    54. mRviTO says:

      Et tu, TIME?


      “Exclusive: Top Ukraine Official Andriy Yermak Casts Doubt on Key Impeachment Testimony”

    55. Phil says:

      They have the votes….but not a single Republican vote. At a minimum they lose 2 Democrats – perhaps a total of 5 or 6. We will see how hard Pelosi twists arms.

      Nancy got her bipartisan vote – just not exactly the bipartisan vote she was hoping for.

    56. NYCmike says:

      “Is it possible that the Dems won’t have the votes on the floor?”

      -Yes……because the Democrats are in another world.

    57. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Here comes CENSURE by some nervous House Democrats:


    58. dblaikie says:

      Barr’s interview with NBC is revealing, persuasive, and powerful. Tomorrows hearing with the IG is going to be filled with fireworks.

    59. mRviTO says:


      NATIONAL POLL: Registered voter opinion of 2020 candidates:

      Favorable / Unfavorable
      46% / 52% @realDonaldTrump

      43% / 50% @JoeBiden

      41% / 54% @BernieSanders

      40% / 50% @EWarren

      34% / 35% @PeteButtigieg

      26% / 54% @MikeBloomberg

      25% / 28% @AndrewYang

    60. lisab says:

      Patriots admit to “inappropriate” filming of the Bengals.

      it was NOT really inappropriate …

      the locker room was not marked “men’s locker room”

      plus at the time i identified as a man, so it was fine

    61. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here is the Monmouth Poll results for the Democratic Primary:

      National @MonmouthPoll
      (Change since last month)
      Biden 26% (+3)
      Sanders 21% (+1)
      Warren 17% (-6)
      Buttigieg 8% (-1)
      Bloomberg 5% (new)
      Klobuchar 4% (+2)
      Yang 3% (-)
      Booker 2% (-1)

    62. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      61. When Trump has a higher favorable rating than any of the Democrat candidates, this may be turning into an election of “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

      The far leftist rhetoric of Democratic candidates is clearly alienating voters.

    63. Joe J says:

      Bloomberg is DOA. People outside the tristate area barely know him and already they don’t like him.

    64. mRviTO says:

      Ben Shapiro@benshapiro
      3 hours ago, 9 tweets, 2 min read

      THREAD: The charges Democrats are leveling here are, on their face, laughably inadequate to support impeachment.
      First, they claim Trump acted to “obtain an improper personal benefit, while ignoring or injuring the national interest.” They aren’t charging bribery, because this doesn’t fulfill the elements of bribery: they can’t show what the bribe was, or the intent to commit such a crime.

      So that means they’ve widened out the charge itself to include “ignoring or injuring the national interest,” which is far more general than the specific intent for bribery. Virtually every president could be charged with “ignoring or injuring the national interest.”

      See, e.g., Barack Obama telling the Russians on hot mic that he has flexibility after the election, or Barack Obama’s IRS targeting his political opponents.

      The second charge, obstruction, is even more absurd. There is literally NO legal grounds for obstruction, since every subpoena legally issued has been challenged in the courts, and Democrats have refused to wait for the outcome, charging ahead anyway.

      Even WaPo notes that Congress has never charged “obstruction of Congress” in the absence of “obstruction of justice,” because there’s another name for that: checks and balances. Only after the judiciary weighs in does obstruction of Congress become obstruction of justice.

      This is empty, empty nonsense. And the Democrats know that it is. Which is why they are truly impeaching pre-emptively. They articulate clearly that if they don’t impeach, Trump will steal the election.

      We’re now set up for a 2020 election in which both sides will claim that a result they don’t like is fundamentally illegitimate: Dems will claim Trump cheated and GOP will claim Dems abused power to drive down Trump via impeachment.

      The #ArticlesOfImpeachment are a joke. They are the legal analogue of a prosecutor redefining first-degree murder to include accidental death (robbing the crime of its vital intent component), and then going ahead and charging first-degree murder.

    65. Chicon says:

      65 – what most people know is that he wants to take away your 32 ounce Coke.

    66. mRviTO says:

      Chuck Ross
      Schiff memo: FBI did not omit info in Carter Page FISA.
      IG report: Wrong

      Schiff: FBI accurately determined Steele was credible.
      IG: No

      Schiff: FBI corroborated Steele’s information about Page.
      IG: lol

    67. Joe J says:

      Yep. He should thank Rudy every day for leaving NYC in such great shape for him.

      I crack up when people refer to him as a moderate. There’s nothing moderate about dictating what people drink or changing the laws while in power to keep power longer.

    68. Tina says:

      Remember the ig looked only at fib and justice. Cannot go outside his agency. Could not look at the foreigner that interfered in our election.

      Voluntary interview to those in justice that are gone.

    69. NYCmike says:

      “Yep. He should thank Rudy every day for leaving NYC in such great shape for him.

      I crack up when people refer to him as a moderate.”

      -Bloomberg would never have gotten elected except for Rudy coming before him.

      That said, he was the best choice NYC voters were left with, and I am glad (although I wasn’t happy about the change in law) that he stuck around for 12 years. Compared to DeBlasio, he is a “moderate”. Compared to Rudy, he is a water carrier.

    70. NYCmike says:

      “61. When Trump has a higher favorable rating than any of the Democrat candidates, this may be turning into an election of “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.””

      -Jebots know that Trump is the worsest devil of all!

    71. PresidentPaul! says:

      Transgender pupil, 12, given puberty blockers, as mother says she ‘wanted to be a girl from age of three’


    72. PresidentPaul! says:

      Coastal impeachment goons.


    73. NYCmike says:

      GFY, bunu!


      -I can ignore all the crap about Kaepernick, but when it comes to her pay, what doesn’t she understand?

      There are WAY MORE PEOPLE who pay to watch men’s soccer than women’s soccer, and that is why she is not paid as much as the men.

      If she would shut up, and keep improving her sport, maybe in the future the women would be compensated in a similar fashion.

      Personally, I would rather see all pro athletes make less money. I am still baffled by how many people actually pay to go to games, buy merchandise, buy TV packages, etc.

    74. jason says:

      Much to the chagrin of Mikey, Schumer, and Elmer Gantry (Michigan Guy), Sessions leads the GOP primary while Dirty Roy places Fourth”

      Dang, looks like the Mikey Maneuver will fail there.

      Well, there is always Chemtrail Ward….

    75. jason says:

      Live blogging Trump’s rally from my living room.

      Pence just came on. Crowd chants USA, USA, USA.

      Pence says he had great day on the bus traveling through PA.

      Crowd shouts 4 more years.

      Pence says he stands with Donald Trump.

    76. Phil says:

      Uh oh.

      Quinnipiac Poll just released. Impeachment and Removal now under water. 51-45.

      Released on very day Democrats announce their articles of impeachment.


    77. Phil says:

      Nice timing, Nancy.

    78. Tina says:

      Scampeachment is dropping.

      I wonder if it’s still high among the jebots.

    79. Tina says:

      Is there even such a law as “obstructing congress.”


    80. Tina says:

      “The Inspector General found that the FBI’s spying application contained 17 error and omissions, commonly known as lies and deceit.”

      – President Trump

    81. jason says:

      Sorry, I suck at live blogging. Especially if it conflicts with martini hour(s).

    82. Wobbles says:

      Quinnipiac Poll just released. Impeachment and Removal now under water. 51-45.”

      Did I say Trump was in real trouble if it hit 60%?

      I meant 45%, you can’t rely on transmissions from Bogo Pogo.

    83. Wes says:

      This would be the perfect excuse to make a quip about Bitterlaw and New Jersey were the results not so tragic:


    84. Tina says:

      Do yah remember when the Jebot said there was no spying?

      AG Bill Barr UNLOADS on Deep State FBI: “I Think Wiring People to go Talk to People and Make Recordings – Is Spying” (VIDEO)

    85. jason says:

      Corey hardest hit, but I am sure he can somehow spin “white supremacy” into it.

      “Trump to Sign Order Targeting Anti-Semitism on College Campuses: The president’s action will protect Judaism under civil rights law and empower the Education Department to withhold money from institutions that tolerate anti-Israel movements.”

    86. jason says:

      LOL Katy Turd

    87. NYCmike says:

      Bill Barr also going after the press – he is so immoral!

      Isn’t that correct, “CG”?

    88. Tgca says:

      Impeachment. *rolls eyes*
      IG report. *yawwwwwwwwn*

      In other important news of the day, I had a tasty veggie lunch from the cafe consisting a grilled asparagus, polenta, and spanish onions. Yummy!

    89. Scooterboy says:

      New Thread

    90. jason says:

      I am already on the new thread so I don’t get sick to my stomach just reading Tgca’s “meals”.