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Biden : 352
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GOP : 49
DEM : 49
IND : 2
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    Biden Lead in SC Down to Single Digits

    A couple days ago, The Post and Courier released a new poll for the Democratic primary in South Carolina that shows Joe Biden’s lead down to single digits in his supposed “firewall” state.

    Joe Biden 27%
    Bernie Sanders 20%
    Elizabeth Warren 19%
    Pete Buttigieg 9%
    Cory Booker 5%
    Tom Steyer 5%
    Tulsi Gabbard 4%
    Michael Bloomberg 3%
    Amy Klobuchar 2%
    Andrew Yang 2%
    Everyone Else 1% or less

    This poll was done December 6-11 among 392 likely primary voters.

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    568 Responses to “Biden Lead in SC Down to Single Digits”

    1. Hugh says:

      1st best and smartest

    2. lisab says:

      check the “woman’s” name
      Lawrence woman accused of sexually exploiting 4-year-old

      BOSTON (WHDH) – A Lawrence woman was arrested Wednesday night after authorities say she sexually exploited a 4-year-old and sent obscene material via an instant messaging app.

      Jakob Nieves, who also goes by Dakota, was charged in federal court in Boston on one count of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of distribution of child pornography, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

      An undercover federal agent allegedly communicated with Nieves via Kik messenger as part of an investigation into the use of the app for the trade of child pornography.

      Over the course of those conversations, Nieves sent the agent images and videos that show her sexually abusing a child, officials said.

    3. Hugh says:

      Wes. From your last tread. I have a different take on that guy voting no. He is a dead man walking no matter what. If he votes yes he loses the independents. If he votes no he loses the progressive base. Since he probably figured out he’s losing anyway he actually voted his conscience. A rarity for a politician. It is a bit refreshing. Too bad he voted yes for the impeachment hearings. He will have to live with that.

    4. Wes says:

      I don’t know if Petersen is definitely DOA, Hugh, though he may well be. He works his district well and is a committee chairman. Those are not insignificant factors in that CD. Petersen will be hard to dislodge, although this impeachment idiocy may end his political career.

    5. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      At present, this is how the California delegates would be apportioned, based on the current polls, in the March 3rd primary:

      161 Biden
      139 Sanders
      116 Warren

      In California delegates are proportionally awarded to candidates that receive a minimum of 15% of the vote. Some delegates are awarded based on the statewide vote, and others by congressional district. But in each they have to reach the 15% threshold. There are also 79 at large delegates which include Democratic members of congress and various officials.


      Buttigieg appears to now be doing well in California, so think he could met the 15% threshold statewide and in a lot of congressional districts.

    6. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Most recent California poll:

      California @Capitol_Weekly Poll:
      Warren 23%
      Sanders/Biden 19%
      Buttigieg 14%
      Yang/Bloomberg 5%
      Klobuchar/Gabbard 4%
      Booker/Castro 2%

    7. Tgca says:

      Siete Bebe! Siete!

    8. Tina says:

      Yes Sc is his firewall. He is doing the Guiliani Florida strategy from 2008.

      Except, China Biden is corrupt and is losing it,

      They are limiting his events to avoid his chronic misstatements and situations where he talks to walls

      He is also bleeding $.

    9. BayernFan says:

      Old Drudge would have had the Cenk bestiality thing up by now, and would not have claimed in the run up to the U.K. election that it was thisclose.

    10. Phil says:

      Well, to be fair, Drudge doesn’t have room for those stories. He’s too busy linking to Daily Beast articles on how the American economy is collapsing under Trump.

    11. Bitterlaw says:

      So where am I supposed to go for this mythical balanced news?

      I like Drudge because he links to all kinds of news and weather stories, natural disasters, etc.

    12. Wes says:

      Maybe the same place GWB went to find Saddam’s mythical post-1991 WMDs, Bitter?

    13. Phil says:

      Where to go?

      I don’t know, bitter but one thing is obvious. It sure ain’t Drudge.

    14. BayernFan says:

      I’ve also noticed that the new Drudge doesn’t cycle news stories as quickly. The same ones stay linked a lot longer.

    15. Victrc says:

      Well, it could be worse, He could be like ESPN and obsessively link to stories about LeBron’s high school freshman son scoring 2 points in a game like it was the World Series.

    16. PresidentPaul! says:


      Conservative groups target their impeachment ‘Dirty 30’
      Advocacy organizations are running ads against the House Democrats who represent districts that Donald Trump won in 2016.

    17. jason says:

      Hey, Bunu, GFY.

    18. Hugh says:

      There is nothing technology wise unique about Drudge Report. He will continue to lose viewers as his brand diminishes with his base. Any idiot could have predicted it, that has an ounce of common sense. Eventually these folks want credibility within the media so they sellout in small bites and eventually they lose what they stood for. Drudge was a movement in many ways when he started and he will eventually be one of many and lose his relevance.

    19. Wobbles says:

      The fact a Republican is changing parties to Democrat shows the party is doomed in 2020.

    20. jason says:

      Smarter than the average Democrat….

      Peterson said the “biggest problem” he has with this impeachment process is that people decided in advance they were going to impeach Trump “and now they’ve spent a year trying to figure out how they can make a case for it. That’s backwards. I just don’t agree with this.”

    21. Messy says:

      8. He’s well ahead in Nevada, which is before SC. He’s tied in Iowa and a point or two ahead in NH, If he wins IOwa, he will run the table. Also, if Trump survives the trial, then he’d be so damaged tht he’ll probably only get about 50% in NH and then be badly damaged on Super-Tuesday.

    22. jason says:

      I didn’t watch, but from the transcripts it seems Chris Wallace’s interview with Comey was fair and not cream puff questions.

    23. dblaikie says:

      A few observation about the Comey and Pam Bondi interviews. The first is that Chris Wallace passed the Tim Russert test. Like all Americans he is entitled to his views, as a Journalist fairness is required. I am glad he passed the test.

      The second is that James Comey accomplished one thing — he demonstrated that he is the slimmest person in America.

      Third Pam Bondi rocked it! She is a good choice for this Impeachment process.

    24. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      22. Is your alternative universe inhabited by any form of intelligent life?

    25. Phil says:


      If Trump survives the trial? Only get 50% in NH? Badly damaged on Super-Tuesday?

      I don’t even know what to say on any of that. Speechless.

    26. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      22. It must be unique to lead a life that resembles an episode of the Twilight Zone.

    27. Messy says:

      25-27 I live on Planet Earth, you’re the ones living in delusion.

    28. Tina says:

      Yup, such a smart politician.


      Follow Follow @Breaking911
      Joe Biden: I hope teachers ‘touch’ their students, tell them how much they love them.

    29. Bitterlaw says:

      Eagles beat Redskins.

      In the Dallas-Rams game, Dallas won the coin toss and said, “We’ll kick.” Because did not say it would defer receiving the ball to the second half, it has to kick off to the Rams to start both halves.

    30. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      28. Ok Earthling; if Trump only gets 50% in the New Hampshire primary, who gets the remaining 50%? Inquiring Martians want to know?

    31. dblaikie says:

      Messy for once you have left me speechless. Words simply fail to address the depths of your stupidity. You live on planet earth? I agree either a pre-school or a skilled facility center for patients with dementia.

    32. mnw says:


    33. Bitterlaw says:

      Thanks, mnw. I read the site’s introduction. It will only link to conservative writers and sites. So it will be just as biased as the left wing sites and MSM but from the other side. Not balanced at all. Sorry, Phil. The hunt for a balanced site continues.

    34. John says:

      Just watched Mike Johnson of Louisiana, R-4th district) debate CNN….came across as unflappable and dignified.
      President Trump – find this guy (Johnson) a position on your team if not your cabinet.

    35. BayernFan says:


      I like realclearpolitics.com

    36. Hugh says:

      So I listened to Wallace interviewing Shiff. Omg. It could have been jake rapper interviewing him. He accepted without exception every excuse shiff made. Disgusting. Every dem should beg to go on his show where Fox News tosses one softball after another. I’m glad I quit watching that jerk.

    37. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      On a day where FOX News showed 50% of registered voters wanting the President impeached and removed from office*, USA Today/Suffolk released its own poll showing only 41% for impeachment by the House with an 11% spread for “no impeachment” among Independents.


      * 46% of the poll respondents were Democrats

    38. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Add: Trump’s approval/ disapproval rating in the new USA Today/Suffolk Poll is 48%/50%, respectively.

    39. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Another Democrat walks the plank for Pelosi.This Democrat barely prevailed in an R+6 district and like many of her colleagues was thousands of votes in arrears on election day, but pulled ahead 10 days later after thousands of votes were discovered in Las Cruces, NM.


      By the way, another of the Dirty 30 Democrats, Antonio Delgado from Upstate announced his support for impeachment this morning.

    40. Tina says:

      To top it off, Schumah is making demands on the senate trial. Bet the Rinos in the Senate acquiesce.

    41. jason says:

      “Also, if Trump survives the trial, then he’d be so damaged tht he’ll probably only get about 50% in NH and then be badly damaged on Super-Tuesday.”


      WHo is going to damage him? Weld, Sanford or Walsh?

    42. lisab says:

      Wisconsin to remove 230k fake voters as Democrats fume.

    43. Phil says:

      I’m starting to think every single one of those 31 Democrats will vote to impeach outside of the two no votes already announced….and that includes Horn, Cunningham, plus the other two Democrats from double digit Trump districts. You see, Democrats can’t help it. They hate Trump so much they can’t help themselves – even if it means their political career will probably end in November. Trump hatred will override everything just as it has for the last three years.

    44. Tina says:

      Hope the weak knee Rs listen to this guy. We don’t need any more senate Rs turning over chairmanships to their bi partisan counterparts.

      Robert Barnes
      The reason for the Senate to immediately dismiss the impeachment charges is to set a key precedent that impeachment cannot be used without a charge of a “high crime.” #ImpeachmentHoax

    45. jason says:

      Wisconsin to remove 230k fake voters as Democrats fume.”

      Proud Obamacommunist hardest hit.

      In his view, anyone who is illegal, dead or not eligible should be allowed to vote for Democrats.

    46. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Two views of how the British election relates to the U.S.

      Andrew Sullivan@sullydish
      One lesson from the UK: if the Democrats don’t stop their hard-left slide, they’ll suffer the same fate as Labour. If they don’t move off their support for mass immigration, they’re toast. Ditto the wokeness. Left Twitter is not reality.

      So it looks like both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are on track to be two of the most consequential heads of government of recent decades, where their predecessors (Obama & Cameron/May) are fading as ineffectual, if tragic figures

    47. lisab says:

      Seattle Hires Transgender Stripper To Perform At Homeless Strategy Conference

      you would think babylon bee … but no

    48. lisab says:

      Trump is just 67 votes away from being an ex-President and it’s freaking him out

      Opinion by Dean Obeidallah, cnn

    49. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Although the numbers vary from poll to poll, there continues to be little overall change in public support for impeachment.

    50. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 42% of Likely U.S. Voters believe America would be better off today if Clinton had been elected president instead of Trump. But a plurality (48%) disagrees. Eleven percent (11%) are undecided.”

    51. Wes says:

      Did former Hedgehogger CCCP conduct that Rasmussen poll?


    52. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      On Saturday night, I attended a 50th Anniversary Party for the most popular ski slope in Western NC. In the buffet line, I ran into former NC Governor Pat McCrory(R). I had not seen or spoken to him since a year before he lost his re-election bid.
      Among other things, he told me that Senator Richard Burr will retire in 2022 and that McCrory plans to take a very hard look at running for Burr’s seat.
      I really like McCrory and hope that he does run for Burr’s seat if Burr retires. What say you?

    53. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Does this surprise anyone?The morally tormented(sarc) Congresswoman,Elissa Slotkin(D-MI), is a yes on both impeachment articles. Her sanctimony and self-importance are stomach turning. Her reasoning for the Obstruction article comes down to: “How dare the President defend himself and the Executive Branch!” The comments below the article are brutal toward her.


    54. Messy says:

      42. Well, Sanford has withdrawn an is not on the NH ballot, but you knew that and were trying to attack me with false information.

      If a majority vote to convict, then there can be no exoneration that the President so much wants.

      The Trial will either be a real trial, in which his guilt will be proven to the public, or it will be a “mafia trial” where it’s patently fixed.

    55. jason says:

      So the kangaroo court the Dems put together in the House is legitimate, but the actual trial that will acquit Trump is not?


    56. jason says:

      If a majority vote to convict, then there can be no exoneration that the President so much wants.”

      Hello? You really need to do some reading, your ignorance is astonishing.

      ANY vote less than 2/3 of the Senate ACQUITS.

      There is no “majority” here.

      Merriam Webster:

      Acquit: : to discharge completely (as from an accusation or obligation)

      Synonyms: Synonyms
      absolve, clear, exculpate, exonerate, vindicate

    57. mRviTO says:

      We already heard from the prosecution… no one was convinced. But now the defense will prove Trump is guilty, or it’s rigged…. neat.

    58. jason says:

      in which his guilt will be proven to the public,”

      Messy Moron is on fire with delusional rants.

      The Senate merely decides on the articles brought forth by the House.

      Unless 2/3 of the Senate votes to convict on either of the two charges, the President is acquitted.

      Absolved, cleared, exculpated, exonerated, vindicated.

      That will happen even if there are 66 votes to convict, let alone 50. l

    59. jason says:

      Ok, now that Messy Moron has had her civics lesson of the day, we can move on.

      Bunu, GFY.

    60. jason says:

      50.1? Well, you can argue that some of the Dems are 1/10th of a Senator.

    61. jason says:

      but you knew that and were trying to attack me with false information. ”

      Dang, I guess this means that all the false information Messy Moron posts here is an “attack?

      Who knew?

    62. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      “Anthony Brindisi (D, NY-22) still undecided on impeachment. New poll shows 54 percent of voters in his R+6 district oppose impeachment, only 39 percent support. Voters were asked if they were more or less likely to vote for Brindisi if he supported impeachment — 41 percent said less likely and 27 percent said more likely.”

      My bet is a NO on Article 2 and a YES on Article 1(Abuse of Power). If not, he will vote YES on both Articles. His fellow NY’ers in Trump districts- Delgado and Rose- have already wrapped themselves in the Constitution and will vote YES on both Articles; so why not Brindisi.

    63. Tina says:

      Fake Flapper was the first one to push the dossier hoax.

      Chuck Ross
      Will Hurd tells Tapper that “media was lied to” by FBI about FISA abuse and Steele dossier.

      Tapper says he agrees “100%” (lol) & that there should be “bipartisan outrage” over this (CNN has done nothing to date to correct its false reporting on dossier)

    64. jason says:

      “Although the numbers vary from poll to poll, there continues to be little overall change in public support for impeachment.”

      Translation: the same people who thought he should be impeached for Inaugurationcrowdsizegate, Stormygate, Wikileaksgate, Steelegate, Muellergate, Cohengate, Charlottesvillegate, Tweetgate, Emolumentsgate, Taxreturngate, TrumpUgate, dressingroomrapegate, mentalillnessgate,etc. think he should be impeached for Ukrainegate.


    65. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      jason, you are on fire this morning. Keep it up. Great comments.

    66. jason says:

      Petersen says there will be “4 or 5” other Dem votes against impeachment besides him and Van Drew. I am skeptical but let’s see.

    67. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Are most Texas Democrats this deranged? Their candidate for the TX-20 seat in 2020 REALLY, REALLY detests Obama!!


    68. jason says:

      jason, you are on fire this morning. Keep it up. Great comments.”

      Thanks but I can’t take all the credit.

      I credit my breakfast of berries with whipped cream, scrapple, bacon, sausage, corned beef hash, eggs, and biscuits.

      I tried not to think of Tgca tucking into a bowl of organic maple syrup with sugar waffle bits washed down with pumpkin seed/quinoa juice.

      Of course, breakfast hours ago so my mental acuity might start diminishing until I get lunch.

    69. Tina says:

      The jebots assured us there was no spying.

      Dec 10
      Attorney General Bill Barr: The Trump Campaign “was clearly spied upon. That’s what electronic surveillance is. I think wiring people up to go in and talk to people and make recordings of their conversations is spying. I think going through people’s emails” is spying. #FISAabuse

    70. jason says:

      Just think how left you have to be to think of Obama as a DINO.

    71. Tina says:

      Either Mitchie dismisses outright or we go full Nuke.

      Obama, holder, Bidens, gossip blower, Piglosi, and Schiffty on the stand.

    72. jason says:

      I am relieved. AOC is not giving us that long.

      “Justin for Congress

      The fact that so many people were that upset and willing to defend people that will sacrifice y’all to climate extinction while they escape with the billionaires they serve is sad and about as depressing as the fact that our species will probably be extinct in 100 years”

    73. jason says:

      It seems like Justin thinks billionaires will survive “climate extinction”.

      I think this is fair, actually.

      Survival of the fittest.

    74. Tina says:

      Trump just re tweeted Richard Jewell:

      The @FBI & their media partners are criminal organization under the guise of “keeping us safe”

      They are tyrants and it isn’t new.

    75. Tina says:

      And wrong Wray cannot fix this mess. He is too connected to comedy et. Al. A mistake by trump to appoint him, with an assist by corrupt R senators.

      Time to fire his arse and break up the Fib.

    76. jason says:

      I think it is only fair if Messy Moron can make up her own rule on what is “exoneration” in the Senate I can make up my own rule on what is exoneration in the House.

      If any Dems vote against the articles of impeachment Trump will be exonerated.

    77. jason says:

      A mistake by trump to appoint him, with an assist by corrupt R senators.”

      Sorry, that dog won’t hunt.

      You could have stopped at “Trump appointed him”.

    78. jason says:

      Absolutely hilarious.

      Leftist losers react to UK election.


    79. Wes says:

      Sheep, Burr announced three years ago he’ll retire in 2022. I like McCrory. He was collateral damage for that idiotic so-called “bathroom bill” the General Assembly passed. By 2022, enough time will have passed to heal any lingering wounds from the bill, so I believe McCrory will be a solid pick to replace Burr then.

    80. jason says:

      So Dems want to impeach Trump for supposedly trying to damage Biden’s candidacy.

      So it begs the question, should the Dem senators running against him recuse themselves from voting on impeachment, on the grounds they would be voting in their self interest?

    81. NYCmike says:


      I was relying on you for Presidents Cup reporting…..give us all the scoop!

    82. Tina says:

      China Biden continues to decrease, now a 2 point national #.

      Jack Posobiec ??
      BREAKING: Biden 24%, Bernie 22% – NPR/PBS/Marist

    83. jan says:

      Carly Fiorina has come out with vehement support for impeaching Trump, citing something about his conduct being impeachable. What is going on with these so-called solid republicans, who have gone so far around the bend that they are literally sabotaging their own re-election, by throwing the incumbent president to the democrat wolves?

    84. jason says:

      Dumber than Messy Moron?

      “Serbian man staged an airline bomb threat on Thursday in a desperate attempt to keep a flight attendant he wanted to date in the country.

      The unnamed 65-year-old met two female Lufthansa flight attendants in Belgrade on Wednesday night and invited them to dinner, he told a court on Saturday, but they declined.

      When the man could not locate one of them to ask her for a date afterwards, he frantically called Serbia’s interior ministry at 6:00 a.m. (12:00 a.m. ET) and reported a bomb onboard the 6:15 a.m. Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt.

      130 people and five crew members were evacuated from Flight 1411 while specialist police units searched the Airbus A320, Reuters wrote, citing Serbian state TV.

      Serbia’s interior ministry released a statement on Thursday: “This morning at 6.00 a.m. an unknown person called and reported there was a bomb on the plane bound for Frankfurt.”

    85. jason says:

      The President’s Cup was pretty exciting, usually it is a blowout for the US.

      The US was sucking hind tit from the get go, down 5-1 the first day and at risk of going down 9-1 at one point. The International team missed a 5 ft putt that allowed the US go into the final day of singles competition only down 10-8, 15 1/2 needed to win.

      Tiger played the first match so he could captain the rest of the day, put the US only down one point, and it went down to the wire with the US winning 16-14.

      Tiger won all 3 matches he played in, so he helped the team a lot. Reed, Schauffele, Simpson and Cantlay also won their single’s matches to pull it out on the last day. Dechambeau, Kuchar and Fowler eked out half points.

      – jason reporting not live

    86. Cash Cow TM says:

      DRUDGE had a article up recently about the gong on right now SHIFTING of the magnetic north pole.


      How long will it be until the dems scream this is caused by

      –big businessmen
      –capitalism in general
      –the failure to stop man-made glow-bull warming

    87. jason says:

      Look, when you are worth 4.2 billion, why not keep 67 million worth of jewelry in the house.

      “Jewelry believed to be worth tens of millions of dollars has been stolen from the house of British billionaire heiress Tamara Ecclestone in London after she left the home for the Christmas holidays.

      Ecclestone, 35, the daughter of the former billionaire chief executive of Formula One worth an estimated $4.2 billion, Bernie Ecclestone, had reportedly left her home in West London for the Christmas holidays when the thieves struck Friday.

      Reports in the Sun, a British tabloid, suggest that the estimated value of the stolen jewelry is upwards of $67 million.”

    88. Cash Cow TM says:

      Campaign slogan suggest for Joe Biden”

      “Biden, Your Time!”

      (get it?)


    89. jason says:

      The good news is they still have 98.4% of their wealth left.

    90. jason says:

      We should not be discriminating against senility, so Biden should be allowed to run.

    91. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Add: Cunningham’s reason for voting YES is that Trump did not provide any evidence of his innocense. And this guy is a Congressman. WOW!

    92. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Double WOW!!!
      Ben McAdams(D-UT) is a yes on both impeachment articles. His reasoning is that Republicans are at fault.
      Republican Congressional folks have to be delighted today.

    93. Tina says:

      The Rs in the senate should reject this sheot from lying amoral scumbag Schumah.

      · 38m
      To engage in a trial without the facts is a coverup

    94. Wes says:

      Now, Tina. Don’t talk about Mikey’s favorite Senator that way.

      By the way, thank you, Newt Gingrich, for giving us Schumer and Schiff.

    95. Phil says:

      So Schumer just had a 45 minute news conference and is arguing for calling his four “fact witnesses” and if Republicans balk it proves Republicans and Trump are definitely hiding something. He just wants “a fair trial to get to the truth and the truth is all he is interested in”.

      Will Republicans and McConnell block fact witnesses and stand in the way of finding the truth?

    96. Wes says:

      McAdams hails from the least Republican district in Utah—and the one in the state Trump did worst in. He probably faces the least potential blowback of the 2018 Dem freshmen for his vote—though Republicans definitely have a good shot at ousting him.

    97. Phil says:

      As I predicted last night, all Democrats from Trump districts will vote yes to impeachment except the original two who voted against the impeachment inquiry. Horn will be next to announce and will accompany her decision with some BS about how she “agonized” throughout the weekend.

      What a joke.

    98. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #101- Wes
      McAdams is gone in Utah-4. He won by fewer than 800 votes, a wave year, in 2018 against a really bad GOP candidate, Mia Love. You are way too optimistic of his chances for hanging on unless Romney votes to convict.
      He will never win Statewide office. Never.

    99. Wes says:

      I never said anything about statewide office, Sheep. I said UT-4 is the least Republican CD in UT. I said Trump had his worst performance in the state in that district, and because of that McAdams is among the Dems representing districts Trump carried most likely to survive despite a yea vote on impeachment.

      I didn’t say he will win, but given the reality on the ground in UT-4, McAdams can survive whereas other freshman Dems should automatically start sending out resumes after the upcoming impeachment vote.

    100. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      I still cannot countenance how Joe Cunningham(D-SC) expects to be re-elected in 2020 when Trump and Lindsay Graham will be at the top of the ballot in SC! Maybe he knows his election is a lost cause!

    101. Wobbles says:

      Et tu, Tom Bevan?

      “With two new polls added this morning, support for impeachment is officially under water”

    102. Phil says:

      Cunningham and Horn aren’t going to make it anyway so a yes vote just ensures they stay in good standing in the future with their leftist pals.

      One thing you need to realize, Sheep. These “moderate” Democrats from swing districts are not moderate at all. They are frauds – just as leftist as Democrats from California and NY. but because they are from Republican leaning districts they have to talk like they aren’t Democrat loons. It’s all campaign TALK at election time but there is a reason they are Democrats. Don’t kid yourself.

    103. lisab says:

      so my tv cable service went out … and naturally i called tech support and

      they were very nice and signed me up for morning service

      it is now 2:30 pm

      i just called … AGAIN … for the third time … and the lost the order … so now they promised … AGAIN … that they will be over to fix my tv this afternoon …

      it is like they think they are the phone company and it is 1970

    104. Hugh says:

      Sheeple. They are making right political choice. If they vote no they lose their base making it impossible to win. If they vote yes they lose independents making it impossible to win with one caveat. That would be trump being caught red handed on an actual crime.

    105. lisab says:

      comcast: hello can i help you?

      lisab: this is the tenth time i have called you! i was supposed to be the first appointment at 8:00 am and now i have missed a whole day of work and i still don’t have tv!

      comcast: i am sorry to hear that ma’am but i am sure that our repeair team is getting to you as quickly as possible.

      lisab: how can that be? i was signed up for the FIRST appointment at 8:00am! it is now 3:00 pm! do they even know when the appointments are?!!!

      comcast: the comcast repair team knows when your appointment is at all times. it knows this because it knows when it isn’t. by subtracting when it is from when it isn’t, or when it isn’t from when it is (whichever is greater), it obtains a difference, or deviation. the operations management team here at comcast center uses deviations to generate corrective commands to drive the comcast repair team from your appointment when it is to your appointment when it isn’t, and arriving at your appointment when it wasn’t, it now is. consequently, the appointment when it is, is now your appointment that it wasn’t, and it follows that your appointment that it was, is now the your appointment that it isn’t.

      in the event that your appointment that is, is not your appointment that wasn’t, the system has acquired a variation, the variation being the difference between when the comcast repair team is, and when it wasn’t. if variation is considered to be a significant factor, it too may be corrected by the comcast operations center. however, the comcast repair team must also know when it was.

      the comcast repair team appointment variation scenario works as follows. because a variation has modified some of the information the comcast repair team has obtained, it is not sure just when your appointment is. however, it is sure when it isn’t, within reason, and it knows when it was. it now subtracts when it should be from when it wasn’t, or vice-versa, and by differentiating this from the algebraic sum of when it shouldn’t be, and when it was, it is able to obtain the deviation and its variation, which is called error.

    106. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      104. “I didn’t say he will win, but given the reality on the ground in UT-4, McAdams can survive whereas other freshman Dems should automatically start sending out resumes after the upcoming impeachment vote.”

      I agree with Wes. Most Utah voters are indifferent regarding Trump. Utah Congressman John Curtis, was has openly stated he did not vote for Trump in 2016, won re-election last year by 68% of the vote. Likewise Romney won the Senate seat. Curtis is on record against impeachment, and believe Romney will vote against it as well.

      McAdams is in a tight race, and the impeachment vote will damage him further. But he still could win re-election — it will be close.

    107. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Quinnipiac just released a poll with the following headline: Trump Approval for His Presidency and for the Economy Reach All Time Highs…”:

      Impeachment is NO+6.


    108. Wes says:

      Of the 30 Dems in Trump districts, McAdams and McBath (GA-6) are the least likely to suffer significant blowback from voting for impeachment.

      Colin Petersen wants no part of it, and Jeff Van Drew is about to switch parties.

      McBath hails from a district Trump barely stumbled across the finish line in in 2016 and appears to be getting the luck of the draw by facing a weak Karen Handel again next year.

      The rest are making a calculated roll of the dice. I suspect many of them will be one termers.

    109. Wes says:

      You know things are getting weird when a President’s supporters are celebrating a 43-52 approval rating.

    110. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Here are the currently declared GOP opponents to McAdams in UT CD-4.

      Former NFL player Burgess Owens
      State Rep. Kim Coleman
      Utah Republican activist Kathleen Anderson
      Former KSL talk show host Jay McFarland
      Chris Biesinger
      Army veteran Jay Molnar
      United Utah Party candidate Jonia Broderick has also declared for the race.

      Owens or Coleman would win easily!

      Wes, we are talking Quinnipiac here, which rarely shows Trump above 39% in approval!

    111. Wes says:

      This, Sheep, is why I think it’s premature to say McAdams is doomed. He has a 54-30 approval rating and $1 million for reelection. Also, the leading Republican in the race has dropped out.


      Lack of enthusiasm for Trump in an otherwise safe GOP state is probably why McAdams plans to vote for impeachment.

    112. Wes says:

      I’d like to see head to heads before I decl

    113. Sheeple, Jr. says:


      McConnell just filed cloture on 13 district judges.

    114. Wes says:

      are XX will beat McAdams easily, Sheep.

      That’s just how I look at things.

    115. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      I am certain that Phil is heartbroken. This is official.


    116. Phil says:

      You know it’s weird when Trump supporters are celebrating a 43-52 approval rating.

      Come on, Wes. It’s Quinnipiac. You know very well the numbers that poll has churned out over the last three years. It says more about the Quinnipiac Poll than Trump.

    117. Phil says:

      Sheep, Beto didn’t have a chance vs Cornyn in any event – especially in a presidential year – and especially after his plunge to the left during his presidential run. All the Hollywood $$ in the word wouldn’t have helped save him. His not inning is just his bowing to political reality.

    118. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Here was the presidential vote in McAdams congressional district (Utah 4th) in 2016.

      Trump 39%
      Clinton 32%
      McMullin 22%

      I would hardly call this a Trump district. It leans Republican yes, but it has in the past elected a Democrat to Congress. Obama actually carried Salt Lake County against McCain.

      Trump should carry Utah easily in 2020; but McAdams could also win re-election.

    119. Wes says:

      My point, Phil, is that Trump has had perennially low approvals, not just in QU but in almost every poll other than Ras.

      People used to crow when the President they supported was in positive territory. Now because Trump is his own worst political enemy we have to cheer when his disapproval narrows to single digits.

      It’s like an Onion article or a Warner Brothers Wackyland cartoon in American politics right now.

    120. lisab says:


      trump has now appointed as many scotus judges as obama, 2 each

      trump has now appointed as many circuit judges as obama, 50 each

      trump is close to appointing as many district judges as obama did in his first term, trump: 119 obama: 133

      there are 81 vacancies, so he should surpass obama soon

    121. Wes says:

      Politics in America since 2016 has been like a low-budget ‘80s B movie. I can imagine the guys from Rifftrax watching what’s going on and cracking jokes about what they see.

    122. lisab says:

      according to the new ibd poll, trump leads all dem candidates except biden

      biden should be gone by now

      he likely cannot win given all the stuff about his son and leg hair

    123. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Your answer makes sense, but Phil and I are more interested in the QPoll trend line.
      Remember that “the trend is your friend”!

    124. lisab says:

      quinnipiac had hillary +6 on this day in 2015

    125. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      124. In polls of Trump versus individual candidates, Trump is competitive. Polls in Britain showed Johnson with “historically low” popularity at times prior to the election. Who voters decide to vote for is often not based on popularity, it is who they feel will support policies the favor. Economic policies are particularly important, and the far leftism of the Democrats very likely doom them in 2020.

    126. lisab says:

      sorry +7, 47 hillary to 40 trump

    127. Tina says:

      $1.3 billion in new wall funding in new budget. Trump will add at least $1 billion more from DOD.

    128. lisab says:

      oh i think will do pretty well against any dem nominee at this point

      which is why bloomberg got in

      he would not have jumped in if his people were not telling him biden would get blown out

    129. Tina says:

      Sounds like Utah 4 swings a bit more left.

      Mcstuffib was just a drat plant masquerading as an R. Poor spook met with aq in syria.

      We should ask mcstuffin about the Libyan slave trade.

    130. lisab says:

      bloomberg had already spent an astounding $250 million and he has only been in one month

      we are talking jeb bush levels of spending for votes

    131. Tina says:

      The Potomac 2 step is beginning. Do those 2 let the corrup SSIC take the lead?

      Chad Pergram
      McConnell on getting a deal with Schumer on a Senate trial: “When we get together…we’ll have more to say tomorrow.”

    132. lisab says:


      just saw that 83 miles have been built, 150 under construction, 270 under pre-construction

    133. Wes says:

      I hate to use the term MFG threw around freely with no knowledge of the reality of the situation in 2012, SDC, but it would be literally unprecedented for Trump to win re-election with negative popularity in 2020.

      That’s an incontrovertible fact.

      2016 doesn’t count because Trump wasn’t an incumbent, and Hillary was about equally unpopular with even more negative baggage than Trump had.

      I’ve said before Dems threw Trump a lifeline with impeachment. That doesn’t mean he’s a lock for reelection. It just means his chances have improved because of how badly Dems have bungled retaking the House.

      It’s possible, though not necessarily likely, Pelosi could be Joe Martin to Trump’s Harry Truman, the difference being that Martin actually had accomplishments as Speaker in 1947 and 1948 the Republican Congress at the time strangely never enunciated or capitalized on.

    134. Phil says:

      Overnight Democrats have added wire fraud to their impeachment report to be sent over to the Senate. Yep, his phone call to the Ukraine involved “bribery” so the fact that both his Ukranian conversations were conducted over the phone made it “wire fraud”.. They note in the report that wire fraud is punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison.

      ….and no, I’m not making this up.

      Just shoot me.

    135. lisab says:

      if 2016 taught polisci people anything, it should be there is no such thing as a lock

      at this point, i think the betting sites have it about correct, about 50-50 for trump’s reelection, but that includes the 5% chance health issues will drive trump out

    136. dblaikie says:

      It is nice to see Wes move off his certainty after 2018. Just a reminder we have a bet.

    137. lisab says:

      bloomberg is probably the dems best hope

      biden has lost several steps since 2012,

      bloomberg can claim to be a centrist

      and bloomberg can match and even surpass trump’s warchest

      he can spend a billion dollars on his campaign

    138. NYCmike says:

      “I’ve said before Dems threw Trump a lifeline with impeachment. That doesn’t mean he’s a lock for reelection. It just means his chances have improved because of how badly Dems have bungled retaking the House.”

      -Somehow, you are just coming to the realization that the Dems would act like loons……..whereas the person you call silly names told you this the day after they won the House in 2018…..some people are too busy complimenting themselves to listen to others with a different opinion…..young’uns!

    139. NYCmike says:


      Wes is hedging like the rest of them!


    140. lisab says:

      i am not sure bloomberg can win the nomination

      but i think he could buy the election

    141. Phil says:

      Maybe Trump can cut a deal with the Democrats where if he offers to resign he can avoid spending the rest of his life in prison.


    142. Wes says:

      I’m not hedging at all, Mikey. I’m just stating the facts as they are—unlike a certain dim witted poster who tried to defend Dick the Misogynist Bastard Mourdock’s appalling attempt to claim God intends pregnancy by rape.

    143. lisab says:

      you know it is bad when ibd has trump beating every dem candidate but biden

      even pravda was less pro-hillary than ibd until august 2016

      then they were pretty good

    144. Tina says:


      wire fraud
      noun: wire fraud
      financial fraud involving the use of telecommunications or information technology.

    145. Tina says:

      And Mitchie is running t9mcut a deal with Schumah?

      Have the republicrats no shame? I know they have no nuts.

      Byron York
      Verified account

      1h1 hour ago
      A number of Republicans genuinely baffled tonight that in new report House Judiciary Committee accuses Trump of bribery and wire fraud, but did not mention those charges in articles of impeachment

    146. Tona says:

      Can the Republicans in the senate just default everything to the Rs in the House?

      Those are some pit bulls. Even Will Hurd is tougher than Goober.

    147. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Poll: What do you WANT to happen in 2020? Trump is re-elected: 44% A Democrat wins: 46% A different Republican wins: 7% What do you think is MOST LIKELY to happen in 2020? Trump is re-elected: 53% A Democrat wins: 33% A different Republican wins: 3% https://civiqs.com/documents/Civiqs_DailyKos_monthly_banner_book_2019_12.pdf

    148. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      National General Election:

      Biden 50 (+5)
      Trump 45

      Trump 48 (+1)
      Sanders 47

      Trump 47 (+1)
      Bloomberg 46

      Trump 46 (+2)
      Buttigieg 44

      Trump 49 (+5)
      Warren 44

      IBD/TIPP (A/B) Poll

      “that’s a 5 point shift towards Trump vs Biden since last month a 13 point shift towards trump vs Warren and an eight-point shift towards Trump vs Sanders.”

    149. lisab says:


      the problem is that the dems don’t have a candidate

    150. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      As the election gets closer, the issue for voters will be less about whether Trump is a buffoon, and more about preserving the economic status quo vs. electing a candidate with crazy leftist economic politics.

    151. Phil says:

      Trump is no slam dunk for sure… but the idea that Trump needs to be at 50% approval on election day like past presidents is no longer valid for several reasons.

      *The election is based on the electoral college not the national popular vote. That’s always been the case of course but now days California and New York vastly warp overall popularity numbers. Lots of wasted votes in those two states….to say nothing of Massachusetts Maryland and Illinois.

      *his approval on election day was around 36% in 2016. He still won. Now, Wes is exactly right that he got a huge break running against a very unpopular Hillary Clinton but…. she still had a 5 or 6 point edge in personal approval over Trump.

      A 50 percent approval for an incumbent on election day wins the election no doubt. However, Trump is unique. You also may remember Harry Reid in the Republican wave year of 2014. His favorability never got beyond 37%. He won by a little over 5 points. Also, Trump’s job approval rating is dragged down by his personal approval rating. I maintain that he gets a lot of votes from people who don’t have any use for him. I can think of four on this board – one who held his nose and voted for him in 2016 and three more who don’t like him personally and didn’t vote for him in 2016 but say they will this time. I maintain that there are an unusual number of voters that don’t like Trump personally but love the economy and will vote Trump.

      The 50% rule doesn’t apply to Donald Trump. He may still lose but this election is a different cat with Trump. Now, if he sits at 40% on election day that’s one thing – 45% or 46% is something else.

    152. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      154. “the problem is that the dems don’t have a candidate.”

      Might change that to the problem is the dems do have candidates — who are scary.

    153. PresidentPaul! says:

      Maybe Bloom just wants some delegates so he can support Biden and be the Veep.

    154. lisab says:

      i doubt he is spending $250 in the primaries to be veep

    155. lisab says:

      warren? too much like hillary

      sanders, too communist and although it should not matter, he is jewish … that alone could cost him mn and michigan

      biden, a gaffe machine

      buttigieg, problematical with black votes

      yang, no money

      bloomberg, lots of money, but white male

      bloomberg + yang would be my choice if i was the dnc


      bloomberg + booker if i wanted to pander


      bloomber + harris if bloomberg wants a side-chick

    156. PresidentPaul! says:

      Bloomberg is probably happy he came into this charade late so that he doesn’t have to spend quite as much time pandering to what whimsical new demand their activist base has. Today Biden has to commit to abolishing all standardized “racist” tests. It’s good that no one will ever have to endure being tested on anything from now on.

    157. Tgca says:

      OMG! Nancy Pelosi’s teeth falling out of her mouth. Love it!

    158. NYCmike says:

      “I’m not hedging at all, Mikey. I’m just stating the facts as they are…(more gibberish spoken)….”

      Wes, November 2018: “If Trump doesn’t change, HE WILL NOT WIN.”

      Fact: Trump hasn’t changed.

      Wes, December 2019: ““I’ve said before Dems threw Trump a lifeline with impeachment. That doesn’t mean he’s a lock for reelection. It just means his chances have improved because of how badly Dems have bungled retaking the House.””

      Fact: Nobody said Trump was “a lock for reelection”. Many did say that we should wait to make predictions until we see how the Democrats handle themselves.

      Some of us couldn’t wait…..some of us had to get out in front of their skis……some of us might be too smart for their own good…..some of us live in North Carolina……

    159. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      CNN just-released a new national poll. This may be the best Trump showing in a CNN Poll since early in his Presiency. Here are some highlights:
      1- Approval/ Disapproval(RV’s)- 44/52, highest approval since April,2017
      2-Impeachment(RV’s)- 45/48 NO. A hugh swing against impeachment since CNN’s last poll and the first time impeachment is underwater in a CNN survey
      3- 2020 Head-to-Heads- a hugh swing toward Trump against all Democrats. He is tied or ahead against all.


    160. Cash Cow TM says:

      lisab says:
      December 16, 2019 at 3:35 pm
      so my tv cable service went out…”

      and no service people appeared today…

      this is all part of the big Republican, misogynistic, capitalistic system that wants to destroy America.

      At least that is what I heard in the barnyard from the sheep.

    161. Wes says:

      Mikey is lying yet again:

      Marv, Phoenixrisen, and Dblaikie have all declared Trump is certain to win re-election.

      I’m not surprised you would lie about the very I’ve Thing I’ve previously refuted, Mikey.

      You’re that stupid.

    162. Cash Cow TM says:

      Walt said he can’t wait to for senility to capture him.

      Then he will be much happier as he will have no memory of
      –the last 4 years of GWBush,
      –no memory of Obama’s 8 years,
      –no memory of how screwed up the party presidential selection process is that gave us Hillary v Trump in 2016,
      –no memory of 90% of Trump and his idiotic behavior
      –no memory of this impeachment debacle

      Walt actually said,

      “Senility? PLEASE, DEAR GOD, BRING IT ON!”

    163. lisab says:

      Jnna Jmeson
      ?Verified account @jnnajmeson

      The Chateau Marmont …. Schiff…. we know.
      2:03 PM – 16 Dec 2019

      ? @graffitiwriter1
      2h2 hours ago

      Replying to @jnnajmeson

      She’s talking about the Chateau Marmont not the Standard. Schiff is rumored to have raped and drugged an 11yo there and the child passed away. Anthony Bourdain was in another room and witnessed the cover up. Reason why he was suicided. #darkwebrumors

    164. lisab says:

      Could Greta Thunberg Inspire Appalachia And Coal Country To Embrace Change?

      Ken Silverstein — forbes

      ummmmmmmmmm … no

    165. Cash Cow TM says:

      Greta Thunberg

      hurt ten beggar
      her buggar tent
      grab, rung teeth
      hang egg butter
      egg thart ruben

    166. NYCmike says:

      Ok, somebody.

      Hit the road runnin’, young-un!

    167. jason says:

      In the Quin poll:

      “Opinion on impeachment is unchanged from a week ago. In today’s poll, 45 percent say President Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 51 percent don’t think so. However, opposition to impeachment has increased since the hearings began. Prior to the start of impeachment hearings, in an October 23 poll, support for impeachment was 48 – 46 percent.

      Today, Republicans say President Trump should not be impeached from office 95 – 5 percent, independents say the president should not be impeached and removed from office 58 – 36 percent, while Democrats say President Trump should be impeached and removed from office 86 – 11 percent.”

    168. jason says:

      Twice as many Dems (percentage wise) oppose impeachment than Rs who support it.

    169. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      170. Trump supports coal because of white male privilege:

      “For Trump, the fixation on coal is less about energy than about white masculinity. And Trump is not alone in that motivation: Throughout the 20th century, white Americans have imagined the mountaineers and backwoodsmen of Appalachia as the ideal of the American man,” writes Thomas Blake Earle, a presidential scholar, in a Washington Post column. “If a West Virginia coal miner could fall on hard times, what chance did the rest of the nation’s men have?”
      The slow death of coal is thus the perfect hook for an opportunist, Earle notes: The ‘MAGA’ crowd supports coal miners, seeing them as the embodiment “white masculinity” and a symbol of what America had been in the 1950s.
      “Trump feeds on the anger of white men who feel their whiteness is no longer as valuable,” Earle writes. “They feel marginalized by globalization, yes, but also by eight years of a black president.”


      Meanwhile, in honor of Greta, former President Obama is buying a 12 million dollar, 30 acre estate, on Martha’s Vineyard. It near sea level, so will soon be flooded because of global warming.

    170. Tina says:

      I still support impeachment.


    171. jason says:

      Fox poll:

      “Fifty-three percent of voters believe it is at least somewhat likely the FBI broke the law when investigating the campaign: 22 percent say “extremely” likely, 14 percent “very” likely, and 17 percent “somewhat” likely.

      Republicans (71 percent) are nearly twice as likely as Democrats (38 percent) to think there is a chance the FBI broke the law.”

    172. Bitterlaw says:

      Checking in. Boss is a control freak. Trump will be impeached on both articles the Dems will not get even 50 votes in the Senate.

    173. lisab says:


      you have to assume pretty messed up party affiliations to get the 45-51 result

    174. lisab says:

      Boss is a control freak.


    175. lisab says:

      women working longer hours than men

      A nationwide survey of 1,600 employees found that women now work almost 34 hours a week on average – half a day longer than the figure of 30.4 hours five years ago.

      According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which carried out the research, the shift reflects the growing number of women in more demanding management roles and professional jobs.

      Over the same five-year period, men’s average work hours fell from 45.5 hours per week to 44.8 hours, although among the hardestworking males the number putting in more than 49 hours a week has passed the three million mark.

    176. lisab says:

      #182 was the daily mail

      they had to change the headline

      too much canadian math

    177. PresidentPaul! says:


      Insane liberals attack conservatives at impeachment rally. Wonder what her husband is like.

    178. SanDiegoCitizen says:


      #NEW National General Election:

      Trump 44 (+3)
      Biden 41

      Trump 44 (+5)
      Sanders 39

      Trump 45 (+8)
      Warren 37

      Trump 43 (+9)
      Bloomberg 34

      Trump 43 (+10)
      Buttigieg 33

      Suffolk University/USA Today Poll

    179. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      185. As have said repeatedly over the last several months, the Democrats should have remembered that Bill Clinton had some of his highest poll ratings when he was being impeached. The Schiff/Democratic clown show is now overshadowing the Trump clown show.

      “WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump, the first modern president to face impeachment during his first term in the White House, now leads his top Democratic rivals in his bid for a second, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds.”

    180. Messy says:

      171. But he doesn’t.

    181. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      A new Washington Post/ ABC Poll of Adults(not RV’s) shows 49% FOR and 46% AGAINST impeachment, unchanged from its poll from a month ago.

      So far, the FOX News Poll with respect to impeachment is the most unfavorable to the President.

    182. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Addendum to #188: According to RCP, among RV’s the for and against impeachment in the WP/ABC Poll is 48/48, from 51% FOR and 46% AGAINST in their last poll.

    183. PresidentPaul! says:

      New add on Jerry Nadler and the scam impeachment.


    184. jason says:

      Almost clicked on Bunu’s link by mistake.

      Might have ended up at Stormfront or the American Nazi Party.

    185. jason says:

      “The last four years show that the press is fundamentally broken,” said Curtis Houck, managing editor at NewsBusters.

      His organization tracked cable news airtime last week and found that CNN aired 99% of House Democrats’ impeachment hearing but only a third of Senate Republicans’ hearing on the inspector general’s report that found the FBI abused the secret warrant process to target Mr. Trump…

      Mr. Houck said that kind of selective coverage sticks with Americans already jaded by the press hype of the Steele dossier, the largely discredited anti-Trump research conducted at the behest of the Clinton campaign that the inspector general now says was the critical tipping point in obtaining the FISA warrant.

      “The Steele dossier is wrong, then you have the coverage of the report coming out, and CNN and the like aren’t covering it to the degree they should. The result is people don’t trust the press and they don’t think their ethics are on the up-and-up,” Mr. Houck said.

      That is particularly true for Republican viewers, according to Pew, which found that just 20% think journalists have high ethical standards and only 30% believe the press acts in the best interests of the public. Self-identified Democrats, meanwhile, were far more forgiving, with 76% saying the press acts for the public and 64% believing in high ethical standards.

      Even Democrats, though, are skeptical of fairness in the press. Just 37% said news organizations deal fairly with all sides. Among Republicans, only 12% thought so.”

    186. Wobbles says:

      I believe in anything the MSM says as long as it is anti-Trump.

      So I think they are right 100% of the time.

    187. jason says:

      Messy says:
      December 17, 2019 at 5:14 am

      171. But he doesn’t.”

      Uh, oh.

      Messy Moron has deep state sources.

    188. Phil says:

      So I see Schumer is meeting with Mitch to dictate to him how the Senate will be running the trial.

      That’s rich, Chucky.

    189. Tina says:

      Mitchie just lit into schumah on the floor. This bodes well. The Maine chicklet is also upset with schumah demands to do the houses work.

      I think Maine chixklet is a no. She is a stickler on process and rule of law.

      This leaves 2 rinos

      Planned parenthood and Pierre

    190. Tina says:

      Pierre is an amoral scumbag. He will sell a family member to win office. No character imo

      The Ak senator was saved by mitchie. She has not returned any favors. She is influenced by Frankenstein.

    191. John says:

      The Housing Market Index just his the highest mark in 20 years.
      Note…this level has only been exceeded a couple of times in the 34 years this index has been monitored.

      Recession? What recession?

    192. jason says:

      The same people who approved of the House Dem’s kangaroo court are now denouncing the senate trial as a sham.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    193. John says:

      According to Bryon York when this ‘impeachment’ goes over to the Senate the Democrats plan to push everything at the President including more and more and more witnesses, perhaps the Mueller report, perhaps Trump’s taxes, his family, his outside businesses, his physical/mental health…anything to remove his from office and going directly to the American people to push their case.
      Schumer is working on getting four Republican Senators for 51 simple majority to do this.
      Be prepared.

    194. John says:

      As I gather coming from the 658 page report that accompanied the ‘Articles of Impeachment’ from the House Judiciary Committee include “criminal bribery” charges and ‘wire fraud’ charges both demand 20 years of imprisonment?
      Are you f…… kidding me?
      Have these hatred filled TDS sufferers gone off the deep end?

    195. jason says:

      By bypassing the normal Senate procedures, Schumer gave any wavering Rs a good out.

      Personally, I don’t think McConnell would go on the Senate floor and say there will be no witnesses if he didn’t have 51 votes to make it stick.

      He is not a guy who operates on the come.

    196. Hugh says:

      201. Well good luck with that. They won’t get a single Republican to push for that. Not even Romney.

    197. jason says:

      Pierre is an amoral scumbag. He will sell a family member to win office. No character imo”

      I agree.

      But I still think this whole charade will be a bridge too far even for him. He is already on record as saying he thinks Trump will win re-election, so the only upside for him voting yes is to get some TV interviews on CNN and MSNBC. But even those would dry up after Trump is acquitted, nobody will care what he thinks once that happens.

      Let’s see.

    198. jason says:

      Gates gets 45 days in jail, to be served on weekends only.


      Another volcano that spewed out a pebble 

    199. lisab says:

      uh-oh …

      US Election 2012: Mitt Romney fortune built with help from Robert Maxwell and Jack Lyons

      Robert Maxwell and Jack Lyons, two of the most notorious figures in British corporate history, helped Mitt Romney build his $250 million (£160 million) fortune, it can be disclosed.

      Maxwell, the late owner of Mirror Newspapers, invested $2 million in Mr Romney’s first private equity fund, which launched the controversial career in finance that the Republican presidential challenger now cites as proof of his ability to lead the US to prosperity.

      He was recruited by Lyons, a late colleague of Mr Romney’s at Bain & Company and one of the “Guinness Four” who were convicted in 1990 over the infamous share-trading fraud at the drinks firm. Lyons and his family invested almost $3 million in Mr Romney’s fund.

      Both Lyons and Maxwell kept their money in tax havens. The discovery of their financial links to Mr Romney comes amid mounting pressure on the former Massachusetts governor to disclose details of his own offshore holdings, including a Swiss bank account.

    200. lisab says:

      i saw a preview viewing of the new star wars movie last night …

      the empire (bad guys) build this gigantic new space station that has a laser beam weapon that can blow up an entire planet!

      but … it has a fatal flaw … if you put an explosive just in the right place, the whole thing blows up!!!

      and there were also a bunch of muppets waving around light sticks

    201. Waingro says:

      So pretty much all fraud “moderate” Dems in Trump districts are going to vote for impeachment. I officially think the GOP has a very good chance to flip back the House in 2020.

    202. lisab says:


      at the moment the dems are in freefall

      according to #185 left leaning suffolk university has trump up 3 on biden

      if that is true on election day, given how many votes will come from ca and ny

      it will be a bloodbath

    203. PresidentPaul! says:

      pocahontas, Bernie and Biden.


      Democrats in dissension over all-white 2020 frontrunners

      Story Continued Below

      “That’s a very real fear,” said Bakari Sellers, a prominent South Carolina Democrat who supported Harris’ bid. It feels like the country has taken a giant step backward, he said. “It’s hard to answer the question of, how did you go from Barack Obama to Donald Trump?”

    204. jason says:

      I don’t care that Romney is wealthy or how he got wealthy. And as far as I can see, so what if some “notorious” figures invested in his fund.

      Plus I don’t think Romney has to disclose his finances anymore than I think Trump does.

      What I care about is that Romney is an unprincipled media whore who thinks everything is about him.

    205. lisab says:

      if the dems lose nationally by 3

      they are looking at losing places like michigan by 4 or 5

      that would be death for the dems in the midwest

      assuming the loss is not from split tickets of course, but i doubt many would vote for trump and then vote dem down ticket

    206. lisab says:

      the reason the romney article is important is

      romney’s initial investor was ghilain mawell’s father

      epstein’s procurer

      the british press is on this

    207. lisab says:

      The letter is good but too long

    208. jason says:

      the reason the romney article is important is

      romney’s initial investor was ghilain mawell’s father

      epstein’s procurer”

      Why is that important?

      Who cares who invested in Romney’s funds? Is there a law against that? This was what, decades ago?

      So we have the father of “Epstein’s procurer” investing in Romney’s fund decades before Epstein was even considered a criminal.


    209. jason says:

      CNN is in mourning..

      “CNN Poll – Drop in *net* support for impeaching and removing Trump from office between November and December:

      Men: 3
      Women: 16
      18-34: 5
      35-49: 13
      50-64: 15
      65+: 5
      Democrats: 19
      Independents: 2
      Republicans: 10

      Biggest drops among women, 35-64 year olds, and Democrats.”

    210. Wobbles says:

      I already said, ignore right wing polls like Rasmussen.

    211. jason says:

      CNN didn’t poll the 150+ age category on how many continue to oppose impeachment, sorry Walt.

    212. jason says:

      I have a lot of problems with Romney. His wealth is not one of them.

    213. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Go onto the Real Clear Politics Latest 2020 General Election Polls website. There are a string of recent polls showing Trump leading Democrat candidates in one-on-one races. The narrative that Trump is doomed because of his bad poll numbers is over.

    214. Wobbles says:

      That hurts.

      Does this mean that my contention that only Rasmussen is favorable to Trump is consigned to the garbage dump of History?

      But all is not lost, I am renewing my lease on the Bogo Pogo beach hut until after the election.

    215. Phil says:

      …..and yet the headline on the CNN site is COUNTRY REMAINS SPLIT ON IMPEACHMENT. Slippage? What slippage?

    216. dblaikie says:

      FISA Court is addressing the IG Report. Needless to say they are not happy. Comey and all of the rest of his cohorts better lawyer up!

    217. dblaikie says:

      Here is a quote from the Court:

      “The FBI’s handling of the Carter Page applications, as portrayed in the OIG report, was antithetical to the heightened duty of candor described above. The frequency with which representations made by FBI personnel turned out to be unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession, and with which they withheld information detrimental to their case, calls into question whether information contained in other FBI applications is reliable,” federal Judge Rosemary Collier wrote in an opinion for the court published Tuesday.

    218. jason says:

      WIll Comey take another “victory” lap?

    219. Phil says:

      As I said yesterday it’s now confirmed that every single Democrat that voted for the impeachment inquiry will vote for impeachment. Includes all the “undecided Democrats” from Trump districts. Every last one of them.

    220. Wobbles says:

      and yet the headline on the CNN site is COUNTRY REMAINS SPLIT ON IMPEACHMENT. Slippage? What slippage?”

      In fairness to CNN, I am sure that if the results were opposite, a big surge for impeachment, their headline would be the same.

    221. Phil says:

      Will Comey take another victory lap? Damn right he will. The guy is a joke.

    222. jason says:

      Includes all the “undecided Democrats” from Trump districts. Every last one of them.”

      Because there is no upside for them not to. They can’t win without the moonbat vote, so they just have to hope to hold their base and hope for the best.

      Collins and Gardner are in the same position. If they think they can win re-election by voting yes on impeachment, they are delusional.

    223. jason says:

      And voting no on impeachment won’t save Doug Jones either.

    224. jason says:

      When polls favor Democrats, they are all about doing the “will of the people”.

      When they don’t, “it’s not about politics”.

    225. NYCmike says:

      Please just vote for Republicans next November, otherwise go away:

      Mitt Romney
      Carly Fiorina
      (more to be added as we go along)

    226. Phil says:


      Makes sense, Jason. Had not thought of it that way. If you piss off your base you are indeed probably doomed.

    227. jason says:

      Just saw a Tom Steyer ad.

      The following text is in the ad:


    228. NYCmike says:

      Great story:


      “You should [have] seen her face when I tucked her in her bed after supper,” Leah remembered.

    229. jason says:

      Christiane Amanpour — ‘without a hint of irony’ — asks Ezra Klein to explain how American politics got to be so polarized”


      This is like Lenin asking Stalin, how did we get so far left?

    230. Tina says:

      Wrong Wray is a disaster.

      The Reckoning ? Retweeted

      Solomon L. Wisenberg

      2h2 hours ago
      Just talked to an old friend–an outstanding recently retired FBI Special Agent. Here’s what he told me: “I wish director Wray would ask Jim Comey to cease saying he is speaking for the men and women of the FBI. He isn’t.”

    231. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      “Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorinia said she supports impeaching President Donald Trump but she is still open to voting for him in 2020 on CNN’s “Boss Files with Poppy Harlow” podcast.
      “I think it is vital that he be impeached,” the former Hewlett-Packard CEO said. “Whether removed this close to an election, I don’t know, but I think the conduct is impeachable.”
      Although she’s not fond of President Trump, Fiorina didn’t rule out voting for him during the next election.
      “It depends who the Democrats put up,” she said bluntly.”

      I never voted for Fiorina when she ran for Senate in California because she was a disaster as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. The way she runs around like a “know it all” puts me off. She is articulate, but has little real wisdom. Her comments regarding impeachment are an example of it.

    232. John says:

      According to this betting site President Trump’s percentage to win reelection just skyrocketed to 49.8% or an increase of 5.7% in the last week alone

    233. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #244- John
      Similar odds,48%, on PredictIt.

      Of course, Messy the Moron believes there is a good chance the Senate will remove The Donald soon.

    234. jason says:

      Looks like Golden will hedge his bets and only vote for one of the articles.


    235. jason says:

      Tulsi to vote nay on at least one article now at 55% on Predict it.

      So it looks so far like there will be 2 Dems voting nay on both counts, and 4 voting against on obstruction.

    236. jason says:

      There are 3 Dems who haven’t said how they will vote, but supposedly all 3 are not going to run in 2020.

    237. Tina says:

      Well Souter 2.0 appointed judges to the fisc.

      Since 2018, the judges knew of fib abuses,

      They did nothing,

      Now, the one judge is up in arms,

      Give me a break,

    238. Tina says:

      I guess obstruction of congress by seeking judicial relief is not a crime.

      Robert Barnes

      13m13 minutes ago
      I read the articles of impeachment. Guess what is totally absent? A single reference to a single criminal statute. Not only do the charges fail to allege a “high crime” akin to “treason or bribery”, but it fails to allege ANY crime at all.

    239. jason says:

      I don’t trust Romney, but I kind of predicted this:

      “Romney: McConnell has my full confidence on Senate-trial negotiations”

    240. jason says:

      So the theory that 4 R senators will side with Schumer is pretty much shot to hell.

    241. jason says:

      Tulsi to introduce a resolution to censure Trump.

      Of course, Pelosi will not bring it to the floor, but it is a major embarrassment.

    242. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      Nate Silver ?@NateSilver538

      “Along with Trump’s approval rating ticking up, Democrats’ head-to-head numbers vs. Trump have started to take a hit. Here’s an average of 4 national polls this month (Quinnipiac, FOX, IBD/TIPP, Suffolk)…

      Biden 47.5, Trump 43 (+4.5)
      Sanders 46.5. Trump 44.5 (+2.0)
      Warren 44.3, Trump 45.5 (-1.2)
      Buttigieg 42, Trump 43.5 (-1.5)

      Polls this far out aren’t very predictive, and some of these are probably a bit quirky. But it may raise the salience of electability/beating Trump.”

      This is getting serious. We need concerned troll to pay a visit and reassure us Trump is doomed.

    243. jason says:

      I was wrong above on Golden. He is voting nay on abuse, not obstruction.

      On the other hand, Tulsi is the opposite, yea on abuse, nay on obstruction.

    244. Wobbles says:

      I am not concerned. As I have said before, unless Trump is at 45, huh, I meant 50, he is doomed.

    245. jason says:

      The toupees not impressed with impeachment?

      Stu Rothenburg:

      “That puts me in complete agreement with my friend Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report, who observed that “by the time we hit the summer of 2020, the issue of impeachment will just be one more in a string of unprecedented, presidency-altering events that have come and gone in the mind of voters.”

      Some Democratic incumbents in pro-Trump and Republican states and districts will lose their seats next year, but they probably would have lost them even if their party had not pursued impeachment. But many Democrats in swing seats who were first elected in 2018 because of voters’ animosity toward Trump should not find themselves in difficulty next year primarily because they supported impeachment.

      The disruption and chaos that Trump brought to the presidency, and to our politics, has resulted in more anger and name-calling, additional partisan polarization and a growing sense that the 2020 election will be crucial to the country’s future, no matter which side you are on. But it also means that the battle lines for 2020 have already been formed, and both sides have more than enough ammunition.”

    246. Hugh says:

      Stu. I think hope is a bad strategy. There is so much more to come. The elites in the echo chamber are worse than weathermen. They can’t see past their noses. Dems will get slaughtered in 2020.

    247. Bitterlaw says:

      I ptedict that at least 50% of Dems in seats where Trump won the district in 2016 will win in 2020.

    248. Tina says:

      Remember when the jebots said there was no spying? This pre dates porn lawyah.

      Donald J. Trump
      Verified account

      2m2 minutes ago
      Good marks and reviews on the letter I sent to Pelosi today. She is the worst! No wonder with people like her and Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, D.C. has been such a mess for so long – and that includes the previous administration who (and now we know for sure) SPIED on my campaign.
      897 replies 1,292 retweets 3,953 likes
      Reply 897 Retweet 1.3K Like 4.0K

    249. Tina says:

      Your bigger priority is appearing on pawn Hanitys program and issuing blank checks.

      Lindsey Graham
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @LindseyGrahamSC
      FISA reform will be a top priority for the Judiciary Committee in 2020.

    250. Hugh says:

      Bitter if I knew you I’d take that bet. If trump wins and I put a pretty high % on that they may keep a few of them. If trump loses they keep more than half. I think suburban women will not be canceling out their hubbies votes in 2020. Trump sweeps what he got in 2016 and adds mn and maybe one more

    251. jason says:

      I ptedict that at least 50% of Dems in seats where Trump won the district in 2016 will win in 2020.”

      I think that is a fair assessment.

      But even 50% puts the House at risk, they can only afford to lose 17 seats.

      And even a small majority of say 5 seats would make it hard to pass controversial legislation.

    252. jason says:

      Currently I think Dems lose 10 seats.

    253. lisab says:

      Polls this far out aren’t very predictive, and some of these are probably a bit quirky. But it may raise the salience of electability/beating Trump.”

      the trouble is that sanders is the only candidate now that seems to be a challenge to trump

      but the dnc does not want him to be the nominee

    254. lisab says:

      i meant besides biden, the dnc’s preferred candidate

    255. jason says:

      More on the “you can’t make this sh-t up” category:

      “Democrat Helping Set Rules For Trump Impeachment Vote Was Impeached for Bribery”

    256. jason says:

      I do. Thinking of sending him a check.

    257. KennethKip says:

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    258. jason says:

      Sure Ken.

      Are there any lakes in Flagstaff you can take a flying leap into?

    259. JulStol says:

      I’ll take that bet. $100 to your (or my) preferred nonprofit?

    260. jason says:

      What is the bet?

    261. SanDiegoCitizen says:

      269. Looks the the website’s spam filter could use a bit of adjusting and updating.

    262. Wes says:

      267 must be a reference to Alcee Hastings.

    263. Wes says:

      257 is an inconsistent statement by Rothenberg. Partisan polarization automatically puts the Dems in Trump districts at risk. Inciting Trump supporters and Republicans in general to anger thus by definition damages the wave babies’ re-election chances.

    264. Wes says:

      Well, Lucy McBath can go ahead and declare victory. Appallingly weak former Congresswoman Karen Handel will be her opponent:


    265. Wes says:

      In other news, Republicans should have little problem holding ME-Sen:


    266. Messy says:

      Happy I-day to YOU. Happy I-day to you!!!!! The bastard’s going down this evening, Happy I-day to yooooooooU!!!!!!

    267. Wes says:

      Messy the Moron, I hate to tell someone with your limited intelligence, but Trump is going nowhere after today’s vote.

      By the way, when did Brenda Snipes become a Republican?

    268. Hugh says:

      I think the issue is not choosing how many of the Dems will lose. There are two paths and that will determine what happens. One path is Trump wins reelection. If that happens the Democrats will lose the majority of the 31 seats. If Trump win I think the issue is not choosing how many of the dams will lose. There are two paths and that will determine what happens. One path is Trump wins reelection. If that happens the Democrats will lose the majority of the 31 seats. If Trump Loses the damn draw retain the vast majority of the 31 seats. I don’t think there’s a middle here. Is these districts they go for Trump the Gopher the Republican if they don’t go for Trump they won’t go for the Republican. If Trump wins he’ll win these districts by and large. If he loses he’ll lose those districts. That’s the bottom line. I feel pretty good about trumps chances of winning reelection given the bozo that will be running against him.

    269. Hugh says:

      Sorry about all the errors. I’m using voice recognition.

    270. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #278- Messy the Moron
      Happy Backfire Day to you and those of your Democrat Party ilk.
      Gallup has Trump’s approval rating at one of its all time highs!


      By theway,we still await the names of the 10-20 GOP Senators who will vote for the President’s removal.

    271. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #278- Messy the Moron
      Happy Backfire Day, Part Delawa(Tagalog)!!
      Catch these Emerson College Poll numbers for the President:


    272. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #278- Messy the Moron
      Happy Backfire Day, Part Tatlo(Tagalog)
      Last week, the slanted POLITICO/Morning Consult Poll showed the President’s net job performance at -19. This week it is -11; that is a very substantial 8 pt. swing!


    273. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      #278- Messy the Moron
      Happy Backfire Day,Part Lema(Tagalog)
      In its last poll in late Sepember, CNBC showed the President’s net job performance at -16. Today’s poll shows it at -7(42/49); even you would say that is a very significant 7 pt. swing! Correct?


    274. dblaikie says:

      Boom! Here are the five top ways that Christopher Wray has cleaned up the FBI.


    275. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      McSalley(R-AZ) is rising in her 2020 AZ Senate race. Here is a just-released poll.


    276. dblaikie says:

      Just to remind everyone how we got here today. No bogus Steele Dossier — no FISA Warrant. No FISA Warrant — no Crossfire Hurricane. No Crossfire Hurricane — no Mueller Probe. No Mueller Probe — well you go ahead and fill in the blanks.

    277. Bitterlaw says:

      277 Wes – After so many years at HHR, why don’t you realize that the only way for Republicans to win is for Collins to be defeated and replaced with a Democrat who will hold the seat for decades?

    278. Tina says:

      This fits the Russian hoax:

      Undercover Huber

      15m15 minutes ago
      —There was no spying

      —Okay, there was spying, but it was all legal

      —Some illegal things happened, but by mistake

      —Bad apples did the illegal things on purpose <- WE ARE HERE

      —We ordered the illegal spying, but there was no cover up

      —There was a cover up

    279. Tina says:

      When it becomes more clear that the obumbler ordered the illlegal spying on a political campaign, I bet $100 that the jebots return.

      Must protect the obumbler, like Hillary previously.

    280. jason says:

      No Mikey Maneuver in Maine?

      Maybe NYC can get LePage to primary Collins.

      Hope springs eternal…

    281. jason says:

      The bastard’s going down this evening”

      And getting re-elected in November.

      I’ll take it.

    282. Wes says:

      Sorry, Bitter. I guess I’m just not enlightened enough to subscribe to the Mikey/JulStol idea that Republicans advance conservative principles best by ensuring Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer rather than Mitch McConnell serve as Senate Majority Leader.

    283. jason says:

      he poll, conducted Dec. 10-13, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

      The poll shows a massive partisan split, with 78% Democratic support for impeachment and 83% Republican opposition. Independents disapprove of impeachment by 46% to 41%.”

      I find it astounding that more Dems oppose impeachment than Rs support it.

      NeverTrumpers hardest hit.

    284. jason says:

      Hey wes, you must be “against the primary system”.

    285. Tina says:

      Poor Bryon, late to the party as usual. Bryon forgot that in 2018 Nunes and Goodlatte sent at least 2 letters to the judge warning her about the Fib. She ignored them. She is in full cya mode now.

      Byron York
      Finally FISA court is heard from. They know FBI misled them in Carter Page case–so much that it calls other FISA warrants into doubt. Officials face a reckoning. And obviously, commentators who claimed FBI did it all by the book look ridiculous, or worse. http://ow.ly/HYMz50xCEou

    286. New York CIty says:

      I see that McSally is behind by 3 points against Kelly.

      That is why I think we should have run a deadender like Chemtrail Ward.

      She would be behind by 15, but we would send a message that if you are going to lose by 3, why not go full bore and lose by 15.

    287. Tina says:

      The bigger problems are they cannot fix Fisa, Thus, it needs to go. No renewal of it. Secret courts should be illegal.

      Souter 2.0 chose those judges who are now complaining that they were duped and “just learned about the problem” with the latest ig report.

    288. Wes says:

      Mikey is sad today. First Susan Collins announces her bid for re-election and looks like a solid favorite. Second Michigan Republicans are working to obviate the Mikey Maneuver by endorsing their best potential candidate to take down Gary Peters:


    289. jason says:

      We might hear from Amoral Scumbag, he will be here to “celebrate” impeachment like he celebrated Obama’s win over Romney.

      He is buying internet access from the only provider in Bogo Pogo, BP Communications, for the occasion.

    290. New York CIty says:

      Second Michigan Republicans are working to obviate the Mikey Maneuver by endorsing their best potential candidate to take down Gary Peters”

      Rinos will be Rinos.

    291. Tina says:

      No, this is wrong. An election is the judg,ent for whether he is fit or not. Impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors.

      Follow Follow @DanRather
      President Trump’s “letter” to Speaker Pelosi is a vivid picture of the mind of the man, in real time. It is a reminder that ultimately impeachment is a judgement on whether this man is fit for the presidency.

    292. jason says:

      Crack reporter busted..and his last name doesn’t help either…

      “A member of the crack reporting team at Fox Business was busted last week at a Manhattan court house with a drug pipe in his sock, authorities and sources said Tuesday.

      Lawrence Crook, a reporter for the news network, was ticketed and escorted out of Manhattan Federal Court Dec. 9 after security spotted what appeared to be a crack pipe tucked into his sock as he passed through a metal detector, authorities and sources said.”

    293. jason says:

      It begs the question, why would you want to smuggle a crack pipe into a Federal Courthouse?

      I know, probably for a hit or two between cases.

    294. jason says:

      You can’t make this sh-t up…

      CNN pollster explanation on why pro-impeachment numbers have dropped:

      “Chalian noted that perhaps the numbers have dropped because Americans have forgotten about the “damning evidence” that was presented to them last month.”

    295. jason says:

      In his defense, the “damming evidence” was pretty easy to forget.

    296. jason says:

      I guess Orthodox Jews don’t agree with Corey that Trump is anti-Semitic…

      “While the Jewish community is often considered extremely liberal, the vast majority of Orthodox Jews in the United States approve of Trump and oppose impeachment, according to a new poll from the Jewish international news outlet Ami Magazine. Orthodox Jews also overwhelmingly trust Trump and the Republicans more than Democrats when it comes to combatting anti-Semitism. This support makes a great deal of sense given Trump’s record on Israel, his opposition to the Iran Deal, and his support for religious liberty…

      Orthodox Jews have supported Trump since the election, but the numbers have skyrocketed as the president builds up a record on Israel. Fifty-four percent of them said they voted for the Republican in 2016, according to the American Jewish Committee. One year into his presidency, 71 percent of Orthodox Jews supported Trump— before he commuted the sentence of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

      In a 2018 Tri-State area poll commissioned by Ami Magazine, 82 percent of Orthodox Jews said they would vote for Trump in 2020.

      The latest poll numbers are even more eye-popping. A full 89 percent of Orthodox Jews said they approved of the job Trump is doing as president, while only 5 percent disapproved and 6 percent were undecided. An even larger majority (91 percent) said they did not think the president should be impeached, while 5 percent said he should be and another 4 percent said they were not sure.”

    297. Tina says:

      Yup, it’s muh damaging evidence.

      That post made me choke on my high fiber oatmeal.

    298. jason says:

      Still having breakfast in CA?

      Here it is almost time for a light lunch of pork chops, sauerkraut with slab bacon, and mashed potatoes with bacon bits.

    299. jason says:

      Amoral Scumbag will probably not show up…

      “The Gallup poll released early Wednesday found Trump’s approval rating at 45 percent, up from 39 percent when the inquiry was launched in the fall. The new findings mark the third-consecutive increase in Trump’s approval rating, Gallup noted.

      “Trump’s growing approval is buoyed by Republicans who give him high marks. Almost 9 in 10 GOP respondents — 89 percent — support Trump, compared to just 8 percent of Democrats who approve of the job the president is doing.

      Trump has reached 45 percent approval or higher in Gallup’s poll five times since taking office, the survey giant noted. He reached 46 percent only once in his presidency: in May on the back of strong economic reports and the culmination of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s election meddling.”

    300. jason says:

      And in the “tough sh-t” category…

      “CNN’s Jake Tapper suggested that if Republicans “have the wherewithal,” they may want the vote to be pushed to 2 or 3 a.m.

      “They’re going to try to make it as onerous as possible,” he predicted.”

    301. Joe J says:

      308, well Lakewood NJ is safe in 2020.

    302. Tina says:

      ckoning ? Retweeted

      Steve Guest
      Verified account

      30m30 minutes ago
      Fox’s Baier: ‘This is the only pure partisan impeachment vote in the history of the United States’

    303. Waingro says:

      #312, Tapper really has become a total left wing hack during the Trump era. I used to respect him. No longer.

    304. NYCmike says:

      ““They’re going to try to make it as onerous as possible,” he predicted.””

      -“CG” will say this is due to Trump’s immorality.

    305. Tina says:

      The Jebots lose will Hurd:

      Rep. Will Hurd: Democrats are making impeachment a “weaponized political tool,” a “dangerous precedent will be set”

    306. Waingro says:


      Gabriel Malor

      Following Following @gabrielmalor
      5th Cir. holds the Obamacare mandate unconstitutional, as it can no longer be upheld as a tax; remands for the district court to consider severability. The decision: http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/19/19-10011-CV0.pdf

      5:19 PM – 18 Dec 2019

    307. PresidentPaul! says:

      Actually just checked Yeb!’s twitter but he has been silent on impeachment.

      I assume he voted for Hillary.

    308. PresidentPaul! says:

      Markets look good for 2020 so far so should be hard to Trump reelection.


    309. NYCmike says:

      The Blaze has a screen caption of Maxine Waters making the “white power” sign on the floor of the House this afternoon………waiting for “CG” condemn her from “on high”.

    310. NYCmike says:

      h/t Instapundit for #324

    311. PresidentPaul! says:

      A 4chan gem right there. Turning innocuous day to day things into hate speech for lulz.

    312. PresidentPaul! says:

      Turned Army Navy Game into a fiasco then made jokes about Waters.

    313. PresidentPaul! says:

      So basically the radical left are trying to impeach a president for trying to expose the crime and money laundering operations and then elect the person (Biden) who committed the crime.

      And the media endorses all of this.

    314. PresidentPaul! says:

      What’s up with Nancy’s nose?

    315. Phil says:

      The President has now been impeached. You can tell by the number of posts on this site today that a whole lot of people give a sh*t. I think there have been about 12 posts over here all day long. LOL

    316. jason says:

      As I predicted, the circus charade got ZERO Republican votes.


      Nancy Pelosi:

      “I’m not for impeachment. This is news. I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before,” she said. “But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this: Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”

    317. Victrc says:


      You should try being in airports all day with the Democrats Pravda, CNN playing all day. Odd how they only cut away when republicans were talking!!

      Anyway this is absurd. They impeached him without a crime. Obstruction of congress doesn’t exist. Abuse of power? For exercising his actual power under the constitution.

      This is all about influencing and election, the next one, and refusing to accept the results of the last one. Plain and simple and everyone knows it.

    318. Victrc says:

      Jason, the only thing bi-partisan was the vote AGAINST impeachment.

    319. PresidentPaul! says:

      Men are showing up to the Wing and women are pissed
      “It started about a year ago and it’s getting worse. A guy even checked me out a few weeks ago. The whole purpose of the space is to not have to deal with anything like that.”

    320. Phil says:

      CNN is why I don’t fly, Victrc. LOL

    321. Tina says:

      I am the first guy impeached without committing a crime. I’ll call it impeachment lite.

      Impeachment means as much as winning the Nobel peace prize.


    322. Phil says:

      Looks like Pelosi might have decided to hold the Articles until Mitch gives into Schumer’s demands for senate witnesses. She adjourned the House without appointing impeachment managers. She said earlier today she and the House leadership were considering Larry Tribe’s suggesting of holding on to the Articles.

      Good luck with that one, and don’t hold your breath, Nancy. Yes, drag this out longer. That will be a winner!

      Fact is, the whole impeachment exercise is getting less popular as time drags on. It was supposed to be polling well over a majority in the polls by now. That didn’t happen and now she is stuck with a weak case, falling popular support for it, and it’s moving to the Senate where Democrats can’t control the process. What to do, what to do?


    323. PresidentPaul! says:

      Ya and acting like babies will help win over Collins and Romney etc for sure.

    324. Tina says:

      Other agencies. This means the commie and the penguin.

      4m4 minutes ago
      John Durham is investigating the activities of “private actors,” in addition to agencies beyond the FBI, AG Barr told @marthamaccallum.

    325. John says:

      Absolutely fascinating results coming out the Bovada Sportsbook betting site regarding the ‘presidential odds futures’.
      Yesterday odds for Trump to win reelection +125
      Today -105
      (first time Trump has been under even money in five months)
      PS – this site pegged his impeachment at -1100.
      Translation…most of America doesn’t really care about what happened today and care more about the economy.

    326. Wes says:

      Pelosi is threatening not to send the impeachment articles to the Senate unless she sees a “fair trial “ in the Senate. As if the kangaroo court the House conducted was fair…

      All right, Nancy. Don’t send your articles. Let Republicans running against your wave babies argue Dems won’t give Trump his constitutionally required day in court.

      Let’s see how well that goes over next November.

    327. PresidentPaul! says:

      Imagine holding the impeachment articles all the way until the State of the Union which they will be throwing tantrums during anyways.

    328. PresidentPaul! says:

      The State of the Union could be about Guiliani’s findings and Biden’s baby mommas financial results from court.

    329. Bitterlaw says:

      My wife did not vote for President in 2016. She will note vote for Trump in 2020 and plans on voting for the Dem in 2020 because Trump is so vile. However, she said the impeachment is pure Democrat BS.

      She did vote for Bush, Sr. twice, Dole, GWB twice, McCain, and Romney.

    330. Wes says:

      I can never forgive your wife for her votes in 2000 and 2004, Bitter.

    331. Bitterlaw says:

      Note should be not.

    332. Bitterlaw says:

      She voted the same way you did in 2000 and 2004, Wes.

    333. PresidentPaul! says:

      Tweet already taken down from the Merry Impeachmas team at Washingtonpost


    334. Wes says:

      I know, Bitter, and I’m surprised I haven’t become a chronic drunk because I was stupid enough to vote for that incompetent jackass.

    335. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      BREAKING: Bad news for the GOP and for me,personally since he is my Congressman. Mark Meadows(R-NC) has announced his retirement from the House.
      He’s been quite the fighter!
      Good luck,Mark. The District will miss you.


    336. Phil says:

      So Pelosi gets to run the Senate?

      Who knew?

    337. jason says:

      Ok, the Dems have finally come up with a bigger lie than

      “If you like your plan and doctor you can keep them”

      I didn’t think it was possible…but…

      “On Wednesday, House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer appeared to try his hand at standup comedy.

      The #2 House Democrat spoke to the chamber just before a vote to impeach the President, during which he offered the following:

      “Democrats did not choose this impeachment. We did not wish for it.”

    338. Phil says:

      I thought it was imperative that the House speedily impeach the President because our democracy was in great danger. Now, suddenly, it’s imperative that the process be slowed down. Huh? I am getting whiplash.

      As our friends at the Washington Post say, “Merry Impeachmas”.

    339. jason says:

      Hmmmm…makes it very difficult?

      Joe Manchin

      “I don’t know why the House … didn’t go to court. You know, why they didn’t go after these witnesses that are so pertinent to the whole accusation. That makes it very difficult”

    340. Phil says:

      Joe is and always has been a no.

    341. mRviTO says:

      Josh Hawley
      Is this a joke? Democrats impeach the President without alleging a single crime, with a bipartisan coalition voting AGAINST, and now don’t have the guts to actually try their case? Did they put the country through this chaos just for their own amusement?

    342. BayernFan says:

      Dems are happy with their participation trophy.

    343. jason says:

      McConnell tearing them a new a-hole on the Senate floor.

    344. dblaikie says:

      Mitch the Turtle rocked it!

    345. Phil says:

      Oh, yeah, and Merry Trumpmas. Trump is still your president.

    346. PresidentPaul! says:

      Listening to bloomberg. They dragged this senior national review editor in Ramesh Ponnuru for a 15 min interview all about how the senate needsto impeach and how senators shouldnt be allowed to be impartial, etc.

      What a trash can magazine national review has always been and has continued to become.

    347. jason says:

      Battle Creek rally

      ? 20,202 voters identified (92.2% from MI)

      ? 15% haven’t voted in last four elections, WOW!

      ? 15% have voted in only one of the last four elections

      ? 17% Democrats

    348. jan says:

      #345. Bitter, if your wife finds the impeachment pure Democrat BS, and Trump too “vile” to vote for, why doesn’t she just leave the vote for president in 2020 blank? Voting for a dem, appears to be something akin to biting off your nose to spite your face. It makes no sense at all to me if she has any conservative beliefs at all!

    349. NYCmike says:

      Between MD’s wife and Bitterlaw’s wife……..what is in the water in those suburbs??

    350. jason says:

      Let Bitter’s wife vote for whomever she wants, even if she thinks Biden or Warren are not “vile”.

      My wife, who despises Trump and did not vote for him in 2016 now will crawl through broken glass to vote for him because she is so annoyed with the MSM campaign against him and the impeachment BS.

      I am still looking for anybody that voted for Trump in 2016 and won’t support him in 2016. Nobody I have talked to even knows of such a person.

      “I hated Trump in 2016 and still hate him now” are a dime a dozen. “I voted for Trump in 2016 but will now vote for Warren”, scarce if non-existent.

    351. Wes says:

      17% Democrats in a state with no party registration?

      I know I can’t be the only one to think the Trump campaign’ inflates attendance figures.

    352. dblaikie says:

      I know I have been wrong before. Many of you know I was way too optimistic in the 2018 Congressional Races. So I can be wrong here. But I believe that this decision of Nancy not to send the articles is just plain ludicrous. It seems to me that all Mitch needs to do is simply say I won’t discuss Impeachment with Chuck until Nancy sends over the articles. In addition this whole idea concedes that the House knows its case is bogus as they search for other facts. If I am wrong please educate me.

    353. NYCmike says:


      Wouldn’t those registrations be according to what boxes people fill in?

      I don’t think the Trump campaign is cross-checking them with any state information.

    354. Wes says:

      If the Trump campaign is just taking personal information at face value it’s likely to be at least somewhat inaccurate, Mikey.

      It makes for a good talking point, I guess, but I’m skeptical.

    355. n says:

      “If I am wrong please educate me.”

      (Wes slowly flexes his wrists, and lays them down on the desk, as his meaty digits fall gleefully on the keys….)

    356. NYCmike says:

      “It makes for a good talking point, I guess, but I’m skeptical.”

      -As am I.

    357. Phil says:

      Hey, The House argument was that impeachment must be rushed through because Trump is such an “immediate threat to our democracy”. Ok, so shouldn’t she be sending her articles over to the Senate immediately? Isn’t any delay putting our democracy in danger? I’m confused.

      Sprain it to me, Lucy.

    358. DW says:

      Pelosi is the Trump campaign ground game for election day next year.

    359. VictrC says:

      Interestingly, for as oblivious, scattered and close minded as we think Trump is, he seems to be (or at least his campaign) taking pages from the Obama handbook and building a good ground game…and more importantly, learning that micro targeting wins elections.

      It is how Obama did it. He built his coalition of misfits and shoulder chip voters by micro targeting in key communities, bringing people out who hadn’t voted before and who thought that they could now go from outcasts to powerful (which they have).

      And here we thought Trump couldn’t learn

    360. Tina says:

      I think trumps attorneys shod start subpoenaing Schiffty and the gosip blower and Atkins the ig fruit loop

    361. Tina says:

      Every day the Rs need to hit botoxic on the impeachment managers issue. This is even worse than schiftys hearings in the basement.

      Botoxic has lost it.

    362. jan says:

      #367. I’m finding a similar trend of people who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, are now saying they will vote for him in 2020. It”s less because they suddenly like him, than that his policies are likable, and the Dems seem more out of control in their behavior than Trump seems to be acting. In fact his in-your-face style has remained constant throughout his term in office, and becoming simply a facet of his personality rather than an outrageous flip in behavior as has been on display by the Dems.

    363. DW says:

      Jason is still doing well in the Dem primary…now up to 16th place, and ahead of big names like O’Rourke, Harris and de Blasio:

      1 – Biden: 27.8
      2 – Sanders: 19.3
      3 – Warren: 15.2
      4 – Buttigieg: 8.3
      5 – Bloomberg: 5
      6 – Yang: 3.3
      7 – Klobuchar : 3.3
      8 – Booker: 2.5
      9 – Gabbard: 1.7
      10 – Steyer: 1.5
      11 – Castro: 1.3
      12 – Bennet: 0.5
      13 – Delaney: 0.5
      14 – Patrick: 0.4
      15 – Williamson: 0.3
      16 – JASON 0.0
      17 – Harris: Dropped out
      18 – Bullock: Dropped out
      19 – Sestak: Dropped out
      20 – Messam : Dropped out
      21 – O’Rourke : Dropped out
      22 – Ryan: Dropped out
      23 – de Blasio : Dropped out
      24 – Gillibrand: Dropped out
      25 – Hickenlooper: Dropped out
      26 – Inslee: Dropped out
      27 – Moulton: Dropped out
      28 – Gravel: Dropped out
      29 – Swalwell: Dropped out
      30 – Ojeda: Dropped out

    364. NYCmike says:

      “So here’s my nefarious plan, offered to Mitch McConnell in the unlikely chance that he has nothing more deliciously nefarious in mind: McConnell announces the the Impeachment will be held on some certain date — let’s say 20 January just to be definite — under the Clinton rule. The Articles are public. If the House doesn’t send their Impeachment Managers, the Senate dismisses for failure to prosecute. If Nancy relents, then dismiss anyway, because the Articles are clearly unconstitutionally vague.

      It gets better. The Constitution doesn’t require a quorum: it specifically says “2/3 majority of the members present.” If the Democrats threaten to walk out, fine — then he’s acquitted unanimously by the members present.

      But here’s the coup de grace on the coup d’etat: once the impeachment trial is concluded, the Senate, or rather committees of the Senate, are free to hold hearings. In which they would call, you guessed it, Eric Ciaramella, Adam Schiff, Adam Schiff’s staff, James Comey, James Baker (the FBI lawyer), John Brennan, Joe and Hunter Biden, and Mike Rogers.

      You may now imagine my gleeful laughter.”

    365. NYCmike says:

      I am sure there is plenty of “immorality” in there for “CG” to be “appalled”!

    366. NYCmike says:

      BUT, Trump did say mean things on Twitter, so let’s ignore all of the other news.

      Hey “CG”, odd that you will ignore holding the articles of impeachment, as you were the one who kept saying “Let’s have the vote, and let the chips fall where they may.”

    367. NYCmike says:


      -I am sure “true conservative Republicans” like “CG” and Robbie will think this is an important issue.

    368. JeffP says:

      AG Barr calls out Comey for his lies last Sunday on Fox News in his Martha Mc interview to be shown tonight. That is must TV.

    369. CG says:

      Negotiations are a part of politics and legal procedure. The American people want a fair trial with witnesses. I am fine with both sides calling witnesses. It should be about the truth. If Trump did nothing wrong, then this sort of trial will exonerate him. However, nobody really is willing to state he did nothing wrong because he certainly did and that is why the “m-fer” is impeached. I could care less about Pelosi’s political maneuvering or what any of this means for Democrats. They can worry about that themselves. I just know that this is an unfortunate time for Republicans.

      The Senate should vote to remove the politically indicted criminal. If not, the American people will have their chance after that. Let the chips fall where they may.

    370. CG says:

      I am just certain that the people who most want the the impeachment to be deferred are about 4 or 5 Republican Senators who are up in 2020. McConnell does not want them to have to vote on procedural matters regarding witnesses, etc.

      So, people should be careful what they wish for.

    371. Cash Cow TM says:

      “Let the chips fall where they may.”

      That is what I tell Walt every time I go out to use the bathroom.

    372. Phil says:

      The House voted to impeach. The Senate should not be allowed to vote to acquit.

      Is that about the size of it, Nancy?

      Pound sand.

    373. CG says:

      I don’t know why Trump supporters are so mad. He can’t be forced from office if the Senate does not vote, so status quo. Maybe he can shift focus to the economy or something, but it’s doubtful he has the maturity to do so.

      So for now, this is a political game of chicken. Nobody really questions what the Senate outcome would be (minus some big shift in public opinion) so Democrats are going to try to let Trump twist in the wind over this. I suppose that’s politics. Clearly though, the American people believe there ought to be a “fair trial” and that is what the talking points will be.

      The actual oath of office that all 100 Senators have to take before the trial begins is to be “impartial” and you have people openly saying they will not abide by that oath. How is that going to come across? McConnell who is typically a brilliant politician is saying he is going to work openly with the White House on the trial. That comes across as very swampy. He should have just kept his mouth shut about that, even if he intended to do it.

      If Trump is so innocent, they should be able to find so impartially, but are all but admitting that cannot be done.

    374. jason says:

      Pelosi blinks…. “whatever it is”.. LOL

      But when CNN asked Pelosi if there needed to be what Democrats consider a “fair” trial, she didn’t explicitly say.
      “Well, we’d like to see a fair process, but we’ll see what they have, and we’ll be ready for whatever it is,” Pelosi said.”

    375. Phil says:

      Have Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker indicated impartiality? How about the loony loon Senator from Hawaii? Heard any of her statements regarding impeachment and Trump? Asking for a friend.

      Spare us the lecture on impartial jurors.

    376. jason says:

      McConnell who is typically a brilliant politician is saying he is going to work openly with the White House on the trial.”

      Swampy my ass….

      I am sure Clinton coordinated closely with Senate Dems during his impeachment.

      Of course Trump’s legal team is going to be in close contact with the R leadership, and there is nothing wrong with that.

      Corey didn’t complain about the kangaroo court the Dems came up with to railroad Trump with fake charges.

      The Dems want witnesses? They sure didn’t want any when House Republicans want to call their own witnesses.

      I feel sorry for Corey, really, just repeating Dem talking points here. Now relegated to making excuses for a despicable character like Schiff.

      The Dems rammed through a completely partisan crock of crap they could not even get their own entire caucus to vote for it, let alone a Repblican.

      But the Senate is supposed to be “impartial”? Impartial doesn’t mean they can’t tag this for what it is. “Obstruction of congress?” Something EVERY President does dozens of times during their terms?

      It’s the Dems that never showed an ounce of impartiality.

      They made their bed, now it’s time to lie in it.

    377. DW says:

      Where were the tears when Obama obstructed congress, and used executive orders to bypass congress?

    378. NYCmike says:

      “If Trump did nothing wrong, then this sort of trial will exonerate him.”

      -Stalin and Beria approve of “CG”‘s thinking!

    379. NYCmike says:

      “They made their bed, now it’s time to lie in it.”

      -“CG” is starting to look comfortable in with them.

    380. jason says:

      The Dems beclown themselves with these charges, but Corey wants the Senate Rs to take them very seriously.

      No. Call these articles of impeachment for what they are. Garbage.

      Schumer said today Trump committed serious crimes blah blah blah.

      Is he impartial? Lets get real.

      “Klobuchar said Sunday that she can’t see herself voting in President Donald Trump’s favor should the House impeachment inquiry into the President move to a trial in the Senate.”

      Corey Booker: “Booker said Trump violated the oath to uphold the Constitution but Congress should not.”

      Elizabeth Warren: Right now, I’d like to just see us do the Ukraine issue because it is so clear and it is such a clear violation of law,” the Massachusetts Democrat told CNN on Friday.”The president is asking for help against one of his political rivals and asking a foreign government for a thing of value for himself personally. That’s against the law.”

      Kamala Harris: “We’ve got a confession. We have a cover-up—which suggests, to me, consciousness of guilt,” Harris said. “

      Yeah, the Dems are “impartial”,

    381. NYCmike says:


      “Unlike Beria’s paradigm, U.S. prosecutions start with the discovery of a crime. Then there’s an investigation to find or confirm the identity of the perpetrator and collect evidence to prove his or her guilt.

      However, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment and subsequent investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign appear to follow the Beria model, not the U.S. Constitution model.”

    382. John says:

      Headline from The Lines – another betting site…
      “Wait, What? President Trump’s Re-Election Odds Actually IMPROVED After Being Impeached”
      Now down to a very, very low -125

    383. dblaikie says:

      Once again CG a ridiculous post. Since the Presidents lawyers are going to be a part of the Senate Trial of course they will coordinate with the Senate Leadership. Even more laughable is your idea about impartial. The majority of the Democrats on both the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees had already been on record with supporting Impeachment.

    384. jason says:

      U.S. House passed #USMCA implementation legislation, 385-41.

      D 193-38
      R 192-2
      I 0-1

    385. jason says:

      If Trump is so innocent, they should be able to find so impartially, but are all but admitting that cannot be done.”


      The Dems like to say impeachment is not a legal process, it is political (especially since they have no legal case).

      So McConnell is correct.

      Corey pretending the House vote was not partisan is truly ridiculous. He just wants an excuse to explain how a “conservative Republican” is on the side of the Dems who voted for this travesty instead of on the side of every (conservative/moderate) Republican who voted against it. And why he is taking Schumer’s side against McConnell.

      The NeverTrumpers would have some credibility if they said, look these impeachment articles are garbage, but we still hate Trump, he is still very very bad, etc. etc. Taking the side of the coup proponents really demeans them.

    386. Victrc says:

      CG comments says everything you need to know about Democrats/liberals/nevertrumpers. He mentions Trumo being exonerated by the trial which is absolutely WRONG.

      In America you don’t exonerate, the government must OROVE that an innocent man is guilty. As if today Trump is innocent and the burden is on the Democrats (never trumpers) to orove Him guilty.

      They, unfortunately, are acting like this is the Soviet Union and that he’s guilty of a crime and must prove his innocence.

    387. jason says:

      I guess I am grateful my kids never caused me THIS much trouble…

      “A 17-year-old girl was arrested after police say she stole a private plane, drove it along a runway, then crashed it at a California airport.

      Security footage taken at Fresno Yosemite International Airport on Wednesday, and broadcast by local news station ABC30, shows the aircraft, a King Air 200 plane, veering across the runway then hitting a building.

      Airport spokeswoman Vikkie Calderon told The Fresno Bee that the perpetrator jumped the airport fence, got into the plane, put on the pilot’s headset, and started one of its two engines.

      The girl then drove the plane erratically around the runway before crashing it into a building, causing “substantial damage,” Calderon said.

    388. NYCmike says:

      Didn’t “CG” mention his Dad was going to vote for Trump?

      That may be what is causing him to delve deeper into his support for the Democratic positions.

    389. Wes says:

      Has the Senate ever been impartial in a presidential impeachment trial?

      Republicans passed an arguably unconstitutional law to force an impeachment trial against Johnson. The Senate then acquitted Johnson to ensure the then-President Pro Tempore of the Senate couldn’t ascend to the presidency.

      When the House impeached Clinton in 1998 the Dems unanimously voted to acquit Clinton after doing surprisingly well in the 1998 midterms precisely because Clinton outmaneuvered Newt Gingrich. Senate Republicans hailing from states Clinton had carried also voted to acquit.

      I see no evidence the Senate will be impartial in this impeachment trial either.

    390. NYCmike says:

      Deep down, “CG” is laughing like “cocaine Mitch” as Trump remakes to judiciary into a more-Scalia-Thomas-type branch of government.

      Also, did anyone see Gorsuch on FOX? I thought his interview was a very good one, and once again shows the wisdom of President Trump in nominating him for the Supreme Court.

    391. Tina says:

      I think botoxic may not allow trump to do the sotu.

      Then he takes the beitchds plane away. She should fly commercial, economy class.

    392. Tina says:

      So, the Jebot is now fronting for Botoxic.

      The Jebot keeps,going lower and lower.

    393. PresidentPaul! says:


    394. NYCmike says:


      -“CG” has same mindset as this person……..he must be a “conservative Republican” indeed!

    395. PresidentPaul! says:


      intriguing. Can’t afford to be out (FOMO) and can’t afford to be all in either.

    396. NYCmike says:

      Yes, that was like the one line NOT MADE UP!

    397. Cash Cow TM says:


      Authorities find ‘monkey dungeon’ in zoo…

    398. NYCmike says:

      #388 – “CG”,

      reading this comment again.

      You stated “I am fine with both sides calling witnesses. It should be about the truth.”

      YET, you say nothing about Adam Schiff not allowing Republican witnesses who would show Trump’s innocence of any wrongdoing and/or “obstruction” and/or “abuse of power”.

      You don’t seem to have any problem with the Democratic leaders acting like…..well, acting like the fascists that they are.

    399. Scooterboy says:

      What happened to the idea that impeachment had to be rushed, because Trump was such a clear and present danger to our National Security?

    400. CG says:

      They wanted to hear from those same people in the House hearings that are being talked about in the Senate, (Mulvaney, Bolton, several others) and the White House prevented it. So, your point makes zero sense.

      It can also be said that the House is more of a Grand Jury comparison, whereas the Senate is the actual trial.

      I would also be at a loss for how “innocence” would apply to Trump on this. The facts are not in dispute. They all admit he did it. They released the “transcript” that shows he did it.

    401. Hugh says:

      Is there a debate tonight

    402. CG says:

      The debate started off very wonky and now everyone is going after Buttigieg, especially Klobuchar.

      Now, in the third hour, they are getting a bit slap happy.

    403. CG says:

      Biden barely has to talk, so he is lucking out, but he is always good for one late inning gaffe.

    404. Phil says:

      Grand jury comparison? Ok, but tell me this. How many grand jury indictments are just left hanging? Ask Nancy how you justify a true bill being returned and then not going to trial.

      Again, asking for a friend.

    405. CG says:

      Maybe Pelosi is trying to make Donald Trump the Jussie Smollett of Washington.

      Now, let’s just look at this honestly. Yes, Pelosi has mixed political messages now and that is risky for her and her side. However, nobody really disputes that if nothing big changes, the Senate vote is pre-ordained.

      So, she is *trying* to play the one card she has. You just need a basic majority of the Senate to call forth witnesses.

      As for me, I think there should be a trial and a vote and the evidence is there to remove Trump from office right away.

    406. Hugh says:

      Dems look more pathetic by the day. Mitch will completely outmaneuver them. And it will be a drip drip drip on the corruption in the cia nsa doh and fbi further making them look sad. Revenge will come slowly but it will be very satisfying

    407. CG says:

      Biden just spent about 15 seconds imitating someone who has a stutter (which he suffered with as a young person), and said things like “I can’t speak..” all while affecting a stutter, trying to make the point that people who stutter need compassion, etc.

      Trumpian Twitter will be all over that.

    408. CG says:

      As for the political implications of impeachment, everyone who supports Trump pretty much already supports him.

      The facts are that more people wanted him impeached than not impeached, but nowhere near a significant majority, and thus, it’s sort of a wash, politically speaking.

      The only potential thing that could change is if the Trump people who have been blocked from testifying have to do so publicly.

      So, if the situation was reversed, one Tribe would be doing exactly the other thing, and the Tribe that opposes them would be making the same counter-arguments.

    409. Bitterlaw says:

      I am too tired to read a hundred posts. Did Corey admit there are no high crimes or misdemeanors in the Articles of Impeachment?

    410. CG says:

      I haven’t actually made all that many posts, but I will make it easy for you.

      Criminal extraordinaire.

    411. CG says:

      Christianity Today, an esteemed publication founded by the Rev. Billy Graham (a true American icon) agrees with me on Trump:


    412. CG says:

      But I am sure bunu will have a hundred posts about how great Trump is and that will have more impact here for now.

    413. CG says:

      “To the many evangelicals who continue to support Mr. Trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this: Remember who you are and whom you serve. Consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior. Consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump’s immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency. If we don’t reverse course now, will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come? Can we say with a straight face that abortion is a great evil that cannot be tolerated and, with the same straight face, say that the bent and broken character of our nation’s leader doesn’t really matter in the end?”

    414. Phil says:

      Taking a baby’s life with a late term abortion and removing Trump from office over a non crime. Moral equivalency at it’s most absurd, but yeah, ok.

      You’re truly the moral conscience of The Hedgehog Report. LOL

    415. CG says:

      Somebody needs to be, but again, bunu is on your team now.

      I think you should perhaps read the entire column from Christianity Today. Reach your own conclusions, but at least try to understand the larger point they are making.

      Otherwise, there are several additional paragraphs I could cut and paste here, but I figured people just might prefer to read the whole thing for themselves.

    416. Phil says:

      I read it earlier in the day, thanks.

      …oh, and you have Messy on your team.

      And yes, somebody needs to be the moral conscience around here. Good thing we have someone of your enhanced virtue to always fill that role for us – day in day out.

    417. CG says:

      I won’t be voting for Messy’s candidate(s), even if we have some agreements on Trump.

      The herd here and bunu will be arm in arm in the voting booth and beyond.

    418. CG says:

      As for me, I look at it more like principled consistency than pure virtue.

      I just happen to agree with Christianity Today in the consistency of holding Trump to the same standard they were right to hold Clinton to.

    419. PresidentPaul! says:

      Caution. Debt is high.

    420. John says:


      Franklin Graham has already given an interview to the Pittsburg Post-Gazette saying that he is disappointed by this and his father, Billy, would be hugely embarrassed by this stance because no crimes had been committed and Christianity Today is not the same magazine he started so many years ago.

    421. CG says:

      I think the words of the editorial speak for themselves.

      Franklin Graham can say what he wants, but not everyone can measure up to their father, can they?

      Otherwise, you might be fans of uber-atheist Ron Reagan.

    422. Phil says:

      Well, then, you really are a cut above “the herd” aren’t you…. as you remind us daily.

      I think I figured it out. You simply transposed your handle initials. You’re actually George Conway. Same self righteous drivel over and over. Should have figured it out long ago. Carry on, George.

    423. NYCmike says:

      “They wanted to hear from those same people in the House hearings that are being talked about in the Senate, (Mulvaney, Bolton, several others) and the White House prevented it. So, your point makes zero sense.”

      -Is it legal for the President to not allow these people to testify?

      Is it legal for him to pursue a court to tell him if he is correct in doing so?

    424. CG says:

      Comparing me to George Conway absolutely made my night! Thank you. (Kellyanne was quite a babe 20 years ago as well.)

    425. NYCmike says:

      “Pious “Never Trumpers” who feel morally justified about this impeachment charade are as morally reprehensible as Democrats. They, too, are basing their opinion not on the Constitution or the facts, but in a self-serving desire to be proven right about Trump. But it is not morally superior to forego the Constitution just because you hate Trump or by making false comparison to impeachments past. This is exactly what the Democrats’ whole sham is based upon. Christianity Today is absolutely no better here for its ignorance of the law. And that, as it were, is no excuse.”

    426. CG says:

      And it’s legal for Congress to impeach him. Legality for everyone.

      Remains to be seen as to whether or not they can be blocked. It’s currently in the Courts.

    427. NYCmike says:

      Let’s see: my “conservative Republican” views have been questioned because I didn’t have a “deadenders” view about tariffs, similar to Reagan and Dubya, as well as the Founding Fathers.

      I question “CG”‘s “conservative Republican” views because he is willing to accept abortion-on-demand because the current President thinks it was wrong for the son of the previous Vice President to engage in corrupt practices which benefited our enemies.


    428. PresidentPaul! says:

      Just make 2020 vsimple and place all your money into Tesla. Yes, it’s true that Tesla makes only 3 hundred thousand cars per year compared to 6 million for Ford and 6 million for GM despite having a market cap that is twice as high as either one, but they are special cars that are electric and of course Elon.

    429. CG says:

      I missed the part where I accepted abortion on demand.

      I have always opposed elective abortion on moral *and* Constitutional grounds, even the ones that Trump defended.

      The part you were getting about I think about Hunter Biden doesn’t even make sense. Hunter is a cad and his father might indeed be ashamed of him, but one thing has nothing to do with the other and is Ukraine an enemy now? It is to Putin.

    430. NYCmike says:

      #449 – Got it.

      No crime was committed. The “obstruction” charge has been inserted as another name for a legal, and moral, right of the President and his advisers. “CG” will accept impeachment because President Trump is a “meanie”.

    431. Phil says:

      You don’t understand, John. Franklin Graham doesn’t measure up to his father because, wait for it… he doesn’t agree with the editorial writers at a publication his father founded in the late 1950s. How do we know that? Hedgehog’s absolute moral authority has deemed it so.

      On that one I think I’ll go to bed and let Mr Pious lecture the rest of you from his mountain top. Always entertaining but I think I’d rather get my rest.

    432. CG says:

      It seems pretty obvious the crime was committed (as was the case under Clinton and under Rod Blagojevich, etc.)

      The only real dispute is if people think it matters or not.

    433. NYCmike says:

      Ukraine is not the enemy.

      Russia is.

      The only person who gave Ukraine aid is Trump, not Biden (with Obama).

      As I have mentioned before, if you are consistent, you would seek to have the Trump kids receive $$ stipends from foreign governments and NOT have an issue with that.

      Can I have your word that type of arrangement would be ok with you?

    434. CG says:

      “Who is on the Lord’s side? Let him come to me!”


    435. NYCmike says:

      “It seems pretty obvious the crime was committed.”

      -Which crime? The House didn’t name it in their impeachment articles.

      Can you?

    436. NYCmike says:

      “CG” says there was a crime committed.

      He can’t name the crime, neither can the people from the political party he agrees with.

      Then, he says Trump can be impeached for whatever.

      Yeah, and he is a “conservative Republican”.

    437. Tina says:

      Obstruction of congress is a crime.

      Remember, it’s in the cfr somewhere.

      Schiffty said so.

      I cannot wait until he is called to testify.

      Goober needs to make sure of it.

      There are lot of questions I have. Why is he always photographed with pedos would be a start.

      How much money did he get from the Ukrainian arms dealer is another,

      That guy will bend easily.

    438. CG says:

      Ugh, I lost my last post.

    439. NYCmike says:

      Biden came out AGAINST FRACKING?

      Did anyone else see that? I am unable to verify the comment someone made elsewhere.

    440. Tina says:

      It’s beyond ridiculous with him.

      We know he got in to cover up crimes.

      Saagar Enjeti
      Verified account

      Follow Follow @esaagar
      Biden confused Afghanistan with the other war he has lied about
      7:01 PM – 19 Dec 2019

    441. NYCmike says:

      “Ugh, I lost my last post”

      -Maybe it is with your “mind”, because you seem to have lost that as well.

    442. Tina says:

      The Biden’s ans Bushes are despicable individuals

      War criminals

      They get us in wars and a family member pockets $

    443. jason says:

      It seems pretty obvious the crime was committed”

      Actually, no crimes are mentioned in the articles.

      And the talking point all the Dems (and their NeverTrumper sycophants) have agreed on is that “the facts are uncontested”.


      The “facts” are very much contested and have been since the beginning.

    444. CG says:

      Let’s see if I can summarize.

      Hunter Biden and Trump’s kids (who are not employed by the federal government) all need to abide by the law in terms of private sector employment. There is no evidence that any of them have done anything illegal in the regard, even if the whole lot of them are deplorable punks. Had the roles been reversed and a Dem President was going after Trump’s kids just for political reasons, I would feel the same way.

      Hunter Biden has seemingly done a lot of bad things in his life, but there was zero evidence he did anything illegal in regards to Burisma. If there was evidence, the Trump Justice Department should have done their duty. Asking a foreign government to be involved as a condition for money is very wrong.

      Again, Trump said they just had to “announce” the investigation, not actually do anything about it. Trump cared nothing about actual corruption in Ukraine. He cared that polls showed Joe Biden beating him in the U.S.

    445. Tina says:

      We now have The three criminals arguing with each other.

      Comedy, McCabe, and the mistress.

      Notice how Durham has now pivoted to the Commie.

      It is going higher. Michael and her husband.

    446. Tina says:

      They are not employed in government,

      They are volunteers. They draw no benefits or salary.

    447. CG says:

      As I have said before, the crime that says you cannot accept a political gift from a foreign national.

      But as Christianity Today said, it was immoral in addition to being a crime and I think being immoral should be reason enough to remove a President via Constitutional measures.

    448. Tina says:

      There was zero evidence of Biden doing anyth8ng wrong with Burisma,

      Thanks cn and n. Mslsd concurs, right!

    449. CG says:

      To the group.

      “Perfect call?”

      Yes or No.

    450. NYCmike says:

      #469 – what are you talking about?

      EVERYBODY here would have had an issue with children of a President receiving millions of $$ for nothing except influence-peddling, if not outright corrupt dealings. The fact that you overlook such a situation shows how your TDS has overtaken your ability to reason.

    451. jason says:


      “But according to leftist Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman, who testified on behalf of Democrats in front of the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month, President Trump isn’t actually impeached until the Pelosi sends the articles to the other side of Capitol Hill. Feldman argues this point in a new piece for Bloomberg titled, “Trump Isn’t Impeached Until the House Tells the Senate.”

    452. CG says:

      It’s funny that before any of this happened, I made a post on here about how Hunter Biden had taken up with his dead brother’s widow and how that might be awkward for Joe Biden politically (they have since broken up) and the Trump sycophants here got all high and mighty about how it was wrong for me to even bring that up and that Hunter Biden should be off limits.

      Funny how things change.

    453. NYCmike says:

      Seeking to root out corruption so that American taxpayer monies are spent wisely is now “immoral”?

    454. Tina says:

      The Drat attorney, Felman (a big crook himself) said trump is not impeached until Botoxic appoints managers.

      This is stupid because the constitution makes no reference to managers.

      That is why trumps lawyers should start subpoenaing gossip blower; fatzo: Piglosi, and soviet Schiffty

    455. CG says:

      I don’t overlook it. It looks terrible and speaks very poorly of Hunter Biden. But there is no evidence that either Biden did anything illegal in regards to Ukraine or that Trump had the right to abuse his office because of it.

    456. NYCmike says:

      Hopefully, the Trump sons will arrange to head a couple Haitian or Chinese companies in the next couple of months…..I am sure “CG” will find nothing wrong with that.

    457. CG says:

      They will need to find someway to make money for themselves since their father will have so disgraced their name.

    458. jason says:


      I read the transcript.

      I bet Obama had dozens of these conversations. Bush, Clinton, Carter. Reagan.

      And of course the Dems know that. That is why they quickly moved on from the transcript and went into the twilight zone of “intent” and “reading between the lines”.

    459. CG says:

      The “well this side did it and even though it was wrong, it means the other side should do it too” argument is always interesting.

      Let’s take a vote.

      “Perfect Call?”

      yes or no?

    460. CG says:

      If all the previous Presidents had made those kind of calls, why did Trump’s people *immediately* start doing all kinds of things to hide it on the server?

    461. jason says:

      rump had the right to abuse his office because of it.”


      Right out of Schiff’s mouth.

      “Abuse his office”.

      What drivel. Trump didn’t abuse his office.

      But there are plenty of instances when Obama did, but nobody tried to impeach him.

    462. Tina says:

      Obumbler to Putin stooges

      Give me flexibility after the election.

      Pallets of cash to the mullahs.

      Giving Biden’s brother contracts in Iraq very shady.

    463. Tina says:

      Jebot continues to embarrass himself.

      He did a great job hiding a transcript that he released.

      Nobody disputes its accuracy.

    464. jason says:

      y did Trump’s people *immediately* start doing all kinds of things to hide it on the server?”

      Zzzzz.. even Vindman said that was BS.

      But Corey is here repeating MSNBC talking points.

      “Col. Alexander Vindman downplayed the significance of the highly secured server used to store the transcript of the July 25th Trump-Zelensky phone call during his testimony on Tuesday.

      When pressed by Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman about the server, Col. Vindman said the decision to put the transcript there was to limit access and crack down on leaks. He said it was not an unprecedented move.

      “My understanding is that this was viewed as a sensitive transcript,” he said. “I didn’t take it as anything nefarious.”

    465. CG says:

      Elizabeth Warren is all upset about Mayor Pete and his fundraiser in a “Wine Den.” She looks desperate. She must have some bad primary polling and are worried about Buttigieg.

    466. Tina says:

      I like how Mitchie handled botoxic.

      She will come back from her Botox treatments.

      She will then demand that trump cannot give the SOTU.

      Trump will take her plane away.

      Her and Schiffty will cry.

      They should be flying commercial and quit wasting taxpayer money, Maybe a Jebot can pilot them.

    467. CG says:

      They tried to lock the call down. All sorts of people were immediately troubled by it, and rightfully so.

      Either someone cares or they don’t. If Obama did it, they would care. Trump does it, and they don’t.

      He could literally do *anything* and some will find a way to be ok with it. We all know that.

    468. jason says:

      Perfect call?


      The transcript is there for all to see. I bet there are hundreds of these types of calls made by every President.

    469. Tgca says:


      You mean disgrace themselves like sexual assaulter George H. Bush?

      …and yes, grabbing or pinching someone’s a$$ is sex assault and will get you arrested.

    470. Tina says:

      The jebots were gleeful when those early transcripts were released.

      The server is a non story,

      Not even lt colonel fatzo corroborated it,

    471. jason says:

      The canard that Republicans agree Trump did something impeachable but “don’t care” is an MSM talking point.

    472. Tina says:

      Seems like Barr and Durham are hunting down somebody,

      Impressive interview by Barr. He mentions the obumbler in it.

      He is a wolverine.

    473. jason says:

      “New Poll Reveals a Majority of Americans – Across Many Demographics – Believe Dems Are More Interested in Impeachment Than Legislation”


      The other 33% must be delusional.

    474. CG says:

      I’m still feeling good about being compared to George Conway. That was a great compliment.

      However, I was smart enough to vote against Trump the first time. At least George came to his senses.

      Goodnight to the bunu bunch.

    475. jason says:

      Barr and Durham are trying to investigate the real scandal.

      Meanwhile, Corey is outraged, I tell you, about Trump’s perfect phone call

    476. Tina says:

      Piglosi does not look goods here. Two red eyes. One more than China Biden who loves the commies.


    477. CG says:

      I’d rather the Dems focus on impeachment than their horrible legislative ideas too! That’s a good thing!


    478. Tina says:

      The real scandal is now with the commie and the penguin.

      It will reach Biden and the obumbler for illegally wiretapping a campaign.

    479. jason says:

      I’d rather the Dems focus on impeachment than their horrible legislative ideas too!”

      Hilarious considering Corey is hoping a socialist wins the election.

      You can’t make this sh-t up.

    480. jason says:

      I have made no secret I think Biden is the strongest of the Dems.

      But that is because I thought he was going to steer a centrist (for a Dem) course, using his appeal to blue collar voters.

      Instead, in order to win the primary, he has gone full moonbat on just about every issue.

      As a result, I am less concerned on his appeal to blue collar voters in the midwest.

    481. jason says:

      Why I preferred the old NAFTA to the new “improved” one.

      “There is plenty to dislike in the USMCA, which is a step backward in terms of free trade. It imposes additional rules on how goods flow across North American borders, aims to make it more expensive for American companies to export jobs to Mexico, and includes a sunset provision that means it could expire without explicit action by future governments. The deal has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, a coalition of labor unions that almost never supports trade deals.

      In short, a Republican president has delivered a trade deal that’s largely in line with what Democrats have been seeking for decades.”

    482. lisab says:

      I just happen to agree with Christianity Today in the consistency of holding Trump to the same standard they were right to hold Clinton to. corey
      actually … they were pretty supportive of clinton

      “We were not called of God to interpret the Constitution,”

    483. lisab says:

      “It seems pretty obvious the crime was committed ”

      yeah, by biden

    484. Tgca says:

      So Mayor Butt takes credit for being the “gay dude who won elections in Mike Pence’s Indiana?”

      Easy to say when the city you represent has a very high poverty and crime rate for its size and has been run by Demoncrats for nearly 50 years. Perhaps the root cause of South Bend’s dilemma is it’s leadership.

      But what is striking in this remark is the insinuation that the rest of IN is somehow made up of bigoted, privileged, ignorant folks (based on his previous criticisms of Pence). Mind you, without the surrounding GOP area that carries South Bend, it would be substantially worse than it is due to years of Demoncrat management.

      So GFY Mayor Butt and go back to do a fundraiser in West Hollywood with an unapologetic perverted gay mayor who takes pride in sexual predatory behavior or go hang with bigoted snobs in wine caves drinking wine that costs more than many disadvantaged folks in your city make in a week.

    485. Tgca says:


    486. jason says:

      Dang, I don’t believe Corey missed ANY of Adam Schiff’s talking points last night. Including the “Bidens did nothing wrong” falsehood. Unless he believes Hunter Biden was put on the board for any other reason than an insurance policy and that Biden shook down the Ukrainians for a billion dollars in loan guarantees because the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma was “corrupt”.

      But he added one that even Schiff didn’t have.

      “I think being immoral should be reason enough to remove a President via Constitutional measures.”

      Well that gets rid of Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton and Obama, that’s for sure.

      Mother Teresa might survive, although she might have admitted to a sin or two.

      We might be down to the most sanctimonious of all human beings, Corey.

    487. jason says:

      Goodnight to the bunu bunch.”

      A-holes get some points.

      Everyone else gets honorable mention.

    488. DW says:

      CG says:
      December 19, 2019 at 10:34 pm
      “To the many evangelicals who continue to support Mr. Trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this: Remember who you are and whom you serve. Consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior. Consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump’s immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency. If we don’t reverse course now, will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come? Can we say with a straight face that abortion is a great evil that cannot be tolerated and, with the same straight face, say that the bent and broken character of our nation’s leader doesn’t really matter in the end?”

      What a bunch of garbage. Corey writes as though the Democrats offer morality when they don’t and he knows it. Personal morality was not an option for evangelicals on the 2016 ballot and it won’t be an option on the 2020 ballot. Most people are smart enough to know that voting and endorsing are not the same thing.

      From dictionary.com:

      VOTE: “to express or signify will or choice in a matter, as by casting a ballot”

      ENDORSE: “to approve, support, or sustain:”

      Any evangelical should, in good conscience, be able to vote for Trump while not approving of, supporting or sustaining his personal immorality. In 2016 Trump was at the bottom of my list in the GOP primary, and I still find him personally revolting, but I voted for him against Hillary, while I did not endorse him. The same will be true next year.

      And what a joke it is you bring up abortion. Trump has done in 3 years more to slow abortions by nominating the judges he has than any Democrats would have done in 1000 years.

    489. CG says:

      Did you notice the quote marks? I was cutting and pasting from the link I also posted from Christianity Today, Billy Graham’s publication. Take up your issue with them.

    490. DW says:

      I have no respect for Christianity Today or for Billy Graham for that matter. Haven’t for years. They have absolutely no clue. How they think abortion would be stopped by the likes of Clinton, Schumer and Pelosi is beyond me.

    491. John says:

      Where are all of the self-righteous, Trump haters that yesterday had experienced as a group a collective ‘come to Jesus’ epiphany moment?

    492. John says:

      I guess 50% is ‘word’ for today…
      Ras. poll out today….50% approval for Trump
      Electionbettingodds.com…50% chance of winning for Trump (first ever)

    493. John says:

      I’m really enjoying today. Just read that some liberals are waking up today and experiencing a complete meltdown thinking that the vote on Wednesday actually threw the President out of office (see #ByeTrump).
      You can’t make this stuff up.

    494. Sheeple, Jr. says:

      Two significant Cook Report changes:(H/T: CER at RRH)

      “#MI03 Justin Amash (I) – Toss Up to Lean R
      #PA08 Matt Cartwright (D) – Lean D to Toss Up”

    495. VictrC says:

      Cook. Interestingly he has Collins with as much chance of losing Maine as Jones of losing Alabama. LMAO. You can’t make this stuff up.

      The good news on cook is that almost all the lean/toss-up seats are Dems – 18 of them. He only has 5 R, and I see us holding at least three if not four of them (I don’t know anything about IL politics which is the fifth).

      I think this bodes well for an R gain in the House in November, especially after this political attempt at removing a sitting President because they refused to accept the results of the last election.

    496. jason says:

      I think Rs gain 10 seats in the House.

      Not enough for control but probably enough to keep some of the real kooky st-ff from passing.

      It will be nice to see the Amash Paulbot lose.

      He used to be one of Bunu’s heroes.

    497. dblaikie says:

      There is a strain of liberal evangelicals that is fertile ground for TDS. These are folks who have a deep faith, but that faith leads them towards Socialism. Many of Trump’s policies are abhorrent to them. And his support of the pro-life position doesn’t overcome that.

      When Bill Clinton was President,however, he had a group of these folks around him giving him cover during 1998. Tony Compolo and Jim Wallis were two of the more famous members of that group. Somehow they found a way around supporting a guy who lied, had oral sex in the Oval Office with a girl, and abused other women.

      This person from Christianity Today is in that tradition.

    498. jason says:

      Poor Corey, you have to feel sorry for the poor bastard.

      Now repeats Adam Schiff talking points and quotes evangelical op-eds.

      Whatever it takes.

      The ends justify the means.

    499. jason says:

      The Christianity Today people remind me of Romney.

      Basking in the glow of getting all this press from the MSM, from people who hate religion in general and Christianity in particular.

      Useful idiots like Romney.

    500. jason says:

      Rs at 48 to win presidency on Predictit.

      Dems at 53.

      Different markets so that is why it doesn’t add up.

    501. jason says:

      I think the odds of Trump winning with Biden are 50-50.

      Warren 60-40. Sanders 90-10. Mayor Butt 65-35. Bloomberg 55-45.

      If Biden and Bloomberg weren’t forced so far to the left I would give them a better chance.

      No doubt Biden would try to tack more to the center after the nomination. Bloomberg too. But it would be too late.

    502. jason says:

      Remember when the MSM alleged that it was obstruction of justice for Trump to fire Comey because he was trying to end the investigation.

      I always said that was a crock because Comey himself was not investigating anything and the investigation would continue anyway.

      Comey agrees with me:

      Comey told Wallace, “As a director sitting on top of an organization with 38,000 people, you can’t run an investigation that’s seven layers below you. You have to leave it to the career professionals to do…If a director tries to run an investigation, it can get mucked up in other kinds of ways given his or her responsibilities and the impossibility of reaching the work being done at the lower levels.”

    503. VictrC says:


      Agree with some of those odds, but not Warren or Bloomberg.

      Warren is 90-10 Trump. She’s proven herself to be as awful at campaigning as Hillary, is just as unlikable and her policies are horrendous.

      Bloomberg. No way he’s a centrist, and it will be proven in the General. Soda tax, nanny state, raising tax rates, climate change scam. And he will not do well with African American community. They wont rush to support him after stop and frisk.

      I say 65-35 against Bloomberg.

      Biden I still think is the hardest because blue collar workers might just overlook what he says because he’s likable Joe and African Americans will vote for him because of the association to Obama, especially if he has a minority or female as a VP (which he would).

    504. DW says:

      Billy Graham was always a tool. Back during the Soviet era he went over to Russia and when he came back he had the opportunity to use his platform to denounce the persecution of Christians by the Soviets who routinely arrested pastors and sent them to Siberia to die in prison, but instead Graham came back and AFFIRMED the Soviets that the official state church, which of course was a propaganda tool, was thriving and well, and he was mum about the persecuted church, basically denying their existence. So he was played by the Soviets like a cheap violin, doing their bidding exactly as the Soviets had hoped.

    505. jason says:

      “The co-founder of the prominent intelligence community blog, Lawfare, admitted that a recent report from the Justice Department inspector general on FBI FISA abuses for Trump campaign surveillance has destroyed their own credibility.

      On a Thursday podcast hosted by Stewart Baker, a partner at the Washington office of Steptoe & Johnson LLP, the blog’s founder, Bobby Chesney admitted that the damming report from the DOJ IG documenting FBI abuses and vindicating the infamous Nunes memo on the discredited Steele Dossier alleging Russian collusion has been destructive to his publication’s reputation.”

      Susan Hennessey, Lawfare’s executive director, and CNN national security and legal analyst, hardest hit.

    506. jason says:

      Warren is 90-10 Trump.”

      If she is the nominee, I will take those odds.

      The only one I would give 10-1 odds is Sanders, who is not even a Democrat and is an avowed socialist, in addition to being old enough to be Walt’s great grandson.

      Warren starts out with the 40% that will vote for the ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer if it has a D after it.

      She is a horrible candidate, but 10% chance? No.

    507. jason says:

      Elections have consequences…

      “Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s bill, backed by a huge parliamentary majority, will take the country out of the 28-member bloc on Jan. 31, and lays the groundwork for sweeping foreign and trade policy shifts.

      The 358 to 234 vote marks a significant breakthrough for Johnson, who stormed to electoral victory last week on a pledge to “get Brexit done.” The former mayor of London won the largest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1987, confirming his position as prime minister after he took over from Theresa May in July.”

    508. VictrC says:

      Jason, I’m a bit confused. Are you saying that Warren has more than a 10% chance of beating Trump? I don’t see it. I think she struggles to win 12 states and brings CO, NM, MN, maybe in VA into play.

    509. DW says:

      I am reluctant this early to say which candidate on the Dem side would be strong or weak in any given state. One state I will be most interested in seeing polling data on is Minnesota. This state has a long history of voting for out of mainstream candidates. They nearly voted for Trump in 2016, but probably had enough voters who were hesitant, but now are willing and eager to pull the lever for Trump. And while I could see Biden taking MN narrowly, Warren and Sanders would not play as well there.

      But I can easily see a scenario where WI flips blue and MN flips red.

    510. jason says:

      Jason, I’m a bit confused. Are you saying that Warren has more than a 10% chance of beating Trump?”


      If she wins I will be here to take that bet.

      If you win, I will be happy. If I win, I will have plenty of booze money to drown my sorrows.

    511. jason says:

      Vic… it has to to with the odds.

      It’s like when Corey offered me 100 to 1 odds that Trump would lose. I jumped onto it like Amoral Scumbag would jump on a pile of steaming horse crap.

      10-1 that Warren would lose is a bad bet.

    512. jason says:

      I am reluctant this early to say which candidate on the Dem side would be strong or weak in any given state.”

      Well, Warren and Sanders would be weak in the midwest, you could argue that Biden would do better there.

      I can bet Biden would do better in PA than Warren or Sanders.

    513. Cash Cow TM says:

      Here is a list of favorite Christmas songs of various groups:


      SMURFS–Blue Christmas

      DEER HUNTERS–Run Rudolph Run

      K.K.K.–White Christmas


      Wok-ing around the Christmas Tree

      All I want for Christmas is Glue

      ALASKANS–No Place like Nome for the Holidays

      Italians–No Place like Rome for the Holidays


      And finally, when Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus were on the road to Carmel on their return from Bethlehem they stopped at a very small village about a mile from Carmel and asked for a drink of water.
      The little town was so poor they had no water and they sang–
      “NO WELL, NO WELL,
      You’ll have to truck on to Car-ar-ar-mel!”

      “No Well” is one of my favorite Christmas tunes.

    514. jason says:

      We are so lucky to have at HHR someone who actually met Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus.

    515. jason says:

      Warren: This guy hung out in a wine cave with rich people.

      Buttigieg: I’m the only person here who’s not a millionaire or billionaire. “This is the problem with issuing purity tests you yourself cannot pass.”

      I’ll give that round to Mayor Butt.

    516. Victrc says:


      Lol. Not giving 10 to 1 odds that she loses. I say she’s got s 10% chance of winning. But would bet you straight up if she ends up being nominee.

    517. jason says:

      Well if you think she only has a 10% chance of winning then you think 10-1 odds are fair.

    518. jason says:

      Corey seems convinced Trump cannot win again, so I am hoping to get 1000-1 this time around.

    519. John says:

      As I gather Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invited the “impeached but holding onto the impeachment articles” President Trump to deliver his State of the Union on February 4th.
      And she will be sitting behind the president just off to his right or in spitting distance…

    520. jason says:

      Will make a great campaign ad in the rust belt…

      “Joe Biden admitting during Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate that he’s more than willing to hang out blue-collar workers to dry in order to pursue a costly and largely useless green dream:

      “Would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy,” the moderator asked Biden.

      Instead of beating around the bush, Biden simply admitted that “the answer is yes.”

    521. Tgca says:


      I disagree Jadon. I think it was a sophomoric response and shows immaturity. They were rightfully criticizing him potentially being beholden to wealthy folks for political gain while preaching otherwise. You would not usually associate either Warren or Sanders fraternizing with such folks even though they themselves have accumulated modest wealth over their long careers, as probably Mayor Butt will do as well now that he is running in circles with wealthy buddies who want to see him succeed as their token minority.

      His response reminded me when women or selected groups of minorities try to shut down an argument by professing their minority status allowing them to say as they please without being challenged about it because other non-minorities can’t speak on a subject if they fall outside that minority group, which of course is preposterous. In fact, Mayor Butt did just that with his gay dude elected in Mike Pence’s IN comment I noted above in 509.

      So it seems like Mayor Butt tries to play the minority victim at least twice in one debate.

    522. NYCmike says:

      Playing the victim is usually a winner in Democratic circles.

    523. NYCmike says:


      -“CG” would rather have a President who thinks like this:

      “Biden made no mention of Palestinian terrorism either, and so by focusing exclusively on the need to pressure Israel, implicitly pinned the entire blame for a lack of progress on a two-state solution on Israel. Yet this was the entire failed strategy pursued during the Obama administration. As president, Barack Obama had the idea that there had to be more “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel so that the U.S. could be seen as an honest broker in peace negotiations. In reality, Obama’s strategy only emboldened Palestinians to set more preconditions for negotiations, sabotaging the peace process. After eight years of Obama’s strategy, his strategy — the same one Biden is advocating — managed to alienate both sides, and the prospects for peace were worse than when he was sworn into office.”

    524. NYCmike says:


      -What does “CG” have against Chinese Muslims?

    525. Tina says:

      Virginia in play?

      Follow Follow @PpollingNumbers
      #NEW Virginia @VCU Poll:

      Biden 49 (+3)
      Trump 46

      Trump 47
      Warren 47

      Trump 48 (+3)
      Sanders 45

    526. NYCmike says:

      “Virginia in play?”

      -She WAS always a frisky young gal!

    527. lisab says:

      Alyssa Milano

      I expected this moment but I expected to be more joyful. Maybe jump up & do a happy dance. Maybe.

      But I’m just sad and heartbroken. What he’s left behind can’t be erased with this vote.

      The bigotry and xenophobia he’s emboldened. The lies.

      It will take generations to recover.

    528. lisab says:

      Siraj Hashmi
      ?Verified account @SirajAHashmi
      Dec 18
      Replying to @Alyssa_Milano

      Alyssa, you realize he’s still president, right? He’s also going to get re-elected, too.

    529. lisab says:

      i twittered to alyssa that trump has taken food stamps from 6 million people since he took office

      i am a naughty girl 🙂

    530. DW says:

      Hard to see how VA could be in play. They only way possible that I could see is if Trump could make a huge play in the Hampton Roads cities in terms of the military being strong, and his opponent would gut it, and then if he get some more than normal support from the African-American communities in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton, and Richmond. All this would be needed to offset northern VA. I just don’t see it.

    531. Tina says:

      Joe Concha
      Verified account

      2h2 hours ago
      Total viewers for the 6th Democratic debate on CNN/PBS: 6 million. Context: 18.1M tuned in for the first Democratic debate in late June. Math: More than 2/3 of the audience who watched 1st debate didn’t watch the 6th. Impeachment fatigue a factor, but still a big concern for DNC.

    532. Tina says:

      Lol, they must be parodies

      CNN POLL: “This is massive movement towards the President of the United States.”

      CNN HOST: “Do we have any sense why?”

    533. NYCmike says:

      I don’t recall being like this “I expected this moment but I expected to be more joyful. Maybe jump up & do a happy dance. Maybe.” when Clinton was impeached.

      At that time, I was saddened that we had a President who had been impeached due to his choosing to break the law instead of telling the truth……the opposite of what this President has done in releasing the “perfect” transcript for all, even “CG”, to see.

    534. NYCmike says:

      The picture with Pelosi, Nadler, MadMaxineWaters, etc, etc………..to think that a “conservative Republican” like “CG” is so full of hatred for Trump that he would look to be associated with them…..

    535. NYCmike says:


      I’ve seen that picture before! Funny!

    536. lisab says:

      Saudi Arabia Deports 15,000 Qatari Camels

    537. lisab says:

      Train carrying fresh water derails, contaminating Alberta’s oil sands

    538. lisab says:

      OUT! OUT! OUT!

    539. lisab says:

      “Yes, my father Billy Graham founded Christianity Today; but no, he would not agree with their opinion piece. In fact, he would be very disappointed.”
      “I have not previously shared who my father voted for in the past election, but because of this article, I feel it is necessary to share it now. My father knew Donald Trump, he believed in Donald Trump, and he voted for Donald Trump.”
      “Christianity Today feels [Trump] should be removed from office because of false accusations that the President emphatically denies.”

    540. lisab says:

      Elizabeth Warren to Meet with Tribal Leaders to Make Amends for False Native American Heritage Claims