Sanders Surges Into Tie With Biden in SC

If Joe Biden is hoping South Carolina will be the state that finally launches his campaign ahead of Bernie Sanders, he might not like these latest numbers from Change Research where Bernie Sanders is now tied with Biden for the lead.

Bernie Sanders 23%
Joe Biden 23%
Tom Steyer 20%
Pete Buttigieg 15%
Elizabeth Warren 9%
Amy Klobuchar 8%
Tulsi Gabbard 1%

This poll was done February 12-14 among 1015 likely primary voters. Michael Bloomberg is not on the ballot in South Carolina and was not included in this poll.

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  1. Proud Obamacon says:



  2. Big Joe says:

    Well if Grampa Joe can’t win SC, it’s all over for his candidacy.

    Big Joe

  3. Bitterlaw says:

    The Wizard is on a tear. New thread after new thread.

  4. GF says:

    How rich would it be for Biden to limp into SC expecting a bounce into ST only to find that Steyer leapfrogged him into second place while Bernie narrowly wins? I’d love to see Uncle Joe get whacked from behind like that.

  5. Phil says:

    Hoping for a narrow Biden victory in SC – one that keeps him in the game on Super Tuesday ( to divide the vote that day with Bloomberg). Bernie getting a strong second in SC to at least get roughly the same number of SC delegates as Biden. That would be a win win going forward for Bernie.

    As always, every success for Bernie in the Dem primaries is a win for Trump.

    Feel the Bern.

  6. VictrC says:

    No. We want Biden to hang on as long as possible, keeping those “ahem” “moderate” voters split.

    BTW WTF is up with Steyer being that high. Did I miss something? Is he from SC??

  7. Proud Obamacon says:

    Biden was always the weakest candidate of the bunch. Even when he was supposedly the front runner, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to be the guy. He’s the weakest and LEAST electable, always was! Bye Joe!


  8. Proud Obamacon says:

    Thanks Phil! Keep up the good work. Feel Da Bern Baby! LOL

  9. Proud Obamacon says:

    Big Joe the Fake Democrat hardest hit! LOL

  10. Phil says:

    You bet, PO. Together, let’s put Bernie over the top!

    Medicare for all, baby! Tax the hell out of America!

    A winning message in November! Bernie will win 35-40 states. Trust me.

  11. Phil says:

    Nate Silver’s current projection of delegates following March 3rd Super Tuesday:

    Sanders 608 (41%)

    Blloomberg. 273 (18%)

    Biden. 270 (18%)

    Buttigieg. 157 (10%)

    Warren. 127 ( 8%)


    Klobuchar. 55 ( 4%)

  12. Proud Obamacon says:

    Great job, Phil! LOL


  13. Phil says:

    Anything I can do, brother.

    Go Bernie!

  14. Phil says:

    Jennifer Rubin tweeting up a storm against Bernie.

    Never Trumpers in full panic.

    Popcorn, please and with apologies to mini Mike, I’ll have extra salt and butter on mine.

  15. NYCmike says:

    “Jennifer Rubin tweeting up a storm against Bernie.”

    -Nancy Pelosi may include her next time…….she will say “God Bless Mitt, and Jennifer Rubin.”.

  16. Tina says:

    Cccp is moving into California on Friday. His team feels secure in a big win in nv.

  17. Tina says:

    Yup, when cccp chooses buttplug as veep, it is

    Feel the Butt Burn.

  18. NYCmike says:

    -“In turn, impeachment is good for America because anything bad for Democrats is good for the USA. Impeachment exposed Democrats for who they are. Impeachment provided the clarity needed for the cleansing. We now see that the ABCs of the Democrat Party are it is abusive, bitter, and communist. Gone is the mask that hid their incrementalism.”

    More wisdom from Surber, whom Robbie guffawed at back in 2017.

    If only he and “CG” had listened more, and “known” less…..

  19. Wes says:

    Dems will be in panic mode if Sanders is the nominee.

    Comparisons to Trump in 2016 go only so far since Trump tapped into a niche the GOP had exploited in the 2014 elections and, aside from the neoprotectionist angle of his platform, tried to run as somewhat of a generic Republican.

    Bernie is going to run as avowed Socialist. That will attract some voters but, as I noted on the previous thread, won’t play well with large swathes of suburban voters who like their retirement accounts and company insurance plans.

    Trump will simply relish making Sanders give muddled obfuscations trying to explain the exorbitant cost of his proposals to the American people. All the gains the Dems have made by running faux moderates in places Trump is unpopular in will go away quickly.

    That’s why establishment Dems are starting to cotton to Bloomberg—Who has his own issues but enough money to at least partly offset them. They know Bloomberg is less likely to hurt them in the suburbs than Sanders.

  20. NYCmike says:

    “neoprotectionist” = Thank GOD companies started getting out of the communist h*llhole called China as they are thugs, criminals, and mass murderers.

  21. Phil says:

    Yep, Sanders will run weaker in the suburbs than HIllary did for the exact reasons cited by Wes. That and a marginal increase in Trump’s share of the black male vote seals the deal in November.

    Book it.

  22. Tina says:

    Increase likely in Hispanic vote too, Phil.

    I think his approval among Hispanics in Nevada is 40%, or close to it.

    Plus some 2016 never trumpets that are now on board.

  23. NYCmike says:

    “Book it.”

    -Uh oh……Trump’s in trouble……every time Phil goes full-Wesley (see Harris, Kamala), bad things happen!

  24. Phil says:

    Agree, Tina. I expect Trump’s share of the Hispanic vote rises a full five percent vs Bernie over his share vs Hillary. Hispanics have benefitted from the Trump economy both in employment and rising wages. That’s a fact.

    You want some proof that Bernie would ensure Trump’s re-election? Please see the way Chris Mathews has been freaking out over the last few days. Want more? Jenny Rubin perhaps the most vocal Never Trumper literally begging Democrats to reject Bernie and turn to her new savior Mini Mike.

  25. Phil says:

    Yep, I dropped the ball on Harris as I’ve acknowledged on multiple occasions…but if you think I have no credibility fine. Listen to Wes. His track record is sterling…or just listen to Chris Mathews, Rubin, Kristol, and James Carville all squealing like pigs.

  26. lisab says:

    what happens if bernie does get the nomination as a full leftist

    and loses badly?

  27. Wes says:

    Don’t worry, Lisa. Bernie will try to run as a leftist, but Chuck Todd and company will assure the electorate that Sanders is really just a harmless left of center moderate.

  28. Tina says:

    Tingles claims that cccp can lose 49 states.

  29. Proud Obamacon says:

    “Book it.”

    Thanks, Phil!! LOL

  30. PresidentPaul! says:

    not the flu
    things back to normal at the supermarket in china
    She’s selling some corona lettuce

  31. lisab says:

    Chuck Todd and company will assure the electorate that Sanders is really just a harmless left of center moderate.

    of course … but the young turks and co. have been pushing the party far left, promising victory

    what happens if they lose, and it is not close?

    does that actually make the coreys of the world smarten up?

  32. NYCmike says:

    “but if you think I have no credibility fine.”

    -Joking around, Mr. Phil.

    I should also say – I enjoyed your joke…..”Listen to Wes. His track record is sterling…”.

  33. VictrC says:

    It’s started already. The left is releasing articles about Trump cheating to win in November because they are less than confident about the prospects of their flawed candidates.

    To wit, the Atlantic is running with the “he’s cheating” because he’s buying ads that aren’t truthful. One example. “Trump is taking credit for Obama’s economy”

    Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Had a very liberal friend , on queue this morning, message me the same thing. Obama had 1.5M more jobs created his last three years than Trump did his first three years (of course that stat was from an article that cut off the :job creation” in July of 2019 for Trump), not a full three years.

    Next is that growth was higher for Obama in his last term than Trump despite the fact that they can easily go to the dept of commerce website and see Obama averaged 2.2% growth in his last term, with 2016 coming in a paltry 1.6% and Trump averages 2.7% with growth of nearly 3% in 2018.

    Writing is on the wall if they lose in November.

  34. PresidentPaul! says:

    All central banks easying, repo injections, capital flight into US with dollar strengthening, inverted yield curve to turbocharge speculation.

    The meltup has official begun

    Charlie Bilello

    Fed: easing
    ECB: easing
    BOE: easing
    BOJ: easing
    SNB: easing
    Denmark: easing
    Australia: easing
    Brazil: easing
    Russia: easing
    India: easing
    China: easing
    Korea: easing
    Indonesia: easing
    Turkey: easing
    Mexico: easing
    Chile: easing
    Philippines: easing
    South Africa: easing

  35. Proud Obamacon says:

    Funny post by VC. Whining incessantly about dead and illegal voters (all proven lies), while looking the other way as his heroes disenfranchise minorities and allow foreign forces to help his side (all proven true). Pathetic.


  36. Big Joe says:

    You know, this election stuff is getting harder and harder to predict. But there’s one prediction I will make now with supreme confidence:

    The losing side will claim it lost due to the winning side cheating.

    Rock on..

    Big Joe

  37. Wes says:

    Mikey, I’ll put my predictive record up against yours any day.

    After all, I didn’t predict McCain would beat Obama despite all indications being that Obama would win handily.

  38. PresidentPaul! says:

    Cramer says smoke a lot of Spice and then get SPCE

  39. Proud Obamacon says:

    VC’s definition of growth: borrowing tons of money to prop up a stagnant economy. Gotta love it. This game can only be played for so long.

    Sadly, the bubble is likely to burst in 2021 so there’s a small part of me that wants to see the Orange Bum re-elected so he has to deal with the mess he created.


  40. Tina says:

    He’s cheating will evolve into Russian Hoax 2.0.

    Hopefully bar stool weeds out the remaining coup plotters.

  41. Big Joe says:

    The market is too high for me. While I continue to DCA (dollar cost avg), I’m also holding cash on the side. I’ll be a buyer at Dow 27,000 and possibly may even wait until after the election.

    The Bern becoming the front runner has not affected the markets which is interesting.

    Big Joe

  42. NYCmike says:

    -Bloomberg would give the Chinese anything they want. “CG” thinks that is better than dealing with Trump as our President.

  43. Proud Obamacon says:


    Wait for the coming 40% drop and then scoop up the S&P ETF. No way this is a buyer’s market.

    Extremely low rates, all this QE – that only happens when the economy is struggling, not when it’s supposedly “booming.” The game is just about up.


  44. Proud Obamacon says:

    Stock prices are propped up by buy backs. Buy backs can only last for so long. It’s been a nice ride up, but I’ve started selling. All new investments are going into bonds right now. Cash is not king. Put your money into safe investments. The coming downturn will not be pretty.


  45. PresidentPaul! says:


    No thank -you this meltup is just getting started.

  46. Proud Obamacon says:

    Melt up has already happened.

  47. PresidentPaul! says:

    Myspace is now a space company.

    Get in fast

  48. PresidentPaul! says:

    I respectfully disagree. We getting ready to boooom

  49. Big Joe says:

    The stock market is very irrational, always has been. It also seems unstoppable at the moment. Historically, that’s usually when risk is the highest.

    No one knows when it will slow down. It could go up to 50,000, then slow. Or it could start to slow tomorrow. Anyone’s guess.

    Big Joe

  50. Proud Obamacon says:

    “I respectfully disagree. We getting ready to boooom”

    Melt ups are not booms.

  51. Phil says:

    Bubble? There won’t be a bubble. Once President Sanders takes office there will be a HUGE surge in the stock market as the masses invest in private businesses and corporations. The Sanders increases in business and corporate taxes will result in incredible investments….uh, maybe not.

  52. CG says:

    46. I don’t have a basement wall, but I do not understand your post.

    In the Jew vs. Jew battle for the Soul of America, you should already know I am siding with Bloomberg and Democratic Capitalism.

  53. Proud Obamacon says:

    “No one knows when it will slow down. It could go up to 50,000, then slow. Or it could start to slow tomorrow. Anyone’s guess.”

    Sorry BJ, this baby aint going to 50k or 40k. PE ratios are very high, debt is at all time highs. Buy backs about to come to an end. Fed rate is already so low, they can’t bail out a downturn this time.

  54. PresidentPaul! says:

    You’re a fool if that’s your logic

  55. Big Joe says:

    Well Proud O, like I said, the market is irrational. Sure it’s somewhat driven by data and fundamentals, but its also driven by emotion. I think we are in emotion-driven market right now and that trumps data. For that reason, we have no clue where this market is going.

    Big Joe

  56. Proud Obamacon says:

    S&P earnings have already turned negative. The market needs to see booming earnings to justify its high level. Instead, earnings decline. Not gonna be pretty. But PresidentPaul can go ahead and buy to his heart’s delight. The sellers can’t sell without sucker buyers like him after all! LOL

  57. CG says:

    RuPaul is going to be President?

  58. Tina says:


    ack Posobiec ??
    BREAKING: President Trump to appoint
    as acting Director of National Intelligence, overseeing the entire Intelligence Community

  59. CG says:

    He better not kiss his husband at the swearing-in ceremony…

  60. Tina says:

    Judge Amy Obama is a loon.

    Techno Fog
    · 4h
    Judge Amy Berman Jackson is now granting leave to file hysterical letters in support of sentencing Roger Stone.

    Letters that attack AG Barr w/ conspiracy theories.

    Calling the US an “autocracy” and “banana republic” with “Putin laughing all the way”


  61. Tina says:

    Yeah, we know. Pierre Quittens had a problem with that.

  62. PresidentPaul! says:

    Enjoy watching you 4 additional impeachment trials with Adam schiff once Trump wins.

  63. Big Joe says:

    “The market needs to see booming earnings to justify its high level.”

    I do agree with this but then again, market seems to have shrugged off negative news. Even Apple’s revenue warning is all good. Like I said, irrational which is the same as normal.

    Young investors: DCA and forget. You’ll be fine in the long run regardless of what’s coming up in the next few years.

    Big Joe

  64. Tina says:

    Still sounds like dumberg is boxed in.

    rg campaign in…
    Quote Tweet

    Josh Lederman
    · 2h
    NEW: Campaign officials tell @NBCNews that Mike Bloomberg will *NOT* stand on a box during tonight’s debate, despite Trump’s repeated claims that he requested one to boost his height

  65. Tina says:

    20,000 expected at to it’s trump rally in Arizona,

  66. Victrc says:

    PO since you mentioned my name (LOL) I’d have to say to a degree I agree. We can not go on spending the way we have the past 12 years through Obama to Trump. Please remember this escapade into debt financing our recovery started in 09 as did the massive QE. Rates didn’t move for the entire Albania Presidency and have been brought back down again under Trump

    I’m absolutely for some fiscal restraint and control

  67. PresidentPaul! says:

    Bernie supports of course
    The New Way Forward bill in the House, criticized as “insanity”, “…already-deported criminals who have committed crimes such as auto theft, gun offenses, child abuse, rape, and even manslaughter would be permitted to come back into the United States.”

  68. Proud Obamacon says:

    VC LOL
    “I’m absolutely for some fiscal restraint and control”

    It’s funny how yall will remember you are for fiscal restraint and control once your guy is out of office. Until then, party like its 1999! LOL

  69. Victrc says:

    PO come on now. You know there have been many posters, me included, who have spoken out about spending and the deficit.

    We will continue to do so no matter who wins the election.

  70. Proud Obamacon says:

    Sorry VC, but that’s simply not true. I don’t remember anyone here complaining about the trillion dollar deficits and out of control national debt. At least not since 1/20/2017 LOL

    Don’t fret. I’m sure that topic will become important again once the Orange one is gone. The outrage will return! LOLLL


  71. Tina says:

    Deep state (SSIC) will have to plan something to uproot Grenell.

  72. Wes says:

    PO forgets both Jason and I—and probably others—have criticized Trump’s overspending as President.

    Of course PO never once complained about the soaring debts and deficits under Obama.

  73. PresidentPaul! says:

    Armed robbers steal hundreds of rolls of toilet paper amid Hong Kong coronavirus panic

    “We want to emphasize that we have sufficient toilet roll supply to meet demand,” Wellcome said in a statement.

  74. PresidentPaul! says:

    Funny how everything is connected. HSBC is propping up Hong Kong, and they were actually found guilty of money laundering for chinese criminal organizations, terrorists groups, and drug cartels. They paid James Comey to sit on their board to lobby Lynch and Obama in exchange for information so they just got a fine.

    That information was used for RICO charges against Huawei and CCP attempt to take over 5g networks.

  75. Cash Cow TM says:

    Oh, man!

    They got Puff Smoke!
    (Big rapper in Califor-i-a).

    Gunned down.

    Another rapper who dies young–and will never collect any of the money he put into social security.

  76. Cash Cow TM says:

    Is Puff Smoke any relation to Puff Daddy?

  77. JulStol says:

    The rapper’s name was Pop Smoke.

  78. John says:

    Tonight’ introductions for DNC Debate brings up memories of the classic Animal House ‘rejects’ scene….”Kroger, Dorfman (a wimp and a blimp) meet Mohammed and Jugdish. And here’s Sydney and Clayton…help yourself to cookies and punch”.

  79. Scooterboy says:

    Wes….your thoughts?

    Survey USA North Carolina GE

    Bloomberg 49
    Trump. 43

    Sanders 50
    Trump 45

    Biden 49
    Trump 45

    Trump 46
    Butt 45

    Trump 46
    Klobuchar 42

    Trump 48
    Warren 42

  80. Phil says:


    Nobody outside of the Manhattan cocktail circuit buys into those polls.

  81. Cash Cow TM says:

    “The rapper’s name was Pop Smoke.”

    My bad, Dawg.

    I think his brothers names were Pop Corn, Pop Tart, and Pop Sickle….Cousin was Pop Goes the Weasel.

  82. Tina says:

    Are corn pop and pop smoke related?

  83. mRviTO says:

    So Trump has selected the first openly gay Cabinet member… hadn’t really thought about it.

  84. mRviTO says:

    Expect the MSM knives to come out…

  85. mRviTO says:

    Nate Silver
    Changes in our nat’l polling average since 2/13 (when we started to get the first hints of post-NH data). Basically everything is stagnant EXCEPT Sanders may be gaining further.

    Sanders +2.5

    Bloomberg +0.8
    Biden -0.2
    Buttigieg +1.0
    Warren +0.1
    Klob +1.0

  86. NYCmike says:

    -Ca$h Cow,

    It’s one thing to not vote for Trump.

    BUT, to deliberately set up this type of situation is beyond the pale!

  87. Tina says:

    All the normal suspects including the remaining never trumpers are triggered over Grenell.

  88. phoenixrisen says:

    One factor I have to point out aside Trump’s improvement in multiple demographics. No Gary Johnson/libertarian ticket this year. 3 points worth of voters in which the vast majority will be in the Trump column in November.

  89. mRviTO says:

    Olivia Beavers
    ?A Dem Nevada volunteer tells me they think the Nevada caucuses have potential to b a “dumpster fire.”

    – Says they don’t have any training on the tech they are supposed to be using to count votes
    – Volunteers experiencing lots of technical issues that don’t seem to be resolved

  90. mRviTO says:

    CNN panel pans Richard Grenell as ‘least qualified person to ever’ be DNI appointee


  91. VictrC says:

    Well the Bloomberg honeymoon didn’t last long.

  92. VictrC says:

    Gloves are off. That only took about a year of debates.

  93. Hil says:

    Holy sh*t. Bloomberg just got hir in the face by Sanders, Amy, Biden, and Pete in the first seven minutes. Ouch.

  94. mRviTO says:

    Sean Davis
    It’s fun watching the same blue-checkmarked collusion hoaxers who rended their garments at the slightest criticism of Marie Yovanovitch suddenly decide that baseless smears of Ric Grenell, far and away the most effective ambassador under Trump, are the height of patriotism.

  95. mRviTO says:

    Political Polls
    Today’s Dem. Primary Polls:

    Sanders +12 (Marist)
    +12 (NBC)
    +11 (SurveyUSA)
    +8 (Ipsos)
    +7 (Emerson)

    Sanders +5 (Beacon)

    Sanders +18 (PPIC)
    +4 (SurveyUSA)

    Sanders +9 (SocialSphere)

    Sanders +38 (Braun)

    Sanders +2 (FDU)

    Sanders +1 (Falchuk/DiNatale)

  96. mRviTO says:

    Jim Geraghty
    Bloomberg isn’t doing that well, but don’t worry, his commercial makers will clean it all up in editing.

  97. NYCmike says:

    “So Trump has selected the first openly gay Cabinet member… hadn’t really thought about it.”

    -Every position Grenell has worked in he seems to do a good job.

  98. Bitterlaw says:

    Bloomberg apologizes for his anti-crime policies as racist AND takes credit for slashing crime in New York.

  99. mRviTO says:

    Anyone wanna hit that one out of the park?

  100. Phil says:

    Bloomberg as blah as advertised.

    Needs badly to cut to one of his commercials.

  101. lisab says:

    warren is burning down the house

  102. lisab says:

    biden throwing the gasoline on the fire

  103. Tina says:

    Dumberg is making jeb bush appear high energy

  104. mRviTO says:

    “Needs badly to cut to one of his commercials.”

    Like the one where he says he led NY through 9/11?

  105. VictrC says:

    Wow, Warren just destroyed Bloomberg
    Are the women bound to be muzzled by you

  106. Bitterlaw says:

    Bloomberg being savaged by Warren over lawsuits his company settled with women. Bloomberg is being hammered by Biden for refusing to release the women from non-disclosure agreements.

  107. Tina says:

    Mini Mike, we call him no boxes.


  108. Phil says:

    Warren going for the Bloomberg scalp tonight.

  109. Tina says:

    Trump at Az rally

    Talking about the Senate impeachment vote: “it was 52 1/2 … You know who the half was. A halfwit.”

  110. mRviTO says:

    “Warren going for the Bloomberg scalp tonight.”

    I see what you did there…

  111. Bitterlaw says:

    Breaking News – Mayor Bloomberg just bought MSNBC and turned off the cameras.

  112. lisab says:

    we are gonna need more popcorn

  113. lisab says:

    Warren going for the Bloomberg scalp tonight.

    she is on the warpath

  114. VictrC says:

    And now we find Klobuchar weakness. She doesn’t like to be challenged

  115. Bitterlaw says:

    Amy K blasts Mayor Pete for referring to the Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

    Hmmmmm. That’s a big vote getter.

  116. mRviTO says:

    “She doesn’t like to be challenged”

    Let me know if she launches any office supplies.

  117. Tina says:


    Shem Horne
    “Are you trying to say that I’m dumb? Are you mocking me here Pete?” Klobuchar literally said this right now ?

  118. Cash Cow TM says:

    Walt opines to Mrs. Walt that the D debate in Nevada is going on now.

    Wife: Well why don’t you switch the channel and watch it.

    Walt: I have no interest in seeing that bunch of fools.

    Wife: Well hand me the flipper and I will tune in to see it. (which she proceeds to do)

    So we are watching this circular firing squad debacle…

    I am cooking more popcorn as I type.

  119. CG says:

    My goodness, if a Boy Scout like Mayor Pete could get a reaction like that from Klobuchar in a debate, Democrats should shutter to think what would happen if Trump goes at her. Maybe he reminds her of a young staffer and her natural instinct is to hurt him.

    I appreciate the smug, arrogant contempt that Mayor Bloomberg holds for the other people on stage. It reminds me of how I usually feel on political blogs.

  120. mRviTO says:

    Guy Benson
    Biggest takeaway so far:

    Stop & frisk and harassment/NDA’s were **OBVIOUS** lines of attack.

    Bloomberg’s answers on both were beyond weak. Meandering, passionless, unconvincing.

    Striking. People were banking on him to be the savior?

  121. Tina says:

    This appears accurate?

    John David Dyche
    End of Round One: Sanders is winning because he is ahead & nobody has really hurt him. Warren on fire. Biden & Buttigieg very good. Klobuchar bad & dome for. Bloomberg awful but still rich. #DemDebate

  122. BayernFan says:

    If tulsi were there she would excel compared to these bozos.

  123. CG says:

    No guarantees he is right, but Bloomberg is betting that the people on Twitter, especially the left-wingers care about stop and frisk and NDAs but that there are a whole lot of other people who simply want to beat Trump and don’t care about anything else.

    These people are going to continue to cannibalize each other and Bloomberg will have the money to scorch the Earth against whomever is left standing (probably Sanders) once the full panic sets in.

  124. lisab says:

    warren’s pupils are huge

    i think she is on meth

  125. CG says:

    And it will be fun times for the Left in April when Obama endorses Bloomberg.

  126. Tina says:

    Heck Trump would demolish Dumberg.

    What a train wreck.

  127. mRviTO says:


    Not peyote?

  128. NYCmike says:

    “Anyone wanna hit that one out of the park?”

    -Looks like only the pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training.

    And Gronk is still retired.

  129. mRviTO says:

    Has Amy sharpened the salad comb yet?

  130. NYCmike says:

    “Talking about the Senate impeachment vote: “it was 52 1/2 … You know who the half was. A halfwit.””

    -aka “The leader of the real Republican Party”.

  131. CG says:

    I liked when Mayor Buttigieg said he would have his Pediatrician release his full medical records.

  132. Tina says:

    Looks like dumberg is wearing platform shoes.

    He is holding onto the podium.

  133. mRviTO says:

    133 oh well….


  134. Tina says:

    Pierre Halfwit?

    Thank goodness he was never made Secretary of State.

  135. mRviTO says:

    amy walter
    So, at the half-way mark, sure seems to me that Sanders is biggest winner in this debate. Bloomberg gets taken down and all the non-Bernie candidates continue to fight and split the vote.

  136. Bitterlaw says:

    Tina – Are you watching?

    Bloomberg just said that Sanders ideology will elect Trump. He said the world already tried communism and it failed.

  137. Tina says:

    No bl, the massive crowd in Arizona is way more impressive.

  138. Cash Cow TM says:

    Wonder which candidate is getting the most minutes of talk time?

    Who keeps track of that?
    I bet Bloomberg is thinking to himself what a mistake he made to spend all those hundreds of millions of dollars that resulted in his getting enough % of support in polls to get on the debate stage in NV where he is not even on the ballot.

    His massive media ad buy campaign was too successful too early.

    Now he had to step out from behind the curtain and have to have the spotlight shined on him and participate in the circular firing squad.

  139. Bitterlaw says:

    BOOM. Bloomberg rips the leader of Socialism in America for being a millionaire with 3 houses.

  140. VictrC says:

    yeah, Bloomberg is not going to carry PA, MI or WI. Sorry

  141. mRviTO says:

    “He said the world already tried communism and it failed.”

    Except in China… they’re awesome, right, Mike?

  142. Phil says:

    It works well in China tho, doesn’t it MIke.

  143. Tina says:

    “Remember the 5 BILLION Dollar web site?? Barron could have done it for $100”

    Trump rally

  144. NYCmike says:

    “Except in China… they’re awesome, right, Mike?”

    “It works well in China tho, doesn’t it MIke.”

    -This is “CG”‘s chosen candidate…..

  145. lisab says:

    i haven’t seen this much blood since i saw that quentin tarantino movie

  146. NYCmike says:

    ““Remember the 5 BILLION Dollar web site?? Barron could have done it for $100””

    -Great line.

    And the halfwit remark was perfect!

  147. mRviTO says:

    Are there D primary voters that didn’t know Bernie was a millionaire with 3 houses? This is his second rodeo.

  148. Cash Cow TM says:

    Mrs. Walt went to bed…

    Walt is on his laptop…

    Cow can not stand to watch any more of the D debate.

    Seinfeld episode is on another channel, and that is where I am going to take the TV.

  149. Bitterlaw says:

    I would rather be insulted by Trump than be Trump.

  150. Phil says:

    God, I’ve never seen a more desperate candidate than Pocahontas on stage tonight.

    God, what a loud, screeching, banshee. Every time she opens her mouth it’s like fingernails on a chalk board.

  151. VictrC says:

    Bitter. Sorry, Bloomberg tonight revealed himself to be someone who feels he’s above everyone else.

    You might not like Trump, but I don’t see Bloomberg lifting their spirits by buzzing a car race, or running the pace car. Some might think that this is just pandering, but you know what, it makes American’s feel good, it lifts their spirits, and there wasn’t one person on that stage who would go out and praise America, lift America’s spirits or put America First.

    Trump might say stupid things, and he may have been all the things people said he was (I was one who attacked him in 2016) but he’s better than anyone of these clowns, especially the smug Bloomberg

  152. Cash Cow TM says:

    The good news is that if Trump loses the election in 2020, we will no longer have to put up with Trump.

    The bad news is we will have to put up with one of the idiots on the debate stage tonight.

  153. NYCmike says:

    “Bitter. Sorry, Bloomberg tonight revealed himself to be someone who feels he’s above everyone else.”

    -None of you were paying attention for 12 years when he was Mayor of NYC??

  154. mRviTO says:

    Maybe Bloomberg saw all the prior ratings and figured no one is would be watching…

    Time for another half billion ad dump.

  155. lisab says:

    Bitter. Sorry, Bloomberg tonight revealed himself to be someone who feels he’s above everyone else.

    you mean like corey?

  156. mRviTO says:

    Comfortably Smug
    Tonight’s big winner is Joe Biden

    Despite having the Wuhan virus, he is still alive and on the debate stage

  157. NYCmike says:

    “The good news is that if Trump loses the election in 2020, we will no longer have to put up with Trump.”


    Hopefully, Miss Daisy will keep you busy until Jan 20, 2025 so you don’t have to “put up” with too much!

  158. VictrC says:

    Yes. Like Corey 😉

  159. lisab says:

    -None of you were paying attention for 12 years when he was Mayor of NYC??

    i was drinking big gulps and selling singles on the street

  160. mRviTO says:

    This tweet wins the night.


    Bruce Mehlman
    Bloomberg brought a wallet to a knife fight.

  161. lisab says:

    buttigieg in a normal party would be a tough cookie to beat

  162. lisab says:

    warren grew up fairly wealthy …

    she is saying she grew up in a log teepee

  163. lisab says:

    biden is getting heckled

  164. GF says:

    What was the protest when Biden began his closing statement? I couldn’t make it out while the screamers were hauled out of the building?

  165. VictrC says:

    Buttageig is a lightweight with no record to run on. No one is bringing it up because he is not really a factor in this race.

    If he were a threat then they would attack the fact that his biggest decision was putting lights on a bridge.

  166. Tina says:

    The Babylon Bee
    Trump Wins Another Democratic Debate

  167. VictrC says:

    Is Klobuchar crying?

  168. lisab says:

    brian williams: i saw candidate’s bodies floating by me on stage tonight

  169. Hugh says:

    Not watching. But sounds like the winner was trump

  170. Scooterboy says:

    Wow!!!! Is that Bloomberg’s wife? She towers over him.

  171. lisab says:

    bloomberg got stopped and frisked tonight

  172. Victrc says:

    Well. I definitely think that Trump is the big winner tonight. How is anyone of these people going to defeat him.

    You would think we were living in a Great Depression, with police roaming the street imprisoning anyone who disagrees with the President. They are so gloom and doom. American doesn’t want that.

    As well, they are all socialist whether they want ot say it or not.

    Another big winner might be Mitch McConnell. The ads in Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Alabama, etc write themselves.

  173. mRviTO says:

    “i saw candidate’s bodies floating by me on stage tonight.”

    Has anyone seen Hillary?

  174. Scooterboy says:

    176. LOL

  175. mRviTO says:

    · 1h
    Everyone’s trying to get their two stents in!



  176. Cash Cow TM says:

    On DRUDGE, poll of who won the debate tonight….

    Sanders winning followed by Klob and Bloomy…

    Biden coming in dead last.

  177. lisab says:

    i don’t think the dems think klobochar won tonight

  178. lisab says:

    and bloomy was beaten like an amortized mule

  179. Bitterlaw says:

    Vic – Why are you addressing me. I did not say Bloomberg won. Do you think I support any of the Dems? I have said I am glad that Trump won in 2016 and want him to win again.

    My utter contempt and disgust towards Trump as a person does not make me want him to lose.

  180. VictrC says:

    Bitter. Sorry, I should have split up the comments so it made more sense!

    I was referring to the Trump comment, meaning, I agree but was adding Bloomberg to that. I think he’s got a lot of the same characteristics

    The rest of the comment was not directed towards you. I know that you prefer Trump wins because the other choices are horrendous. You have made that clear and I apologize if it appeared that I inferred you didn’t feel that way.

    I was just stating that I think that Bloomberg warrants teh same contempt, because he showed a level of arrogance tonight I didn’t expect.

  181. lisab says:

    because he showed a level of arrogance tonight I didn’t expect.

    you mean like corey?

  182. VictrC says:

    Bitter. Again, apologies for my comment which was poorly written. You know I have nothing but respect for you.

  183. Bitterlaw says:

    Vic – Cream soda. Bloomberg in an arrogant, smug, douche. I think the same is true of Trump. However, while I do not think Trump cares or even likes regular people, he pretends that he does. Bloomberg can’t pull that act off.

  184. Scooterboy says:

    Doug Schoen just said that if the Dems nominate Sanders, they are going to get blown out.

  185. lisab says:

    Bloomberg in an arrogant, smug, douche.

    you mean like corey …

  186. lisab says:

    if warren is on the ticket

    i will vote for trump

  187. GF says:

    “… they are going to get blown…”

    Will Pete do the honors?


  188. lisab says:

    (whistle — red card)

    #193 GF

    roughing the gay guy

    10 yard penalty

    first down

  189. CG says:

    While it doesn’t quite compare to the honor of being compared to Mitt Romney, being compared now to a billionaire Jew is indeed a thrill. I can tell my parents I made it. I am slightly taller than Mayor Bloomberg though.

    I would have had him a bit better prepared for tonight, but yes, I can relate very much to the smug condescension he was unable to hide for the five socialists or desperate quasi-socialists he had to share a stage with. Yes, I often feel that way about others I see arguing on political blogs, both here and the left-wing one I post at. I am sure we could all shake hands at the end though, right?

    For Bloomberg, the fact is he will still have the money to destroy Sanders on the airwaves once the full fears of electability kick in.

    If the Democrats really get panicked and want to nominate a successful businessman and executive without any fears of NDA or mistreating women, they can maybe turn to Mitt Romney on the 9th ballot in Milwaukee.

    He and Bain Capital have a great record of rescuing failing enterprises.

  190. lisab says:

    i have met mitt romney

    mitt romney was my governor

    you are no mitt romney

  191. CG says:

    I’ve met Mitt too. He is the true leader of my Party, or whatever is left of it.

    Two weeks ago, Phil said that Romney’s speech on the Senate floor sounded like one my posts from here and that is probably the best compliment I have ever received.

    (the joke about Brian Williams and the floating bodies was actually a good one. Where did it come from?)

  192. Phil says:

    Romney – leader of the REAL Republican Party.

  193. Phil says:

    So Chris Mathews actually thought Warren revived her campaign tonight.

    What a clueless bastard.

  194. Victrc says:

    Romney is the leader of a party of one, himself.

    Romney will never lead the Republican Party, Trump or no Trump. Mr. I was for abortion when it would get me elected until it wouldn’t. Mr. Romneycare was good, but then it wasn’t. Sorry, this man, just like Trump, has no moral compass other than the one which would best suit him. Republicans see that. He is not the leader of anything, he exposed himself during the hearings.

    To quote a phrase, Romney couldn’t get himself elected dog catcher anymore. His career is, thankfully, finished.

    This coming from someone who worked and supported financially in 2012. He didn’t have the heart to close the deal then, and he has no heart now.

  195. CG says:

    Mitt can be a Senator from Utah as long as he wants. The recent polling data there indicates that, but not a surprise.

  196. CG says:

    I got the Brian Williams reference. I thought it was a good joke. If lisab actually thought of it herself, it’s the first score in 16 years. So, well done if that’s the case.

  197. lisab says:

    So Chris Mathews actually thought Warren revived her campaign tonight.

    unfortunately i think she gets a bounce

    the dem blogs loved her tonight

  198. Phil says:

    To think I sunk $1200 into that dip sh*t’s half ass campaign in 2012.

  199. CG says:

    I don’t see how Warren wins back the Bernie people. The only one she can really hurt is Klobcuar, but those people already had electability concerns about her.

    Right now, the main battle is between Buttigieg and Klobuchar, trying to survive, in the hopes that Bloomberg completely flops, and they are the last one standing against Sanders.

    I think Biden will come in third in SC at this point. It will be his best ever showing in a Presidential contest, so he can leave national politics on a high note.

  200. CG says:

    Mitt Romney, like Ronald Reagan, and both George Bushes, was once pro-choice and then had a conversion to Pro-Life. I certainly think he was genuine in that. People who are Pro-Life (unlike jason) should welcome converts.

    Trump also had a conversion apparently on that issue. Why would it be ok for him not for Romney?

    Of course, deep down we all know that Donald Trump will never be close to half the man Mitt Romney is, on Romney’s worse day

  201. Phil says:

    Pocahontas is the only candidate I would rather see Trump face than Bernie. She could get a bounce. Sadly she is too far gone. What a grating woman.

  202. Phil says:

    Yeah, St Romney. LOL

  203. mRviTO says:

    Washington Examiner: Bernie Sanders’ Democratic rivals make clear they’re hoping to take him out at convention

    “NBC’s Chuck Todd asked a straightforward question of all six candidates on stage: If at the end of all the primaries none of them receive the an outright majority of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination on the first ballot, should the candidate with the most delegates be the nominee?

    Sanders was the only one on stage who said that he believed the nomination should go to the candidate who wins the most delegates, which signals his increasing level of confidence ahead of another expected win in Nevada that should cement his frontrunner status with Super Tuesday quickly approaching.”

  204. CG says:

    The Buttigieg vs. Klobuchar fights were really something. She totally let him get under her skin. They are fighting for the same sliver of votes.

    She attacks him for wanting to declare the Mexican Cartel a terrorist organization and he attacks her for thinking English should be the official language…

    I missed the Bloomberg vs. Sanders, “you have three houses” fight. I just found it amusing earlier when two old guys were fighting over who had the worse heart.

    Sanders is clearly hiding something but not releasing his medical records. I can say he is the only elderly Jewish person I know of who doesn’t want to go into great detail in talking about all their health issues.

  205. VictrC says:


    There is always room for people to convert to pro-life, just as there is room in the Republican Party for those who are pro-abortion, though I question their commitment to morality.

    As to Romney’s conversion, I don’t feel it is genuine, I think it is expedient. And whereas I think Trump’s was the same (as was the Bush’s expedient rather than real, Reagan truly believed in life) at least Trump would go out and rally the movement unlike any other before him. You wouldn’t catch Romney speaking to the Right to Life March in DC ever.

    Trump, for all his vitriol, arrogance, pettiness, etc at least he has the uncanny ability to rally people in a way that Romney and Never Trump crowd can not fathom. He makes people feel good, believe in their cause and believe in America (even if we all think its fake, they don’t)

    Americans are tired of being told they are no good. That they are the cause of the world’s problems. That their history is awful, and that they are awful people. At least Trump is making them proud to be American again. And yes, they may be stunts like buzzing the NASCAR race, or speaking at the Right to Life March, or riding in the pace car, but it still makes people feel good about themselves and about America.

    Combine that with a good economy, great judges, great foreign policy, great taxes, great unemployment, and I will take that over Bloomberg or any other of the Dem posers any day.

  206. VictrC says:

    CG. – your last line made me laugh. My stepfather was Jewish from New York, so I know the drill.

    The three houses comment actually backfired on Bloomberg, there was a palpable gasp from the audience. I’m surprised Sanders didn’t reply, well you have 45 houses.

    Regardless, I think Warren did better than expected. I think Biden did Ok though he seemed to get lost in some of his answers, but I dont think he convinced anyone to vote for him. Mayor Pete got some shots in, but showed himself to be petty and inexperienced. Klobuchar and Bloomberg were wounded th most tonight and Sanders won.

  207. CG says:

    It might not have any impact on left-wingers, but I like how Bloomberg said “I am the only one here who has started a business, right…” and looked down the line at all the others, and it was complete crickets.

    Three cheers for Bloomberg for at least trying, slightly, to stand up for capitalism.

    As for all the NDA stuff, Bloomberg should have admitted he used to tell off-color jokes and he feels embarassed badly about that now, but say the other 70 somethings onstage (and Trump) have been even creepier.

  208. CG says:

    As a leader in his Church, long before he got into politics, Romney counseled women into not having abortions.

    I think we all probably would have to admit to ourselves that Trump has likely paid for a few of his own.

  209. lisab says:

    well he did offer to pay for your vasectomy

    there was that petition floating around

  210. CG says:

    That was a paperwork mix-up. It was meant for Wes.

  211. lisab says:

    it may be overly-cautious, but i’d wouldn’t describe it as a mix-up

  212. PresidentPaul! says:

    Live stream of SPCE traders

  213. PresidentPaul! says:

    My hunch is ppl are using AI to manipulate this market. There are new studies that show humans can’t distinguish between a human shltposter vs an AI bot (even watching them on video let alone just a chat blog.) Once it becomes difficult to discern whether reality is real in a mostly digital age this makes it hard for humans to compete. Ppl used to have to open accounts, pay fees and commission, then choose stocks and wait for them to fill the order whenever they got around to it. Moving it in and out wasn’t an option on a draw.
    Now with robinhood and some others we get some news or a hot wsb-meme tip- then sell and buy in an instant. They have made pack based investing possible.

    This pack based investing can actually be harnessed by artificial intelligence.

    There are ideas that the SEC wants to actually shut down WSB but it’s just a bunch of shltposters so how can they do so? or is it AI?

  214. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    202. “Mitt can be a Senator from Utah as long as he wants. The recent polling data there indicates that, but not a surprise.”

    Romney’s polling has drop significantly in Utah since his impeachment vote. The irony is that Trump’s popularity is now higher in Utah than Romney’s.

    “The poll from Y2 Analytics finds 36% of Utah voters say they approve of Romney’s job performance, while 49% disapprove. In a previous survey from October of last year, 46% of Utahns approved of how he’s handling his job while 51% disapproved.
    Romney’s net approval has dropped in the ensuing months as well, from a net negative of -5 to -10 now.
    Romney’s drop primarily comes among Republican voters. In October, 40% of “strong” Republicans said they approved of his job performance. Now, just 29% feel that way. His support among moderate Republicans dropped 18 points, 71% in October to 53% now. Even independent voters who lean toward the Republican party have softened their support for Romney from 49% in October to just 37%.”

    Nevertheless, do believe Romney has a good chance of being re-elected; as the Democrat’s impreachment fiasco is rapidly becoming past history.

  215. Bitterlaw says:

    I am firmly committed to voting AGAINST the Democrat for President. Whether I can vote FOR Trump remains to be seen. He is really a terrible person. I am not sure if my town’s voting machines will have the AGAINST button like they did on 2016. The Dems took over the Township in the anti-Trump waves after that.

  216. jason says:

    I hope Trump gets elected.

    The only downside will be to have to endure 4 years of Bitter seeking absolution for his vote FOR Trump again.

    Oh wait, was this bait? Dang.. too late.

  217. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    John Bolton becomes a bigger jerk as each day passes. Last night,he allowed himself to be lectured about propriety by the corrupt Susan Rice.
    He now seems to be backtracking a bit on the relevance of the information he has teased for months regarding the Ukraine impeachment fiasco.
    He is now a man without a political home whom no one trusts.
    Way to go,John!

  218. Bitterlaw says:

    As Cash Cow pointed out, there will be a day when Trump leaves office. Good. I hope it is January 20, 2025.

  219. jason says:

    I didn’t watch the debate, but the betting markets didn’t like Bloomberg’s performance. This is today, most of the damage to his odds was done last night since he was previously in the 30’s.

    Sanders 56% (+2)
    Bloomberg 16% (-4)
    Biden 12% (NC)
    Mayor Butt 11% (NC)
    Warren 5% (-2)

    Klobuchar now behind Hillary Clinton, sorry . Skippy

  220. Tina says:

    Re Bolton, The Iraqi Moustache did say that his information in his book would not have made “ any difference” to the impeachment hoax.

  221. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    For the first time in the twice a month Gallup Poll of Trump’s approval/disapproval, he is above water at 49/48,respectively. BOOM!

  222. Tina says:

    Judge Amy Obama to sentence stone today.

    While stone lied, his lie was not material.

    Of course we all know he would not have been investigated without the Russian hoax, a fraud.

    We also know that Durham is now investigating the investigators.

  223. jason says:

    He is the true leader of my Party, or whatever is left of it.”

    Zzzzzz…. so Corey admits “his party” doesn’t really exist.

    I left the Republican Party because I came to the same conclusion for different reasons.

    But at least I don’t pretend an unprincipled scumbag media whore is the “leader” of something that doesn’t really exist.

    Corey’s R party and my R party are never coming back, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Trump.

  224. Tina says:

    We also know the raid should never have gone down.

    This was an abuse of fib resources.

    Stone did not have a passport and everybody knew where to find him,

  225. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    #227- Tina
    Yep and now that his relevancy has been shattered,Bolton is backtracking. He probably wants back into the conservative fold.
    IMHO, Bolton and Romney can go to hades!

  226. Tina says:

    Bloomberg is the leader of my party


  227. Tina says:

    Sheeple, the issue I have with Pierre is that he showed no interest in looking at the origins of the scheme and the due process violations.

    He only wanted witnesses favorable (or perceived to be) to Schiff.

    He is an amoral person and pond scum.

  228. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    #229- Tina
    My guess is 3 1/2 years for Stone who will file for a re-trial.He will be pardoned a day after the November election.
    Flynn’s case will soon be dismissed or he will be immediately pardoned by the President.

  229. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    Bloomberg won. He was like a boxer who, though bloody and puffy, survived the grueling 15 round fight. He also had the best two lines of the night. To wit:(1) telling Bernie Sanders that “only in America can the leading political Socialist have three nice homes and be a millionaire”,and(2) asking,to complete silence, which of his competitors have ever started or owned a business.

    In all candor, the debate participants and topics covered were vomit inducing.

    Trump’s Phoenix rally was more entertaining and substantive.

  230. Tina says:

    Sheeple did you notice how the Connecticut Senator, who was caught violating the Logan Act, defended himself?

    So, if he could violate the Logan act, so could Flynn who was the transition team leader. And incoming NSC.

  231. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    #236- Tina
    How about that Gallup Poll?!

  232. Tina says:

    Trump is having a field day against the drats and dumberg. Here is dumberg praising the president years ago:

  233. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    No Tina. Enforcement of any Federal law can only be applied against Republicans and those of their ilk. Democrats can do anything they want with complete impunity!

  234. jason says:

    Good line..

    Warren: “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against – a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Michael Bloomberg.”

  235. Tina says:

    It’s all good sheeple.

    It may not mean very much here in Ca, but from the people I know who voted for trump, they will again do so. In some cases, they may hold their noses, like Mr. Bl.

    Some of the ones that stayed home or threw away their votes on other folks, will vote for trump.


  236. jason says:

    Mini Mike is good, but I like Dan Bongino’s “Nanny Bloomberg”

  237. Tina says:

    Sheeple, the obumbler regime should never had gotten involved spying on the incoming administration and interfering with the transition.

    The transition in our democracy is sacred.

  238. Tina says:

    If reports are true that Durham is looking at the corrupt investigators, it is good news,

    They also need to look at Redactstein and Fuhrer Mulehead.

    Lots of corruption there.

    What the hell were they doing in 2.5 years because they knew within a few days that their was no russian collusion.

  239. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    Is Susan Collins(R) in trouble in her re-election bid? Her 16 pt. lead in Maine a few months ago, is now -1. Her Drama Queen actions irritate me, but, at the end, she almost always votes the right way.I hope she survives.

  240. jasonj says:

    I have made this point many times here.

    I don’t know of anybody, or heard anybody say they know anybody, who voted for Trump in 2016 and are not voting for him 2020.

    Now that might not be enough to win, but Trump’s base is rock solid.

  241. Big Joe says:

    Didn’t watch the debate. At the urging of my wife, I watched some highlights just now. And dayum, what a beatdown suffered by Bloomberg.

    So, who’s the next flavor of the month? I really liked Andrew Yang, wish he would have stuck around. This could have been Yang time.

    Big Joe

  242. DW says:

    248 – same here. The only ones who voted Trump in 2016 but won’t in 2020 are Trump voters who have died in the last four years.

    I do know of some who did not four years ago, but will vote Trump in 2020.

    It still may not be enough, and Trump will put Carville’s maxim to the test.

  243. mRviTO says:

    Due to a non-disclosure agreement, I can no longer talk about how the debate went last night.

    The details of the agreement will be kept private.

    Let me just say that Mike Bloomberg is a wonderful man and a great leader.

  244. Tina says:

    Leading indicators up 0.8.

    It appears that the Fed cuts last year are just now impacting growth.

  245. jason says:

    Elizabeth Warren:

    “when you’ve got a mess and you really need it cleaned up, you call a woman and get the job done.”

    I am already using this to my advantage. The cat puked on the carpet, so I told my wife to clean it up.

  246. jason says:

    Hey Vito, where do you sign up to be bought off?

    I am in.

  247. jason says:

    So, who’s the next flavor of the month?”

    I don’t know, but I am beginning to think Bernie will be the nominee by default.

    He is the only one that is immune to flavor of the month.

  248. mRviTO says:

    “Hey Vito, where do you sign up to be bought off?”

    Bought off? What do you mean?

    Did I mention Bloomy is the best?

  249. BayernFan says:

    Bloom should have turned on warren and blasted her in those female Nevada campaign staffers who quit bc of sex discrimination.

    Also, I can easily see sanders running away with the nomination.

  250. jason says:

    Hmmmm… I mean where did you go to find out that Bloomy is the best?

  251. jason says:

    You can vote for Sanders at the Drudge site.

    I will vote for Bloomy later after I get pai…, huh, I mean after I find out he is really the best.

  252. jason says:

    Translating for Tina, if it weren’t for Trump’s stupid trade wars, manufacturing would be really going gangbusters.

  253. DW says:

    I have been saying all along this is Sanders’ nomination. I am 99% certain he arrives at the convention with the most delegates, but probably short of 50%. So the only question is whether or not it will be taken away from him.

    Bloomberg’s entrance in the race only served to finish off Pony Soldier, Fauxcahontas, Mayor Butt, and Klobber.

    In fact, if I was a moderate Dem given to conspiracy theories, I would say Trump hired Bloomberg to enter the race to ensure Bernie got the nomination.

  254. mRviTO says:

    I…. err… invested in The Bulwark.

    Got a decent return.

  255. jason says:

    Chris Matthews: Bernie Sanders Is “Full Of It,” Would Lose 49 States To Trump Like McGovern In 1972″

    Dang, I only predicted 40 states.

  256. SoHope says:

    Democrats *itch and moan about the electoral college but they cant get behind ditching unelected superdelegates in their nominating process.

  257. jason says:

    I…. err… invested in The Bulwark.”

    I am sure the Bul part is true…

  258. jason says:

    Sister Toldjah points to the Never Trumpers as the biggest losers of the debate… she may have a point.

    “But Sanders seeming victory in the aftermath of the debate had to be a major blow to the Never Trump contingent, who have repeatedly tried to insert themselves into the Democratic nominating process by promoting other so-called “moderate” candidates like Joe Biden, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) Buttigieg, and Bloomberg. Last night, Biden survived the debate but didn’t have any stand-out moments at a time when Sanders has lapped him in Nevada polls. Klobuchar and Buttigieg mostly cancelled each other out last night with their back and forth attacks against each other, so they didn’t do themselves any favors, either, in the run-up to the Saturday Nevada caucuses.

    Sanders is the Democratic candidate that Never Trumpers like Jennifer Rubin fear the most. The fact that he emerged from the debate mostly unscathed (outside of Bloomberg’s attacks on his socialism) at a time when he’s surging in both state and national polls spells disaster for the efforts of Never Trumpers.

    In fact, the world’s smallest violin is playing for them right as this very moment. Bless their hearts.”

  259. DW says:

    Matthews is an idiot, and of course he is engaging in extreme hyperbole. The country that gave Nixon all those states in 72, and Reagan all but Minnesota in 1984 no longer exists.

    At least 25% of Americans now want to throw away all we have so we can relive the bread lines of the Soviet Union, where we all pretend to work and the government pretends to pay us and feed us and give us assembly-line health care, and if you speak out against it, you end up jailed or worse.

    Even in the best case scenario for Trump in the general election, where everything goes his way, and the Dem candidate absolutely implodes, there are simply no mathematics that can gave give Trump DC, HI, CA, MA, MD, VT, NY, IL, NJ, WA, RI, or CT.

    NM, OR, DE, CO and VA are all within reach, but only if everything falls into place. And those would only be barely flipped, if at all.

    Back in 1984 Reagan took CO 63/35, DE 60/40, HI 55/44, IL 56/43, MA 51/48, MD 53/47, NY 54/46, OR 56/44, RI 52/48, VT 58/41, WA 56/43, WI 54/45, and noting how much WV has changed, WV only 55/45.

    Those numbers are no longer possible.

  260. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

    My father and I both voted 3rd party in 2016 and we will both be enthusiastically voting Trump in November. I know a few others who will too. I dont see his 2016 support decreasing one hair, no matter who they pick.

  261. Ben says:

    I don’t know why the comparison to 1972 keeps coming up. Mondale (the moderate) lost just as badly in 1984 and Dukakis (tank man and poor death penalty answer and liberal) lost in a landslide too! This ain’t the year for a change candidate! Not that type of election.

  262. jason says:

    DW, I think NJ and CT might be viable for Trump (My theory is anywhere he got over 40% against Hillary gives him a shot against Bloomberg). That is why I think 40 states is viable. Will be fun to see.

  263. jason says:

    The Dems will REALLY have to swallow a turd sandwich to nominate Bloomberg..

    “In another occasion, the lawsuit said, Bloomberg berated a female employee who had trouble finding a nanny. “It’s a f—— baby! .?.?. All you need is some black who doesn’t have to speak English to rescue it from a burning building.”

  264. mRviTO says:

    That’s just an off color joke, jason. Geez.

  265. jason says:

    Bloomberg wants everyone to drop out…

    “If Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar remain in the race despite having no path to appreciably collecting delegates on Super Tuesday (and beyond), they will propel Sanders to a seemingly insurmountable delegate lead by siphoning votes away from [Bloomberg].”

  266. jason says:

    That’s just an off color joke, jason. Geez.”

    It actually sounds like a mixed metaphor off color joke.

    Hispanics might not speak English…

  267. jason says:

    Even by “adjusting the polls” Nate Silverhack still shows Trump at over 45% approval with registered voters.

  268. Phil says:

    I count at least three on this site who didn’t vote Trump last time and have stated they will be voting Trump this time around – San Diego, Jason, and Wes. I think I remember one other but I can’t remember who exactly. I have seen none who voted Trump and won’t be this time. My nephew and his wife are Republicans who voted for Johnson last time, but told me they are enthusiastic for Trump this November.

    Small subset I know but it’s definitely worth noting.

  269. lisab says:

    “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against – a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Michael Bloomberg.”

    that is a low blow against hillary and huma

  270. lisab says:

    I think I remember one other but I can’t remember who exactly.

    i said i will vote for trump if warren is on the ticket (or even likely in the cabinet, e.g. sos)

  271. Phil says:

    Never Trumper Nicole Wallace announces this morning she will vote for Bernie Sanders over Trump if he is the Democratic nominee.

    These people have lost it. Absolutely off the deep end.

  272. Phil says:

    No, it wasn’t you I was thinking of, Lisa. I remember you saying you’d vote only against Warren. No, it’s someone else who just mentioned it in passing. Can’t remember who, however.

  273. lisab says:

    i actually liked yang …

    now buttigieg is my favorite among the rest

    he talks something resembling an adult

    i think all the others are in for big losses.

    i appreciate sanders for his honesty actually, but …

    the millionaire socialist with three houses is gonna hurt him

  274. jason says:

    count at least three on this site who didn’t vote Trump last time and have stated they will be voting Trump this time around – San Diego, Jason, and Wes”

    There are others.. SoHope I think did not vote for Trump. Barrett…

  275. lisab says:

    bloomberg just lost $300 out of his $400 million dollars spent …

    if someone is worth $300 million, their family is set basically forever … and bloomberg pissed it away in two months

  276. Phil says:

    Want to know how the debate went last night? Read supreme Never Trumper Jennifer Rubin’s tweets last night and this morning. Compare with her tweets over the last week. She was all in on Bloomberg’s candidacy as the guy to take out Trump. After last night she has thrown in the towel on Mini Mike. Admitted he was horrible. She’s back in on Biden as the great stop Trump hope. She’s mad at Warren for not attacking Sanders exclusively. She’s furious in fact. Angry that Democrats aren’t uniting around Biden or Mayor Pete. She knows Sanders will get creamed and for the last three months has been imploring Democrats to nominate someone who can best her enemy, Trump. A full frontal attack on Sanders didn’t happen last night and she is beside herself.

    Pass the popcorn!

  277. Tina says:

    Ryan Struyk
    · 32m
    New polls from Quinnipiac University in WISCONSIN just out:

    Trump 49%, Biden 42%
    Trump 50%, Sanders 43%
    Trump 49%, Bloomberg 41%
    Trump 49%, Buttigieg 41%
    Trump 51%, Warren 41%
    Trump 50%, Klobuchar 39%

  278. DW says:

    287 – you forgot the ‘BOOM!’

  279. Tina says:

    Judge Amy Obama sentences drone to 40 months,

    This statement from her below about a cover up is false.

    It is now time for Trump to intervene and dismantle the hoax and take down this pos Judge.

    Jack Posobiec ??
    Judge Jackson just said “Roger Stone was prosecuted for covering up for the President” and sentenced him to 3 and Half years behind bars

  280. DW says:

    what was I saying just a few days ago about there only being so many communists in Madison, WI, and they vote Dem every time anyway? And the fact that moderate voters in the suburbs around Milwaukee not throwing away their 401k gains because Trump is mean?

  281. lisab says:

    She knows Sanders will get creamed and for the last three months has been imploring Democrats to nominate someone who can best her enemy, Trump.

    the thing is, on paper at least, sanders wants to drain the swamp too … and would go after rubin and her cocktail party friends …

    admittedly by throwing them into gulags …

    but still … sanders is no friend to the establishment on paper

  282. Tina says:

    Ok BOOM


  283. Phil says:

    Holy crap, Tina. Those are Quinnipiac polls? And this is the same outfit that keeps releasing national polls showing Trump down nationally by 6-8 points to everyone on that stage last night.

  284. Ben says:

    I was a Democrat for 20 years. Voted straight Dem for 20 years since 1996. Voted Hillary in 2016. I promised to give Trump a chance.
    I watched as the Democrats lurched left in 2017 and the Media outright lying in 2017 and had enough. Switched my registration in April 2017 and voted straight Republican in 2018. Where I’m from (NE-02) which is becoming swing-y, there were some weird picks. We had basically a Bernie socialist (Kara Eastman) vs Don Bacon (moderate Military guy) and Bacon won by like 6000 votes. Way too close. Now the Democrats are fighting for control, moderates vs conservatives. Fun to watch.
    Anyway, I’m voting for Trump in 2020. No one from the Democrats I’d every vote for. No one. They’ve gone way to far in economics and social politics I have no choice but to vote for the Party that wants to maximize freedom. Democrats do not.

  285. Tina says:

    Judge Amy Obama did agree that the 7/9 year request by the 4 partisan drats from the injustice department was “excessive.”

    She basically backed up Barr Stool.

  286. Scooterboy says:

    277. I didn’t vote for Trump last time. Will vote for him this time. The alternatives scares the Hell out of me.

  287. DW says:

    Quinnipiac has all the Dems leading Trump in MI and PA. Strange that WI would be so different from MI.

  288. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Trump Job Approval:
    Approve 49%
    Disapprove 48%

    Trump Job Approval:
    Approve 50%
    Disapprove 49%

  289. DW says:

    RRH is extremely quick to accept the MI and PA numbers, and dismiss the WI numbers.

  290. Phil says:

    Any news or new insights on your state’s primary, SD? Can Bernie hang on there in your opinion?

  291. VictrC says:

    Phil. – I was one of those who didn’t vote for trump in 2016, I skipped the Presidential line here in Texas. the wife the same. We are both enthusiastically voting for Trump this time. Both our boys (4 and 6) would disown us if we didn’t vote for President Donald J. Trump.

    Wow, what a Wisconsin poll. That’s literally all he needs to hold the Presidency along with his his states sans PA and MI.

    BTW, does anyone here think that Klobuchar or Mayor Butt or Warren could defeat Trump in a general.Klobuchar almost had a breakdown when challenged by Mayor Butt, I swear she had tears in her eyes.Imagine Trump? Butt, hell never get enough Hispanic and African American vote to win in WI, PA and MI.

    Biden…IM THE GUY!!!!! (Caps intentional). That’s literally all he can say. IM THE GUY WHO….insert OBama era policy.

    Bloomberg. Please. Let Trump run against him. I don’t care how much money he injects into the campaign, last night was probably his high point in a debate, I bet he gets worse. Does his rolling of his eyes remind anyone of Bush and the watch in 92? (And Bloomberg rolled his eyes so many times). He has the personality of stale toast.

  292. VictrC says:

    Ironically I just did a quick 270 to win with WI going to Trump and PA, MI to the Dem. With Maine 2 vote going to Trump that would make it a 270 – 268 win.

    Can you imagine the head explosions from the Left and Never Trumpers.

    I wouldn’t want to be a Electoral College rep for that month, their lives will be in constant danger!!!!!!

  293. NYCmike says:

    “I think we all probably would have to admit to ourselves that Trump has likely paid for a few of his own.”

    -“CG” keeps repeating this, with ZERO evidence…….but he will enthusiastically support the candidate who supposedly said:

    “Kill it!”
    ““It’s a f—— baby! .?.?. All you need is some black who doesn’t have to speak English to rescue it from a burning building.””

  294. VictrC says:

    Crazier would be a 269-269 tie without ME-2.

    House would decide. It would be interesting to see how things go there, because despite the Dems controlling the House, Republicans, I believe, control more state delegations, and therefore would hold the cards.

    Talk about Chaos.

  295. Phil says:

    VictrC, thanks for sharing that. I didn’t realize your voting history. Your situation sounds exactly like my nephew and his wife. They are also here in Texas and voted third party in 2016. Both are solid Trump in 2020.

    Seems like Corey’s “REAL Republican Party” continues to shrink.

  296. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:


    Not so fast VC- I saw a poll last week that Texas would be a squeaker for Trump against Grandpa Stalin

  297. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Have been out-of-state for a week. What stands out in California is the lack of interest in the election. Have not seen any campaign signs; cannot recall seeing a bumper sticker. There seems to be no enthusiasm for any candidate. In 2016 there were a lot of Bernie signs; no signs or campaigning for anyone now.

  298. NYCmike says:

    Yesterday, I mentioned a friend in Colorado who will volunteer/work for the Bloomberg campaign. He watched the debate at the campaign headquarters. He was going to clap when Bloomberg mentioned starting a business and asking the rest of them if they ever had…….then he noticed the sour looks on the other volunteers faces………so I told him this morning, as I have told him many times before: “You are in the WRONG PARTY!”.

  299. DW says:

    It is telling that Quinnipiac is polling MI, WI and PA, rather than polling NC, FL, OH, and IA. It shows where they know the battleground to be. This and the fact that Quinnipiac has been listing blue for years now, and even so, they show a huge Trump lead in WI, and MI and PA are not that far off for Trump.

  300. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

    @307 same in Los Angeles. I live in a predominantly AA neighborhood (my wife is black and now voting Trump after last nights debacle. It was covered in Obama signs all through late 2011/2012. Right now – exactly zero

  301. NYCmike says:

    Don’t get cocky, kid!

    ALL of us need to get out every single Trump/Republican downballot voter we can find and get them to the polls to vote.

    I see a day where those states that voted to give their Electoral Votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote will be giving them to President Donald J Trump!

    California’s 55 EV’s to President Trump!! Can you imagine that!?!?

  302. Tina says:

    I was just at an eatery in San Fran. I literally stepped over a homeless person.

    Anyway, I met several old friends. They are drats. Two of them were criminal defense attorneys. The other one owned a mattress store.

    They tell me that nobody on stage last night can beat Trump.

  303. Tina says:

    It’s disputed that he got a fair trial, Goober. He needs to stfu at this point,


    Jack Posobiec ??
    Lindsey Graham just said Roger Stone got a fair trial

  304. NYCmike says:

    “They tell me that nobody on stage last night can beat Trump.”

    -Make sure you remind them that Democrats vote on Wednesday this year.

  305. VictrC says:

    Did the calculations (because I don’ t have anything else to do, LOL) and Republicans control 26 of the delegations, Dems 22 and 2 are split (though not sure you can call MI split as the scumbag Amash is the deciding vote) PA is the other delegation that is exactly 50/50.

    So basically the 26 Republican house delegations would decide the President in a 269 – 269 election.

  306. jason says:

    Trump should pardon Stone after the election, not before.

    Let him stew in prison for a few months for being a jackass.

  307. Phil says:

    Agree completely on Stone.

  308. NYCmike says:

    -I believe this is why Robbie hasn’t been around…..he is waiting for Obama to personally convince him to vote for the Democratic candidate this summer.

  309. Phil says:


    Trump carried Texas by 9 last time. He’ll beat Bernie by 11 or so this cycle.

  310. Tina says:

    I don’t agree on stone.

    I hope he first uses his appeals to get a new trial.

    With that said, the judge made several statements that were incorrect and indicate further bias. There is no evidence that stone covered up anything for trump, as suggested by Judge Amy Obama.

    It’s not in the record,

  311. John says:

    Yeah baby!
    First spring game between major league clubs is scheduled for tomorrow between the Royals and Rangers in Surprise, Arizona at 12 noon Pacific Time.
    Yeah baby!

  312. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

    @320 just a joke. But it makes no sense Q has Trump over Sanders in WI comfortably and not at least be beating Sanders in PA as well. Trump is going to hit Stalin with fracking ban and M4A ads 24/7 as soon as hes nominated

  313. NYCmike says:

    -Totally agree.

    Billion$ will keep him in the race for the long-haul. AND his ego (arrogance)!**

    Please clap!

    **Great irony that Bloomberg’s ridiculous spending, as well as all of the other election shenanigans spending, helps a lot of folks across this country, which helps the economy remain vibrant……helping Trump. 🙂

  314. mRviTO says:

    Oz Katerji
    A group of Hezbollah supporters staged a racist protest in Beirut dressed as Orthodox Jews calling for a boycott of US products. The irony is that they were later beaten up because Lebanon is antisemitic as hell and a gang of thugs didn’t realise they were attacking antisemites.

  315. mRviTO says:

    So the judge agreed with Barr on Stone rather than the ridiculous Mueller lawyers.

    Impeach her.

  316. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Sanders 24%
    Biden 17%
    Bloomberg 13%
    Warren 10%
    Buttigieg 9%
    Steyer 5%
    Klobuchar 4%
    Gabbard 2%

  317. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    I would not write off Bloomberg yet. Many pundits thought Trump’s debate performances were disasterous, and would destroy his candidacy. The money Bloomberg has to spend will creft his image, and the memory of past debate performances will fade.

  318. NYCmike says:

    “Many pundits thought Trump’s debate performances were disasterous, and would destroy his candidacy.”

    -The one difference is that Trump acted, and acts, like Trump at all times, even as President.

    Mini-Mike tries to be one person in his commercials, and then people see him for the little Napoleon character he is in real life.

  319. NYCmike says:

    “Many pundits thought…..”

    -They try to set narratives more than they think.

  320. Tina says:

    Dumberg admits trump was the “real winner” of the debate.

  321. Big Joe says:

    Q polls suggest that WI continues to be the tipping point state. Eyes on AZ though.

    WI seems like it continuing to trend red (similar to OH and IA last cycle).

    Big Joe

  322. Big Joe says:

    If those were the actual results, only Bernie and Biden would be divvying up the 415 pledged delegates.

    A big field of candidates helps The Bern.

    Big Joe

  323. Tina says:

    Larry Schweikart Retweeted

    Thao Nguyen
    in 2016, trump got 57% of whites and 21% of non-whites

    in gallup today, his approval is 58% among whites and 32% among non-whites

    that’s an 11-point surge in raw support among non-whites

    unprecedented to see shifts that large in a single election cycle

  324. Big Joe says:

    Follow up to #333. Some candidates could grab a few delegates even if they finish below 15% statewide, but those would be negligible.

    Big Joe

  325. mRviTO says:

    Well the “gold standard” PPIC poll has Bernie up by 15-18 in CA…

  326. NYCmike says:

    Makes sense for California Dems to want Bernie……they are so selfish, they want the rest of the country to experience the nightmare that is their once-upon-a-time Golden state.

  327. Tina says:


    Scott Adams
    A lot of Democrats who watched the debate last night probably realized — maybe for the first time — that Trump’s skill level is other-worldly. They watched Bloomberg die in a debate trap of the sort Trump escaped with the famous “only Rosie O’Donnell” move. It wasn’t luck.

  328. John says:

    Holy bat crap crazy…
    Nearly 20 million watched the ‘Bloomberg Bomb’ last night.

  329. NYCmike says:

    Tina linking to Scott Adams…….Robbie may get triggered!

  330. DW says:


    Trump 44, Gloomberg 50
    Trump 48, Pony Soldier 49
    Trump 48, Bolshevik Bernie 48
    Trump 47, Fauxcahontas 47
    Trump 48, Klobbear 44
    Trump 49, Mayor Butt. 45

  331. DW says:

    Context on the Quinnipiac polling today, showing Trump trailing in PA:

    PENNSYLVANIA – 2016, Nov. 1

    Trump 44%
    Hillary 50%

  332. PresidentPaul! says:

    Trump being positive on gallup for first time.

    Is it just the economy?

    Or has Trump made a substantive change in the news cycle etc and his management of the WH that has somehow changed?

  333. NYCmike says:

    “Vic – Why are you addressing me. I did not say Bloomberg won. Do you think I support any of the Dems?”

    -Was this Bitterlaw?

    I thought it was “Elena” Klobuchar whining again.

  334. NYCmike says:

    As seen on Instapundit:

    “LARRY TESLER, PIONEER WHO INVENTED ‘CUT, COPY AND PASTE’ FOR COMPUTERS, DIES AT 74. Larry Tesler, pioneer who invented ‘cut, copy and paste’ for computers, dies at 74. Larry Tesler, pioneer who invented ‘cut, copy and paste’ for computers, dies at 74. Larry Tesler, pioneer who invented ‘cut, copy and paste’ for computers, dies at 74.”

  335. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Here is how California will choose its 416 “pledged” delegates.

    271 delegates will be determined by the primary voters in each of California’s 53 congressional districts. Each district will have between 4-7 delegates that will be distributed proportionally. To receive delegates, a candidate must receive at least 15% of the vote in the congressional district.

    90 delegates will be determined by the statewide primary vote, and be distributed proportionally. To receive delegates a candidate must obtain at least 15% of the statewide vote. 54 of these delegates will be selected from categories of elective officials and political leaders who are pledged to a particular candidate.

  336. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    343. “Trump being positive on gallup for first time. Is it just the economy? Or has Trump made a substantive change in the news cycle etc and his management of the WH that has somehow changed?”

    Its none of the above. Trump is the default choice now because the Democrats are unraveling and appear to have gone bonkers.

  337. Phil says:

    I maintain that if Bernie can garner a double digit plurality of the California state vote (say win by 10 or 12 pts) regardless of how it is distributed the sheer math will practically guarantee him the most delegates when he gets to the convention.

    At that point the Democratic establishment will have to take the nomination from him and hand it to someone else. It will be bloody and it will fatal for Democratic prospects in November. In other words, die with Sanders leading the ticket or die by denying him the nomination. Pick your poison.

  338. Phil says:

    Late afternoon tweet from our gal Jenny Rubin. She is still furious at Warren for attacking Bloomberg last night and not going after Bernie, Rubin is desperate to see Democrats dump Bernie and nominate someone she thinks will actually win. Such is her red hot hatred for Trump. She can’t understand why Democrats don’t snap out of it and listen to her.

    Well, Jenny, maybe it is because they don’t give a crap what you Never Trumpers think. Idiots like you and your hero Romney are useful but only to an extent. You are nothing but a useful idiot to them.

  339. Phil says:

    ….and Bill Kristol’s take on the debate last night? Well, according to Kristol in today’s Bulwark article he isn’t happy. Still holding out hope of a Bloomberg resurgence on Super Tuesday, but admits Bloomberg was awful. His bottom line is his “hope” that non Bernie Democrats overlook Bloomberg’s bombing last night and still unite behind Mini Mike against Bernie out of a desire to save America from Trump.

    Bill, like Jenny Rubin, just can’t understand why Democrats don’t fall into line like Never Trumpers want them to.

  340. VictrC says:

    Phil, the question is why do they think Bloomberg is the savior for the Dems? Do they think Dems on the left are go into get excited to vote for him? Do they think Republicans are going to abandon Trump to vote for Bloomberg.

    The guy showed himself to be who he really is, “Little Napoleon.”

    He literally looked as if he had no use for the others on the stage, he has contempt for the average person not living in NYC or LA, he doesn’t play with minorities and he has no charisma or personality.

    Like him or hate him Clinton had a certain aura. Like him or hate him, Trump motivates his base (which is bigger than Bernies base).

    How is Bloomberg going to beat him. Despite his Billions Trump will have a lot of money to run ads too

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