Sander Dominates/Three-Way Battle for 2nd between Buttigieg-Warren-Biden in NV

We are getting the final polls for tomorrow’s caucus in Nevada and here is the latest poll from an outfit called Data for Progress.

Bernie Sanders 35%
Elizabeth Warren 16%
Pete Buttigieg 16%
Joe Biden 15%
Amy Klobuchar 8%
Tom Steyer 8%
Tulsi Gabbard 2%

This poll was done February 19-21 among 1010 likely caucus voters and goers.

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  1. MichiganGuy says:


  2. Tina says:

    China Biden is done in Nevada. Nobody was at one of his ralli3s.

  3. Phil says:

    Hard to believe Nevada could be this lopsided. Guess we will see.

  4. Phil says:

    Saw that, Tina. I actually felt sorry for the guy.

  5. Victrc says:


    Or about where Biden will finish tomorrow

  6. jason says:

    Both NYC and Corey mentioned me when arguing about Cotton Perdue


    “Are you denying that I said that the number of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS was negotiable, and that current events should be factored into the equation about how many should be let in each year?”

    know jason would back me up on that”

    Yeah, you said it was negotiable, but I never heard Cotton or Perdue say it was negotiable.

    And since I don’t agree with ANY cuts in legal immigration, the “negotiable” part was of no interest to me.


    Those who disagreed, including jason, were badgered by you with .. “well how many do you want to bring in, I want a number.”

    He wanted a percentage that I would agree to cut, which was zero.

  7. Tna says:

    You tube discussing honesty.

    Tom Elliott
    · 15h
    Susan Rice on @RichardGrenell: “The problem is that Rick Grenell is one of the most massively dishonest people I’ve ever encountered. I’m not using this language lightly. He is a hack and a shill and that’s all he’s ever been.”

  8. Hugh says:

    We are winning bigly. I expect it to go well but. It this well. Feeling the bern

  9. jason says:


    CG says:
    February 21, 2020 at 2:51 pm

    Neither jason nor I think that Sanders can beat Trump.”

    Since Bernie is clearly the front runner and the most likely to be nominated, Corey just admitted Trump will be re-elected.

    What say Amoral Scumbag?

  10. jason says:

    Also, in the previous thread, Corey expressed concern about the souls of those who vote for Trump.

    Which begs the question, which is the case?

    1) Corey is really worried about our souls.

    2) Corey is really worried that Sanders will be the nominee and lose 40 states (or 47, according to Chris Matthews).

  11. jason says:

    Also Corey said that NV and NH would not be competitive for Trump in 2020?


    Trump lost Nevada by a razor thin 2 points in 2016 and NH by about 2 tenths of a point.

    Both will be VERY competitive in 2016, and if Sanders is the nominee he will win both handily.

    This is the kind of wishful thinking that got Corey to predict OH for Hillary in 2016, a state she lost by half a million votes.

  12. Bitterlaw says:

    I don’t give a damn about any of your souls.

    For those who are giving Trump a free pass on his personal failures, I hope your spouses treat you like Trump treated his first 2 wives.

  13. Tina says:

    I guess Swallowell would have liked for trump to order spying on cccps campaign. You know with comedy, pete the cheat, and the poor mistress.

  14. jason says:

    Trump seems to have a good marriage and a great family with kids who are loyal to him. A lot of politicians can’t say that.

    If you want to hold the 2 divorces against him as “personal failures”, fine. But the fact is that even in that case, he has a good relationship with the wives he “mistreated”.

    In any case, I have been consistent from the beginning that I think if he had or didn’t have a one night stand with a porn star 10 years before he became President it is irrelevant.

    I have been consistent that the Hollywood tape, barring any real evidence he ever assaulted anyone, seemed like 2 guys engaging in locker room talk. In addition, Trump issued a rare apology for it, I am sure since Corey gave Walsh a pass for his racist comments because he apologized, he will give Trump a pass on this too.

    Trump is certainly no paragon of virtue, but it seems to me his “personal failures” are no better or worse than most past Presidents.

    Trump is certainly flawed. He is vindictive, arrogant, petty, narcissistic and petulant. To me, those are worse “personal failures” than his divorces.

  15. jason says:

    I think this Bernie Russia thing is an orchestrated attempt to make him look bad, and it is not coming from Trump.

    The establishment Dems would love to see Bernie tarred with the “Russian agent” brush.

  16. jason says:

    “I hope your spouses treat you like Trump treated his first 2 wives.”

    I just told my wife someone suggested she give me millions and set me up for a life of luxury.

  17. Phil says:

    I don’t give a damn about your souls…..

    And neither does sanctimoniously Corey. Only that we are aware of his superior moral status over anyone who pulls the lever for Trump…which he reminds us of daily BTW. It’s the reason I can’t stand Never Trumpers – not that they oppose Trump. It’s the way they look down on those who do.

    And yeah, like most Never Trumpers, he is scared sh*tlless that a Bernie nomination gives Trump an easier path to re-election.

    As far as Trump’s first two marriages, that has nothing to do with how I vote just like it was incidental to the voters who put Clinton in the WH. I don’t even know what “giving Trump a pass” even means.

  18. Tina says:

    Trumps 2 marriages failed. I cannot use that against him. It has no impact unless he was accused and convicted of spousal abuse. This is not the case.

  19. Tina says:

    Don’t worry about the never trumpers and cccp sanders.

    In the end the never trumpers will be boring for and supporting cccp.

    Because it’s all about much conservative principles.

  20. Tina says:

    Voting for *

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    There is nothing easier to do than to be a good husband. Show up. Don’t cheat. Don’t be physically or emotionally abusive.

  22. Tina says:

    Undercover Huber
    “Hello Walgreens? It’s Bernie. I’m depressed about this Russia stuff and need a new Dacha. Lakeside view optional. Thanks”
    Quote Tweet

    Gavin Newsom
    · 23h
    Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing the same way they do for insulin or antibiotics.
    Show this thread

  23. Tina says:

    Uh scalped by Pocahontas

    Pill #TheBestIsYetToCome
    Trump rips #MiniMike and said he has “spent $500 million in order to get embarrassed by Pocahontas.”

  24. jason says:

    There is nothing easier to do than to be a good husband. Show up. Don’t cheat. Don’t be physically or emotionally abusive.”

    Ok, I won’t vote for Trump for Good Husband.

  25. jason says:

    Pete Buttigieg: “I’m offering a better way”

    I didn’t click on the story, maybe a more courageous soul will

  26. Bitterlaw says:

    I never want to read “character matters” at HHR again. It clearly does not.

    The Dems do not have character, either. The bar was set so low and Trump still could not surpass it.

  27. John says:

    Just saw an interview with “Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison, who was at Trump’s rally in Vegas yesterday….predicted that the DNC will have a brokered convention, Sanders will have a lead, and in the end the DNC will choose Biden as their nominee as their best chance to beat Trump and hold onto the House and possibly take the Senate.

  28. DW says:

    Early exists out of Nevada showing a massive lead for Bolshevik Bernie.

    (Just pre-empting jason’s announcement).

  29. mRviTO says:

    Shimon Prokupecz
    CNN: The Nevada State Democratic Party is asking site leaders to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to one volunteer who had planned to help with Saturday’s caucuses but quit because he didn’t want to sign the document.

  30. mRviTO says:

    Shocking. My colleague
    & I talked to caucus leaders & county chairs in Iowa who told us IDP was wrong. Not what they’d reported.

    How we know IDP is still not reporting real results from one precinct.

    Now CNN finds NV trying to prevent such basic reporting.

  31. mRviTO says:

    Amusing…. this young lady wrote a short paragraph about her imaginary date with each D primary candidate.

  32. Victrc says:

    Butt and yang were the funniest.

    Bloomberg the most accurate

  33. PresidentPaul! says:

    Brokered DNC convention is a fantasy of the Never-Burners and the Never-Trumpers who want a “good” candidate.

  34. Tina says:

    I am neither, bubu, but I still want a Drat brokered convention.

  35. jason says:

    Early exists out of Nevada showing a massive lead for Bolshevik Bernie.

    (Just pre-empting jason’s announcement).”


  36. Tina says:


    Mayor cheat to win with faulty coin flips.

    Laura Barrón-López
    · 10m
    NSDP party officials are telling campaign representatives that there’s a deficit of volunteers across the state, and so they are asking representatives of campaigns to act as precinct chairs, per multiple sources on ground

  37. jason says:

    Rick Harrison would not be my definitive source on whether there will be a brokered convention or not.

  38. Tina says:

    O dumbbell lost it.

    What a hack.

    MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Goes on Most Insane Rant Ever: ‘Trump is a Russian Operative,’ Nomination of Grenell Came at Putin’s Direction (VIDEO)

  39. jason says:

    I never want to read “character matters” at HHR again. It clearly does not.”

    I think character matters.

    That is why I point out scumbag Romney doesn’t have any.

  40. Tina says:

    Has Quittens apologized for Bolton lying?

    Bolton wanted to sell books.

    Bolton has also said in the past that he would lie on the witness stand.

  41. PresidentPaul! says:

    Yep, I’d rather have a different candidate than bernie because he’s too radical. Only hope today is just that they somehow mess up the election again like Iowa and none of them no what’s going on.

  42. jason says:

    Nanny Bloomberg loses his lead in Florida, the only state at Predictit where bettors had him as the favorite.

    Now leads in exactly zero states.

  43. jason says:

    Has Quittens apologized for Bolton lying?”

    The biggest lie of the entire process, even bigger than Schiff’s lies, was scumbag Romney’s assertion that he wanted Bolton to testify because it “might exonerate Trump”.

    I mean, how fake was that?

  44. jason says:

    Bolton at least had the decency to admit the impeachment process was “partisan” and “malpractice”.

    When did scumbag Romney ever call it that?

  45. jason says:

    He also admitted he had nothing to add that would have changed anything.

    “People can argue about what I should have said and what I should have done,” Bolton said at an event with Susan Rice, another former national security adviser, at Vanderbilt University on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. “I would bet you a dollar right here and now, my testimony would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome.”

  46. Victrc says:

    Romney is as much a narcissist as Trump is, he’s just as conniving and someone whose elastic and willing to bend to whatever political whims would get him elected, just as Trumo is. Romney loves the adoration just like Trump.

    Unlinke Trump, Romney will NEVER be President and that’s what eats him alive each and every day.

    He’s way more of a scumbag than Trump because at least Trump isn’t fake, he is what he is. Romney is a snake in the grass ready to strike, kill and eat anyone who stands in his way, no matter if it’s the same species.

  47. Bitterlaw says:

    Brokered convention = zzzzzzzzzzz

    The idea that angry Democrats will stay home or vote third party in any close state if their candidate does not get the nomination is pure fantasy. If a few million Bernie supporters in California, New York, Illinois, and other blue states stay home, the EC vote will be the same. At worst for the Dems might be losing the popular vote, too. I think enough Bernie supporters would come out just to prevent that outcome.

  48. Laura Ingraham says:

    I’m gonna need Clint Eastwood to shut up and make movies.

    Laura Ingraham

  49. Bitterlaw says:

    If Romney was on the GOP primary ballot in 2024, I would consider voting for him. I consider hating Trump to be a plus. Of course, I don’t know who else wants to run. Pence? Will be tired of DC. Haley? Hope so? Rubio? Hope so. Tina? Too gutless to run for anything. Wes? Too much baggage with the emotionally damaged women. Jason? Not born in America and too much baggage with emotionally damaged llamas.

  50. Tina says:

    Quittens is a liar and a schemer during the impeachment.

    Said he would wait for both sides to give their presentations before deciding on witnesses.

    After 2 hours of the presidents side, he wanted Bolton to testify.

    Quittens was not concerned with due process violations.

    Quittens only wanted Bolton.

    Quittens won’t man up and say that since Bolton lies to sell books, his half Witt vote was wrong.

  51. Tina says:

    So, I read that dumberg losr 20 po8nts after his debate debacle?

  52. Laura Ingraham says:

    Clint Eastwood, another typical lefty Hollywood liberal. Eat a dick, Clint.

    Laura Ingraham

  53. Tina says:

    Bl, the only things I run to these days is for .50 cent coffee at McDonald’s, senior discounts, and buy 1 get 1 free deals.

    Nobody will vote for me because I am gimpy and have bad knees and back ailments.

    I have also been told that I am “too conservative.”

  54. Victrc says:

    Romney has as much chance of winning the nomination in ‘24 as I do, Tina does or Jason does…zero. Less than zero actually.

    Haley. I really hope so. She’s a solid conservative, would draw some suburban women back into the fold and I think would do a good job.

    Rubio. One time I thought he would have been next in line. Now…no. I can’t see him lasting in a primary with the canned responses.

    Pence. Great great guy and would be a good president. Y’all about restoring character, his is unimpeachable. Sadly. Too white and too male for 2024.

    I don’t know if there are any solid R Gov who could rise up in the next four years. The Gov of Az? Desantis? Any other women?

  55. mRviTO says:

    Less fake early results from supposed news outlets.

    Steve Kornacki
    Nevada entrance poll (early vote wave)

    Sanders 31%
    Buttigieg 18%
    Klobuchar 13%
    Biden 12%

    Sanders 51%
    Biden 13%
    Buttigieg 10%
    Steyer 9%
    Warren 8%
    Klobuchar 6%

    Biden 36%
    Sanders 25%
    Steyer 13%
    Warren 13%
    Klobuchar 3%
    Buttigieg 2%

  56. mRviTO says:


  57. Tgca says:

    Cincuenta y ocho!

  58. Victrc. says:


    I had forgotten his name but seems to be doing a decent job in Az and is well liked. With that said I know nothing of his te ird

  59. Victrc says:

    Record. Wow. Don’t post and drive folks

  60. jason says:

    Well, blacks are less than 10% in Nevada, so that won’t help Biden in NV.

    Mayor Butt at 2% with blacks does not bode well for the southern states.

  61. jason says:

    I consider hating Trump to be a plus.”

    Scumbag Romney loves himself a lot more than he hates Trump.

  62. jason says:

    I suppose if Rubio runs he will be my candidate for 2024. But I like Haley too.

    Assuming Don Jr. doesn’t run, of course.


  63. mRviTO says:

    Maybe Kanye will run…

  64. jason says:

    Klobuchar seems to be the candidate of the country club Democrats, so to speak.

    She has zero appeal to blue collar and minorities, so I think Skippy is going to crash and burn with her.

    I suppose she could emerge as a consensus candidate in a brokered convention, but I doubt it.

  65. Victrc says:

    Jason. I thought she might be the best of the bunch but she withered at hands of a 37 neophyte mayor of a tiny city. What would happen under the pressure of a presidential campaign and a billion dollars aimed at her. That hair would vibrate so much her teeth would come

    Re: 2020 I prefer Haley at this point. I would support Rubio as well but he needs a lot of prep and rehabilitation before entering the fray.

  66. Victrc says:

    There really should be an edit button. 2020 should be 2024.

  67. mRviTosHaikuSerVice says:

    An Edit Button?
    Ha! Never! What you first post
    Remains Forever

  68. Tina says:


    Political Polls
    Final Projection:

    Sanders 37%
    Buttigieg 15%
    Biden 15%
    Warren 12%
    Steyer 8%

  69. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Romney will almost 78 if he ran for president in 2024.

    Romney praised Trump’s China trade policies while in Germany, a quote from a Deseret News article:

    “Still, Romney said he thinks Republicans and Democrats are leaning more toward agreement on trade policy. Democrats, he said, have long maintained that trade agreements hurt American factories and workers.

    “Now, the Republican president is saying the same thing,” Romney said.

    Romney said Trump was right to go after China, but wishes all of the free nations of the world would have pushed back against its “cowboy capitalism” — attacking the economies of countries through predatory pricing, cyber theft and forced technology transfer. The U.S. must join with its allies to pressure China to play by the rules, he said.

    Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He signed the first phase of a trade deal last month that cuts some U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods in exchange for Chinese pledges to buy more of American farm, energy and manufactured goods. Romney said hopefully phase two will be even better.”

  70. Bitterlaw says:

    I wonder if Dr. Jay ever escaped from Mr. Vito’s lair.

  71. SweatyToothedMadman says:

    The Silver State looking good for Bernie today.

    Re: 2024, Nikki Haley would be our best bet. Perhaps a Haley/Ducey ticket? Pence, while a nice guy, is a non-starter for ’24. Rubio too.

  72. mRviTO says:

    Steve Kornacki
    By 5pm Eastern in 2016, 54% of the vote was tallied in Nevada. It’s quarter of 5 right now and the state party is reporting 0 precincts.

  73. mRviTosHaikuSerVice says:

    Nevada Caucus
    City of Sin— Will Bernie’s
    Bros Come through Again?

  74. BayernFan says:

    Pence/Haley ’24

    Pence has positioned himself beautifully to get the support of every element of a winning GOP coalition. Economic conservatives, Christians, Trump populists, Gun owners, rural voters, even some never Trumper types.

    The nomination is his to lose in ’24.

  75. mRviTO says:

    Jon Ralston
    Damn: Now looks like Bernie has won caucuses at Bellagio, Mandalay, Park MFM, Rio, and Wynn, tied at Harrah’s and lost Paris. He is the Culinary workers’ candidate!

  76. DW says:

    Klobmentum in distant 6th place so far.

  77. Trump says:

    Bring on Crazy Bernie!

    Cruisin’ to reelection

  78. Tina says:

    Drats having math challenges in certain precincts.

  79. Wes says:

    Pence is the Veep. He will have first right of refusal in 2024 regardless of whether Trump wins this year or not.

    A sitting Vice-President isn’t going to be denied his party’s presidential nomination should he elect to seek it.

  80. Hugh says:

    Go Bernie

  81. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “I’ve got news for the Republican establishment. I’ve got news for the Democratic establishment. They can’t stop us.”

    The old Bolshevik is not going to meekly walk away if he loses the nomination in a rigged convention. He already has the Democratic Socialist nomination. Likewise, Bloomberg is not going to support Sanders.

    The major candidate that might have defeated Trump was Biden; and Trump effectively destroyed him by getting the press to focus on Hunter Biden’s scandal in the Ukraine. Trump was aided and abetted by the Pelosi, Schiff, and the Democratic impeachment clown show — which resulted in Trump’s polling going through the roof over what it had been.

    Since Mueller’s congressional testimony a year ago, everything has gone wrong for the Democrats.

  82. Tina says:

    Faux news reports sanders win,

  83. Tgca says:

    Who cares about all this silly caucus BS!

    I want to know who Trump should replace on Mt. Rushmore.

    Does anyone even know who those old white guys are? Everyone knows Trump!!!

  84. Tina says:

    Will they still burn Milwaukee down?

    Chris Hansen
    · 14m
    MSNBC is must watch TV right now. Chris Matthews just likened Bernie’s win in Nevada tonight to the Germans overrunning The Maginot Line in 1940

  85. Tina says:

    Cccp is like 3-0 so far.

    China Burisma Biden is 0-3.

  86. Tgca says:

    Don’t count Biden out yet! He can stage a comeback in the Guam caucus on May 2nd.

  87. Tgca says:

    Ochenta y Ocho!

  88. Tina says:

    Yesterday the Jebot said that trump cannot win nv.

    Thao Nguyen
    awful results for democrats

    dem caucus electorate

    2016: 19% latino / 13% black
    2020: 17% latino / 10% black

    this is despite the state becoming more diverse

    it’s consistent with other data showing both falling support and enthusiasm for democrats among non-whites (esp latinos)

  89. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    83. “Faux news reports sanders win,”

    When Pelosi, Schumer and the congressional Democrat started pandering to the far left, they should have realized this would happen. Can see a Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez ticket.

  90. Tina says:

    Biden will win the Ukrainian caucus in June,

  91. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Sanders has run a really smart campaign so not to take anything away from him, but Bloomberg’s presence has also been really helpful to Sanders.
    Quote Tweet

    (((Harry Enten)))
    Remember when there was that debate a few days ago and folks went after the candidate in second or third place. That was something.

  92. Tina says:

    He doesn’t remember his position.

    Andrew Clark
    · 6m
    This is just sad.

    Joe Biden came out in support of a radical moratorium on any deportations of illegal immigrants.

    He then said it wasn’t actually a moratorium, a left-wing group called him out on it, and then he caved and admitted it’s a moratorium.

    “Moderate” Joe is gone.

  93. Big E says:

    Voted in Houston today. Thought about following Phil’s lead but could not bring myself to asking for a Democrat ballot. Opted to vote R and further depress the D vote.

  94. mRviTosHaikuSerVice says:

    The Word Moderate?
    Unneeded… just “Joe is Gone”
    If truth be heeded.

  95. SweatyToothedMadman says:

    #75, total BS! Haley should not take a back seat to anyone – especially Pence. The Veep does not have the same pull as the Prez. Haley has more strengths than Pence.

    Haley in ’24!

  96. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    James Carville: Putin is trying to help Sen. Sanders because Putin wants President Trump to win. It’s a straight line.

    “I don’t think Sanders wants Putin to help … I think they don’t like this story, but the story is a fact.”

  97. mRviTO says:

    · 3m
    NEW: With 10% of precincts reporting, Bernie Sanders is still leading in Nevada’s first and final alignments, @rickklein reports.

    “We know that the state party is sitting on a whole lot of data. They have not, though, released any of it as of now.”

  98. Tgca says:

    Noventa y nueve Bebe! Noventa y nueve!

  99. Tgca says:

    Ciento pootahs!

  100. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Looks like Crazy Bernie is doing well in the Great State of Nevada. Biden & the rest look weak, & no way Mini Mike can restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of Presidential Debates. Congratulations Bernie, & don’t let them take it away from you!

    This just proves that Putin and Trump are conspiring together, this time to help Bernie.

  101. PresidentPaul! says:

    Nikki Haley is an idiot.

  102. PresidentPaul! says:

    “Might” vote for Pence just because he’s a Trump loyalist for better or worse and an early backer of him.

    Haley …no fricking way

  103. Cash Cow TM says:


    So first we have Trump destroy the Republican party and now we have socialist Bernie destroying the Democrat party.

  104. Cash Cow TM says:

    So with Bernie and Trump on the ballot from their respective parties it looks like we will have TWO crazy people to chose from.

    But if the D establishment blocks Bernie and anoints Bloomy, then we have two totally inept billionaire blowhards with no experience in government to choose from in November.

    Just shoot me………..

  105. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Feb 18
    Broad swath of California on track for driest February on record, based on precipitation to date and high confidence forecast of minimal further precipitation by March 1.

    Attention Big Bear, Arrowbear, Angelus Oaks & Forest Falls
    Heavy snow will begin shortly, as as developing showers move NE over the southeastern SB mtns. Snow levels will start around 5500-6000 FT, falling to around 5000 FT in heavier showers. Be prepared for chain restrictions

    They cannot predict the weather a few days in advance, but believe their claims about what the weather will be like in several decades are infallible.

  106. Cash Cow TM says:

    The lightning has not struck Warren.

    Stick a fork in her. And you can also…
    Fork Klobuchar.
    Half-fork Biden.
    Butt will always be behind.

    Fork them all.

  107. PresidentPaul! says:

    Bernie is talking about his 14 trillion dollar green new deal that he says will create 20 million jobs.

    At least my TESLA stock is GOING UP.

  108. lisab says:

    They cannot predict the weather a few days in advance, but believe their claims about what the weather will be like in several decades are infallible

    that is why they call it climate change … duh

  109. lisab says:

    restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of Presidential Debates. Congratulations Bernie, & don’t let them take it away from you!

    pretty sure mike will be prepared next debate

  110. Cash Cow TM says:

    If I was worried, I would SWEAT!

    But another way of looking at it is:

    S-W-E-A-T is such a

  111. PresidentPaul! says:

    Bernie just said he has a litmus test for all judges that they must explicitly support roe v wade

  112. PresidentPaul! says:

    If you support it in advance don’t you have to recuse?

  113. lisab says:

    is anyone worried about the souls of those who would vote for a candidate that wants to make us like venezuela?

  114. PresidentPaul! says:

    90 percent of HSBC’s profits are in asia especially hong kong and most of it in housing there that is almost entirely in ADR not fixed.
    Meaning if Hong Kong loses its peg to the dollar all those ADR loans blow up.

    Still feeling bullish on GLD? (custodian is hsbc)

  115. lisab says:

    i think china is 100% committed to keeping the hk banks afloat

    even if it costs them a trillion dollars

  116. PresidentPaul! says:

    If they lose PEG to dollar those ADR’s go up, and then hsbc is bankrupt (UK bank)

  117. PresidentPaul! says:

    Sanders 45% to 19% biden in second.

    This Bernie win was so predictable. It’s just a Ron Paul version of the left. He came in this time more organized rather than just passion last time. GOP had a lot of corrupt chairman who were fixing the election for Romney

  118. lisab says:

    it is now more a chinese bank than a uk bank

    the uk investors are long gone

  119. Tina says:

    Log in
    Sign up
    See new Tweets

    Joe Walsh
    I would vote for socialism over authoritarianism.

  120. mRviTO says:

    Bill de Blasio
    , you clearly don’t understand the movement
    has built. It reflects the true values + hope of working people in America. They simply want a country that puts working people first. Your critique tonight speaks for the American elite, not the majority

    Bill de Blasio
    · 1h
    And hey @PeteButtigieg, try to not be so smug when you just got your ass kicked. You know how we form a winning coalition to beat Trump? With a true multi-racial coalition of working Americans: something @BernieSanders has proven he can do + you haven’t. Dude, show some humility

  121. Phil says:

    Hey, Joe Walsh,

    Socialism always evolves into authoritarianism.

    What a moron.

  122. Bitterlaw says:

    Warren is shredding Bloomberg.

  123. Victrc says:

    She really did. LOL poor mini Mike. Well…not so poor, which is the only way he stays in the race.

    Dems should take a step back and ask themselves, if this guy hadn’t dumped $400M into the race so far, would anyone ever vote for him? What’s his appeal except to a few, None. Just his money

  124. mRviTO says:

    She wants the VP slot if she can’t win.

    That’s why she kneecapped Bloomberg and not Bernie.

  125. Tina says:

    She scalped dumberg.

  126. Tina says:

    And cccp is uniting the KKK.

    Joe Walsh
    · 2h
    Trump believes he’s above the law. Bernie believes in free college. Trump would censor CNN. Bernie would enact Medicare for all. Trump is corrupt as the day is long. Bernie is naive.

    Come on. That’s not even close. Anything is better than a lawless individual in the White House.

  127. Tina says:

    Joy Reid: “Black women have been coming up to me everywhere telling me that: ‘Bloomberg is the only one who can save us!'”

  128. Bitterlaw says:

    If I had to choose between Sanders and Bloomberg, I would choose Bloomberg. He wants to micromanage how people live their lives. Sanders wants to destroy capitalism.

  129. Bitterlaw says:

    On CNN, the reporter just asked Tom Steyer why he is still in the race? She told him to spend his money on House and Senate races. Damn. That’s cold.

  130. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason and Steyer are now tied in delegates! Go A-hole!

  131. Phil says:

    They would both want tp micromanage our lives.

    The only thing I give Bernie credit for is that unlike other Democrats he doesn’t wear a mask.

  132. Tina says:

    Ones a commie and the other is a socialist l

    The socialist son loves the socialist.

  133. Bitterlaw says:

    Bloomberg does not want to destroy the capitalist system. He just wants to tax the hell out of successful people.

  134. Phil says:

    Biden should hang on and win narrowly in SC on Tuesday. Won’t do him much good. However, it will keep him in the race on Super Tuesday where, unfortunately for the Democratic Party, he will divide up the vote against Bernie with Bloomberg. That actually helps Bernie in a number of primaries on that day. Ultimately, bad for the Democratic Party.

    No wonder Chris Mathews and James Carville are suicidal.

  135. Tina says:

    Time for Chrissy to go to the bah for a drink.

  136. Phil says:

    He does a lot of that, Tina.

  137. Tina says:

    This event is coming. The Illinois Kkk is the first, Jonah dullberg and the Ahoy Gang will be next.

    Sean Davis
    It won’t be nearly as entertaining as watching NeverTrumpaloos declare that Principled Conservatism requires a vote for a 78-year-old Bolshevik who honeymooned in Moscow.

  138. Tina says:

    I will laugh my arse off when the never trumpets argue that it was not a problem for cccp to be in the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War on vacation.

  139. Phil says:

    It will be entertaining as hell and I’m really looking forward to it big time.

  140. Tina says:

    John Ekdahl
    2016: “Republicans aren’t listening to me!”
    2017-2019: “I’m taking two years to switch parties”
    2020: “Democrats aren’t listening to me!”

    The Bill Kristol Story.

  141. Bitterlaw says:

    Can we call Tina the New Dealers’ Daughter?

  142. Tina says:

    So now, according to the ambulance chaser, I am an FDR Drat?

  143. jason says:

    And cccp is uniting the KKK”


    Walsh endorsing Bernie is hilarious.

    The Never Trumpers have gone batsh-t.

  144. jason says:

    Bloomberg does not want to destroy the capitalist system. He just wants to tax the hell out of successful people.”

    He wants a nanny state, the government always knows what is best for you.

    In a way, that is the opposite of capitalism.

    Maybe big government nanny state capitalist.

  145. lisab says:

    Bloomberg does not want to destroy the capitalist system. He just wants to tax the hell out of successful people.

    well then corey should be fine !

  146. Bitterlaw says:

    No. But your parents probably were.

    Since Tina is probably too far gone on Lemoncello and oxy. I won’t remind her that I defend against lawsuits. I do not file them.

  147. Tina says:

    Let me guess, this will be a major campaign issue:

    Steve Guest
    · 6h
    Bernie Sanders: illegal immigrants are “entitled” to the same government benefits as

  148. Tina says:

    The only thing illegals I igrsnts are “entitled” to is a one way return back home.

  149. mRviTO says:

    · 4h
    Btw the schmucks who spent the last 2 years loudly declaring they will support any Dem should think about the incentives they created. As was always obvious, they removed any incentive for Dems to moderate or appeal to anyone but the extreme base.

  150. Bitterlaw says:

    Not all Never Trumpers mean Never. I know one who ended all his posts for months with “Never Trump.” Now?

    Never mind.

  151. Phil says:

    Jennifer Rubin tonight on Twitter begging candidates not named Biden and Bloomberg to drop out immediately and unite against Bernie. She is also begging Mini Mike to go negative vs Bernie in his ads.

    Never Trumpers having a really bad night.

  152. Tina says:

    The never trumpers with their fake tears will be even more louder.

    They are out of power and can no longer fake wars to benefit their family members

  153. Tina says:

    And another example here:

    Tom Nichols
    · 1h
    Rhode Island’s primary isn’t until late, so I get to register as a Democrat to cast a protest vote in the primary against Sanders as the inevitable nominee, who I will then vote for as a protest against the incumbent.

  154. Phil says:

    Good, Tom. You do that. How does it feel when neither party gives a damn what you think?

  155. Bitterlaw says:

    Whether Trump leaves office in 2021 or 2025, there is no Trump ideology so there is no Trump disciple waiting for the next election. The pro-Trump voters, Never Trumpers, and I was forced to support that scumbag because the Dems were worse voters are all going to have to get back together. If they don’t, only Dems benefit.

  156. VictrC says:

    Just as an FYI because the news will report the “delegate” percentages, not the raw first vote.

    Currently the raw vote sits at (+/-)

    Sanders 35%
    Biden. 18%
    Buttigieg 16%
    Warrant. 14%
    Klobuchar 10%
    Steyer. 8%

    How different those results look than the delegate vote, or second “re-alignment” vote

  157. PresidentPaul! says:

    Friendly CCP putting up signs to stop corona problems.

    The sign says “going out is death, anyone goes out is an enemy” & “we will break your feet if your go out, we will break your teeth if you argue”

  158. PresidentPaul! says:

    How the Chinese Government Scammed the Solomon Islands into walking away from Taiwan – A bribe of $11 billion and a fictitious $150 billion promise

    Did they get the money, which was reportedly supposed to be over 85 times their GDP for the “deal.”

    Hell no, but too late now you’re part of Red Ponzi!

  159. PresidentPaul! says:

    CCP tying people going out with masks to trees and columns as a public example…

    (This punishment is for when they successfully escape the front door that is usually welded shut sometimes with the water and plumbing turned off.)

  160. PresidentPaul! says:

    Mnuchin Set to Meet Saudi Crown Prince in Riyadh Late Sunday (Princes who kill our journalists)

  161. PresidentPaul! says:

    See there are two types of inflation. Supply side and demand side inflation. The former is the bad type.

    The the late 1990’s the Asia crisis was slow to hit the USA but supply side inflation eeked in slowly. Greenspan had to raise rates to fight it, and those rate hikes pushed the economy over the edge (maybe a good thing considering those valuations?)

  162. jason says:

    Rubin already ok with a Bernie Presidency.

    “For those frightened of a Sanders presidency the most likely outcome will be nothing. His inability to work with his own party let alone the other side will likely result in paralysis. That is the GOOD news.”

  163. PresidentPaul! says:

    The fix was in:

    Chief Magistrate (term for UK judge) In Assange Extradition Received Financial Benefits From Shadowy Groups

    It can further be revealed that Lady Emma Arbuthnot was appointed Chief Magistrate in Westminster on the advice of a Conservative government minister with whom she had attended a secretive meeting organised by one of these Foreign Office partner organisations two years before.

  164. jason says:

    he pro-Trump voters, Never Trumpers, and I was forced to support that scumbag because the Dems were worse voters are all going to have to get back together. If they don’t, only Dems benefit.”

    Wishful thinking. That train left the station.

    I will never be on the “same side” as Corey and Amoral Scumbag, not that I was ever on the same side as Amoral Scumbag.

    The Never Trumpers “are all Democrats” now, they aren’t coming back.

    There is no coming back from this. I don’t EVER want to be on the side of Joe Walsh again.

    “Respectfully my friend, you & @JRubinBlogger need to chill. Like you, I want Trump to lose. There are more people who oppose Trump than support him. Don’t tell me Bernie can’t win. My God, TRUMP is President! ANYONE can win. All of us must unite behind WHOEVER the Dems choose.”

  165. jason says:

    Bunu, nobody cares about your kooky views on gold, Saudi Arabia, coronavirus, Nicaragua, Tesla, or any other conspiracy theory.

    Now GFY.

  166. jason says:

    Bunu, don’t you agree that Assange should be given a fair trial and then executed?

  167. Skippy says:

    Democrats did it.

    They committed political suicide in 2020.

    What just happened in England will now happen here in the United States of America.

    Trump Presidency


  168. Bitterlaw says:

    The Never Trumpers “are all Democrats” now, they aren’t coming back.

    Pure BS. They are not all Democrats. They just hate Trump. They are no different than 2016 Never Trumper Jason who was willing to stand by and do nothing to stop Hillary from winning incredibly close Pennsylvania. If Jason is allowed to “evolve,” and support Trump, they are allowed to evolve and support a GOP candidate in 2024.

  169. jason says:

    They are not all Democrats”


    You heard it from the horse’s (ass) mouth, Bill Kristol.

    You are delusional about this “hate Trump” drivel. These people are WAY beyond “hate Trump”.

    And your analogy sucks. I may have hated Trump, but you never heard me say a socialist was better, in fact I made clear even if I didn’t vote for him that a Hillary presidency would be disastrous. I never bought into Corey’s BS theory that “Hillary was a better person”.

    You are living in a dream world if you think this is about “hating Trump”.

    These people are actually advocating for an avowed communist who admires Cuba and the USSR for President. That is not “hate Trump”.

    There is no “getting back together” with these people.

  170. PresidentPaul! says:

    If the Europeans support the CCP on huawei why are we wasting money on NATO and protecting Europe at all?

    Europeans see money coming via belt and road so they jumping on the CCP bandwagon.

  171. jason says:

    Skippy, Klobuchar declared she “exceeded expectations” in NV.

  172. PresidentPaul! says:

    Britain frees itself from the EU so it can have a new master (CCP)

  173. jason says:

    Hate Trump? Give me a break.

    “Specifically, Kristol’s Bulwark website is run by the 501(c)(3) Defending Democracy Together Institute (DDTI), the sister organization of his 501(c)(4) Defending Democracy Together (DDT), which runs the Never Trump attack group Republicans for the Rule of Law. The Hopewell Fund, which is one of the four main nonprofits operating in Arabella’s shadowy network, forked out $75,000 to DDT in 2018.

    The foundations that send monies through the Hopewell Fund’s hands read like a Who’s Who of left-wing money: The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, which heavily funds Planned Parenthood and groups that push for population control; the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a massive pass-through that sends tech titans’ cash to activists at places like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Tides Foundation; and the Democracy Fund, the philanthropy of eBay founder Omidyar, which has given to Common Cause Education Fund and the Campaign Legal Center, both liberal stalwarts. In fact, Democracy Fund shows up again in this story: they gave DDT $1.6 million in 2018.

  174. PresidentPaul! says:

    Hockey night in Canada

    David Ayres went from 42-year-old Zamboni driver to emergency backup goalie to NHL game winner What a story, what a celebration for the Carolina Hurricanes

  175. jason says:

    Bitter is equating my not voting for anybody in 2016 with the Never Trumpers voting for a communist in 2020.

    You can’t make this sh-t up.

  176. Skippy says:


    Klobuchar will win Minnesota because of the early voting which Klobuchar’s army here has taken full advantage of in the last few weeks. But other than Minnesota I’m not sure there are any other states where she can pick up delegates. I know she is putting money and time into Colorado for Super Tuesday but other than that she is pretty much done.

    The Democrats have made a colossal mistake in nominating Sanders. The amount of material and money Trump will have to demolish Sanders will be massive.

    The Democratic Party Nomination race is over.

    The General Election race is over.

    The only question remains is who will be taken down along side Sanders because of Sanders.

    I truly believe Democrats will lose their Michigan Senate sear to John James. This is just 1 example.

  177. jason says:

    They are no different than 2016 Never Trumper Jason who was willing to stand by and do nothing to stop Hillary from winning incredibly close Pennsylvania.”

    This is a lie and you know it.

    Show me one post where I ever said I would vote for a Democrat because I hated Trump, let alone a hard core Bolshevik.

  178. jason says:

    Skippy, I am not even sure Klobuchar can win MN.

    Bernie is a 2-1 favorite at Predictit, maybe you can get your $30 back.

  179. PresidentPaul! says:


    “Crazy Amount Of Requests:” Private Jet Demand Soars As Elites Flee Asia Amid Pandemic

    “While top airline carriers in Asia warn of a significant drop in year-on-year performance in the first half of 2020 amid the virus outbreak in China, South Korea, and Japan, the number of private jet flights between Hong Kong to Australia and North America soared in January by 214% compared with a year ago. “

  180. PresidentPaul! says:

    Delusional Bloomberg seems to have forgotten about having to win that primary thing first before “taking on Trump”

  181. Andrew says:

    “Delusional Bloomberg seems to have forgotten about having to win that primary thing first before “taking on Trump””

    Y’know, he could still use his billions to “take on Trump”… by spending them on ads for Sanders after Sanders wins the nomination.

  182. jason says:

    The only question remains is who will be taken down along side Sanders because of Sanders.

    I truly believe Democrats will lose their Michigan Senate sear to John James. This is just 1 example.

    Well, you can bet the Dem message if Bernie is nominated will be “flip the Senate to save us from Trump’s imperial Presidency”

  183. jason says:

    Y’know, he could still use his billions to “take on Trump”… by spending them on ads for Sanders after Sanders wins the nomination.”

    Except he is already on record as attacking Sander’s socialism as wrong for America.

  184. PresidentPaul! says:

    He forgot to show up in Iowa, NH too.

  185. PresidentPaul! says:


    Venice Cancels Carnival, Fashion Week to Contain Virus Spread

  186. PresidentPaul! says:

    “Coronavirus Hits the Global Supply Chain”

    Have we really ended inflation forever. An old wives tale?
    or does the Night King live.

  187. Bitterlaw says:

    Show me one post where you did anything to stop Hillary. By not voting, you gave Hillary +1 in her vote total.

  188. Tina says:

    Tweet of the day

    Ryan Saavedra
    Socialism is authoritarianism, dumbass
    Quote Tweet

    Joe Walsh
    · 14h
    I would vote for socialism over authoritarianism.

  189. Will says:

    I don’t agree…only actually voting for Hillary gave her a vote.

    One can argue she did not earn support

  190. PresidentPaul! says:



    Thousands of Koreans marched on the street, demanding the deportation of the Chinese! The Chinese are now synonymous with viruses in the world. Forty years later, the image that has improved a little has been ruined once again.

  191. PresidentPaul! says:

    I mean Maduro and Chavez had the goal of just destroying conservatives once and for all, which is what Bernie wants.

    He’s already annoyed he has to keep asking for money and donations. He wants to just be able to take it.

  192. jason says:

    Show me one post where you did anything to stop Hillary. By not voting, you gave Hillary +1 in her vote total.”

    I had a thousand posts where I called Hillary the most ethically challenged nominee in history.

    Comparing my stance in 2016 with a Never Trumper actually voting for an avowed Soviet style communist in 2020 is asinine.

  193. jason says:

    Joe Walsh
    · 14h
    I would vote for socialism over authoritarianism.”

    Hey, he only “hates Trump”.

  194. PresidentPaul! says:

    Video of Shanghai

    Shanghai is empty. That is an unbelievably crowded city it’s crazy

  195. jason says:

    I don’t agree…only actually voting for Hillary gave her a vote.”

    Bitter has a point that had Trump lost PA by one vote, my vote would have mattered.

    But in any case, I don’t see how that compares with “we are all Democrats now”.

  196. jason says:

    Bunu never gets tired of promoting Coronavirus alarmism.

    I guess he thinks that helps the price of gold.

    Here is news Bunu has not posted.


    “China had 394 new confirmed cases on Wednesday, the National Health Commission (NHC) said, sharply down from 1,749 cases a day earlier and the lowest since Jan. 23.”

  197. jason says:

    Bunu hardest hit.

    “Excluding Hubei, the number of new confirmed cases in mainland China stood at 45 on Wednesday, down from 56 a day earlier and falling for the 16th consecutive day.

    Provinces, regions and municipalities that reported no new confirmed cases on Wednesday included Liaoning, Fujian, Shanxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Ningxi, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai.

    The situation is still severe, although efforts to curb the coronavirus in Hubei have made progress, Vice Premier Sun Chunlan said on Wednesday.”

  198. Scooterboy says:

    You Gov GE Poll


    Sanders: 48
    Trump: 41

    Butt: 47
    Trump: 41

  199. Scooterboy says:


    Warren: 46
    Trump: 43

    Klobuchar 44
    Trump: 41

  200. Tina says:

    Steve Guest
    Democrats in disarray: Democrat House Whip Jim Clyburn says socialist Bernie Sanders puts Democrat House in jeopardy

  201. Scooterboy says:

    You Gov GE Poll


    Warren: 46
    Trump: 44

    Sanders 46
    Trump: 44

    Biden: 45
    Trump: 43

    Butt: 45
    Trump: 43

    Klobuchar 44:
    Trump: 43

  202. jason says:

    Those polls will screw the Dems, because it destroys their argument against Bernie.

    I think Trump will win Wisconsin and Michigan easily against Bernie, but don’t tell the Dems.

  203. Phil says:

    Sanders will take a hit over what HIllary did in the suburbs in all states. That’s his biggest problem. Suburbanites like their 401Ks plus they like their health insurance plans. Heavy taxes on the middle class to pay for Sanders’ free everything programs also takes a toll there for Sanders.

    Feel the Bern.

  204. jason says:

    I see I am tied with Tulsi Gabbard in the NV Dem caucus vote.

  205. Scooterboy says:

    You Gov GE Poll


    Sanders 47
    Trump: 45

    Biden 46
    Trump 45

    Warren 45
    Trump 45

    Butt 44
    Trump 44

    Klobuchar 43
    Trump 43

  206. jason says:

    There are 602K registered Dems in NV.

    So far Bernie has what, 25k?

  207. Scooterboy says:

    National CBS/You Gov GE Poll

    Sanders 47
    Trump 43

    Biden 47
    Trump 45

    Warren 46
    Trump 45

    Trump 44
    Butt 44

    Trump 45
    Klobuchar 44

    Trump 45
    Bloomberg 42

  208. Scooterboy says:

    Current Dem delegate count. (1,991 to win)

    Sanders 34
    Butt 24
    Biden 8
    Warren 8
    Klobuchar 7

  209. Phil says:

    See Democrats, it’s actually Sanders who now runs best against Trump in the upper midwestern states as well as the national CBS poll.

    Proves he is the strongest candidate.

    wink wink

  210. Tina says:

    Yup cccp runs strongest everywhere.

  211. Tina says:

    Buttplug s campaign is questioning the vote count in Nevada.

    Pooty poot to be blamed in 3, 2, 1…

  212. jason says:

    A lot of people believe Sanders has a bigger chance of becoming President than I do.

    At Predictit he has a 37% chance.

    Might be worth a short.

  213. Phil says:

    Yeah, could be worth a big bet on Bernie to offset huge loss on any investments we had when the socialist takes office.

  214. jason says:

    Babylon Bee:

    “Wife Can’t Recall Where She Put Her Car Keys But Remembers Dumb Thing You Said 12 Years Ago”

  215. Bitterlaw says:

    So Jason, who left the Republican Party, now gets to decide who can be in the Republican Party?

    Got it.

  216. mRviTO says:

    Jeremy Hughes
    · 2h
    Iowa > Nevada.

    With 20 hours to report results, Iowa had 62%, Nevada has 60.37%

  217. Phil says:

    Democrats couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

  218. mRviTO says:

    Bill Kristol said “we [nevertrumpers] are all Democrats now”.

    I don’t know if you missed it, but that is what jason keeps referencing…

  219. Bitterlaw says:

    Video from the slooooooooooow count in Nevada.

  220. mRviTO says:

    Democrats can absolutely run a lemonade stand.

    Now get in line waaaaaaay down there, and give us a moment while we recalculate how little everyone gets.

  221. Bitterlaw says:

    Trump was a Democrat and he was given a free pass for that at HHR. I will welcome Kristol and the Never Trumpers back in 2024 Since will need their votes. Many Trump voters only support Trump. When he leaves the stage, there is no guarantee they will continue to support the GOP.

  222. Tina says:

    So, the socialist son is a Democrat?

    What about his inter socialism, when it came time for the trump tax cuts?

    Must not be profiteering off the Middle East wars through books, mags. Etc.

  223. Phil says:

    Continue to support the GOP?

    I wasn’t aware they were supporting it now.

  224. Tina says:

    Excellent news.

    Ryan Fournier
    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services just announced they will implement the Public Charge rule,

    Allowing them to deny green cards to aliens who would be dependent on government welfare for extended periods.

    This is LONG overdue.

  225. jason says:

    So Jason, who left the Republican Party, now gets to decide who can be in the Republican Party?

    Got it.”

    You are making sh-t up.

    What I said is that Never Trumpers, who according to their leader Bill Kristol, “are all Democrats now”, and who are now willing to vote for an avowed Soviet style Marxist who is the exact opposite of anything conservative, are never “going to be on the same side” as people like me, and that their behavior and new ideology is way beyond “hating Trump”.

    I also said your analogy that by not voting for Trump in 2016 it was the same thing as voting for a communist in 2020 was really stupid.

  226. Tina says:

    Cn and n rushing to do a Bloomberg town hall tomorrow.

    Bloomberg’s campaign is in panic, He refuses all prior town halls.

    He was scalped by Pocahontas.

  227. jason says:

    Trump was a Democrat and he was given a free pass for that at HHR. I will welcome Kristol and the Never Trumpers back in 2024 Since will need their votes. Many Trump voters only support Trump. When he leaves the stage, there is no guarantee they will continue to support the GOP.”

    Garbage and drivel.

    I never gave Trump a pass for being a Democrat, but do you really want to say Sanders is not a socialist?


    Kristol and the Never Trumpers are Democrats now, and they will vote for a Marxist Leninist for President.

    Talk about giving someone a pass…

  228. jason says:

    Many Trump voters only support Trump. When he leaves the stage, there is no guarantee they will continue to support the GOP.”

    So what?

    Are they any worse than “Republican conservatives” that will vote for a Soviet style communist”.

    And let’s be honest, there are a lot more Trump supporters than there are Never Trump Democrats.

    I wouldn’t make that trade.

  229. Phil says:

    So CNN trying to rush to the rescue of Mini Mike with a sudden townhall out of the blue. Could CNN be more blatant? They are in a panic. Bernie is on the verge of wrapping this up. CNN must do something. Quick.


    This is delicious. More popcorn.

  230. jason says:

    Since will need their votes.”

    Oh, and the R party does not “need” the Never Trumper Democrat vote.

    At most they are 5% of the R party. A drop in the bucket.

    What IS needed is the vote of the blue collar Dems that Trump flipped, and that Bitter correctly stated might not continue to vote R after Trump.

    Keeping those voters voting R will be a lot more important than bringing back the newly established Democrats and socialist voting Never Trumpers.

  231. Bitterlaw says:

    Maybe the word “Never” has a different meaning in Qu’chua..

  232. Phil says:

    David Frumm this morning calls Trump “fat” on CNN.

    That’s showing him, pal.

    These guys are losing it after last night.

  233. Tgca says:

    Oh Bitter! Stop with this STOOPID chit that Trump was a Dem. Your 4th grade argument is getting old. He lived and did business in heavily Dem cities where he had to make nice to do business, as often is the case with most business leaders. He supported both sides, as it was about business for him. Trump was never ideological like you or most folks that follow politics.

    Reagan was an FDR Democrat. He later became a conservative GOPer. So I guess you should have not voted for him either because once a Dem always a Dem, eh?

    Folks should be measured on their actions and simply not party affiliation alone. Trump has acted as a conservative in most of his policies, and hence, the reason he has 90%+ GOP party support.

    You are guilty of running in the same circles as liberals. You’re a lawyer and love Philly. Both are largely liberal so therefore we should question your conservatism because you surround yourself with and support liberal establishments.

    Fooking hypocrite!!!

  234. Phil says:

    Ah yes, the CONSEVATIVE Never Trumpers.

    Jenny on Twitter again this morning –

    ‘’We should shudder at the prospect of what the country might look like after another Trump term – especially if as likely with Sanders at the top of the ticket the Republicans retain the Senate”

    The Washington Post “conservative” is terrified the Republicans retain The Senate.

    Love the Never Trumpers. The REAL Republicans and the TRUE conservatives.

  235. mRviTO says:

    Tom Steyer has qualified for the Tuesday debate.

  236. Bitterlaw says:

    Reagan spent decades as a Republican and conservative leader before he was elected President. I was 16 so I did not have the honor of voting for Reagan in 1984.

  237. mRviTO says:

    With 1266 reporting
    37 attendance mismatch
    21 turnout increase
    1 suspicious turnout
    10 gave too few CCD
    5 gave extra CCD
    23 viable got 0 CCD
    16 nonviable got CCD
    94 nonviable increased in support
    25 viable decreased in support
    234 nonviable not broken up
    50+ inaccurate allocation

  238. mRviTO says:

    538 probabilities for majority of delegates going into the convention

    Sanders 46%
    No one 40%
    Biden 9%
    Bloomberg 4%

  239. lisab says:

    My God, TRUMP is President! ANYONE can win.

    well not romney or jeb

  240. Tgca says:

    But by your logic Bitter, nobody should have voted for Reagan as a GOPer until he proved himself as a real GOPer since he was previously a strong-supporting FDR Dem. Which means Reagan would not have been given a chance in public office as CA gov under the GOP because proof is required. I’m sorry, talking is not proof, actions demonstrate proof.

    Again, Trump has been very supportive of conservative causes, more so than the 2 Bush POTUS so I give him the benefit of the doubt, and don’t view him as liberalin camouflage. I see him less ideological and more practical in his policies.

    Once Trump starts governing as a liberal, I will withdraw my support but thus far, over 3 years into his presidency, he has generally governed as a conservative and accomplished more for conservative causes of any GOP POTUS since Reagan.

  241. jason says:

    I can understand why Bitter hates Trump.

    I don’t understand why he gives a pass to fake conservatives who vote for a Soviet style Marxist Leninist.

  242. jason says:

    I agree with Bitter that comparing Trump’s “conversion” to Reagan’s is BS.

    Trump was still funding Harry Reid in 2010, just a few years before he ran as an R.

    But in the end, the proof is in the pudding. Trump has governed as a conservative on a lot of issues. He has remained true to his Dem roots on several others.

    On balance, he has had more hits than misses.

  243. lisab says:

    trump has completely realigned the circuit courts

    another 4 years with a gop senate would make those changes last a decade

    likely 3 more scotus and all circuit courts would flip republican

    the la times declared trump has flipped the 9th, although technically he has not

  244. lisab says:

    the corona virus is paralyzing italy

    of course no one notices tuscany and southward

    but it is noticeable in northern italy

  245. mRviTO says:

    I found this to be a very entertaining Greg Gutfeld show from start to finish, if anyone wants a good laugh this afternoon.

  246. Wes says:

    Tgca pretends Trump was a Democrat for business purposes. Well, let’s look at the reality of Trump’s electoral affiliation:

    Trump was a Republican from 1987 to 1999.

    From 1999 to 2001, Trump was a member of the Reform Party.

    From 2001 to 2009, Trump was a Democrat.

    From 2009 to 2011, Trump was a Republican.

    From 2011 to 2012, Trump was an independent.

    Since 2012, Trump has been a Republican.

    Trump has had no consistent political affiliation except remaining a Republican since beginning to lay the groundwork for his 2016 run back in 2012. Who knows why Trump was a Democrat during the Bush years?

    There’s no evidence it was business related.

    Of course Mikey has said Trump will govern as a liberal once re-elected. That’s actually a case for why Republicans wouldn’t want to reelect Trump, so I’m not sure why a putative Trump supporter makes it. Then again, because Mikey is among the stupidest posters on this blog, I can scarcely say I’m surprised.

  247. lisab says:

    well … he has been very consistent on NOT supporting wars in iraq, iran, syria and afghanistan

  248. jason says:

    Tgca, you sound like NYC with this garbage that the reason Trump was a Dem was “to do business”


    There are countless interviews where he had little incentive to lie where he identifies with a lot of liberal ideas.

    I will give him credit for changing on some of them, but let’s not get carried away.

    Trump WAS a liberal Dem, he contributed to a lot of Dems and their causes, and he admitted as much in interviews. He said he preferred Dem economic policies, government funded healthcare, even partial birth abortion.

    Still, I doubt he would have ever voted for a communist.

  249. jason says:

    well … he has been very consistent on NOT supporting wars in iraq, iran, syria and afghanistan”


  250. lisab says:

    time during a policy-rich interview in the Oval Office to give his take on the biggest mistake in American history.

    Was it the Civil War? Nah. The failure to stop Sept. 11? Nope. How about Pearl Harbor? Not even close.

    “The worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country: going into the Middle East, by President Bush,” the president said during an exclusive interview with Hill.TV. “Obama may have gotten (U.S. soldiers) out wrong, but going in is,to me, the biggest single mistake made in the history of our country.”

    So why was it so catastrophic?

    “Because we spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. Now if you wanna fix a window some place they say, ‘oh gee, let’s not do it.’ Seven trillion, and millions of lives — you know, ‘cause I like to count both sides. Millions of lives,” the president explained.

    “To me, it’s the worst single mistake made in the history of our country. Civil war you can understand. Civil war, civil war. That’s different. For us to have gone into the Middle East, and that was just, that was a bad day for this country, I will tell you.”

  251. lisab says:

    trump doesn’t agree with wes that bush lied

    but he certainly thinks it was a stupid decision

  252. jason says:


    But he certainly is not against the war in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria since we have troops in all of them for his entire term in office.

  253. lisab says:

    looks like biden will take second in nv

    so he lives to fight another day

  254. lisab says:

    as trump has said, obama left wrongly from iraq

    but he has repeatedly tried to draw down troops in afghanistan, iraq and syria

    sdc almost became a never trumper over it

  255. jason says:

    There are actually more troops in the ME now than when Trump took office.

    “US. President Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to extract the United States from costly foreign conflicts, bring U.S. troops home, and shrug off burdensome overseas commitments. “Great nations do not fight endless wars,” Trump declared in his 2019 State of the Union address. “We’re bringing our troops back home,” he boasted during a cabinet meeting in October. “I got elected on bringing our soldiers back home.”

    But after nearly three years in office, Trump’s promised retrenchment has yet to materialize. The president hasn’t meaningfully altered the U.S. global military footprint he inherited from President Barack Obama. Nor has he shifted the costly burden of defending U.S. allies. To the contrary, he loaded even greater military responsibilities on the United States while either ramping up or maintaining U.S. involvement in the conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, and elsewhere.”

  256. Tina says:

    Bob cannot even open his car door.

    Donald J. Trump
    · 1h
    Are any Democrat operatives, the DNC, or Crooked Hillary Clinton, blaming Russia, Russia, Russia for the Bernie Sanders win in Nevada. If so I suggest calling Bob Mueller & the 13 Angry Democrats to do a new Mueller Report, Democrat Edition. Bob will get to the bottom of it!

  257. jason says:

    but he has repeatedly tried to draw down troops in afghanistan, iraq and syria”

    Nah, he has said he wants to do that, but never did.

    Not that I disagree with him, he is right to dos so, I am in favor of keeping all those commitments. It is our interest.

    But facts are facts.

  258. lisab says:

    if the news is at all accurate

    he has made a truce with the taliban

  259. jason says:

    Never Trumper Frum calls Trump fat and says he is the most unfit President since FDR.

    These are the same people who attack Trump for playing too much golf.

    You can’t make this sh-t up.

  260. jason says:

    he has made a truce with the taliban

    He agreed to a one week “reduction in hostilities”, in effect a partial and temporary truce.

    However, if he thinks the Taliban will honor any peace deal he is a fool.

  261. lisab says:

    “Time to come home,” he said. “They want to stop. You know, they’ve been fighting a long time. They’re tough people. We’re tough people. But after 19 years, that’s a long time

  262. jason says:

    The Taliban can’t be trusted and the US should keep their presence in Afghanistan.

    I hope Trump is smart enough to see that, so far he has been.

  263. lisab says:

    trump has been pretty consistent on not wanting to be an interventionalist

    it is just one reason bill kristol and company hate him

  264. jason says:

    19 years it was it took, and maybe it will take another 19. Surrendering and running now won’t solve anything, it will just invite more problems in the future.

  265. jason says:

    trump has been pretty consistent on not wanting to be an interventionalist”

    No he hasn’t. His “wants” don’t match his actions.

    Which is good.

    He knows rhetoric is cheap, but when push comes to shove, he has “intervened” as needed.

  266. Messy says:

    Boy was that wrong…

    265. They will honor the truce for a week.

  267. jason says:

    What is wrong, moron?


    “Afghanistan war: US and Afghan Taliban start partial truce. A seven-day “reduction in violence” between the US and the Afghan Taliban has begun, officials say”

  268. Messy says:

    i wish you all a happy my-birthday.

  269. Messy says:

    272, Did Jason just call Tina a moron?
    Shame on you Jason!!!!!

  270. jason says:

    I am happy that Trump has not actually implemented his rhetoric, not complaining.

  271. jason says:

    No, I called YOU a moron.

  272. jason says:

    And Tina was not even in the conversation.

  273. lisab says:

    i think he has “intervened” as needed is trump’s way … such as blowing up the iranian general salami in iraq

    i do not think he is a pacifist or a unilateral disarmist

    but we are well under the troop strength obama had in afghanistan

    trump has been moving our troops out of the warzones into “friendly” countries nearby, where they could go back, but are not in the fight

    obama at one point had over 100,000 troops in afghanistan

  274. jason says:

    Messy Moron, remember you are never too old to educate yourself.

  275. jason says:

    obama at one point had over 100,000 troops in afghanistan”

    There were only 11k when he left office.

    And Trump quickly sent more troops and increased that.

  276. jason says:

    I think Trump has listened to his generals for the most part, instead of doing anything really stupid.

    That is to his credit.

  277. lisab says:

    if the taliban act up,

    i would not be surprised if trump starts droning their “generals”

    he won’t leave afghanistan in the way we left south vietnam

  278. jason says:

    Dem Strategist James Carville Explodes: Dems Committing ‘Political Suicide’ With Sanders”

    Hey Dems, don’t listen to him.

    Go Bernie!

  279. lisab says:

    I think Trump has listened to his generals for the most part, instead of doing anything really stupid.

    i agree

    but he has withdrawn those troops since then

    and is considering drawing down another 4000 if the truce holds

  280. lisab says:

    explain this:

    the cnn, nytimes, etc. polls all have sanders easily beating trump … by up to 5%

    yet they are saying sanders will be a disaster

  281. lisab says:

    current rcp average is sanders +4.4%

    which should mean an easy electoral college victory

    yet the dems are panicked?!!!

  282. Phil says:

    In a series of tweets this morning Bill Kristol has two messages for his “Democratic friends” as he calls them.
    1) A warning that the Trump campaign has tons of opposition research on Bernie
    2) A pep talk imploring them to “not give up” and to stand firm against Bernie’s getting the nomination.


  283. Tina says:

    What a mess.

    Quote Tweet

    Francis Brennan (Text TRUMP to 88022)
    · 24m
    Joe Biden this morning “I’ve never called South Carolina my firewall”

    Joe Biden three weeks ago “I’ve got a real fire wall in South Carolina.”

  284. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Below is the methodology of the CBS News/YouGov polls that were just released —
    -sample of adults of voting age,
    -online interviews,
    -responses “weighed” to make them fit into a demographic model.

    “Surveys of voting age adults were conducted by YouGov under the direction of the ERC. YouGov is a leading marketing and polling firm that conducts surveys for news outlets such as CBS News, the Economist, and the Huffington Post. Interviews were conducted online with respondents selected from YouGov’s opt-in panel. The sample was selected and weighted to reflect the adult population in each state based on gender, age, race, and education.”

  285. Victrc says:

    What was all of that one in a million talk

  286. lisab says:

    italy and austria have closed their borders due to the corona virus

  287. Victrc says:

    So question

    Maybe it’s me, but is there a reason that the vote count is exactly the same in Nevada as when I went to sleep last night. Are they ever going to count the other 50% or am I missing the final results?

  288. jason says:

    Dems, including new Dem Kristol, should not panic.

    You Gov shows Sanders beating Trump.

  289. jason says:

    “Maybe it’s me, but is there a reason that the vote count is exactly the same in Nevada as when I went to sleep last night.”

    It’s you.

    My sources say two more votes were counted.

  290. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “At the rate things are going the Convention should be held at the nearest old folks home.”

    The fact that Trump is likely to be the younger presidential candidate in 2020 says something about the current state of the Democratic Party.

  291. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    282. “if the taliban act up, i would not be surprised if trump starts droning their “generals” he won’t leave afghanistan in the way we left south vietnam.”

    War in the future is going to involve more technology, and less humans. The Taliban will increasingly be battling drones, robots, and missiles that hit with pinpoint accuracy. The savages are in for a miserable time. The hit on Soleimani was a pioneer event in this regard — it will be his claim to fame.

  292. Phil says:

    Current list of Never Trumpers who have now declared their intention to vote for Bernie Sanders in November:

    Nicole Wallace
    Tom Nichols
    Joe Walsh

    We are now waiting on declarations from the likes of Steve Schmidt, Max Boot, George Will, Joe Scarborough, Jennifer Rubin, Bill Kristol, David Frum etc etc

    Rubin and Kristol are today still holding out hope for Biden and Bloomberg and are currently using their twitter accounts to encourage their “Democratic friends” to “hang in there” and not give up on nominating a “Democratic moderate”. David Frum’s only current contribution on Twitter so far today is to declare that Trump is fat.

  293. BayernFan says:

    Lol the campaign just started.

  294. jason says:

    Phil, you left out Scumbag Romney.

  295. jason says:

    “encourage their “Democratic friends”


    What is this BS?

    Fellow Democrats, please.

  296. jason says:

    · 24m
    Joe Biden this morning “I’ve never called South Carolina my firewall”

    Joe Biden three weeks ago “I’ve got a real fire wall in South Carolina.”

    He is not lying.

    He called it a real fire wall, not my firewall.

    Damm nitpickers…

  297. Bitterlaw says:

    I understand jason’s point. What if the Never Trumpers adopted jason’s 2016 position and just did not vote for President. Would that be acceptable?

  298. Phil says:

    Ah yes, how could I forget Mitt Romney – Yeah, Corey’s guy. The Towering figure in today’s political world. The leader of the REAL Republican Party. The epitome of virtue and true morality. Can’t believe I left him out.

  299. Bitterlaw says:

    Not supporting Trump 100% means somebody is immoral now? Damn.

    I guess Jason is immoral since he thinks Trump’s trade wars are stupid.

  300. Phil says:

    You know what? I also left out George Conway. Can’t leave him out.

  301. jason says:

    The Never Trumper’s candidate, 1985:

    “A handful of people in this country are making decisions, whipping up Cold War hysteria, making us hate the Russians. We’re spending billions on military. Why can’t we take some of that money to pay for thousands of U.S. children to go to the Soviet Union?”

  302. jason says:

    Who said Romney is immoral for not supporting Trump 100%?

  303. jason says:

    Ah, ok, that was not in response to my comment. Carry on.

  304. jason says:

    That was about 6 years after Russia invaded Afghanistan.

  305. Phil says:

    I don’t know, bitter. As far as what constitutes “immoral” we’d have to consult Corey. I believe he is the Hedgehog Report’s resident expert on morality. I believe he and he alone is allowed to determine who and what is moral and immoral.

  306. jason says:

    Since Russia is no longer communist, maybe Sanders can send the kids to be brainwashed in Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea.

  307. jason says:

    Ah yes, Conway.

    What a scumbag.

    If he wasn’t married to somebody actually important nobody would care what he said.

    He sure milks that relationship more than even Avenatti milked his client Stormy.

  308. Tina says:

    The next thing is trump should veto a fisa renewal bill.

    That would trigger the jebots,

  309. DW says:

    Am I seeing this right that only 60% of the vote in Nevada has been reported? This would be almost as bad as Iowa if it wasn’t for such a substantial lead by the Bolshevik. What if it was a tight race for the lead? We still wouldn’t know.

  310. jason says:

    Bitter has given me sh-t for 3 years because as a Republican I didn’t vote to save the Republic and keep Hillary Clinton from the Presidency.

    Yet, the Never Trumpers, who are actually supporting and voting for socialists and even an avowed communist, get a pass because “they hate Trump”.

    I love this place.

  311. jason says:

    DW, it also steals Biden’s thunder for coming in second because we actually don’t know if he came in second.

  312. jason says:

    Bloomberg spends half a billion and still behind Biden and Warren?


    New CBS/YouGov national poll just out:

    Sanders 28%
    Warren 19%
    Biden 17%
    Bloomberg 13%
    Buttigieg 10%
    Klobuchar 5%
    Steyer 2%
    Gabbard 1%

  313. jason says:

    You Gov seems to be polling a lot of far leftists, but who cares.

  314. jason says:

    The Warren numbers are weird.

  315. jason says:

    Warren is going to get killed in the South on Super Tuesday.

  316. lisab says:

    What if it was a tight race for the lead? We still wouldn’t know.

    it is a tight race for biden for second

  317. lisab says:

    i think warren will get hillary’s cat lady vote

    say 10%

  318. DW says:

    Once again, Democrats make the point that they demand to lead you and tell you how to live and that they will provide everything for you, but they don’t have the skills to even run an election.

  319. DW says:

    Once again, the best page for current polling info is:

    Just a plain white page, no commentary links or ads, and it stays current throughout the day and is the most comprehensive. They include everything unlike RCP. The only annoying thing is their way off letter grades for pollsters.

  320. jason says:

    Well, 538 “adjusts” the polls, usually to favor the Democrats.

    But I guess you can just look at them before they are “adjusted”.

  321. DW says:

    I think the page I linked above is just the raw polls, without adjustment.

  322. lisab says:

    i think the dems don’t want biden to be third in nevada

  323. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    There are a couple of twitter sites that provide updated polling.



    Also RealClearPolitics has current polling.

    Agree with Jason, often 538 distorts polling based on its own bias.

  324. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    330. Correction to the two Twitter Links:



  325. jason says:

    Frankly, Bernie might want to lose SC to Biden.

    Biden staying in makes it unlikely the Dems can coalesce around a “moderate” until it might be too late.

    The person he wants to drop out should be Warren.

  326. lisab says:

    from reddit

    Score hidden ·
    13 minutes ago

    Call me crazy, but I’m starting to think that CNN and MSNBC aren’t the far left news channels I keep being told they are.
    level 2
    Score hidden ·
    7 minutes ago

    To be fair, it’s the right wing that calls them far left. When you’re far right, centrism looks like the far left.
    level 2
    Score hidden ·
    12 minutes ago

    From where I stand ( I live in Europe ), they are very much right leaning.
    level 3
    Score hidden ·
    4 minutes ago

    Agreed (I’m a US citizen), but the argument can be made that it truly is the corporations vs the people… it’s all about ratings to the networks. They want to appeal to the left to get those views, but when it comes down to it remember who controls the puppet strings from the top.

  327. Phil says:

    That’s what I’m thinking, Jason. A relatively close second for Bernie in SC will do just nicely. Keeps Biden just strong enough on Super Tuesday to keep spitting the non Bernie vote.


  328. lisab says:

    MSNBC anchors keep comparing Sanders’ campaign and its supporters to Nazis, and they’re being called to resign

  329. lisab says:

    There’s a Pattern to Who Trump is Pardoning | CNN’s John Avlon Takes a Look at the Eleven People President Trump Pardoned This Week – They All Have a Fox News Connection, According to the New York Times.

  330. PresidentPaul! says:

    Hope none of you own rents. You’re fuc$%ed bc Bernie wants national rent controls

    End the housing crisis by investing $2.5 trillion to build nearly 10 million permanently affordable housing units.
    Protect tenants by implementing a national rent control standard, a “just-cause” requirement for evictions, and ensuring the right to counsel in housing disputes.

  331. PresidentPaul! says:

    2.5 trillion for anyone who is broke and wants to live in Bernie projects.

    Rent controls for anyone who works for living.

  332. PresidentPaul! says:

    Bernie stole 83 million dollars from the tax payers to funnel to himself and his family members already. It’s basically picking a criminal to run the White House.

  333. lisab says:

    Marianne Williamson endorses Bernie Sanders

  334. jason says:

    In fairness to Chris Matthews who is a flaming left wing a-hole, his “Naz” reference was in the context that sometimes things happen and are fait accompli before anyone realizes it, such as when the Nazis breached the Maginot line.

  335. lisab says:

    Justice Sotomayor warns the Supreme Court is doing special favors for the Trump administration

  336. lisab says:

    Bloomberg Defied a Flight Ban to Show Support for Israel, Defended the Country Shelling a School and Killing Sleeping Children

  337. lisab says:

    “I want to speak specifically for just a minute at the top about a threat that is coming our way. And it’s a big threat — not a tall one, but a big one, Michael Bloomberg,” said Warren.

  338. Tgca says:


  339. PresidentPaul! says:

    It’s early for inflation but my spidey sense is going off today. there is no free lunches
    Night King may be coming

  340. PresidentPaul! says:

    Snowflake generation is too weak for Volcker policies.

    They want Bernie and suffering.

  341. PresidentPaul! says:

    If we get a real correction this week, brbb might be coming in hot.

    Buffet been sitting on 100 billion for this drop.

  342. mRviTO says:

    Nevada is 88% in.

    Sanders has won 15 delegates and Biden 4 so far according to decision desk.

  343. PresidentPaul! says:

    10Y yield is 1.41%. Huge yield curve inversion. copper falling futures falling.

    Gold booming

  344. VictrC says:


    It’s now 17 Sanders. 7 Biden delegate wise

  345. mRviTO says:

    Buttigieg has at least 1 according to several outlets.

  346. jason says:

    Bernie on 60 minutes.

    Fidel had a literacy program!

    You can’t make this sh-t up.

  347. lisab says:

    Woman claims her marriage of 22 years ended over husband’s Donald Trump vote

  348. lisab says:

    President Trump is a homewrecker.

    That’s according to retiree in Washington State, who told Reuters on Tuesday she called it quits with her husband of 22 years because he voted for The Donald — something she saw as a “deal breaker.”

    “It totally undid me that he could vote for Trump,” said Gayle McCormick, 73, a retired California prison guard who called herself a “Democrat leaning toward socialist.”

    “It opened up areas between us I had not faced before,” she said.

    “I realized how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger.”

  349. Tina says:

    There is kfc, cnn.

    Quote Tweet

    · 5h
    President Trump — whose diet is often a rotation of steaks, burgers and meatloaf — faces a potential shock as he prepares to travel to India, where Hindus are the majority and cows are revered as sacred. There is kfc, cnn.

  350. Tina says:

    Florida is gone. Plus cccp hates Jewish people.

    Oh dear, Bernie just said: “Castro’s not so bad”….

    And Bernie was doing so well keeping most of it hidden.

  351. Phil says:

    Ok, Bernie. So the thousands murdered by Castro could read and write. Let’s hear it for the Castro Literacy Program!

    Can’t wait to see which ones of the Never Trumper “true conservative Real Republicans” make up the next wave to pledge support for Bernie in November.

  352. lisab says:

    “I’m wondering if Democratic moderates want Bernie Sanders to be President?” said Matthews. “Maybe that’s too exciting a question to raise. Do they want Bernie to take over the Democratic Party in perpetuity? Maybe they’d rather wait 4 years and put in a Democrat that they like.”

  353. Tina says:

    Really bad Drat numbers in nv

    Thao Nguyen
    nevada caucus entrance poll results suggest lower enthusiasm among democrats in the closely-contested swing state

    in 2020, 50% were first-time caucus-goers
    in 2016, 65% were first-time caucus-goers

  354. PresidentPaul! says:

    Cramer explains why you can never fully trust futures.

  355. Bitterlaw says:

    I wish the 2020 Never Trumpers would act like 2016 Never Does Not Really Mean Never Trumper Jason and just not vote for President.

  356. lisab says:

    Video clips of Sanders’ remarks on 60 Minutes were quickly shared on social media. Some Miami-based Democrats said Sanders’ response is politically damaging in South Florida, home to more than 1 million Cuban-Americans.

    “Democrats, nominating this man will absolutely re-elect Donald Trump and end our Constitutional republic,” tweeted Miami-based Democratic strategist and pollster Fernand Amandi.

    “You can practically hear Miami crack off Florida and go spinning into the ocean,” Miami-based author Roben Farzad tweeted.

  357. lisab says:

    Sanders won’t attend AIPAC conference, accuses it of providing platform for ‘bigotry’

  358. jason says:

    I wish the 2020 Never Trumpers would act like 2016 Never Does Not Really Mean Never Trumper Jason and just not vote for President.”


    Delusional drivel.

    “We are all Democrats now”

  359. Tina says:

    I am a socialist, like my parents,

    -socialist son

  360. jason says:

    Bitter is again misrepresenting my position in 2016.

    I never said I was a Democrat or that I would vote for Hillary.

    The Never Trumpers are now Democrats who will vote for socialists and communists.

    Trying to compare me to the Never Trumpers is BS.

  361. Bitterlaw says:

    Hit a nerve?

    Taking the words of a very few Never Trumpers and holding it against Never Trumpers who did not say those words is intellectual laziness. When you posted NeverTrump were you lying or did you not know the meaning of the word?

  362. Bitterlaw says:

    Jason did not vote for Hillary. He was not a Democrat. He stepped aside and was willing to let her win without any opposition from him.

  363. VictrC says:

    How about we settle on this.

    While Kristol, Rubin et al do not speak for all Never Trumpers, Kristol’s comment that “we are all Democrats now” is unnerving and petty.

    There stands a likelihood that some NeverTrumpers believe like they do, while there are some NeverTrumpers who do not, and will just stay at home (like 2016) and not vote for Bernie because they hate Trump so much.


  364. VictrC says:

    Current first vote % in Nevada with 87% in

    Bernie. 34.3%
    Biden. 17.9%
    Buttigieg 15.2%
    Warren. 12.8%
    Klobuchar 9.2%
    Steyer 9.1%

    Again,this shows closer voting totals, especially to 2nd place than the delegate voting percentages

  365. PresidentPaul! says:

    ‘Democratic Candidates Gang Up On Cartoon Mike Bloomberg’ Ep. 305 Cold Open | Our Cartoon President

  366. PresidentPaul! says:

    Bernie a wold in sheep’s clothing pretending to be for the people×900

  367. PresidentPaul! says:

    Tokyo subway aggressively prepares for corona

  368. PresidentPaul! says:

    It’s Bernie World!

    Mitchell is currently ranked the fastest biological girl in Connecticut and had lost four girls’ state championships and two all New England awards to the males.

  369. CG says:

    Never Trump then. Never Trump now. Never Trump forever.

    And Never Sanders too.

    You are welcome.

  370. VictrC says:

    Corey. Are we to infer that you will neither vote for Bernie or Trump in November if those are the candidates, as opposed to Bloomberg or Biden, whom you would vote fore because Trump is so heinous (in your humble opinion) that the conservative policies he has put in place do not outweigh the fact that you don’t like him?

    If so. Good.

  371. Phil says:

    He’s said he’s all in on Bloomberg.

    Biden? Who the hell knows.

    Maybe he’ll write in Romney. No telling.

  372. Scooterboy says:

    Jon Cooper, Chairman of the Dem Coalition and former campaign Chair for Obama, tweeted this:
    “ If Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is our nominee, it’s over. He’ll lose in a landslide. We’ll lose our only chance to defeat Trump, we’ll lose our House Majority, and we’ll lose our best opportunity to win back the Senate. We’ll also lose the Supreme Court for a generation.”

  373. PresidentPaul! says:


    18 crematoriums in Wuhan are working overtime actually 3 of them to the point where they have broken down.

    Red Ponzi’s numbers are 100% fake news and fake numbers

  374. PresidentPaul! says:


    Time to cancel the Olympics I thinks.

  375. PresidentPaul! says:


    CCP now reporting on state television that this is a US bio-weapon designed to massacre the Chinese

  376. MichiganGuy says:

    Cnn “The Russians are helping Trump!”
    Cnn – umm nevermind

  377. PresidentPaul! says:

    Trump should keep having meetings about Russian promoting Bernie to troll the dems.

  378. PresidentPaul! says:

    Florida is caulk full of Cubans who hated Castro and Venezuelas who HATE Maduro, but since they have nothing they will vote for Bernie (Maduro) because he will give them free stuff just like Maduro did for them in Venezuela.

    Just like these Californians fleeing California for Texas so they can try to ruin another state.

  379. PresidentPaul! says:

    Bernie Bros demanding Chris Matthews resign over nazi comments.

    when you lie down with dogs…

  380. NYCmike says:

    #372 – have to say, clicked on this without seeing who made the comment, and got a good laugh.

  381. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    385. Excuse me for a brief reality check. Cubans were twice as likely to vote for Trump as other Latinos in 2016. In fact Cubans in Florida voted for Trump by 51%-45%. By the way, Cubans are doing very well economically.

    Likewise, I do not know how Venezualans vote; but if their like other South Americans in the U.S., they may vote conservative — for example, Brazilians in the U.S. supported Bolsonaro by margins has high as 80%.

    I suspect Venezuelans may be like the Vietnamese in California, who after experiencing communism in their homelands vote Republican in the U.S.

  382. Wes says:

    Bunu has a problem with the fact that Latinos exist, SDC.

  383. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – Maybe Bunu thinks Hispanics are Jewish.

  384. jason says:

    I think there might be a lot of this going on…

    “Conservative activist Chuck Muth said that he temporarily switched parties to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucuses.

    Muth, who spoke to the Las Vegas Journal-Review while wearing a red Keep America Great hat, explained that he had crossed over to “vote for the weakest candidate possible of the Democrats.”

    “It was kind of a way of demonstrating how absurd I think it is to have same-day registration as well as early voting for a caucus,” Muth explained. “So my wife and I last Sunday went to an early voting site, we changed parties right there on the spot. We caucused for Bernie.”

  385. jason says:

    While Kristol, Rubin et al do not speak for all Never Trumpers,”

    Says who?

    I have not seen ONE Never Trumper disavow any of their comments.

    That IS the problem, they DO speak for all of them.

  386. jason says:

    Taking the words of a very few Never Trumpers and holding it against Never Trumpers who did not say those words is intellectual laziness. When you posted NeverTrump were you lying or did you not know the meaning of the word?”

    Really? Is this what you want to hang your hat on?

    So if you post NeverTrump for a presidential race in 2016 you are not allowed to change your vote 4 years later based on his record as President?

    Wow, I am sure Bill Kristol and Jen Rubin would be proud of you, that is exactly how they think.

    It’s how Corey and Amoral Scumbag think too, they are still stuck in the 2016 primaries pining for Jeb Bush and completely unwilling to admit they were wrong about Trump.

    NeverBernie2020! I reserve the right to vote for him in 2024 if he wins and governs as a conservative.

  387. jason says:

    Jason did not vote for Hillary. He was not a Democrat. He stepped aside and was willing to let her win without any opposition from him.”

    However, in 2016 campaigned vigorously against Hillary at every possible moment, here and elsewhere. I tried my best to explain her presidency was going to be a long term disaster for conservatives. When Corey tried to portray her as some non-ideological compromising moderate, nobody here was quicker to point out that was a load of crap.

    In 2020, Bitter says he will vote for Trump but feels compelled to parrot all the Never Trumper talking points about what a scumbag and terrible person Trump is at least 20 times a day.

    So, Ma, I will conclude that both in 2016 and 2020 I have persuaded more people to vote for Trump than Bitter has.

  388. NYCmike says:

    “So, Ma, I will conclude that both in 2016 and 2020 I have persuaded more people to vote for Trump than Bitter has.”

    -I’ll have to agree with this.

    I will send you a Hillary coffee cup as confirmation.

  389. Patrickcog says:

    ???????????? ????? – ??? ??????? ????????? ? ???????????? ????? ??????, ??????? ?? ??????????? ???? ???????????? ????????????? ???? ??????????? ???????? ??????? ???. ???? ????????????? ? ?????????? ?????? ????? ??????? ? ????????? ? ??????? ?????, ? ?????????? ????? ? ???? ??????????, ????????? ????????????? ??? ??? ????????? ???? ?????. ?? ?????? ? ???????? ????? ??????? ????????? ? ??????????? ???? ??????, ? ????????? ???????? ????? ?????? ????? ?????? ???????? ????? ??????? ????????? ??????. ?????? ?????? ????????????? ?????. ??????????? ? ??????????? ?????. ??????????? ????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ?? 3 ??????: ??????, ??????? ? ?????????. ????? ?????????????????? ???????? ????? ???????? ?? ???????, ???????????? ?? ??? ????, ??? ??? ?? ???? ? ?? ???????? ? ??? ???? ?????? ? ??????????? ????????.

  390. jason says:

    Patrickcog, that makes more sense than anything Bunu posts.

  391. jason says:

    Cup? What happened to the mugs?

  392. jason says:

    Florida is caulk full of Cubans who hated Castro and Venezuelas who HATE Maduro, but since they have nothing they will vote for Bernie (Maduro) because he will give them free stuff just like Maduro did for them in Venezuela.”

    Bunu is an idiot.

    Actually, the Cuban and Venezuelan communities in Florida are very far from “having nothing”.

    The Cuban community has done quite well and a large portion of the Venezuelans are people who were wealthy enough to get visas and afford to move to Florida.

    If they had gotten a lot of “free st-ff” they would have stayed in Venezuela. They left so they could at least protect some of their assets.

  393. Bitterlaw says:

    How exactly would jason propose that Never Trumpers who do not have tv or radio shows prove to him that they are not Democrats now?

    As for jason’s heroic efforts to tell people at HHR to not vote for Hillary when they were never going to vote for Hillary…zzzzzzz

  394. Tina says:

    Can cccp wait until after he is nominated to phuq things up.

    After all, I went through all of this work just to vote for cccpi. The Ca primary.

    Phuq things up after you are the nominee.

  395. Tina says:

    John Ocasio-Nolte
    You’re still going to vote for him…
    Quote Tweet

    Jeb Bush
    · 12h
    It is unbelievable that Sanders co

  396. jason says:

    How exactly would jason propose that Never Trumpers who do not have tv or radio shows prove to him that they are not Democrats now?”

    The leader of the Never Trumpers said “we are all Democrats now”.

    I have not seen ONE Never Trumper disavow him. Not in the MSM, not on a blog, nowhere.

    Most are now saying they will vote for the avowed communist, so saying they are Democrats is actually understating the case.

  397. jason says:

    Quid pro quo?

    “Tom Steyer has paid more than $40k to rent a property owned by Jim Clyburn’s daughter

    A bank Steyer founded has loaned $1 million to a Columbia-based bank that has one of Clyburn’s sons-in-law on its board”

  398. DW says:

    Bolshevik Bernie:

    “And Pol Pot, he wasn’t that bad either, he just needed more ideas on what to do with his surplus population.”

  399. jason says:

    I think Bitter is trying to say that the Never Trumpers on TV and in the media are “different” from the other NeverTrumpers.


  400. jason says:

    Has Bernie commented on Stalin yet?

    Maybe, “yes, he killed 60 million but tens of millions survived”

  401. Phil says:

    Bernie. What an idiot. Hey, Bernie, you couldn’t shut your Bolshevik mouth long enough to get the nomination when it was there for the taking. What an idiot. Lol

  402. jason says:

    I don’t think it will make any difference.

    Do you think Proud Obamacommunists or the Never Trumpers who already declared they will vote for him care?

    It’s not like they didn’t know he was a Marxist Leninist before.

    Tell me anyone supporting Bernie didn’t know he was a big fan of Fidel Castro.

  403. Phil says:

    I suspect Bernie has blown it with his big mouth. He will get hammered in the debate this week.

    Look for Joe to make a move and win a SC by 15 points. He will also win Arkansas. Tennessee, Oklahoma, Tennessee on Super Tuesday. The idea that Joe is dead was a bit premature.

  404. jason says:

    New Never Trumper meme:

    “Ok, Bernie is a communist but Trump is fat”

    David Frum:

    “Donald Trump was the oldest president ever, one of the fattest presidents ever, the least physically capable president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair. I mean, he can’t pick up a ball, never mind throw it. But he was able to put into the minds of tens of millions of people the idea that Hillary Clinton who’s a very vigorous woman in good health, was somehow too sick to be president.”

  405. Scooterboy says:

    Sienna Research

    New York

    Sanders 25
    Bloomberg 21
    Biden 13
    Warren 11
    Butt 9
    Klobuchar 9

  406. jason says:

    Hillary is a very vigorous woman in good health?

  407. jason says:

    Bloomberg needs Klobuchar and Biden to drop out.

    If Biden wins SC, or comes close to winning, that won’t happen.

    And Klobuchar won’t drop out until after super Tuesday when she loses MN to Bernie.

  408. jason says:

    “He can’t pick up a ball”

    But he can swing at it…

    “How has President Donald Trump spent his Christmas vacation? Working, he says, but also on the golf course.

    On Tuesday, Trump closed out the year with a visit to his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach for the 12th time during his Florida vacation.

    According to CNN’s tally, he has spent at least 252 days at a Trump golf club and 333 days at a Trump property as President.

    Obama played 333 rounds of golf during his eight years in office, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News, who keeps detailed statistics of presidencies.”

  409. jason says:

    What CNN leaves out is that even if he stays at a Trump property, he doesn’t play every day he is there.

    I know, minor detail.

  410. DW says:

    Roanoke College – VA:

    Trump 40, Bolshevik Bernie 49
    Trump 40, Pony Soldier 48
    Trump 41, Fauxcahontas 48
    Trump 40, Mayor Butt. 47
    Trump 39, Klobber 46
    Trump 40, Gloomberg 46

    Keep in mind that this pollster’s comparable poll from this time of year in 2016 showed these results in Virginia:

    Hillary Clinton 52%
    Donald Trump 35%

    Bernie Sanders 55%
    Donald Trump 33%

    In the end, Trump lost VA to Hillary 45/50.

  411. Bitterlaw says:

    The Never Trumpers have a leader? When was the election?

  412. Scooterboy says:



    Sanders 20
    Biden 20
    Warren 17
    Bloomberg 12
    Butt 11
    Klobuchar 7
    Gabbard 3
    Steyer 1

  413. Phil says:

    I fprgot about Alabama on Super Tuesday. Huge black vote. Joe probably has a good shot at that state as well.

  414. Phil says:

    Looks about right for Texas, Scooter.

    The debate really hurt Bloomberg. He was moving up pretty well here in Texas before then.

    Bloomberg is really helping Bernie across the board in just about all states. Really cutting into Joe’s vote percentages.

  415. jason says:

    The Never Trumpers have a leader? When was the election?”

    Bitter is smart to stay away from the MSM, I don’t blame him for not keeping up.

    “Bill Kristol’s Merry Band of Never Trumpers Rush to Try to Swing the New Hampshire Democratic Primary”

    Wapo Aug 26, 2019 – “Never Trumper in Chief Bill Kristol, for example, actually encouraged Walsh’s challenge”

    “One of President Donald Trump’s most vocal opponents is creating a political war machine to take on the commander in chief when it comes time for him to run for re-election in 2020

    … Kristol and his allies, including former New Hampshire GOP chairwoman Jennifer Horn, have been gauging voters on their receptiveness to a primary challenge against Trump.”

    Kristol has a merry band, has allies, and is Never Trumper in Chief”.

    Sounds like “leader” fits him well.


  416. jason says:

    I predict Trump would beat Bernie in a GE in VA by 5 points.

  417. DW says:

    424 – apparently that Roanoke College poll found 30% of their sample had a Graduate Degree. Obviously, they under-sampled rural Virginia.

  418. jason says:

    Wow, Never Trumpers eviscerated…

    Bitter may want these people “back in 2024”. Not me, the Dems can keep them… puhhhhleeeese.

    “One of the most ridiculous bleatings of NeverTrump for the past three-plus years is how their deeply held principles and religious convictions prevented them from not only voting for Donald Trump, but made them support every stupid Russia Hoax story or Ukraine conspiracy theory that came down the pike and shamelessly repeat any negative story about President Trump, his family, and his administration.

    I’m not sure how many people really believed this…and I sort of feel sorry for those that actually did it because it reveals a character defect that allowed them to make partisan politics their God…but it became obvious within a few weeks of Trump’s inauguration that the only real principles involved were some Kristol-esque grift-in-the-making. The contributor chairs at CNN and MSNBC are stuffed with the overly ample asses of people who claimed to oppose Trump based on deeply held principle. Websites and publications have been started…conferences are about to be held…bemoaning the fate of highly principled people who just can’t countenance either Trump or his unwashed and uneducated supporters because to do so would be to betray everything they hold holy.

    Now, with Bernie Sanders leading the Democrat pack, these same principled people are aghast. Some are threatening to sit our the election. Others are claiming that they will be forced to vote for Trump. All of this simply reveals what the rest of us already knew. These people did not oppose Trump based on principle. They opposed him because either their access to the trough and teat of government and RNC money was upended by his election or because they saw a business niche in being a True-Conservative-Who-Opposes-Trump. Or both.

    Principles are principles. They are eternal and immutable. Otherwise they are opinions or an aesthetic preference. Bernie Sanders’s policies are, objectively, the same as virtually all the other Democrats. He likes killing babies. He’s totally in love with the idea of controlling your healthcare options. He thinks you don’t pay enough taxes. Like Warren, Sanders is in favor of confiscating wealth. At least Sanders has not come out in favor, as have Biden and Warren, of allowing male prisoners to be incarcerated with females on the grounds that they identify as women and he has not supported the federal government paying for sex change operations for prisoners. If anything, Sanders is actually more conservative in many respects than is Warren. Sure Sanders has supported some pretty brutal socialist regimes in the past, but he’s disavowed those positions, or at least given nuance to to those positions that could be taken for disavowal, and, in a world governed by closely held principles and a claim to overweening Christian righteousness surely repentance counts. Sure he has the air of Bolshevik constantly on the lookout for a convenient wall to put the kulaks and bourgeoisie up against, but that is an appearance not a matter of principle.

    In short, nothing has changed about President Trump in the last four years. If their principles were so offended by the man in 2016…or in 2019…that they have been compelled to relentlessly demagogue against the man, they must, by definition, remain offended today. And if their entire political life revolved around removing Trump from office based on those principles, then there is no logical or principled reason to cease that opposition based on a Sanders candidacy. The principles that they preened about for the past four years should still demand that Donald Trump be removed from office by anyone because Trump has not changed.

    This brings us to the inevitable conclusion that the whole NeverTrump phenomenon was nothing more than equal parts scam/marketing gimmick and class bigotry. An outsider candidate was not likely to employ the same inept mercenaries, like Steve Schmidt and George Conway and Rick Wilson, as would an establishment approved candidate. To make up for not getting a Schedule C appointment or RNC consulting contract, these people needed another grift to make ends meet and becoming a NeverTrump media figure was the silver bullet. A candidate who consorted with folks who shopped at Walmart and went to NASCAR races and actually believed in the greatness of America was simply more than their refined sensibilities could deal with. Their eleventh hour conversion is nothing more than a fear that a Sanders candidacy is going to hurt their business model because they will have to defend a guy who stood in solidarity with the Iranian radicals who took over the US embassy in Tehran and held Americans hostage for 444 days. And they know that their defense of Sanders will make them pariahs across the GOP and it will not bring them employment by the Democrats, should they win, or by the media because there is no market whatsoever for a NeverTrump Repbulican to criticize a Democrat candidate.

    If they hadn’t been so obnoxious and pretentious one could almost feel sorry for them. Al-freakin-most.

  419. Phil says:

    Read that over at Red State just now.

    Nailed it.

  420. Bitterlaw says:

    So going on tv and declaring yourself leader makes you the leader? Jason should be smarter than this.

  421. jason says:

    So Bill Kristol is not seen as a leader of the Never Trumpers? Really?

    If so, why did his “we are all Democrats now” get so much play and so many accolades from his fellow NeverTrumpers?

    Also waiting to hear which Never Trumpers criticized him for saying that?

    The answer is zero.

    Why? Because they all are of the same view.

    They all supported the Russian hoax. They all thought Avenatti was their hero. They all supported impeachment.

    The ends justify the means.

  422. Tina says:

    Another schemer

    Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
    Quote Tweet

    Evan McMullin
    · 21h
    U.S. intel and Robert Mueller warned that the Kremlin has supported and continues to support Trump and Sanders. It’s also been obviously observable on social media for anyone paying attention. Both men have longstanding connections to and sympathies for Moscow. These are facts.

  423. NYCmike says:

    Bitterlaw, jason,

    To think that people once accused me of disagreeing just to disagree….you A-Holes won’t keep it shut

  424. NYCmike says:

    McMullin…….jeez Louise… these people ever go away?!?!

  425. jason says:

    Bitter is defending the Never Trumpers who are actually advocating for a socialist President.

    He should be smarter than that.

  426. jason says:

    Hey NYC, GFY.

  427. jason says:

    Both men have longstanding connections to and sympathies for Moscow. These are facts.”

    Actually no, they are not facts as it relates to Trump.

    What are exactly Trump’s “long standing connections and sympathies for Moscow”.

  428. jason says:

    Oh wait, I forgot, Trump once ordered a salad with Russian dressing.

    Mea culpa.

  429. Tina says:

    I do t think judge Amy Obama will grant a new trial.

    But this juror lied. All trump supporters are racist. Roger stone is a racist.

  430. NYCmike says:

    “Hey NYC, GFY.”

    -Anything, so long as you 2 A-Holes zip it!

  431. lisab says:

    David Frum:

    “Donald Trump was the oldest president ever, one of the fattest presidents ever, the least physically capable president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair. I mean, he can’t pick up a ball, never mind throw it. ”
    Report: The Phillies once scouted Donald Trump as a high school baseball player

    These days, Donald Trump is known more as a presidential candidate and reality TV personality, but back in the 1960s, he was something of a talented ball player — one good enough, it seems, to be scouted by our very own Phillies.

    As one of Trump’s former teachers recently told Rolling Stone, that is apparently the case, saying that the Republican front-runner was a good baseball player during his time at the New York Military Institute.

    “He was good-hit and good-field,” former instructor Col. Ted Dobias said. “We had scouts from the Phillies to watch him, but he wanted to go to college and make real money.”

    Interestingly, this isn’t the first pro baseball Trump scouting report to come about since Trump began his bid for president. The Boston Red Sox also reportedly looked at Trump as an option in 1964, his graduating year.

    Trump, as CSN points out, has also said that his fate formerly was with professional ball.

    “I was captain of the baseball team,” he told MTV back in 2010. “I was supposed to be a professional baseball player. Fortunately, I decided to go into real estate instead. I played first base and I also played catcher. I was a good hitter. I just had a good time.”

  432. DW says:

    Found this on RRH:

    “According to new @SienaResearch poll put this am, Trump beats Bernie among New York Jews 49-43”

    …And many New York Jews have become Florida Jews in recent years.

  433. lisab says:

    sanders is up by 4.5% over trump nationally

  434. DW says:

    436 – It gets worse. A former secret service agent reports seeing a music CD in Trump’s limo. Russian favorites – Music of Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, and Rachmaninoff.

  435. NYCmike says:

    “sanders is up by 4.5% over trump nationally”

    -While I find that highly unlikely, I do have to remember what Hillary supporters believed to be true in 2016, as well as supposed “conservative Republicans” like “CG” and Robbie, who still have not recovered from the shock.

    Don’t get cocky, kid! Get out there and vote!

  436. NYCmike says:

    -I keep reminding my son, who will probably go to college starting in Sept 2021, to be very upfront with any women he may become friendly with, and remember that any situation where it is he said/she said, the “he” will usually lose.

  437. jason says:

    Bitter hardest hit.

    So much for his “welcoming of the Never Trumpers” back in 2024.

    Jennifer Rubin

    “Biden needs to keep hitting at Sanders, but he should also consider announcing an exciting running mate, possibly a woman of color. Stacey Abrams or K Harris would add pizzazz and offer the hope of a female AA president in 2024.”

  438. Bitterlaw says:

    No, Jason. I am defending the Never Trumpers who HAVE NOT SAID THEY WILL SUPPORT A DEMOCRAT. You think there is only 1 group. I know Never Trumpers who will notvote for President in 2020.

  439. NYCmike says:

    “Stacey Abrams or K Harris would add pizzazz”

    -No way! The water in GA and/or CA isn’t good enough, and the cost to transport the best tomatoes would make it too costly to produce……..oh, sorry, I thought they were looking for a good slice…..nevermind.

  440. NYCmike says:

    “I know Never Trumpers who will notvote for President in 2020.”

    -Tell that sawed-off-A-Hole MD to make sure he stays home next November!

  441. Patrickcog says:

    ??? ????? ???????????, ??? ????? ???? ??????? ?????? ???????? ?????; ???????? ????? ??????????? ??????? ?????????? ????, ?????????? ??? ?????????? ???? ?????? ? ?????????? ??????????? ????, ? ?????? ???? ?? ? ??????????. ?????????????? ????? ???? ?? ???????????? ?????? ?????, ?????????? ??????????. ??? ??????????? ???????? ????? ??????? ?????????? ?????????? ????????? ???????????? ????????? (????????, ? ????????? ???????), ???????????? ?????????? (??????????????), ???????? ?????????. ?????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?? ???? ?06???????? ??????? ????? 75 ?????? ??????????? ????????? 65-75 ??????? 45-65 ??????? 30-45 ????????? 10-30 ???????? ????????? ????? 10 ??????? ? ???????? ??????? ?? ????????? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ????? ?????? ??? ????? ??????? ??????.

  442. jason says:

    Russian favorites – Music of Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, and Rachmaninoff.”


    There is a rumor Melania once downed a shot of Russian vodka, but that has not been confirmed.

  443. Phil says:

    So “Washington Post conservative” Jennifer Rubin labels Stacey Abrams an “exciting running mate”. Exciting to who, Jenny?

    Where to even begin? Never Trumpers. Got to love them. Opposing Trump because they are defending conservative principles. LOL. Sure the are!

  444. jason says:

    I know Never Trumpers who will notvote for President in 2020.”

    If they exist they certainly are not on social media and must be rarer than rocking horse turds.

    But since Radnor has different voting machines and different people who defy human nature I can believe there are different Never Trumpers too.

  445. jason says:

    I am defending the Never Trumpers who HAVE NOT SAID THEY WILL SUPPORT A DEMOCRAT.”

    Dang, I guess never doesn’t mean never.

    I never thought Bitter would come around and defend what I did in 2016.

    I mean, just earlier in this thread I got attacked for being a Never Trumper in 2016 who had not said I would support a Democrat.

    I commend Bitter for “evolving” on this issue.

  446. jason says:

    Weinstein acquitted on the 2 most serious charges…

  447. NYCmike says:

    -More “immoral” acts from our “immoral” President.

    Many Radnor residents: “Disgusting!”

  448. NYCmike says:

    “Weinstein acquitted on the 2 most serious charges…”

    -As he most likely should have been, unfortunately. What a creep he is!

  449. DW says:

    Here is my own experience with the doctrine of Never-Trump-ism.

    As anyone who remembers or looks up my posts here from 2016, I was absolutely Never-Trump in the 2016 GOP primary process. I called Trump a carnival barker, a clown with yellow hair and an orange face. I was convinced he was a Clinton plant–someone to cause problems in the GOP process, and if by some miracle he got the nomination, he was a sure bet to hand the election to his friends, the Clintons. That was not an unreasonable position to hold, given the information available at the time.

    I was wrong. I was dead wrong. I was as dead wrong as Jacob Marley was dead at the beginning of “A Christmas Carol.”

    But I never envisioned Never-Trump-ism was a belief that would last beyond 2016. If he failed to get the nomination, then it was done. If he got the nomination, and Hillary won the election, then it was done (and vindicated). If by some miracle Trump won the general election, even then, Never-Trump-ism would still be proven right because he would do a hard left turn and do the bidding of Pelosi and Schumer.

    I was doubly wrong. I was doubly dead wrong.

    In 2016 I never even considered the possibility that Trump would not only get the nomination, and not only win the general election, but that he would in fact deliver a more or less conservative policy agenda, including packing the courts with conservative judges.

    And so with the last three years being what they have been instead of the future I envisioned, Never-Trump-ism melts away and is absolutely irrelevant. It is illogical. It is absurd.

    This does not mean I like Trump. He is still immoral. He is still lacks character. He still commits unnecessary unforced errors.

    I cannot speak for other 2016 “Never-Trumpers” but the root issue at the heart of my Never-Trumpism was loss of the presidency to the Clintons, or nearly as bad, a sitting Potus with R after his name governing like Pelosi.

    That is why I was a Never-Trumper. I was not a Never-Conservative-Agenda-er. Given this is how things have turned out, I will gladly vote for Trump this year even though I still do not like him.

    I can only conclude that those who remain and still are Never-Trump in 2020 are in fact, really, “Never-Conservative-Agenda-er.”

  450. Scooterboy says:

    Does Patrickcog have a question he’d like answered?

  451. Phil says:

    Bill Kristol has written a hilarious open letter to Democrats this morning. He addresses it to “Joe, Mike, Pete, Amy, and Liz”. No, I’m not kidding. It’s a scream! He’s now buddies with these people.

    Tells “Mike” to immediately go negative with his media advertising against Bernie. Second, he calls for Amy and Pete to withdraw immediately after Super Tuesday and calls for them to instruct their voters to choose either Mike or Joe. Finally, he begs Whichever of the two has the fewer delegates to drop out and support the other. Everything he suggests, of course, to stop Bernie and save us from Trump in November.

    Since Republicans won’t listen to him, he now wants his now “Democratic friends” to listen to him.

    Kristol and the other Never Trumpers are desperate. Popcorn.

  452. Phil says:

    Hannity screaming on his show against Sanders and his past Bolshevism. Why, Sean?

    Just shut up, Sean. You would rather run against Bloomberg and his billions?

    Hannity is an idiot. Just be quiet and let the Democratic Party nominate a sure loser.

    I’ve always thought Hannity was a liability to the right. He’s stupid. He needs to go silent on Sanders. It’s common sense.

  453. NYCmike says:


    I think he reads HHR, saw what happened with your Kamala Harris guarantee, and is now scared sh*tless because of your Bernie-general election loss-guarantee!

  454. Waingro says:

    Political Polls

    Follow Follow @PpollingNumbers
    #NEW South Carolina @ppppolls (Post Nevada):
    Biden 36%
    Sanders 21%
    Warren 8%
    Buttigieg/Steyer 7%
    Gabbard 6%
    Klobuchar 3%

  455. Tina says:

    John Couvillon
    Democratic turnout comparison for first three contests (IA + NH + NV):

    2008: 642K
    2020: 583K
    2016: 505K

  456. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    There seems to be an assumption on this board that Trump will inevitably beat Sanders. It reminds me of 2016 when pundits were saying there was no way that Trump could win.

    “Zogby Analytics’ Jonathan Zogby told Secrets that a Sanders-Warren ticket is beating the president and Vice President Mike Pence 48%-45%.
    “Make no mistake, this is a close race, but the senators from neighboring New England states are able to pull ahead of Trump and Pence by winning with their base and swing voters,” Zogby said in his survey analysis shared with Secrets.”

  457. DW says:

    Whether Trump would defeat Sanders is based on a lot of things, but its more complex than just saying its 2016 in reverse.

    1) Sanders is a sitting Senator, Trump never held office before.

    2) Trump was a nationally known figure prior to running for POTUS. Many in the nation are only going to get to know Sanders in the weeks leading up to the general election.

    3) Trump ran on a populist platform of trying to put more money into your pocket. Sanders will run on taking money OUT of your pocket to put into the empty pockets of people who didn’t work for it.

    4) Sanders is a northeast liberal on steroids. He won’t try to run to the middle to win the general election.

    5) Trump will have the power of incumbency, Sanders will have his huge crowds of millennials trying to get their student loan debt wiped out so they won’t have to work to get rid of it. 2016 was a different kind of election with no incumbent.

  458. Tina says:

    Political Polls
    · 3m
    South Carolina NBC/Marist SC Poll:

    Biden 27%
    Sanders 23%
    Steyer 15%
    Buttigieg 9%
    Warren 8%
    Klobuchar 5%

    conducted Feb 18-21)

  459. SweatyToothedMadman says:

    #460, Phil: I concur! Hannity’s a bloviating moron. Does more harm than good. Should read more and talk less. Keeps telling us – along with Nunes et al. – that the law will catch up with Comey, Brennan, and other deep state miscreants. I’m skeptical.

  460. SweatyToothedMadman says:

    Hard to see Sleepy Joe losing SC. This week’s debate should be epic theater with all of them trying to gut each other. Pass the popcorn…or cornpop – Sleepy Joe’s nemesis.

  461. DW says:

    New Marist SC poll:

    Biden 27%
    Sanders 23%
    Steyer 15%
    Buttigieg 9%
    Warren 8%
    Klobuchar 5%
    Gabbard 3%

  462. Phil says:

    Yeah, Biden’s got it sewed up in SC.

    That state’s electorate is made for him.

    Super Tuesday?

    Sanders wins in California, Colorado, Maine, Vermont.

    Biden wins in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia.

    Texas is close with Biden possibly nipping Bernie although Republicans like me make it closer.

    Minn goes to Amy
    Mass goes to Warren

    Bloomberg loses everywhere – He will have no choice but to drop out after next Tuesday as it will be obvious he won’t make it.

    Big day for Biden. Could win as many as 7 primaries that day. Kristol and the Never Trumpers will throw a ticker tape parade.

  463. SweatyToothedMadman says:

    The Marist poll is heartening, DW. Thank you for sharing. If Bernie pulls an upset in the Palmetto State, he should be unstoppable – unless the DNC screws him or the Clintons kill him.

    Without SC, Biden’s DOA.

  464. Phil says:

    I say Sanders loses narrowly in my state but he can get a lot of votes in San Antonio, El Paso, Houston and the more urban areas. Possible he pulls it out. Just don’t know. Depends on how badly they all bloody him up in the debate this week. Delegates will be split fairly evenly I think.

  465. Phil says:

    The PPP poll of SC looks a bit suspect to me just based on Steyer’s number. I think he does better than 7%. He’s dropped a fortune in that state and I think he ends with double what they give him. I also never trust anything Jensen puts out. He tends to put out numbers he wants to see – as in NC the last two presidential cycles. He’s a snake.

  466. SweatyToothedMadman says:

    Biden is far from assured of VA. Bernie will be strong – he’ll romp on NoVA for sure. He’ll also win Utah. Bern will also run strongly in NC. And in TX, Sanders will win Latinos and the university towns.

    On Super Tuesday, Bernie wins: CA; TX; VA; CO; UT; VT; ME; Democrats Abroad; American Samoa;

    Too close to call: NC

    Bernie could win 10 of 16 Super Tuesday contests.

  467. Phil says:

    Bernie could surprise in Minn or Massachusetts but that might be a bit of a stretch. The southern states on Tuesday? Composition of the electorates in those southern states make it a very uphill climb.

  468. Phil says:

    Forgot about Utah. I just don’t have a clue about that state. Yeah, Bernie could win a closely divided primary there. As far as Virginia? Doubt it. He got crushed there by Hillary there last cycle.

  469. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Latest Trump polling. Mostly good.

    Zogby Analytics
    Approve 51%
    Disapprove 47%

    Morning Consult/Politico
    Approve 42%
    Disapprove 54%

    Approve 49%
    Disapprove 51%

    Rasmussen Polls
    Approve 49%
    Disapprove 50%

  470. SweatyToothedMadman says:

    Phil, re: VA – it won’t be a replay of ’16. Bernie will do very well in NoVA. And he’ll carry Utah. No one can match his volunteer base/GOTV operation.

  471. Phil says:


    On second thought, I think you are right about the organization of Sanders in a state like Utah. A Bernie win there.

  472. Phil says:

    Bloomberg has decided to go hugely negative vs Bernie in media advertising sources report. Should be showing up in his ads any day now.

    We knew this was going to happen. Bernie better be ready.

  473. Tina says:

    The resistance is not gonna love him anymore.

    John Bolton
    · 20m
    If @berniesanders thinks Castro’s communist Cuba is not all bad, what does he have to say about Maduro? Praising the actions of a brutal dictator is abhorrent and unacceptable. Bernie is revealing the extent of his extremism.

  474. Tina says:

    Pierre Half Witt is one of the resistance that won’t like Bolton no more.

  475. Tina says:


    Thao Nguyen
    nevada voter registration data is not looking good for democrats

    since november 2016, dems have seen their lead in registration shrink by 13,996

    republicans have gained in nearly every county, including clark (las vegas), where they’ve made a net gain of 5,971

  476. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Utah Democrats had a caucus system in 2016, and Bernie won by 79% over Clinton who got 20%. It will be a primary this year.

    Utah Democrats tend to be very liberal, but they only make up about 24% of Utah voters (LDS Church members are 76% Republican and 14% Democrats). Any Democrat or unaffliated voter can vote in the Democratic primary:

    A recent poll in Utah had:
    Sanders 27%
    Warren 14%
    Biden 12%
    Bloomberg 10%

  477. Tina says:

    Wow neck and neck in sc

    Political Polls
    · 38m
    South Carolina NBC/WSJ Poll:

    Before last week’s debate
    Biden 29%
    Sanders 19%
    Steyer 14%
    Buttigieg 9%
    Warren 6%

    After last week’s debate
    Biden 25%
    Sanders 25%
    Steyer 15%
    Warren 10%
    Buttigieg 9%

  478. Phil says:

    Thanks, SD. You know a lot about Utah. I had forgotten you said you spend a lot of time there.

  479. Tina says:

    And where is Hunter?
    Show this thread

    Steve Guest
    brought the heat on Joe Biden

    Joe Biden is “now known as Hunter Biden’s father more than Barack Obama’s vice president.”

  480. Bitterlaw says:

    I always accepted jason’s decision to not vote. I also always said it helped Hillary. Both can be true.

  481. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    488. Hi Phil, am original from Utah, and likely will be living there again next year.

  482. jason says:

    “I can only conclude that those who remain and still are Never-Trump in 2020 are in fact, really, “Never-Conservative-Agenda-er.”

    Well said, DW.

  483. jason says:


    Elections have consequences.

    “On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a horrifying Orwellian court ruling that told the Catholic Church in Puerto Rico that it could not define itself as an organization. Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court had ruled that individual Catholic churches and schools do not exist as independent legal entities, holding them jointly liable for claims against the “Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church in Puerto Rico.”

  484. jason says:

    Some good news on the Coronavirus.

    “The COVID-19 outbreak in China appears to have peaked and leveled off earlier this month even as the deadly coronavirus spreads to other parts of the world, World Health Organization officials said Monday.

    A WHO-led team of scientists that just returned from China found that the epidemic in that country peaked and plateaued between Jan. 23 and Feb. 2 and has been declining steadily since then, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO, said at a news conference at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva.

    The case fatality rate is between 2% and 4% inside the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, and 0.7% outside of Wuhan, Tedros said, citing the team’s findings. For people with mild diseases, recovery time is two weeks, while people with severe or critical diseases recover in three to six weeks, he said.”