Biden Leads Trump in AZ and ME, Dems Lead US Senate Races in AZ and ME

Now that we are basically down to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic (and realistically if people are honest, Biden will be the nominee), we can start focusing on the General Election polling and yesterday Public Policy polling released new numbers for the states of Arizona and Maine that shows Biden leading in both states.

Joe Biden (D) 48%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%

Donald Trump (R-inc) 47%
Bernie Sanders (D) 46%

Joe Biden (D) 52%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 42%

Bernie Sanders (D) 52%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 42%

Meanwhile in the US Senate races, Arizona and Maine will be two states the Republicans are in serious danger of losing based on the results of these same polls.

Mark Kelly (D) 47%
Martha McSally (R-inc) 42%

Sara Gideon (D) 47%
Susan Collins (R-inc) 43%

Both polls were done March 2-3 among 872 registered voters in ME and 666 registered voters in AZ.

Barring some dramatic change in the trajectory of the Democratic race, I will likely not be even looking at primary polls at this point.

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  1. CG says:

    Tina to christen this site, “The Biden Report” in 5, 4, 3…

  2. Messy says:

    BTW, Trump just won the nomination of his parrty. Biden should do so in two weeks.

  3. NYCmike says:

    PPP(D) = I’ll take those numbers.

  4. lisab says:

    bernie may drop out in two weeks, but i doubt biden can reach 1991 before the convention

  5. CG says:

    Biden will declare himself the newest member of C&C Music Factory and remind everyone, “U Can’t Touch This.”

    It will be peak 1991. Word to your mother.

  6. Wes says:

    Why wouldn’t he, Lisa? Bernie is his last serious opponent, and most of the rest of the contests will be mere formalities now that the Dems have christened Biden as their standard bearer.

  7. NYCmike says:

    “bernie may drop out in two weeks, but i doubt biden can reach 1991 before the convention”

    -He is still getting used to 8-tracks, and hasn’t started checking out cassettes yet……imagine when he discovers CD’s!

  8. CG says:

    If he wants to re-do 1991, he might ask Anita Hill to be his running-mate.

  9. dblaikie says:

    Since PPP is doing the polling I feel really good about both Maine and Arizona.

    Meanwhile back in California, after Tuesday’s vote, according to the San Francisco Examiner (hardly right wing) it looks like the GOP has a chance to flip as many as 7 seats lost in 2016.

  10. CG says:

    I took note of the initial California primary results too, but remember….

    All those districts Republicans lead in after Election Day in November suddenly slip away two weeks later once the late Democrat bundled votes are counted…

    So, two weeks from now, the jungle primary results are probably going to look pretty different too.

  11. dblaikie says:

    But don’t worry cg and messy and wormtongue, there will be a poll out I am sure in the next few weeks showing that in the generic ballot the dems are up by 15. And why wouldn’t you believe that?

  12. dblaikie says:

    Most of those seats right now are either “likely dem” or “lean dem”. But heck, CG, with the sheer talent and mental acuity of your leader, Uncle Joe Biden, I am sure they will all be solid blue according to the polls you want to look at.

  13. Phil says:

    It’s California. More like three seats. I’ll take that in a heartbeat.

  14. lisab says:

    Why wouldn’t he, Lisa?

    there is some indication that bernie will drop out

    but if he doesn’t, i don’t think biden can last 15 rounds in a 1 on 1 debate with bernie

  15. NYCmike says:

    “All those districts Republicans lead in after Election Day in November suddenly slip away two weeks later once the late Democrat bundled votes are counted…”

    -Yet, “CG” is fine with a Democratic candidate defeating Trump and installing justices who look at common-sense Voter ID laws as nonsense.

  16. lisab says:

    biden was vp for 8 years

    he could not remember obama’s name

  17. Cash Cow TM says:

    poll done of 666 RVs



  18. NYCmike says:

    But “CG” considers the House collateral damage…..aka Trump’s fault.

  19. Tina says:

    Who is the blond mayhem jelly 2.0. Tried catching it online and not cut out.

    Michael M. Grynbaum
    Trump’s Fox News town hall was a ratings smash: 4.2 million viewers, a huge number for a 6:30 Eastern/ 3:30 Pacific broadcast.

  20. Tina says:

    The market recovers only down 220.

    They need to stop soros from blowing up the market.

  21. jason says:

    That is the best PPP-Moonbat can do?

  22. dblaikie says:

    That crazy, zany, brilliant, person Elon Musk has the tweet of the month. It is so simple but so true, “The panic of caronavirus is dumb.” Well put!!

  23. jason says:

    Corey is really taking the “we are all Dems now” to heart.

    Now rooting for Dems to win vulnerable CA seats.

    I guess it is because that is “bad for Trump”.

  24. dblaikie says:

    “The panic over caronavirus is dumb.”

  25. jason says:

    BTW, Trump just won the nomination of his parrty. Biden should do so in two weeks.”

    Sorry Donald.

    According to Messy Moron, in two weeks Biden will win the R nomination in 2 weeks.

    Oh wait, parrty…

  26. jason says:

    Scumbag Romney changes his mind?


    “Either way, it looks like Sen. Mitt Romney is now poised to vote to allow a subpoena related to Burisma and Hunter Biden’s role there. This comes just a day after Romney complained that the investigation was political and that the Senate should be doing other things (see Mitt Romney Signals He’s Going to Scuttle the Biden-Burisma Senate Investigation”

  27. jason says:

    This from a guy who never once said the whole impeachment charade was “political”.

    What a loathsome ass.

  28. Wes says:

    That’s a pretty weak argument, Lisa. Bernie has only a hand

  29. Wes says:

    …ful of contests left he will win or do well in. Biden essentially has the whole party backing him and will rout the Vermont Socialist virtually everywhere.

    It’s effectively over at this point.

  30. CG says:

    jason and his sidekick NYC have crazy imaginations.

  31. CG says:

    Not rooting for Dems to win House seats here (if anything I’m agnostic about it), but pointing out the political reality that when California counts their votes and it takes forever for them to do it, the results only become more pro-Democrat as time goes on.

    Some districts lost there in 2018 should be competitive. For one thing, you have people like Dana Rohrabacher now gone, so a better chance of winning there.

  32. PresidentPaul! says:

    Hollywood Shuns Jamal Khashoggi Doc ‘The Dissident’ Over Fear of Saudi Backlash, Insiders Say

  33. lisab says:

    real republicans are agnostic over winning seats

  34. Wes says:

    To be fair, Lisa, “real Republicans” such as Mikey and JulStol actively wanted Republicans to throw away Senate seats by nominating unelectable loons like Christine O’Donnell.

  35. PresidentPaul! says:

    War monger Biden

    Max Blumenthal

    Don’t pay attention to Biden’s flagrant lies about Iraqi WMD or his crude warmongering in this 1998 footage. Focus instead on his fluent speech & total absence of stuttering. It’s clear he has experienced severe mental deterioration since his heyday.

  36. PresidentPaul! says:

    War Monger Biden continued (before he became Demented Joe)

    Max Blumenthal

    Nov 28, 2019
    While rampaging through occupied Hebron, an Israeli bulldozer killed a Palestinian driver yesterday:… This reminded me of the time that Joe Biden eulogized Ariel Sharon – destroyer of the Jenin refugee camp – as “the bulldozer”

  37. PresidentPaul! says:

    Devastating Trump vs Biden preview doesn’t mention Burisma/Hunter Biden

  38. NYCmike says:

    #35 – didn’t realize I was so powerful…….but to some rube in North Carolina……I can understand.

  39. PresidentPaul! says:

    Why Mike Bloomberg lost big. Keep that money coming in Bloomie

    Multiple people described elaborate schemes to undermine the campaign and help their favored candidates. As one staffer explained, “I would actively canvass for Bernie when I was supposed to be canvassing for Mike. I know of at least one team of ‘volunteers’ that was entirely fabricated by the organizers who had to hit their goals. It was easy enough to fudge the data to make it look like real people put in real volunteer work, when in reality Mike was getting nothing out of it.”
    Another staffer told me, “In San Diego, the regional organizers also exploited the campaign’s resources, staff, and infrastructure for local races they either were running in or consulting on.”

  40. PresidentPaul! says:

    Look at this smirking slimeball back in the 1970’s
    “Biden said in 1977 that desegregation would create ‘a racial jungle’”
    Joe Biden worried in 1977 that certain de-segregation policies would cause his children to grow up ‘in a racial jungle’

  41. PresidentPaul! says:

    Unbelievable series of lies by Joe Biden before he became Demented Joe. Lies back to back to back. Watch the clip the guy is serial liar

    Aside from being forced out of his first presidential race decades ago for a plagiarism scandal, Biden also got caught serially lying about his educational background – just like he got caught this time regarding getting arrested protesting for Mandela:

  42. PresidentPaul! says:

    Latino immigrants voting mostly communist in California and Texas (not GOP)

    yan Struyk

    Mar 3
    Hispanic voters in California via preliminary
    exit polls: Sanders 55% Biden 21% Bloomberg 8% Warren 8% Buttigieg 3% Steyer 3% Gabbard 1% Klobuchar 1%

  43. PresidentPaul! says:

    You Latino vote is even more radicalized for the communists (not for Jeb!)

    Latino voters under 30 years old in California via
    : Sanders 84% (!!) Warren 6% Biden 5% Everyone else 4%

  44. Tgca says:

    Cuarenta y Ocho!

  45. MichiganGuy says:

    Influenza Deaths Now Total 20,000, Including Elevated Number of 136 Children
    Who cares a whopping 15 people have died of the Coronavirus in the U.S. It’s the end of the world as we know it…

  46. PresidentPaul! says:

    Reagan Budget director Stockman says the jig is up

  47. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    A look at some recent non-PPP polls:

    Trump 56% (+15)
    Biden 41%

    Trump 59% (+23)
    Sanders 36%


    Trump 50% (+17)
    Sanders 33%

    Trump 50% (+17)
    Biden 33%

    Trump 50% (+22)
    Warren 28%


  48. jason says:

    Latino immigrants voting mostly communist in California and Texas (not GOP)”


    A lot of people voted communist in the Dem primary.

  49. jason says:

    “jason and his sidekick NYC”

    Dang, wish I had been around to collect those megapoints.

  50. jason says:

    if anything I’m agnostic about it),”

    Corey supposedly is a Republican and a conservative, but he is “agnostic” about the GOP regaining seats in CA.

    You can’t make this sh-t up.

  51. Bitterlaw says:

    So Romney did what Jason him to do and Jason calls Romney a loathsome ass. I love this place.

  52. Bitterlaw says:

    Our high school musical this year is Les Miserables. A show about poverty, disease, prostitutes, and revolution where almost every main character dies from disease, gun shots or suicide might seem a little dark for a school. It was very good.

  53. MichiganGuy says:

    Redistricting reform amendment passes out of General Assembly, heads to ballot
    This is a big win for Republicans in Virginia and could help us gain seats in Congress in 2022

  54. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    They are still counting votes in California. In San Diego County alone about 250,000 votes have not been counted. There are several close races, including the San Diego mayor’s race, that are too close to call. I have to agree with CG on this one; want to see the final results before making any predictions for November.

  55. lisab says:

    Our high school musical this year is Les Miserables.

    once i had a new principal who did not like me. during a teachers’ meeting he wanted to get the teachers to put on a play … which none of us wanted to lead because it is a lot of work and there is nothing good that comes from it

    however he was insistent and started to ask for ideas on what play we could do … needless to say we were not very cooperative … but he kept on us … this went on for a while … him trying to bully us into putting on a play … keep in mind this was when i was in illinois and teaching first grade

    i mad a comment to the teacher next to me and she laughed which drew his ire … so he went on and on about how “lisab has a great idea on what play to do, why don’t you share it with us lisab?!”

    i tried to say, “nothing”

    but he made a big deal … “no, you seem to have an idea so why don’t you share it with us”

    lisab: “i said the vagina monologues!”

    everyone laughed … he left the room

  56. Wes says:

    A rube in North Carolina, Mikey?

    You mean the rube who—unlike you—didn’t defend the sleazy statement that God intends women to become pregnant by rape but was actually outraged because of it?

    That rube?

  57. lisab says:

    i have never been one of those who wanted to ban bunu

    but … 15 posts out of 30?

  58. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    63. It does keep us updated on the current trends in political paranoia.

  59. MichiganGuy says:

    Senate – Alabama Republican runoff

    Tuberville: 610 (49.4%)
    Sessions: 527 (42.7%)
    Undecided: 97 (7.9%)
    Poll Total: 1,234 (100%)

    WT&S Consulting

  60. lisab says:

    It does keep us updated on the current trends in political paranoia.

    but you can be paranoid without being repetitive!

  61. Bitterlaw says:

    I thought being repetitive was part of being paranoid. You need to warn people of doom scenarios.

  62. Tina says:

    So, Goober is now calling for a clean renewal of Fisa

    I say kill it completely due to the fraud and abuse.

  63. jason says:

    So Romney did what Jason him to do and Jason calls Romney a loathsome ass. I love this place.”


    First he announced he would scuttle the investigation in order to please his MSM masters.

    Then, under pressure from McConnell, he changed his mind.

    He should have been onboard from the get go.

    Loathsome ass and scumbag.

  64. Tina says:

    Btw, is Goober investigating anybody?

    Or is Goober too busy appearing with Sean Hannity?

  65. Tina says:

    Goober is also shilling for AMNESTY.

    Hope Trump vetoes FISA and Amnesty.

  66. jason says:

    The FISA court is important, I am sure it has helped the US thwart a lot of terrorists plots.

    You don’t throw away the baby with the bath water.

    Those that used it for political purposes should be held accountable.

    But you still need the court.

  67. Tina says:

    Fisa is important, if one is corrupt like Comedy, McCabe, etc.

    It also lacks basic due process rights.

    So, trump should veto tit and Grahamnesty.

  68. PresidentPaul! says:

    Expect Up To 40% Of Tehran’s Population To Be Infected In 2 Weeks: Iranian Health Official

  69. PresidentPaul! says:


    A Harvard epidemiologist is warning that 40 to 70 percent of the entire global population will eventually catch this virus, and Mike Adams is projecting that more than two million Americans could be dead by July 4th “if domestic travel is not aggressively halted”…

  70. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    Here is an update on the CA vote as of late yesterday:

    1- 3.2 million ballots remain to be tallied
    2- Sanders’ election night lead of about 10% over Biden is now under 8%
    3- The Democrat Congressional candidates who won in 2018 in after-election day counting and were behind on primary election day this year, are quickly closing the gap against their 2020 GOP opponents

  71. PresidentPaul! says:


    And we have to stop the starbucks barista superspreaders!

    You get a corona, you get a corona, you get a corona, my coworkers get a corona!

  72. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    #75- Bunu
    OK, let’s bet $100 on each count in your post. If I win, please donate my winnings in your name to my favorite USA charity, Friends of Likud.

  73. Cash Cow TM says:

    Texas Baboon Troop Enlisted in Humankind’s War on Coronavirus…

  74. Tina says:

    Jack Posobiec Retweeted

    Replying to
    OJ is responsible for more deaths in California than corona virus

  75. PresidentPaul! says:


    NCAA to ban march madness fans.

    Now NBA to ban NBA fans

    Shams Charania
    · 11h
    Sources: The NBA has sent a memo to its franchises explaining that, due to coronavirus outbreak, teams should be preparing to play games without fans in attendance and identifying “essential staff” present for these games — should it be necessary.

  76. PresidentPaul! says:

    Cruise ships lined up in #Miami this morning … empty and with little prospects of going anywhere anytime soon. #economy

  77. PresidentPaul! says:


    US health care to be overwhelmed: disease burden roughly 10X a severe flu season

    REPOST: Scientist at AHA webinar presented this “Best Guess Epidemiology” for #COVID19 for 2 months (using conservative numbers – eg doubling time can be ~6.2 days): 96,000,000 infections 4,800,000 hospitalizations 1,900,000 ICU admits 480,000 deaths

  78. Tina says:

    Can we apply Ny’s Red Flag Laws to the Jebots’ favorite Senator, Chucky Schumah?

  79. PresidentPaul! says:

    Art of the deal?
    How crazy are negative rates…
    Recently Louis Vuitton the world’s largest high end retail dealer bought out Tiffany’s an American luxury brand. Bernard Arnault funded this buyout with negative interest rates via the ECB. The ECB is paying this man to take on debt and buy an American retailer.

  80. Hugh says:

    So let me give you my expert guess. There will not be anywhere close to 4.6m hospitalizations. For one thing unless you have bad symptoms you’re going to hole up in your house to avoid being quarantined. My over under is 2500 on deaths. I would be willing if I could to bet the good professor that my over under will be closer to the actual than his. Let’s just shut down everything during the flu season. While at it let’s stop driving which will cause far more deaths this year.

  81. PresidentPaul! says:

    President Trump tomahawks Warren

    TRUMP says @ewarren lost because “people don’t like her. She’s a very mean person. And people don’t like her. People don’t want that. They like a person like me, that’s not mean.”

  82. PresidentPaul! says:

    Stock market finally entering a secular bear market (but like it was a secular bull market for the last 30 years) and gold is accelerating

    Since 1999, the Dow is down 65% against gold. Almost no stock market investor is aware of this fact. The Dow is down 30% against gold since Oct 2018 and has already fallen 15% in 2020.

    (Or even better: buy palladium)

  83. BayernFan says:

    Fauci suggests the death rate under 1%, akin to a severe flu pandemic. He also notes that children under 15 don’t seem to be getting the disease.

  84. DW says:

    Three dated polls now released by Expedition Strategies of MI, WI, and PA. They show Trump leading Biden 44-42 in WI, Trump trailing Biden 42-47 in PA, and they are tied in MI 43% each. This was a sample of 500 RVs per state, and was completed well before Super-Tuesday, 2/6-2/18

  85. Robbie says:

    I’m momentarily breaking my long-term hiatus to post a few thoughts on Coronavirus.

    1. The number of new cases is drastically slowing in China and the vast majority of new cases have been confined to Wuhan. Today according to new WHO data, just 102 new cases were diagnosed. That’s the lowest since China began providing updates in late January. One week ago today, the number was 435 and four weeks ago, the number was 2644. That’s progress, although China was forced to institute draconian actions that would never work in the US.

    2. South Korea has appropriately tested a huge number of people and their outbreak seems to be centered around one city. Regardless, their data suggests a mortality rate somewhere in the area of 0.6%. That number will almost certainly bounce around, but it’s far better than the ridiculous number the WHO chief provided last week. It also seems South Korea’s new cases may be leveling off or slightly declining.

    3. Mike Pence is doing the best he can. His briefings have been sober and calm. And most importantly, he’s allowed the experts to speak. I do wish he and the experts would note the emerging mortality rate that South Korea is finding as a way to calm people.

    4. I think Trump is living down to my low expectations of him. Rather than stick to facts, he offers hyperbole, wishful thinking, and partisan attacks. He already has a massive credibility deficit and that doesn’t help calm the public when he says everything is great even as more cases are being found and some are dying.

    5. The press has been absolutely awful. They’ve created a panic where none should, at least at the moment, exist and they’re probably helping create a recession. I can tell you things look bleak for airlines. People have been scared out of flying and I and many of my friends are now worrying about potential furloughs. I’m a ways up on the seniority list, but not as high as I’d like.

  86. lisab says:

    I’m momentarily breaking my long-term hiatus to post a few thoughts on Coronavirus.

    oh … yay!

  87. jason says:

    think Trump is living down to my low expectations of him. Rather than stick to facts, he offers hyperbole, wishful thinking, and partisan attacks. He already has a massive credibility deficit and that doesn’t help calm the public when he says everything is great even as more cases are being found and some are dying.”

    Drivel and garbage straight out of the MSNBC talking points and completely divorced from reality.

    The people who have a credibility deficit are the Never Trumpers, who are Democrats now left with with a choice of a old Bolshevik or an old demented washed up wannabe socialist.

    Amoral Scumbag is whining about not getting enough passengers because of the dishonest, partisan, corrupt MSM that he has been propping up and extolling for years? Awwwww….

  88. jason says:

    I’m momentarily breaking my long-term hiatus to post a few thoughts on Coronavirus.”

    Thank God for the “momentarily”.

  89. jason says:

    Accusing Trump of “partisan attacks” has to be a strong contender for the “Chutzpah Award of the Year”.

    You can’t make this sh-t up.

  90. jason says:

    That llama has nothing on Lupita but I will vote for her.

  91. Cash Cow TM says:

    1. If you turn PPP upside down it is 666.

    2. People’s reaction to the coronavirus reminds me of the over reaction when Mad Cow disease first came about. When people saw me walking down the sidewalk, they would cross over to the other side of the street. People would not want to side beside Walt and me at the movie theater either…

  92. Robbie says:

    This place is going to be a sight to behold after Biden beats the dear leader in eight months. Jason fraud will claim Trump lost because of never Trumpers; Tinfoil Tina will claim Trump lost because of the deep state; another will claim Trump lost because of illegals voting (you know who you are); NYCmoron will claim Trump lost because he didn’t run a campaign based on Tea Party principles (whatever those are).

    They’ll all be wrong, though. Trump’s likely going to lose to Biden because suburban voters (the backbone of the Republican party since 1980) have “Trump fatigue”. They’re tired of the daily nonsense, the Twitter rants, the lying, the hyperbole, and overall appearance of gross incompetence. Just as suburbia went for Democrats in 2018, they’ll do it again in 2020.

    This is not an etched in stone prediction, but my early guess is Biden could beat Trump, both nationally and in the electoral college, by a margin somewhat smaller than Obama beat Romney in 2012. And because Biden is going to be the nominee, I also think that could make control of the Senate far more tenuous for Republicans.

    The question after Trump likely loses in November is whether we’ve seen a permanent shift in suburban voters towards the Democrats or just a reactive move based on Trump’s persona. Right now, I think it’s more likely to be a momentary blip. Of course, if Republicans stupidly nominate Don Jr. in 2024, suburbia could become every bit as locked into the Democrat party as Blacks and Latinos are.

  93. Robbie says:

    lisab says:
    March 7, 2020 at 12:49 pm
    I’m momentarily breaking my long-term hiatus to post a few thoughts on Coronavirus.
    oh … yay!

    – You’re a former hooker, right?

  94. PresidentPaul! says:

    Russia says no mas! Without equivocation to OPEC. Putin looks to destroy US shale\fracking\off shore oil drilling rig oil for good.

    The reason U.S. production rates are unsustainable is because their costs are higher per barrel than the marginal price especially when all other prices are deflating. Simple, straightforward economics.

    That’s where the Russians’ power comes from. Russia is one of the lowest cost producers in the world. Even after paying their taxes to the government their costs are far lower, close to $20 per barrel break-even point, than anyone else in the world when one factors in external costs.
    When you don’t owe anyone anything you are free to tell them, “No.”

    Sure, the Saudis produce at similar cash costs to the Russians but once you factor in its budgetary needs, the numbers aren’t even close as they need something closer to $85 per barrel.

  95. Phil says:

    Yeah, Robbie. The answer is to turn the party over to the real conservatives like Max Boot, Bill Kristol, Ana Navarro, Nichol Wallace, Jennifer Rubin, Steve Schmidt, etc. You know, the real conservatives who are now cheerleading for that real conservative Joe Biden.

    You remember Biden. Right? The guy who will nominate leftist judges, raise personal and business taxes across the board, re-ramp up regulation, put Beto in charge of guns, provide free health care for anyone that jumps the border, rams “the green new deal” down our throats…..yeah, that Joe Biden.

    The REAL Republicans.

  96. PresidentPaul! says:

    Biden is so fricking vulnerable with so many terrible positions in the past if Bernie would take the damn gloves off for once.

    The media will probably try to rig it for Biden though.

  97. PresidentPaul! says:

    ”Welcome to the first of many manipulated data releases. The ports were largely closed.“

    China’s exports supposedly plunge 17% amid coronavirus epidemic

  98. Tina says:

    I heart Biden


  99. lisab says:

    robbie says: You’re a former hooker, right?

    you’re mistaking me for your mom 🙂

  100. lisab says:

    sooooooooooooo … robbie’s prediction is that biden might win …

    that’s kind of weak tea for a prediction

    but at least he thinks trump will do better than romney … baby steps

  101. lisab says:

    does anyone here think that if biden is the nominee, he cannot win?

  102. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    112. Are we talking about winning the presidency or a senate race? Biden seems unclear about what office he is a candidate for.

  103. Tina says:

    Andy has no problems with illegal spying on Americans. He is part of the problem.

    Quote Tweet

    Andy McCarthy
    · 9h
    Republicans Are Blocking Renewal of Commonsense Anti-Terrorism Tools

  104. Tina says:

    When he is quite talented, and should be a solution to it.

  105. Bitterlaw says:

    I do not believe in spying on Americans UNLESS there is legitimate credible evidence that they are involved in criminal or terrorist activities and warrants are properly issued. I am sure my good friend Tina agrees.

  106. gameboy says:

    #112 So long as the economy stays good, and the stock market doesn’t crash in October Biden will be easy pickings. Bernie in my mind would be a tougher opponent. I’m shocked the Dems will either put up a full boned communist, or an old guy who is clearly at some stage of dementia. Trump caught a break with the stock market dumping now versus a week before the election. The stuff going on right now will all but be forgotten by the time November rolls along.

  107. PresidentPaul! says:

    I’m glad FISA abuses are being used on President Trump rather than the people.

    That way he is more likely to resent the legislation.

  108. Tina says:

    So, it’s trump, Bernie bro’s (cccp), and Russians pushing a “narrative” that Biden has memory issues.

  109. PresidentPaul! says:

    idk where the bottom of this thing is and we could be entering a secular bear market, but I do know we finally have TSLA at a low entry price relatively something I didn’t think I’d see so soon.

    I do think we have more to fall

    But those who weren’t in on TSLA well here’s your chance….in choppy waters at that.

  110. PresidentPaul! says:

    If Trump wins, I think he’s going to be vengeful against big tech for censoring conservatives. These companies risk being broken into pieces while their Chinese competitors maintain their monopolies.

  111. PresidentPaul! says:

    Facebook taking down Trump’s ads for violating rules.

  112. Bitterlaw says:

    What is the sound of one Bunu posting?

  113. PresidentPaul! says:

    Late night TV is actually funny right now with this Democrat primary instead of just whining about Trump nonstop.

  114. Tina says:

    What the hay?

    Trump War Room – Text EMPOWER to 88022
    Joe Biden sums up his campaign:

    “We cannot win this re-election. We can only re-elect Donald Trump.”

  115. MichiganGuy says:

    Biden,Sanders Super Tuesday rally LOL

  116. Phil says:

    For God’s sake, will Jill Biden or someone in the Biden family, friends or acquaintances please perform an intervention and sit Joe down and convince him to stand down and retire from politics? They need to get him home and off the campaign trail.

    This is pathetic and almost cruel. We aren’t talking about gaffs here. We are talking about someone’s diminished mental faculties on daily display before our very eyes.

    It’s almost like the Democratic Party is banking on just getting Joe to the finish line so he can resign and hand the WH to whatever fruit loop the party picks as VP. It’s like they are saying, it’s ok everyone everyone. You can just can just ignore Joe’s obvious mental decline because he’ll just step down once in office and turn it over to his running mate. Everything’s cool.

    Hey, maybe I was right about Kamala Harris after all. She’ll get to the WH, but just do it by the back door.

  117. Tina says:

    We can only re elect Trump

    -China Biden

  118. Tina says:

    And if you listen to before this, nothing is coherent.


    He got odd stage after 7 minutes.

  119. Phil says:

    Let’s see. Joe is apparently running for the Senate and he doesn’t know his wife from his sister.

  120. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Life can be so unfair:

    “Caelie Wilkes shared her story on her Facebook page, where she wrote, “I’ve had this beautiful succulent for about two years now. I was so proud of this plant. It was full, beautiful coloring, just an overall perfect plant. I had it up in my kitchen window. I had a watering plan for it, if someone else tried to water my succulent I would get so defensive because I just wanted to keep good care of it. I absolutely loved my succulent.”

    Unfortunately, when she decided to transplant the plant to a new vase, she made a shocking discovery.

    “I go to pull it from the original plastic container it was purchased with to learn this plant was fake,” she wrote. “I put so much love into this plant! I washed its leaves. Tried my hardest to keep it looking its best, and it’s completely plastic!”

  121. John says:

    You are absolutely correct.
    I also believe the American people are a lot smarter than what the DNC thinks…and will deny Biden in the end.

  122. Victrc says:

    So apparently Klobuchar let it slip in an event yesterday that she’s “glad to join the ticket”

    Whether that means she’ll actially be the VP or not Ionky insiders know (I still say Biden owes AA’s for saving his campaign in SC so it will be Stacey Abrams)

    My question is, does she bring in any voters that sleepy Joe won’t already get? She sure didn’t light any fires during primary season and Mayor Pete dismantled her in the last debate.

    Does she convince any more suburban moms to vote for sleepy Joe? I don’t see it, other than making sure MN doesn’t flip.

  123. jason says:

    Of course, if Republicans stupidly nominate Don Jr. in 2024, suburbia could become every bit as locked into the Democrat party as Blacks and Latinos are.”

    Amoral Scumbag will be against Don Jr. in 2024.

    But don’t forget he will also be against ANY other Republican nominated, and he will be here celebrating his or her loss.

  124. MichiganGuy says:

    Jesse Jackson to endorse Bernie Sanders at Michigan rally
    Feel the Bern

  125. jason says:

    To keep things in perspective…

    “The new coronavirus causes little more than a cough if it stays in the nose and throat, which it does for the majority of people unlucky enough to be infected. Danger starts when it reaches the lungs.

    One in seven patients develops difficulty breathing and other severe complications, while 6% become critical. These patients typically suffer failure of the respiratory and other vital systems, and sometimes develop septic shock, according to a report by last month’s joint World
    Health Organization-China mission.

    The progression from mild or moderate to severe can occur “very, very quickly,” said Bruce Aylward, a WHO assistant director-general who co-led a mission in China that reviewed data from 56,000 cases. Understanding the course of the disease and identifying individuals at greatest risk are critical for optimizing care for a global contagion that’s killed more than 3,500 people since emerging in central China in December.

    About 10-15% of mild-to-moderate patients progress to severe and of those, 15-20% progress to critical. Patients at highest risk include people age 60 and older and those with pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

  126. Wes says:

    Biden is displaying cognitive issues, but he starts with a hefty amount of goodwill from the black community—which will make turnout operations easier—and 200+ EVs locked down.

    Any chance Trump would make inroads in MN, VA, CO, NH, and NV has evaporated.

    The Dems will probably adopt the Casey vs. Santorum strategy of keeping Biden out of the spotlight as much as possible while extolling as many of Trump’s flaws as possible.

    With a committed base determined to beat Trump, Dems have a significantly better chance of beating Trump than many on here acknowledge. This will make Veep selection critical of course as Biden will have to select someone perceived as competent to be President.

    Trump is lucky OH and FL are trending solidly GOP because that will give him a boost in the EC. However, MI, PA, WI, and to a lesser extent, AZ have become Ground Zero for GOP disaster under Trump. Biden provides Dems their best hope of flipping this states. Meanwhile, other than ME, I don’t really see any genuine offensive opportunities for Trump with Biden as Dem standard bearer.

    Since Biden isn’t Hillary I don’t think Republicans would be wise to continue their circle jerk about how Trump won with only 46% of the vote nationally last time. Biden has his own problems, but Hillary’s elitism and corruption aren’t among them. That, coupled with enthusiastic support among blacks and a base devoted to ousting Trump, means Trump’ Reelection is far from a certainty regardless of Biden’s mental state.

    Oh. No, Sanders won’t run as an Indy to spoil Biden’s chances. He’s not going to have Dems strip him of his committee assignments and likely withdraw their support of him in 2024 in favor of one of their own for some vanity presidential run.

  127. jason says:

    have “Trump fatigue”. They’re tired of the daily nonsense, the Twitter rants, the lying, the hyperbole, and overall appearance of gross incompetence.”

    Nothing like style over substance.

    On one side:

    Energy independence, conservative judges, tax cuts, record unemployment (including minorities), wage growth, labor participation, rebuilt military, and on and on.

    And on the other side:

    Twitter rants.

  128. jason says:

    I generally agree with wes, although I think “cognitive problems” is a bigger problem than he acknowledges.

    Also I disagree with this:

    Biden has his own problems, but Hillary’s elitism and corruption aren’t among them

    “Biden has his own problems, but Hillary’s elitism and corruption aren’t among them”

    Elitism maybe. Corruption no. Biden is very vulnerable on corruption, considering he IS very corrupt.

  129. jason says:

    I agree Sanders won’t run as an Indy.

  130. Bitterlaw says:

    Wes – I agree with you on many points. Biden has a great chance to win PA. As for his alleged dementia, people see what they want to see. The prevailing view at HHR is that he is a tally living in a nursing home at night drooling and talking to himself about the 1950 Phillies Whiz Kids. Democrats see him as an old guy spending 24 hours a day running for President, who gets tired, talks too fast and occasionally misspeaks. It all comes down to what Independents in a few states think.

  131. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    #142- Wes
    1) Paragragh 2- Why so? What cause the “evaporation”?
    2) Paragragh 3- The Dems. may try this strategy, but it will fail. Trump will have tons of money to advertise Biden’s gaffes, his tweets will mock this attempt and Trump’s rallies will draw tens of thousands compared to “Where is Sleepy Joe?”
    3)Next to Last Paragragh- You say Joe is not corrupt. My goodness replies Hunter Biden!
    4) Last Paragragh- so you believe that Sanders will run for President again at the age of 83 in 2024? I don’t, but I agree that he will not run as an Indie this year.

  132. Wes says:

    I’m aware of Biden’s bragging about actually doing in the Ukraine what Trump was impeached for, Jason.

    How many people less attuned to politics than we at HHR are aware of his actions?

    Perception is key in politics.

    Do voters consider Biden to be the smarmy, corrupt elitist Hillary clearly was?

    I see no evidence of it.

    That in the end may make the difference in the election.

  133. Wes says:

    Sheep, Sanders would have been anathema to critical voters Trump would need in those states. With strong connections in his political history to blue-collar workers and solid support from blacks, how exactly is Biden going to run behind Hillary’s showing in those states? Also, the rich yuppie liberals in those states might have voted for Trump out of desperation to stop Sanders’ wealth tax. With Biden as Dem nominee, now they’re free to vote Dem.

    Do you seriously think Dems won’t have tons of money (from Bloomberg among others) as well as free media to counter what Trump attacks Biden on?

    See Post 148.

    Sanders has already filed for reelection in 2024. He’s obviously running again.

  134. Wes says:

    By the way, Sheep, you obviously misread my last paragraph since I was obviously referring to Sanders’ Senate runs rather than his presidential bids as indicated by my reference to committee assignments.

  135. Tina says:

    They hid Hillary too. That did not work out for them too well.

    Don’t think you can hide a candidate for president, but they will try.

    There is an interesting CNBC opinion piece on this “strategery”.

  136. Tina says:

    Hey bubu

    Gavin Newsom
    · Mar 6
    Tips on washing your hands…

    1) Wet hands with clean, running water

    2) Lather hands — rubbing them together with soap. Backs of your hands. Between fingers. Under nails.

    3) Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds (hum the Happy Birthday song from beginning to end 2x!)

    4) Rinse.

  137. Phil says:

    Well, Wes, sounds like Trump is finished.

    ……dead as a door nail.

  138. Wes says:

    Phil, I’ve never thought Trump would win re-election. I’ve been clear about that ever since his self-absorbed post-election press conference in 2018 and subsequent unforced error in shutting down the government.

    I do think he has a marginally better shot at reelection than before, but did anyone genuinely believe Dems were going to throw away a chance to take out Trump by nominating a socialist crackpot who would have lost badly and likely dragged them down nationally?

    I never even entertained the idea and always knew Biden—as the best potential matchup for Trump—would be their nominee.

    Whether Biden can ultimately seal the deal and defeat Trump will reveal itself in November. As of right now, Dems have clearly picked their best candidate to oust him. It will be a relatively close election, but I’m not seeing a huge groundswell of support for Trump’s re-election outside the same people who backed him four years ago.

    That may not be enough against a candidate whose political career has been based on appealing to the same blue-collar workers Trump needs to win.

  139. Phil says:

    So, it goes like this. Biden struggles with his mental decline on a day in day out basis and his campaign will attack the problem by

    1) whenever possible, only allowing him to speak in controlled situations and, in general, trying to limit any opportunities for Joe to say anything off the cuff. I suppose they can do that – to an extent anyway. Not completely.

    2). When he does sound incoherent just count on their MSM puppets to completely ignore it or give it as little coverage as possible.

    3). Once the problem becomes so obvious that the MSM can’t ignore it, just pivot and go with “it doesn’t really matter since he has a competent VP who will simply step in when needed”.

    Is that about it?

  140. Wes says:

    Can you think of a better strategy, Phil?

    It’s better than trying to downplay a wealth tax and explain a candidate’s love affair with communist dictators.

  141. Phil says:

    I will be paying attention to see who Is the party’s pick for VP. That is who will ultimately become President once President Biden resigns – and trust me, he will step down and it will be relatively early in his term. I’ve already seen enough to safely predict that – unless anyone here actually thinks Biden will get anything but worse as the months pass.

  142. Tina says:

    China Biden wants the next debate to be a sit down.
    Cccp said no.

  143. Tina says:

    But let’s cont8 ur to hype it as much as we can. Right, Brother of Fredo?

    Chuck Ross
    NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Maria Bartiromo just now on COVID-19: “The fear is more dangerous than the virus.”

  144. Tina says:

    Thread app on how Politico went full on criticizing Trump for stopping flights from Wuhan, to now saying he didn’t do enough. Same reporter doing the “reporting”.

  145. Phil says:

    Wes, it is ABSOLUTELY their best strategy. They had no choice but to kill Bernie’s chances and nominate Biden once Nevada happened. Bernie would be a disaster in November. They had to nominate Biden…or some other Democrat wearing a mask. Couldn’t afford to nominate someone who simply refused to wear it.

    Of course, there will be no difference in what Biden would do and what Bernie would do once inaugurated. Judges, the border, guns, climate change, government regulation, healthcare, Iran – you name it. Even the green new deal and taxes. Bernie would have had to settle for what Biden will ultimately get on healthcare and taxes.

    No diference whatsoever. None. Nada.

  146. jason says:

    I have always said Biden is the best candidate the Dems have.

    And that he was also the most likely to self implode.

    That still holds, if the MSM can keep covering for him and he has good handlers that will shield him all the way to the election he could well win, especially if the economy tanks by then due to the Coronavirus.

    But put a gun to my head right now and ask do I want him replaced (unless it is with Bernie) I will probably say no, I will take my chances with Biden.

    Biden now is less formidable than the Biden Wes was touting as the most dangerous to Trump at the beginning of the campaign. Of that I have no doubt.

  147. jason says:

    I’m aware of Biden’s bragging about actually doing in the Ukraine what Trump was impeached for, Jason.

    How many people less attuned to politics than we at HHR are aware of his actions?

    Perception is key in politics.

    Do voters consider Biden to be the smarmy, corrupt elitist Hillary clearly was?

    I see no evidence of it.

    That in the end may make the difference in the election.”

    I think a lot more voters now see Biden as corrupt than did at the start of the campaign, and a lot more will by the end of it if Trump’s campaign plays its cards right.

    Trump has to define Biden as not only senile, but corrupt too. Since both are true, he has a good chance of doing it.

  148. jason says:

    Democrats see him as an old guy spending 24 hours a day running for President, who gets tired, talks too fast and occasionally misspeaks. It all comes down to what Independents in a few states think.”

    I very much doubt that.

    I think they see what we see, and I bet they don’t believe their own talking points.

    But the ends justify the means. They can always get rid of Biden after he wins. Whomever Biden picks as VP will be preferable as President to them than Biden.

  149. jason says:

    I would bet the farm that every far left MSM pundit thinks Biden is senile by this point. All of them.

    Everyone makes gaffes. Obama talked about 57 states, Trump has had his share of bloopers.

    But Biden couldn’t remember the name of the guy he was VP for. For 8 years.

  150. jason says:

    Biden calls himself a

    “Obiden Bama Democrat.”

  151. Wes says:

    Reagan was probably starting to deal with the early effects of Alzheimer’s in 1984, Jason. He showed evidence of listlessness in his first debate against Mondale. The next debate, Reagan hit Mondale with the “youth and inexperience “ line and allayed fears about his mental acuity. Of course Reagan then went on to become the reigning king of EC votes.

    That was with hostile media wanting Reagan to lose.

    The media will be covering for Biden, and he will almost certainly select a Veep candidate perceived as a competent replacement.

    All things being equal, I’d say Biden would be unelectable because of his obvious mental decline.

    All things aren’t equal though. Biden will have the media spinning all day every day for him, and Dems have proved their eagerness to turn out against Trump three elections in a row.

    I see no evidence they won’t do that again when Trump is actually on the ballot, though I do agree Trump needs to highlight Biden’s senility and corruption to have any chance of reelection.

  152. Phil says:

    Biden is stronger than Bernie by far. Few could argue otherwise. He is also the most likely to implode over the next seven months. Jason has been completely on target with this since the outset of the primary season.

    My only question is, when, not if, Democrats and their media buddies pivot to “it doesn’t matter. When you vote for Biden you are really voting to put his VP in the WH” I suppose that all depends on when it gets so blatantly obvious Biden is not all there that they have no choice but to make the pivot. Will it be a series of incoherent moments or one absolutely outrageous moment?

  153. Tina says:

    I don’t think the hide China Biden strategy will work.

    The jebots will try to run interference.

    Remember when the Clinton Groupie said that Hillary was not sick?

  154. Tina says:

    Don’t think we want comedy McCabe and others running the gubment for a demented president?

  155. Wes says:

    I don’t want Biden to be in the White House at all, Tina. Dems absolutely don’t want Trump to be President.

    Those thought processes are a wash.

    It’s what people not committed to either candidate think that will matter ultimately.

  156. Phil says:

    Trump will end up running against Biden’s VP. In the end, that will be the choice Democrats will actually be openly pushing.

    They will, in effect, be simply changing the candidate on the November ballot for electability purposes. This isn’t any different then what they did when they replaced Robert Torecelli on the ballot in the 2006 NJ senate race. In this case they are, in effect going to pull the same stunt (although in this case they won’t actually be replacing the name at the top of the ballot – just wink and nod that you’re really getting the second person and then push it hard).

    Trust me. That’s where this thing is heading.

  157. BayernFan says:

    I wonder how Biden will do when he gives his acceptance speech?

  158. Scooterboy says:

    Kamala Harris endorses Biden.

    Not unexpected.

  159. Tina says:

    Trying to find that CNBC opinion piece that went into the hide the Biden strategy.

  160. Wes says:

    Essentially HHR is an insular bubble.

    The most ardent Trump supporters on here have convinced themselves nothing can hurt Trump while Dems will suffer because of all their shortcomings.

    The reality is that Trump has kept himself in a tenuous position for reelection while Dems because of their own outlandishness have a relatively narrow but solid path to overcome him.

    Obviously without an Obama or Roosevelt waiting in the wings, Dems can’t hope for a landslide; however, because Trump is a polarizing President Who has objectively energized his opposition, they have a highly realistic chance to win.

    Biden provides them their best chance of victory by juicing up turnout among two key Dem demographics—blacks and unions—although as Jason notes, the former Veep can implode.

    Honestly I would put money on the former rather than the latter. Certainly Trump has improved his standing for reelection over its nadir in 2018 and 2019. He’s still far from the lock for reelection many on here consider him.

  161. Tina says:

    Too funny.

    Larry Schweikart
    If Biteme descends any further into his gibberish he’ll be speaking Swahili.

  162. Phil says:

    Acceptance speech. He will get through it by reading from the telaprompter and the media will proclaim it as proof he is of sound mind.

    The debates? That is a horse of a different color – as will be his performance n the stump.

    Ask yourself this one. Is Biden likely to get mentally sharper as the next months roll by? If anything, it’s reasonable to assume he goes in the other direction – hence, my Democrats and the MSM “pivot” strategy that I laid out above.

  163. Victrc says:

    My two cents

    1. Yes the media will use the word centrist to describe Joe Biden for the next 8 months.

    2. They will hide him for the next 8 months and Americans will be fooled. It’s going to be hard to overcome the onslaught of media that is coming Trumps way. From the campaign. DNC and mainstream media

    3. Those “conservatives” who are ok with higher taxes, the death of the petroleum industry (which will kill Texas), loss of the Supreme Court, lost of district, circuit and appellate courts, kowtowing to our enemies and turning away our allies, green new deal, continued emasculation of our boy, business killing regulations, horrible economy, more govt programs and spending, relief of student debt. Etc etc BUT ITS worth it because trump says mean things obviously don’t have young children who have to grow up in what’s to come.

    My suggestion. If you want to have any chance to salvage what’s been recovered over the past four years, get out there and work. We’re going to have to in order to win.

  164. Phil says:

    The question is can Trump get one of the three Midwestern big three plus keep Arizona. When you see Trump trailing Biden by 2 to 3 pts national it means literally nothing.

    Trump will never win the popular vote nor will any Republican – maybe even ever again. Why? California and New York. California went for weak candidate Hillary by 4.4 million votes. New York? 1.7 million votes to Hillary. That’s 6.1 million votes combined. Trump took the rest of the country by about 3.3 million votes. That’s with Hillary having an edge of a million votes in Illinois, 900,000 in Massachusetts, 800,000 in Maryland, 700,000in New Jersey. California and New York have completely skewed the popular vote. Used to, if a candidate won the popular vote narrowly that almost always meant that candidate would win the electoral vote. California and New York have forever blown that up.

  165. Phil says:

    now if the polls show Biden up 4 or 5 points, that means something and the Wisconsin, Pa, Michigan, Arizona polls will reflect it.

    A two or three point Biden lead nationally? That’s a tossup.

  166. Wes says:

    Good point, Vic.

    I would say this about the upcoming election:

    Biden generates no passion for or against himself. That has the potential to make his campaign lethargic and let Trump sneak through with a “Dewey beats Truman” moment. It also may be enough to win since Biden automatically benefits from seething Dem hatred of Trump.

    Trump excites strong passion before and against himself. That’s a two-edged Sword as it keeps him competitive and heightens his chances of holding most of the state’s he previously won while limiting his offensive opportunities and giving Dems solid shots at flipping the obvious states.

    Thus, we have passion for the idea of beating a man versus passion for the man himself. Thus far, the former has been the stronger passion. Trump needs to ensure the latter becomes the stronger one.

  167. jason says:

    Reagan was probably starting to deal with the early effects of Alzheimer’s in 1984, Jason.”

    Nah, not even close to what Biden is exhibiting.

    And even then, he lasted another 4 years in office without any real serious problems.

    Bad analogy.

  168. jason says:

    He’s still far from the lock for reelection many on here consider him.”

    Who are the many?

    I can’t think of anyone here offhand who thinks Trump is a lock for re-election.

    Maybe dblaikie.

    I think Trump was a lock against Bernie, almost a lock against Warren. Favored against Mayor Butt. 50/50 against Biden or Klobuchar.

    However, I think the odds of Biden imploding are ate least 50/50.

  169. Wes says:

    Dblaikie, Gameboy, Phoenixrisen, JulStol, Tgca off the top of my head, Jason.

    They’ve all declared Trump is certain to win re-election.

  170. Wes says:

    You must not have seen Reagan’s incoherent first debate against Mondale, Jason. It was bad.

    Thankfully the Gipper redeemed himself in the second debate. The first was just cringeworthy.

    Whether it’s the same level as what Biden is exhibiting is a different story. It’s still a man evincing some form of cognitive dysfunction running for President.

  171. jason says:

    Jason fraud will claim Trump lost because of never Trumpers;”

    Amoral Scumbag gives himself too much credit.

    Actually, no, I will blame the morons who are too shortsighted to see that Trump will be gone in 4 years, but the effects of electing a socialist will last for decades.

  172. jason says:

    wes, one bad debate does not define anyone as being senile, certainly it didn’t Reagan.

    Had Reagan REALLY been exhibiting noticeable signs of dementia in 1984 the MSM would have made it an issue. He wasn’t.

    People use the fact he later developed Alzheimer’s to go back and try to nitpick things he said years earlier to claim he had Alzheimer’s then. I call that BS.

    Reagan stayed another 4 years in office without any real questions about his fitness.

    What Biden is showing goes way beyond one bad debate. He is continuously confused about where he is, losing train of thought, mixing up names…

  173. Phil says:

    Well, it’s depressing to read Wes’ take on Trump’s chances nationally. Very. At least he’s somewhat reassuring about Trump’s chances in NC and Tillis’ chances at retaining the senate seat. Was sad, however, to hear him deliver the bad news on losing two GOP House seats in NC.

  174. jason says:

    Dblaikie, Gameboy, Phoenixrisen, JulStol, Tgca off the top of my head, Jason.

    They’ve all declared Trump is certain to win re-election.”

    Gameboy, Phoenix and Jul are basically drive-bys.

    I will give you dblaikie, even Tgca.

    But the fact is the vast majority of regular posters here never said Trump is a lock.

  175. Phil says:

    I remember Reagan’s first debate. It was truly bad. However, he did fine in the following two. I also remember his 1984 acceptance speech at the 84 Republican convention. It was magnificent in not only it’s content, but most significantly its delivery. Let see if Biden can pull that off.

  176. Phil says:

    …and yeah, Biden’s total mix up on where he is, who he is talking to, the garbled sentences, what office he’s running for etc etc….I’ve never seen a candidate for national office do any of this on a daily basis. Not even close.

  177. Wes says:

    I love this place.

    Jason accuses me of nitpicking in one post and the very next nitpicks about the examples I gave in response to his question.

    Of course I can do some nitpicking of my own and point out I never said “the vast majority of regular posters here” said Trump would win re-election.

  178. Wes says:

    I’m trying to be evenhanded about this, Phil. I wish I could give you more upbeat analysis, but honestly I can’t do that without lying to you about how I perceive things.

    I’m voting for Trump, but let’s be honest. He’s made a number of unforced errors and excited his opposition with powerful and unreasoning passion to beat him.

    We have evidence three elections in a row of just how significant that’s been despite an economy that for anyone else, would have mostly negated the opposition’s fury.

    Can Trump win?

    It’s not out of the realm of possibility given the intersectionalist nature of American politics, but realistically he’s not running against Hillary again.

    He has to have a lot of things go his way to win re-election now that Dems have proved their determination to put up the candidate best poised to eat into Trump’s base of support as his opponent.

  179. jason says:

    Of course I can do some nitpicking of my own and point out I never said “the vast majority of regular posters here” said Trump would win re-election.”

    Ok, fair enough.

    But I will dispute the “many” too, even if I give the 5 you mention.

    We can argue if 5 are “many” or not I suppose.

  180. Phil says:

    Wes, the depressing part of your analysis isn’t so much your bottom line pessimism. What is depressing to me is that it’s pessimism coming from someone who has shown time and again to be right on so many political races. If you were some never Trumper hack it wouldn’t bother me at all. I could just blow it off. Your previous political predictions and analysis has given you lots of credibility. Trump needs a break on the economy to win narrowly.

  181. jason says:

    I will put it this way.

    IF Biden manages to survived unscathed on the dementia and corruption issues all the way to the election, he could easily win (not win easily).

    But that is a big IF.

  182. phil says:


    Also very true.

  183. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – If the GOP will never win the EC again, then the EC will be abolished at some point by Amendment.

  184. Tina says:

    More alarming for China Biden is when he forgot Obama’s mama.

    I don’t think they will be able to hide him.

    They may have no other choice though.

  185. Tina says:

    Obama’s name. Spell check.

  186. Phil says:

    There is no way the electoral college would EVER be abolished by the amendment process. Ever. First of all you could never get the two thirds of each House to propose the amendment to the states. Even if you did there is no way to get three fourths of the states to ratify. The smaller states WILL never go for it.

    The way Democrats are trying to get around that of course is the interstate compact. That’s possible but unlikely. Even if they got enough states to agree to give their electoral votes to the overall popular vote winner it would have to pass muster with the courts – shouldn’t happen since the courts have already ruled there cannot be an interstate compact without the expressed approval of congress. Of course if Biden can gain two more Supreme Court justices that’s certainly possible. That’s obviously their plan.

  187. Phil says:

    No doubt the Democrats will continue to try o get rid of the electoral college. They do, as we all know, play to win.

  188. lisab says:

    biden said the dems can “only reelect trump”

    he was clearly confused

    this will get worse

  189. lisab says:

    here is the clip

    this is getting sad

  190. Bitterlaw says:

    My wife would probably vote for Biden. If Sanders was the nominee, she would just not vote for President like she did not vote for President in 2016.

  191. Victrc says:

    Bitter. Respectfully, why would your wife vote for Biden. Which policies and such does she think will benefit the country? It’s an honest question.

  192. lisab says:

    there are a bunch of bernie supporters that won’t vote for biden so it will be a wash

  193. Bitterlaw says:

    Vic – She doesn’t support any of Biden’s policies except she is pro-choice (but not pro-infanticide). She just hates Trump as a person so much she wants him out of office (but opposed impeachment). She supports some Trump policies and appointments but despises him.

  194. dblaikie says:

    I have always said I like Trump’s chances. But I have never claimed he was a “lock” — ever. Go ahead check out my posts. The only person who believe in locks is Wes! Wes after 2018 claimed that Trump was a “lock” to lose. He knows that and that is why he will never be positive or realistic about Trump’s chances. Right now I about 80% that Trump will win. Why? Well economy aside, Biden suffers from senility. It is rather sad really. If Jason is 50/50 that is fine with me. Nothing wrong with being noncommittal at this stage.

    So Wes let’s get this straight. You know the truth I have never had your level of certainity about Trump. You have been the one to speak in absolutes — especially right after 2018. Yes I think Trump is going to win. The operative word is “think”. I don’t presume to “know”.

  195. lisab says:

    overall, i think trump will increase his vote total


    biden will get less than hillary, hillary has the second most votes of any candidate after obama, i don’t think biden will do as well among women or african americans, so i think he gets fewer votes than hillary

    it is just a matter of where the votes are that will matter

  196. lisab says:

    hillary campaigned a lot in california and ny and not the midwest

    biden’s people won’t make that mistake

    so they will get fewer votes overall imo, but the votes they get will be better placed

  197. DW says:

    We are in a civil war. Long term the only solution is to split the country up.

  198. lisab says:

    in the long term, ca, ny and illinois are going to collapse economically

    their pension benefits are going to bankrupt them

    it is only a matter of time

    chicago already has almost a 10% sales tax

  199. lisab says:

    whoopsie … haven’t lived in illinois for a while

    chicago now has a 10.25% sales tax!

  200. Wes says:


    Never realistic about Trump’s chances, DB?

    I’ve probably given the most realistic assessment of Trump’s chances on here by saying Trump would be in a better position for re-election if not for all his unforced errors which have enabled Dems to gin up their turnout to presidential levels over the past three off-year elections.

    Can Trump win re-election?

    Sure if enough things go his way. He’s definitely far from assured of winning though—especially against the man best positioned to appeal to Trump’s base.

    I’ve even said Trump’s position has improved since 2018 on this very thread. You can check every post I’ve typed since this morning to see if that’s not the case.

    Meanwhile, you went out of your way to challenge me to a bet for alcohol regarding Trump’s odds of winning. Your actions and your outraged rhetoric aren’t matching up. I don’t know many people who bet $150 on something they’re not certain of.

    I even said Trump would have crushed Bernie but will have a significantly harder time against Biden for the reasons I have enumerated today.

    For someone who claims not to be absolutely certain Trump will win re-election, you’re quick to make the case for how none of his actions will hurt him while Biden will suffer for all Biden’s shortcomings.

    Who’s being unrealistic now?

  201. Wes says:

    Lisa, Biden might run behind Hillary among women, but I doubt it among blacks.

    Blacks have been the primary voters Biden has been able to rely on to win primaries and are quite loyal to him because of his associations with Obama. I don’t see how he loses ground with that demographic.

  202. lisab says:

    percentage-wise he has been running behind hillary

    it may change now that it is only him and bernie

    but i doubt it unless his vp is black

  203. lisab says:

    in 2016 clinton won 86% of the black vote in sc against bernie

    biden won 61%

  204. jason says:

    Hard to see how you can “despise” Trump but then vote for a corrupt creep like Biden, but each to his own.

    My wife despises Trump, but she thinks Biden is a real slimeball, I know she would never vote for him.

    Her meme now is that since they are all slimeballs, I will vote for Trump because at least he governs in my interest.

    She didn’t do that with Hillary however, but then neither did I.

  205. jason says:

    In our defense, neither of us were really sure Trump would govern in our interest.

  206. lisab says:

    also in 2016 trump got 8% of the black vote

    doubt biden can repeat that

  207. dblaikie says:

    I guess I touched a nerve. Wes I am going back to 2018. Back the you were absolute in your terms. Trump had no chance. Since then you have moved to a more reasonable position. But who can blame you for wanting to be right in 2018. Who can blame for wanting to say in 2020 I told you people, especially that nutty dblaikie, that Trump was going to lose. That is what I was referring to.

    I did not force you into our bet. If you win yes I will lose money. But if I win you lose. In other words you are just as crazy as me. But heck I believe I will win.

  208. lisab says:

    if the dems win we all lose money

    taxes will go up

  209. jason says:

    Bunu hardest hit:

    A senior member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was reportedly killed Friday in Syria.

    The Fars news agency said Farhad Dabirian was “martyred,” without giving details on the circumstances of his death [it was said that he was “assassinated”].

    The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Dabirian oversaw military operations against Islamic State jihadists in the Palmyra area and that he was close to Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group”

  210. lisab says:

    well .. we won’t all lose money, just those of us who work

    people like corey will get more food stamp money

  211. Bitterlaw says:

    My wife values fidelity. 3 marriages and his vulgar comments were too much. His abrasive personality was too much. She has voted for every GOP presidential nominee since 1988. She voted straight GOP in 2016 but left the Presidential line blank. The best I can hope for is for her to repeat her 2016 tactic.

  212. Tgca says:

    I see Wes is on his “Only I know what future elections hold and everyone else is wrong.” How did that work out for you in 2016 Wes? I remind you that I have correctly predicted EVERY POTUS victor since Reagan so I have somewhat of a track record to support my opinions.

    I never seriously stated Trump is “locked in” for re-election. What I have said is that given the current environment against the current Dem candidates, as well as the economy, I think Trump would handily be re-elected, if the election were held tomorrow, and I still believe that. I predicted a Trump win in 2016 because I read into details and trends, not just polls that turned out to be accurate among varying groups. I see similar details and trends that favor his re-election. Also, significant constituencies in the Dem party are in disarray and at each other’s throats now and I don’t see them all coming together in 2020 as of today. If anyone believes all Bernie folks will rally around Biden, they don’t know Bernie fans. Also, Trump has made in-roads into Latino and Black support that will help. Even if they are minor increases, it is beyond what any other GOPer has done lately, except for GWB with Latins and that was an anomaly to him and not the GOP.

    Though it’s only anecdotal, many I know are more comfortable with Trump now then before his 2016 win which suggests Trump has grown his base among those not sure of him back in 2016, and he also currently has a very energized GOP with approval rates in the 95% range. As one Philly woman who is not a GOPer said to me recently, I don’t care about his tweets anymore, I care about how the economy is doing.

  213. Tgca says:


    If your wife values her feelings over what’s good for her family and the country, that is fine but hardly an informed voter n my opinion. If the Dems get in place and do what they wish to do and tax all beyond reasonableness, expand gubbermint, put extreme Libs on the courts, decimate the economy, weaken our foreign policy, make us less safe, and take away basic rights including the rights of your very “white son” in getting fair treatment in school and work because he is white and male, then your wife can explain to her family how she has helped society with her vote or lack there of, just because someone offended her sensibilities. If we get another terrorist attack because Dems won’t secure our borders and your family and friends are casualties, then your wife can explain how her vote helped keep folks safe.

    Clearly you’re wife is in the minority of GOP voters and I thank God for that. I don’t know your wife and can’t judge her character but if your description of her is accurate, she sounds like a “Never Trumper” that the MSM loves to have on their side. You married to Ana Navarro by any chance? Didn’t think you were a chubby chaser but different strokes for different folks, eh?

    FYI. I did not like Mac or Romney and did not think they were decent but I supported them because I knew it was the right thing to do over my personal feelings for them. Evidently, some are incapable of doing that.

  214. Tgca says:

    …and PS.

    Regarding fidelity, over 50% of US presidents have had affairs or fathered children with other women besides their wives while married. Numerous politicians have done so as well, probably in the 70% range. If fidelity is an absolute requirement for electing a president, then good luck finding good candidates.

  215. lisab says:


    i think there are far more people who did not vote for trump in 2016 and will this time

    than there are people who did not vote for trump in 2016 and now will vote for biden

    there is a sizable group of people who will not show up to vote if they think their candidate has no chance … and trump was given no chance last time

    i would say it all depends on michigan and pa this time

    a.) can biden win michigan if both sides are campaigning there

    b.) can biden overcome the no fracking pledge in pa

  216. Presidentpaul! says:

    Putin bringing the pain!

  217. lisab says:

    Hillary Clinton Says Epstein Assassination Was To ‘Manage Anxiety’

  218. lisab says:


  219. jason says:

    My wife values fidelity.”

    But she thinks its ok to fondle women and little girls?

  220. jason says:

    Anybody who doesn’t support Trump because he got married 3 times but would vote for a creep like Biden is not exactly being consistent.

    Hey ma…

  221. jason says:

    That being said, I fully support Bitter’s wife right to vote for anyone she wants.

  222. lisab says:

    Exasperated Olive Garden Waitress Asks Bernie Sanders If He’s Just Gonna Sit There Eating Free Breadsticks All Night

  223. lisab says:

    New Law Would Allow Millennials To Stay On Their Parents’ Netflix Account Until They’re 35

  224. lisab says:

    Biden: ‘I Am The Only Candidate Who Can Beat Ronald Reagan’

  225. Wes says:

    I see our resident homo pedophile skank, Tgca, is being his usual attention whore self and trying desperately to attract my attention.

    Sorry, Tg. I’m too old for your tastes, and I like only women.

    Beyond that, I have no interest in reading or acknowledging your delusions ever again.

    Have a good night.

  226. VictrC says:

    Bitter. I appreciate the answer. I do not begin to understand it, as she is voting against her own self interest, her family’s own self interest and her children, but everyone has to make their own decision.

    I think a better judge of someone is how they have live recently, rather than how they lived a decade or more ago. Also, actions speak louder than words and he has led this country in a more conservative fashion than anyone since Reagan, and before that since Coolidge. That has to count more than something he did 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.

    With that said, this election. One factor I think many are overlooking is Libertarian vote. There is no Gary Johnson on the ballot this time and I doubt anyone on the Libertarian ticket is going to pull in 4% in the states he did in AZ, MI, MN, NH, WI 5% in CO, ME, 9% in NM. All 4.5M votes of his are up for grabs and I have to believe the lionshare are going towards Trump.

    As well, he will get more votes this cycle than he did last cycle. Most likely Biden will get more votes his cycle than Hillary did, if only, (as Wes alluded to) because they hate Trump.

    Overall I believe it will be a close election. I think, even with Biden, WI holds, NC, FL, GA hold, NH flips. It comes down to MI and PA (I don’t think AZ flips, Hispanics don’t seem to like Biden very much).

    Could go any way, and will depend on the economy and how many self inflicted wounds Trump can keep himself to.

  227. Tgca says:


    Wow! Homophobia shows itself in Ilhan “Wes” Omar because someone different disagrees with him so instead of offering a debatable point, he resorts to bigotry. Ooooooh! That really taught me.

    For someone who doesn’t read my posts, he sure knows how to respond to them.

    Skank and wh*re? This is laughable coming form one who’s significant other lap dances and dry humps old men in strip clubs for what? …like $5 while he enjoys giving massages to naked dudes.

    Wes is right that I would never attract him. I don’t attract guys that seek out and abuse vulnerable and underage and barely legal girls and then force them into abortions.

    …and a good night to you too my friend Ilhan “Wes” Omar.

  228. Tgca says:

    Bitter always tells us how much he admires his wife and that is refreshing and admiral in today’s world. However, as wonderful as Mrs. Bitter is, she clearly is not always a good judge of character. After all, she did marry Bitter, riiiiiight? 🙂

  229. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Trump 44% (+2)
    Biden 42%

    Trump 46% (+1)
    Sanders 45%
    Expedition Strategies 2/6-18

    Biden 47% (+5)
    Trump 42%

    Sanders 45% (+2)
    Trump 43%
    Expedition Strategies 2/6-18

    Sanders 46% (+4)
    Trump 42%

    Biden 43%
    Trump 43%
    Expedition Strategies 2/6-18

  230. Bitterlaw says:

    My wife is insane for staying with me. I don’t deserve her.

    As far as judging people by how they live now instead of in the past, I reject that. I do not believe in redemption. You can never undo the bad things you have done. It is nice you don’t hurt people anymore but it does not UNhurt those in the past. I don’t ask for forgiveness and I don’t give it.

    And on the point of voting against self-interest. I have done it for years. I have a pre-existing condition and opposed Obamacare. As s diabetic, I should want embryonic stem cell research. I don’t.

  231. SoHope says:

    That’s good numbers for Trump with a democrat internal poll

  232. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    The fact that Democratic voters panic flocked to Biden on super Tuesday to prevent the old Boleshevik from getting the Democratic nomination does not suddenly make Biden a competent candidate. He still has serious cognitive issues, as Cenk Uygur pointed out:

    Joe Biden will DEFINITELY lose to Trump. He appears to have some sort of dementia! The monsters on TV are covering this up and then will turn around and talk about it on a loop during the general election. Guaranteed. We’re walking right off the cliff! #Dementia should trend now!

    * * *

    Pressure should start from establishment for Biden to give his delegates to someone like
    @amyklobuchar, who is most formidable of the moderate candidates. I can live with Klobuchar beating Bernie, I can’t live with Democratic Party risking a loss to Trump by sending in Biden.

    Democratic Establishment: maybe if we close our eyes really tight no one will notice Biden’s cognitive decline.

  233. Tgca says:


    All us good Catholics believe in redemption. Don’t you forget that!

    I forgive you for being a total douchebag and cheating on all your previous girlfriends and breaking their hearts.

    I also forgive you for being the high school jock jerk picking on all the quiet shy closeted gay boys like SDC that secretly lusted after you.

  234. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    There are still 150,000 votes that have not yet been counted in San Diego County. Several races are too close to call, including one of the two run-off slots in the San Diego’s Mayor race.

    Two candidates, a Republican and a Democrat, have 23.63% and 23.19% respectively. Everyday day new results are announced, and the race gets closer. The final results are probably at least three weeks away.

  235. lisab says:

    all the quiet shy closeted gay boys like SDC that secretly lusted after you.

    it was the sweaters and flower shows

  236. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    251. Actually, I had a girlfriend at the time. The gays I knew of were the creepy sort who make young males uncomfortable.

  237. Cash Cow TM says:


    what ya talking about concerning missing TX votes found on thumb drives?

  238. Tgca says:


    When I was 18, a 30 yo pudgy guy I worked with gave me a ride home and made creepy conversational passes at me along the way about how he enjoyed both guys and girls and how natural it was and inquired if I ever tried it with a guy (I had not).

    When I was 16, I had three older women hit on me. One was a mid-40ish chubby southern woman with a son in the military who drank and smoked too much and tried to touch and kiss me.

    Another one was a mid-30ish lonely married waitress I worked with that drove me home a few times and would touch my leg and ask me provocative questions.

    The last one was a mid-30ish alcoholic lonely woman with kids whose live-in partner was a chronic gambler and cheater.

    Not sure if the gay guy or these women were more of the predators.

    Moral of the story, lonely 30-ish and 40-ish women can prey on teen boys just like older gay men can.

  239. Bitterlaw says:

    I wasn’t a jock in high school. I am the ultimate example of those who can’t do, teach/coach. I was a good baseball player but not good enough for a school or legion team. I acted in shows to meet girls and wrote a humor column for the school newspaper. I got along with all groups. The bullies never bothered me because beating up me would not have earned them any points.

  240. Tgca says:


    Let’s see. Bitter.

    You suck at sports.
    You like acting.
    You’re an avid sweater wearer.
    You frequent flower shows.
    You love Top Gun, a movie adored by most gay men.

    Hmmm…You know, it’s never too late to come out as bisexual or gay. No one cares anymore…well…just maybe your wife but no worries…she’ll get over that.

  241. PresidentPaul! says:

    Junk bond market is 4 trillion large with shale being 25% of that 4 (or so) so there goes another another trillion dollars the Fed is going to have to add to its balance sheet.

  242. lisab says:

    what ya talking about concerning missing TX votes found on thumb drives?

    Dallas County asks to recount Super Tuesday election results after 44 thumb drives discovered
    It’s uncertain which precincts are involved or if the apparent winners from any races will change.

  243. lisab says:

    Actually, I had a girlfriend at the time.

    i was talking about why bitter was so attractive

  244. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    WORLD Markets are pricing in a recession instead of just a rate cut now.

    Trump is toast.

  245. John says:

    According to Powerline’s John Hinderaker he lists people that believe Amy Klobuchar just about let the cat out of the bag regarding being Biden’s vp….”to join the tick… (ticket)

  246. PresidentPaul! says:

    It’s ridiculous that someone like Bernie or Maduro are even allowed to run for office. It’s like if Hitler wins the election, well we have to respect the will of the ppl.

    Bernie should never get near the WH whether ppl vote for him or not.

    We’d be better off w military coup than putting the “revolutionaries” in charge.

  247. PresidentPaul! says:

    The reason I supported Ron Paul is because we shouldn’t even have a military in the first place bc letting someone like George W. Bush or Bernie fricking Sanders have control of the US Military is fricking INSANE.

  248. DW says:

    In the debate over Trump’s chances to win re-election, I more or less agree with Wes’ comments above.

    One thing Trump has taught us is that we cannot use any past trends or data of any kind to help us predict what might happen. At the widest of margins, Trump could win with about the same states he got last time or he could lose. Here are the margins I would advocate:

    Trump win: He holds all the 2016 states, and adds MN, NH and either NV or CO.

    Trump loss: He loses PA, WI and MI, and narrowly loses FL and maybe one or two others.

    The media-fueled hatred for Trump is very real, and people who may on paper agree with Trump on 70% of his agenda, and disagree with Biden on 70% of his agenda, will still vote for Biden because of their Trump hatred.

    There is an innate desire in the human soul to see someone who has been proud and arrogant get humbled. Now I am referring to the unforced errors Wes spoke of.

    Many will close their ears to all the issues, dementia and otherwise, and just vote to humble Trump.

    Will it be enough? Maybe. But maybe Trump can pull through if the economy can stay strong, and Trump can act more presidential throughout the home stretch of the campaign.

    But at this early stage I have no idea which direction this thing is likely to go.

  249. DW says:

    Firehouse Strategies/Optimus


    Trump 45
    Biden 43


    Trump 45
    Biden 44


    Trump 46
    Biden 44

    All polls from March 5-7, 502 to 550 LVs

  250. DW says:

    And those Optimus polls moved to much tighter margins compared to their same polls in December.

  251. Big Joe says:

    Looks like a rough open for the markets today. Rates could be going to 0 and we could be looking at QE later in the year. Buckle up!

    Big Joe

  252. Big Joe says:

    Michigan Dem Primary poll by Bernie Porn
    Biden 51%
    Sanders 27%

    Bernie Porn is a veteran pollster and president of EPIC-MRA. Mr Porn’s track record is mixed. If Porn is right, the MI is going to be a landslide for Grampa Joe and the old lady will be singing at the top of her lungs.

    Big Joe

  253. DW says:

    The DEM primary election was over on Super Tuesday.

    I don’t think Bernie actually wanted the nomination. He knows that country isn’t ready to go communist yet, so he knew he couldn’t win in the general election. He ran just to keep the communist ideals out there, hoping it will grow each cycle.

    But when all the other clowns collapsed, and he was starting to look like he was going to actually win the nomination he forced the hand of the Party establishment by praising Castro and communist China. This triggered the calls to Buttigieg and Klobber to both drop out to bolster Biden’s numbers, while no call was made to Warren so her vote would split the Sanders vote. Even so Sanders still won four states, but he needed CA by huge margins, which he did not get.

    Tomorrow will be a clean sweep for Biden and the other Biden.

  254. Big Joe says:

    Stock trading halted.

    Big Joe

  255. Haven’t seen these kinds of numbers since 2008.

    You guys elected a racist to the white house so he could put a rapist on the supreme court, inflate the stock market for billionaires, and then crash the economy.

    At least Bush wasn’t a racist and only nominated non-rapists.

    Congrats on being useful idiots.

  256. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

    And the best your party can produce is a communist with pedophilic and rape fantasies or a man with dementia. Seems like a fair fight to me

  257. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

    Looks like the Democrats are all in for senility, groping and the sniffing of young girls:

  258. TrumpIsPeteWilson says:

    Ah yes, I’m sure women voters who will vote by over 20% to get rid of Orangemen will care about a touchy grandpa versus an actual pussy grabber.

    And really it won’t matter with a horrible economy and an ongoing pandemic.

    You morons should’ve let the senate impeaceh Trump. Pence would’ve listened to scientists and be cruising to re-election right now.

  259. Robbie says:

    Remember two weeks ago when the impeached president told the rubes at his Nuremberg-style rally coronavirus was a hoax? I do and that will be coming to attack ads pretty soon I bet.

    Trump’s presidency is in palliative care now. He can’t tweet his way out of this one. No Sean Hannity or Lou Dobbs rant can change the facts. Mitch McConnell can’t hold a sham impeachment trial that exonerates him of his handling of coronavirus.

    Trump was always ill-equipped to serve as president, but this crisis has put it on display for all to see. Instead of providing steady leadership and a unified message, he’s rage tweeting about fake news.

  260. Tgca says:


    Actually, there’s a huge difference between a guy bragging and exaggerating about his past sexual conquests with consenting women and a guy inappropriately touching and sniffing adolescents girls.

    Any mother that would not object to an adult man touching her adolescent daughter’s body and sniffing her hair should question whether she is fit to be a mother. If someone did that to my child, I would immediately intervene and request they keep their distance from my child and question their motives.

    It just is not normal for a grown man to touch and sniff children in an unwelcoming manner. It borders on pedophile behavior and I guarantee in any other situation it would get the attention of police. I could not imagine any father would sit by and stand for it too.

    What is wrong with you? This is disgusting and you find it acceptable because of your TDS.

  261. NYCmike says:

    Pogo Loco is back regurgitating!

  262. NYCmike says:

    “Trump was always ill-equipped to serve as president, but this crisis has put it on display for all to see. Instead of providing steady leadership and a unified message, he’s rage tweeting about fake news.”

    -Seriously? More of the media/Democratic talking points? Is that what you come back here for?

    Does your TDS know any limits?

  263. Phil says:

    Rubes? You and your fellow Never Trumpers are so condescending it’s absolutely pathetic. You really think you will win anyone over to your REAL Republican Party by talking down to people?

    ….and Trump never said the virus was a hoax so knock it off. This isn’t MSNBC.

  264. Phil says:

    ….and no, he has no limits.

  265. Tina says:

    Link that trump said it’s a

  266. Tina says:

    Please provide a link that trump said it’s a hoax

  267. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:


    Assuming all of that venting is true- your mission is to convince the American people that a senile old man who cannot remember what day it is, what state he’s in, who is wife is, who he served under for 8 years, or what the previous 3 words of a sentence he’s in the middle of – will make a better president.

    And this is the *BEST* you guys could do – and there’s nearly 8 months left for Biden’s faculties to diminish with far greater focus once the commie drops out after tomorrow

  268. DW says:

    Viruses do not know who is president or what party holds power. Only sick human beings would root for the spread of a virus, and hope for thousands of deaths for the potential of political gains.

  269. NYCmike says:

    “Remember two weeks ago when the impeached president told the rubes at his Nuremberg-style rally coronavirus was a hoax?”

    -Copy and paste that clip, Robbie.

    Better yet, copy and paste the transcript of that rally, so we can actually read what was said, as opposed to some media-hack telling us what Trump said.

  270. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

    Landslide: New Polls Of Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri Show Biden Running Away With The Primary Tomorrow

  271. DW says:

    286 – The Dem nomination process is long over, as I mentioned above. All the polling shows a continuation of Biden’s ST wins. No second ballots, no brokered convention, and in fact Bernie might close up shop tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.

  272. NYCmike says:

    “Beyond that, I have no interest in reading or acknowledging your delusions ever again.”

    -Translation: I got it wrong in 2016, and can’t deal with the fact the THIS PERSON got it right, so I will state I am ignoring his posts so I don’t have to deal with being wrong.

  273. NYCmike says:

    Robbie, “true lifetime conservative Republican”, will spend the next 8 months telling us what an honorable, trustworthy, and intelligent public servant Joe Biden is……..and that is why Biden is the lesser of 2 evils and we should be happy to have him choosing the next 2 or so justices to the Supreme Court.

  274. NYCmike says:

    -If only this were 2021, then Robbie would be able to NOT BLAME Trump, as it wouldn’t affect the election.

  275. NYCmike says:

    -There is coronavirus, and then there is Elon Musk.*

    Either he is a brilliant engineer, or a brilliant product marketer…….or maybe both!

  276. Tina says:

    This must be written by a Jebot

    Eugene Gu, MD
    · 5h
    Replying to @realDonaldTrump
    President Obama handled the H1N1 swine flu epidemic that killed more than 12,000 Americans between 2009-2010 like a true Commander-in-Chief without spooking the stock markets and making the price of a full barrel oil plummet to even cheaper than an out-of-stock hand sanitizer.

  277. PresidentPaul! says:

    In these major cities and outbreak areas we need to end all public gatherings ie sports games etc, close businesses where ppl gather like movie theaters, close schools, work from home in order to prevent the US health care from becoming overwhelmed.

    Containment\quarantine time period has mostly passed since it’s spread to most cities and now we need mitigation

  278. PresidentPaul! says:

    Hong Kong and Italy seem to be the weakest link to me.

    I suppose Germany can bail Italy out and CCP and London\HSBC can bail out Hong Kong.

  279. Hugh says:

    While we are busy shutting everything down let’s close our roads and mandatory business closing in flu season. What a joke?

  280. Sheeple,Jr. says:

    Steve Bullock(D) formally announced for the Montana Senate seat.
    How do you see it? Will he be a Rick Scott(R-FL) or a Jerry Strictland(D-OH)?

  281. Waingro says:

    #275, face palm. I see that Robbie’s TDS has completely wrecked him.

  282. NYCmike says:


    I can remember 4 years ago, in the run-up to November 2016, I was contemplating different languages I would learn if Hillary was elected….similar to MD’s ramblings.

    But then, Trump was elected, business has been better than good, so didn’t really have the time.

    You would have thought that an aviator like Robbie could have found a positive outlet for his anger over the Republican candidate winning in 2016.

    As a political “expert”. he should know that his preferred Democratic candidate will not win every time!!

  283. NYCmike says:


  284. NYCmike says:


  285. DW says:

    297 – sad to see someone so filled with hate that he is reduced to hoping for thousands of people to die in a plague.

    Of course had Trump come out in January and decided to shut down the country, not allowing anyone in, then the same critic would be here claiming Trump was a communist dictator for his choice.

    The bottom line is the virus was going to be used either way, so there was no way Trump could make him happy.

  286. lisab says:

    President Obama handled the H1N1 swine flu epidemic that killed more than 12,000 Americans between 2009-2010 like a true Commander-in-Chief without spooking the stock markets and making the price of a full barrel oil plummet to even cheaper than an out-of-stock hand sanitizer.

    well obama had hunter biden working for ukainian oil companies

  287. lisab says:

    since when do the dems want oil prices to be higher?

    high oil prices make more profits for oil companies and increase fracking

  288. dblaikie says:

    I see Wormtongue is back. You are truly in the gutter when you are hoping that a virus will kill people for political gain. Worm get some help!!!

  289. PresidentPaul! says:

    A lot of today is about oil prices so corona took the back seat for 24 hours.

  290. jason says:

    Remember two weeks ago when the impeached president told the rubes at his Nuremberg-style rally coronavirus was a hoax?”

    Except that of course Trump never said that.

    Amoral Scumbag is a lying scumbag.

  291. jason says:

    Mitch McConnell can’t hold a sham impeachment trial”

    Dang, now Amoral Scumbag sounds just like Schiff.

    Where exactly was the sham on the Senate trial?

    The only sham was the kangaroo court in the House.

  292. NYCmike says:

    Can’t those stories wait until August, September and October??

  293. NYCmike says:

    Then again, no sense in waiting….I am positive there will be more stories coming out the more people look.

  294. DW says:

    The only sham was the Senate even giving the impeaching proceedings a hearing. Should have been tossed out. Any judge would throw a case that flimsy right out of court. By allowing a vote, the senate legitimized it, so now any president can be impeached by the house if he wears a necktie with a crooked knot.

  295. Tina says:

    Joe now wants to win back the house

    Steve Guest
    · 4m
    Joe Biden: “Together, I think we can win back the House.”

    News to me Joe Biden, last I checked, Nancy Pelosi was Speaker…

  296. Tina says:

    More stories?

    I am sure the hoaxers have:

    Russian collusion 3

  297. DW says:

    313 – He meant the ‘other house’, you know, the one where the ‘other Biden’ lives.

  298. Cash Cow TM says:

    Jesse Jackson (who has not missed many meals) has endorsed Bernie!

  299. dblaikie says:

    People wonder why I think Trump is going win. Well lets see just today it comes out that Uncle Joe needs to sit down against Bernie in the next debate. Mark my words if he wins tomorrow in Michigan big time. He won’t debate! And to top it off he is only making 7 minute speeches and he still can’t think straight. I am glad he wants to win back the house.

    What a great candidate!

  300. Victrc says:

    As I head to the airport in DC (Corona be damned) I can tell you the measuring tape for the drapes in the White House is out, and jubilation. Is setting in.

    They are definitely picking cabinet posts, they definitely think they are taking the White House and senate thanks to uncle Joe and Aunt Corona.

    They were absolutely in full panic mode about Bernie after Bloomberg bombed but they coalesced quickly when they saw the disaster Bernie would be and are willing to take the hit from Bernie bros over having him as the nominee.

    I think they are counting their chickens way early as Corona isn’t going to stay that long as an issue and everything will ramp up again giving Trump the potential to y’all about the rebound from corona

    We shall see

  301. NYCmike says:

    -Went shopping this weekend, was at 3 different supermarkets in my neighborhood, as they had different sales and also have different specialties, and there was no item which was sold out.

    Either my fellow Brooklyn residents already have their safe room set up and stocked fully (possible, after Sandy), -OR- people like Robbie don’t live here.

  302. NYCmike says:

    -There’s Robbie, the “true lifetime Republican conservative”……and then there is fellow “true lifetime Republican conservative”…..wait for it……Gavin Newsome?!?!

  303. Victrc says:


    …for real