Both Biden and Sanders Lead Trump in MI, PA and WI

We have a set of polls from Yahoo news and YouGov today that shows Joe Biden doing slightly better against Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders in the all-important states of Michigan and Pennsylvania while Sanders does better in Wisconsin.

Joe Biden (D) 45%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 41%

Bernie Sanders (D) 43%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 42%

Joe Biden (D) 46%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 40%

Bernie Sanders (D) 43%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 41%

Joe Biden (D) 44%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 42%

Bernie Sanders (D) 46%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 40%

This poll was done March 6-8 among registered voters in each state. Monmouth University also put out a poll for Michigan that gives the two Democrats an even larger lead over Trump.

Joe Biden (D) 48%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 41%

Bernie Sanders (D) 46%
Donald Trump (R-inc) 41%

This poll was done March 5-8 among 977 registered voters.

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44 Responses to “Both Biden and Sanders Lead Trump in MI, PA and WI”

  1. Victrc says:

    First!!! USA USA USA

  2. Tina says:

    We can win back the house.

    China buridma Biden

  3. Cash Cow TM says:

    I am no longer sure what should be my main concern.

    What is it?

    –Reelection of jerk in chief?

    –globull warming?


    –removing confederate statues?


    It used to be real simple.
    My #1 concern for years was Mad Cow.

  4. NYCmike says:

    “–Reelection of jerk in chief?”

    -I thought you already said you weren’t voting for Trump, same as in 2016?

  5. lisab says:

    biden really did say today that the dems could win back the house in 2020

    how can he survive a two hour debate?

  6. Tina says:

    How can he survive a 2 hour debate?

    Well they have him and cccp seated for the next one.

  7. Scooterboy says:

    I currently have a father who has Dementia and a mother in law who has Alzheimer’s. If Biden really does have early Dementia, the mere fact that his wife and family are allowing him to be subjected to a Presidential Campaign is absolutely astonishing. I would do everything in my power to protect my father from the potential embarrassment that awaits Biden.

  8. Messy says:

    The president is getting 40 to 42%? nice!

    6. He’d do better than Trump.

  9. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Trump Job Approval:
    Approve 48%
    Disapprove 51%

    Trump Job Approval
    Among adults:
    Approve 43%
    Disapprove 53%

    Among registered voters:
    Approve 45%
    Disapprove 52%

  10. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Coronavirus an emerging issue. We also asked voters about the coronavirus outbreak. A majority of likely voters in all three states are very or somewhat concerned about a large coronavirus outbreak (56% in MI; 56% in WI; 62.5% in PA).

    However, an overwhelming majority of likely voters aren’t changing any plans due to coronavirus just yet (MI: 79% are not changing plans; PA: 72.4%; WI:81%). Trump has net positive approval on his handling of coronavirus so far (MI: net 15.6 points; PA: 11.7 points; WI: 7.5 points) even despite his relatively low overall approval rating in those same states (MI: net +2.9 points; PA -4.5 points; WI: -4.5 points)

    KEY POINT: Most voters say they are concerned about the coronavirus, but so far it’s not impacting most people’s plans or hurting Trump’s poll numbers.

    Firehouse Strategies:

  11. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    “JUST IN: @TheNation is endorsing Sanders”

  12. Tgca says:

    Uno Dos …

  13. jason says:

    Breaking News:

    I am dropping out of the Dem nomination and throwing my support to Bernie.

    I thank all of those that have supported me and would like to announce that I am still accepting donations to pay off my campaign debt of $86.74, mostly dry cleaning bills from Amish babies throwing up when I was kissing them during photo ops.

  14. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Remarkable and impressive that the invasion of the highly contagious COVID-19 into the US has been delayed. Thanks to the professionals fighting it, caring for the sick, and racing to find treatments and vaccines. A time for appreciation, not politics.

  15. Tina says:

    I think mitt deserves some praise here.

  16. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    A reprehensible threat from Senator Schumer is followed by a laughably illogical prevarication. What ever happened to truth and a simple apology?

  17. Tgca says:

    F*ck Mitt!

  18. SanDiegoCitizen says:

    Portland is on the forefront of the battle against coronavirus, and is now utilizing citizen volunteers:

  19. Bitterlaw says:

    My Aunt had Alzheimer’s. I watched her decline for years. Biden is nothing like she was even in the very beginning.

  20. lisab says:

    Elizabeth Warren Leaves Brutal 1-Star Review For

    U.S.—Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren left a brutal 1-star review for on a popular consumer review site, sources confirmed Tuesday.

    Internet users noticed a particularly negative review of the site’s DNA testing and family tree analysis services. They were then able to link the account, JefeWarren2020, to the presidential candidate’s official email address.

    “Site suggested I was only 1/1024th Native American, even though I have a lot of anecdotal family stories from my mama and my papa that suggest otherwise,” she wrote in the bitter review. “Very bad services. I would not use them again.”

    “I even used my Native American heritage to get a leg up in life, and now some cheap website comes along and tells me it’s all a lie? I don’t think so, Buster!” the review continued. Warren then left a list of Native American words she knows as proof of her Indian heritage: teepee, maize, and buffalo.

    “So as you can see, is a huge scam!”

  21. Bitterlaw says:

    Once again, Romney does the right thing. I did not agree with the impeachment vote but I generally like and support him.

  22. Bitterlaw says:

    I despise Trump but support him on many issues.

  23. Phil says:

    My father died of Alzheimer’s. I watched him disentegrate bit by bit. At the beginning he was EXACTLY like Biden.

  24. NYCmike says:

    -By NOT voting for Trump, “CG” and Robbie show that they support Russia and China.

  25. NYCmike says:

    “That lays things out pretty clearly. Trump, the accused Putin puppet, has instead sanctioned Putin’s pal to, among other things, try to free Venezuela from the kind of socialists who would populate a Bernie Sanders administration. The Saudis have since raised their output and cut the price per barrel to China, mostly to annoy Putin. So we have a price war over the world’s dominant energy source. (Side note: even “renewables” would be vulnerable to such price wars, as they depend on extensive mining for the elements necessary to make solar panels, windmills and other essential components such as batteries. We would just be fighting over different things that come out of different holes in the ground, and China would have a whole lot more say in the matter. It dominates the world’s rare earth minerals.)”

  26. Bitterlaw says:

    Phil – I am sorry to hear that about your dad. It is a horrible disease.

    How is your wife doing? How are you doing?

  27. DW says:

    MICHIGAN – AtlasIntel

    Trump 46
    Biden 44

    1,100 RVs

    March 7-9

  28. DW says:

    FLORIDA – FL Atlantic U

    Trump 51
    Biden 49

    1,216 RVs

  29. DW says:

    That Florida poll is a flip from their last poll which was Biden 51, Trump 49

  30. MichiganGuy says:

    Does anyone want to make a wager that David NeverTrump Wissing will not make a new thread with the new polls DW just put out.

  31. MichiganGuy says:

    Biden Shifts to Shorter Speeches
    but according to BL there is nothing wrong with Joe LOL

  32. Michelle Obama vs the DNC buffet table says:

    @31 give it another few weeks, it will be no speeches, just waving. They’ll put signs on his wife and sister so he can tell them apart

  33. Tina says:

    My governor, Major Nuissance, has praised trumps Coronavirus efforts. Says things are working well.

  34. dblaikie says:

    As a Pastor, one of the things I have discovered about us is that usually our fears paint pictures far worse than reality and what actually happens. In my opinion this is very much true with this virus. So today a little reality.

    As of today there are 116,359 cases worldwide. Of those we have had 4091 deaths. However what the news media never tell you is that of that 116,359 number, 64,657 have recovered. That means world wide there are really 47,621 ACTIVE cases on the earth. Of those 47621 cases, 41833 are mild cases with little symptoms. Worldwide there are 5788 cases were symptoms are serious or critical.

    Now folks that is reality for today. The question is how many above the 116,359 never reported they had the virus because their symptoms were two mild to be tested. It is just a guess on my part but I would guess it is at least double and at most a million or more. When this is revealed it will drive the mortality rate way below 1%.

    Now if you want to panic over that — go ahead.

  35. Phil says:

    Doing well, bitter. Thanks.

    You are right. Horrible disease.

  36. Tina says:

    China Biden threatened to slap a voter in the face. He is not well.

  37. DW says:

    37, was that voter by any chance dog-faced?

    Do you have a link?

  38. DW says:

    40—that link is better, as it is zoomed closer in and you can hear Biden’s threat to slap him in the face. But worse, almost, is the wild look in Biden’s eyes. Anybody can snap off a threat in a moment of anger, but the look in Biden’s eyes….not good optics.

  39. Victrc says:

    He also tells the voter he’s full of Sh*% and threatens to take him outside.

    What is wrong with this guy.

    Oh and btw. What Ar-14 (lol) holds 100 rounds?

  40. Tina says:

    Some of the uaw workers were shouting down China Biden

  41. Tina says:

    Probably a bad optic going to what is described as a new uaw auto plant in Michigan.

    Especially the melt down by China.