Democrats Desperate To Stop Dean

In a seeming rerun of the 2004 Democratic presidential primary, the leaders of the Democrats are pulling out all the stops to stop Howard Dean, this time from becoing the new DNC chairman. From Newsweek.

In the meantime, with the DNC meeting approaching on Feb. 12, party insiders have been conducting an urgent, so far fruitless, search for a consensus Dean-stopper. The Clintons don’t like Dean on substance or style, seeing him as too left and too loose-lipped. But they’re being careful. Hillary, already eying a presidential run in 2008, doesn’t want to alienate the possible winner; she’s leaving DNC maneuvers to Bill, whose answer last month was to sound out current chairman Terry McAuliffe about remaining in the job. (He declined.) The Clintons are said to have encouraged a good friend, veteran organizer Harold Ickes, to enter the chairman’s race, but he begged off, too. Party leaders approached former senator Bob Kerrey, but he told them he would rather keep his job as president of the New School University.

Last week the search for a surefire Dean-stopper (if there is one) reached new levels, NEWSWEEK has learned, with several governors—among them Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania and Bill Richardson of New Mexico—trying to gin up a last-ditch plan: let Dean be chairman, but confine his role to pure nuts-and-bolts duties by layering him with a new “general chairman” spokesman for the party. They abandoned the idea after realizing that they didn’t have the votes to change the rules—and because the person they wanted to take the new role, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, told them she had no interest.

That left the anti-Dean forces with only one clear strategy: recycling the long list of his provocative statements. Among them: that we shouldn’t judge Osama bin Laden until he has a jury trial; that America won’t always have the strongest military; that “if Bill Clinton could be the first black president, I can be the first gay president.” The ABD forces were also pointing reporters to an off-the-record Harvard seminar in November, at which Dean is rumored to have facetiously suggested that Democrats leave Wyoming rather than put up with anti-gay attitudes there.

Of course the last time the Democrats spent all their time trying to stop Howard Dean, they ended up with the awful John Kerry as their nominee.

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13 Responses to “Democrats Desperate To Stop Dean”

  1. publius says:

    the early worm gets the bird

  2. pw says:

    Keep McAuliffe!

  3. SpriteSux-MountainDewReignsSupreme says:


  4. brad says:

    Off the topic, Johnny Carson has just passed. Sad day.

  5. CJ says:

    Just heard it myself, sad day indeed!

  6. Go DUKE!!! says:

    No way!

  7. Go DUKE!!! says:

    Wow, it is on Fox but not Drudge.

  8. pw says:

    Holy crap!
    I just watched the movie “The Late Shift” about the fight over Carson’s Tonight Show replacement.
    R.I.P. and God bless.

  9. CJ says:

    I love Fox but I’m getting tired of being hit over the head with the anti-smoking nazis! I must have heard 4 or 5 times that he was a heavy smoker. For crying out loud, the man was 79 not 49! I’m just ranting, he will be missed by millions!

  10. McCain says:

    Fights for the chairmanship are nothing new, and this talk of panic among the Democratic establishment at the prospect of Dean is purely a media concoction. He will make a good enough chairman as well as the next fella.

  11. ralph says:

    I was surprised how McAwful did not come to Dean’s defense much in December 2003. It seemed to me while Dean would have been a terrible general election candidate, but the party risked a real split over the way Kerry and others attacked Dean. Only the hate of Bush kept the democratic party together.

    In addition Dean pitched and supported Kerry and the democratics more then McCain did in 2000 or in 2004.

    Dean never quibbled over minor or major issues. Even after the primary exposed real differences between Dean and Kerry Dean hung in there with Kerry. Can anyone remember a story in the MSM or Blogs that related to Dean’s differences with Kerry after he won the nomination?

  12. CJ says:


    No doubt Dean played the game well when he lost in the primaries. Thats what actually suprised me. I thought he would bash the dems relentlessly as being “Republican light”

  13. ralph says:


    I agree. I can remember no loser, a front running loser, who was more unifying as a loser then a winner.

    He could have split the demos down the middle and demanded reparations.

    remember Pat Buchannan in 1992.

    The democrats owe him a big one.