Washington State Wants A Revote

I am still on Strategic Vision’s email list and they sent me the latest results from Washington State concerning the ludicrous gubernatorial race. The bottom line is the people of Washington State have very little confidence in the election results from November. When asked who they thought really won, it isn’t even close.

Rossi 53%
Gregoire 37%

That is really surprising considering that Washington State leans Democratic. They have even less confiodence in the legitimacy of the King County recount results.

Accurate 33%
Not Accurate 55%

Washingtonians also approve of a revote by a 53%-35% margin. When asked if there is a revote, whom would they vote for, the results are very favorable for Rossi.

Rossi 51%
Gregoire 43%

And by favorable, I mean that Rossi has set himself up perfectly for a future run at office (of course assuming there isn’t the revote). In fact, Christine Gregoire has barely been in office for two weeks and her unfavorability rating has already sunk to 57%! I was wrong when I thought Rossi’s continued fighting of the election in Washington State would backfire on him and Republicans in general, but it appears to have actually helped him out. Could we be seeing a United States Senator Dino Rossi in the future? We can dream. This entire poll was done January 24-26.

By the way, if you really want complete in-depth coverage of the Washington State debacle, Sound Politics is the place to go. Just start at the top and keep scrolling.

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18 Responses to “Washington State Wants A Revote”

  1. Jayson says:

    Rossi has little chance of winning a Senate race in Washington state. Liberal states will often elect a Republican for governor, but rarely will they put one into a Senate seat.

  2. Ray J. Tuleya says:

    Rossi will not run for the Senate. If the courts deny him a revote, he will defeat her next time. That won’t happen if he appears to try to take advantage of this.

    On the Senate side, the first comment person is ridiculous. Cantwell is a joke. Murray was much harder to defeat. Otherwise, Republicans have been very successful at US Senate races during this period Democrat control of the statewide elections.

  3. Jayson says:

    “On the Senate side, the first comment person is ridiculous”

    Yeah the Republicans sure are doing a bang-up job of electing Republican Senators in liberal states like Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, California, New York and Hawaii — places where they were willing to elect Republican governors. I see Washington as being in the same mold as those states.

  4. pw says:

    Washington isn’t in the same mold as those states. Washington was considered a battleground by quite a few election analysts. WA isn’t like MA (Kerry+24), for instance. Also, the Republicans had a narrow loss in the WA senate race in 2000 with the particular Democrat who’s running for re-election.

  5. Jayson says:

    pw – Connecticut and California were +10 for Kerry this year, Hawaii was +11. Washington was +7. All very difficult places for a Republican to win.

    And that narrow loss in Washington in 2000 was with an incumbent Republican running against a political lightweight newcomer. Not really something to hang your hat on to emphasize GOP competitiveness in the state.

  6. pw says:

    Jason–you’d argued that various states aren’t in play for Senate even though there are GOP governors. And you didn’t just use MD, CA and HI…you also cited states like MA. Also, the states you mentioned (HI, CA, MD, CT, etc.) have senators who win by landslides (Boxer, Feinstein, Sarbanes, Inouey, Mikulski, Akaka, Lieberman, Dodd, etc.). The Senate races in those states are always landslide jokes. And yes, when a challenger barely beats an incumbent in one election, that is a sign (especially considering that 2000 wasn’t a great year for the Republicans) that that incumbent can be beaten.

  7. pw says:

    And the reason WA would, according to the theory, provide a chance for Rossi to win is because of the controversy of the election. I don’t know if it’s true, but it isn’t just because the state almost elected a Republican governor, so that must mean that a Republican has a good shot at the Senate race. You’re ignoring the circumstances of the gubernatorial election.

  8. Rossi sounds like a sore loser. There will be a revote,… when the next election is scheduled.

  9. TJackson says:

    Wonder why Keith Olbermann doesn’t give any air time to voter fraud in Washington, after wasting a month complaining about Ohio? He has no interest in covering a case of fraud where the winner was a democrat.

  10. pw says:

    Wouldn’t help his ratings, which are obtained primarily from the Dem base.

  11. pw says:

    I don’t know what will happen regarding “re-votes,” but this election is being contested. I’ve said before that I thought Rossi was behaving like a female dog (this is a family blog, so I’ll refrain from using the actual term:)), but Washingtonians are more upset about this election than I thought they’d be. I do, however, take this poll with a huge grain of salt, as it comes from a GOP firm.

  12. Polaris says:


    SV wasn’t a GOP firm last cycle and their polls were fairly good. Yes, they favored Bush and the GOP, but other polls that were NOT explicit Dem polls favored Dem candidates more.


  13. pw says:

    On realclearpolitics (a Republican site), SV was listed as a GOP firm…and the polls seemed to ALWAYS favor Pres. Bush. I’d like to see an independent poll.

  14. Desert Cat says:

    Jayson, you are forgetting that liberal Minnesota had *two* Republican Senators for a while (mid 80’s)–Rudy Boschwitz and Dave Durenberger. And of the two, Boschwitz was actually conservative. It’s not unheard of.

  15. Larry says:

    Washington would be able to elect a Republican Senator – Many people are now suspicious of Maria Cantwell’s defeat of Slade Gorton in 2000. Gorton was ahead at the end (just like Rossi), but then the King County absentees came in and she pulled ahead by 1,900. This triggered a recount in which she gained a few hundred votes, just enough to prevent a manual recount.

    But that’s not to say Rossi would run for it – I just don’t see it. I think he’s got a brighter future than being a junior Senator to Patty Murray. The Republicans in Washington still have a hard uphill battle, though, in a state where the likes of Jim McDermott get elected with almost 80% of the vote.

    As for the revote, there may be a better chance than not at this point. The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner with all their public statements. The entire Legislature sent out emails to their constituents stating that the contest belonged in the courts, but now the state party claims it belongs in the Legislature. The standard that must be passed is not fraud but neglect, with more illegal votes than the margin of victory. The state Republican Party now has verified 949 illegal votes in a contest decided by 129.

    The only people that think Rossi looks like a are the Seattle-area liberals, and hard-core liberals around the country. Maybe a few Libertarians, but who cares about them? The continued liberal elitist attitude of Seattle and King County have alienated the rest of the state and given the Republicans a real foothold. If there is a revote it won’t be close enough for the King County Election Commission to steal this time.

  16. Polaris says:


    I have talked with the people at RCP and they may change their standing for SV for future elections. Their polls did not favor Bush by much (compare them with other so-called ‘independant media’ polls like Zogby and you quickly see what I mean). RCP listed SV as GOP because prior to this election cycle they were.

    That isn’t true any more.


  17. pw says:

    Zogby? ROFLMAO! You’re a good man, Polaris, but Zogby became a farce (need I say why?:)).
    When RCP changes its mind, I’ll change mine…sounds fair.:)

  18. Rob says:

    Rossi would not beat Cantwell. Ex-Rep Jennifer Dunn could beat Cantwell. Cantwell will GOTV in Seattle and in the suburbs there are enough married women who will vote for Cantwell (and Murray) against a (grrr) MAN!