Cardin Officially Announces Run For Senate

Apparently this happened yesterday while I was gone. Here is a link to the story from The Baltimore Sun. I’ve been saying all along that Cardin would be a favorite over Michael Steele, if he were to jump in on the GOP side. I did hear a dissenting opinion today, from another Howard County Republican, that if Mfume does not get the Democratic nomination, the African-American vote would decide to sit home and refuse to vote for the “white” Ben Cardin. Now some people said African-Americans satyed away from Kathleen Kenndy Townsend in 2002 because she picked a white running mate and helped Ehrlich become Governor. I am somewhat skeptical of that argument, but I throw it out there as a counterpoint.

Now that Cardin is officially in, a free-for-all now develops to replace him. The Baltimore Sun lists a slew of candidates on both sides, but the district is Democratic-leaning, so expect the Democrats to hold his seat.

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2 Responses to “Cardin Officially Announces Run For Senate”

  1. McCain says:

    Vote well and prosper.

  2. ralph says:

    40% of democratic primary voters will be african american.

    70% of primary voters have never voted for Ben Cardin.

    In addition the large blocs of voters outside of Baltimore and its suburbs may be open to some other then Cardin or Msfume.

    I see problems for Cardin, but time will tell.