Complaining For The Sake Of Complaining

Drudge is claiming three of the news networks dumped out of President Bush’s briefing last night in favor of their primetime programs.

CBS, NBC and FOX cut off President Bush, mid-sentence, in several time zones, after sacrificing one hour of prime.

The president was left standing on the stage as NBC rushed to Donald Trump, FOX to Paris Hilton and CBS to SURVIVOR: PALAU.

ABC and PBS stayed with talkative Bush until he left reporters in the East Room of the White House.

Sensing he was running into trouble, Bush joked, “We better finish this up, there are TV programs to show. For the sake of the economy.”

But it was too late.

They had already pulled away.

Just keep that in mind the next time you hear journalists complaingnig that President Bush doesn’t do enough full-scale press briefings. He goes ahead and holds one and the now the networks aren’t interested….

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7 Responses to “Complaining For The Sake Of Complaining”

  1. GO DUKE!!! says:

    Thank GOD for Tivo!

  2. Bitterlaw says:

    Big deal. The media hate Bush. The real tragedy is that Stephanie was voted off Survivor last night. The Survivors were wise for she had the heart of a champion and might have killed them in their sleep to win. She was also beautiful.

  3. hellbelly says:

    As long as they don’t vote Jenny off. I’m smitten. Happily married, but smitten nonetheless.

  4. Bitterlaw says:


    Sadly, Jen is all that the married men have left on that show. I know what it like to love the forbidden Survivor. Stephanie had it all for me. Except for the fact that she is not my wife, of course.

  5. hellbelly says:

    Do you ever get the feeling that we need to get out more?

  6. Bitterlaw says:


    Why should we get out more? The women on t.v. are great to look at and we get to hear them speak, so it’s almost like they are speaking to us. If we talked to real women, we could only get into trouble. Going out in the world can be scary. HDTV is your friend.

  7. timactual says:

    At least we didn’t have to listen to the analysts and commentators telling us what we just heard and what he really meant.