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    Voting Rights Violations In Boston

    I had this story emailed to me about some voting rights violations in of all places, Boston. From today’s Boston Globe.

    Municipal officials say federal authorities proposed remedies for election law violations that allegedly discriminated against Hispanic and Asian-American voters, but the city has decided to fight the matter in court.

    The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit Friday in US District Court asking the court to compel Mayor Thomas M. Menino and his administration to allow federal oversight of city elections through 2007.

    Of course knowing how worried Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are about voting rights violations all over the country, I was sure there would be press release prominently displayed on their respective websites bemaoning this travesty in their own backyards. I went to Ted Kennedy’s site…nothing. I went to John Kerry’s website…nothing. All we get is this paragraph at the end of the article.

    US senators John F. Kerry and Edward M. Kennedy, meanwhile, both said in prepared statements that they believe the two sides will work things out.

    Oh well….

    Posted by Dave at 8:08 pm
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    4 Responses to “Voting Rights Violations In Boston”

    1. Go DUKE!!! says:


    2. hellbelly says:

      …speaking of fat teddie….do you know Mary Jo Kopechne would have been 65 years old last week (July 26th)? She never got a chance because a fat, drunk, US Senator drove her off a bridge, left the scene of the accident and ran away. Oh, but now he’s the conscience of the Senate. As Don King would say “Only in America”.

    3. Ralph says:

      Boston has be known as a town of high minded political campaigns.

      In the old days it was very common to find familar sounding candidates to run against the various Irish candidates.

      Another neat trick was to get a man dressed in a Priest’s Hassock to go door to door in a Protestant neighborhood advocating a candidate. Or get a black man to campaign for someone in the Irish South Side.
      These were good tricks to get the voters mad at your oppenent.

    4. Everett W. says:

      Do the Senate sites even get updated during recesses?