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Biden : 352
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    Kerry Would Beat Bush In Rematch

    That is what Scott Rasmussen claims if the election were held again this year.

    John Kerry (D) 48%
    George W. Bush (R) 41%

    Well if Kerry had this poll and a nickel, he would have five cents….

    Posted by Dave at 7:10 am
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    28 Responses to “Kerry Would Beat Bush In Rematch”

    1. Mary Beth Tung says:

      TImV. you are good!

      This would be a scary scenerio – Kerry as Prez?

    2. Tim V says:

      well we would be out of iraq by now

    3. Mary Beth Tung says:

      And I wouldn’t ride the Wash. Metro or gather in public places anymore.

    4. Greg from MD says:

      Pretty remarkable, actually, that Kerry still can’t get 50 percent even with Bush’s JA in the low 30s.

    5. Mary Beth Tung says:

      Greg, you have a good point!

    6. Zipota says:

      Unfortunately, the Democrats are not going to renominate John Kerry for President should he try it again in 2008 or beyond.

    7. logic says:

      Yes, I remember all those “polls” showing him winning before the election too.


    8. Bitterlaw says:

      Why doesn’t Scott R. do polling on whetehr John Adams would win a re-match against Thomas Jefferson or if Lincoln could beat Washington? It makes as much sense and is almost as big a waste of time.

    9. Mary Beth Tung says:

      Bitterlaw – now that would be a great civics lesson: how each of them would stand on current issues, based on their past stands and see which ones would get voted in or out – great idea! SOme teacher – lisab? want to pick that one up? Or is civics not pc these days?

    10. Corey says:

      Of course, this poll means nothing, as we do not have do-overs in our elections and based on what you hear from the drive by media, one would have expected a much larger deficit in this hypothetical poll by the President.

      Notice that Kerry is still at 48 percent, which is exactly what he got on Election Day two years ago.

      That indicates that the fall in support for President Bush is coming almost entirely from the right.

      That is certainly not any kind of indication that there is a move leftwards or towards the Democrats afoot.

      I feel this is all unfortunate of course as in my opinion, George Walker Bush will go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents, but we should all keep this downturn in his support in perspective as we gear up for an election 175 days from today.

    11. Jay says:

      Corey, i have to disagree with your assessment of Bush as a great President. Maybe before reelection, but since then, Bush has bungled everything he’s tried and alienated all his friends and allies (most notably–and egregiously–John Thune). No, bush will be remembered just like Clinton: as an average President who had great potential to achieve a legacy but let his chance slip away.

    12. lisab says:

      even if he won kerry would still be a pathetic goose murderer who wears his wife’s panties

    13. lisab says:

      thomas jefferson would completely trash adams in any rematch. adams was one of our most unpopular presidents — jq adams was maybe even worse in terms of likability.

      they were however imo two of our best presidents in terms of honor, morals and intellect — and surprisingly they weren’t even women.

      (t jefferson owned human beings, and ander jackson shot more people than cheney)

    14. lisab says:

      and i bet kerry’s wife wears granny panties too —

      actually i just though of a great book title:

      “the goose murderer’s wife”

    15. lisab says:

      or … should i say,

      “la esposa de asesino de ganso” 😉

    16. Tim says:

      George Bush as one of our greatest Presidents? I’m afraid that is totally unrealistic. In my lifetime, he is probably the worst.

    17. lisab says:

      based on what?

      though i think bush is a total weenie on this immigration thing, he’s quite good at blowing up other countries.

      carter was really bad at the economy. reagan was great at conducting illegal wars, clinton lied under oath.

      they are all pathetic in their own ways. actually from the point of view of doing nothing, ford may be the best president since i was born.

    18. pw says:

      #17: Worse than Nixon?

    19. pw says:

      #13: What about her lingerie?

    20. pw says:

      I think a lot could change about Bush if another SCOTUS vacancy occurs. Jay, he hasn’t screwed everything up.
      Exhibit A: John Roberts, our new CJ.
      Exhibit B: Samuel Alito, our new Associate Justice.

    21. pw says:

      Bush is by no means perfect. He isn’t Clinton. And for the diehard Bush supporters, he isn’t Reagan, either.

    22. pw says:

      I wonder (out of curiosity) what a Bush vs. Clinton (either one) poll would look like?

    23. pw says:

      I wonder if Kerry will use this poll to call for a recount.

    24. pw says:

      Or maybe Barbara Boxer will.

    25. pw says:

      Do you think Zogby’d have Bush ahead, BTW?

    26. pw says:

      I wonder what would happen were Nader included?

    27. pw says:

      BTW, regarding media bias, does anyone remember Clinton/Dole rematch polls after Monica became known?