HoCo: Women Rule Party Central Committees

One thing that was mentioned over and over again at the GOP Headquarters on election night as we were watching the results come was how the woman candidates for the Republican Central Committee managed to get six out of the top seven spots while male candidates ended up in the bottom five. Here are the almost final vote totals for the Republican Central Committee (3 precincts are still outstanding, most likely absentee and overseas ballots).

Kittleman, Trent M 6482 11.96% Woman
Becker, Joan M. 4903 9.05% Woman
Harriman, Sandra N. 4713 8.70% Woman
Browning, Margaret 4668 8.61% Woman
Mitchell, Heather L. 4189 7.73% Woman
Winter, Roger P. 4031 7.44% Man
Shields, Loretta H. 4027 7.43% Woman
Ballinger, Robert D. 3940 7.27% Man
Bailey, John W. IV 3776 6.97% Man
Harlin, Brian 3532 6.52% Man
Keelan, David W. 3451 6.37% Man
Patrick, Edward L. 3434 6.34% Man
Wafer, John D. 3050 5.63% Man

In the Republican Party, the top nine make it onto the Central Committee. Only Roger Winter seemed to be able to buck the system, barely, and even that could be erased when the final precincts come in. I wasn’t really paying attention to the Democratic Central Committee vote last night, but there are a couple of people I knew who were running, and I wanted to check out how they did. In doing so, I found the same thing happened in the Democratic Central Committee race.

Fisher, Carole 10791 7.75% Woman
Higgins, Melody J. 9997 7.18% Woman
Bowman, Meredith 9662 6.94% Woman
Neville, Kristen M. 9257 6.65% Woman
Matherly, Deborah 9186 6.60% Woman
Zomlefer, Catherine 8306 5.96% Woman
McPherson, Michael C 7279 5.23% Man
Rankin, Raymond M. 6591 4.73% Man
Woodcock, William C. 6130 4.40% Man
Jackson, Jerome 6009 4.31% Man
McGuffin, Tony 5937 4.26% Man
Macfarlane, Byron 5770 4.14% Man
Magnuson, Gary 5421 3.89% Man
Besseck, Daniel 5295 3.80% Man
Malik, Erum 4959 3.56% Woman
Hensman, Mark 4704 3.38% Man
Liebeskind, Al 4652 3.34% Man
Kudchadkar, Raj 4557 3.27% Man
Osmundson, David L. 4131 2.97% Man
Tzuker, Joshua Eric 3804 2.73% Man
Treine, Kevin E. 3637 2.61% Man
Mellicant, Jim 3190 2.29% Man

The Democrats actually put the top 12 vote getters on their Central Committee and, from what I just learned recently, actually have a quota system that ensures an even number of men and women on the Committee. Maybe one of the Democratic bloggers can confirm this, but I still believe all the names appear together on the Democratic ballot and anyone can vote for any 12 candidates they want. Anyway, as you can plainly see, the women dominated the Democratic election just as much as they dominated the Republican election, if not more so.

Unfortunately, I think most people who are casting votes for Central Committee really don’t have the foggiest idea who the people actually are. So my theory to why the above occurred is women, regardless of party label, are much more likely to vote for other women, and only vote for other women, in races where they don’t know who the candidates are. Men, on the other hand, won’t vote at all, or will just randomly pick names from the list. I guess the lesson to take from this is if you want to be guaranteed a spot on your Party’s Central Committee, you better a woman or a man with a feminine sounding name….

Update (9:22pm): Apparently I was wrong about the sex of one of the Democratic candidates, Erum Malik. Of course, this just bolsters my point that you need a name that other woman can pick out as a definitely a female. No offense intended towards Ms. Malik, but the name Erum is not a common enough female name where a voter would automatically know that the person on the ballot is a female if they did not know Ms. Malik.

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17 Responses to “HoCo: Women Rule Party Central Committees”

  1. nickshepDEM says:


  2. pw says:

    The men could obtain sex changes.

  3. dave says:

    Dave, Erum is a woman, i met her while working the polls for Merdon yesterday.

  4. pw says:

    You’ve got one as a “Man Woman”?

  5. pw says:

    Speaking of women, Ann Richards is dead. RIP

  6. carrie smith says:

    It’s amazing how many women just vote for women. It’s actually scary how many people vote clueless.

  7. lisab says:

    or … the women are just better candidates, tch!

    if the winners were all men, i doubt you would have commented on it.

  8. pw says:

    It’s kind of like race; there’s no comment when there’s a white candidate, but there is commentary when the candidate is a minority. Utterly ridiculous, but that’s just reality unfortunately.

  9. beefloaf says:

    Brian Harlin lost? I would have thought one couldn’t turn around in Howard County with out tripping over one of his signs.

  10. MBT says:

    Beefloaf – I couldn’t agree more. Brian’s, John Wafer’s and Keelan’s losses baffle me. One explaination would hold for some of the other very active CC members that lost (Chairman Chuck Gast in Anne Arundel lost too) – while they were out campaigning for candidates, other CC outsiders were able to campaign for themselves. The Dem. chair in the county made it, but he was low on the list too. I know he was out working for candidates, b/c I saw him everywhere.

    We have a good new team, and I know Brian, John and Keelan will all still be in the trenches, but it sorta feels like they didn’t get rewarded for all their hard work. Well, at least John Wafer has that “Volunteer of the Year” award still on his wall!

  11. Michael Mavroidis says:

    Some people may be using a strategy of “bullet voting.” Typically if there are 9 open seats and 30 candidates, voters are asked to vote for 9 candidates. If you strongly support 5 candidates and weakly support 4 candidates, it makes sense to only cast 5 votes. Why not vote for the 4 you weakly support? Because each of those votes could help someone you weakly suport beat someone you strongly support. If a significant faction uses bullet voting it can have a major effect on outcome.

  12. MBT says:

    David – you should have just ended the title of the post with: “HoCo: Women Rule”


    McCain will have a comment on that i’m sure! So might the HoCo men!

  13. carrie smith says:

    Dave – the names appear together. However, after the tally comes in, the gender balancing happens by appointment.

    I think it’s interesting that people with alliterative names (Jerome and Ray) seem to win. Woodcock makes sense since he’s the chair of the Oakland Mills Village Board, and McGuffin is the party chair.

  14. Christy says:

    I am a woman, and I did not vote for any central commmitee candidates. I have never cast a ballot for any candidate or issue about which I was clueless. Initially I was a bit ticked at your remark, but, hey, blogs are for thinking and speculation. Let me speculate that perhaps we women suspect that women are more free to devote time to commitee work because we are so underemployeed. Thus the voting pattern.

  15. observer says:

    David, shouldn’t Ballinger be listed as a woman??

  16. lisab says:

    i think that men tend to vote 100% for men whereas women either won’t vote at all or will simply pick randomly

    as my evidence i give the usa house and senate which of course is 85% male

  17. MBT says:

    Observer – you are CRUEL!

    Ballinger is all male, or at least that is what Mrs. Ballinger tells me.