PA: Specter Barely Leads Matthews In 2010 Match Up

I don’t know what type of polls we will get today, but Quinnipiac University apparently has some money to burn with a new poll for a potential 2010 US Senate race in Pennsylvania. They match up sitting Republican Senator Arlen Specter against talking head Chris Matthews from the liberal news channel MSNBC.

Arlen Specter (R-inc) 41%
Chris Matthews (D) 36%

This poll was done July 30-August 3 among 1580 registered voters.

That should tide you over until some real polls come out later….

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41 Responses to “PA: Specter Barely Leads Matthews In 2010 Match Up”

  1. Tim says:

    They’re already doing 2010 polls? Geez….

    Oh, good morning, Tim Van

  2. Bill says:

    If this is accurate Spector needs to retire.

  3. Cyrano says:

    Not that I endorse Matthews, but it sure would be nice to see him in a position that puts him as a target of the Washington Pundit Cabal.

  4. Howard Dean says:

    I read somewhere that Quinn was the WORST outfit in 2004.

  5. Howard Dean says:

    Another extremist linked to Obama.

    This adviser is now under the bus:

    The Muslim-outreach coordinator to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama has resigned amid questions about his involvement in an Islamic investment fund and various Islamic groups.


  6. Howard Dean says:

    Obama’s message translates to “inflate here, inflate now, avoid reality,” he remarked.


  7. gameboy says:

    I’m not sure if Spector will be alive in 2010. If Chrissy Baby wins he can get another tingle up his leg.

  8. CambridgeRep says:

    Sen. Specter is a Republican that I can truly admire–I realize he’s not a favorite of many conservatives, which is quite understandable–since I’m a classic “Northeastern Republican” (“RINO,” to many).

    This poll is just silly (why not pit Specter against Catwoman, Hugo Chavez, and the old woman from “The Facts of Life,” while you’re at it), particularly given Specter’s continuing health problems.

    If Specter isn’t in the race, who are the likely GOP candidates? Anyone think Lynn Swann would be up for it (and a good choice?)

  9. rdelbov says:

    I personally cannot see Spector running in 2010, but who knows

  10. Howard Dean says:


    Tension you can still cut with a knife
    With weeks to go until Denver, neither Clinton has a set convention role


    Does Barack Obama think he needs the Clintons’ help this fall? And do the Clintons really want to give it to him?

    The answer to both questions seems to be a resounding “no.”

  11. Bitterlaw says:

    Mrs. Garret from The Facts of Life would destroy Matthews. I would like to see Jim Matthews, County Commisioner for Montgomery County, run against his brother, Chris. Matthews v. Matthews would drive the pollsters insane?

  12. Darrell says:

    Today’s rasmussen tracking has Obama up by one 47 to 46

  13. Bitterlaw says:

    Tom Ridge could replace Specter and win. I do not want hear about Pat Toomey. He is far to the right of Santorum and that won’t play well in Pennsylvania any more.

  14. Darrell says:

    Today at 5:00 Rasmussen will release polls on the battleground states of NY and NJ.

  15. Gary Maxwell says:

    Anybody got a report on the Mo Gov primary. Did Republicans show up at the polls in larger numbers than Democrats too? Ruh roh.

  16. Tim says:

    If Senator Specter runs again, wouldn’t it be highly likely that he would draw Conservative GOP opposition?

  17. Bobby says:

    I think Rep. Charles Dent could be a senate candidate.

  18. Michael says:

    Stupid poll…accurate?…like most polling…no. So are we going to start polling the 2012 Presidential election? We are truly a nation of children?

  19. KeyBored says:

    Paris Hilton released a video comeback to McCain’s Paris/Britney ad. In a bikini lounging by a pool, Paris says McCain is an old white haired dude, while she is totally hot. LOL.

    You go girl!


  20. Howard Dean says:

    KB, No surprise that would appeal to you.

    Still watching MTV?

  21. Darrell says:

    PPP (D) – Florida

    McCain 47
    Obama 44


    Obama got 76% of dems

  22. Tim says:

    That polling data clearly shows that Senator Obama has not been able to close the deal in Fla. with Clinton supporters. Agreed?

  23. Gary Maxwell says:

    Did Bonn ever tell us what REAL LIFE is with PPP? I am sure its around +4 maybe more with these jokers.

    OH CORY! Tell me again how foolish I am based on some old polls! Even the By Democrats for Democrat pollster cant find an Obama lead. I call them the FUBU pollster!

  24. Darrell says:

    Who knows what’s in the mind of the 24% Dems who won’t support Obama in Florida. Could be people who just don’t want the country to go as far left as Obama will take it, regardless their feelings about Hillary.

  25. Eph says:

    Paris needs to take some of her $$ and get some Hooters!

    She would be so much hotter…

  26. KeyBored says:

    Howard Dean

    You watched it – you know you did 🙂

    Actually, the production of her video is quite good, and her energy comments show a smarter side of her. I don’t know about painting the White House pink though.


  27. Gary Maxwell says:

    As the McCain campaign has said, she is smarter on energy that Obama!

  28. KeyBored says:


    Like the rest of the country, Floridians are still learning about Obama. Also, McCain’s negative ads are having an effect. As far as afraid of going Left, then why are Democrats doing so well in other races?


  29. Gary Maxwell says:

    They are not.

    And Professor Ann Althouse ( Democrat ) has a post up calling the Paris Hilton video as a Pro McCain video. She says if you think its not to post and she will explain why it most definitely is!

    HAHAHA. Liberals cant read the tea leaves again.

  30. KeyBored says:

    Maureen Dowd: McCain’s Green-Eyed Monster

    Ya gotta love Maureen Dowd. I think she nails it about Bill Clinton, Jessie Jackson, and McCain’s envy of “the new “It” guy, Barack Obama.”


  31. KeyBored says:

    Gary Maxwell

    I never said Paris Hilton’s video was pro-Obama. But if you think her calling McCain a “wrinkly old guy”, a “white haired dude”, etc is pro-McCain, that’s fine with me.


  32. Zipota says:

    The best thing for Republicans in Pennsylvania to do is to either have incumbent Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) running for reelection or get former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and former Governor Tom Ridge (R-PA) to run for the U.S. Senate in case Specter retires, in 2010 midterm election. If neither one of those conditions is met, Democrats would be poised to take such Senate seat, considering the current demographic trend in Pennsylvania.

  33. Gary Maxwell says:

    a video comeback to McCain’s

    Your words not mine.  But Democrats ( especially you )seem to think its appropriate and funny to make fun of older Americans.  Guess we will see who is laughing on the first Wednesday in November.

  34. Howard Dean says:

    Obama’s campaign is not happy with the Paris video.

  35. Cyrano says:

    Obama’s handlers realize that Paris’ video will reach more people and have more impact then anything they could produce.

    And to the age group they are trying to influence.

  36. David says:

    Republican senators are not going to catch a break until 2010. NC, FL, KS, PA will be competitive for Rs in 2010, while so far, only NV, CO will be competitive for Ds in 2010. maybe, HI, he the Democrat senator retires.

  37. Bitterlaw says:

    I thought that the video by Hilton was funny. Lighten up, my fellow Republicans. She hit Obama just as hard as McCain but, obviously, couldn’t call him “that black dude with big ears.” The video also confirmed that teh only thing “hot” about Paris Hilton is her attitude. The more you study her, the less attractive she becomes.

  38. Michael says:

    “The more you study her, the less attractive she becomes.”Like Obami.

  39. JulStol says:

    Toomey for Governor
    Castor for Senate.

    Dent can sit in Congress. He’s a pro abort liberal.

  40. House Sparrow says:

    Sen. Specter has already stated that he plans to run for re-election. Of course, that will be contingent upon his health. We need more people like Specter and Tom Ridge to run for office here. Although I like Rick Santorum and Pat Toomey, they are just too socially conservative to win over the moderate and independent voters that are needed to win statewide in PA. Even while I disagree with him some, I gladly voted for Rick over Senator Do-Nothing Casey.

    I am a fiscally conservative/ socially moderate Republican, and I think my conservative AND moderate friends will agree that someone like Arlen Specter or Tom Ridge is much better than any hard-left socialist like Chris Matthews, Joe Hoeffel or Ed Rendell.