7:00pm Polls Close In IN, KY, VA, SC, GA

Welcome to The Hedgehog Report live from the Howard County Republican Headquarters in Fulton, MD. Obviously everyone is here for results and hopefully I will be able to chime in where and when I can. rdelbov will also be online posting, as he has been doing all day. We will both try to keep up with things. After this post, things on the site are sort of just going to happen on the fly, so I don’t know what to expect from this point on….

Some polls in Indiana and Kentucky closed at 6pm EST, but the full states aren’t done until 7:00pm when we also have the polls closing in Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina and Vermont. I believe these are the results pages from the official state Government websites, but don’t hold me to it (I’ll update them if they changed):

South Carolina

Obviously these results will also be constantly updated elsewhere online as well as on TV. But here is as good a place to start as any others to get fuller breakdowns in each state as the results come in.

After these states close, Ohio and West Virginia will be closing at 7:30pm.

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  1. The Mexican says:


  2. The Mexican says:

    Oh, and with 1% reporting Obama up by big 56% to 43% in Indiana, its on the frontpage.

    Its bogus of course.

  3. steven says:

    where is the early vote from indiana coming in

  4. The Mexican says:

    Per msn, McCain up big 62% to 36% in Kentucky with 0% reporting, not kidding. Makes that Indiana early return look totally bogus.

  5. The Mexican says: frontpage

  6. GeauxLSU says:

    It’s now 52-47 Obama in IN.

  7. MikeKS says:

    Obama up by 1000 in Indiana, just 35K in.

  8. MikeKS says:

    Fox has Indiana has 50-49

  9. Brandon says:

    IN: 51-48 Obama

  10. RyanH says:

    The early count is not looking favorable to McCain. Its coming in from Bush counties. This could be over quickly.

  11. Brandon says:

    #11. They were all Bush counties in 2004.

  12. RyanH says:

    Obama is doing well. you never know what precincts it is, but early returns are not good.

  13. Redneckman says:

    Early counties reporting so far were all counties carried by George W Bush in 2004

  14. cheesehead says:

    State results by county are showing up at

    It’s pretty cool. For example, I’m looking at IN and counties are popping up red or blue depending on who’s leading in the count.

    The ones reporting are only at 1% so there’s nothing interesting to say. But some of you may wish to monitor the election this way.

  15. Brandon says:

    I know its early but look at Kentucky. Bradley Effect in place?

  16. dblaikie says:

    From national review’s John Hood:

    That’s the appropriate description of reading any leaked exit polls with anything other than amused detachment. They are a hopeless guide to what will actually occur when states start counting the votes. Early voting, absentees, and a variety of biases render them useless until they are weighted, later on, by actual vote totals.

  17. Tina says:

    Oh please.

  18. KeyBored says:

    I’m switching from huff post, cnn, drudge, msnbc, to tv nbc, cbs, msnbc, cnn, fox…



  19. rdelbov says:

    Bush won IN by 20% in 2004. Most of this is early vote which will lean democratic. No panic from me yet. In vigo county with lots of voters in Obama is +14 % over 2004. That’s short of 20%

  20. Hellbelly says:

    guys…….its WAY too early to be saying “obama’s doing well”….come on now!

  21. Sy says:

    Still too early to be concern about Indiana guys.

  22. Darrell says:

    11…come on, do you need someone to hold your hand…we have been saying for weeks that IN would not be a good barameter. Kerry did not try for the state, and Obama has spent millions there.

  23. DrJay says:

    These could just be early vote totals and hence will favor Obama.

  24. Jake Towson says:

    Obama up 2k with 2% in IN

  25. RyanH says:

    Absolutely. If these numbers hold Obama would get close in Indiana. Thats all, he is doing 15-18% better than his 04 returns in the few counties reporting.

  26. MikeKS says:

    Vigo county:
    2004: Bush 20,988; Kerry 18,426 (53-47)
    2008 (69%): Obama 15,361, Bush 11,095
    This is a county that borders Illinois, so caution.

    2004: Bush 8,433 – 4,345 (65-34)
    2008 (68%): McCain 4,504 – 3,381 (57-42)

    Not good early. McCain has a 21% cushion, though, and polls did show it within 5 points. So don’t panic.

  27. Phil says:

    Indiana is not looking good. I have my county map from 2004 and we are in trouble in Indiana. I can’t beleive what I’m seeing.

  28. Jake Towson says:

    30K tied with 2% in IN

  29. Tina says:

    Its not even complete county information…

    Relax folks.

  30. Hotstick03 says:

    56 to 42 in Vigo County so far..


  31. Mark says:

    It’s just precincts…

    we will know in 1 hr…

  32. MikeKS says:

    Caution about Vigo — this is an area where O would probably make up a few, as it borders Illinois and was only 53-47 last time. The key is how MAC does in counties closer to Ohio.

  33. Sy says:

    VIGO borders IL …RELAX GUYS.

  34. Phil says:

    Does Indiana even have early voting? Please tell me they do.

  35. Drew says:

    Fox is already saying this is historical in the history books when Obama is elected….they are turning into MSNBC…change is happening already

    What is wrong with everyone?

  36. The Mexican says:

    It doesn’t mean anything. Hold the line.

  37. Brandon says:

    At least we are up over 30 in Kentucky.

  38. MikeKS says:

    Listen folks, on Indiana:

    DON’T PANIC. Remember, Bush won Indiana 61-39%!!!!!!!!!!! We KNEW it would be closer. So, seeing Obama doing better is NOT SURPRISING. Bush could still win it by 10% and Obama would be outpolling Kerry there signficantly.

  39. barry says:

    Drew Britt corrected that comment Relax

  40. GeauxLSU says:

    Less than 500 vote difference in IN at this point only 2% in.

  41. KnightHawk says:

    Knox County and Marshall counties both 60/40 and 70/30 bush areas are going 54/45 and 50/50. both with roughly 20% of the county counted.

    Not good.

  42. The Mexican says:

    Indiana is now tied, Mac will slowly begin to pull away.

  43. DWu says:


    Unbelievable! Indiana is NOT a good barometer of ANYTHING.

    Obama highly contested the state. Poured millions into it! Of course he’s doing better than Kerry.

  44. Drew says:

    I feel like I need someone to give me anesthesia to make it through tonight. Wake up and it will all be decided.

  45. MikeKS says:

    WE KNEW OBAMA WOULD DO BETTER IN INDIANA. We could win it 53-47 and it would be a dramatic improvement by Obama. Vigo, which BUsh only won 53-47 last time, is a county likely to flip. McCain is still winning out counties by large margins, just smaller than Bush did.

  46. RyanH says:

    Who knows, it is too early just spreading the word looking at this years county results compared to 04

  47. Brandon says:

    Indiana had LOW turnout in 2004, thats why Bush won with his percentage margins.

  48. rdelbov says:

    I am prepared to call KY for McCain

    1st blood

    still so early in IN

    No panic guys. The precincts near the county courthouse where the democrats live always report 1st. Out in the rural/suburban areas where the bitter people live the GOP will gain

  49. CK MacLeod says:

    Panic, panic, head for the hills, there’s not enough time even to grab your guns… and they’ll be useless anyway…

    unter den Menschen unter den Menschen unter den Menschen
    der Teufel geht um!

    (you see, only the German language truly captures the level of sheer frenzied horror that’s appropriate)

    (trans.: The devil’s running around among us!)

  50. gaGOP says:

    News Flash folks….Indiana is going to be closer than 2004. Therefore just because McCain underperforms in certain counties does not mean he is going to lose. He was guaranteed to underperform.

  51. Drew says:

    40# Yes, but they are all like I said he was going to be President, bla bla bla. I mean let’s take this one state at a time. They are talking past tense already.

  52. MikeKS says:

    51 — AGree.

  53. Tina says:

    That one county is clearly an Obama county.

  54. Hellbelly says:

    take it from someone who’s been posting on this site for a long time: i’ve never seen such a bunch of worry-warts…hey, maybe we’ll lose or maybe well win tonight…but CUT OUT THE “LOOKS BAD IN INDIANA ‘CAUSE 2% OF RESULTS ARE IN”

    Its absurd!

  55. Monty Stricker says:

    Well, we bitter gun clinging Kentuckians did our job, now it’s up to the rest of you guys.

  56. The Mexican says:

    No doubt it will be closer, Indiana is one of states Obama thought he could pull out.
    Mac will win.

  57. mystery says:

    I need a martini……

  58. Brandon says:

    51-48 Indiana…

  59. Tina says:

    Where is Maelstrom, our Indiana expert?

  60. Jake Towson says:

    Whats going on in KY? Its 50-49 now on CNN

  61. Chuck Schick says:

    Mac has zero votes in CA so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. ReadyFirst says:

    Chill, From the Campaign Spot:

    The McCain camp and state GOP sources that I talk to are far from “stoic” as a CNN report just claimed. They think they have astonishing, record turnout in red parts of all of the important swing states – you name it – Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, even New Hampshire. I cannot tell you that what they say they see is enough to give McCain a win. But it should be enough to refute the Obama’s set-to-win-huge argument.

    Remember your training Luke, feel the Force :-).

  63. CK MacLeod says:

    60 – obviously he’s run for the hills, and I’m not even sure there are any hills in Indiana!

    That’s how horrible things are.

  64. Darrell says:

    55…exactly…polaris would be embarrassed at this behavior. He would make a remark about everyone needed to have their hands held.

  65. MikeKS says:

    Here’s a good indicator. McCain is at 42% in Vigo with 80% in. Bush had 53% in Vigo. that’s in a county that was very likely to improve for O and he did. So, right now, if that trend holds, Mac will win IN by 3-5%.

  66. Llarry from Longview says:

    Obama is substantially outperforming Kerry — which is what he needs to do to win the state, of course, but the differences are pretty substantial.

    Steuben: Kerry 34%, Obama 42%
    DeKalb: Kerry 31%, Obama 38%
    Knox: Kerry 36%, Obama 54%
    Marshall: Kerry 31%, Obama 50%

  67. Bobby says:

    So were going to lose…greattt

  68. Jeff S. says:

    Relax. How many trips did Mac or Palin make to IN in the last month? They’re not worried. You shouldn’t be either.

  69. Tina says:

    Indiana will no doubt be closer, but to say its over as some of you did based on 2%, is ridiculous.

    Get a grip.

  70. Llarry from Longview says:

    Obama may get 400 … I hate my life

  71. DrJay says:

    This will be an unbearable without a lot of PATIENCE…

  72. Brandon says:

    Kentucky within 3 points? WTF????

  73. Jake Towson says:

    Is Kentucky a swing state???

  74. Go DUKE!!! says:

    Polls close in 5 mins. I’ve had 2 beers and counting.

  75. BobbyC in OR says:

    I’ll be at the OR GOP party in Portland. If they have wifi, I’ll try to post about the mood and atmosphere. Gordon Smith is going to pull it out and remain in the senate.

  76. Phil says:

    Clinton county is being won by McCain. Problem is, Bush wonit with 71.

    It is what it is.

  77. Tina says:

    Ok some of you need to read the amount being reported.

    Its like 2% in Indiana.

    In KY – its 9%.

  78. addisonst says:

    You people are insane. The only thing we know is that somewhere in ky Mac is outpolling their sitting sen. Now all of you who are panicking need a glass of stfu

  79. Darrell says:

    73…relax it was Louisville who just dumped in a whole pile of inner city votes….for goodness sake.

  80. Phil says:

    Clinton Co – McCain is stuck at 52 in Clinton.

  81. mtr says:

    Vigo county borders SOUTHERN illinois, which is solidly conservative. Its the Northwestern Indiana counties that might go Obama.

    Southern Illinois is very conservative.

  82. Drew says:

    I may become Amish god forbid O is elected. I would never need to hear his voice again.

  83. Sharon says:

    could someone explain the cspan map. they are showing 0 precints in and yet they are showing popular vote M 54 O 47

  84. gaGOP says:

    Guys….Louisville just reported in Kentucky with the only other counties reporting being rural….good lord you people are demoralizing.

  85. Tina says:

    I could easily write that MAC is down by 1 vote in Maine.

  86. Robbie says:

    At least this is almost over. Some of the new numbers at Gawker suck. I hope these exits are as bad as they were in 2004.

  87. Sy says:

    Look on the bright side,if IN goes, we have the rest of the night off.

  88. jones says:

    I feel like a brave French Soldier.

    Where the Hell are you all running to, that is a german mail truck?

  89. Cam Rep says:

    Seems like a lot of the KY votes are coming from Louisville.

  90. MikeKS says:

    Indiana Clinton County:
    36% in: McCain at 52%. In 2004, Bush was at 71%. Obama has already exceeded Kerry’s vote total with just 36% in. this is a county NW of Indi that we needed to get around 60%.

  91. Jake Towson says:



  92. Rachel-s says:

    I hope that after tonight the Republican Party can come together and start to run in 2012 with more solid arguments on the issues – especially the economy since this is a huge reason why McCain will be going down tonight – at least I hope so.

  93. rdelbov says:

    early votes and precincts near downtown don’t count

  94. Redneckman says:

    Tina, nobody said Indiana was over. The early results suggest that it will be razor thin, however. And you know as well as the rest on here that even a 2-5% win for McCain does not bode well nationally, I don’t care how much money Obama put into the state.

  95. Jeff S. says:

    Go watch Andy Griffith on TV-Land for a couple of hours, then come back when the results are more complete. One of you is going to keel over. I doubt any of us here know CPR.

  96. Janice says:

    Man up, guys!

  97. Tina says:

    AT least we get AZ and 5 EVs from CA.

  98. Cory says:

    We’ve had six months of delusionally positive people around here, and now everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off after 3% of Indiana comes in?

    McCain is going to lose.
    But, I don’t believe that any more assuredly at this moment than I did yesterday at this time.

    Nothing has happened yet.

  99. earlyvotingconfusion says:

    OMG! Early exits! Manhattan going big for Obama! Guess it’s going to be an early night.

  100. victrc says:

    omg calm down the only reason that KY is showing close is because Jefferson county is being reported and that went for Kerry last time with over 335K votes cast, calm down, gee whiz

  101. Brandon says:

    McCain now leading in Indiana.

  102. Jake Towson says:


  103. Reverend_T says:

    Oh Lordy The Reverend T is here for the McCain blow by blow. Let’s here it for the PUMA and Bradley effects!!!

  104. RobD says:

    Mac up in Indiana!

  105. Rachel says:

    Mac quickly making up ground in IN.

    Are the early votes counted first?

  106. Mark says:

    Vigo has McCain underperforming Daniels…this is not good!

  107. Tina says:

    Please let more precincts come in Indiana.

    3% is too little.

    Cory, our canadian neigbbor, is WRIGHT.

  108. KeyBored says:

    Mitchel down 2, 9% repoting

    holy moly


  109. Steve Z says:

    It’s now Obama 45,512 McCain 43,900 with 3% in. Obama isn’t pulling away, but he’s still ahead.

  110. DWu says:


    I’m not an inflamatory poster. I’m really a nice guy.

    But you all are being absolutely tiresome and are showing a political ignorance that belies all the time you spend here.

    Relax, and stop commenting every time a precinct of 235 people reports.

  111. Big Joe says:

    50-50! Wow its a nail biter so far folks 🙂 LOL how do I always end up back at this computer. Need to step away 🙂

  112. Jake Towson says:

    Obama wins Vermont
    Kentucky called for MAC

  113. RobD says:

    Ky called for Mac

  114. Jeff S. says:

    Does Marion Cty report late? Anybody know?

  115. earlyvotingconfusion says:

    OMG! Obama wins Vermont! Call it nationally!

  116. Chuck Schick says:


    Were gonna win!!!!!!

  117. jones says:

    Watch this and calm down:

    Bunch of Sir Robbies indeed.

  118. MikeKS says:

    Kentucky called for McCain.
    Vermont called for Obama.
    Mitch Daniels wins.
    Too close to call in GA, IN, and SC.

  119. Sy says:


  120. Brandon says:

    VT- Obama
    GA- Too close to call
    VA- too close to call
    SC- too close to call
    IN- too close to call
    KY- McCain

  121. Tina says:

    Vermont for Obama

    Kentucky for MAC.

    8 to 3.

    The REst is too close.

  122. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Ky to McCain….you see don’t fret McCain wins a closer than close one tonight. Hang in their people, please

  123. Big Joe says:

    Here comes the big one guys – VIRGINIA

  124. Mark says:

    3 people voted in Maine, the rest went out and got

  125. Steve Z says:

    New update–McCain up by 428 votes with a little over 100K cast. Still only 3% reporting.

  126. Tina says:

    Sit back, make the popcorn, its going to be a long night.

  127. Chuck Schick says:

    Im sorry, why are we sweating VT?

  128. MikeKS says:

    The map in Indiana looks ugly.

  129. Jeff S. says:

    Well said, DWu.

  130. Jake Towson says:


  131. jones says:


    because we’re nuts, apparently.

  132. MikeKS says:

    If you look at the map on CNN for Indiana, lots of rural counties in blue, albeit with early numbers. All but 4 counties went red in 2004.

  133. Big Joe says:

    This is insane – at this rates we’re going to have at least 10,000 posts tonight!

  134. Rachel-s says:

    Cory – you’re right – I even said a few days ago that Obama may carry Georgia – my god, talk about a firestorm for even suggesting this…..I bet he does even though Polaris and others here analyzed the numbers and they didnt look good for Obama – I gues I was looking at other numbers.

  135. Darrell says:

    I am surprised that they didn’t call VA for Obama. Too close to call is good news. Also, SC is the same junk they tried in 2004.

  136. Jake Towson says:


  137. Brandon says:

    Party ID in Indiana was only R +2.

    Not a good sign.

  138. Robbie says:

    Bunch of Sir Robbies indeed.

    Comment by jones — 11/4/2008 @ 7:00 pm

    Grow up.

  139. sean lockyer says:

    over 2.5 million votes were cast in Indiana in 2004, now we are freaking out because 100,000 are now counted ? Cmon, lets relax for about an hour or so and then we can freak out!

  140. MikeKS says:

    IMO, Indiana is lost. Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Gary have yet to come in and we’re barely up.

  141. Bobby says:

    Virginia exit polls LOOK BAD per CNN.

  142. jones says:

    I say it in good cheer.

  143. MikeKS says:

    143 — That’s if you extrapolate the rural counties out that are currently blue to their full 100% numbers.

  144. AloneInOregon says:

    #90 –

    HAH! Quote of the night!

  145. CK MacLeod says:

    142 – Nope – I say get the freaking out done now (hopefully it’s already nearly done) so we can handle the rest like grown ups.

    “If I’m to bear it like a man, I must first convey it like a man”


  146. maelstrom says:

    Vigo County is Terre Haute, home of Indiana State University. Democrat mayor, democrat area. Obama made several visits there.

  147. Benni says:

    i dont like In so far

    its to cose!

    Polaris said mac must up there by five to win the whole thing

  148. Sy says:

    Things do not look good right now, but keep your chins up guys.

  149. Dannylandulf says:



  150. Freddy says:

    Don’t worry about McConnell yet….if most of the results are coming from the Louisville area, that’s heavy Dem territory. I know….because I live here.

  151. Brandon says:

    Still need a bigger margin before the urban counties start to report in Indiana.

  152. Big Joe says:

    Danny LOL .. can someone reweight the returns to 2006 levels?

  153. Jake Towson says:


  154. Sy says:


    Actually, they are not. 100% of the precincts are not reporting yet.

  155. The Mexican says:

    where’d everyone go?

  156. Bobby says:

    Tina how are you feeling?

  157. Big Joe says:

    MAC up 52-47 nationally!

  158. Sy says:

    Whats the word in VA?

  159. ho-dogg says:

    I don’t see how McCain can win IN if those CNN polls are right. Tied with men down 10 with women.

  160. BillCon says:

    Va exit polls are a joke.

  161. Cory says:

    Post #152 is the post of the night.

    It took 2 minutes of laughing before I could write this post.

  162. Jake Towson says:


  163. rdelbov says:

    I have already went out on a limb and declared McConnel a winner.

  164. Tina says:

    Fine, tired from a long day.

  165. MikeKS says:

    Mac is looking BETTER in Indiana but I’m worried. Jay county, which is far away from Illnois, with 43% in..Mac is only at 52%. In 2004, Bush was at 66%.

  166. mtr says:

    Remember Barry O campaigned HARD in Indiana. He wont carry the state.

  167. Sy says:

    campaign spot says NH is much closer than expected.

    I think we are seeing urban areas in IN reporting now …Obama just took the lead.

  168. MikeKS says:

    Blackford: 50-49 right now, with 25% in. 2004: 64%.

    If the trend holds as it is now, Obama will win IN 52-48 in my estimation.

  169. sean lockyer says:

    Is anybody listening to Michael Savage tonight ? Its really weird since he is the only national host live tonight and it sounds like a call to arms against world-wide marxism. Pretty damn eerie since it sounds like a solemn night even if we do win. Tonight will be a turning point FOREVER in this country even if MAC wins. It is like the revolution is being televised tonight. A MAC win only delays judgement day I’am afraid.

  170. Mark says:

    Looks like Obama running +9 over Kerry in R counties in IN…

  171. MikeKS says:

    Obama back up in Indiana.

  172. MikeKS says:

    174 — 15 points in others.

  173. Bobby says:


  174. Robbie says:

    McConnell now ahead with about 12% reporting. The western part of the state is Republican territory. He should do well tonight. Much of Louisville, 50%, is in already.

  175. KeyBored says:

    cnn doing weird star wars effect with hologram.


  176. Chekote says:

    #174 Then why haven’t they called Indiana for Obama?

  177. Tina says:

    Robbie, you and I took a lot of heat this go around. I hope to see you continue to post over the next four years btw.

  178. Lebanon Rep. says:

    Since bush was higher in Indy in 04 does McCain pick up more moderate votes than Bush did to make up the difference?

  179. GeauxLSU says:

    The 6 pt lead in FL for that all early vote?

  180. The Mexican says:

    What is up with Indiana?

  181. Jaded says:

    Has Indianpolis come in yet?

  182. Sy says:

    McCain should paid more attention to IN.

  183. MikeKS says:

    180 — 9% isn’t enough. Obama needs to outdo Kerry by 11% overall to win the state. In some counties, he’s outpolling by 13-14%, in others, 8-9%. I think we’re not doing well enough to win, myself. We could hold it but ooo it’s not looking good.

  184. Freddy says:

    Again, don’t sweat McConnell.

  185. Mike Force says:

    McCain winning popular vote nationwide.

  186. KeninMich says:

    Very well put #113…..

  187. Jaded says:

    Karl Rove is a putz….of course Republicans are paying for signing that larded up 700 billion dollar bill….why vote Republican when they vote Democrat.

  188. Ponz says:

    Mac 4,000 up in IN.

  189. Redneckman says:

    People, please quit posting simple total vote numbers, anybody on here can see those, and it’s just cluttering up the thread. Analysis please, analysis.

  190. Robbie says:

    Robbie, you and I took a lot of heat this go around. I hope to see you continue to post over the next four years btw.

    Comment by Tina — 11/4/2008 @ 7:18 pm


    I’ll be here tomorrow and for the long and foreseeable future. I hate the loss, but I saw it coming back in January. I’m looking forward to watching the conservative movement and Republican party rebuild.

  191. Ponz says:

    8,000 (3%) up in IN.

  192. Sy says:

    Blacks accounted for 13% of vote …ONLY SLIGHTLY HIGHER than 2004.

  193. Tina says:

    I will return here after 6 months, if that scenario happens.

  194. Steve Z says:

    Mac now leading IN by 4,500 votes out of a total of 276,000, 10% in. Some of this might be South Bend, which probably favors Obama.

  195. victrc says:


    are you calling it already? Do you honestly feel hes done this fast??

  196. Mark says:

    187 Hold on…big Bush counties soon..but what is not good is the swing vote…

    We should see this swing countrywide…

  197. Bruno says:

    Sigh the 6 point of florida is lake county where Bush won 60-39.. not good……

  198. Tina says:

    199 – no, if my prediction is wrong, then I said I would ban myself here for 6 months.

  199. rdelbov says:

    I am getting ready to call Virginia and Indiana for McCain

  200. Jaded says:

    Hey Tina what do you see as part of the rebuilding? I have seen a few PAC’s starting up on other sites ( the diariest’s not the site) I visit and looking to go after squishy R’s and “conservative” D’s in 2010. I am always open to more that can be done and how to get there.

  201. victrc says:

    oh it sounded like you were calling it for the big Zero already, and I still think it will be a long night, and close in all the bg states

  202. Torch says:

    How can Florida be reporting? The polls don’t close there for more than half an hour!

  203. Sy says:


    FL has two time zones.

  204. Tina says:


    Cut spending/taxes.

    A better foreign policy.

  205. Tina says:

    W VA is called for MAC.

  206. Jaded says:

    WV McCain

  207. Torch says:

    Yes, and at 8:00 EDT the polls will close in the eastern portion of Florida, followed by the Panhandle at 9:00 EDT.

    What’s going on?

  208. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    Does anyone know really WTF is up? We were up – no were down big – NO were way up in FL – NO way down in PA – ARRRHHHH – its enough to make a socialist cry lol

  209. Jaded says:

    WV puts Rockefeller back in…jeez….that is the biggest kool-aid drinker of all.

  210. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    #209 Right on, bro! Right on! At least we are above Mondale territory now!

  211. fb says:

    Who the heck is stevens in fl? 17%?

  212. Jaded says:

    What counties are being called in Florida with Obama up 100K like that?

  213. Sharon says:

    203…why? what are you seeing that I am not?

    Tina, maybe I am wrong but it seems you are sending mixed signals. I understand that at the moment Indiana doesn’t look good but the counties that Frank and Polaris said to keep an eye on haven’t shown up yet, or again have I missed something.

    Have you seen something that makes you feel that we have all been wrong for the past month?

  214. DrJay says:

    Polls close at 7:00 in FL; 8:00 in the Panhandle.

  215. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    Hey troll dudes – can I get an AMEN from you dudes eh? We are at least a 1/2 step above your boy Mondale – please genereate some hate….

  216. USAFDave says:

    You people have to relax! Geez, turn on MSNBC…they are currently talking about how Obama might have wasted his time in states like Indiana, and North Carolina, because even if he get close…a loss is still a loss.

  217. Sy says:

    Whats the mood of the KOS crowd?

  218. Sharon says:

    the counties going to O in florida are to be expected. not many of the repub counties have started coming in yet. Also, the panhandle with military base won’t come in until later.

  219. Torch says:

    #218 Yes, you’re right. My bad.

  220. Jaded says:

    OK McCain making a comeback in Florida and I will take the advice of those who say be calm….I just cannot stand the thought of Obama sitting in the WH…it makes me sick!

    OBTW if he did I would treat him with the same dignity and appreciation that the left has shown President George W Bush for the last 8 years.

  221. Mark says:

    McCain is running 10% behing Bush in suburbs of VA..that is what I am talking about the swing is +9 over Kerry
    in IN

    This is not going to be an easy road for McCain!

  222. Benni says:

    Oba up in FL with 55%

  223. DrJay says:

    CNNs tracker mistyped votes in Pasco for McCain. It is fixed now to help some.

  224. Akula says:

    Gosh, SC too close to call!

    I’m amazed, deja vu.

  225. DrJay says:

    Lake county has widened its margin for Mac big time… sit tight in FL.

  226. DrJay says:

    #229 hasn’t shown up yet either.

  227. Sharon says:

    miami dade coming in heavy for O but that too was to be expected. i said forever ago Liberman should have been camped out down there. still think we take florida in the end.

  228. Drew says:

    Why is anyone even on CNN???

  229. Diamond Jim says:

    From Campaign Spot:

    It Is Way Too Early To Worry About Indiana

    A reader watching the results in Indiana is worried.

    McC is running WAY behind W’s ’04 pace.
    Allen County: 11 points lower
    Jay County: 15 points lower
    Shelby County: 17 points lower.

    Guys, Bush carried the state by 20.68 percentage points. When McCain underperforms by 21 percentage points, let me know.

    If the polls showing McCain up 3 to 5 are right, this is about where these counties should be.

    11/04 07:34 PM

  230. Sharon says:

    any thoughts on Indiana?

  231. rdelbov says:

    eraly vote was heavily democratic. I think the absentee counting is seperate then early

  232. DrJay says:… I don’t have cable. Theie graphics are good.

  233. Steve Z says:

    Obama leading by 150,000 votes in FL, but most of it from Miami-Dade, which went heavily Gore in 2000. Only 3% counted.

  234. DrJay says:

    McCain is up early in Hillsborough… important one to watch.

  235. Mark says:

    We need VA big time!

  236. Benni says:

    57% Obama
    42%Mccain in

  237. Bruno says:

    Fox give SC to Mac Caain go jhonnnn

  238. Redneckman says:

    Diamond Jim, with all due respect, what are you smoking. Simple math here, Obama needs to make up roughly 10.5% over Kerry’s 2004 numbers. That means McCain necessarily must lose 10.5%. 10.5% +10.5% = 21%, which was Bush’s margin of victory. Obama inching up 10.5% makes Indiana a tie. Pretty simple math. So far Obama is exceeding a 10.5% improvement. Fairly easily. Not good.

  239. rdelbov says:

    SC has been called for McCain

    The early vote is swamping everything else don;t pay no mind

  240. jones says:

    Poll average for SC was +10 McCain

  241. Sharon says:

    The cspan map is showing O ahead in SC. Has it really been called for Mac and if so what is the point in looking at this useless map. Does anyone have a better site to watch the returns?

  242. KnightHawk says:

    Some of these VA counties don’t look great either.

  243. Reverend_T says:

    OBAMA TAKES PA!!!!!!


  244. Reverend_T says:



  245. Reverend_T says:




  246. Reverend_T says:



  247. Redneckman says:

    Knighthawk, you are correct. We need to roll alot more than we are rolling in the rural counties of Virginia and Indiana. I was holding out hope that Indiana was a huge outlier with it’s proximity to Chicago, but looking like that may not be the case.

  248. Reverend_T says:




  249. wylie e. coyote - super genius says:

    Rev T – dont gloat too much – I am still bitterly clinging to my guns!

  250. Mike Force says:

    Fox says PA too close to call.

  251. Murphy says:

    Reverand, you don’t know the Jesus I know.

  252. Tom says:

    Any news on PA?

  253. Benni says:

    Obama carry NH

  254. Mike Force says:

    Fox say NH too close to call.

  255. Mark says:

    NH not good..

  256. John MacHardy says:

    ABC and MSNBC calling PA for Obama… no one else is.

  257. Benni says:

    PA is OVER??????????????????

  258. John MacHardy says:

    Numbers added 4 to O must be NH

  259. Mike Force says:

    Fox says O wins NH.

  260. RobD says:

    Hopefully Pa will be like Florada of 2000.

  261. chris says:

    umm…no votes counted yet in PA yet

  262. Drew says:

    261# PA is over with 0 precincts reporting???

  263. chris says:

    FNC not calling PA because not votes counted yet. ABC is reliing on exit polling

  264. Drew says:

    All you liberals…I hope you are doing your push ups now. National Civilian Service will be calling you in January you sheep!

  265. John MacHardy says:

    Barone statede he is saying exit poll numbers have been as much as 11% too high in precincts for Obama.

  266. stan5902 says:

    It was not the same without Polaris and his incites…

  267. MikeKS says:

    Fox called PA. Dammnit. hats off to MD, he knew it.

  268. AloneInOregon says:

    How does fox call PA when only Philly has reported and it’s only 1100 votes according to

    Did they cave and project based on exits?

  269. Tom says:

    How can they call PA with just Philly, what a croc

  270. Jeff S. says:

    Fox calls PA based almost solely on exit polling. They’re dimmer than I thought. That may come back to haunt them.

  271. stan5902 says:

    I’m betting they went with the comments that came from OB HQ

  272. MikeKS says:

    Barone throwing cold water on PA exits

  273. Drew says:

    This is ridiculous….calling based on exit polling after 2004….

  274. stan5902 says:

    What happened to Polaris? No comments!

  275. MikeKS says:

    Feeney gone in FL

  276. stan5902 says:

    The Senate is getting too close for comfort.

  277. Jeff S. says:

    Polaris has gone dark until tomorrow.

  278. stan5902 says:


  279. Mike Force says:

    Barone on Fox talking about the discrepancy between exit poll figures and actual votes. Says this is why they are not calling certain states.

  280. Tom says:

    Is the Media handing this election to Obama? They need to Call Indiana for McCain based on there Logic of PA.

  281. Mike Force says:

    Barone says Pa call good. Only a 1 in 150 chance exit polls are wrong there..

  282. Tom says:

    There is only 2% precincts reporting in, and the numbers are completely lopsided Obama 69% 30%

  283. Drew says:

    I am ashamed of media calling a state before 1% return.

  284. stan5902 says:

    FOX is getting stupid….

  285. Jeff S. says:

    Unless all the networks are wrong on Pa, it’s going to be a very short night. I still don’t believe it’s gone yet.

  286. chris says:

    mac up in early returns from MI

  287. stan5902 says:

    Fox called OH…